The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


ME 2010 Archives


Maine Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives


After jolt of 2010, expect a wild 2011 (Portland Press Herald, 12/31/10)
Looking back at 2010: LePage, GOP big winners (Morning Sentinel, 12/31/10)
LePage inauguration to match the man, economy (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/31/10)
Aide says LePage plans a ‘more interesting’ inauguration (Republican Journal, 12/31/10)
LePage, ready for business (Forbes, 12/30/10)
Dem state lawmaker submits anti-nepotism bill (Dirigo Blue, 12/30/10)
Editorial: Maine’s Progressive push (Bangor Daily News, 12/29/10)
LePage widely criticized for ‘nepotism’ (, 12/28/10)
LePage: Some budget requests will be turned down (Maine Public Broadcasting, 12/28/10)
Maine People’s Alliance denies circulating recall petition (Maine Public Broadcasting, 12/28/10)
Local Chambers to co-host ‘Red-Tape Workshop’ (Republican Journal, 12/28/10)
Prisons’ economic value debated (MaineBiz Daily, 12/27/10)
Opinion: LePage daughter perfect choice to server her dad’s interest (Portland Press Herald, 12/27/10)
Bailey admits role in anti-Cutler website (Morning Sentinel, 12/24/10)
Maine Dems upset at LePage hiring (SeacoastOnline, 12/24/10)
LePage chooses daughter for administration post (Bangor Daily News, 12/22/10)
State may repay Maine’s hospitals money owed (SeacoastOnline, 12/22/10)
Editorial: State should name authors of Cutler Files (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/22/10)
New legislative committee targets Maine’s regulatory process (Maine Public Broadcasting, 12/21/10)
LePage planning quiet inauguration (Morning Sentinel, 12/21/10)
Northeast states raiding RGGI money to stay afloat (Maine Public Broadcasting, 12/20/10)
Ethics panel seeks fine for anti-Cutler site (Bangor Daily News, 12/20/10)
Opinion: LePage right on wind (Bangor Daily News, 12/20/10)
LePage losing top Cabinet picks to pay limits (Bangor Daily News, 12/16/10)
LePage to business: Speak for change with one voice (Portland Press Herald. 12/16/10)
Audio: LePage Cabinet picks generate praise, concern (Maine Public Broadcasting, 12/16/10)
Audio: Final campaign spending reports detail LePage contributors (Maine Public Broadcasting, 12/15/10)
Baldacci defends his record as sun sets on political career (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/14/10)
Opinion: Private prisons should be viewed with caution (Portland Press Herald, 12/13/10)
Maine doctors advise LePage against seeking health care repeal (Portland Press Herald, 12/13/10)
Lawmakers consider eliminating labor committee (Bangor Daily News, 12/12/10)
LePage officials outline budget priorities (Kennebec Journal, 12/11/10)
LePage transition team races against budget clock (Maine Public Broadcasting, 12/10/10)
Conservative think tank highlights pricey Maine programs (Bloomberg, 12/9/10)
LePage fills Cabinet posts for defense, public safety (Boston Globe, 12/9/10)
LePage endorsement of Snowe stirs tea party debate (Bangor Daily News, 12/8/10)
Improving Maine’s business reputation a goal for LePage team (Portland Press Herald, 12/8/10)
LePage’s comment on health reform causes controversy (, 12/8/10)
LePage says he’ll back Snowe against any primary challenge (MyFoxMaine, 12/8/10)
Tea Partying Maine Gov-Elect scrambles to explain his Constitution goof (Talking Points Memo, 12/7/10)
Audio: Maine business owners: It’s about health care costs, not regulations (Maine Public Broadcasting, 12/7/10)
Incoming AG weighs fight over health reform (Portland Press Herald, 12/6/10)
Republicans eager to start reeling in red tape (Bangor Daily News, 12/6/10)
Tea Party responds to LePage’s Snowe endorsement (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/6/10)
LePage team says health care suit worth pursuing (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/5/10)
Mr. LePage goes to Washington (Kennebec Journal, 12/5/10)
State agencies seek another $150 million (Maine Public Broadcasting, 12/3/10)
Obama’s practical side surprises LePage (Morning Sentinel, 12/3/10)
LePage finds president ‘practical, pragmatic,’ but also ‘political’ (Kennebec Journal, 12/3/10)
LePage to back Snowe, tea party challenger or not (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/3/10)
In DC, LePage likes what he hears from Obama (Bangor Daily News, 12/2/10)
Budget requests concern LePage (Bangor Daily News, 12/2/10)
Editorial: Maine should avoid pointless legal challenge to health law (Lewiston Sun Journal, 12/1/10)
Audio: LePage promises to reform Maine’s regulatory structure (Maine Public Broadcasting, 12/1/10)

Just who are these LePage transitioners? (Portland Press Herald, 11/29/10)
LePage under fire for hiring ‘extremist’ Tea Partier (Talking Point Memo, 11/29/10)
Opinion: LePage’s choice of advisor is too extreme (Kennebec Journal, 11/26/10)
LePage doubles down on ‘Pete the Carpenter’ (Down East, 11/24/10)
LePage gets rolling (Boston Globe, 11/24/10)
LePage transition team a ‘good cross section’ (Bangor Daily News, 11/23/10)
Maine’s GOP star burns hot (Boston Globe, 11/22/10)
LePage: Bumper crop of new Govs may mean more one-termers (Bloomberg, 11/21/10)
A conversation with outgoing Gov. Baldacci (Bangor Daily News, 11/19/10)
Opinion: LePage’s budget panel faces daunting task (Portland Press Herald, 11/18/10)
Losers in Maine’s gubernatorial contest call for election changes (Maine Public Broadcasting, 11/18/10)
Opinion: Strong GOP victory in Maine means change, but it’s not a blank check (Kennebec Journal, 11/18/10)
Opinion: Time for a constitutional convention (Times Record, 11/18/10)
Opinion: Cutler - Who stole election day? (Wall Street Journal, 11/17/10)
Editorial: What if Dirigo is dirigone? (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/10)
Financial watchdogs named (Kennebec Journal, 11/17/10)
Maine Republicans say they will end ‘Dirigo’ health care experiment (Stateline, 11/17/10)
Opinion: Another gubernatorial election demonstrates Maine’s independence (Portland Press Herald, 11/16/10)
Cutler: Parties becoming irrelevant (Portland Press Herald, 11/14/10)
Augusta’s freshman class hopes to draw on new clout (Portland Press Herald, 11/14/10)
Opinion: Mainers are ready for environmental reform (Portland Press Herald, 11/14/10)
Opinion: As light shines on LePage, Baldacci can leave office with his head high (Kennebec Journal, 11/13/10)
Opinion: New politics may emerge from election (Portland Press Herald, 11/12/10)
NYT poll expert blasts Rasmussen as biased, inaccurate (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/10)
GOP sweep: LePage is Maine governor (SeacoastOnline, 11/10/10)
Cutler not interested in working for LePage (MyFoxMaine, 11/9/10)
Cutler takes aim at early voting (SeacoastOnline, 11/7/10)
Opinion: Did the recent campaign put an end to attack ads? No (Portland Press Herald, 11/7/10)

Maine Republicans rising in latest polls (SeacoastOnline, 10/31/10)
Opinion: Endorsements always bring some surprises (Lewiston Sun Journal, 10/31/10)
Feisty exchanges mark final debate (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/10)
Compelled, Angus King picks Cutler (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/10)
Five Maine guber rivals discuss attack ads, taxes (Washington Post, 10/30/10)
Former Gov. Angus Kin to endorse Eliot Cutler (WMTW, 10/30/10)
The Maine Diaspora (The Atlantic, 10/30/10)
Democrats’ negative ads draw fire from … Democrats (Portland Press Herald, 10/29/10)
New polls: LePage’s lead increases (Kennebec Journal, 10/29/10)
Opinion: LePage disrespects people when he skips the debate (Portland Press Herald, 10/29/10)
Fewer candidates, surprises at Bates debate (Lewiston Sun Journal, 10/29/10)
Cutler embarks on ‘Jobs and Opportunity Tour’ (Kennebec Journal, 10/29/10)
538 Forecast: Sharp changes in Maine, Oregon Governor forecasts (New York Times, 10/29/10)
538 Forecast: Favorites emerge in three-way governor’s races (New York Times, 10/29/10)
GOP headed for a win in Maine (Public Policy Polling, 10/28/10)
Cutler a 6-1 favorite of Maine dailies (The Times Record, 10/28/10) ++++
Students quiz five candidates in Bangor (Bangor Daily News, 10/28/10)
I am not from Maine, but if I were… (The Atlantic, 10/27/10)
Energized base tilts rightward in Maine (New York Times, 10/27/10)
Gubernatorial Fundraising Finale (Pine Tree Politics, 10/23/10)
Independent Expenditure Reports (Pine Tree Politics, 10/24/10) – Who’s spending money on attack ads in the final weeks of the race?
Poll: Cutler up, Mitchell down in new poll (Portland Press Herald, 10/22/10)
Green forum ends with tense Cutler-Mitchell exchange (Portland Press Herald, 10/22/10)

Two weeks before Election Day, high number of voters undecided in gov race (Maine Public Broadcasting, 10/19/10)
Guber hopefuls facing Maine’s costly corrections system (Lewiston Sun Jounal, 10/18/10)
Cutler rising in governor’s race (SeacoastOnline, 10/17/10)
Shifting polls keep candidates guessing (Portland Press Herald, 10/17/10)

Poll shows Mainers dissatisfied with, mistrustful of assistance programs (Portland Press Herald, 10/17/10)
Candidates split on tax on cigarettes (Kennebec Journal, 10/16/10)
Candidates turn to business needs (Portland Press Herald, 10/15/10)
Candidates endure nasty surprises on campaign trail (Lewiston Sun Journal, 10/15/10)
Maine Poll – survey puts LePage in lead again (Portland Press Herald, 10/15/10)

Gubernatorial candidates hone message for home stretch (Lewiston Sun Journal, 10/15/10)

Maine environmentalists blast LePage (, 10/14/10)
LePage accused of ethics violation (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/10)
Candidates discuss how state, towns relate (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/10)
Businesses, unions pouting money into guber race (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/10)

Polls show governor’s race getting closer (Lewiston Sun Journal, 10/14/10)
Gubernatorial candidates spar over hospital reimbursements (Maine Public Broadcasting, 10/14/10)
Democrats attack LePage on nuclear power (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/14/10)

Medicaid debt owed to ME hospitals irks LePage (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/14/10)
Poll shows Cutler gaining, LePage and Mitchell tied (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/10)
Cutler sees ‘unholy alliance’ between Mitchell, teachers’ union (Portland Press Herald, 10/13/10)
Audio: Race for the Blaine House – polls differ while cash flows (Maine Public Broadcasting, 10/13/10)
VIDEO: At debate, LePage accuses Mitchell of hypocrisy (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/10)

Audio: Political consultant questioned about anti-Cutler website (Maine Public Broadcasting, 10/12/10)
Mitchell apologizes for posing in picture labeling Bush ‘international terrorist’ (Huffington Post, 10/12/10)
Opinion: A little constructive criticism for top 3 guber candidates (Morning Sentinel, 10/10/10)

Candidates speak: Can Eliot Cutler win? (Portland Press Herald, 10/8/10)

Opinion: Difference between LePage, Mitchell ‘is stark and clear’ (Morning Sentinel, 10/8/10)

GOP lawmakers defend LePage’s education proposals (Portland Press Herald, 10/8/10)

Candidates speak: Health care reform divides LePage, opponents (Portland Press Herald, 10/8/10)

Attacks intensify in ME governor’s race (Maine Public Broadcasting, 10/7/10)

Ad watch: Spots attack LePage’s stance on the environment (Portland Press Herald, 10/7/10)
LePage: Not anti-government, but putting people first (Morning Sentinel, 10/7/10)
LePage opts out of forum sponsored by environmental group (Lewiston Sun Journal, 10/7/10)

A compendium of the lies, flip-flops and gaffes of one Paul LePage (Dirigo Blue, 10/6/10)

Opinion: Candidate who worries voters the least may end up as governor (Morning Sentinel, 10/6/10)
Opinion: Scorecard for candidates show Cutler gets best grades (Portland Press Herald, 10/5/10)
Maine candidate strikes at negative website (Boston Globe, 10/5/10)
Editorial: LePage’s outburst reflects voter anger (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 10/5/10)
Maine Tea Party coalesces around LePage (Maine Public Broadcasting, 10/4/10)
LePage campaigns against climate change science but as mayor he supported it (Maine Public Broadcasting, 10/4/10)

Opinion: ‘Cutler Files’ website should be subject to campaign laws (Portland Press Herald, 10/4/10)

Cutler: Mainers see fall in quality of education (Portland Press Herald, 10/3/10)

Cutler rips GOP-Democrat ‘duopoly’ (Lewiston Sun Journal, 10/2/10)


Ethics commission examines web site attacking Cutler (Maine Public Broadcasting, 9/30/10)

LePage: ‘I’d tell Obama to ‘Go to hell’ (Maine Public Broadcasting, 9/29/10)

New poll shows Mitchell and LePage in a dead heat (Maine Public Broadcasting, 9/29/10)

Former GOP chairman endorses Shawn Moody (Kennebec Journal, 9/29/10)

Candidates debate education policy (Kennebec Journal, 9/29/10)

Bill Clinton in Maine to stump for Mitchell (Maine Public Broadcasting, 9/27/10)

Governor’s race getting national attention (WMTW, 9/27/10)

Cutler brings wide-ranging resume to campaign (Portland Press Herald, 9/26/10)

Bill Clinton campaigns for Libby Mitchell (Boston Globe, 9/26/10)

Economy stakes LePage to big lead (Seacostonline, 9/26/10)

Clinton rallies base for Mitchell (Portland Press Herald, 9/26/10)

Gov candidates give views on gay marriage (WBZ, 9/26/10)

Franco voters defy attempts to reveal voting pattern (Morning Sentinel, 9/25/10)

Gloves come off in Great Debate (Portland Press Herald, 9/25/10)

Ethics agency questions DGA’s attack ads on LePage (Lewiston Sun Journal, 9/24/10)

‘Cutler Files’ website focus of ethics probe (Portland Press Herald, 9/24/10)

Audio: Ethics commission investigating web site attacking Cutler (Maine Public Broadcasting, 9/24/10)

LePage’s lead widens in new poll (Morning Sentinel, 9/23/10)

Audio: Florida official – LePage tax exemption a ‘serious matter’ (Maine Public Broadcasting, 9/23/10)

LePage leads guber field in fundraising race (Portland Press Herald, 9/22/10)

Report puts priority on higher education (Portland Press Heralc, 9/21/10)

LePage continues to lead, but many Mainers undecided in gov race (Maine Sunday Telegram, 9/19/10)

Opinion: Voters deserve truth about LePage’s dubious statements (Morning Sentinel, 9/18/10)

Guber hopefuls discuss where they stand on ME taxes (Kennebec Journal, 9/18/10)

FL county launches proved of LePage property tax exemption (WMTW, 9/17/10)

First negative ads hit airwaves in guber race (Maine Public Broadcasting, 9/17/10)

LePage’s wife under investigation in Florida (Maine Public Broadcasting, 9/17/10)

Cutler unveils welfare reform plans (Kennebec Journal, 9/16/10)

Opinion: Getting to know Paul LePage under fire (Times Record, 9/16/10)

LePage tries to clear the air (Morning Sentinel, 9/15/10)

Mitchell’s first ad is a surprise (, 9/15/10)

Clinton bringing his clout to Maine to help Dems (Portland Press Herald, 9/15/10)

Paul LePage’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (New York Times, 9/14/10)

LePage campaign: Dems fed tax exemption story to media (WMTW, 9/14/10)

LePage swears at reporter, storms out (Washington Post, 9/14/10)

LePage spars with reporters at press conferences (Bangor Daily News, 9/13/10)

Cutler, Mitchell lead campaign spending (Maine Watchdog, 9/13/10)

Cutler’s anonymous cyber opponents keep biggest secret (The Forecaster, 9/13/10)

Audio: LePage dogged by tax questions as he rolls out economic plan (Maine Public Broadcasting, 9/13/10)

A bad day for Paul LePage (, 9/13/10)

LePage officials admit errors in tax exemptions (Bangor Daily News, 9/10/10)

Poll shows LePage with big lead in governor’s race (Bangor Daily News, 9/8/10)

Mitchell proposes merger of agencies to focus on job creation (Morning Sentinel, 9/4/10)

Mitchell’s plan for govt: Streamlined, open for business (Lewiston Sun Journal, 9/4/10)

Cutler, LePage spar in forum, Mitchell declines (Portland Press Herald, 9/3/10)

Mitchell unveils government reform plan (Bangor Daily News, 9/3/10)

An anonymous anti-Cutler web site emerges (, 9/3/10)

All 5 candidates woo farmers (Kennebec Journal, 9/1/10)

Gubernatorial candidates spar over education reforms (Maine Public Broadcasting, 9/1/10)


Cutler: Board of Environmental Protection stands in way of economic progress (Maine Public Broadcasting, 8/31/10)

Cutler has a plan for schools (Morning Sentinel, 8/31/10)

Cutler proposes adding more magnet schools (Bangor Daily News, 8/30/10)

Legislative races’ outcomes key for incoming governor (Bangor Daily News, 8/29/10)

Mitchell withdraws from two forums (Kennebec Journal, 8/26/10)

Cutler, LePage discuss cross-border issues – without Mitchell (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/10)

Four candidates offer cost-cutting proposals (Kennebec Journal, 8/26/10)

Audio: LePage – environmental groups have too much power (Maine Public Broadcasting, 8/24/10)

LePage stresses need for fiscal conservatism – sees overhaul of welfare necessary (Kennebec Journal, 8/24/10)

Did Paul LePage work a “Waterville Miracle”? (Bangor Daily News, 8/20/10)

Poll shows that governor’s race is shaping up (Portland Press Herald, 8/18/10)

Cutler: time to end motor vehicle inspections in Maine (Maine Public Broadcasting, 8/18/10)

Rotarians hearCutler’s vision of a restructured govt (Bangor Daily Press, 8/17/10)

How does the RGA spend in Maine? (Dirigo Blue, 8/17/10)

Poll shows LePage holding steady lead (Bangor Daily Press, 8/16/10)

LePage misses forums, but plans to debate rivals in the fall (Portland Press Herald, 8/16/10)

LePage’s visibility an issue (Morning Sentinel, 8/15/10)

Cutler calls out LePage at island forum (Morning Sentinel, 8/14/10)

Cutler shows interest in NH bridge issue (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/13/10)

Four candidates debate in Rockland (Bangor Daily News, 8/13/10)

Opinion: Independent candidates muddy waters, but it’s a 2-person race (Kennebec Journal, 8/14/10)

Opinion: Former GOP official endorses Dem Mitchell (Portland Press Herald, 8/13/10)

Brewing up a storm – GOP still shocked over LePage win (, 8/13/10)

Mitchell’s primary opponents to head her campaign’s policy committees (The Free Press, 8/12/10)

Cutler accuses Mitchell of push polling (Pine Tree Politics, 8/11/10)

Mitchell focuses mainly on Maine economy (Portland Press Herald, 8/10/10)

Moody is making his move in governor’s race (Portland Press Herald, 8/7/10)

Lawsuit seeks to halt Maine’s matching campaign funds law (Bangor Daily News, 8/7/10)

Conservative groups take aim at Maine’s Clean Elections Law (Maine Public Broadcasting, 8/6/10)

Audio: GOP steps up attacks on independent Cutler (Maine Public Broadcasting, 8/5/10)

Maine GOP goes after Cutler as a tax hiker (Pine Tree Politics, 8/5/10)

CA same-sex marriage decision makes waves in Maine (Maine Public Broadcasting, 8/5/10)

Ex-rivals back Mitchell in guber race (Morning Sentinel, 8/5/10)

LePage self-destructs; Collins to the rescue (Mainely Politics, 8/4/10)

JULY 2010

LePage digs deeper hole (Politico, 7/30/10)

LePage – the Wizard of Waterville? (Bangor Daily News, 7/30/10)

LePage may talk himself out of race (Bangor Daily News, 7/30/10)

LePage rallies GOP, Tea Party faithful on campaign tour (Lincoln County News, 7/28/10)

Maine’s unfunded pension liability looms as election issue (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/10)

State of the Maine guber race (, 7/23/10)

A closer look at campaign finance reports (Portland Press Herald, 7/22/10)

Mitchell disappointed by two Dem legislators supporting Cutler (Portland Press Herald, 7/22/10)

Guber hopefuls report latest fundraising totals (Maine Public Broadcasting, 7/22/10)

Democrat has most cash in ME governor’s race (WBZ, 7/21/10)

Cutler gains in guber poll (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/10)

LePage has early donations advantage over Cutler (Portland Press Herald, 7/21/10)

Poll shows LePage leading, but Cutler gaining (Maine Public Broadcasting, 7/20/10)

Audio: Your Vote ~ Eliot Cutler Profile (Maine Public Broadcasting, 7/20/10)

Otten consultant takes blame for pre-primary robo-calls (Kennebec Journal, 7/16/10)

Cutler unveils Republican coalition (Pine Tree Politics, 7/13/10)

Cutler had a Dickensian childhood (AP, 7/11/10)

Guber contest – reformist v. status quo (Morning Sentinel, 7/9/10)

The education debate heats up (Pine Tree Politics, 7/8/10)

More Democrats looking to jump ship away from Mitchell? (Pine Tree Politics, 7/8/10)

Testing the independence of Maine candidates (, 7/7/10)

Opinion: Governor’s race could send a message to Snow & Collins (Portland Press Herald, 7/7/10)

Opinion: LePage a mainstream conservative, but opponents can’t admit it (Portland Press Herald, 7/6/10)

The biggest threat to Cutler – fellow independents (Pine Tree Politics, 7/3/10)

Cutler: education talk centers on teachers, not students (Bangor Daily News, 7/1/10)

JUNE 2010

LePage predicts GOP sweep this fall (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/10)

Two Democratic lawmakers endorse Cutler’s bid (Portland Press Herald, 6/28/10)

Panel to probe  anti-LePage phone calls (Kennebec Journal, 6/25/10)

Teachers union endorses Mitchell (Morning Sentinel, 6/25/10)

Cutler leads pack in early fundraising (Portland Press Herald, 6/21/10)

Opinion: Obviously, the experts don’t know anything about politics (Kennebec Journal, 6/19/10)

Cutler arranges Chinese trade visit (Boston Globe, 6/18/10)

Eliot Cutler, Frontrunner? (, 6/17/10)

GOP ex-rivals come together for LePage unity rally (Boston Globe, 6/17/10)

Dems come together in show of party unity (Kennebec Journal, 6/17/10)

Setting the stage for November (Portland Phoenix, 6/16/10)

Opinion: Gov Cutler? A possibility considering the major party nominees (Kennebec Journal, 6/16/10)

Cutler taking Chinese business leaders on Maine tour (Portland Press Herald, 6/15/10)

Is it Paul LePage’s race to lose? (Bangor Daily News, 6/15/10)

Cutler calls LePage garbage claims dirty politics (Pine Tree Politics, 6/15/10)

LePage claims someone’s stealing his garbage (Pine Tree Politics, 6/15/10)

Maine Governor’s Race: Another test of Tea Party movement (Politics Daily, 6/12/10)

LePage will stay on as mayor for time being (Kennebec Journal, 6/12/10)

Maine primary voters showed their wisdom (SeacoastOnline, 6/11/10)

Just call him “Front Page LePage” (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/10)

Blaine House race spending already tops $7.5 million (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/10)

LePage spend most effectively (Morning Sentinel, 6/11/10)

Highest turnout for Republicans since 1952 (Morning Sentinel, 6/11/10)

Strong opinions voiced about LePage’s surprise win (Portland Press Herald, 6/10/10)

Other GOP hopefuls say scale of LePage win is surprising (Morning Sentinel, 6/10/10)

Mitchell’s sights set on next race (Morning Sentinel, 6/10/10)

Opinion: conventional wisdom takes a beating at the polls (Portland Press Herald, 6/9/10)

Voters soundly reject tax reform measure (Bangor Daily News, 6/9/10)

Dems show unity morning after primary (Maine Public Broadcasting, 6/9/10)

Big LePage win reveals appeal beyond Tea Party (Bangor Daily News, 6/9/10)

LePage surprises GOP field (Maine Public Broadcasting, 6/9/10)

The day after: governor’s race takes shape (Morning Sentinel, 6/9/10)

Mitchell is Dem nominee (Morning Sentinel, 6/9/10)

Mitchell wins Dem nomination (Maine Public Broadcasting, 6/9/10)

Otten’s bid swamped by Tea Party tsunami (Bethel Citizen, 6/9/10)

Tight race for Democrats (Morning Sentinel, 6/9/10)

Rowe camp pleased by early returns (Portland Press Herald, 6/8/10)

Opinion: The LePage campaign’s greatest strength is it’s biggest weakness (Pine Tree Politics, 6/7/10)

Beardsley implies interest growing in campaign (Kennebec Journal, 6/7/10)

McGowan tries to raise profile in southern Maine (Portland Press Herald, 6/6/10)

LePage targets southern Maine (Kennebec Journal, 6/6/10)

Jacobson likes campaign’s excitement (Kennebec Journal, 6/6/10)

Independent Cutler could be the one to watch (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/5/10)

Scarcelli, Mitchell working to convince undecided bloc (Portland Press Herald, 6/5/10)

Low turnout expected for Maine gubernatorial primary (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/5/10)

Poliquin criss-crosses state promoting economic message (Morning Sentinel, 6/4/10)

Maine GOPers back away from Tea Party-inspired platform (Huffington Post, 6/4/10)

Candidates on-air assault totals $1.7 million (Kennebec Journal, 6/4/10)

Otten calls himself front-runner, promises to quash tax hikes (Morning Sentinel, 6/4/10)

Blaine House chase – who will emerge from primaries? (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/10)

Maine scientists surprised by GOP candidates views on climate change (Maine Public Broadcasting, 6/4/10)

Democratic hopefuls square off in debate (Lewiston Sun Journal, 6/3/10)

Mills steps up rhetoric in primary’s closing days (Maine Public Broadcasting, 6/3/10)

Three unenrolled candidates qualify for ballot (Portland Press Herald, 6/3/10)

Dems energized in debate (Morning Sentinel, 6/3/10)

Many Maine voters remain undecided (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/10)

Down East lines up behind guber candidates (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/10)

Perfect ad storm (Augusta Insider, 6/2/10)

Hannah Pingree endorses Mitchell (Augusta Insider, 6/1/10)

Election eve: huge choices loom (Portland Press Herald, 6/1/10)

New poll shows Maine primaries both “wide open” (Kennebec Journal, 6/1/10)

MAY 2010

Mills: public expectations of govt have changed (Portland Press Herald, 5/31/10)

Endorsement: McGowan possesses skill for successful governor (Morning Sentinel, 5/30/10)

Endorsement: Abbott, McGowan primary picks (Portland Press Herald, 5/30/10)

The tangled web of the Smith family  & Les Otten (Pine Tree Politics, 5/29/10)

Report: Otten, Poliquin top spenders (Bangor Daily News, 5/29/10)

GOP candidates trying to differentiate themselves (Morning Sentinel, 5/28/10)

Scarcelli & McGowan spar over reforming the legislature (Augusta Insider, 5/27/10)

McGowan hoping to take flight primary day (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 5/27/10)

Scarcelli proposes Maine State Bank (Maine Public Broadcasting, 5/27/10)

Opinion: Primary voters wield the power of five (Kennebec Journal, 5/26/10)

Poliquin pulls out, then changes mind – will be at MPBN debate (Maine Public Broadcasting, 5/26/10)

McGowan wants to shrink ME House (Morning Sentinel, 5/26/10)

McGowan and Rowe continue their push (Augusta Insider, 5/26/10)

LePage, others pick up endorsements (Morning Sentinel, 5/26/10)

Profile: Cutler combines deep experience with “keen, strategic mind” (Portland Press Herald, 5/26/10)

Reading the Dem Primary tea leaves (Augusta Insider, 5/25/10)

With two weeks to go, primaries still up in the air (Kennebec Journal, 5/25/10)

Commentary: Primary Fiction – Democrats (Augusta Insider, 5/24/10)

Otten looks to capitalize on name ID, vision (Morning Sentinel, 5/24/10)

Republicans waging battle for endorsements (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/10)

Dem hopefuls make pitches at convention (Maine Public Broadcasting, 5/24/10)

Editorial: Four Democrats, few choices (Bangor Daily News, 5/22/10)

Editorial: Mills, Abbott stand out among GOP (Bangor Daily News, 5/22/10)

GOP platform coming under fire (Maine Sunday Telegram, 5/22/10)

Maine Dems gather for convention (Maine Public Broadcasting, 5/21/10)

LePage puts life’s hard lessons to work (Portland Press Herald, 5/20/10)

Governor candidates don’t have workable energy solution ideas (Kennebec Journal, 5/20/10)

GOP chair accuses Abbott camp of stealing delegate list (, 5/19/10)

Dems debate; prep for convention (Kennebec Journal, 5/19/10)

Jacobson knows businesses, gets results (Portland Press Herald, 5/19/10)

Beardsley: Maine putting it’s electricity supply in too few baskets (Portland Press Herald, 5/19/10)

Poliquin: sound financial management for Maine (Bangor Daily News, 5/18/10)

Beardsley stresses job growth, fiscal restraint (Maine Sunday Telegram, 5/18/10)

Poliquin goes negative on Otten (Pine Tree Politics, 5/18/10)

Otten, a businessman’s prospective for Maine (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/10)

Editorial: Guber hopefuls and gambling (Bangor Daily News, 5/14/10)

Mills: Independence, Experience and Electability (Bangor Daily News, 5/14/10)

From saving trees to housing the needy, what the Dems say they’ve done (Lewiston Sun Journal, 5/14/10)

Newcomer Scarcelli is business-savvy outsider (Portland Press Herald, 5/14/10)

Mitchell: “You can’t be afraid” (Morning Sentinel, 5/14/10)

Beardsley promises to slash spending, work on energy (SeacoastOnline, 5/14/10)

Candidates don’t commit to new Tea Party-inspired platform (Boston Globe, 5/14/10)

US Chamber of Commerce running ads for Abbott (Lewiston Sun Journal, 5/13/10)

Audio: Your Vote – Steve Abbott profile (Maine Public Braodcasting, 5/13/10)

Dem Blaine House hopefuls resumes’ examined (Bangor Daily News, 5/13/10)

LePage: a fiscal conservative and not ashamed of it (Bangor Daily News, 5/13/10)

Rowe still a farmboy at heart (Morning Sentinel, 5/13/10)

Candidates tepid on new GOP platform (WBZ, 5/13/10)

Mitchell banks on experience to help her run the state (Morning Sentinel, 5/12/10)

Jacobson: “I have skill set that can help” (Bangor Daily News, 5/12/10)

GOP candidates’ resumes prove mostly accurate (Bangor Daily News, 5/12/10)

Opinion: Blaine House hopefuls show differences at forum (Portland Press Herald, 5/11/10)

Beardsley: Ready to make tough decisions (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/10)

GOP platform revision spurs debate among party faithful (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/10)

Scarcelli sees no growth without work (Kennebec Journal, 5/10/10)

Audio: GOP convention ends, attack ads begin (Maine Public Broadcasting, 5/10/10)

McGowan no stranger to uphill campaign battles (Morning Sentinel, 5/11/10)

How LePage won the support of the Republican Liberty Caucus (Pine Tree Politics, 5/10/10)

Abbott: Let’s bring consistency to Maine (Bangor Daily news, 5/10/10)

Audio: ME GOP adopts conservative platform (Maine Public Broadcasting, 5/10/10)

Party platform takeover clouds party unity effort (Portland Press Herald, 5/9/10)

GOP party platform draws Dem fire (WMTW, 5/9/10)

Candidates tout personal qualities at convention (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/10)

Lab’s move sparks debate on how to keep jobs in Maine (Morning Sentinel, 5/8/10)

GOP candidates on creationism (Augusta Insider, 5/8/10)

Great Debates: job creation key to GOP hopefuls (Kennebec Journal, 5/8/10)

Video: Political novice Jacobson says job creation is key (Portland Press Herald, 5/8/10)

Seven GOP hopefuls debate at state convention (Bangor Daily News, 5/8/10)

Opinion: Baldacci’s legacy of teeter-tottering (The Times Record, 5/8/10)

Video: Rowe – “this election is about jobs” (Portland Press Herald, 5/8/10)

Video: Otten aims to change Maine’s business climate (Portland Press Herald, 5/7/10)

Scarcelli hones her outsider image (Bangor Daily News, 5/7/10)

GOPers begin to stake out their differences (Maine Sunday Telegram, 5/7/10)

Audio: Your Vote – Mitchell profile (Maine Public Broadcasting, 5/6/10)

Fired up GOP kicks off state convention (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/10)

Rowe – former AG promises hard work over substance (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/10)

Editorial: “Outsiders” are in – is that good for Maine? (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/10)

McGowan first Dem on television (Kennebec Journal, 5/6/10)

Peter Mills: “Meaningful accountability” (Morning Sentinel, 5/6/10)

LaPage is running to save the American Dream (Kennebec Journal, 5/6/10)

Veteran lawmaker Mitchell says she’s ready for Blaine House (Bangor Daily News, 5/5/10)

Scarcelli – the pro-business Democrat (Morning Sentinel, 5/5/10)

Video: Political newcomer Scarcelli insists job growth must be a priority (Portland Press Herald, 5/5/10)

Audio: Your Vote – Scarcelli profile (Maine Public Broadcasting, 5/5/10)

3 of 4 Dems oppose casino question (Morning Sentinel, 5/4/10)

Audio: Your Vote – LaPage profile (Maine Public Broadcasting, 5/4/10)

Dem debate focuses on economy (Portland Press Herald, 5/4/10)

Rosa rolls the dice on casinos (Augusta Insider, 5/4/10)

Otten says it’s time for Maine to lean right (Seacoastonline, 5/4/10)

McGowan leans on Maine ties in Blaine bid (Bangor Daily News, 5/4/10)

Otten fires consultant over plagiarism (Bangor Daily News, 5/4/10)

Dem hopefuls talk arena, gambling (Bangor Daily News, 5/4/10)

How NOT to cover a gubernatorial contest (, 5/3/10)

Otten ensnared in plagiarism flap (Bangor Daily News, 5/3/10)

Tracking the race – GOP meets on Friday (Morning Sentinel, 5/3/10)

Jacobson: economic key is reducing cost of energy (SeacoastOnline, 5/3/10)

Blaine House race has 20 candidates (Boston Globe, 5/3/10)

Organization counts in ME gov race (WBZ, 5/2/10)

APRIL 2010

Primary spending breaks records (Morning Sentinel, 4/30/10)

How the war chests compare (Morning Sentinel, 4/30/10)

Otten developing pattern of plagiarizing (Pine Tree Politics, 4/30/10)

On campaign trail, Otten talks education (Morning Sentinel, 4/30/10)

Packed race for gov ups the cost (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/10)

Handicapping the GOP primary (Pine Tree Politics, 4/29/10)

Cash spigot turned on (Kennebec Journal, 4/29/10)

Great debates: Dem rivals look for an edge (Kennebec Journal, 4/29/10)

Opinion: Delivering on campaign promises requires legislative buy-in (Kennebec Journal, 4/29/10)

Dems appear in “Great Debate” – welfare major topic (Morning Sentinel, 4/29/10)

Investigation into Richardson campaign turned over to AG (Maine Public Broadcasting, 4/28/10)

Former Fed banker supports Maine tax reform plan (Kennebec Journal, 4/28/10)

Poliquin, Otten appear to be leading money race (Morning Sentinel, 4/27/10)

Energy issues power candidate forum (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/10)

“Clean” elections can be squeaky (Kennebec Journal, 4/27/10)

Audio: Candidate financial reports reveal state of primaries (Maine Public Broadcasting, 4/27/10)

Tarnishing clean (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/10)

Richardson quite guv race (Boston Globe, 4/27/10)

Audio: Richardson departure shakes up Dem primary (Maine Public Broadcasting, 4/26/10)

Panel denies Richardson’s request for public funding (Bangor Daily News, 4/26/10)

Candidates for gov outline their priorities (Portland Press Herald, 4/25/10)

Poliquin: Maine needs to get back to basics (Bangor Daily News, 4/24/10)

Cutler qualifies for guber race (Portland Press Herald, 4/24/10)

Richardson won’t receive public funding – allegations of fraud arise (Pine Tree Politics, 4/24/10)

Races heat up, candidates jockey for position (Kennebec Journal, 4/24/10)

Dem hopefuls boycotting station over labor dispute (Morning Sentinel, 4/23/10)

Dems pursue backing of union in Bangor (Portland Press Herald, 4/23/10)

McGowan announces Great Maine Forests Initiative (WABI-TV, 4/22/10)

LePage releases web bio ad (Kennebec Journal, 4/22/10)

Otten, Mills spar at forum (Kennebec Journal, 4/22/10)

Richardson touts jobs plan (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/10)

Mills goes on attack against Otten (Pine Tree Politics, 4/22/10)

Mitchell says UMaine key to growth (Maine Campus, 4/22/10)

GOP hopefuls spar over economy (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/10)

Profile: LePage has vision for Maine economy (SeacoastOnline, 4/22/10)

Profile: Mitchell has vision for state (SeacoastOnline, 4/21/10)

Richardson awaits decision on clean elections (Morning Sentinel, 4/21/10)

Otten unveils jobs plan (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/10)

Profile: Poliquin believes businessman is needed as guv (SeacoastOnline, 4/20/10)

Scarcelli: Maine should do more to attract high-tech jobs (Portland Press Herald, 4/20/10)

Opinion: Mayor LePage should be different from candidate (Morning Sentinel, 4/20/10)

Audio: Your Vote – Les Otten interview (Maine Public Broadcasting, 4/20/10)

Job creation common message from guber candidates (Bloomberg Business Week, 4/20/10)

Audio: Your Vote – Steve Rowe interview (Maine Public Broadcasting, 4/19/10)

Last gasps, fundraising, and debates (Kennebec Journal, 4/19/10)

LePage: August ignores Mainers (Maine Campus, 4/19/10)

Democratic candidates wrestle with funding issues (Kennebec Journal, 4/16/10)

Richardson: State must invest in UMaine System (Maine Campus, 4/15/10)

Cutler: “Let’s get to work on health care” (Bangor Daily News, 4/15/10)

Conservative Heath changes his mind (Bangor Daily News, 4/15/10)

Independents rising in New England (Providence Journal, 4/14/10)

Abbott offers consolidation as solution to college budget woes (Maine Campus, 4/12/10)

Analysis of Poliquin’s new TV ad (Pine Tree Politics, 4/12/10)

Profile: Scarcelli would have big plans as governor (SeacoastOnline, 4/12/10)

Tea Party hears GOP candidates speak (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/10)

Editorial: RNC’s tracking efforts simply bad behavior (Bangor Daily News, 4/10/10)

VIDEO: Your Vote/Health Care – Bruce Poliquin (Maine Public Broadcasting, 4/9/10)

GOP gather at UM forum and talk about “cleaning out” Dems (Kennebec Journal, 4/9/10)

2 More GOP candidates airing campaign ads (News13, 4/8/10)

Cutler complains about GOP tracking him (Portland Press Herald, 4/8/10)

Jacobson defends RGA’s possible use of trackers (Kennebec Journal, 4/8/10)

Rowe: long-term focus needed for Maine (, 4/8/10)

Rowe: keeping grads in Maine is key to future (The Maine Campus, 4/8/10)

Dems debate in first of two Blaine House forums (Kennebec Journal, 4/7/10)

Abbott launches TV ad (Augusta Insider, 4/6/10)

Opinion: Libby Mitchell will say anything to get elected (Capital Weekly, 4/5/10)

Audio: Your Vote – Bruce Poliquin profile (Maine Public Broadcasting, 4/5/10)

Scarcelli: UM drives industry (Maine Campus, 4/5/10)

VIDEO: Your Vote/Education Reform – Rosa Scarcelli (Maine Public Broadcasting, 4/2/10)

Otten, Jacobson & Abbott spar over healthcare (Kennebec Journal, 4/2/10)

Otten using Obama visit to raise profile (National Journal, 4/1/10)

Profusion of clean elections candidates could strain fund (Maine Public Broadcasting, 4/1/10)

4 guber hopefuls in line for public financing (Bangor Daily News, 4/1/10)

MARCH 2010

Audio: Your Vote – Bill Beardsley profile (Maine Public Broadcasting, 3/31/10)

No one shows up to Scarcelli’s presidential visit “unity conference” (Dirigo Blue, 3/30/10)

McGowan turns in clean election donations (Kennebec Journal, 3/30/10)

Maine blazes a trail in funding (Boston Globe, 3/29/10)

Start covering the election — for real (DownEast, 3/29/10)

Poliquin’s first ad, “Accountability” (Pine Tree Politics, 3/29/10)

Poliquin: Maine needs to be better managed (Portland Press Herald, 3/29/10)

State gives unenrolled candidates a chance (Portland Press Herald, 3/28/10)

Democrats try to create space in a crowded field (Portland Press Herald, 3/27/10)

Abbott cites McDonnell & Virginia in fundraising letter (Washington Post, 3/26/10)

Poliquin to launch TV ad Tuesday (Kennebec Journal, 3/26/10)

Beardsley eyes education overhaul (Maine Campus, 3/25/10)

Where the GOP guber candidates stand on natural resources (Kennebec Journal, 3/24/10)

Audio: Your Vote – Peter Mills profile (Maine Public Broadcasting, 3/22/10)

At first forum, GOP candidates outline positions (Portland Press Herald, 3/21/10)

Candidates have until April 1 to qualify for clean elections matching funds (The Free Press, 3/18/10)

Guber candidates discuss views on natural resources (Morning Sentinel, 3/18/10)

VIDEO: Your Vote 2010: Clean Elections/Interview with Matt Jacobson (Maine Public Broadcasting, 3/18/10)

Joe Kennedy endorses McGowan (Kennebec Journal, 3/17/10)

Blaine House hopefuls number a dozen (Bangor Daily News, 3/16/10)

Guber candidates respond to questions on natural resources, energy (, 3/16/10)

Bloc of women break for Rowe (Kennebec Journal, 3/16/10)

GOP forum – general consensus among candidates (Kennebec Journal, 3/12/10)

North Woods and issue in guber debate (Bangor Daily News, 3/12/10)

VIDEO: Maine’s Food Economy/Your Vote 2010 – Peter Mills (Maine Public Broadcasting, 3/11/10)

LePage wins Knox County GOP straw vote (The Free Press, 3/11/10)

Otten’s “risky business” (The Forecaster, 3/10/10)

First out of the gate, Rowe is putting together a strong campaign (, 3/10/10)

Bill Clinton endorses Libby Mitchell (Bangor Daily News, 3/10/10)

Clinton endorsement shakes up Dem primary (Maine Public Broadcasting, 3/9/10)

AUDIO: Interview with Steve Abbott (As Maine Goes, 3/4/10)

Augusta Insider Interview: Bill Beardsley (3/1/10)

Guber candidates respond to bond proposal (Augusta Insider, 3/1/10)

Two GOP candidates debate on “Aroostook Watchmen” (Dirigo Blue, 3/1/10)


Two dozen running, first big test ahead (Bangor Daily News, 2/27/10)

Jacobson touts experience in Maine business (The Campus News, 2/25/10)

Scarcelli: budget gimmicks reveal lack of leadership (Bangor Daily News, 2/20/10)

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