The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


IL 2011 Archives


Illinois Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


Commentary: Outrageous actions by Sears and Gov. Quinn (SW News Herald, 12/30/11)
Quinn signs law that tweaks smart grid (Chicago Business, 12/30/11)
Quinn unhappy with state tax tribunals plan (WJBC, 12/29/11)
Quinn: Jobs biggest issue in 2012 (WJBC, 12/29/11)
Quinn hopes for gambling expansion in 2012 (CBS St. Louis, 12/29/11)
Democrats unlikely to totally reverse GOP congressional gains here (Crain’s Chicago Business,12/28/11)
Illinois offers tax amnesty on online taxes, but it is mostly ignored (St. Louis Post-Dispatch,12/28/11)
Quinn: Ruling paves way for online lottery sales (Naperville Sun, 12/27/11)
Quinn says online lottery sales could start in spring (Chicago Tribune, 12/27/11)
Democratic congressional races shape up on last day of filing (Chicago Tribune, 12/27/11)
Quinn hopes Sears won’t close stores in Illinois (CBS News, 12/27/11)
Illinois corporate break bill adds independent tax appeal tribunal (Rockford Register Star, 12/26/11)
Illinois to create independent tax appeal tribunal by 2013 (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/26/11)
Committee to review tax-break requests would end secrecy surrounding process, state rep says(Chicago Tribune, 12/23/11)
Quinn defends biz incentives against legislative assault (Crain’s Chicago Business, 12/23/11)
Cardinal Francis George praises Quinn over stance on gambling expansion, death penalty(MyFoxChicago, 12/23/11)
Illinois congressional candidates seek spots on ballot (Chicago Tribune, 12/23/11)
State rep wants panel to review tax-break requests (Chicago Tribune, 12/22/11)
Bill would pare Quinn’s power to give corporate tax breaks (Crain’s Chicago Business, 12/22/11)
Cardinal George: GOP in ‘impossible find’ on immigration (MyFoxChicago, 12/22/11)
Illinois state Legislature lurches into 2012 (Progress Illinois, 12/22/11)
Exodus of IL taxpayers means loss of $26B in taxable revenue (Illinois Statehouse News, 12/20/11)
Quinn stays quiet on future of Chicago speed cameras (WBEZ, 12/20/11)
Governor sets up panel to examine pension system (Chicago Tribune, 12/20/11)
Quinn signs law averting layoffs (Chicago Tribune, 12/20/11)
Quinn to appoint panel to examine state’s pension program (CBS Chicago, 12/20/11)
Rift widening between Gov. Quinn and Catholic bishops (CBS St. Louis, 12/20/11)
Quinn signs deal to prevent facility closings (Progress Illinois, 12/20/11)
Quinn wants pension panel to suggest changes (Chicago Tribune, 12/19/11)
Quinn signs budget deal to avert closings (Chicago Tribune, 12/19/11)
Watching the Quinn vs. bishops story evolve in real time (Capitol Fax Blog, 12/19/11)
Quinn defends legislative actions after meeting with Catholic bishops (WBEZ, 12/19/11)
Commentary: Is it still OK to elect Catholics? (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/18/11)
The Chicago Expulsion Act of 2011 (Wall Street Journal, 12/17/11)
CME, Sears commit to staying in Illinois after tax breaks secured (Chicago Tribune, 12/17/11)
Cardinal George, Catholic bishops — again — clash with Gov. Quinn (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/17/11)
Quinn, Cardinal George sit down privately after public disputes (Chicago Tribune, 12/16/11)
CME decides to stay in Illinois after Quinn signs tax-break measure into law (Chicago Business,12/16/11)
IL Gov. Pat Quinn signs tax-break legislation for Sears, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (Washington Post, 12/16/11)
Quinn signs off on tax break package (Progress Illinois, 12/16/11)
Video: Next year’s Illinois budget faces turbulence, says top House budget lawmaker (Illinois Observer, 12/16/11)
Quinn’s signature seals deal for Sears, CME Group (Daily Herald, 12/16/11)
IL gov. signs tax breaks for Sears, CME (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/16/11)
Video: Cardinal George calls meeting with Quinn ‘friendly’ (WLS-TV, 12/16/11)
Video: Gov. Pat Quinnn on tax breaks, casinos and Christmas with the troops (MyFoxChicago, 12/16/11)
Federal court upholds Democrats’ map of Illinois congressional districts (LA Times, 12/15/11)
Republicans want to roll back corporate income tax (Chicagoist, 12/15/11)
IL GOP Minority House leader proposes rewarding businesses for not hiring people (Huffington Post,12/15/11)
Corporate tax dodge report reveals millions lost in Illinois (Progress Illinois, 12/15/11)
IL Senate OKs tax breaks for business, families (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/14/11)
Illinois Dems, GOP race to end corporate tax hikes (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/14/11)
Illinois lawmakers want to undo business tax hike (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/14/11)
Illinois tax breaks for businesses may trigger demand for more (Rockford Register Star, 12/13/11)
IL tax talks far from over despite tax breaks passing (Illinois Statehouse News, 12/13/11)
Illinois could shoulder debt from faltering tuition program (Illinois Statehouse News, 12/13/11)
IL Legislature sends Sears tax-relief package to governor (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/13/11)
Illinois prepares big tax breaks for businesses (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/13/11)
Illinois House will try again on $300M tax break for Sears, others (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/12/11)
Taxpayers on hook for $30K a day for extra IL session days (Illinois Statehouse News, 12/12/11)
IL controversial tax relief bill splits, passes stubborn House (Illinois Statehouse News, 12/12/11)
Commentary: Illinois greases squeaky wheels (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/11/11)
Illinois turns to private sector to cover old bills (Illinois Statehouse News, 12/8/11)
‘Sorry’ Blagojevich gets 14-year prison sentence (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/7/11)
After scandal and spectacle, ousted Blagojevich sentenced to 14 years for corruption (Washington Post, 12/7/11)
Illinois eyes less money from fed in future (Illinois Statehouse News, 12/5/11)
Taxes and disinvestment – Illinoyed (The Economist, 12/3/11)
Quinn to Rutherford: State not bankrupt (WJBC, 12/3/11)
Caterpillar disappointed at Illinois R&D tax credit defeat (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/3/11)
Ohio said to offer $400M to lure Sears (Chicago Tribune, 12/2/11)
Illinois’ economy has state over tax-break barrel (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/2/11)
Quinn still hoping for business tax break deal (WJBC, 12/2/11)
Lawmakers, Sears react to failed tax break bill (WJBC, 12/1/11)
Quinn: Sears help ‘more than adequate’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/1/11)
Caterpillar: Lack of R&D tax credits hurts Illinois (Wall Street Journal, 12/1/11)
Caterpillar unhappy with loss of state research credit (State Journal-Register, 12/1/11)
Quinn: No ‘bidding war’ over Sears (WBEZ, 12/1/11)
Caterpillar: Tax vote sign of Illinois’ ‘rudderless, dysfunctional business climate’ (Chicago Tribune,12/1/11)
As Illinois debates Sears tax break, Ohio ups the ante (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/1/11)
Governor doesn’t fear tax vote will lead to war over Sears; Caterpillar sees dysfunction (Washington Post, 12/1/11)
Prisons, mental facilities saved, Quinn friendlier on budget (Canton Daily Ledger, 12/1/11)
IL retailers join push for national sales-tax system on Internet purchases (St. Louis Post-Dispatch,12/1/11)
Will Illinois resort to ‘If you can’t stop ‘em, tax ‘em’ again? (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/1/11)
Springfield ‘B’ team fumbles the ball on CME-Sears tax-break bill (Chicago Business, 11/30/11)
Illinois lawmakers tweak budget to avoid facility closings (Chicago Tribune, 11/30/11)
Opinion: Hard to do business amid Illinois’ chaos (Peoria Journal Star, 11/30/11)
Governor, sign this pension abuse bill (Chicago Tribune, 11/30/11)
Pension abuse crackdown heads to Quinn (Chicago Tribune, 11/30/11)
What is the future of Sears? (NBC Chicago, 11/30/11)
Illinois House tests CME Group, Sears bluff (WBEZ, 11/30/11)
Lawmakers want tax fairness, not one-at-a-time relief (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/30/11)
Relief sparse for most taxpayers (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/30/11)
Illinois lawmakers approve budget changes to avoid facility closures (Chicago Tribune, 11/29/11)
Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady predicts party gains in 2012 (Quincy Herald-Whig, 11/29/11)
Major items taken up in special session (WSIL-TV, 11/29/11)
Pension abuse reforms sent to governor (Chicago Tribune, 11/29/11)
Illinois’ tax-break deal hits wall (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/29/11)
Illinois House rejects business tax incentives (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/29/11)
Prisons, mental facilities saved; Quinn friendlier on budget (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/29/11)
Tax credit for working families on Illinois lawmakers’ agenda (WBEZ, 11/28/11)
Lawmakers in Illinois consider small tax-break package (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11/28/11)
Pension double dipping could end soon for retired union leaders (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/28/11)
Quinn: Budget deal will keep state mental health centers open (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/28/11)
Scaled back tax break plan emerges (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/28/11)
Quinn’s layoffs, closures remain in limbo (Bloomington Pantagraph, 11/27/11)
State lawmakers poised to act on tax breaks for Sears, CME (Chicago Tribune, 11/25/11)
Quinn says no negotiating over slots at racetracks (Chicago Tribune, 11/22/11)
Federal court pushes back congressional candidate filing while Illinois map in dispute (Chicago Tribune, 11/22/11)
Trial ends in Illinois redistricting lawsuit (RealClearPolitics, 11/19/11)
Illinois tolls to nearly double in 2012; I-90 rebuild slated for 2012-16 (The Cap Times, 11/18/11)
Cities caught in tax break conundrum (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/17/11)
Cost of tax breaks up as support wanes (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/16/11)
Illinois’ promise to pay not a guarantee (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/15/11)
Unemployment insurance deal to save state millions (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/14/11)
New plan forms to keep state facilities open, for now (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/10/11)
Small business left out of tax break discussion (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/9/11)
Plan to pay regional superintendents gets House approval (Illinois Statehouse News, 11/9/11)
IL House fails to pass new gambling-expansion measure with slots-at-tracks (St. Louis Post-Dispatch,11/9/11)
IL House votes to pay regional school supts, possibly ending five-month impasse (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11/9/11)
Myriad political connections surround IL Gov. Quinn’s latest board nominee (St. Louis Post-Dispatch,11/9/11)
Editorial: Governing for failure (Chicago Tribune, 11/8/11)
Local school district to fight against latest, ‘horrible’ Sears tax break bill (Chicago Sun-Times,11/7/11)
Legislators to consider Illinois health-care exchange (Rockford Register Star, 11/6/11)
Chicago’s CTA gets billion dollar boots from Quinn, Emanuel (Illinois Observer, 11/3/11)
Illinois “Budgeting for Results” Initiative praised, panned (Illinois Observer, 11/2/11)

Quinn’s $376M budget veto likely to be spent elsewhere (Alton Telegraph, 10/31/11)
Update: IL General Assembly overturns governor’s veto of smart grid legislation (Energy Boom Policy, 10/28/11)
Illinois House, Senate override Gov. Quinn’s ComEd “Smart Grid” veto (Illinois Observer, 10/26/11)
Lawmakers move to make sure Blago doesn’t get pension checks (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/26/11)
Lawmakers see constitutional consequences from Madigan’s budget resolution (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/26/11)
Tweaks to Smart Grid still not enough for opponents (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/24/11)
Gov. Quinn slams ComEd “Smart Grid” follow-up bill targeted to mollify critics (Illinois Observer, 10/24/11)
Unions agree to new work rules at McCormick Place (Chicago Tribune, 10/22/11)
Layoffs, gambling, other big issues on agenda as Legislature convenes this week (Chicago Tribune,10/22/11)
Southern Illinois congressional race could be the one to watch (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/21/11)
Quinn move backfires on governor (Capitol Fax Blog, 10/21/11)
State’s new power purchaser snubs Quinn (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/21/11)
Quinn, Emanuel announce labor deals at McCormick Place (Chicago Tribune, 10/21/11)
Does McCormick Place agreement mark high-point of Quinn/Emanuel chum-fest? (Illinois Observer, 10/21/11)
Holding ‘em and folding ‘em on gambling (Chicago Tribune, 10/21/11)
Senate leader down on Quinn over casino plan (Chicago Tribune, 10/21/11)
AG Madigan concerned about gambling expansion (Chicago Tribune, 10/20/11)
Senate leader ‘disappointed’ in Quinn gambling veto threat (Chicago Tribune, 10/20/11)
Illinois is Broke’s “new” ad (NBC Chicago, 10/20/11)
Unions see progress toward ending McCormick Place labor impasse (Chicago Tribune, 10/19/11)
AG: Quinn right to strip down gambling bill (WJBC, 10/19/11)
Opinion: Remember Quinn’s ‘fumigate’ promise? (State Journal-Register, 10/19/11)
Quinn says he’s sticking to principles on gambling (Chicago Tribune, 10/19/11)
Schools looking for more money next year (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/18/11)
“Start over!” (Chicago Tribune, 10/18/11)
Quinn: Law barred me from disclosing DCFS trouble (Chicago Tribune, 10/18/11)
Illinois casino bill has Indiana nervous (WBEZ, 10/18/11)
Quinn puts his cards on the table, perhaps dashing gambling expansion (Chicago Tribune, 10/18/11)
Quinn’s views on bill have Illinois, Indiana gaming industry scrambling, plotting (WBEZ, 10/18/11)
‘Can’t gamble your way to prosperity’: Quinn (NBC Chicago, 10/18/11)
Ex-DCFS director’s friend accused of ‘large-scale’ fraud of state funds (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/17/11)
Rockford casino still a go in Pat Quinn’s proposed bill (Rockford Register Star, 10/17/11)
Illinois’ business climate outshines its neighbors’ (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/17/11)
A little good news for a change (Capitol Fax Blog, 10/17/11)
Gov bets on veto; deals plan to scale back gambling bill (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/17/11)
Quinn wants new bill that limits gambling opportunities (Chicago Tribune, 10/17/11)
Lawmakers: Quinn’s gambling plan won’t pass (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/17/11)
Editorial: Don’t let revisions kill casino Chicago needs (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/17/11)
Gov. Quinn kills IL gaming bill; Offers counter plan likely to sink new casinos (Illinois Observer, 10/17/11)
Gov. Quinn says he will nix slots at tracks (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/17/11)
Illinois: The deadbeat state (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/17/11)
CME Group vs. Gov. Pat Quinn: Now it’s about saving face (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/15/11)
The Civic Federation’s Laurence Msall discusses Illinois’ dire finances, reform (Chicago Mag,10/15/11)
Deadline looms for many state appointees (Bloomington Pantagraph, 10/14/11)
Illinois remap ruling could cut against DCCC (Chicago Tribune, 10/14/11)
Editorial: End precious legislative scholarships (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/14/11)
Rep. Lang says Quinn’s office unwilling to negotiate on Illinois gaming bill (The Illinois Observer, 10/14/11)
Quinn pushes to abolish controversial scholarships (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/14/11)
Quinn pushing Madigan to close controversial scholarship fund (Progress Illinois, 10/14/11)
Race track officials, Quinn meet on gambling bill (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/14/11)
Track owners plead for Quinn’s signature (NBC Chicago, 10/14/11)
Quinn, racetrack owners talk gambling expansion (WJBC, 10/14/11)
Quinn presses Madigan to end legislative scholarships (Chicago Tribune, 10/14/11)
Quinn defends legislative scholarship veto (WBEZ, 10/13/11)
Quinn wants Madigan to push to end controversial scholarships (Chicago Tribune, 10/13/11)
Work continues on casino compromise (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/13/11)
Quinn eyes different ways to abolish scholarships (WJBC, 10/13/11)
Poll: State scholarships (Southtown Star, 10/13/11)
Quinn proclaims it Ideas Week in Illinois (NBC Chicago, 10/13/11)
Madigan stands up for nepotism (NBC Chicago, 10/13/11)
Video: Pat Quinn previews busy veto session (NBC Chicago, 10/13/11)
Pat Quinn’s very scary Halloween veto session (NBC Chicago, 10/13/11)
Gov gives away free tix, doesn’t keep track of who got them (NBC Chicago, 10/13/11)
Madigan blocks Quinn attempt to ban legislative scholarships (Chicago Tribune, 10/13/11)
Madigan to kill Quinn’s plan to end controversial scholarship program (Chicago Sun-Times,10/13/11)
Could the Occupy Chicago movement help Gov. Quinn sustain ComEd ‘Smart Grid’ veto?(Huffington Post, 10/12/11)
Lawmakers look for pension loophole fix (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/12/11)
Opinion: There’s an app for that power (Chicago Tribune, 10/12/11)
Illinois taxpayers kick in $400M for teachers’ pensions (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/12/11)
Illinois adds jobs, but unemployment rolls continue to grow (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/11/11)
Will Occupy WS movement bolster Quinn’s ‘Smart Grid’ veto? (Illinois Observer, 10/11/11)
Quinn still tight-lipped on casino bill (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/11/11)
Quinn rallies against higher electric rates (WBEZ, 10/11/11)
The clock ticks louder as fall session nears (Capitol Fax Blog, 10/11/11)
Illinois at center of “As the Smart Grid Turns” controversy (Electric Light & Power, 10/11/11)
Editorial: Quinn seems blind to the obvious on jobs, taxes (Jacksonville Journal Courier, 10/10/11)
Tax hikes threaten Illinois-based corporations (The DePaulia, 10/10/11)
Gov. Quinn opens first Chicago Ideas Week (IGNN, 10/10/11)
Commentary: Quinn’s ComEd choice anything but ’smart’ (SW News Herald, 10/10/11)
Quinn explains his decision on IPA hire (Peoria Journal-Star, 10/9/11)
State doesn’t know who received tickets to Grandstand shows (Peoria Journal-Star, 10/9/11)
Editorial: Campaign donations raise power bill questions (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/9/11)
Commentary: Road kill, red lights on veto session menu (Bloomington Pantagraph, 10/9/11)
Quinn defends incentives to retain companies, corporate tax hike (Chicago Tribune, 10/8/11)
Commentary: Pension reform must be part of fall session (Northwest Herald, 10/8/11)
Commentary: Expect lingering limbo on gambling (Peoria Journal Star, 10/8/11)
Double-dipping in the teachers’ pension system (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/7/11)
Union leaders pull down millions in public pensions (Illinois Statehouse News, 10/7/11)
Quinn: State had no choice on tax hike (State Journal-Register, 10/7/11)
Utilities gave legislators $1.3M in push for ‘Smart Grid’ bill (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/7/11)
Quinn: Tax increase part of hard economic reality (Quad-City Times, 10/7/11)
Big corporations rally behind Quinn in ComEd rate-plan veto (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/7/11)
Quinn heads downstate to defend ComEd veto (Chicago Tribune, 10/6/11)
Quinn: Illinois economy not as bad as ‘complainers’ say (Rock River Times, 10/6/11)
Legal roadblocks could block closure proposal (, 10/3/11)
Illinois legislators spurn health insurance savings (Chicago Business, 10/3/11)
GOP accuses Quinn administration of dragging heels on Medicaid changes (State Journal-Register,10/2/11)
‘Pope’ of Illinois politics faces corruption trial (Southtown Star, 10/2/11)
‘Double dip’ curbs don’t apply to most Illinois workers (Southtown Star, 10/2/11)
Herman Cain wins Tea Party straw poll in Illinois (Bloomington Pantagraph, 10/2/11)
Elections officials make new boundaries available (, 10/2/11)
Wrongful convictions to be targeted by Illinois lawmakers (Bloomington Pantagraph, 10/1/11)
On the front line in China: Gov. Pat Quinn sees rise in exports (Forbes, 9/29/11)
Busybody congressmen lecture Quinn on taxes (NBC Chicago, 9/29/11)
Congressmen send letter to Gov. Quinn regarding taxes, rules (Northwest Herald, 9/29/11)
Why Illinois Republicans didn’t prepare Obama for DC Republicans (NBC Chicago, 9/28/11)
Report: Planned prison closure could spur crowding (Forbes, 9/28/11)
State: Closing prisons means 1500 inmates packed into gymnasiums (Capitol Fax Blog, 9/28/11)
Editorial: Illinois lawmakers must make pension reform a priority (Rockford Register Star,9/28/11)
Opinion: Illiniosans will back those who put govt on track (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/28/11)
Businesses push back on smart-grid veto (Chicago Tribune, 9/28/11)
Springfield Chamber throws support behind gambling bill (State Journal-Register, 9/28/11)
Legal roadblocks could halt Quinn’s closure proposal (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/28/11)
Lawmakers to revisit gambling bill (Commercial-News, 9/28/11)
Casino expansion would be boon to horse racing (NBC Chicago, 9/27/11)
Survey has Illinois pension funds on edge over control (Rockford Register Star, 9/27/11)
Union calls for Quinn to slowdown on closures of state facilities (Southtown Star, 9/27/11)
Impact of Quinn’s proposed closures called ’staggering’ (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/27/11)
AFSCME to lawmakers: Slow down on facility closure process (Progress Illinois, 9/27/11)
Lots of concerns, few answers in Quinn closing plan (Illinois Statehouse News, 9/27/11)
Report: Illinois could owe $8B by end of 2012 (NBC Chicago, 9/27/11)
Reports leave questions, concerns about Quinn closings (Illinois Statehouse News, 9/27/11)
State-run facility shutdowns will leave nearly 2,000 people jobless (Northern Star, 9/27/11)
Illinois still in debt despite tax hikes (Chicagoist, 9/26/11)
Illinois budget deficit to hit $8B despite tax increase (Chicago Tribune, 9/26/11)
Higher taxes don’t save Illinois deficit (WGN, 9/26/11)
Total Illinois budget deficit set to grow in FY2012 (Civic Federation, 9/26/11)
Report: Illinois could be short $8.3B this year (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/26/11)
Tax hike not enough to pull Illinois out of debt (Illinois Statehouse News, 9/26/11)
Quinn announces biotech deal with China (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/22/11)
Poll: Cut public salaries, not public services. Huh? (NBC Chicago, 9/22/11)
GOP legislator predicts ComEd veto override (Capitol Fax Blog, 9/20/11)
IL Senate President open to cutting gambling positions to pass casino expansion (Chicago Tribune,9/20/11)
Survey: Illinois third worst state for business (Illionis Statehouse News, 9/19/11)
Illinois poverty growing as state budget (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9/19/11)
Quinn announces business agreements in China (Chicago Tribune, 9/19/11)
Debate over insurance premiums for state retirees to resurface (State Journal-Register, 9/18/11)
Commentary: Even vocal critics keep quiet about Quinn’s China trip (Peoria Journal Star,9/17/11)
Illinois poverty growing as state help shrinking (Chicago Tribune, 9/17/11)
Quinn to tour China with business leaders and campaign donors (Chicago Tribune, 9/16/11)
Who’s paying for Quinn’s trip to China? (NBC Chicago, 9/16/11)
Opinion: Quinn’s strategy imperils good ideas (State Journal-Register, 9/16/11)
Editorial: Inside the gambling bill (Chicago Tribune, 9/16/11)
Gambling bill would weaken state’s regulatory muscle, critics fear (Chicago Tribune, 9/16/11)
Gov. Pat Quinn goes to China (The Illinois Observer, 9/15/11)
Quinn: China trade mission worth the cost to taxpayers (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/15/11)
Quinn announces $345M plan to help 15K Illinois homeowners avoid foreclosure (Illinois Observer, 9/15/11)
Gov. Quinn heads to China this week to talk trade (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9/15/11)
Gov. Quinn’s vetoes face tough road in Legislature (McDonough Voice, 9/15/11)
Illinois film industry boosting state economy, governor says (Journal Standard, 9/15/11)
Utility rate bill expected to provide sparks in veto session, some customers favor smart grid updates(Quincy Herald-Whig, 9/15/11)
Quinn says gambling expansion could hurt schools (Chicago Tribune, 9/14/11)
Editorial: Madigan to Quinn: Make do (Chicago Tribune, 9/14/11)
Opinion: Smart grid rewire (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/14/11)
Gov vetoes bill to raise Illinois electric rates (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/13/11)
Put Chicago casino at the Thompson Center, business leader suggests (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/13/11)
Opinion: Gov. Pat Quinn’s cuts take swipe at least among us (Rockford Register Star, 9/13/11)
Editorial: ComEd ’smart grid’ bill needs rewiring (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/13/11)
Quinn vetoes utility upgrade bill, calls it consumer nightmare (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9/12/11)
The governor’s serious credibility gap (Capitol Fax Blog, 9/12/11)
GOP lawmaker: “Quinn’s games unfair to everyone in the state” (East Peoria Times-Courier,9/12/11)
With backing from AG Lisa Madigan, Quinn vetoes ComEd Smart Grid bill (Illinois Observer, 9/12/11)
Quinn vetoes Smart Grid, lawmakers already talking override (Illinois Statehouse News, 9/12/11)
Quinn vetoes ComEd rate-hike bill, override vatle to come (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/12/11)
Budget shortfall? Close the Governor’s Mansion (NBC Chicago, 9/12/11)
Commentary: Quinn’s announcement viewed as bluff (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/11/11)
Quinn keeps using same old playbook (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/11/11)
Speaker Madigan open to talks on avoiding layoffs (Rockford Register Star, 9/11/11)
Statehouse insider: People affected by cuts just pawns in the game (State Journal-Register, 9/11/11)
Quinn’s budget-cutting threats may be getting old (Chicago Tribune, 9/10/11)
Madigan willing to discuss effort to avoid state layoffs (Chicago Tribune, 9/10/11)
Some support Quinn’s facility closing plan, kinda (Illinois Statehouse News, 9/9/11)
Gambling bill contains little-known tax breaks for Chicago-owned casino (Chicago Sun-Times,9/9/11)
Opinion: Caving in on Quinn – gov opts to kill jobs to save pensions (Chicago Tribune, 9/9/11)
Gambling bill waiting game may end soon (Chicago News Cooperative, 9/9/11)
Council goes all in on casino (Chicago Tribune, 9/9/11)
Movement is nearing on bill for casinos (New York Times, 9/9/11)
Is casino legislation losing momentum? (WBEZ, 9/9/11)
Quinn questions City Council backing of Chicago casino (WBEZ, 9/9/11)
Emanuel, Alderman push Quinn to sign casino bill (Chicagoist, 9/9/11)
Opinion: Quinn saved his own job (, 9/9/11)
Lawsuit looming on Illinois layoffs (CBS St. Louis, 9/9/11)
Opinion: Quinn can’t escape blame for budget mess (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/9/11)
Quinn faces familiar hurdle to closing prison (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/9/11)
Commentary: Drama queen Quinn spreads the blame (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/9/11)
Opinion: More tough questions await lawmakers (State Journal-Register, 9/9/11)
Quinn to outline budget cuts today (Chicago Tribune, 9/8/11)
Aldermen back Emanuel push for Chicago casino (Chicago Tribune, 9/8/11)
Quinn threatens to lay off 1,900 state workers, close 7 facilities (WBEZ, 9/8/11)
Quinn wants to close seven state facilities, lay off 1,900 (Chicago Tribune, 9/8/11)
Opinion: The inevitable result of state mismanagement (Peoria Journal Star, 9/8/11)
Quinn wins dismissal of pay-freeze suit by public employees (Bloomberg, 9/8/11)
Quinn calls for 1,900 layoffs in Illinois as state ‘clearly’ lacks funds (Bloomberg, 9/8/11)
Quinn to lay off 1,900 state workers, close facilities to help save $313 million (Chicago Sun-Times,9/8/11)
State worker union loses round in fight for raises (Chicago Tribune, 9/8/11)
IL Gov threatens to lay off more than 1,900 if lawmakers don’t approve more spending (Business Insider, 9/8/11)
Quinn to close seven state institutions, lay off 1,900 workers (St. Louis Public Radio, 9/8/11)
Quinn: Republicans would have made budget cuts even worse (WBEZ, 9/8/11)
Judge rules against AFSCME in Illinois pay-raise dispute (Quad-City Times, 9/8/11)
Opinion: State tax hikes proving to be real job killer (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/8/11)
Some local lawmakers say Quinn is in mess of his own making (Belleville News-Democrat, 9/8/11)
Quinn: GOP wanted more radical budget cuts (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9/8/11)
Quinn could offer specifics on Illinois budget (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9/8/11)
Advocates: Closures must be handled with care (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/8/11)
Union blasts Quinn’s announcement (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/8/11)
Chicken Watch: Pat Quinn (Chicago Tribune, 9/7/11)
Commentary: You can’t say you weren’t warned about cuts (, 9/7/11)
So, what’s he up to? (Capitol Fax Blog, 9/7/11)
Quinn’s office backtracks from layoffs plan (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/7/11)
Quinn eyes cuts, layoffs to close budget shortfall (Herald-Review, 9/7/11)
Quinn backs away from state-employee labor deal (Chicago Tribune, 9/7/11)
What happens if Quinn follows through with his threats? (Capitol Fax, 9/7/11)
Illinois takes in more cash from taxpayers, less from feds (Illinois Statehouse News, 9/7/11)
Quinn targets state employees for layoff, despite deal (Chicagoist, 9/6/11)
Quinn: State employee layoff plans coming soon (State Journal-Register, 9/6/11)
Quinn confirms need for major cuts, possible layoffs (CBS Chicago, 9/6/11)
Video: Quinn considering thousands of layoffs (Progress Illinois, 9/6/11)
Audio: Sen. Brady skeptical of Quinn layoff plan (WJBC, 9/6/11)
Brady: Gov. Quinn becoming ‘blowhard’ (Chicago Tribune, 9/6/11)
Quinn says legislature’s budget forcing him to make ‘reductions’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/6/11)
Quinn defends breaking deal with state employee union (Chicago Tribune, 9/6/11)
Quinn plans layoffs, facility closings (Chicago Tribune, 9/6/11)
Quinn can’t just talk about closings (Illinois Statehouse News, 9/6/11)
Quinn says legislature’s budget forcing him to make ‘reductions’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/6/11)
One fewer prison, more inmate crowding possible for state (Illinois Statehouse News, 9/6/11)
Quinn can’t just talk about closings (Illinois Statehouse News, 9/6/11)
Labor unions unhappy with Quinn but still hope to work with him (State Journal-Register, 9/4/11)
Editorial: About those jobs, jobs, jobs (Chicago Tribune, 9/4/11)
Lt. Gov Simon wants to make IL school districts more efficient (Chicago Tribune, 9/3/11)
Quinn grants 74 clemencies, denies 99 (Chicago Tribune, 9/2/11)
ComEd eyeing concessions to stave off likely Quinn veto (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/2/11)
Illinois congressional Democrats told to pay for remap lawyers (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/1/11)
Quinn disingenuous on gaming bill (Capitol Fax Blog, 9/1/11)
Minority aldermen tell Quinn casino means jobs, urge him to sign bill (Chicago Tribune, 9/1/11)
State lawmakers head to Cuba next week on trade mission (Chicago Tribune, 9/1/11)
Audit reveals nearly a quarter of IL boards and commissions ‘inactive’ (Chicago Tribune, 9/1/11)
TGIF: Illinois GOP holds contest to predict next Quinn bill signing (WLS, 9/1/11)
ComEd ’smart grid’ bill reaches Quinn’s desk, Gov vows veto (CBS Chicago, 8/31/11)
IL horse racing industry waiting for cash from casino licenses (WBEZ, 8/31/11)
Black, Latino aldermen press Quinn to sign casino bill (Chicago Tribune, 8/31/11)
Quinn questions sales tax ‘evasion’ techniques used by towns, firms (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/31/11)
Black and Hispanic aldermen to Gov. Quinn: Sign casino bill (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/31/11)
Quinn announces state funding for health centers (Chicago Tribune, 8/31/11)
Quinn maintains he’ll veto bill to hike electric rates (CBS Chicago, 8/31/11)
IL School Supt. speaks against pay cut (WTHI, 8/30/11)
Watchdog group: Quinn weakens FOIA with new provisions (Huffington Post, 8/29/11)
Quinn signs bill changing FOIA requests (Chicagoist, 8/29/11)
It gets even better – ‘Adventures in Governing’ with your host Pat Quinn (Capitol Fax Blog, 8/29/11)
‘Recurrent’ open records requesters could face delays under new law (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/27/11)
ComEd urges Quinn to sign controversial electric rate bill (Chicago Tribune, 8/26/11)
Judge rules IL congressional candidates can gather signatures (Chicago Tribune, 8/26/11)
Tollway board approves toll hike (Chicago Tribune, 8/25/11)
Quinn knocks Madigan for attending Boehner bash (Southtown Star, 8/24/11)
Madigan attended fundraisers for John Boehner (Chicagoist, 8/24/11)
Superintendents’ pay may be constitutional issue (Illinois Statehouse News, 8/23/11)
Illinois: Jobs picture worsening (Illinois Statehouse News, 8/22/11)
Policy Chart: Illinois loses most jobs in the nation (Illinois Policy Institute, 8/19/11)
IL Republicans talk unity, while issues still divide candidates (Illinois Statehouse News, 8/18/11)
IL GOP leaders renew opposition to borrowing (Illinois Statehouse News, 8/18/11)
Democratic County Chairs confident in 2012 election prospects (Illinois Statehouse News, 8/17/11)
Obama pulls vigor from Dems at state fair (Illinois Statehouse News, 8/17/11)
Feds buck Quinn, order cooperation in deportation program (Illinois Statehouse News, 8/9/11)
Will Lake Michigan become an Illinois wind farm? (Illinois Observer, 8/8/11)
Regional superintendents: We’ll stay without pay for a little longer (Illinois Statehouse News,8/3/11)
Federal case calling IL gun laws illegal getting hearing (Illinois Statehouse News, 8/3/11)
Illinois’ economic growth ahead of most neighboring states (Illinois Statehouse News, 8/2/11)
Keeping businesses in Illinois part of Tuesday’s tax focus (Illinois Statehouse News, 8/1/11)
JULY 2011
Illinois has worst fiscal situation of all 50 states (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/28/11)
Lack of pay for regional superintendents threatens start of school (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/27/11)
Quinn OKs state investment boost in Illinois venture capital firms (Illinois Observer, 7/25/11)
Pay raise denial first of many tough choices for Gov. Pat Quinn (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/25/11)
Quinn’s break with state unions may not be that big a risk (Chicago Tribune, 7/24/11)
Judge puts state workers’ raises on hold again (Chicago Tribune, 7/23/11)
Quinn grants clemency to 50 (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/22/11)
GOP fund-raising ramps up (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/22/11)
Pay raises for state workers put on hold (Chicago Tribune, 7/22/11)
New report highlights Illinois’ lowly finances (Bloomington Pantagraph, 7/21/11)
Editorial: Pay-raise ruling cannot be end of effort to cut costs (Bloomington Pantagraph,7/21/11)
Local media outlets back Rockford Casino Coalition (Rockford Register Star, 7/21/11)
Quinn to appeal decision to pay state union workers’ raises (KWQC, 7/20/11)
GOP files lawsuit against new political map (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/20/11)
House and Senate Republicans file suit against state remap (Capitol Fax Blog, 7/20/11)
GOP files suit against General Assembly remap (Chicago Business, 7/20/11)
IL GOP leaders sue over Dems’ new district map: ‘They should be ashamed’ (Chicago Sun-Times,7/20/11)
Will Quinn’s Israel trip strain state coffers? (WLS, 7/19/11)
Arbitrator: Quinn can’t cancel raises (State Journal-Register, 7/19/11)
Arbitrator: IL Gov. Quinn violating union contract by refusing to give raises to workers (Washington Post, 7/19/11)
Arbitrator sides with union in wage dispute (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/19/11)
Lawmakers: Issues with business taxes need to be addressed (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/19/11)
Gov. Pat Quinn lands in Israel (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/19/11)
Education reforms underfunded, Illinois schools chief warns (Chicago Tribune, 7/18/11)
State schools chief says budget cuts hurt reform (WBEZ, 7/18/11)
Quinn names 4 donors to White Sox stadium board (Chicago Tribune, 7/18/11)
Is Quinn reneging on Bears-Packers bet with Wisconsin? (WBBM, 7/18/11)
Feds halt Illinois Medicaid reform (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/18/11)
Illinois is key battleground in congressional election (Deseret News, 7/16/11)
Editorial: Pat Quinn was for raises before he was against them (Rockford Register Star, 7/16/11)
Quinn meeting with nation’s other governors (Chicago Tribune, 7/16/11)
AFSCME: Quinn’s office “appeared to accept” refusal to defer raises (Capitol Fax Blog, 7/15/11)
Illinois, California debt being ‘watched’ by feds (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/15/11)
Quinn’s battle with unions does not hinder his DGA fundraising success (Huffington Post, 7/14/11)
Lawmakers: Jaffee needs to regulate, not preach (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/14/11)
IL govt workers protest as Quinn tries to halt pay raise (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/12/11)
Local lawmakers pleased with construction ruling (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/11/11)
Quinn cuts foster-care contracts with Catholic Charities over civil unions dispute (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/11/11)
Illinois high court OKs road plan (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/11/11)
Quinn not backing down on AFSCME pay freeze (NBC Chicago, 7/9/11)
Quinn signs 3 education bills (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/8/11)
Union files federal lawsuit over block of Illinois worker pay raises (Quad-City Times, 7/8/11)
New casinos could go to Quinn in October (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/6/11)
Lawmakers: Court challenges, overrides likely for Quinn budget (Illinois Statehouse News, 7/5/11)
Gov. Quinn OKs Illinois gun owner publication exemption, easing fears in armed Illinois households(Illinois Observer, 7/2/11)
Governor can make changes to casino bill (Rockford Register Star, 7/1/11)
JUNE 2011
Expect budget action today (Capitol Fax Blog, 6/30/11)
Quinn makes no commitment to casino bill during Rockford visit (Rockford Register Star, 6/28/11)
Quinn signs workers comp reform despite criticism by Lisa Madigan (Illinois Observer, 6/28/11)
Quinn to sign state budget Thursday (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/27/11)
Pols: Verdict allows state to move past Blagojevich (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/27/11)
Out of White House, Rahm Emanuel pushes hard for DREAM Act (LA Times, 6/27/11)
Quinn approves controversial map for redrawn congressional districts (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/25/11)
Illinois’ controversial redistricting map becomes law; GOP will sue (The Hill, 6/24/11)
IL Governor signs election law favoring Democrats (Reuters, 6/24/11)
GOP vows to fight congressional remap (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/24/11)
Quinn approves “fair” legislative maps (Chicagoist, 6/24/11)
Gun policy spotlight on Illinois (Progress Illinois, 6/24/11)
IL governor signs aggressive new map (Roll Call, 6/24/11)
Quinn signs off on Democrats’ new congressional district map (Chicago Tribune, 6/24/11)
Quinn signs Illinois congressional redistricting map (Illinois Observer, 6/24/11)
Lack of confidence could bankrupt prepaid tuition fund (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/24/11)
Casino bill’s true believer enters the final stretch (New York Times, 6/24/11)
Rewrite to do budget right (Capitol Fax Blog, 6/24/11)
The list of Illinois creditors goes from funeral homes to Xerox (Daily Herald, 6/24/11)
Governor signs congressional map drawn to help Democrats (Chicago Tribune, 6/24/11)
Quinn says he’ll use veto power to carve budget to his liking (Chicago Tribune, 6/23/11)
Rockford officials urge united campaign for Rockford casino (Rockford Register Star, 6/23/11)
Quinn unveils $100M for Illinois transportation (Illinois Observer, 6/23/11)
Lawmakers to address Illinois’ business tax climate (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/23/11)
Cullerton, Madigan announce joint House-Senate panel to review IL business taxes (Illinois Observer, 6/23/11)
Gov. Quinn hints he’ll rework budget (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/23/11)
Block on Chicago casino bill could stay in place through fall (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/22/11)
Gambling bill not going to governor yet (Herald-News, 6/23/11)
Lawmakers to hold hearings on Illinois business tax (Chicago Tribune, 6/23/11)
Quinn says he will rewrite parts of state budget (Chicago Tribune, 6/23/11)
Legislature takes up review of business taxes (Chicago Business, 6/23/11)
Summer capital projects in Illinois back on track (St. Louis Beacon, 6/23/11)
Committee holds up 2 of Quinn’s appointees (State Journal-Register, 6/22/11)
Chico’s confirmation as state school boss hits snag (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/22/11)
Lawmakers vote to cut their pay again (Chicago Tribune, 6/22/11)
Quinn stands by opposition to conceal carry in Illinois (Chicago Tribune, 6/22/11)
IL lawmakers keep summer construction season rolling (Chicago Tribune, 6/22/11)
Editorial: Jobs at stake gain attention of lawmakers (Bloomington Pantagraph, 6/22/11)
Block on Chicago casino bill could stay in place through fall (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/22/11)
Bill to reduce size of state employee union membership put on hold (State Journal-Register, 6/22/11)
Illinois racing to erase $1.8 B in Medicaid bills in June (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/22/11)
Lawmakers keep summer road work on track, cut own pay (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/22/11)
Ill. Senate won’t vote on limiting state worker organizing (Chicago Tribune, 6/22/11)
Waiting game continues on Chicago casino bill (WBEZ, 6/21/11)
State lawmakers’ return may be short-lived (Bloomington Pantagraph, 6/21/11)
NIU President: Lawmakers need to keep pension promises (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/21/11)
Gov. applauds economic impact of IL tourism (Forbes, 6/21/11)
Budget criticized for pushing unpaid bills into uncertain future (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/21/11)
Big payoff eyed in Chicago casino; some have doubts (NPR, 6/20/11)
Quinn defends push to limit unionizing of state workers (Chicago Tribune, 6/20/11)
Quinn tries again to strip workers of their union cards (Capitol Fax Blog, 6/20/11)
Chicago slips as a travel spot, while Illinois gains (Chicago Business, 6/20/11)
Construction money and more on lawmakers’ to do list (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/20/11)
How the Senate Democrats lost (Capitol Fax Blog, 6/20/11)
Quinn: Illinois tourism grew $2.2 billion in 2010 (The Illinois Observer, 6/20/11)
Ill. Democrats hold a majority; caucuses are divided on spending (Quincy Herald-Whig, 6/19/11)
Construction and extra spending (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/19/11)
State lawmakers reconvene, Senate expected to cut their pay (Chicago Tribune, 6/18/11)
Law: No more  pols’ names on state signs (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/17/11)
Gambling compromise might mean IL towns must ‘opt in’ to allow video poker (Chicago Sun-Times,6/17/11)
Opinion: Quinn’s incentive packages wrong way to support businesses (Chicago Tribune, 6/17/11)
Quinn listens to pitch from sponsors of major gambling expansion (Chicago Tribune, 6/17/11)
IL Gov. Quinn plays it close to the vest over gambling-expansion issue (St. Louis Post-Dispatch,6/17/11)
Quinn, Emanuel continue talks on gambling bill (WBEZ, 6/17/11)
IL Dems say they’ll agree to construction bill (Forbes, 6/17/11)
Senate drops budget demands, construction projects to continue (State Journal-Register, 6/16/11)
Senate Dems will go along with road construction deal (Chicago Tribune, 6/16/11)
Editorial: Remember, Senate Dems: You said temporary (Chicago Tribune, 6/16/11)
Senate Dems give up spending demands, giving road projects green light (Chicago Sun-Times,6/16/11)
Illinois officials trying to salvage gambling plan (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 6/16/11)
IL politicians can no longer put names on road signs (Chicago Tribune, 6/16/11)
Head of DGA in Ill. to raise money, talk with Quinn, dis Blago (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/15/11)
Quinn threat to shut down construction projects bringing lawmakers back to Capitol (Chicago Tribune, 6/15/11)
Tax breaks to end for 100 firms (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/15/11)
How Rahm Emanuel marginalized Pat Quinn (NBC Chicago, 6/15/11)
Lawmakers to return to Capitol next week to avoid construction shutdown (Chicago Tribune,6/15/11)
Quinn gives leaders until Friday for plan to avoid project shutdowns (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/15/11)
Quinn threatens to shut down road projects over budget impasse (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/15/11)
Escape from Illinois, cont. (Wall Street Journal, 6/15/11)
What are the political costs of Quinn’s special session? (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/14/11)
Special session price tag — $50,000 a day (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/14/11)
Downstate fair managers want Chicago casino (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/14/11)
Education reforms are signed into law (Chicago Times, 6/14/11)
IL Senate leader meets with CME, open to cutting corporate tax rate (Crain’s Chicago Business,6/14/11)
Opinion: Give state an “A” for ed reform (The State Journal-Register, 6/14/11)
Durbin: Illinois should rethink its higher corporate tax rate (WJBC, 6/13/11)
Quinn signs law making it easier to fire teachers (Bloomington Pantagraph, 6/13/11)
Editorial: Heading for the exits in Illinois (Victorville Daily Press, 6/13/11)
Quinn’s tax hikes chasing away Chicago Merc? (Chicago Now, 6/13/11)
Bill to allow bullet trains along Illinois tollways heads to Pat Quinn (Rockford Register Star, 6/13/11)
Pat Quinn should take a lesson from Rahm to keep IL businesses in Illinois (Chicago Now, 6/13/11)
Quinn signs education overhaul package (Chicago Tribune, 6/13/11)
Quinn signs bill that lengthens school day (Naperville Sun, 6/13/11)
Illinois: The new leader in education reform (Chicago Tribune, 6/13/11)
Sen.Mark Kirk using gravitas of office to influence home-state politics, policy (Chicago Tribune,6/13/11)
Could the gaming bill shrink? (Capitol Fax, 6/13/11)
Downstate schools won’t feel education reform immediately (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/13/11)
How casinos can be a boon-or-bust for local economies (WBEZ, 6/13/11)
CME Group relocation threat may veil push for reformulation of state tax burden (Chicago Tribune,6/12/11)
Quinn to sign education legislation on Monday (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/12/11)
New force in Illinois quickly pushes state toward school reform (Chicago Tribune, 6/11/11)
IL lawmakers wrestle with gambling bill (UPI, 6/11/11)
Illinois tax giving corporations a jolt (UPI, 6/10/11)
Gambling expansion may be shrunk to avoid Quinn veto (Chicago Tribune, 6/10/11)
Will the Chicago Merc flee Illinois taxes? (Investor’s Business Daily, 6/10/11)
CME helped fill campaign coffers of politicians now aiming to keep exchange here, report says(Crain’s Business, 6/10/11)
Quinn doles out over $230M in tax breaks to big business, putting more burden on individual IL taxpayers (Chicago Now, 6/10/11)
Gambling package hinges on Quinn decision (My Suburban Life, 6/10/11)
Focus is on IL tax hike after CME threatens to move (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/10/11)
Quinn wants to talk taxes with exit-eyeing CME (Crain’s Chicago Business, 6/9/11)
Quinn to meet with top lawmakers on construction plan (Chicago Tribune, 6/9/11)
Supporters of casino bill turn their lobbying to Quinn (New York Times, 6/9/11)
With expansion looming, gambling revenues slip again (Bloomington Pantagraph, 6/8/11)
Gov. Quinn threatens lawmakers (again) to get more of your tax dollars (Chicago Now, 6/8/11)
Unions call on Quinn, legislators to resolve impasse (Bloomington Pantagraph, 6/8/11)
Is Pat Quinn challenging Rahm Emanuel to regain political relevance (Huffington Post, 6/8/11)
Quinn upset school consolidation subject never approached in session (WGIL, 6/8/11)
ComEd touts changes to power grid legislation but gov remains opposed (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/7/11)
Editorial: Chico right man to head IL State Board of Education (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/7/11)
Quinn picks Chico to lead state education board (Chicago Tribune, 6/7/11)
Analysis: Is Gov. Quinn seeking to boost his relevance by challenging Mayor Emanuel? (Illinois Observer, 6/7/11)
Quinn taps Emanuel rival, Gery Chico, to head IL Education Board (Illinois Observer, 6/7/11)
Audio: Whether necessary or not, Gov. Quinn calls special session (Illinois Observer, 6/6/11)
Lawmakers continue to cut despite major income tax increase (Chicago Tribune, 6/5/11)
Illinois legislative session hailed as productive (Bloomington Pantagraph, 6/5/11)
Commentary: Gov. Quinn definition of transparency very dark (Chicago Now, 6/4/11)
Gov. Pat Quinn’s wins, losses raise questions of influence (Rockford Register Star, 6/4/11)
Opinion: An active IL legislature, for better or worse (Peoria Journal Star, 6/3/11)
Editorial: Illinois gambling expansion is a very lousy deal (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 6/3/11)
Illinois cuts funding for education (Beloit Daily News, 6/3/11)
Commentary: IL Democrats tout education then cut the shit out of funding (Chicago Now, 6/3/11)
Democrats carve out a partisan new map (New York Times, 6/2/11)
Legislature ends session with casinos, workers comp, fistfight (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/1/11)
MAY 2011
Illinois budget spends less, but doesn’t cut more (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/31/11)
Successes, failures come from legislative session (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/31/11)
IL cities look forward with new casinos (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/31/11)
Dems tweak southern Illinois congressional districts in revised remap (Politico, 5/31/11)
Six GOP seats hit by new Illinois map (Politico, 5/30/11)
Workers’ comp bill dies in House; ‘nuclear’ option looms (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/30/11)
House OKs new congressional map (Bloomington Pantagraph, 5/30/11)
Senate adds $431M to Illinois budget (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/30/11)
IL House OKs more casinos in gambling bill (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/30/11)
Smart grid goes to Quinn; could a veto be next? (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/30/11)
IL House gives OK to congressional redistricting map (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/30/11)
Lawmakers look for wiggle room in tight budget (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/30/11)
Mayor Emanuel praises IL Senate workers’ comp reform (The Illinois Observer, 5/29/11)
Quinn and AG Madigan urge lawmakers to reject ComEd rate increase (The Illinois Observer, 5/29/11)
Dems jockey over who will run in proposed congressional districts (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/29/11)
Lawmakers take holiday break with big issues left to tackle (Chicago Tribune, 5/28/11)
Illinois Democrats target GOP with redrawing of congressional map (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/28/11)
Changes to workers comp, pensions, political maps still on tap in Legislature (Chicago Sun-Times,5/28/11)
Governor finally addresses hot topic issues (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/27/11)
IL Dems unveil new congressional map (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/27/11)
Illinois House ‘blows up’ workers compensation system (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/27/11)
Senate Dems send new legislative map to governor (Chicago Tribune, 5/27/11)
Dueling workers compensation reform proposals pushed in Springfield (Chicago Tribune, 5/27/11)
Lawmakers draw drama over legislative redistricting map (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/27/11)
Major public employee pension changes moving in Springfield (Chicago Tribune, 5/26/11)
Borrowing or cutting, what clears Illinois’ backlog? (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/26/11)
Pension reform moving forward in Illinois (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/26/11)
Democratic congressional map would hurt suburban Republicans (Chicago Tribune, 5/26/11)
Illinois Democrats, GOP roll out revised legislative maps (Illinois Observer, 5/26/11)
Blacks underrepresented in new legislative maps (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/25/11)
GOP, minority groups say redistricting process too fast (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/24/11)
Hispanic groups want more from redistricting (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/24/11)
Lawmaker rolling the dice again with gambling expansion measure (Illinois Statehouse News,5/24/11)
Minorities make gains in new legislative maps (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/23/11)
State treasurer says ‘no’ to more debt (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/23/11)
Dems get defensive on redistricting (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/22/11)
Commentary: Quinn staff has definite Chicago flavor (State Journal-Register, 5/22/11)
Emanual wants casino; Welch no longer does (Southtown Star, 5/22/11)
Five who were exonerated seek pardons from Gov. Quinn (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/21/11)
Rainbow PUSH calls on Quinn for pardons (WLS-TV, 5/21/11)
Bill shielding identities of gun owners heads to Gov. Quinn’s desk (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/21/11)
Quinn focused on ‘fair’ Illinois redistricting map (WBEZ, 5/20/11)
Quinn remarks show difficulty of Chicago casino deal (chicago Tribune, 5/20/11)
Gov. Quinn announces business network to help entrepreneurs (Chicago Tribune, 5/20/11)
Senate GOP unhappy with Dems’ senate remap (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/19/11)
IL Senate redistricting map upsets Republicans (CBS St. Louis, 5/19/11)
Senate Redistricting Committee releases legislative map (WJBC, 5/19/11)
Quinn dumps longtime friend from college aid post (Chicago Tribune, 5/19/11)
Corporations make Illinois pay to keep them here (Illinois Times, 5/19/11)
IL lawmakers face big decisions in final 2 weeks (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/18/11)
Local cities: Show us the money, Illinois (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/18/11)
Prison price set, but payday for Illinois not soon enough (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/18/11)
Illinois high court hears argument on construction plan (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/17/11)
Local fairs not fairing well in state budget proposals (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/17/11)
Illinois House deliberates higher pension payments (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/16/11)
Lawmakers hush-hush about a pay raise (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/16/11)
Hospitals: Late Medicaid payments are better than cuts (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/12/11)
Illinois education reform getting President Obama’s attention (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/12/11)
Lawmakers ignore Quinn, add millions back to budget (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/11/11)
Soda tax to fight obesity could fizzle (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/10/11)
House human services budget unveiled (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/10/11)
Quinn promises veto of Smart Grid (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/9/11)
IL House budget mostly finished (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/9/11)
Opinion: Budget work getting messy (State Journal-Register, 5/8/11)
A highly praised schools bill hits some snags (New York Times, 5/7/11)
Quinn looks at new plan to keep money from local government (Orland Park Patch, 5/6/11)
Why Illinois is America’s most liberal state (NBC Chicago, 5/6/11)
Motorola Mobility gets $100M from Illinois to stay (Chicago Tribune, 5/6/11)
Medical marijuana takes a hit in IL House (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/5/11)
IL House shoots down concealed-carry law (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/5/11)
Illinois backs out of controversial program intended to deport dangerous immigrants (LA Times,5/5/11)
Illinois withdraws from federal immigration program (Chicago Tribune, 5/5/11)
Illinois concealed carry bill voted down (Bloomington Pantagraph, 5/5/11)
Geography, not politics, hurt concealed carry (Peoria Journal star, 5/5/11)
Editorial: Quinn should be in Springfield more often (State Journal-Register, 5/5/11)
Split among suburban lawmakers dooms concealed-carry bill (State Journal-Register, 5/5/11)
Illinois Senate begins tackling state budget (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/4/11)
Editorial: Street heat? Say no. (Chicago Tribune, 5/4/11)
Businesses wait while lawmakers talk about workers’ comp (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/4/11)
Union ads generic about state budget cuts (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/4/11)
Local officials rail against Quinn’s tax threat (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/4/11)
Quinn urges swift workers’ comp reform (Bloomington Pantagraph, 5/4/11)
Still no clear solution for IL workers comp system (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/4/11)
Quinn urges lawmakers to oppose gun bill (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/4/11)
Gov’s threatened veto of concealed carry may not matter (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/3/11)
Vendors: Illinois needs to borrow to pay bills (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/3/11)
School grants, per pupil money may be cut in IL House (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/3/11)
Quinn opposes concealed carry legislation (Chicago Tribune, 5/3/11)
Concealed-carry proponents amend bill in hopes of passage (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/3/11)
IL Senators unhappy with proposed budget (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/3/11)
Senate may be roadblock for Quinn’s latest bill pay plan (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/2/11)
Line-by-line budget could save Illinois from budget woes (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/2/11)
Local government money could be used to pay old bills (Illinois Statehouse News, 5/2/11)
APRIL 2011
Senate Dem leader opposes Quinn’s tax threat (Chicago Tribune, 4/30/11)
Cities unhappy with plan to withhold tax revenue (Bloomington Pantagraph, 4/29/11)
Quinn’s borrowing trial balloon falling flat (Chicago Sun-Times, 4/29/11)
Suburban officials rip Quinn borrowing plan (Daily Herald, 4/29/11)
Quinn more responsive than Blagojevich, but still often absent from Springfield (Suburban Life,4/29/11)
Quinn: Approve borrowing or lose local tax revenue (Forbes, 4/29/11)
Who pays when flood waters rise? (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/28/11)
Quinn wants to withhold cities’ money as pressure to borrow billions (Chicago Tribune, 4/28/11)
Illinois’ unpaid backlog could soon hit $8 billion (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/27/11)
Quinn grants clemency to 85 people (Chicago Sun-Times, 4/27/11)
Lawmakers: Service tax hike unlikely despite $8 billion to be had (Illinois Statehouse News,4/26/11)
House approaches looming deadline to pass budget (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/26/11)
Quinn appoints new chief of Illinois prisons (Chicago Tribune, 4/25/11)
Did Quinn promise a job to former legislator for her ‘yes’ vote on tax increase? (Chicago Now,4/25/11)
Crime commission backs gaming board chairman (Chicago Tribune, 4/25/11)
House redistricting effort wraps up (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/25/11)
How Blagojevich’s wife, daughters are holding up with retrial starting (Chicago Sun-Times,4/25/11)
‘Life work’ of Blagojevich (Chicago Tribune, 4/24/11)
Video: IL medical marijuana prospects due to GOP cooperation (Illinois Observer, 4/21/11)
Wisconsin and Illinois: Handling state unions (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/21/11)
Governor looks to borrow to go green (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/20/11)
Blagojevich to deliver closing arguments? (Chicago Tribune, 4/20/11)
Quinn wants more time for expired appointees (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/20/11)
Race to the Top failure spurs Senate education reform (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/18/11)
Education reform now in the hands of the House (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/18/11)
Troubled College Illinois program prompts legislative investigation (Illinois Statehouse News,4/15/11)
Ill. Senators: Cuts are a must to balance the budget (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/15/11)
Too many taxing authorities in Illinois? (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/15/11)
Senate passes compromise on teacher collective bargaining, firings (Illinois Statehouse News,4/14/11)
Senate votes down GOP workers comp reform; awaits proposal from Democrats (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/14/11)
Illinois House fires at gun bills limiting rights (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/13/11)
State leaders talk about shifting teacher retirement costs (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/13/11)
Anti-gay adoption measure fails in Illinois Senate (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/13/11)
Cities ask state for more money (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/13/11)
State Board of Education asks for bus money (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/12/11)
Leaders: Compromise key for workers comp (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/12/11)
Thousands gather for Chicago pro-union rally (Chicago Breaking News, 4/9/11)
Illinois restarts loan program to boost economy (Chicago Breaking News, 4/9/11)
County kicks off campaign for control of planned third airport (The Herald-News, 4/8/11)
New $11.5B road, bridge plan will create 155K jobs, Quinn says (The Illinois Observer, 4/8/11)
Education reform talks ongoing (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/8/11)
Seeking payback, GOP calls Quinn’s pick ‘pay to play’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 4/8/11)
Head of abortion rights group that donated to Quinn wins spot on state board (Chicago Sun-Times,4/8/11)
CEO: Caterpillar is likely ‘here to stay’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 4/7/11)
State Senate OKs Quinn’s appointment of campaign donor (Chicago Tribune, 4/7/11)
Quinn nomination ignites ugly Illinois Senate fight (Chicago Tribune, 4/7/11)
Controversy erupts over Quinn appointment of abortion rights leader (Chicago Tribune, 4/7/11)
Quinn unveils 6-year, $12 B Illinois road program (Chicago Breaking News, 4/7/11)
Lawmakers question plan to abolish workers’ comp system (Bloomington Pantagraph, 4/7/11)
Ill. House may scrap workers’ compensation (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/7/11)
Controversial Quinn pick to human rights panel gets grilled, gets job (Illinois Statehouse News,4/7/11)
Agreement close on education reform (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/6/11)
Lawmaker proposes eliminating workers’ comp system (Bloomington Pantagraph, 4/6/11)
Caterpillar’s not leaving the state, but if it did…(Naperville Sun, 4/6/11)
Teacher collective bargaining rights still up for grabs (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/6/11)
Catholic leaders lobby for anti-abortion measure, textbook funding (Illinois Statehouse News,4/6/11)
Editorial: A perfect pension storm (Chicago Tribune, 4/5/11)
Spending cuts, reforms sought by Ill. Legislature (Quincy Herald-Whig, 4/5/11)
Racial slur led to fight with Illinois trooper, student says (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 4/5/11)
Illinois Republicans reject Wisconsin approach to unions (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/4/11)
GOP leader pushes Quinn to seek union cuts (Chicago Tribune, 4/4/11)
Audio: Illinois Republicans – Let us cut the budget (WBEZ, 4/4/11)
Illinois House reduces pension benefits for judges, lawmakers (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/4/11)
Illinois communities brace for reduction in shared revenue from state (Quincy Herald-Whig, 4/4/11)
Quinn says he won’t support education cuts (WBEZ, 4/4/11)
Quinn has powerful tool in redistricting (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/4/11)
Editorial: Share the pain in workers comp plan (Chicago Sun-Times, 4/3/11)
Opinion: Worker’s comp system needs reform (State Journal-Register, 4/2/11)
Quinn says budget-cutting governors wrong (Bloomberg, 4/1/11)
Feds step in to investigate potential fraud in Illinois workers’ comp cases (Belleville News Democrat,4/1/11)
Quinn contradicts Madigan, takes credit for something he didn’t do (Capitol Fax Blog, 4/1/11)
Quinn proposes workers’ comp overhaul (Chicago Tribune, 4/1/11)
Quinn says he didn’t want lump-sum budget (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/1/11)
Quinn remakes election board (Quad-City Times, 4/1/11)
Budget battle lines beginning to form (Capitol Fax Blog, 4/1/11)
State’s workers’ comp overhaul faces tough road (Chicago Tribune, 4/1/11)
House versus governor on 2012 spending (Illinois Statehouse News, 4/1/11)
MARCH 2011
Can everybody finally settle down now and get to work? (Capitol Fax Blog, 3/31/11)
CEO: Caterpillar not pulling out of Illinois (Chicago Sun-Times, 3/31/11)
State OKs plan to keep 44,000 on unemployment (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/31/11)
Speaker Madigan says House budget revenue projection would prevail over Senate’s (Illinois Observer, 3/31/11)
Forced school consolidations shelved for the year (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/31/11)
Senate OKs treasurer/comptroller merger (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/31/11)
Little support for Quinn school consolidation plan (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/31/11)
House versus Senate on budget? (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/30/11)
Editorial: Just. Stop. Borrowing. (Chicago Tribune, 3/30/11)
Cat CEO says company remains committed to Illinois (Peoria Journal Star, 3/30/11)
House lawmakers plan less funding for elementary and high schools (Illinois Statehouse News,3/30/11)
Budgeting in House to be bipartisan effort (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/30/11)
We may not lose Cat, but we’re definitely losing the war (Capitol Fax Blog, 3/29/11)
Tax hike small part of Illinois’ business climate (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/29/11)
Lawmakers defend tax hike, express concern for Caterpillar (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/29/11)
Legislative, business leaders: Illinois jobs climate more than taxes (Illinois Statehouse News,3/29/11)
Caterpillar CEO warns of discomfort with Illinois (Reuters, 3/28/11)
Illinois tax income dropped by $2.2 billion in 2010 (Illinois Observer, 3/28/11)
Minority communities ask for more representation (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/28/11)
Caterpillar CEO: Other states making play for firm (Chicago Sun-Times, 3/27/11)
State holds Medicaid program steady in face of cuts nationwide (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/25/11)
Quinn’s plan to cut Illinois school bureaucracy draws little legislative support (Illinois Observer, 3/25/11)
Local school officials: Cuts will cost state in the long run (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/24/11)
Freshman lawmakers grade their mid-way point (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/23/11)
Quinn asks to borrow, again, yet in a smaller amount (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/23/11)
Quinn lays tracks for high-speed rail (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/22/11)
Redistricting hearings coming to a town near you (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/21/11)
Senate budget: Billion bigger than House plan (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/16/11)
Dem lawmakers eye cigarette tax hike, GOP backs away (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/15/11)
Lawmakers clarify election rules for flip-floppers (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/15/11)
Concealed carry gets new push from freshman lawmakers (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/9/11)
Gov. Quinn signs capital punishment ban (New York Times, 3/9/11)
Quinn ends death penalty in Illinois (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/9/11)
Could outside sources help fix Illinois’ money crisis? (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/9/11)
Illinois preparing to comply with national health care reform (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/7/11)
Quinn signs bill to protect minority voting rights in redistricting process (Illinois Observer, 3/7/11)
Minorities could have more influence in new political map (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/7/11)
NJ’s Christie calls Quinn ‘a disaster’ (Columbus Dispatch, 3/4/11)
Finding true budget number challenging (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/1/11)
Schools ask for more money from state (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/1/11)
New lawmakers not shy about ideas, topic (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/28/11)
Legislature facing tough budget choices (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/28/11)
Freshman Dem pushes term limits plan that would strip Madigan of his Speaker’s post (Illinois Observer, 2/25/11)
Illinois School Boss: State needs consolidation of school districts (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/24/11)
Dem, GOP lawmakers act to halt Quinn’s mid-year drug, alcohol treatment budget cuts (Illinois Observer, 2/23/11)
Quinn slashes Human services funding, prompts opposition from lawmakers (Illinois Observer,2/21/11)
Social service providers outraged over Quinn’s proposed cuts (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/17/11)
IL GOP to Quinn: Cut more, nix new spending (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/16/11)
Gov. Quinn slashes Illinois Human Services budgets (Illinois Observer, 2/16/11)
Posturing, policy problems ahead of Quinn’s budget speech (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/15/11)
Universities: Proposals to freeze tuition, cut top pay would strangle higher ed (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/15/11)
Madigan backs plan to oust Quinn appointees without senate confirmation (Illinois Observer, 2/14/11)
Quinn outlines past cuts before budget address (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/11/11)
Quinn warns of ‘lean’ year following income tax increase (Chicago Tribune, 2/11/11)
Few signs businesses abandoning Illinois for Ind. or New Jersey (State Journal-Register, 2/11/11)
GOP refutes Quinn’s spending cuts claims (Quad-City Times, 2/11/11)
Governor avoids talk of budget cuts (Chicago Tribune, 2/11/11)
Lt. Gov talks death penalty, education funding (Bloomington Pantagraph, 2/10/11)
State Senate tightens rules on governor’s appointments (Bloomington Pantagraph, 2/10/11)
Quinn releases budget cut documents ahead of speech (Chicago Tribune, 2/10/11)
Borrowing plan may not be enough (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/8/11)
Quinn to feds: No thanks on any bailout (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/7/11)
Democrats seek bipartisan support for borrowing measure (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/7/11)
Quinn to consider death row inmates in death penalty decision (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/4/11)
Quinn wants ‘grassroots’ campaign to pressure lawmakers on bonding bill (Illinois Observer, 2/4/11)
Blizzard shuts down Illinois government (Illinois Statehouse News, 2/2/11)
Death penalty bill: Time for Quinn to employ the ‘in other news’ strategy (Chicago Tribune, 2/2/11)
Quinn signs civil union bill into law (Chicago Sun-Times, 2/1/11)
Illinois civil unions signed into law (Chicago Tribune, 1/31/11)
Madigan: Killing construction program a ‘drastic hardship’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 1/29/11)
Editorial: Moral, practical reasons to end death penalty (Rockford Register Star, 1/28/11)
Court strikes down state’s $31 billion capital program (Chicago Sun-Times, 1/27/11)
Quinn aides say Ill. won’t get into PR war with states trying to take advantage of tax hike (LA Times,1/27/11)
Topinka unveils her list of ‘painless’ cuts (Capitol Fax, 1/26/11)
Lawmakers concerned about court repeal of construction plan (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/26/11)
Court throws out liquor taxes, video gambling to fund state construction (LA Times, 1/26/11)
Quinn fires back at NJ gov: We don’t need advice from some guy from Jersey(NewJerseyNewsRoom, 1/26/11)
Editorial: Quinn should follow Lt. Gov’s advice (State Journal-Register, 1/26/11)
Quinn responds as states try to poach jobs (Bloomberg, 1/25/11)
SEC launches inquiry into Illinois pensions (Chicago Tribune, 1/25/11)
Medicaid reform law cracks down on fraud with penalties (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/25/11)
Lawmakers: Audit Illinois’ pension fund (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/25/11)
Quinn signs Medicaid reform legislation (Chicago Sun-Times, 1/25/11)
Illinois embraces Medicaid reform (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/25/11)
Quinn to OK civil unions, Medicaid overhaul (Chicago Tribune, 1/24/11)
Lame-duck lawmakers ponder next moves after voting for tax hike (Illinois Statehouse News,1/24/11)
Simon urges Quinn to abolish death penalty (Chicago Tribune, 1/24/11)
Governor’s revenue predictions sunny (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/24/11)
WI pushing corporate tax breaks to help poach IL businesses (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/21/11)
Even with tax increase, Illinois still faces problems of overdue bills (Illinois Statehouse News,1/20/11)
Lawmakers: Quinn should respect appointment process (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/20/11)
New legislative proposals tackle variety of issues (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/20/11)
Income tax hike worries small businesses (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/19/11)
Senate looks to clear out expired nominations (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/18/11)
Death penalty abolition is one signature away (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/18/11)
Tax hike brings no money, more problems to Illinois cities (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/13/11)
Top Illinois lawmaker to Walker: Bring it on (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/12/11)
Quinn ambiguous about death penalty abolition (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/12/11)
Legislature passes tax hike (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/12/11)
Death penalty abolition moves to governor’s desk (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/12/11)
Illinois okays spending caps, unpaid bills left to linger (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/12/11)
Quinn takes oath for full term as governor; speech offers few details (Illinois Statehouse News,1/10/11)
Income tax increase still evolving (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/10/11)
Support scarce, tax hike vote delayed (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/10/11)
Illinois faces steep tax increases to meet fiscal crisis (Washington Post, 1/8/11)
Illinois House leaves town without voting on income-tax hike (Chicago Tribune, 1/7/11)
IL Income tax plan – rates to rise to 5.25% for four years (Huffington Post, 1/7/11)
Illinois House adjourns, may reconvene Sunday on tax increase (Wall Street Journal, 1/7/11)
IL Democratic leaders back taxes to pay bills and plug budget hole (Bloomberg, 1/7/11)
Top Dems: Deal on Illinois tax hike (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/6/11)
Quinn, Democrats press ahead on major income, cigarette tax hikes (Chicago Tribune, 1/6/11)
House narrowly approves abolition of the death penalty (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/6/11)
Illinois lawmakers approve major Medicaid reforms (Chicago Tribune, 1/6/11)
On 2nd try, House votes to abolish death penalty (Bloomington Pantagraph, 1/6/11)
Tax hike deal takes shape in Springfield (Bloomington Pantagraph, 1/6/11)
Quinn’s tone-deaf inaugural party plans (Chicago Tribune, 1/6/11)
Bill outlining redistricting process sent to Quinn (Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, 1/5/11)
Income tax hike moving forward (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/5/11)
IL Senate passes ‘bold’ Medicaid reform (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/5/11)
Madigan’s fiscal restraints: pension increase votes and spending caps (Illinois Statehouse News,1/4/11)
Pension borrowing a step closer to reality (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/4/11)
Dem leaders talk income tax hike (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/4/11)
Quinn, leaders try to map out income-tax increase (Chicago Tribune, 1/4/11)
Changes likely in Illinois gambling proposal (Rockford Register Star, 1/4/11)
Is Madigan setting up tax increase? (Quad-Cities Dispatch Argus, 1/3/11)
Lawmakers squabble over redistricting hearings (Bloomington Pantagraph, 1/3/11)
Redistricting measure to offer extra protection to minorities (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/3/11)
TABOR proposal would tie state spending to Illinois personal income (State Journal-Register, 1/3/11)
Opinion: Illinois considers $15 billion (!) debt consolidation loan (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1/2/11)

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