The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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COMMENTARY: Gov. Rick Snyder: State of Michigan dedicated to jump-starting sputtering Detroit (Detroit Free Press, 12/8/13)
OPINION: Pension funds too big to fail? (Detroit News, 12/8/13)
Democrats react to Rand Paul visit, Detroit ‘freedom zones’ proposal (MLive, 12/7/13)
In Michigan, few abortions covered with insurance (Detroit Free Press, 12/7/13)
Republican Party opens Detroit office with an eye on long-term African American outreach (MLive, 12/6/13)
COMMENTARY: The moral of the story of Detroit’s bankruptcy (Detroit News, 12/6/13)
Detroit’s blank slate means new reality for council (Bridge, 12/6/13)
VIDEO: New state of the state: Approval rating up for Snyder, down for Obama (WILX, 12/6/13)
Senators seek to counter Mich. abortion insurance ban with online petition (Detroit News, 12/6/13)
Abortion rights supporters launch online petition to oppose insurance rider initiative (Detroit Free Press, 12/6/13)
Michigan anti-choicers seek to ban private insurance plans from covering abortion (Slate, 12/5/13)
How anti-abortion forces are hijacking the legislative process in Michigan (The Week, 12/5/13)
Snyder still opposed to abortion insurance rider proposal (WHTC, 12/5/13)
Poll shows Governor Snyder may face problems in next year’s election (Michigan Radio, 12/5/13)
SU survey: A year out, Rick Snyder approval ratings match Jennifer Granholm before re-election (MLive, 12/5/13)
Snyder hosts Michigan media at Governor’s Mansion (Holland Sentinel, 12/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Snyder must uphold state’s constitutional protection of Detroit pensions (Detroit Free Press, 12/5/13)
MSU survey: Snyder approval rating on the rise (Battle Creek Enquirer, 12/5/13)
Survey: Snyder approval rating up to 35.6%, highest level since summer 2012 (Detroit Free Press, 12/5/13)
Judge Rhodes releases 150-page Detroit bankruptcy eligibility (Detroit Free Press, 12/5/13)
Approval rating falls for Obama, rises for Snyder (Detroit News, 12/5/13)
How far will Schuette go to keep Detroit pension holders whole? (Detroit Free Press, 12/5/13)
Detroit bankruptcy — Is Governor Rick Snyder helping Detroit or is he trying to close it down? (Lean Left, 12/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Bankruptcy ruling shocks, disappoints Detroit retirees (Detroit Free Press, 12/4/13)
Why Detroit needs bankruptcy (Politico, 12/4/13)
VIDEO: Detroit bankruptcy appeal is official, Snyder says Constitution doesn’t guarantee pensions (WXYZ, 12/4/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder co-hosts naturalization ceremony at Michigan Capitol for 25 new Americans (AP, 12/4/13)
4 main rulings on eligibility criteria for Detroit bankruptcy case (Detroit Free Press,12/3/13)
Rick Snyder makes CREW’s ‘Worst Governors in America’ list for second straight year (eclectablog, 12/3/13)
EDITORIAL: State Legislature should let Michiganders vote on abortion question (Detroit Free Press, 12/3/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder pledges support for farmers as ‘the most pro-immigration governor in the country’ (MLive, 12/3/13)
Michigan’s takeover of Detroit exposes strains over control (Stateline, 12/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Midnight act by Senate Republicans to keep campaign donors secret breeds cynicism (Bridge, 12/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Michigan legislature faces a tough to-do list when it returns to Lansing Tuesday (MLive, 12/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Snyder should take Michigan into a new era of responsible renewable electricity production (MLive, 12/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Which man will be happy next Thanksgiving – Mark Schauer or Rick Snyder? (MLive, 12/1/13)


COMMENTARY: Abortion-insurance law will brand state as extreme, hostile to women (Bridge, 11/29/13)
2014 general election ballot could be crowded with wildlife initiatives (Detroit Free Press, 11/29/13)
AUDIO: Dems cry foul over pay raises for state’s investment managers (Michigan Radio, 11/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Dave Agema pushes for a part-time legislature (MLive, 11/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Confrontation in Gov. Rick Snyder’s office doesn’t bode well for building trust (MLive, 11/27/13)
2016 GOP convention in Detroit? Consultant says city just the right spot (Detroit Free Press, 11/26/13)
Michigan Treasury investment employees to get major salary boosts (Detroit News, 11/26/13)
New Michigan group seeks to protect future wolf hunts with citizen-initiated legislation (MLive, 11/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Rick Snyder’s Michigan – The Fast Food State (Detroit News, 11/26/13)
Michigan moves closer to requiring women to buy abortion insurance separately (Detroit Free Press, 11/25/13)
Tea party critics blast ‘incumbent protection act’ approved by Republican-led Michigan Senate (MLive, 11/25/13)
Seeking Detroit’s voice: Lack of message lets other shape the narrative (Detroit Free Press, 11/24/13)
State regulations chief: Government can be a roadblock or a motivator (Detroit Free Press, 11/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Officeholders and nonprofit corporations: A toxic mix (Bridge, 11/24/13)
Snyder, 100 volunteers package food for seniors in southeast Michigan (Detroit News, 11/23/13)
Candidates Schauer, Peters and Totten fire up Muskegon gathering of Democrats (MLive, 11/23/13)
Gov. Snyder’s very dubious education agenda (Deadline Detroit, 11/22/13)
COMMENTARY: State neglect has worsened communities’ legacy-cost crisis (Bridge, 11/22/13)
AUDIO: Dems try to leverage minimum wage for maximum political benefit (Michigan Radio, 11/22/13)
Hundreds jam legislative committee over proposed rules changes to charity gaming (Detroit Free Press, 11/22/13)
State Sen. Gretchen Whitmer says she won’t appear on statewide ballot in 2014 (Detroit Free Press, 11/21/13)
Report on utility company competition offers Snyder pros and cons (Detroit Free Press, 11/20/13)
Firm led by Michigan budget director’s brother got $5M project added to state budget (Detroit Free Press, 11/20/13)
Poll: Snyder extends lead over Schauer in Michigan governor’s race (Detroit News, 11/20/13)
Mark Schauer to unseat Rick Snyder? (Michigan Chronicle, 11/20/13)
Schauer makes first Plymouth Township visit (Observer & Eccentric, 11/19/13)
AUDIO: What the state could gain by raising the minimum wage (Michigan Radio, 11/19/13)
Minimum wage battles in Michigan (CapCon, 11/19/13)
COMMENTARY: AUDIO: Raising the minimum wage is the least we can do (Michigan Radio, 11/19/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder’s office: Raising minimum wage not a burning issue, not the only way to help workers (MLive, 11/18/13)
Candidate for governor Mark Schauer proposes $9.25 minimum wage in Detroit visit (MLive, 11/18/13)
Schauer: Raising minimum wage would be a top priority if elected governor (Michigan Radio, 11/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats have decisions to make on which Michigan races get money (MLive, 11/18/13)
Schauer proposes hiking state minimum wage to $9.25 an hour (Detroit News, 11/18/13)
COMMENTARY: I’ll take House Speaker Jase Bolger at his word that he cares about Detroit (MLive, 11/17/13)
Health care deductibles a shock to Michigan consumers (Detroit Free Press, 11/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Detroit mayor-elect Mike Duggan comes to Lansing and makes a good impression (MLIve, 11/17/13)
Michigan officials deliver energy policy report (Detroit Free Press, 11/16/13)
COMMENTARY: If 900,000 more Dems vote in 2014, Michigan’s governorship could be tossup (MLive, 11/15/13)
Detroit voters vote for solutions (Detroit News, 11/15/13)
Tea party warrior Justin Amash becomes high-profile target in GOP civil war (MLive, 11/15/13)
Michigan GOP-led Senate moves to exempt issue ads, double individual campaign donation limits (MLive, 11/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Michigan needs vibrant communities to attract business (MLive, 11/14/13)
Mich. Sec of State Ruth Johnson proposes new disclosure rules for dark money ‘issue ads’ (MLive, 11/14/13)
State Senate aims to quash proposal for greater transparency in political ads (Detroit Free Press, 11/14/13)
Robert Davis challenges Court of Claims law after judge warns about lawsuits (Detroit Free Press, 11/14/13)
Orr’s office approves $275,000 for Mike Duggan’s transition team (Detroit Free Press, 11/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Rick Snyder pal Rich Baird also has lock-jaw on NERD fund (MLive, 11/14/13)
Unions launch ‘Pure Michigan Waste’ campaign to highlight state inefficiencies (Detroit Free Press, 11/13/13)
Political advertising will be heaviest in Michigan in 2014 (Detroit Free Press, 11/13/13)
Reinvest Express asks Snyder to reinvest in Michigan (Lansing State Journal, 11/13/13)
Michigan Supreme Court takes bipartisan approach to Court of Claims appointments (Detroit Free Press, 11/13/13)
Progress Michigan launches ‘’ website to reveal the truth about Rick Snyder’s record & politics (eclectablog, 11/13/13)
Democratic candidate for Michigan governor is using marriage equality to campaign against Rick Snyder (The New Civil Rights Movement, 11/13/13)
Liberal group Progress Michigan launches web campaign targeting Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (MLive, 11/12/13)
Schauer says Michigan’s pension tax has hurt seniors (WKZO, 11/12/13)
Gov. Snyder signs court shake-up bill; Ingham judge says new law is ‘payback’ (Detroit Free Press, 11/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Detroit Mayor-elect Mike Duggan must maneuver the protocol of Lansing (MLive, 11/11/13)
Kalamazoo College, KVCC presidents featured panelists at Gov. Rick Snyder political fundraiser (MLive, 11/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Cities must face legacy debts, or risk survival (Bridge, 11/11/13)
COMMENTARY: How retirement debts swallowed our towns (Bridge, 11/11/13)
VIDEO: Donors plot against GOP rebel Amash (The Hill, 11/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Speaker Jase Bolger to appeal to colleagues to embrace Detroit (Detroit Free Press, 11/8/13)
Michigan Governor poll shows close race between Rick Snyder, Mark Schauer (Huff Post Politics, 11/8/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder tips cap to Chris Christie, who plans to campaign for him in Michigan next year (MLive, 11/8/13)
Snyder on TV: Detroit’s comeback ‘has been going on for years’ (Detroit News, 11/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Michigan tries to polish its image in New York (Detroit Free Press, 11/8/13)
Mike Duggan, Kevyn Orr meet to discuss new Detroit mayor’s role under emergency manager (Detroit Free Press, 11/7/13)
COMMENTARY: What’s the rush in passing bill affecting who sits in judgment of state lawsuits? (MLive, 11/7/13)
COMMENTARY: We need a collaborative, candid Mayor Duggan (Detroit Free Press, 11/6/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder signs tax break for car, boat buyers with trade-in: ‘They deserve it’ (MLive, 11/6/13)
Detroit elects first white mayor in years — and reasons go well beyond race (Detroit Free Press, 11/6/13)
Dealers offer break as Snyder signs tax cut for auto, boat buyers (Detroit News, 11/6/13)
Detroit voters stepped out of comfort zone in picking Duggan (Detroit News, 11/6/13)
Emergency manager critics win ruling on lawsuit (AP, 11/6/13)
State House narrowly approves controversial claims court move (Detroit News, 11/6/13)
Bill would double campaign donor limits in Michigan (Detroit Free Press, 11/6/13)
Former staffer: Michigan GOP ‘rigging the deck with fast-tracked bill to move suits against state (MLive, 11/5/13)
Court shake-up bill may speed to Snyder (Detroit Free Press, 11/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Jase Bolger reaches out to the ACLU and they reach back (MLive, 11/5/13)
Duggan: ‘Now the real work begins’ (Detroit News, 11/5/13)
State treasurer warned Detroit bankruptcy filing could look ‘premeditated’ (MLive, 11/5/13)
Gov. Snyder signs bill for annual sex offender fee (Detroit Free Press, 11/5/13)
5 reasons Detroit’s elections matter, with or without emergency management (MLive, 11/5/13)
Testimony on pre-bankruptcy negotiations continues in Detroit trial (MLive, 11/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Detroit’s new mayor would be smart to reach out to Lansing (MLive, 11/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Why wait 11 months to expand civil rights law to include LGBT community? (MLive, 11/3/13)
For Detroit under and EM, lots of woulda-coulda-shoulda (Bridge, 11/1/13)


Lawsuit seeks NERD Fund names, deposition of Detroit mayoral candidate Mike Duggan (MLive, 10/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Would Schauer have more success than Snyder (The Morning Sun, 10/31/13)
Political insider: House speaker’s eyes opened during personal tour of Detroit (Detroit News, 10/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Have voters decided to hold local pols accountable? (Detroit News, 10/30/13)
State employee unions, Michigan at odds over wages and benefits: ‘We’re in for one hell of a fight’ (MLive, 10/30/13)
Michigan Republicans fast-track Senate bill to move lawsuits against state out of Ingham County (MLive, 10/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Job growth can’t keep up with Snyder’s happy talk (Detroit News, 10/29/13)
Common Core confusion: Did the Michigan House approve it or not? (MLive, 10/29/13)
AUDIO: Did the state negotiate in good faith at the Detroit bankruptcy hearing? (Michigan Radio, 10/29/13)
AUDIO: Detroit’s disappointing mayoral campaign (Michigan Radio, 10/29/13)
Snyder rejected pension fund conditions (Detroit News, 10/29/13)
Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder signs unemployment reform package, including drug-testing bill (MLive, 10/29/13)
Snyder signs jobless benefit bills into law (Detroit News, 10/29/13)
Snyder signs law to end jobless aid to drug users (AP, 10/29/13)
Orr: State aid was never on the table to forestall Detroit bankruptcy (Detroit Free Press, 10/29/13)
Michigan had no plans to help Detroit financially (USA Today, 10/29/13)
Michigan gives final OK to Common Core standards (AP, 10/29/13)
Orr: Offer to creditors was not take it or leave it (Detroit News, 10/28/13)
Snyder addresses pensions and state’s obligations in bankruptcy testimony (Crain’s Detroit Business, 10/28/13)
Gov. Snyder testifies Detroit bankruptcy was ‘right decision’ (Lansing State Journal, 10/28/13)
Detroit bankruptcy trial veers off course as Gov. Rick Snyder takes stand (Christian Science Monitor, 10/28/13)
Detroit’s finances “shocking,” city manager testifies (Reuters, 10/28/13)
VIDEO: Gov Snyder says he ‘worked diligently’ to avoid Detroit bankruptcy (LA Times, 10/28/13)
In testimony, Michigan governor says bankruptcy was right call for Detroit (New York Times, 10/28/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder, Wayne County leaders, others to discuss issues surrounding child welfare (AP, 10/28/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder’s staff set to meet Saginaw area residents at coffee shop (MLive, 10/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Rick Snyder breaks new gubernatorial ground by testifying in court today (MLive, 10/28/13)
Snyder, Wayne County leaders to discuss child welfare (AP, 10/28/13)
Snyder’s Michigan progress report a mixed bag (Lansing State Journal, 10/27/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder to back Detroit bankruptcy decision in court (The Independent, 10/27/13)
COMMENTARY: The Nerd Fund tarnishes Gov. Rick Snyder’s insistence he’s not a career politician (MLive, 10/27/13)
Digging into Detroit’s bankruptcy filing (LA Times, 10/26/13)
Michigan political points: ‘Secretive’ funds, public sites as Snyder, Schauer supporters spar (MLive, 10/25/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder avoids taking position on LGBT employment protections (Metro Weekly, 10/25/13)
Kevyn Orr hires corporate lawyer, University of Michigan classmate as deputy emergency manager (Detroit Free Press, 10/25/13)
Testimony: State, Jones Day firm discussed likely Detroit bankruptcy as early as March 2012 (Detroit Free Press, 10/25/13)
AG BIll Schuette has secret fund like governor’s, will name donors going forward (WXYZ, 10/25/13)
Gov. Snyder: Cyber Civilian Corp to aid in event of cyber attack (Detroit Free Press, 10/25/13)
Rick Snyder doesn’t want to talk about anti-gay discrimination (The Atlantic, 10/25/13)
Rick Snyder dodges gay rights question, again (Huff Post Politics, 10/25/13)
Michigan AG Schuette to report future donors to fund (Detroit Free Press, 10/25/13)
From the Daily: No more NERD (Michigan Daily, 10/24/13)
Detroit had no option but to consider Chapter 9 bankruptcy, advisers testify (Detroit Free Press, 10/24/13)
On jobs Rick Snyder is ‘One Lucky Nerd’ (Detroit News, 10/24/13)
Work on Common Core resuming immediately, Michigan education superintendent says (MLive, 10/24/13)
Congressman hires former Rick Snyder campaign figure to help battle formidable opponents (MLive, 10/24/13)
Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder pushed for opinions on gay rights issues (MLive, 10/24/13)
Common Core approval sails through Michigan Senate on voice vote (MLive, 10/24/13)
Snyder mum on Detroit bankruptcy testimony (Lansing State Journal, 10/24/13)
Some Michigan abortion clinics report seeing more Ohio patients, others see no change (The Plain Dealer, 10/24/13)
Snyder challenger Mark Schauer had nonprofit fund as a state lawmaker (Detroit Free Press, 10/23/13)
Schauer once had same type of fund as Governor Snyder (AP, 10/23/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder praises innovation in Kalamazoo, says he continues to try to reinvent Michigan (MLive, 10/23/13)
Michigan Economic Development Corp: Hey, at least we’re not JobsOhio (Plunderbund, 10/23/13)
Snyder: Testimony during Detroit bankruptcy trial could be ‘positive step’ (MLive, 10/23/13)
Activists ‘make it rain’ in Michigan House, drop fake million dollar bills on lawmakers (MLive, 10/23/13)
Lawyer says Snyder will testify at Detroit bankruptcy trial (AP, 10/23/13)
Gov. Rich Snyder hopes to find consensus on divisive auto no-fault issue (MLive, 10/23/13)
Disinvestment, structural flaws driving school funding crisis (Bridge, 10/23/13)
Democratic candidate Mark Schauer once had same type of fund as Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (AP, 10/23/13)
No, Mark Schauer’s slush fund wasn’t the same thing as is Rick Snyder’s slush fund (Michigan Liberal, 10/23/13)
EDITORIAL: Good riddance, NERD Fund (Detroit Free Press, 10/23/13)
Schauer also operated a nonprofit fund (Lansing State Journal, 10/22/13)
Schauer stops in Northville to get message out (Observer & Eccentric, 10/22/13)
Snyder: NERD Fund to be dissolved (Lansing State Journal, 10/22/13)
UAW subpoenas Snyder in Detroit bankruptcy (Lansing State Journal, 10/21/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder’s NERD Fund to close amidst ongoing calls for transparency (MLive, 10/21/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder says controversial NERD Fund will be shut down (Detroit Free Press, 10/21/13)
Interview: Mark Schauer, candidate for Mich. governor — ‘I will be a real partner to local communities’ (eclectablog, 10/17/13)
Michigan Senate to vote on nixing benefits for drug users (Detroit Free Press, 10/17/13)
Michigan election in 2014 is about the economy, Schauer says (The Oakland Press, 10/16/13)
In a game ruled by PACs, Michigan higher ed stays on the bench (Bridge, 10/16/13)
Michigan clerks prepare for same-sex weddings (Detroit News, 10/16/13)
Resolutions would revive funding for Michigan’s Common Core standards (Detroit News, 10/16/13)
Poll: Snyder leads Schauer in race for Michigan governor (WHTC, 10/15/13)
Michigan’s affirmative action issue returns to US Supreme Court today (Detroit Free Press, 10/15/13)
US Supreme Court justices ask sharp questions in Michigan affirmative action case (Detroit Free Press, 10/15/13)
Former insurance executive to replace Andy Dillon as state treasurer (Detroit Free Press, 10/15/13)
Creditors argue Michigan constitution should block Detroit bankruptcy (Detroit Free Press, 10/15/13)
Michigan foundations take on a bigger role (Bridge, 10/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Snyder got his Healthy Michigan passed; now can he get it funded? (MLive, 10/14/13)
Andy Dillon’s campaign investigated over handling of $130,000 loan (Detroit Free Press, 10/13/13)
Health plan sign-ups on the rise in Michigan (Detroit News, 10/13/13)
EDITORIAL: False equality in Michigan (New York Times, 10/13/13)
Cleanup of Michigan Medicaid expansion law may trigger another squabble (Detroit News, 10/13/13)
Andy Dillon’s resignation expected to have little effect on Detroit bankruptcy (Detroit Free Press, 10/11/13)
State Treasurer Andy Dillon resigns (Detroit News, 10/11/13)
Challenger Mark Schauer wants Gov. Snyder to reveal funding sources for his NERD Fund (WKZO, 10/11/13)
Medicaid expansion delay creates $73M hole in state budget (Michigan Radio, 10/11/13)
AUDIO: A lot can go wrong with a petition drive, but Right to Life has mastered the art of the initiative (Michigan Radio, 10/11/13)
Detroit CFO suspended over ‘hostile and abusive’ comments (Michigan Radio, 10/11/13)
Schauer visits Alpena home to layout vision (Alpena News, 10/11/13)
GOP senator has no regrets voting the Hippocratic oath on Medicaid expansion (MLive, 10/11/13)
Peters raises another $1M in bid for Michigan Senate seat (Detroit News, 10/11/13)
Michigan treasurer’s resignation may not affect Flint’s emergency manager situation, city council president says (MLive, 10/11/13)
Detroit EM Kevyn Orr secures $350M loan to pay off swaps, invest in services (MLive, 10/11/13)
Treasurer Andy Dillon resigns, citing messy divorce and media scrutiny (MLive, 10/11/13)
Political insider: MEA chief says Snyder’s actions speak louder than words (Detroit News, 10/10/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder to keynote an Oct. 23 celebration of the Southwest Michigan Innovation Center in Kalamazoo (MLive, 10/10/13)
Rick Snyder denies knowing donors for secret NERD Fund (AP, 10/10/13)
Michigan treasurer questioned by bankruptcy lawyers (AP, 10/10/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP strategy in DC may help usher Republican governors out of office (MLive, 10/10/13)
AUDIO: Under oath, governor responds to union’s Detroit bankruptcy questions (WKAR, 10/10/13)
AG Bill Schuette opposing state employees’ union appeal of right-to-work law (MLive, 10/10/13)
Michigan Legislature will revisit Medicaid expansion with supplementary funding bill (MLive, 10/10/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder testifies he doesn’t know who gives to NERD Fund (Detroit Free Press, 10/10/13)
Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon completes deposition in Detroit bankruptcy case (Detroit Free Press, 10/10/13)
CVS backs Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s NERD Fund (Center for Public Integrity, 10/10/13)
Snyder swears that NERD Fund donors are unknown to him (Deadline Detroit, 10/10/13)
Unions question Gov. Snyder under oath about Detroit bankruptcy (Michigan Radio, 10/10/13)
AUDIO: Will Gov. Rick Snyder testify in the Detroit bankruptcy case? (Michigan Radio, 10/10/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder may get rid of secretive NERD fund (WXYZ, 10/10/13)
Snyder deposition goes public, claims he doesn’t know NERD Fund donors (Michigan Radio, 10/10/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder takes heat for Flint ‘Murdertown’ reference; Snyder’s office denies he’s ever uttered the phrase (MLive, 10/10/13)
State extends probe into fundraising by Duggan, super PAC (Detroit News, 10/9/13)
Shutdown impact to spread in Michigan (Detroit News, 10/9/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder questioned under oath on Detroit bankruptcy; unions still ‘highly concerned’ (MLive, 10/9/13)
Michigan Gov. Snyder offers deposition in bankruptcy (UPI, 10/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Detroit bankruptcy lawyers deposing Gov. Snyder are in for a tough witness (MLive, 10/9/13)
Mich. governor signs bill on business improvement zones (AP, 10/9/13)
Gov. Snyder explains path to Detroit bankruptcy filing in deposition (Detroit Free Press, 10/9/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder claims Flint retiree benefit cuts can keep police on streets of city his court brief calls ‘Murdertown’ (MLive, 10/9/13)
Detroit bankruptcy judge gives city 35 days to develop plan to clear lawsuits (Detroit Free Press, 10/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Detroit bankruptcy is about union busting, not being bankrupt (HuffPost Detroit, 10/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Snyder says he’s ‘reinventing’ Michigan, but college grads keep fleeing state (MLive, 10/8/13)
Marky Mark Hackel and his not so fun bunch of flip-flopping, if you’re running for governor (WJBK, 10/8/13)
Historic day: Unions to grill Michigan governor under oath (Detroit News, 10/8/13)
Judge: Gov. Snyder can’t be asked EM prospects’ names (CBS Detroit, 10/8/13)
Attorneys for Detroit employees, retirees agree not to ask Snyder about other EM candidates (Detroit Free Press, 10/7/13)
State: Names of other EM candidates should remain secret in Detroit bankruptcy case (Battle Creek Enquirer, 10/7/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder in Canada to promote trade, public-private partnerships (MLive, 10/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Might Macomb County exec Mark Hackel endorse in the governor’s race? (MLive, 10/7/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder in national spotlight for shutdown stance, but Dems say he could do more (MLive, 10/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Snyder’s call to double down on auto industry may not be nerdiest strategy (MLive, 10/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Mark Schauer needs to prove he can pull a ‘John Engler’ in gubernatorial campaign (MLive, 10/6/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder: ‘I expect leadership’ to help young people pursue science, technology, engineering and math (MLive, 10/4/13)


Obama commits $320M to aid bankrupt Detroit (Bloomberg, 9/27/13)
$300 million offered to Detroit by federal officials (Michigan Radio, 9/27/13)
AUDIO: Actions speak louder than Tough Nerd’s words (Michigan Radio, 9/27/13)
Michigan House OKs nixing jobless benefits for drug users (AP, 9/26/13)
White House to announce $300M in aid Friday to make Detroit safer, erase blight (Detroit Free Press, 9/26/13)
Snyder unveils tips for states to thwart cyber attacks (Detroit News, 9/26/13)
Political Insider: GOP prepares for labor ballot brawl (Detroit News, 9/26/13)
Michigan House passes Common Core funding (Detroit News, 9/26/13)
Mood of Detroit at a glance: What city residents want from the next mayor (Bridge, 9/26/13)
Bridge Magazine poll: Detroit’s hopeful about future, Duggan in driver’s seat (Bridge, 9/26/13)
What business wants from Detroit’s next mayor (Bridge, 9/26/13)
Obamacare funding pits Mich. GOP, Dems in fight that could affect 2014 elections (Detroit News, 9/25/13)
Michigan birth control battle could be headed to the US Supreme Court (Michigan Radio, 9/25/13)
Common Core curriculum may face House vote today (Detroit News, 9/25/13)
Affirmative action case to have broad impact (Detroit News, 9/25/13)
VIDEO: Snyder campaign ad declares Michigan is back (Detroit News, 9/24/13)
Snyder defends using private donations to pay Detroit’s emergency manager expenses (Detroit News, 9/24/13)
Snyder gets jump on 2014 election, launches TV, internet campaign ads (Detroit Free Press, 9/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Snyder must sell how a 2nd term would overcome shortcomings of his 1st (Detroit Free Press, 9/24/13)
Poll: Detroiters unhappy with city services and those in charge: Orr, Bing, Snyder (Detroit Free Press, 9/24/13)
Report: Michigan firms that got millions in grants fell way short of new jobs they promised (Detroit Free Press, 9/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Tax breaks are a bounty crop for Michigan farms (Bridge, 9/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Secret money in judicial campaigns is a scandal (Bridge, 9/23/13)
Thumbs up: Region leads Michigan in farm subsidies (Bridge, 9/23/13)
Detroiters worry about crime, city’s direction and don’t like Orr, poll finds (Detroit Free Press, 9/23/13)
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder tests out re-election slogans at Republican conference: ‘We said it. We did it.’ (MLive, 9/23/13)
House Dems unveil school reform plan, faces GOP opposition (Detroit Free Press, 9/23/13)
Gov. Snyder’s NERD Fund paying for Kevyn Orr’s condo (Detroit Free Press, 9/23/13)
Michigan’s ‘nerdy’ Snyder says he’s GOP model (AP, 9/22/13)
No complacency as Michigan Republicans leave Mackinac conference (Detroit Free Press, 9/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Snyder: Look what I’ve done (Detroit News, 9/22/13)
VIDEO: Governor Snyder is acting like a candidate but remains undeclared (WKZO, 9/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Ad criticizing slow job growth under Gov. Snyder is just the beginning of 2014 race (MLive, 9/22/13)
AUDIO: GOP Mackinac conference a set-up for Snyder 2014 re-election bid (Michigan Radio, 9/22/13)
Michigan GOP prepares to defend right-to-work law in 2014 election (Detroit News, 9/22/13)
Snyder finally puts signature on Medicaid bill (Crain’s Detroit Business, 9/22/13)
Lt. Gov. Calley wins vote of confidence as GOP conference closes on Mackinac (Crain’s Detroit Business, 9/22/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Snyder begins re-election bid at Mackinac conference (WWMT, 9/21/13)
Rerun: ‘Stay tuned,’ Snyder says as he creeps closer to campaign (Deadline Detroit, 9/21/13)
VIDEO: On Mackinac Island, GOP gathers as 2014 ideas, races take shape (WWMT, 9/21/13)
Snyder gets top billing, but Calley in spotlight at Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference (MLive, 9/21/13)
Snyder retains focus on roads (Detroit News, 9/21/13)
Republican presidential prospects talk party future, defunding ‘Obamacare’ at Michigan conference (MLive, 9/21/13)
Gov. Snyder hopeful feds will release grant money for Detroit after meeting this week (Detroit Free Press, 9/21/13)
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer: ‘I’m fired up and ready to win’ (Sentinel-Standard, 9/21/13)
Another term for Snyder? ‘We’re not done yet,’ he tells GOP conference-goers (Crain’s Detroit Business, 9/21/13)
GOP needs more diversity, analysts warn (Detroit Free Press, 9/21/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder fires up GOP conference as campaign ramps up re-election effort (MLive, 9/20/13)
Tea party targets Michigan GOP leaders (Detroit News, 9/20/13)
EDITORIAL: GOP owes Michigan answers on auto rescue (Detroit News, 9/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Where’s that rumored conservative challenger against Gov. Rick Snyder? Yawn. (MLive, 9/20/13)
‘Stay tuned…’ Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder launches new campaign website, Facebook and Twitter (MLive, 9/20/13)
Strategists warn GOP to soften its tone (Detroit News, 9/20/13)
GOP meets to plot strategy, meet prospective presidential candidates (Michigan Radio, 9/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Speaker Bolger: GOP leadership has spurred state’s comeback (Detroit News, 9/20/13)
Michigan 2014: Now or never for the GOP (US News & World Report, 9/20/13)
Snyder touts his accomplishment at GOP Mackinac conference (Detroit Free Press, 9/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Rick Snyder actually commits news in a scrum with reporters (MLive, 9/20/13)
Detroit’s pensioners have their day in court (Bloomberg, 9/19/13)
Michigan AG: State’s gay marriage ban necessary to ‘regulate sexual relationships’ (TPM, 9/18/13)
State lawmakers pass bill requiring drug tests, community service for those on welfare (Detroit Free Press, 9/18/13)
State launches investigation into fund-raising by pro-Mike Duggan PAC, Turnaround Detroit (Detroit Free Press, 9/18/13)
State Treasurer Andy Dillon seeks to resolve 2010 campaign finance reporting issues (Detroit Free Press, 9/18/13)
Super PAC commercial targets US Rep. Peters, parodies Pure Michigan ads (Detroit Free Press, 9/18/13)
State officials interviewed EM candidates last year, deposition shows (Detroit Free Press, 9/17/13)
Snyder says he pitched Michigan, Detroit investments to the Chinese (Detroit Free Press, 9/17/13)
Gov. Snyder signs Medicaid expansion into law (Detroit Free Press, 9/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Will Tea Party have the legs to grab the GOP? (Bridge, 9/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats have a conniption because EM wants a successful Pontiac (Detroit News, 9/16/13)
Medicaid expansion signed into law; hundreds of thousands more to be eligible (Crain’s Detroit Business, 9/16/13)
Tea party challenges could stir up GOP’s Mackinac conference (Detroit Free Press, 9/15/13)
Michigan bills let agencies refuse adoptions due to morals (Detroit Free Press, 9/14/13)
AUDIO: What are Democrats willing to give up to get out the vote? (Michigan Radio, 9/13/13)
Michigan has cut spending on K-12 schools by 9% since 2008 (Michigan Radio, 9/13/13)
AUDIO: State Bar association calls for end to secretly-funded judicial campaigns (Michigan Radio, 9/12/13)
Poll: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder leads Mark Schauer; Gary Peters and Terri Lee Land in dead heat(MLive, 9/12/13)
COMMENTARY: State lawmakers, not unions, should be ‘proprietors’ of taxpayer money (Detroit News, 9/12/13)
New Michigan scorecard: Five years later, still stuck in neutral (Bridge, 9/11/13)
Michigan scorecard solutions elude policy makers (Bridge, 9/11/13)
The Tea Party’s tepid relations with Michigan business groups (Bridge, 9/10/13)
Tea Party teamwork: Money and footsoldiers (Bridge, 9/10/13)
Snyder administration to cut program that has saved hundreds of millions in prison costs (Michigan Radio, 9/9/13)
COMMENTARY: ‘Special interest’ campaign rhetoric doesn’t match with reality (Michigan Cap Con, 9/7/13)
Is Snyder’s Obamacare expansion sustainable? (Detroit News, 9/6/13)
Rick Snyder as U-M president? Rumors swirl (MyFoxDetroit, 9/6/13)
Democrats’ internal memo: Michigan Republican Party is ‘coming apart at the seams’ (MLive, 9/6/13)
For-profit charter schools’ ads, transparency targeted by Michigan gubernatorial candidate(Michigan Radio, 9/6/13)
Michigan’s tea party battles for GOP’s soul (Bridge, 9/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Mark Schauer: To improve education, we need to change the way we handle charter schools (Detroit Free Press, 9/5/13)
Kitchen table politics: Michigan tea party leverages social media to advance causes (Bridge, 9/5/13)
Labor Day 2013: Michigan’s right-to-work transformation experiences twists in the road (MLive, 9/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Bipartisanship registers a heartbeat (Bridge, 9/2/13)
See who’s traveling with Gov. Rick Snyder on China trip(MLive, 9/1/13)
COMMENTARY: After bipartisan vote, Democrats pile on GOP colleagues (MLive, 9/1/13)
COMMENTARY: The bumpy road to fixing Michigan’s economy (Detroit News, 9/1/13)
Laborpalooza event in Ann Arbor to feature Michigan gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer (Ann, 9/1/13)


Michigan Republicans for Medicaid expansion want you to know they still really, really hate Obamacare (MLive, 8/31/13)
Snyder to leave next week on trade trip to Asia (Detroit News, 8/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Not a banner week for the Tea Party (MLive, 8/30/13)
AUDIO: Mark Schauer visits Berrien County (WSJM, 8/30/13)
Schauer promotes himself as the anti-Snyder (Herald-Palladium,8/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Over-the-top rhetoric distracts from debate over Medicaid expansion (MLive, 8/30/13)
Gov. Snyder heads to China, Japan to say Michigan and especially Detroit are open for business(MLive, 8/30/13)
Treasurer Andy Dillon’s campaign funds could be $175,000 out of whack (Detroit Free Press,8/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder to court Chinese tourists (Detroit Free Press, 8/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Tea Party’s reaction to Medicaid expansion is over the edge (MLive, 8/29/13)
What’s next for Michigan Medicaid expansion? 4 steps remain for $7M a day, coverage for 470,000(MLive, 8/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Lansing has rules to the game, but lawmakers don’t always play by them (MLive, 8/29/13)
Michigan now eligible to renew federal education waiver, but not without proof of progress (MLive, 8/29/13)
Gov. Snyder’s ‘dashboard’ gives a THUMBS UP to lower GDP (and other mistakes) (eclectablog, 8/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Medicaid win huge for Snyder (Detroit News, 8/29/13)
Delay of Medicaid expansion could cost state $600M (Livingston Daily, 8/29/13)
Medicaid expansion bill passed by Senate Republicans even has a place for ALEC & other corporate-funded groups (eclectablog, 8/29/13)
COMMENTARY: 12-12-12 – It’s time to make term-limits less limiting (Detroit News, 8/29/13)
Michigan Senate narrowly passes Medicaid expansion (Stateline, 8/28/13)
Sen. Casperson reluctant savior in Michigan Medicaid expansion vote (Detroit News, 8/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Time to get on ‘Team Detroit’ (Detroit News, 8/28/13)
How the voted: Michigan Senate OKs Medicaid expansion with just 8 Republicans saying ‘yes’(MLive, 8/28/13)
Dems ‘outraged’ that delayed implementation of Medicaid expansion could cost Michigan $7M a day(MLive, 8/28/13)
Michigan moves toward Medicaid change (Politico, 8/27/13)
State elections workers dive into Detroit ballots to re-examine write-in votes (Detroit Free Press,8/27/13)
UAW to take right-to-work case to Michigan Supreme Court (Detroit Free Press, 8/27/13)
Medicaid expansion passes after heated politicking; 470,000 more Michiganders to get coverage(Detroit Free Press, 8/27/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP Speaker Bolger: Medicaid reform is right for Michigan’s uninsured and taxpayers (Detroit News, 8/27/13)
Michigan Senate passes Medicaid expansion after compromise (Detroit News, 8/27/13)
EDITORIAL: Senate should pass Snyder’s Medicaid plan (Detroit News, 8/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Tea Party could be 2014 election headache for Gov. Rick Snyder (MLive, 8/27/13)
Hune: Medicaid bill ‘nauseating’ (Livingston Daily, 8/27/13)
GOP State Sen. Hune: Providing health insurance for halt a million working poor Michiganders is ‘nauseating’ (Daily Kos, 8/27/13)
House Dems push for passage of bills on women’s issues (Detroit News, 8/26/13)
State legislators to continue debate over Common Core curriculum standards (Detroit News,8/26/13)
Lt. Gov Calley on tea party challenger: ‘We have a competition for ideas’ within the Republican Party (MLive, 8/26/13)
Tea Party leader Wes Nakagiri wants to replace Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Calley in 2014 (MLive, 8/26/13)
Challenge to Lt. Gov. Calley from tea party activist drawing attention (Detroit News, 8/26/13)
State seeks tighter oversight of Indian casinos’ local revenue sharing (Bridge, 8/26/13)
Michigan draws thin in new, high-stakes Indian casino tax negotiations (Bridge, 8/26/13)
Snyder, officials launch $52M blight removal program in Detroit (Detroit News, 8/26/13)
Snyder bets on spurned health exchange to help Detroit retirees (Bloomberg, 8/26/13)
Michigan legislators to tackle Medicaid expansion (Detroit News, 8/26/13)
VIDEO: Congressman talks return on investment in $100M Michigan anti-blight effort (MLive, 8/26/13)
About 4,000 blighted Detroit buildings being demolished with $52M in federal cash (Detroit Free Press, 8/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Rick Snyder faces crucial test in this week’s Medicaid vote (MLive, 8/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Rick Snyder and Mitt Romney could be 2 peas in a pod (MLive, 8/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Snyder’s corporate income tax should apply to all businesses, says economist(MLive, 8/25/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP Sen. Patrick Colbeck on Medicaid expansion: There is a better alternative(MLive, 8/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Rick Snyder on Medicaid expansion: Healthy Michigan would improve lives of 470,000 Michiganders (MLive, 8/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Rick Snyder lives the American Dream, as it slips away from many Michiganders(MLive, 8/23/13)
As Common Core fight heats up, state lawmaker challenges colleagues to take same tests (MLive, 8/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats get their turn to list GOP embarrassments (MLive, 8/22/13)
Michigan road funding: Why don’t we jut turn highways into toll roads? (MLive, 8/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Term limits to blame for state House’s damaged reputation after Bolger/Schmidt scandal (MLive, 8/22/13)
Snyder picking up push for Medicaid expansion, critics offering ‘hot air’ balloon rides ahead of vote(, 8/21/13)
Trial in right-to-work dispute delayed (Lansing State Journal, 8/21/13)
Dillon ‘doing a good job’ as state treasurer amid domestic investigation, governor’s office says(Detroit News, 8/21/13)
Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder talks Medicaid proposal ahead of likely vote (MLive, 8/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Bolger controversy shows flaws in Michigan’s partisan primary system (MLive, 8/21/13)
Detroit bankruptcy judge wants to lift stay of lawsuit challenging emergency manager appointment, but with conditions (MLive, 8/21/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder completes ‘Pure Michigan’ scuba dive, explores Lake Huron shipwreck (MLive, 8/20/13)
Michigan judge makes national list for donating most to partisan causes (MLive, 8/20/13)
Director of campaign finance watchdog group examines the money in judicial politics (MLive, 8/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Gay marriage is inevitable and will soon be uncontroversial (MLive, 8/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Tough talk from the Tea Party, poised to ‘take over’ Michigan GOP (MLive, 8/20/13)
Snyder administration sticks by Treasurer Andy Dillon despite accusation: He’s ‘doing a good job’(MLive, 8/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Why Michigan citizens should care about money in judicial politics (Bridge,8/19/13)
Northern Michigan residents ‘ho hum’ over Detroit’s bankruptcy (Bridge, 8/19/13)
Scores of creditors object to Detroit bankruptcy (Detroit News, 8/19/13)
Feds unlikely to restore voting oversight in Mich. locales (Detroit News, 8/19/13)
IRS: 2012 donations to Snyder’s civic fund dropped nearly $1M (Detroit News, 8/15/13)
Court: Michigan’s right-to-work law applies to state employees (Detroit News, 8/15/13)
Lawmakers consider 7% sales tax for Michigan’s crumbling roads;  deal a longshot (Lansing State Journal, 8/15/13)
Michigan considers ways to better align taxes (AP, 8/15/13)
Political insider: Snyder, Schauer head north, stump for Yooper vote (Detroit News, 8/15/13)
Municipal League president rips state lawmakers’ latest road funding plan (Detroit News, 8/15/13)
Michigan roads deal unlikely in time for November ballot (AP, 8/14/13)
Appeals court: Michigan law requiring state employees to pay 4% to pension plan violates constitution (Lansing State Journal, 8/14/13)
Michigan roads deal unlikely in time for November ballot (Detroit News, 8/14/13)
Gretchen Whitmer: Republican ‘civil war’ holding up Medicaid expansion in Michigan (MLive, 8/14/13)
GOP slow to back Land’s Senate bid (Detroit News, 8/14/13)
AFL-CIO targets Snyder, 5 other GOP governors for defeat in 2014 (Detroit News, 8/13/13)
Michigan becomes Obamacare battleground (Detroit News, 8/12/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder in U.P. for two-day visit (AP, 8/12/13)
Financial questions surround Dillon’s old campaign accounts (Detroit News, 8/11/13)
Group organizing 2nd ballot drive on wolf hunts (Detroit News, 8/10/13)
US court: Michigan Legislature ‘ignores’ constitution in fast-tracking bills (Detroit News, 8/9/13)
Judge: Bolger, Schmidt won’t be indicted over election scheme (Detroit News, 8/9/13)
Summer review: Democrats introduce plenty of bills, get few passed in Lansing (MLive, 8/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Mark Schauer takes on sexism, could pick running mate this year (MLive, 8/9/13)
Woes of Detroit hurt borrowing by its neighbors (New York Times, 8/8/13)
Gov. Snyder pushing for regional economic planning (AP, 8/8/13)
Gov. Snyder discusses Michigan auto industry, Detroit bankruptcy and other controversial decisions(MLive, 8/8/13)
Summer review: Who are the ‘most productive’ Michigan lawmakers? (MLive, 8/8/13)
Another possible presidential candidate added to Michigan GOP conference on Mackinac Island(MLive, 8/8/13)
COMMENTARY: The key to Mike Duggan’s odds-defying primary win in the Detroit mayoral race(MLive, 8/8/13)
Summer review: Michigan lawmakers on pace to pass fewest bills since Snyder took office (MLive, 8/7/13)
‘Pure Michigan’ ad campaign expanding to businesses (MLive, 8/7/13)
Snyder: No plan to sell Detroit Institute of Arts assets, appraisal procedural (, 8/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Tweaking education’s Proposal A may be on the table (MLive, 8/7/13)
Grand jury deadline looms in Roy Schmidt-Jase Bolger party switch scheme investigation (MLive, 8/7/13)
Incumbent mayors in emergency manager cities topped by challengers in primary elections(MLive, 8/7/13)
Why does it matter? Today’s primary election has huge, historic significance in Detroit (MLive, 8/6/13)
DIA: Appraising art collection unnecessary, undercuts efforts to rebuild Detroit (MLive, 8/6/13)
Detroit lawmaker seeks review of ’stand your ground’ law in Michigan (AP, 8/2/13)
Poll: Michigan voters against abortion restrictions, gay marriage (Detroit News, 8/2/13)
Poll: Gay marriage opposed by more than half of Michigan voters (Detroit News, 8/1/13)
Congressional Democrats seek to boost federal aid for Detroit (Detroit News, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

State Senate panel puts forward 3 Medicaid-related bills (Detroit News, 7/31/13)
Snyder’s approval rating gets boost from bankruptcy, Medicaid decisions (Detroit News, 7/31/13)
Michigan policymakers work on climate change – even as some avoid the term (Bridge, 7/30/13)
Michigan environmentalists aren’t hiding on climate change after 2012 ballot defeat (Bridge,7/30/13)
Michigan Senate committee expected to vote on Medicaid expansion (Detroit News, 7/30/13)
GOP lawmakers aim to gain more control over state land purchases (Detroit Free Press, 7/29/13)
Michigan legislative Republicans outraising Democrats (AP, 7/28/13)
Michigan law could lead to fewer recall elections (Detroit Free Press, 7/27/13)
GOP lawmakers push measures to prevent federal bailout for Detroit bankruptcy (Detroit Free Press,7/26/13)
National GOP names field director for Michigan (Detroit News, 7/25/13)
Michigan lawmaker’s Medicaid proposal to encourage healthy choices (Detroit News, 7/25/13)
Stabenow defends Detroit as GOP senators push to bar bailout (Detroit News, 7/25/13)
COMMENTARY: AFP Michigan: Medicaid expansion: An offer Michigan must refuse (Detroit News,7/24/13)
Michigan’s present and future face includes more wrinkles, and more color (Bridge, 7/24/13)
Detroit gets big win as federal judge freezes lawsuits seeking to derail city’s bankruptcy (AP, 7/24/13)
‘Aerotroplis’ project finally taking off; could provide much-needed lift for Southeast Michigan(Bridge, 7/23/13)
Activist: Emails show Orr, firm planned bankruptcy from start (Detroit News, 7/22/13)
Detroit bankruptcy: Bailout unlikely, mayor and Michigan governor say (LA Times, 7/21/13)
No signs Washington to come to Detroit’s rescue (AP, 7/20/13)
COMMENTARY: How to prevent future Detroits (Slate, 7/20/13)
If previous bankruptcy record holders are any indication, Detroit has a rough road ahead (MLive, 7/20/13)
Rick Snyder front, center in Detroit bankruptcy drama (AP, 7/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Detroit, a tale of two cities — and worth checking out (Bridge, 7/20/13)
Word from the bus stop: Humans are not like ants and bankruptcy was not Detroit’s only problem(MLive, 7/20/13)
Detroit bankruptcy on hold, Snyder admin. smacked down by judge for ‘cheating good people who work’ (eclectablog, 7/19/13)
Judge picked to oversee Detroit bankruptcy (AP, 7/19/13)
Governor, emergency manager defend Detroit bankruptcy (Washington Post, 7/19/13)
Detroit’s bankruptcy may lead to more chaos (LA Times, 7/19/13)
Detroit’s demise was decades in the making (Washington Post, 7/19/13)
Big Labor’s Detroit denial (Detroit News, 7/19/13)
Union heads in the sand, Detroit headed to Chapter 9 (Detroit News, 7/19/13)
‘Right-to-work’ couldn’t save Detroit (Detroit News, 7/19/13)
Detroit bankruptcy: Handshake deal between Gov. John Engler and Mayor Dennis Archer haunts city (MLive, 7/19/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder to talk Detroit bankruptcy on Meet the Press, Face the Nation (MLive, 7/19/13)
Financial analysts: Detroit bankruptcy could hinder Michigan municipalities’ borrowing ability(MLive, 7/19/13)
Snyder’s office: Uniqueness of Detroit bankruptcy will limit negative impact on state (MLive, 7/19/13)
‘Bail out’ Detroit? Obama administration says city, creditors will have to resolve insolvency (MLive, 7/19/13)
Detroit: Rick Snyder’s greatest failure (Detroit News, 7/19/13)
Here’s how Detroit’s bankruptcy will actually work (Washington Post, 7/19/13)
State income tax column: Is Skubick dishonest? Or just not very smart? (Detroit News, 7/18/13)
COMMENTARY: See how fee hikes will increase state coffers by $29M (MLive, 7/18/13)
Labor, pension groups call Detroit bankruptcy filing premature and disingenuous (MLive, 7/18/13)
Detroit becomes largest US city to file for bankruptcy (NBC News, 7/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Rick Snyder vulnerable with senior citizens (MLive, 7/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Repeal the Michigan income tax? Rep. Genetski mulls introducing proposal(MLive, 7/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Snyder must come clean on secret slush fund (Detroit News, 7/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Detroit’s EM should surround himself with fresh faces, fresh thinking (Bridge,7/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Democratic budget reveals party’s approach to next election (MLive, 7/12/13)
Battle lines harden over Detroit pension cuts (Detroit News, 7/11/13)
Michigan House Dems introduce fracking bill (Detroit News, 7/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Thank term limits and gerrymandering for bad public policy (MLive, 7/11/13)
All eyes on Detroit as decision on bankruptcy approaches (MLive, 7/10/13)
COMMENTARY: How many emergency managers will Michigan have? (MLive, 7/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Republicans hold the wheel, are driving Michigan into the ditch (Bridge,7/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Mich. Speaker Bolger: With tough decisions, GOP lawmakers put Michigan on path for better future (Bridge, 7/10/13)
Fall showdown in court on Michigan gay marriage ban (AP, 7/10/13)
RATINGS CHANGE: Michigan governor moves from ‘Tossup/Tilt Republican’ to ‘Pure Tossup’(RothenBlog, 7/9/13)
Snyder visiting UP to push health care expansion (AP, 7/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Term limits lead to brain drain in the Michigan Legislature — well, kind of(MLive, 7/9/13)
Michigan 2014 governor’s race now rated a ‘toss up’ by Roll Call (MLive, 7/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Apply brainpower to get better results from billions spent on education (Bridge,7/9/13)
Lt. Gov. Calley rallies behind Medicaid expansion program in Southgate (Detroit News, 7/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Snyder says Medicaid expansion ‘is about caring about one another’ (MLive, 7/8/13)
Former Speaker Rick Johnson: Crucial Medicaid expansion should get quick approval (MLive, 7/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Open govt statute needs more teeth; cities thumb their noses at document requests (MLive, 7/8/13)
Cutting through Lansing’s jungle of red tape (Detroit Free Press, 7/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Snyder bonds with Israel’s Netanyahu during June trade trip (Detroit Free Press,7/7/13)
Clock ticking on Michigan Medicaid expansion (Lansing State Journal, 7/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Snyder: Pure Michigan Business Connect vital to state’s growth (Dearborn Press & Guide, 7/6/13)
Michigan Senate leader Richardville defends Medicaid call (Detroit News, 7/6/13)
Court rejects Snyder’s right-to-work request (Detroit News, 7/5/13)
Gov. Snyder’s NERD Fund pays salary of adviser Baird and for internship program, spokeswoman says (Detroit Free Press, 7/5/13)
COMMENTARY: AG Bill Schuette wages costly, losing fights – but with style (, 7/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Road funding gets political, just like the good ol’ days (MLive, 7/3/13)
Snyder: Immigration helped make America great (Detroit News, 7/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Rick Snyder’s opposition steps up (Windsor Star, 7/3/13)
Michigan Senate meets, takes no action on Medicaid expansion (Detroit News, 7/3/13)
Struggling school districts can be dissolved under new law (Michigan Radio, 7/3/13)
John Dingell, other Medicaid expansion supporters and opponents, expected at Michigan Capitol today (MLive, 7/3/13)
Michigan Senate meets, does not vote on Medicaid plan despite plea from Democrats (MLive, 7/3/13)
Do you trust your government? Michigan surveys reveal less faith in state, federal govts (MLive, 7/2/13)
Judge criticizes Gov. Snyder’s excuse for denying benefits to domestic partners (MLive, 7/2/13)
Gov. Snyder pushes Medicaid expansion message (AP, 7/2/13)
Snyder forming group to help Michigan school districts avoid financial disaster (Detroit News,7/2/13)
AUDIO: Snyder in Medicaid push: ‘We have a broken system’ (CBS Detroit, 7/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Medicaid expansion helpful, timely (Detroit News, 7/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Are Governor Snyder’s Medicaid tour tactics effective? (Michigan Radio, 7/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Fates of 2 bills show who Michigan lawmakers are looking out for (Detroit Free Press, 7/2/13)
Snyder signs bill that spells end for Buena Vista and Inkster schools (Detroit Free Press, 7/2/13)
Gov. Snyder urging Jackson County residents to call senators, asks for yes vote on Medicaid expansion (MLive, 7/2/13)
The case that could topple Michigan’s gay marriage ban didn’t start out about gay marriage (MLive, 7/2/13)
Snyder drops ‘vacation’ line in criticizing senators for not voting on Medicaid (Crain’s Detroit Business, 7/1/13)
Judge: Trial possible on Mich. gay marriage ban (AP, 7/1/13)
Rick Snyder signs indigent defense overhaul: ‘This is about constitutional rights’ (MLive, 7/1/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder continues Medicaid expansion push at Detroit-area hospitals (AP, 7/1/13)
Michigan abortion battle heats up as Right to Life seeks signatures for insurance petition (MLive, 7/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Without Dr. Joe Schwarz and Geoffrey Fieger, how much fun can upcoming election be? (MLive, 7/1/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Rick Snyder continues Medicaid expansion push with virtual town hall (MLive, 7/1/13)
Amateur hour: The failure of Rick Snyder (Deadline Detroit, 7/1/13)
Snyder lobbies for Medicaid expansion support in Metro area (Detroit News, 7/1/13)
Proponents lobby Supreme Court for Michigan’s ban on affirmative action (Detroit News, 7/1/13)
Snyder stumps for Medicaid expansion: ‘This is common sense’ (Michigan Radio, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

COMMENTARY: See how the dust-up between Gov. Snyder and GOP senators became a family feud(MLive, 6/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Michigan Senate Republicans offer bogus arguments on Medicaid expansion (MLive, 6/30/13)
Former Michigan GOP Senate Majority leader Mike Bishop: ‘I’m not running for governor ‘ (Source Newspapers, 6/30/13)
Gov. Snyder: Domestic partner law was about fiscal responsibility, will review ruling (MLive, 6/29/13)
Michigan ban on domestic partner benefits struck down by federal judge in preliminary injunction(MLive, 6/28/13)
Michigan Medicaid breakthrough? Senate plans committee hearing, bipartisan workgroup (MLive, 6/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Moving from defense to offense for Michigan’s entrepreneurs (Bridge, 6/27/13)
Broken bureaucracy is bad for education, Gov. Snyder (Detroit News, 6/26/13)
School changes under fire — liberal groups say CEOs, special interests drove Michigan reforms(Livingston Daily Press & Argus, 6/26/13)
Michigan good at making tax deals, but results of them aren’t clear (Bridge, 6/25/13)
State government ’spends’ $30B more this year than you think (Bridge, 6/25/13)
Analysis: Michigan Medicaid inaction shows GOP rift (AP, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Here’s gay marriage proponents’ strategy to overturn ban in Michigan (MLive, 6/23/13)
The majority-majority rule: Snyder thinks Senate had votes to expand Medicaid, mad they didn’t(MLive, 6/21/13)
COMMENTARY: During crucial legislative action, where were Gov. Snyder and his lieutenant?(MLive, 6/21/13)
Reaction to Senate’s inaction on Medicaid ranges from ‘disgusted’ to ‘victory for Michigan taxpayers’(MLive, 6/21/13)
Michigan Medicaid expansion: Snyder lashes Senate over adjourning without vote (AP, 6/21/13)
Snyder, GOP strike out with Medicaid, but score school, wolf hunt hits before break (Detroit Free Press, 6/21/13)
GOP schism jeopardizes Michigan’s Medicaid expansion (TPM, 6/21/13)
Mike Duggan for governor? Talk has begun (Detroit Free Press, 6/20/13)
Kevyn Orr orders corruption probe of pensions, benefits; unions vow fight against cuts (Detroit Free Press, 6/20/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder blasts Senate GOP on Medicaid inaction: ‘Take a vote, not a vacation.’ (MLive, 6/20/13)
Mark Schauer, other Democrats speak at rally to ‘Save Michigan’s Public Schools’ (MLive, 6/19/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder cutting short Israel trip to push for Medicaid expansion in Michigan (MLive, 6/19/13)
Medicaid expansion bill in limbo in state Senate (Detroit Free Press, 6/18/13)
Michigan House passes Medicaid expansion (Lansing State Journal, 6/14/13)
Detroit’s creditors are asked to accept pennies on the dollar (New York Times, 6/14/13)
Uninsured watch anxiously as Medicaid debate rolls on (Bridge, 6/13/13)
Snyder signs $49B budget with few line-item vetoes (AP, 6/13/13)
VIDEO: Even with Detroit’s huge debt, Orr tells residents: Safety is a priority (Detroit Free Press,6/11/13)
Tea party group threatens to pull support of Gov. Rick Snyder over proposed Medicaid expansion(Detroit Free Press, 6/11/13)
Medicaid expansion: Mich. House Republicans changing proposal; votes could begin soon (MLive, 6/10/13)
House GOP drops proposed cap on Medicaid benefits (Detroit News, 6/10/13)
Michigan House may pass Medicaid expansion this week (AP, 6/10/13)
Snyder talks right-to-work legislation, connecting talent and reinventing Michigan at conference(Ann, 6/10/13)
Early poll finds Rand Paul leading GOP presidential pack in Michigan, struggling against Hillary Clinton (MLive, 6/10/13)
Detroit EM Kevyn Orr plans to pursue Belle Isle lease, says bankruptcy odds are 50/50 (MLive, 6/10/13)
COMMENTARY: More ammunition for the conspiracy theorist (Detroit News, 6/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Why do corporations move their headquarters? Don’t blame the governor (MLive, 6/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Snyder’s unwillingness to take a stand may not sere him well in campaign(MLive, 6/9/13)
Michgian’s homophobes can’t believe what’s happening with public opinion on marriage equality(eclectablog, 6/8/13)
Gay marriage vote may come to Michigan in 2016 (Detroit Free Press, 6/8/13)
Peters and Schauer: An ‘F’ from small business (Detroit News, 6/7/13)
False hope of the Education Achievement Authority (Detroit News, 6/7/13)
Snyder offered Orr EMM job long before Detroit’s emergency declaration (Detroit News, 6/6/13)
EDITORIAL: It’s time Gov. Rick Snyder tried transparency himself (Detroit Free Press, 6/6/13)
More Michigan school districts operate with budget deficits (Detroit News, 6/6/13)
Michigan’s economic growth drops from 4th best in nation, new GDP figures show (MLive, 6/6/13)
COMMENTARY: ‘Sanity caucus’ shepherds preschool reform, dollars through capital gridlock(Bridge, 6/6/13)
AUDIO: Mackinac Center disingenuous on Michigan job growth (Blogging for Michigan, 6/5/13)
How Michigan might provide a template for states hoping to leave Common Core(StateImpact/Indiana, 6/5/113)
Financially troubled Michigan school districts may be forced to close (Detroit News, 6/5/13)
Poll: Schauer has small lead over Snyder in governor’s race (Detroit News, 6/5/13)
What is Common Core? A look at the standards sparking controversy in Michigan and nationwide(MLive, 6/5/13)
Swirl of news surrounding Detroit emergency manager reveals plans, timeframes and sensitive emails (MLive, 6/5/13)
Is Michigan ready to allow gay marriage? Republican lawmakers unlikely to support legislative efforts (MLive, 6/5/13)
E-mails reveal Snyder team, Orr discussed Detroit EFM job before announcement (Detroit Free Press,6/5/13)
Schauer leads Snyder by 4 (Public Policy Polling, 6/4/13)
Michigan lawmakers wrap up $49B budget without extra road, Medicaid funds (Detroit News,6/4/13)
Bill to protect DIA artwork passes state Senate committee (Detroit Free Press, 6/4/13)
Mark Schauer holds own against Gov. Rick Snyder in first poll since announcing candidacy (MLive, 6/4/13)
Common Core standards funding officially locked in new Michigan budget after Senate vote (MLive, 6/4/13)
Democratic legislators ask Gov. Snyder to drop EAA expansion plans (MLive, 6/4/13)
Michigan’s job growth is more than just auto-related (CapCon, 6/4/13)
Snyder declares financial emergency in Hamtramck (Detroit Free Press, 6/4/13)
Legislature approves $49B state budget: Who wins, who loses? (Detroit Free Press, 6/4/13)
People who support the EM but protest his DIA policy are hypocrites (Deadline Detroit, 6/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Snyder must lead against the pack (Detroit Free Press, 6/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Snyder’s merit pay idea fails the test (Detroit News, 6/2/13)
Feedback: Mark Schauer gets a mixed welcome to governor’s race (Detroit Free Press, 6/2/13)
Michigan governor prods GOP lawmakers to expand Medicaid (Detroit News, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

Jase Bolger: Jobs returning to state (Battle Creek Enquirer, 5/31/13)
Michigan’s Big 4 legislative leaders disagree on policy but get along (Detroit Free Press, 5/31/13)
Snyder remains committed to hotly debated public school reform program (Lansing State Journal,5/31/13)
Dem candidate Mark Schauer works crowd as Gov. Rick Snyder works stage at policy conference(MLive, 5/31/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder: Michigan needs ambassadors, volunteers and mentors (MLive, 5/31/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder: It’s time to protect out greatest assets – the Great Lakes (Detroit Free Press,5/31/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder and his ‘transformation manager’ have roots dating back to 1980s (MLive, 5/31/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder talks 2038 election — not 2014 election — at Mackinac Policy Center (MLive, 5/31/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder boosts public school reform program (ClickOnDetroit, 5/31/13)
COMMENTARY: If Detroit sells its art collection, what’s next? (MLive, 5/31/13)
No easy answers in threat to DIA assets (Detroit News, 5/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Outcry over DIA artwork shows many still in denial over Detroit’s plight (Detroit Free Press, 5/31/13)
Gov. Snyder to call in federal help to push for Medicaid expansion (Detroit Free Press, 5/31/13)
State adopts ‘nation’s largest’ expansion of early childhood funding (Bridge, 5/30/13)
Michigan moves into national forefront of preschool funding (Bridge, 5/30/13)
Education budget passes, Snyder’s signature awaits (The State News, 5/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Governor Schauer for the super-rich (Detroit News, 5/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Detroit – Selling the family silver? (Reuters, 5/30/13)
State treasurer on possible Detroit bankruptcy: ‘We’re ready to go either way’ (Detroit Free Press,5/30/13)
Bing nixes most of City Council’s proposed changes to Detroit’s budget (Detroit Free Press, 5/30/13)
COMMENTARY: How a long shot like Mark Schauer plans to beat Rick Snyder (Detroit Free Press,5/30/13)
Bill aims to safeguard DIA artwork in the event of Detroit bankruptcy (Detroit Free Press, 5/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Early education funding is a win for kids, Michigan (Bridge, 5/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Michigan leaders recognize the wisdom of investing in preschoolers (Bridge,5/30/13)
Jeb Bush hints about possible re-election plans for Gov. Rick Snyder (Detroit Free Press, 5/29/13)
Detroit debates if museum’s art can be sold to pay off city debts (LA Times, 5/29/13)
Polls show Schauer, Gov. Snyder in for close race (The State News, 5/29/13)
Names of Detroit EFM applicants sought as suit alleges Orr’s appointment is illegal (Detroit Free Press, 5/29/13)
Mackinac Conference politics: Rick Snyder vs. Mark Schauer in 2014? (WXYZ, 5/29/13)
Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder gets re-election assist from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (MLive, 5/29/13)
Schauer, on his candidacy for governor, perceptions of Snyder and next steps (Crain’s Detroit Business, 5/29/13)
Gov Rick Snyder: Detroit EM must consider everything — even Belle Isle, DIA — to fix city’s finances(Detroit Free Press, 5/29/13)
Mark Schafer announces run fir Michigan governor (WZZM13, 5/28/23)
Mich. Democrat Mark Schauer on running for governor: ‘I’m ready to work, and I’m ready to win’(MLive, 5/28/13)
Michigan governor race 2014: Former Rep. Mark Schauer challenges Gov. Rick Snyder (Politico,5/28/13)
Schauer announces he’ll run against Snyder (Detroit News, 5/28/13)
Michigan GOP: Mark Schauer campaign for governor not surprising, not impressive (MLive, 5/28/13)
Democrat Mark Schauer to challenge Gov. Rick Snyder in 2014 (Lansing State Journal, 5/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Policy-makers should skip Mackinac Island and visit some classrooms (Bridge,5/28/13)
Democrat Mark Schauer to challenge Gov. Rick Snyder on 2014 (Detroit Free Press, 5/28/13)
Jeb Bush and Rick Snyder: A political match made for Mackinac Policy Conference (MLive, 5/27/13)
OPINION: Gov Snyder must come clean on details of NERD (Detroit Free Press, 5/26/13)
Michigan improperly recruited Emergency Manager, activist claims (Detroit Free Press, 5/27/13)
About 9.1% of Michigan residents live in communities with emergency managers (Detroit Free Press, 5/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Medicaid expansion makes sense to everybody except the GOP ‘Party of No’(Bridge, 5/24/13)
COMMENTARY: New revenue- sharing model short changes and infuriates municipalities (Bridge, 5/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Surprise surplus may delay more tough decisions on road funding (, 5/23/13)
COMMENTARY: See why you should pay attention to the name Portia Roberson (, 5/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Local governments fiscal distress worsened by state’s actions (Bridge, 5/22/13)
Best, worst of Michigan communities’ fiscal ratings (Bridge, 5/21/13)
Kalamazoo, Muskegon make tough calls, rise in fiscal ratings (Bridge, 5/21/13)
Stressed cities hear little sympathy from state Capitol (Bridge, 5/21/13)
GOP leaders back more money for roads, schools (Detroit Free Press, 5/21/13)
State leaders navigating toward a new route for roads (Bridge, 5/21/13)
Michigan pays public sector employees above national average (Deadline Detroit, 5/19/13)
OPINION: Michigan deserves a better Speaker (Battle Creek Enquirer, 5/17/13)
VIDEO: Group pushes to restore Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit (Press & Guide, 5/17/13)
Medicaid expansion takes another hit with vote in state Senate (Detroit Free Press, 5/16/13)
Judge sets contempt hearing for governor, treasurer and Detroit EM (Detroit Free Press, 5/15/13)
Governor says Detroit schools making strides as Emergency Manager Roy Roberts changes mind on stepping down (MLive, 5/15/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder responds to Detroit mayor’s criticism, says restructuring must be faster (MLive, 5/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Michigan Common Core standards face political headwinds in GOP (MLive, 5/15/13)
Marijuana decriminalization in Michigan? Democratic House Leader just says no (MLive, 5/15/13)
Former Battle Creek congressman Mark Schauer ’strongly leaning toward putting a campaign together’ for governor (Detroit Free Press, 5/14/13)
Unexpected Michigan revenue boost could rekindle debate over funding for roads, education (MLive, 5/14/13)
Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder signs ID, license bills helping military veterans access discounts (MLive, 5/14/13)
Political foes praise Detroit Mayor Dave Bing for ‘bringing integrity back’ to City Hall (MLive, 5/14/13)
Time limits remain key hurdle in proposed Medicaid expansion plan from Michigan’s House Republicans (MLive, 5/14/13)
Snyder on Detroit EM report: It ‘presents huge challenges’ (MLive, 5/13/13)
VIDEO: State: Emergency managers were appointed due to financial crises, not race (MLive, 5/13/13)
Kevyn Orr report to show city’s crisis is huge (Detroit Free Press, 5/12/13)
Michigan road funding talks still at standstill (AP, 5/11/13)
Snyder administration has concerns about Medicaid plan, but says it’s a good start (Michigan Radio, 5/11/13)
AUDIO: The week in review: Expanding Medicaid, teacher union dues, schools in money trouble(Michigan Radio, 5/11/13)
Michigan House Dems pursue tighter restrictions on gun ownership (Michigan Radio, 5/10/13)
Michigan House GOP propose bill to expand Medicaid with 4-year coverage limit (Detroit News,5/10/13)
Michigan officials plan Brazil investment trip (AP, 5/10/13)
Fracking critics protest Michigan’s oil, gas exploration lease auction (Detroit News, 5/10/13)
AUDIO: Commentary: The Democrats’ gamble (Michigan Radio, 5/10/13)
Bart Stupak backs Mark Schauer for governor as Democratic field continues to clear path (MLive, 5/9/13)
State lawmakers introduce bill to overhaul, expand Medicaid (Michigan Radio, 5/9/13)
Mich. Democrats push measures to halt gun violence (AP, 5/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Proposal to cut gas sales tax has education lobby very worried (MLive, 5/9/13)
Pursuit of auto coverage cap insures problems for legislators (Bridge, 5/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Founders knew the value of unions to our land (Bridge, 5/8/13)
Democrats push ex-US Rep. Schauer to run for governor (Detroit News, 5/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Auto insurance reform may be losing battle for Gov. Snyder (MLive, 5/8/13)
Mackinac Center Funder: Union labor made our success possible (Progress Michigan, 5/8/13)
Long-simmering GOP-MEA ‘war’ intensifies going into 2014 (Bridge, 5/7/13)
MEA faces breakaways, poaching of locals (Bridge, 5/7/13)
Labor belabored: MEA losing members, losing fights. Will it lose its grip? (Bridge, 5/7/13)
As Right-to-Work takes root, MEA faces rough lessons following Wisconsin’s example (Bridge, 5/7/13)
Politico: Polling shows Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder vulnerable if Mark Schauer runs (eclectablog, 5/7/13)
Progress Michigan’s ‘Pepe Le Voucher’ excluded from Gov. Snyder town hall event (MLive, 5/7/13)
Democrats eye Mark Schauer for Michigan governor race (Politico, 5/7/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder: Stop bickering about education and help the kids (MLive, 5/6/13)
Jase Bolger is not Hitler. As House Speaker, he’s more like Goofy with a mean streak (Deadline Detroit, 5/4/13)
Right to work: Michigan Supreme Court mulling whether to give advisory opinion (MLive, 5/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Anti-wolf hunting coalition livid that lawmakers may circumvent public vote(MLive, 5/2/13)
Is ’skunk works’ the new normal in Michigan governance? (Detroit News, 5/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Snyder’s faith-based governance (Detroit News, 5/2/13)
Same-sex benefits for state employees stand as Michigan Supreme Court rejects Schuette appeal request (MLive, 5/2/13)
Michigan no-fault insurance reform bill faces ‘uphill battle’ after clearing House panel (MLive, 5/2/13)
Detroit’s spending millions on consultants in turnaround effort (Detroit Free Press, 5/2/13)
Political insider: Michigan lawmakers invoke Gen. Custer (Detroit News, 5/2/13)
Kevyn Orr, loan board members ordered to testify in Open Meetings Act lawsuit (ClickOnDetroit, 5/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Trying to prove the incumbent s bad isn’t good campaign strategy (MLive, 5/1/13)
Speaker Jase Bolder reinstates some of the Democrats removed from committees (MLive, 5/1/13)
Michigan road funding: Will partisan political fighting derail policy debate? (MLive, 5/1/13)
Mich. House Speaker retaliates against Dems holding Republicans accountable for leaving No Fault insurance hearing (eclectablog, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

COMMENTARY: Let’s remember legislators are nuanced, as Rep. Tom McMillan is proving (MLive, 4/30/13)
Michigan House: 8 Democrats booted from committee assignments as dispute escalates (MLive, 4/30/13)
Gary Peters to enter Michigan Senate race (Roll Call, 4/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Educators ready to join governor in open discussion of school reform (Bridge,4/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Right-to-work tension eases after GOP Speaker Jase Bolger’s declaration (MLive, 4/29/13)
Michigan ‘brain drain’ bill would give tax credits to college graduates who state in state, pay loans(MLive, 4/29/13)
COMMENTARY: State govt secrecy takes the form of ‘work groups’ (MLive, 4/28/13)
COMMENTARY: How capitalism is killing educational achievement (Detroit News,4/28/13)
House debate on road fixes takes nasty turn (Detroit News, 4/27/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder urges GVSU graduate to ‘treat everyone like a customer,’ ‘find mentors’ (MLive, 4/27/13)
Michigan lawmakers, Snyder differ on saving for later (AP, 4/26/13)
Poll shows support for Medicaid expansion in Michigan, but political differences remain (MLive, 4/26/13)
Michigan campaign finance: See who’s funding ballot proposal to block wolf hunt, political PACs(MLive, 4/26/13)
Michigan spends $89K on right-to-work informational posters (MLive, 4/26/13)
House panel OKs welfare school attendance policy (AP, 4/25/13)
Michigan families could lose welfare cash if kids miss school under advancing legislation (MLive, 4/25/13)
Michigan House plan shifts film tax money to road repairs (Detroit News, 4/24/13)
VIDEO: Snyder backs reform team’s tech proposals for the classroom (Detroit News, 4/24/13)
Snyder Administration still working to thwart democracy (Detroit News, 4/24/13)
Michigan GOP, organized labor at odds over prevailing wage law (MLive, 4/24/13)
Movie incentives,Medicaid among unresolved issues as Michigan lawmakers tackle budget bills(MLive, 4/24/13)
AUDIO: Some charter schools focus on quality. Others focus on marketing. Guess which ones are winning (Michigan Radio, 4/24/13)
‘Skunk works’ scuttled? Michigan schools chief Mike Flanagan to lead technology discussion (MLive, 4/24/13)
Michigan House plan has no money for film incentives (Detroit News, 4/24/13)

State Rep.Rudy Hobbs: Focus on Michigan families, not the state’s credit rating (Detroit Free Press,4/24/13)
National group endorses Gov. Snyder’s auto insurance reform plan (Detroit News, 4/24/13)
Mich. House GOP drops fines for pacts signed before right tow work (Detroit News, 4/24/13)
Michigan school chief: End project by secret group (Detroit News, 4/23/13)
Mich. bill would grant in-state tuition to young immigrants (AP, 4/23/13)
Mich. Republicans stealing bills introduced by Democrats to deny them legislative victories(eclectablog, 4/23/13)
Dems push Peters for Levin’s seat amid surge in fundraising; GOP’s Roger has most cash (Detroit News, 4/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Worldview embodied by Agema, Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban headed for history’s trash heap (Bridge, 4/23/13)
Philanthropic groups step up to lead Michigan’s urban revival (Bridge, 4/23/13)
Right-to-work: Michigan House leaders discuss decision to drop penalties related to union contracts(MLive, 4/23/13)
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on ’skunk works’ education group: ‘Their idea is pretty good’ (MLive, 4/23/13)
Could Michigan’s right-to-work law cause bullying of union holdouts? (MLive, 4/23/13)
EDITORIAL: Welfare drug testing latest insult by state GOP (Detroit Free Press, 4/22/13)
Snyder: Education system in Michigan, US is broken (Detroit Free Press, 4/22/13)
Michigan Legislature’s Big Government overreach (Detroit News, 4/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Will he or won’t he? Ex-Congressman needs to prove desire to run for governor(MLive, 4/22/13)
Michigan may allow employers to deny birth control coverage to their workers (Think Progress, 4/22/13)
Poll: Gov. Snyder in dead heat with 2 Democrats (Detroit Free Press, 4/22/13)
Republican rewrite Michigan history (Detroit News, 4/21/13)
Michigan lawmakers back changes to welfare benefits (AP, 4/21/13)
Biden urges Michigan Democrats to stay focused despite setbacks (Detroit News, 4/20/13)
Snyder defends secret project to reform education system (Detroit News, 4/20/13)
Education reform group forges voucher-like plan for Michigan (Detroit News, 4/19/13)
State Dept. of Civil Rights not in line with Gov. Snyder’s views (CapCon, 4/19/13)
AUDIO: Commentary: Snyder spread too thin? (Michigan Radio, 4/19/13)
Snyder to unveil plan that would link private sector, education at summit (Detroit News, 4/19/13)
Governor steps into water war; set to meet with Genessee, Flint, Detroit today (MLive, 4/19/13)
Schuette expects to prevail in suits challenging EMs in Detroit, Highland Park (Detroit News,4/19/13)
Snyder wants big changes to Mich. auto insurance (AP, 4/18/13)
Michigan isn’t properly monitoring schools, education group says (Bridge, 4/18/13)
Consensus on Common Core school standards evaporating (Bridge, 4/18/13)
Education summit: Gov. Rick Snyder to stress links between schools, job needs (MLive, 4/18/13)
Gov. Snyder proposes capping no-fault auto insurance benefits to save drivers $125 in first year(MLive, 4/18/13)
What’s next for Whitmer? (Lansing City Pulse, 4/17/13)
State orders financial review for Hamtramck (Detroit Free Press, 4/17/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder joins ‘virtual march’ for national immigration reform (MLive, 4/17/13)
Hamtramck financial review team appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder (Huffington Post, 4/17/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder: No layoffs, but plenty of cuts as sequester costs state $150.5M (MLive, 4/15/13)
Snyder wants Michigan to approve driverless cars (Detroit Free Press, 4/15/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder: No layoffs, but plenty of cuts as sequester costs state $150.5M (MLive, 4/15/13)
Michigan taxpayers take their anger out on Gov. Rick Snyder (Detroit Free Press, 4/15/13)
Tax man got you down? House Dems bring back bills to restore credits, repeal pension tax (MLive, 4/15/13)
Obamacare delay could re-ignite Michigan exchange fight (Detroit News, 4/14/13)
Taxpayer anger gives some lawmakers reform remorse (Crain’s Detroit Business, 4/14/13)
EDITORIAL: We hired an EM, not his ex-employer (Crain’s Detroit Business, 4/14/13)
COMMENTARY: New bridge is an opportunity region can’t waste (Detroit Free Press, 4/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Michigan job growth is good new; what’s the bad news? (MLive, 4/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Michigan House Republicans have no agenda (Detroit News, 4/12/13)
US issues presidential permit for Detroit-Windsor span (Bloomberg, 4/12/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder: Schools and the private sector can do more together to prepare students for careers (MLive, 4/12/13)
EDITORIAL: White House brings new bridge a welcome step closer (Detroit Free Press, 4/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats strategize on who should take on Gov. Rick Snyder (MLive, 4/12/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder says bridge is ‘huge’ for economy (Macomb Daily, 4/12/13)
Dave Agema on RNC reafforming opposition to gay marriage: ‘We have won the battle’ (MLive, 4/12/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP clouds Snyder’s agenda (Detroit News, 4/11/13)
Snyder expected to announce presidential permit for new bridge to Canada on Friday (Detroit Free Press, 4/11/13)
Michigan schools face funding gains, losses in GOP budget plan (Detroit News, 4/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislative Republicans worry more about ‘14 primaries than in helping Snyder lead (Bridge, 4/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Skubick upset because Snyder won’t make baseless promises (Detroit News,4/10/13)
Snyder’s plans for fixing roads, expanding Medicaid stalled by GOP (Detroit News, 4/10/13)
Senate GOP, Snyder: Spare schools on labor deals (Detroit News, 4/10/13)
Undocumented immigrants lobby for in-state tuition (Detroit News, 4/10/13)
Senate 2014 and the Michigan Democratic Party’s fear of Democrats (Deadline Detroit, 4/9/13)
As special interested drag down government, private entities move to public’s aid (Bridge, 4/9/13)
Memo to Michigan Legislature: Support Medicaid expansion (Detroit News, 4/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Just try to pin down AG Bill Schuette on guns-in-schools issue (MLive, 4/8/13)
Suit to halt Detroit EM appointment dismissed (AP, 4/8/13)
We’re all ‘ambassadors’ now: Gov. Rick Snyder celebrates new Pure Michigan license plate (MLive, 4/8/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder avoids Dave Agema debate, says ‘any kind of discrimination is wrong’ (MLive, 4/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Rick Snyder dodges accountability with the best of them (MLive, 4/7/13)
Lawmaker doubts part of Michigan school takeover bill (Grand Haven Tribune, 4/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Michigan must reinvest in quality-of-life programs to restore American dream(MLive, 4/7/13)
State rep sues to overturn Snyder-Canada bridge deal (Detroit News, 4/6/13)
Democrats launch drive for higher minimum wage in Mich. (Macomb Daily, 4/6/13)
Yes, Dem. gov field unusually quiet (GongwerMichigan, 4/5/13)
Judge chides Republican legislators for right-to-work laws (Detroit Free Press, 4/4/13)
Judge won’t toss right-to-work challenge but warns of tough road ahead (Detroit Free Press, 4/4/13)
Michigan tax shift adds to fiscal woes at city hall (Bridge, 4/4/13)
Property value drops exceed 30% in parts of SE Michigan (Bridge, 4/4/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder faces ticking clock in push to increase road funding, expand Medicaid (MLive, 4/4/13)
Polls: US Rep. Mike Rogers leads GOP pack to replace US Sen. Carl Levin (MLive, 4/3/13)
The pendulum has swung – How the GOP is pillaging Michigan’s natural resources (Lansing City Pulse, 4/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Top challenge to business is cost of health care (Bridge, 4/3/13)
Michigan GOP may soon consider more anti-union measures (MSNBC, 4/3/13)
Mich. State of the State survey: Obama approval ratings climb, Snyder ratings still low (MLive, 4/3/13)
Michigan right-to-work challenge advances: Judge denies motion to dismiss Open Meetings Act suit(MLive, 4/3/13)
Michigan bond ratings upgraded (Detroit News, 4/3/13)
Billions more lost, but property value drop slowing (Bridge, 4/2/13)
Some Senate Republicans file bill to repeal Snyder’s pension tax (Detroit News, 4/1/13)
Michigan GOP explores further limits on unions (Detroit News, 4/1/13)
Mich. GOP leader Dave Agema’s Facebook post ‘bigoted’ and ‘disgusting,’ says Kalamazoo County GOP chair (MLive, 4/1/13)
Gov. Rick Snyder stands by new pension tax: ‘It was an issue of fairness’ (MLive, 4/1/13)

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