The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


IL 2010 Archives


Illinois Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives

Quinn signs police and fire pension measure into law (Chicago Tribune, 12/30/10)
Quinn wants to borrow billions (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/29/10)
Quinn floats $15 billion debt recovery plan (Chicago Tribune, 12/27/10)
Quinn grants clemency petitions (Chicago Tribune, 12/23/10)
Judge says no to Illinois corruption (Chicago Tribune, 12/22/10)
Lura Lynn Ryan: ‘He won’t be home for Christmas’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/22/10)
Judge denies former Gov. Ryan’s early release request (Chicago Tribune, 12/21/10)
Illinois loses seat in US House (Chicago Tribune, 12/21/10)
Illinois loses a congressional seat (NBC Chicago, 12/21/10)
Quinn moves to pay Illinois’ overdue bills (Huffington Post, 12/17/10)
Illinois: Democrats’ lone redistricting prize is a big one (Washington Post, 12/17/10)
Second City showdown over pensions (Wall Street Journal, 12/16/10)
Quinn promotes ex-Blago aide with Rezko ties (Chicago Tribune, 12/13/10)
Quinn to end Put IL to Work jobs program (Chicago Tribune, 12/12/10)
Quinn says he asked cabinet to resign, but he hasn’t (Chicago Tribune, 12/11/10)
Illinois named worst state for retirement (Chicago Breaking Business, 12/10/10)
Editorial: End the behind closed doors redistricting process (News-Gazette, 12/7/10)
Editorial: Focus, Gov – pension busting the budget (Chicago Tribune, 12/7/10)
Quinn to sign civil unions bill next year (The Courier-News, 12/3/10)
Quinn to keep temporary jobs program going (Chicago Sun-Times,
Quinn to ‘follow conscience’ on civil unions bill (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/2/10)
Quinn’s job program maneuver questioned (Chicago Tribune, 12/2/10)

Brady criticizes Quinn, considers uncertain future after governor’s race (Medill Reports, 11/30/10)
Brady blames loss on Democrats labeling him a ‘career politician’ (Huffington Post, 11/29/10)
Quinn’s Chicago-area focus won votes, but may lose legislative allies (Southtown Star, 11/29/10)
Question of the day – Quinn rehires staffer ousted during campaign (Capitol Fax Blog, 11/23/10)
Quinn, Brady meet for ‘corned beef summit’ (NBC Chicago, 11/23/10)
Brady fights with RGA over who lost gov race (Capitol Fax Blog, 11/18/10) +++
Did GOP infighting doom Brady’s bid for gov? (Chicago Business, 11/18/10)
Catholics increase their pressure against civil unions, death penalty (Capitol Fax Blog, 11/17/10)
Editorial: Quinn needs to make a break with Blago past (Bloomington Pantagraph, 11/17/10)
No tax hike by Democrats alone (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/17/10)
Illinois could pass civil unions (NBC Chicago, 11/17/10)
Why Quinn won’t get his tax increase (NBC Chicago, 11/17/10)
Opinion: Lawmakers should OK open primary (State Journal-Register, 11/16/10)
IL House rebuffs Quinn on open records veto (Chicago Tribune, 11/16/10)
Madigan: No mandate for income tax hike (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/16/10)
Madigan to Quinn: ‘be like Mike’ (Chicago Tribune, 11/16/10)
Quinn courts Wisconsin train money (Jacksonville Journal Courier, 11/15/10)
Did pro-choice PAC make the difference for Quinn? (Southtown Star, 11/15/10)
Why and where Pat Quinn won (Capitol Fax Blog, 11/15/10)
IL GOP hopes to play bigger role in Springfield (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/15/10)
Why Pat Quinn was labeled governor of Chicago (NBC Chicago, 11/15/10)
Opinion: Huh? Lose all but 3 counties and proclaim a mandate? (Northwest Herald, 11/14/10)
Narrow Quinn victory not a mandate (Herald & Review, 11/13/10)
Social issues pack veto session to avoid new General Assembly (Alton Telegraph, 11/12/10)
Quinn cool on gaming, but will he change his mind? (Capitol Fax Blog, 11/10/10)
Money rolls in, campaign ads roll on (Chicago Tribune, 10/30/10)
Final vote push takes Quinn, Brady beyond their bases (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/30/10)
NJ’s past may be Illinois’ future – what to expect if you’re expecting Gov. Bill Brady (Chicago Tribune, 10/29/10)
Foes face off on pensions, ties to ex-govs (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/29/10)
Quinn, Brady woo African-American voters (Chicago Tribune, 10/29/10)
IL Dems optimistic that early voting suggest Democratic edge (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/29/10) +++
Illinois candidates for governor talk business (Chicago Tribune, 10/29/10)
Brady, Quinn joust over ethics, social issues (Chicago Tribune, 10/28/10)
Brady’s TV ads pulled for lack of payment, WGN says (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/28/10) +++
The truth (or lack of it) in the ads (Chicago Tribune, 10/28/10)
Brady receives warm welcome at Tea Party rally (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/28/10)
Brady gets praise from Jindal, McDonnell, Barbour (RedState, 10/28/10)
Abortion rights group attacks Brady in ad (Chicago Tribune, 10/27/10)
Quinn, Brady tout endorsements, bash each other in TV ads (Chicago Tribune, 10/27/10)
Guber nominees far apart on health care reform (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/27/10)
Suburban black ministers endorse Kirk, Quinn (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/26/10)
Clinton rallies top state Democrats (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/26/10) +++
Legislators set to bet on gambling expansion (Chicago Tribune, 10/26/10)
Brady shies away from tea party mention while promoting rally (Chicago Tribune, 10/25/10)
New Trib poll shows Brady with slight edge (Chicago Tribune, 10/25/10)
Happiness for Quinn is a warm puppy issue (Chicago Tribune, 10/25/10)
Quinn-Brady race may be decided in collar counties (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/25/10)
Opinion: A choice that won’t be easy to make (Chicago Tribune, 10/24/10)
Quinn slams ally’s remarks about Brady, but doesn’t apologize (Chicago Tribune, 10/24/10) +++
Opinion: Brady volunteers the ‘Hoosier’ card (Chicago Tribune, 10/23/10) +++
Illinois’ vexing budget disaster (Chicago Tribune, 10/22/10)
Bill Brady joins Newt Gingrich at jobs rally (Washington Post, 10/22/10)
Gingrich endorses Bill Brady (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/22/10) +++
Quinn, Brady tangle on efforts for blacks (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/21/10)
Tight races in IL for governor, Senate (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/23/10)
Cohen denies allegations of vote-buying (NBC-Chicago, 10/22/10)
Video: Brady, Quinn do post-debate spinning (CapitolFaxBlog, 10/18/10)
‘Collar counties will decide’ governor’s race (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/16/10)
Governor’s race: Quinn and Brady on the issues (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/16/10)
Quinn, Brady tangle over budget cuts, jobs (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/15/10)
Quinn rips Brady over home building business (Chicago Tribune, 10/15/10)
Whitney is “Whitey” on some ballots (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/14/10)
Brady, brothers put their homes on the line (Chicago Tribune, 10/14/10)
Quinn, Brady racking up big campaign checks in final weeks (Chicago Tribune, 10/13/10)
Quinn profile: Head in details, questions about focus (Chicago Tribune, 10/13/10)
Biden: Brady is anti-union; Quinn inherited big mess (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/12/10)
Democrats fear Swilley could split black vote (Chicago Tribune, 10/12/10)
Biden raises money, rallies for Quinn (Chicago Trivbune, 10/12/10)
Biden: GOP is ‘playing for keeps’ (Chicago Tribune, 10/11/10)
Illinois retailers endorse Brady for governor (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/11/10)
Can Quinn manage establishment he built his career assailing? (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/10/10)
Obama comes home to help Dems Alexi and Quinn (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/7/10)
Is Bill Brady blowing it? (NBC Chicago, 10/5/10)
Candidates for governor face off (Chicago Tribune, 10/4/10)
Quinn gains on Brady in new Tribune poll (Chicago Tribune, 10/4/10)
Brady, Quinn trade barbs in 1st major debate (Chicago Tribune, 9/29/10)
Quinn and Brady go head-to-head (NBC Chicago, 9/29/10)
Edgar endorses Brady for gov (Illinois Review, 9/28/10)
Quinn uses state cash to keep jobs program running through Election Day (Chicago Tribune, 9/28/10)
Editorial: Voters, now is not the time to check out (Chicago Tribune, 9/27/10)
Pat Quinn struggling to find clear message (Chicago Tribune, 9/25/10)
TV attack ads already at fever pitch in Illinois (Chicago Tribune, 9/25/10)
Edgar: 10% cuts may not be enough (WBEZ, 9/24/10)
Political theater: the long strange trip of Scott Lee Cohen (CNN, 9/23/10)
Opinion: Quinn’s deal with AFSCME bad for state (State Journal-Register, 9/23/10)
Romney to raise money for GOPers Brady, Kirk (Chicago Tribune, 9/23/10)
Quinn ad blasts Brady over income taxes (Chicago Tribune, 9/22/10)
Quinn defends bringing budget chief to union endorsement interview (Chicago Tribune, 9/21/10)
Quinn blasted for mixing politics, state business at union meeting (Chicago Tribune, 9/21/10)
True or False? Bill Brady is ‘an enemy of Labor’ (NBC Chicago, 9/20/10)
Quinn needs to take Cohen a little more seriously (Chicago Tribune, 9/20/10)
Quinn questioned about timing of union deal, endorsements (Chicago Tribune, 9/20/10)
Brady, Quinn differ sharply over social issues (Quad City Times, 9/19/10)
Opinion: Brady, Quinn need to clue us in on budget (State Journal-Register, 9/19/10)
Word on the street: Brady is under Quinn’s skin (Peoria Journal Star, 9/19/10)
Can Cohen be a spoiler in governor’s race? (Chicago Tribune, 9/18/10)
Governor, rival both vague on budget details (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/16/10)
Is Pat Quinn dragging down IL Democrats? (Chicago Now, 9/16/10)
Quinn picks firm with state ties to run IL lottery (Chicago Tribune, 9/15/10)
Edgar to endorse Brady (Capitol Fax Blog, 9/15/10)
Are Democrats secretly working to elect Brady? (Chicago Magazine, 9/15/10)
Poll shows  Brady has wide lead over Quinn (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/14/10)
IL gov hopeful offers few specifics on budget (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/13/10)
Quinn warns voters beware of Brady’s anti-tax promises (Chicago Tribune, 9/13/10)
Giuliani stumps for Kirk & Brady (Huffington Post, 9/13/10)
Giuliani: Brady can change state’s outlook (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/13/10)
Brady, Quinn keeping options open on gambling expansion (Daily Herald-Review, 9/12/10)
Quinn: in political ‘fight of my life’ (Chicago Tribune, 9/9/10)
Brady holds slim lead over Quinn, neither well-liked (Chicago Tribune, 9/3/10)
Quinn minds Cohen’s business (Chicago Tribune, 9/3/10)
Quinn: Prisons chief wasn’t forced out (Chicago Tribune, 9/2/10)
Quinn’s embattled prisons chief to leave for new job (Chicago Tribune, 9/2/10)
Brady, Quinn launch dueling ads (Chicago Tribune, 8/26/10)
Quinn suggests tax switch (Chicago Tribune, 8/26/10)
Quinn: tax plan should include property tax relief (Bloomberg Businessweek, 8/26/10)
Governor’s race: who sucks less? (Chicago Now, 8/25/10)
Quinn names new chief of staff (Chicago Tribune, 8/24/10)
Quinn praises former chief of staff but let him resign (Chicago Tribune, 8/24/10)
Quinn’s opponents react to firing of inspector general (Chicago Public Radio, 8/24/10)
Brady campaign chairman funding Tea Party groups (Capitol Fax Blog, 8/24/10)
Quinn draws fire of timing of inspector general’s firing (Chicago Tribune, 8/24/10)
Quinn’s chief of staff resigns among ethics questions (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/23/10)
Neither guber candidate is addressing state’s severe fiscal crisis (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/23/10)
Opinion: Brady’s slogans won’t balance budget (Peoria Journal Star, 8/21/10)
Quinn campaign fires Axelrod firm (National Journal, 8/20/10)
Illinois Dems look for way forward after Blago trial (Chicago Tribune, 8/18/10)
Blago retrial could hurt Dems’ fall campaigns (Chicago Tribune, 8/17/10)
Brady won’t say where he’ll cut the budget until after election (Chicago Tribune, 8/17/10)
Quinn calls Brady ‘expert at layoffs’ (Chicago Tribune, 8/16/10)
Quinn rips Brady’s business acumen (Chicago Tribune, 8/16/10)
Brady calls on Quinn to fire prisons chief (Chicago Tribune, 8/15/10)
Quinn, Brady clash on federal education cash (Chicago Tribune, 8/13/10)
Poll has Brady leading by 13 points (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/13/10)
Quinn cautions Blago jury should not be second guessed (Chicago Tribune, 8/12/10)
Brady: Congress wrong to send Illinois money (State Journal-Register, 8/12/10)
Jury note in Blago trial leaves everyone guessing (Chicago Tribune, 8/12/10)
Brady wins business endorsement (Chicago Tribune, 8/11/10)
Blago jury split, turns to judge (Chicago Tribune, 8/11/10)
Brady pledges to balance IL budget in first year (Quincy Herald-Whig, 8/9/10)
Quinn accentuating the positive, burying the negative (Chicago Tribune, 8/8/10)
Even with cuts, Illinois budget in awful shape (Bloomington Pantagraph, 8/8/10)
Brady advocates a path to citizenship for immigrants (Chicago Now, 8/8/10)
Quinn defends sales tax holiday (Chicago Tribune, 8/6/10)

Bill Brady’s conservative roots go deep in Bloomington (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/1/10)
Quinn signs property tax relief measure with controversial provision for elderly (Chicago Tribune, 8/1/10)
JULY 2010
Quinn tries to stem fallout from budget director’s tax hike talk (Chicago Tribune, 7/29/10)
Quinn denies plans to hike income tax (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/29/10)
Why IL GOPers owe Quinn’s budget director a drink (NBC Chicago, 7/29/10)
Blago’s silence helps IL Dems (Washington Post, 7/28/10)
Quinn budget director says income tax hike likely (Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/28/10)
GOP leaders question Quinn’s motives in construction strike (Chicago Tribune, 7/27/10)
Cohen taking an unusual path in governor race (Daily Chronicle, 7/26/10)
Quinn, Brady spar over transit funding announcement (Quad City Times, 7/23/10)
Quinn says temporary workers will be paid (Chicago Tribune, 7/23/10)
Quinn quietly signs prisoner bill pushed by GOP rival (Chicago Tribune, 7/19/10)
Brady, Quinn have similar amounts of cash for fall campaign (Chicago Tribune, 7/19/10)
Opinion: Quinn should sign open primary bill (State Journal-Register, 7/17/10)
Quinn won’t say if he’s raised more – or less, than Brady (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/17/10)
Quinn slashes staff salaries, institutes furloughs (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/17/10)
Quinn cuts salaries after flap over raises (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/16/10)
Brady not concerned about Cohen (Chicago Public Radio, 7/15/10)
Brady says he has $2.3 M cash on hand (Chicago Tribune, 7/15/10)
New law allows guber candidates to pick running mate (Chicago Now, 7/13/10)
DGA campaign torches Brady (Politico, 7/13/10)
Quinn signs Blago-inspired ethics reform bills (Talking Points Memo, 7/12/10)
Pay raises may raise red flags on election day (Peoria Star Journal, 7/11/10)
New law means Gov and Lt Gov will run together in future (WGN, 7/10/10)
Quinn defends raises to staff (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/9/10)
Two candidates, two different directions for IL GOP (Chicago Tribune, 7/7/10)
Quinn criticizes fellow Dem Giannoulias on tax issue (Chicago Tribune, 7/7/10)
Hard times for IL, but Quinn’s staff still got big raises (AP, 7/6/10)
Quinn wields powerful budget knife (Chicago Tribune, 7/5/10)
Quinn seeks to cut sate budget by $1.4B (Chicago Sun-Tiems, 7/2/10)
Quinn budget cuts still leave $13 billion hole next year (Chicago Tribune, 7/1/10)
Quinn announces budget cuts (Chicago Tribune, 7/1/10)
JUNE 2010
Brady changes tun on rolling back IL minimum wage (Huffington Post, 6/30/10)
Critics say 401(k)-style plan unworkable, expensive (State Journal-Register, 6/29/10)
Quinn mocks Brady over minimum wage (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/29/10)
Brady: Quinn didn’t fire Blago’s ‘hacks’ (State Journal-Register, 6/29/10)
Opinion: Can anyone get by on the state’s minimum wage? (Chicago Sun-Times, 6/29/10)
Quinn says guber race won’t be as expensive as Blago’s 2006 run (Chicago Tribune, 6/29/10)
Quinn, Brady clash on minimum wage (Chicago Tribune, 6/29/10)
Quinn to make budget cuts Wednesday (State Journal-Register, 6/28/10)
Brady supports lowering state minimum wage to match feds (Chicago Tribune, 6/25/10)
Cohen may face court, not ballot challenge (Illinois Statehouse News, 6/23/10)
Brady and Quinn make appeals to state Chamber of Commerce (Chicago Tribune, 6/18/10)
Jeb Bush at center of IL guber debate (WBEZ, 6/17/10)
GOP’s Brady leading unpopular Quinn (Politics Daily, 6/16/10)
Brady leads Quinn, but margin reduced (Public Policy Polling, 6/16/10)
Jeb Bush, Sheila Simon praise their guber candidates (Bloomington Pantagraph, 6/16/10)
Brady: “I could beat Obama” (Politico, 6/16/10)
Cohen plans on filing for office at last minute (Bloomington Pantagraph, 6/14/10)
57% of Illinois voters think Blago should go to jail (Rasmussen Reports, 6/13/10)
Quinn won’t veto budget, even though it’s out of balance (Chicago Tribune, 6/10/10)
Quinn voices support for recall provision (Quad City Times, 6/10/10)
Quinn “outraged” over Blago’s alleged crimes (Chicago Tribune, 6/8/10)
Under new law, state colleges can borrow to cover costs (Chicago Tribune, 6/8/10)
RGA ad links Quinn with Blagojevich (Huffington Post, 6/8/10)
Brady: Quinn to blame for lowered bond rating (Bloomington Pantagraph, 6/8/10)
DGA asks – where is Bill Brady? (Progress Illinois, 6/8/10)
Brady won’t collect per diems for days he missed work (Chicago Daily Herald, 6/7/10)
Quinn unfazed by Blago trial political impact (Chicago Tribune, 6/7/10)
RGA ties Quinn to Blago (National Journal, 6/7/10)
Opinion: Time is now for ethics reform (Chicago Tribune, 6/3/10)
The power of a trial (Chicago Tribune, 6/2/10)
Blago trial set to begin Thursday (Chicago Tribune, 6/1/10)
MAY 2010
Quinn defends Teamsters’ campaign donations (Chicago Tribune, 5/28/10)
Quinn receives Teamster donation before decision on McCormick Place announced (Chicago Tribune, 5/27/10)
Quinn grabs for reins in McCormick Place overhaul (Chicago Tribune, 5/27/10)
Illinois budget could cause trouble for incumbents (Bloomington Pantagraph, 5/26/10)
Quinn’s campaign cash, Madigan allies fueled McPier clash (Crain’s Chicago Business, 5/26/10)
IL turns down 27,000 student aid applications, total may hit 200K by fall (Quad City Times, 5/25/10)
Brady voted for bill that benefited his real estate deal (Huffington Post, 5/24/10)
Inside Brady’s business deals (Chicago Tribune, 5/23/10)
Lt Gov hopeful Plummer defends withholding tax returns (Chicago Tribune, 5/21/10)
Brady missed over 200 votes while on campaign trail (Chicago Daily Herald, 5/20/10)
Opinion: lawmakers frustrated with Quinn (Decatur Herald-Review, 5/20/10)
Editorial: If we can bail out banks, we must save schools (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/20/10)
Brady makes murder by released convict a political issue for Quinn (NBC Chicago, 5/18/10)
GOP Lt Gov won’t release taxes (Chicago Breaking News, 5/18/10)
Editorial: Springfield’s lost boys need to cut taxes to create jobs (Chicago Tribune, 5/17/10)
Ex-mayoral candidate to run as independent for Guv. (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/17/10)
Brady’s hometown paper asks him to explain his budget proposal (Bloomington Pantagraph, 5/17/10)
Brady wants to “bring sanity back” to Illinois (Quincy Herald Whig, 5/17/10)
Editorial: Edgar knows what it will take to fix budget mess (Bloomington Pantagraph, 5/16/10)
Pick your pension pill – no matter what the choice, it’s going to be bitter (Chicago Tribune, 5/15/10)
Cohen: top Dem threatened him with jail (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/15/10)
Quinn knows how to dodge the issue (Peoria Journal Star, 5/15/10)
IL leaders take AZ to task over immigration law (Quad City Times, 5/14/10)
Cohen picks campaign aide as running mate (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/12/10)
Quinn calls on lawmakers to avoid education cuts (Chicago Tribune, 5/12/10)
Brady once supported borrowing for pensions, a policy he now opposes (Huffington Post, 5/11/10)
Brady pays “courtesy call” to Daley to discuss budget issues (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/11/10)
Quinn vetoes scholarship reform bill – wants practice eliminated (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/11/10)
Brady slips up again (Crain’s Chicago Business, 5/11/10)
Edgar isn’t sold on Brady, Quinn’s plans (Bloomington Pantagraph, 5/10/10)
With budget on pause, Quinn to Consider Other Proposals (MyFoxIllinois, 5/10/10)
Brady denies he ever advocated across the board budget cuts (Huffington Post, 5/10/10)
Simon calls Brady a “step back in time” (CBS2Chicago, 5/7/10)
IL lawmakers not thrilled about giving Gov broad new budget powers (Chicago Public Radio, 5/7/10)
Brady disappointed about lack of budget deal; promises to “fix the state” (Bloomington Pantagraph, 5/7/10)
Illinois budget woes come to a boil (Wall Street Journal, 5/7/10)
It’s up to legislators to solve budget crisis (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/6/10)
Cohen rejoins Illinois’ freak show (Chicago Tribune, 5/5/10)
Quinn, Brady debate who is better “cheerleader” for Illinois (Chicago Tribune, 5/5/10)
Cohen: “First thing is we shoot all the politicians” (NBC Chicago, 5/4/10)
Brady lands himself in triple trouble (Southtown Star, 5/3/10)
Cohen resurfaces – will run for guv as indie (Chicago Tribune, 5/3/10)
Brady won’t attend Palin Chicago fundraiser (Chicago Daily Herald, 5/2/10)
APRIL 2010
Quinn “not excited” by Dems’ redistricting plan (Chicago Public Radio, 4/29/10)
Editorial: Not enough, Mr. Brady (Chicago Tribune, 4/28/10)
Edgar won’t campaign Brady, but will vote for him (Chicago Daily Herald, 4/27/10)
Opinion: fighting crime is a local problem, not one for the National Guard (Chicago Sun-Times, 4/27/10)
Quinn’s language on tax increase getting stronger (Chicago Public Radio, 4/26/10)
Cohen resurfaces; will run for guber as independent (, 4/26/10)
Brady’s returns show huge income swings (Chicago Tribune, 4/23/10)
Brady hasn’t had to pay federal income tax past 2 years (Chicago Sun-Times, 4/23/10)
Thousands rally at capitol – for tax increases (Chicago Tribune, 4/21/10)
Former Lt Gov nominee may run as an independent (Chicago Daily Herald, 4/20/10)
Brady relents; will make tax returns public (Chicago Public Radio, 4/20/10)
Tax increase rally could shut down state capitol (Chicago Tribune, 4/20/10)
Statehouse rally for tax increase could be largest in history (Bloomington Pantagraph, 4/19/10)
Citing business concerns, Brady won’t release tax returns (Huffington Post, 4/16/10)
Quinn signs small business tax credits for new job creation (Chicago Tribune, 4/12/10)
Quinn hoping 2010 will be a repeat of 2006 (Chicago Tribune, 4/12/10)
Brady’s margin grows in newest poll (Springfield Journal-Register, 4/11/10)
Former GOP guv Edgar slams Brady’s budget (Huffington Post, 4/10/10)
Another poll finds Quinn trailing Brady (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 4/8/10)
2010 could have been Madigan’s year (Public Policy Polling, 4/8/10)
Brady attacks Lt Gov pick Simon as an out of touch academic (Chicago Tribune, 4/5/10)
MARCH 2010
Quinn feeling heat from black community over Lt. Gov pick (ChicagoNow, 3/31/10)
Simon still has to prove herself (Chicago Sun Times, 3/30/10)
Did Simon deserve Lt. Gov selection? (Chicago Sun Times, 3/30/10)
Brady: Simon’s no “game-changer” (MyFoxIllinois, 3/29/10)
Lt. Gov pick Simon is the right pick in wake of scandals (Chicago Sun Times, 3/27/10)
Dems pick Simon as running mate (Chicago Tribune, 3/27/10)
Quinn: Pension overhaul is a “political earthquake” (New York Times, 3/26/10)
Downstate GOPer faces tough road to victory (New York Times, 3/25/10)
Brady, Quinn trade barbs at teacher’s conference (Chicago Daily Herald, 3/20/10)
Brady bashed as anti-union (Chicago Sun-Times, 3/18/10)
Budget expert calls Quinn budget proposal “insufficient” (Illinois Times, 3/18/10)
Brady, Dillard hold unity rally (Huffington Post, 3/15/10)
Quinn seeks 33% tax hike for education, billions in cuts (Chicago Sun-Times, 3/11/10)
IL gov race a choice of stark contrasts (St. Louis Post Dispatch, 3/11/10)
Quinn: either raise taxes or cut education (Chicago Tribune, 3/10/10)
Quinn attacks Brady’s budget ideas as “heartless” and “naive” (Huffington Post, 3/10/10)
Quinn’s budget proposes borrowing billions (Chicago Tribune, 3/9/10)
Liberal groups label Brady as “extremist” (Chicago Sun Times, 3/9/10)
With GOP nod secure, Brady leads in poll (Chicago Current, 3/9/10)
Brady has substantial lead over Quinn (Chicago Sun Times, 3/9/10)
Brady: Minimum wage is govt “intrusion” (Huffington Post, 3/9/10)
Former GOP Gov Edgar calls Brady’s budget proposals “naive” (Huffington Post, 3/9/10)
Tagging Brady as GOP extremist smart move for Quinn (Chicago Tribune, 3/8/10)
GOP nominee starts general election campaign (Chicago Sun Times, 3/8/10)
Brady calls himself a “compassionate conservative” (Huffington Post, 3/8/10)
Brady finds spotlight harsher now that he’s the nominee (Chicago Tribune, 3/7/10)
Dillard concedes but promises his political career is not over (Chicago Daily Herald, 3/7/10)
For Brady to have a chance, he needs to increase presence in Chicago (Chicago Daily Herald, 3/7/10)
Gov race: Brady finally wins GOP nomination (Chicago Tribune, 3/5/10)
Election Board: Brady by 193 votes over Dillard (Chicago Sun Times, 3/5/10)
Dillard concedes, will campaign tirelessly for GOP nominee Brady (Chicago Sun Times, 3/5/10)
Brady swings and misses at Quinn (Chicago Tribune, 3/4/10)
VIDEO: Dillard talks primary recount (Illinois Statehouse News, 3/2/10)
Brady drops sponsorship of controversial bills (Huffington Post, 3/1/10)
Quinn says running mate hopefuls will be posted online (Chicago Tribune, 2/26/10)

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