The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


ID 2012 Archives


Otter awaiting word from Obama budget office on effects of cliff on Idaho (Idaho Statesman, 12/31/12)
Butch Otter : Idaho needs to continue education talks (Idaho Statesman, 12/30/12)
Otter wants group to study Idaho education options (AP, 12/27/12)
Otter asks for year study, wants recommendations for education legislation in 2014 session (Idaho Statesman, 12/27/12)
Otter: Group to spend year examining education (Times-News, 12/27/12)
School boards push for reforms (Spokesman-Review, 12/18/12)
Idaho lawmakers urged to revisit voter-rejected anti-union laws (Spokesman-Review, 12/17/12)
Otter cites poll showing support for portions of Props 1,2, 3 (Spokesman-Review, 12/15/12)
Foes warn against reviving Idaho school reform laws (Spokesman-Review, 12/14/12)
Otter wants health insurance market state-run (Spokesman-Review, 12/12/12)
COMMENTARY: Otter – Idaho’s powerful but reluctant health exchange salesman (Idaho Statesman, 12/12/12)
Idaho Guv opts to build Obamacare insurance exchange (TPM, 12/11/12)
Otter: Ed funding ‘probably not’ up to snuff (Spokesman-Review, 12/9/12)
Idaho House deposes Speaker Denney (Spokesman-Review, 12/6/12)
AUDIO: Gov. Otter makes predictions for coming legislative session (StateImpact/Idaho, 12/5/12)
Amid GOP leadership fight, campaign cash flowed (Idaho Statesman, 12/2/12)
McGee affair bleeds into Senate leadership fight (Idaho Statesman, 12/2/12)
Idaho lawmakers to receive formal ethics training (Spokesman-Review, 12/1/12)
Legislative leadership races: Will baggage weigh down Denney and Davis? (Idaho Statesman, 11/30/12)
Idaho’s top purchasing official quit days after voters rejected laptop mandate (Idaho Statesman, 11/29/12)
With less drama, Idaho Democrats also will elect new legislative leaders next week (Idaho Statesman, 11/28/12)
Not so fast: Idaho House Speaker Denney might stay in power (Idaho Statesman, 11/28/12)
Winder ends challenge to David for Idaho Senate leadership (Idaho Statesman, 11/27/12)
Idaho lawmaker shares ‘last chance’ idea to elect Romney (Idaho Statesman, 11/27/12)
Idaho’s Otter may take another month on exchange decision (Insurance Journal, 11/20/12)
OPINION: With four more weeks to decide, the choice is still clear for Idaho on health exchange (Idaho Statesman, 11/20/12)
COMMENTARY: Questions about Gov. Butch Otter’s legacy (Idaho Statesman, 11/19/12)
Eye on Boise: Advocacy group calls for expanding Idaho Medicaid (Spokesman-Review, 11/18/12)
Luna and opponents search for scant common ground after Props 1, 2, 3 fail (StateImpact/Idaho, 11/13/12)
OPINION: Otter should take lead on education (Idaho Statesman, 11/12/12)
Idaho panel votes unanimously for Medicaid expansion (Spokesman-Review, 11/10/12)
Consultant hired to analyze Medicaid expansion says it would save Idaho money (Idaho Statesman, 11/9/12)
Otter says he, Luna ready to talk about fixing education (Spokesman-Review, 11/8/12)
Otter to seek ‘path forward’ on education (Idaho Statesman, 11/8/12)
Map: Voters overturn Luna’s education laws, reject Propositions 1, 2 and 3 (StateImpact/Idaho, 11/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Ironically, Idahoans voted to protect collective bargaining. But why? (Idaho Statesman, 11/7/12)
Butch Otter: Props 1, 2 and 3 ensure quality schools for future generations (Idaho Statesman, 11/1/12)
Commentary: Budget cuts increase forest fire risk (Idaho Statesman, 10/29/12)
$180 million computer contract divides Idaho lawmakers (Idaho Statesman, 10/27/12)
Group: Idaho should start its own health-insurance exchange (AP, 10/27/12)
Ed reform lawsuit now scheduled for hearing on Monday (Idaho Reporter, 10/27/12)
Governor’s panel recommends implementing state-based exchange (Idaho Reporter, 10/27/12)
GOP lawmaker: Let’s wait a year on insurance exchange (Spokesman-Review, 10/26/12)
Wayne Hoffman likens Idaho to battered spouse in insurance exchange talks (Boise Weekly, 10/26/12)
Exchange working group debates, Hoffman compares feds to abusive spouse (Spokesman-Review, 10/26/12)
Idaho’s Health Insurance Exchange Group makes recommendation; Decision now rests with Gov. Otter (StateImpact/Idaho, 10/26/12)
Panel to Otter: Adopt nonprofit state exchange (AP, 10/26/12)
Claim of candidates’ support of ‘abortion on demand’ roil West Boise legislative races (Idaho Statesman, 10/26/12)
VanderSloot one-ups himself, reports spending $118K on new broadcast ads backing Props 1, 2 & 3 (Idaho Statesman, 10/26/12)
Ysursa’s disclosure lawsuit back in Idaho state court (Idaho Statesman, 10/26/12)
Report says non-teaching staff in Idaho schools expanded more than triple the rate of student enrollment (Idaho Reporter, 10/26/12)
Idaho group wants Sunshine case sent to federal court (Idaho Statesman, 10/26/12)
Idaho Gov. Butch Otter seeks power line answers (Idaho Statesman, 10/25/12)
Candidates weigh in on liquor sales, ‘sin’ taxes, online sales tax and the personal property tax (Idaho Reporter, 10/25/12)
Explained: Voting in Idaho’s 2012 General Election (Boise State Public Radio, 10/25/12)
Idaho businesses, health care providers urge workgroup to recommend insurance exchange (Boise Weekly, 10/25/12)
The House GOP leadership derby: The election no one wants to talk about (Idaho Statesman, 10/24/12)
Obamacare ruling results in health exchange, Medicaid decisions for legislative candidates (Idaho Reporter, 10/24/12)
Listen to both sides of the Idaho education debate (Idaho Statesman, 10/24/12)
Hearing on secret campaign contributions backing Idaho Props set for Friday (Idaho Statesman, 10/24/12)
State strikes laptop deal with HP (Magic Valley Times-News, 10/23/12)
Candidate survey: Respondents support education reform laws (Idaho Reporter, 10/23/12)
Idaho governor wants answers about electricity line decision (AP, 10/23/12)
Health insurance attorney, Idaho senator clash over defining ‘nonprofit’ health care exchange (Idaho Reporter, 10/22/12)
Commentary: Props 1, 2 and 3 are education on the cheap (Idaho Statesman, 10/22/12)
Education Voters of Idaho: Parents must have final say in how schools are run (Idaho Statesman, 10/22/12)
Mystery donor for Propositions 1, 2 and 3 says it won’t back down (Idaho Statesman, 10/22/12)
‘Education on the cheap:’ Vote no leaders rip Props 1, 2 and 3 (Idaho Statesman, 10/22/12)
Idaho voters face less mess in November election when compared to primary (Boise State Public Radio, 10/22/12)
Opinion: Fair pay skirts the bind (Spokesman-Review, 10/21/12)
Props 1, 2, and 3: A voter guide to Idaho’s controversial education laws (Boise State Public Radio, 10/19/12)
Otter signs order to keep Idaho energy office open (Idaho Statesman, 10/19/12)
Otter tells Salazar to send BLM officials to Boise to explain Gateway West decision (Idaho Statesman, 10/19/12)
Otter’s energy office shifts to coordinating role (Idaho Statesman, 10/18/12)
Commentary: Idaho’s kids deserve better than Propositions 1, 2 and 3 (Idaho Statesman, 10/18/12)
Idaho State Controller retires (Boise State Public Radio, 10/15/12) Foes of Luna laws outspend backers (Idaho Statesman, 10/12/12)
Business groups back nonprofit insurance exchange in Idaho (Idaho Statesman, 10/10/12)
Expert: Idaho has no time for state exchange (Idaho Statesman, 10/10/12)
KPMG: Idaho health insurance exchange would cost $77 million to implement, $10 million annually to operate (Idaho Reporter,10/9/12)
‘Impractical’ for Idaho to build its own health insurance exchange by deadline… (Spokesman-Review, 10/9/12)
A private option for Idaho health insurance exchange? (Spokesman-Review, 10/9/12)
Otter campaign manager raises $200K to back Idaho Props 1, 2 & 3, election officials scrutinizing non-disclosure (Idaho Statesman,10/9/12)
SJR 102: Ballot measure most voters have never heard of (Idaho Reporter, 10/8/12)
False premise in the Luna laws (Ridenbaugh Press, 10/3/12)
Battles in the cities (Ridenbaugh Press, 9/30/12)
Political Geography: Romney’s faith may help in Idaho, where he doesn’t need it (FiveThirtyEight, 9/30/12)
Governor, parks leader roll out ‘Passport’ early (Idaho Statesman, 9/30/12)
Ad touting Idaho school reforms tells just part of story (Spokesman-Review, 9/28/12)
Cuts here, tax increases there (Ridenbaugh Press, 9/28/12)
Medicaid: Governor’s panel says Idahoans skeptical of expanding the program (Idaho Reporter, 9/28/12)
Idaho’s merit pay mess: Pay the teachers their bonuses (Idaho Statesman, 9/28/12)
More Idaho teachers left the profession last year… (Spokesman-Review, 9/28/12)
Otter on new ad: ‘That’s the one John Foster is running’ (Spokesman-Review, 9/28/12)
Idaho’s Medicaid expansion workgroup explores three options (StateImpact/Idaho, 9/27/12)
Schools: Whom do you trust? (Ridenbaugh Press, 9/26/12)
Gov. Butch Otter creates council to boost Northwest trade (Idaho Statesman, 9/26/12)
Boise school board opposes Students Come First laws on Nov. 6 ballot (Idaho Statesman, 9/25/12)
What do teachers deserve? In Idaho, referendum may offer answer (New York Times, 9/23/12)
Idaho teachers’ pay-for-performance hangs in the balance (Idaho Statesman, 9/23/12)
Ad slams Idaho school reform laws (Spokesman-Review, 9/23/12)
After the wind boom, a fight over Idaho’s energy future (StateImpact/Idaho, 9/21/12)
Analysis: Up to 123K Idahoans could be added to Medicaid (Boise Weekly, 9/20/12)
Idaho’s top taxman retiring (Idaho Statesman, 9/20/12)
Consultant’s report outlines details of how Medicaid expansion would work (Spokesman-Review, 9/20/12)
Analysis: Medicaid expansion would be costly mistake for Idahoans (Idaho Reporter, 9/20/12)
Idaho releases list of teacher bonuses under merit pay plan (AP, 9/20/12)
Idaho’s Medicaid-expansion work group to meet (Idaho Statesman, 9/20/12)
Governor’s budget chief leaving to lead contractors’ lobbying group (Idaho Business Review, 9/19/12)
Idaho budget chief offered a breath of transparency in Otter’s buttoned-down shop (Idaho Statesman, 9/18/12)
Races simmer after heated primaries (Spokesman-Review, 9/16/12)
State Board of Ed rejects changes to college student health insurance mandate (Spokesman-Review, 9/14/12)
Commentary: Idaho media ignore the true cost of Medicaid expansion (Idaho Statesman, 9/14/12)
Idaho intensifies role in PNWER group (CBS MoneyWatch, 9/14/12)
Editorial: Idaho’s education politician shows his stripes (Idaho Statesman, 9/14/12)
Idaho’s education politician shows his stripes (Idaho Statesman, 9/14/12)
How would repealing the personal property tax affect Idaho? (Times-News, 9/13/12)
Insurance exchange options hold uncertainty about state control, costs (Idaho Reporter, 9/12/12)
Medicaid expansion: It’s a math problem, not an ideological issue (Idaho Statesman, 9/12/12)
Idaho’s Luna clarifies position on Chicago strike: He’s not asking Obama to intervene, just to pipe up for reform (Idaho Statesman,9/12/12)
Any way you slice it, Idaho education spending cuts are near the top (StateImpact/Idaho, 9/11/12)
Pam Lowe wasn’t alone in raising issue of corporate influence on Idaho road policy, Labrador also offered critique (Idaho Statesman,9/11/12)

Opinion: Numbers put Idaho’s priorities for K-12 spending in perspective (Idaho Statesman, 9/11/12)

Idaho officials expect costs to soar from proposed Medicaid expansion (Idaho Reporter, 9/11/12)

Idaho schools chief Luna calls on Obama to ‘stand up for the students of Chicago’ in strike (Idaho Statesman, 9/11/12)

State revenues fall short in August (Idaho Statesman, 9/10/12)

Idaho Education Dept. disputes funding cuts are near the top in the nation (StateImpact/Idaho, 9/10/12)
Idaho’s commitment to education, in sharp focus (Idaho Statesman, 9/10/12)
Mitt Romney’s ties to Idaho could give the state outsized influence if he’s elected (Idaho Statesman, 9/9/12)
GOP leaders wary of Idaho getting help on indigent care costs (Spokesman-Review, 9/9/12)
Idaho may be state that would benefit most from Medicaid expansion… (Spokesman-Review, 9/9/12)
Idaho schools chief Luna becomes subject of Wiki war (Idaho Statesman, 9/7/12)
Luna’s final budget recommendations await November referendum votes (Idaho Reporter, 9/7/12)
Luna seeks 5% more for Idaho schools (Idaho Statesman, 9/7/12)
Idaho education cuts among deepest in the nation (StateImpact/Idaho, 9/6/12)
Luna’s budget for next year boosts teacher pay (Idaho Statesman, 9/6/12)
Senate leader asks counties for input on eliminating personal business property tax (Idaho Reporter, 9/6/12)
Survey: Wide majority of Idahoans oppose Obamacare, state exchange, Medicaid expansion (Idaho Reporter, 9/6/12)
Controversy simmers over Idaho’s closed primary (Idaho Statesman, 9/5/12)
State representative outlines his concerns with implementation of Obamacare (Idaho Reporter, 9/4/12)
IGEM council plans first meeting to strengthen Idaho’s economy (Idaho Statesman, 8/30/12)
Idaho Health Exchange group hears from prominent foes of the federal health care law (StateImpact/Idaho, 8/30/12)
Idaho aims for job growth through gun manufacturing (StateImpact/Idaho, 8/29/12)
Jeb Bush hosts Tampa event to raise funds for campaign to keep Idaho’s Students Come First laws (Idaho Statesman, 8/29/12)
Cato scholar: No upside, only downsides to creating Idaho insurance exchange (Idaho Reporter, 8/29/12)
Cato and ALEC reps to speak at Health Exchange meeting (StateImpact/Idaho, 8/28/12)
Outgoing legislator calls win energy production tax a big mistake (Idaho Reporter, 8/28/12)
Commentary: In 2012 fire fight, Otter makes effort to lead by example (Idaho Statesman, 8/27/12)
Idaho’s Exergy sued for missing turbine payments (AP, 8/27/12)
Idaho elected officials, multimillionaire Romney backer VanderSloot head to RNC (StateImpact/Idaho, 8/24/12)
Analysis: Cautious Romney rolls the dices with Ryan pick (with Idaho reaction) (Idaho Statesman, 8/12/12)
Projects highlighted by state in 2011 have failed (Idaho Press-Tribune, 8/12/12)
Despite hopes, renewables have rough ride in Idaho (AP, 8/12/12)
Liquor Division pamphlet takes sides in political debate, say critics (Idaho Reporter, 8/10/12)
Idaho’s energy office running out of money (AP, 8/10/12)
After geothermal flop, OER looks for new funding (Idaho Statesman, 8/10/12)
Idaho’s Rep. Simpson says Michele Bachmann reviving McCarthyism ‘outrageous,’ tainting all Republicans (Idaho Statesman, 8/10/12)

Former Sen. Beck disagrees with Otter, Ysura: Ferreting out commissioners fully intended (Idaho Statesman, 8/10/12)

Introducing the new Idaho political animal: The RIVO (Idaho Statesman, 8/9/12)

State working group examines details of proposed Medicaid expansion (Idaho Reporter, 8/7/12)

Idaho one of five states still seeking waiver on No Child Left Behind (Idaho Reporter, 8/6/12)

Idaho’s closed primary removes veil on political appointments (Idaho Statesman, 8/5/12)

No, thanks. Florida job doesn’t interest Luna (Idaho Statesman, 8/4 /12)

Idaho health exchange: Time for the miracle workers (Idaho Statesman, 8/3/12)

To expand or not to expand? Governor’s work group on Medicaid meets Monday (StateImpact/Idaho, 8/3/12)

Health care exchange prompts guarded optimism from business owners (Times-News, 8/3/12)

It would ‘be a miracle’ if state meets health insurance exchange deadline (StateImpact/Idaho, 8/2/12)

Otter-appointed working group discusses options for health insurance exchange (Idaho Reporter, 8/2/12)

First meeting of Otter health care panel mulls exchange price tag (Boise Weekly, 8/2/12)

Opinion: On health insurance, get down to business, on behalf of Idahoans (Idaho Statesman, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

Meetings set on Idaho’s path forward on health care reform (Spokesman-Review, 7/26/12) Vandersloot target of 2 federal audits (Eye on Boise, 7/26/12) Otter still mulling who will chair Idaho State Tax Commission (Idaho Statesman,7/26/12) Health care law a maze of opinion, fluid data for Idaho leaders (Times-News, 7/25/12) Idaho Lottery turns over record $41.5M to state’s schools and public buildings (Spokesman-Review, 7/24/12) Video: Idaho schools receive $41.5M from Idaho Lottery dividends (KMVT, 7/24/12) Otter hires Utah firm to study Medicaid expansion (Times-News, 7/22/12) A question for Idaho lawmakers: Expand Medicaid or fight it?(Idaho Statesman, 7/22/12) Idaho Freedom Foundation annual banquet draws record crowd of 500 (Idaho Reporter, 7/20/12) Tea Party Idaho planning to play a role in November election (Idaho Reporter, 7/19/12) Idaho Governor Butch Otter sports shiner after tree mishap (Idaho Press,7/18/12) Otter names new species conservation chief (Spokesman-Review, 7/18/12) Otter  appoints sage grouse expert Miller to lead Office of Species Conservation (Idaho Statesman, 7/18/12) Idaho’s legal bills in Pam Lowe wrongful firing case exceed $540,000; Otter mum (Idaho Statesman, 7/18/12) Idaho hires former Utah governor’s firm to study Medicaid expansion(Idaho Statesman, 7/17/12) North Idaho senator has doubts about insurance exchange (Coeur D’Alene Press,7/17/12) State’s legal bill mounts for fighting Lowe wrongful-firing lawsuit (Spokesman-Review, 7/17/12) Idaho settles lawsuit with former ITD director (NWCN, 7/16/12) Eye on Boise: Places marked in leadership races (Spokesman-Review,7/15/12) Money for Idaho’s rainy-day funds (Idaho Statesman, 7/14/12) Governor names panels to examine health care exchange, Medicaid (Idaho Reporter, 7/14/12) Sweetening the pot? Idaho’s third-largest PAC, sugar growers, seeks permission to expand (Idaho Statesman, 7/13/12) Idaho state revenues up 5.9% in fiscal 2012, 1.5% over projection (Idaho Statesman, 7/13/12) Otter: Fiscal year ends better than expected, state ‘well positioned’(Spokesman-Review,7/13/12) Idaho could save money by expanding Medicaid (StateImpact/Idaho, 7/13/12) Idaho boosts rainy day account thanks to improved revenue (StateImpact/Idaho, 7/13/12) Idaho Gov. Otter names ‘Obamacare’ working groups (Idaho Statesman, 7/13/12) Audio: Otter under pressure over Affordable Care Act options (Boise State Public radio, 7/13/12) Gov. Otter appoints public and private stakeholders to study Medicaid expansion, insurance exchange (StateImpact/Idaho, 7/13/12) Video:Idaho bolsters rainy-day accounts (KTVB, 7/13/12) Otter appoints Ken Roberts to Tax Commish (Spokesman-Review, 7/12/12)Depicting government as ‘force for good’ key to reviving support of public employees, says Idaho association chief (Idaho Statesman,7/12/12) Republican leaders: Idaho should fight health insurance tax, not expand Medicaid (Idaho Statesman, 7/11/12) Otter remains on fence regarding ‘Obamacare’ (Boise Weekly, 7/11/12) Idaho Gov. Otter still open to exchange, Medicaid after ruling, will study both(Washington Post, 7/11/12) Retired probation officer leads (modest) fight for Idaho Medicaid expansion (StateImpact/Idaho, 7/11/12)Otter names Spackman water resources chief (Spokesman-Review, 7/11/12) Gov. Otter favors ‘further study’ of health care decision(StateImpact/Idaho, 7/10/12) Otter’s reaction to health care decision: Requires further study (Spokesman-Review, 7/10/120 Gem State Tea Party confederation founded, unites nine Idaho groups (Idaho Statesman, 7/9/12) Federal aid cuts would weaken Idaho’s economy (Idaho Statesman, 7/8/12) Otter wins a footnote in health care study (Idaho Statesman, 7/7/12) Idaho governor’s mansion unused but still costly (Spokesman-Review, 7/7/12) If Idaho opts out of Medicaid expansion, low-income adults could be in limbo(StateImpact/Idaho, 7/6/12) Idaho education board member reacts to national higher education report giving Idaho failing grades(Idaho Reporter, 7/5/12) Idaho Power joins forces with libertarian group Idaho Freedom Foundation (Idaho Statesman, 7/5/12)

Otter tours wildfire site, praises Pocatello’s spirit (Idaho Statesman, 7/4/12)

Idaho’s Labrador among 72 GOP lawmakers urging nation’s governors not to set up health exchanges (Idaho Statesman, 7/4/12)

Otter views wildfire damage (Idaho State Journal, 7/4/12)

Gov. Otter picks temporary state controller to fill Donna Jones’ shoes (Idaho Statesman, 7/4/12)

Idaho Democratic legislators call on guv, GOP lawmakers for exchange, either thru exec order or special session (Spokesman-Review, 7/2/12)

Idaho court rules, Idaho has dilemma over exchange (CBS MoneyWatch, 7/2/12)

Idaho isn’t alone in insurance exchange quandary (CBS MoneyWatch, 7/2/12)

Otter puts his Idaho sage grouse plan out for comment (Idaho Statesman, 7/2/12)

Idaho Dems want Otter to energize exchange effort (Idaho Press-Tribune, 7/2/12)

Editorial: Idaho’s statehouse of denial will mean playing catch-up on ‘Obamacare’ (Idaho Statesman, 7/1/12)

JUNE 2012

Idaho legislators caught with their pants down in SCOTUS ruling (Examiner, 6/30/12)

Idaho GOP keeps its tea party platform planks(Spokesman-Review, 6/29/12)

Supreme Court health care challenge cost Idaho about $18,000 (Idaho Statesman, 6/29/12)

Nearly 20% of Idahoans don’t have health insurance (StateImpact/Idaho, 6/29/12)

With court approval of Obamacare, state must decide what to do with Medicaid (Idaho Reporter, 6/29/12)

Idaho must scramble to catch up (Spokesman-Review, 6/29/12)

Idaho insurance chief: ‘Now we know, and we can move forward’ (Spokesman-Review, 6/29/12)

Dem lawmaker: Health care ruling means Idaho has ‘a lot of work to do’ (Spokesman-Review, 6/28/12)

Idahoans on both sides react to ruling (Spokesman-Review, 6/28/12)

Idaho leaders stunned by ruling, face big decisions (Spokesman-Review, 6/28/12)

Blue Cross of Idaho: Now state needs to establish an insurance exchange(Spokesman-Review, 6/28/12)

Future of Idaho insurance exchange uncertain after Supreme Court ruling (Idaho Reporter, 6/28/12)

Idaho’s school spending again ranks 50th in nation (Spokesman-Review, 6/27/12)

Panel proposes lawmaker pay bump (Spokesman-Review, 6/26/12)

Companies receive Idaho training grant, but make no long-term promises (StateImpact/Idaho, 6/25/12)

GOP leaders address convention-goers (Times-News, 6/24/12) Idaho task force suggests ways to protect grouse (Idaho State Journal, 6/24/12)

Otter backs state’s flip-flop on sale of Five Wives vodka (Spokesman-Review, 6/24/12)

GOP convention ends with few fights (Times-News, 6/24/12)

Task force offers sage grouse plan (Spokesman-Review, 6/24/12) Commentary: Otter shines a light on a dirty budget secret (Idaho Statesman, 6/23/12)

Idaho business lobby voices concern ahead of Supreme Court ruling (StateImpact/Idaho, 6/22/12)

Despite funding recovery, Idaho public pension system still has a deficit (Idaho Reporter, 6/22/12)

New Idaho plan aims to protect sage grouse (Idaho Statesman, 6/21/12)

Industry: Sage grouse listing would be ‘devastating’ to cattle (Times-News, 6/21/12)

Otter sage grouse task force makes recommendations (Idaho Statesman, 6/19/12)

Study: Sunset provisions most important factor in improving state regulatory climate (Idaho Reporter, 6/18/12)

Editorial: Ending tax on business a good idea — if it’s done right (Idaho Statesman,6/17/12)

After tea party tide, Idaho GOP meets again in Twin Falls (Idaho Press-Tribune, 6/17/12)

Otter: Plan for 20% cuts in federal money (Idaho Press-Tribune, 6/17/12)

Gov. Butch Otter to Idaho’s agencies: Plan for deep cuts in federal funds (Idaho Statesman,6/17/12)

Idaho budget committee sees problems ahead (Idaho Press-Tribune, 6/16/12)

After failed House bid, Rammell moving to Wyoming (Spokesman-Review, 6/16/12)

Idaho Democrats gather in Boise for party convention (Idaho Statesman, 6/15/12)

Otter urges IACI to help him and Luna save Idaho’s “Students Come First” laws (Idaho Statesman, 6/14/12)

Rammell moving to Wyoming, says he’s ‘given up’ on politics in Idaho (Spokesman-Review, 6/14/12)

Otter appoints state prosecutor to Idaho’s 4th District Court (Idaho Statesman, 6/13/12)

Jockeying for leadership in the Idaho House (Idaho Statesman, 6/13/12)

Otter sides with business lobby on targeting hated tax (Idaho Statesman, 6/12/12)

Roberts weighs challenge to Moyle as Idaho House majority leader, they keep a wide berth in Sun Valley (Idaho Statesman, 6/12/12)

Conservative leader: Idaho education referenda campaign will mimic Wisconsin recall(Idaho Statesman, 6/11/12)

Otter to get an Idaho GOP chairman he can live with, but floor fight still possible (Idaho Statesman,6/11/12)

Bedke poised to unseat Idaho Speaker Denney (Idaho Statesman, 6/10/12)

Study compares Idaho’s soaring Medicaid spending to other reform states (Idaho Reporter, 6/9/12)

Opinion: Class size matters (Standard Journal, 6/9/12)

Commentary: Firing attempt backfired, cementing bipartisan commission (Idaho Statesman, 6/8/12)

Gov. Otter announces high-tech council membership(Idaho Statesman, 6/8/12)

Lawmaker Mack Shirley joins Gov. Otter fight to keep education laws (Idaho Press-Tribune, 6/8/12)

Group forms to back Luna laws (Idaho Statesman, 6/7/12)

Otter, Luna name Terrell, Horman and Shirley to anti-referendum campaign group(Spokesman-Review, 6/7/12)

New group files papers to defend education reform laws (Idaho Reporter, 6/6/12)

Why media groups are fighting, again, for access to Idaho executions (Idaho Statesman, 6/6/12)

Opinion: Once again, Idaho is forced to just say no on nuclear waste (Idaho Statesman, 6/3/12)

The grim Idaho primary numbers are in, but who cares? (Idaho Statesman, 6/1/12)

MAY 2012

Idaho redistricting panel recognized for finding compromise (Idaho Statesman, 5/31/12)

Democrats gain majority on tax panel (KTVB, 5/29/12)

Commentary: Flap clarifies Idaho’s nuclear waste stand (Idaho Statesman, 5/29/12)

Dems control Idaho tax panel (Spokesman-Review, 5/26/12)

GOP Idaho governor has a Dem-led agency (Spokesman-Review, 5/25/12)

Commentary: The battle is on for the next leader of Idaho GOP (Idaho Statesman, 5/25/12)

Eye on Boise: Twin Falls GOP committee hopeful draws party’s ire (Spokesman-Review, 5/20/12)

Eye on Boise: GunPAC’s targets curiously chosen (Spokesman-Review, 5/13/12)

Primary rivalry heats up in GOP (Spokesman-Review, 5/9/12)

Idaho Republicans turn on one another (Spokesman-Review, 5/8/12)

Ron Paul backers quietly seek to overturn Mitt Romney’s caucus victory in Idaho (Idaho Statesman, 5/6/12)

Trade trip yields China dairy deal (Spokesman-Review, 5/6/12)

Low voter turnout in Idaho feared for May 15 primary (Spokesman-Review, 5/6/12)

Otter talks trade on China visit (Boise Weekly, 5/5/12)

Otter uses pitchman skills to help northern Idaho biotech company land China trade deal (AP, 5/5/12)

Otter: China trade mission hit goals (Coeur d’Alene Press, 5/4/12)

Trade mission to China pays off, Idaho Gov. Otter says (Idaho Statesman, 5/4/12)

Four Idaho companies report positive results from China trade mission (StateImpact/Idaho, 5/4/12)

Idaho touts biotech deal as sign of success of China trade mission (Idaho Statesman, 5/3/12)

Where do candidates stand on ultrasound legislation? Here’s a breakdown (Idaho Statesman, 5/3/12)

Commentary: Luna laws’ opponents hire a pro (Idaho Statesman, 5/2/12)

Otter more careful about pushing for federal land transfer (Idaho Statesman, 5/2/12)

Idaho’s new closed GOP primary so confusing even candidates are mixed up (Idaho Statesman, 5/2/12)

Do business incentives create jobs? Idaho is one of 13 states in the dark (StateImpact/Idaho, 5/2/12)

Otter: States will save the nation (Coeur d’Alene Press, 5/1/12)

Lawmakers spar on Idaho Republican ‘purity test’ (Idaho Statesman, 5/1/12)

Idaho animal cruelty ballot initiative comes up short (Idaho Statesman, 5/1/12)

Excerpts from Idaho GOP platform surveys (Idaho Statesman, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

Otter weighs in on another Senate race, endorsing Lodge (Idaho Statesman, 4/30/12) Video: Otter tours small businesses as part of plan to increase state’s revenue (NWCN, 4/30/12) Despite uncompetitive contests at the top of the ballot, 2012 is a big year for the Idaho Legislature (Idaho Statesman, 4/29/12) Is the Wilderness Act under assault? Are family farms under siege? Maybe not. (Idaho Statesman, 4/27/12) Rare as hen’s teeth: Hear Idaho Gov. Otter at a press conference today (Idaho Statesman, 4/27/12) Gov. Otter: Illegal immigration ‘tremendous expense’ for Idaho (Boise State Public Radio, 4/27/12) Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Wayne Hoffman fires education adviser (Idaho Statesman, 4/26/12) Ex-state economist says school funding may violate Idaho law (Spokesman-Review,4/14/12) Study questions constitutionality of Idaho’s education funding plan (StateImpact/Idaho, 4/13/12) Economic recovery is a snap: Just ask ALEC (Idaho Statesman, 4/13/12) Otter spokesman says governor signed massage therapy bill because the profession asked for a regulatory bill (Idaho Reporter, 4/12/12) Commentary: Idaho Sen. Toryanski regrets ultrasound handling (Idaho Statesman,4/11/12) ALEC report ranks Idaho sixth nationally in economic outlook (Idaho Reporter, 4/10/12) Idaho House transportation chairman: Infrastructure funding a major priority (Idaho Reporter, 4/10/12) Idaho Chamber: Legislature fell short on personal property tax repeal, health care reform (Idaho Reporter, 4/9/12) Developer tax break bill becomes law without Otter OK(KTVB, 4/9/12) Gov. Otter plans to return to China with many in his party still fearful of the rising economic giant’s influence (Idaho Statesman, 4/8/12) Otter to embark on trade trip to China (Idaho Press-Tribune, 4/8/12) Gov. Otter signs end-of-life treatment bill(KTVB, 4/7/12) Gov. Otter completes College of Western Idaho welding class this week(Idaho Statesman, 4/7/12) Governor signs texting, Occupy Boise and’8 in 6′ bills (Idaho Reporter, 4/6/12) 2012 Idaho Legislature tout sheet, handicapping eight top races (Idaho Statesman, 4/6/12) Gov. Butch Otter signs Idaho animal cruelty measure, among others (AP, 4/6/12) Commentary: Idaho Democrats look to shake presidential albatross (Idaho Statesman, 4/6/12) Idaho governor approves $35M tax cut bill (Bloomberg Businessweek,4/6/12) Idaho Senate Democrats decry ‘sense of entitlement,’ critique lack of progress on ethics (Idaho Statesman, 4/4/12) Kempthorne recharging batteries but keeping options open for another campaign (Idaho Statesman, 4/2/12)

MARCH 2012

Top earners’ taxes cut in Idaho (Spokesman Review, 3/30/12) Idaho’s House Dems asses 2012 Legislature, lament ‘War on Women,’ laud texting ban (Idaho Statesman, 3/30/12) Boise Metro Chamber hails passage of Idaho tax-cut bill (Idaho Statesman, 3/30/12) Otter praises Idaho lawmakers for a productive session (Idaho Statesman, 3/30/12) Idaho Senate Republicans make preliminary ethics inquiries secret, Democrats object (Idaho Statesman, 3/29/12) Idaho Senate approves 2013 public schools budget (Idaho Statesman,3/26/12) Abortion foes perform live ultrasounds in Idaho Capitol (AP, 3/22/12) Re-election anxieties stall ultrasound bill (Idaho Statesman, 3/22/12) Idaho lawmaker’s abortion comments spark anger (AP, 3/21/12) Idaho Senate panel dismisses ethics complaint(Spokesman-Review, 3/21/12) Idaho pre-abortion ultrasound bill gets Senate OK (Spokesman-Review, 3/20/12) Idaho Senate ethics panel convenes for 1st time in 7 years(Spokesman-Review, 3/19/12) Teachers vs. tax cuts debate looms over Idaho Capitol (Idaho Statesman, 3/18/12) In Gov. Otter’s cabinet, women make less money than men (Idaho Statesman, 3/18/12) House approves additional funding for higher ed (Boise Weekly, 3/17/12) Senate ethics committee to look into conflict of interest charge against Pearce (Idaho Reporter, 3/17/12) Idaho Sen. Pearce says he followed ethics rules (Idaho Statesman, 3/17/12) Senate delays vote on abortion ultrasound mandate (KBOI2, 3/16/12) House votes to add nearly $50 million to higher education budget (Idaho Reporter, 3/16/12) One more ethics mess at the Idaho Statehouse (Idaho Statesman, 3/16/12) House clears bill to bolster state’s reserve funds, reform fiscal process (Idaho Reporter, 3/16/12) Pressing for tax relief and savings, Otter suggests rosier Idaho budget scenario (Idaho Statesman,3/16/12) Otter signs multi-million-dollar plan to boost Idaho economy and research (Times-News, 3/16/12) Idaho Senate convenes ethics panel after Dems’ complaint (KBOI2, 3/15/12) Dems rip Pearce over oil and gas issue (Idaho Statesman, 3/15/12) Judicial system reform could cost taxpayers extra $900K annually; decision to come Monday (Idaho Reporter, 3/15/12) Idaho Senate votes to lift charter school cap (KBOI2, 3/15/12) Dems lodge ethics complaint in drilling debate (KBOI2, 3/15/12) Treasure Valley economic-development group sees job growth in IGEM (Idaho Statesman, 3/15/12) Senate committee agrees with House, votes to reverse $1.5 million in Medicaid cuts (Idaho Reporter, 3/14/12) Otter’s plan to stimulate Idaho’s tech economy becomes law (StateImpact/Idaho, 3/14/12) Otter appoints 2nd woman to ITD Board (Spokesman-Review, 3/12/12) Gov. Otter creates sage-grouse task force (KIVI-TV, 3/12/12) Panel finishes agency budgets (Spokesman-Review, 3/11/12) Butch stumps for Mitt (CDA Press,3/11/12) What would Idaho education repeal look like? (Idaho Statesman, 3/11/12) Lawmakers tweak Idaho’s new education laws (Idaho Statesman, 3/11/12)Idaho cigarette tax increase: Snuffed out, for 2012 and beyond (Idaho Statesman,3/12/12) Idaho legislators increase Medicaid spending (Times-News, 3/10/12) Hear Otter’s odd endorsement speech of Romney, which some knocked for barely mentioning candidate (Idaho Statesman, 3/9/12) Medicaid budget set, will rise 8.7% next year in state funds (Spokesman-Review, 3/9/12) Many seek North Idaho legislative seats, including Hart’s (Spokesman-Review, 3/9/12) Idaho GOP: Soft on voter fraud when they’re in charge?(Idaho Statesman, 3/9/12) Commerce gets budget boost, but it’s a fraction of what’s been cut (Spokesman-Review, 3/9/12)Commentary: In hostile territory, Idaho moderates flee (Idaho Statesman, 3/8/12) Protesters rally against Idaho ultrasound bill(Spokesman-Review,3/8/12) Gov. Otter to feds: Pony up more cash for wolves (Idaho Statesman, 3/8/12) Talk of ethics reform veers from panel idea (Spokesman-Review, 3/7/12) Idaho February tax revenue tops forecasts (Idaho Statesman, 3/7/12) Idaho plan spends more on schools (Spokesman-Review, 3/6/12) Idaho lawmakers drop ethics commission idea (Spokesman-Review, 3/6/12) Exclusive: Interview with Idaho Governor Butch Otter (Seattle Times, 3/6/12) Can Idaho lawmakers answer educators’ SOS? (Times-News, 3/4/12)Otter to pitch for Romney Monday in North Idaho (Idaho Statesman, 3/4/12) Task force may tackle streamlined internet sales tax(Times-News, 3/3/12) Bill to restore Idaho teacher pay clears Senate(Spokesman-Review, 3/2/12) House approves tax cut for wealthy Idahoans (Boise Weekly, 3/2/12) Tax cut on higher incomes advances (Spokesman-Review, 3/2/12) Idaho senator to push gay rights bill from the outside (New York Times,3/2/12) Idaho Senate panel OKs gas-industry-backed measure (Idaho Statesman, 3/2/12)Oil/gas pre-emption bill clears Senate panel 6-3 after 3.5 hour hearing (Spokesman-Review, 3/2/12) After gutting health and education funding, Idaho advances bill to cut top tax rate and corporate tax (Think Progress, 3/2/12) Idaho House backs tax cut for top earners(Spokesman-Review, 3/1/12) Audio: Governor’s jobs plan nears final vote (Boise State Public Radio, 3/1/12) Lawmakers kill bill to streamline internet sales tax (Times-News, 3/1/12) Gov. Otter’s IGEM plan heads to Senate committee (Idaho Press-Tribune, 3/1/12)Permanent tax cut passes despite House tax chair’s warning, state’s 2001 experience… (Spokesman-Review, 3/1/12) Idaho Senate wants to cancel teacher salary cuts (Spokesman-Review, 3/1/12)


Idaho Gov. Otter wants state to control federal timber (Idaho Statesman, 2/29/12)

Idaho Democrats lose top staffer at crucial moment; chairman calls it a ‘hiccup’ (Idaho Statesman, 2/29/12)

Governor wants federal timberland to be controlled by state (Idaho Reporter, 2/29/12)

Otter to Congress: Forest disaster looms (Idaho Statesman, 2/28/12)

Bill would require ultrasound for abortion (Spokesman-Review, 2/28/12)

Judge delays Occupy Boise decision until Monday (Idaho Statesman, 2/24/12)

Idaho governor, senator to promote Romney’s new tax plan (StateImpact/Idaho, 2/24/12)

Idaho GOP bill would cut local government revenue (Idaho Statesman, 2/24/12)

Wolf bill could backfire on Idaho (Idaho Statesman, 2/23/12)

Otter names Democrat Langhorst interim chairman of Idaho Tax Commission (Idaho Statesman, 2/23/12)

Idaho early education bill faces changes in Senate (Idaho Statesman, 2/23/12)

Idaho Speaker Denney: Move to kill 2% pay hike for state employees is more bark than bite (Idaho Statesman, 2/22/12)

Gov. Otter signs emergency legislation to oust occupy Boise protesters (Times-News, 2/21/12)

State budgeters mark 4.5% spending increase (Times-News, 2/18/12)

Budget setting committee adopts revenue numbers, budget writing begins (StateImpact/Idaho, 2/17/12)

Lawmakers set budget numbers (Boise State Public Radio, 2/17/12)

Education chairs ask JFAC to go along with Luna’s budget, including backfilling teacher pay (Idaho Reporter, 2/17/12)

Budget committee approves revenue target $33 million less than Otter’s projection (Idaho Reporter, 2/17/12)

Working groups called to help in Otter’s sage grouse plan (Times-News, 2/17/12)

Idaho House committee introduces tax relief bill (CBS Moneywatch, 2/17/12)

Gov. Butch Otter and Sen. Jim Risch say Mitt Romney is as conservative as Rick Santorum (Idaho Statesman, 2/15/12)

Idaho roadless rule model for Otter sage grouse plan (Idaho Statesman, 2/15/12)

Idaho likely to spurn federal cash for insurance exchange (Times-News, 2/15/12)

Editorial: Gov. Butch Otter is Idaho’s wolf broker in chief (Idaho Statesman, 2/15/12)

Commentary: Painful day in the Idaho Senate as ‘Add the words’ gay-rights bill killed (Idaho Statesman, 2/11/12)

E.Idaho lawmaker still wants wind farm moratorium (Idaho Statesman, 2/11/12)

Senate vote nixes protection for Idaho gays, lesbians (Idaho Statesman, 2/10/12)

Opinion: Planning ahead would have improved Luna plan (Times-News, 2/10/12)

Idaho Freedom Foundation: What is ‘compassionate’ about entitlements? (Idaho Statesman, 2/10/12)

Idaho Legislature: There is no polite word for prejudice (Idaho Statesman, 2/10/12)

Compassion? Otter’s budget priorities lack for common sense (Idaho Statesman, 2/10/12)

Idaho lawmakers choose not to add the words (Boise Weekly, 2/10/12)

Idaho biz, ag groups promote economic incentives (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2/9/12)

Opinion: Online sales tax would help Idaho businesses (Idaho Press-Tribune, 2/8/12)

Historic joint tax committee begins with testimony saying Idaho university R&D tops tax relief as priority (Idaho Statesman, 2/8/12)

Eliminating personal property tax takes center stage during economic conditions hearing (Idaho Reporter, 2/8/12)

Opinion: Smart, and not so much (Times-News, 2/8/12)

Luna expresses concerns about school levy proposals (Idaho Statesman, 2/8/12)

Editorial: A matter of priorities – Pay Idaho teachers (Idaho Statesman, 2/7/12)

January revenues beat forecasts by $6.3 million (Idaho Reporter, 2/7/12)

Increased sales tax collections in Idaho point to improving economy (Idaho Statesman, 2/7/12)

Otter visits U of I to promote Idaho Global Entrepreneur Mission (LKEW-TV, 2/7/12)

Commentary: Chairmen of Idaho tax committees ease historic acrimony (Idaho Statesman, 2/7/12)

Idaho governor at odds with voters over health insurance exchange (Healthcare Finance News, 2/6/12)


Opinion: Gov. Otter gives up the fight, before it even got started (Idaho Statesman, 1/29/12)

Luna seeks to prop up educator pay (Times-News, 1/27/12)

Video: Governor Butch Otter and Idaho’s top higher education leaders look ahead (Idaho Public Television, 1/27/12)

Legal arguments mar redistricting process (Idaho Mountain Express & Guide, 1/27/12)

Editorial: Careful optimism means Idaho’s passed a hurdle (Times-News, 1/27/12)

Otter calls on Gingrich to disclose if he was shilling for Big Pharma during 2003 Medicare drug vote (Idaho Statesman, 1/27/12)

Otter: Dangers of pot outweigh medical benefits (Coeur d’Alene Press, 1/27/12)

With no preparation for pretenders, Idaho’s redistricting commission readies to complete the job (Idaho Statesman, 1/26/12)

High Court slaps down GOP leadership effort to fire redistricting commissioners (Boise Weekly, 1/26/12)

GOP leaders: Ruling leaves ‘cloud of uncertainty’ over Idaho remapping (Idaho Statesman, 1/26/12)

Otter tells police chiefs he opposes legalizing medical marijuana (Spokesman-Review, 1/26/12)

Feds give until October 2013 to create exchange, not January 2013 (Idaho Reporter, 1/26/12)

Occupy Boise holds open house for legislators, develops new strategies (Boise Weekly, 1/26/12)

Video: Luna: Paying teachers is a higher priority than building up reserve funds (Idaho Reporter, 1/26/12)

House advances bill to close down Occupy Boise encampment (Idaho Reporter, 1/26/12)

Commentary: Otter avoids hot water at this year’s Q&A (Idaho Statesman, 1/26/12)

Otter says embattled Crow ‘did a good job’ on Idaho redistricting, explains opposition to August primary (Idaho Statesman, 1/25/12)

Idaho Supreme Court dismisses Republican leaders’ redistricting lawsuit (Idaho Statesman, 1/25/12)

UI president: Filling reserves should be last priority (Idaho Reporter, 1/25/12)

Commentary: If Obama’s the food stamp president, what’s Idaho Gov. Otter? (Idaho Statesman, 1/25/12)

Legislative committee projects slow revenue growth (Times-News, 1/25/12)

Otter says don’t bet on a health insurance exchange (Idaho Statesman, 1/25/12)

Statehouse reactions: ‘She bleeds Republican,’ ‘Always a fracas on reapportionment’ (Spokesman-Review, 1/25/12)

Idaho Supreme Court says GOP officials can’t fire redistricting commissioners (Idaho Statesman, 1/25/12)

Former GOP Gov. Batt weighs in – strongly – on redistricting dispute… (Spokesman-Review, 1/25/12)

Idaho lawmakers hear about incidents and costs at Occupy Boise (Idaho Statesman, 1/25/12)

As ‘Occupiers’ speak, legislators say they’re listening. Where’s the disconnect? (Times-News, 1/25/12)

Batt: Attempts to ‘sully’ redistricting will threaten Idaho GOP dominance (Idaho Statesman, 1/25/12)

Otter meets with reporters: A live blog (Idaho Statesman, 1/25/12)

Otter on state worker raises, Obama, tax commissioner, more… (Spokesman-Review, 1/25/12)

Lower 2013 revenue target may force lawmakers to choose from Otter’s budget initiatives (Idaho Reporter, 1/25/12)

Health insurance exchanges out, says Otter (Boise Weekly, 1/25/12)

Otter says barring time extension from feds, Idaho’s out of time for state insurance exchange (Spokesman-Review, 1/25/12)

Governor: Revenues can ‘still fund all of my priorities’ (Spokesman-Review, 1/25/12)

Otter expects Idaho to get federal exchange (Local8News, 1/25/12)

Governor Otter talks Occupy Boise (Boise Weekly, 1/25/12)

Otter says he’s against moving Idaho primary to August (Idaho Statesman, 1/25/12)

Gov. Otter: Idaho will not likely have state-based health insurance (NWCN, 1/25/12)

The governor is listening (Couer d’Alene Press, 1/25/12)

Opinion: Who’s the boss? Just ask any RINO… (Idaho Statesman, 1/25/12)

GOP leaders go against Attorney General, fire two redistricting members (Times-News, 1/24/12)

GOP leaders name new redistricting commissioners (Idaho Statesman, 1/24/12)

If eviction bill becomes law, Occupiers could be ousted within a week (Boise Weekly, 1/24/12)

GOP officials sue Sec of State over Idaho redistricting (Idaho Statesman, 1/24/12)

Otter travels to N. Idaho to discuss mine closure (Idaho Press-Tribune, 1/24/12)

Otter expects long slog in presidential race, says Romney has ‘brushed up’ (Idaho Statesman, 1/24/12)

Legislature shorts Otter’s revenue projection by $33M, but it could have been worse (Idaho Statesman, 1/24/12)

Gov. Butch Otter’s budget projection may be optimistic (Idaho Press-Tribune, 1/23/12)

Video: Gov. Butch Otter holds meeting about Lucky Friday Mine closure (NWCN, 1/23/12)

Otter asks feds to explain mine shaft closure (Spokesman-Review, 1/23/12)

ISU president: Tuition hikes may still come, even with more state higher ed money (Idaho Reporter, 1/23/12)

Boise State president backs Otter’s research funding plan (Idaho Statesman, 1/23/12)

Tea partyers to challenge 3 veteran Idaho GOP legislators (Spokesman-Review, 1/22/12)

Highlights from the Idaho Legislature last week (Idaho Statesman, 1/15/12)

Idaho asks feds to extend deadline on creating a state-run health insurance exchange (Idaho Statesman, 1/14/12)

Opinion: Otter is off on health exchanges, but only by $300 million (Idaho Statesman, 1/13/12)

Gov. Otter gets 4% raise (Idaho State Journal, 1/13/12)

Democrats roll out proposal for independent ethics panel (Spokesman-Review, 1/13/12)

Conservative activist on start of Idaho legislative session: ‘a very good start’ (Idaho Statesman, 1/13/12)

Elements of Otter plan get praise from a Democratic veteran (Idaho Statesman, 1/13/12)

Otter now concedes that $300M in Medicaid funding not at risk in health exchange program (Idaho Reporter, 1/13/12)

House committee head worries about cost, fate of agents under a state health exchange (Idaho Reporter, 1/13/12)

House Speaker Denney attacks Democrats for ‘corruption’ remarks (Idaho Reporter, 1/13/12) Health and Welfare chair McGeachin may go it alone to stop health exchange (Idaho Reporter, 1/12/12) Boise chamber backs Otter’s tech research program (Idaho Statesman, 1/12/12) Idaho Dems, GOP to work together on ethics bill (Spokesman-Review, 1/12/12) Otter backtracks, says $300M in Medicaid cash isn’t at risk (Coeur D’Alene Press,1/12/12) Grocers mull Idaho liquor privatization(Idaho Press-Tribune, 1/12/12) Nearly 1,000 Idaho state employees laid-off since 2007 (State Impact/NPR, 1/12/12)Democrats roll out ethics commission framework(Idaho Reporter, 1/12/12) Advocates of boosting Idaho cigarette tax release study saying higher tax won’t shutter convenience stores (Idaho Statesman, 1/12/12) Trib: Otter SOS address was snoozer (Spokesman-Review,1/11/12) Governor recommends $2.66 billion budget (Idaho Mountain Express & Guide, 1/11/12) Otter budget doesn’t restore steep cuts (Spokesman-Review, 1/11/12) Grocery industry eyeing Idaho for possible liquor privatization initiative (Spokesman-Review, 1/11/12) Editorial: Otter’s budget address hit the mark(Idaho Press-Tribune, 1/11/12) McGee remains, a sign of comity in the 2012 Idaho Legislature? (Idaho Statesman,1/11/12) Bipartisan Land Board limitation bill receives initial endorsement (Idaho Reporter, 1/11/12) Dem leader: Senate GOP’s McGee decision won’t aid our ethics reform push (Idaho Reporter, 1/11/12) St. Luke’s CEO argues for health exchange: ‘Let’s not cut off our nose to spite our face’ (Idaho Statesman, 1/10/12) Otter jokes about showing up for work Monday, responding to report on his schedule (Idaho Statesman,1/10/12) Dems’ State of the State response: ‘Culture of arrogance and entitlement’ (Spokesman-Review, 1/10/12) Democrats again ask GOP colleagues to team up on ethics reforms (Idaho Reporter, 1/10/12) Otter backs exchange creation, but didn’t budget for it in 2013 (Idaho Reporter, 1/10/12) Otter’s budget doesn’t restore cuts (Spokesman-Review, 1/10/12) Once again, Idaho Democrats rip Otter on ethics (Idaho Statesman,1/10/12) Otter: Let’s fund tech research to create Idaho jobs (Idaho Statesman,1/10/12) Idaho gov. calls for $45M in tax cuts (Spokesman-Review, 1/10/12) The 2012 Legislature: Otter wants a little of everything: Will it fly? (Idaho Statesman, 1/10/12) Lawmakers react, Otter sticks by his budget figures (Spokesman-Review, 1/9/12) Otter unveils ‘IGEM’ program: What it is… (Spokesman-Review, 1/9/12) Otter: ‘Sounds promising already’ (Spokesman-Review, 1/9/12) Commentary: Why is political knuckling under ‘maturity’? (Idaho Statesman,1/9/12) Higher ed: Guv proposes a turnaround from years of cuts (Spokesman-Review, 1/9/12) Gov. Otter expected to reveal jobs plan (Idaho Statesman, 1/9/12) Gov. Butch Otter on the State of the State address (KMVT, 1/9/12) Otter restrained on health insurance exchange… (Spokesman-Review, 1/9/12) Otter proposes tax cuts (Governors Journal, 1/9/12) Otter lays out agenda for Idaho lawmakers (Spokesman-Review, 1/9/12) Video: Lawmakers cite some lack of specifics in governor’s State of the State (Idaho Reporter,1/9/12) Otter emphasizes education, jobs, state salaries and tax relief in 2012-13 budget (Idaho Statesman, 1/9/12) Otter budget boosts spending on K-12 and higher ed (Idaho Press-Tribune, 1/9/12) State of the State: Otter proposes millions in tax relief, state employee benefits (Times-News,1/9/12) Gov. Otter’s speech focuses on jobs, education and a leaner future (State Impact/NPR, 1/9/12) Otter’s schedule shows fewer hours, less travel (Spokesman-Review, 1/8/12) Elections, redistricting likely to play big role in Idaho(Spokesman-Review, 1/8/12) Opinion: A glimmer, and an opportunity in the 2012 Legislature (Idaho Statesman,1/8/12) Is Gov. Otter dialing back? His schedule shows fewer appointments, work hours and business travel in his second term (Idaho Statesman, 1/8/12) Luna’s Idaho education reforms slammed in letters to New York Times(Idaho Statesman, 1/6/12) Idaho legislative leaders speak in favor of ethics oversight (Spokesman-Review, 1/6/12)Federal judge rejects Idaho anti-union laws (Spokesman-Review, 1/4/12) Teachers resist high-tech push in Idaho schools (New York Times, 1/3/12) Butch Otter: Until court’s Obamacare ruling, let’s stay civil, informed (Idaho Statesman, 1/1/12) Opinion: Idaho can compete, but it must get in the game (Idaho Statesman,1/1/12)

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