The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


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Massachusetts Gubernatorial Headlines 2012 Archives


Developers in dispute over role of major casino investor (Boston Globe, 12/31/12)
New laws set to kick in with new year (Lowell Sun, 12/31/12)
Mass. going to pot (Lowell Sun, 12/30/12)
Gov. Patrick looks ahead to final 2 years in office (WBUR, 12/30/12)
Mass. lawmakers face budget, drug lab questions (AP, 12/29/12)
Mass. lawmakers returning to Legislature (WWLP, 12/29/12)
Democratic Party leaders support Markey (Boston Globe, 12/29/12)
Medical marijuana could boost Massachusetts economy (The Patriot Ledger, 12/29/12)
“Everyone endorses Ed Markey” (Blue Mass Group, 12/28/12)
Markey gets support from key Mass. Democrats (WBUR, 12/28/12)
Endorsements likely clear path for Rep. Markey (CBS Boston, 12/28/12)
AUDIO: Are Markey supporters pushing out other Democrats? (WBUR, 12/28/12)
Democratic establishment voices support for Markey’s bid to succeed Kerry (New York Times, 12/28/12)
Big name Dems won’t be fooled in 2013 (MassPoliticsProfs, 12/28/12)
Fiscal cliff could cost Mass. more than 50,000 jobs (Boston Globe, 12/28/12)
US Rep. Edward Markey to run in Senate special election (Political Intelligence, 12/27/12)
Salem mayor Driscoll not running for US Senate seat (Salem News, 12/27/12)
Mass. Sec. Galvin defends use of absentee ballots (AP, 12/27/12)
Reaction to Rep. Markey’s planned Senate run (WWLP, 12/27/12)
Officials statewide bracing for the fiscal cliff (Boston Globe, 12/27/12)
MBTA wants funding, but will hold off on service cuts or fare hikes for now (Boston Globe, 12/27/12)
Insiders: Dems may lean on Ted Kennedy’s widow to run (Boston Herald, 12/27/12)
EDITORIAL: Another Massachusetts Miracle? (Washington Times, 12/26/12)
After Kerry, who? (Boston Phoenix, 12/26/12)
Bay State’s US Senate seniority nears the end (Patriot Ledger, 12/26/12)
Competition grows for Mass. slots parlor location (AP, 12/26/12)
Ben Afflect won’t run for Massachusetts US Senate seat if Kerry confirmed as Sec of State (AP, 12/25/12)
Ted Kennedy, Jr not running for US Senate seat (AP, 12/24/12)
Roots of John Kerry’s secretary of state ambition lie in wake of 2004 defeat (Political Intelligence, 12/21/12)
For Scott Brown, a third round in the battle against partisan gravity (FiveThirtyEight, 12/20/12)
AUDIO: WBUR Poll: Brown would be in strong position for special election (WBUR, 12/20/12)
Mass. gun advocates say mental health screening, not restrictions needed (Brockton Enterprise,12/20/12)
These Dems have eyes on the prize (Boston Herald, 12/20/12)
Star Senator search: Insiders- Kennedy Jr best bet vs. Brown (Boston Herald, 12/20/12)
Mass. jobless rate remains at 6.6% (Boston Globe, 12/20/12)
Brown reverses stance on gun laws (Boston Globe, 12/19/12)
Gov. talks with possible Kerry replacements (WWLP, 12/19/12)
Massachusetts conservatives opposing Scott Brown’s effort to restructure state GOP (Daily Caller, 12/19/12)
Specter of Edward Kennedy Jr. Senate campaign highlights name-dropping period (Political Intelligence, 12/19/12)
State reviews investments in gun business (Boston Globe, 12/18/12)
COMMENTARY: Bad law can make good AG look bad (Lowell Sun, 12/18/12)
Mass. casino panel to vote to OK southeastern bids (AP, 12/18/12)
Dem. rep urges stronger gun-control laws for Massachusetts (Brockton Sentinel & Enterprise,12/18/12)
OPINION: Deval Patrick 2016 run equals GOP win (Boston Herald, 12/18/12)
Mass. governor says he’ll renew push for tougher gun regulation, in wake of Conn. massacre (Boston Globe, 12/17/12)
AUDIO: Mass. could be looking at another US Senate race (WBUR, 12/17/12)
Mass. governor talking to possible interim senators (AP, 12/17/12)
AUDIO: Mass. communities seek delay in medical marijuana law (WBUR, 12/17/12)
Kerry’s prospects as new secretary of state soar (AP, 12/17/12)
John Kerry Senate departure may muddle Dems hold on Massachusetts contest (Bloomberg, 12/16/12)
OPINION: Women in the mix for interim senator (Lowell Sun, 12/16/12)
Deval mum on speculation of Vicki K filling Kerry seat (Boston Herald, 12/15/12)
Democrats facing dilemma in holding Kerry Senate seat (Boston Globe, 12/15/12)
Gov. denies Cabinet shake-up is damage control (Lowell Sun, 12/14/12)
Cahill keeps low profile as he awaits Coakley’s decision (The Patriot Ledger, 12/14/12)
Quincy politicians to attorney general: Don’t retry Cahill (The Patriot Ledger, 12/13/12)
OPINION: Weld is not the GOP’s best bet (Boston Globe, 12/13/12)
Curse of the AG’s office (MassPoliticsProfs, 12/13/12)
Gov. Patrick says cabinet secretaries are moving on because they couldn’t commit for two more years (Political Intelligence, 12/13/12)
Mass. could be looking at yet another Senate race (AP, 12/13/12)
Mayor in Mass. city reverses casino stand, again (AP, 12/13/12)
MA Gov. Deval Patrick introduces 4 new cabinet members (Springfield Republican, 12/13/12)
Cahill mistrial all about perspective (CommonWealth, 12/13/12)
Cahill says mistrial ‘total vindication’ (The Patriot-Ledger, 12/13/12)
Lt. Gov. Murray, mulling run for governor, holds big fundraiser tonight (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 12/13/12)
Coakley vs. Cahill culture clash (MassPoliticsProfs, 12/13/12)
Trial likely to cast a pall on pols (Boston Herald, 12/13/12)
VIDEO: Defeat seen as big blow for Martha Coakley (Boston Herald, 12/13/12)
Winners and losers in Cahill trial (Less is More, 12/12/12)
A shift in how healthcare is paid for (LA Times, 12/12/12)
COMMENTARY: How about Bill Weld for US Senate? (Boston Globe, 12/12/12)
Four to leave Patrick’s cabinet (Boston Globe, 12/12/12)
Effect of outcome on Coakley’s future a matter of debate (Boston Globe, 12/12/12)
Cahill’s wife stands by her exonerated man (Boston Herald, 12/12/12)
Massachusetts gaming leaders urge casinos to negotiate agreements with communities near a planned resort (Springfield Republican, 12/12/12)
Cahill mistrial (Talking Politics, 12/12/12)
Deval Patrick announcing Cabinet shake-up; Sheriff Cabral to resign to head public safety (Political Intelligence, 12/12/12)
Deval reshuffles (Talking Politics, 12/12/12)
Western Mass. viewed as territory for fracking (Boston Globe, 12/12/12)
Mistrial declared in Cahill corruption case; attorney general says she’s mulling retrial (Boston Globe, 12/12/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick plans to take toll on toll takers (Boston Herald, 12/10/12)
COMMENTARY: Bay State has its own fiscal cliff (Boston Herald, 12/10/12)
Lawmakers to weight next year’s revenues (AP, 12/10/12)
Support withered for assisted-suicide ballot question (Lowell Sun, 12/9/12)
Weld predicts Deval is … sweet on ‘16 (Boston Herald, 12/9/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick says sex offender info should be public (AP, 12/8/12)
Some in state GOP bristle at Brown’s suggestion for leader (Boston Globe, 12/8/12)
Patrick says report wrong that he recommended Ortiz (Boston Globe, 12/8/12)
Elizabeth Warren, establishment critic, showing restraint as she prepares for clubby Senate (Boston Globe, 12/8/12)
State budget is taped out, but bottled water flows (MetroWest Daily News, 12/7/12)
As high-profile House career ends, Barney Frank looks forward to next phase (Boston Globe,12/6/12)
Maybe Patrick wants to make more money (CommonWealth, 12/6/12)
Bill Weld for MassGOP chair? (Less Is More, 12/6/12)
Fourth Massachusetts casino possible (WWLP, 12/6/12)
Weld gone wild (Boston Phoenix, 12/6/12)
Jury recesses with no decision in trial of former treasurer Timothy Cahill (Boston Globe, 12/6/12)
Obamacare tax will hit Massachusetts harder than other states, report says (Patriot Ledger,12/6/12)
Winslow vs. Patrick – area rep battles governor over immigrants’ tuition (Sun Chronicle, 12/6/12)
$240M state transportation shortfall means tough decisions (Brockton Sentinel & Enterprise,12/6/12)
GOP, administration spar over Mass. aid cut (AP, 12/6/12)
Scott Brown faces tough tax hike choices in fiscal cliff issue (Boston Globe, 12/5/12)
Weary local officials brace for state aid cuts (Boston Globe, 12/5/12)
Mass. business confidence drops as employers fret about the ‘fiscal cliff’ (Boston Globe, 12/4/12)
Summary of Mass. budget actions (AP, 12/4/12)
AUDIO: Warren already at the center of a DC battle (WBUR, 12/4/12)
Scott Brown: Alive and kicking (MassPoliticsProfs, 12/4/12)
Deval Patrick stays with the PAC (Boston Herald, 12/4/12)
Bellingham officials support statewide voter ID law (Milford Daily News, 12/4/12)
EDITORIAL: Mass. Democrats shouldn’t change laws on US Senate openings (Boston Globe,12/4/12)
COMMENTARY: Maybe the dog ate Patrick’s answers (Lowell Sun, 12/4/12)
Casino competition heats up in Mass. city (AP, 12/4/12)
Mass. to study state’s underground economy (Boston Globe, 12/4/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick warns of revenue decline, plans cuts; decries ‘fiscal cliff’ uncertainty (Boston Globe, 12/4/12)
Ex-Mass. treasurer trial winds down (AP, 12/4/12)
OPINION: ‘Deval’-ued wind power (National Review, 12/3/12)
Who’s afraid of Scott Brown? (Blue Mass Group, 12/3/12)
Still no answers in drug lab probe (Gloucester Times, 12/3/12)
Deval Patrick to visit wind energy farm (AP, 12/3/12)
States, Obama administration could draw from Romneycare experience in promoting Obamacare(Boston Globe, 12/1/12)
Scott Brown will win in 2013! Really? (MassPoliticsProfs, 12/1/12)
With medical marijuana legal, communities seek limits on dispensaries (Boston Globe, 12/1/12)
Deval Patrick – Governor, and mildly obsessed with Churchill (Boston Globe, 12/1/12)


Cahill testifies he wanted to ‘do the right thing’ for the Lottery in controversial ads (Patriot Ledger,11/30/12)
Martha Coakley not running for anything, just now (Boston Herald, 11/30/12)
Both sides rest in Cahill trial, jury to get case by Tuesday (The Patriot Ledger, 11/30/12)
Deval Patrick pressed to fire HHS chief JudyAnn Bigby (Boston Herald, 11/30/12)
Ex-Mass. treasurer to testify in lottery case (WCVB, 11/29/12)
Former state treasurer Tim Cahill takes the stand in his own defense during corruption trial(Political Intelligence, 11/29/12)
Martha Coakley for Massachusetts governor, Senate? Attorney general leaves door open (Springfield Republican, 11/29/12)
Patrick: Records policy followed in Burgess case (AP, 11/29/12)
Patrick says he’s told Obama team he wants to remain governor (WBUR, 11/29/12)
Local lawmakers deny role in Probation Department probe (Lowell Sun, 11/29/12)
Beacon Hill Blues (Massachusetts Liberal, 11/29/12)
State officials put gaming on fast track (Boston Herald, 11/29/12)
Lawmakers worry about probation case fallout (Boston Globe, 11/29/12)
Public safety chief: Drug lab scandal leads to 10,000-case backlog (Boston Herald 11/28/12)
Lt. Gov. gearing up for 2014? (MetroWest Daily News, 11/28/12)
Deval OKs intensive look at Dookhan files (Boston Herald, 11/28/12)
Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick: ‘I’d sign’ law to eliminate special election if Sen. John Kerry resigns(Springfield Republican, 11/28/12)
Patrick dreams on in-state tuition (CommonWealth, 11/28/12)
Gov. Patrick speaks on a number of key issues (Lowell Sun, 11/28/12)
EDITORIAL: Governor’s got work to do (Brockton Sentenel and Enterprise, 11/28/12)
COMMENTARY: Our governor’s turmoil (Boston Globe, 11/28/12)
Springfield Ward 1 residents show support for citywide vote on casinos, but with some concerns(Springfield Republican, 11/28/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick: I’ll help President Obama as Massachusetts governor (AP, 11/28/12)
Patrick: No paperwork on ex-highway safety director’s hiring (AP, 11/28/12)
COMMENTARY: Finneran will sing like a canary on probation scandal (Boston Herald, 11/28/12)
Roads and transit are top issues; Legislature targets revenue demands (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 11/28/12)
Road may get rocky for Patrick (Boston Globe, 11/27/12)
AUDIO: With Mass. revenues down, a look at the state’s fiscal challenges (WBUR, 11/27/12)
Steve Grossman says he opposes any changes in state’s Senate succession law (Political Intelligence, 11/27/12)
State revenues weak, budget officials consider revised estimates and spending cuts (Boston Globe,11/25/12)
Mass. immigrant tuition plan could be a model (Boston Globe, 11/21/12)
State treasurer pushes for fed law to collect Internet sales tax (Lowell Sun, 11/21/12)
OPINION: Time might be right for ‘Sen. Vicki Kennedy’ (Lowell Sun, 11/20/12)
Mass. college students have mixed feelings on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (Springfield Republican, 11/20/12)
State prods Amazon to collect sales taxes (Boston Globe, 11/20/12)
COMMENTARY: Down times for Deval Patrick (Dedham Transcript, 11/20/12)
Your next senator will be… (MassPoliticsProfs, 11/20/12)
Rep. Capuano says he would weigh Mass. Senate run (AP, 11/20/12)
VIDEO: Mishaps dog gubernatorial hopeful Tim Murray (Boston Herald, 11/20/12)
Patrick orders in-state tuition for immigrants (AP, 11/20/12)
Mayors urge Gov. Deval Patrick to get Amazon to charge state sales tax in time for holiday retail season (Boston Globe, 11/19/12)
Mass. offers tuition break for immigrants (WBUR, 11/19/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick pledges support for Israel during rally in Chestnut Hill (Boston Globe, 11/19/12)
AUDIO: How could the fiscal cliff affect Mass.? (WBUR, 11/19/12)
Barney Frank says he has no interest in any special election campaign against Scott Brown (Political Intelligence, 11/19/12)
VIDEO: Patrick: Hiring of Highway Safety Director a ’serious screw up’ (CBS Boston, 11/19/12)
State mulls impact of ‘cliff’ cuts (Newburyport Daily News, 11/19/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick pledges support for Israel during rally in Chestnut Hill (Boston Globe, 11/19/12)
In high stakes Springfield contest, casino giants turn up the heat on each other (Springfield Republican, 11/19/12)
Gaming Commission OKs strategic plan (SouthCoast Today, 11/19/12)
Tribe, state face challenge in casino talks (Boston Globe, 11/19/12)
Democratic chairman John Walsh assesses election results (The Patriot-Ledger, 11/18/12)
Scott Brown’s 15 minutes?(MassPoliticsProfs, 11/18/12)
State House roundup: Deval Patrick dominoes (WBUR, 11/16/12)
Health cost panel: Complex challenges for a ref who can only blow whistle (WBUR, 11/16/12)
Gov. Markey? Can’t rule it out (Lowell Sun, 11/16/12)
AUDIO: Mass. Democratic Party Chair: We’re ready for next race (WBUR, 11/16/12)
Patrick poised to call for transportation tax hike (Boston Globe, 11/16/12)
Unions, other groups spend big in Mass. elections (AP, 11/15/12)
Tim Murray: ‘I would like to be governor’ (Boston Herald, 11/15/12)
Gov. Patrick heading back to DC for meetings (AP, 11/15/12)
Lt. Gov. Murray could get boost from new political order (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 11/15/12)
Many potential candidates if Mass. gets new Senate race (Boston Globe, 11/14/12)
Deval Patrick questions credentials of state Board of Pharmacy (Boston Herald, 11/14/12)
Mass. official: Lots of blame in meningitis crisis (AP, 11/14/12)
Patrick on AG job: ‘Not what I’m looking for’ (Boston Herald, 11/14/12)
Mass. Gaming Commission says first casino may open in 3 or 4 years (Springfield Republican,11/14/12)
Ex-Lottery director says Cahill campaign emailed him about ads (The Patriot-Ledger, 11/14/12)
Deval Patrick insists he’ll be staying (Boston Herald, 11/14/12)
If Kerry bolts, do Dems have a replacement? (CommonWealth, 11/13/12)
Warren realizes largest gains in working-class cities (Mass. Numbers, 11/13/12)
Obama may tap former South Sider Deval Patrick for AG post (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/13/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick says he wishes he could appoint replacement till next election if John Kerry leaves Senate post (Springfield Republican, 11/13/12)
Chatter about John Kerry appointment highlights political focus on Deval Patrick (Political Intelligence, 11/13/12)
Sen. Scott Brown says another run for political office is premature — until there’s a vacancy(Political Intelligence, 11/13/12)
Reports of John Kerry as possible secretary of defense greeted with skepticism (Political Intelligence, 11/13/12)
Chairs of Mass. Democratic and Republican parties seek to retain posts (Springfield Republican,11/13/12)
Another Massachusetts special election? (Washington Post, 11/13/12)
Massachusetts defense industry watching Elizabeth Warren (Boston Globe, 11/12/12)
National healthcare overhaul secure for now, Mass. health care leaders still seek clarity on many issues (Boston Globe, 11/9/12)
AUDIO: What’s next for Scott Brown? (WBUR, 11/9/12)
Eric Holder hints at exit, Deval Patrick eyed as new AG (Boston Herald, 11/9/12)
Sen.-elect Warren, Gov. Patrick meet at Statehouse (AP, 11/8/12)
The openly partisan case returning the power to fill Senate vacancies to the Governor(MassPoliticsProfs, 11/8/12)
COMMENTARY: Voters disgraced themselves, state (Boston Herald, 11/7/12)
Warren’s challenge: How quickly to roll up sleeves (Boston Globe, 11/7/12)
Menino machine helps pull out Warren’s vote (Boston Globe, 11/7/12)
Fresh off win, Warren outlines goals in US Senate (AP, 11/7/12)
Tierney defeats Tisei in tight battle for Sixth Congressional District seat (Boston Globe, 11/7/12)
COMMENTARY: Bay State’s voters got faked out way too easily (Boston Herald, 11/7/12)
Hard Mass. Senate race ends in victory for liberalism (Boston Globe, 11/6/12)
Romney’s Election Night party at Boston convention center is a major production (Boston Globe,11/5/12)
Gov. Patrick taps Inspector General Glenn Cunha to investigate closed drug lab (Boston Globe,11/5/12)
Epic Mass. Senate battle races toward Election Day (AP, 11/3/12)
New poll shows Warren leading Brown (Political Intelligence, 11/3/12)
Video: Ballot question is a matter of life-or-death (Boston Globe, 11/2/12)


Voters to decide whether doctors can prescribe drugs to end terminally ill patients’ lives (Boston Globe, 10/14/12)
As Massachusetts governor, Romney was often away (New York Times, 10/13/12)
Best value in US health insurance is in Massachusetts (Boston Globe, 10/10/12)
Romney claims of bipartisanship as governor face challenge (New York Times, 10/6/12)
Governor’s Council faces turnover in Patrick’s final years in office (The Herald News, 10/3/12)
Search begins for new Mass. probation chief (AP, 10/3/12)
The Massachusetts Senate race’s 2016 implications (Washington Post, 10/2/12)
State pension fund braces for fiscal cliff (CommonWealth, 10/2/12)
Cahill’s motion to dismiss denied (Patriot-Ledger, 10/2/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick gives UMass the best 150th anniversary gift: $607 million (BostInno, 10/2/12)
News analysis: Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren have illuminating stumbles in second Senate debate(Political Intelligence, 10/2/12)
Outside Mass, Scott Brown paints win as key for GOP (Boston Globe, 10/1/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick stumps for Warren, Obama in Brockton (Brockton Enterprise & Sentinel, 10/1/12)
All eyes on Bay State as rivals set to spar (Boston Herald, 10/1/12)
Obama campaign deploying Mass. Democrats to stump in swing states (Political Intelligence, 10/1/12)
Brown versus Warren: Part Deux (WGBH, 10/1/12)
Ex-Chelsea housing chief allegedly diverted federal funds, drawing investigation (Boston Globe,10/1/12)
Warren and Brown pressed on key issues at 2nd debate (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 10/1/12)


Talk radio has gone batshit crazy over Elizabeth Warren (BlueMassGroup, 9/30/12)
Big ‘RomneyCare’ secret: It didn’t rein in costs (Politico, 9/30/12)
Elizabeth Warren leads Scott Brown in Boston Globe poll (, 9/30/12)
Video: Gov. Deval Patrick speaks out about Dookhan’s arrest (WHDH, 9/29/12)
Opinion: State economy depends on more support for public colleges (Boston Globe, 9/29/12)
Opinion: A method for dying with dignity (Boston Globe, 9/29/12)
Special courts to hear cases in drug lab scandal (Boston Globe, 9/28/12)
Mass. Dems, GOP file competing FEC complaints (AP, 9/28/12)
Gov.  Deval Patrick weighs in on Mass. ballot questions (Boston Herald, 9/28/12)
Mass. loses its edge over US in economic growth (Boston Globe, 9/28/12)
Former drug lab chemist arrested, actions detailed (Boston Globe, 9/28/12)
New Republican state reps fight to retain jobs (Boston Globe, 9/27/12)
Despite People’s Pledge, outside groups launch attacks in Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race(Springfield Republican, 9/27/12)
Patrick defends appeal of sex-change surgery decision (Boston Globe, 9/27/12)
Gov. Patrick says he expects charges to be brought in state drug lab scandal (Boston Globe, 9/27/12)
Former Cahill adviser, Taunton city councilor charged in pay-to-play scheme (Patriot Ledger,9/27/12)
State website to focus on health-care cost containment (Boston Herald, 9/27/12)
Brown, Warren share centrist view on many foreign policy matters (Boston Globe, 9/27/12)
Mitt Romney cites Mass. health care law as sign of his empathy (Political Intelligence, 9/26/12)
Massachusetts gaming chair Stephen Crosby defends participation in Las Vegas panel, trip to Asia(Springfield Republican, 9/26/12)
Newton bucking trend by sending women to Beacon Hill (Newton Tab, 9/26/12)
Deval Patrick to co-sponsor Obama fund-raiser in ‘Baracklyn’ (Political Intelligence, 9/26/12)
Opinion: Scott Brown’s Senate control problem (Boston Globe, 9/26/12)
Deval Patrick helped sell Citi on Ameriquest, and Geithner helped shield Citi from accountability(Red Mass Group, 9/26/12)
Republican aides shown doing war chants (Boston Globe, 9/26/12)
Opinion: The Brown-Warren debate up close (Boston Globe, 9/26/12)
Drug lab chemist accused of lying (Boston Globe, 9/26/12)
Video: Dems: GOP staffers mocked Warren with chants, chops (Political Intelligence, 9/25/12)
Lessons from crime lab scandal (Boston Globe, 9/25/12)
Mass.voters to weigh in on ‘Death With Dignity’ Act (WBUR, 9/24/12)
Sen. hopeful Elizabeth Warren weighs in on ballot questions (AP, 9/24/12)
Impact of state drug lab scandal detailed (Boston Globe, 9/24/12)
Sen. John Kerry starts campaigning for Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren (Political Intelligence, 9/24/12)
Would Romney presidency affect tribe’s casino plan? (Cape Cod Times, 9/23/12)
At least 11 Suffolk County drug defendants set free in burgeoning state lab scandal (Boston Globe,9/23/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick accuses Mitt Romney of ‘turning his back on half the country’ (Political Intelligence, 9/23/12)
Election spending on local TV surges (Boston Globe, 9/23/12)
Editorial: First senate debate gives Elizabeth Warren an edge (Springfield Republican, 9/22/12)
Health care law helps Mass. seniors save $76M (AP, 9/22/12)
Brown sharpens attacks as Warren woos voters (Boston Globe, 9/22/12)
Citizens Against Casino Gaming seek records on Springfield consultant contract and costs (Springfield Republican, 9/21/12)
Brown, Warren hit hard on taxes and allegiances (Boston Globe, 9/21/12)
Christy Mihos pleads not guilty to assaulting his wife (Boston Herald, 9/21/12)
Tim Cahill’s lawyers fight to toss case over Lottery ads (Boston Herald, 9/21/12)
Gov. Patrick may have made MBTA chief pick (Boston Globe, 9/21/12)
Pundits weigh in: Brown was petty, personal, and off his game tonight; Warren was solid (Blue Mass Group, 9/21/12)
Jobless rate up in Mass. for 2d month (Boston Globe, 9/21/12)
Menino finally ready to endorse Liz Warren today (Boston Herald, 9/21/12)
Senate debate was a draw – Brown and Warren were both good, but not great (WBUR, 9/21/12)
Opinion: Warren hits her stride, while Brown stumbles (Boston Globe, 9/21/12)
Opinion: Brown had a shaky start but finished strong (Boston Globe, 9/21/12)
Opinion: A night of smirks and verbal jabs (Boston Globe, 9/21/12)
Political Media: Reader beware (MassPoliticsProfs, 9/20/12)
Hispanic businesses recognized by Gov. Patrick (WWLP, 9/20/12)
Sources: Menino to endorse Warren in Roslindale on Friday (Dorchester Reporter, 9/20/12)
Massachusetts to join national tourism drive, Gov. Patrick announces (Springfield Republican,9/20/12)
Patrick ’shocked’ at union shakedown allegations (Boston Herald, 9/20/12)
Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren use face-to-face debate to amplify themes from Senate trail (Political Intelligence, 9/20/12)
Patrick picks investigator in drug-evidence scandal (Boston Globe, 9/20/12)
In crucial first debate, Scott Brown challenges Warren’s Native American heritage claim (Boston Globe, 9/20/12)
Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown spar over taxes, character in their first Senate race debate(Washington Post, 9/20/12)
The first Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren debate: four takeaways (Washington Post, 9/20/12)
Commentary: Why do Mass. politicians wither on national stage? (Boston Globe, 9/20/12)
Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren face unique challenges in first debate (Boston Globe, 9/20/12)
Scott Brown distancing himself from Romney (AP, 9/19/12)
Sen Scott Brown unconcerned about polls showing him trailing Warren (Political Intelligence, 9/19/12)
Mayors urge Gov. Deval Patrick to get Amazon to charge state sales tax in time for holiday retail season (Boston Globe, 9/19/12)
Gov: Probe of Mass. Natl Guard chief inconclusive (AP, 9/19/12)
Embattled National Guard general resigns (Boston Herald, 9/19/12)
Mass. Ethics Commission finds no conflict of interest in Springfield’s casino consultant (Springfield Republican, 9/19/12)
Brown refusing to support Romney? (Blue Mass Group, 9/19/12)
Sen. Brown, Warren gear up for first Mass. debate (AP, 9/19/12)
Drug lab crisis may follow Governor Patrick (Boston Globe, 9/19/12)
Ethics overhaul flies under the radar of Mass. officials (Boston Herald, 9/19/12)
Mass. doctors oppose medical-marijuana, assisted-suicide ballot efforts (Lowell Sun, 9/19/12)
Poll: Massachusetts voters favor medical marijuana, assisted suicide (Sentinel and Enterprise,9/19/12)
Pols warned to tread lightly in drug lab probe (Boston Herald, 9/19/12)
Patrick headed to DC for South Coast rail meetings (South Coast Today, 9/18/12)
Video: Keller @ Large: Voters warming up to Warren before debate (CBS Boston, 9/18/12)
Mass. lawmakers to probe lab’s mishandled evidence (AP, 9/18/12)
Scott Brown vs. the GOP (Boston Phoenix, 9/18/12)
Video: Sen. Brown vs. Warren: The next phase (WWLP, 9/18/12)
Deval Patrick hails MCAS results (Boston Herald, 9/18/12)
Scott Brown distances himself from Romney video (Boston Herald, 9/18/12)
Former Boston bigs: Menino’s Elizabeth Warren endorsement coming soon (Boston Herald, 9/18/12)
Police chiefs, justice system brace for fallout from drug lab scandal (Boston Globe, 9/17/12)
Lt. Gov Murray releases report on statewide rail transportation (Taunton Daily Gazette, 9/17/12)
Patrick expects to set up ‘war room’ for drug lab scandal today (Patriot-Ledger, 9/17/12)
Governor Patrick hoofs it for car-free week (MetroWest Daily News, 9/17/12)
Massachusetts GOP ties Warren to Occupy movement (Wall Street Journal, 9/17/12)
Mass. Health Commissioner John Auerbach resigns amid drug lab scandal (AP, 9/17/12)
Debates loom large in Brown-Warren race (Boston Globe, 9/17/12)
Aftershocks intensify in Mass. drug lab scandal (Boston Globe, 9/17/12)
Warren leads Brown in 2 new polls (Boston Globe, 9/17/12)
Brown pitches Bay State party balance to fend off Warren (Bloomberg, 9/17/12)
Campaigns react cautiously to polls showing Liz in lead (Boston Herald, 9/17/12)
Debate over legal marijuana ongoing (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 9/16/12)
Warren campaign enlists help of Patrick and Capuano (Boston Globe, 9/16/12)
Video: Patrick stumps for Warren (Blue Mass Group, 9/16/12)
Dems charge up Liz (Boston Herald, 9/16/12)
Senate fight comes unleashed (Boston Herald, 9/16/12)
State lab breach could alter some federal sentences (Boston Herald, 9/15/12)
Mass. celebrates immigrants in ‘Welcoming Week’ (Boston Herald, 9/15/12)
Brown, Warren fight via negative TV ads (Boston Globe, 9/14/12)
Scott Brown ad highlights his abortion stance, drawing criticism from Emily’s List (Boston Globe,9/14/12)
State GOP delays vote on platform (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 9/14/12)
Chemist at closed state lab allegedly tampered with evidence bags, defense attorneys group says(Boston Globe, 9/14/12)
Northeast fishery declared economic ‘disaster’ (Gloucester Times, 9/14/12)
Sen. Brown weighs in on post, suicide questions (AP, 9/14/12)
Video: Bosses who lost jobs at drug lab missed ‘red flags’ (Boston Herald, 9/14/12)
Video: Elizabeth Warren: Mitt Romney ‘really out of line’ (Boston Herald, 9/14/12)
Lawyers expect appeals in Mass. crime lab case (AP, 9/13/12)
Supporters say medicinal pot pros outweigh cons (Boston Herald, 9/13/12)
Mass. GOP weighs embracing anti-gay, anti-abortion national party platform (Huffington Post, 9/13/12)
Two officials out at troubled state lab amid unfolding drug sample scandal (Boston Globe, 9/13/12)
News Flash: Politics IS a team sport! (MassPoliticsProfs, 9/13/12)
Despite Patrick’s concerns, Registry will ‘be ready’ for proof of legal residence law in January(Dedham Transcript, 9/13/12)
Insurance regulators approve acquisition of Neighborhood Health by Partners HealthCare (Boston Globe, 9/13/12)
Warren releases negative ad on Brown (Political Intelligence, 9/13/12)
Elizabeth Warren’s uphill battle (WBUR, 9/13/12)
Deval Patrick: Firings on table in crime lab scandal (Boston Herald, 9/13/12)
Mayor Lantigua refuses calls to step down (Boston Herald, 9/13/12)
Charges spur calls for Lantigua resignation (Eagle-Tribune, 9/13/12)
Dems on Warren: ‘The sky is falling!’ (The Sequel) (MassPoliticsProfs, 9/12/12)
A glimpse at the Patrick we’re missing (Boston Globe, 9/12/12)
Patrick, other governors, seek fishing aid (Gloucester Times, 9/12/12)
Planned Parenthood disappointed in Brown’s silence on Republican Party platform (Blue Mass Group, 9/12/12)
Medical marijuana: Reefer madness coming to Mass? Or mellower dads? (CommonHealth, 9/12/12)
Who’s really fighting for Massachusetts? (Blue Mass Group, 9/12/12)
Audio: Tierney leads Tisei, but electorate still ’soft’ (WBUR, 9/12/12)
Mass. to launch voter registration drive (AP, 9/12/12)
DeLeo tells manufacturers help is on the way (WBJournal, 9/12/12)
State GOP gets platform, but anti-abortion language could reveal divisions (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 9/12/12)
Medical marijuana opponents form coalition to fight Mass. ballot question (Springfield Republican,9/12/12)
Deval Patrick: Team effort needed to complete drug lab list (Boston Herald, 9/12/12)
Video: Mihos denies allegations of domestic abuse, hiring escorts for sex (WCVB, 9/12/12)
Gov. Patrick, district attorneys discuss state drug lab crisis (Boston Globe, 9/12/12)
Warren may retool TV ads (Boston Globe, 9/12/12)
Poll: Brown’s lead shrinks in Mass. Senate race (The Hill, 9/11/12)
Gov. Patrick promises action on drug lab (Boston Globe, 9/11/12)
Romney a wimp? Not so much, say gays who engaged with him as governor (Boston Spirit, 9/11/12)
MA Gov. Patrick names new transportation board (AP, 9/11/12)
Deval Patrick urges collaboration on impact of lab samples (Boston Herald, 9/11/12)
Massachusetts religious communities divided over doctor-assisted suicide measure (Boston Globe,9/11/12)
Gaming panel meets on Springfield casino process (AP, 9/11/12)
Warren, Brown looking forward to Oct. debate (Boston Herald, 9/11/12)
What’s wrong with the Warren campaign (WBUR, 9/11/12)
State GOP to take up national platform (Boston Globe, 9/11/12)
Springfield City Councilors delay action on casino referendum (Springfield Republican, 9/10/12)
Audio: Governor defends health care law despite ongoing medical debt (WGBH, 9/10/12)
Patrick: ‘Breakdown in oversight’ at crime lab (AP, 9/10/12)
MA Gaming Commission meeting in Springfield sparsely attended (Springfield Republican, 9/10/12)
Commentary: Democrats show some fight, finally (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 9/10/12)
Cahill seeks to dismiss charges in corruption case (AP, 9/10/12)
Medical debt in Massachusetts persists (Boston Globe, 9/10/12)
Races could alter legislative landscape (MetroWest Daily News, 9/10/12)
Does Elizabeth Warren actually want to win or just teach us her views? (Blue Mass Group, 9/9/12)
Questions raised about future of Mass. hospitals (Boston Globe, 9/7/12)
Primary results for legislative races pour in (Boston Globe, 9/7/12)
Primary upset: DiZoglio unseats Torrisi (Eagle-Tribune, 9/7/12)
Brown campaign: Ticket-splitting as cure for gridlock! (MassPoliticsProfs, 9/7/12)
Was Deval Patrick right about Romney? (The Root, 9/7/12)
Scott Brown, Liz Warren battle back in Bay State (Boston Herald, 9/7/12)
Opinion: Elizabeth Warren vs. Mario Cuomo on whom we must help (LA Times, 9/6/12)
A list of winners in Mass. primary races (NECN, 9/6/12)
Kerry dismisses Romney as ‘out of touch’ in DNC speech (CBS Boston, 9/6/12)
Warren sticks to her populist theme (Boston Globe, 9/6/12)
Commentary: Why didn’t Elizabeth Warren mention Scott Brown? (CBS Boston, 9/6/12)
Warren falls flat in her DNC speech (Less is More, 9/6/12)
Elizabeth Warren pushes consumer agenda at Democratic convention (Boston Globe, 9/6/12)
Patrick urges quick approval of Mashpee casino land application (Taunton Daily Gazette, 9/6/12)
‘Death with Dignity’ initiative debated (WWLP, 9/6/12)
Low turnout expected for today’s primary (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 9/6/12)
Opinion: In DNC speech, Kerry continues war of words with Romney (Political Intelligence, 9/6/12)
In spotlight, Patrick takes aim at Romney’s Mass. tenure (Boston Globe, 9/5/12)
Elizabeth Warren’s all-or-nothing moment (Washington Post, 9/5/12)
Commentary: Patrick’s jaw-dropping bad line (CBS Boston, 9/5/12)
Election spurs Cape voter registration (Cape Cod Times, 9/5/12)
Tom Menino criticizes Mitt Romney at DNC, makes no Senate endorsement (Political Intelligence, 9/5/12)
Massachusetts Democrats given starring role to rebut Romney (Reuters, 9/5/12)
Lobbyists sue Galvin over reporting rules (Boston Herald, 9/5/12)
Patrick to discuss health care at DNC forum (WPRI, 9/5/12)
Deval Patrick tells convention Mitt Romney failed Mass. (Boston Globe, 9/5/12)
Warren to try for impact near and far (Boston Globe, 9/5/12)
Commentary: Deval Patrick, so much passion, so little promise (Boston Herald, 9/5/12)
Delay in selecting Springfield casino operator sought by Mass Gaming Commission (Springfield Republican, 9/4/12)
Mayor Menino: Still deciding whether to endorse Warren or Brown (WBUR, 9/4/12)
Video: Governor Patrick’s DNC Speech: Wow (Blue Mass Group, 9/4/12)
Patrick: Democrats must grow backbone (AP, 9/4/12)
Commentary: Partisanship driving some people mad (CBS Boston, 9/4/12)
Deval Patrick sticks up for president – and own governing philosophy – in convention address(Political Intelligence, 9/4/12)
Audio: Patrick: Dems need to focus on what we’re for, not who we’re against (WBUR, 9/4/12)
Indian delegates seek sit-down with Elizabeth Warren (Boston Herald, 9/4/12)
Elizabeth Warren DNC speech: Charlotte star, Massachusetts underdog (Politico, 9/3/12)
In convention speech, Patrick also auditioning for 2016 (Boston Globe, 9/3/12)
Audio: Mass. delegates take prominent place at Democratic convention (WGBH, 9/3/12)
Dem chair apologizes for calling Scott Brown a ‘girl’ (Boston Herald, 9/3/12)
Patrick snarls at Romney: ‘He’s an opportunist’ (Boston Herald, 9/3/12)
Thursday vote to set rivals for Congress (Boston Globe, 9/3/12)
GOP pundits: Bay State liberals’ barbs really a ‘badge of honor’ (Boston Herald, 9/3/12)
Deval Patrick’s Obama friendship, Romney perspective, create convention demand (Political Intelligence, 9/3/12)
Suffolk Downs casino plan needs cities’ support (Boston Globe, 9/3/12)
AG Coakley probes donations to Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray (Boston Globe, 9/1/12)


Audio: Mass. delegates like personal notes in Romney’s address (WBUR, 8/31/12)
State rejects workers’ comp insurance rate hike (Boston Business Journal, 8/31/12)
Candidate Kennedy backs Cape Wind (Cape Cod Times, 8/31/12)
Governor’s Council confirms Fabbri as associate justice (Lowell Sun, 8/31/12)
A perfectly adequate job by Romney (Wicked Local, 8/31/12)
Former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey in RNC speech: Mitt Romney is a ‘good and honorable man’(Springfield Republican, 8/31/12)
Competitive races scarce in rare Thursday primary (Dorchester Reporter, 8/30/12)
I-Team: Casino consultant controversy (WWLP, 8/30/12)
Small turnouts expected for next week’s primary election (The Patriot-Ledger, 8/30/12)
Mass. tax breaks debate to happen in 2013 (OnPolitix, 8/30/12)
Scott Brown to Elizabeth Warren: I’m no ultra right-winger (Boston Herald, 8/30/12)
Emergency room costs way up in MA, but lawmakers think it will go down (WWLP, 8/30/12)
On a national stage, Romney prefers Mass. amnesia (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 8/30/12)
Audio: Weld, a big personality, steps out for Romney (WBUR, 8/29/12)
Top Mass. Senate health adviser moves to Patrick’s office (WBUR, 8/29/12)
The importance of the Governor’s Council (WWLP, 8/29/12)
Audio: Mitt Romney – From social moderate to all-around conservative (WBUR, 8/29/12)
Delegates from Mass. like odds of Brown winning (The Patriot-Ledger, 8/29/12)
All 5 transportation board members out before state remake (Boston Globe, 8/29/12)
Talk of Brown at RNC is gung-ho (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 8/29/12)
Senate president faces hometown challenger in Democratic primary (The Patriot Ledger, 8/29/12)
Massachusetts delegation elated over Mitt Romney’s nomination becoming official (Springfield Republican, 8/28/12)
Majority of Mass. voters still opt out of party affiliation (Boston Globe, 8/28/12)
Audio: Mayors hold unexpected power in casino process (WGBH, 8/28/12)
Mass. Dem chairman to GOP: Let’s debate issues (AP, 8/28/12)
MA Gaming Commission chairman says Springfield has right to select just 1 casino proposal(Springfield Republican, 8/28/12)
William Weld firmly in Mitt Romney’s camp, even as NY convention delegate (Political Intelligence, 8/28/12)
State acts on Boston schools labor impasse (Boston Globe, 8/28/12)
Breaking a long pattern, Mass. delegation to GOP convention will be focus of attention (Boston Globe,8/27/12)
Kerry Healey reassumes her role as Mitt Romney’s defender, pit bull (Political Intelligence, 8/27/12)
Warren raising more money than Sen. Brown (AP, 8/27/12)
Springfield casino plans inspire hope and doubt (Springfield Republican, 8/27/12)
Mass GOP can cool it with the fauxtrage (Blue Mass Group, 8/27/12)
Mass. unlikely to put Mitt Romney over the top in Tuesday convention vote (Political Intelligence, 8/27/12)
Bay Staters rally support for Romney (Boston Herald, 8/27/12)
Editorial: Romney-Ryan Medicaid plan would burden Massachusetts (Boston Globe, 8/27/12)
Mass. GOP delegates partying up a storm (Boston Herald, 8/27/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick to be part of forum on Democratic Party (AP, 8/27/12)
Mass. convention delegation largely sealed off from state media due to hotel policy (Political Intelligence, 8/26/12)
Travel fundraising for MA Gov. Patrick tops $1M (AP, 8/26/12)
SEIU funding massive community organizing GOTV push in Mass (Red Mass Group, 8/25/12)
Brown stresses pro-choice stances as abortion foes offer backing (Boston Globe, 8/24/12)
Dukakis to Democrats: Tell story of Romney’s time in Mass. (The Patriot Ledger, 8/24/12)
Local Dems attack Brown on ties to GOP (MetroWest Daily News, 8/23/12)
Editorial: Deval Patrick’s train to nowhere (Boston Herald, 8/23/12)
Christy Mihos takes swipe at Big Dig in upcoming book (Cape Cod Times, 8/23/12)
Gov. Patrick goes to ballet and snubs JetBlue CEO (GoLocalWorcester, 8/23/12)
Scott Brown won’t take abortion fight to GOP convention (Political Intelligence, 8/22/12)
Next week’s Republican convention offers mitt Romney a chance to get the voting public to like him — but he might as well not bother (Boston Phoenix, 8/22/12)
Suit: State neglecting foster kids (Boston Herald, 8/22/12)
MGM announces $800M Springfield casino plan (Hartford Courant, 8/22/12)
Mass high tech industry hiring up in first half of 2012 (Boston Globe, 8/22/12)
Vast casino plan for Springfield (Boston Globe, 8/22/12)
Mass. loses millions in public assistance fraud (AP, 8/22/12)
Commentary: Gov gets (food) stamp of approval from prez (Boston Herald, 8/22/12)
DiMasi appeal says he’s being punished for others’ crimes (Boston Herald, 8/22/12)
New Mass. health care ‘reform’ gets national attention (and not the good kind) (Red Mass Group, 8/21/12)
Ex-Mass. speaker appeals conviction, sentence (MyFoxBoston, 8/21/12)
Deval Patrick to campaign for Dems in Wisconsin (AP, 8/21/12)
Scott Brown criticizes hie own party over anti-abortion plank (Political Intelligence, 8/21/12)
Teacher rating systems lagging (Boston Globe, 8/21/12)
Scott Brown jumps to 5 point lead in new poll (Boston Herald, 8/21/12)
State debating new casino booze rules (Boston Herald, 8/21/12)
A Massachusetts minimum-wage increase would help working families and generate jobs (Economic Policy Institute, 8/21/12)
Study: Mass. minimum wage legislation would give 580,000 workers a raise (Think Progress, 8/21/12)
Mass. governor to speak at DNC (AP, 8/20/12)
Tea party HQ in Worcester becomes party central, gets busted (Blue Mass Group, 8/20/12)
Warren, Brown’s pledge on third-party ads holds (Boston Globe, 8/20/12)
Immigrant rights group calls Milford vote ‘grandstanding’ (Boston Herald, 8/20/12)
Gov. Patrick signs prescription drug bill (AP, 8/20/12)
Commentary: Gov. Deval Patrick’s new health law is flat-out dangerous (Forbes, 8/20/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick to speak at Democratic convention (Boston Herald, 8/20/12)
Poll: NH likes Elizabeth Warren over Deval Patrick for prez in 2016 (Boston Herald, 8/19/12)
Police break up illegal, boozy political bash (Worcester Telegram, 8/19/12)
Scott’s honor: Rivals spar over morals (Boston Herald, 8/18/12)
Gambling panel aims to trot out new horse racing rules (Boston Herald, 8/17/12)
Cab drivers irate as ban against livery app reversed by state (Boston Globe, 8/17/12)
Menino demands state fact-finding on Boston teacher talks (Boston Herald, 8/17/12)
State reverses ban on Uber care service ordering app (Boston Globe, 8/17/12)
Video: Deval Patrick’s not so sweet about whoopie-for-welfare query (Boston Herald, 8/17/12)
Pundits: Open John Kerry seat would spark frenzy (Boston Herald, 8/17/12)
Democrats hit road against Romney (MetroWest Daily News, 8/16/12)
State reverses call on Uber car service flap (Boston Herald, 8/16/12)
Ethanol trains stopped by governor and legislature (Chelsea Record, 8/16/12)
FAA rules Cape Wind not a threat (Cape Cod Times, 8/16/12)
Poll: Sept 6 primary date confuses some Mass. voters (The Patriot Ledger, 8/16/12)
Sleepy primary season (Talking Politics, 8/16/12)
Sec State Galvin calls voter fraud allegations ‘pretty extreme’ (WGBH, 8/16/12)
State votes to abolish its most cost-effective health plan (Blue Mass Group, 8/15/12)
Guv council race heats up  – to a degree (Mass Politics Blog, 8/15/12)
Health law skips over Carney for funding; Legislation aids some hospitals, penalizes others (Boston Globe, 8/15/12)
Governor signals support for Uber car service (Boston Herald, 8/15/12)
Patrick cites urgency in new appeal for federal dollars for Mass. fishermen (Boston Globe, 8/15/12)
The reviews are in: Republican Scott Brown lacks substance (Blue Mass Group, 8/15/12)
Regional Middlesex jail moving forward despite governor’s veto (Patch, 8/14/12)
The truth about Massachusetts voter fraud (Blue Mass Group, 8/14/12)
Casinos in Mass. could threaten Bingo, other games by charitable organizations (Springfield Republican, 8/14/12)
Voter fraud suspected in East Longmeadow race (Boston Globe, 8/14/12)
New Mass. law changes malpractice procedures (AP, 8/14/12)
‘Welfare-voter’ spat in Massachusetts part of larger political duel (Christian Science Monitor,8/14/12)
Brown’s ads mostly silent on senator’s affiliation (Boston Globe, 8/13/12)
Only Mass. sent out voter registrations to welfare recipients after lawsuit (Boston Globe, 8/10/12)
What Romney’s run with the Big Dig tells us about how he’d manage America (Washington Post,8/10/12)
Recipients decry voter push waste (Boston Herald, 8/10/12)
NH Governor to Mass: We’re always sales-tax free (Boston Herald, 8/10/12)
Welfare chief declares Elizabeth Warren ties ‘ridiculous’ (Boston Herald, 8/10/12)
Audio: Brown, Warren offer different deficit-reduction approaches (WBUR, 8/10/12)
Pension board to give big bonuses (Boston Globe, 8/10/12)
Deval Patrick, lame duck Gov? (WWLP, 8/9/12)
Voter registration games (Boston Herald, 8/9/12)
Lawmakers send Patrick bill to help detect, prevent prescription drug abuse (WBUR, 8/9/12)
Mass. ranks No. 2 in high tech job growth (BBJ Research Alert, 8/9/12)
The welfare bogeyman rises again (CommonWealth, 8/9/12)
GOP chair demands to see Patrick, Warren emails in welfare vote flap (Boston Herald, 8/9/12)
Health care comment by Romney staffer ignites conservative blogs (Political Intelligence, 8/9/12)
Welfare flap underscores differing approaches in Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren Senate race(Political Intelligence, 8/9/12)
Gambling board ready for applicants (Boston Globe, 8/8/12)
Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren start pouring their millions into Senate ads (Political Intelligence, 8/8/12)
MA health-care cost control bill signed (Governing, 8/7/12)
Audio: Patrick signs health care cost containment bill (WBUR, 8/6/12)
As Patrick signs health-cost law, critics weigh in (WBUR, 8/6/12)
Only 2 bidders for state rail pact (Boston Globe, 8/6/12)
Mass. bill aims to help troubled kids, families (AP, 8/5/12)
Mass. casino panel to hold forum in western Massachusetts (AP, 8/4/12)
Editorial: Massachusetts takes on health costs (New York Times, 8/4/12)
Investigation urged into Tierney disclosures (Boston Globe, 8/4/12)
What to know about Massachusetts’ first-in-nation health cost law (WBUR, 8/3/12)
Editorial: Closed-door dealings yield big bills, but little scrutiny (Boston Globe, 8/3/12)
Pols pass on Deval Patrick’s bash (Boston Herald, 8/3/12)
Romney’s CEO style rankled Mass. lawmakers (AP, 8/2/12)
Appeals court keeps alive Mass. casino lawsuit (Boston Herald, 8/2/12)
Deval Patrick signs ‘three-strikes’ crime bill (Boston Herald, 8/2/12)
Patrick backed down on crime bill (Boston Globe, 8/2/12)
Mashpee casino rival wins court hearing for its case (Boston Herald, 8/2/12)
At session’s close, a crescendo of legislation (Boston Globe, 8/2/12)
Editorial: Gov does the right thing (Boston Herald, 8/2/12)
Commentary: Good sense has struck out (Boston Globe, 8/2/12)
Mass. Legislature OKs economic development bill (Boston Globe, 8/1/12)
Mass. lawmakers approve children services overhaul (AP, 8/1/12)
Mass. lawmakers approve ‘Right to Repair’ bill (AP, 8/1/12)
Patrick to sign crime bill, calls it imperfect (Boston Globe, 8/1/12)
Lawmakers sent 31 bills to Gov. Patrick yesterday, today (Boston Herald, 8/1/12)
Mass. lawmakers send Patrick high-profile bills (Boston Globe, 8/1/12)
Congressmen ‘troubled’ by NRC response to request about Pilgrim (The Patriot Ledger, 8/1/12)
Mass. session gives wins on casinos, health costs (Boston Herald, 8/1/12)
MA lawmakers wrap up formal session’s work (AP, 8/1/12)
Video: Victims’ kin cheer Gov. Deval Patrick turnaround (Boston Herald, 8/1/12)
Lawmakers approve more than $60M for transportation projects in Western Massachusetts(Springfield Republican, 8/1/12)
Lawmakers sent 31 bills to Gov. Patrick yesterday, today (Boston Herald, 8/1/12)
Gov. Patrick and the tale of two bills (CommonWealth, 8/1/12)
Massachusetts aims to cut growth of its health costs (New York Times, 8/1/12)
Gov. Patrick blinks; crime bill expected to become law (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 8/1/12)
The Massachusetts Legislature is ignorant and depraved (Boston Phoenix, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

Lottery officials knew about Cash WinFall’s flaws, IG says (Boston Globe, 7/31/12)

Commentary: Physician-assisted suicide ‘in direct conflict’ with doctor’s role (Boston Globe,7/31/12)
T plans to boost commuter rail trips between Boston, Worcester this fall (Boston Globe, 7/31/12)
Crime bill should’ve been better, could’ve been worse (Boston Globe, 7/31/12)
Lawmakers scramble to finish session’s work (AP, 7/31/12)
Lawmakers pass Mass. jobs bill that includes sales tax holiday, drops bottle bill expansion (AP, 7/31/12)
Massachusetts aims to cut growth of its health costs (New York Times, 7/31/12)
Legislature loses track of time (CommonWealth, 7/31/12)
AdWatch: Ad glosses over Romney’s Mass. record (CBS MoneyWatch, 7/31/12)
Patrick to sign ‘three strikes’ bill (Boston Globe, 7/31/12)
In backing off three-strikes veto threat, Deval Patrick sees limit to own power (Political Intelligence, 7/31/12)
Mass. lawmakers pass health care cost-control bill (Boston Globe, 7/31/12)
Paul’s backers fight ouster (Boston Globe, 7/30/12)
Mass. borders are no barrier to guns sold nearby (Boston Globe, 7/30/12)
Warren’s star rose in DC battles (Boston Globe, 7/29/12)
Taking heat is part of the job for state insurance chief (Boston Globe, 7/29/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick: EBT enforcement ‘not feasible’ (Boston Herald, 7/28/12)
Lobbyists still raked in plenty of casino industry dollars in Mass. this year (The Patriot Ledger,7/28/12)
Senate rivals divided on guns (Boston Globe, 7/27/12)
Clock ticks on prescription drug bill (Cape Cod Times, 7/27/12)
MA Chief Justice has concerns about crime bill (Springfield Republican, 7/27/12)
High court cautions Patrick on 3 strikes law (Boston Globe, 7/27/12)
Bloomberg backs Brown in MA Senate race (Boston Globe, 7/27/12)
Online retailers pressed to collect sales taxes (Boston Globe, 7/27/12)
Few GOP challengers in races for Legislature (Boston Globe, 7/26/12)
Secret safe! Galvin nixes parking fight (Boston Herald, 7/26/12)
Mass. Gov. Patrick names Cunha inspector general (AP, 7/26/12)
Mass. court recognizes Vermont civil unions (AP, 7/26/12)
MA Legislature must act quickly to pass important reform (Blue Mass Group, 7/26/12)
Mass. lawmakers sent foreclosure bill to governor (AP, 7/26/12)
How often were Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts vetoes overridden? (Springfield Republican, 7/26/12)
Mass. lawmakers seek compromise on health care costs before session ends (AP, 7/25/12)
Patrick offers plan to control care costs (Boston Globe, 7/25/12)
Bottle bill expansion unlikely to gain traction on Beacon Hill (CBS Boston, 7/25/12)
Editorial: Prognosis uncertain (Boston Herald, 7/25/12)
Coakley reshaping the race to the White House (Commonwealth, 7/25/12)
As Mass. House readies to vote on foreclosure bill, Ameriquest founder’s home goes on market for $150M (Red Mass Group, 7/25/12)
Commentary: No bar too low for lawyers turned pols (Boston Herald, 7/25/12)
AG Martha Coakley publicly opposes sweetheart deal lined up for Salem power plant (The Patriot Ledger, 7/25/12)
Three strikes: Governor, you’re up (Boston Phoenix, 7/25/12)
Romney’s ‘02 Olympics short on transparency (Boston Globe, 7/24/12)
Races around the state: South Shore & The Cape (Red Mass Group, 7/24/12)
Mitt Romney’s budget record in Massachusetts offers insight (Miami Herald, 7/23/12)
Mass’ wind, solar subsidy set for review (Boston Globe, 7/23/12)
Troubles in paradise Tierney somehow missed (Boston Globe, 7/22/12)
School chief plans review of top staff (Boston Globe, 7/21/12)
MA residents spent almost $1 billion at New England casinos (GoLocalProv, 7/21/12)
Liberal donors finding home in Mass. Senate race (New York Times, 7/20/12)
Romney kept reins, bargained hard on severance (Boston Globe, 7/20/12)
Gaming pick reaction misjudged, e-mails say (Boston Globe, 7/20/12)
Brown raises more large gifts from Mass. than Warren (Boston Globe, 7/18/12)
Lawmakers targeted in probation inquiry (Boston Globe, 7/15/12)
Patrick, McDonnell spar over blame for fiscal cliff (Politico, 7/15/12)
Commentary: Hey, it all depends on the meaning of ‘demeaning’ (Boston Herald, 7/15/12)
Health cost bill may not attack key problem (Boston Globe, 7/15/12)
Account of Romney’s Bain departure has evolved (Boston Globe, 7/14/12)
GOP knocks Patrick for midweek trip to Chicago (Boston Herald, 7/14/12)
Obama campaign says Romney has misled on Bain issue (Boston Globe, 7/13/12)
Senate’s Therese Murray piles on Deval Patrick for EBT gibe (Boston Herald, 7/13/12)
Barney Frank, Deval Patrick to help draft national Democratic Party platform (, 7/13/12)
Like House, state Senate rejects Gov. Patrick’s plan for welfare benefit cards (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 7/13/12)
Questions linger over casino deal (Taunton Daily Gazette, 7/13/12)
Gov. Patrick signs casino compact (AP, 7/13/12)
Towns fear casino’s impact (Taunton Daily Gazette, 7/13/12)
Brown backs away from comments that Democrats regularly call him (Boston Globe, 7/13/12)
Mass. Legislature to weigh casino deal; Patrick promises federal push (AP, 7/12/12)
Surrounding towns want voice in Taunton casino debate (Taunton Daily Gazette, 7/12/12)
Mass. high court tosses lawsuit on turnpike tolls (AP, 7/12/12)
Mass. slams CNBC’s business rankings (Boston Herald, 7/12/12)
Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray talks jobs, economy, as report shows jobs in Bay State rebounded faster than previously thought (Springfield Republican, 7/12/12)
AG Martha Coakley seeking $4M penalty for Western Massachusetts Electric CO based on response to October snowstorm (Springfield Republican, 7/12/12)
Patrick: Casino deal with tribe among best in US (AP, 7/12/12)
Senate rejects EBT, hospitals amendments (AP, 7/12/12)
Gov. Patrick responds to House budget overrides (AP, 7/12/12)

Assisted dying, without the doctor? Ethicist says physicians can help without prescribing lethal dose(Boston Globe, 7/12/12)
Patrick defends tribal casino compact (WWLP, 7/12/12)
Health spending 3.3% less under Blue Cross global payment plan, study finds (Boston Globe,7/12/12)
Commentary: Are you still proud of your vote for Deval? (Boston Herald, 7/11/12)
Legislation aims to improve early education (Milford Daily News, 7/11/12)
Conservative health care experts blame Massachusetts Dems for ‘Romneycare,’ ‘Obamacare’ (TPM, 7/11/12)
Legislature seeks EBT card override (Lowell Sun, 7/11/12)
Backers renew call to pass Mass. ‘3 strikes’ bill (AP, 7/11/12)
Big Dig debt preventing work on other transportation projects (AP, 7/10/12)
Speaker vows welfare veto override (Boston Herald, 7/10/12)
Mass. lawmakers to pick and choose some do-overs (Worcester Telegram, 7/10/12)
Legislators back Taunton Hospital override (Taunton Gazette, 7/10/12)
Massachusetts Gaming Commission may pitch state to Wall Street to boost competition for casinos(Springfield Republican, 7/10/12)
MA GOP tried to fix delegate selection for RNC (Blue Mass Group, 7/10/12)
Patrick rejects ‘Gateway’ provision (Lowell Sun, 7/10/12)
Gov’s prez focus fuels DeLeo dig (Boston Herald, 7/10/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick vetoes budget bill’s EBT reforms (Boston Herald, 7/9/12)
Hospital backers to see veto override (AP, 7/9/12)
Senate president concerned with Patrick’s plan to close Taunton State Hospital (Taunton Daily Gazette, 7/9/12)
Mass. human services leaders ask for override of Deval Patrick’s veto of pay raises (Springfield Republican, 7/9/12)
Patrick recommends own welfare card restrictions (AP, 7/9/12)
Opinion: Obamacare – A windfall for Massachusetts (Boston Globe, 7/9/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick signs $32.5B state budget, vetoes $32.1M in spending (Springfield Republican,7/8/12)
Coalition of groups ask Sen. Scott Brown to embrace national health care law (AP, 7/8/12)
School chiefs find way past pension law (Boston Globe, 7/7/12)
Governor backs wind turbines in Mass. (Berkshire Eagle, 7/7/12)
Taunton anti-casino residents not backing down, despite referendum (Taunton Daily Gazette,7/7/12)
Mass. pushes to enroll income eligible residents for food assistance program (, 7/7/12)
SCOTUS ruling threatens Mitt’s ‘no tax’ record in MA (AP, 7/6/12)
As US adopts health care mandate, Mass. is in the spotlight (Boston Globe, 7/6/12)

Thousands in Mass. still forgo health care insurance, pay penalty (Boston Globe, 7/6/12)
Bill on double-dipping headed back to table (Boston Herald, 7/6/12)
Pundits see Patrick replacing Holder in a 2nd Obama term (Boston Business Journal, 7/5/12)
Deval Patrick mentioned as Holder replacement (Boston Herald, 7/5/12)
Lawmakers ‘optimistic’ health deal in sight (Boston Herald, 7/5/12)
Healthcare, education consume 63% of planned state budget (Boston Herald, 7/5/12)
Drop in gifts makes future uncertain for Murray (Boston Globe, 7/4/12)
Salem voters question what congressman knew (Boston Globe, 7/4/12)
Tisei gains steam as Tierney sputters (Boston Globe, 7/3/12)
Glitches, gripes mark first days of MBTA fare hikes (Boston Globe, 7/3/12)
Patrick’s jobs czar: We’re almost back (Boston Herald, 7/3/12)
Glitches, gripes mark first days of MBTA fare hikes (Boston Globe, 7/3/12)
Mass. health law may bode well for federal law (AP, 7/3/12)
Gaming Board chief looks to ease concerns (South Coast Today, 7/3/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick, aides study state budget plan (AP, 7/3/12)
State official: Now, green builder ‘ must put pieces together’ (Boston Herald, 7/3/12)
Massachusetts voters are about to get an up-close look at the right-wing smear machine (Boston Phoenix, 7/3/12)
Fees set to go up at state colleges (Boston Globe, 7/2/12)
Mass. and RI wind area closer to development (AP, 7/2/12)
Wording of medical marijuana ballot question approved by Mass. judge (Springfield Republican,7/2/12)
As session dies down, Senate begins economic development bill vetting (Boston Herald, 7/2/12)
Romney’s half-hearted education efforts (CommonWealth, 7/2/12)
Mitt Romney’s education record was mixed (Boston Globe, 7/2/12)
Sen. Scott Brown calls for federal probe into Cape Wind (Boston Herald, 7/2/12)
New law backs transgender residents (Boston Globe, 7/2/12)
Control of costs a test for health care overhaul (Boston Globe, 7/1/12)

JUNE 2012

Tierney bridles at another attack (Boston Globe, 6/30/12)
Health care decision jolts Mass. Senate showdown (Boston Herald, 6/29/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick signs education evaluation bill (AP, 6/29/12)
Deval Patrick insists health law wields penalty, not tax (Political Intelligence, 6/29/12)
Mass. residents react to health care ruling with relief (Boston Globe, 6/29/12)
New Mass. budget would loosen drug firm gift ban (Boston Globe, 6/28/12)
UMass stem cell lab to close (Boston Globe, 6/28/12)
Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren debate across media spectrums, political universes (Political Intelligence, 6/28/12)
Obama’s Boston lovefest (Boston Phoenix, 6/27/12)
Brown, Warren clash at distance (Boston Globe, 6/27/12)
Lt. Gov. Murray to unveil report on military bases (AP, 6/26/12)
Companies lined up for tax breaks (Boston Globe, 6/26/12)
State’s focus is on skills needed for today’s jobs (Boston Globe, 6/26/12)
Study: Defense industry boosts New England economy (AP, 6/25/12)
Chief sues Chelsea Housing Authority over pay (Boston Globe, 6/25/12)
Area teachers unions split over seniority legislation (Eagle-Tribune, 6/25/12)
Benefits period cut for unemployed (Boston Globe, 6/23/12)
Patrick asks overhaul of local housing agencies (Boston Globe, 6/22/12)
Mass. launches review of insurers’ executive pay (Boston Globe, 6/22/12)
Casino hopefuls clash in Massachusetts sweepstakes (Reuters, 6/22/12)
Gov. Patrick hears MBTA rate-hike complaint while visiting Stonehill (Brockton Enterprise, 6/22/12)
Warren’s money machine well-tuned for congressional run (Boston Globe, 6/22/12)
Democrats mum on Sal DiMasi’s plight; Gov refuses to come to his aid (Boston Herald, 6/22/12)
Redistricting maps almost complete (WWLP, 6/21/12)
Mass. Senate approves compromise bill placing performance over seniority in teacher layoffs (AP, 6/21/12)
Solyndra foe trains sights on Cape Wind (Boston Herald, 6/21/12)
Mass. casino panel to take over racing commission (AP, 6/21/12)
Deval Patrick, Puritan conservative (MassPoliticsProfs, 6/21/12)
Emails show state’s ongoing effort to spin coverage (Boston Herald, 6/21/12)
Governor may require to start collecting sales tax (North Adams Transcript, 6/21/12)
Tribe’s Taunton ties questioned at casino hearing (Taunton Daily Gazetteer, 6/21/12)
Editorial: Mike Capuano — for governor? (Boston Phoenix, 6/20/12)
MA governor expands innovation partnerships (AP, 6/20/12)
Editorial: Deval Patrick, the toxic defender (Medfield Press, 6/20/12)
2 Mass. unions drop opposition to teachers bill (AP, 6/20/12)
Patrick praises Romneycare, blasts Congress (Boston Herald, 6/20/12)
As Democratic bigwigs hope for a surprise candidate for gov, tried-and-true names jockey for position (Boston Phoenix, 6/20/12)
Drugmakers, Massachusetts form consortium (Boston Globe, 6/20/12)
No fruition for Romney on major higher ed plans (Boston Globe, 6/20/12)
Cape Wind foes cal for probe into pols’ ‘bully’ tactics (Boston Herald, 6/20/12)
Opinion: Innovative spirit paying dividends for Bay State (Salem News, 6/20/12)
Senate OKs MBTA bailout, rejects leadership change (MetroWest Daily News, 6/20/12)
Tribe and tribulation for Indian gaming (CommonWealth, 6/19/12)
Patrick unveils tax-credit program (Sentinel and Enterprise, 6/19/12)
Democrats irate over Scott Brown’s demands (Boston Herald, 6/19/12)
MA Senate rejects plan to oversee MBTA money (AP, 6/19/12)
Mass. leaders detail biotech agreements (Boston Globe, 6/19/12)
Bay State’s credit worthiness erodes as employment growth slows (Banker & Tradesman, 6/19/12)
Speaker DeLeo sees release of road repair funds (Boston Herald, 6/19/12)
Afraid of tough sup-prime questions? Rubin-Patrick talk at BIO 2012 closed to press (Red Mass Group, 6/19/12)
Sen. Brown refuses Kennedy Institute/UMass debate (CBS Boston, 6/19/12)
Massachusetts prison head removed (Boston Globe, 6/19/12)
In Mass, number facing health care penalty falls (AP, 6/18/12)
AG Coakley appeals federal approval of Pilgrom nuke license (The Patriot Ledger, 6/18/12)
Meetings on impact of casinos set to start (Boston Herald, 6/18/12)
Boston considers hike in retirees’ pensions (Boston Globe, 6/18/12)
Mass. communities need financial help to deal with casinos, planners say (Springfield Republican, 6/18/12)
Life sciences jobs growing in Mass, Patrick says (WWLP, 6/18/12)
Elizabeth Warren outspends Scott Brown as MA Senate candidates advertise early and often (Springfield Republican, 6/18/12)
Speaking of speakers… (Boston Herald, 6/17/12)
Three area companies receive state job training grants (MetroWest Daily News, 6/17/12)
MA legislators eye possible compromises to kill ballot questions (Springfield Republican, 6/17/12)
Legal dispute clouds Mass. Tribal Casino future (WBUR, 6/17/12)
BIO comes back; Convention highlights region’s strengthening lead in biotech sector (Boston Globe, 6/17/12)
McGee resigns from state economic development post (Boston Herald, 6/16/12)
Interim direct of state gaming commission resigns over sex abuse allegations (Cape Cod Times, 6/16/12)
Legal dispute clouds Mass. tribal casino future (Boston Herald, 6/16/12)
Lt. Gov Timothy Murray questioned in Chelsea Housing scandal (Boston Globe, 6/15/12)
Mass. Gaming Commission weighs economic viability (Salem Item, 6/15/12)
MassINC co-founder boasts of sway on Beacon Hill (Boston Herald, 6/15/12)
Video: East Boston vote for Suffolk Downs casino may be unconstitutional (CBS Boston, 6/14/12)
Committee refers bottle bill expansion bid to study (Boston Herald, 6/14/12)
State unemployment rate falls to 6%, lowest rate in more than three years (Boston Globe, 6/14/12)
In Romney’s home state of Massachusetts, a launching pad but no big base (Washington Post, 6/14/12)
Gov. Patrick: Mass. must provide health care for illegal immigrants (WBUR, 6/14/12)
Surging MBTA ridership could overwhelm system, report warns (Boston Globe, 6/14/12)
State rep seeks to table bottle bill (Salem News, 6/14/12)
Taxpayers to foot legal bill for former probation commissioner John J. O’Brien (Boston Globe, 6/14/12)
Kennedys vow no Tom-foolery (Boston Herald, 6/14/12)
MA House approves bailout for troubled T (AP, 6/13/12)
Republicans make major TV buy in Boston for congressional races (WBUR, 6/13/12)
Patrick expects casino deal next week (Cape Cod Times, 6/13/12)
DeLeo says it’s ‘desire’ of House to complete deal on teacher evaluations (Boston Herald, 6/13/12)
Mass. eyes better tracking of casino vote spending (AP, 6/13/12)
Mitt Romney, President Obama spend big in Mass. (Boston Globe, 6/13/12)
Residents fret over casino’s Eastie impact (Boston Herald, 6/13/12)
MA House to debate bailout for troubled T (Boston Herald, 6/13/12)
Millions in federal grant money announced for western Massachusetts community (WWLP, 6/12/12)
Romney was dead last in job creation in New England (Blue Mass Group, 6/12/12)
Activists push for expanded Mass. bottle bill (AP, 6/12/12)
Gov calls teacher evaluation ballot question ‘ill-timed,’ says he’s reviewing compromise (Boston Herald, 6/12/12)
Sides staked out for ‘adult conversation’ about transportation funding (Boston Herald, 6/12/12)
Warren takes jab at Brown over debates (Boston Herald, 6/11/12)
Taunton casino focus shifts to statewide compact negotiations (Taunton Daily Gazette, 6/11/12)
Breaking with AFL-CIO, Patrick backs plan to curb teachers’ seniority (Political Intelligence, 6/11/12)
Voters give boost to Taunton casino plan (Boston Herald, 6/11/12)
Most local legislators have an easy campaign (Brockton Sentinel and Enterprise, 6/11/12)
Healthy discussions at Statehouse (Brockton Sentinel and Enterprise, 6/11/12)
Audio: WBUR Poll – Mass. health costs ‘a serious problem’ for many (WBUR, 6/11/12)
Taunton votes yes on casinos (MassPoliticsProfs, 6/11/12)
Flynn backs opponents to Boston casino plan (Boston Globe, 6/10/12)
State education aid edging up (Eagle-Tribune, 6/10/12)
Romney touts his Massachusetts record as fiscal hawk (LA Times, 6/9/12)
Editorial: Patrick panders on fees (Boston Herald, 6/8/12)
Gov. Patrick to address PA Democrats (AP, 6/8/12)
Massachusetts teachers union agrees to give up key rights on seniority (Boston Globe, 6/8/12)
Editorial: Funding a ‘watchdog’ (Boston Herald, 6/8/12)
New Mitt Romney commercial presents Mass. record in favorable light (Political Intelligence, 6/8/12)
Governor calls UMass tuition hike ‘crummy’ (Eagle-Tribune, 6/7/12)
Mass. could get nation’s highest minimum wage (WWLP, 6/7/12)
Mass. wants Amazon to charge tax (WWLP, 6/7/12)
Democratic Governor’s Council candidates meet in Concord (Concord Journal, 6/7/12)
Think tank defends anonymous donors (Boston Herald, 6/7/12)
Tim Murray got boost from think tank (Boston Herald, 6/7/12)
Casino hopes in Taunton (Boston Globe, 6/7/12)
Teachers union strikes deal with education reform group to curb seniority rights (Political Intelligence, 6/7/12)
Pollster vows ‘high level of trust,’ chance to keep results quiet (Boston Herald, 6/7/12)
Mass. GOP upholds election of Ron Paul delegates in Mitt Romney’s congressional district (Political Intelligence, 6/6/12)
UMass trustees approve tuition, fee hikes over Patrick’s objection (MetroWest Daily News, 6/6/12)
UMass gives, takes away, and gets testy with Patrick (CommonWealth, 6/6/12)
MA Senate passes anti-foreclosure bill (Boston Globe, 6/6/12)
Mass. Senate passes override to Gov’s veto (Boston Herald, 6/6/12)
Not everyone’s all-in on Suffolk casino plan (Boston Globe, 6/6/12)
Tribe blasts Gov. Patrick for casino vote (Cape Cod Times, 6/6/12)
Right-to-repair backers collect enough signatures to get on ballot (Milford Daily News, 6/6/12)
UMass panel recommends 4.9% tuition hike, Patrick objects (Boston Herald, 6/6/12)
House begins health care bill debate (Lynn Daily Item, 6/6/12)
Connected lobbyist’s grievances aired in nonprofit’s mag (Boston Herald, 6/6/12)
MassINC think tank  fueled by Mass. big shots (Boston Herald, 6/6/12)
Lt. Gov. Murray, lawyer in tow, will talk to investigators (Boston Globe, 6/6/12)
Mass. may tell Amazon to charge sales tax (Boston Globe, 6/6/12)
UMass chief, Patrick at odds over UMass fee increase (Boston Globe, 6/5/12)
Taunton pro-casino group outspends opponents (Boston Globe, 6/5/12)
Patrick urges lawmakers to approve MBTA fix (AP, 6/5/12)
Gov: Mashpee on track for casino deadline (Taunton Daily Gazette, 6/5/12)
Commentary: Deval wows ‘em here (Boston Herald, 6/5/12)
Suffolk Downs unveils $1B casino plans (Boston Herald, 6/5/12)
Suffolk Downs officials unveil plans for $1B gambling resort; architect envisions ‘urban oasis’ (Boston Globe, 6/5/12)
Obama’s financial aid effort joined by UMass and 9 other colleges (Political Intelligence, 6/5/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick calling for lower costs of health care (Boston Herald, 6/4/12)
Suffolk Downs officials to lay out plans for gambling resort at track (Boston Globe, 6/4/12)
Rocky rollout to era of Mass. casino gambling (Boston Globe, 6/3/12)

MAY 2012

Platitudes succumb to politics as Mass. Democrats maneuver for Senate seat (Political Intelligence, 5/31/12)
President Obama’s campaign knocks Mitt Romney’s record as Mass. governor in boisterous rally at State House (Political Intelligence, 5/31/12)
Casino study outlines benefits, drawbacks (Cape Cod Times, 5/31/12)
State pension fund flight (Boston Herald, 5/31/12)
Elizabeth Warren talks about fighting Deval Patrick, while accepting Deval Patrick’s endorsement (Red Mass Group, 5/31/12)
Issues? We don’t need no stinkin’ issues! (MassPoliticsProfs, 5/31/12)
Critics rip Gov. Deval Patrick’s nod to Warren (Boston Herald, 5/31/12)
President Obama makes Mass. ground zero for his campaign today (Political Intelligence, 5/31/12)
Deval Patrick endorses Elizabeth Warren for US Senate (Political Intelligence, 5/30/12)
Gov. Patrick endorses Warren — ‘I love this candidate’ (Boston Herald, 5/30/12)
Governor throws weight behind senate candidate (New York Times, 5/30/12)
Tierney, Tisei race heats up in 6th District (Wicked Local, 5/30/12)
Top MA legislator criticizes gaming official for saying state might not license 3 casinos (Springfield Republican, 5/30/12)
House Speaker, Senate president are no-shows at Partners Healthcare chief’s retirement celebration (Political Intelligence, 5/30/12)
Mass. House overrides Gov’s background check veto (AP, 5/30/12)
Warren’s 2009 question for Deval Patrick: You’re rich. What are the rest of us going to do? (Red Mass Group, 5/30/12)
State sets plan to fix schools in Lawrence (Boston Globe, 5/30/12)
Lawmakers yet to agree on bridging T funds gap (Boston Globe, 5/29/12)
Health cost issue divides former allies in Massachusetts (Boston Globe, 5/29/12)
DeFranco ready to spoil the party for Dems (Lowell Sun, 5/29/12)
The Salvucci salvation (Commonwealth Magazine, 5/29/12)
Jose Cansexo: Governor of Massachusetts? (BuzzFeed, 5/28/12)
Mayor Menino criticizes focus on Elizabeth Warren’s heritage (Political Intelligence, 5/25/12)
Mass. Senate approves $32.4B budget that included immigration crackdown, keeps Taunton hospital open (Political Intelligence, 5/25/12)
Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren have campaign to go, but undecided vote already narrow (Political Intelligence, 5/24/12)
Romney’s Massachusetts woes: A bad omen? (New York Times, 5/24/12)
Elizabeth Warren pulls even with Scott Brown in new poll (Boston Globe, 5/23/12)
Obama donors lagging in Mass. (Boston Globe, 5/23/12)
Patrick’s view on gambling panel aired (Boston Globe, 5/11/12)
McGee quits gaming commission post, citing ‘growing distractions’ (Boston Globe, 5/9/12)
Two Mass. plans vie for savings on health care (Boston Globe, 5/9/12)
Casino opponents gain in Foxborough (Boston Globe, 5/7/12)
Kerry could be a winner in November – as Sec State (Boston Herald, 5/7/12)
Another Massachusetts meltdown? (Salon, 5/7/12)
Romney fighting for his home state, but at what cost? (National Journal, 5/7/12)
Mass. GOP chairman assails Warren, Harvard (Boston Globe, 5/7/12)
Aquinnah to announce casino backers today (Cape Cod Times, 5/7/12)
In tight votes, Senator Brown often loyal to party (Boston Globe, 5/7/12)
Election could tilt casino debate in Mass. town (AP, 5/7/12)
Gambling panel didn’t delve into abuse case (Boston Globe, 5/6/12)
State House’s health plan eyes $66B in savings (Gloucester Times, 5/6/12)
MA Senate to unveil health care financing bill (AP, 5/6/12)
Elizabeth Warren: Can a liberal champion win over the center in Mass? (Washington Post, 5/6/12)
Menino plays hard to get in Senate race (Boston Globe, 5/5/12)
Bad week may haunt Warren (Boston Globe, 5/5/12)
Mass. gambling group backs hire, despite claim (Boston Globe, 5/3/12)
Casino factions launch websites (Cape Cod Times, 5/1/12)
Former state official wants public defenders for trials (My Fox Boston, 5/1/12)
Brown says daughter, 23, insured under health law (Boston Globe, 5/1/12)
Mitt Romney and the Art of the Takeover (MassPoliticsProfs, 5/1/12)
Mitt Romney striving to win over the right (Boston Globe, 5/1/12)
Medford housing director on leave (Boston Globe, 5/1/12)
Casino ballot question finalized in Taunton (Brockton Enterprise, 5/1/12)
Warren’s embattled campaign: Cherokee tie found 5 generations ago (Boston Herald, 5/1/12)
Senate President: T cuts will hurt South Shore tourism (The Patriot-Ledger, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

Mass. economy outperforms US economy (WWLP, 4/30/12)
Massachusetts caucuses gone wild (MassPoliticsProfs, 4/30/12)
State GOP’s caucus picks leave Romney slate slighted (Boston Globe, 4/30/12)
What the Mass. GOP caucuses tell us (Less is More, 4/30/12)
Mass. OKs small hike in health insurance rates (AP, 4/30/12)
Video: Minority report: A Mass. Senate race update (WGBH, 4/30/12)
2 former Dem mayors back Brown for Mass. Senate (AP, 4/30/12)
As governor, Romney faced challenge on gay marriage (LA Times, 4/29/12)
Dying wishes – Death with Dignity question to be on November ballot (Boston Globe, 4/29/12)
Gov. Patrick urges embattled Medford Housing chief to resign (Boston Globe, 4/28/12)
Liberty Mutual’s CEO Kelly explains ‘exorbitant’ pay (Boston Globe, 4/28/12)
Harvard trips on roots of Elizabeth Warren’s family tree (Boston Herald, 4/27/12)
Deval sees the benefit in photo IDs for cards (Boston Herald, 4/27/12)
The million dollar maze: Navigating the state budget process (WBUR, 4/27/12)
Mass. Dems slam Sen. Scott Brown over wealth as he releases 6 years of tax returns (Springfield Republican, 4/27/12)
Local legislators mostly pleased with budget (Sun Chronicle, 4/27/12)
Mashpee tribe unveils casino plan (Cape Cod Times, 4/27/12)
Mass. House passes $32B budget (WBUR, 4/26/12)
Budget politics (MassPoliticsProfs, 4/26/12)
House budget roundup: Some key provisions (WBUR, 4/26/12)
Sheriff assails legislators over failed effort to charge inmates (Sun Chronicle, 4/26/12)
FY2013 passes House 150-4, so what did we learn? (Boston Globe, 4/26/12)
Patrick, Aquinnah clash over casino bid (Boston Globe, 4/26/12)
MA House rejects bottle bill (WWLP, 4/26/12)
House approves Sunday alcohol sales (Hartford Courant, 4/26/12)
Deval Patrick says Liberty Mutual pay ‘breathtaking,’ but not his business (Political Intelligence, 4/26/12)
House budget adds welfare restrictions (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 4/26/12)
Report: Lower health care cost growth means big savings (WBUR, 4/26/12)
Mass. House races through amendments, passes budget in 3 days (WBUR, 4/26/12)
DeLeo blasts ‘appalling’ fraud as EBT reform passes House (Boston Herald, 4/26/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick questions motives of welfare system critics (State House News Service, 4/26/12)
Gov. Patrick tours firm’s energy efficient HQ in Westborough (MetroWest Daily News, 4/26/12)
In Eastie, anti-casino rumblings (Boston Globe, 4/26/12)
Patrick: ‘I’m not convinced that a cashless EBT system works’ (Boston Herald, 4/26/12)
‘Ad’ gov to guilty list, Tim Cahill defense claims (Boston Herald, 4/26/12)
Mass. House adds money for seniors, mentally ill (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 4/25/12)
Cahill lawyer on corruption charges: Everyone does it (Boston Herald, 4/25/12)
Massachusetts Gaming Commission chairman defends timetable for licensing casino resorts (Springfield Republican, 4/25/12)
Mass. House kills plan to cut the state sales tax as budget debate begins (Boston Globe, 4/23/12)
Opinion: Why can’t treasurers just stay put? (Brockton Sentinel and Enterprise, 4/20/12)
Governor’s Council race taking shape (Salem News, 4/19/12)
MA Auditor sends a message to nonprofits: Party’s over (Boston Herald, 4/19/12)
Gov. Patrick plans 3-day fundraising swing (AP, 4/19/12)
Gov. Patrick supports shock ban, legislation so far has stalled in House (My Fox Boston, 4/19/12)
Mass GOP goes AWOL? (Mass Politics Profs, 4/19/12)
10 MA House incumbents from Central Mass. are unopposed (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 4/19/12)
After successful 2010, Mass. GOP eyes more gains (Lowell Sun, 4/19/12)
Patrick PAC stockpiling cash for pro-Obama travels (AP, 4/18/12)
Former Mass. Treasurer Shannon O’Brien says voters may not trust presidential hopeful Mitt Romney (Springfield Republican, 4/18/12)
Mass. Gaming Commission Chair says panel not likely to shorten timetable in response to Springfield’s fiscal woes (Springfield Republican, 4/17/12)
Video: Hard for Gov. Patrick to argue for tax hikes (CBS Boston, 4/17/12)
Coakley pushes for law offering mortgage aid (Boston Globe, 4/17/12)
Did someone order an instant bridge? Mass on forefront of ‘accelerated bridge construction’ techniques (New York Times, 4/17/12)
Panel to discuss tribal, internet gaming (AP, 4/17/12)
Editorial: House budget plan shows some fiscal restraint (Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 4/16/12)
Editorial: Gov’s dogs and ponies (Boston Herald, 4/16/12)
Millionaires from Mass. join call to raise their tax rates (Boston Globe, 4/16/12)
Springfield mayor vows fight for Springfield-based casino in pursuit of jobs and revenues (Springfield Republican, 4/16/12)
Mass. gaming panel to meet for 2nd time (AP, 4/15/12)
‘People’s Pledge’ may end up boxing in Scott Brown for campaign against Elizabeth Warren (Boston Globe, 4/13/12)
Panel rejects Patrick’s prison plan (Sun Chronicle, 4/13/12)
Menino’s gambling on 5 members for board (Boston Herald, 4/12/12)
MA Senate approves $1.5B road and bridge bill (Boston Globe, 4/12/12)
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino touts proposed Suffolk Downs casino, names panel (AP, 4/12/12)
Activists urge defeat of deadly force bill (Boston Globe, 4/12/12)
Governor takes Middleboro’s request in dealing with Mashpee Wampanoag tribe under advisement (Raynham Call, 4/12/12)
Aquinnah tribe eyes Martha’s Vineyard for possible casino (Taunton Daily Gazette, 4/12/12)
Budget chief: Fiscal 2012 budget ‘tight’ with three months remaining (Boston Herald, 4/11/12)
Celebrating the health law, with a poke at Romney (New York Times, 4/11/12)
Gov. Patrick plans Faneuil Hall celebration of six-year-old Romneycare (Boston Herald, 4/11/12)
Gov. Patrick hails anniversary of health law (AP, 4/11/12)
Mayor Menino to launch his own gaming commission (Boston Herald, 4/11/12)
Mass. House panel to unveil proposed budget plan (Boston Herald, 4/11/12)
Police move occupiers ahead of Brazilian prez visit (Boston Herald, 4/10/12)
Elizabeth Warren sets Mass. Senate fund-raising pace (Boston Globe, 4/10/12)
Finding her voice – After devastating Senate defeat, Martha Coakley is back (CommonWealth, 4/10/12)
MBTA rescue plan in jeopardy (Boston Globe, 4/10/12)
More ‘accountability’ sought for Greenway (Boston Herald, 4/10/12)
Beacon Hill’s army of influence (CommonWealth, 4/10/12)
First public casino commission meeting to be held at UMass-Boston (WWLP, 4/10/12)
In meeting with Rousseff, Patrick will look to build ties with Brazil (Boston Herald, 4/10/12)
Taunton casino vote is not binding (Boston Globe, 4/9/12)
Mass. lawmakers to hear bill to help close MBTA deficit (MyFoxBoston, 4/9/12)
The question the new MA Gambling Commission must answer (Blue Mass Group, 4/9/12)
Mass. legislators to weigh medical marijuana at Statehouse hearing (Springfield Republican, 4/9/12)
Coakley publicity stirs political speculation (Boston Globe, 4/9/12)
In ironic twist, Timothy Cahill cold lose pension (Boston Globe, 4/8/12)
As T sets plan, commuters along for ride (Boston Globe, 4/8/12)
MA Gov. preps for visit by president of Brazil (Boston Globe, 4/8/12)
Debt from Big Dig hampers Mass. transportation (AP, 4/8/12)
Lottery profits surge, approach record levels (Boston Globe, 4/5/12)
Martha Coakley intends to seek third term (Boston Globe, 4/4/12)
Cahill faced a fine line on government advertising (Boston Globe, 4/4/12)
Tim Cahill indictments shine light on pols’ election advertising (Boston Herald, 4/4/12)
Commentary: Some less equal under the law; Cahill more clumsy than criminal (Boston Herald, 4/4/12)
Commentary: No curb on office terms spawns corruption (Boston Herald, 4/4/12)
Commentary: Patronage never easy to define (Lowell Sun, 4/3/12)
Timothy Cahill indicted in corruption case (Boston Globe, 4/3/12)
Middleboro wants Gov. Patrick to force casino deal with Wampanoags (Taunton Daily Gazette, 4/3/12)
Cahill aides’ emails key evidence (Boston Herald, 4/3/12)
Corruption charges cap a sharp decline for Cahill (Boston Globe, 4/3/12)
Commentary: Everyone’s guilty, if this is crime (Boston Herald, 4/3/12)
Former treasurer charged with corruption, fraud (MetroWest Daily News, 4/3/12)
Video: Tim Cahill charges alarm pols (Boston Herald, 4/3/12)
Editorial: Tim, for what…? (Boston Herald, 4/3/12)
Quincy politicians rally behind indicted ex-treasurer Cahill (Patriot Ledger, 4/3/12)
Former state treasurer Cahill insists he acted to bolster the Mass Lottery, vows to fight state corruption charges (Boston Globe, 4/3/12)
Massachusetts leads fight on right to marry (Boston Globe, 4/3/12)
Video: Cahill’s friends and family come to his defense (WHDH, 4/2/12)
Video: What was Tim Cahill thinking? (CBS Boston, 4/2/12)
Steve Grossman: Lottery suffered cash setback during Cahill tenure (Boston Herald, 4/2/12)
Timothy Cahill indicted on charges of using official funds for campaign-boosting ads (Boston Globe, 4/2/12)
‘Pay-for-success’ firm taps Robert Travaglini; lobbying underway for state social services contracts (Boston Herald, 4/2/12)
Tea party brew-haha (Boston Herald, 4/2/12)
40% in survey support a state bailout for MBTA (Boston Globe, 4/2/12)
Middleborough faults tribe over abandoned casino deal (Boston Globe, 4/2/12)
Coming to consensus on health costs (Worcester Business Journal, 4/2/12)
Brown, Warren deadlocked, poll shows (Boston Globe, 4/1/12)
Mass. lawmakers asked for help on MBTA budget (MyFoxBoston, 4/1/12)
Mass. Senate to resume work on energy cost bill (MyFoxBoston, 4/1/12)
MassGOP chaos! Jody Dow bows out; Kerry Healey steps up (Boston Phoenix, 4/1/12)

MARCH 2012

NStar OKs top dollar deal with Cape Wind (Boston Globe, 3/31/12)
Aquinnah tribe seeking casino talks with Patrick (Boston Globe, 3/30/12)
Deval Patrick attacks Herald for ‘making sure you’re angry’ (Boston Herald, 3/30/12)
Ruling may spur foes to challenge Mass. health law (Boston Globe, 3/30/12)
Patrick lays out different ways to think about Massachusetts tax breaks (MetroWest Daily News, 3/30/12)
Number of six-figure pensions jump, with more to come (MyFoxBoston, 3/30/12)
Gov. Patrick visits Bluefin Robotics (Patriot Ledger, 3/29/12)
Video: Dozens rally in protest of proposed MBTA fare hikes (WHDH, 3/29/12)
Deval Patrick says he ‘can’t see how’ to fix T finance problems without revenue hike (Boston Globe, 3/29/12)
Gov. Patrick: No to ‘Stand Your Ground’ bill (Taunton Daily Gazette, 3/29/12)
Brown’s election reverberates in court fight (Boston Globe, 3/29/12)
Cash-strapped T proposes 23% fare increase (Boston Globe, 3/29/12)
Gov Patrick says further T cuts likely without fix (Boston Herald, 3/29/12)
Deval Patrick: Pass bill curbing profiling to honor Trayvon Martin (Boston Herald, 3/29/12)
Pols: Crime bill on track (Salem News, 3/29/12)
MA representative draws parallels between proposed legislation, Trayvon Martin killing (MyFoxBoston, 3/29/12)
Wynn casino supporters continue campaign (Boston Globe, 3/29/12)
State IG probing SeniorCare actions (Gloucester Times, 3/29/12)
Opinion: Mass. legislators should stand down on ‘Stand Your Ground’ (Taunton Daily Gazette, 3/29/12)
Gun sales, firearms licenses rise in Massachusetts (MetroWest Daily News, 3/28/12)
Pact on third-party ads seems to be working in Massachusetts (Washington Post, 3/28/12)
Video: MassDOT secretary Richard Davey on MBTA fare hikes (WGBH, 3/28/12)
Scott Brown’s pledge to be 41st vote against Obama health plan may have repercussions in SCOTUS fight (Boston Globe, 3/28/12)
Standing their ground (Boston Phoenix, 3/28/12)
Patrick must attend hearings on new judges (Boston Globe, 3/28/12)
MGM pulls $600M Brimfield casino plan (Boston Globe, 3/28/12)
Freetown sets Aquinnah casino vote (Cape Cod Times, 3/28/12)
Lakeville to discuss Aquinnah casino proposal, location (Taunton Daily Gazette, 3/28/12)
Video: Will the Bay State pass a ‘stand your ground’ law? (WGBH, 3/27/12)
Commentary: How has life been under health care law in Massachusetts? (CBS Boston, 3/27/12)
Video: State counts on lottery to support cities and towns (WCVB-TV, 3/27/12)
In Massachusetts, insurance mandate stirs some dissent (New York Times, 3/27/12)
Backlog follows parole overhaul (Boston Globe, 3/26/12)
The Mass. GOP is undergoing massive disruption – or finding the right balance, depending on your view (Boston Phoenix, 3/26/12)
Experts: Robert DeLeo’s ‘bulletproof’ (Boston Herald, 3/26/12)
Expect patronage probe to stop short of Beacon Hill (Boston Herald, 3/26/12)
Health care battle focuses on Mass. model (Boston Globe, 3/25/12)
Top Beacon Hill solons: No one’s coming for us! (Boston Herald, 3/24/12)
Coakley looking to learn from Warren (Lowell Sun, 3/23/12)
Governor takes aim at housing authorities (Lowell Sun, 3/23/12)
Mass. Republicans press for probe on jobs data (Sentinel and Enterprise, 3/23/12)
US Attorney Carmen Ortiz eyed as gov candidate (Boston Herald, 3/23/12)
Member of gambling panel gets salary cut (Boston Herald, 3/22/12)
Beacon Hill committee supports highest-in-nation minimum wage (Boston Herald, 3/21/12)
Last two slots filled on state’s casino commission (Boston Herald, 3/21/12)
Panel to urge fewer tax breaks (Boston Globe, 3/20/12)
Casino law filled with tight deadlines; gambling panel may miss key dates (Boston Globe, 3/19/12)
Patrick: DeLeo’s tax position complicates local aid (MetroWest Daily News, 3/19/12)
Casinos weigh on host towns (Cape Cod Times, 3/18/12)
Once a model, state medical board lags badly (Boston Globe, 3/18/12)
Romney keeps focus on delegates, despite losses (Boston Globe, 3/17/12)
DiMasi says he testified to grand jury (Boston Globe, 3/16/12)
Sudbury senior tax relief bill moves through Legislature (MetroWest Daily News, 3/16/12)
Talk turns to Romney at Cellucci ALS fundraiser (WBUR, 3/16/12)
With donors tough to find, Romney faces dilemma (Boston Globe, 3/16/12)
Labor boss to ‘crack down’ (Boston Herald, 3/16/12)
DiMasi said to give lengthy testimony in Probation case (Boston Globe, 3/16/12)
Romney’s Bain tied to Chinese surveillance (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 3/15/12)
Dem cracks showing a little early (Boston Herald, 3/15/12)
T might be able to ease cuts in service (Boston Globe, 3/15/12)
Long Republican contest starting to hit Mitt Romney where it hurts most: his wallet (AP, 3/15/12)
State lawmakers consider bill limiting court-appointed attorneys (WWLP, 3/15/12)
State, Mashpee tribe ready to deal (Cape Cod Times, 3/15/12)
Mashpee Wampanoags contact Gov. Patrick to negotiate compact for Taunton casino (Brockton Enterprise, 3/15/12)
Little room for error in city’s power grid (Boston Globe, 3/15/12)
Foxborough to revisit casino (Boston Globe, 3/15/12)
The casino doctor is in (Boston Herald, 3/15/12)
Legislators queasy about sick-day bill in down economy (Lowell Sun, 3/15/12)
Proposed law would track hiring on state funded job sites (Dorchester Reporter, 3/15/12)
Angry Hub pols blast Nstar, fear ‘next one’ (Boston Herald, 3/15/12)
Protesters urge MBTA to avoid cuts, fare hikes (WCVB, 3/15/12)
Rep. Ross pushes to have Attleboro included in Gateway program (The Sun Chronicle, 3/15/12)
Editorial: Governor, legislators: Put our Greenway on your must-do list (Dorchester Reporter, 3/15/12)
Tension between Middleboro, tribe rising (Brockton Enterprise, 3/14/12)
Growing income gap threatens area, report says (Boston Globe, 3/14/12)
Town, city leaders call for more state money for road repairs (MetroWest Daily News, 3/14/12)
Slower, weaker – BLS job’s data undercut Patrick Administration narrative (Red Mass Group, 3/14/12)
State may cut funds to nonprofit after audit slams spending (Boston Herald, 3/14/12)
Unemployment rate rises in state (MetroWest Daily News, 3/14/12)
Worst of outcomes for Mitt Romney (Boston Globe, 3/14/12)
State officials: No escaping cuts, fare hikes for T riders (Lynn Item, 3/14/12)
Gaming policy expert says Aquinnahs have ‘zero chance’ at casino license (Taunton Daily Gazette, 3/13/12)
Clean energy to redirect billions lost? (WWLP, 3/13/12)
Jobless rates rise in most towns, but remain lower than early 2011 (MetroWest Daily News, 3/13/12)
3 Democrats to contend for Cipollini’s seat on Governor’s Council (Fall River Herald News, 3/13/12)
Holyoke voters could be facing nonbinding referendum on casino gambling, third since 1995 (Springfield Republican, 3/13/12)
Building spurt brightens job outlook (Boston Globe, 3/13/12)
The Governor Party — Managers V (MassPoliticsProfs, 3/13/12)
Governor’s counselor not seeking re-election (North Adams Transcript, 3/13/12)
Speaker DeLeo tied to tribe lobbyist (Boston Herald, 3/13/12)
Former state senator target of ethics probe (MetroWest Daily News, 3/13/12)
DiMasi loses bid to stay in RI prison (Boston Globe, 3/13/12)
Immigration issue divides Brown, Warren (Boston Globe, 3/13/12)
Wamponoags push ahead on Taunton casino (The Sun Chronicle, 3/13/12)
Foxboro group to Gov. Patrick: reject casino (The Sun Chronicle, 3/13/12)
Casino to be put on ballot in Taunton (Brockton Enterprise, 3/13/12)
Video: Study predicts health impact of MBTA service cuts (WHDH, 3/13/12)
Grossman makes pick for gambling commission (The Patriot Ledger, 3/13/12)
Casino bid may be bound for court (Boston Globe, 3/12/12)
Report: Judge broke ethics laws (WCVB-TV, 3/12/12)
Families to meet on possible Bulger girlfriend plea change (WCVB, 3/12/12)
Greenway bill has tax group seeing red (Boston Herald, 3/12/12)
Bill would give refunds for tardy commuter rail trains (Boston Herald, 3/12/12)
Springfield political activists climb aboard Democratic and Republican party committees (Springfield Republican, 3/12/12)
Mass. GOP lawmakers file package of jobs bills (Boston Globe, 3/12/12)
State, community colleges divided over schools’ goals (WBUR, 3/12/12)
Officials weigh cops’ ‘Quinn Bill’ ruling (Gloucester Times, 3/11/12)
Newton Mayor Setti Warren keeps his hand in wider circles (Boston Globe, 3/11/12)
Mashpee Wampanoag tribe calls Middleboro actions ‘improper’ (Raynham Call, 3/11/12)
Jobs for Foxboro: reporting flawed data (MyFoxBoston, 3/11/12)
Hearings to end on MBTA fare hikes, service cuts (MyFoxBoston, 3/11/12)
Editorial: Jolt for the jobless (Boston Herald, 3/9/12)
Scott Brown’s Mitt Romney problem (Washington Post, 3/8/12)
Quinn Bill ruling relieves towns, cities of covering costs (MyFoxBoston, 3/8/12)
Sen. Richard Ross names to legislative casino panel (Sun Chronicle, 3/8/12)
Senior groups slam Gov. Patrick, call for better representation (MetroWest Daily News, 3/8/12)
SJC: Communities not on hook for full Quinn Bill costs (Boston Globe, 3/8/12)
Central Mass. commuters feel railroaded by T hikes (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 3/8/12)
Patrick files bill to end unemployment abuse (Lynn Item, 3/8/12)
Legislature restores funds for GOP sheriffs vetoed by Patrick (Lynn Item, 3/8/12)
Casino backers make pitch to Foxboro (Sun Chronicle, 3/8/12)
Wynn renews his push for casino in Foxborough (Boston Globe, 3/8/12)
Romney at top of ticket excites downballot Mass. Republicans (Less is More, 3/7/12)
Scott Brown is a ‘mildly conservative fellow’ (Less is More, 3/7/12)
Patrick proposes infrastructure bank in $1.5 billion transportation bond bill (MetroWest Daily News, 3/7/12)
Romney wins big on Super Tuesday, but rivals hang in (Boston Globe, 3/7/12)
At Becker College, Senate President Therese Murray praises economy (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 3/7/12)
Home cooking serves Mitt Romney well in Mass. (Boston Herald, 3/7/12)
Speaker DeLeo: House will hold line on tax hikes (Boston Herald, 3/7/12)
Patrick: Vicious GOP primary has ‘risk of turning people off’ (Boston Herald, 3/7/12)
DeLeo says House bill will try to cut health cost in half (Boston Globe, 3/7/12)
Vineyard tribe seeks Fall River casino vote (The Patriot Ledger, 3/7/12)
Elizabeth Warren lets supporters choose which charity Scott Brown will donate to for PAC violation of ‘People’s Pledge’ (Springfield Republican, 3/7/12)
Romney wins decisive victory in home state of Massachusetts (Political Intelligence, 3/6/12)
Pol: ‘Real’ fix for T requires investment (Boston Herald, 3/6/12)
State officials tightens reins on education collaboratives (Brockton Sentinel and Enterprise, 3/6/12)

‘Death with Dignity’ ballot question stirs up debate at Mass. Statehouse hearing (Springfield Republican, 3/6/12)
Patrick can thank blind eye of media (Lowell Sun, 3/6/12)
Governor Patrick eases small business rules (Boston Globe, 3/6/12)
Hub biz group calls on MBTA to cap fare hike at 25% (Lynn Item, 3/6/12)
Video: Brown’s ‘People’s Pledge’ broken? (WCVB-TV, 3/6/12)
Scott Brown to pay for violation of ‘People’s Pledge,’ asks CAPE PAC to pull ads (Springfield Republican, 3/6/12)
Feds throw out Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s land claim in Middleboro (Raynham Call, 3/6/12)
‘Death with dignity’ ballot question stirs up debate at Massachusetts Statehouse hearing (Springfield Republican, 3/6/12)
Light voter turnout in Mass. presidential contests (Boston Globe, 3/6/12)
Democratic jitters in Senate race (Boston Globe, 3/6/12)
WNE poll reveals how voters view Sen. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren (Springfield Republican, 3/6/12)
Mass GOP pinning hopes on a Romney primary win (MetroWest Daily News, 3/6/12)
Founder: Mitt didn’t make time for Tea (Boston Herald, 3/6/12)
MBTA cuts would have adverse effects on Boston’s economy (Metro Boston, 3/5/12)
Video: Angry pike toll payers taking case to highest court (WCVB-TV, 3/5/12)
Business group seeks legislative intervention, 25% MBTA fare hike cap (MetroWest Daily News, 3/5/12)
Mass. Dems attack Mitt Romney on eve of state’s primary (Boston Globe, 3/5/12)
Wynn shows his hand to Foxborough (Boston Globe, 3/3/12)
Mashpee tribe and Middleboro try to settle dispute (Cape Cod Times, 3/2/12)
Sordid allegations emerge in Christy Mihos case (Cape Cod Times, 3/2/12)
Holliston girds to fight Milford casino (Milford Daily News, 3/2/12)
Legislators split over campaign donation resolution (Milford Daily News, 3/2/12)
Workers’ comp rates could go up (Boston Globe, 3/2/12)
Patrick: State ready to talk to Wampanoag tribe about Taunton casino (The Patriot Ledger, 3/2/12)
Casino talk hits a chord in Taunton (Boston Globe, 3/1/12)
Plans for Mashpee Wamponoag casino in Taunton unveiled (Cape Cod Times, 3/1/12)
State GOP leaders behind Mitt Romney (Boston Globe, 3/1/12)
Opinion: Warren risks morphing into the ‘woman’s candidate’ (Boston Globe, 3/1/12)
MGM Resorts unveils website about Brimfield casino (Springfield Republican, 3/1/12)
On running for president, Patrick invokes ‘sunny days’ versus ‘rainy ones’ (State House News Service, 3/1/12)
Rasmussen and Mass Insight polls show Scott Brown leading Elizabeth Warren (Springfield Republican, 3/1/12)
Mihos to seek treatment after violence allegation (Boston Globe, 3/1/12)
Lawmakers take wait-and-see approach on T’s fiscal woes (Lynn Item, 3/1/12)
Raynham Park owner still has hopes for slots following proposal of Taunton casino (Taunton Daily Gazette, 3/1/12)


Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe announces plans to purchase land in East Taunton for casino (Taunton Daily Gazette, 2/29/12)
Mass. lawmakers come out against proposed health insurance hike for military members (Springfield Republican, 2/29/12)
Wife says Christy Mihos is addicted to prostitutes, porn stars (CBS Boston, 2/29/12)
Tribe’s bid for Taunton land jumpstarts Southeast casino talks (Taunton Daily Gazette, 2/29/12)
Poll shows Scott Brown leading Elizabeth Warren (Political Intelligence, 2/29/12)
Deval Patrick defends President Obama on energy policy (Boston Globe, 2/26/12)
Backing unions a delicate mission for Elizabeth Warren (Boston Globe, 2/26/12)
Watchdog group blast gov on cellphone records (Boston Herald, 2/24/12)
Senator Wolf calls for Pilgrim nuclear plant shutdown (Cape Codder, 2/24/12)
Judge invalidates promotions of 11 Probation Dept employees (Boston Globe, 2/24/12)
Probation promotions are invalid, judge says (Boston Globe, 2/24/12)
Powerful state rep’s business linked to brother, allegedly stolen money (MyFoxBoston, 2/24/12)
Lawmakers aim to boost school aid (Boston Globe, 2/23/12)
Gov. Patrick backs decision to deny phone records (Boston Globe, 2/23/12)
Deval Patrick to serve as co-chair in Barack Obama campaign (Boston Globe, 2/22/12)
The fall and rise of Martha Coakley (Boston Globe, 2/21/12)
Editorial: More shame on former Auditor Joseph DeNucci (Boston Globe, 2/19/12)
Top official favors fare hike over service cut (Boston Globe, 2/19/12)
Suffolk U poll: Deval Patrick not presidential material; Martha Coakley viable for Mass. governor in 2014 (Springfield Republican, 2/18/12)
East Boston group to fight casino (Boston Globe, 2/16/12)
Probation got jobs for Sal DiMasi’s pals (Boston Herald, 2/16/12)
Contraceptives and the Mass. Senate race (MassPoliticsProfs, 2/16/12)
Commentary: Contraception bill bad choice for Scott Brown (Boston Herald, 2/16/12)
GOP pols pushing alternate jobs plan (Lowell Sun, 2/16/12)
Track’s perceived clout may deter rivals (Boston Globe, 2/16/12)
Local Republicans pitch plan to create jobs in state (MetroWest Daily News, 2/16/12)
Donors from afar buoying Warren (Boston Globe, 2/15/12)
AG Martha Coakley taps prosecutor to enforce state’s new gambling law (Springfield Republican, 2/15/12)
Caesars CEO dismisses concerns about casinos (Boston Globe, 2/15/12)
Wind turbine study assailed (Boston Globe, 2/15/12)
Sen. Brown supports limiting health coverage on moral grounds (Boston Globe, 2/15/12)
Has former House Speaker Sal DiMasi moved to a Rhode Island facility? (MyFoxBoston, 2/15/12)
Brown donations mostly from Bay State (Boston Glove, 2/14/12)
Road taxes to help T’s financial trouble? (Metro Boston, 2/14/12)
Will Sal’s ride help crack patronage abuse probe? (Lowell Sun, 2/14/12)
Sal DiMasi locked up in RI, expected at grand jury (Boston Herald, 2/14/12)
Scott Brown’s ‘People’s Pledge’ not written by senator but third party (Boston Globe, 2/13/12)
Pol pushes for records reform (Boston Herald, 2/13/12)
Editorial: Visiting the ‘friends and favors’ office (Boston Globe, 2/11/12)
Coakley, Cuccinelli debate federal health care law (Legal Newsline, 2/10/12)
Speaker DeLeo rejects Patrick’s tax proposals (Boston Globe, 2/9/12)
Foes take swipe at Deval Patrick (Boston Herald, 2/9/12)
Rep. tackles health care reform at chamber breakfast (Salem News, 2/9/12)
With Warren ahead, Democratic hopefuls gear up for primary (WBUR, 2/9/12)
Transportation Sec: Gas tax one way to avert looming state transportation crisis (Lynn Item, 2/9/12)
Lt. Gov. Tim Murray ponies up big bucks in crash (Boston Herald, 2/9/12)
Local lawmakers back speaker’s no-new-taxes pledge (Milford Daily News, 2/9/12)
DeLeo opposes governor’s plan for new taxes and fees (Springfield Republican, 2/9/12)
GOP, Dems on move in Mass. (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 2/8/12)
No say for some who would be casinos’ neighbors (Boston Globe, 2/8/12)
DeLeo expresses concern over MBTA cuts plans (Lynn Item, 2/8/12)
As Massachusetts governor, Romney had an unremarkable record on jobs (Washington Post, 2/7/12)
Video: Former House speaker Sal DiMasi returns to Mass. (WGBH, 2/7/12)
Push for Patrick’s new Alzheimer’s plan (WWLP, 2/7/12)
Norquist asks Mass. lawmakers to reject tax hikes (Boston Globe, 2/7/12)
Taxpayers could fund more of Mass. state retirees’ pensions (Lynn Item, 2/7/12)
Warren raising bulk of campaign funds out of Mass. (Boston Globe, 2/3/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick inks book deal (ABC News, 2/2/12)
Casinos to pay for compulsive gambling help, but will Beacon Hill keep the money safe? (MyFoxBoston, 2/2/12)
Local lawmakers look to overturn campaign funding ruling (MetroWest Daily News, 2/2/12)
Patrick’s PAC raised $575,000 (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 2/2/12)
Open season on Greenway (Boston Herald, 2/2/12)
Local lawmakers discuss banning fundraisers during budget season (MetroWest Daily News, 2/1/12)
State sets up $1M loan fund for fishermen (Lowell Sun, 2/1/12)
Developer claims race bias in Mass. casino law (Boston Herald, 2/1/12)
Gov. Patrick’s PAC raises $575,000 in 2011 (Boston Herald, 2/1/12)
Casino developer seeks an injunction (Boston Globe, 2/1/12)


Rebuild Springfield final draft presented (WWLP, 1/31/12)
Delahunt backs off controversial wind energy deal, tells Hull he’ll help for free (Patriot Ledger, 1/31/12)
Tribe’s bid for casino won’t be smooth sailing (Boston Globe, 1/31/12)
Kennedys donate Hyannisport home (Cape Cod Times, 1/31/12)
Gov. Patrick proposal would increase aid to Taunton schools (Taunton Daily Gazette, 1/31/12)
State GOP lawmakers praise Romney (Sun Chronicle, 1/31/12)
Prescription bill would require doctors to register with state monitoring board (Patriot Ledger, 1/31/12)
Blogging under the golden dome (Boston Herald, 1/30/12)
Activists pitch changes as panel works on election law overhaul (Boston Herald, 1/30/12)
Boston lawyer keeps steady hand on Romney’s holdings (Boston Globe, 1/30/12)
Arthur Bernard, Patrick’s former chief of staff, joins lobbying firm (Boston Globe, 1/30/12)
Probation fallout has legislators nervous (Lowell Sun, 1/27/12)
Patrick critical of Bruins goalie’s protest (Boston Globe, 1/27/12)
Governor’s budget plan includes more money for schools (MetroWest Daily News, 1/26/12)
Gov. Patrick envisions community of colleges (MetroWest Daily News, 1/26/12)
DiPaola saga ends with no charges (Boston Globe, 1/26/12)
NSCC president warns against Patrick’s proposal to centralize community colleges (Lynn Item, 1/26/12)
Gov. Patrick insists public will support tax on soda, candy (Boston Herald, 1/26/12)
Patrick tours NSCC in aftermath of community college unification plan (Lynn Item, 1/26/12)
State budget includes cigarette tax hike (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 1/26/12)
Patrick seeks job cuts, new school aid (Boston Globe, 1/26/12)
Local lawmakers aren’t biting on tax (The Sun Chronicle, 1/26/12)
Video: Gov. Deval Patrick on the state’s finances, crime, Time Murray and more (WGBH, 1/26/12)
Advocates fault Mass. Gov. Patrick on budget cuts (Boston Globe, 1/25/12)
Middlesex corruption investigation closes with no charges but a fine, calls for campaign finance (MyFoxBoston, 1/25/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick’s $32.3B Mass. budget boosts UMass, cuts teen pregnancy prevention, meals for the elderly (Springfield Republican, 1/25/12)
Patrick’s community college plan under scrutiny (Cape Cod Times, 1/25/12)
Gov. Patrick: Boost programs for struggling students (Boston Globe, 1/25/12)
Three-strikes bill critics call for more analysis (Boston Globe, 1/25/12)
Gov. Patrick proposes education grants for Fall River, Taunton (The Herald News, 1/25/12)
Mass. home sales in 2011 worst in two decades (Milford Daily News, 1/25/12)
Patrick’s plan for colleges creates stir (Salem News, 1/25/12)
Community colleges glad for new interest (Boston Globe, 1/25/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick’s budget proposal to include $10M for education in 24 cities (Springfield Republican, 1/25/12)
Gov. Patrick: Educated workforce is goal (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 1/25/12)
Governor outlines agenda (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 1/24/12)
MBTA cuts protested at State House (Boston Globe, 1/24/12)
Deval Patrick’s State of the Commonwealth (MassPoliticsProfs, 1/24/12)
Mass. teachers union sues over ballot question (WWLP, 1/24/12)
Third-party ads nixed by Brown, Warren (Boston Globe, 1/24/12)
Scandal clouds Deval Patrick’s speech on the state (Boston Herald, 1/24/12)
Murray requests fundraising probe (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 1/24/12)
Mass. GOP chair hires third from GOP at his firm (Boston Globe, 1/23/12)
Text of Gov. Deval Patrick’s State of the State (AP, 1/23/12)
Quotes from Gov. Patrick’s state of state speech (Boston Globe, 1/23/12)
Lt. Gov Murray requests investigation of political fundraising for him by former Chelsea housing chief (Boston Globe, 1/23/12)
Western Mass reacts to Governor’s address (WWLP, 1/23/12)
Governor Patrick makes community colleges focus of his sixth State of the Commonwealth speech (Boston Globe, 1/23/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick calls for new laws to reduce crime, boost job training, overhaul health care (Springfield Republican, 1/23/12)
Patrick seeks broad changes for community colleges (Boston Globe, 1/22/12)
Chelsea housing chief raised money for Lt. Gov Murray, employees say (Boston Globe, 1/22/12)
Scott Brown downplays own wealth, highlights it for public safety officials, during interview (Boston Globe, 1/21/12)
Patrick to seek education funding boost (Boston Globe, 1/20/12)
Brown casts reelection campaign as a battle with a ‘machine’ (Boston Globe, 1/20/12)
Gaming Commission won’t rush on casinos (Boston Globe, 1/20/12)
Celebrating fair play and equal justice under the law (Boston Globe, 1/19/12)
Hard Rock may move on from Holyoke (WWLP, 1/19/12)
Casino bids a test for small-town resources (Boston Globe, 1/19/12)
Gov. Deval Patrick calls prison overhaul criticism ‘wisecracks’ (Boston Herald, 1/19/12)
Elizabeth Warren ‘money bomb’ fundraiser tops $1M in donations (Springfield Republican, 1/19/12)
Mass. House rejects meals tax holiday (WWLP, 1/18/12)
Mass. House OKs unemployment insurance rate freeze (Boston Globe, 1/18/12)
Ice may have caused Murray crash (Boston Globe, 1/16/12)
Niche political groups in Mass. aiming to gain clout (Cape Cod Times, 1/16/12)
Mass. minority hopes pinned to new district map (MyFoxBoston, 1/15/12)
Mass. expects $21.B in taxes for new fiscal year (Lynn Item, 1/13/12)
Official: Cuts loom, despite bigger tax haul (Boston Herald, 1/13/12)
Ousted agency head collects $425K severance in defeat for Patrick administration (Commonwealth Magazine, 1/13/12)
Gambling official to headline casino talk (Boston Globe, 1/13/12)
Patrick administration agrees to settle lawsuit by ousted aide (Boston Globe, 1/13/12)
State gives film subsidies rave reviews (Boston Globe, 1/13/12)
MGM seeking casino in Western Mass. (WCVB, 1/12/12)
Elizabeth Warren raises $5.7M in final quarter of 2011 (Boston Globe, 1/11/12)
Gov. Patrick could help Obama win New Hampshire (MyFoxBoston, 1/11/12)
‘Mass. moderate’ insult has local Republicans wincing (Boston Globe, 1/10/12)
Central Mass. reps hear Romney’s election-eve pitch (Worcester Telegram, 1/10/12)
Tim Murray camp: Lt. gov wasn’t phoning, texting (Boston Herald, 1/10/12)
Lt. Gov. Murray writes to supporters about controversial car crash, says ‘false rumors’ abound (MyFoxBoston, 1/10/12)
Western Mass gets $44.7M bad-weather bailout from federal govt (Springfield Republican, 1/9/12)
Video: Will Mass. adopt a “three strikes” law? (WGBH, 1/9/12)
Change sought in evaluating teachers (Boston Globe, 1/9/12)
SJC orders state to cover legal immigrants (Boston Globe, 1/6/12)
Health care ruling may add $150M to state budget (Newburyport Daily News, 1/6/12)
Lt. Gov. Tim Murray denies cell records (Boston Herald, 1/6/12)
Massachusetts cannot cut immigrants from health insurance program (Boston Globe, 1/5/12)
Supreme Judicial Court pledges merit-based hiring and promotion in the courts (Springfield Republican, 1/5/12)
The Governor Party — Managers III (MassPoliticsProfs, 1/5/12)
A tale of two House speakers (Lowell Sun, 1/5/12)
‘Black box’ speaks in Murray crash (Worcester Telegram, 1/4/12)
Data wrecks Lt. Gov. Tim Murray’s crash tale (Boston Herald, 1/4/12)
Gov. Patrick bypasses crash scandal (Boston Herald, 1/4/12)
Federal funds for home heating aid in Mass. will be cut by 28% (Springfield Republican, 1/4/12)
Gov. Patrick says he still trusts Lt. Gov Murray — and it’s time to move on from crash controversy (Boston Globe, 1/4/12)
Editorial: Mitt, we hardly know ye (Boston Globe, 1/4/12)
Lt. Gov. answers inconsistencies uncovered by ‘black-box’ data (Sentinel and Enterprise, 1/4/12)
Lawmakers blast utilities over missteps (Milford Daily News, 1/4/12)
Gov. Patrick: Romney win a victory for tea party (Boston Globe, 1/4/12)
Reconstruction expert doubts Lt. Gov’s sleep story (MyFoxBoston, 1/3/12)
Mass. certifies two health insurance purchasing cooperatives (Boston Globe, 1/3/12)
Lt. Gov. Tim Murray was driving 100 mph at time of Nov. crash, may have fallen asleep at the wheel (Boston Globe, 1/3/12)
Board eyes who gets say in casino vote (Boston Herald, 1/3/12)

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