The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


ID 2011 Archives


Idaho Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives

How should Idaho spend $31M stash for veterans? (Idaho Statesman, 12/31/11)
Commentary: And, now the envelope please…Idaho’s year end political awards (Idaho Statesman, 12/31/11)
Paul Ezra Rhoades’ execution cost Idaho $53,411 (Idaho Statesman, 12/31/11)
Otter proposes state-backed investment fund (East Idaho News, 12/29/11)
Gov. Butch Otter wants Idaho to back startup companies (Idaho Statesman, 12/29/11)
Commentary: Long-shot effort could force sales tax debate (Idaho Statesman, 12/29/11)
Otter: Idaho must act to ‘minimize the federal government’s footprint’ on health care (Idaho Statesman, 12/29/11)
Idaho’s Otter engages in Iowa GOP presidential race, says ‘full of crap’ Gingrich lobbied him (Idaho Statesman, 12/29/11)
State defends new legislative map against lawsuit (East Idaho News, 12/28/11)
Detailing the cost of Idaho’s sales tax exemptions, a number-rich update (Idaho Statesman, 12/23/11)
Commentary: Allred has good point about his tax plan (Idaho Statesman, 12/22/11)
Washington Post credits Idaho Statesman reporting on Luna laws, virtual education (Idaho Statesman, 12/21/11)
Effort afoot to reform Idaho sales tax (Idaho Statesman, 12/21/11)
Ullman speculates: If Gov. Otter is re-elected, he’ll resign in 2015 (Idaho Statesman, 12/20/11)
Idaho Dem’s 2010 standard-bearer Allred demurs on 2014 plans (Idaho Statesman, 12/19/11)
Commentary: Otter’s third-term talk is nothing but bluster (Idaho Statesman, 12/16/11)
Hucks Poll: 3rd Otter term? Hell no! (Spokesman Review, 12/16/11)
Governor to select new Third District judge (Idaho Press-Tribune, 12/16/11)
Video: Luna says he explained reforms prior to election, talks about anti-referendum push (Idaho Reporter, 12/16/11)
Otter versus Allred again in 2014? (Boise State Public Radio, 12/15/11)
Otter announces 2014 re-election run (Idaho Reporter, 12/15/11)
Otter’s early re-election announcement… (Spokesman Review, 12/15/11)
Will Otter run again in 2014? Here’s one hint… (Idaho Statesman, 12/15/11)
Gov. Otter says he’ll seek 3rd term (Spokesman Review, 12/15/11)
Video: Luna won’t commit on 2014 run for governor, denies seeking national education post (Idaho Reporter, 12/15/11)
Otter running for 3rd term? Don’t buy it (Idaho Statesman, 12/15/11)
Is Otter serious about running in 2014? Another skeptic weighs in… (Idaho Statesman, 12/15/11)
A federal judge orders Idaho to increase some Medicaid payments (State Impact/NPR, 12/14/11)
Opinion: Bullish on the future? Not this gov (Idaho Statesman, 12/14/11)
Gov. Otter says Areva’s Idaho nuke facility is moving forward (State Impact/NPR, 12/13/11)
Opinion: Health care reform foes: Take money, you still win (Spokesman-Review, 12/13/11)
Otter: States can build pipeline without federal government (Washington Times, 12/13/11)
Commentary: Idaho State Tax Commission’s Dan John a quietly effective bureaucrat (Idaho Statesman, 12/10/11)
Idaho governor: Lean times will continue (Idaho Statesman, 12/9/11)
Boise Metro Chamber backs state health exchange in 2012 Legislature (Idaho Statesman, 12/9/11)
Commentary: ‘Reasonable’ Republicans rebel (Idaho Statesman, 12/8/11)
Gov. Otter says state budget surplus unlikely (State Impact/NPR, 12/7/11)
Gov. Otter warns of lagging state revenues (KBOI2, 12/7/11)
Opinion: Let’s buy Idaho when it comes to education, too (Idaho Press-Tribune, 12/6/11)
Eschewing trade mission, Idaho Gov. Otter heads to Vegas rodeo (Idaho Statesman, 12/6/11)
Otter skips Idaho’s trade mission to Brazil, headed to rodeo in Vegas (Idaho Statesman, 12/5/11)
Commentary: Surplus leaves Idaho with $130M question (Idaho Statesman, 12/3/11)
Idaho faces a glimmer of budget hope (Idaho Statesman, 12/2/11)
AG Wasden sustains his push to keep Idaho public records public (Idaho Statesman, 12/2/11)
Surplus suggests better budget prospects for 2012 Idaho Legislature, but plenty of controversy afoot (Idaho Statesman, 12/1/11)
New chief shakes up Idaho Commerce Department (Idaho Statesman, 12/1/11)
Committee told state has no clear definition of higher education funding equity levels (Idaho Reporter, 12/1/11)
Idaho Commerce Dept names new Economic Dev Officer (State Impact/NPR, 11/30/11)
Idaho renal disease program poorly managed, according to performance report (Idaho Reporter, 11/30/11)
In 2012, lawmakers will again try to prevent state from buying commercial businesses (Idaho Reporter, 11/30/11)
Idaho looks to phase out program for patients with end-stage renal disease (Spokesman-Review, 11/30/11)
Otter spending another week in the sun, leaving Little to speak to big business group (Idaho Statesman, 11/30/11)
New Idaho Commerce director begins reorganizing; two hires announced (Idaho Statesman, 11/30/11)
Scrutiny of online education puts Idaho reforms in national limelight (Idaho Statesman, 11/29/11)
Idaho awarded $10M less than anticipated for exchange development (Idaho Reporter, 11/29/11)
Commentary: Otter is shoveling horse manure (Ridenbaugh Press, 11/29/11)
Idaho wins $20 million for health insurance exchange (Idaho Statesman, 11/29/11)
Idaho unlikely to end liquor monopoly soon (Idaho Statesman, 11/28/11)
Commentary: The redistricting map’s never-ending story (Idaho Statesman, 11/26/11)
Environmental programs fall victim to budget cuts (Idaho Statesman, 11/26/11)
Idaho Transportation Dept has new strategic plan (Idaho Statesman, 11/24/11)
Idaho Legislature’s interim Energy, Environment & Technology Committee emphasizes efficiency, leaves door open to incentives (Idaho Statesman, 11/23/11)
Idaho lawmakers shoot down consumer advocate proposal (Idaho Statesman, 11/22/11)
The deficit panel’s failure could impact Idaho (Idaho Statesman, 11/22/11)
Why Idaho’s redistricting battle isn’t necessarily over (Idaho Statesman, 11/25/11)
Can Idaho offer budget tips to DC? Otter argues his case (Idaho Statesman, 11/22/11)
Otter Op-ed: ‘Idaho sets example of responsible governance’ (Spokesman-Review, 11/22/11)
Otter: DC could learn about governing from Idaho (Roll Call, 11/21/11)
Gayle Batt logical choice for House (Idaho Press-Tribune, 11/20/11)
GOP lawmaker wants to compress secondary and college from 8 to 6 years (Idaho Statesman, 11/20/11)
Idaho’s Luna to be sworn in as President of Chief State School Officers (Idaho Statesman, 11/18/11)
Idaho unemployment rate moves in a positive direction (State Impact/NPR, 11/18/11)
Takasugi replacement field narrows (Idaho Press-Tribune, 11/17/11)
As execution approaches, Otter checks in from Maui (Spokesman-Review, 11/17/11)
Judge denies stay of execution for convicted Idaho killer (Reuters, 11/15/11)
Oil and Gas Commission approves drilling and fracking rules (Idaho Statesman, 11/15/11)
Otter on legalizing pot in Idaho: ‘I don’t see that happening’ (Idaho Statesman, 11/14/11)
Capitol punishment opponents hold Capitol protest (Boise Weekly, 11/14/11)
It has taken months to prepare for Rhoades’ execution (Idaho Statesman, 11/14/11)
Idaho governor petitioned to halt intimate’s execution (Seattle Times, 11/12/11)
Otter standing by decision not to spare killer’s life (Spokesman-Review, 11/11/11)
Otter backs Madsen on ending federal jobless benefits (Idaho Statesman, 11/11/11)
Gov. Otter backs Labor Director on opposing extended unemployment benefits (StateImpact/NPR, 11/11/11)
Idaho Dept of Labor director rejects call for resignation (Idaho Reporter, 11/10/11)
Anthrax scare empties Idaho State Capitol (Idaho Press-Tribune, 11/10/11)
Idaho Labor chief, Dems feud over extended jobless benefits (Boise Weekly, 11/10/11)
Madsen responds to Dem’s resignation call (StateImpact/NPR, 11/10/11)
Madsen defends stand to end federal jobless benefits for Idahoans (Idaho Statesman, 11/10/11)
Idaho Education Association says Ohio union rights vote good omen for 2012 referendums (Idaho Statesman, 11/9/11)
Idaho labor director opposes extending unemployment benefits (StateImpact/NPR, 11/8/11)
Otter, first lady kick off next phase of Idaho Meth Project (Spokesman-Review, 11/8/11)
Idaho’s dimmer economic outlook mirrors nation’s (Spokesman-Review, 11/6/11)
State ed board approves two online credits for graduation; issue faces one more hurdle (Idaho Reporter, 11/3/11)
Health exchange debate could divide interest groups and Republicans alike (Idaho Reporter, 11/2/11)
Democrats vote 70-0 to keep party primary open (Spokesman-Review, 10/31/11)
Idaho is laboratory of teacher pay plans (Deseret News, 10/30/11)
Idaho GOP schedules first presidential straw poll (Spokesman-Review, 10/27/11)
GOP legislators favor shorter duration for state unemployment benefits (Idaho Reporter, 10/27/11)
Idaho GOP sets Jan 6 straw poll, invites presidential candidates (Spokesman-Review, 10/26/11)
Idaho’s budget outlook brightest in years (Spokesman-Review, 10/25/11)
Idaho schools ‘gamble’ for lottery money… for free (Idaho Reporter, 10/25/11)
Redistricters decry ‘unnecessary law’ that led first panel to impasse (Spokesman-Review, 10/24/11)
Redistricting alters game in some political circles (Spokesman-Review, 10/23/11)
Idaho looks a little less country,  more suburban (Idaho Statesman, 10/23/11)
Legislature takes comments on 2012 Energy Plan draft (Idaho Statesman, 10/21/11)
Idaho took federal money for unemployment costs, but has paid it back (Idaho Reporter, 10/21/11)
Opinion: And the revolving door spins once again (Idaho Statesman, 10/21/11)
Commentary: Idaho Dems’ newest hope is Jimmy Farris, who went from Lewiston High to the NFL (Idaho Statesman, 10/20/11)
Otter’s top aide stepping down (Spokesman-Review, 10/19/11)
Commentary: Otter loses popular chief of staff, Jason Kreizenback (Idaho Statesman, 10/19/11)
More Boiseans now in 2nd District with new congressional map (Idaho Statesman, 10/18/11)
Captive labor on the farm (Wall Street Journal, 10/18/11)
More quick work: New Idaho congressional line drawn on 4-2 vote, Ada County remains split (Idaho Statesman, 10/17/11)
Democrats press to move Canyon County to Idaho’s 2nd congressional District (Idaho Statesman, 10/17/11)
New memoir draws portrait of Andrus: “Idaho’s Greatest Governor” (Idaho Statesman, 10/17/11)
Public can comment on “Luna bill” (Boise State Arbiter, 10/17/11)
Idaho adopts new congressional districts, will split Ada County (Spokesman-Review, 10/17/11)
Water Users Association  plays bank for Idaho GOP chairman and Eagle mayoral candidate Norm Semanko (Idaho Statesman, 10/16/11)
Leading Idaho GOP official helped a firm now banned from doing business with the state (Idaho Statesman, 10/14/11)
State funding for online classes would vary widely in Idaho school districts (Idaho Statesman, 10/13/11)
Gay bashing: Does Boise have a problem? (Idaho Statesman, 10/13/11)
Otter touts energy center’s return on taxpayer investment (Idaho Statesman, 10/11/11)
Redistricting whirlwind continues (Spokesman-Review, 10/9/11)
Otter demurs on presidential talk (Idaho Statesman, 10/8/11)
Commentary: Idaho’s new redistricting commission finds unity by hewing to the law (Idaho Statesman, 10/8/11)
Redistricting term new hearings ‘well worth the while, well worth the exhaustion’ (Spokesman-Review, 10/7/11)
Idaho’s Sept revenue report up slightly from forecast (StateImpact/NPR, 10/7/11)
Road, bridge needs not likely to receive additional funding in 2012 (Idaho Reporter, 10/7/11)
Having lost leadership post, Idaho Sen. Stegner seeks greener (lobbying) pasture (Idaho Statesman, 10/7/11)
New redistricting panel hears from this side of the state (Rexburg Standard Journal, 10/7/11)
Gov. Otter pushes for a more aggressive ‘Buy Idaho’ (StateImpact/NPR, 10/6/11)
Idaho Supreme Court declares state’s current legislative districts unconstitutional (Spokesman-Review, 10/6/11)
Otter at Women’s Day on selling Idaho to China: ‘We have not, we will not’ (Spokesman-Review, 10/6/11)
Butch: China not buying Idaho land (Spokesman-Review, 10/6/11)
Right to carry guns on campus may be proposed again in coming legislative session (Idaho Reporter, 10/5/11)
Commentary: Desperately seeking…Otter? (New York Times, 10/5/11)
Shut down the Idaho Legislature’s per-diem gravy train (Idaho Statesman, 10/5/11)
Otter for president? NY Times columnist is rooting for Butch (Idaho Statesman, 10/1/11)
Judge upholds Idaho law hamstringing teachers union, IEA says it will appeal (Idaho Statesman, 9/30/11)
Hispanic commission, Idaho lawmakers sometimes have an uneasy relationship (Idaho Reporter, 9/30/11)
Judge tosses education union’s lawsuit over Idaho school reform (Times-News, 9/30/11)
Idaho judge upholds law curbing teachers’ bargaining rights (Reuters, 9/30/11)
Judge upholds Idaho ed reform bill that was challenged by teachers union (Idaho Statesman, 9/30/11)
Idaho court upholds big part of Luna’s ed reforms (KTVB, 9/30/11)
New Idaho redistricting panel plans to ‘get in, get it done and get out’ (Idaho Statesman, 9/29/11)
Health exchange, new regulations could increase Medicaid (Idaho Reporter, 9/29/11)
Last-ditch Idaho redistricting deal was too late (Spokesman-Review, 9/26/11)
Opinion: Now Otter confronts a monster of his own making (Idaho Statesman, 9/23/11)
Woman wins court order against 1972 Idaho abortion law (Baltimore Sun, 9/23/11)
Idaho’s disbanded redistricting panel reaches deal (Idaho Statesman, 9/23/11)
Appellate court tosses Idaho closed primary appeal (Idaho Statesman, 9/22/11)
Business lobby to Otter: ‘Wise decision’ on health insurance exchange grant (Spokesman-Review, 9/21/11)
Idaho to seek grants for health exchange (Idaho Statesman, 9/21/11)
Five Idaho lawmakers safe after deadly bombing in Turkish capital (Idaho Statesman, 9/21/11)
Idaho Chambers want corporate tax cuts, more jobs and road, local-option tax authority (Idaho Statesman, 9/21/11)
Idaho officials mull ‘all new’ oil, gas issues… (Spokesman-Review, 9/20/11)
Otter OKs fed grant for insurance exchange (Spokesman-Review, 9/20/11)
Otter wants $30.9M in exchange money, but funds could find trouble with Legislature (Idaho Reporter, 9/20/11)
Otter: Idaho will take ‘Obamacare’ money for a state health exchange (Idaho Statesman, 9/20/11)
Idaho Democrats name three new redistricting commissioners, work to resume next week (Idaho Statesman, 9/20/11)
Top gas drilling executives resign (Boise Weekly, 9/20/11)
Rex Rammell faces misdemeanor, not felony; bizarre new details emerge (Idaho Statesman, 9/19/11)
Idaho says no to religious books in the classroom (LA Times, 9/19/11)
Editorial: Local option tax worth a shot (Idaho Press-Tribune, 9/18/11)
Idaho ranks fair-to-middling in civic involvement (Spokesman-Review, 9/18/11)
Stuck in neutral: What Idaho’s unemployment rate really means (State Impact/NPR, 9/16/11)
Hoping for an economic turnaround? Five Idaho industries to watch (State Impact/NPR, 9/14/11)
Order is out to form new redistricting panel, clock starts ticking… (Spokesman-Review, 9/13/11)
Idaho’s economic growth lags nation’s, report says (Idaho Statesman, 9/13/11)
Idaho must pick new redistricting panel (Spokesman-Review, 9/13/11)
Idaho’s new redistricting panel to meet in 2 weeks (Idaho Statesman, 9/13/11)
Dept of Insurance won’t defend director’s health exchange job loss claim (Idaho Reporter, 9/12/11)
Partisan gridlock means more spending by redistricting commission (Idaho Reporter, 9/12/11)
Idaho must scrap redistricting commission, start over (The Hill, 9/12/11)
Commentary: Grizzly deal gives both sides comfort (Idaho Statesman, 9/9/11)
Opinion: With state support shrinking, BSU chases after private money (Idaho Statesman, 9/9/11)
Idaho court tosses both redistricting challenges (Spokesman-Review, 9/9/11)
Idaho Supreme Court issues stunner of a ruling on redistricting (Spokesman-Review, 9/9/11)
State to set online class requirements today despite public opposition (Times-News, 9/9/11)
Idaho GOP official decries ‘whopping’ cost of redistricting impasse (Idaho Statesman, 9/9/11)
Potential new life for local tax option (Boise Weekly, 9/9/11)
Local option tax may be revived after 2008 failure (Houston Chronicle, 9/9/11)
Grizzly shooter pays $1,000; misdemeanor dropped (Spokesman-Review, 9/8/11)
Otter: Grizzly case shows Endangered Species Act is ‘badly’ flawed (Idaho Statesman, 9/8/11)
Dem chair: Idaho Republicans had an ‘agenda’ to kill redistricting (Idaho Statesman, 9/8/11)
The Chinese are invading Idaho! (China Rises, 9/8/11)
Otter: Redistricting Commission worked hard, struggled (Idaho Mountain Express, 9/8/11)
China rises to a major political issue in Idaho and nation (Idaho Statesman, 9/8/11)
Idaho Democrats suggest GOP has a ‘covert agenda’ to stymie redistricting (Idaho Statesman, 9/7/11)
GOP wants to monkey-wrench redistricting, but only for the taxpayers… (Idaho Statesman, 9/7/11)
Two redistricting challenges filed with Idaho Supreme Court (Spokesman-Review, 9/7/11)
Idaho GOP: Re-examine makeup of bipartisan redistricting commission (Spokesman-Review, 9/7/11)
Panel fails to draw district by deadline (Spokesman-Review, 9/7/11)
Opinion: State insurance exchanges wise (Idaho Press-Tribune, 9/4/11)
Ten years later, Patriot Act vote still defines Otter (KULR8, 9/4/11)
Idaho repays federal unemployment loan (Idaho Statesman, 9/1/11)
Editorial: He’s the Governor, so send his friends money (Times-News, 9/1/11)
Idaho Freedom Foundation: Feds overreach on grizzly killing (Spokesman-Review, 8/31/11)
Otter helps raise money for Idaho Freedom Foundation, with letter urging checks be sent to him (Idaho Statesman, 8/30/11)
Fundraising letter says send donations to Gov. Otter – at Idaho Freedom Foundation (Spokesman-Review, 8/29/11)
Otter says he’ll continue low-balling state budget (Spokesman-Review, 8/28/11)
Former state economist explains new fiscal center and recent Idaho fiscal activity (Idaho Reporter, 8/28/11)
Grizzly shooting charges elicit outrage in Idaho (New West, 8/26/11)
Community, politicians back man in grizzly bear shooting (Capital Press, 8/26/11)
Otter supports grizzly shooter (Couer D’Alene Press, 8/25/11)
IEA and the state argue in court over new education labor law (Idaho Reporter, 8/25/11)
Luna for Governor? (LocalNews8, 8/25/11)
Grizzly bear killing in Idaho gets political (KPLU, 8/25/11)
Otter asks feds to reconsider prosecuting grizzly bear shooter (Idaho Reporter, 8/25/11)
Is that Idaho Gov. Butch Otter’s hat in the ring? (Idaho Statesman, 8/24/11)
Grizzly bear case good political stage for Idaho politicians (Spokesman-Review, 8/24/11)
Gov. Otter weighs in on grizzly bear shooting (Spokeane Spokesman-Review, 8/24/11)
Knowing when to drop idealism in the health care debate (Times-News, 8/24/11)
How an Idaho health insurance exchange might look (Idaho Statesman, 8/24/11)
Opinion: ‘Hell, no!’ freezing over (Idaho Mountain Express, 8/24/11)
Supporters pack hearing for man who killed grizzly (Spokesman-Review, 8/23/11)
State panel drafts bill to create Idaho health-insurance exchange (Idaho Statesman, 8/23/11)
Otter touts exchange (Spokesman-Review, 8/23/11)
New Idaho lands director has experience getting gas money for schools (Idaho Statesman, 8/23/11)
Lawmakers bacck Otter, say apply for grant for Idaho insurance exchange (Spokesman-Review, 8/22/11)
Idaho needs decision on insurance exchange (Idaho Press-Tribune, 8/22/11)
Idaho ‘at crossroads’ on health insurance exchange (Spokesman-Review, 8/22/11)
Idaho governor open to state-run exchange (The Hill, 8/22/11)
Otter to lawmakers: Time to decide whether take federal $, or let feds design Idaho insurance exchange (Spokesman-Review, 8/22/11)
Idaho 17th in taxpayers’ share of state debt (Idaho Reporter, 8/22/11)
Dem leader: State GOP leaders balance budget on students’ backs (Idaho Statesman, 8/21/11)
Editorial: Otter’s fuzzy Medicaid math (Times-News, 8/20/11)
Stoking Idaho’s conservative fire (Spokesman-Review, 8/7/11)
Idaho redistricting co-chairman: Our job isn’t protecting incumbents (Idaho Statesman, 8/5/11)
Rammell: There will be blood (Idaho Statesman, 8/5/11)
Rammell pleads guilty to misdemeanor, preserving his right to run for office (Idaho Statesman, 8/4/11)
Some suspect GOP redistricting targets Luna foes (Spokesman-Review, 8/4/11)
Red Potatoes: Investigating the truth behind China’s takeover of Idaho (Boise Weekly, 8/3/11)
Democrats blast GOP’s Idaho redistricting map, saying too many counties split (Idaho Statesman, 8/2/11)
Redistricting: GOP plan makes waves… (Spokesman-Review, 8/2/11)
Leader of second Luna recall effort: Cut ‘the head of the snake’ (Idaho Statesman, 8/2/11)
39% of lawmakers would face fellow incumbents under Idaho GOP map (Idaho Statesman, 8/1/11)
JULY 2011
Governor takes on feds over Lake Lowell recreation (Spokesman-Review, 7/29/11)
Idaho rejects ‘No Child’ goals (Spokesman-Review, 7/30/11)
State implementing some provisions of federal health care reform for its workers (Idaho Reporter, 7/28/11)
End of the dream: Idaho GOP mappers go behind closed doors to finish first legislative plan (Idaho Statesman, 7/26/11)
Idaho GOP vows to present alternative map to Democrats’ legislative plan (Idaho Statesman, 7/25/11)
No Child Left Behind standoff: More states side with Idaho (Idaho Statesman, 7/21/11)
Other states joining Idaho in defying No Child Left Behind requirements (Spokesman-Review, 7/21/11)
GOP mappers relent, will discuss Idaho legislative districts Monday (Idaho Statesman, 7/21/11)
Idaho settles suit over ballot (Spokesman-Review, 7/20/11)
Idaho accepting health care law money, after all (Forbes, 7/20/11)
Pot, meet kettle: Idaho Dem chairman calls out GOP redistricter (Idaho Statesman, 7/20/11)
GOP primary is now a caucus (Couer D’Alene Press, 7/20/11)
Commentary: The lie Idaho’s GOP believes, the truth it obscures (Lewiston Tribune, 7/20/11)
Idaho changes law after inmate makes presidential ballot (Spokesman-Review, 7/19/11)
Idaho loses lawsuit over presidential ballot rules, pays attorney fees (Spokesman-Review, 7/19/11)
Governor’s office approves millions in health reform grants (Idaho Reporter, 7/19/11)
Impasse stops Idaho redistricting commission Tuesday; Dems use chair to restart (Idaho Statesman, 7/19/11)
Three Idaho congressional district maps vie for commission approval (Idaho Statesman, 7/19/11)
Feds say Idaho can’t review its own health insurance rates (Idaho Statesman, 7/18/11)
Idaho GOP chair: Party had little choice other than caucus (Ridenbaugh Press, 7/18/11)
GOP says Democrats aim to help future congressional candidate (Idaho Statesman, 7/18/11)
Breakthrough possible on Idaho congressional district plan (Idaho Statesman, 7/18/11)
Idaho’s economic ties to China under question by Republican Party (KTVB, 7/18/11)
GOP move puts Idaho primary in doubt (Spokesman-Review, 7/17/11)
State retirement system wins recognition from national group (Idaho Reporter, 7/17/11)
Idaho GOP officials schedule 2012 presidential caucus for Super Tuesday (Washington Post, 7/17/11)
Idaho GOP opts for caucus, drops presidential primary (Spokesman-Review, 7/16/11)
Idaho GOP to consider dropping presidential primary (Spokesman-Review, 7/15/11)
Final score: Andrus, $85 million; Otter, zilch (Lewiston Tribune, 7/14/11)
Otter issues FAQs re: Chinese firms (Spokesman-Review, 7/14/11)
Otter tackles questions about Idaho-China business dealings (Couer D’Alene Press, 7/14/11)
Idaho GOP backs off plan to screen primary candidates (Spokesman-Review, 7/14/11)
Schools receive extra funding (Couer D’Alene Press, 7/13/11)
Absence of money strains Luna’s K-12 reform (Idaho Statesman, 7/13/11)
What to do with windfall (Couer D’Alene Press, 7/13/11)
Idaho gets big boost in revenuebut painful budget cuts are unlikely to be reversed (Spokesman-Review, 7/13/11)
Otter: State economy on the rebound (Idaho Mountain Express, 7/13/11)
Idaho’s June tax revenues over forecast by a whopping $19.1 million (Spokesman-Review, 7/12/11)
Idaho ends fiscal 2011 with $85M surplus (Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/12/11)
Commentary: Idaho’s politically incorrect Constitution (Lewiston Tribune, 7/12/11)
Idaho revenues up, Otter loses bet to Andrus (Spokesman-Review, 7/12/11)
Watchdog group says Idaho should have stricter lobbyist reporting (Idaho Reporter, 7/12/11)
Budget surplus ticketed to education, taxpayers (Idaho Reporter, 7/12/11)
Retired state economist on revenue forecasting: ‘People’s lives and health are at stake’ (Spokesman-Review, 7/12/11)
State budget ends with $85M surplus, most of it going to schools (Idaho Reporter, 7/12/11)
Otter: Revenue numbers in, lost bet to Andrus, schools to get $59.9M (Spokesman-Review, 7/12/11)
Opinion: Otter, Luna now both on right side of storage issue (Idaho Press-Tribune, 7/11/11)
Idaho’s number of women judges stays even – last in nation (Spokesman-Review, 7/8/11)
Former GOP senator defends plan to vet potential Republican candidates (Idaho Reporter, 7/7/11)
Opinion: An idea Idaho Republicans want to ignore (Idaho Statesman, 7/7/11)
Luna pans proposal to vet would-be GOP candidates (Idaho Statesman, 7/6/11)
Tea Party Boise tries to boost slow ticket sales for 9/11, LDS conspiracy theorists (Idaho Statesman, 7/6/11)
Hispanic Caucus, Conservation Voters host four redistricting info session (Idaho Statesman, 7/6/11)
Judge puts new anti-union law on hold (Idaho Reporter, 7/1/11)

China trade delegation sees a lot to like in Idaho (Idaho Statesman, 7/1/11)
Advice from Idaho’s governor: One person can’t do it all (Idaho Reporter, 7/1/11)
JUNE 2011
Rep. Simpson says Idaho GOP’s new closed primary should be tried before further big changes (Idaho Statesman, 6/30/11)
Oregon DA takes over prosecution of Idaho Sen. McGee (Idaho Statesman, 6/30/11)
Gov. Otter discusses employee bonuses, retirement spiking (Idaho Reporter, 6/30/11)
Opinion: A role for Idaho in GOP presidential politics? (Idaho Statesman, 6/29/11)
Otter explains his support of health insurance exchanges (Idaho Reporter, 6/29/11)
Idaho GOP will offer recall refunds (Idaho Statesman, 6/28/11)

Effort to recall Idaho schools chief Tom Luna fails (Idaho Statesman, 6/28/11)
Otter remains a believer in state’s trio of education reforms (Idaho Reporter, 6/28/11)
Otter’s budget chief: Idaho’s net surplus pegged at just $6.6 million (Idaho Statesman, 6/27/11)
Gov. Otter second-guesses himself on Land Board policy (Idaho Reporter, 6/27/11)
All 3 Idaho recall effort fail (Idaho Statesman, 6/27/11)
Rammell says he’s the victim of court ‘corruption’ (Idaho Statesman, 6/27/11)
Right-wing bloggers fear Chinese takeover of Idaho (Local News 8, 6/27/11)
The China thing… (Spokesman-Review, 6/27/11)
Redistricting panel applauds public input (Spokesman-Review, 6/26/11)
Bloggers fear a Chinese takeover of Idaho. State officials say the investments will be a boon and pose no danger (Idaho Statesman, 6/26/11)
Gov. Otter interview series runs Mon-Fri (Idaho Reporter, 6/25/11)
Rex Rammell arrested for felony jury tampering (Idaho Reporter, 6/24/11)
Rex Rammell strikes again… (With Video) (Idaho Statesman, 6/24/11)
‘Code of the West’ guides Otter in taking Idaho beyond potatoes (Bloomberg, 6/22/11)
Education could get $56M due to budget surplus (Idaho Reporter, 6/22/11)
When a surplus isn’t really a surplus … (Spokesman-Review, 6/21/11)
Otter to business: Support ed laws (Idaho Press-Tribune, 6/17/11)
Luna, Otter stump for reform (Coeur D’Alene Press, 6/17/11)
Education laws in Ohio, Idaho subject of repeal campaigns (Huffington Post, 6/17/11)
Otter urges business community to continue backing education changes (Times-News, 6/16/11)
Luna’s office says ed task force meetings will come with $175,000 price tag (Idaho Reporter, 6/15/11)
As promised, building unions suing to stop new state laws (Idaho Reporter, 6/15/11)
Jeb Bush: Idaho school reform laws ‘one of a kind’ (Spokesman-Review, 6/14/11)
Otter vows to fight for education reforms (Times-News, 6/14/11)
Idaho voters to decide fate of education overhaul (Reuters, 6/14/11)
Jeb Bush: Idaho ed reforms ‘models’ for country (Spokesman-Review, 6/14/11)
Audio: Former governors talk education reform (NWCN, 6/14/11)
Voters to weigh in on Idaho’s new education laws (Idaho State Journal, 6/14/11)
Education technology task force convenes in Boise (Boise Weekly, 6/13/11)
Luna moves on reforms even as referendums make ballot (Spokesman-Review, 6/13/11)
Shortfall in May tax revenues could affect schools (Idaho Reporter, 6/10/11)
Gov. Butch Otter selling his state to the Chinese? (The New American, 6/9/11)
Lawmakers review public meetings at Statehouse (Idaho Statesman, 6/4/11)
Complaints of alleged politicking by Idaho educators released (Idaho Statesman, 6/3/11)
It’s time to have your say on redrawing Idaho’s political lines (Idaho Statesman, 6/3/11)
MAY 2011
Video: Idaho Falls Chamber responds to Governor’s “Hire One” campaign (KPVI, 5/31/11)
Otter: Idaho’s Hire One Act is an effort that we all should take personally (Idaho Statesman, 5/31/11)
Dominant Idaho GOP picks redistricting commishes (Idaho Statesman, 5/27/11)
Idaho Politics: Why the Students Come First repeal is not a slam-dunk (Idaho Statesman, 5/27/11)
Republicans pick their half of redistricting commission (Idaho Reporter, 5/27/11)
Luna’s tech task force includes both backers and opponents of his reforms (Idaho Reporter, 5/26/11)
Association memberships cost taxpayers thousands, but officials say they are worth the expense (Idaho Reporter, 5/26/11)
Group says it has the signatures to force referendum on Luna laws (Idaho Statesman, 5/25/11)
Education reform referendums probably have signatures to get on the ballot (Idaho Reporter, 5/25/11)
Fracking Idaho (Pacific Northwest Inlander, 5/25/11)
War of words begins over legislative redistricting (Idaho Reporter, 5/24/11)
Contrarian view from ID Dem chairman: We’ll gain seats in 2012 (Idaho Statesman, 5/23/11)
Voters approving property tax hikes to help schools (Spokesman-Review, 5/21/11)
Idaho’s jobless fever shows signs of breaking (Idaho Statesman, 5/21/11)
Idaho voters raise taxes for schools after lawmakers wouldn’t (Spokesman-Review, 5/20/11)
Statewide, most local school levies passed (Spokesman-Review, 5/20/11)
Andrew Breitbart helps conservative think tank celebrate second birthday (Idaho Reporter, 5/20/11)
Education referendum most of the way to its goal (Idaho Reporter, 5/19/11)
Luna resorts to ‘fear tactics,’ says recall group (Idaho Statesman, 5/17/11)
Luna cautions teachers about political activities (Idaho Statesman, 5/17/11)
State launches negotiated rule-making process on ‘fracking’ for natural gas (Spokesman-Review, 5/17/11)
Education department proceeding with implementation of reform measures (Idaho Reporter, 5/17/11)
Life support: The sick state of Idaho’s mental health (KBOI2, 5/16/11)
State, feds both have plans in place to deal with gray wolves in Idaho (Idaho Reporter, 5/14/11)
Despite Idaho’s ‘miracle’ money, school districts still need taxpayers’ help (Idaho Statesman, 5/13/11)
Idaho AARP calls for campaign finance reform, complains Legislature unresponsive to public (Idaho Statesman, 5/12/11)
Does Lt. Gov Brad Little have his eye on the governorship? (Idaho Reporter, 5/11/11)
Concerned group speaks out against the new educational reform in Idaho (KMVT, 5/11/11)
Higher revenue return good news for schools (Spokesman-Review, 5/10/11)
Idahoans seeking to overturn Luna’s school reforms are nearing petition goal (Pacific Northwest Inlander, 5/10/11)
Idaho lawmaker mulling reform of state retirement system (Idaho Reporter, 5/10/11)
Idaho schools could get back part of budget cuts (Spokesman-Review, 5/9/11)
Health exchange issue puts Idaho’s governor, US Reps at odds (Idaho Reporter, 5/9/11)
Idaho revenue picture keeps improving (Idaho Statesman, 5/7/11)
April tax revenues exceed expectations (Idaho Reporter, 5/6/11)
Influential Democrat says Idaho Dems prospects ‘genuinely bleak’ (Idaho Statesman, 5/5/11)
Despite Otter’s executive order, some Obamacare money could be used in Idaho (Idaho Reporter, 5/5/11)
Otter on wolves: ‘We don’t want them here at all’ (Spokesman-Review, 5/4/11)
State pension fund rebounding, but unfunded gap remains (Idaho Reporter, 5/3/11)
Idaho teachers union is latest target of attack on collective bargaining (Courthouse News Service, 5/3/11)
Independent Idaho in for poll surprise (Spokesman-Review, 5/1/11)
APRIL 2011
Education reform opponents get outside help for referendum push (Idaho Reporter, 4/29/11)
School districts to have one more year of a stable funding mechanism (Idaho Reporter, 4/27/11)
Democrats announce their appointments to Idaho Redistricting Commission (43rd State Blues, 4/25/11)
Tom Luna recall effort 7,000 strong (Idaho Press-Tribune, 4/24/11)
Last bill becomes law, making 335 for Idaho session (Spokesman-Review, 4/23/11)
GOP lawmaker won’t switch party in face of closed primary system (Idaho Reporter, 4/22/11)
Otter replaces nullification bill for his own executive order (Times-News, 4/21/11)
Otter allows school-funding floor bill, HB 315, to become law without his signature (Spokesman-Review, 4/21/11)
Idaho governor signs executive order that will end Medicaid in his state (Think Progress, 4/21/11)
Otter vetoes revised nullification bill (Spokesman-Review, 4/20/11)
Otter issues order barring state participation in new federal health overhaul (Twin Falls Times-News, 4/20/11)
Video: GOP leaders defend Idaho education reform against charges by NEA president (Idaho Reporter, 4/20/11)
Otter to veto anti-health reforms bill, will replace with stronger executive order (Idaho Reporter, 4/20/11)
Otter signs emergency wolf legislation (Times-News, 4/20/11)
Gas wells, fracking issues draw crowd (Spokesman-Review, 4/19/11)
Commentary: The trouble with Congress crying wolf (Salon, 4/19/11)
Opinion: True cost of budget deal will be paid in blood – of gray wolves (Christian Science Monitor, 4/19/11)
Otter signs wolf disaster bill into law despite separation of powers concerns (Spokesman-Review, 4/19/11)
Idaho approves temporary rules for gas operation (Times-News, 4/19/11)
Otter says closed primary an imperfect compromise (Spokesman-Review, 4/17/11)
Public to pay for GOP suit (Spokesman-Review, 4/8/11)
House passes last part of education reform plan (Idaho Reporter, 4/1/11)
House clears higher education budget, sends measure to governor (Idaho Reporter, 4/1/11)
Otter on school reform: ‘Necessary and appropriate’ (Spokesman-Review, 4/1/11)
Democrats stall House proceedings (Idaho Mountain Express and Guide, 4/1/11)
When spite gets in the way of good government (Times-News, 4/1/11)
MARCH 2011
‘Sticking it to the disabled kids’ (Spokesman-Review, 3/31/11)
Otter’s jobs tax credit makes progress, faces changes (Idaho Reporter, 3/31/11)
Senators have lots of questions about governor’s ‘Hire One Act’ (Spokesman-Review, 3/31/11)
Idaho Republicans kill bill to help disabled children in revenge over Democratic protests (Times-News, 3/31/11)
As Republicans deny hearings, Idaho Dems stall session (Spokesman-Review, 3/31/11)
Idaho Senate passes urban renewal reform bill, after questions about misuse (Times-News, 3/30/11)
2011 Legislature spreads misery around (Spokesman-Review, 3/30/11)
Rusche: ‘A perversion of the process’ (Spokesman-Review, 3/30/11)
Democrats stall House; Republicans fight back (KTVB, 3/30/11)
Idaho Democrats threaten to stall end of the session (Idaho Statesman, 3/30/11)
Without federal money, insurance appropriation passes Idaho House (Idaho Reporter, 3/30/11)
House sends latest anti-health reforms legislation to the Senate (Idaho Reporter, 3/30/11)
Idaho Legislature slows to standstill as Dems protest (Spokesman-Review, 3/30/11)
Legislative action comes to a standstill…(Spokesman-Review, 3/30/11)
An Idaho Statehouse showdown…(Spokesman-Review, 3/30/11)
Lone urban renewal reform plan passes Senate (Idaho Reporter, 3/29/11)
Idaho agency budget stalls in health care tiff (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/25/11)
Otter: ‘Concerns’ about guns on campus bill (Idaho Statesman, 3/23/11)
Otter: Ed bill is ‘result of concerns’ (Spokesman-Review, 3/23/11)
Idaho House approves tax credit to spur job growth (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/23/11)
Otter’s been taking lots of questions up north on school reform bills… (Spokesman-Review, 3/23/11)
Commentary: Otter won’t break bread with reporters (Idaho Statesman, 3/22/11) 
Idaho lawmakers advance governor’s economic plan (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/22/11)
Wind power moratorium bill killed in committee (Spokesman-Review, 3/22/11)
Panel endorses Otter’s ‘Hire One’ job tax credit bill (Spokesman-Review, 3/21/11)
Otter may stymie campus gun bill (Idaho Statesman, 3/21/11)
Idaho lawmakers revive guns-on-campus push (Washington Examiner, 3/20/11)
Luna plan aside, state will cut education funds (Idaho Press-Tribune, 3/20/11)
Otter, pushing the envelope (Coeur D’Alene Press, 3/19/11)
Third education reform bill unveiled, includes substantial changes to proposed cuts (Times-News, 3/19/11)
Editorial: Idaho school reform needs a studied approach (Spokesman-Review, 3/19/11)
Idaho teacher union may ask voters to overturn curbs (Reuters, 3/18/11)
Ed reform bills become law (KLEW-TV, 3/18/11)
Group launches referendum campaign (Spokesman-Review, 3/18/11)
No more public debate planned for third Idaho education bill (NWCN, 3/18/11)
Otter signs teacher contract, merit pay bills (Spokesman-Review, 3/17/11)
Idaho House votes to cut Medicaid (Spokesman-Review, 3/17/11)
Idaho moves to strip collective bargaining rights from teachers (Spokesman-Review, 3/8/11)

Idaho’s open primary infringes on GOP, judge rules (Spokesman-Review, 3/3/11)


Opinion: Idaho’s war on education (Idaho Mountain Express & Guide, 2/11/11) Senate panel holds off on school reform decision until next week (Idaho Reporter, 2/11/11) State sovereignty at issue in ‘wild lands’ conflict, proposed bill (Idaho Reporter, 2/10/11) Public turns out to testify on education (Times-News, 2/9/11) Luna’s plan draws concern, support from education groups (Idaho Reporter, 2/8/11)Idaho joins the bluster on nullifying health care (Crosscut, 2/7/11) Luna: Idaho’s school system is ‘collapsing under its own weight’(Spokesman-Review, 2/7/11) Otter looks forward to ‘vigorous debate’ on Luna school reform plan (Spokesman-Review, 2/7/11) Ed Superintendent presents education reform bills to lawmakers (KTVB, 2/7/11) Budget” ‘The painful, stark reality’ (Spokesman-Review,2/4/11) Lawmakers have $137M budget hole to fill (Idaho Reporter, 2/4/11) Idaho budget writers ask committees to identify up to $81 million in education cuts (Idaho Statesman, 2/4/11) Lawmakers tweak nullification plan, erasing the word ‘null’ (Idaho Reporter, 2/4/11)Budget frills? What are WA and OR buying that Idaho isn’t? (KUOW, 2/4/11) Opinion: Criticism of INL waste agreement distorts reality(Idaho Mountain Express, 2/2/11) Otter say ‘no’ to privatizing Idaho liquor stores (Times-News, 2/1/11) Chamber group to introduce jobs incentive bill (Idaho State Journal, 2/1/11)


Opinion: Lack of vision at root of budget problems (Idaho Reporter, 1/31/11) Idaho could privatize liquor sales, but likely won’t (Spokesman-Review, 1/31/11) Otter’s blown-up budget empowers lawmakers (Idaho Statesman, 1/29/11) Legislators react to growing budget hole (Times-News, 1/29/11) Idaho hears public comments on health programs (Bloomberg, 1/28/11) Idaho nuke shipments – the hard sell from Otter and allies (Idaho Statesman, 1/28/11) Unexpected tax changes blow $150 million hole in budget(Idaho Reporter, 1/28/11) Lawmakers say Idaho’s budget gap balloons to $185M (Bloomberg, 1/28/11) House GOP leaders raise budget concerns (Spokesman-Review, 1/27/11) Otter unveils plan to nullify federal health legislation (Sightline Daily, 1/27/11) Opinion: Otter’s failed stewardship over nuclear deal (Ridenbaugh Press/Northwest, 1/26/11) Idaho lawmakers cite found of neo-Confederate hate group to justify nullification effort (Think Progress, 1/21/11) Education Superintendent outlines spending and savings in reform plan (Idaho Reporter, 1/18/11) Idaho GOP criticizes Dems for attack on Luna’s education reform plan (Idaho Reporter, 1/19/11) Idaho Dems call Luna out over education reform plan, campaign rhetoric (Idaho Reporter, 1/14/11) Otter opposes Obama policy on wilderness lands (Idaho Press-Tribune, 1/14/11) Opinion: Luna’s proposal right on target (Idaho Reporter, 1/14/11) Lawmakers follow governor’s budget target(Idaho Reporter, 1/13/11) Legislators weigh in on budget cuts (Rexburg Standard Journal, 1/12/11) Otter’s budget proposal receives plenty of scrutiny (Times-News, 1/12/11) Revenue side of balancing budget could be set Thursday (Idaho Reporter, 1/12/11) Otter cuts raise questions about future of programs (Rexburg Standard Journal, 1/12/11) Lawmakers begin tough sessions (Spokesman-Review,1/11/11) Otter: ‘We have the opportunity now to be statesmen’ (Idaho Statesman, 1/11/11) Defanged Idaho Dems urge lawmakers to be adults (Bloomberg, 1/11/11) Otter: ‘We have our work cut out for us’ (Times-News, 1/11/11) Audio: Democrats warn of cutting programs(Idaho Press-Tribune, 1/11/11) Democrats respond to Otter’s State of state message (Spokesman-Review, 1/11/11) Agency wish list tops $2.8 billion (Idaho State Journal, 1/11/11) Otter speech dents advocates’ cigarette tax hopes (Bloomberg, 1/11/11) Lawmakers want details of tax reduction plan, but many agree rates must drop (Idaho Reporter, 1/11/11) Democratic leaders chide Otter for not grasping proper role of government (Idaho Reporter, 1/11/11) Otter suggests more cutes in state of state address (KIDK, 1/10/11) Otter proposes budget magic, no tax hike (Spokesman-Review, 1/10/11) ‘Not time to coerce with new taxes’ (Spokesman-Review, 1/10/11) Otter’s budget depends on higher revenues (Idaho Reporter, 1/10/11) Bill to reduce Idaho’s income tax rates to 4.9% has Otter’s blessing (Idaho Reporter,1/10/11) Video: Idaho Education Superintendent set to unveil big change to public education (Idaho Reporter, 1/10/11) Otter says frugality to become state norm (Spokesman-Review, 1/8/11) Otter: Voters want to keep ‘leaning down’ state government (Idaho State Journal, 1/7/11) Otter says he’ll make cuts ‘standard practice’ (Spokesman-Review, 1/7/11) Tax commissioner’s resignation came after allegations of intervening in tax cases (Spokesman-Review, 1/7/11) Idaho House leader expects probe of tax chairman (KIVI-TV, 1/6/11)Idaho Legislature could see AZ-style immigration bill (KTVB, 1/6/11) Otter suggests more cost-cutting ahead, but doesn’t flatly rule out tax increase (Spokesman-Review, 1/6/11) Otter: Budget issues will make for difficult legislative session (KTVB, 1/6/11) Video: Otter, legislative leaders predict tough session focused on budget (Idaho Reporter, 1/6/11) Meeting to set tone for session (Idaho State Journal,1/5/11) Larry Grant considering a run for ID Dem chair (Idaho Statesman, 1/4/11)

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