The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


ME 2011 Archives


Maine Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


The 25 most influential people in Maine politics (Pine Tree Politics, 12/29/11)
Opinion: State in danger of making heating problem worse (Kennebec Journal, 12/29/11)
LePage proposal to repeal state tax on pension income stirs debate (MPBN, 12/29/11)
Editorial: New year is time for Paul LePage, version 2.0 (Bangor Daily News, 12/29/11)
Opinion: Focus on good works, not political vendetta (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/11)
N. Maine audience criticizes LePage’s MaineCare cuts (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/11)
ALEC-linked group revealed as major secret donor in referendum on Maine voting rights (Think Progress, 12/28/11)
Video: Crack down on MaineCare abusers, audience at Presque Isle forum says (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/11)
Maine agencies seek ways to fill heating assistance need (MPBN, 12/28/11)
LePage deflects criticism after Fort Kent event (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/11)
Audio: LePage pushes for quick budget resolution, but lawmakers say ‘not so fast’ (MPBN, 12/28/11)
Commentary: LePage and Occupy Maine lead list of 2011′s winners (Portland Press Herald, 12/28/11)
LePage creates stir at Medicaid forum in Northern Maine (MPBN, 12/28/11)
Opinion: LePage’s Medicaid plan faulty (Seacoast Online, 12/28/11)
Commentary: Long-term costs of LePage’s cuts likely higher than proposed savings (Morning Sentinel, 12/27/11)
Agencies have trouble identifying money to help Mainers heat their homes (Bangor Daily News, 12/27/11)
LePage in Aroostook County for budget workshop (Bangor Daily News, 12/27/11)
Guns at work remain issue (Morning Sentinel, 12/26/11)
Maine lawmakers dig in for 2012 session (WLBZ, 12/26/11)
Gun-in-vehicle bill again on table (Kennebec Journal, 12/26/11)
Commentary: MaineCare cuts may bring on federal fines (Portland Press Herald, 12/27/11)
LePage confident about MaineCare waiver; Democrats not so much (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/26/11)
Battle brewing over Maine business tax breaks (Bangor Daily News, 12/26/11)
Medicaid cuts are part of a larger battle in Maine (New York Times, 12/23/11)
Waivers for cuts to be hard to get, Pingree says (Portland Press Herald, 12/23/11)
LePage requests heat plan by Tuesday (Portland Press Herald, 12/23/11)
Maine Republicans approve new platform (Pine Tree Politics, 12/20/11)
Dems challenge LePage’s math (Portland Press Herald, 12/18/11)
Occupy Augusta planning rallies, educational efforts (Portland Press Herald, 12/18/11)
Commentary: Vigil keeps morality of MaineCare cuts in mind (Portland Press Herald, 12/18/11)
LePage says Medicaid cuts a necessity (Portland Press Herald, 12/16/11)
It’s payback time for former Turnpike Authority director: $155,000 (Portland Press Herald, 12/16/11)
LePage’s Medicaid cuts stoke passions, protests (Portland Press Herald, 12/15/11)
Democrats take issue with MaineCare figures (Portland Press Herald, 12/14/11)
Maine Medicaid deficit mainly due to budget miscalculations (Portland Press Herald, 12/13/11)
Forbes lists Maine as worst state for business, again (Bangor Daily News, 12/12/11)
LePage weekly address: Creating a ‘true quality safety net’ (Waldo Village Soup, 12/10/11)
LePage wants to shield ‘working papers’ from public (Portland Press Herald, 12/10/11)
Shifting the burden of health-care costs (Portland Press Herald, 12/10/11)
Local legislators say health care, Head Start cuts go too far (Knox Village Soup, 12/9/11)
LePage critical of energy efficiency efforts (Bangor Daily News, 12/8/11)
Commentary: Desperate times and drastic measures (Bangor Daily News, 12/8/11)
Commentary: DHHS faces major structural changes (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/8/11)
Opinion: LePage got our attention; now how about a real plan? (Kennebec Journal, 12/8/11)
Chance for MaineCare overhaul ma not last (Kennebec Journal, 12/8/11)
Battle lines drawn on LePage’s DHHS cuts (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/8/11)
Local agencies worried about planned cuts to DHHS budget (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/8/11)
Opinion: Governor’s budget mismanagement will hurt poor and elderly (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/11)
Editorial: Safety net should be shrunk, not shredded (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/11)
Opinion: Maine has a jobs crisis, not a ‘lazy’ crisis (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/11)
Audio: MaineCare recipients unsure where to turn as coverage loss looms (MPBN, 12/7/11)
Maine seeks to attract retirees with tax exemption (Fox Business, 12/7/11)
LePage targets MaineCare (Kennebec Journal, 12/7/11)
Audio: Democrats: LePage plan will shift Medicaid costs to private insurance and hospitals (MPBN, 12/7/11)
LePage calls for overhaul of Medicaid benefits (Morning Sentinel, 12/6/11)
Editorial: An evaluation of public benefits, private insurance (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/6/11)
65,000 MaineCare recipients to lose health coverage under LePage plan (Bangor Daily News, 12/6/11)
Health insurance for poor? Maine eyes cutting it (Christian Science Monitor, 12/6/11)
Health insurance benefit goes on chopping block (Portland Press Herald, 12/5/11)
Unemployed Mainers air concerns in meeting with governor (MPBN, 12/5/11)
LePage: State can’t afford MaineCare for childless adults (Bangor Daily News, 12/5/11)
Paul LePage: Attempt by Dem lawmaker Andrew O’Brien to organize meeting is ‘bullshit’ (Huffington Post, 12/5/11)
LePage calls situation with Lincolnville rep ‘bull’ (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/5/11)
Maine Democrats chide Republican gov for off-the-cuff remark about meeting on unemployment (Washington Post, 12/5/11)
Jobless protesters get meeting with LePage (Portland Press Herald, 12/4/11)
Jobless Mainers rally outside Blaine House, LePage hears concerns (Bangor Daily News, 12/3/11)
Dem lawmaker stands up for state’s unemployed (Portland Press Herald, 12/2/11)
Audio: Mainers to bring unemployment frustrations to governor’s front door (MPBN, 12/2/11)
Commentary: LePage administration gaining ground on jobs (Bangor Daily News, 12/2/11)
Audio: Democrats blast LePage over health care funds (MPBN, 11/30/11)
Commentary: GOP may get last word on Maine Clean Election funds (Portland Press Herald, 11/30/11)
LePage reiterates education overhaul to improve business growth (Lewiston Sun Journal, 11/18/11)
Revenues fall in October; state now in the red for year (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/11)
Private sector donates $11.3M to community colleges (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 11/17/11)
Reform panel looks to reconfigure LURC rather than abolish it (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/11)
LePage one step closer to eliminating State Planning Office (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/11)
Gov. LePage honored for work with Waterville project to help mentally ill (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/11)
Group OKs plan to chop planing office (MaineBiz, 11/17/11)
LePage invites communities to work with state to develop regulations for businesses (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/11)
LePage team networks with business owners in Bethel (Lewiston Sun Journal, 11/17/11)
Commentary: Significance of Question 1 is that it reflects importance of democracy (Kennebec Journal, 11/15/11)
Opinion: LePage’s go-it-alone attitude leads to missed economic opportunities (Portland Press Herald, 11/15/11)
How hard will Maine GOP push voter ID? (Lewiston Sun Journal, 11/15/11)
Maine Republicans want to get there (vote suppression) from here (vote turnout) (New York Times, 11/15/11)
Maine GOP doesn’t know when to quit (The American Prospect, 11/15/11)
After voters reject one voter suppression measure, Maine GOP moves on to another (Think Progress, 11/14/11)
Election results: A win or spin? (Kennebec Journal, 11/14/11)
Audio: Businesses raise $11.3M for Maine Community College System (MPBN, 11/14/11)
Audio: Maine Republicans revive push to require photo ID to vote (MPBN, 11/14/11)
Video: Governor wants big energy shift (WCSH, 11/14/11)
Maine lawmaker Jon Hinck to challenge Snowe (The Hill, 11/14/11)
LePage’s oil-cutting proposals for Maine questioned (MPBN, 11/14/11)
Maine Gov. proposes to slash state’s heating oil use (MPBN, 11/14/11)
LePage wants heating oil use cut in half by 2014 (Bangor Daily News, 11/13/11)
Compassion overcomes ideology as LePage backs Snowe (Bangor Daily News, 11/13/11)
Governor’s help gives Snowe an advantage (Portland Press Herald, 11/13/11)
Editorial: LePage should rally support for plan, not threaten (Bangor Daily News, 11/13/11)
LePage defends welfare drug test proposal, Question 1 (Morning Sentinel, 11/11/11)
LePage renews call for welfare reform at Ellsworth town hall (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/11)
LePage visits Ellsworth homeless shelter (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/11)
Tax reform efforts hit political wall in Maine Legislature (MPBN, 11/9/11)
Maine voters restore same-day voter registration (Lewiston Sun Journal, 11/9/11)
LePage: Cut welfare and MaineCare or we’ll have to cut education (Bangor Daily News, 11/9/11)
Insurer profits at issue in Anthem Health Plans of Maine suit (Washington Post, 10/29/11)
Video: Gov. LePage opens Blaine House for a food drive (WLBZ, 10/23/11)
Video: Governor and Occupy Augusta demonstrators share ideas (WGME, 10/23/11)
Down for the count: Maine employment has flat-lined (Portland Press Herald, 10/23/11)
Maine reflects solar industry’s rapid growth (Kennebec Journal, 10/23/11)
State jobs forecast not as optimistic (Kennebec Journal, 10/23/11)
Opinion: Question 3 calls for a ‘No’ vote (Portland Press Herald, 10/23/11)
Maine ‘skills gap’ keeps jobs away from unemployed (Portland Press Herald, 10/23/11)
Question 4 aims to improve Maine’s redistricting process (Bangor Daily News, 10/22/11)
Occupy Augusta members donate to LePage’s food drive (Bangor Daily News, 10/22/11)
LePage says business costs must come down (Bangor Daily News, 10/22/11)
LePage considering options for attacking welfare abuse (Portland Press Herald, 10/21/11)
LePage visits Mount Desert Island boatyard, Jackson Lab (Bangor Daily News, 10/21/11)
Commentary: Maine needs a youth movement (Bangor Daily News, 10/20/11)
LePage cites ‘down payment’ on jobs (Portland Press Herald, 10/20/11)
LePage fields attack, shares thoughts on education at Waldo County event (Bangor Daily News, 10/20/11)
LePage reaffirms business support (Kennebec Journal, 10/20/11)
Editorial: Yes on Question 1 (Bangor Daily News, 10/20/11)
Video: Dozens turn out for LePage town hall meeting (WCSH, 10/20/11)
Man charged with threatening LePage denies additional charges (Bangor Daily News, 10/20/11)
Portland man accused of threatening the governor, politicians pleads not guilty (WBAI, 10/20/11)
‘It’s time to get to real work,’ LePage says of job creation (Bangor Daily News, 10/19/11)
Audio: LePage solicits ideas from Maine businesses on job creation (MPBN, 10/19/11)
LePage excludes nonprofit from job creation summit (Kennebec Journal, 10/19/11)
Commentary: Nonprofits won’t take a back seat in job creation (Portland Press Herald, 10/19/11)
Audio: The governor’s upcoming agenda (MPBN, 10/18/11)
LePage stresses need for education at health care summit (The Maine Campus, 10/18/11)
Educated workers need for health care jobs, LePage says (Bangor Daily News, 10/18/11)
Maine state union warns LePage to play by the rules (Bangor Daily News, 10/17/11)
Maine lawmakers: Civility is not a lost art (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/11)
Man accused of mailing threats to LePage indicted on new charges (Morning Sentinel, 10/13/11)
Portland man charges with threatening congressmen, governor (Lewiston Sun Journal, 10/13/11)
Experts say better higher education in Maine a must to develop economy (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/11)
LePage speaks at education symposium (Portland Press Herald, 10/13/11)
LePage pushes to eliminate Maine’s renewable energy portfolio standard (MPBN, 10/13/11)
Energy watchers hope LePage’s natural gas push doesn’t forsake renewables (Lewiston Sun Journal, 10/13/11)
Group unveils plan to reduce Maine oil use, urges caution on LePage’s natural gas goals (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/11)
Proposed Down East correctional facility closure could mean 68 lose jobs (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/11)
LePage’s proposal to eliminate pension taxes slows reform work (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/11)
Yes on 2 campaign touts Calais as a unique, ripe location for racino (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/11)
LePage lauds new Portland cruise ship pier, calls for income tax cut for pensioners (Bangor Daily News, 10/12/11)
Video: Rift between Portland officials, LePage a distant memory (WLBZ, 10/12/11)
Sec of State appoints first-ever small-business advocate (Bangor Daily News, 10/11/11)
How would you cut Maine’s budget? A new organization wants to know (Bangor Daily News, 10/11/11)
Maine towns back Yes on 1, same-day voter sign-up (Bangor Daily News, 10/11/11)
With bills revealed, Legislature’s second session taking shape (Bangor Daily News, 10/10/11)
Does same-day registration encourage voter participation or open door to fraud? (Bangor Daily News, 10/9/11)
Schools may take brunt of cuts as state tries to balance budget (Bangor Daily News, 10/9/11)
LePage brings awareness to domestic violence (Republican Journal, 10/8/11)
LePage to propose abolishing income tax on pensions (MPBN, 10/7/11)
Job training boards spend only 20% of funds on job training, LePage says (Bangor Daily News, 10/7/11)
LePage: Energy cost reduction is key for Maine’s economy (Portland Daily Sun, 10/7/11)
LePage advances plan to remove income tax from retiree pensions (Lewiston Sun Journal, 10/6/11)
Asian companies want Maine to lower energy costs, LePage says (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/11)
Some rural Maine businesses squeezed by insurance reform (MPBN, 10/6/11)
Commentary: Maine’s minority governors (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/11)
Premiums skyrocketing where health insurers have their way with state legislators, as in Maine (Huffington Post, 10/6/11)
Analysis: Health insurers win big in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/11)
Lawmaker blasts LePage on second offer to meet with loggers (Bangor Daily News, 10/5/11)
LePage to host series of job creation workshops (Bangor Daily News, 10/3/11)
Unemployed, underemployed loggers struggling to meet with LePage (Bangor Daily News, 10/2/11)
Former LePage spokesman makes case for marriage equality (Down East, 9/26/11)
LePage stresses four-letter word in Calais: Jobs (Portland Press Herald, 9/24/11)
LePage lays out his goals for action by lawmakers (Portland Press Herald, 9/23/11)
LePage tells Calais audience he wants to cut state income tax on pensions (Bangor Daily News, 9/23/11)
Maine Republicans may suspend the rules to pass their redistricting plan (Bangor Daily News, 9/23/11)
Audio: Governor LePage outlines legislative priorities (MPBN, 9/22/11)
LePage ‘surprised’ at campaign donor’s arrest (WMTW, 9/22/11)
Sec of State finds no student voter fraud but pledges to strengthen system (Bangor Daily News, 9/21/11)
Lawmakers begin scrutiny of LePage’s nominations (Bangor Daily News, 9/20/11)
Maine Gov. seeks to expand use of natural gas (MPBN, 9/19/11)
Governor creates Higher Education Task Force (WABI, 9/19/11)
Maine politics: Capitol busy again (Morning Sentinel, 9/19/11)
LePage looking to expand natural gas in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 9/18/11)
Gov. LePage: Administration working to create stable business environment (WMTW, 9/17/11)
LePage announces funds to help spur job growth (Bangor Daily News, 9/16/11)
Maine to get $13.2M to help grow small businesses (MPBN, 9/16/11)
Editorial: As Irene response revealed, government does help (The Times Record, 9/15/11)
Maine voting campaign promises army of volunteers (Bangor Daily News, 9/15/11)
Unions back deal that could revive mills (Portland Press Herald, 9/15/11)
Opinion: Maine Democrats, GOP offer little health care help for middle class (Bangor Daily News, 9/14/11)
Katahdin unions support tentative deal with paper mills’ suitor (Bangor Daily News, 9/14/11)
Opinion: Blaming the jobless for unemployment (Bangor Daily News, 9/14/11)
LePage optimistic Katahdin mills will restart (Bangor Daily News, 9/14/11)
Medicaid use grows, threatening budget (Bangor Daily News, 9/14/11)
Cited concerns about Marine Resources nothing new (Morning Sentinel, 9/13/11)
Opinion: LePage, Aho throw Maine environmental integrity to the apes (The Maine Campus, 9/12/11)
LePage chooses new head of DEP (Portland Press Herald, 9/10/11)
Opinion: Energy efficiency best way to save on heating expenses (Kennebec Journal, 9/10/11)
LePage: We must prepare students for jobs in trades (Portland Press Herald, 9/10/11)
Jobs at the forefront as LePage meets with business leaders (WABI, 9/10/11)
Maine GOP Chair continues to scapegoat legal voters (Down East, 9/9/11)
LePage leads in fight against domestic violence (Bangor Daily News, 9/9/11)
Audio: LePage: Maine students graduating with wrong skills for available jobs (MPBN, 9/9/11)
Report recommends restructuring Maine’s Department of Marine Resources (MPBN, 9/9/11)
LePage: Plenty of jobs, not enough skills (Lewiston Sun Journal, 9/9/11)
LePage keeps schedule out of view (Kennebec Journal, 9/4/11)
Maine takes a breather from bonds, not so in towns (Kennebec Journal, 9/4/11)
Budget politics cloud future of heating aid (Kennebec Journal, 9/4/11)
LePage to propose state agency to measure policy, program performance (Bangor Daily News, 9/4/11)
LePage touts teacher development program (Bangor Daily News, 9/3/11)
LePage to skip international trade mission (Bangor Daily News, 9/2/11)
Commentary: Gov. LePage tests new powers (Lewiston Sun Journal, 9/2/11)
Editorial: Tell voters the truth (Bangor Daily News, 9/2/11)
Opinion: State willingness to accept risk key  in paper mill sale (Kennebec Journal, 9/2/11)
Opinion: Add fraud investigators only on a trial basis (Kennebec Journal, 9/1/11)
ME Democrats’ secretary won’t back down from controversial comments (Bangor Daily News, 9/1/11)
NH firm plans to buy mills in Maine (Portland Press Herald, 8/31/11)
Maine governor announces judicial nominees (MPBN, 8/31/11)
Potential buyer of Katahdin mills interested in energy projects (Lewiston Sun Journal, 8/31/11)
State equity firm make deal for closed mills (Kennebec Journal, 8/31/11)
GOP chairman says if students want to vote, they should pay taxes (Bangor Daily News, 8/31/11)
Proposed deal could bring Maine paper mills back to life (MPBN, 8/30/11)
Critics: Maine panel intent on ‘dismantling’ LURC (Portland Press Herald, 8/30/11)
Critics question LURC task force (Maine Biz, 8/30/11)
Maine LURCing forward on North Woods study (Down East, 8/30/11)
LePage surveys storm damage, mulls disaster declaration (MPBN, 8/29/11)
LePage channels Jimmy Carter with zero-based budgeting (Lewiston Sun Journal, 8/29/11)
Critics say LePage, GOP stacked deck against LURC (Bangor Daily News, 8/29/11)
Opinion: Modernize LURC, don’t do away with it (Portland Press Herald, 8/28/11)
LePage, Maine leaders choose panelists to study LURC’s future (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/11)
LePage comments on logging stir debate in The County (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/11)
Opinion: Zero-based budget a way to rethink how state works (Kennebec Journal, 8/26/11)
New state rules must go through LePage (Portland Press Herald, 8/26/11)
Contract negotiations drag on, harming workers (Kennebec Journal, 8/26/11)
Opinion: Lower taxes for all better than one tax at a time (Kennebec Journal, 8/25/11)
Audio: Critics: LePage order threatens to politicize state rulemaking process (MPBN, 8/25/11)
LePage orders new state regulations to go through him (Lewiston Sun Journal, 8/25/11)
LePage issues executive order restricting agencies from adopting new rules (Bangor Daily News, 8/25/11)
Opinion: Building a budget from zero finds the waste (Bangor Daily News, 8/25/11)
Governor asks cabinet to start budget from the bottom up (WCSH, 8/24/11)
Mainers speak out on congressional redistricting (Down East, 8/24/11)
Senate president calls for apology for ‘scurrilous’ accusations (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/11)
Equal Marriage supporters gather signatures (Down East, 8/23/11)
Public weighs in on redistricting battle, lawsuit filed (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/11)
Rethinking congressional districts: Let’s get vertical (Bangor Daily News, 8/18/11)
Republicans’ redistricting plan would add more GOP voters to 2nd District (Bangor Daily News, 8/15/11)
A Maine political conspiracy theory unravels (Down East, 8/11/11)
LePage’s labor chief to target benefits fraud (Kennebec Journal, 8/7/11)
Maine could get $65M boost from requiring Internet sales tax; delegation divided on issue (Bangor Daily News, 8/7/11)
LePage says he’s keeping National Day of Prayer private (Bangor Daily News, 8/6/11)
LePage: No public events for Texas governor’s day of prayer (Lewiston Sun Journal, 8/6/11)
Finance commissioner: Needed savings closer to $35M (Kennebec Journal, 8/6/11)
Maine gov asks for $100M in savings (Forbes, 8/5/11)
Audio: LePage wants $100M extra cut from budget (MPBN, 8/5/11)
Incumbency a powerful force in Maine gubernatorial politics (Lewiston Sun Journal, 8/4/11)
LePage announces special session for congressional redistricting plan (Lewiston Sun Journal, 8/4/11)
LePage orders state agencies to find $100M in cuts (Bangor Daily News, 8/4/11)
Maine Legislature will hold special session on redistricting plan (Bangor Daily News, 8/4/11)
Members announced for Maine’s health insurance exchange panel (Bangor Daily News, 8/4/11)
Opinion: Frustration, outbursts undermine LePage (Bangor Daily News, 8/3/11)
Opinion: Adding 5th year to high school still a good idea (Kennebec Journal, 8/2/11)
Video: Harriman & Fischer on voter fraud and cutting the budget (WLBZ2, 8/2/11)
LePage announces state spending task force (Morning Sentinel, 8/1/11)
Commentary: Successful commissioners master a precarious balancing act (Kennebec Journal, 8/1/11)
Opinion: LePage discredited by his own anti-media tirade (Kennebec Journal, 8/1/11)
JULY 2011
Opinion: Grading the governor – a rough start, some promise and a needs improvement (Lewiston Sun Journal, 7/31/11)
Opinion: People before politics — not just a slogan! (Lewiston Sun Journal, 7/31/11)
Task force to find $25M in state cuts (MaineBiz, 7/29/11)
LePage meets with Portland mayor (Morning Sentinel, 7/29/11)
Editorial: The governor and the truth (Bangor Daily News, 7/29/11)
Controversy continues to plague governor (Journal Tribune, 7/29/11)
Maine Gov Paul LePage ‘takes media to the woodshed’ (FDL, 7/29/11)
LePage discusses charter schools, school funding, policy goals (Lewiston Sun Journal, 7/29/11)
Audio: LePage meets with Portland mayor, blasts press in wake of alleged comments (Bangor Daily News, 7/28/11)
Task force to find $35M in state cuts (MaineBiz, 7/29/11)
New gun law may force workplaces to tweak policies (Portland Press Herald, 7/29/11)
State says it will review charges of illegal voting (Portland Press Herald, 7/29/11)
LePage assures mayor he’ll support Portland, slams ‘dishonest’ press (Portland Press Herald, 7/29/11)
Revenue surplus doesn’t ease economic concerns (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/11)
Sec of State investigates possible voter fraud (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/11)
LePage task force takes aim at welfare cheats (Bangor Daily News, 7/27/11)
LePage denies refusing to aid Portland over a lack of support (Boston Globe, 7/22/11)
Is Portland on LePage’s enemies list? Governor’s office disputes Olsen’s account (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/11)
LePage joins Texas governor in supporting ‘day of prayer’ (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/11)
Citing rift with LePage, cabinet member quits (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/11)
LePage joins Perry in call for day of prayer (Portland Press Herald, 7/19/11)
LePage hires new communications director (Morning Sentinel, 7/15/11)
New LePage spokesman has work cut out for him (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/11)
Audio: Maine Democrats kick off “Get Real Maine” listening tour (MPBN, 7/14/11)
Session is over, but parties won’t stop sparring (Bangor Daily News, 7/14/11)
Maine Democrats come out swinging (Down East, 7/14/11)
Maine Gov. LePage holds six bills until January (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/11)
LePage holds bills, including casino rules measure (MPBN, 7/13/11)
Opinion: Maine prison warden’s land buy void, but how did it occur? (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/11)
Audio: LePage new steps aimed at promoting business growth in Maine (MPBN, 7/13/11)
Warden, partner cooperate in dissolving land deal, according to AG (Herald Gazette, 7/13/11)
Commentary: What we have here, is a failure to communicate (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/11)
Negating land deal with prison warden likely to be ‘messy’ (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/11)
Editorial: State needs better rules for selling property (Lewiston Sun Journal, 7/13/11)
Sale of state property to warden suspended (Kennebec Journal, 7/12/11)
DEP denies claim that it’s stalling on curbs for dangerous chemicals (Portland Press Herald, 7/12/11)
Potential buyer of mills to meet with LePage aide (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/11)
Political pulse: LePage’s ‘NYC lawyer’ comes cheap (Lewiston Sun Journal, 7/11/11)
Audio: Maine AG’s ruling voids state property sale to prison warden (MPBN, 7/11/11)
Domestic violence LePage radio topic (Kennebec Journal, 7/11/11)
Audio: Group accuses LePage administration of dragging feet on BPA enforcement (MPBN, 7/11/11)
Homeless as a boy, LePage targets domestic abuse (Bangor Daily News, 7/9/11)
Hurdles facing people’s veto of voting law ‘unprecedented’ (Portland Daily Sun, 7/9/11)
Urban schools lose out on aid in new funding formula (Portland Press Herald, 7/8/11)
Audio: People’s veto campaign launched to restore election day voting in Maine (MPBN, 7/8/11)
Video: Petition drive launched to repeal law that bans Election Day voter registration (Bangor Daily News, 7/8/11)
LePage has a message for at-risk students (Portland Press Herald, 7/7/11)
Gov. LePage relates tale of rise to at-risk youth (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/11)
Governor LePage recalls difficult childhood (WLBZ, 7/6/11)
Opinion: LePage tears holes in the fabric of Maine communities, union leader says (Portland Press Herald, 7/5/11)
Opinion: Charter schools will offer educational freedom (Journal Tribune, 7/5/11)
Governor’s son escapes injury in Freeport crash (MPBN, 7/5/11)
Opinion: School funding power play adds to divisive views (Kennebec Journal, 7/5/11)
LePage signs education funding reform bill into law (Bangor Daily News, 7/4/11)
Commentary: LePage backseat driver in final months of session (Lewiston Sun Journal, 7/4/11)
Republicans make their presence known in Augusta (Morning Sentinel, 7/3/11)
State employee contract negotiations break down (Kennebec Journal, 7/2/11)
Maine State Employees Association negotiations fail (Bangor Daily News, 7/1/11)
Audio: LePage vows to lower state’s energy costs (MPBN, 7/1/11)
Maine fails to reach agreement with largest union (Forbes, 7/1/11)
JUNE 2011
LePage approves charter schools (Portland Press Herald, 6/30/11)
Opinion: LePage’s approach tears holes in the fabric of Maine communities (Bangor Daily News, 6/30/11)
LePage moves Maine into charter schools era (Kennebec Journal, 6/30/11)
LePage vows to renew union dues fight next year (Kennebec Journal, 6/30/11)
Lawmakers end session with fireworks (Morning Sentinel, 6/30/11)
Groups plan to put allowing same-sex marriage question on Nov 2012 ballot (Dirigo Blue, 6/29/11)
Maine GOP chair accuses past AGs of ignoring fraud (Down East, 6/24/11)
LePage sings bill banning same-day voter registration, but critics vow to fight (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/11)
LePage signs budget but says it only does half the job (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/11)
Race on to redraw Maine’s congressional districts before 2012 elections (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/11)
LePage signs $6B state budget (Portland Press Herald, 6/20/11)
LePage assailed over murals (Politico, 6/19/11)
LePage faces fiesty Rockport town hall (Morning Sentinel, 6/18/11)
Unions to LePage: ‘We are Maine’s living labor history’ (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/11)
LePage vetoes three Dem-backed bills (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/11)
Maine general fund, highway budgets approved (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/17/11)
LePage using recalls regularly to alter bills after they pass (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/11)
LePage opts not to use line-item veto power on budget (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/11)
In firm control, GOP makes mark on Augusta (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/11)
Divided crowd listens to LePage in Rockport as part of ‘capitol for a day’ event (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/11)
LePage’s view on ocean energy clarified (MaineBiz, 6/17/11)
Commentary: Gov. LePage, now it’s time to get ‘er done! (Portland Press Herald, 6/17/11)
Budget now up to LePage (Kennebec Journal, 6/17/11)
LePage ordered mural removed sight unseen (Portland Press Herald, 6/17/11)
Audio: LePage’s veto of special ed bill upheld (MPBN, 6/16/11)
LePage never saw mural; seeks dismissal of complaint (Kennebec Journal, 6/16/11)
Audio: LePage mum on whether he’ll sign $6.1B budget (MPBN, 6/16/11)
Maine general fund, highway budgets enacted (MPBN, 6/16/11)
LePage issues veto of due process bill (Portland Press Herald, 6/15/11)
$6.1 billion budget given preliminary approval in Legislature (Bangor Daily News, 6/15/11)
Opinion: Open for business AND the way life should be (Portland Press Herald, 6/15/11)
Commentary: Maine voting rights under attack (Huffington Post, 6/14/11)
House votes against fully legalizing pot (Bangor Daily News, 6/14/11)
Rep. Pingree: Ending same-day voter registration will suppress vote (Portland Press Herald, 6/14/11)
LePage lauds ‘compromise; in inking regulation bill (Kennebec Journal, 6/14/11)
Maine House upholds third LePage veto (Kennebec Journal, 6/14/11)
Opinion: On same-day voting, GOP’s playbook was pure politics (Kennebec Journal, 6/14/11)
LePage: No comment on Maine budget until changes reviewed (MPBN, 6/13/11)
Maine GOP Chair: We must make it harder to vote because “Democrats intentionally steal elections” (Think Progress, 6/13/11)
Editorial: LePage is right to send gambling issues to the voters (Journal Tribune, 6/11/11)
Lewiston casino backers not giving up on early approval (Lewiston Sun Journal, 6/11/11)
Budget deal anchored in compromise (Kennebec Journal, 6/11/11)
Editorial: State budget worthy of support (Bangor Daily News, 6/10/11)
Opinion: Shifting political loyalties in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 6/10/11)
Lawmakers reach compromise on $6.1B budget package; plan includes tax, welfare changes (Bangor Daily News, 6/10/11)
Audio: Maine legislative panel unanimously approves budget compromise (MPBN, 6/10/11)
Audio: Judges order Maine to redraw Congressional districts (MPBN, 6/9/11)

The strange journey of Maine’s Anti-Union bill (Down East, 6/7/11)
Union advocates say amended right-to-work bill has insidious consequences (Lewiston Sun Journal, 6/3/11)
Panel gives approval to LePage cabinet picks (Kennebec Journal, 6/3/11)
Pension compromise may foreshadow state budget agreement (Bangor Daily News, 6/3/11)
Foes gather against bill on union fees (Kennebec Journal, 6/3/11)
Bill would allow Maine gubernatorial hopefuls to raise more cash (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/11)
LePage brings business message to Chamber (Sanford News, 6/2/11)
Retirees turn up heat on LePage budget (Kennebec Journal, 6/2/11)
Testimony heard on contentious union fees bill (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/11)
Union members crowd State House to oppose bill (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/11)
600 union members protest bill ahead of hearing (Portland Press Herald, 6/2/11)
House sustains LePage’s first veto (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/11)
LePage, lawmakers find health compromise (Kennebec Journal, 6/2/11)
Rally protests LePage’s proposed pension changes (Portland Press Herald, 6/1/11)
LePage’s “Open for Business” sign stolen off I-95 in Maine (MPBN, 6/1/11)
Lawmakers work toward Maine 2-year budget (WMTW, 6/1/11)
LePage’s ‘Open for Business’ sign vanishes (Kennebec Journal, 6/1/11)
Maine child labor law: Teens to work more during school year (Huffington Post, 6/1/11)
Tricky decision for GOP – LePage veto sets stage for uneasy vote (Kennebec Journal, 6/1/11)
MAY 2011
Maine lawmakers spend day in closed-door meetings on $6.1B budget (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/11)
LePage administration questions feasibility of offshore wind power (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/11)
Turnpike Authority back in headlines – but now it’s good news (Portland Press Herald, 5/29/11)
LePage presents legislative agenda (Kennebec Journal, 5/28/11)
Gov. LePage shares thoughts on business reform (Biddeford Journal Tribune, 5/28/11)
Opinion: Health insurance reform legislation moves Maine forward (Kennebec Journal, 5/28/11)
LePage vetoes unanimously endorsed health insurance bill (Bangor Daily News, 5/27/11)
LePage renewable energy cap proposal set aside by panel (Kennebec Journal, 5/27/11)
LePage seeks support for pro-business agenda (Kennebec Journal, 5/27/11)
LePage vetoes ‘one size fits all’ insurance measure (Portland Press Herald, 5/27/11)
Opinion: LePage energy policy offers stability, more jobs (Portland Press Herald, 5/27/11)
Conflict grows at Maine town hall meetings (Down East, 5/27/11)
Maine lawmakers loosen teen work rules (Bangor Daily News, 5/26/11)
Key budget decisions stack up in Augusta (Portland Press Herald, 5/26/11)
Editorial: Ending energy subsidies will hurt future job creation (Biddeford Journal Tribune, 5/26/11)
Editorial: Does Corporate Welfare pay? (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/11)
State rep charged with threatening to shoot ‘innocent bystander’ (Morning Sentinel, 5/21/11)
Maine GOP lawmaker threatens to shoot photographer in Dunkin Donuts parking lot (Think Progress, 5/21/11)
MPBN backers urge lawmakers to protect funding (Bangor Daily News, 5/22/11)
LePage energy bill would save average 40 cents per month (Kennebec Journal, 5/20/11)
LePage defends tax cuts, budget: ‘People pay taxes, eagles don’t’ (Bangor Daily News, 5/20/11)
Lawmakers kill anti-nepotism bill prompted by LePage’s hiring of daughter (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/11)
Maine senate rejects ‘nepotism’ bill (MPBN, 5/19/11)
Editorial: Health care bill a costly win (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/11)
LePage bill would loosen DEP conflict-of-interest law (Portland Press Herald, 5/19/11)
Video: In the Arena – the rapid passage of health care overhaul (WCSH6, 5/19/11)
Opinion: Maine heading in the right direction (Sanford News, 5/19/11)
How to interpret Gov. LePage’s approval ratings (Down East, 5/18/11)
Editorial: School funding shell game? (The Times Record, 5/18/11)
Poll suggests Maine voters are leery about economy, where state is headed (Portland Press Herald, 5/18/11)
Maine aproves health insurance overhaul, critics wanr elderly will face higher costs (Fox News, 5/18/11)
LePage signs insurance reform bill into law (Kennebec Journal, 5/18/11)
Governor’s bill wold scale back renewable energy requirement (Kennebec Journal, 5/18/11)
LePage wants to end ‘green energy’ requirement, but proposal could kill jobs (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/11)
Right-to-work bills headed for quiet death? (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/11)
Video: In the Arena – political rancor at the State House (WLBZ2, 5/17/11)
Dozens speak against plan to cut funding for Maine public broadcasting (Portland Press Herald, 5/17/11)
Audio: LePage signs health insurance bill as opponents consider people’s veto (MPBN, 5/17/11)
Maine insurance law could conflict with new federal rules (The Hill, 5/17/11)
Report gives Maine highest grade for its business tax policies (Morning Sentinel, 5/17/11)
Maine Insurance Chief resigned over differences with LePage (MPBN, 5/17/11)
Leaders upbeat as Maine legislative deadline looms (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/16/11)
Opinion: Gutting Maine’s healthcare system (Bangor Daily News, 5/16/11)
Workplace bills’ future uncertain (Morning Sentinel, 5/16/11)
Maine Dems take aim at gov’s budget proposal (NECN, 5/14/11)
Opinion: Democrats embrace ‘LePage referendum’ election (Portland Daily Sun, 5/14/11)
Commentary: State Senate race an unmistakable message to LePage (Portland Press Herald, 5/13/11)
MPBN: Cut would take big toll (Portland Press Herald, 5/13/11)
Opinion: Cuts to services short-sighted budget solution (Morning Sentinel, 5/13/11)
Editorial: The Stingy State (Bangor Daily News, 5/13/11)
Portland officials: Cuts bad for recipients, city (Portland Press Herald, 5/12/11)
Video: LePage proposes eliminating state funding for MPBN (WCSH, 5/12/11)
Budget cuts opposed as revised plan adds more (Portland Press Herald, 5/12/11)
LePage drops cut to Clean Election funding (Kennebec Journal, 5/11/11)
Audio: Bills would weaken – or eliminate – Maine’s Clean Elections Act (MPBN, 5/11/11)
Audio: LePage’s proposed budget cuts generate opposition (MPBN, 5/11/11)
Critics: LePage budget fix puts poor at risk (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/11)
LePage defends proposal to cut Medicaid (MPBN, 5/11/11)
LePage budget puts MPBN on chopping block (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/11)
Maine House votes again for state health care overhaul (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/10/11)
LePage budget fix would cut welfare benefits, state jobs (Bangor Daily News, 5/10/11)
Maine voter poll: Keep Clean Elections (Portland Press Herald, 5/10/11)
Video: Cigarette tax hike proposed to pay for various health programs (WLBZ, 5/9/11)
LePage would veto cigarette tax hike (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/11)
LePage stingy with bill signatures (Bangor Daily News, 5/8/11)
Poll: Many see LePage in bad light (Kennebec Journal, 5/8/11)
Opinion: LePage won’t get vote of confidence from this poll (Portland Press Herald, 5/8/11)
LePage defends health care proposal (Bangor Daily News, 5/7/11)
Opinion: Deferring infrastructure work just passes debt to future generations (Kennebec Journal, 5/7/11)
Opinion: Bad health care deal for rural Maine (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/11)
Legislature’s labor panel nixes child ‘training wage’ bill (Lewiston Sun Journal, 5/6/11)
Fast-tracked health insurance bill clears House in party-line vote (Bangor Daily News, 5/5/11)
Judge schedules next step in ongoing labor mural legal case (Bangor Daily News, 5/5/11)
LePage taps Emery to tackle reforms (Portland Press Herald, 5/5/11)
Martin’s letter to LePage cites ‘outrageous’ remarks (Morning Sentinel, 5/5/11)
LePage reveals allegations against Maine Commissioner (Down East, 5/4/11)
Rep. John Martin’s letter lambasting Congdon’s statements released (Bangor Daily News, 5/4/11)
Opinion: LePage hasn’t won battle over mural yet (Kennebec Journal, 5/3/11)
State budget hole deepens by $94 million (MaineBiz, 5/3/11)
Audio: Hearing on Maine abortion bills draws overflow crowd (MPBN, 5/3/11)
LePage administration goes back to budget drawing board (MPBN, 5/3/11)
LePage, mill town officials mum about meeting (Bangor Daily News, 5/2/11)
Opinion: Mainers support reforms more strongly than is normally reported (Portland Press Herald, 5/2/11)
LePage staff discussed altering law for Brown (Kennebec Journal, 5/1/11)
LePage vetting process under scrutiny (Kennebec Journal, 5/1/11)
Opinion: Extremism in two directions led to resignations from cabinet (Kennebec Journal, 5/1/11)
Opinion: To grow into his job, LePage needs expert aid (Kennebec Journal, 5/1/11)
APRIL 2011
State unions offer counter pension plan (Morning Sentinel, 4/29/11)
Covering Congdon – or not – as local Maine news (Down East, 4/29/11)
Audio: former Maine DECD commissioner defends controversial statements (MPBN, 4/29/110
About firing Congdon, LePage says little (Morning Sentinel, 4/29/11)
Audio: LePage vows state law changes in wake of Brown’s resignation (MPBN, 4/29/11)
Brown resignation triggers call to change conflict clause (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/11)
In wake of Brown, governor wants new law (Morning Sentinel, 4/29/11)
Editorial: The rule of law prevails (The Times Record, 4/29/11)
Audio: Gov. LePage pressed to apologize for Congdon remarks (MPBN, 4/28/11)
LePage: ‘Personnel issue’ is over, ‘let’s move on.’ (Morning Sentinel, 4/28/11)
Former LePage adviser says ‘political agenda’ to blame for resignation (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/11)
Maine lawmakers face final weeks with big workload (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 4/28/11)
Editorial: The bigot… (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/11)
Editorial: …and the conflicted (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/11)
Planned casino at heart of resignation (Portland Press Herald, 4/28/11)
Opinion: LePage disarray not fault of regulations (Portland Press Herald, 4/28/11)
Two members of Cabinet step down (Kennebec Journal, 4/28/11)
Opinion: Breaking the myth about Maine’s taxes (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/11)
Conflict of interest questions lead to resignation of Maine DEP Commissioner (MPBN, 4/27/11)
Gov. LePage announces several staff changes (The Republican Journal, 4/27/11)
LePage Administration undergoes major shakeup (MPBN, 4/27/11)
Maine AG: DEP Commissioner appears unqualified to serve (MPBN, 4/27/11)
Two LePage Cabinet members resign amid controversy (Down East, 4/27/11)
LePage cabinet member resigns amid allegations of racist remarks (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/11)
LePage announces Maine Cabinet shakeup (Seacoast Online, 4/27/11)
LePage voices support for loosening Maine’s child labor laws (Huffington Post, 4/25/11)
Commentary: Democrats, Republicans agree about lack of legislative focus (Kennebec Journal, 4/24/11)
LePage urges action on energy in radio address (Bangor Daily News, 4/23/11)
Audio & Video: Proposed Maine child labor law changes prompt fierce debate (MPBN, 4/22/11)
Judge rules in favor of LePage, says mural can stay in closet (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/11)
Audio: Federal  judge sides with LePage in labor mural dispute (MPBN, 4/22/11)
Whoopie pie to become official state ‘treat’ (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/11)
Mural debate boils on (Morning Sentinel, 4/20/11)
Video: LePage accused of trying to weaken child labor laws (NECN, 4/20/11)
LePage signs $65M revised state budget (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/11)
Federal judge hears arguments on Maine labor mural (MPBN, 4/19/11)
LePage under fire in new ad for ‘roll back’ of child labor laws (Huffington Post, 4/19/11)
Mural supporters stage protest following hearing (WCSH6, 4/19/11)
Audio: Federal judge hears arguments on disputed Maine labor mural (MPBN, 4/19/11)
Labor mural debate reaches federal court (WABI, 4/19/11)
Judge says he won’t rush decision on Maine mural (Forbes, 4/19/11)
Governor overhauls state economic forecasting commission (MPBN, 4/19/11)
Getting down to business (Morning Sentinel, 4/19/11)
Gubernatorial goofiness in Maine (Truthout, 4/18/11)
LePage appeals for more focus on the facts (Portland Press Herald, 4/18/11)
Governor’s spokesman resigning from post (Portland Press Herald, 4/17/11)
Maine’s madman governor strikes again (The Daily Beast, 4/16/11)
LePage spokesman resigns (Kennebec Journal, 4/16/11)
Opinion: Removal of murals droves wedge between LePage, many Mainers (Kennebec Journal, 4/16/11)
Maine’s gov goes on offense against Dems in weekly radio address (Bangor Daily News, 4/16/11)
Top LePage aide facing five foreclosures (Portland Press Herald, 4/15/11)
A mural in Maine pits governor against labor unions (Washington Post, 4/13/11)
Mural loss could cost state taxpayers (Kennebec Journal, 4/5/11)
GOP Senators: LePage rhetoric interferes with goals (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/11)
Editorial: Revisionist art history (Boston Globe, 4/2/11)
MARCH 2011
Governor’s decision attracts attention, repels tourist (Portland Press Herald, 3/26/11)
Mural protesters say they’ll fight governor’s removal order (Lewiston Sun Journal, 3/26/11)
Opinion: Venturing a guess at what Gov. LePage is thinking (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/11)
Audio: Labor mural to be moved to new location in Maine (Maine Public Broadcasting, 3/25/11)
Paul LePage reveals the fears of the Right (Huffington Post, 3/25/11)
Second rally protests labor mural’s removal (Morning Sentinel, 3/25/11)
Opinion: Governor picks pointless fight over labor mural (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/11)
LePage puts hold on plan for councils (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/11)
LePage to Dept of Labor: Lobby mural must go (Portland Press Herald, 3/24/11)
Robert Reich: A governor destroys history in the name of promoting business (Christian Science Monitor, 3/24/11)
LePage touts initiatives to help businesses (Fosters Daily Democrat, 3/24/11)
LePage again in national spotlight over mural order (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/11)
Maine Gov: Cover labor mural (Politico, 3/24/11)
Governor LePage’s New TV Show – A Review (DownEast, 3/24/11)
Mural of Maine’s workers becomes political target (New York Times, 3/23/11)
LePage stalls initiative to create confidential advisory council (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/11)
Supporters of LePage’s budget cuts rally in Augusta (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/11)
LePage – taking a page from Gov. Christie’s book (New American, 3/22/11)
LePage to start regular TV program (Morning Sentinel, 3/21/11)
LePage campaign members form nonprofit to support Governor’s policies (Morning Sentinel, 3/21/11)
LePage brings TV cameras into Blaine House (Lewiston Sun Journal, 3/21/11)
LePage tells teachers to blame Democrats (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/11)
Governor sticks by budget veto threat (Bangor Daily News, 3/15/11)
LePage dismisses BPA dangers; ‘worst case is some women may have little beards’ (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/11)
Businesses call for ‘sensible’ immigration reform (Kennebec Journal, 2/10/11)
At Red Tape Audit, LePage’s environmental proposals cause concern (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/11)
Self-described conservationist draws bead on DEP ‘attitude’ (Portland Press Herald, 2/4/11)
LePage’s opposition to chemicals law draws criticism (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/11)
Environmentalists vow to take on LePage (Kennebec Journal, 2/4/11)
Governor’s proposals draw concerns (Lewiston Sun Journal, 2/4/11)
Spotlight on the DEP (Bangor Daily News, 2/3/11)
Audio: Environmental regulations and business interests may place Maine at a crossroads (Maine Public Broadcasting, 2/3/11)
Opinion: LePage disrespects Maine’s past with NAACP remarks (SeaCoastOnline, 2/3/11)
61%ers say LePage doesn’t represent them (, 2/2/11)
Opinion: Big business comes first in LePage administration (Portland Press Herald, 2/2/11)
Audio: Maine GOP lawmaker proposes major DEP changes (Maine Public Broadcasting, 2/1/11)
Commentary: LePage remarks insult Mainers, tarnish image (Bangor Daily News, 2/1/11)
Democrats not the only ones upset by memo leak (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/31/11)
The joke’s on the media, LePage tells contractors (Portland Press Herald, 1/31/11)
Commentary: post-election stress disorder afflicts progressives (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/30/11)
Environmentalist’s retirement ‘not the exit I anticipated’ (Portland Press Herald, 1/30/11)
Opinion: LePage proposals would dismantle Maine’s environmental legacy (Morning Sentinel, 1/30/11)
LePage rallies business crowd (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/30/11)
Opinion: Governor, Maine isn’t just like any other state (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/30/11)
Democrats: Maine Medicaid chief wrongly fired (Portland Press Herald, 1/29/11)
Groups protest LePage’s regulation roll-back (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/28/11)
Audio: Leaked LePage memo draws fire from state employees (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/28/11)
Opinion: Not so fast, Gov. LePage! (The Times Record, 1/28/11)
LePage ‘bureaucrats’ memo stirs up more controversy (Bangor Daily News, 1/28/11)
Dems upset by leaked GOP strategy e-mail (Kennebec Journal, 1/28/11)
Business leaders to LePage: Taxes, regulations hurting business (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/27/11)
Tea party governor ‘will put bureaucrats to work getting GOP re-elected’ (The Raw Story, 1/27/11)
Environmental coalition urges legislature to reject LePage roll back proposals (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/27/11)
Opinion: Gov. LePage’s ‘vision’ for Maine? (The Times Record, 1/27/11)
LePage focuses talk on cutting regulation (Portland Press Herald, 1/27/11)
Battle looming in Augusta over environmental regulations (WCSH, 1/26/11)
Panel OKs DEP pick on party-line vote (Kennebec Journal, 1/26/11)
Democrats draw a line on nominee to lead Maine DEP (Portland Press Herald, 1/26/11)
Business leaders praise plan to loosen Maine environmental rules (Portland Press Herald, 1/26/11)
Governing with the gloves off (Newsweek, 1/25/11)
Opinion: Moving Maine backward (Bangor Daily News, 1/25/11)
LePage: Loosen rules on environment (Portland Press Herald, 1/25/11)
Audio: Critics – LePage’s proposed regulatory reforms ‘extreme’ (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/24/11)
Political pulse: Evidence points to GOP showdown with unions (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/24/11)
Opinion: LePage’s outsiders better be fast learners (Portland Press Herald, 1/24/11)
LePage pledges legislation to redefine ‘employee’ (Bangor Daily News, 1/23/11)
Opinion: LePage must get out if his own way (Portland Press Herald, 1/23/11)
Opinion: It’s time for the governor to engage and inspire (Portland Press Herald, 1/23/11)
Commentary: LePage isn’t only ‘straight-talking’ governor to shake up establishment (Morning Sentinel, 1/23/11)
Say what? LePage’s quick tongue is all the talk (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/23/11)
Environmental advocates defend state safeguards (Portland Press Herald, 1/21/11)
Opinion: Little boys’ behavior gets old fast (Bangor Daily News, 1/21/11)
LePage and environmental groups focus on Maine’s natural resources (Bangor Daily News, 1/20/11)
Commentary: A few questions about LePage’s ‘adopted’ son (Portland Press Herald, 1/20/11)
Commentary: Did LePage mean what he said? (Bangor Daily News, 1/20/11)
Opinion: LePage has power to motivate all sides of civil rights debate (Portland Press Herald, 1/19/11)
Opinion: LePage must apologize for Maine’s sake (SeacoastOnline, 1/19/11)
Audio: Maine makes dramatic turn in approach to health care policy (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/19/11)
LePage lied, says NAACP leader (Morning Sentinel, 1/19/11)
Opinion: LePage’s latest crudeness is an embarrassment to state (Morning Sentinel, 1/18/11)
Portland holds a MLK march and rally for justice (Portland Press Herald, 1/18/11)
Colbert pokes fun at LePage (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/18/11)
Audio: LePage conspicuously absent from NAACP breakfast (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/17/11)
LePage’s remark becomes popular MLK Day topic (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/11)
Commentary: Leaders have responsibility to speak, act with dignity (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/11)
LePage makes his mark – conservative governor is reshaping Maine (SeaCoastOnline, 1/16/11)
Opinion: Governor, you’re making Maine the butt of a national joke (Portland Press Herald, 1/16/11)
NAACP: LePage has set a tone that ‘should be an offense to all Mainers’ (Bangor Daily News, 1/15/11)
Maine Governor gets testy with NAACP (New York Times, 1/14/11)
Paul LePage’s offensive RSVP to the NAACP (Washington Post, 1/14/11)
Video: Governor declines MLK event, tells critics: ‘Kiss my butt’ (Washington Post, 1/14/11)
Brown to head DEP, advance LePage’s pro-business agenda (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/8/11)
Opinion: Governor, be alert to the devil in the details (Portland Press Herald, 1/7/11)
LePage extends Maine’s hiring freeze (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/7/11)
Immigrant status rule rescinded (Portland Press Herald, 1/7/11)
Residency requirement could be part of LePage welfare overhaul (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/7/11)
Cutler attorney identifies attack website creators (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/6/11)
Opinion: LePage crystal clear on priorities for Maine (Portland Press Herald, 1/6/11)
LePage ready to work, fight (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/6/11)
LePage era begins in Maine (Kennebec Journal, 1/6/11)
Maine inaugurates first Republican gov in 16 years (Boston Globe, 1/6/11)
On his first day, LePage acts to ‘take care of Mainers first’ (Bangor Daily News, 1/6/11)
Audio: LePage Day 1 – Cracks down on undocumented immigrants (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/6/11)
LePage’s inaugural speech draws mixed reaction (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/6/11)
Locals waiting to see what LePage can accomplish (The Times Record, 1/6/11)
History repeats itself in some governors’ inaugural speeches (Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/5/11)
LePage’s reception announces Maine is ‘Open for Business’ (Kennebec Journal, 1/5/11)
‘Hell-raising’ LePage vows to cut government like Chris Christie (Bloomberg, 1/5/11)
Top priorities for LePage (Bangor Daily News, 1/3/11)
Opinion: Environment should be a LePage priority (Bangor Daily News, 1/4/11)
Rosa Scarcelli considering run against Snowe (Roll Call, 1/4/11)
Cape Elizabeth lawmaker proposes curbs on nepotism (Maine Public Broadcasting, 1/3/11)

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