The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Massachusetts Guv News


Massachusetts Gubernatorial Headlines


Questions trail state gambling commissioner (Boston Globe, 12/8/13)
Problems continue to plague Mass. health marketplace (Boston Globe, 12/7/13)
OPINION: A ticket that leaves out Mass. voters (Boston Globe, 12/7/13)
Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Don Berwick says he supports effort to repeal Massachusetts casino law (Springfield Republican, 12/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Deval Patrick’s casino confusion (Boston Globe, 12/5/13)
Elizabeth Warren says she’s not seeking presidency (Boston Globe, 12/5/13)
Gambling panel chair to recuse self from Everett site review (Boston Globe, 12/5/13)
After Obamacare, can Don Berwick implement single-payer in Massachusetts? (Forbes, 12/4/13)
OPINION: Why do we even need a lieutenant governor? (Boston Globe, 12/4/13)
Gubernatorial candidates reflect on casino law (Boston Globe, 12/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Suffolk Downs casino proposal not dead yet (Boston Globe, 12/4/13)
Baker bests field in Oct. fundraising (Lowell Sun, 12/3/13)
Suffolk Downs casino bid likely to proceed in Revere (Boston Globe, 12/3/13)
Charlie Baker picks Karyn Polito as running mate (Boston Globe, 12/3/13)
Running mate issue gets thornier for Charlie Baker (Boston Globe, 12/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Experienced candidates will try different approach (Boston Herald, 12/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Kayyem is biggest threat to Coakley, GOP (Boston Herald, 12/2/13)
State files lawsuit to block Martha’s Vineyard casino (Boston Globe, 12/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Dems due for duel in gov race (Boston Herald, 12/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Loss of Menino means gov race is wide open (Boston Herald, 12/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. front-runners seek 2nd chances (Boston Herald, 12/2/13)
Final public hearing on Raynham Park slots plan set for Thursday (Taunton Daily Gazette, 12/1/13)
State lawmakers advance bill that would ban fracking in Mass. (Boston Business Journal, 12/1/13)
Results of MGM Resorts Intl background investigation to be released by Mass. Gaming Commission (Springfirled Republican, 12/1/13)


Pioneering offshore wind project faces deadline (AP, 11/30/13)
Proposed repeals of automatic gas tax increase, casino law among 7 questions headed to 2014 ballot (Springfield Republican, 11/29/13)
Casino, gas tax increase repeals may make ballot (Boston Globe, 11/29/13)
Bill would ban ‘fracking’ in Mass. for 10 years (AP, 11/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Casino law’s foes are still in the game (Boston Globe, 11/29/13)
Suffolk Downs would be landlord in deal with Mohegan Sun (Boston Globe, 11/28/13)
Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick to begin taking full $151,800 salary he is entitled to (MassLive, 11/27/13)
Governors seek more US funds for heating aid (Boston Globe, 11/26/13)
Recount confirms defeat of Palmer casino proposal (AP, 11/26/13)
Charlie Baker and the vanity independent candidates (MassPoliticsProfs, 11/26/13)
Marty Walsh: Boston Olympics worth a look (Boston Herald, 11/26/13)
Mass. buffer-zone law at highest court (Boston Globe, 11/26/13)
All eyes on Mohegan Sun’s next move as Palmer casino vote stands following recount (Springfield Republican, 11/26/13)
William Delahunt, Thomas Finneran join a number of politicos involved in medical marijuana bids (Boston Globe, 11/26/13)
Berwick health care agenda includes single payer exploration (Waltham News Tribune, 11/25/13)
Tech industry opposes minimum wage increase without unemployment insurance reforms (Boston Business Journal, 11/25/13)
State lawmakers called out for using campaign funds for personal perks (Boston Business Journal, 11/25/13)
Two years later, a shifting landscape for casinos (Boston Globe, 11/25/13)
AUDIO: String of ‘no’ votes leaves emerging Mass. casino industry in limbo (WBUR, 11/25/13)
Potential roster of GOP hopefuls shrinks further (Boston Herald, 11/25/13)
Snarls in retooled Mass. insurance site (Boston Globe, 11/25/13)
After election, Martin Walsh is still raising cash (Boston Globe, 11/24/13)
COMMENTARY: The Governor’s Council, manufacturing madness (Boston Globe, 11/24/13)
COMMENTARY: A casino opponent’s vindication (Boston Globe, 11/24/13)
COMMENTARY: The wages of compromise on Beacon Hill (Boston Globe, 11/22/13)
Independents may complicate Baker’s bid (Boston Globe, 11/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Elizabeth Warren – The Contender (Boston Globe, 11/21/13)
Land deal for Everett casino plan under scrutiny (Boston Globe, 11/21/13)
EDITORIAL: Massachusetts casino contenders dwindle as more suburban voters say ‘no’ (Springfield Republican, 11/21/13)
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Don Berwick details proposed improvements to state health care program while campaigning in Springfield (Springfield Republican, 11/21/13)
Another casino plan goes down despite signs that Bay Staters like to gamble (Hartford Courant, 11/20/13)
And then there were 2… casino application deadline fast approaching (Springfield Republican, 11/20/13)
DeLeo wary of minimum wage hike for Mass. (Boston Globe, 11/20/13)
Study shows extreme income and educational disparities in Mass., with low numbers in Boston, Springfield and Worcester county (Springfield Republican, 11/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Auditor Bump plan too taxing (Boston Herald, 11/20/13)
AUDIO: Anti-casino group: ‘People are surging to join us’ (WBUR, 11/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Fighting for low-wage workers in Mass. (Boston Globe, 11/20/13)
Gov. Patrick: Casino law working as it should (AP, 11/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Stephen Crosby may regulate a little too well (Boston Globe, 11/20/13)
Gubernatorial candidate Don Berwick to unveil health care policy proposal with campaign stops in Springfield, Worcester and Boston (Springfield Republican, 11/19/13)
Pols push procrastination on minimum wage hike (Boston Herald, 11/19/13)
Massachusetts Senate overwhelmingly approves minimum wage increase to $11 an hour (Springfield Republican, 11/19/13)
Milford voters soundly reject casino plan, further reducing the competition for licenses (Boston Business Journal, 11/19/13)
Interstate 91 project announced by Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick is only 1 step toward getting the highway out of view (MassLive, 11/19/13)
Mass. Senate approves hike in state minimum wage (AP, 11/19/13)
Western New England University poll finds majority of residents support casinos, but not in their backyard (Daily Hampshire Gazette, 11/19/13)
Walsh touts ‘great relationship’ with Patrick (Boston Herald, 11/19/13)
OPINION: Democrats would benefit from wide-open race for governor (Boston Globe, 11/19/13)
Milford voters reject Foxwoods-backed casino plan (Boston Globe, 11/19/13)
AUDIO: Milford casino vote divides residents (WBUR, 11/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Effort to hike minimum wage likely to stall (Boston Herald, 11/18/13)
Raise Up Massachusetts says it has enough signatures to move forward ballot questions raising minimum wage, ensuring paid sick time (Springfield Republican, 11/18/13)
Expert: Health Connector performs worse than disastrous Obamacare site (Boston Herald, 11/18/13)
Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick to hold closed-door meeting with Martin Walsh, Boston’s mayor-elect (Springfield Republican, 11/18/13)
In casino, some see risks for Vineyarders (Boston Globe, 11/18/13)
Mass. ballot question supporters facing deadline (AP, 11/17/13)
Casino contest in Mass. enters stretch run; Milford vote set for Tuesday (Springfield Republican, 11/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Unforced errors from Martha Coakley’s campaign (Boston Globe, 11/17/13)
A decade after Mass. ruling, gay marriage gains (AP, 11/16/13)
Patrick agrees launch of health care law a mess (Boston Herald, 11/16/13)
Abortion clinic buffer zone defended by Mass. AG Martha Coakley (AP, 11/16/13)
Gov. Patrick to meet with Boston Mayor-elect Walsh (AP, 11/16/13)
Reading Democrats invite residents to meet gubernatorial candidate Don Berwick (Daily Times Chronicle, 11/16/13)
Milford casino plan passes state background check (Boston Globe, 11/16/13)
AUDIO: Casino at the heart of tribal election on Martha’s Vineyard (WBUR, 11/15/13)
Patrick: Mass. Obamacare website ‘gets better every day’ (Boston Herald, 11/14/13)
Murray readies $11 minimum wage proposal for Senate vote (WBUR, 11/14/13)
Bulger sentenced, escorted from sight (Boston Globe, 11/14/13)
Gov. to Wampanoag: Don’t bet on state gambling license (Boston Herald, 11/14/13)
Candidate Steve Grossman launches new website (Blue Mass Group, 11/14/13)
Mass. governor to announce $73M for affordable housing (AP, 11/14/13)
Funding uncertain in Milford casino bid (Boston Globe, 11/14/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick says he would vote against casino in his town (MassLive, 11/14/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick not swayed by argument for Martha’s Vineyard casino (MassLive, 11/13/13)
Martha’s Vineyard tribe gets casino approval from feds (Cape Cod Times, 11/13/13)
Third of callers seeking aid with Mass. site hang up in frustration (Boston Herald, 11/13/13)
Domestic workers push for rights at State House (Boston Globe, 11/13/13)
Advocates: Add vet services to Cabinet (Boston Herald, 11/12/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick says executive office renovations are necessary (Springfield Republican, 11/11/13)
Casino foes push to repeal law (Boston Herald, 11/10/13)
Just 1 percent of Bay Staters facing canceled health plans have successfully signed up (Boston Herald, 11/9/13)
Critics question $9M price tag for renovations of gov’s office (Boston Herald, 11/9/13)
Mayor-elect Marty Walsh, Gov. Deval Patrick have history of cooperation (Boston Herald, 11/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Tangled campaign fund presents a test of Coakley’s leadership (Boston Globe, 11/9/13)
Governor Patrick to give office a $9 million upgrade (Boston Globe, 11/9/13)
Mayor-elect meets with Boston business leaders (Boston Globe, 11/9/13)
NRC downgrades Pilgrim’s performance rating (Boston Globe, 11/9/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick moving out of State House corner office for $9M suite renovation (Springfield Republican, 11/8/13)
NRC chair sees ‘downgraded performance’ at Pilgrim nuclear plant (The Patriot-Ledger, 11/8/13)
Dobelle resigns from Westfield State presidency (Boston Globe, 11/8/13)
Marty Walsh taught Martha Coakley a lesson (Boston Herald, 11/8/13)
Pols call new Suffolk casino bid a longshot (Boston Herald, 11/8/13)
COMMENTARY: What if we legalized gambling, but end up with no casinos? (Boston Globe, 11/8/13)
Ex-official, gov candidate defends Obamacare law (Boston Herald, 11/8/13)
AUDIO: News roundup: Pilgrim Falls below federal standards, Sen. Wolf cleared for reelection bid (WCAI, 11/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Leave it to lawmakers (Boston Herald, 11/7/13)

New Massachusetts ballot committee, Bay State Repeal, hopes to legalize marijuana in 2016 (MassLive, 11/7/13)
Gaming panel chief skeptical of Revere casino plan (Boston Globe, 11/7/13)
Mass. Senate approves agreement for $500M Mashpee Wampanoag casino in Taunton (Springfield Republican, 11/7/13)
Golden Domes days may expedite mayor’s goals (Boston Herald, 11/7/13)
Martin Walsh basks in glow after election victory (Boston Globe, 11/7/13)
Ethics Commission approves conflict draft (State House News Service, 11/6/13)
Walsh edges Connolly to become Boston’s 54th mayor (Boston Herald, 11/6/13)
Martin Walsh wins Boston’s mayoral race (Boston Globe, 11/6/13)
Suffolk Downs ‘reassessing’ as Eastie rejects casino bid (Boston Herald, 11/6/13)
In talk, Berwick proposes health care reforms (Harvard Crimson, 11/5/13)
Newton’s candidates for governor campaign in Chestnut Hill (Newton TAB, 11/4/13)
Residents to vote on casino plan for Suffolk Downs (Boston Globe, 11/3/13)
Warren broadens reach by joining petition website (Boston Globe, 11/3/13)
Martha Coakley’s campaign funds in disarray (Boston Globe, 11/3/13)
Outside groups fueling Boston’s mayoral race (Boston Globe, 11/2/13)


AUDIO: Former Medicare chief reflects on health law (WBUR, 10/30/13)
Across political divide, Astrue, Berwick hit hard (Boston Globe, 10/29/13)
Martin Walsh, long a labor leader, talks of broader balance (Boston Globe, 10/28/13)
Caesars ouster puts casino vote in doubt (Boston Globe, 10/20/13)
OPINION: What about the lost tech tax income? (Boston Globe, 10/20/13)
Caesars dumped from Suffolk Downs casino plan (Boston Globe, 10/19/13)
Coakley takes tough stand on Dookhan sentence (Boston Globe, 10/18/13)
Coakley pushes for extended jail time for disgraced state chemist (Boston Business Journal, 10/18/13)
Casino moguls meet panel (Boston Globe, 10/18/13)
AUDIO: What makes Berwick run: Spurned Medicare chief seeks to lead Massachusetts (WBUR, 10/18/13)
Democratic candidate for governor Don Berwick to hold online forum Sunday (Newton Tab, 10/18/13)
Dobelle placed on paid leave; probe set (Boston Globe, 10/17/13)
Massachusetts Gaming Commission reaffirms view that casinos should market tourist attractions (Springfield Republican, 10/17/13)
Cardinal O’Malley meets with lawmakers (Boston Globe, 10/17/13)
Review of state IT deals sought (Boston Globe, 10/17/13)
In second run for governor, Charlie Baker in touch with lighter side (Boston Globe, 10/17/13)
Connolly, Walsh show much in common in first debate (Boston Globe, 10/16/13)
OPINION: Walsh shows his humanity (Boston Globe, 10/16/13)
AUDIO: Charlie Baker slams Deval Patrick’s handling of local economy (Boston Herald, 10/16/13)
AUDIO: Berwick wants to shift from health policy to governor (WBUR, 10/16/13)
Gloves stay on in punchless mayoral debate (Boston Herald, 10/16/13)
Mass. lawmakers weighing public records bills (AP, 10/15/13)
Looking to pick up progressive cred (Boston Herald, 10/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Union cash a question of payback (Boston Herald, 10/15/13)
Gubernatorial candidates say money available (Boston Herald, 10/15/13)
After 20 years, Menino’s political operation scatters (Boston Globe, 10/14/13)
When Romneycare met Obamacare (Boston Globe, 10/13/13)
Exporting Romneycare (Boston Globe, 10/13/13)
Massachusetts debates raising school dropout age to 18 (Stateline, 10/11/13)
Gubernatorial candidate Berwick meets with voters (, 10/11/13)
Constitutional change would allow early voting in Mass. (Boston Globe, 10/10/13)
The myth of Martha Coakley’s mistakes (MassPoliticsProfs, 10/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Special interest case pumped into mayoral fight (Boston Herald, 10/10/13)
Martha Coakley has an early advantage in 2014 gubernatorial race, WNEU poll finds (Springfield Republican, 10/10/13)
AUDIO: If governor, Grossman to focus on education and manufacturing (WAMC, 10/10/13)
Democrats lead in governor’s race, WNE poll finds (WWLP, 10/10/13)
AUDIO: Steve Grossman on running for governor again: ‘I learned how to be a better listener’ (WGBH, 10/9/13)
Cape senator calls for Pilgrim nuclear plant to be shut down (The Patriot-Ledger, 10/9/13)
Mass. lawmakers approve tribal casino compact (AP, 10/9/13)
Mass. House votes to approved Taunton gambling compact with Mashpee Wampanoag Indian tribe (Springfield Republican, 10/9/13)
Gov. Patrick on first day of Canada trade mission (AP, 10/9/13)
5th Congressional district Democratic candidates debate govt shutdown, govt surveillance in first televised debate (Springfield Republican, 10/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Grossman: All employees deserve paid sick leave (Wayland Town Crier, 10/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Scott Brown’s 15 minutes of fame are up (Boston Globe, 10/6/13)
State freezes university’s funding (Boston Globe, 10/5/13)
Grossman widens lead in campaign coffers (Boston Globe, 10/4/13)


Mayoral rivals must woo precincts that shunned them (Boston Globe, 9/29/13)
Amid long odds, Mass. anti-casino group fights on (AP, 9/29/13)
Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick rallies Democrats in Texas (AP, 9/29/13)
COMMENTARY: As the dust settles, six notes from the mayoral race (Boston Globe, 9/29/13)
Patrick signs ‘tech tax’ repeal (Boston Globe, 9/27/13)
COMMENTARY: On second thought, repeal casinos (Boston Globe, 9/27/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick signs bill to repeal dreaded tax on software services (Springfield Republican, 9/27/13)
Big E gets a visit from Mass. gubernatorial candidate, AG Martha Coakley (Springfield Republican, 9/27/13)
Charlie Baker jabs Deval Patrick over EBT scandal (Boston Herald, 9/27/13)
Capuano to run for re-election, not governor (Boston Globe, 9/26/13)
Patrick doesn’t anticipate a final push for new taxes (Lowell Sun, 9/26/13)
Deal with utilities is major win for Boston’s First Wind, and its Maine wind farm plans (Boston Business Journal, 9/26/13)
State transit officials begin task of allocating added funding (Boston Globe, 9/26/13)
Tech tax repeal moves to state Senate’s court (Boston Herald, 9/26/13)
Congressman Michael Capuano decides against run to become governor of Mass. (Springfield Republican, 9/26/13)
Mass. Senate votes 38-0 to repeal tax on computer services (Springfield Republican, 9/26/13)
Mayoral rivals spar on outside donations (Boston Globe, 9/26/13)
Gabriel Gomez changes view on assault weapons ban, shows interest in joining Charlie Baker ticket (AP, 9/25/13)
City Council approves East Boston-only casino vote (Boston Globe, 9/25/13)
Mass. House votes 156-1 to repeal new tax on computer services (Springfield Republican, 9/25/13)
Coakley leads in early gov poll (Lowell Sun, 9/25/13)
Martin Walsh, John Connolly surge into mayoral final (Boston Globe, 9/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Voters will expect a contest of ideas (Boston Globe, 9/25/13)
Grossman: Baker is ‘part of the problem’ on South Coast Rail (Cape Cod Times, 9/25/13)
Mass. House poised to debate ‘tech tax’ repeal (AP, 9/25/13)
First to get into race, John Connolly stresses education (Boston Globe, 9/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Mayor Menino a wild card for election (Boston Herald, 9/25/13)
Leominster voters approve slot parlor project (Boston Globe, 9/25/13)
Could Charlie Baker be the tech governor? (Boston Globe, 9/25/13)
EDITORIAL: East Boston deserves a veto of citywide casino vote (Boston Globe, 9/25/13)
OPINION: Face of change looks familiar (Boston Globe, 9/25/13)
Analysis: Next, Walsh and Connolly must broaden their bases (Boston Globe, 9/25/13)
Martha Coakley leads rivals in Massachusetts governor’s race poll (Springfield Republican, 9/24/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick’s daughter Katherine torn over possibility of dad running for president (MassLive, 9/24/13)
Westfield State president eyes whistleblower protection in controversy over travel expenses (Springfield Republican, 9/24/13)
Taunton officials say rail line will be boon for the city (Brockton Enterprise, 9/24/13)
South Coast Rail plan is on track (Brockton Enterprise, 9/24/13)
It’s Walsh vs. Connolly for mayor of Boston (Dorchester Reporter, 9/24/13)
Casino mogul makes his pitch to Leominster (Boston Globe, 9/24/13)
Candidates scramble as election day dawns (Boston Herald, 9/24/13)
PPP: Coakley, Markey ahead in 2014 races (Public Policy Polling, 9/24/13)
Coakley ahead of Baker, other Democrats (Public Policy Polling, 9/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Rosenberg as Senate Leader would steer us wrong (Boston Herald, 9/23/13)
Pro-casino group in Palmer appoints committee officials (Springfield Republican, 9/23/13)
AG Martha Coakley launches investigation into JPMorgan Chase’s debt collection practices (Boston Business Journal, 9/23/13)
Appeals court denies DiMasi bid for new trial (Boston Herald, 9/23/13)
State releases Final Environmental Impact Statement for South Coast Rail project (Taunton Daily Gazette, 9/22/13)
Campaign to succeed Markey heating up (Boston Globe, 9/22/13)
No easy answers for containing health care costs (Boston Globe, 9/22/13)
New breed of politicians hit Boston (Boston Globe, 9/22/13)
Mayoral rivals hotly contest their common ground (Boston Globe, 9/21/13)
Gov. Patrick to hit campaign trail in New Jersey (AP, 9/21/13)
Council gets earful at casino hearing (Boston Herald, 9/21/13)
OPINION: Suffolk Downs vote belongs in East Boston (Boston Globe, 9/21/13)
Michael Capuano not afraid of Martha Coakley race again (Boston Herald, 9/20/13)
State House Roundup: 3 days, 18 stops, Coakley 2.0 (WBUR, 9/20/13)
Councilors battle over the scope of the vote on casino (Boston Globe, 9/20/13)
Dan Wolf OK’d to stay in office…for now (Boston Herald, 9/20/13)
State ethics panel revisits Wolf conflict decision (Cape Cod Times, 9/20/13)
AUDIO: Week in review: Races for mayor, governor, Congress (WBUR, 9/20/13)
Forces bid today for citywide casino vote (Boston Herald, 9/20/13)
State education chief blasts board over Westfield State spending (Boston Globe, 9/20/13)
OPINION: Push harder for gun-law changes (Boston Globe, 9/20/13)
Flawed contract for jobless claim system cost state millions (Boston Globe, 9/19/13)
Ethics panel weighs Mass. lawmaker’s case (AP, 9/19/13)
Coakley wins backing of major fundraising group (AP, 9/19/13)
State Senator Dan Wolf gets reprieve (Boston Globe, 9/19/13)
Casino splits Boston voters (Boston Herald, 9/19/13)
The Big E: Gov. Deval Patrick meets author, soap maker, on Massachusetts Day (Springfield Republican, 9/19/13)
Penn National Gaming officials push through 2nd day of tough questions by Mass Gaming Commission in quest to open Plainville slots parlor (Springfield Republican, 9/19/13)
Mohegan Sun officials ‘cautiously optimistic’ about Palmer referendum, outline vision to develop family attractions with casino (Springfield Republican, 9/19/13)
Ethics will carve out an exception for the Dan Wolfs of the world (Boston Business Journal,9/19/13)
AUDIO: Candidates clash on casino at mayoral forum (WBUR, 9/19/13)
Casualties of Obamacare fight to meet in Massachusetts governor’s race (TIME, 9/19/13)
Youthful zeal fuels Boston mayoral campaigns (Boston Globe, 9/19/13)
Revenue projection for Suffolk Downs disputed (Boston Globe, 9/19/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick to make Big E appearance to promote agriculture, tourism (Springfield Republican, 9/19/13)
Martha Coakley, seeking 2010 redemption, pays visit to Fenway (Boston Globe, 9/19/13)
COMMENTARY: A second act for Charlie Coakley (Boston Globe, 9/19/13)
OPINION: Boston soars, but only for some developers (Boston Globe, 9/19/13)
UMass president to tour state looking for budget support (MassLive, 9/18/13)
Coakley: I’ll agree to people’s pledge in race (AP, 9/18/13)
OPINION: Baker on listening tour in Lowell (Boston Herald, 9/18/13)
On the trail at UMass Lowell, Charlie Baker is upbeat (Boston Herald, 9/18/13)
Black voters split in Boston’s mayoral race (Boston Globe, 9/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Martha Coakley’s campaign kick-off was short on content (Boston Globe,9/18/13)
EDITORIAL: Massachusetts needs to get serious about new gun controls (Boston Globe,9/18/13)
The real Don Berwick (Somewhat Reasonable, 9/18/13)
Martha Coakley wades in governor’s race, hand first (Boston Globe, 9/17/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick hails job growth in clean energy industry in Western Massachusetts (Springfield Republican, 9/17/13)
OPINION: A stethoscope on state’s ills (Boston Globe, 9/16/13)
Democrats react with fervor on gun control, court ruling (Boston Globe, 9/15/13)
No clear lead in mayoral race, Globe poll shows (Boston Globe, 9/15/13)
Candidates’ ground game seen as key in mayoral race (Boston Globe, 9/15/13)
Martha Coakley to announce bid for governor (Boston Globe, 9/15/13)
Coakley to run for governor (GoLocalWorcester, 9/15/13)
Despite mayoral campaign debate, Boston still divided over casino (Boston Globe, 9/15/13)
Parents of Newtown, CT victims urge strict gun laws (Boston Globe, 9/14/13)
Intel cut Hudson jobs after tax deal expanded (Boston Globe, 9/14/13)
Is Charlie Baker eyeing Rep. Betty Poirier as a running mate? (Sun Chronicle, 9/13/13)
Better-off suburbs spurn call of casinos (Boston Globe, 9/12/13)
COMMENTARY: What took Deval Patrick so long to fight tech tax? (Boston Globe,9/12/13)
Tech sector had the tools to fight new tax (Boston Globe, 9/12/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick now opposes technology tax he initially proposed (MassLive, 9/10/13)
Baker enters governor’s race, Coakley weighs bid (Boston Globe, 9/5/13)
Low-wage Mass. workers rejoice over AG Martha Coakley’s legal blessing of proposal to increase minimum wage, a prerequisite for issue to appear on 2014 ballot (Springfield Republican, 9/5/13)
Running mate first step in Charlie Baker bid for governor (Boston Herald, 9/5/13)
Baker joins flock of candidates to launch bids online (Boston Globe, 9/5/13)
Gambling regulators tell Boston, Wynn to end tiff (Boston Globe, 9/5/13)
Charlie Baker 2.0 (MassPoliticsProfs, 9/5/13)
Ballot question to repeal Massachusetts’ casino law rejected by AG Martha Coakley(Springfield Republican, 9/4/13)
AUDIO: Charles Baker officially enters 2014 contest for Massachusetts governor(Springfield Republican, 9/4/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick, legislators and business leaders hold tech tax summit (Springfield Republican, 9/4/13)
Mass. Gaming Commission urges sides in Boston-Wynn casino dispute to resolve differences over ’skinny piece of Boston’ (Springfield Republican, 9/4/13)
Charles Baker readies 2nd bid for governor (Boston Globe, 9/4/13)
Tech tax fiasco: Patrick and friends lack a revenue substitute (Boston Business Journal,9/4/13)
Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee seen as taking lead on welfare reform(Springfield Republican, 9/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Corner Office hopefuls eyeing union support (Boston Herald, 9/3/13)
Labor leaders, Mass. politicians champion workers (Boston Globe, 9/3/13)
Gubernatorial candidate Steve Grossman gets powerful Western Massachusetts support(Springfield Republican, 9/3/13)
Tech sector plans protest, by phone, of software tax (Boston Globe, 9/3/13)
AUDIO: New sales tax on computer services rankles some businesses (WBUR, 9/2/13)
Plenty on Mass. Legislature’s to-do list in fall (AP, 9/2/13)
Mass. firms mull cuts in health benefits (Boston Globe, 9/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Privatizing Logan fixes ethics problem (Boston Globe, 9/1/13)
Mass. reeling from drug lab scandal a year later (AP, 9/1/13)
COMMENTARY: The Dan Wolf exemption (Boston Globe, 9/1/13)


COMMENTARY: Sorry, Charlie: Secret’s out on Baker’s Corner Office run (Boston Herald,8/31/13)
Charlie Baker gov campaign headquarters revealed! (Boston Herald, 8/30/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick: Penalties ‘fair and appropriate’ (Boston Herald, 8/30/13)
Mohegan Sun inks casino pact with Palmer (Boston Globe, 8/30/13)
Ex-Medicare chief urges fix to rule for rehab coverage (Boston Globe, 8/30/13)
State House roundup: Summer’s page turner (WBUR, 8/30/13)
Waiting on who’s in or out of Mass. governor race (AP, 8/30/13)
Campaign operative named to top Mass. GOP post (AP, 8/30/13)
Deval Patrick: Boston ‘ready’ for minority mayor (Boston Herald, 8/29/13)
Don Berwick’s newest phase: Candidate, but still Dr. Quality (Washington Post, 8/29/13)
Mass. Gov. Patrick returns to public spotlight (Boston Herald, 8/28/13)
State Sen. Dan Wolf will not resign on Thursday (Springfield Republican, 8/28/13)
A wide divide across New England on health overhaul (Boston Globe, 8/24/13)
Boston mayoral race still wide open, poll says (Boston Globe, 8/23/13)
Democrat, GOP agree: Baker formidable foe (Boston Herald, 8/23/13)
Dan Wolf puts run for governor on hold amid ethics dispute (Boston Globe, 8/23/13)
Racial divide in mayoral fund-raising (Boston Globe, 8/23/13)
Gambling panel stepping into Menino-Wynn spat (Boston Globe, 8/23/13)
State keeps pot plans on down low (Boston Herald, 8/23/13)
Kayyem starts campaign with $30K personal loan (Boston Globe, 8/23/13)
Thanks, Scott – and not just for the laughs (Blue Mass Group, 8/22/13)
Charlie Baker’s problem isn’t his lack of personality, it’s that nobody knows who he is(Mass. Numbers, 8/22/13)
Democratic gubernatorial candidates want to bar outside spending in 2014 race(Springfield Republican, 8/22/13)
State GOP boss calls on Pelosi to bypass Bay State (Boston Herald, 8/22/13)
Casino dispute between Everett, Boston continues; Taunton proposal faces state, federal hurdles (The Herald News, 8/22/13)
Mass. Treasurer Steven Grossman says he owes no back taxes, repayment of loan could prompt $500K tax bill (Springfield Republican, 8/22/13)
Court upholds Sal DiMasi’s corruption conviction (Boston Herald, 8/22/13)
State Sen. Dan Wofl lambastes ethics commission, says he’ll quit seat and gubernatorial race (Springfield Republican, 8/22/13)
Towns next door wrestle with casinos’ future fallout (Worcester Telegram & Gazette,8/22/13)
Scott Brown won’t run for governor (Boston Globe, 8/22/13)
Bay State pols, Elizabeth Warren feeling hot, hot, hot (Boston Herald, 8/22/13)
Democrats say ‘rock star’ gov chances good (Boston Herald, 8/22/13)
State senator Dan Wolf to resign seat, suspend gubernatorial campaign (Boston Globe,8/22/13)
Scott Brown bows out of governor race, giving Charlie Baker a clear shot (Boston Herald,8/22/13)
Cape Air founder Wolf suspends gov run, demands new ethics ruling (Boston Herald,8/22/13)
AG out to punish stores for EBT abuse (Boston Herald, 8/22/13)
Scott Brown tells radio talk show host he won’t run for governor of Massachusetts(Springfield Republican, 8/21/13)
Liberal organizing group protests Head Start budget cuts (Springfield Republican, 8/21/13)
Juliette Kayyem announces run for Mass. governor (Boston Globe, 8/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Double trouble could doom Deval Patrick’s political future (Boston Herald,8/21/13)
Scott Brown says he won’t run for Mass. governor (AP, 8/21/13)
Scott Brown passes on gubernatorial run (Politico, 8/21/13)
Juliette Kayyem formally announces candidacy for governor (Springfield Republican,8/21/13)
Mass. Treasurer Steven Grossman discloses he may owe $500,000 in back taxes due to error involving life insurance policies (Springfield Republican, 8/21/13)
National security expert Juliette Kayem creates campaign account to run for governor of Mass. (Springfield Republican, 8/20/13)
Drug mishandling may have tainted 40,000 cases (Boston Globe, 8/20/13)
Sen. Dan Wolf talks small business challenges, entrepreneurship during gubernatorial hopeful’s stop in Fall River (The Herald News, 8/20/13)
OPINION: The high cost of political exclusion (Boston Globe, 8/20/13)
As Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Steve Grossman proposes ‘People’s Pledge’ dissuading outside spending, Dems seeking Markey’s seat sign similar agreement (Springfield Republican, 8/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Scott Brown running for the spotlight (Boston Globe, 8/19/13)
AUDIO: Scott Brown for president? (CBS Boston, 8/19/13)
Memorial service planned to boost opposition to restoration of death penalty in Mass.(Springfield Republican, 8/19/13)
Former US Sen. Scott Brown in Iowa to gauge interest in his ‘brand of leadership and Republicanism’ (Springfield Republican, 8/18/13)
All things travel: Cape Air CEO Dan Wolf (CBS Boston, 8/16/13)
OPINION: There’s not a Dan Wolf ethics exemption (Boston Globe, 8/15/13)
Ethics Commission backtracks; Cannot prevent Wolf from running for governor(CommonWealth, 8/15/13)
EDITORIAL: Up where he belongs (Barnstable Patriot, 8/15/13)
The Ethics Commission is crying Dan Wolf (Boston Magazine, 8/14/13)
Scott Brown’s brother accused of impersonating officer, commandeering boat (CBS Boston, 8/9/13)
Florida governor’s bid to lure business raises ire in Mass. (Boston Globe, 8/9/13)
T opens pension books (Boston Herald, 8/9/13)
Carbon tax will not be on ‘14 ballot (Boston Globe, 8/9/13)
Complex Suffolk Downs casino deal still being written (Boston Globe, 8/9/13)
Top GOP gov prospects lag Dems in handy cash (Boston Herald, 8/9/13)
Mass. lawyer sues Gov. Patrick over failed bid for judgeship (Boston Business Journal,8/9/13)
Massport says airline owned by gubernatorial candidate Dan Wolf did not get special treatment (Springfield Republican, 8/9/13)
Democrats set to discuss best way to recapture Mass. Senaate seat held by Republican Michael Knapik for nearly 20 years (Springfield Republican, 8/8/13)
Eighteen new Mass. laws proposed for 2014 ballot (Wicked Local Beverly, 8/8/13)
DeLeo ‘frustrated’ by T pension battle (Boston Herald, 8/8/13)
COMMENTARY: John Walsh’s rhapsody in blue (Boston Globe, 8/8/13)
Judge scolds Mass. secretary of state (AP, 8/8/13)
Scott Brown: ‘We’re going to talk’ (Boston Herald, 8/8/13)
State panel fires back at gubernatorial candidate (Boston Globe, 8/8/13)
Ethics Commission fires back at Wolf (Boston Herald, 8/8/13)
T retirement panel eyes law challenge (Boston Herald, 8/8/13)
Galvin faulted on rules for lobbyists (Boston Globe, 8/8/13)
Ruling: Cape’s Daniel Wolf can’t run for governor (Cape Cod Times, 8/8/13)
Mass Republican Party says ballot initiatives to repeal gas and software services taxes proof of voter dissatisfaction with Democrats (Springfield Republican, 8/8/13)
With Charlie Baker’s potential gubernatorial run still up in air, Scott Brown says there is ‘nothing wrong with a primary’ (Springfield Republican, 8/8/13)
Dan Wolf: Cape Air stake won’t derail gov run (Boston Globe, 8/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Perilous rolls of the dice (Boston Globe, 8/8/13)
EDITORIAL: ‘Tech tax’ causes confusion, and best fix would be repealing it (Boston Globe,8/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Charlie Baker needs to learn from mistakes in 2010 (Boston Herald,8/7/13)
Sens. Warren, Markey support ballot initiatives to boost Mass. minimum wage, grant earned sick time (Springfield Republican, 8/7/13)
Dan Wolf still running for governor despite ethics ruling (Boston Globe, 8/7/13)
Business groups launch ballot campaign to repeal Mass. software services tax (Springfield Republican, 8/7/13)
MassDem flip-floppers in full spin cycle over tax vote (Red Mass Group, 8/7/13)
Dan Wolf: Statement on my campaign for governor (Blue Mass Group, 8/7/13)
Dan Wolf in MAJOR hot water with Ethics – must resign senate and quit campaign (Red Mass Group, 8/7/13)
Mass. Ethics Commission says State Sen. Dan Wolf, a 2014 gubernatorial candidate, is violating conflict of interest law (Springfield Republican, 8/7/13)
DiZoglio, O’Connor Ives say Patrick put them in a bad spot (Eagle-Tribune, 8/7/13)
Casino issue up front for Boston mayoral candidates (Boston Globe, 8/7/13)
Casino gets rebranding, local ire (Eagle-Tribune, 8/7/13)
Deadline looms for proposed Mass. ballot questions (AP, 8/7/13)
Mass. ballot question to target gas tax increases (AP, 8/7/13)
Charlie Baker to decide on run for governor ‘Labor Day’ (Boston Herald, 8/7/13)
Charlie Baker poised for another run (Boston Herald, 8/7/13)
Knapik resignation leaves opening for Dem Senate pickup in 2nd Hampden and Hampshire (Mass. Numbers, 8/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Gas tax hike, MBTA’s secrecy spark anger (Boston Herald, 8/6/13)
COMMENTARY: The Republicans’ spin on the state tax hike (The Sun Chronicle, 8/6/13)
Scott Brown’s pal deemed to sleazy for slots by state commission (Boston Magazine, 8/6/13)
Republicans, activists seek ballot question to repeal automatic increases in Mass. gas tax(Springfield Republican, 8/6/13)
GOP legislators seek to fight gas law with ballot effort (Boston Globe, 8/6/13)
Business lobbyists to petition for new software tax’s repeal (Boston Business Journal,8/5/13)
State legislators moving into state administration (MassPoliticsProfs, 8/5/13)
Why is Massachusetts, of all places, requesting waivers from the ACA/Obamacare? (Red Mass Group, 8/5/13)
Mass. Gaming Commission rules on suitability of 2 applicants for slots license (Springfield Republican, 8/5/13)
Odds in Mass. Senate just get worse for GOP (Boston Globe, 8/5/13)
Holliston man announcing ballot initiative tied to tax bill (MetroWest Daily News, 8/5/13)
No pause in political fund-raising in Mass. (Boston Globe, 8/5/13)
Local business owners speak out against IT tax (MetroWest Daily News, 8/5/13)
Dan Wolf takes the Pan-Mass Challenge – again (Cape Cod Today, 8/3/13)
Don Berwick tops Mass. Dem gubernatorial candidates in July fundraising, but Steve Grossman still leads the money chase (Springfield Republican, 8/2/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick holding cabinet meeting at his farm (AP, 8/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov stands by as arrogant panel slaps taxpayers (Boston Herald, 8/2/13)
A Senate president from Amherst? (MassPoliticsProfs, 8/2/13)
Wolf sets his plan for governor’s race (Cape Cod Times, 8/2/13)
New tax ambushes local IT world (Boston Business Journal, 8/2/13)
VIDEO: Sen. Dan Wolf announces grassroots tour (Patch, 8/2/13)
Massachusetts joins sales tax holiday parade (Stateline, 8/1/13)
Mass. Medicaid funding: An alternative view of the news (MassPoliticsProfs, 8/1/13)
Lagging Bay State economy raises threat of young worker exodus (AIM Business Insider, 8/1/13)
AUDIO: Keller @Large: Do tax hikes damage the economy? (CBS Boston, 8/1/13)
Rosenberg poised to become state Senate president (Boston Globe, 8/1/13)
Stanley Rosenberg tops Senate prez rival (Boston Herald, 8/1/13)
Will Gov. Patrick listen to anti-coal protesters and shut down Brayton Point? (Blue Mass Group, 8/1/13)
Deval Patrick: Sag in Lottery take will be brief (Boston Herald, 8/1/13)
Patrick enters his final stretch, his path unclear (Boston Globe, 8/1/13)
Wolf: Meager fundraising reflects pre-candidacy stance (Cape Cod Times, 8/1/13)
In Mass. governor’s race packed with Jewish candidates, much talk of repairing the world(The Jewish Week, 8/1/13)
Berwick: Zapping overtreatment, costs takes ‘courage’ (Health Leaders Media, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

COMMENTARY: Experts say casinos could drain Lottery sales (Boston Herald, 7/31/13)
Independent Voter Network News places Mass guv candidate Evan Falchuk in nationwide list of top independent politicos (Springfield Republican, 7/31/13)
Dem state senator Stanley Rosenberg of Amherst claims votes to be next Senate president(, 7/31/13)
Republicans protest gas tax (Boston Globe, 7/31/13)
Patrick passes Weld as longest serving governor since Dukakis (Lowell Sun, 7/31/13)
Rosenberg says he has backing to succeed Murray as Senate prez (Boston Herald, 7/31/13)
In Senate leadership fight, no punches thrown (Political Intelligence, 7/31/13)
New software services tax leaves technology professionals confused, concerned (Springfield Republican, 7/31/13)
Massachusetts drivers not happy about increased state gas tax (Springfield Republican,7/31/13)
Wolf jumps the shark, promises to vote against ‘Tax Holiday’ on big Cape tourism weekend(Cape Cod Today, 7/31/13)
Mass. GOP chair Kirsten Hughes and Republicans to hold ‘Taxachusetts Day’ event to highlight tax hikes on cigarettes and gas (Springfield Republican, 7/31/13)
Massachusetts legislators approve $1.4B housing bill, delay passage of sales tax holiday(Springfield Republican, 7/30/13)
Governor likely to sign tax holiday, Wolf Questions its impact (Cape Cod Times, 7/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Please, give us a break (Boston Herald, 7/30/13)
Tax hikes drive Bay State shoppers north (Eagle-Tribune, 7/30/13)
Shop owners smoking mad over tobacco tax increase (Cape Cod Times, 7/30/13)
Boston skips out on joint EBT probe (Boston Herald, 7/30/13)
Drivers, smokers bemoan tax hikes (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 7/30/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick to approve sales tax holiday, probably release more money for municipal road repairs (Springfield Republican, 7/29/13)
Patrick vows to keep road funding (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 7/29/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Patrick has no plans to run for re-election (WWLP, 7/29/13)
Massachusetts political scuttlebutt skews male (MassPoliticsProfs, 7/29/13)
Mass. gets authority to investigate stores committing food stamp fraud under new agreement with feds (Springfield Republican, 7/29/13)
Head Start cuts enrollment as Mass. social service agencies hurt by govt cuts (Springfield Republican, 7/29/13)
Sanchez explores Mass. Dem party chair (Boston Globe, 7/29/13)
Berwick names ‘11 monsters’ facing hospital industry (Health Leaders Media, 7/29/13)
Protesters urge Patrick to close Somerset power plant (Boston Globe, 7/28/13)
Media reported polling data and Scott Brown’s prospect (MassPoliticsProfs, 7/26/13)
Mass. House Democrats who switched tax votes seen as vulnerable by Republicans(MassLive, 7/25/13)
Taxes to kick in soon as gov’s veto overruled (Boston Herald, 7/25/13)
Lawyer: With DeLeo ‘off hook,’ feds’ case against John O’Brien weaker (Boston Herald,7/25/13)
Mass. Legislature overrides Patrick veto; gas, tobacco taxes going up next week (AP, 7/25/13)
$800M transportation bill passed (Boston Globe, 7/24/13)
Mass. lawmakers override Gov Deval Patrick’s veto of bill to raise taxes by $500M(Springfield Republican, 7/24/13)
Mass. legislators set to approve 2013 sales tax holiday (Springfield Republican, 7/24/13)
Progressive caucus fumbles growth and opportunity legislation (Blue Mass Group, 7/24/13)
VIDEO: Broadside – Dan Wolf kicks off gubernatorial campaign (NECN, 7/24/13)
MA Speaker DeLeo: I’m not target of federal probe into state Probation Dept. (AP, 7/24/13)
Personal funds fueling governor campaigns in early stages of 2014 race (Brookline Tab,7/23/13)
Independent gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk creates United Independent party to reflect values of unenrolled Mass. voters (Springfield Republican, 7/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Diem-etrically opposed (Boston Herald, 7/23/13)
Gabriel Gomez considering run for treasurer, lieutenant governor or governor of Mass or challenging Ed Markey again (MassLive, 7/22/13)
Speaker DeLeo still paying big bucks for probation-related lawyering (Boston Magazine,7/22/13)
Gubernatorial candidate Don Berwick touts health care reform’s impact on Mass.(Springfield Republican, 7/22/13)
Mass. municipal officials urge override of $177M veto of local aid (Springfield Republican,7/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Pols hike gas tax but take free ride (Boston Herald, 7/22/13)
Mass. lawmakers to consider transportation veto (AP, 7/22/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick’s plan to regionalize housing authorities stirs opposition in Western Mass (Springfield Republican, 7/22/13)
Top Mass. GOP figures plot 2014 strategy (Boston Globe, 7/19/13)
Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone pondering bid for governor (Political Intelligence, 7/18/13)
Patrick rules out White House run (Boston Globe, 7/16/13)
Former CMS chief Don Berwick supports greater state flexibility from ACA (Forbes,7/16/13)
Dems rally, sights set on wins in 2014 (Lowell Sun, 7/14/13)
Coakley still haunted by ghosts of 2010 (Boston Herald, 7/14/13)
Democrats sizzle at party convention (Brockton Enterprise, 7/14/13)
Democrats talk issues in Lowell (Boston Globe, 7/13/13)
Coakley brings tell-tale signs to Democratic convention (Boston Magazine, 7/13/13)
Deval Patrick’s judgment questioned in judge’s pay hikes (Boston Herald, 7/13/13)
Massachusetts governor hopefuls pitch to delegates at Democratic convention (Springfield Republican, 7/13/13)
Grossman makes it official: He’s running for governor (Boston Herald, 7/13/13)
Governor hopefuls gather at Mass. Democratic Convention (AP, 7/13/13)
Treasurer Steven Grossmann announces bid for gov, as Democrats gather in Lowell for annual convention (Political Intelligence, 7/13/13)
At the convention: Grossman and Coakley offer preview of possible gubernatorial clash(WBUR, 7/13/13)
VIDEO: Broadside: 2014 Mass. gubernatorial candidates come forward (NECN, 7/12/13)
Deval Patrick spices up the convention with veto (Boston Magazine, 7/12/13)
Patrick backs DCF after baby’s death (Boston Globe, 7/12/13)
Gov. Patrick slashes local aid, MBTA funds (Boston Herald, 7/12/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick signs pared down $33.6B state budget, vetoes $465M in spending(Springfield Republican, 7/12/13)
Charles Baker eyes family decision on another Mass. governor’s contest (Springfield Republican, 7/12/13)
Gov. Patrick: I’d back wind turbine health study (AP, 7/12/13)
Skeptics question Deval Patrick’s EBT call (Boston Herald, 7/12/13)
Scott Brown calls for more inclusive GOP; Details why his campaign failed (Boston Globe,7/12/13)
Governor losing fight for big tax hike (Boston Globe, 7/11/13)
Patrick vows to veto transportation finance plan (Boston Globe, 7/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Deval Patrick snubs, then touts EBT probe (Boston Herald, 7/11/13)
Joseph Avellone, a Democratic candidate for governor, has Central Mass. tie (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 7/11/13)
Governor hopefuls to battle for support on Dem stage (Boston Herald, 7/11/13)
Mass. governor warns of transportation bill veto (AP, 7/11/13)
Gov. Patrick backs putting photos on EBT cards (Boston Herald, 7/11/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick seek review of plan for photos on EBT cards (Springfield Republican,7/11/13)
Kids Count report gives top rating to Mass. education (Worcester Telegram & Gazette,7/11/13)
Governor Deval Patrick wants explanation for bloated balances (Boston Herald, 7/11/13)
Cape state senator, treasurer to run for governor (Boston Globe, 7/11/13)
Patrick, legislative leaders in a standoff (Boston Globe, 7/10/13)
VIDEO: Democrat Dan Wolf announces campaign for Mass. Governor (NECN, 7/10/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick in no hurry on budget decision (Boston Herald, 7/10/13)
State Sen. Dan Wolf running for governor (AP, 7/10/13)
Wolf, Grossman to run for governor (Wellesley Townsman, 7/10/13)
Wait, so which Dems are announcing bids for governor? (Boston Magazine, 7/10/13)
Grossman to announce bid for governor at convention (Boston Globe, 7/10/13)
State Treasurer Steve Grossman to officially enter race to become governor of Massachusetts (Springfield Republican, 7/10/13)
Dan Wolf declares for governor (WBUR, 7/10/13)
US Rep. Tierney could face Democratic primary foe (AP, 7/9/13)
Climate change policies are coming up for debate at Mass. Democratic convention(Springfield Republican, 7/9/13)
Mass. AG Martha Coakley weighs run for governor, says many want her to consider it(Springfield Republican, 7/9/13)
Robert DeLeo, Therese Murray get tough with Deval Patrick; Hold votes till he signs off on budget (Boston Herald, 7/9/13)
Health-care activists urge Patrick to veto business-penalty repeal (Lowell Sun, 7/9/13)
Steven Grossman grabs Mass. cash (Boston Herald, 7/9/13)
Minority turnout matters: A reply to where the voters are in Boston (MassPoliticsProfs, 7/9/13)
Gun hearing attracts passion, divergent viewpoints (Worcester Telegram & Gazette,7/9/13)
As Springfield casino vote approaches, campaign signs confiscated and MGM conducts diversity vendor fair (Springfield Republican, 7/8/13)
Gun bills debated at Assumption College (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 7/8/13)
Mass. lawmakers plan to ask governor to act on budget before addressing tax plan(MassLive, 7/8/13)
The gun control debate hits home in Worcester (MassLive, 7/8/13)
VIDEO: Coakley’s record no help in gov race (Boston Herald, 7/8/13)
In Mass., voters face seemingly endless elections (AP, 7/8/13)
Democrat Joe Avellone, aiming to be the next governor of Massachusetts, talks Western Mass. issues during Springfield visit (Springfield Republican, 7/8/13)
Budget battle leaves Harborfest high and dry (Boston Herald, 7/7/13)
AG Martha Coakley, other potential candidates for governor gear up for Democratic convention (Springfield Republican, 7/7/13)
Gun bills bogged down in Legislature; state plans hearing at Assumption (AP, 7/5/13)
State budget increase will allow all of state’s public colleges, universities to hold line on fees (Boston Globe, 7/5/13)
Deval Patrick tries to duck gov council meetings Murray left behind (Boston Herald,7/4/13)
Local aid hike cheers local lawmakers, leaders (Eagle-Tribune, 7/3/13)
AUDIO: Lawmakers battle over how much to tax gas (WBUR, 7/3/13)
State House bigs, gov clash over road bill (Boston Herald, 7/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Dem-backed rules cost voters (Boston Herald, 7/3/13)
Study: Mass. highway system is not impressive (Lowell Sun, 7/3/13)
Massachusetts near bottom in ranking of state highway systems (MassLive, 7/3/13)
Mass. Sen. Michael Knapik is lone Republican on Beacon Hill to support budget, gas tax increase (Springfield Republican, 7/3/13)
$34B budget approved on Beacon Hill (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 7/2/13)
Mass. Dems and GOP: Looking back, looking ahead (MassPoliticsProfs, 7/2/13)
Slots-only casino nixed in Salisbury (Eagle-Tribune, 7/2/13)
Mohegan Sun wants to ‘win big’ in Palmer (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 7/2/13)
Realtors: Western Mass casino would hurt home values in host community (Springfield Republican, 7/2/13)
Mashpee Wampanoag confident about casino plan despite hurdles (The Patriot Ledger,7/2/13)
Patrick rejects Legislature’s transportation plan (Political Intelligence, 7/2/13)
Patrick proposes bigger gas tax in transit plan (Boston Globe, 7/2/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick rejects transportation tax bill, seeks possible extra increase in gas tax(Springfield Republican, 7/2/13)
Budget bills, EBT reform go to gov (Boston Herald, 7/2/13)
Mass. House Speaker Robert DeLeo rules out additional tax increases (Springfield Republican, 7/1/13)
Mass. legislators approve $34B state budget that freezes tuition, fees at state colleges(Springfield Republican, 7/1/13)
Gov’s union-only project deals co$t (Boston Herald, 7/1/13)
Lawmakers approve $34B Mass. budget (AP, 7/1/13)
Recap of the 2013 special Senate election – turnout patterns (Blue Mass Group, 7/1/13)
Analysis: Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren followed different paths to statewide victory in Mass. (Blue Mass Group, 7/1/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP needs to face the right facts (Boston Herald, 7/1/13)
Mass. House, Senate near final approval on $34B spending plan for new fiscal year (Boston Globe, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

After big loss, Martha Coakley eyes comeback (Politico, 6/28/13)
Surprised DeLeo urges Patrick to reconsider plans for transportation tax bill (Wicked Local Pembroke, 6/28/13)
It’s the 11-day countdown on Mass. gubernatorial candidates (Boston Magazine, 6/27/13)
Coakley may enter the race for governor (Boston Globe, 6/27/13)
Edward Markey plots Senate agenda while Gabriel Gomez ponders future moves(Springfield Republican, 6/27/13)
Tax plan passes, but Patrick vows to send it back (Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 6/27/13)
$500M financing bill needs fix, Mass. transportation secretary says (Springfield Republican,6/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Mass. justice’s opinion paved way for ruling (Boston Herald, 6/27/13)
Environmentalists urge Mass. ban on ‘fracking’ (AP, 6/27/13)
VIDEO: Pols set sights on gov, rep contests (Boston Herald, 6/27/13)
EDITORIAL: Just spare us the violins (Boston Herald, 6/26/13)
State transport bill gets OK (Boston Globe, 6/26/13)
Casino gambling opponents have their say at Christ Church Cathedral in Springfield(Springfield Republican, 6/26/13)
State lawmakers approve transportation funding plan; Patrick threatens veto(, 6/26/13)
Roots of Supreme Court decision overturning DOMA are in Massachusetts (Boston Globe,6/26/13)
‘Scott Brown Era’ (January 19, 2010 – June 25, 2013) (MassPoliticsProfs, 6/26/13)
House approves restoring Mass Turnpike tolls in west end of state (Springfield Republican,6/26/13)
US Rep Ed Markey beats Gabriel Gomez in US Senate special elections (Political Intelligence, 6/26/13)
Polling average nailed the Markey/Gomez Mass. Senate result (Mass. Numbers, 6/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Bay State’s Democratic machine prevails again (Boston Herald, 6/26/13)
Gomez may still have bright political future (Patriot Ledger, 6/26/13)
Turnout even lower than anticipated for Senate election (Boston Globe, 6/26/13)
Markey vows activist role in Senate (Patriot Ledger, 6/26/13)
VIDEO: With new senator, a lower national profile (Political Intelligence, 6/26/13)
Larger lessons for parties in Mass. Senate race (AP, 6/26/13)
Statehouse compromise would restore tolls on western portion of Mass Turnpike, raise gas and cigarette taxes (Springfield Republican, 6/25/13)
Dem Rep. Markey wins US Senate election in Mass. (AP, 6/25/13)
MGM casino solicits support at Springfield polls during special US Senate election(Springfield Republican, 6/25/13)
Anti-casino event in Springfield will feature former Mass. AG Scott Harshbarger among speakers (Springfield Republican, 6/25/13)
Ed Markey’s win another sign of quiet 2014 (Politico, 6/25/13)
Gov’s office jumps to defend Andrea Cabral (Boston Herald, 6/25/13)
Group wants Mass. carbon tax on state ballot (AP, 6/24/13)
Justices will examine state’s clinic buffer law (Boston Globe, 6/24/13)
Against the odds, Gabriel Gomez, Scott Brown rally together for US Senate seat (MassLive, 6/24/13)
Andrea Cabral’s calendar full of long gaps, short days (Boston Herald, 6/24/13)
Political chaos seen as cause of voter fatigue (Boston Globe, 6/24/13)
Eastie casino critics sound alarm on vote (Boston Herald, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Budget busters just a warm-up for hijinks on Hill (Boston Herald,6/24/13)
Longevity in politics rarely an issue in Massachusetts (MassPoliticsProfs, 6/24/13)
A comprehensive pre-election overview of the Markey/Gomez polling (Mass. Numbers, 6/24/13)
This boring, trivial, lame, extremely consequential race. (Blue Mass Group, 6/23/13)
With election approaching, Gomez, Markey woo voters (Boston Globe, 6/23/13)
Dems: Polls lie, get out and vote (Boston Herald, 6/22/13)
Markey, Gomez ramp up voter appeals in Senate race (AP, 6/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Senate proposes welfare reform but faces hurdles (Boston Herald,6/18/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick though transportation financing bill ‘would have been done by now’(MassLive, 6/18/13)
Don Berwick announces run for Massachusetts governor (Politico, 6/17/13)
Bill Clinton in Mass. for Markey; Gomez holds town hall (AP, 6/15/13)
Markey leads Gomez by double digits in new poll (, 6/15/13)
Gomez seldom the deal maker (Boston Globe, 6/13/13)
Fun facts from Suffolk and WBUR polls (MassPoliticsProfs, 6/13/13)
Eastie casino bid adopts ground game (Boston Herald, 6/13/13)
AUDIO: Support from conservatives for Gabriel Gomez comes with reservations (WBUR, 6/12/13)
AUDIO: Gomez, Markey spar in 2nd Mass. US Senate debate (WBUR, 6/12/13)
Democrats seek to avoid repeat of 2010 loss in Mass. Senate (LA Times, 6/12/13)
President Obama riles up crowd of thousands to support Democrat Ed Markey’s US Senate bid (MassLive, 6/12/13)
Obama rallies support for Ed Markey in Boston as Senate race tightens (Washington Post,6/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Paul Cellucci’s way was honorable (Boston Globe, 6/12/13)
Mass. will consider minimum wage hike (Boston Globe, 6/11/13)
Obama heading to Boston day after US Senate debate (AP, 6/11/13)
Gomez, Markey spar in 2nd Mass US Senate debate (AP, 6/11/13)
Markey slips on Obama’s banana peel (MassPoliticsProfs, 6/11/13)
Pols want casino to be safe bet for Eastie (Boston Herald, 6/11/13)
Patrick sets goal to aid low-income home buyers (Boston Globe, 6/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Scott Brown could swing Senate race for GOP (Boston Herald, 6/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Gabriel Gomez may be gaining ground, but there’s just…something missing (Boston Herald, 6/11/13)
Poll: Gomez gaining on Markey in Senate race (Lowell Sun, 6/11/13)
Gomez, Markey spar in 2nd Mass. Senate debate (AP, 6/11/13)
AUDIO: WBUR Poll suggests Gomez struggling to catch Markey (WBUR, 6/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Republicans must manage their expectations in the Massachusetts special election (National Journal, 6/11/13)
Suffolk poll: Obama scandals are hurting Markey (Boston Herald, 6/10/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick recalls the late Gov. Paul Cellucci as ‘a great friend’ (MassLive, 6/10/13)
Gov. Deval Patrick launches new effort to help first-time home buyers in Mass. (MassLive, 6/10/13)
COMMENTARY: We’re not out of the woods for a huge tax hike (Boston Herald, 6/10/13)
Electing the next Senate President (BlueMassGroup, 6/10/13)
Latest poll: Did Markey’s lead really ’shrink’? (BlueMassGroup, 6/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Republicans could use another Celluci (Boston Herald, 6/10/13)

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