The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Kentucky Guv News


Kentucky Gubernatorial Headlines:


Kentucky’s unlikely health-care heartthrob (Politico, 12/7/13)
Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear hits Mitch McConnell on Obamacare (Politico, 12/5/13)
Kentucky governor sees promise for Democrats in healthcare law (LA Times, 12/5/13)
Kentucky’s governor visits Capitol Hill to praise healthcare law (LA Times, 12/5/13)
State’s pension systems seeking $2.3B in next two-year budget (Bluegrass Politics, 12/5/13)
More talk (behind closed doors), little action so far in House probe of former Rep. John Arnold (cn|2 Politics, 12/5/13)
What Grimes says E.Ky. must do to diversify economy; She also slams McConnell on Farm Bill delay (cn|2 Politics, 12/5/13)
VIDEO: Comer says anyone who announces 2015 intentions this early is ‘selfish’ (cn|2 Politics, 12/5/13)
Republican Hal Heiner eyes early 2014 to announce run for governor (Bluegrass Politics, 12/4/13)
Two state Senate candidates running TV ads in special election (Lexington Herald-Leader, 12/4/13)
Ripple effect from Detroit could reshape pension debate in Kent. (cn|2 Politics, 12/4/13)
GOP senator outlines proposal for 7 casinos in different regions; 10% revenue would to go horse industry (cn|2 Politics, 12/3/13)
Democrat Reginald Thomas hols fundraising edge in state Senate race (Lexington Herald-Leader, 12/3/13)
Kentucky faces a bloody midterm battle for Senate seat (LA Times, 12/3/13)
COMMENTARY: James Comer: ‘I’m doing my job, even if it discomfits some (Lexington Herald-Leader, 12/2/13)
TV ad touts McConnell as friend of coal (AP, 12/2/13)
Political paddock: Special elections reveal little about US Senate race (Lexington Herald-Leader, 12/2/13)
Republican says the ‘good thing’ about Obamacare is wider mental health coverage … but that raises more issues (cn|2 Politics, 12/2/13)
As Ky. Republicans ramp up criticism, Beshear says he’s working on ‘various ideas’ to pay for exchange (cn|2 Politics, 12/1/13)


‘I am not a Republican,’ state Senate candidate says after accusation from opponent (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/29/13)
Kentucky governor sees health law as chance to heal an ailing state (LA Times, 11/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Mitch McConnell: Editorial ignores facts; new health law is a failure (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/25/13)
Running mate math spitting out different equations for 2015 Democratic governor hopefuls (cn|2 Politics, 11/24/13)
In rural Kentucky, health-care debate takes back seat as the long-uninsured line up (Washington Post, 11/23/13)
Gov. Steve Beshear launches angel investors network (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/23/13)
Stivers and Senate GOP to ramp up ‘dialogue’ on Affordable Care Act flaws in Kentucky (cn|2 Politics, 11/23/13)
Alison Lundergan Grimes talks government regulation, gay marriage with farmers (Bluegrass Politics, 11/22/13)
Retirees gearing up to fight pension transparency legislation in 2014 (cn|2 Politics, 11/22/13)
Educators strategize ways to convince legislators to raise school funding at least back to ’08 levels (cn|2 Politics, 11/21/13)
Grimes urges congressional action on immigration, supports filibuster reform (cn|2 Politics, 11/21/13)
Casino gambling on the agenda again for Kentucky legislature (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/20/13)
Beshear says he will work to improve nursing home care in Kentucky (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/19/13)
State covers the Beshears’ travel costs to Dubai with Kentucky Chamber of Commerce (cn|2 Politics, 11/19/13)
Best chance for ‘new revenues’ would be a constitutional amendment allowing casinos, House Speaker says (cn|2 Politics, 11/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Ky. Guard owed equal benefits; Beshear right to cover same-sex couples (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/19/13)
EDITORIAL: School boards should keep poking legislature to restore education funding (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/19/13)
Rand Paul on why he’d want to be president, how he’d announce and whether he’d run with Christie (cn|2 Politics, 11/18/13)
Stumbo sees two re-elections and lots of TV ad time in his future but not necessarily being governor (cn|2 Politics, 11/18/13)
Judge to rule soon in sexual harassment case involving Ky. legislators (AP, 11/18/13)
Candidate filing roundup: Political effects of redistricting already being felt with early filings (cn|2 Politics, 11/18/13)
Political paddock: Rand Paul and James Comer might be Kentucky’s next dynamic duo (Bluegrass Politics, 11/18/13)
Forum provided answers to those struggling with Kentucky’s health insurance enrollment (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/18/13)
Primary update: McConnell touts support from vets; Bevin officially files to challenge McConnell (cn|2 Politics, 11/15/13)
As Ky. GOP seeks to take House in 2014, Stumbo says Democrats can defend themselves on ethics (cn|2 Politics, 11/15/13)
Bevin makes his bid for US Senate official (Bluegrass Politics, 11/15/13)
Stumbo predicts ‘destructive’ budget in 2014 and lays out his top priorities for funding (cn|2 Politics, 11/15/13)
James Comer returns $1.65 million to state from program Richie Farmer had started (Bluegrass Politics, 11/15/13)
Ky. House Republicans mounting a ‘time for a change’ campaign to win over chamber (cn|2 Politics, 11/15/13)
Mitch McConnell criticized for taking money from firm tied to health website (Bluegrass Politics, 11/14/13)
Andy Beshear, son of Gov. Beshear, running for Kentucky attorney general (Bluegrass Politics, 11/14/13)
VIDEO: Too late for tax reform in 2014, House Speaker says (cn|2 Politics, 11/14/13)
Challenging Eastern Kentucky leaders, Ag Commissioner James Comer says it’s time to look beyond coal (WFPL, 11/14/13)
Son of Gov. Beshear to run for Kentucky attorney general (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/14/13)
Andy Beshear becomes first candidate to announce for 2015 race for attorney general (cn|2 Politics, 11/14/13)
With a Tea Party voting record, Andy Barr works overtime on constituent outreach (Bluegrass Politics, 11/14/13)
EDITORIAL: Time to tackle Ky. tax reform; Beshear must make tough decisions (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/13/13)
Even with funding requests mounting, lawmakers resigning themselves to no tax reform in ’14 (cn|2 Politics, 11/13/13)
The chatter: Grimes fundraising in DC as new poll shows race in a dead heat (cn|2 Politics, 11/12/13)
Former Kentucky gubernatorial candidate endorses Matt Bevin for US Senate (WFPL, 11/12/13)
Political Paddock: State of the Kentucky Senate race (Bluegrass Politics, 11/10/13)
Beshear’s tax reform plan gathering dust alongside eight previous proposals (Bluegrass Politics, 11/10/13)
Trading shots: McConnell gets awared from NRA; Grimes offers to shoot with McConnell (cn|2 Politics, 11/8/13)
Rep. Derrick Graham says teacher’s retirement budget shortfall must be addressed ASAP (cn|2 Politics, 11/8/13)
Why is Medicaid getting most Kentuckians who have found insurance through the health exchange? (cn|2 Politics, 11/7/13)
House and Senate leadership divided over when redistricting maps go into effect (cn|2 Politics, 11/6/13)
280,000 Kentuckians with cancelled insurance plans are getting offers of new coverage, official says (cn|2 Politics, 11/6/13)
Kentucky’s 2014 election season officially begins with the early birds (cn|2 Politics, 11/6/13)
Judge to hear requests by Stumbo, state to drop out of sexual harassment lawsuit (Bluegrass Politics, 11/6/13)
Banker urging Heiner to run for Ky. governor (AP, 11/6/13)
Grimes campaign memo predicts McConnell’s primary challenge will help Democrat win (Bluegrass Politics, 11/6/13)
Though defiant, senator accused of plagiarism admits errors (New York Times, 11/5/13)
Union endorsement of Grimes puts spotlight on right-to-work issue (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/5/13)
Citizens petition Beshear to oppose eminent domain for proposed pipeline (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/5/13)
Graham and other Ky. lawmakers not convinced pension system changes will work (cn|2 Politics, 11/5/13)
James Comer to Kentucky GOP leaders: ‘I cannot be controlled’ (Bluegrass Politics, 11/5/13)
Bill Clinton’s presence in Virginia race previews role in Kentucky Senate fight (Bluegrass Politics, 11/5/13)
Gov. Steve Beshear responds to speculation about post in Obama’s cabinet (Bluegrass Politics, 11/4/13)
VIDEO: Kentucky ad links Obamacare, Grimes (Politico, 11/4/13)
Tea Party to Ky. GOP: Treat our candidates the same (Cincinnati Enquirer, 11/1/13)


Rand Paul adviser calls plagiarism flap ‘trivial’ (Bluegrass Politics, 10/31/13)
Matt Bevin: MItch McConnell resorting to ‘bite-off-my-ear[ strategy in GOP primary(Bluegrass Politics, 10/31/13)
Next pension proposals: Cutting off felons and revealing big recipients (cn|2 Politics, 10/31/13)
Mitch McConnell less popular nationally than Ted Cruz and the Tea Party (Bluegrass Politics, 10/31/13)
Conservative super PAC spends $332K against McConnell (Roll Call, 10/30/13)
Despite McConnell’s role in shutdown deal, Barr says he just couldn’t buy it (cn|2 Politics, 10/30/13)
Republicans trying to learn from missed opportunities and wrong strategy, Guthrie says(cn|2 Politics, 10/30/13)
EDITORIAL: E.Ky. summit can spark revival: Beshear, Rogers launch vital discussion(Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/30/13)
Once a ‘guardian of gridlock,’ McConnell’s new video boasts that he busted it (cn|2 Politics, 10/29/13)
SF Dems ready to throw cash to dump Mitch McConnell (SF Gate, 10/29/13)
Beshear, Conway urge Kentuckians to avoid health care insurance scams (AP, 10/29/13)
Long shot could play spoiler role in Kentucky Senate race (NPR, 10/29/13)
Matt Bevin, conservative groups assail Mitch McConnell’s attack plan (Bluegrass Politics, 10/29/13)
Hollywood celebrities investing in Ky. Senate race (AP, 10/29/13)
Grimes raises money with opponents of coal-fired power; McConnell to attend pro-coal rally (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/29/13)
Criticism over fundraising now going both ways in Kentucky’s US Senate race (cn|2 Politics, 10/28/13)
Democratic Gov. Beshear says the US health law will work (Bloomberg, 10/28/13)
McConnell getting hit from both sides in web ads related to shutdown deal (cn|2 Politics, 10/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Mitch McConnell’s attack on Matt Bevin signifies larger battle plan(Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/28/13)
Beshear, Hal Rogers propose summit to revive Eastern Kentucky’s economy (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/28/13)
Beshear to national press: ‘Chill out’ on the Affordable Care Act (cn|2 Politics, 10/27/13)
Gov. Steve Beshear on health care law: ‘Everybody needs to chill out’ (Bluegrass Politics, 10/27/13)
Rand Paul hones presidential strategy at Kentucky campaign stops (Bluegrass Politics, 10/27/13)
Beshear continues media campaign in support of the Affordable Care Act (WPSD, 10/27/13)
Campaign Watchdog: GOP claim that health insurance going up 34% in Ky. mostly false(Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/25/13)
All 3 candidates in Lexington state Senate race were Democrats until recently (Bluegrass Politics, 10/25/13)
Mitch McConnell campaign brings in attorney to accuse Matt Bevin of crime (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/25/13)
Beshear touts state’s Medicaid managed care system (Bluegrass Politics, 10/24/13)
McConnell campaign seeks to frame Bevin as untrustworthy over tax lien claims (cn|2 Politics, 10/24/13)
The most important election of 2014 – Kentucky Senate (Rothenblog, 10/21/13)
Conservatives see McConnell’s shutdown deal-making as a betrayal — and an opening(Washington Post, 10/18/13)
Senate Conservatives Fund endorses Matt Bevin over Mitch McConnell in Kentucky GOP primary (Bluegrass Politics, 10/18/13)
Mitch McConnell: Debt deal undermines ‘Senator Gridlock’ label given by Grimes(Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/17/13)
Poll: Grimes edging McConnell in Kentucky (RealClearPolitics, 10/17/13)
Shutdown over, Mitch McConnell looks beyond Matt Bevin to Alison Lundergran Grimes(Bluegrass Politics, 10/17/13)
Andy Barr’s alliance with shutdown Republicans could spell trouble (Bluegrass Politics, 10/17/13)
Sarah Palin suggests she will get involved in Kentucky Senate race (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/17/13)
Beshear laments effects of govt shutdown (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/16/13)
Beshear: Congressional dysfunction already has cost Kentucky and McConnell only put out fire he helped start (cn|2 Politics, 10/16/13)
Mitch McConnell’s enemies blast inclusion of Ky. dam project in dam deal (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/16/13)
As he tries to broker 11th hour deal, McConnell walks the line (First Read, 10/15/13)
State Auditor says lack of checks and balances a key component in recent Northern Kentucky corruption cases (cn|2 Politics, 10/15/13)
Grimes brings in $2.5M in her first fundraising period, has $2M on hand (cn|2 Politics, 10/15/13)
Alison Lundergan Grimes raises $2.5M, sparking battle of spin (Bluegrass Politics, 10/15/13)
Ethics panel finds probable cause in sexual harassment case against lawmaker (Bluegrass Politics, 10/15/13)
In broken Washington, a Kentucky power couple emerges (Lexington Herald-Leader,10/14/13)
Group calls for plan, money to move beyond coal in Eastern Kentucky (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/14/13)
Kathy Stein accepts circuit judgeship appointment, which opens up 13th Senate District(cn|2 Politics, 10/14/13)
Mitch McConnell ally plans to bring big money to Kentucky’s Senate race (Bluegrass Politics, 10/14/13)
In one of biggest fights of his political life, McConnell ‘hoping to get a passing grade’(Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/12/13)
McConnell breaks $2M in 3rdQ fundraising; Bevin collects $822K, but 75% of it is his own(cn|2 Politics, 10/11/13)
Mitch McConnell raises $2.27M in third quarter (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/11/13)
EDITORIAL: Court must reject democracy for sale; McConnell seeks unlimited donations(Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/11/13)
McConnell PAC fires back at DNC shutdown ads (Bluegrass Politics, 10/10/13)
Key members of panel investigating harassment in House differ on breadth of probe (cn|2 Politics, 10/9/13)
Only 1 lawmaker refuses pay from special session (AP, 10/9/13)
Beshear supports expansion of domestic violence law to dating partners (Bluegrass Politics, 10/9/13)
Committee investigating harassment complaints debates asking more legislative staffers to talk (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/9/13)
Supreme Court ruling in campaign finance case could affect Kentucky Senate race(Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/8/13)
National Democrats target McConnell, Paul in ad campaign about shutdown (Bluegrass Politics, 10//8/13)
State agriculture department plans open house, says politics not on the menu (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/7/13)
Republican lawmaker calls for citizen commission to set pay for elected officials, including legislators (cn|2 Politics, 10/7/13)
Kentucky emerges as key political battleground over health care law (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/5/13)
Beshear says McConnell and Paul weaving ‘web of misinformation’ about health law(Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/3/13)
Groups take aim at Mitch McConnell over stance on campaign contribution laws (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/3/13)
Governor says Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul weaving ‘web of misinformation’ about health law (Bluegrass Politics, 10/3/13)
House Speaker Greg Stumbo explains why he’s now open to legalizing medical marijuana in Ky. (cn|2 Politics, 10/3/13)
Kentucky governor’s Obamacare advocacy could help Mitch McConnell (National Journal,10/3/13)
VIDEO: Rand Paul dismisses hot mike controversy (Bluegrass Politics, 10/3/13)
Kentucky lawmakers name acting director for troubled Legislative Research Commission(Bluegrass Politics, 10/2/13)
VIDEO: First day of Kentucky health care program one of Beshear’s ‘most exciting’(Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul avoid shutdown fringe (Lexington Herald-Leader,10/2/13)
Why this government shutdown doesn’t matter in Ky’s 2014 US Senate race (cn|2 Politics, 10/1/13)
Democrats launch shutdown phone calls against Andy Barr (Bluegrass Politics, 10/1/13)
Effects of government shutdown begin to be felt in Kentucky (Lexington Herald-Leader,10/1/13)
EDITORIAL: Better day dawns for Kentucky; critical health reforms finally launch(Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/1/13)
Three legislative staffers file lawsuits related to sexual harassment scandal (Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/1/13)
Glitches hamper access to Kentucky’s Obamacare website (Lexington Herald-Leader,10/1/13)
Rand Paul says 2016 presidential chatter is ‘good for Kentucky’ (Lexington Herald-Leader,10/1/13)
Lawsuits filed in sexual harassment cases; Claims of wages unpaid also alleged (cn|2 Politics, 10/1/13)


Shutdown looming, Grimes takes aim at McConnell (Bluegrass Politics, 9/30/13)
Shutdown holds potential, pitfalls for Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes(Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Moment of truth for Ky. legislature (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/29/13)
In glare of spotlight, Kentucky’s Obamacare program is ready, experts say (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/28/13)
’Get over it’: Kentucky governor says health-care reform can’t wait (Washington Post,9/28/13)
Overly calls for more investigations into shredding; Leaders to meet about replacing Sherman at LRC (cn|2 Politics, 9/27/13)
Three legislative leaders call for meeting to deal with ‘leadership vacuum’ at LRC(Bluegrass Politics, 9/27/13)
2 agencies seek to withdraw from state pensions (AP, 9/27/13)
Sen. Kathy Stein calls for investigation of Greg Stumbo and other Democratic House leaders (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/26/13)
Teachers Retirement System asks for $400M a year; KRS trying to keep agencies from bolting (cn|2 Politics, 9/26/13)
Alison Lundergran Grimes pressured over new sexual harassment claims in Kentucky Legislature (WFPL, 9/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Beshear: My state needs Obamacare. Now. (New York Times, 9/26/13)
Dwindling Tea Party support among GOP may impact Matt Bevin’s insurgency (WFPL, 9/26/13)
House speaker turns memos over to state police (AP, 9/25/13)
Lexington, Louisville mayors testify in favor of public vote on temporary sales tax(Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/25/13)
In Kentucky Legislature, lax rules govern workplace relationships despite long history of scandal (WFPL, 9/25/13)
VIDEO: Edelen, Conway and Comer preview 2015 themes of Ky. education, health funding and pill abuse (cn|2 Politics, 9/24/13)
McConnell will not back method by members of his caucus to defund Obamacare (cn|2 Politics, 9/24/13)
Gunning for McConnell (National Review, 9/23/13)
Lawmakers to consider proposal to allow temporary sales tax increases (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/23/13)
Ed Marskberry to dropout of Democratic US Senate primary to run as independent (cn|2 Politics, 9/23/13)
Marksberry changes from Democrat to independent to run in US Senate race (Bluegrass Politics, 9/23/13)
Grimes faces challenge in convincing conservative western Ky. Democrats to ’switch’ back(cn|2 Politics, 9/23/13)
Democratic lawmaker calls for broadening investigations to fix inappropriate ‘culture’ in legislature (cn|2 Politics, 9/23/13)
Beshear heads to Europe on latest trade mission (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/20/13)
Head of Legislative Research Commission resigns (AP, 9/20/13)
Kentucky coal leader calls EPA rules a ‘defacto ban on coal-fired power plants’ (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/20/13)
Grimes faces another attack from outside group (AP, 9/20/13)
EDITORIAL: McConnell’s spiel offers no hope; E.Ky. ready for a real jobs plan (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/20/13)
State Senate candidate and legislator on investigative panel said she was ’shocked’ by allegations (cn|2 Politics, 9/19/13)
VIDEO: Outside political group runs TV ad opposing Obamacare (Bluegrass Politics, 9/18/13)
Beshear: Kentucky will seek flexibility on federal greenhouse gas rules (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/17/13)
Lawmaker’s resignation doesn’t end sexual harassment investigation (AP, 9/17/13)
Panel investigating John Arnold moves forward with House cleaning effort (cn|2 Politics, 9/17/13)
In wake of Arnold’s resignation, questions about probes persist while parties scramble for candidates (cn|2 Politics, 9/16/13)
Let the courting begin: 2015 running mate derby has Republican candidates on the prowl(cn|2 Politics, 9/15/13)
EDITORIAL: Beshear right to OK science plan (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/13/13)
Kentucky lawmaker accused of sexual harassment resigns (AP, 9/13/13)
Embattled Rep. John Arnold resigns legislature amid sexual harassment allegations (cn|2 Politics, 9/13/13)
Opponents in Kentucky make Mitch McConnell useless in the Senate (The Daily Beast, 9/13/13)
National Democrats help Grimes raise funds, opening door for criticism from GOP(Bluegrass Politics, 9/12/13)
McConnell eschews Senate deal-maker role to boost re-election (Bloomberg Businessweek,9/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Real voter fraud not about IDs; vote buying is toxic abuse of the system(Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/12/13)
Group files lawsuit challenging Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriage (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/12/13)
Beshear to implement science standards in wake of panel’s rejection (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/11/13)
Democratic leader seeks overhaul of workplace  policies for Ky. legislative branch(Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/11/13)
Legislative panel opposes new science standards (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/11/13)
Current legal work could pose ‘difficult question’ as Andy Beshear mulls future race (cn|2 Politics, 9/10/13)
Charter school advocates’ pitch to legislators: ‘Go bold’ and scores could rise (cn|2 Politics, 9/10/13)
Long-time Democratic incumbent Damron won’t run for re-election to Ky. House in 2014(Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/10/13)
Governor encourages Kentuckians to research health insurance options (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/10/13)
Richie Farmer agrees to largest ethics fine in Kentucky history (AP, 9/9/13)
Grimes slightly sharpens her concern over harassment saga while her campaign hammers over women’s issues (cn|2 Politics, 9/8/13)
Senate leader: Incumbent senator doesn’t “deserve” a primary, says harassment saga could hurt Democrats (cn|2 Politics, 9/8/13)
Fish and Wildlife chief’s departure ends flak over contract but not investigation and questions (cn|2 Politics, 9/6/13)
VIDEO: Will tax reform have to wait? Thayer and Beshear talked about delaying until 2015 because of other issues (cn|2 Politics, 9/6/13)
Special committee meeting date set on harassment allegations against Ky. lawmaker(Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/6/13)
Richie Farmer to plead guilty; he could face two years in prison (Lexington Herald-Leader,9/5/13)
Embattled Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Jonathan Gassett resigns post (cn|2 Politics, 9/5/13)
Legislative leaders go behind closed doors to discuss sex-harassment allegations (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/4/13)
LRC leaders balk at talking publicly about harassment details because of lawsuit fears(cn|2 Politics, 9/4/13)
Lawyer for harassed staff members slams LRC, indicates broader problems and potential lawsuit (cn|2 Politics, 9/4/13)


In Kentucky, a rare southern embrace of Obamacare (Politico, 8/31/13)
Lawmaker on committee investigating Rep. Arnold: This is no place for politics (cn|2 Politics, 8/30/13)
Looking ahead at Grimes, McConnell brings out prominent women to criticize Democrats’ approach (cn|2 Politics, 8/30/13)
Stumbo sets stage for possible censure or expulsion of state Rep. John Arnold (Bluegrass Politics, 8/29/13)
Stumbo files petition to allow House determine whether to censure or expel Rep. John Arnold (cn|2 Politics, 8/29/13)
Comer says remaining debt from 2011 campaign has been retired thanks to Craft, other donors (cn|2 Politics, 8/29/13)
Rep. Riner: John Arnold close to resigning; Changes in LRC leadership and House ‘good-ol’-boy’ culture needed (cn|2 Politics, 8/28/13)
EDITORIAL: Independent look needed at sexual harassment claims (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/27/13)
Fallout from sexual harassment allegations continues in Kentucky House (Bluegrass Politics, 8/27/13)
Boone County group weighing pursuit of court challenge to new state House map (cn|2 Politics, 8/26/13)
Former female House members say ‘culture of good ol’ boys’ in the House must change(cn|2 Politics, 8/26/13)
Tilley approached as running mate in 2015; Still considering run for attorney general(cn|2 Politics, 8/25/13)
Governor quickly signs redistricting bill into law (AP, 8/23/13)
Senate easily passes legislative redistricting maps 35-2 (cn|2 Politics, 8/23/13)
Governor stands ready to sign redistricting bill (AP, 8/22/13)
AUDIO: Interview with Gov. Steve Beshear (WVXU, 8/22/13)
House Democrats rush to contain scandal as more names and another harassment complaint emerge (cn|2 Politics, 8/22/13)
Third staffer files sexual harassment complaint against Kentucky lawmaker (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/22/13)
VIDEO: Grimes dodges some policy questions; McConnell deflects political questions (cn|2 Politics, 8/22/13)
Throwback Thursday as McConnell and Beshear debate health care and farm bill in front of farmers (cn|2 Politics, 8/22/13)
Beshear, McConnell use state breakfast to disagree over expanding health insurance(Bluegrass Politics, 8/22/13)
Kentucky Statehouse staffers accuse Rep. John Arnold of sexual harassment, assault(WFPL, 8/21/13)
Sexual harassment allegations cast dark shadow over House in special session (cn|2 Politics, 8/21/13)
House easily passes new district map as many of the ‘no’ votes complain about split counties (cn|2 Politics, 8/21/13)
Pew Center to return to Ky. to suggest juvenile justice and status offender reforms (cn|2 Politics, 8/21/13)
Legislators move to support staff alleging sexual harassment against Rep. John Arnold(cn|2 Politics, 8/21/13)
EDITORIAL: Fayette dissed in redistricting; Process needs to be transparent (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/21/13)
House passes new redistricting map; plan heads to Senate (Bluegrass Politics, 8/21/13)
Beshear blasts Florida governor over attempts to siphon off businesses (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/20/13)
Map Madness Day 2: Grumblings, praise, defenses, court rulings and emergency clauses(cn|2 Politics, 8/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Legislature needs pipeline oversight: Do companies have eminent domain?(Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/20/13)
Could new legislative district maps spark an outbreak of primary fever? (cn|2 Politics, 8/19/13)
Federal court ruling cold mean legislative leaders need to find more votes for district maps(cn|2 Politics, 8/19/13)
Lawmakers convene in Frankfort over redistricting (AP, 8/19/13)
Two agencies get state money to help facilitate launch of health care exchange (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/19/13)
Court ruling creates turmoil in special legislative session on redistricting (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/19/13)
Who got big breaks and bad breaks in the proposed legislative district maps? (cn|2 Politics, 8/19/13)
Beshear opens Kentucky’s ‘Obamacare’ insurance call center (Lexington Herald-Leader,8/16/13)
Louisville tea party leader endorses McConnell (AP, 8/16/13)
House Democratic majority’s map pits 2 pairs of Democrats, 2 pairs of Republicans against each other (cn|2 Politics, 8/16/13)
AUDIO: Kentucky in the political spotlight (WVXU, 8/15/13)
AUDIO: Sabato’s Crystal Ball on Kentucky (WVXU, 8/15/13)
Andy Beshear: ‘Very strong interest’ for AG office; All-in for Grimes in US Senate race(cn|2 Politics, 8/9/13)
Louisville lawyer Jennifer Moore mulling statewide run in 2015 or 2016 (cn|2 Politics, 8/9/13)
Stumbo dismisses House GOP redistricting plan as ‘dog and pony show’ (Bluegrass Politics, 8/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Finally, a leader for the mountains (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/8/13)
Head of Ky. emergency management agency resigns following scathing audit (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/8/13)
VIDEO: Campaign manager on working for Mitch McConnell: ‘Holding my nose’(Bluegrass Politics, 8/8/13)
House Republican leader unveils GOP’s redistricting plan (Lexington Herald-Leader,8/8/13)
Campaign manager on working for Mitch McConnell: ‘Holding my nose’ (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/8/13)
After Benton ‘holding my nose’ comment, McConnell campaign tries to make light of it(cn|2 Politics, 8/8/13)
House GOP touts ‘fair’ House map that would pit 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans against fellow incumbents (cn|2 Politics, 8/8/13)
Governor accepts resignation of head of Emergency Management in wake of scathing audit(cn|2 Politics, 8/8/13)
VIDEO: Bevin airs ad rebutting McConnell’s claims about him (Bluegrass Politics, 8/7/13)
Kentucky coal jobs at lowest number since state started counting in 1927 (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/7/13)
Kentucky’s economy: Is there reason for optimism? (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/7/13)
Kentucky’s revenue outlook ‘optimistically uncertain’ as group starts budget forecasting(cn|2 Politics, 8/7/13)
Beshear won’t add pipeline legislation to agenda of special law-making session (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/7/13)
Beshear appoints Democratic consultant to job in health cabinet (Lexington Herald-Leader,8/7/13)
VIDEO: Abramson says he wants to focus on education and won’t run for governor in 2015 (cn|2 Politics, 8/6/13)
Auditor finds threats, conflicts of interest and partying in Kentucky Emergency Management agency (cn|2 Politics, 8/6/13)
Lt. Gov Abramson says he won’t seek Kentucky governor’s office in 2015 (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/6/13)
Auditors: Employees intimidated, millions misspent at Ky. Emergency Management(Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/6/13)
GOP blasts Grimes for taking few questions over the weekend while McConnell took none(cn|2 Politics, 8/5/13)
New House map being drafted would have 7 Republicans and at least 1 Democrat against other incumbents (cn|2 Politics, 8/5/13)
McConnell campaign fires back at GOP challenger (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/5/13)
VIDEO: The Senate race speeches: Grimes, Bevin and Marksberry go 3-on-1 against McConnell (cn|2 Politics, 8/3/13)
Bevin’s big debut: Grimes and McConnell shake (2014 Fancy Farm begins one year early, the blog) (cn|2 Politics, 8/3/13)
VIDEO: Potential GOP candidates for governor James Comer, Phil Moffett and Hal Heiner make their cases (cn|2 Politics, 8/3/13)
VIDEO: Attorney General Conway on running for governor (, 8/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Fancy Farm shows that McConnell is in for a fight (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/3/13)
McConnell, Grimes warm up for Fancy Farm speeches with breakfast events (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/3/13)
Potential contenders for Kentucky governor wait to reveal their plans (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/3/13)
Kentucky Senate candidates test their mettle at rowdy Fancy Farm picnic (The Hill,8/3/13)
Kentucky’s 2014 US Senate race declared a ‘toss up’ (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/2/13)
McConnell challengers raise stakes for 133rd Fancy Farm (WHAS11, 8/2/13)
Grimes: Senate race isn’t a toss-up because voters want to toss out McConnell (cn|2 Politics, 8/2/13)
Fancy Farm picnic promises to be lively with Mitch McConnelll, Alison Lundergan Grimes on hand (Louisville Courier-Journal, 8/2/13)
Kentucky’s Fancy Farm explained, in 1 cartoon (The Fix, 8/2/13)
At Fancy Farm, McConnell steps into crosshairs (NBC News, 8/2/13)
Internal polls: Grimes up by 2, McConnell up by 8 (WHAS11, 8/2/13)
Democratic pollster: Grimes 45, McConnell 44 (WHAS11, 8/1/13)
Battle of Kentucky nullification laws highlighted on ‘The Daily Show’ (cn|2 Politics, 8/1/13)
McConnell, Lundergan Grimes to face off Saturday for first time (Lexington Herald-Leader,8/1/13)
Fancy Farm no picnic for Senate candidates (Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

Luallen will miss Fancy Farm but still thinking about running for governor (Bluegrass Politics, 7/31/13)
Mongiardo: Democrats who announce for governor before Nov 2014 ’should be discredited’(cn|2 Politics, 7/31/13)
McConnell campaign’s primary focus is on Grimes — not the primary, manager says (cn|2 Politics, 7/31/13)
Marksberry added to roster at Fancy Farm (AP, 7/31/13)
Sidelined by knee replacement, Crit Luallen to skip Fancy Farm; insists she won’t be anyone’s Lt.Gov. (cn|2 Politics, 7/30/13)
VIDEO: Abramson: Deciding soon on possible 2015 run (AP, 7/30/13)
Grimes frames her argument: That McConnell has ‘gone Washington’ (cn|2 Politics, 7/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Ky. Republicans should know food stamps feed their young and elderly constituents (cn|2 Politics, 7/30/13)
Abramson pushes back timeline for 2015 decision and isn’t yet searching for running mate (cn|2 Politics, 7/29/13)
Political speaking order set for this weekend’s Fancy Farm (Bluegrass Politics, 7/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Rulings do not change Ky. law on gay marriage (Lexington Herald-Leader,7/29/13)
Minority report: Senate Democrats hope Grimes could help bring western Ky. Democrats back to their column in ‘14 (cn|2 Politics, 7/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Legislators: Draw fair map, now (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/28/13)
Education and health leaders brace for federal spending cut ramifications for the state(cn|2 Politics, 7/26/13)
Ky. couple challenges ban on same-sex marriage (AP, 7/26/13)
Dem senate candidate Marksberry to speak at Fancy Farm; Thanks McConnell for help reaching the stage (cn|2 Politics, 7/26/13)
State lawmakers warned about impact of federal spending cuts (Bluegrass Politics, 7/26/13)
Beshear says he’ll play role in Grimes campaign roll-out; Explains why he will miss Fancy Farm (cn|2 Politics, 7/25/13)
Chatter: McConnell campaign leans on Bevin to take down first TV ad; GOP poll shows McConnell leading (cn|2 Politics, 7/25/13)
VIDEO: Grimes video serves as platform to hit McConnell on record and campaign kick-off invite (cn|2 Politics, 7/25/13)
Kentucky tea part groups say best part of Bevin’s candidacy is that it offers a choice (cn|2 Politics, 7/25/13)
EDITORIAL: McConnell risks negativity backlash (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/25/13)
State auditor finds conflict in HealthFirst clinic project, questions agency’s financial stability (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/25/13)
Beshear, Abramson to skip Fancy Farm (Bluegrass Politics, 7/24/13)
Why conservative groups are treading carefully in Mitch McConnell’s primary(Washington Post, 7/24/13)
VIDEO: Bevin to Kentucky GOP’s voters: ‘We deserve better’ than McConnell (cn|2 Politics, 7/24/13)
McConnell calls for backup at Fancy Farm picnic (AP, 7/24/13)
EDITORIAL: Repeal Kentucky ’stand your ground’ law (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/24/13)
Tea Party opponent may take some of McConnell’s focus off race with Grimes (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/24/13)
VIDEO: McConnell and Bevin quickly move GOP primary to the airwaves with dueling ads(cn|2 Politics, 7/24/13)
Fancy Farm update: McConnell, Bevin and Grimes to headline; Beshear, Abramson and Paul are out (cn|2 Politics, 7/24/13)
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce calls for public-private funding strategies to stop ‘bass-ackward’ budgeting (cn|2 Politics, 7/23/13)
New TV ad calls Mitch McConnell ‘the guardian of gridlock’ (Lexington Herald-Leader,7/23/13)
EDITORIAL: Toughen rules for gas pipeline; Add issues of safety, rights to special session(Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/23/13)
Coal company owners Craft and Booth plan to take out frustrations with Obama in 2014 election (cn|2 Politics, 7/23/13)
Sen. Rand Paul confirms departure of staffer who spoke fondly of Lincoln’s assassin(Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/22/13)
Through the looking glass: Mitch McConnell and the tea party (cn|2 Politics, 7/22/13)
Mitch McConnell suddenly confronts rough political road (Lexington Herald-Leader,7/19/13)
The chatter (’14 Senate race edition): Grimes’ county clerk flap, McConnell’s headaches with his caucus (cn|2 Politics, 7/19/13)
Matt Bevin’s challenge to McConnell: Game-changer or exhibition game? (cn|2 Politics, 7/19/13)
Comer: Campaign advisers will meet before Fancy Farm about 2015; Guthries decision ‘changes dynamics’ (cn|2 Politics, 7/18/13)
Abramson not sure whether he’ll attend Fancy Farm, but will decide about governor’s race around then (cn|2 Politics, 7/18/13)
The chatter: Group says Beshear among worst governors, Trump gives to McConnell, and more (cn|2 Politics, 7/17/13)
McConnell’s latest ad strikes at ‘war on coal’ (AP, 7/16/13)
Guthrie says he won’t run for Ky. governor in 2015 (AP, 7/16/13)
Women’s issues playing an early role in 2014 race as Democrats scrutinize McConnell’s votes (cn|2 Politics, 7/16/13)
While Comer is not officially saying whether he’ll run for governor, he’s got a campaign theme (cn|2 Politics, 7/16/13)
Brett Guthrie says he won’t run for governor in 2015, focuses instead on 2014 re-election bid (cn|2 Politics, 7/16/13)
Surplus of $40.5M won’t be treated like extra money, governor says (cn|2 Politics, 7/15/13)
OPINION: Reject ‘either, or’ posturing to build new energy future (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/15/13)
Ky. Democrats: Grimes will boost efforts to keep state House in ‘14 by keeping McConnell and his money busy (cn|2 Politics, 7/14/13)
Ky. GOP continues ‘Where is Alison?’ theme as Grimes ‘wows’ Democratic donors at Martha’s Vineyard (cn|2 Politics, 7/13/13)
Fancy Farm preview? This summer’s big political speeches foreshadow themes for Aug. 3 event (cn|2 Politics, 7/13/13)
Kentucky’s embrace of private Medicaid plans leads to complaints (Washington Post,7/13/13)
Mountain lawmakers want to keep coal money at home (AP, 7/12/13)
Despite flashes of budget hope, Senate chairman says it’s too early to say whether cuts can be reversed (cn|2 Politics, 7/11/13)
Two lawmakers want coal severance money to stay in counties as officials fret over declining funds (cn|2 Politics, 7/11/13)
High-profile Ky. Senate race could overshadow and foreshadow 2015 governor’s race (cn|2 Politics, 7/10/13)
The Beshear-Lundergann family feud in Kentucky, explained (The Fix, 7/10/13)
Conway outlines themes of 2015 governor’s race; calls Grimes’ decision to run for Senate ‘courageous’ (cn|2 Politics, 7/9/13)
Federal rules create black cloud over coal-fired power plants’ future, Ky. energy secretary says (cn|2 Politics, 7/9/13)
Sen. Parrett says tax reform should help with other money shortfalls – if governor leads the push (cn|2 Politics, 7/9/13)
Beshear offers Lundergan Grimes an olive branch and fundraising support against McConnell (cn|2 Politics, 7/9/13)
With 2014 Senate race becoming a circus, Grimes must be a tightrope walker, Ky. Democrats say (cn|2 Politics, 7/8/13)
How the national press views the start of the 2014 US Senate race (cn|2 Politics, 7/8/13)
Ky. alone in lack of formal clemency procedure (AP, 7/5/13)
Democrat Tom FitzGerald decides not to run for US Senate (Lexington Herald-Leader,7/4/13)
It’s only Day 2 of Grimes vs. McConnell and… really? (cn|2 Politics, 7/2/13)
’Unorthodox’ and sometimes ’surreal’ meeting prompted Grimes to reveal, and possibly to make, decision to run (cn|2 Politics, 7/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Report of payoff needs fed scrutiny; state investigation short on answers(Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/2/13)
Court refuses to block Kentucky Spirit from ending Medicaid contract on Friday (Bluegrass Politics, 7/1/13)
Judge denies Beshear’s request to dismiss lawsuit against Medicaid expansion (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/1/13)
Mitch McConnell’s challenger Grimes has her work cut out in Kentucky (The Guardian,7/1/13)
Grimes will challenge McConnell for US Senate seat in 2014 (Lexington Herald-Leader,7/1/13)
Grimes explains her decision to run for US Senate as the ‘best move’ for Kentucky (cn|2 Politics, 7/1/13)
K-12 and higher education top priority list for more funding, says House budget chairman(cn|2 Politics, 7/1/13)
Yarmuth: Grimes can raise the money and provide the contrast to defeat McConnell (cn|2 Politics, 7/1/13)
OPINION: Return 75% of coal tax to struggling coalfield counties (Lexington Herald-Leader,7/1/13)

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