The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


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Illinois Gubernatorial Headlines:


EDITORIAL: Next for pension reform: Chicago (Chicago Tribune, 12/8/13)
State income tax hike doesn’t look so temporary now (Chicago Tribune, 12/7/13)
Quinn quietly signs pension bill into law (Chicago Tribune, 12/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Scott Walker: Look north for a solution to Illinois’ fiscal woes (Chicago Tribune, 12/6/13)
COMMENTARY: For voters, a registration renaissance is within reach (Chicago Tribune, 12/6/13)
Quinn signs pension overhaul into law (AP, 12/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Raising Arizona – pension reform setbacks in Grand Canyon State suggest Illinois is in a big legal hole (Chicago Tribune, 12/6/13)
Illinois governor signs pension reform bill, unions ready lawsuit (Reuters, 12/5/13)
Quinn signs pension-reform bill in private ceremony (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/5/13)
COMMENTARY: The problem with Illinois Republicans (Wall Street Journal, 12/5/13)
Quinn signs Illinois pension bill (Chicago Tribune, 12/5/13)
VIDEO: Candidate Dillard talks pension deal in Quincy (KHQA, 12/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Term limits should make ballot (Morris Daily Herald, 12/4/13)
Bruce Rauner sharpens rhetoric one day after pension vote (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/4/13)
VIDEO: Dillard speaks to Quincy Tea Party (Quincy Journal, 12/4/13)
How pensions will shape the election (CSN Chicago, 12/4/13)
VIDEO: Unions vow legal fight as lawmakers OK pension overhaul (Chicago Tribune, 12/4/13)
Illinois pension battle could create deeper fiscal hole (AP, 12/4/13)
Illinois pension reform fight shifting to courtroom (Chicago Tribune, 12/4/13)
Wall Street gives early ‘positive’ reviews to Springfield pension votes (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/4/13)
Labor unions don’t like Pat Quinn. Does it matter? (The Fix, 12/4/13)
Pension vote could alter Illinois governor’s race (AP, 12/4/13)
Illinois pension fight likely shifting to courts (AP, 12/4/13)
Illinois approves major pension overhaul (Chicago Tribune, 12/4/13)
VIDEO: Quinn now has 2 legislative wins to fuel re-election effort (Chicago Tribune, 12/4/13)
Illinois 1, Chicago 0 on pension reform (Crain’s Chicago Business, 12/4/13)
COMMENTARY: State’s financial problems far from over (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/3/13)
Quinn vows to sign pension reform bill ‘promptly’ — unions promise court fight (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/3/13)
Pension deal benefits Gov. Quinn heading into election year (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/3/13)
VIDEO: Illinois pension vote today tears at political allegiances (Chicago Tribune, 12/3/13)
Dillard urges caution on pension reform plan (The Daily Journal, 12/3/13)
Kirk Dillard reveals his pension position: ‘I reluctantly rise against this.’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/3/13)
Bruce Rauner lands major conservative donor as Dillard, Brady poised to cast landmark pension vote (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/3/13)
Brady: Pension reform bill will stop bleeding of jobs (WLS-AM, 12/3/13)
Illinois Legislature OKs fix for $100B pension crisis (Politico, 12/3/13)
Illinois Legislature approves retiree benefit cuts in troubled pension system (New York Times, 12/3/13)
Pension vote tears at political allegiances (Chicago Tribune, 12/3/13)
OPINION: Illinois’s fake pension fix (Wall Street Journal, 12/3/13)
Long way to go after pension deal (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/3/13)
EDITORIAL: Vote was a test of courage (Chicago Tribune, 12/3/13)
ADM and the satellite tax (Capitol Fax, 12/3/13)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois well renew existing health plans (Chicago Tribune, 12/3/13)
GOP governor candidates split on pension reform (Chicago Tribune, 12/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Vote ‘yes’ on pension reform (Chicago Tribune, 12/2/13)
Why Quinn needs this bill to pass soon (Capitol Fax, 12/2/13)
More Raunerish hyperbole and obfuscation (Capitol Fax, 12/2/13)
Big biz groups try to counter Rauner and Kirk (Capitol Fax, 12/2/13)
Quinn, legislators gear up for Tuesday’s ‘World War III’ pension vote (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/2/13)
‘Sketchy’ vidso sent in bogus Quinn email attacks pro-pension deal GOP (Chicago Sun-Times,12/2/13)
Lt. Gov Simon breaks with Gov. Quinn, opposes pension deal (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/2/13)
Governor’s race infighting threatens pension deal (Crain’s Chicago Business, 12/2/13)
VIDEO: So far, Dillard odd man out on pension deal reaction (NBC Chicago Ward Room, 12/2/13)
Rutherford sides with unions, cites state Constitution (Capitol Fax, 12/2/13)
Sen. Mark Kirk sides with Rauner on pension bill (Capitol Fax, 12/2/13)
Rutherford: Pension plan won’t hold up in court (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/2/13)
Cat praises pension bill, bipartisan process hailed as template (Capitol Fax, 12/2/13)
AUDIO: Lawmakers convene Tuesday to vote on pension measure (Peoria Public Radio, 12/2/13)
GOP candidates for governor weigh in on pension proposal (Peoria Public Radio, 12/2/13)
OPINION: Pension critics seek to exploit crisis for ideology (NBC Chicago -Ward Room, 12/2/13)
VIDEO: Unions wade into pension fray (NBC Chicago – Ward Room, 12/2/13)
EDITORIAL: The Illinois reckoning (Chicago Tribune, 12/2/13)
GOP gubernatorial rivals Brady, Rauner diverge on pension deal (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/1/13)
EDITORIAL: Pension vote on the agenda (The News-Gazette, 12/1/13)
Dillard wants specifics on Illinois pension-reform deal; suggests 2 days of hearings (AP, 12/1/13)
GOP gubernatorial rivals Brady, Rauner diverge on pension deal (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/1/13)
EDITORIAL: One vote for the future of Illinois (Chicago Tribune, 12/1/13)
Pension proposal highlights (Chicago Tribune, 12/1/13)
Rauner blasts pension proposal (Capitol Fax, 12/1/13)


Pension deal faces pushback from unions’ backers pursue votes (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/30/13)
Poe among lawmakers who say pension bill being rushed (The State Journal-Register, 11/30/13)
Pension proposal faces local opposition (The News-Gazette, 11/30/13)
The Tribune’s pension flip-flop (Capitol Fax, 11/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Springfield’s deal won’t fix pension crisis (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/29/13)
Pat Quinn vs. Catholicism (American Thinker, 11/29/13)
Guaranteeing financial ruin in Illinois (Chicago Tribune, 11/29/13)
OPINION: A ‘guarantee’ for employees or for state’s demise? (Reboot Illinois, 11/29/13)
Here’s a summary of the pension bill to be voted on Dec. 3 (Reboot Illinois, 11/29/13)
Rauner team puts on full-court press against pension bill (Capitol Fax, 11/29/13)
Leaders issue pension reform overview (Capitol Fax, 11/29/13)
Quinn fundraising slows down (Chicago Tribune, 11/29/13)
Pension deal is first big test for GOP House leader (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/29/13)
OPINION: Pension deal puts Rauner in a tight spot (NBC Chicago- Ward Room, 11/29/13)
Most GOP governor hopefuls mum on pensions (AP, 11/29/13)
Madigan says pension fix will take just one day (AP, 11/29/13)
Poll shows Quinn unpopular, but governor’s race anybody’s game (NBC Chicago -Ward Room, 11/27/13)
Madigan predicts ‘very difficult’ pension vote (NBC Chicago – Ward Room, 11/27/13)
EDITORIAL: Air the pension reform bill (Chicago Tribune, 11/27/13)
AUDIO: Governor’s approval ratings remain low (Peoria Public Radio, 11/27/13)
Quinn: Best way to campaign is to do the job (The Daily Herald, 11/27/13)
Second poll confirms Rauner primary lead (Capitol Fax, 11/27/13)
Gov. Quinn says deal ‘meets the standard’ of eliminating debt in pension systems (AP, 11/27/13)
Reading into the numbers of the Public Policy Poll for Illinois governor (, 11/27/13)
OPINION: Don’t let politics kill a good pension deal (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/27/13)
Rauner puts $1 million into gubernatorial campaign (AP, 11/27/13)
OPINION: Does Illinois have the friendliest governor’s race? (Reboot Illinois, 11/27/13)
Early polling shows very tight race for Quinn and any opponent (Reboot Illinois, 11/27/13)
Pension deal reached; vote likely next week (AP, 11/27/13)
Rauner responds to leader deal on pension reform (Capitol Fax, 11/27/13)
Illinois gov candidate channels Scott Walker’s regular guy shtick (The Cap Times, 11/27/13)
VIDEO: Four legislative leaders strike deal on pension reform (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/27/13)
Illinois lawmakers say they have plan to fix underfunded pension system (New York Times,11/27/13)
OPINION: Republican governor candidates seem to be falling into the old trick box (Reboot Illinois, 11/26/13)
Rauner discloses making $53M for 2012 in filing for governor race (Chicago Tribune, 11/26/13)
More Rauner dollar deets (Capitol Fax, 11/26/13)
GOP governor candidates already campaigning hard (Herald-Review, 11/26/13)
Gov. Pat Quinn’s re-election chances look meager, according to PPP’s new poll (Daily Kos, 11/26/13)
GOP candidate has given own campaign $1.25M (AP, 11/26/13)
Opponents not worried about Rauner’s money (AP, 11/26/13)
Poll shows Quinn’s numbers rising, Rauner leading GOP pack for go (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/26/13)
Tradition, battling candidates mark filing start (The State Journal-Register, 11/26/13)
Kirk Dillard: Only politicians are in touch with regular people (, 11/26/13)
Governor’s race looks like a tossup, Quinn job approval rating dismal at 34-60% (Public Policy Polling, 11/26/13)
GOP governor candidate earned $53M last year (Chicago Tribune, 11/26/13)
Rauner lifts cap on campaign contributions in gubernatorial race (NWI Politics, 11/25/13)
Republican Rauner speaks Madigan’s language (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/25/13)
Quinn asks for federal aid, visits Brookport (The Southern, 11/25/13)
Governor Quinn donates to tornado survivors (KSDK, 11/25/13)
GOP race to Springfield lead by Winnetka investor Rauner (Winnetka Talk, 11/25/13)
For Illinois unions, it’s anyone but Rauner in GOP governor race (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/25/13)
AUDIO: Six candidates file to run for governor (WUIS, 11/25/13)
Rauner’s many million-dollar homes (Chicago Tribune, 11/25/13)
Rauner lifts the veil on his earnings and wealth (Crain’s Chicago Business, 11/25/13)
Political season begins today with candidate filings (Chicago Tribune, 11/25/13)
Madigan pension vote? Speaker orders House back after Thanksgiving (Chicago Sun-Times,11/25/13)
From governor to US Senate, 2014 candidates flock to state election board on first day of filing(Chicago Sun-Times, 11/25/13)
Rauner discloses $53M in income for 2012, ownership in three sports teams (Chicago Sun-Times,11/25/13)
Republican Rauner speaks Madigan’s language (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/25/13)
OPINION: Do personal finances affect the election? (The Southern, 11/24/13)
Rauner gets major boost in fundraising (WNIJ, 11/23/13)
Can Rauner beat long odds facing millionaire candidates? (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/22/13)
Candidate rakes in second $250K contribution… this week (WUIS, 11/22/13)
Palatine Township GOP endorsement spurs ‘pay-to-play’ claim (Daily Herald, 11/22/13)
Dillard campaign charges Rauner with ‘pay to play’ (Capitol Fax, 11/22/13)
A very good question (Capitol Fax, 11/22/13)
Palatine Township GOP endorsement spurs ‘pay-to-play’ claim (The Daily Herald, 11/22/13)
Palatine Republicans hold endorsement session (Chicago Tribune, 11/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Edgar praises Vallas choice; Dillard gets conservative support (The State Journal-Register, 11/21/13)
Unions plan ‘emergency days’ to lobby lawmakers on pensions (The State Journal-Register, 11/21/13)
GOP candidates discuss income tax, dealing with Madigan (CBS Chicago, 11/21/13)
Rauner continues to rake in contributions (Peoria Public Radio, 11/21/13)
Signed and sealed: Illinois 16th state to legalize gay marriage (Chicago Tribune, 11/21/13)
Edgar stands by his man (Capitol Fax, 11/21/13)
VIDEO: Bruce Rauner’s term limits petition hits 150,000 signatures (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/21/13)
Bishop: Lawmakers ‘morally complicit’ in sins of same-sex couples (Chicago Tribune, 11/21/13)
GOP candidates for governor square off at Tinley Park forum (Southtown Star, 11/21/13)
VIDEO: What does Bill Brady think of Kirk Dillard? (, 11/21/13)
GOP gubernatorial candidates take aim at Bruce Rauner (WLS, 11/21/13)
Illinois Supreme Court leaves sales tax loophole open (Chicago Tribune, 11/21/13)
Bruce Rauner’s term limit endeavor gets new treasurer (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/20/13)
Rauner digs into his deep pockets as poll shows he’s running last (Southtown Star, 11/20/13)
Rutherford talks strategic planning (Pontiac Daily Leader, 11/20/13)
Break the glass — governor signs gay marriage law (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/20/13)
Illinois becomes latest state to approve same-sex marriage (LA Times, 11/20/13)
Illinois becomes 16th state to allow same-sex marriage (CNN Political Ticker, 11/20/13)
Rauner’s Colorado connection: Who’s giving money in Illinois guv race? (Crain’s Chicago Business,11/20/13)
Rauner is first beneficiary of his own campaign generosity (Huff Post Politics, 11/20/13)
Illinois governor makes his state 16th to legalize gay marriage (Washington Post, 11/20/13)
Illinois same-sex marriage law: ‘An epic victory for equal rights’ (Christian Science Monitor,11/20/13)
Gov. to use Lincoln desk to sign gay marriage bill (AP, 11/20/13)
Quinn to sign same-sex marriage bill today (Chicago Tribune, 11/20/13)
Gay marriage bill signed: ‘A triumph of democracy,’ Quinn says (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/20/13)
EDITORIAL: A December vote on pension reform? (Chicago Tribune, 11/20/13)
Emanuel fundraising rules look tough, lack bite (Chicago Tribune, 11/20/13)
COMMENTARY: What to expect now that we’re expecting same-sex marriage (Chicago Tribune,11/20/13)
GOP money race smiles on Rauner — Dillard, not so much (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/19/13)
Kirk Dillard’s campaign for governor hits speed bump; losing major fundraiser (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/19/13)
Gov. Quinn signs Illinois same-sex marriage bill, as bishop conducts ‘exorcism’ (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11/19/13)
CTU president Karen Lewis not happy about Quinn choosing Vallas (Reboot Illinois, 11/19/13)
VIDEO: Bruce Rauner’s new ad says Illinois is ‘toast’ without him (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/19/13)
Here come the big bucks: North Shore donor pours $250K into Bruce Rauner campaign for Illinois governor (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/19/13)
GOP chair: It’ll take ‘tough love’ to bring right win of GOP around (Reboot Illinois, 11/19/13)
Sen. Brady standing with Gov. Quinn in wake of tornado (WLS, 11/19/13)
Kirk Dillard confident he can beat Quinn (The Daily Journal, 11/18/13)
Bruce Rauner is Karen Lewis’s worst nightmare (Chicago Magazine, 11/18/13)
COMMENTARY: It’s time for Rauner to actually make noise (SW News Herald, 11/18/13)
Poll: What a pitiful $66K means for Bill Brady? The lead in GOP race — for now (Chicago Sun-Times,11/18/13)
Public pension and salary ‘double-dippers’ targeted in new bill (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/18/13)
Springfield bishop calls for exorcism tied to gay marriage (Chicago Tribune, 11/15/13)
Illinois GOP chair: Plan for Midwest “Super Tuesday” makes sense (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/15/13)
Court sides with Paul Vallas on controversial superintendent certification (Chicago Sun-Times,11/14/13)
COMMENTARY: End of pensions is only solution for Chicago, Illinois (Reboot Illinois, 11/14/13)
GOP field for gov signal no interest in repealing same-sex marriage despite bishop’s push (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/14/13)
Brady, Rutherford: Rauner’s cash dump that will end contribution caps only helps Quinn (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/14/13)
Pension debate possible in Springfield Dec. 3 (Reboot Illinois, 11/14/13)
Tax talk on hold as pension work looms (Chicago Tribune, 11/14/13)
Dem congressional candidate Callis lukewarm on Obama & Quinn (Political Fix, 11/13/13)
Dillard’s positions take hard right turn (The News-Gazette, 11/13/13)
Does passed same-sex marriage bill amount to a ‘civil rights moment’ in Illinois? ‘Not for me,’ Rutherford says (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/13/13)
Land of Lincoln lowdown: Quinn surprises with Vallas pick (Reboot Illinois, 11/13/13)
Quinn won’t say whether he favors letting temporary state income tax hike sunset in 2015 (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/13/13)
Saving Chicago from a fiscal mess (Chicago Tribune, 11/13/13)
If Chicago fails, Illinois will fail (Chicago Tribune, 11/13/13)
Teams in place for governor’s race (Chicago Tribune, 11/13/13)
Quinn won’t say whether he favors letting temporary state income tax hike sunset in 2015 (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/13/13)
Rauner’s $500,000 donation to lift fund-raising limits in gov race (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/13/13)
Expensive effort by anti-gay marriage group fails in Illinois (Southtown Star, 11/13/13)
Legislative leaders begin surveying lawmakers about a possible Dec. 3 return to Springfield for pensions (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/13/13)
About 1500 signed up so far to attend Quinn same-sex marriage bill-signing event (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/13/13)
Dillard picks up DuPage GOP backing (Daily Herald, 11/12/13)
Kirk says Illinois Republicans need to appeal to the middle to rise to the top (Chicago Sun-Times,11/12/13)
Returning Vallas defends school record in Connecticut (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/12/13)
VIDEO: Illinois pension crisis creates Pat Quinn/Paul Vallas ticket (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/12/13)
Vallas says he’s OK playing ’second banana’ to Quinn (Chicago Tribune, 11/12/13)
Lots of weekend chatter about Quinn selection of Vallas (Reboot Illinois, 11/11/13)
Digging into the politics of gay marriage in Illinois, now and 2014 (Reboot Illinois, 11/11/13)
Gov. Pat Quinn and his Lt. Gov. pick Paul Vallas face media Tuesday (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/11/13)
Illinois gay marriage: How it passed (Chicago Tribune, 11/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Culturally, it’s about time for gay marriage in Illinois (Chicago Tribune, 11/8/13)
Vallas tapped to be Quinn’s running mate (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/8/13)
The long road to equal marriage rights in Illinois (Huff Post Chicago, 11/8/13)
Pat Quinn taps Paul Vallas for 2014 running mate (Chicago Tribune, 11/8/13)
Business owners undecided about governor’s race (Reboot Illinois, 11/8/13)
Quinn to sign gay marriage bill into laws Nov. 20 (Chicago Tribune, 11/8/13)
Quinn picks Vallas: Strange Illinois political history (Reboot Illinois, 11/8/13)
Same-sex marriage comes to Illinois (Rolling Stone, 11/7/13)
Religious protections on gay marriage in doubt (Chicago Tribune, 11/7/13)
Update: Illinois gay marriage OK could influence Hoosier debate (AP, 11/7/13)
Illinois state worker raises still in limbo (Quad-City Times, 11/7/13)
Emanuel’s gun bill weakened in Springfield (Chicago Tribune, 11/7/13)
Rauner travels through Illinois, speaks about business and education issues (Journal Courier,11/7/13)
‘Focused’ Cullerton doesn’t vote on gay marriage (Bloomington Pantagraph, 11/7/13)
Companies can’t lose, but can IL taxpayers ever win with incentives? (Illinois Watchdog, 11/7/13)
Quinn foresees gay-marriage bill-signing ceremony stocked with ‘as many people as possible’(Chicago Sun-Times, 11/6/13)
VIDEO: Quinn says he will sign marriage equality bill this month (WBEZ, 11/6/13)
Political fallout on Illinois gay marriage bill for Democrats, Republicans (Chicago Tribune, 11/6/13)
Madigan: Legislature could return to fix pensions (AP, 11/6/13)
Illinois lawmakers approve gay marriage in historic vote (Chicago Tribune, 11/6/13)
Protesters disrupt Illinois House by sprinkling fake money on lawmakers’ heads (Chicago Sun-Times,11/6/13)
Tears of sadness, joy after same-sex marriage vote (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/6/13)
EDITORIAL: A historic vote (Chicago Tribune, 11/6/13)
Same-sex marriage likely to remain issue in GOP governor’s race (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/5/13)
Gay marriage supporters rejoice in Chicago (Chicago Tribune, 11/5/13)
Gay marriage bill passes state House, Senate — heads to Quinn’s desk (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/5/13)
Gay marriage on agenda in Springfield, but pension overhaul unlikely (Chicago Tribune, 11/5/13)
Here’s what might clear Illinois Legislature’s veto session (Crain’s Chicago Business, 11/5/13)
Illinois gay marriage bill being debated in Illinois House (Chicago Tribune, 11/5/13)
Lawmaker send gay-marriage bill to Quinn (Crain’s Chicago Business, 11/5/13)
Daley took out loans to run Millennium Park (Chicago Tribune, 11/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Mayor Emanuel, support the fair redistricting campaign (Chicago Tribune, 11/4/13)
Proponents says support building for Illinois graduated income tax (Rockford Register-Star, 11/4/13)
House could vote on gay marriage this week, with boost from Madigan (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/4/13)
Speaker calls Illinois ‘most crooked, most broke’ at conservative political summit (The Daily Herald,11/3/13)
Rauner, Chicago cronies on parade at AFP’s ‘Restore Illinois’ summit (Chicago Now, 11/2/13)
Q&A: No easy fix for Illinois’ financial woes (AP, 11/2/13)
AFP’s Restore Illinois Summit: Quotes and governor candidate pitches (Chicago Now, 11/2/13)
Treasurer: Tax hike could be issue (Peoria Journal Star, 11/1/13)
Ill. treasurer says state SC will side with lawmakers in pay lawsuit (Legal Newsline, 11/1/13)
State treasurer’s tweets show mix of work, politics (AP, 11/1/13)
Rutherford campaigns in Pekin (Pekin Times, 11/1/13)


Momentum builds for possible gay marriage vote at Statehouse (AP, 10/31/13)
AUDIO: The Joe Walsh Illinois gubernatorial town hall with Kirk Dillard (Capitol Fax Blog, 10/31/13)
IL GOP Chief Dorgan: We’re not ‘old, rich, elite’ (Reboot Illinois, 10/31/13)
Dillard campaign says he was confused about Cosgrove vote (Capitol Fax, 10/31/13)
Rauner says his pension plan is constitutional (State Journal-Register, 10/31/13)
Illinois lawmakers to tackle state pension crisis next week (WLS-TV, 10/30/13)
Illinois begins issuing driver’s licenses in December to people in country illegally (Chicago Tribune,10/30/13)
Madigan: Watchdog group running smear campaign against Democrats (Chicagoist, 10/30/13)
AUDIO: Rauner talks about his prospects and comparisons to Romney (Capitol Fax Blog, 10/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Get pension deal done (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/29/13)
Madigan accuses BGA’s Andy Shaw of ‘agenda to impugn the Democratic Party’ (Chicago Sun-Times,10/29/13)
Study: State deficits will grow even if tax hike made permanent (AP, 10/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Why I have to speak out on gay marriage (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Rauner runs national campaign for state office (The News-Gazette,10/27/13)
Illinois casinos won’t be allowed to stay open 24 hours (Chicago Tribune, 10/24/13)
Quinn veto of reduced museum free days stands (Chicago Tribune, 10/23/13)
Gay marriage foes rally in Springfield (Chicago Tribune, 10/23/13)
Illinois gay marriage vote unlikely (Chicago Tribune, 10/23/13)
Madigan: Quinn’s paycheck veto void, will not be addressed (Chicago Tribune, 10/22/13)
Senate leader Cullerton: Illinois pension debt not a ‘crisis’ (Chicago Tribune, 10/21/13)
A Quinn ‘no’ to UNO: Governor says no more school construction money (Chicago Sun-Times,10/18/13)
Illiana toll road clears hurdle (Chicago Tribune, 10/18/13)
Top Democrats rally around CTA Red Line completion (Chicago Tribune, 10/18/13)
Illinois fall legislative session: 5 for fighting about in Springfield (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/18/13)
Progressive Caucus says new revenue other than property tax needed to solve Chicago’s pension crisis (Chicago Sun Times, 10/18/13)
Quinn again suspends funding to UNO, puts $15M on hold (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Unity after primary a must, GOP group told (The State Journal-Register,10/17/13)
Attorneys push Quinn to pardon Randy Steidl (AP, 10/17/13)
Rauner raises nearly twice his GOP rivals combined (Chicago Tribune, 10/17/13)
VIDEO: Which gubernatorial candidates are best positioned for victory? (, 10/17/13)
Sponsor of Illinois gambling expansion plans to revive talks at Statehouse (AP, 10/16/13)
Quinn outpacing GOP counterparts in fundraising (WUIS, 10/16/13)
GOP governor candidates in Bloomingdale: It’s about beating Quinn (Daily Herald, 10/16/13)
COMMENTARY: For GOP, spoils are meager in defeat (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/16/13)
Illinois Supreme Court to hear lawsuit on lawmaker pay (AP, 10/16/13)
Quinn, Rutherford have largest campaign coffers in guv’s race (Progress Illinois, 10/16/13)
Illinois gubernatorial hopefuls report fundraising results (Quincy Herald-Whig, 10/16/13)
As GOP jostles, Quinn has $2.9M in campaign fund (AP, 10/16/13)
Lt. Gov candidate Tracy: Illinois needs change (Paris Beacon-News, 10/15/13)
Capitol Facts: Rauner can’t be counted out (MyWebTimes, 10/15/13)
Quinn, Rutherford report having the most in the bank, but Rauner outraised and outspent both(Chicago Sun-Times, 10/15/13)
Rauner and Sanguinetti in danger of echoing McCain and Palin (NBC Ward Room, 10/15/13)
Daley to return some — not all — campaign donations (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/15/13)
AUDIO: Dillard slams Rauner over Levine (Capitol Fax Blog, 10/15/13)
Rauner touts 401(k) -style state pension system (Bloomington Pantagraph, 10/14/13)
Raunerphobia (Huff Post Chicago, 10/14/13)
Political fixer Levine surfaces in GOP race for governor (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Crying wolf, again, on gambling (Chicago Tribune, 10/13/13)
Little agreement to be found on term limits (The Southern, 10/12/13)
Rauner says he would overhaul tax codes as governor, holds details (The Southern, 10/12/13)
Republican Rauner plans panel to tackle tax code (Herald-Review, 10/12/13)
Same-sex marriage in Illinois may get stuck on political calendar (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Rauner’s past may affect his political future (Quincy Herald-Whig, 10/11/13)
Dillard throws new punch at Rauner (WLS, 10/11/13)
Illinois GOP stumbles on an issue it can use: Remap reform (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/11/13)
VIDEO: Quinn spends 71% of time in Springfield session days (WICS, 10/10/13)
Rauner the latest candidate to pick suburban running mate (Daily Herald, 10/9/13)
VIDEO: Burce Rauner says he doesn’t need Springfield experience to win gov race. ‘This is ‘not rocket science’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/9/13)
Former governor says Dillard hit ‘home run’ with running mate selection (, 10/9/13)
AUDIO: Brady on ADM and guns (WBGZ, 10/9/13)
Bill Brady leaning on campaign lessons (The Daily Journal, 10/9/13)
Bruce Rauner announces Evelyn Sanguinetti as running mate (AP, 10/8/13)
Madigan, Cullerton lawyers urge Supreme Court to take up Quinn’s case on legislative pay, call governor’s arguments ‘contrived’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/8/13)
Rauner won’t say whether ADM tax break should be approved (Chicago Tribune, 10/8/13)
Dillard running mate sees no dilution of GOP support in DuPage from Rauner’s choice; Edgar weighs in (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/8/13)
Rauner picks Wheaton City Council member as running mate (Chicago Tribune, 10/8/13)
VIDEO: Rauner picks woman as running mate who is ‘embodiment of American dream’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/8/13)
Rauner, Quinn rake in campaign cash (Chicago Tribune, 10/8/13)
VIDEO: Rauner announces running mate in race for Illinois governor (WQAD, 10/8/13)
Quinn has $3 million in campaign war chest (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/7/13)
Quinn sends Boehner letter amid threat of more state layoffs (Chicago Tribune, 10/7/13)
ADM goes headquarters shopping — in Minnesota (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/7/13)
Brady: Voters growing weary of Quinn’s populist acts (Chicago Tribune, 10/6/13)
Illinois GOP going all out for governorship (The News-Gazette, 10/6/13)
Quinn: No pension reform, no ADM tax break (Capitol Fax Blog, 10/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Lawmakers focus on pay is wrong move with current issues (Quincy Herald-Whig,10/4/13)
Quinn won’t support ADM tax breaks (AP, 10/4/13)
Quinn to talk to lawmakers about police resources (AP, 10/4/13)
VIDEO: Quinn: No ADM tax breaks until pension deal (Chicago Tribune, 10/4/13)
EDITORIAL: ADM’s modest request (Chicago Tribune, 10/4/13)
ADM’s tax-break bill in trouble in Springfield (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/3/13)
Dan Rutherford on Illinois governor’s race: ‘I don’t have to pay people to support me.’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/3/13)
Bill Brady doesn’t fear Bruce Rauner’s money: ‘We’ve been outspent every election.’ (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/3/13)
Rahm and Rauner are vacation buddies in Montana — Fly fishing, anyone? (Chicago Magazine,10/2/13)
Quinn files to appeal lawmaker pay to Illinois Supreme Court (AP, 10/2/13)
Rauner and Dillard both intrigued by legislative salary veto (Capitol Fax Blog, 10/2/13)
GOP’s Bruce Rauner raising — and spending — big on governor’s race (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/2/13)
Watchdog group calls state budget a ‘lost opportunity’ (AP, 10/2/13)
Dillard says he can fix Illinois during lecture at Elmhurst College (, 10/2/13)
Emanuel blasts GOP on shutdown (Chicago Tribune, 10/2/13)
Illinois’ Affordable Care Act rollout off to rocky start (Chicago Tribune, 10/2/13)
Health insurance markets open; site slow to respond (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/2/13)
Dillard not against withholding legislators’ paychecks (Chicago Sun-Times, 10/2/13)
Bill Daley wishes dad was around to advise him (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/2/13)
GOP candidates weigh in on Quinnn’s paycheck gambit (The Southern, 10/2/13)
Rauner pulls in $1 million-plus in third quarter (Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/1/13)
Rauner raises over a million dollars in third quarter (Capitol Fax Blog, 10/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Courting approval of gay marriage (Chicago Tribune, 10/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Math lessons for Republicans in 2014 Illinois gov race (Reboot Illinois, 10/1/13)
Bruce Rauner will close third consecutive quarter at or about $1 million (Chicago Sun-Times,10/1/13)
GOP candidates split on withholding lawmaker pay (Bloomington Pantagraph, 10/1/13)

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