The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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Maine Political Headlines 2013 Archives

JUNE 2013

Heard on the street: The Sun Journal asks, ‘Should LePage seek a second term?’ (Bangor Daily News, 6/30/13)
First poll CD2: It’s Baldacci by a nose over Cain, Mills a close third (Agree to Disagree, 6/30/13)
Michaud makes Orland stop, seeks $150K by end of June for possible Blaine House run(Bangor Daily News, 6/29/13)
Will state govt finally keep its education funding promise? (Bangor Daily News, 6/28/13)
From flip-flops to scandals: Grading the Legislature (Agree to Disagree, 6/28/13)
State budget means towns, cities must cut services or raise taxes, MMA says (Bangor Daily News, 6/28/13)
VIDEO: Does Gov. LePage still matter? (Bangor Daily News, 6/27/13)
First hints of Michaud momentum (The Tipping Point, 6/27/13)
Winterport lawmaker says he will introduce legislation to censure LePage (Bangor Daily News, 6/27/13)
Maine Senate flunks Democrats’ bid to replace LePage’s school grading system (Bangor Daily News, 6/27/13)
LePage says he might not seek second term (Lewiston Sun Journal, 6/27/13)
EDITORIAL: Reasonable words, votes from Maine Legislature finally counteract LePage(Bangor Daily News, 6/27/13)
Maine Legislature overrides LePage budget veto; avoids state government shutdown(Bangor Daily News, 6/26/13)
Poll shows LePage and Michaud neck and neck (Agree to Disagree, 6/26/13)
Portland rally celebrates DOMA defeat (Bangor Daily News, 6/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Why one moderate Republican is embarrassed by LePage’s behavior, tone (Bangor Daily News, 6/26/13)
Mainers react after Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act (Bangor Daily News, 6/26/13)
Other than budget, LePage vetoes withstand override votes (Bangor Daily News, 6/26/13)
LePage signs budget for highway fund into law (Bangor Daily News, 6/26/13)
Breastfeeding, campaign finance bills among slew of LePage vetoes awaiting Maine lawmakers (Bangor Daily News, 6/25/13)
VIDEO: Bangor councilor censured for LePage ‘hits the bars’ comment; apologizes again(Bangor Daily News, 6/24/13)
Michaud’s gubernatorial campaign committee has noteworthy treasurer (Portland Press Herald, 6/24/13)
Maine Senate must decide crucial energy questions (Kennebec Journal, 6/24/13)
LePage’s budget veto sets up showdown vote (Kennebec Journal, 6/24/13)
LePage’s crass talk plays into Democrats’ playbook (Downeast to DC, 6/24/13)
Democrats weigh Republican study group proposal as way to expand Medicaid (Bangor Daily News, 6/24/13)
LePage: Financial disclosure ‘disrespects’ voters (Pollways, 6/24/13)
LePage vetoes Maine state budget, setting up Wednesday legislative override votes (Bangor Daily News, 6/24/13)
Sen. Troy Jackson: Pass this budget built on compromise (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/13)
A cast of leading characters from the 126th Legislature’s first session (Bangor Daily News,6/23/13)
LePage for Congress? (Agree to Disagree, 6/23/13)
Conservative group doubles down on LePage’s rape metaphor (The Tipping Point, 6/22/13)
LePage: Sorry if you were offended (Kennebec Journal, 6/22/13)
Republican lawmakers explain vote reversals, say no directive to obey LePage exists(Bangor Daily News, 6/22/13)
LePage’s ‘Vaseline’ comment and his view of democracy (Pollways, 6/21/13)
EDITORIAL: To rebuke LePage, lawmakers should override budget veto (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/13)
Snowe & LePage agree to disagree (Agree to Disagree, 6/21/13)
Does Maine bank on ‘Monopoly’ money to balance budget? (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/13)
County GOP chair clarifies state chairman’s deception to legislators (Undercover Porcupine, 6/21/13)
Democrats, Republicans tally victories and votes in preparation for budget battle (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/13)
‘A straight citizens’ rights bill:’ Rural Mainers lose voice in wind tower rezoning (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/13)
How LePage, Cutler and Michaud could each win (Agree to Disagree, 6/21/13)
Maine GOP Chairman hangs county chairs out to dry (Undercover Porcupine, 6/20/13)
Attorney general says LePage’s temporary budget fix is illegal (Bangor Daily News,6/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Medicaid expansion remains reasonable, right despite defeat by minority(Bangor Daily News, 6/20/13)
The budget alternative (Pine Tree Politics, 6/20/13)
VIDEO: Democratic senator lets LePage ‘Vaseline’ jab slide off his back (Bangor Daily News,6/20/13)
VIDEO: LePage slips ‘Vaseline’ jab toward Democratic senator (Bangor Daily News,6/20/13)
LePage vetoes energy bill with initiatives he proposed, House quickly overrides it (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/13)
Senate kills ‘Buffet Rule’ plan to tax Maine’s richest extra if they pay less than state average (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/13)
VIDEO: LePage renews budget veto pledge, offers shutdown alternative (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/13)
Maine House deals final blow to Medicaid expansion (Bangor Daily News, 6/19/13)
Maine Senate scuttles local option sales tax bill (Bangor Daily News, 6/19/13)
Lobbyist report leads LePage to halt talking with three papers (Pollways, 6/19/13)
Bill requiring charter schools to be nonprofit dies as Legislature upholds LePage vetoes(Bangor Daily News, 6/19/13)
Effort to create early voting system dies in Maine House (Bangor Daily News, 6/19/13)
Lawmakers planning to delay decisions on bond package until next year (Bangor Daily News, 6/19/13)
Maine Legislature passes bill that promotes background checks for private gun sales(Bangor Daily News, 6/19/13)
Maine Senate switches to support encouraging gun background checks (Portland Press Herald, 6/19/13)
Jeb Bush to headline July re-election campaign event for LePage (Portland Press Herald,6/19/13)
Media blackout likely to backfire for LePage (Inside Maine Politics, 6/19/13)
Behind closed doors, lobbyists set the rules for LePage administration (Pollways, 6/18/13)
Attempt to strengthen Maine mining laws likely fails (Portland Press Herald, 6/18/13)
LePage speaks frankly to Dirigo Girls State delegates (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/13)
Minimum wage hike, ethics reform among 100 bills awaiting scarce funding (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/13)
MaineCare’s payday will help hospitals but patients unlikely to see lower rates (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/13)
Democrats advance repeal of 2-year cap on treatments for addicts on Medicaid (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/13)
Replacement for LePage’s A-through-F grading system wins majority support in Legislature (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/13)
Tuesday vetoes highlight LePage’s conflicts with Democrats over education (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/13)
Handful of Republicans being pressured to override LePage Medicaid veto (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/13)
LePage threatens veto of wide-ranging energy bill (Portland Press Herald, 6/18/13)
Rival plan to LePage’s grading system likely to fail (Portland Press Herald, 6/18/13)
Background checks nixed from Maine gun-control measure (Portland Press Herald,6/18/13)
Hospitals: Maine Medicaid expansion would help (Portland Press Herald, 6/18/13)
LePage issues new policy: No more talking to 3 newspapers (Portland Press Herald,6/18/13)
Five more LePage vetoes withstand override votes (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/13)
Michaud faces historical challenges in Blaine House bid (Downeast to DC, 6/17/13)
LePage vetoes Medicaid expansion, says ‘Maine can do better’ (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/13)
Efforts to reduce risks to kids run into a powerful foe (Portland Press Herald, 6/17/13)
The lobbyist in the henhouse: Whose interests is Maine’s DEP commissioner serving?(Portland Press Herald, 6/15/13)
Sources describe a department under duress (Portland Press Herald, 6/15/13)
AUDIO: Mike Michaud’s first live interview since announcing for governor (Agree to Disagree, 6/15/13)
Analysis: Few complaints about unemployment claims said process favored workers(Bangor Daily News, 6/14/13)
LePage vetoes another five bills (Bangor Daily News, 6/14/13)
EDITORIAL: Cut public campaign financing for gubernatorial candidates (Bangor Daily News, 6/14/13)
Bill to boost fledgling Maine companies’ growth in jeopardy (Bangor Daily News, 6/14/13)
House Democrats who voted against budget could decide veto override outcome (Bangor Daily News, 6/14/13)
Democrats strike back with $80,000 ad buy (Agree to Disagree, 6/14/13)
Michaud bid shakes up LePage, Cutler match-up and 2nd District (Downeast to DC, 6/14/13)
Maine House and Senate send $6.3B budget to LePage (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/13)
Is Maine’s population too old and white to be sustainable? (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/13)
Veto the budget (Pine Tree Politics, 6/13/13)
Yes, Michaud could win (Pollways, 6/13/13)
Senate again passes Medicaid expansion 23-12, falling short of veto-proof margin (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/13)
Maine Legislature sends hospital debt bill, LePage’s top priority, to his desk (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/13)
Mike Michaud registers, officially explores Blaine House bid (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/13)
Michaud is running. Democrats have life! (Agree to Disagree, 6/13/13)
Maine Senate approves hospital repayment plan (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/13)
Stand firm, pass this imperfect budget (Inside Maine Politics, 6/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Irrational GOP threatens Medicaid expansion (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/13)
Senate disagrees with House on override of LePage veto of drug overdose bill (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/13)
House Medicaid expansion compromise vote falls short of threshold to overcome LePage veto (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/13)
LePage reaffirms budget veto threat; Democratic leaders say make it quick (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/13)
Maine House rejects bills to tighten abortion rules, create fetal rights after passionate debates (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/13)
VIDEO: ‘Man’s brain’ means no health expansion? Barbie might agree (Pollways, 6/12/13)
GOP leader says ‘man’s brain’ tells him Medicaid expansion isn’t free (Capitol Incite, 6/12/13)
VIDEO: Cringes, gasps as Bangor councilor say LePage ‘hits the bars’ rather than focusing on issues (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/13)
LePage vetoes bill that would protect overdose witnesses who call for help (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/13)
Bill to allow Mainers to carry concealed weapons without permits falls by one vote in House (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/13)
GOP lawmaker’s proposal to add services for disabled to Medicaid expansion would cost $75M (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/13)
Portland voters may make history with recreational pot referendum this fall (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/13)
Maine Senate opposes sending recreational marijuana question to voters (Bangor Daily News, 6/10/13)
VIDEO: LePage supporters launch ad opposing budget deal (Bangor Daily News, 6/10/13)
Bill to schedule statewide vote on marijuana legalization falls by 4 votes in Maine House(Bangor Daily News, 6/7/13)
One resignation, many ripples (Agree to Disagree, 6/7/13)
Lawmakers propose increases to sales and lodging taxes as part of budget deal (Bangor Daily News, 6/7/13)
LePage threatens veto as lawmakers work to finalize budget details (Bangor Daily News,6/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Is Maine a nanny state? (Bangor Daily News, 6/7/13)
Maine’s lousy economy and the state budget (Pollways, 6/6/13)
Gang of 11 sees their tax reform plan as tool to break Maine budget stalemate (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/13)
Eliot Cutler tells Portland radio show hosts that he’s running for governor in 2014 (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/13)
Assistant GOP leader offers Senate compromise on Medicaid expansion, measure passed 23-12 (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/13)
Budget brinksmanship (Pine Tree Politics, 6/6/13)
LePage again warns lawmakers that current budget could run dry (Bangor Daily News,6/6/13)
Senate lets 2 more LePage vetoes stand, including one that House voted to override(Bangor Daily News, 6/6/13)
Senate passes energy bill in 28-7 vote after rejecting LePage-backed amendments (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/13)
Senate goes against House, defeats changes to mining law (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/13)
With one hand LePage gives, the other he takes (Inside Main Politics, 6/5/13)
Interest groups amp up pressure on lawmakers as state budget impasse deepens (Bangor Daily News, 6/5/13)
Lawmakers skirt Maine’s open-meeting law during budget negotiations (Bangor Daily News, 6/5/13)
Redrawn Maine legislative districts easily win House, Senate endorsements (Bangor Daily News, 6/5/13)
Maine Democrats compromise principles (The Tipping Point, 6/5/13)
Risk of impasse grows as Republicans reject tax increases to plug budget hole (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/13)
Instead of punishing, can Maine foster a more caring justice system? (Bangor Daily News,6/4/13)
Departure of Maine Senate majority leader will shake up Democratic leadership (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/13)
LePage rejects bill removing his ability to sign off on AG staff pay (Bangor Daily News,6/4/13)
LePage wants support for UMaine offshore wind project, not Statoil’s, before he backs energy bill (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/13)
Maine Republicans need not be ‘the party of no’ (Pollways, 6/4/13)
Maine lawmakers press for raises for state workers despite budget shortage (Bangor Daily News, 6/3/13)
LePage’s prefect veto record this session remains intact (Bangor Daily News, 6/3/13)
House, Senate vote down bill that would tighten limits on MaineCare coverage for methadone, Suboxone (Bangor Daily News, 6/3/13)
LePage: I won’t approve Medicaid expansion until current waiting list is addressed (Bangor Daily News, 6/3/13)
OPINION: Solutions to fix Maine’s broken budget (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/13)
AUDIO: The politics of liquor contract & Medicaid expansion (Agree to Disagree, 6/2/13)
Reverse LePage: Conservative Arizona governor threatens to veto all bills if lawmakers don’t OK Medicaid expansion (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/13)
Republicans halts plans to tax nonprofits such as hospitals, churches (Bangor Daily News,6/1/13)
LePage vetoes bills to study workplace bullying, trains students to prevent heart attacks(Bangor Daily News, 6/1/13)
LePage’s TV and cart cost taxpayers $1,483 (Bangor Daily News, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

Maine lawmakers consider taxing private schools, churches and more to make up lost revenue (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/13)
LePage announces trade mission to Mexico and Colombia (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/13)
Feds tell LePage Maine must follow the law. Anyone surprised? (Pollways, 5/31/13)
Maine House says no to physician-assisted suicide law (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/13)
Maine Senate rejects gun show background check bill (Bangor Daily News, 5/30/13)
Another plan to expand Medicaid in Maine heads to lawmakers (Bangor Daily News,5/30/13)
Maine high court rejects appeal to shield names of donors in 2009 campaign against gay marriage (Bangor Daily News, 5/30/13)
Feds to LePage: We can’t offer a better deal on Medicaid expansion (Bangor Daily News,5/30/13)
VIDEO: State workers in Lewiston protest pay freeze (Bangor Daily News, 5/29/13)
LePage says Medicaid expansion pressure, Democrats’ ‘censorship’ starts in Washington(Bangor Daily News, 5/29/13)
Democrats to unveil alternatives to LePage budget (Bangor Daily News, 5/29/13)
If LePage wants to speak, should we let him? (Agree to Disagree, 5/29/13)
Maine Senate upholds LePage veto of bill linking Medicaid expansion to hospital repayment(Bangor Daily News, 5/29/13)
Lawmakers say budget work will go on after LePage bars his advisers from testifying(Bangor Daily News, 5/29/13)
Some Republicans begin to consider taxes to close budget gap (Bangor Daily News, 5/29/13)
LePage’s vow to take spotlight in budget talks seen as threat to open process (Bangor Daily News, 5/28/13)
Woods to Michaud: Are you in, or out, for governor’s race? (Capitol Incite, 5/28/13)
House sustains LePage vetoes of bills to ban smoking, study sales tax (Bangor Daily News, 5/28/13)
LePage moves controversial TV inside his office, but still facing hallway (Bangor Daily News, 5/28/13)
LePage, legislators working together to solve county jail woes (Bangor Daily News, 5/26/13)
LePage bars others’ testimony, setting up a scene too strange for fiction (Pollways, 5/25/13)
Historic’ energy bill clears committee, 12-1 (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Maine Democrats stooped to LePage’s level with television complaint(Bangor Daily News, 5/24/13)
LePage tells legislative leaders he’s moving out of State House because of ‘censorship’(Bangor Daily News, 5/24/13)
The second district scramble (Pine Tree Politics, 5/23/13)
Republicans and Democrats unite against LePage’s education plans (Bangor Daily News, 5/23/13)
LePage delivers instant veto after hospital debts, Medicaid bill passes Senate (Bangor Daily News, 5/23/13)
New poll highlights Mainers’ strong feelings about Paul LePage (Capitol Incite, 5/22/13)
LePage: State will run out of money for DHHS bills June 10 (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/13)
Prominent Republican calls for Maine GOP chairman’s removal (Undercover Porcupine, 5/17/13)
National GOP group tries to link Michaud to ‘IRS scandal’ (Capitol Incite, 5/17/13)
LePage vetoes bill calling for Internet sales tax study (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/13)
Democrats kill bills that would have given rights to fetuses, changed abortion requirements (Bangor Daily News, 5/16/13)
The MaineCare black hole (Pine Tree Politics, 5/16/13)
Liquor, hospital debt and Medicaid expansion headed for vote — all in one bill (Bangor Daily News, 5/16/13)
Abortion rights debate reignites at State House with introduction of three bills (Bangor Daily News, 5/16/13)
Republicans express surprise as lawmakers link Medicaid expansion to hospital payback(Bangor Daily News, 5/15/13)
Lawmakers ask: Are business tax breaks working to create jobs in Maine? (Bangor Daily News, 5/15/13)
Lawmakers hope they have an energy bill LePage, Democrats can agree on (Bangor Daily News, 5/15/13)
GOP loses policy argument on Medicaid expansion, focuses instead on process (Inside Maine Politics, 5/15/13)
Committee shoots down bill that would allow school staff to be armed (Bangor Daily News,5/15/13)
Bill to legalize marijuana fails, but support emerges for statewide vote (Bangor Daily News,5/14/13)
LePage to Maine mayors: I made tough choices, so can you (Bangor Daily News, 5/14/13)
Democrats move Maine teacher evaluation rules forward after scolding from Ed Commissioner Bowen (Bangor Daily News, 5/14/13)
VIDEO: Portland leaders call out LePage, state government as local school budget vote looms (Bangor Daily News, 5/13/13)
On ultimatums (The Tipping Point, 5/11/13)
Did LePage just endorse part of Obamacare? It matters for Medicaid (Bangor Daily News,5/11/13)
Is a state shutdown inevitable? (Agree to Disagree, 5/11/13)
State may pursue food stamp ban on junk food even if bill dies in Legislature (Bangor Daily News, 5/10/13)
Is 2013 the year for tax reform in Maine? (Bangor Daily News, 5/10/13)
‘Gang of 11′ plan earns more praise for bipartisanship than tax changes (Bangor Daily News, 5/10/13)
Opponents of Democrats’ school grade plan should explain why (Pollways, 5/10/13)
Tim Lajoie: Here’s why I left the Republican Party (Undercover Porcupine, 5/10/13)
Democrats stall teacher evaluation rules until LePage reveals education agenda (Bangor Daily News, 5/10/13)
Should Maine allow teachers to carry guns in school? (Bangor Daily News, 5/10/13)
EDITORIAL: The promise of tax reform (Bangor Daily News, 5/10/13)
LePage bill lifts cap on charter schools, lets public money go to religious schools (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/13)
Committee rejects food stamp junk food ban (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/13)
Cutler: ‘So far, everything suggests that I can’ win a 3-way race (Capitol Incite, 5/9/13)
LePage wants wind energy goals out of Maine law (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/13)
LePage’s budget changes use bond delay, one-time revenue gain to fill $60M gap (Bangor Daily News, 5/8/13)
LePage: ‘Gang of 11′ tax reform a ‘bad deal’ (Bangor Daily News, 5/8/13)
Regulating a proposed resurgence in mining under debate in Augusta (Bangor Daily News,5/8/13)
Transportation Committee votes to kill east-west highway feasibility study (Bangor Daily News, 5/7/13)
State union, governor’s office at odds over whether government shutdown is ‘inevitable’(Bangor Daily News, 5/7/13)
State employees union drops complaint that LePage illegally contracted work (Bangor Daily News, 5/7/13)
Education committee stalls proposal to change charter school funding that they requested(Bangor Daily News, 5/7/13)
LePage proposal: Struggling schools would lose students to school choice (Bangor Daily News, 5/7/13)
Democrats to counter LePage school grading system with formula of their own (Bangor Daily News, 5/7/13)
Oddities, blind spots in LePage’s school grades (Pollways, 5/7/13)
LePage issues fourth veto on same day Maine House fails to override his third (Bangor Daily News, 5/7/13)
Public advocates push for higher tobacco taxes in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/13)
No transparency? If true, it would be an outrage (Pollways, 5/6/13)
VIDEO: LePage again promises to veto all bills until hospital debt repaid (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/13)
EDITORIAL: Grading LePage’s policies on ‘putting kids first’ (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/13)
Maine committee eyes moratorium on ‘tar sands’ oil (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/13)
Bill to create Maine presidential primary, adopt ranked-choice voting comes with hefty price tag (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/13)
LePage vetoes bill to allow towns, cities to raise auto registration fees (Bangor Daily News,5/3/13)
Sponsor of bill says Maine will legalize marijuana, one way or another (Bangor Daily News,5/3/13)
Grover Norquist says Maine bipartisan tax reform plan violates ‘no new taxes’ pledge(Bangor Daily News, 5/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Now that Maine schools have been graded, what will be done? (Bangor Daily News, 5/3/13)
Democrats set to win on health care (The Tipping Point, 5/3/13)
LePage proposal would bar food stamp use on junk food (Bangor Daily News, 5/3/13)
Maine legislators vote for higher sales tax (Bangor Daily News, 5/3/13)
Some lawmakers fear dramatic tax reform proposal is repeat of doomed 2009 overhaul(Bangor Daily News, 5/2/13)
‘Unprecedented’ initial federal investigation started on LePage’s meeting (Pollways, 5/2/13)
Grading the grades (Pine Tree Politics, 5/2/13)
Lawmakers endorse gun show background checks, kill plan to allow concealed weapons without permit (Bangor Daily News, 5/2/13)
Maine tax code overhaul aims to provide relief from high property tax with lower income tax(Bangor Daily News, 5/1/13)
Why do LePage’s school grades correlate with income? (Pollways, 5/1/13)
Lawmakers should expand Medicaid, improve lives (Inside Maine Politics, 5/1/13)
LePage’s school grades correlate closely with income (The Tipping Point, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

Bill would raise age for carrying concealed weapon in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 4/30/13)
New tax reform plan is deeply flawed, but may start good conversation (The Tipping Point, 4/30/13)
Democrats, GOP continue fight over Medicaid expansion, hospital repayment (Bangor Daily News,4/30/13)
Maine Legislature backs resolutions supporting campaign finance, immigration reforms(Bangor Daily News, 4/30/13)
Maine House resoundingly votes down proposal to shrink size of Legislature (Bangor Daily News,4/30/13)
‘Gang of 11′ lawmakers prepare to unveil tax reform, budget plan (Bangor Daily News,4/30/13)
LePage wants Mainers to ‘break wind together’ (Bangor Daily News, 4/30/13)
Maine Republican Party questions Democratic legislators’ conduct; Democrats call probe request ‘garbage’ (Bangor Daily News, 4/29/13)
Call for constitutional amendment to end ‘corporate personhood’ on way to Maine Senate(Bangor Daily News, 4/29/13)
Advocacy groups put pressure on Maine lawmakers to support Medicaid expansion (Bangor Daily News, 4/29/13)
LePage calls jail summit as sheriffs warn of overcrowding, budget crisis (Bangor Daily News,4/28/13)
One meeting = three investigations. Is LePage in trouble? (Agree to Disagree, 4/28/13)
LePage says Democratic leaders obstructing progress on state hospital debt (Bangor Daily News,4/27/13)
Tensions mount among Maine lawmakers handling gun bills (Bangor Daily News,4/26/13)
LePage signs bill to shield gun permit holders’ information from public view (Bangor Daily News,4/26/13)
Panel wants more information before investigating LePage’s role in unemployment decisions(Bangor Daily News, 4/26/13)
State revenues expected to fall another $60M below projections (Bangor Daily News,4/26/13)
Does Gov. LePage know about the hearing officers’ emails? (Pollways, 4/26/13)
Chellie Pingree won’t run for governor in 2014 (Bangor Daily News, 4/26/13)
Maine Democrats say they’ll support hospital payback if Medicaid is expanded (Bangor Daily News,4/26/13)
Bill to shield personal info about concealed firearms permit holders heads to LePage(Bangor Daily News, 4/25/13)
After dust-up, work session on gun legislation ends abruptly (Bangor Daily News, 4/25/13)
Suicide prevention bill receives unanimous support of Legislature, LePage (Bangor Daily News,4/25/13)
Maine Senate delivers death blow to pair of ‘right-to-work’ bills (Bangor Daily News,4/25/13)
LePage to towns: If you want revenue sharing, find other budget cuts (Bangor Daily News,4/25/13)
LePage says he never interfered with unemployment claims process (Sun Journal,4/24/13)
Maine Speaker on LePage’s unemployment panel: ‘We don’t need a cover-up committee’(Capitol Ticker, 4/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Blue Ribbon Commission can’t undo damage of LePage’s actions (David Farmer, 4/24/13)
Maine lawmakers propose $30M in additional education funding without revenue to pay for it(Bangor Daily News, 4/24/13)
LePage denies he attempted to pressure unemployment hearing officers (Bangor Daily News,4/24/13)
Senator’s late vote breaks committee deadlock on Maine bill to limit gun magazines(Bangor Daily News, 4/24/13)
LePage taps Waterville lawyer, former judge to lead panel investigating unemployment system(Bangor Daily News, 4/23/13)
Democrats propose tax increases to counter cuts proposed by LePage (Bangor Daily News,4/23/13)
Independent legislator spearheads effort to reform Maine tax code, close budget gaps(Bangor Daily News, 4/23/13)
Committee strikes LePage budget proposal to have school districts pick up teacher retirement costs(Bangor Daily News, 4/22/13)
Legislative panel votes against letting Maine cities and towns pass their own gun bans(Bangor Daily News, 4/22/13)
Democrats oppose LePage budget cuts to prescription drug aid, hospital payments (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/13)
Gun bills jam as Democrats and Republicans on Maine legislative committee spar (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/13)
School funding at heart of state, local spending debate over LePage budget (Bangor Daily News,4/20/13)
LePage, medical and economic officials tout benefits of clinical trials (Bangor Daily News,4/19/13)
Minimum wage increase, on track for approval, caught up in legislative committee(Bangor Daily News, 4/18/13)
Maine legislator wants state to reconsider his unemployment claim (Bangor Daily News,4/18/13)
Study: Charter schools lag behind traditional schools in public funding (Bangor Daily News,4/18/13)
Federal official confirms Maine Labor Dept probe; state workers union seeks independent review of LePage (Bangor Daily News, 4/18/13)
Maine may drop out of emergency unemployment program (Portland Press Herald,4/18/13)
LePage spins windmill conspiracy theory (The Tipping Point, 4/18/13)
LePage: ‘I am going to be the next Scott Walker’ (The Tipping Point, 4/18/13)
LePage looks to change energy efficiency funding (Bangor Daily News, 4/17/13)
LePage to appoint panel to investigate Maine’s unemployment system; Democrats question timing(Bangor Daily News, 4/17/13)
Documents: Hearing officer felt pressured by LePage (Portland Press Herald, 4/17/13)
Feds look into charge targeting LePage (Portland Press Herald, 4/17/13)
Letter from LePage helps Republican tea party group decide to hold national convention in Portland(Bangor Daily News, 4/16/13)
Committee gives tepid support to LePage prison construction proposal (Bangor Daily News,4/16/13)
Bill to ease college borrowing becomes law without LePage’s signature (Bangor Daily News,4/16/13)
Gun rights take center stage at Patriots Day rally in Augusta (Bangor Daily News,4/15/13)
LePage and the hearing officers: What we know now (Pollways, 4/14/13)
Intimidation or accountability? LePage’s meeting with state workers. (Agree to Disagree, 4/13/13)
LePage asks gun makers to come to Maine in Wall Street Journal opinion piece (Bangor Daily News,4/12/13)
Committee votes 6-3 against LePage’s revenue-sharing suspension (Bangor Daily News,4/12/13)
Lawmakers sorting through proposed rules for virtual charter schools (Bangor Daily News,4/12/13)
Is raising taxes a real alternative to LePage’s budget? (Bangor Daily News, 4/12/13)
LePage: Claims of intimidation of unemployment officers ‘outrageous’ (Bangor Daily News,4/12/13)
Paul LePage: Beretta, Colt and Magpul — Come to Maine (Wall Street Journal, 4/12/13)
Democrats assail LePage plan to give Maine schools grades of A through F (Bangor Daily News,4/11/13)
Student organizes rally against education cuts at Maine State House (Bangor Daily News,4/11/13)
Republican senators explain need for budget cuts in letters to municipal officials (Bangor Daily News,4/11/13)
The 2014 gubernatorial race has begun (Pine Tree Politics, 4/11/13)
State employees say LePage pressured them to deny jobless benefits (Bangor Daily News,4/11/13)
Four reasons why LePage’s Labor Dept visit could be a big deal (Pollways, 4/11/13)
LePage says he hasn’t decided whether he’ll veto minimum wage increase (Bangor Daily News,4/10/13)
LePage proposes taking money from education aid for legal defense (Bangor Daily News,4/9/13)
Look closely at arguments against Medicaid expansion (Pollways, 4/9/13)
Panel opposes cuts to Maine property tax relief programs (Bangor Daily News, 4/9/13)
LePage’s plan to pay off hospital debt is constitutional, attorney general rules (Bangor Daily News,4/9/13)
Senate falls 5 votes short of overriding LePage’s tanning ban veto (Bangor Daily News,4/9/13)
VIDEO: Upcoming cuts to Maine Head Start ‘a big hit for people who can’t afford it’(Bangor Daily News, 4/9/13)
LePage penned, then withdrew vetoes for 5 bills in bid to prompt action on hospital debt(Bangor Daily News, 4/8/13)
Maine mayors make pitch for their own $85M borrowing package (Bangor Daily News,4/8/13)
Call to limit bullets in ammunition clips kicks off week of gun bill hearings in Augusta(Bangor Daily News, 4/8/13)
Maine high court to hear appeals in Ralph Nader, National Organization for Marriage cases(Bangor Daily News, 4/8/13)
LePage threatens to pull support of tribal commission if secretary of state is involved(Bangor Daily News, 4/8/13)
LePage vulnerable in 2014, says top political observer (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/13)
Eliot Cutler heading to DC to raise campaign cash — and look who’s hosting him (Downeast to DC, 4/8/13)
VIDEO: Will the legislature loosen or tighten gun laws? (Agree to Disagree, 4/8/13)
Legislative panel lines up week of hearings on Maine gun bills (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/13)
Will our elected officials listen to Maine people or the NRA? (Agree to Disagree, 4/6/13)
Sequester the ‘tipping point’ in MPBN’s jobs, programming cuts (Bangor Daily News,4/5/13)
Maine committee defeats right-to-work legislation in party-line votes (Bangor Daily News,4/5/13)
VIDEO: Baldacci fires back at LePage over hospital debt ad, calls it attempt to distract from unpopular budget (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/13)
The people have spoken: LePage up, Obama down, regulate guns. (Agree to Disagree, 4/5/13)
LePage signs bill to strengthen law on batterers’ programs (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/13)
VIDEO: LePage supporters’ hospital debt ad ignites political firestorm (Bangor Daily News,4/4/13)
LePage vetoes bill that would have banned teenagers from tanning booths (Bangor Daily News,4/4/13)
LePage’s dark money political operation (The Tipping Point, 4/4/13)
Poll: Cutler would lead LePage in 2014 governor’s race — if he ran as a Democrat (Bangor Daily News, 4/3/13)
LePage veto override falls one vote short in Maine Senate (Bangor Daily News, 4/3/13)
House votes to override LePage’s first veto (Bangor Daily News, 4/3/13)
VIDEO: Mike Michaud remains undecided about gubernatorial run (Bangor Daily News,4/3/13)
LePage’s concern with Michaud and the politics of health care (Pollways, 4/3/13)
LePage vetoes bill for clarifying ‘how government takes money from citizens’ (Bangor Daily News,4/2/13)
Tribe says LePage threatened Passamaquoddy over elvers during ‘enraged’ phone call(Bangor Daily News, 4/2/13)
Maine House rejects capital gains tax cut, backs bill to hike earned income credit (Bangor Daily News, 4/2/13)
‘We need it to stay alive,’ Mainers tell lawmakers in urging Medicaid expansion, but funding doubts linger (Bangor Daily News, 4/2/13)
LePage nominates Portland lawyer as next public advocate (Bangor Daily News, 4/1/13)
Marijuana group wins dinner with LePage (Portland Press Herald, 4/1/13)
Cutler waffles on the minimum wage (The Tipping Point, 4/1/13)
COMMENTARY: If LePage is ‘The Boss,’ who would Baldacci be in Red Sox-Yankee rivalry?(Bangor Daily News, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

COMMENTARY: Little beards, the Gestapo and ‘kiss my butt’: Gov. LePage’s ‘greatest hits’(Bangor Daily News, 3/30/13)
Will workforce committee’s work close Maine’s skills gap? (Bangor Daily News, 3/29/13)
Maine lawmakers still face ‘really tough choices’ on how to solve $880 million budget shortfall(Bangor Daily News, 3/29/13)
Hello, LePage! It’s the people out here (Agree to Disagree, 3/29/13)
LePage: Portland mayor ’stunningly cynical and shortsighted’ in charter school challenge(Bangor Daily News, 3/28/13)
Fearing LePage’s budget, Lincoln leaving position unfilled (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/13)
Three Penobscot County Republican activists quit party, claim committee vote shenanigans (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/13)
Rural Mainers turn out in force to back bills that would change wind energy law (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/13)
‘Ya Mon!’ LePage will give up pension for fast action on hospital debt (Capitol Incite, 3/27/13)
New Maine land use panel struggles to fill seats as lawmakers reject candidates (Bangor Daily News,3/27/13)
Bill to legalize, tax marijuana in Maine gains 35 co-sponsors (Bangor Daily News, 3/27/13)
House votes 86-58 to raise minimum wage to $9 by 2016 (Bangor Daily News, 3/27/13)
Maine Hospital Association supports Medicaid expansion (Bangor Daily News, 3/27/13)
Partisan fight over LePage’s retirement benefits erupts (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/13)

LePage’s unserious Medicaid proposal (Pollways, 3/25/13)
Bill would stretch Maine legislative terms to 4 years, but keep 8-year service limit (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/13)
EDITORIAL: Medicaid expansion: Do the math, do the right thing (Bangor Daily News,3/22/13)
Two state GOP committee members resign over Penobscotgate (Undercover Porcupine, 3/22/13)
LePage signs two bills, heads to Jamaica (Bangor Daily News, 3/22/13)
LePage is a Boy Scout? (Agree to Disagree, 3/22/13)
State committee tables bill that would hide Maine handgun permit data (Bangor Daily News,3/21/13)
LePage proposes his own transportation bond package while holding other bonds ‘hostage’(Bangor Daily News, 3/21/13)
Does LePage’s veto threat still stand? (Capitol Incite, 3/21/13)
House Democratic leader introduces bill to make wealthy pay more in taxes (Bangor Daily News,3/21/13)
Why LePage may be flipping on Medicaid (Downeast to DC, 3/21/13)
Clean Election activists to LePage: Don’t defund program (Portland Press Herald, 3/20/13)
Portland groups push to legalize pot possession in the city; send a message to the state(Bangor Daily News, 3/20/13)
Signing deadline passes, LePage lets six bills become law without his signature (Bangor Daily News,3/20/13)
John Baldacci may seek old job (Politico, 3/20/13)
LePage wants more funding, flexibility before expanding Medicaid (Bangor Daily News,3/20/13)
LePage rolls out new $100 million transportation bond proposal (Bangor Daily News,3/20/13)
Maine’s Medicaid expansion a success (Pollways, 3/20/13)
Has LePage become a Socialist? (Agree to Disagree, 3/20/13)
Baldacci tells Politico that he’s still open to run for governor — if Pingree or Michaud don’t(Bangor Daily News, 3/20/13)
Repealing the Governor’s pension – mud-slinging or legit issue? (Agree to Disagree, 3/20/13)
LePage sees more federal funds for Medicaid (Portland Press Herald, 3/20/13)
LePage’s teacher retirement proposal draws fire (Portland Press Herald, 3/20/13)
LePage defends Maine education budget (AP, 3/20/13)
LePage spurs new debate on Medicaid expansion (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/13)
Flat funding won’t stave off cuts, Maine higher education officials warn lawmakers(Bangor Daily News, 3/18/13)
Lawmaker seeks to take pension away from LePage if he doesn’t win second term (Bangor Daily News, 3/18/13)
How ‘profitable’ are Maine hospitals? Depends on whom you ask (Bangor Daily News,3/15/13)
Committee rejects measure limiting legislators’ ability to operate PACs (Bangor Daily News,3/15/13)
Legislative panel opposes bill to loosen health care expansion requirements (Bangor Daily News,3/14/13)
The Mike Michaud calculus (Pine Tree Politics, 3/14/13)
Susan Collins keeps GOP alive in New England, political journal says (Bangor Daily News,3/14/13)
Municipal, business leaders blast LePage’s budget proposals at hearing (Bangor Daily News,3/13/13)
LePage budget doesn’t fully use ‘zero base’ he hoped to introduce (Bangor Daily News,3/13/13)
Gun bills prompt ‘nuanced’ stances by Maine delegation (Downeast to DC, 3/13/13)
Is the governor bowing to political pressure by accepting Obamacare money? (Agree to Disagree, 3/13/13)
LePage budget called a bad deal (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/13)
Bill would let CanaRx sell drugs in Maine (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/13)
LePage, Democrat push for more financial disclosure (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/13)
VIDEO: LePage: Democrats want ’sugar daddy’ (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/13)
LePage pick for health board withdraws nomination (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/13)
Maine hospitals: Repayments ‘a huge issue’ (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/13)
LePage’s selection for Dirigo Health board withdraws nomination (Bangor Daily News,3/12/13)
Two hospital plans enter — only one will survive. Who got it right? (Agree to Disagree, 3/12/13)
Gun rights supporters flood state House hearing on concealed-weapons permit information(Bangor Daily News, 3/12/13)
VIDEO: Gubernatorial candidate Steve Woods says 108 Maine towns ‘basically insolvent’(Bangor Daily News, 3/12/13)
LePage changes hospital bill to address Democrats’ constitutional concerns, but Goodall isn’t convinced (Bangor Daily News, 3/12/13)
Portland activist takes first step toward putting abortion consent measure on ballot(Bangor Daily News, 3/12/13)
VIDEO: Democrats to add hospital repayment to their liquor bill; LePage testifies on his own plan(Bangor Daily News, 3/11/13)
LePage isn’t only one with anger management concerns in Maine politics (Bangor Daily News,3/10/13)
Is Michaud running for governor and who will run to replace him? (Agree to Disagree, 3/9/13)
VIDEO: LePage takes fight on road (Portland Press Herald, 3/9/13)
Maine’s debt to hospitals: 30-year roots, decade-old political saga (Bangor Daily News,3/8/13)
The return of Charlie Webster (Undercover Porcupine, 3/8/13)
What are they inhaling in Augusta? (Agree to Disagree, 3/8/13)
Hermon bracing for loss of commercial excise tax revenues under LePage budget plan(Bangor Daily News, 3/8/13)
Democrats say LePage has given Maine ‘ransom note’ by not signing bonds (Bangor Daily News,3/7/13)
Dem leader lashes out at independent Cutler (AP, 3/7/13)
Democrats tell LePage to release voter approved bonds (Portland Press Herald, 3/7/13)
VIDEO: Forum on proposed state budget draws crowd to Brewer Auditorium (Bangor Daily News,3/7/13)
Maine education officials address Legislature (MPBN, 3/7/13)
AUDIO: Partisan battle over Maine hospital debt escalates (MPBN, 3/7/13)
LePage-nominated Dirigo Health critic gets second chance to vouch for his nomination(Bangor Daily News, 3/7/13)
Heritage Foundation says Maine can save from Medicaid expansion (Capitol Incite, 3/7/13)
LePage bringing national teaching and learning experts to Maine for education summit(Bangor Daily News, 3/7/13)
Annual report shows more liabilities than assets for Maine (Bangor Daily News, 3/6/13)
EDITORIAL: Budget is no place to make election policy (Bangor Daily News, 3/6/13)
Democrats question constitutionality of LePage’s plan to pay hospital debt (Bangor Daily News,3/6/13)
A veto a day keeps the Democrats at bay (Agree to Disagree, 3/5/13)
Maine State Employees Association uses finance chief’s statements to push for raises(Bangor Daily News, 3/5/13)
Maine Medical Association comes out in support of Medicaid expansion (Bangor Daily News,3/5/13)
Panel rejects LePage-nominated Dirigo Health critic along party lines; governor vows to keep seat vacant (Bangor Daily News, 3/5/13)
Michaud for governor could trigger Baldacci bid for Congress (DownEast to DC, 3/5/13)
Study: Beneficiaries forced off welfare in Maine face ’severe hardships’; Officials say Vermont’s cap will have more safeguards (VT Digger, 3/4/13)
Michaud ‘looking at’ run for governor (Bangor Daily News, 3/4/13)
Emergency bill would shut off legislators’ pay during government shutdown (Bangor Daily News,3/4/13)
Bill would bar some Maine prisoners from voting (Bangor Daily News, 3/4/13)
Proposed state funding cuts draw region’s educators, politicians to Hampden meeting(Bangor Daily News, 3/4/13)
Feds: Maine GOP improperly reported finances (Bangor Daily News, 3/1/13)
Tea Party still strong in Maine (The Tipping Point, 3/1/13)
VIDEO: LePage threatens to veto bills until lawmakers pass his hospital debt plan (Bangor Daily News, 3/1/13)
Would Maine save money if it embraced Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion? (Bangor Daily News,3/1/13)


Court rejects restraining order to halt Medicaid cuts set for March 1 (Bangor Daily News,2/28/13)
Maine Democrat submits bill to drug-test welfare recipients (Bangor Daily News, 2/28/13)
Language in LePage budget revives debate over school choice vouchers (Bangor Daily News,2/28/13)
Chris Christie on LePage: ‘He’s crazy. I love Paul.’ (Capitol Incite, 2/27/13)
Maverick Maine Democrat signs on to public sector right-to-work bill (Bangor Daily News,2/27/13)
Penobscot, Piscataquis and Hancock county leaders to weigh impact of Gov. LePage’s proposed budget at Hampden meeting (Bangor Daily News, 2/27/13)
LePage budget would gut clean election fund for 2014 campaign (Bangor Daily News,2/27/13)
Possible state government shutdown? (Agree to Disagree, 2/27/13)
Maine’s finance chief says freeze on state workers’ pay makes it hard to recruit employees(Bangor Daily News, 2/26/13)
Report: Jobs with livable wages increasingly scarce in Maine (Bangor Daily News,2/26/13)
Proposal to change Maine estate taxes raises concern (Bangor Daily News, 2/26/13)
Federal budget cuts would mean unpaid days off for Maine workers (Bangor Daily News,2/25/13)
Disappointed by changes, LePage to let budget become law without signature (Bangor Daily News,2/22/13)
What does tax fairness look like for Maine? (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/13)
State releases preliminary school funding amounts for next year (Bangor Daily News,2/22/13)
Democrat proposes alternative to LePage liquor plan without hospital debt payoff (Bangor Daily News, 2/21/13)
Democratic and Republican legislators unite on bill to legalize and tax marijuana (Bangor Daily News, 2/21/13)
House, Senate overwhelmingly support $153M budget-balancing package (Bangor Daily News,2/21/13)
Anti-corruption bill would require waiting period between leaving Maine Legislature, working as lobbyist (Bangor Daily News, 2/21/13)
Maine bill seeks statewide system for early voting (AP, 2/20/13)
VIDEO: NRA targets Maine in ad campaign opposing Obama gun control measures(Bangor Daily News, 2/20/13)
Early voting backers seek statewide vote to amend Maine Constitution (Bangor Daily News,2/20/13)
Reconciling Maine tax code to federal changes could cost state $81 million (Bangor Daily News,2/19/13)
Maine leads most in health reform (AP, 2/18/13)
Vote likely this week on Maine stopgap budget (Portland Press Herald, 2/18/13)
Maine Democrats on board with plan to temporarily shield gun permit information(Bangor Daily News, 2/18/13)
GOP lawmaker seeks to loosen requirements for health care expansions (Bangor Daily News,2/18/13)
LePage seeks emergency block on release of concealed weapons permit holders’ info (Bangor Daily News, 2/15/13)
LePage denied on food-stamp request (Portland Press Herald, 2/15/13)
How LePage plans to fast-track natural-gas expansion (Bangor Daily News, 2/15/13)
Facing outcry, Maine newspaper drops request for gun permit info (Reuters, 2/15/13)
Party-line vote recommends rejection of capital gains tax cut in Maine (Bangor Daily News,2/15/13)
LePage signs bill to block access to concealed weapons permit information (Bangor Daily News,2/14/13)
Judge rules Maine Municipal Association allowed to participate in political campaigns(Bangor Daily News, 2/14/13)
Poll: Mainers favor ‘tax fairness,’ not property tax hikes (Portland Press Herald, 2/14/13)
Committee approves $153M plan to balance state budget (Sun Journal, 2/14/13)
Hearing focuses on legislation to require gun education at Maine’s public high schools(Bangor Daily News, 2/14/13)
Maine panel passes $153.2 million supplemental budget (Portland Press Herald, 2/13/13)
Maine bill seeks to end cozy relations between state officials, private firms (Portland Press Herald,2/13/13)
Maine bill would ban union campaign donations (Portland Press Herald, 2/13/13)
Energy committee warm to LePage proposal to lower emissions and costs, but wants details(Bangor Daily News, 2/13/13)
EDITORIAL: LePage’s critics miss the point (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 2/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Governor’s plan no good for education (KeepMECurrent, 2/13/13)
COMMENTARY: LePage budget should provide more funding to reunify families, not keep kids in foster care (Bangor Daily News, 2/12/13)
Opponents of Maine gov’s proposed cuts hold rally (AP, 2/12/13)
State prefers own health-care solution to fed’s (Portland Press Herald, 2/10/13)
LePage fires up crowd at gun-rights rally (Morning Sentinel, 2/8/13)
LePage blasts newspapers, to children (Politico, 2/7/13)
LePage seeks stronger measures to keep guns away from domestic abusers (Bangor Daily News,2/7/13)
Progress made on plan to fix Maine budget shortfall (Morning Sentinel, 2/7/13)
Coalition promotes Maine quality-of-life legislation (Morning Sentinel, 2/7/13)
Maine coalition forms to battle gun violence (Portland Press Herald, 2/7/13)
State lays bare how it spends Mainers’ tax money (Morning Sentinel, 2/7/13)
VIDEO: Is Baldacci getting in? He’ll decide in spring (Morning Sentinel, 2/7/13)
LePage’s education proposal called ’simplistic’ (Morning Sentinel, 2/6/13)
LePage’s budget has ’subtle’ tax hike (Morning Sentinel, 2/6/13)
VIDEO: LePage less combative at second State of the State (Morning Sentinel, 2/6/13)
VIDEO: Baldacci increasingly LePage’s target, policy motivation (Bangor Daily News,2/6/13)
Did LePage just say he was willing to raise taxes? (Agree to Disagree, 2/6/13)
VIDEO: Education groups push back against governor (WCSH6, 2/6/13)
VIDEO: How much did LePage go off script? Compare his prepared remarks to what he actually said(Bangor Daily News, 2/6/13)
LePage speaks from the heart, but his policies don’t match (Bangor Daily News, 2/6/13)
VIDEO: Gov. LePage: Public schools are not getting the job done (WGME, 2/6/13)
LePage takes on Baldacci in fundraising email (Capitol Incite, 2/5/13)
LePage’s liquor bill aims to repay hospital debt (Morning Sentinel, 2/5/13)
VIDEO: Fact-checking LePage and Democratic speeches (Bangor Daily News, 2/5/13)
VIDEO: LePage delivers impassioned call to improve Maine (Bangor Daily News, 2/5/13)
VIDEO: State of the State address 2013 (MPBN, 2/5/13)
Unlike some prominent Republican governors, LePage won’t expand Medicaid (Pollways, 2/5/13)
Time for LePage speech and talk turns to tone (Morning Sentinel, 2/4/13)
Gov. Paul LePage says he fears newspapers (The Fix, 2/4/13)
New state GOP boss signals shift toward LePage re-election support (Kennebec Journal,2/4/13)
Governor’s second State of the State comes under very different circumstances (Morning Sentinel,2/4/13)
LePage ally named director of Maine Republicans (Morning Sentinel, 2/4/13)
LePage finally meets with top Democrats (Morning Sentinel, 2/4/13)
Politicians strive to stay in hospitals’ good graces (Morning Sentinel, 2/3/13)
Content of Tuesday’s State of the State address known only to LePage (Kennebec Journal,2/3/13)
LePage again warns schoolchildren off newspapers (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/13)
Portland Mayor: General Assistance cuts would swamp state (Portland Press Herald,2/2/13)
Some poor may regain MaineCare coverage (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/13)
Work begins on redrawing Maine’s political districts (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/13)
Nearly $1 million in campaign money flows to Collins (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/13)
LePage reads to students, takes shots at newspapers, lobbyists and education groups(Morning Sentinel, 2/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Booze battle looming for 2014 election (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/13)
LePage’s budget would cut off patients with special needs (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/13)


Maine lawmakers find a place to agree (AP, 1/30/13)
LePage budget includes some of funds demanded by lawsuit (Portland Press Herald,1/30/13)
LePage declines liquor operator’s plea to keep state contract (Bangor Daily News, 1/30/13)
LePage rebuffs offer to extend liquor deal (Portland Press Herald, 1/30/13)
Maine towns assess tax impact if LePage’s budget approved (Portland Press Herald,1/30/13)
Bucking trend, 7 lawmakers introduce no bills in Maine House (Portland Press Herald,1/30/13)
LePage administration retreats from Brunswick tax dispute (Portland Press Herald,1/29/13)
Bills set stage for Dems vs. LePage battles (Portland Press Herald, 1/29/13)
Lawsuit targets LePage in defense of mentally impaired (Portland Press Herald, 1/29/13)
LePage to launch careers initiative (Portland Press Herald, 1/28/13)
LePage may have new tactic to get cuts (Portland Press Herald, 1/28/13)
LePage’s plan to cover budget gap with casino revenue questioned (Portland Press Herald,1/24/13)
Who will be the real spoiler in the Maine governor’s race? (Pine Tree Politics, 1/24/13)
If Eliot Cutler only gets 32% against me,how can he possibly beat LePage? (Agree to Disagree,1/24/13)
LePage very unpopular … could win anyway (Public Policy Polling, 1/22/13)
Poll: LePage unpopular, but could win 2nd term in 3-way contest (Capitol Incite, 1/22/13)
When a tough-talking governor stops talking (New York Times, 1/22/13)
Maine’s King takes his independence seriously (Roll Call, 1/21/13)
Mainers split over Obama’s gun proposals (Portland Press Herald, 1/16/13)
In switch, Maine Republican pushes higher taxes on wealthy (Portland Press Herald,1/16/13)
How big is LePage’s tax bite? (Portland Press Herald, 1/16/13)
Maine roads and bridges in line for extra boost (Portland Press Herald, 1/15/13)
Former Gov. Baldacci may seek third term (Portland Press Herald, 1/15/13)
Slight tax increase in LePage’s budget plan (Portland Press Herald, 1/15/13)
LePage budget proposal: Blueprint of massive tax shift? (Portland Press Herald, 1/11/13)
Municipal officials: LePage forcing cities, schools to raise taxes (Portland Press Herald,1/11/13)
Municipal association attacks LePage halt to revenue sharing (Portland Press Herald,1/11/13)
Backer of virtual charter schools defends independence (Portland Press Herald, 1/11/13)
LePage to present two-year budget proposal today (Portland Press Herald, 1/11/13)
COMMENTARY: LePage’s charges on charters off the charts (Portland Press Herald,1/11/13)
MaineCare budget cuts loom over thousands (Portland Press Herald, 1/11/13)
State House: Democrats unveil legislative agenda (Portland Press Herald, 1/10/13)
LePage blasts charter school commission, teachers union (Portland Press Herald, 1/10/13)
VIDEO: Activists crowd State House as Legislature convenes (Portland Press Herald,1/9/13)
GOP Maine gov, Democrats leaders still not talking (AP, 1/8/13)
Maine lawmakers getting down to work today (AP, 1/8/13)
State agencies revert to Democratic control (Portland Press Herald, 1/8/13)
Governor will swear in top state officers (AP, 1/7/13)
LePage loses champion of his energy priorities (Portland Press Herald, 1/2/13)

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