The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


MD 2010 Archives


Maryland Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives

Budget cuts loom, taxes possible as Annapolis takes on shortfall (Baltimore Sun, 12/31/10)
Maryland preps for health care reform (The Gazette, 12/31/10)
EPA unveils massive restoration plan for Chesapeake Bay (Washington Post, 12/30/10)
Operative says robocalls protected by Constitution (Baltimore Sun, 12/29/10)
Progressive groups want to raise income, gas, corporate and sales taxes, and boost minimum wage (Maryland Reporter, 12/29/10)
‘Dirty tricks’ are free speech, Henson’s lawyer argues (Washington Post,¬†12/29/10)
EPA puts Chesapeake on pollution ‘diet’ (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/29/10)
Progressives aiming to raise some MD taxes (The Daily Record, 12/29/10)
Report says Bay improving, but still ailing (Baltimore Sun, 12/28/10)
Democratic lawmaker isn’t convinced same-sex marriage will pass in 2011 (The Gazette,¬†12/28/10)
Senator wants in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (Baltimore Sun, 12/28/10)
Worker advocacy groups call for tax increases (Baltimore Sun, 12/28/10)
Report: MD Medicaid could save $167M on prescriptions (Maryland Reporter, 12/28/10)
Opinion: The pension blame game is more important to politicians than taxpayers (Baltimore Sun, 12/27/10)
O’Malley considering tough cost-saving measures to close MD budget gap (Washington Post,¬†12/26/10)
With choice of Mooney to lead state GOP, party goes to the right (The Gazette, 12/24/10)
State millionaires might miss out on tax break (The Gazette, 12/24/10)
O’Malley brokers deal to save horse racing (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/23/10)
What’s next for Bob Ehrlich? (Towson Patch,¬†12/23/10)
Opinion: Pension reform recommendations are fair to taxpayers (The Capital, 12/22/10)
Legislators order cut in structural deficit (Maryland Reporter, 12/22/10)
Deal reached for MD horse racing in 2011 (Baltimore Business Journal, 12/22/10)
Opinion: Moving Maryland toward budget sanity (Baltimore Sun, 12/22/10)
O’Malley brokers last-minute deal to guarantee live racing (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/22/10)
Editorial:¬†Maryland’s pension tension (Washington Post,¬†12/22/10)
Hispanic boom fuels MD population growth (Baltimore Sun, 12/21/10)
MD population grows 9%, congressional delegation remains steady (Baltimore Business Journal, 12/21/10)
MD Racing Commission rejects proposal; Preakness Stakes in doubt (Baltimore Business Journal, 12/21/10)
MD legislators want less spending in 2011 (The Daily Record, 12/21/10)
Editorial: Restoring budget sanity in MD (Baltimore Sun, 12/21/10)
Benefits commission recommends health insurance cuts, shifting teacher pension costs (Maryland Reporter, 12/21/10)
O’Malley listens to concerns about jobs and economy at ‘Maryland Forward’ forum (Maryland Reporter, 12/21/10)
Executives give O’Malley blueprint for job growth (The Gazette,¬†12/20/10)
MD official proposes local DREAM Act (The Gazette, 12/20/10)
As stimulus funds end, ‘painful’ cuts needed to balance state budget (Towson Patch, 12/20/10)
Panel suggests making it tougher for state workers to get pensions (Baltimore Sun, 12/20/10)
At Laurel racetrack, workers and neighbors fear for the future (Washington Post, 12/19/10)
State investigators raid home of Ehrlich robocaller (Baltimore Sun, 12/17/10)
Stimulus funds in MD are unevenly distributed (Maryland Reporter, 12/17/10)
Fundraising, experience to define Mooney’s leadership of MD GOP (The Gazette,¬†12/17/10)
O’Malley budget official bristles at PG’s education aid request (Washington Post,¬†12/17/10)
In a recession, it’s not easy being green (The Gazette,¬†12/17/10)
O’Malley won’t join McDonnell in calling for quick review of federal health law (Washington Post,¬†12/17/10)
What did Martin O’Malley know and when did he know it? (Red Maryland, 12/16/10)
Revenues stay steady, but painful cuts are on the way (Maryland Reporter, 12/16/10)
DBED: Here’s how we’re selling MD to business (Center Maryland, 12/16/10)
O’Malley provides a grim preview of budget (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/15/10)
O’Malley seeks 1500 MD employees to take buyouts (Baltimore Business Journal,¬†12/15/10)
Editorial:¬†Maryland’s ATM? (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/15/10)
Opinion: Buyouts next step toward austerity (The Capital, 12/15/10)
MD revenue estimates inch up (Baltimore Business Journal, 12/15/10)
Prisoners and redistricting (Salisbury Daily Times, 12/15/10)
Census data shows MD remains nation’s wealthiest state (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/14/10)
MD businesses speak out against health reform law (Baltimore Business Journal, 12/14/10)
Comptroller: ‘no new taxes’ during fragile economic times (Baltimore Business Journal,¬†12/14/10)
O’Malley tries to straddle the Baltimore-Montgomery Democratic coalition (Washington Post,¬†12/14/10)
Commentary: Budget challenges will test government’s capacity for strategic planning (Center Maryland, 12/13/10)
Opinion: Idea of a unicameral MD legislature deserves some discussion (Salisbury Daily Times, 12/12/10)
Editorial: The benefits of buyouts (Baltimore Sun, 12/12/10)
Conservative Mooney elected MD GOP chairman (Baltimore Sun, 12/11/10)
Teachers’ union criticizes pension commission process as rushed, ‘offensive’ (, 12/10/10)
Legislators hope they won’t flunk on education (The Gazette,¬†12/10/10)
Cost of pensions, benefits can’t be booted down road (The Gazette,¬†12/10/10)
Video: Ehrlich escapes, evades robo-call questions (WBAL-TV, 12/10/10)
Can state take cue from PA on pension reform? (The Gazette, 12/10/10)
Opinion: O’Malley, Obama, Maryland and the nation (The Gazette,¬†12/10/10)
Ehrlich breaks silence over controversial robocalls (Baltimore Sun, 12/9/10)
Economist: Tax cut deal short-term help, long-term pain in MD (Baltimore Sun, 12/9/10)
Commentary: GOP prescription Рwrite off Baltimore & the DC suburbs (Baltimore Sun, 12/9/10)
Commentary: Reviving the GOP Рput focus on personal freedom (Baltimore Sun, 12/9/10)
Commentary: GOP’s future is bleak, thanks to demographics (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/9/10)
With Democratic gains in state Senate, MD poised to approve same-sex marriage (Washington Post, 12/9/10)
MD’s ‘civic health’ is good but not great (, 12/9/10)
Ehrlich not interested in another office, but wants a ‘national voice’ (The Capitol,¬†12/8/10)
Maryland ranks poorly on business tax break transparency (Baltimore Business Journal, 12/8/10)
Opinion: O’Malley’s buyout plan is a good first step (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/8/10)
O’Malley says tax deal not perfect, backs Obama (Washington Post,¬†12/8/10)
O’Malley moves to cut size of state govt (The Daily Record,¬†12/7/10)
O’Malley offers state workers $15K buyouts (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/7/10)
The eternal political debate over MD’s business climate (Center Maryland, 12/7/10)
Immigrant impact commission asks for more time (, 12/7/10)
Racing industry agrees Preakness should stay, but no deal (Baltimore Sun, 12/6/10)
Opinion: MD needs deeper commitment to transparency (Baltimore Sun, 12/6/10)
O’Malley emails state workers link to NYT story on states’ budget crises (Washington Post,¬†12/6/10)
Counties, school boards try to fend off more state budget cuts (, 12/6/10)
With no calendar, MD horse racing thrown off track (The Capital, 12/5/10)
Maryland’s horse racing future uncertain (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/4/10)
MD unveils revised Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan (Baltimore Sun, 12/3/10)
Opinion: MD Republicans need to build from ground up (The Gazette, 12/3/10)
Republican comeback? Not any time soon in MD (The Gazette, 12/3/10)
Some are leaving O’Malley cabinet, but economic chief plans to stay (The Gazette,¬†12/3/10)
Editorial: O’Malley replacing underachieving officials a good move (Maryland Daily Record,¬†12/2/10)
O’Malley to chair Dem governor group (Washington Post,¬†12/2/10)
O’Malley expected to lead DGA (Baltimore Sun,¬†12/1/10)
State Senate GOP shakeup after election losses (Baltimore Sun, 12/1/10)
Has the guber jockeying for 2014 already begun? (Center Maryland, 11/30/10)
Dem leader asks new lawmakers to help raise gas tax (Washington Post, 11/30/10)
Pension commission will vote on cutting benefits, COLAs (, 11/30/10)
Proposed federal pay freeze could affect 200K Marylanders (Baltimore Sun, 11/29/10)
Report says cleaning the bay can help economy (Baltimore Sun, 11/29/10)
O’Malley campaign report details last minute spending (Baltimore Sun,¬†11/29/10)
Commentary: By adhering to conservative principles, MD GOP can win (Baltimore Sun, 11/29/10)
Efforts for more open govt brings divergent groups together (, 11/29/10)
Local offices turn to GOP, even while state stays blue (Baltimore Sun, 11/28/10)
Drubbed in statewide races, MD GOP may alter top-down approach (Washington Post, 11/26/10)
Tough budget cuts could make O’Malley a national player (The Gazette,¬†11/25/10)
Narrow defeats thwart a good year for Republicans (The Gazette, 11/25/10)
Maryland earmarks could be at risk (Baltimore Sun, 11/25/10)
Closing election spending reports highlight gaps in MD campaign finance law (Washington Post, 11/24/10)
O’Malley outspent Ehrlich by nearly $3 million (Baltimore Sun,¬†11/24/10)
O’Malley says no to higher taxes (Baltimore Sun,¬†11/22/10)
In 2nd term, more appellate judge picks await O’Malley (The Gazette,¬†11/22/10)
Ehrlich further embarrasses WBAL Saturday (Baltimore Sun, 11/20/10)
Ehrlich declines to comment on robocalls episode (Washington Post, 11/20/10)
Large field lining up for state GOP chair (The Gazette, 11/19/10)
State budget problems become much clearer after election (The Gazette, 11/19/10)
Maryland’s economy steady in 2009; 38 states declined (Baltimore Business Journal,¬†11/18/10)
Local officials girding for fight against shifting teacher pensions to counties (Baltimore Sun, 11/18/10)
Maryland ranks #3 in new New Economy survey (Baltimore Sun, 11/18/10)
Analysis: The Maryland paradox? (Center Maryland, 11/17/10)
Opinion: Government can’t shirk pension reform challenge (The Capital,¬†11/17/10)
Opinion: Which party should be seeing red and feeling blue? (The Capital, 11/17/10)
Murphy angling to become state GOP chair? (Baltimore Sun, 11/16/10)  +++
Counties, unions play pension defense (The Capital, 11/16/10)
Redistricting to favor Democrats (Carroll County Times, 11/16/10)
Maryland’s GOP may now stand for “Get Organized Please” (, 11/16/10)
Ehrlich and robocalls: Plausible deniability (Baltimore Sun, 11/14/10)
2014 guber contest could be wide open (The Gazette, 11/10/10)
State budget whole deepens (Baltimore Sun, 11/10/10)
Opinion: Maryland’s budget: staring down the fiscal cliff (Baltimore Sun,¬†11/10/10)
Complaint filed in election night robocall (Baltimore Sun, 11/10/10)
Analysis: MD GOP turns the page on the Ehrlich chapter (Center Maryland, 11/9/10)
Editorial: GOP robo-calls voter suppression at it’s worst (Baltimore Sun,¬†11/9/10)
Election robo-calls under investigation – Ehrlich staffer could face prison (WJZ, 11/8/10)
Editorial: MD GOP’s Election Day skullduggery (Washington Post,¬†11/8/10)
Opinion: O’Malley begins 2nd term with freedom to tackle MD’s problems (Baltimore Sun,¬†11/7/10)
Analysis: No tsunami in MD, but voters issue ripple of transition (Center Maryland, 11/6/10)
Election Day robocall made by Ehrlich operative (Baltimore Sun, 11/5/10)
Freshly re-elected O’Malley looks ahead to second term (Baltimore Sun,¬†11/3/10)
On GOP’s night, Maryland stays blue (Baltimore Sun,¬†11/3/10)
New poll shows O’Malley with lead over Erhlich (WJZ, 10/23/10)
Paying for promises in governor’s race (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/22/10)
Opinion: The case for Ehrlich (The Gazette, 10/22/10)
Teachers union hits Ehrlich on charter school legislation (The Gazette, 10/22/10)
MD tea party misses golden opportunity (The Gazette, 10/22/10)
Bigwigs electrify MD’s top race (Washington Post,¬†10/22/10)

Guber hopefuls face off in debate centered on African-American concerns (Baltimore Sun, 10/21/10)
Commentary: Have attack ads tipped the race to O’Malley? (Baltimore Sun, 10/21/10)
Clinton rallies party faithful for O’Malley (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/21/10)
Ehrlich’s tenure could serve as foundation for 2nd term (Washington Post,¬†10/20/10)
Exclusive poll: Voters favor combination of tax hikes and budget cuts to solve budget deficits (, 10/20/10)
O’Malley runs MD with obsession for detail, but some wonder at what cost (Washington Post,¬†10/19/10)
Poll shows O’Malley solidifying support among Dem base (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/19/10)
Despite national political climate, MD politics remains the same (CenterMaryland, 10/19/10)
O’Malley continues to lead Ehrlich, with few undecided (, 10/19/10)
New poll: O’Malley five points ahead of Ehrlich (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/19/10)
State teachers group encourages members to back O’Malley (The Gazette,¬†10/18/10)
O’Malley woos women with new Mikulski ad (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/18/10)
Erhlich targets Montgomery County on education cuts (Washington Examiner, 10/18/10)
Senate leader says sales tax increase won’t be repealed if Ehrlich wins (The Gazette,¬†10/18/10)
Opinion:¬†Governor’s race a contest between Mr. Too Serious and Not Serious Enough (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/18/10)
Ehrlich courts women in new campaign ad (Baltimore Sun, 10/18/10)
RGA takes some money out of MD (Baltimore Sun, 10/18/10)
Opinion: For O’Malley, politics trump policy (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/18/10)
Opinion: Pro-business Ehrlich should be pro-immigrant (Baltimore Sun, 10/17/10)
Ehrlich, O’Malley spar over education records (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/17/10)
Endorsement: WaPo picks O’Malley (Washington Post,¬†10/17/10)
Ehrlich: Marylanders deserve more value for their tax dollars (Washington Post, 10/17/10)
O’Malley: Tough choices that move Maryland forward (Washington Post,¬†10/17/10)
O’Malley, Ehrlich converge on PG County (Washington Post,¬†10/16/10)
Erhlich stings unions with pension plan (Washington Examiner, 10/15/10)
Analysis: Debate comes up short again on policy proposals (Maryland, 10/15/10)
Ehrlich’s lessons of divided government (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/15/10)
Early votes might be counted earlier (Baltimore Sun, 10/15/10)
Women voters target O’Malley in new Ehrlich ad (Washington Post,¬†10/15/10)
In TV debate, O’Malley looks ‘cool’ (Gazette,¬†10/15/10)
Ehrlich on attack in second debate (Washington Post, 10/15/10)
TV debate РErhlich looked better than he did in first debate (Baltimore Sun, 10/14/10)
O’Malley: Ehrlich’s criticism hurt Maryland (Washington Times,¬†10/14/10)
DC-area issues come up in latest guber debate (Baltimore Sun, 10/14/10)
Ehrlich livens up MD race, but doesn’t knock out O’Malley (Washington Post,¬†10/14/10)
O’Malley, Ehrlich vigorously debate social issues, Purple Line (Washington Post,¬†10/14/10)
Ehrlich, O’Malley display longtime animosity in debates (Washington Post,¬†10/13/10)
Erhlich seizes on Ernst & Young taxes report (The Daily Record, 10/13/10)
Mysterious casting call goes out for Ehrlich ad (Baltimore Sun, 10/13/10)
O’Malley, Erhlich stay silent on massive pension bill (Washington Post,¬†10/13/10)
Rewriting MD constitution is up to voters, but not many know (Maryland Reporter, 10/13/10)
Nonprofit groups aim to influence candidates to help their causes (Maryland Reporter, 10/13/10)
Opinion: Campaigns’ unanswered questions (Frederick News Post,¬†10/13/10)
Pension crisis? Candidates vague on details (Baltimore Sun, 10/12/10)
O’Malley, Ehrlich spar in tense debate (Washington Post,¬†10/12/10)
Analysis: Ehrlich liked the debate format, but it didn’t like him (Maryland Reporter, 10/12/10)
Clinton to star in Baltimore rally for O’Malley (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/12/10)
Analysis: Lies, damned lies and statistics (Center Maryland, 10/12/10)
O’Malley meets with energy company officials to try to keep nuclear expansion plans alive (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/12/10)
Ehrlich, O’Malley discuss disability issues (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/11/10)
Democrats trying to rally base in Montgomery County (Gazette, 10/11/10)
Ehrlich almost backs out of debate at last minute (Gazette, 10/11/10)
MD retirement fund Рpaying for poor performance (Baltimore Sun, 10/11/10)
A debate fact-check (Baltimore Sun, 10/11/10)
Erhlich replays failed arguments from four years ago (Baltimore Sun, 10/11/10)
Opinion: Ehrlich missed opportunities in debate (Baltimore Sun, 10/11/10)
O’Malley camp declares victory (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/11/10)
Neither candidate stumbles in first TV debate (Washington Times, 10/11/10)
O’Malley, Ehrlich square off in first debate (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/11/10)
Ehrlich: No post-debate spin (Baltimore Sun, 10/11/10)
In TV terms, O’Malley beat Erhlich handily in first debate (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/11/10)
Commentary: Military spending behind Maryland’s anticipated economic boom (Center Maryland, 10/8/10)
O’Malley, Ehrlich seek to woo black voters before election (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/5/10)
Candidates take up fight over MD slots casino (Washington Post, 10/5/10)
O’Malley-Ehrlich debate: the real story (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/5/10)
Bill Clinton to headline fundraisers for O’Malley, Mikulski & MD Dems (Washington Post,¬†10/5/10)
NJ’s Christie to endorse Ehrlich on Saturday (Washington Post,¬†10/5/10)
Second poll out showing O’Malley momentum (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/5/10)
Analysis: Polls apart (Center Maryland, 10/5/10)
Ehrlich meets with local farmers (Frederick News Post, 10/5/10)
Erhlich attacks MD regulators for creating hostile business climate (Frederick News Post, 10/5/10)
O’Malley to students: I’m ‘on you’re side’ (DiamondbackOnline, 10/5/10)
Opinion: Maryland won’t get in the swing (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/4/10)
O’Malley calls for temporary halt to foreclosures (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/4/10)
Turnout matters, for both Ehrlich and O’Malley (Washington Post,¬†10/4/10)
Ehrlich courts farmers, horse industry (Washington Post, 10/4/10)
O’Malley begins final drive to election day (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/4/10)
Opinion: Bob Ehrlich and the tea party difference (Baltimore Sun, 10/3/10)
MD governor’s race could hinge on black voter turnout (Washington Post,¬†10/2/10)
O’Malley-Ehrlich transportation gulf is wide (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/2/10)
Empty chairs at MD Tea Party? (Washington Post, 10/1/10)
New Erhlich attack ad focuses on jobs report ‘fiasco’ (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/1/10)
Obama to stump for O’Malley at Bowie State (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/1/10)
Enviros blast Erhlich, praise O’Malley (The Capital,¬†10/1/10)
Cook Political Report moves MD race to ‘toss-up’ (Baltimore Sun,¬†10/1/10)
O’Malley: no new taxes, fees in 2011 (Frederick News Post,¬†9/30/10)
O’Malley gains ground over Ehrlich in new poll (Washington Post,¬†9/28/10)
Editorial: Maryland’s tag-team taxers (Washington Post,¬†9/28/10)
Erhlich’s attacks are valid but miss the big picture (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/28/10)
Commentary: How about some real roundtables? (The Capital, 9/28/10)
Big shift on issues between 2006 and now (Washington Post, 9/28/10)
Obama endorses O’Malley, urges Marylanders to vote (WBAL, 9/28/10)
Jobs at center of governor race – Ehrlich accuses O’Malley of cover-up (The Capital,¬†9/28/10)
Opinion: Ehrlich on the attack Рmost criticism focuses on bad politics, not bad policy (Baltimore Sun, 9/28/10)
Romney sends cash to MD Republicans (Baltimore Sun, 9/28/10)
O’Malley defends labor department (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/28/10)
Ehrlich, O’Malley far apart on illegal immigration (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/28/10)
How much do MD voters care about health care? (Washington Post, 9/28/10)

MD League of Conservation Voters promoting early voting through mass mailing (Baltimore Sun, 9/28/10)
Ehrlich, GOP supporters accuse O’Malley of cover-up in agency e-mails (Washington Post,¬†9/28/10)
Independent issue ads begin (Center Maryland, 9/28/10)
Erhlich vs. O’Malley – payback time? (The Washingtonian,¬†9/27/10)
Erhlich claims labor department playing politics with job stats (Baltimore Sun, 9/27/10)
Mistakenly released negative jobs report a public relations ‘fiasco’ for O’Malley (Washington Post,¬†9/27/10)
Obama’s role in MD gov race remains unclear (Washington Post,¬†9/27/10)
AFSCME backs O’Malley; FOP for Ehrlich (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/27/10)
Ehrlich launches first TV attack ad (Baltimore Sun, 9/27/10)
Ehrlich blasts O’Malley labor department (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/27/10)
A review of two records on state revenues (Washington Post, 9/27/10)
O’Malley joins Obama for jobs bill signing (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/27/10)
Ehrlich’s plan to cut MD’s sales tax has big implications for race and MD budget (Washington Post,¬†9/25/10)
Economy takes center stage in governor’s race (CorridorInc, 9/25/10)
Jobs report, obtained by GOP, predicted problems (Baltimore Sun, 9/24/10)
O’Malley wants more details on Ehrlich’s roadmap (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/24/10)
Making transportation a top-tier priority (Center Maryland, 9/24/10)
MD job-creation tax credit gets few takers so far (Baltimore Sun, 9/23/10)
DGA fires back at Ehrlich (Washington Post, 9/22/10)
DGA to fund anti-Ehrlich ads (Baltimore Sun, 9/22/10)
Opinion: O’Malley needs to listen to business (Frederick News Post,¬†9/22/10)
Flier reminds BaltCo voters of Ehrlich’s past snubs of county (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/21/10)
O’Malley ‘moving Maryland backward,’ RGA claims (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/21/10)
Maryland unemployment rises to 7.3% in August (Baltimore Sun, 9/21/10)
Analysis: Professor sees advantage for Ehrlich in primary numbers (, 9/21/10)
RGA puts money in Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 9/21/10)
RGA ads attack O’Malley over taxes (Washington Post,¬†9/21/10)
O’Malley proposes $90 million for new light rail lines (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/20/10)
MPT cries foul over footage in O’Malley campaign ad (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/20/10)
O’Malley TV ads go up in DC market (Washington Post,¬†9/20/10)
O’Malley fires two more shots, one in DC (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/20/10)
Howard GOP hopes to harness voter anger (Baltimore Sun, 9/19/10)
O’Malley gets nod from Mayor Bloomberg (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/19/10)
Same adversaries, new race (Baltimore Sun, 9/18/10)
Maryland Tea Partiers defeated, but not deflated (The Capital, 9/18/10)
Tea Party voters likely to support Ehrlich (The Gazette, 9/17/10)
Analysis: MD revenues expected to rise slightly, but money should be saved, not spent (, 9/17/10)
Primary voters in mood for a change (Center Maryland, 9/17/10)
Ehrlich maps issues; O’Malley not impressed (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/17/10)
Primary impressions Рthe tea party express missed MD (The Gazette, 9/17/10)
Ehrlich-O’Malley matchup may come down to mobilization (The Gazette,¬†9/17/10)
Ehrlich releases ‘road map’ (Washington Post,¬†9/16/10)
MD Dems highlight divide between Erhlich, Murphy (Washington Post, 9/16/10)
Predicting post-primary headlines (Center Maryland, 9/14/10)
McCain backs Ehrlich in GOP primary (Baltimore Sun, 9/13/10)
Editorial: How to improve early voting (Baltimore Sun, 9/13/10)
Dems turn to early voting for general election (The Gazette, 9/13/10)
MD primary to determine key races (Baltimore Sun, 9/13/10)
Primary will decide many races in MD (, 9/13/10)
Strength of MD Tea Party to be tested Tuesday (Baltimore Sun, 9/12/10)
O’Malley’s latest TV ad makes Ehrlich look shifty (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/12/10)
Brian Murphy a wild card in battle vs. Ehrlich (Washington Post, 9/12/10)
Maryland tops in public schools? Depends on what’s being graded (Washington Post,¬†9/11/10)
Early voting highest on Shore (, 9/11/10)
Little interest shown for early voting (The Gazette, 9/10/10)
After primary battles, general election might be anticlimactic (The Gazette, 9/10/10)
Opinion: The problem with primaries (The Gazette, 9/10/10)
Tight governor’s race brewing (, 9/10/10)
MD public schools #1? Depends on who’s grading (Washington Post,¬†9/10/10)
Largest health workers union backs O’Malley (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/10/10)
Ehrlich votes early, downplays primary challenge (Washington Post, 9/9/10)
O’Malley suggests he would sign gay marriage bill (Washington Post,¬†9/9/10)
Analysis: Underdog Murphy has lots of bite (, 9/8/10)
Ehrlich raises more in latest period, still trails O’Malley (Baltimore Business Journal,¬†9/7/10)
Ehrlich, an early voting critic, to vote early (Washington Post, 9/6/10)
2010 election stakes: drawing lines (Baltimore Sun, 9/5/10)
Murphy money remains modest following Palin nod (Washington Post, 9/4/10)
Ehrlich, GOP point to fundraising numbers as momentum (Baltimore Sun, 9/4/10)
Murphy TV ad to air during Glenn Beck (Baltimore Sun, 9/3/10)
Analysis: Getting beyond sound bites and bumper stickers of guber contest (Center Maryland, 9/3/10)
Ehrlich going up on TV (Baltimore Sun, 9/3/10)
The Brian Murphy bubble (The Gazette, 9/3/10)
Successful Race to the Top effort strengthened relationship between gov and education boss (The Gazette, 9/3/10)
Pollster defends recent OpinionWorks poll showing O’Malley with 6 point lead (The Gazette,¬†9/3/10)
Guber candidates quiet in expensive DC media market (The Gazette, 9/3/10)
Democrats pounce on Ehrlich’s union endorsement (Washington Post,¬†9/2/10)
Ehrlich claims O’Malley will expand sales tax (WBAL, 9/1/10)
Ehrlich talks business, taxes at Rockville roundtable (The Gazette, 9/1/10)
Ehrlich tailors appeal to Montgomery voters (Washington Post, 9/1/10)
State ends year with more money than expected (Baltimore Sun, 9/1/10)
O’Malley, Murphy hit Ehrlich on early voting (Baltimore Sun,¬†9/1/10)

Ehrlich’s early-voting conundrum (Politico, 8/31/10)
Ehrlich’s gamble in Montgomery (Washington Post, 8/31/10)
Governor’s race: the battle for votes (Baltimore Sun, 8/30/10)
Analysis: Ehrlich, O’Malley earn more than 98% of all Marylanders (, 8/30/10)
O’Malley vs. Ehrlich – a rematch (Politics Daily, 8/29/10)
Ehrlich’s tax returns show private sector has been good to him (Washington Post, 8/29/10)
Erhlich earned nearly $2.5M after leaving office (Baltimore Sun, 8/29/10)
Voters deserve answers to transportation questions (Baltimore Sun, 8/29/10)
Video: Tea Party activists at Beck rally can’t decide between Erhlich, Murphy (Baltimore Sun, 8/28/10)
The suburbs – where the guber race is being fought (Baltimore Sun, 8/28/10)
Erhlich picks up his first labor endorsement (Baltimore Sun, 8/27/10)
O’Malley, Erhlich focused on rematch (The Capital, 8/27/10)
Immigration issue fails to gain traction in MD guber race (The Gazette, 8/27/10)
Opinion: Phony polls, dirty tricks and empty promises (The Gazette, 8/27/10)
Opinion: Despite Palin snub, Erhlich is ultra-conservative (The Gazette, 8/27/10)
Murphy pairs up with Frederick County Sheriff on immigration issues (The Gazette, 8/26/10)
Poll: Maryland voters deeply worried about state’s economy (Center Maryland, 8/25/10)
Ehrlich pledges no new taxes – or fee hikes (Washington Post, 8/25/10)
Opinion: Murph the Smurf fails to gain ground (Center Maryland, 8/24/10)
New poll shows O’Malley leading by 6 points (Center Maryland, 8/24/10)
‘Palin Effect’ negative for MD GOP voters (Center Maryland, 8/23/10)
Ehrlich rejects question from Democratic Party employee (Baltimore Sun, 8/19/10)
O’Malley: Maryland not anti-business (Frederick News Post, 8/18/10)
Governor touts importance of bioscience firms (Frederick News Post, 8/18/10)
Ehrlich walks a fine line in Western Maryland (Baltimore Sun, 8/17/10)
Two campaigns inching closer to Oct 29th radio debate (Baltimore Sun, 8/16/10)
Montgomery County is swing region in guber contest (Carroll County Times, 8/16/10)
Murphy reports raising $250K, 40K in bank (Washington Post, 8/16/10)
Opinion: Cut the income tax, Mr. Ehrlich, not the sales tax (Baltimore Sun, 8/15/10)
O’Malley has financial upper hand over Ehrlich (Washington Post, 8/14/10)
Murphy campaigns on Eastern Shore with more media attention post-Palin (DelMarvaNow, 8/14/10)
Despite few key races, MD could see record political spending (Baltimore Sun, 8/14/10)
Palin captures some headlines, little else, in Maryland (The Gazette, 8/13/10)
O’Malley v. Ehrlich: Return of the debate debate (Baltimore Sun, 8/12/10)
Is Ehrlich debate challenge a smoke screen? (The Freestater Blog, 8/12/10)
In guber rematch, Ehrlich trails O’Malley in fundraising (Washington Post, 8/12/10)
Ehrlich proposes 5 debates – two on TV, three on radio (Washington Post, 8/12/10)
Ehrlich warns of tax hikes if he’s not returned to office (Washington Post, 8/12/10)
Ehrlich ‘pleased’ with fundraising total (Washington Post, 8/12/10)
O’Malley supports Purple Line, dodges on gas tax (Baltimore Sun, 8/10/10)
Palin endorsement lifts little-known GOP candidate (Washington Post, 8/9/10)
Palin aids Ehrlich – by endorsing his opponent (Baltimore Sun, 8/9/10)
Palin endorses Brian Murphy for governor (Baltimore Sun, 8/4/10)
Tight race for governor has too much focus on the past (, 8/3/10)

Ehrlich, O’Malley used similar budget tools, wound up with deficits (Baltimore Sun, 8/1/10)

JULY 2010

Ehrlich criticizes jail project that began on his watch (Baltimore Sun, 7/31/10)

National report says MD economic recovery on track (, 7/28/10)

New poll shows statistical tie in governor’s race (Baltimore Sun, 7/27/10)

Get ready for a guber nail-biter (Baltimore Sun, 7/27/10)

Erhlich touts close poll results in fundraising pitch (Washington Post, 7/27/10)

Race for gov ‘very close,’ and either could win (, 7/27/10)

Two campaigns using different election strategies (WBAL, 7/26/10)

Ehrlich mines aggravations for votes (Washington Post, 7/25/10)

Slots referendum could impact guber race (Baltimore Sun, 7/24/10)

O’Malley, Ehrlich take sides in Arundel Mills slots ballot measure (Washington Post, 7/24/10)

Jobs, jobs, jobs – what’s a governor to do? (The Gazette, 7/23/10)

Politics and crabs (The Gazette, 7/23/10)

MD budget crisis might only be solved by federal aid (The Gazette, 7/23/10)

Commentary: In gov race, no one is talking about the budget deficit (The Gazette, 7/23/10)

Biden comes to town for O’Malley (Baltimore Sun, 7/19/10)

Partisan pollster take on MD politics (Baltimore Sun, 7/18/10)

Commentary: Reject governing from the extremes (Carroll County Times, 7/18/10)

Federal lawsuit against family business haunts Kane’s Lt Gov bid (Baltimore Sun, 7/17/10)

O’Malley reacts cautiously to warning on national debt (, 7/13/10)

Editorial: Dems must take principled stand against AZ immigration law (Baltimore Sun, 7/13/10)

Labor cheerleads for O’Malley, vows to deliver votes (Baltimore Sun, 7/12/10)

New poll pegs guber contest as dead heat (Explore Baltimore County, 7/12/10)

O’Malley offers tepid support for DOJ immigration lawsuit (Baltimore Sun, 7/12/10)

O’Malley unveils $1B education plan (Baltimore Sun, 7/7/10)

MD to vote on whether to hold constitutional convention (Washington Post, 7/5/10)

US suit against husband’s firm could be problem for Ehrlich’s running mate (Washington Post, 7/4/10)

Editorial: O’Malley’s crude ads don’t bode well for guber race (Washington Post, 7/3/10)

Erhlich saying little on Steele’s Afghanistan remarks (WBAL, 7/3/10)

O’Malley trails Ehrlich by three in GOP poll (Washington Times, 7/2/10)

Do O’Malley’s early attack ads mean he’s worried about November? (The Gazette, 7/2/10)

The other GOPer in the race struggles to get message out (The Gazette, 7/2/10)

In Blue Maryland, O’Malley threatened by growing GOP wave (Freestater Blog, 7/2/10)

Erhlich-Kane ticket debuts – light guv would focus on criminal justice & small business (Baltimore Sun, 7/1/10)

Ehrlich likes to pick running mates he knows, trusts (Washington Post, 7/1/10)

Ehrlich picks Kane as light guv pick (Washington Post, 7/1/10)

JUNE 2010

Commentary: The truth about Ehrlich and Big Oil (Southern Maryland Online, 6/30/10)

O’Malley roundtable to discuss oil leak’s impact on MD (The Gazette, 6/28/10)

Ehrlich, O’Malley seek to ‘nationalize’ governor’s race (Maryland, 6/27/10)

O’Malley campaign ads portray Ehrlich as lobbyist for big oil (Washington Post, 6/27/10)

Ehrlich & WBAL – partisan talk radio, not public affairs (Baltimore Sun, 6/26/10)

O’Malley apologizes for MARC train delays (The Capital, 6/25/10)

Opinion: Mass transit is needed and should be included in campaign debate (Frederick News Post, 6/24/10)

Ehrlich hits O’Malley on dwindling MD film industry (Washington Post, 6/23/10)

Kendel Ehrlich predicts “ugly” campaign (Maryland, 6/23/10)

Ehrlich’s press chief’s faux news reports part of growing campaign trend (Washington Post, 6/22/10)

Opinion: 2006 rematch is anything but dull (Baltimore Sun, 6/22/10)

Ehrlich wants more charter schools (Baltimore Sun, 6/22/10)

Readers don’t believe Ehrlich helped Casa (Baltimore Sun, 6/22/10)

Few clues as deadline nears for Ehrlich to pick running mate (Baltimore Sun, 6/21/10)

Editorial: O’Malley’s claims that Ehrlich is a big oil lobbyist don’t hold up (Baltimore Sun, 6/21/10)

Editorial: Ehrlich’s bashing of Casa de Maryland doesn’t befit state (Baltimore Sun, 6/20/10)

Attack ad, callers upset Ehrlichs’ WBAL show (Baltimore Sun, 6/19/10)

Ehrlich spends first half of radio show calling O’Malley oil ad “shockingly false” (Washington Post, 6/19/10)

Kendel Ehrlich will replace her husband on call-in radio show (The Gazette, 6/18/10)

Ehrlich wants state to be able to approve charter schools local boards reject (The Gazette, 6/18/10)

Editorial: Small business plans inspire little (Frederick News Post, 6/17/10)

Opinion: Immigration rears its head in campaign 2010 (Baltimore Sun, 6/17/10)

Jewish voters may play key role in O’Malley-Ehrlich contest (Maryland, 6/17/10)

Erhlich responds to O’Malley attack ad on oil (Washington Post, 6/17/10)

GOP aggressively responds to O’Malley oil attack (Baltimore Sun, 6/17/10)

O’Malley attacks Ehrlich as a tool of Big Oil (Washington Post, 6/17/10)

Ehrlich’s transit stand risks business backlash (Baltimore Sun, 6/16/10)

Dems attack Ehrlich over law firm’s ties to convicted fraudster (Baltimore Sun, 6/16/10)

Erhlich received over $100K from Ponzi schemer (MD Dem Party, 6/14/10)

Opinion: A look at tuition politics (Baltimore Sun, 6/13/10)

Charter schools and slots emerging as Ehrlich campaign themes (Baltimore Sun, 6/12/10)

Just who was the biggest budget sinner? (Washington Post, 6/11/10)

Maryland’s sale force talks about the state’s business “brand” (Maryland, 6/11/10)

It’s all ¬†- small – business in gubernatorial campaign (Baltimore Business Journal, 6/11/10)

Comptroller opposed to raiding local reserve fund to cover budget gap (The Gazette, 6/11/10)

Commentary: Ehrlich, O’Malley on higher education (The Gazette, 6/11/10)

Erhlich walks political tightrope in business proposals (The Gazette, 6/10/10)

At fundraiser, Ehrlich says MD GOP ready to win (Washington Post, 6/10/10)

State approves last minute deal on slots (Maryland, 6/9/10)

O’Malley embraces role as recession governor (Frederick News Post, 6/9/10)

Editorial: Ehrlich’s business proposals need more details (Baltimore Sun, 6/8/10)

Murphy wants to scrap corporate taxes (Washington Post, 6/8/10)

Ehrlich unveils plan to spur small business (Baltimore Sun, 6/8/10)

MD GOP resurgent (Baltimore Sun, 6/7/10)

The philosophical difference on business between Ehrlich and O’Malley (Maryland, 6/7/10)

How business friendly is MD? The debate rages on (Annapolis Capital, 6/6/10)

O’Malley to push 4-year tuition freeze as campaign issue (Baltimore Sun, 6/6/10)

Ehrlich tells the truth when talking transportation choices (The Gazette, 6/4/10)

Ehrlich chides O’Malley over creation of small biz panel (Washington Post, 6/3/10)

Sign Wars II: O’Malley Strikes Back (, 6/3/10)

Job creation a key issue in gov race (WTOP, 6/2/10)

MD GOP has turned a corner, raising money and confidence (Baltimore Sun, 6/2/10)

O’Malley proposes $100M venture capital plan (Baltimore Business Journal, 6/1/10)

Dems accuse Ehrlich of having a “dirty record” on oil drilling (Baltimore Sun, 6/1/10)

MAY 2010

Gulf oil spill seeps into MD guber race (Baltimore Sun, 5/31/10)

Ehrlich says he’ll cut sales tax if elected (Baltimore Sun, 5/30/10)

Economy could go either way for O’Malley, Erhlich (Baltimore Sun, 5/30/10)

The battle of lawn signs (The Gazette, 5/28/10)

Ehrlich & O’Malley – a comparison of transportation spending (Maryland Politics Watch, 5/27/10)

MD endorses core standards for public schools (Washington Post, 5/26/10)

MD’s first slots parlors to open ahead of schedule (Baltimore Sun, 5/25/10)

Editorial: Guber campaigns are bickering over non-issues (Baltimore Sun, 5/25/10)

The Maryland GOP – a family divided (, 5/24/10)

MD AG says Ehrlich radio show not an illegal contribution (WTOP, 5/24/10)

2nd Balto County Ehrlich sign cited by county (, 5/24/10)

Guber candidates differ re: jobless numbers (Washington Post, 5/23/10)

O’Malley reaches out to forge a strong alliance with Obama (Washington Post, 5/22/10)

April jobless rate declines – first time since 2007 (Baltimore Sun, 5/21/10)

Lackluster turnout could hurt O’Malley’s reelection effort (The Gazette, 5/21/10)

Ehrlich, O’Malley both failed to keep promises on juvenile services reform (Baltimore Sun, 5/20/10)

As voters vent anti-establishment anger, MD forecast remains steady (Baltimore Sun, 5/19/10)

Ehrlich would block two light rail projects (Baltimore Sun, 5/18/10)

Analysis: Unspinning the past in governor’s contest (Maryland, 5/17/10)

MD GOP Chair accuses O’Malley of bullying state employees for donations (Washington Post, 5/17/10)

Dueling party dinners reveal partisan differences (Baltimore Sun, 5/16/10)

Neither O’Malley or Ehrlich have strong record on govt transparency (Annapolis Capital, 5/15/10)

Preakness a win for O’Malley (Baltimore Sun, 5/15/10)

Analysis: The keys to an Ehrlich victory (The Gazette, 5/14/10)

Steeped in Maryland Tea (The Gazette, 5/14/10)

2010 election strategy – Dems go for the numbers, GOP for the message (The Gazette, 5/14/10)

Which governor has been better with the budget? (The Gazette, 5/14/10)

Change and “desire to compete” fuel Ehrlich’s comeback bid (Towson Times, 5/12/10)

Drop in crime is progress – we don’t need politicians quibbling over who should take credit (Baltimore Sun, 5/11/10)

MD GOP’s shallow bench (Washington Post, 5/10/10)

Drop in crime might boost O’Malley (Washington Post, 5/10/10)

O’Malley takes credit for MD’s lowest crime rate in three decades (WTOP, 5/10/10)

Audio: O’Malley labels Ehrlich a “Right-Wing Radio Disc Jockey” (WBAL, 5/10/10)

Ehrlich disputes O’Malley’s crime fighting stats (Washington Post, 5/10/10)

O’Malley has 8 point lead over Ehrlich (Washington Post, 5/10/10)

O’Malley touts WaPo poll results on facebook (Washington Post, 5/10/10)

Whose MD’s biggest spender? Not O’Malley (, 5/9/10)

Ehrlich takes issue with O’Malley’s delays on death penalty (Washington Post, 5/8/10)

O’Malley’s first ad – “fantasyland” on the radio (Baltimore Sun, 5/7/10)

Gubernatorial rematch allows both candidates to run on their records (The Gazette, 5/7/10)

GOP uses obscure rule to back Ehrlich in primary (The Gazette, 5/7/10)

MD Dems give Abramoff film two thumbs up (Baltimore Sun, 5/6/10)

Negative ad brings new edge to guber race (Washington Post, 5/6/10)

O’Malley pushes job creation efforts (Annapolis Capital, 5/5/10)

O’Malley named BIO governor of the year for promoting biotech (Baltimore Sun, 5/5/10)

Ehrlich discounts Dems’ election violation charges (Baltimore Sun, 5/3/10)

O’Malley campaign off to unconventional start (Washington Post, 5/2/10)

Ehrlich lectures college students about political “spin” (Baltimore Sun, 5/2/10)

Editorial: resolving radio show issue ASAP is best for MD (Baltimore Sun, 5/1/10)

Ehrlich attacks O’Malley’s record at GOP convention (Baltimore Sun, 5/1/10)

APRIL 2010

Audio: O’Malley fires opening barbs at Ehrlich (WYPR, 4/30/10)

Ehrlich, O’Malley vie for votes in visits to Columbia (Baltimore Sun, 4/30/10)

Did Ehrlich force Amedori from Lt Guv contest? (Baltimore Sun, 4/30/10)

O’Malley energizing Dems with his “Paul Revere” approach (Annapolis Capital, 4/30/10)

Were seeds of Ehrlich run planted in New Jersey? (The Gazette, 4/30/10)

Is O’Malley’s re-election a sure thing? (The Gazette, 4/30/10)

Ehrlich re-emerges and hits O’Malley on jobs (Washington Post, 4/28/10)

Ehrlich’s back, hoping to find MD voters in a new mood (Washington Post, 4/26/10)

The endless campaign begins – or did it ever stop? (, 4/26/10)

Poll shows guber race tightening (Baltimore Sun, 4/23/10)

Opinion: Vision lacking in Ehrlich’s comeback bid (Baltimore Sun, 4/22/10)

Democrats charge Ehrlich’s radio show an in-kind campaign gift (Baltimore Sun, 4/20/10)

O’Malley announces re-election bid, goes on campaign trail (Baltimore Sun, 4/19/10)

His record complete, O’Malley goes before voters (Baltimore Sun, 4/18/10)

Newcomer Brian Murphy to challenge Ehrlich in GOP primary (Washington Post, 4/17/10)

Ehrlich wants to roll back 2007 tax hike (Annapolis Capital, 4/16/10)

Assembly could see major turnover next year (The Gazette, 4/16/10)

O’Malley, Ehrlich spin end of legislative session (Washington Post, 4/14/10)

O’Malley claims “progress” in tough times (Washington Post, 4/13/10)

O’Malley: Ehrlich using scare tactics on taxes (Washington Post, 4/10/10)

Ehrlich, O’Malley snipe over debates, taxes (WBAL, 4/10/10)

Ehrlich embraces familiar issues, looks for crossover appeal (, 4/7/10)

Former MD GOP Chair backs long-shot against Ehrlich (Washington Post, 4/6/10)

In MD Gov race, keys may be the DC suburbs (Washington Post, 4/6/10)

What Ehrlich can bring to the Tea Party (Washington Post, 4/1/10)

Opinion: In bluest of states, Ehrlich ice skating uphill (Baltimore Sun, 4/1/10)

Analyst: MD race now rated “competitive” (Washington Post, 4/1/10)

MD Dems preview anti-Ehrlich effort in push poll (Maryland Politics Watch, 4/1/10)

MARCH 2010

Opinion: Gov rematch will be good for state (Baltimore Sun, 3/31/10)

Ehrlich announces bid for governor (Baltimore Sun, 3/30/10)

Ehrlich “missed being part of the debate” (Baltimore Sun, 3/28/10)

O’Malley signs jobs bill (Baltimore Sun, 3/26/10)

O’Malley accomplishing goals setting up for re-election effort (Washington Post, 3/26/10)

Ehrlich: “A decision’s been made” (Washington Post, 3/26/10)

O’Malley creates group to oversee health care reform (Baltimore Sun, 3/25/10)

Democrats accuse Ehrlich of improperly using law firm employees for campaign (Baltimore Sun, 3/19/10)

Ehrlich blames anti-business Annapolis Dems for state’s problems (Baltimore Sun, 3/17/10)

O’Malley’s budget contains $13B in cuts (Baltimore Sun, 3/13/10)

Ehrlich laying groundwork for a rematch (FoxNews, 3/12/10)

Ehrlich run may not make sense (The Gazette, 3/12/10)

O’Malley vs. Nobody – and ¬†nobody is gaining (The Gazette, 3/12/10)

Will MD have to wait until April for Ehrlich announcement? (Washington Post, 3/12/10)

O’Malley campaign manager: looking forward to a campaign against Ehrlich (Baltimore Sun, 3/11/10)

Rothenberg: O’Malley no longer “Safe” (Baltimore Sun, 3/7/10)

Maryland Dems already going after Ehrlich (Baltimore Business Journal, 3/3/10)

Ehrlich discusses possible gov run (WJZ, 3/1/10)


Ehrlich criticizes timing of O’Malley’s Iraq trip (Washington Post, 2/27/10)

O’Malley leads Ehrlich in potential rematch (Rasmussen, 2/26/10)

Could O’Malley/Ehrlich campaign launch radio war? (Washington Post, 2/25/10)

MD GOPers propose cuts in government, education grants (Washington Post, 2/24/10)

MD Dems target Ehrlich as big spender (Washington Post, 2/22/10)

O’Malley ready for a “tough” campaign (National Journal, 2/22/10)

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