The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


MD 2011 Archives


Maryland Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


Maryland ponders higher gas tax in 2012, Virginia says no (Washington Examiner, 12/31/11)
Gas leasing in Western Maryland spurs calls for reform (Baltimore Sun, 12/31/11)
Budget-conscious legislator calls for review of Maryland’s tax credit plans (Baltimore Business Journal, 12/30/11)
Maryland gets $28.3  million health performance bonus (Baltimore Sun, 12/28/11)
Opinion: A flawed challenge to gerrymandering comes up short (The Capital, 12/28/11)
Lt. Gov Brown returns donations from tax evader (Baltimore Sun, 12/28/11)
Commentary: In 2012 only one thing should matter for state lawmakers: Jobs (Center Maryland, 12/23/11)
Federal judges reject challenge to Maryland redistricting plan (Maryland Reporter, 12/23/11)
Minority representation rallying cry at redistricting hearing (The Gazette, 12/23/11)
Montgomery precinct shifts raise concerns (The Gazette, 12/23/11)
Racial politics and community concerns dominate redistricting hearing (Maryland Reporter, 12/23/11)
O’Malley surprised, disappointed redistricting committee member was guilty of tax evasion (Maryland Reporter, 12/23/11)
Maryland redistricting plan hit by blacks (Washington Times, 12/22/11)
Local GOP leader shines light on redistricting official’s tax evasion (Baltimore Sun, 12/22/11)
Martin O’Malley must resign (Red Maryland, 12/22/11)
Residents, lawmakers raise state redistricting concerns (Herald-Mail, 12/22/11)
Black lawmakers criticize O’Malley redistricting plan, saying it will leave General Assembly overwhelmingly white (Baltimore Sun, 12/22/11)
Analysis: Redistricting, by the numbers and in black and white (Center Maryland, 12/20/11)
Redistricting battle turns to legislative map (The Gazette, 12/16/11)
Opinion: O’Malley failing as manager-in-chief (The Gazette, 12/16/11)
O’Malley racking up frequent-flyer miles (The Gazette, 12/16/11)
Commentary: Environment trumps elections? (The Gazette, 12/16/11)
Report: High-tech research and development eclipses manufacturing in Maryland (The Gazette, 12/16/11)
State’s pension fund management questioned (The Gazette, 12/16/11)
State’s Bay pollution plan likely to change (The Gazette, 12/16/11)
Executive: Stem cell money should help more Maryland companies (The Gazette, 12/16/11)
Franchot backs O’Malley on UM Law Clinic (Center Maryland, 12/16/11)
Another redistricting fight? (The Capital, 12/15/11)
O’Malley: Benefits of Exelon-CEG merger go beyond rate credit (Baltimore Sun, 12/15/11)
Maryland to get major power boost under Constellation-Exelon deal (Baltimore Business Journal, 12/15/11)
Panel split on medical pot plans (The Capital, 12/15/11)
Opinion: PlanMaryland good will (Frederick News Post, 12/15/11)
Assembly panel would halve MD shortfall (Baltimore Sun, 12/15/11)
Exelon woos O’Malley; governor backs merger with Constellation (Washington Post, 12/15/11)
Governor gets concessions in Exelon deal (Baltimore Sun, 12/14/11)
Assembly moves toward more ‘transparency’ (Baltimore Sun, 12/14/11)
O’Malley pitches concerts to campaign supporters (Washington Post, 12/14/11)
Competing fundraisers for statewide Democratic candidates (MarylandReporter, 12/14/11)
Md. Va. governors compete nationally, place nice at home (Baltimore Sun, 12/11/11)
Opinion: Schurick’s behavior wrong, but not criminal (Baltimore Sun, 12/11/11)
Baltimore loses people, clout as DC’s Maryland suburbs grab for power (Washington Times, 12/11/11)
O’Malley jobs plan gets mixed reaction from business leaders (Washington Times, 12/10/11)
Part of Dream Act lawsuit dropped (Frederick News Post, 12/10/11)
Opinion: What Bob Ehrlich could teach Mitt Romney (Washington Post, 12/9/11)
Ehrlich vetoed the bill that led to Schurick conviction – but not because it was unconstitutional (Baltimore Sun, 12/9/11)
Maryland regents reject U-Md, UMB merger (Washington Post, 12/9/11)
O’Malley says he can’t support Constellation deal (The Daily Record, 12/9/11)
Two competing plans emerge for medical marijuana in Md. (Baltimore Sun, 12/9/11)
Maryland employment growth will continue to flag, report says (The Gazette, 12/9/11)
State cuts revenue estimate by $120M (Baltimore Sun, 12/9/11)
A defining year begins for Md. Gov. O’Malley (Washington Post, 12/8/11)
Opinion: The right to recall (Frederick News Post, 12/7/11)
Onlookers predict GOP turmoil in 6th District (Frederick News Post, 12/6/11)
Commentary: Schurick conviction – drawing a line in a cutthroat business (Baltimore Sun, 12/6/11)
Opinion: Schurick trail – robocall no mere ‘faux pas’ (Baltimore Sun, 12/6/11)
Martin O’Malley re-elected as head of Democratic governors (Washington Post, 12/6/11)
Schurick guilty of election fraud in robocall case (Baltimore Sun, 12/6/11)
Commentary: Holiday green and Anthony Brown (Center Maryland, 12/6/11)
Franchot considering shot at governor’s mansion (Frederick News Post, 12/6/11)
O’Malley expected to lead governors for second term (Baltimore Sun, 12/6/11)
Bob Ehrlich blisters Obama in book (Politico, 12/5/11)
India trade mission bears more fruit for Maryland (The Gazette, 12/5/11)
Board of Regents could vote soon on UMd, UMB merger proposal (Baltimore Business Journal, 12/5/11)
Robocalls jury begins deliberations after spirited closing arguments (Washington Post, 12/5/11)
Maryland’s O’Malley, Virginia’s McDonnell take rivalry national (Washington Examiner, 12/3/11)


Editorial: Gov. O’Malley’s misguided missive (Washington Post, 11/30/11)
Coalition created to oppose same-sex marriage in Md. (The Daily Record, 11/30/11)
Democratic senator backs redistricting suit (Baltimore Sun, 11/30/11)
Opinion: Illegal or not, ‘relax’ robo-calls were pointless (Baltimore Sun, 11/30/11)
Documents show matter-of-fact approach to suppressing black votes (Baltimore Sun, 11/30/11)
Speculation swirls on Roscoe Bartlett’s plans (Washington Post, 11/30/11)
Prosecution rests in Md. robo-calls case (Washington Post, 11/30/11)
Defense, prosecution agree Ehrlich campaign manager approved robo-calls (Washington Post, 11/29/11)
Did former Md. governor Erhlich really write his new book? (Washington Post, 11/29/11)
Lawmaker: The war on rural Maryland is real (DelMarVa Now, 11/29/11)
Commentary: O’Malley can make up for UM law clinic meddling (Baltimore Sun, 11/29/11)
GOP gets possible redistricting edge (Baltimore Sun, 11/29/11)
From India, O’Malley touts mission’s success (The Daily Record, 11/29/11)
Maryland’s government spending rise ranks seventh in nation (Washington Times, 11/29/11)
A pause for PlanMaryland? (Baltimore Sun, 11/29/11)
Bob Ehrlich’s Mitt Romney-envy (Center Maryland, 11/29/11)
Opinion: O’Malley DGA fundraising: The appearance of conflict (Baltimore Sun, 11/28/11)
Conservative Maryland lawmakers win a skirmish on sprawl limits (Washington Times, 11/28/11)
Judge in Schurick trial says he received robo-call (The Gazette, 11/28/11)
India mission’s early fruits include road deal, Prince George’s call center (The Gazette, 11/28/11)
Robocall trial set to begin today (ABC2, 11/28/11)
Opinion: GOP has ammo in 6th District race (Herald-Mail, 11/27/11)
Opinion: Wasteful agency move should be blocked (The Capital, 11/27/11)
O’Malley-McDonnell business duel moves offshore (Washington Times, 11/27/11)
Firms with interests in Md. pour cash into DGA (Baltimore Sun, 11/27/11)
Legal immigrants join fight against Maryland Dream Act (Washington Post, 11/27/11)
O’Malley gearing up to push ambitious legislative agenda (Washington Post, 11/26/11)
Bartlett says he’s running for 11th term (Herald-Mail, 11/26/11)
Maryland’s HMOs outperform others in region, study shows (The Gazette, 11/25/11)
Commentary: Addendum for governor’s briefing book (The Gazette, 11/25/11)
ICC: ‘game-changer’ or boondoggle? (The Gazette, 11/25/11)
India latest stop as Md and Va. governors compete abroad for economic boost (Washington Post, 11/25/11)
Van Hollen likely to be unscathed politically from super committee failure, experts say (The Gazette, 11/25/11)
Commentary: A case where O’Malley was right to speak out (The Gazette, 11/25/11)
Local delegate part of legal challenge to redistricting plan (The Capital, 11/24/11)
Panel punts septic tank limits to O’Malley (The Capital, 11/24/11)
Frederick County lawmaker challenges county’s split in congressional remap (Frederick News Post, 11/23/11)
Regional leaders fear spending cuts could hurt area businesses (Herald-Mail, 11/22/11)
Western Maryland faces ‘fracking’ fight (The Daily Record, 11/22/11)
Lawmakers say O’Malley’s agency move will waste millions (The Capital, 11/22/11)
Commentary: The road to nowhere (Center Maryland, 11/22/11)
Maryland unemployment rate improves as employers add jobs (Baltimore Sun, 11/22/11)
Ehrlich back on the trail, but for readers, not voters (Baltimore Sun, 11/22/11)
Senate leader weighs in on gas tax, transportation fund fight (The Gazette, 11/22/11)
Opponents of new congressional redistricting win first round of lawsuit (Maryland Reporter, 11/21/11)
Meet the Cuomo Clog: Is Md. Gov Martin O’Malley the only thing standing between Andrew Cuomo and the White House (PolitickerNY, 11/21/11)
Editorial: O’Malley correctly takes farmers’ side (DelMarVa Now, 11/21/11)
Editorial: Not all government debt is bad (Baltimore Sun, 11/21/11)
Opinion: Bungling created bogus argument for tax increases (The Capital, 11/21/11)
Judge rules MD redistricting challenge should go forward (Washington Post, 11/21/11)
They’re back — offshore wind, wastewater, bag tax (The Gazette, 11/21/11)
Ehrlich unapologetic in book about his politics (Washington Post, 11/21/11)
VA, MD tapping Asian markets for exports (Washington Examiner, 11/20/11)
Maryland GOP seeking cheaper digs (Washington Post, 11/19/11)
Law clinic responds to O’Malley (DelMarVa Now, 11/19/11)
Hispanic population growth fuels student enrollment boom (Washington Examiner, 11/19/11)
Video: Gov. O’Malley supports farm family – the text of his letter (Center Maryland, 11/19/11)
Marcellus Shale gas tax considered (The Capital, 11/19/11)
Maryland leaders struggle to find money for a construction jobs program (Maryland Reporter, 11/18/11)
Opinion: O’Malley sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong (Baltimore Sun, 11/18/11)
Republicans turn out for Dream act debate in Poolesville (The Gazette, 11/16/11)
O’Malley administration outlines India trade trip (The Capital, 11/16/11)
Maryland expands health care for low-income women (Washington Post, 11/16/11)
Senate tax chairman favors lowering corporate rate (Maryland Reporter, 11/16/11)
Business interests were the major campaign contributors to governor and comptroller (Maryland Reporter, 11/16/11)
Competing bidders for Maryland slots site made contact (Washington Post, 11/16/11)
Dozens of businesses heading to India with O’Malley (The Gazette, 11/15/11)
O’Malley signs letter on DOMA (Baltimore Sun, 11/15/11)
PlanMaryland Part 2: Framework for smart growth or dramatic policy shift? (Maryland Reporter, 11/15/11)
Lt. Gov Brown ‘confident’ same-sex marriage will pass in Maryland (Washington Post, 11/15/11)
O’Malley ready for tough assembly sells (Washington Times, 11/14/11)
O’Malley says DGA may join effort to recall Wisconsin governor (Washington Post, 11/14/11)
Erhlich consultant gets day in court Tuesday (The Gazette, 11/14/11)
O’Malley: Election a reaction to GOP ‘overreach’ (Baltimore Sun, 11/14/11)
Md. teachers unions, school boards fight for stronger school financing law (Washington Post, 11/11/11)
Jobs, taxes will dominate 2012 General Assembly session (The Gazette, 11/11/11)
Editorial: Help make state friendlier to business (Carroll County Times, 11/11/11)
Time to review state ethics policy, encourage transparency (The Gazette, 11/11/11)
Maryland bishops warn ‘religious liberty’ threatened by same-sex marriage (The Gazette, 11/11/11)
Maryland forging prosperity through innovation (The Gazette, 11/11/11)
Groups favor gas tax rise – with conditions (Baltimore Sun, 11/11/11)
Iowa group to fund suit against Maryland’s congressional map (Baltimore Sun, 11/10/11)
Commentary: PlanMaryland has the rural counties rankled (The Gazette, 11/10/11)
Opinion: Gay marriage and the Catholic Church’s selective concern for Constitutional rights (Baltimore Sun, 11/10/11)
Invitation names Ulman as  gubernatorial hopeful (Baltimore Sun, 11/10/11)
Maryland officials sued on charges of racial discrimination (Washington Examiner, 11/10/11)
O’Malley: Cheerleading for war spending? (Washington Examiner, 11/10/11)
Lt. Gov. talks jobs, gas tax hike at Rotary Club (Frederick News Post, 11/10/11)
Slots polarizes Prince George’s business community (The Gazette, 11/10/11)
Commentary: Legal fights against gerrymandering are a long shot (The Capital, 11/9/11)
Editorial: Why merging two Maryland universities makes sense (Washington Post, 11/9/11)
Tax structure hurting Maryland (Washington Examiner, 11/9/11)
Commentary: One question at a time: At risk of referendum, same-sex marriage proponents should skip 2012 (Baltimore Sun, 11/9/11)
St. Mary’s officials push back at PlanMaryland (The Gazette, 11/9/11)
Morningstar: Maryland’s 529 plan one of the best (Baltimore Sun, 11/9/11)
Maryland seeking consultant to guide new $70+ million InvestMaryland fund (Baltimore Sun, 11/9/11)
Slots panel reviews Rocky Gap bids (The Capital, 11/9/11)
Delaware starting to poach Maryland businesses (The Daily Record, 11/9/11)
Virginia goes after Maryland jobs (Washington Examiner, 11/9/11)
O’Malley points to Democratic wins nationally (Washington Post, 11/9/11)
O’Malley downgraded by Conservation Voters (The Gazette, 11/9/11)
MD bishops call on Catholics to oppose same-sex marriage (Baltimore Sun, 11/9/11)
Maryland doctors unveil 2012 legislative agenda (Baltimore Business Journal, 11/9/11)
Franchot: Don’t raise taxes in Maryland (Washington Examiner, 11/9/11)
Commentary: Baltimore region endures recession losses, but drives state’s modest jobs comeback (Center Maryland, 11/7/11)
Good news for O’Malley: Democrats fare better in gov races than in 2010 (Washington Post, 11/6/11)
Chesapeake Bay study finds progress against dead zones (Washington Post, 11/4/11)


Commentary: Current growth trends unsustainable (Carroll County Times, 10/31/11)

State website seeks business feedback on regulations (Center Maryland, 10/31/11)

GOP: Gov. O’Malley ‘at war’ with rural Maryland (Washington Post, 10/30/11)

Maryland tax increases: What’s in it for you? (Baltimore Sun, 10/30/11)

Online gambling would hurt slots revenue (DelMarVa Now, 10/30/11)

Editorial: County-funded anti-PlanMaryland forum only hurts our credibility (Carroll County Times, 10/30/11)

Editorial: Maryland redistricting maps are comical and controversial (Washington Post, 10/29/11)

New district, potential opponents pose new challenge for Edwards (The Gazette, 10/28/11)

Civil rights groups need more time (and $$) to challenge Congressional maps (Baltimore Sun, 10/28/11)

Maryland Dream Act referendum supporters intervene in lawsuit (The Capital, 10/28/11)

Editorial: Getting Maryland moving (Washington Post, 10/28/11)

O’Malley planning initiative triggers ‘war’ in rural areas (Washington Times, 10/27/11)

Judicial Watch to hold news conference on immigrant tuition (ABC2News, 10/27/11)

Race for 6th District coming into focus (Frederick News Post, 10/27/11)

Erhlich takes stand for Currie in bribery trial (Baltimore Sun, 10/26/11)

National Democrats rally in Maryland for 2012 (Baltimore Sun, 10/26/11)

Rural officials meet, try to stop, Plan Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 10/26/11)

Prosecutor to run for Congress against Edwards (The Capital, 10/26/11)

O’Malley asked, folks responded on business (Washington Times, 10/26/11)

Opinion: Quality transit in Montgomery critical for future economic growth (The Gazette, 10/26/11)

Montgomery lawmakers critical of new electoral lines (The Gazette, 10/26/11)

O’Malley task force could propose sewer fee hike of 300% (The Daily Record, 10/25/11)

Maryland commission proposes 15-cent increase in gas tax (Washington Post, 10/25/11)

Two Democrats might challenge Donna Edwards (Washington Post, 10/25/11)

MontCo can’t build itself out of gridlock, council told (Washington Examiner, 10/25/11)

<Opinion: The $47 million deal (Baltimore Sun, 10/25/11)

Commentary: Is Edwards’ critique of O’Malley map brave or dumb politics? (Center Maryland, 10/25/11)

Commentary: Jobs and fairness – ‘prevailing wage’ good for Marylanders (Baltimore Sun, 10/24/11)

Redistricting leaves Harris sitting atop GOP stronghold (Washington Times, 10/24/11)

Congressional redistricting plan brings another district to Howard (Baltimore Sun, 10/24/11)

Maryland seeks bids to build health insurance enrollment system (Baltimore Business Journal, 10/24/11)

Commentary: Redistricting should bring disparate groups together (Baltimore Sun, 10/22/11)

New map, new politics in Western Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 10/22/11)

PAC working on lawsuit to redistricting map (The Capital, 10/22/11)

Unemployment rate continues to inch upward in Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 10/21/11)

DOJ to review request on Maryland redistricting (Washington Post, 10/21/11)

No lawmaker gets perfect score from Progressive Maryland Education Fund (The Gazette, 10/21/11)

Maryland slots revenue will be lower than expected, analysts say (Washington Post, 10/21/11)

Plan to report illegal immigrant students draws fire (The Gazette, 10/21/11)

Special session to wrap up today (WBAL, 10/20/11)

Political battle over Md. redistricting over, but legal fight concerning minorities ready to take over (Washington Post, 10/20/11)

Bartlett still plans to run in new 6th District (Herald-Mail, 10/19/11)

O’Malley’s map easily wins House approval (Baltimore Sun, 10/19/11)

Rep. Edwards: Redistricting process has run its course (Baltimore Sun, 10/19/11)

Commentary: Going through the motions on redistricting (The Capital, 10/18/11)

County leaders ask for gas tax (Baltimore Sun, 10/18/11)

Rural lawmakers push back against Bay cleanup, sprawl curbs (Baltimore Sun, 10/18/11)

Tea Party rally protests tax increases and gerrymandering (Maryland Reporter, 10/18/11)

A three-member congressional district? (Baltimore Sun, 10/18/11)

Congressional redistricting set for final debate (Baltimore Sun, 10/18/11)

Maryland teachers to discuss new evaluations (Washington Post, 10/18/11)

Maryland Senate passes Gov. O’Malley’s redistricting map, 33 to 13 (Washington Post, 10/18/11)

Commentary: Will Democrats fumble redistricting? (Center Maryland, 10/18/11)

Senate kills measure keeping county intact (Frederick News Post, 10/18/11)

O’Malley trims a red-tape thicket but tangles remain (Baltimore Sun, 10/17/11)

Opinion: Raises for judges? (The Capital, 10/17/11)

Commentary: O’Malley’s slipping environmental grades (Baltimore Sun, 10/17/11)

Commentary: Maryland’s economy needs help right now (Baltimore Sun, 10/17/11)

Commentary: The unintended upside of Maryland redistricting (Baltimore Sun, 10/17/11)

Official: Program could reduce by half those without health insurance (The Gazette, 10/17/11)

Opinion: O’Malley gets serious about jobs (Baltimore Sun, 10/17/11)

Redistricting plan splits MontCo, PG lawmakers (Washington Examiner, 10/17/11)

O’Malley confident map will hold up (Baltimore Sun, 10/17/11)

Maryland redistricting plan advances (Washington Post, 10/17/11)

Rep. Edwards proposes map, faces criticism (Baltimore Sun, 10/17/11)

O’Malley urges lawmakers to consider 15-cent gas-tax hike (Washington Post, 10/17/11)

O’Malley hopes to build consensus for future jobs legislation (The Gazette, 10/17/11)

Senate gives initial approval to O’Malley map (Baltimore Sun, 10/17/11)

Opinion: Voters won’t take kindly to proposed hike to gas tax (The Capital, 10/16/11)

General Assembly delegation describes redistricting plan as ‘power grab’ (Carroll County Times,10/16/11)

O’Malley unveils proposed congressional map (Baltimore Sun, 10/15/11)

Black lawmakers poised to accept Md. redistricting plan (Washington Post, 10/15/11)

Some Marylanders question odd pairings in proposed new congressional map (Baltimore Sun,10/15/11)

Lawmakers to kick-start discussions of issues they’ll take up later (Baltimore Sun, 10/15/11)

Frederick County commenters overwhelmingly critical of redistricting plan (Frederick News Post,10/15/11)

Same-sex marriage backers in Maryland plan push next week (Washington Post, 10/14/11)

Lawmakers to discuss budget, gas taxes, wind farms (Washington Examiner, 10/14/11)

MD lawmakers face fight over redrawn voting districts (Washington Examiner, 10/14/11)

Alternate MD redistricting bills will get hearing (Washington Times, 10/14/11)

Commentary: Sluggish growth forecast for Maryland not a recession, but is it ‘okay?’ (Center Maryland, 10/14/11)

Opinion: On redistricting, an opening for O’Malley (Washington Post, 10/14/11)

Opinion: Penn National’s license request shows its greed (The Capital, 10/14/11)

Frederick County GOP delegate to introduce alternate state redistricting map (The Gazette,10/13/11)

Commission considers gas tax, vehicle registration fees among solutions to transportation funding woes (The Gazette, 10/12/11)

Proposed congressional map draws more criticism (Baltimore Sun, 10/12/11)

No jobs bill for the special session (Baltimore Sun, 10/12/11)

Opinion: Something fishy about plan to move 2 state offices (The Capital, 10/12/11)

Rep. Edwards doesn’t support redistricting plan (The Capital, 10/12/11)

Opinion: Minorities ans Republicans – the strange bedfellows of redistricting (Baltimore Sun,10/12/11)

Opinion: Citizen planning efforts often ignored, or worse, by politicians (The Capital, 10/12/11)

Maryland transportation panel narrows funding options (Baltimore Sun, 10/12/11)

Commentary: Could a fat tax ever get passed in Maryland? (The Capital, 10/11/11)

Democrats oppose new congressional  map (Baltimore Sun, 10/11/11)

O’Malley vows new offshore wind push (Baltimore Sun, 10/11/11)

Western Maryland balks at sharing district with MontCo (Washington Examiner, 10/11/11)

Rep. Edwards, Montgomery County officials oppose congressional maps (Baltimore Sun, 10/11/11)

Waiver for state testing standards would prevent No Child Left Behind sanctions (The Gazette,10/11/11)

Maryland majority supports wind (DelMarVa Now, 10/11/11)

Tea party members also opposed to Maryland redistricting plan (Washington Times, 10/10/11)

Marylanders prefer fees to gas tax for road work (The Daily Record, 10/10/11)

Commentary: On tax reform, O’Malley can learn a lot from Virginia (Baltimore Sun, 10/10/11)

In Maryland, the “Gorrell Map” deserves public consideration (The Free Stater Blog…, 10/10/11)

Editorial: On ‘fracking’ issue, don’t put politics above security (Daily Times, 10/10/11)

Opinion: More slots to come (Frederick News Post, 10/10/11)

Commentary: Nine hours. 168 miles. One district (The Capital, 10/9/11)

District maps likely headed to court (The Capital, 10/9/11)

Editorial: Maryland Democrats stack the odds (Washington Post, 10/9/11)

Editorial: Changing districts – power politics at work (Daily Times, 10/9/11)

Farmers: Redistricting plan threatens rural Frederick (Frederick News Post, 10/8/11)

Proposed congressional redistricting plan has local Republicans crying foul (Herald-Mail, 10/8/11)

O’Malley tours Perdue solar field (Daily Times, 10/8/11)

Editorial: Redistricting as total war (Frederick News Post, 10/8/11)

When politicians pick voters: Maryland’s congressional district maps (Baltimore Sun, 10/8/11)

Commentary: Real issue is controlling development (Carroll County Times, 10/8/11)

O’Malley still considering jobs bill in special session (Baltimore Sun, 10/7/11)

Maryland redistricting plan draws opposition from odd couples (Washington Post, 10/7/11)

Commentary: Mobility – the ultimate jobs issue (Center Maryland, 10/7/11)

Opinion: Lawmakers lax on code of conduct (The Gazette, 10/7/11)

Commentary: 2012 election in Maryland will be about the initiatives (The Gazette, 10/7/11)

Democrat: Carroll County needs PlanMaryland to pass (Carroll County Times, 10/7/11)

‘Buffet rule’ would buffet Maryland millionaires (The Daily Record, 10/6/11)

Open government committee named in Maryland (CBS Baltimore, 10/6/11)

Two congressmen discuss state redistricting with O’Malley (Baltimore Sun, 10/6/11)

O’Malley weighs jobs measure in special session (CBS Baltimore, 10/6/11)

Maryland per capita income at $49K in 2010 (Baltimore Business Journal, 10/6/11)

Push on to raise Maryland cigarette tax to $3 a pack (Washington Times, 10/6/11)

Opinion: With new map, pols once again botch redistricting (The Capital, 10/6/11)

Commentary: Regulations aren’t strangling business (Carroll County Times, 10/4/11)

Poll: Marylanders split on gay marriage, immigrant tuition (Washington Post, 10/4/11)

Marriage equality’s uphill climb (Washington Post, 10/3/11)

Redistricting panel targets Rep. Bartlett (Baltimore Sun, 10/3/11)

Same-sex marriage supporters in MD launch web-video campaign (Washington Post, 10/3/11)

O’Malley doubles down on gerrymandering (Washington Post, 10/3/11)

Proposed MD congressional map could imperil Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (Washington Post, 10/3/11)

Solar home business shining in Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 10/3/11)

Local officials: Pollution diet for Bay definitely will increase tax burden (Center Maryland, 10/3/11)

O’Malley blasts Christie on Face the Nation (Baltimore Sun, 10/2/11)

Employers face higher health care costs for next year (Baltimore Sun, 10/2/11)

Federal cutbacks a challenge for MD — not a cause for panic (Baltimore Sun, 10/1/11)

MD projects seek foreign dollars from would-be immigrants (Baltimore Sun, 10/1/11)

O’Malley, Dems aim to use Md. as ‘weapon’ in redistricting fight for US House (Washington Post,10/1/11)

Maryland redistricting plan is an affront to representative democracy (The Free Stater Blog…, 10/1/11)


O’Malley heading to India with local county leaders (Washington Post, 9/30/11)

State reports highest graduation rate in past 15 years (Baltimore Sun, 9/30/11)

O’Malley, MD Dems may target both GOP-held House seats (Washington Post, 9/30/11)

Two maps emerge in redistricting process (Baltimore Sun, 9/30/11)

Editorial: State toll increases (Frederick News Post, 9/30/11)

Progressive Maryland tries to regroup after head resigns (The Gazette, 9/30/11)

Private-public arrangements gaining steam (The Gazette, 9/30/11)

Commentary: Open season on Republicans (The Gazette, 9/30/11)

Opinion: Maryland remains behind eight ball on gambling (The Gazette, 9/30/11)

Energy companies contribute thousands to Maryland Democrats (Washington Examiner, 9/29/11)

Opinion: Maryland’s fake surplus (Frederick News Post, 9/28/11)

Federal spending in Maryland declines (Baltimore Sun, 9/27/11)

Commission recommends locking transportation funds (The Gazette, 9/27/11)

State’s gambling future taking shape (Baltimore Sun, 9/27/11)

Commentary: Race and races (Center Maryland, 9/27/11)

Maryland transportation commissioners scheduled to vote on key recommendations (The Gazette,9/26/11)

Editorial: O’Malley’s wind energy plan worse than hot air (Washington Examiner, 9/26/11)

Commentary: Educating our way out of the recession (Baltimore Sun, 9/26/11)

O’Malley replaces majority of Baltimore City Community College board (Baltimore Sun, 9/26/11)

Editorial: O’Malley continues politicizing parole process (Baltimore Sun, 9/26/11)

Editorial: For Maryland slots, another unexpected twist (Baltimore Sun, 9/25/11)

Regulators must protect BGE from potential Exelon trouble (Baltimore Sun, 9/25/11)

Editorial: Prepare now for next wave of budget cuts (Carroll County Times, 9/25/11)

Chesapeake Bay Fdtn: Pollution diet for Bay can reduce tax burden (Center Maryland, 9/25/11)

Region’s business owners don’t see rosy future (Washington Examiner, 9/24/11)

State receives bids for casino sites in Baltimore, Western MD (Washington Post, 9/23/11)

Opinion: On Constellation deal, state should drive hard bargain (The Capital, 9/23/11)

Commentary: The compangy Doug Gansler keeps (Center Maryland, 9/20/11)

Opinion: Move to public funding of elections (Carroll County Times, 9/20/11)

2012 called crucial year for MD gas tax (Baltimore Sun, 9/19/11)

O’Malley administration: Commission should reject Constellation-Exelon deal (Baltimore Sun,9/19/11)

Commentary: O’Malley’s Smart Growth power grab (Baltimore Sun, 9/19/11)

Editorial: Stay ahead of changes to state development plan (Carroll County Times, 9/18/11)

MD unemployment rate inches up to 7.3% (Washington Post, 9/16/11)

Maryland lost 2500 jobs in August (Baltimore Sun, 9/16/11)

Salisbury Chamber event discusses redistricting (DelMarVa Now, 9/16/11)

Opinion: There’s only one way to soften blow from higher gas tax (The Capital, 9/16/11)

Opinion: In redrawing election districts, fresh air is needed (The Gazette, 9/14/11)

Baltimore election draws lowest turnout in history (Baltimore Sun, 9/14/11)

Gas tax increase discussed by Senate panel (Baltimore Sun, 9/14/11)

Frederick group asks governor to stop land rezonings (The Gazette, 9/14/11)

Maryland has 7th-highest share of underwater homeowners (Baltimore Sun, 9/14/11)

Handicapping the gubernatorial race (Tales of Two Cities, 9/13/11)

Miller, O’Malley hosting fundraiser for WV governor (Washington Post, 9/13/11)

Green jobs economy has hits and misses in Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 9/13/11)

Editorial: Securing Maryland (Frederick News Post, 9/13/11)

Commentary: Baltimore Ravins’ (Center Maryland, 9/13/11)

MD lawmakers consider hikes in taxes, fees (Washington Examiner, 9/12/11)

Revised planning document gives local governments more authority (The Gazette, 9/12/11)

With court delays cloud of legal woes to linger over Maryland politics (Washington Post, 9/12/11)

Equality Maryland back in the black (The Gazette, 9/9/11)

O’Malley raises money for same-sex marriage campaign (Baltimore Sun, 9/8/11)

Maryland panel urges tax, fee hikes for roads (Washington Times, 9/8/11)

State officials to attend same sex marriage fundraiser (WBAL, 9/7/11)

State lawmakers warned of transportation funding uncertainty (The Daily Record, 9/7/11)

O’Malley knocks Christie as he rises in GOP group (Washington Post, 9/7/11)

MD, VA retiree systems seen as unsustainable (Washington Examiner, 9/7/11)

Court battle over State Center intensifies (Baltimore Sun, 9/7/11)

Franchot expected to run for governor (The Daily Record, 9/6/11)

Commentary: On education, staying ahead of the game (Baltimore Sun, 9/6/11)

Commentary: O’Malley v. O’Donnell – brought to you by the Washington Post (Center Maryland, 9/6/11)

MD’s two casinos generate $13M in August (Baltimore Sun, 9/5/11)

New study ranks MD high in government union clout (The Daily Record, 9/5/11)

Could Annapolis be in Rawlings-Blake’s future? (The Gazette, 9/2/11)

Public says: Don’t divide communities in redistricting (The Gazette, 9/2/11)

Economy takes toll on union membership (The Gazette, 9/2/11)

Opinion: How every Marylander benefits from the Dream Act (Washington Post, 9/2/11)

Maryland jobs date show July gains, sobering long-term reality (Center Maryland, 9/2/11)

O’Malley helping Equality Maryland raise money (Washington Post, 9/1/11)

With budget surpluses, it’s MD vs. VA (Washington Post, 9/1/11)

Craig to talk 2014 – and other things – over burgers and beer (Washington Post, 9/1/11)

Editorial: It’s time for a statewide growth plan (The Daily Record, 9/1/11)

Opinion: Will politics rule out fairness to Anne Arundel? (The Capital, 9/1/11)

Opinion: Regional authorities may be an answer (The Gazette, 9/1/11)

O’Malley swears in 9-member venture capital board (Carroll County Times, 8/31/11)
Residents make case for county in redistricting hearing (The Capital, 8/31/11)
Comptroller Franchot estimates revenue loss from Irene (The Daily Record, 8/31/11)
Commentary: Gov. O’Malley & Steve Jobs: contrast in visions (Baltimore Sun, 8/31/11)
O’Malley and other pols earn kudos for storm react (Baltimore Sun, 8/30/11)
County commissioners draft letter to state over concerns with PlanMaryland (Carroll County Times,8/30/11)
Maryland’s public workforce grows while Virginia axes govt jobs (Washington Examiner, 8/30/11)
Offshore wind debate returns in Maryland (Washington Post, 8/30/11)
O’Malley, McDonnell omnipresent before, after Irene (Washington Post, 8/30/11)
Commissioners critique state smart-growth plan at meeting (Frederick News Post, 8/30/11)
Major Maryland political donor pleads guilty to embezzlement (Washington Times, 8/29/11)
Lt. Gov. Brown gets firsthand experience with disaster recovery (Baltimore Sun, 8/29/11)
Board of commissioners, residents discuss PlanMaryland at forum (Carroll County Times, 8/29/11)
Maryland legislators to resume wind power discussions (Washington Times, 8/29/11)
Region seeks economic diversity in face of federal spending cuts (Washington Post, 8/28/11)
State wants to clear up plan misconceptions (Carroll County Times, 8/28/11)
Commissioners address concerns, consequences of PlanMaryland (Carroll County Times, 8/28/11)
Region loses more jobs in July (Washington Examiner, 8/27/11)
Commentary: Quake serves as reminder about transportation (Center Maryland, 8/26/11)
MD transportation officials brace for latest federal standoff (Baltimore Sun, 8/26/11)
Commentary: Transportation – Maryland has it all (Center Maryland, 8/26/11)
NAACP wants Maryland redistricting plans released early (The Daily Record, 8/24/11)
O’Malley: Biggest variable in state budget is Congress (Washington Times, 8/24/11)
Maryland Democrats attack Virginia’s McDonnell (Washington Post, 8/24/11)
Analysis: A county-by-county economic roundup (Center Maryland, 8/24/11)
State planning policy to get second look (DelMarVa Now, 8/24/11)
Opinion: Maryland’s land grab (Frederick News Post, 8/24/11)
O’Malley planning trade mission to India (Baltimore Sun, 8/23/11)
Opinion: Counties cry wolf over development restrictions (Baltimore Sun, 8/23/11)
O’Malley keeps open mind on teacher pensions (The Capital, 8/23/11)
MD’s infant mortality rate drops to lowest level on record (Baltimore Sun, 8/23/11)
Opinion: A tremor in the earth and the psyche (Baltimore Sun, 8/23/11)
O’Malley speech to MD Association of Counties on Job Creation (Office of the Governor, 8/20/11)
Editorial: Maryland Democrats redraw the congressional district map (Washington Post, 8/20/11)
2014 gubernatorial contest- All Democrats in favor of marriage equality (Maryland Juice, 8/18/11)
Maryland panel on medical pot eyes academic centers to run program (Baltimore Sun, 8/17/11)
MD Treasurer: S&P sees ‘no action’ on state credit rating (Baltimore Sun, 8/9/11)
Maryland slots perform well (Baltimore Sun, 8/9/11)
Craig eyes 2014 run for governor or comptroller (The Gazette, 8/8/11)
Commentary: O’Malley septic plan is crucial for Chesapeake Bay (Baltimore Sun, 8/8/11)
Baltimore tries to sweeten casino deal (Baltimore Sun, 8/8/11)
MD governor reacts to debt crisis (CBS Baltimore, 8/8/11)
O’Malley, archbishop at odds over same-sex marriage, letters show (Washington Post, 8/8/11)
Downgrade for Maryland bonds looks likely (Baltimore Sun, 8/8/11)
Credit downgrade: State, city and counties wait and see on local effects (Baltimore Sun, 8/8/11)
State teachers union rejects pension commission proposals (The Daily Record, 8/8/11)
Commentary: Disconnect remains between business advocates, lawmakers over incentive (Center Maryland, 8/8/11)
Opinion: Party poopers at the sales tax holiday (Baltimore Sun, 8/8/11)
Opinion: the downgrade and the aftershocks (Baltimore Sun, 8/8/11)
BRAC changes to clog already gridlocked roads (Washington Examiner, 8/7/11)
Group seeking vote on immigrant tuition law releases financial documents (Herald-Mail, 8/7/11)
O’Malley spars with Sessions on ‘This Week’ (Washington Post, 8/7/11)
Democrats eyeing Western Maryland in redistricting (Baltimore Sun, 8/6/11)
Minority growth in Washington area may reshape MD congressional map (Washington Post,8/6/11)
Washington-area municipalities sweat out federal ratings downgrade (Washington Post, 8/6/11)
Tax-free shopping: Who benefits? (Baltimore Sun, 8/6/11)
Cardin tells Maryland workers delegation will fight for them in DC (Baltimore Sun, 8/5/11)
Tax-free week: Boon or bane? (The Capital, 8/5/11)
New voting borders may carve up Eastern Shore (DelMarVa Now, 8/4/11)
Backers of Maryland DREAM Act challenge referendum effort (LA Times, 8/3/11)
Opinion: Maryland’s reliance on federal spending may soon backfire (The Capital, 8/3/11)
Bridge toll hike under review (DelMarVa Now, 8/3/11)
Mixed news for Maryland from federal debt deal (Washington Post, 8/2/11)
Exelon donates $250K to Democratic governors (The Daily Record, 8/2/11)
EPA’s Bay Czar: ‘We will win this one’ (CBS Baltimore, 8/2/11)
Franchot’s State Center stance political, group says (Baltimore Sun, 8/2/11)
Comptroller Franchot upsets community groups by pulling support from State Center project (The Daily Record, 8/2/11)
Opinion: The debt crisis, Maryland style (The Capital, 8/2/11)
Commentary: The Bruce of Summer (Center Maryland, 8/2/11)
MD toll increases likely to be delayed (Washington Post, 8/1/11)
Budget deal marks end of Maryland’s federal spree (Baltimore Sun, 8/1/11)
State health department posts draft of abortion regulations (The Daily Record, 8/1/11)
Casa de Maryland files suit to toss tuition referendum (Baltimore Sun, 8/1/11)
O’Malley supports debt deal, chides tea party (Washington Post, 8/1/11)
Immigrant advocacy group sues to uphold Dream Act (Washington Times, 8/1/11)
JULY 2011
Maryland to watch abortion clinics more closely (Baltimore Sun, 7/31/11)
Immigration debate splits Marylanders (Baltimore Sun, 7/31/11)
MD Dems target Republican congressional district (Washington Examiner, 7/31/11)
Big federal cuts would ravage Maryland (The Capital, 7/31/11)
Cost of state college tuition edges higher for 2012 (Carroll County Times, 7/31/11)
Editorial: Hold the line on redistricting (Frederick News Post, 7/31/11)
Abortion is topic of dueling protests in MD (Washington Post, 7/31/11)
Commentary: Back to basics: Crabs, friends and conversation (Baltimore Sun, 7/30/11)
Maryland unemployment rate below national average (Frederick News Post, 7/30/11)
O’Malley stops in Miami, heading to Aspen (Washington Post, 7/29/11)
Helping Maryland grow as Uncle Sam tightens belt (Baltimore Sun, 7/29/11)
Marylanders living above Marcellus Shale wait on advisory commission study (The Gazette,7/29/11)
Commentary: Tax structure, regulatory environment frame Maryland’s business cost challenges(Center Maryland, 7/29/11)
With default looming, fresh worries about impact on state finances (The Gazette, 7/29/11)
Washington-area municipalities could lose top credit ratings (Washington Post, 7/28/11)
Same-sex marriage will pas in MD in’12, Senate president predicts (Washington Post, 7/28/11)
Board mulls changes to toll-increase plan (Baltimore Sun, 7/28/11)
Commentary: Insurance exchanges will help MD’s small businesses (Baltimore Sun, 7/28/11)
Commentary: A nightmare scenario (Center Maryland, 7/26/11)
In-state tuition petition attracts tens of thousands of Democrats (Baltimore Sun, 7/25/11)
Editorial: A Maryland court’s bad decision on government transparency (Washington Post,7/25/11)
Frederick Dems speak up for better Congressional representation (The Gazette, 7/25/11)
Redistricting – What’s at stake in Maryland (The Dagger, 7/25/11)
New economic study sounds the jobs alarm for Maryland (The Gazette, 7/25/11)
Commentary: Wind farms aren’t the answer to cutting MD’s greenhouse gas emissions (Baltimore Sun, 7/25/11)
Redistricting in MD has element of racial friction (Washington Post, 7/24/11)
Redistricting public hearings begin in Maryland (WTOP, 7/24/11)
MD gay marriage opponents expect voter referendum (Washington Examiner, 7/24/11)
Crabs, clams and political ambitions (The Capital, 7/24/11)
State revenues $300 million above estimates, but comptroller urges caution (Maryland Reporter, 7/24/11)
State revenues slightly higher than expected (The Gazette, 7/23/11)
Western MD Dems make pitch for bluer congressional district (Baltimore Sun, 7/23/11)
Rising cost of Purple Line reignites bus vs. rail fight (Washington Examiner, 7/23/11)
Local transit projects can take a half-century to build (Washington Examiner, 7/23/11)
Gay couples take heart in O’Malley decision on gay marriage (Baltimore Sun, 7/23/11)
Governor to be lead sponsor of gay marriage bill (The Gazette, 7/22/11)
Immigrant tuition referendum officially makes ballot (Baltimore Sun, 7/22/11)
O’Malley to lead push for same-sex marriage next year (Baltimore Sun, 7/22/11)
Good news, bad news for MD economy (Washington Post, 7/22/11)
O’Malley calls Romney a job killer (Washington Post, 7/22/11)
Maryland’s employment picture still dour in June (Baltimore Sun, 7/22/11)
Opinion: Martin O’Malley’s moment — on immigrants and gay marriage (Washington Post,7/22/11)
Opinion: O’Malley stands up for equality (Baltimore Sun,7/22/11)
Just how Democratic is Maryland? Not as much as you think, but it’s still pretty blue (The FreeStater Blog… , 7/22/11)
Balto County Republicans announce independent redistricting initiative (Explore Baltimore County, 7/22/11)
Commentary: Despite education acclaim, MD faces workforce development challenges (Center Maryland, 7/22/11)
Federal debt negotiations place Maryland in precarious financial position (The Gazette, 7/22/11)
Shows and no-shows at Tawes crab-and-politics fest (Baltimore Sun, 7/21/11)
O’Malley blames GOP for gridlock (Baltimore Sun, 7/21/11)
Opinion: More referendums good for state, not just the GOP (The Capital, 7/21/11)
Martin O’Malley making a name for himself on national stage (Washington Post, 7/20/11)
Commentary: What happens to Maryland if US defaults? (Baltimore Sun, 7/20/11)
Opinion: Referendum (Frederick News Post, 7/20/11)
Moody’s warns of lower Maryland credit rating (The Daily Record, 7/19/11)
Barlett’s anemic fundraising prompts retirement speculation (Baltimore Sun, 7/19/11)
Constellation marks launch of MD wind farm (Baltimore Sun, 7/19/11)
Governor to take a stand on same-sex marriage (WBAL, 7/19/11)

Franchot pulls support from $1.5 Billion State Center (Baltimore Sun, 7/19/11)
O’Malley announces 14-member Marcellus Shale panel (The Daily Record, 7/19/11)
O’Malley’s speech at Third Way Renewable Energy Conference (City Biz List Baltimore, 7/19/11)
Editorial: Has anyone estimated real cost of higher tolls? (The Capital, 7/19/11)
Two Ehrlich operatives have arraignments set (The Daily Record, 7/18/11)
States stand to lose in debt battle, O’Malley warns again (Washington Post, 7/18/11)
Accused in robo-call case plead not guilty (Washington Post, 7/18/11)
Gerrymandering is bad, regardless of which party does it! (FreeStater Blog…, 7/18/11)
Lt. Gov open to raising Maryland’s gas tax (WTOP, 7/17/11)
MD robo-call case going to court (Washington Post, 7/17/11)
Crab & Clam Bake may see smaller crowd (Delmarva Now, 7/17/11)
Same-sex marriage, meet the Dream Act (The Capital, 7/17/11)
Debt crisis could have outsized effect on Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 7/16/11)
Bay Bridge toll hike raises ire (Delmarva Now, 7/16/11)
‘Partisan-osaurus’ threatening Washington, O’Malley says (Washington Post, 7/16/11)
O’Malley: GOP wants to hurt economy to win election (WBAL, 7/16/11)
O’Malley says he’ll try harder for same-sex marriage (Baltimore Sun, 7/15/11)
Commentary: Core pillars for growth and job creation focus on nurturing opportunity (Center Maryland, 7/15/11)
Gov. O’Malley inclined to sponsor same-sex marriage bill (Washington Post, 7/15/11)
Opinion: A model redistricting plan from the Maryland GOP (Washington Post, 7/15/11)
Web software helped keep immigrant-tuition foes’ petitions valid (Washington Post, 7/13/11)
Opinion: Special session should put jobs first (Baltimore Sun, 7/13/11)
With eye on the White House, O’Malley shifts tactics (The Free Stater Blog, 7/13/11)
Opinion: Dream dismissed (Frederick News Post, 7/13/11)
O’Malley considers role in gay-marriage debate (Washington Post, 7/12/11)
Editorial: Curtain rises on a political show (The Capital, 7/12/11)
Sources: Congressional Dems eye Bartlett as redistricting target (Center Maryland, 7/12/11)
MD election board approves 87k signatures to force referendum on Dream Act (Washington Times,7/11/11)
GOP leaders flip-flop on Dream Act (WBAL-TV, 7/11/11)
MD lawmakers eye new taxes on snacks, online sales, medicine (Washington Examiner, 7/11/11)
Gay marriage advocates in Maryland launching broader push (Washington Post, 7/11/11)
O’Malley: Chesapeake Bay cleanup ‘on track’ (Baltimore Sun, 7/11/11)
Maryland offshore wind area slashed (Baltimore Sun, 7/11/11)
Opinion: Toll increases not in Shore’s best interest (Delmarva Now!, 7/10/11)
Maryland’s move for Internet tax likely to fail (Baltimore Sun, 7/10/11)
Opinion: Redistricting? Here’s a request (Delmarva Now! 7/10/11)
Editorial: Fairness essential in districting (Carroll County Times, 7/10/11)
Supporters of tuition petition: Campaign will continue (Frederick News Post, 7/9/11)
Hoyer’s district to shrink most in MD redistricting (Washington Examiner, 7/9/11)
Opinion: Redistricting fix is in (The Gazette, 7/8/11)
Opinion: ACLU vs. The People? (The Gazette, 7/8/11)
Commentary: New jobs data is sending Maryland a message (Center Maryland, 7/8/11)
Commission: AG should weigh in on reducing retiree COLAs (The Gazette, 7/8/11)
Republicans weigh in on redistricting, but is anyone listening? (The Gazette, 7/8/11)
‘Relax’ robocalls civil and criminal cases to proceed (Baltimore Sun, 7/7/11)
Firms in highway audit deny improprieties (Baltimore Sun, 7/7/11)
Redistricting in MD: Can O’Malley make Maryland a GOP-free zone? (The Freestater Blog, 7/7/11)
In-state tuition opponents have signatures for referendum (Baltimore Sun, 7/7/11)
Editorial: Fast Track offers hope for new job creation (The Daily Record, 7/7/11)
MD voters to decide immigrant tuition law (Washington Post, 7/7/11)
Elections board to resume tuition petition tally (Baltimore Sun, 7/7/11)
Commentary: Avoid toll increases by shifting priorities (Baltimore Sun, 7/6/11)
Commentary: The taxing Republicans strike again (Center Maryland, 7/6/11)
Panel weighs reducing redistricting hearings (The Daily Record, 7/6/11)
O’Malley reacts to critical highway audit (The Daily Record, 7/6/11)
MD GOP proposes redistricting map (WTOP, 7/6/11)
Panel eyes Maryland population shift (Washington Times, 7/6/11)
JUNE 2011
Commentary: A triple play of political shame (Center Maryland, 6/28/11)
Band lets O’Malley loosen up (Washington Post, 6/25/11)
New York’s passage of same-sex marriage revives Maryland’s debate (Washington Post, 6/25/11)
Opinion: Maryland’s progress toward repairing the American Dream (Washington Post, 6/24/11)
Opponents of tuition break for illegal immigrants near petition goal (Baltimore Sun, 6/22/11)
Maryland’s third parties regain official status (The Capital, 6/22/11)
Attorney in robo-calls case assails Gansler (Washington Post, 6/22/11)
Commentary: Tort reform needed to spur Maryland job growth (Baltimore Sun, 6/22/11)
Opinion: Robo-call frenzy (Frederick News Post, 6/22/11)
Majority of tuition signatures gathered in the field (Baltimore Sun, 6/22/11)
Petitioners hit the streets to stop tuition breaks for illegal immigrants (Baltimore Sun, 6/21/11)
Opinion: Prosecuting politics for partisan gain (The Capital, 6/21/11)
Opinion: Maryland’s job loss number: Not great news, but far from a calamity (Baltimore Sun,6/20/11)
Impact of federal immigration program called ‘heart-wrenching’ (The Gazette, 6/20/11)
GOP legislator files legislation to freeze tolls, put lock on transportation funds (The Gazette, 6/20/11)
Free State earns last place in personal-freedom rating (Washington Times, 6/20/11)
Commentary: The robocall scandal matters (Baltimore Sun, 6/20/11)
Colleges prepare for DREAM Act (The Capital, 6/18/11)
GOP presidential candidates court votes in blue Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 6/18/11)
GOP Chair: Despite robocalls, ‘plenty’ of reasons to vote GOP (Washington Post, 6/18/11)
Opinion: Democrats should fear petition drive (Herald-Mail, 6/18/11)
Ehrlich campaign robocalls could provide ammo for Democrats (Baltimore Sun, 6/17/11)
Maryland ranks last in pace of job creation (Baltimore Sun, 6/17/11)
O’Malley releases tally of $144,000 in Asia trip costs (Washington Post, 6/17/11)
Editorial: Vote suppression in Maryland guv race? (Washington Post, 6/17/11)
Republican ‘doctrine’ on suppressing black vote is key to MD case, and maybe to 2012 (Washington Post, 6/17/11)
MD robo-calls: Ehrlich aide, consultant accused of trying to suppress black vote (Washington Post,6/16/11)
O’Malley Asia trip: Trade mission or party junket? (Baltimore Sun, 6/16/11)
MD Gov touts economic development trip to Asia (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/15/11)
Opinion: Fare increases arriving in one big, nasty lump (The Capital, 6/15/11)
After Asia, O’Malley planning more foreign travel (Baltimore Sun, 6/14/11)
O’Malley, back from Asia, details ‘engagement abroad’ (Washington Post, 6/14/11)
Commentary: A DREAM denied? (Center Maryland, 6/14/11)
O’Malley talks property taxes (Baltimore Sun, 6/13/11)
A call for O’Malley to show ‘leadership’ on MD gambling (Washington Post, 6/13/11)
Environment Maryland scorecard reflects ‘dissatisfaction’ with 2011 legislative session (The Gazette,6/13/11)
Editorial: Dream Act petitions: New life for the MD GOP (Baltimore Sun, 6/13/11)
Proposed toll hikes draw hostile reactions (Baltimore Sun, 6/13/11)
Commentary: Maryland should go slow on establishing health insurance exchange (Baltimore Sun,6/13/11)
Maryland’s job growth data delivers a sobering business climate reality check (Center Maryland, 6/13/11)
Tuition break for illegal immigrants sparks high-tech petition drive (Baltimore Sun, 6/12/11)
Maryland falling behind in race for gamblers (Washington Post, 6/12/11)
Getting there: Bridge, tunnel toll increases cruel but fair (Baltimore Sun, 6/12/11)
O’Malley’s executive order halting ‘fracking’ seen as political maneuver (Washington Times,6/12/11)
MD election officials looking at complaint on tuition petition (Washington Post, 6/10/11)
O’Malley announces deals with Vietnam businesses (Baltimore Sun, 6/10/11)
Opinion: O’Malley right in taking go-slow approach to fracking (The Capital, 6/8/11)
Baltimore County Council members support tuition repeal drive (Baltimore Sun, 6/8/11)
Editorial: Drilling study a good decision (Carroll County Times, 6/8/11)
Repeal drive moves forward on tuition for illegal immigrants (Baltimore Sun, 6/7/11)
Maryland Petroleum Council criticizes shale drilling study (The Daily Record, 6/7/11)
State’s GDP grew faster than the nation’s in 2010 (Baltimore Sun, 6/7/11)
Nine public hearings on toll increases scheduled (Baltimore Sun, 6/5/11)
Report: Salvadorans by far the largest Hispanic group in area (The Gazette, 6/3/11)
State House lobbyist joins guv on globe-trotting mission (The Gazette, 6/3/11)
Toll call: Politicians with backbone needed (The Gazette, 6/3/11)
O’Malley announces deals with Chinese firms worth $45 million (Baltimore Sun, 6/2/11)
Maryland tolls playing catch-up (Baltimore Sun, 6/2/11)
Editorial: For whom the tolls rise (The Daily Record, 6/2/11)
MAY 2011
Report: Maryland falling behind on greenhouse gas goals (The Daily Record, 5/31/11)
In-state tuition opponents: We have the signatures (Baltimore Sun, 5/31/11)
Ehrlich appears before robocall grand jury (Baltimore Sun, 5/31/11)
O’Malley’s green record will be tough to maintain (Carroll County Times, 5/31/11)
Analysis: An early look at the 2014 guber field (Center Maryland, 5/31/11)
Opinion: Roll back law granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants (Baltimore Sun, 5/31/11)
Petition-gatherers encounter hostility at public events (Frederick News Post, 5/31/11)
Editorial: Maryland should hunt for more revenue for its transportation network (Washington Post, 5/28/11)
Environmental groups stand by O’Malley (The Gazette, 5/27/11)
Maryland had 7th most govt jobs in past decade (Baltimore Business Journal, 5/27/11)
Maryland could serve as alcohol tax hike role model (The Gazette, 5/27/11)
Local officials oppose tuition break for illegal immigrants (Baltimore Sun, 5/27/11)
Maryland pushes ahead on implementing health care reform (Maryland Reporter, 5/27/11)
Environmental groups stand by O’Malley (The Gazette, 5/27/11)
Green projects often aren’t black and white (The Gazette, 5/27/11)
State’s health exchange board takes shape (The Gazette, 5/27/11)
Maryland tax revenue improves, outlook positive (Baltimore Business Journal, 5/26/11)
O’Malley knocks Christie on greenhouse gas decision (Washington Post, 5/26/11)
MD comptroller calls for gas tax freeze over summer holidays (WTOP, 5/26/11)
DREAM Act tuition petition organizers predict success (The Capital, 5/25/11)
Commentary: Seeing Dream Act kids as ‘our own’ (Baltimore Sun, 5/25/11)
Immigration tuition law could be headed toward referendum (CBS Baltimore, 5/24/11)
Potential bidders question terms of Baltimore slots casino deal (Baltimore Sun, 5/24/11)
O’Malley touts economic development trip to Asia (WBAL, 5/24/11)
Opinion: Education spending is an investment in our future (The Capital, 5/23/11)
O’Malley wants a space business incubator (The Daily Record, 5/23/11)
Opinion: Dems trying to make Maryland ‘cobalt blue’ (Frederick News Post, 5/22/11)
Maryland gains nearly 12K jobs in April after string of down months (Baltimore Sun, 5/20/11)
Bipartisan interest in immigration tuition appeal, petitioners say (Baltimore Sun, 5/20/11)
Opinion: O’Malley right about wstte-to-energy law (The Capital, 5/20/11)
Survey shows region’s public reluctant to cut education (, 5/18/11)
O’Malley vetoes four bills passed by wide margins (Washington Post, 5/18/11)
Lifer parole to take effect without O’Malley’s signature (Baltimore Sun, 5/18/11)
Rep. Harris opposes doubling Bay Bridge toll (Baltimore Sun, 5/18/11)
Opinion: The O’Malley dynasty (Frederick News Post, 5/18/11)
O’Malley to sign waste-to-energy bill (Baltimore Sun, 5/17/11)
Governor pledges to fight for transgender protections (Baltimore Sun, 5/17/11)
GM breaks ground in MD for electric motor plant (Baltimore Sun, 5/17/11)
O’Malley decides not to reapoint 2 Baltimore County school board members (Baltimore Sun, 5/17/11)
Editorial: Rising tolls are highway robbery (Frederick News Post, 5/17/11)
The Peter Principle – O’Malley brother’s move from party chief to Balto chief of staff (Center Maryland, 5/17/11)
Slots funds spending plans OK’d (DelMarVa Now, 5/17/11)
O’Malley coming down to the wire on waste-to-energy plant legislation (Washington Times, 5/16/11)
Wind energy proponents begin grass-roots sessions (The Gazette, 5/16/11)
Editorial: “Lump sum” donations need to be disclosed (Baltimore Sun, 5/16/11)
Commentary: Back to the message on trash (Baltimore Sun, 5/16/11)
Commentary: ‘Illegal’ immigrants and the next economy (Baltimore Sun, 5/15/11)
Transportation officials say ICC is not to blame for toll hikes (Maryland Reporter, 5/15/11)
More teachers turning to part-time employment because of salary freezes (Carroll County Times,5/15/11)
Opinion: Higher tolls another burden on Marylanders (The Capital, 5/15/11)
With loophole, many MD campaign donors remain anonymous (Baltimore Sun, 5/14/11)
Grand jury to hear case on robocalls for Ehrlich (Baltimore Sun, 5/13/11)
O’Malley torn on trash-burning bill (Baltimore Sun, 5/13/11)
Opinion: Scholarship foul-up raises other questions (The Capital, 5/13/11)
Maryland seeks to delay start of Race to the Top (The Gazette, 5/13/11)
Editorial: Blame the ICC, failed leadership for massive toll increases (Baltimore Sun, 5/13/11)
Analysis: On transportation funding, MD takes one step forward, one step back (Center Maryland, 5/13/11)
O’Malley embraces role as chairman of DGA (The Gazette, 5/13/11)
House Speaker predicts Democratic gains in MD legislature (Frederick News Post, 5/13/11)
Mapping tools bring citizens into redistricting process (The Gazette, 5/13/11)
Commentary: They’re off and running for 2014 (The Gazette, 5/13/11)
O’Malley counted his gambling eggs before they hatched (The Gazette, 5/13/11)
Editorial: Keep focus in special session (Carroll County Times, 5/13/11)
Steep increase in Maryland tolls proposed (Baltimore Sun, 5/12/11)
O’Malley’s brother becomes Baltimore mayor’s Chief of Staff (Baltimore Sun, 5/12/11)
Dem leader wants to broaden fall redistricting session (The Capital, 5/12/11)
MD GOP: Does the governor really need a new butler? (Baltimore Sun, 5/12/11)
Editorial: Maryland’s Dream Act backlash (Washington Post, 5/12/11)
Editorial: Rail funding comes back down to earth (The Capital, 5/12/11)
Study: Maryland among best in results of transportation spending (Baltimore Sun, 5/11/11)
O’Malley signs medical marijuana bill into law (CBS Baltimore, 5/11/11)
O’Malley extends rights to illegal immigrants (Baltimore Sun, 5/10/11)
Opinion: Educating children of illegal immigrants will benefit all of us (The Capital, 5/10/11)
Analysis: Mapmaker, mapmaker make me a map (Center Maryland, 5/10/11)
O’Malley to OK tougher long-gun crime penalties (The Gazette, 5/9/11)
State pension commission’s work far from done (The Gazette, 5/9/11)
O’Malley highlights MD’s affordable housing efforts (Washington Post, 5/9/11)
Opinion: O’Malley should trash the waste-to-energy bill (Baltimore Sun, 5/9/11)
Maryland releases report on federal funding to state (Baltimore Sun, 5/9/11)
Editorial: Gansler’s fracking lawsuit – polluters and watchdog (Baltimore Sun, 5/9/11)
Drive  to overturn DREAM Act begins (The Capital, 5/8/11)
Is Maryland’s slots program making progress? (Baltimore Sun, 5/8/11)
Opinion: State shouldn’t stuff more money in leaking transportation trust fund (The Capital,5/8/11)
State lawmakers seek federal Bay cleanup help (Baltimore Sun, 5/6/11)
Commentary: New state plan for growth offers sound strategies worth adopting (Center Maryland, 5/6/11)
Party bylaw changes concern some MD Republicans (The Gazette, 5/6/11)
Freshman lawmakers make waves in Annapolis (The Gazette, 5/6/11)
Lt. Gov Anthony Brown’s hands-on approach (The Gazette, 5/6/11)
Mid-Atlantic primary in 2012 seems unlikely (The Gazette, 5/6/11)
Proposed Constellation merger test for governor, state (The Gazette, 5/6/11)
MD GOP leader voted for earlier version of immigrant tuition bill (Washington Post, 5/5/11)
Mont County Exec Leggett won’t run for guv in 2014 (The Gazette, 5/5/11)
Editorial: Get serious about transportation funding (The Daily Record, 5/5/11)
O’Malley pushes business leaders to help find ‘consensus’ on transportation funding (The Daily Record, 5/4/11)
O’Malley primes businesses for gas tax discussions (Baltimore Business Journal, 5/4/11)
O’Malley reaches out for help in funding road projects (Washington Post, 5/4/11)
O’Malley says new funding needed for transportation (Baltimore Sun, 5/4/11)
Sponsor of immigrant tuition bill says repeal efforts could cost millions (Maryland Reporter, 5/4/11)
Effort to repeal illegal-immigration tuition breaks under way (Baltimore Sun, 5/3/11)
Environmentalists urge O’Malley to veto waste-to-energy bill (CBS Baltimore, 5/3/11)
MD delegates seek to overturn in-state tuition bill for illegal immigrants (Washington Post, 5/3/11)
Maryland will sue in Susquehanna tributary ‘fracking’ spill (Baltimore Sun, 5/2/11)
Western MD Dems look to gain ground in reapportionment process (The Gazette, 5/2/11)
State responds to city casino developer lawsuit (Baltimore Sun, 5/2/11)
How Maryland compares on pension funding (Maryland Reporter, 5/2/11)
Opinion: Let voters decide on state Dream Act (Frederick News Post, 5/1/11)
Legislative battles reveal cracks in “One Maryland” (Washington Times, 5/1/11)
APRIL 2011
Gas tax called quick fix for state transportation funding (Baltimore Sun, 4/30/11)
Report: Bay cleanup plan would cost $10B (The Gazette, 4/29/11)
Gov. O’Malley pushes for more transportation funds in MD (Washington Post, 4/29/11)
O’Malley discusses transportation funding needs (WTOP, 4/29/11)
Gas tax hike remains on the table for autumn (The Gazette, 4/29/11)
Democrats seek to make 6th district more competitive (The Gazette, 4/29/11)
Commentary: Six degrees of William Donald Schaefer (Center Maryland, 4/26/11)
Editorial: A level-headed reform for Maryland’s pension system (Washington Post, 4/25/11)
Crowds gather in Baltimore, Annapolis to bid Schaefer farewell (Washington Post, 4/25/11)
O’Malley to lead trade mission to Asia (Baltimore Sun, 4/21/11)
O’Malley plans more political travel, trade mission (Washington Post, 4/21/11)
Fees go up, but transportation fund stays down (The Gazette, 4/21/11)
Opinion: Teacher buyouts – a necessary reform (Baltimore Sun, 4/20/11)
Commentary: Fasten your seat belts, Maryland – bumpy fiscal ride ahead (Baltimore Sun,4/20/11)
Tax Day draws ire of conservatives (Frederick News Post, 4/19/11)
Delegate to challenge in-state tuition measure (Baltimore Sun, 4/18/11)
Donald Schaefer: Politics as performance art (Baltimore Sun, 4/18/11)
Commentary: Health co-ops should be expanded, not limited (Baltimore Sun, 4/18/11)
In redistricting, Democrats look for electoral opportunities (Baltimore Sun, 4/16/11)
Commentary: On transportation, Gen Assembly ‘kicks the can’ down a pothole-filled road (Center Maryland, 4/15/11)
Maryland lawmakers end session with unfinished business (Washington Post, 4/15/11)
O’Malley to speak at Islamic Forum (WBAL, 4/13/11)
Bill sets health exchange framework (The Daily Times, 4/13/11)
Governor signs 163 bills, vows to pass wind, septic bills (The Daily Record, 4/12/11)
Special session could turn toward transportation funding (Capitol News Service, 4/12/11)
Editorial: In Annapolis, a modest legislative appetite (Baltimore Sun, 4/12/11)
O’Malley’s Coast-to-coast march as DGA chair (Center Maryland, 4/12/11)
Gas drilling moratorium fails in General Assembly (The Daily Record, 4/12/11)
Commentary: Success of “Invest Maryland” will gauge state’s commitment to economic growth(Center Maryland, 4/8/11)
Rep Harris: Republicans should stand tough on budget (Delmarva Now, 4/7/11)
O’Malley pushes wind in final days of session (The Daily Record, 4/6/11)
MD House votes to invest less in Invest Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 4/6/11)
Legislature to vote on new state retirement plan (CBS Baltimore, 4/6/11)
Maryland among 24 states vying for high-speed rail funds (The Daily Record, 4/6/11)
State workers decry new pension plan (Baltimore Sun, 4/6/11)
Pared down Invest Maryland proposal clears House committee (The Daily Record, 4/5/11)
Alcohol tax still in limbo as budget negotiations conclude (The Gazette, 4/5/11)
MD’s two casinos bring in $13 million in February (Baltimore Sun, 4/5/11)
Opinion: Fixing Maryland’s pensions (Baltimore Sun, 4/4/11)
Lawmakers reach deal on pensions, retiree health care (Baltimore Sun, 4/4/11)
Missed opportunity for transit-oriented development in Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 4/4/11)
Analysis: How does General Assembly measure up to core pillars of job creation? (Center Maryland, 4/1/11)
MARCH 2011
Maryland General Assembly focuses on consumer protections (Washington Post, 3/26/11)
Commentary: Maryland’s jobs recovery is under way, but it’s sluggish (Center Maryland, 3/25/11)
Lobbying intensifies ahead of Md. offshore wind vote (Washington Post, 3/23/11)
Maryland House debates budget blueprint (Washington Post, 3/23/11)
MD House subcommittees go to work on O’Malley’s budget proposal (Washington Post, 3/16/11)
MD panel’s school-funding vote defuses fight with teachers; pension-plan rift remains (Washington Post, 3/16/11)
Maryland House derails bill that would legalize same-sex marriage (Washington Post, 3/12/11)
Same-sex marriage bill falls short in Maryland (New York Times, 3/11/11)
Commentary: Maybe it’s time to change MD’s transportation funding model (Center Maryland, 3/11/11)
Opinion: Could a Wisconsin-style union backlash happen in MD? It should (Baltimore Sun, 3/9/11)
Opinion: What’s worse – Alcohol tax or education cuts? (Baltimore Sun, 3/9/11)
House advances same-sex marriage measure (Baltimore Sun, 3/9/11)
Analysis: Blame the teachers! (Center Maryland, 3/1/11)
Catholic leaders urge continued fight against same-sex marriage in MD (Washington Post, 2/28/11)
Opinion: Robocall controversy dies for lack of interest (Herald-Mail, 2/28/11)
Maryland & Delaware senators seek rejected Florida high-speed rail funds (The Daily Record,2/28/11)
State workers, companies brace for possible federal shutdown (Baltimore Sun, 2/28/11)
O’Malley’s venture capital fund a bet worth taking (Baltimore Sun, 2/28/11)
Commentary: Maryland’s economic forecast calls for pain (Baltimore Sun, 2/28/11)
Spotlight shines on O’Malley at national governors meeting (Baltimore Sun, 2/27/11)
Editorial: Death penalty’s cruel toll on the victims (Baltimore Sun, 2/27/11)
Commentary: Proposed education cuts break a promise to Maryland’s children (Baltimore Sun,2/26/11)
Robocall investigation ends with no charges (Herald-Mail, 2/26/11)
Gay marriage opponents slow to fight in Annapolis (Baltimore Sun, 2/26/11)
O’Malley to support reducing estate tax for farms (The Daily Record, 2/25/11)
Transportation funding bills get attention in Annapolis, but face major hurdles (Center Maryland, 2/25/11)
Video: MD House takes up same-sex marriage legislation (Baltimore Sun, 2/25/11)
Video: O’Malley, TX Gov. Perry square off at NGA meeting (Texas Tribune, 2/25/11)
Maryland stands to pay economic price in government shutdown (Capital New Service, 2/25/11)
Same-sex marriage debate ignites in MD state senate (Frederick News Post, 2/24/11)
Maryland First plan combines progressive measure to raise projected $827M in revenues (Maryland Reporter, 2/23/11)
MD Senate panel gives preliminary approval to same-sex marriage bill (The Daily Record, 2/23/11)
Editorial: Motor voter efforts come up short (Baltimore Sun, 2/23/11)
Two-year delay proposed in shale gas drilling (Baltimore Sun, 2/23/11)
Fiscal difficulties aside, state retains AAA bond rating (The Gazette, 2/23/11)
O’Malley proposal builds on effort to create wind market (The Daily Record, 2/23/11)
Same-sex marriage clears first Senate test (Baltimore Sun, 2/23/11)
Same-sex marriage bill advances in MD Senate on 25-22 vote (Washington Post, 2/23/11)
O’Malley delivers first address as DGA chair (Baltimore Sun, 2/20/11)
O’Malley: GOP governors ‘live in a different world’ (Baltimore Sun, 2/19/11)
O’Malley seeks rail money spurned by Florida (Baltimore Sun, 2/19/11)
O’Malley’s venture fund draws tough questions (Baltimore Sun, 2/16/11)
Census figures show more diverse state (Baltimore Sun, 2/10/11)
Maryland’s Hispanic population doubles (The Gazette, 2/9/11)
Census figures show parts of Southern MD booming (Baltimore Sun, 2/9/11)
Delegates debate requiring photo ID to vote (Maryland Reporter, 2/9/11)
Health insurance brokers fear loss of business in new benefits exchange program (Maryland Reporter, 2/9/11)
MD same-sex marriage bill debated (The Daily Record, 2/8/11)
Same-sex marriage has good chance of approval, MD Senate leader says (Washington Post, 2/8/11)
Senate president preparing for gay marriage debate (Baltimore Sun, 2/8/11)
MD Senate Democrats showing signs of fracture (Baltimore Sun, 2/8/11)
Commentary: Former Ehrlich aide says same-sex marriage consistent with conservative values(Baltimore Sun, 2/8/11)
Hundreds crowd Senate for hearing on same-sex marriage (Baltimore Sun, 2/8/11)
One-third of Senate likes proposal to increase gas tax, registration fees (The Daily Record, 2/8/11)
Commentary: O’Malley needs to find money for transportation needs (Center Maryland, 2/8/11)
MD senator introduces bill to preserve, raise transportation funds (Baltimore Business Journal,2/7/11)
Supporters of same-sex marriage unlikely to settle for civil unions (Washington Post, 2/7/11)
Undeclared lawmakers to decide fate of gay marriage (Baltimore Sun, 2/7/11)
Budget balancing takes toll on transportation (Carroll County Times, 2/5/11)
O’Malley’s speech focuses on bay, budget (The Daily Record, 2/4/11)
MD law will delay census numbers to redistrict (The Daily Record, 2/4/11)
Only 677 MD employees take early retirement (Washington Post, 2/4/11)
Suburbs likely to fight for transit, education (The Gazette, 2/4/11)
Governor’s brother likely to lead state Dems (The Gazette, 2/4/11)
Will MD’s GOP walk the walk on curbing debt? (Baltimore Sun, 2/4/11)
O’Malley channels Obama in State of State (The Daily Record, 2/3/11)
Maryland ’stronger,’ O’Malley tells lawmakers (Baltimore Sun, 2/3/11)
O’Malley says state facing tough choices because of budget gap (Herald-Mail, 2/3/11)
Christie mocks O’Malley’s pension plan (Baltimore Sun, 2/3/11)
Christie strikes back at O’Malley (Washington Post, 2/3/11)
O’Malley seeks venture capital fund, wind farms in SoS speech (Washington Post, 2/3/11)
O’Malley in State of the State: ‘It all comes back to jobs’ (Baltimore Business Journal, 2/3/11)
Opinion: O’Malley’s speech failed to deliver leadership (Baltimore Sun, 2/3/11)
Sources: O’Malley to nominate brother for state Dem chair (Baltimore Sun, 2/3/11)
O’Malley to address state lawmakers today (Baltimore Sun, 2/3/11)
State workers approve contract (Baltimore Sun, 2/2/11)
O’Malley: Road maps, but no new themes in MD State of the State (Washington Post, 2/2/11)
O’Malley to pitch his priorities to lawmakers (The Capital, 2/2/11)
Education advocates angry, coming to Annapolis (Baltimore Sun, 2/2/11)
Tea Party caucus recruits a Baltimore Dem (Annapolitics, 2/2/11)
O’Malley urges continued infrastructure investment (The Daily Record, 2/2/11)
Tea Party caucus forming in MD House of Delegates (Baltimore Sun, 2/2/11)
MD Senate Republicans oppose gay marriage (Baltimore Sun, 2/1/11)
Dem leader: Immigrant tuition vote will be tough battle (The Capital, 2/1/11)
Local officials rail against state education, road repair cuts (Baltimore Sun, 2/1/11)
Opinion: The MD GOP’s narrow tent (Fredrick News Post, 1/31/11)
Some Republican rising stars (Center Maryland, 1/31/11)
Commentary: Pension reforms don’t go far enough (Baltimore Sun, 1/31/11)
Opinion: Death penalty inherently inhumane (Baltimore Sun, 1/30/11)
O’Malley launches ‘Maryland Made Easy’ small business initiative (Towson Patch, 1/30/11)
Opinion: Lawmakers shouldn’t rubber-stamp racetrack subsidies (The Capital, 1/30/11)
We’ll cut our pensions, legislators say — in 2014 (Baltimore Sun, 1/30/11)
MD may need 56% property tax hike to cover state debt, report says (Washington Post, 1/28/11)
February will be same-sex marriage month in MD (Baltimore Sun, 1/28/11)
Opinion: Good ideas from the governor (The Gazette, 1/28/11)
Some legislators have change of heart on same-sex marriage bill (The Gazette, 1/28/11)
Opinion: How the state lost its way on transportation funding (Center Maryland, 1/28/11)
Poll: Marylanders favor job creation over environmental protection (Center Maryland, 1/28/11)
Business leaders warm to O’Malley budget (The Gazette, 1/28/11)
Opinion: O’Malley budget punts to General Assembly (The Gazette, 1/28/11)
Editorial: Balancing act (The Daily Record, 1/27/11)
Opinion: As we predicted, push for full-scale gambling has started (The Capital, 1/27/11)
Governor to seek horse racing subsidies, oversight (Baltimore Sun, 1/27/11)
Opinion: Maryland’s growing debt worrisome (Baltimore Sun, 1/27/11)
Opinion: Stop allowing politicians to choose their voters (The Capital, 1/27/11)
Opinion: Raiding or Transportation Trust fund must be stopped (Carroll County Times, 1/27/11)
House same-sex marriage bill gets 58 sponsors (Baltimore Sun, 1/26/11)
O’Malley budget to cost counties $1M more (The Daily Times, 1/26/11)
Lawmakers consider change to concealed weapons permits (Frederick News Post, 1/26/11)
July primary proposed for 2014 gubernatorial election (Maryland Reporter, 1/26/11)
O’Malley proposes to extend subsidies for Laurel, Pimlico (The Daily Record, 1/26/11)
New coalition aims to stop raids of transportation money (The Daily Record, 1/26/11)
Opinion: Maryland’s health care imperative (Baltimore Sun, 1/26/11)
Commentary: Way too early for O’Malley presidential chatter (Center Maryland, 1/25/11)

Opinion: O’Malley budget exceeds lowered expectations (The Capital, 1/25/11)
Top lawmakers: O’Malley needs to do more to fix pension (Baltimore Business Journal, 1/25/11)
O’Malley more popular than ever, poll says (Maryland Reporter, 1/25/11)
O’Malley numbers up; majority supports same-sex marriage (Washington Post, 1/25/11)
Poll: O’Malley’s job approval exceeds Obama’s for first time (Center Maryland, 1/25/11)
O’Malley’s agenda: gun crime, pension reform, economic development (Baltimore Sun, 1/24/11)
O’Malley pension plan no promise of solvency (Baltimore Sun, 1/24/11)
Investment fund, wind energy top O’Malley session agenda (Washington Post, 1/24/11)
O’Malley’s venture capital fund; too small, too unfocused (Baltimore Sun, 1/24/11)
Commentary: Where’s the leadership? (Baltimore Sun, 1/24/11)
Editorial: O’Malley proposes more pain, some gain (Washington Post, 1/23/11)
Opinion: Working on the railroad (Baltimore Sun, 1/23/11)
Unions unhappy with plan to have MD state workers pay more into pensions (Washington Post,1/22/11)
Maryland lawmakers get personal (Baltimore Sun, 1/22/11)
Opinion: O’Malley’s budget: It’s a start (Baltimore Sun, 1/22/11)
Commentary: O’Malley – MD faces tough choices but a bright future (Baltimore Sun, 1/22/11)
Opinion: Death penalty  - dead or alive (Frederick News Post, 1/22/11)
O’Malley’s budget – not as bad as feared (Baltimore Sun, 1/21/11)
General Assembly taking up gay marriage issue (Baltimore Sun, 1/21/11)
O’Malley’s $100 million plan to fuel innovation economy (Baltimore Sun, 1/21/11)
In Maryland, budget proposal shows why O’Malley won re-election (The FreeStater Blog, 1/21/11)
Opinion: O’Malley approach is now facing a huge challenge (The Capital, 1/21/11)
Analysis: Budget proposal will be first big 2011 defining moment for lawmakers (Center Maryland, 1/21/11)
O’Malley budget proposal: No furloughs, but cuts to health care, aid to counties (Baltimore Sun,1/20/11)
Merging agencies part of governor’s budget discussions (The Gazette, 1/17/11)
Amid federal inaction, MD among states to take up immigration issue (Baltimore Sun, 1/17/11)
Using gas tax to fix budget holes threatens bigger potholes (Baltimore Sun, 1/16/11)
Editorial: Budgeting with a nod and a wink (Washington Post, 1/15/11)
MD lawmakers revisit use of death penalty (Washington Post, 1/15/11)
Greater Balto Council to lege: Make job creation session’s top priority (Center  Maryland, 1/14/11)
Ehrlichs said to be shopping radio show around (Baltimore Sun, 1/14/11)
Bill would allow table games at MD slots parlors (The Daily Record, 1/14/11)
Editorial: As his new term starts, is O’Malley ready to lead? (Herald-Mail, 1/14/11)
Districts’ borders on General Assembly agenda (Arbutus Times, 1/12/11)
Commentary: We’re #1 — again (Baltimore Sun, 1/11/11)
O’Malley keeping ‘open mind’ on new taxes (Baltimore Sun, 1/11/11)
O’Malley to welcome Congressional Dems to MD (Baltimore Sun, 1/11/11)
Delegate wants to restrict illegal immigrants from entering government buildings (The Patch,1/11/11)
State council on health care reform submits report (The Capital, 1/11/11)
Opinion: Is this Maryland’s moment? (Center Maryland, 1/11/11)
Legislative session meets with deficit (Frederick News Post, 1/11/11)
What about redistricting? (Baltimore Sun, 1/10/11)
O’Malley to keynote VA political event (Washington Post, 1/10/11)
State releases plan to implement health care reform (Baltimore Sun, 1/10/11)
Maryland schools rank #1 in nation for 3rd year in a row (Baltimore Sun, 1/10/11)
Teacher pension costs will fall on county, legislators say (Baltimore Sun, 1/10/11)
Farmers group seeks to block EPA’s plan to clean Chesapeake (Washington Post, 1/10/11)
Old issues to dominate new General Assembly session (The Capital, 1/9/11)
Farm group: Chesapeake Bay plan could ruin agriculture (Baltimore Sun, 1/9/11)
Maryland budget crunch will lead session (The Daily Times, 1/9/11)
Budget shortfall to dominate legislative session (Baltimore Sun, 1/9/11)
State lawmakers anticipate budget walk and more budget walk (Herald-American, 1/8/11)
O’Malley may merge environmental agencies (The Capital, 1/8/11)
Local officials to make their case to the state (Baltimore Sun, 1/7/11)
Kendel Ehrlich leaves WBAL Radio (Baltimore Sun, 1/7/11)
Police say incendiary devices could persist, might be part of ‘vendetta’ (Baltimore Sun, 1/7/11)
Chamber: consider changing state pensions (The Gazette, 1/7/11)
Gas, alcohol tax hikes might be on the table (The Gazette,1/7/11)
O’Malley keeps normal schedule on day of mail incidents (Baltimore Sun, 1/6/11)
Maryland’s budget woes will dominate 2011 legislative session (The Daily Record, 1/6/11)
Marriage equality wars begin before session opens (Baltimore Sun, 1/6/11)
Scaled-down inaugural planned for O’Malley (The Capital, 1/6/11)
Maryland readies for federal health reform (The Daily Record, 1/6/11)
Commentary: Tuition ‘Dream’ a nightmare for taxpayers (Baltimore Sun, 1/6/11)
Opinion: A roadmap for campaign finance reform (Baltimore Sun, 1/6/11)
GOP lawmaker to sponsor bill legalizing civil unions (The Gazette, 1/5/11)
Commentary: A propitious wind (Baltimore Sun, 1/5/11)
Perryville casino revenue dips again in December (The Daily Record, 1/5/11)
With money tight, this really could be the ‘worst year’ for legislators (The Gazette, 1/5/11)
Opinion: Easy choices and hard ones to fix Maryland’s budget gap (Baltimore Sun, 1/4/11)
How Maryland’s deficit stacks up with other states (Baltimore Sun, 1/3/11)
Opinion: The EPA’s New Year’s resolution for the Chesapeake (Baltimore Sun, 1/3/11)
Federal austerity could hit the region’s economy hard (Washington Post, 1/3/11)
MD GOP Chair Mooney doesn’t rule out future Congress run (Washington Post, 1/2/11)