The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


ID 2009-2010 Archives


Idaho Gubernatorial Headlines 2009-2010 Archives


Empty reserves a key factor in state budget crunch (Idaho Reporter, 12/30/10) Face Time: Allred staying focused on citizens’ interests (Spokesman-Review, 12/27/10) GOP lawmaker wants parents to teach kindergarten (Idaho Reporter, 12/20/10) Tax commission chief under conflict cloud (Spokesman-Review, 12/19/10) Public records show Tax Commissioner intervened for son’s firm’s clients (Spokesman-Review, 12/17/10) Otter hoping investments will solve unfunded liabilities gap for state retirement system (Idaho Reporter, 12/14/10) Western guvs say water a top concern (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/9/10) Hunting tourism dives with rise in license fees (Idaho Reporter, 12/9/10) Report says state workers should get pay raise, benefit cuts (Idaho Reporter,12/8/10) Western governors focus on endangered species (Idaho Statesman, 12/7/10)


Idaho lawmaker scrutinizes sales tax exemptions (Times-News, 11/30/10) Western govs could ask Congress to settle the wolves issue (Idaho Reporter, 11/30/10) Otter ‘open to discussion’ on wolves if it’ll lead to hunting season (Spokesman-Review, 11/29/10) Editorial: Leaders must show spine to fix Idaho roads (Spokesman-Review, 11/27/10) Western governors to meet with Salazar on wolves (Idaho Statesman, 11/26/10) Idaho roads need $543 million more (Spokesman-Review, 11/24/10) Otter’s transportation panel won’t get specific (Idaho Statesman, 11/24/10)Otter won’t propose any road funding improvements in coming year (Spokesman-Review, 11/24/10) Allred won’t rule out future run, still wants to expand interest group (Idaho Reporter, 11/23/10)Idaho highway panel could set tone of 2011 session (Idaho Business Review, 11/22/10) Can the tea party’s influence move beyond elections? (Idaho Statesman, 11/21/10) The education of the Idaho Democratic Party (Mountain Goat Report, 11/18/10) Allred merges personal firm with organization management company (Idaho Reporter, 11/17/10) Otter’s task force set to make recommendations on highway funding (Idaho Statesman, 11/17/10) Allred to amend disclosure to include in-kind help (Idaho Statesman, 11/17/10) Despite drubbing, Allred won’t rule out future run (KPVI, 11/16/10)Otter critical of EPA’s upper basin cleanup plan (Coeur D’Alene Press, 11/16/10) Ten percent smaller state budget potentially the new normal (Idaho Reporter, 11/15/10) +++ Idaho revenue beats forecasts again in October (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/15/10) Otter: Forget the sour grapes and chest-thumping over election results (Spokesman Review, 11/10/10) Idaho lowers recovery projections (Idaho Statesman, 11/10/10) Otter: Legislative session is going to be a lean one (Bonner County Daily Bee, 11/10/10) State budget deficit looming for lawmakers (Idaho Reporter,11/10/10) Otter: ‘Stay the course’ (Boise Weekly, 11/9/10) Allred cites anti-Democratic wave for election result (Idaho Reporter, 11/9/10) +++ GOP gains mean more of the same at Idaho Statehouse(Spokesman-Review, 11/7/10) Opinion: Voters backed those who cut government spending (Idaho Reporter, 11/6/10) Allred not resurrecting interest group anytime soon (Idaho Reporter, 11/5/10)


Endorsement: Idaho would be best off with Allred (Spokesman-Review, 10/30/10) The final debate – all five guber candidates join lively fray (Twin Falls Times-News, 10/29/10)Mormonism a campaign issue in Nevada, Idaho (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/29/10) Party goes negative so Otter doesn’t have to (Spokesman-Review, 10/29/10) Who won the governor’s debate? Some postgame analysis (Idaho Statesman, 10/29/10) Otter faces rivals in final debate (Spokesman-Review, 10/28/10) Allred brought sales-tax exemptions into spotlight, but Otter doesn’t oppose review(Idaho Reporter, 10/28/10) Guber candidates offer varied stances on gas tax increase (Idaho Reporter, 10/27/10) The campaign that wasn’t: How to botch an election in six easy steps (Boise Weekly,10/27/10) +++ Allred wants to collect taxes on Internet sales, Kemp doesn’t and Otter won’t say (Idaho Reporter, 10/26/10) Otter touts creation of scholarship fund in latest TV ad (Idaho Reporter,10/26/10) Kemp keeps on pushing (KLEW-TV, 10/25/10) Kemp lists 6 reasons Idahoans should make her governor (Idaho Statesman, 10/25/10) Otter faces strong challenge from mediator, activist Allred (Spokesman-Review, 10/24/10) Otter targets Mormon vote with Romney visit (Spokesman-Review, 10/6/10) +++< Otter offers answers to questions on wolves in Idaho (Idaho Reporter,10/19/10) Video: Allred pounds Otter on economy, fee and tax hike push (Idaho Reporter, 10/19/10) Gov candidates clash over education funding during TV debate (KTVB, 10/14/10) Judge says Idaho’s lawsuit against federal health care reforms can continue (Idaho Reporter, 10/14/10) Independent Kemp given rare opportunity to join gubernatorial debate (Times-News, 10/14/10) Allred and Kemp team up to question Otter’s record in televised forum (Idaho Reporter, 10/14/10) Dentists upset by Otter’s remarks during debate (KTVB, 10/14/10) Candidates double campaign money in last four months (KTVB, 10/13/10) Allred says all tax exemptions are still on the table (Idaho Reporter, 10/13/10) Kemp wants closer look at welfare, corrections budgets to find education dollars(Idaho Reporter, 10/13/10) Otter says Allred is wrong to attack education cuts; slams opponent on exemptions (Idaho Reporter, 10/13/10) Feds to Otter: no wolf hunt this year (Idaho Reporter,10/9/10) Romney rallies for Otter in Boise (Idaho Reporter, 10/6/10) GOP mega-donor accuses Allred of using Mormonism to earn votes (Idaho Reporter, 10/5/10) Allred continues pressing Otter on education funding cuts (Idaho Reporter, 10/5/10)


Allred talks of states rights on national TV (Idaho Reporter, 9/28/10) State lawmakers considering next step on wolves (Idaho Reporter, 9/24/10) Poll: Idahoans want to reform sales tax, protect schools (Idaho Statesman, 9/22/10) Allred attacked by GOP on tax exemption issue (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/22/10) New Allred ad hits Otter on school cuts (Spokesman-Review, 9/22/10) Experts cite tea party in Idaho poll’s divide (Spokesman-Review, 9/21/10) Otter calls out Otter for canceling northern Idaho debate (Idaho Reporter, 9/20/10) Editorial: An autumn of discontent for moderate Idaho Republicans (Times-News, 9/17/10) Republicans say Allred overstates role in gas tax-registration fee issue (Idaho Statesman, 9/16/10) Allred campaign following Minnick’s blueprint (Idaho Reporter, 9/16/10) Otter, Allred highlight differences in second debate (Times-News, 9/16/10) Allred camp putting down GOP roots (Times-News, 9/15/10) After Otter withdraws, debate cancelled – for now (KLEW-TV, 9/15/10) Candidates differ on tax deals (Spokesman-Review, 9/15/10) Debate analysis: Playing defense, Otter holds ground in City Club forum(Idaho Statesman, 9/15/10) Education and taxes dominate second guber debate (Idaho Reporter, 9/15/10) In second debate, politics heat up (Boise Weekly, 9/15/10) Otter comes down firmly against repeal of 17th Amendment (Idaho Reporter, 9/15/10) Has Otter changed his stand on repealing 17th Amendment? (Spokesman-Review, 9/15/10) Kemp says it’s a good year to elect an independent(KLEW-TV, 9/14/10) Ousted GOP lawmaker, others endorse Allred on Capitol steps (Idaho Reporter, 9/13/10) Allred would approve tax increase on beer and wine, but won’t actively pursue it (Idaho Reporter, 9/10/10) Statewide political poll shows incumbents favored (KTVB, 9/10/10) Otter: State won’t aid in wolf management (Idaho Mountain Express and Guide, 9/10/10) Opinion: Wyoming has earned Otter’s ire over wolves, not the feds (Idaho Statesman, 9/10/10) Otter didn’t draw line in sand over wolf plan, counsel says (Idaho Statesman, 9/9/10) Otter bashes one federal health program, pitches another in single release (Idaho Reporter, 9/9/10) Report: Allred, Otter stretch truth in political ads (KLEW, 9/8/10) Ad-watch: how truthful are the ads for ID’s guber candidates?(Idaho Statesman, 9/7/10) Allred, Otter release ads on spending, taxes, budgets (Idaho Reporter, 9/7/10) Idaho governor’s race hits the airwaves (Spokesman-Review, 9/7/10) Allred seeks bipartisan support (Blackfoot Journal, 9/7/10) Allred talks about his campaign (KIDK, 9/5/10) Allred’s tax reform role attacked by GOP (Spokesman-Review, 9/3/10) Otter shows he still has some cowboy in him (Times-News, 9/3/10) New poll shows little change in governor’s race (Idaho Reporter, 9/3/10) Otter appears on NRA show to talk wolves (Idaho Reporter, 9/2/10) Otter, Allred camps pick up fight over property tax reform bill (Idaho Statesman, 9/2/10) Otter talks about improving the state’s jobless rate (KIDK, 9/1/10) Otter talks taxes, economic recovery (Times-News, 9/1/10)


Allred’s first challenge – overcoming anonymity (Idaho Statesman, 8/31/10) Lack of experience in elected office may not bode well for challenger Allred (Idaho Reporter, 8/30/10)Catholic Charities “Roast” rescheduled (Boise Weekly, 8/27/10) Opinion: Is the US 12 ruling one more obstacle for Otter? (Leagle, 8/26/10) Otter gets involved in bi-state river cleanup dispute(Coeur D’Alene Press, 8/26/10) Allred says budget numbers confirm Otter got it wrong (Idaho Reporter, 8/26/10) Allred: new budget forecasts mean Otter didn’t need to cut education funding (Idaho Statesman, 8/26/10) State revenue forecast drops, but still above budget number (Idaho Reporter, 8/25/10) Editorial: Surprisingly, skepticism about Otter in Magic Valley (Times-News, 8/23/10)Democratic candidates focus on education crisis (Idaho State Journal, 8/22/10) In Idaho, GOP incumbent sees wide lead erode (Wall Street Journal, 8/21/10) On the campaign trail, specifics are sometimes rare (Times-News, 8/21/10) Guber candidates debate (KIDK, 8/19/10) Allred calls Otter a ‘career politician’ during debate (LocalNews 8 Idaho Falls, 8/19/10) First gubernatorial debate set for Thursday (Idaho Reporter, 8/17/10) Independent candidate Kemp’s threat causes Catholic Charities to postpone popular fundraiser (Idaho Statesman, 8/12/10) City Club of Boise says decision to exclude Kemp made prior to poll’s release (Idaho, 8/12/10) Otter: It’s about doing what’s right, not political (Idaho Statesman, 8/11/10) Idaho guber contest rated as “Solid GOP” (Idaho, 8/11/10) Paying for Idaho’s roads (KIDK, 9/11/10) Barbour says Otter has ‘urgent’ need for campaign cash (Idaho Statesman, 8/9/10) Video: Otter speaks out about wolves being reinstated as endangered species (KPVI, 8/9/10) Federal judge ends Idaho, Montanan wolf hunts (Idaho Statesman, 8/6/10) Allred: Cut Idaho gas tax by 3 cents per gallon (Bloomberg Businessweek,8/3/10)

JULY 2010

Economic summit makes recommendation to improve business capital (Twin Falls Times-News, 7/30/10) Otter’s budget chief  ’cautiously optimistic’ (Twin Falls Times-News, 7/29/10)Allred says study shows Otter was wrong on highway funding (, 7/27/10) Allred: ‘Raising gas tax is wrong’ (Spokesman-Review, 7/27/10) GOP cries foul on Allred’s birthplace outside of Idaho (, 7/24/10) Guber race moves into town halls, rodeo arenas (Spokesman-Review, 7/23/10) Allred sets schedule for ‘town hall’ meetings (Spokesman-Review,7/16/10) Can Allred win in Idaho? (Pacific Northwest Inlander, 7/14/10) Tax hike looking less likely as ID economy begins to grow (Idaho Statesman, 7/14/10) Idaho closes tough budget year(Spokesman-Review, 7/13/10) Editorial: Allred’s bid idea – Cut Idaho’s corporate income tax (Times-News, 7/13/10) Otter tells ID state workers not to expect much improvement in ‘next year or two’ (Idaho Statesman, 7/10/10) Commentary: Is there still a place in Idaho politics for a pragmatist? (Idaho Statesman, 7/9/10) Idaho Dems call GOP platform extremist, astounding (Idaho Reporter, 7/6/10) Allred’s stance on taxes (Idaho State Journal, 7/2/10) A debate about ID GOP’s ‘loyalty oath’ (Idaho Statesman, 7/1/10) Allred: Who’s minding the taxpayers’ store? (Idaho Statesman, 7/1/10)

JUNE 2010

Idaho GOP adopts platform with loyalty oath, call for repeal of 17th amendment (Idaho Reporter, 6/27/10) Otter calls for GOP unity (Idaho Statesman, 6/26/10) Video: Otter discusses state spending and Keith Allred (Idaho Reporter, 6/25/10) Allred tops Otter in post-primary fundraising (Idaho Reporter, 6/24/10) GOP state convention begins in Idaho Falls (Idaho Reporter, 6/24/10) Allred backs wilderness bill Otter opposes (Idaho Statesman, 6/16/10) Allred says education cuts were unnecessary (Idaho Reporter, 6/16/10) Business group dismantles attack web site, but says claims are true (Idaho Statesman, 6/16/10) Western ideas spur Democrats at ID state convo (New West Boise, 6/15/10) Dems wrap up state convo, set to release platform Monday (Idaho Reporter, 6/13/10) Allred clarifies position on right-to-work (Idaho Reporter, 6/12/10) ID House GOP questions Allred on union views (Idaho Reporter, 6/11/10) Allred criticizing Otter for liberal spending (KIFI, 6/7/10) Otter & budget staff says study shows Idaho being prudent (Idaho Reporter, 6/3/10) Allred critical of Otter’s fee increases to fund roads (Idaho Reporter, 6/2/10) Economic forecast: Idaho should been in recovery by 2011 (Spokane Statesman-Review, 6/2/10) Otter dedicates newest wind farm, promises more to come (KIDK, 6/2/10) Allred touts “fair share” truck registration fees (Spokane Statesman-Review, 6/2/10) Pickup truck used by Allred to highlight his fiscal conservatism (Spokane Statesman-Review, 6/2/10) Allred making a play for Idaho’s moderates (Idaho Statesman, 6/1/10)

MAY 2010

Rammell not backing Otter (Idaho Reporter, 5/28/10) Otter touts lack of tax increase as good to lure business (Idaho Reporter, 5/27/10) In primary win, Otter says he’ll continue the work of past 4 years (Idaho Reporter, 5/26/10) Idaho Dems confident after primary returns (KTVB, 5/26/10) Otter, Allred heavily favored in guber primaries (KIDK, 5/25/10) Why isn’t Tea Party rejecting Otter? (, 5/24/10) Allred announces campaign steering committee (Idaho Reporter, 5/21/10) Editorial: An Otter rumor that isn’t likely to go away (Idaho Statesman,5/20/10) GOP contenders wonder if Otter will resign (Idaho Reporter, 5/19/10) Allred outpaced Otter in Q1 fundraising (Idaho Reporter, 5/18/10) Otter challengers blast him at debate (Spokane Spokesman-Review, 5/18/10) Otter opts out of debate, says “everyone” should’ve been invited (Twin Falls Times-News, 5/17/10) Final April tax numbers show $56 million shortfall (Idaho Reporter, 5/17/10) Crowded field vying for governor (Twin Falls Times-News, 5/17/10) GOP foes: Otter vulnerable after gas tax duel (Idaho Statesman, 5/15/10) Allred camp claims new poll shows race will be dead heat by November (Spokane Spokesman-Review, 5/14/10) Otter still leads big, but Allred making inroads (Idaho Statesman, 5/14/10) Rammell: poll shows public believes Otter should debate(Idaho State Journal, 5/11/10) Biz group stands by it’s anti-Allred ad (Spokane Spokesman Review, 5/6/10) Allred fights over the truth while Otter goes negative (43rd State Blues, 5/6/10) Allred attacks business-group attack as “dirty game of misinformation” (Spokane Spokesman Review, 5/6/10) Business group attacks Allred (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/6/10) Major parties staying clear of pre-primary endorsements (Idaho Reporter, 5/5/10) April tax revenue fall $55M short (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/4/10) Editorial: Forum-shy candidates like Otter & Crapo do a disservice to democracy (Spokane Spokesman-Review, 5/4/10) Allred stands by his “irrational pessimism” comments about the Otter’s budget (Spokane Spokesman-Review, 5/4/10) Budget leader says hold-backs and special session unlikely (Idaho Reporter, 5/4/10) Otter explains why Idaho is opting out of high-risk insurance pool (Idaho Reporter, 5/4/10)

APRIL 2010

Ullman wants to be a GOP alternative to Otter (Idaho Reporter, 4/30/10) Otter skirts GOP primary debate (Spokane Spokesman-Review, 4/28/10) VIDEO: Allred on economy, tax breaks (Idaho Reporter, YouTube, 4/21/10) Allred reaching across party lines (KLEWtv, 4/20/10) Otter remains hospitalized; will miss Giuiliani fundraiser (Idaho Statesman, 4/20/10) Otter: Business-friendly climate will help state (Idaho Statesman, 4/18/10) Allred taking cues from Dem Andrus (KMVT, 4/15/10) At small business summit Otter hears Main Street’s woes (KTVB, 4/13/10)On campaign trail, Otter optimistic on economy (Twin Falls Times-News, 4/9/10) Otter: Idaho rolls out the welcome mat for WA State businesses to relocate (Seattle Times, 4/9/10) Otter announces campaign goals (Rexburg Standard-Journal, 4/9/10) State  tax revenues beat March projections (KMVT, 4/9/10) Otter running for reelection – “may” debate Rammell (KIDK, 4/8/10) Allred hits campaign trail with health care proposals (LocalNews8, 4/8/10) Otter kicks off reelection campaign in the north (Idaho Reporter, 4/7/10) Allred pitches alternative to health care reform (Spokane Spokesman-Review, 4/7/10) Early polls indicate a safe run for incumbent Otter (Johnson Post, 4/5/10) Ullman calls for state to investigate possible gas price-fixing (KIDK, 4/2/10) Both camps spin poll results (Spokane Spokesman-Review, 4/2/10)

MARCH 2010

Allred: Idaho always has choices (New West Boise, 3/31/10)

Allred criticizes Otter’s budget choices again (Idaho Statesman, 3/31/10)

Otter touts effective legislative session; Dems slam poor choices (Idaho Statesman, 3/30/10)

OPINION: Otter’s luring out-of-state businesses with tax breaks not good for state (Idaho Mountain Express, 3/26/10)

Otter explains it all — sort of (Boise Weekly, 3/25/10)

The sorry state of Idaho’s Democrats (Johnson Post, 3/25/10)

Idaho challenges health care law (Idaho Press-Tribune, 3/23/10)

Otter signs bill mandating Idaho sue over health insurance mandates (Idaho Statesman, 3/18/10)

Otter files for second term (Boise Weekly, 3/12/10)

Otter goes after press again (Spokane-Review, 3/5/10)

Otter, board of examiners make emergency moves to shore up tax account (, 3/4/10)

Q & A with Keith Allred (Idaho State Journal, 3/1/10)


Otter asks media for some compassion (Twin Falls Times News, 2/27/10)

Otter, GOP leadership meet privately over pensions (Idaho Statesman, 2/26/10)

Otter fires back at media (Idaho Statesman, 2/19/10)


Otter looks to close $151M budget shortfall through spending cuts (Idaho Mountain Express, 10/3/09)


Otter poised to address Idaho’s budget problems (Idaho Statesman, 9/25/09) Idaho “innovation summit” produces more of the same (New West, 9/24/09) Criticism grows over road-funding deal(Idaho Statesman, 9/23/09) Otter: Good attitude key to economic recovery (The Spokesman-Review, 9/15/09) Idaho revenue down, spending cuts likely (Idaho Statesman, 9/4/09) Editorial: Rammel’s reaction to outrage bad omen of leadership (The Spokesman-Review, 9/3/09) Rammell says Otter is out to “destroy” him (Idaho Statesman, 9/2/09) AUGUST 2009 GOP candidate “jokes” about Obama tags for hunting season (Crooks and Liars, 8/27/09) Otter intends to run for re-election (Idaho Press-Tribune, 8/13/09) Otter has over $100K in bank (Idaho Statesman, 8/6/09) JULY 2009 Otter intends to run for re-election (Idaho Press-Tribune, 8/13/09) Guv race taking shape (Spokane Spokesman-Review, 7/29/09) Democrats seek candidates for state, local offices (Idaho Statesman, 7/28/09) Guv Race 2010: strippers & spirit (Boise Weekly, 7/21/09) Ullman reshaping image for gubernatorial campaign (Idaho Statesman, 7/20/09) Gubernatorial race will be colorful, can Ullman be a factor? (Idaho Statesman, 7/16/09) Otter touts finances, but layoffs, furloughs loom (Twin Falls Times-News, 7/8/09) Idaho ends fiscal year with balanced budget (Idaho Statesman, 7/1/09) JUNE 2009 Shift of gas tax could eliminate all funding for Idaho State Police (Spokane Review, 6/29/09) Polling Otter and Minnick (Ridenbaugh Press, 6/25/09)