The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


IL 2009 Archives


Illinois Gubernatorial Headlines 2009 Archives

Scanlan tosses his hat into Dem ring (Chicago Tribune, 10/07/09)
McKenna/Murphy announce team… again (Illinois Review, 10/2/09)
Why did Murphy demote himself to Lt. Gov? (Publius Forum, 10/2/09)
Dillard blasts Quinn on school construction bonds (Illinois Review, 10/1/09)
Andzrejewski challenges GOP and Dem party leaders (Illinois Review, 9/30/09)
Stupid GOP will win in Illinois despite itself (Tom Roeser, 9/30/09)
GOPers tainted by SEIU contributions (Illinois Review, 9/30/09)
GOP Goober candidate seeks “attitude” change in state gov (Mattoon Journal-Gazette and Times-Courier, 9/30/09)
Hynes: state needs to cut back govt to ’05 levels (Chicago Daily Herald, 9/29/09)
Politicians’ scholarship gifts a bipartisan problem (Chicago Tribune, 9/29/09)
Jockeying underway as political season starts (Galesburg Register-Mail, 9/29/09)
Hynes camp: 6 questions for Quinn on MAP funding (press release, 9/29/09)
Conservative commentator seeks GOP nod (Alton Telegraph, 9/28/09)
Hynes’ tax hike hyperbole (Progress Illinois, 9/28/09)
Little-known GOPer Andzrejewski taking on big gov (Chicago Tribune, 9/27/09)
Dillard wins Cook County straw poll (Chicago Daily Herald, 9/27/09)
GOP gubernatorial forum & straw poll (Illinois Review, 9/26/09)
Governor’s race heats up (Chicagoist, 9/25/09)
Quinn & Daley sitting in a tree… (NBC Chicago, 9/25/09)
Andrzejewski says his lack of office means lack of baggage (Effingham Daily News, 9/25/09)
McKenna has the cash, no record but he’s a nobody (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/25/09)
Schillerstrom asks “Where’s Andy?” (Illinois Review, 9/25/09)
Plan to release inmates draws fire (St. Louis Business Journals, 9/25/09)
McKenna enters crowded GOP gov race (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/24/09)
Hynes clarifies his graduated tax plan (Springfield State Journal, 9/23/09)
Real reform requires new leadership (Illinois Review, 9/23/09)
Brady proposes govt reform package (Chicago Daily Observer, 9/23/09)
Andzrejewski launches radio/tv campaign (Illinois Review, 9/22/09)
GOP’s Brady whacks Madigan, proposes term limits (Chicago Tribune, 9/22/09)
McKenna/Murphy are running to nowhere (NBC Chicago, 9/22/09)
Editorial: State economy, ethics reform intertwined (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/20/09)
Dillard calls for state to ban all funding for ACORN (Chicago Daily Herald, 9/19/09)
Hynes talks state finances (Chicago Daily Herald, 9/18/09)
Former IL GOP chair McKenna to run for gov (Chicago Tribune, 9/17/09)
Murphy to abandon gov run, team with McKenna (Chicago Daily Herald, 9/16/09)
GOPers already shaking and stirring in Illinois (Chicago Daily Observer, 9/15/09)
Schillerstrom says he is delivering lower taxes in growing county (Illinois Review, 9/15/09)
Dillard promises fund-raising moratorium if elected (Chicago Daily Herald, 9/15/09)
Proft responds to Dillard’s ethics proposal (Illinois Review, 9/14/09)
Quinn gets union backing; Hynes refuses to pay state’s bills (Chicago Tribune, 9/14/09)
Proft touts his own “comparative advantage” (Illinois Review, 9/11/09)
Trib poll shows Illinois indifferent on Quinn’s job performance (Chicago Tribune, 9/11/09)
Cook County Dems endorse Quinn (Chicago Tribune, 9/11/09)
Schillerstrom launches series of web ads (Illinois Review, 9/10/09)
Quinn’s internal polling shows him with wide lead over Hynes (SwingStateProject, 9/10/09)
Quinn won’t push tax hike until after February (, 9/9/09)
Analysis of conservative goober summit (Illinois Review, 9/8/09)
Teamsters endorse Quinn for gov (Chicago Tribune, 9/4/09)
Report: services taxes could bring billions to cash-strapped Illinois (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/4/09)
Q&A: Proft wants to no compromise on taxes, education (Madison County Record, 9/3/09)
Schillerstrom criticizes state’s anti-business policies (Quincy Herald Whig, 9/3/09)
Quinn to lay off thousands of workers after unions say no to furloughs & pay cuts (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/2/09)
Proft: More of the same from Chicago Democrats (Illinois Republican, 9/2/09)
GOP Southlanders look to make move up (Southtown Star, 9/2/09)
Proft: Illinois govt is too big (Marion Daily Record, 9/2/09)
Hynes wants voters to determine income tax system (Daily Herald, 9/2/09)
Brady blasts Hynes’ tax and gaming proposal (Illinois Republican, 9/2/09)
Hynes: raise taxes on the wealthiest (Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/2/09)
Illinois GOPers’ infighting could cause them to blow 2010 opportunity (Illinois Republican, 9/1/09)
Hynes formally launches primary campaign (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/1/09)
Opinion: Redistricting reform must be a priority (Springfield Journal-Register, 8/30/09)
Dem accuses Cross of intimidating House GOPers on income tax increase (Illinois Review, 8/30/09)
Quinn vetoes campaign finance bill (, 8/27/09)
Quinn bungles U of I clout list cleanup (Chicago Sun Times, 8/27/09)
Proft assails other GOPers as demwanabees (Radio Chicagoland News, 8/25/09)
GOP getting it’s act together (Southtown Star, 8/24/09)
Laborers’ Union endorses Hynes in primary (PR Newswire, 8/24/09)
Donors’ relatives get free rides to state colleges (Chicago Tribune, 8/23/09)
GOP attacks at state fair (Springfield Journal-Register, 8/23/09)
Candidates working the entire state (Peoria Journal-Star, 8/22/09)
GOP Day at IL State Fair (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/21/09)
Murphy launches TV ads; attacks Dillard as “tax and spender” (Chicago Daily Herald, 8/20/09)
IL GOP replaces state chairman (Bloomington Pantagraph, 8/20/09)
GOP can’t rely on voter anger to win in 2010 (Southtown Star, 8/19/09)
If other counties follow DuPage’s lead, will taxes need to be hiked? (Chicago Daily Herald, 8/17/09)
Quinn announces his intention to run in 2010 (UPI, 8/14/09)
GOP hopefuls court local activists (Lake Zurich Courier, 8/13/09)
Former Sen. Adlai Stevenson III endorses Hynes (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/12/09)
DuPage first IL county to ban video gambling (Chicago Daily Herald, 8/11/09)
Can Hynes win Dem primary on tax issue? (, 8/10/09)
Hynes: I’ll bring independence, fiscal responsibility to guv race (Chicago Daily Herald, 8/7/09)
Quinn wants UofI Trustees to quit (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/7/09)
Showdown looms between Quinn and state workers (CBS2 Chicago, 8/6/09)
Quinn strikes back at Hynes’ challenge (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/6/09)
Hynes tells supporters he’s running for guv (Peoria Journal Star, 8/6/09)
Murphy’s confident about the campaign he’s building (Chicago Daily Herald, 8/5/09)
Proft campaign full of crackpot proposals (Illinois Observer, 8/5/09)
2010 campaign begins in Illinois (CQ Politics, 8/4/09)
Andzrejewski calls on GOP to choose betwee Old Guard and reform (Illinois Review, 8/3/09)
Schillerstrom urges localities to say no to video poker (Illinois Review, 8/3/09)
Illinois business community bored by GOP guv field (Crain’s Chicago Business, 8/3/09)
JULY 2009
Schillerstrom blasts Springfield for lowered bond rating (Chicago Daily Observer, 7/30/09)
Will Illinois reform redistricting process? (Southtown Star, 7/30/09)
Dillard doesn’t understand critical issues facing Illinois (Progress Illinois, 7/28/09)
Six months on the job, Quinn has scars (Chicago Public Radio, 7/24/09)
Comptroller Hynes preparing run (Chicago Tribune, 7/23/09)
Chris Kennedy mulling guv run (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/22/09)
Daley continues his praise of Quinn (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/21/09)
Unions have filled Hynes’ campaign coffers, Schillerstrom leads GOP pack in $$ (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/21/09)
Budget signed, but many cuts and hard decisions lie ahead for Quinn (Chicago Tribune, 7/17/09)

Quinn relents on infrastructure bill (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/10/09)
Quinn says “no final decisions” on inmate release to save $ (Chicago Tribune, 7/10/09)
AG Madigan decides to stay where she is (Washington Post, 7/8/09)
State’s top Democrats bungle budget again (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/3/09)
Quinn vetoes social service budget (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/2/09)
Even “mighty” will feel pain of budget cuts, Quinn announces (Springfield State Journal-Register, 7/3/09)
JUNE 2009

Schillerstrom formally launches guv campaign (Chicago Tribune, 6/29/09)
Few options remain in state budget stalemate (Illinois Public Radio, 6/25/09)
Murphy enters race (6/22/09)
Andzrejewski wants fiscal transparency (Illinois GOP Network, 6/22/09)
Shifting from gubernatorial politics, Madigan considering a Senate run, (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 6/17/09)
Kirk remains silent on 2010 election plans (Huffington Post, 6/15/09)

MAY 2009

Building plan heads to Quinn; revenue from gambling, liquor taxes would fund $26 billion in infrastructure (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/22/09)