The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


GA 2012 Archives


Georgia Gubernatorial Headlines 2012 Archives


Change in Georgia’s pension law not raising capital like intended (AJC, 12/30/12)
New year brings tighter abortion restrictions, tax changes in Georgia (AP, 12/29/12)
Georgia ethics legislation could end free football tickets for lawmakers (AP, 12/29/12)
ID requirement bogs down insurance licensing renewals (AJC, 12/28/12)
Ethics push revived (GPB, 12/27/12)
GA communities opt to keep sales tax on energy (AP, 12/26/12)
Legislature’s Red Tape effort aims to cut regulations, preserve safety (AJC, 12/26/12)
Georgia’s Hunger Games – How GA declared war on its poorest citizens (Slate, 12/26/12)
Georgia judge temporarily blocks midterm abortion limits (Bloomberg, 12/26/12)
As Legislature gets ready to convene, education leaders offer their wish list. (Yes, money is on it) (Get Schooled, 12/26/12)
Judge puts hold on Georgia abortion law (AP, 12/24/12)
Analysis: Legislature’s committees where true power lies (Augusta Chronicle, 12/24/12)
Shhhh! Secret money fuels Georgia political campaigns (AJC, 12/24/12)
Amid gun-law talk, long lines at GA weapons show (AP, 12/22/12)
OPINION: Let Georgia voters decide on horse racing, betting (Newnan Times-Herald, 12/21/12)
Ethics changes in Georgia Senate could include $100 gift cap (AJC, 12/21/12)
Pari-mutual betting back before GA lawmakers (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 12/20/12)
Proposals would lift restrictions on carrying guns in Georgia (AJC, 12/20/12)
Atlanta senator to propose assault weapon ban in GA, says mental health discussion is key (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 12/19/12)
State uses private flights to slash air travel costs (AJC, 12/18/12)
Will Connecticut shootings affect Georgia gun laws? (AJC, 12/18/12)
Georgia state employees’ air travel changes expected to save money (WJBF, 12/18/12)
For Legislature, all roads lead to ethics reform (and vice versa) (AJC, 12/17/12)
First ethics bill filed in Georgia Senate for upcoming session (AJC, 12/13/12)
Georgia college funding will be tied to graduation (AP, 12/13/12)
Reformers optimistic on lobby gift cap (AJC, 12/12/12)
Georgia college funding to focus on graduation, not enrollment (AJC, 12/12/12)
Gov. Deal warns of a tight budget (Athens Banner-Herald, 12/11/12)
Gov. Deal seeks contingency plans for fiscal cliff (AP, 12/10/12)
Georgia agencies, school districts brace for fiscal cliff (AJC, 12/10/12)
Deal announces $95 million biomass power plant for Laurens County (Macon Telegraph, 12/6/12)
Gov. Deal taps 2 senators as floor leaders (AP, 12/4/12)
Georgia governor leery of removing sheriffs (AJC, 12/2/12)
Georgia governors hesitant to remove accused sheriffs (AP, 12/2/12)


Karen Handel vs. Saxby Chambliss? It’s possible (Political Insider, 11/26/12)
Deal wants more port money, focus shifts to feds (AP, 11/19/12)
Deal: Georgia won’t create health care exchanges (AP, 11/16/12)
Georgia school chief calls for setting aside differences after passage of charter school amendment (WABE, 11/14/12)
Ralston to continue as Georgia House Speaker (AP, 11/12/12)
State agencies, Falcons owner chip in tickets for lawmakers ahead of Georgia Dome vote (AJC, 11/12/12)
COMMENTARY: Health care at state level (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 11/12/12)
Georgia Legislative Black Caucus to join lawsuit against Gov. Nathan Deal over charter school amendment (Augusta Chronicle, 11/12/12)
COMMENTARY: Georgia facing tough decisions on health care (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/12/12)
Voting rights review could impact Georgia (GPB, 11/12/12)
AUDIO: Even after it passed, charter school ballot language remains the center of a fight (WABE, 11/12/12)
Passage of charter schools amendment heartens some, worries others (AJC, 11/11/12)
How GA Republicans might hold off a demographic decline (Political Insider, 11/10/12)
AUDIO: Reed confirms re-election bid; brushes off political rumors (WABE, 11/9/12)
Legislator: Charter amendment ‘vagueness’ was wanted (AJC, 11/9/12)
COMMENTARY: Charter schools amendment points the way for Georgia GOP (AJC, 11/9/12)
Tax reform to continue (GPB, 11/9/12)
GA lawmakers taking break on tax reform (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11/9/12)
50 state lawmakers back ethics pledge (GPB, 11/8/12)
Hall County approves landfill for Deal supporter (AJC, 11/8/12)
Nathan Deal: Falcons need to make case for new stadium (Political Insider, 11/8/12)
COMMENTARY: How the GOP needs to change, and how it doesn’t (AJC, 11/8/12)
Dawn bring fear rather than promise for many Georgia voters (AJC, 11/8/12)
Gov. Deal announces new programs to hire veterans (GPB, 11/8/12)
Neighbors fight landfill proposed by Deal supporter (AJC, 11/8/12)
How Obama pushed Georgia’s charter school measure to victory (Political Insider, 11/8/12)
AUDIO: Reed on Obama re-election impact on Atlanta and Georgia (WABE, 11/8/12)
AUDIO: A look at Romney’s defeat, and the Georgia GOP’s future, with Romney adviser Eric Tanenblatt (WABE, 11/8/12)
Georgia expected to spar over Medicaid expansion in election aftermath (Augusta Chronicle, 11/8/12)
AUDIO: Gov. Deal now facing major decisions on health reform roll-out (WABE, 11/7/12)
Voters approve charter-schools amendment (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/7/12)
AUDIO: GA Dems see much to celebrate with Obama victory (WABE, 11/7/12)
Charter school amendment passes, but court battle looms (WABE, 11/7/12)
Voter turnout figures high in Georgia (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/7/12)
GA Rep. Kidd mulls switch to GOP (AP, 11/7/12)
Redistricting mixed blessing for GA GOP (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11/7/12)
GA lawmaker eyes party shift (Augusta Chronicles, 11/7/12)
GOP within reach of supermajority at Georgia Legislature (AJC, 11/7/12)
Deal suggest Georgia unlikely to run health exchange (AP, 11/7/12)
Big healthcare decisions loom for state in election’s wake (AJC, 11/7/12)
Lawmaker considers switching, could give House GOP a supermajority (Political Insider, 11/7/12)
State’s voters approve charter amendment (AJC, 11/6/12)
GOP push for supermajority in Legislature appears split (AJC, 11/6/12)
Democrat Barrow holds off challenge; other Georgia incumbents win easily (AJC, 11/6/12)
Nathan Deal goes after ‘political arsonists’ (Political Insider, 11/5/12)
Black voters cast more than one-third of 1.9 million early Georgia ballots (AJC, 11/5/12)
Tea party rift shows up in charter school fight (AJC, 11/5/12)
GA Supreme Court to hear illegal immigrant’s driver’s-license challenge (AJC, 11/5/12)
AUDIO: As charter schools grow, accountability concerns remain (WABE, 11/5/12)
School-funding reforms await action (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/5/12)
Charter amendment – Sealing the Deal (Marietta Daily Journal, 11/4/12)
Georgia GOP wants ‘supermajority’ at the Capitol (AJC, 11/4/12)
Charter school amendment involves big money (AJC, 11/4/12)
Charter school amendment divides GA tea partiers (AP, 11/4/12)
Deal appoints wife of state COO to board (AP, 11/3/12)
In response to AJC editorial, Gov. Deal says charter amendment deserves voter approval (AJC, 11/3/12)
Ballot amendment might be turning point for education (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/3/12)
Immigrant among first in nation to receive temporary reprieve from deportation (AJC, 11/3/12)
Deal appoints top staffer’s wife to board post(AJC, 11/2/12)
Georgia early voting ends in a flourish (AJC, 11/2/12)
Romney’s money lead in Georgia mirrors polling (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11/2/12)
State Dems plan new challenge to voter photo-ID law (Savannah Morning News, 11/2/12)
Commentary: Charter schools and weasel-wording (Macon Telegraph, 11/2/12)
Opinion: Statehouse endorsements (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 11/1/12)
The ban on politics from the pulpit all but gone now (AJC,11/1/12)
Audio: The story behind the charter school referendum (WABE, 11/1/12)
Georgia religious leaders challenge IRS law (GPB, 11/1/12)
Gwinnett immigrant challenging driver’s license laws as unfair (Gwinnett Daily Post, 11/1/12)
Audio: Charter School Amendment: The case against, from Valerie Wilson of the School Boards Association (WABE, 11/1/12)
Audio: Supporters and opponents of charter school amendment go after African-American voters (WABE, 11/1/12)
Deal at KidsPeace to hear funding concerns (Times-Georgian, 11/1/12)


Lawsuit says charter amendment language purposely deceives voters (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/31/12)
Gov. Deal: Army backing funding for Savannah port (AP, 10/31/12)
New citizens hit roadblock trying to vote in Georgia (AJC, 10/31/12)
Georgia voters encouraged to report problems at the polls (WABE, 10/31/12)
Amendment One opponents scrape together cash for a TV ad (AJC, 10/31/12)
Archives layoffs galvanize supporters (GPB, 10/31/12)
Commentary: Ten reasons to vote ‘no’ on charter school amendment (Macon Telegraph, 10/30/12)
Barge, Deal at odds over key Race to the Top appointment (AJC, 10/30/12)
Gov. Deal: Caterpillar plant likely magnet for suppliers (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/30/12)
White voter registration in GA slips below 60 percent (Political Insider, 10/30/12)
Georgia 33rd in residents’ state, local tax burden (AJC, 10/30/12)
Citizenship status issues may present problems for some Georgia voters (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/29/12)
Suit against Deal challenges charter schools amendment ballot language (AJC, 10/29/12)
Audio: Atlanta Tea Party takes stance against proposed charter school amendment (WABE, 10/29/12)
Poll: Young voters, young parents back charter schools amendment (AJC, 10/29/12)
Faith leaders come out against charter school amendment, file lawsuit (WABE, 10/29/12)
Audio: ‘Big Thirst’ author recommends regional water management for Metro Atlanta (WABE, 10/29/12)
Georgia early voting nears 1 million (AJC, 10/29/12)
Special interest groups contribute heavily to GA politicians (AJC, 10/29/12)
Opinion: Amendment 1: Bad for the state, devastating for rural Georgia (Macon Telegraph, 10/28/12)
Amendment 2 focuses on GA multiyear leases (Gainesville Times, 10/28/12)
Most pro charter amendment money coming from outside Georgia. Most against from state educators. Does either worry you? (AJC, 10/28/12)
Budget cuts may hurt Georgia military (Gainesville Times, 10/27/12)
Georgia faces big decision on insurance exchanges (AJC, 10/27/12)
Heavy turnout for Saturday voting (AJC, 10/27/12)
Young activists wary of delayed deportation policy (AP, 10/27/12)
Commentary: Nothing to fear in charter amendment (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/27/12)
Editorial: Gov. Deal’s political appointments (Atlanta Forward, 10/27/12)
Presidential election: Will it hurt or help local races? (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 10/27/12)
Campaign for charter amendment draws more out-of-state cash (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/26/12)
Georgia early voting behind 2008, but Saturday surge possible (AJC, 10/26/12)
Huge voter turnout expected Saturday (GPB, 10/26/12)
Audio: Money pours into pro-charter amendment campaign (WABE, 10/26/12)
Black voters in Georgia casting ballots at higher rate than ’08 (Political Insider, 10/26/12)
John barrow’s race to survive now rated ’tilt Democrat’ (Political Insider, 10/26/12)
Filings: Pro-charter amendment campaign swamps opposition in fundraising (AJC, 10/26/12)
Audio: TV ad campaign supporting charter school amendment begins (WABE, 10/25/12)
Georgia: Not a battleground, but it still matters (AP, 10/25/12)
Commentary: Charter amendment not about schools (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/25/12)
Commentary: State leaders: Where’s the vision? (Atlanta Forward, 10/25/12)
Georgia lawmaker will push parent trigger law (WABE, 10/25/12)
Charter school amendment lawsuit dismissed (AP, 10/25/12)
Education establishment against Amendment 1 (Macon Telegraph, 10/25/12)
Charter school parents explain why we need Amendment 1 (AJC, 10/25/12)
State Superintendent John Barge shares concerns about charter amendment (Savannah Morning News, 10/25/12)
Buckhead Republicans and the open season on white Democrats (AJC, 10/24/12)
TV campaign for charter school measure gears up (Political Insider, 10/24/12)
Charter-school amendment would set off gold rush (AJC, 10/24/12)
GOP lawmaker: We must have health competition with charter schools (Marietta Daily Journal, 10/24/12)
Charter Amendment fight heads to court in Gwinnett County (WABE, 10/24/12)
Audio: Medical Association of Georgia drafts official stance on Medicaid expansion (WABE, 10/24/12)
Georgia ranks as 33rd most taxed state (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/23/12)
Nathan Deal convenes peace talks over ‘Augusta’ university (Political Insider, 10/23/12)
Gov. Deal promotes two administrators (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/23/12)
Opinion: Charter school amendment is more about ‘how’ than ‘what’ (Macon Telegraph, 10/23/12)
Barrow gets big PAC boosts; party isn’t biggest pull (AJC, 10/22/12)
Charter vote tests limits on politicking by officials (AP, 10/22/12)
Attention to charter school amendment debate grows (WABE, 10/22/12)
Proposal would tie funding for Georgia colleges to success, not enrollment (AJC, 10/22/12)
Hall County land deal benefits governor’s campaign chairman (AJC, 10/21/12)
Charter debate: How much politicking is OK? (AJC, 10/21/12)
Amendment supporters, opponents clash in debate (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/21/12)
Georgia Archives funding fight still looms (Clayton News-Daily, 10/20/12)
Voter on charter schools amendment divisive (Gainesville Times, 10/20/12)
Analysis: Gov. Deal putting stamp on higher ed (Florida Times-Union, 10/20/12)
Metro area residents take advantage of early voting (WABE, 10/19/12)
Board chairman ‘comfortable’ with choice to lead GA Lottery (AJC, 10/18/12)
Gov. Deal releases plan to keep Georgia archives open (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/18/12)
Georgia Chamber leader says right, left ganging up on business (Political Insider, 10/18/12)
Charter school fight makes a jumble of Georgia politics (AJC, 10/18/12)
Is state finally making polluters clean up their act? (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 10/17/12)
Audio: Policy report reveals trouble for Georgia school districts – part 2 (WABE, 10/16/12)
Georgia gun group files Supreme Court appeal of ban on guns in ‘places of worship’ (AJC, 10/16/12)
Opinion: The legitimate limits of political pressure plays (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 10/16/12)
Georgia early voting on slower pace (AJC, 10/16/12)
Poll shows support for Medicaid expansion in Georgia (WABE, 10/16/12)
White voters solidly in for GOP in Georgia (AJC, 10/16/12)
Undocumented Georgians applying to stay (GPB, 10/15/12)
Charter school amendment is divisive issue (Gwinnett Daily Post, 10/15/12)
Commentary: Don’t muzzle charter debate (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/15/12)
New ID law gums up licensing process (AJC, 10/15/12)
Audio: Brisk turnout on first day of early voting (WABE, 10/15/12)
Gov. Deal: Glades Reservoir project significant for state (Gainesville Times, 10/15/12)
Georgia: The past four years – How the state’s health care has fared (AJC, 10/15/12)
Loopholes abound in some lobbyist gift bans (AJC, 10/14/12)
Charter amendment would tilt power to state (AP, 10/14/12)
Commentary: Laws of unintended consequences (Macon Telegraph, 10/14/12)
NAACP opposes charter school amendment (Augusta Chronicle, 10/13/12)
GOP just shy of supermajority in GA Legislature (AP, 10/13/12)
Georgia charter schools: Dream of nightmare? (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 10/13/12)
GOP fights to pick up 2 GA congressional seats (AP, 10/12/12)
ARC chief: mediocrity not an option for metro Atlanta (AJC, 10/12/12)
Barge: No plans now to enforce anti-campaign laws against school systems (AJC, 10/12/12)
Poll shows tight race for charter schools amendment (AJC, 10/12/12)
Stung by referendum loss, key transportation planner stresses regionalism (WABE, 10/12/12)
AG Olens: Schools using taxpayer funds for electoral advocacy could have money withheld (WABE, 10/12/12)
GAE’s president pans Amendment 1 (Albany Herald, 10/11/12)
Local legislators oppose charter school amendment (Macon Telegraph, 10/11/12)
Radio talk host Martha Zoller takes a temp job with Nathan Deal (Political Insider, 10/11/12)
Editorial: Don’t deny school choice (Augusta Chronicle, 10/11/12)
Response to charter amendment ruling: Wrong decision. ‘There is a cost’ (AJC, 10/11/12)
Foes of charter school issue say new poll shows 52% against (Political Insider, 10/11/12)
Attorney says Olens ‘strangely quiet’ on whether amendment advocacy opinion applies to Gov. Deal (WABE, 10/11/12)
Superintendent: Charter school amendment could have ‘serious impact’ on public schools (Macon Telegraph, 10/11/12)
Poll: GOP voters soft on charter amendment (GPB, 10/11/12)
Charter amendment foes twist conservative language to make their case (AJC, 10/11/12)
Charter school lawsuit unravels in Fulton County court (Political Insider, 10/10/12)

State charter schools: Viable option or plot? (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 10/10/12)
Gov. Deal says water storage is crucial (Gainesville Times, 10/9/12)
Cagle: Tax decision is up to legislators (Marietta Daily Journal, 10/7/12)
AG Olens addresses letter to Superintendent (Rome News-Tribune, 10/5/12)
Commentary: Choice, charters and the children (Marietta Daily Journal, 10/4/12)
Supporters rally to save Georgia Archives (Clayton News Daily, 10/3/12)
Commentary: Charter debate is about control (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 10/3/12)
Charter school debate heats up (Albany Herald, 9/29/12)
Commentary: Legislators continue to earn cynicism (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/29/12)
Gov. names Coomer House floor leader (The Daily Tribune News, 9/26/12)
Commentary: Georgia lawmakers play shell game (Savannah Morning News, 9/25/12)
Commentary: A truly bipartisan education reform (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/21/12)
Commentary: Party winding down for lawmakers (Athens Banner-Herald, 9/21/12)
Governor grants Georgia Archives stay of execution (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/20/12)
Editorial: Back to no HOPE (Rome News-Tribune, 9/20/12)
Opinion: Charters, politics and trust (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/18/12)
Opinion: Amendment would hurt public schools (Athens Banner-Herald, 9/18/12)
Opinion: Water sharing in Georgia (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/17/12)
Tight budgets begin busting some school districts (Savannah Morning News, 9/17/12)
To meet budget cuts, public will lose access to state historical records (AJC, 9/13/12)
After transportation tax failure, no consensus on next step (Athens Banner-Herald, 9/12/12)
Former House Speaker Glenn Richardson running for state senate seat (AJC, 9/12/12)
Karen Handel’s book packs a punch (AJC, 9/12/12)
Legislative attitudes toward MARTA tell us a lot (AJC, 9/12/12)
GBI interested in lawmaker’s ethical lapses (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/12/12)
Georgia asks appeals court for rehearing on immigration law (AJC, 9/12/12)
Audio: Georgia August revenue numbers continue upward trend (WABE, 9/11/12)
Gov. Deal forming advisory panel of teen drivers (Macon Telegraph, 9/11/12)
Pros and cons of charter amendment discussed (Athens Banner-Herald, 9/10/12)
School-funding commission avoids the major factors (Savannah Morning News, 9/10/12)
Georgia View: Reassessing pensions (Georgia Trend, Sept 2012)
Polls show half favor charter-school amendment (Athens Banner-Herald, 9/10/12)
State transportation study eyeing new Middle Georgia connections (Macon Telegraph, 9/10/12)
Opinion: Our ethically challenged statehouse (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/9/12)
Political notes: Democrats’ rising tide in Georgia still too shallow for a victory lap (Savannah Morning News, 9/9/12)
Little appetite for raising Georgia taxes to boost education (Florida Times-Union, 9/8/12)
Commentary: Health care reform: Risk of playing the odds (Atlanta Forward, 9/8/12)
Analysis: Charter schools providing the only ballot fun (Florida Times-Union, 9/8/12)
GA Republicans leave Dems in dust on fundraising (AJC, 9/7/12)
Commentary: Rebuilding the Democratic bench (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/7/12)
School funding changes reviewed (GPB, 9/6/12)
AG Olens recalls battles with feds (Albany Herald, 9/6/12)
Georgia charter schools amendment gets boost from RNC (AJC, 9/6/12)
Ten Commandments may raise ire at Capitol (AJC, 9/6/12)
State defies US on seasonal workers (AJC, 9/6/12)
In Barack Obama’s arena, Southern Democrats edge toward the stage door exit (Political Insider, 9/5/12)
Karen Handel blames Komen, other in new book (AP, 9/5/12)
Panel on Georgia education funding: No big changes; tweaks here and there (Florida Times-Union,9/5/12)
Editorial: We must take steps to win back trust of Georgia’s voters (Newnan Times-Herald, 9/5/12)
Audio: Opponents of Charter Amendment accuse supporters of bullying and intimidation (WABE, 9/4/12)
Georgia PTA reiterates opposition to charter schools amendment (AJC, 9/4/12)
Navigability: The latest front in the water war (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/4/12)
Commentary: The future for Georgia Dems (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/4/12)
Georgia commission looking for new formula to spend $7B education budget (Florida Times-Union,9/4/12)
Despite voter ID law, minority turnout up in Georgia (AJC, 9/3/12)
Opinion: The editor’s desk: Blue South? (Athens Banner-Herald, 9/3/12)
Commentary: The ironies of a NASCAR kick-off for Georgia Democrats (AJC, 9/3/12)
Commentary: The Georgia GOP connection (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/3/12)
Attorney general successes could pay dividends (Savannah Morning News, 9/2/12)
Shifting population could help Democrats in Georgia (AJC, 9/2/12)
Federal authorities met with state investigators over Deal ethics case (AJC, 9/1/12)
Surveys offer clues on transportation-funding options (Athens Banner-Herald, 9/1/12)
Commentary: How to care for the uninsured (Atlanta Forward, 8/31/12)
Governor names panel to set up Brookhaven (AJC, 8/31/12)
Out-of-state donors funding charter-school push (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/31/12)
Commentary: Show me your papers — or else (Atlanta Forward, 8/30/12)
Experts predict more Hispanic votes in 2012 (GPB, 8/30/12)
Georgia AG addresses GOP convention (Augusta Chronicle, 8/30/12)
Deal’s Medicaid decision could put hospitals at risk (AJC, 8/30/12)
Charter schools backers dispute claim that traditional public schools are better (AJC, 8/30/12)
Audio: Gov. Deal backs transforming Medicaid into block grant program (WABE, 8/30/12)
Board: Tourism group should help create TSPLOST dialogue (Marietta Daily Journal, 8/29/12)
Potential automatic cuts threaten more than military, progressives say (Macon Telegraph,8/29/12)
Deal rejects expansion of Medicaid (AJC, 8/28/12)
Gwinnett Chamber drops opposition to charter school amendment (AJC, 8/28/12)
Gov. Deal: No intention of expanding Medicaid (AP, 8/28/12)
Commentary: Transportation challenges; Sea change at Georgia DOT (Atlanta Forward, 8/27/12)
GA seeks dismissal of suit over overseas ballots (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/27/12)
Commentary: Even DC has tighter lobbying rules than Georgia (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/26/12)
Analysis: Lobbyist gift ban in Georgia already works (Florida Times-Union, 8/26/12)
Illegal immigration: Court ruling here reminder of what’s at stake (Marietta Daily Journal, 8/26/12)
Officials seem to fear that drought is bad for business (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/25/12)
T-SPLOST failures create new issue (Albany Herald, 8/25/12)
School funding: Fix budget basics first (Atlanta Forward, 8/25/12)
Pending federal budget action could hurt state (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/25/12)
Counties that rejected transportation tax could see cuts in state funding (Athens Banner-Herald,8/24/12)
Commentary: I’m right, and you’re evil (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 8/24/12)
Georgia conservatives to discuss future at summit (Marietta Daily Journal, 8/24/12)
Commentary: TSPLOST’s failure isn’t a death blow to Atlanta (Atlanta Business Chronicle,8/24/12)
Audio: State lawmaker hopes immigration court ruling leads to federal reform (WABE, 8/24/12)
Deal supports charter school amendment (Gwinnett Daily Post, 8/23/12)
Some illegal immigrants get licenses in Georgia (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/23/12)
Nathan Deal, Gwinnett Chamber lock horns over charter schools (Political Insider, 8/23/12)
State workers to pay more for health benefits (AJC, 8/23/12)
Activist: Agencies not following immigration law (Marietta Daily Journal, 8/23/12)
Deal asks EPA to pause ethanol mandate (GPB, 8/23/12)
State Medicaid program facing $415M deficit for 2013 (WABE, 8/23/12)
Commentary: Two views on ethics reform (Atlanta Forward, 8/23/12)
Health care costs going up for teachers (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/23/12)
Governor plugs charter school amendment (AJC, 8/23/12)
State board charter committee: No fireworks but a few sparks today (AJC, 8/22/12)
Governor Deal weighs in on immigration court ruling (WABE, 8/21/12)
Immigration ruling just another step (GPB, 8/21/12)
Officials urged to be flexible on transportation sales tax projects (Augusta Chronicle, 8/21/12)
Georgia wins appeal against EPA (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8/21/12)
Government getting smaller overall, not in Georgia (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8/21/12)
Commentary: Georgia’s jobless woes take toll (Savannah Morning News, 8/21/12)
Appeals court allows Georgia to enforce show-me-your-papers law (AJC, 8/20/12)
Appeals court clears one part of Georgia’s immigration law; Blocks another (WABE, 8/20/12)
Commentary: Charter school advocates running scared (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/20/12)
Appellate court hands down mixed ruling on GA immigration law (Atlanta Business Chronicle,8/20/12)
Court: GA police may verify immigration status (AP, 8/20/12)
Complaint: More than 1,000 agencies fail to comply with illegal immigration law (AJC, 8/20/12)
Georgia’s poster child for ethically challenged pols (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 8/19/12)
Georgia’s summer of debate-dodging (Politico, 8/19/12)
Charter-school issue a drain on public education (AJC, 8/19/12)
Voters to decide on charter schools in November (Valdosta Daily Times, 8/19/12)
Editorial: John Barge is a hero (Rome News-Tribune, 8/19/12)
Deal comes out in support of Collins in 9th (AJC, 8/18/12)
When silence becomes a virtue in political campaigns (Political Insider, 8/18/12)
Commentary: Politics has no place in public education (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/18/12)
Deal records phone message backing Collins in GOP runoff (Gainesville Times, 8/18/12)
Commentary: Power of GOP suburbia (Savannah Morning News, 8/18/12)
Nathan Deal jumps into a pair of congressional contests (AJC, 8/18/12)
Barge gets it wrong by opposing charter-schools amendment (AJC, 8/17/12)
Study: Georgia tax hike would cut smoking, raise revenue (AP, 8/17/12)
Commentary: Barge gets it wrong by opposing charter-schools amendment (AJC, 8/17/12)
Commentary: Superintendent tells it like it is in opposing charter school amendment (Marietta Daily Journal, 8/17/12)
Feds to send Georgia $11 million for transportation projects (AJC, 8/17/12)
Gov. Deal expands ’sustainable’ timber (GPB, 8/17/12)
State schools superintendent bucks party line on charter schools (Macon Telegraph, 8/17/12)
War of words escalates in charter school amendment fray between Barge and GOP leadership (AJC,8/17/12)
Money at the heart of the charter debate (AJC, 8/17/12)
Civil rights panel holds quarrelsome hearing on illegal immigration laws (AJC, 8/17/12)
T-SPLOST aftermath: South Georgians to lead transportation policy development (Albany Herald,8/17/12)
Governor ‘trusts’ lawmakers will seek ethics reform (AJC, 8/16/12)
Commentary: Our governing class gives us more reasons to distrust them (AJC, 8/16/12)
Commentary: Spending reductions, recurring budget deficits (Atlanta Forward, 8/16/12)
A sudden shift on ethics by Speaker Ralston? Well, maybe (AJC, 8/15/12)
Commentary: Georgia can’t afford fiscal cliff (Atlanta Forward, 8/15/12)
School chief’s stand on charters debated (AJC, 8/15/12)
GA GOP leaders happy with Ryan pick (Gwinnett Daily Post, 8/15/12)
Opinion: The distinction Barge makes is not a trivial one (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 8/15/12)
Audio: State school chief’s stance could impact charter school amendment (WABE, 8/15/12)
DOT moving on from sales tax vote (AJC, 8/15/12)
Commentary: Ralston got the message from voters: End unlimited lobbyist gifts (Marietta Daily Journal, 8/15/12)
Barge comes out against charter schools amendment (AJC, 8/14/12)
Governor’s office enters charter school funding fray (AJC, 8/14/12)
State schools chief opposes charter school amendment on Nov. 6 ballot (AP, 8/14/12)
Editorial: Georgia’s taxing budget times (Rome News-Tribune, 8/14/12)
Charter school controversy heats up (GPB, 8/13/12)
Commentary: Lawmakers may have gotten message on ethics reform (Athens Banner-Herald,8/13/12)
State ordered to reverse itself on some unemployment claims (AJC, 8/13/12)
Opinion: The next stage in ‘water war’ negotiations (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 8/12/12)
Defeat leaves Deal in a bind (AJC, 8/5/12)
Few transit funding options for metro Atlanta (AJC, 8/5/12)
Commentary: TSPLOST fallout – Sometimes the money just isn’t there (Savannah Morning News,8/5/12)
Vote creates new pressure for GA lobbying cap (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/4/12)
Under new law, will state send more funds per child to state charter schools than local systems?(AJC, 8/4/12)
Commentary: A post-mortem on T-SPLOST (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/4/12)
Conservatives fear gambling vote heralds culture shift (AJC, 8/4/12)
Analysis: Tuesday’s primary results show there’s still two Georgias (Newnan Times-Herald, 8/4/12)
Dysfunction chic: Metro Atlanta eyes Europe as a model (Political Insider, 8/4/12)
Commentary: ‘We the unwashed’ showed TSPLOST’s ‘elite’ who’s in charge (Marietta Daily Journal,8/4/12)
Straw polls reveal desire for lobbyist caps (Marietta Daily Journal, 8/4/12)
Why 3 Georgia regions voted for T-SPLOST (AJC, 8/3/12)
More budget cuts ahead for state health care, universities (AJC, 8/3/12)
Audio How T-SPLOST & Tea Party affected the rest of the ballot (WABE, 8/3/12)
Audio: T-SPLOST opponents call for repeal of penalty on regions that voted “no” (WABE, 8/3/12)
Anti-TSPLOST regions face penalty (GPB, 8/2/12)
Shirley Franklin: Transportation issues belong on Nathan Deal’s shoulders (Political Insider, 8/2/12)
Editorial: Time for curbs on lobbyists (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/2/12)
Commentary: Election night lessons (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 8/2/12)
Audio: T-SPLOST defeat big setback for transit projects (WABE, 8/2/12)
After T-SPLOST defeat, business groups retool message (AJC, 8/2/12)
Editorial: It’s now back to work to meet metro area’s transportation challenges (Newnan Times-Herald, 8/2/12)
Commentary: TSPLOST defeat shows voters want traffic relief, not transit wish list (Marietta Daily Journal, 8/2/12)
Opinion: State ‘insiders’ lost Tuesday (Savannah Morning News, 8/2/12)
Commentary: GA’s economy, nation’s security threatened by … deep defense cuts (Marietta Daily Journal, 8/2/12)
TSPLOST turndown – So where to from here? (Marietta Daily Journal, 8/2/12)
Commentary: Government distrust sank tax (AJC, 8/2/12)
No revote, no gas tax hike, Deal says (AJC, 8/1/12)
Audio: Governor Deal squashes plans for another transportation referendum (WABE, 8/1/12)
Other states noting Atlanta’s T-SPLOST rejection (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8/1/12)
Association with T-SPLOST hurt bids for re-election (AJC, 8/1/12)
Fourteen state lawmakers defeated or drawn into run-offs (Political Insider, 8/1/12)
T-SPLOST flop leaves local leaders looking for other roads to revenue (Macon Telegraph, 8/1/12)
State awards nearly $100M for water projects (AJC, 8/1/12)
Opinion: One ballot issue that doesn’t need interpretation (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 8/1/12)
T-SPLOST fail: Two views (Atlanta Forward, 8/1/12)
Kasim Reed warns against backseat quarterbacking on T-SPLOST (Political Insider, 8/1/12)
What’s next in the Water War (GPB, 8/1/12)
The L-O-S-T in T-SPLOST refers to public trust (AJC, 8/1/12)
Democratic voters say no to charter school amendment (Augusta Chronicle, 8/1/12)
Government leaders have 10 years to deliver transportation sales tax projects (Augusta Chronicle,8/1/12)
Deal, Reed differ on response to voters’ T-SPLOST rejection (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8/1/12)
Georgia sales tax rate among lowest in nation (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8/1/12)
Georgia voters answer ballot questions (GPB, 8/1/12)
Voters reject T-SPLOST, opponents talk Plan B (WABE, 8/1/12)
T-SPLOST results are in (GPB, 8/1/12)
JULY 2012
Voters reject transportation tax (AJC, 7/31/12)
Editorial: T-SPLOST thumping – Self-inflicted defeat (Savannah Morning News, 7/31/12)
Some incumbents fall, others beat back challenges (AJC, 7/31/12)
GOP voters split on whether to expand gambling (AJC, 7/31/12)
Voters in both parties agree on gift limit (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/31/12)
T-SPLOST fails in Middle Georgia, across much of state (Macon Telegraph, 7/31/12)
Voters say yes to transportation sales tax proposal (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 7/31/12)
Athens area, like most of GA, votes down T-SPLOST (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/31/12)
Video: Tea Party notches a big win in T-SPLOST loss (AJC, 7/31/12)
Nathan Deal’s Plan B: Gov intends to step into transportation vacuum (Political Insider, 7/31/12)
Corporate donors to Atlanta T-SPLOST campaign gave little to statewide effort (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/30/12)
Audio: Transportation tax vote divides Georgians (GPB, 7/30/12)
Deal, Reed make final push for transportation tax (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/30/12)
One-third of early voters supported T-SPLOST, says poll (Political Insider, 7/30/12)
Poll: TSPLOST opinion divided (GPB, 7/30/12)
Factions dig deep in final weekend before T-SPLOST vote (AJC, 7/29/12)
Video: Prospects dicey for regional T-SPLOST referendum (AJC, 7/29/12)
T-SPLOST vote: Another historic move for Atlanta (AJC, 7/29/12)
Editorial: All aboard the Ethics Express (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/29/12)
Straw poll ballot questions range from gambling to tax credit (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/29/12)
Audio: GA NAACP asks for federal investigation into G-DOT (WABE, 7/29/12)
Commentary: Ethics reform questions on ballot are no-brainers (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/28/12)
Reform advocate blames GA House speaker for blocking limits on lobbyist gifts to legislators(Savannah Morning News, 7/28/12)
Commentary: TSPLOST advocates have done a poor job (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/28/12)
Opinion: Ethics reform vote is important (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 7/28/12)
Heavy voter turnout expected Tuesday (Times-Georgian, 7/28/12)
Commentary: ‘Yes’ vote on TSPLOST will bring needed local transportation projects (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/28/12)
Supporters, foes seek to sway undecided T-SPLOST voters (AJC, 7/28/12)
Democrats hope ballot questions will spur policy debates (Augusta Chronicle, 7/27/12)
Early voting was popular (GPB, 7/27/12)
State school chief explains his endorsement of voucher proponent (AJC, 7/27/12)
Republicans open the door to controversy with ballot questions (Augusta Chronicle, 7/27/12)
Democrats urge voters into Doug McKillip’s first GOP race (Political Insider, 7/27/12)
Tax opponents offer ‘Plan B’ for transportation (AJC, 7/27/12)
Video: Savannah Branch NAACP backs penny sales tax for transportation; Tea party expresses tax objection (Savannah Morning News, 7/27/12)
Athens forum features sparring over transportation tax referendum (Athens Banner-Herald,7/27/12)
State Chamber CEO pushes for T-SPLOST passage (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/27/12)
House ethics chief labels pledge signers ‘hypocrites’ but gets some wrong (AJC, 7/26/12)
Audio: With focus on jobs and transit, Hispanic leaders endorse T-SPLOST (WABE, 7/26/12)
Audio: Do Atlanta residents trust state officials on T-SPLOST plan? (WABE, 7/26/12)
Hispanic leaders endorse T-SPLOST (AJC, 7/26/12)
ATL Mayor Kasim Reed and Gov. Nathan Deal to appear together Monday, push for T-SPLOST (AJC,7/25/12)
Latin American Chamber of Commerce of GA says it supports T-SPLOST (AJC, 7/25/12)
Environmental groups tout support of T-SPLOST, try to blunt Sierra Club’s opposition (AJC,7/25/12)
Commentary: Georgia incumbents protect their own (Savannah Morning News, 7/25/12)
White House to fast-track Atlanta transit hub (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/25/12)
Opinion: What other say: Move carefully on justice reform (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/25/12)
Commentary: Did Legislature show wisdom or shirk duty on T-SPLOST? (Atlanta Forward,7/25/12)
‘Ethics Express’ pushes for voter support (Macon Telegraph, 7/25/12)
Atlanta’s mayor leads T-SPLOST rally in Cobb (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/25/12)
Road builders deepest pockets for non-Atlanta tax campaign (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/25/12)
Commentary: TSPLOST backers have built-in advantage: Ballot wording (Marietta Daily Journal,7/25/12)
Former Gov. Roy Barnes, Atl Mayor Kasim Reed take T-SPLOST pitch into heart of anti-tax movement (AJC, 7/24/12)
Transportation tax foes vow to ‘get it right’ next time (AJC, 7/24/12)
‘Ethics Express’ rout gift cap (AJC, 7/24/12)
2012 Tuesday: Millions of dollars might not buy a T-SPLOST (AJC, 7/24/12)
Atlanta blue-chip businesses generous to transportation campaign (Atlanta Business Chronicle,7/24/12)
As referendum approaches, lawmakers urge voters to reject T-SPLOST (WABE, 7/24/12)
Opinion: The TSPLOST – There are ways to get more road ‘bang’ for the buck (Marietta Daily Journal,7/22/12)
Most Cobb GOP officials standing against TSPLOST (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/22/12)
Tax problems haunt state candidates (AJC, 7/22/12)
Should Atlanta follow Portland with T-SPLOST? (AJC, 7/22/12)
Commentary: Lobby Hobby – What does corruptibility have to do with a dollar figure? (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/22/12)
Opinion: Sales tax is no way to fund transportation projects (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/21/12)
Incumbent congressmen face challenges (Gwinnett Daily Post, 7/21/12)
Opinion: Bishops oppose ‘personhood’ question (Savannah Morning News, 7/21/12)
Editorial: Non-binding Republican gambling question could sway GA lawmakers (Newnan Times-Herald, 7/21/12)
Opinion: The ‘transparency’ illusion: July 31 ballot questions on lobbyist largess should be just the start of reform (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 7/21/12)
GA Taxpayers Alliance leader predicts T-SPLOST will not pass (Douglas County Sentinel, 7/20/12)
Transportation tax needed, supporters say (Augusta Chronicle, 7/20/12)
$210 million in projects in tax vote are undetermined (Augusta Chronicle, 7/20/12)
Transportation tax needed, supporters say (Augusta Chronicle, 7/20/12)
Elections directors expect steady turnout for early voting Saturday (AJC, 7/20/12)
Commentary: A Plan B should T-SPLOST fail? Realistically, I doubt it (AJC, 7/20/12)
Business leaders call for T-SPLOST push (AJC, 7/19/12)
Moral, money issues on ballot (AJC, 7/19/12)
Casino question a gamble for supporters, opponents (AJC, 7/19/12)
Commentary: ‘Yes’ vote on TSPLOST makes sense (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/19/12)
Commentary: Ending the GA 400 tolls now isn’t a great idea (AJC, 7/19/12)
Nathan Deal: GA 400 tolls to come down by end of 2013 (Political Insider, 7/19/12)
Court dismisses challenge to immigration enforcement programs (AJC, 7/19/12)
Audio: Gov. Deal announces early end to GA 400 toll, hopes move will help pass T-SPLOST (WABE, 7/19/12)
Video: Will end of GA 400 tolls shake-up tax vote? (AJC, 7/19/12)
Lottery posts record profits in 2012 (AJC, 7/18/12)
Is Louisiana the future of Georgia’s education system? (AJC, 7/18/12)
Commentary: TSPLOST referendum is on shaky ground (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/18/12)
Heating up on health care: Three Republicans diagnose court’s ruling for businesses (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/18/12)
Georgia election officials seek access to immigration database (AJC, 7/18/12)
State struggles to keep up with new ethics laws (Douglas County Sentinel, 7/18/12)
Audio: GA’s top public health official is against Medicaid expansion (WABE, 7/18/12)
Reed lets out tax vote poll numbers (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/17/12)
Early voting is slow but steady (GPB, 7/17/12)
Commentary: T-SPLOST or not, Georgians will pay (Albany Herald, 7/17/12)
Atlanta Business League backs T-SPLOST; Reed vows ‘all out’ support (AJC, 7/17/12)
Opinion: ‘No’ on ‘personhood’ question (Savannah Morning News, 7/17/12)
Audio: T-SPLOST battle spreads to the words on the ballot, Part 2 (WABE, 7/16/12)
Notes: Effects of healthcare ruling on Georgia (Statesboro 365, 7/16/12)
New protest as hunger striking inmates ’starve for change’ (AJC, 7/16/12)
Gov. Deal wants review of juvenile justice system (Augusta Chronicle, 7/16/12)
Panel begins work on slowing prison growth (AJC, 7/16/12)
Charter school amendment campaign starts (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/16/12)
Billion-dollar question: GA voters to decide on penny sales tax for roads (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 7/16/12)
Transportation vote: Game-changer or economic boondoggle? (AJC, 7/16/12)
Commentary: GA leaders are reaping what they have sown (AJC, 7/16/12)
Editorial: Ethics reform needed for good governance (Brunswick News, 7/16/12)
For transit relief, congested Atlanta ponders a penny tax (New York Times, 7/15/12)
Opinion: Ballot questions reflect lack of leadership (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/15/12)
TSPLOST faces tough sell; local officials support it (AP, 7/15/12)
If transportation vote fails, is there a plan B? (AJC, 7/15/12)
Opinion: Consider the facts about T-SPLOST (Savannah Morning News, 7/15/12)
What’s a governor to do with the health care law? (GPB, 7/15/12)
Abortion, ethics and casino revenue for education are among issues in GA’s Republican primary(Florida Times-Union, 7/14/12)
Ballot questions used to gauge political mood (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/14/12)
Taking a look at some T-SPLOST claims (AJC, 7/13/12)
Georgia tax revenue grows 4.8% in fiscal 2012 (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/13/12)
Channel 2 poll: Support for transportation sales tax continues to slip (Political Insider, 7/13/12)
Official: Georgia holding off on Medicaid changes (AP, 7/13/12)
State ends fiscal year on positive note (AJC, 7/13/12)
State tables Medicaid revamp (AJC, 7/13/12)
Transportation tax backers turn up heat (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/13/12)
Forum shows divisions over transportation tax (AJC, 7/12/12)
Ralston thinks vote on TSPLOST will be close (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/12/12)
Bus tour to tout lobbyist spending cap (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/12/12)
Medicaid expansion is a bad deal for Georgians (AJC, 7/12/12)
Audio: US education officials warn Georgia about possible loss of funds (WABE, 7/11/12)
GA transportation referendum face a tough sell (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/11/12)
Commentary: Legislature should revisit voter ID laws to remove hindrances (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/11/12)
GA House Speaker Ralston says future of transportation depends on the people’s vote (Augusta Chronicle, 7/10/12)
Public shut out of Georgia courts (GPB, 7/10/12)
Campaign funds pay for GOP visits across state (Augusta Chronicle, 7/10/12)
Court upholds key tort reform provision (AJC, 7/10/12)
Your morning jolt: House speaker says state to blame for long license lines (Political Insider, 7/10/12)
Audio: Top Georgia lawmaker is against T-SPLOST (WABE, 7/9/12)
Nathan Deal aide named key transportation figure (Political Insider, 7/9/12)
T-SPLOST backers launch campaign (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 7/9/12)
Pension changes might make Georgia’s debt look larger (Florida Times-Union, 7/9/12)
Opinion: Health care ruling raises big questions for Georgia (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/9/12)
Sec of State: State lawmakers will have to consider ending runoff elections in Georgia (Political Insider, 7/9/12)
Your morning jolt: Splitting with governor, Chip Rogers to condemn transportation sales tax(Political Insider, 7/9/12)
Georgia pushes for ID checks after Arizona decision (AJC, 7/9/12)
GOP leaders blame license woes on state department (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 7/9/12)
Does T-SPLOST pave way to metro Atlanta’s economic future? (AJC, 7/8/12)
Georgia health care in limbo (AJC, 7/8/12)
Pros and cons for regional transportation tax (Gwinnett Daily Post, 7/8/12)
Advisory opinions could affect Deal ethics cases (AJC, 7/7/12)
Number of Georgians on food stamps balloons (AJC, 7/7/12)
Georgia cites ruling in Arizona as supporting its immigration law (Florida Times-Union, 7/6/12)
College ban on illegal students to stay (GPB, 7/6/12)
Commentary: Is lobbying reform on the agenda of GA House Republican leaders? (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/6/12)
Judge issues order on GA absentee ballots (AJC, 7/5/12)
More Mexicans requesting asylum in Georgia (AJC, 7/5/12)
Polls show TSPLOST has tough road ahead (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/5/12)
State’s top Medicaid official prepares for two different courses (WABE, 7/4/12)
Deal appoints friends to port authority (AJC, 7/4/12)
Commentary: We the unwashed don’t find lobbying reform ’silly’ (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/4/12)
New ID requirements for license renewal irritate many (AJC, 7/4/12)
Audio: Georgia physicians troubled by potential Medicaid expansion (WABE, 7/4/12)
Drug tests for welfare recipients on hold (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/3/12)
Driver services patrons irked by longer lines (Gainesville Times, 7/3/12)
New laws require E-verify for workers, food stamp drug tests (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/2/12)
Analysis: GOP not as exclusive anymore (Savannah Morning News, 7/2/12)
Facing increasingly skeptical voters, TSPLOST advocates continue push for support (WABE, 7/2/12)
GA Labor Commissioner: Immigration system needs an overhaul (Global Atlanta, 7/2/12)
Political notes: Kicking the T-SPLOST can (Savannah Morning News, 7/1/12)
Georgia faces tough call on Medicaid (AJC, 7/1/12)
JUNE 2012
Health care law: Court ruled, now state should act (AJC, 6/30/12)
Trust and the transportation sales tax (Political Insider, 6/30/12)
Opinion: Supreme Court opens door to better approaches to immigration (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/30/12)
Unemployed and needy Georgians feel effects of new state laws effective Sunday (AP, 6/29/12)
Health care ruling spurs protest at State Capitol (AJC, 6/29/12)
Transportation funding for Georgia (GPB, 6/29/12)
Proposed tax divides transit advocates (GPB, 6/29/12)
Commentary: Who are the ‘real’ Republicans? (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/29/12)
Deal: Georgia in wait-and-see mode on health care (AJC, 6/28/12)
Georgia politicians react to health care ruling (WABE, 6/28/12)
Gov. Deal undecided on growing Medicaid (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 6/28/12)
Audio: Health care ruling: Effect on Georgia (GPB, 6/28/12)
Georgia health care: A partisan issue (GPB, 6/28/12)
Audio: Gov. Deal says GA will hold off making key healthcare decisions (WABE, 6/28/12)
Deal: Congress must repeal health care law (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/28/12)
Gov. Deal delays implementing health law (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/28/12)
Court invites briefs on GA immigration law (GPB, 6/27/12)
Water ruling win for Georgia, metro Atlanta (Newnan Times-Herald, 6/27/12)
Editorial: Georgia does need to find more money for transportation (Newnan Times-Herald,6/27/12)
Is high-speed rail really feasible for Georgia? (AJC, 6/27/12)
Opinion: GOP ‘life’ question worth answering affirmatively (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/27/12)
Justice Dept sues Georgia over voting (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 6/27/12)
Group wants Deal to kill GA 400 toll (AJC, 6/27/12)
Georgia Dems in better financial shape but still lag behind GOP (Savannah Morning News, 6/26/12)
Wth decisions on immigration and water, Cobb Republicans claim victories (Marietta Daily Journal,6/26/12)
Immigration ruling: Will Supreme Court decision have impact here? (Dalton Daily Citizen, 6/26/12)
Video: High court grants Georgia water-wars victory (AJC, 6/25/12)
Key parts of Georgia immigration law see little action (AJC, 6/25/12)
Analysis: Gift ban isn’t the only ethics issue (Savannah Morning News, 6/25/12)
Supreme Court rejects water wars case (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/25/12)
Gov. Deal appoints Blackwell to state Supreme Court (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/25/12)
What the Supreme Court’s immigration rulings mean for Georgia (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/25/12)
Commentary: Underdogs dare to dream of Gold Dome (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 6/25/12)
Alabama, Georgia immigration law challenges to move forward after Supreme Court ruling(Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 6/25/12)
After Arizona ruling, questions remain on Georgia immigration reform (Gainesville Times, 6/25/12)
Court immigration ruling impacts Georgia (GPB, 6/25/12)
Georgia could get legal boost from high court ruling on immigration law (AJC, 6/25/12)
GDOT official: Georgia needs another stream of revenue (Newnan Times-Herald, 6/23/12)
Deal announces state’s next step in justice reform (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 6/23/12)
A Georgia town takes the people’s business private (New York Times, 6/23/12)
Metro Atlanta firms central to voter turnout on tax referendum (AJC, 6/23/12)
Dems criticize Deal on mortgage funds (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 6/22/12)
GA runoff schedule violates federal law (GPB, 6/22/12)
Audio: Gov. Deal proposes major prison education effort (WABE, 6/21/12)
Transportation sales tax opponents object to wording of ballot question (AJC, 6/21/12)
Editorial: High-speed rail – Pleasant surprise (Savannah Morning News, 6/21/12)
Georgians await ruling on Arizona’s illegal immigration law (AJC, 6/22/12)
Ethics review: Few meals top proposed $100 cap (Rome News-Tribune, 6/21/12)
Equalization formula cuts school funds (GPB, 6/20/12)
Local property taxpayers now pay most of education’s cost (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/20/12)
Commentary: Georgia’s ‘golden age’ may be behind it (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/20/12)
Commentary: Busy day on Georgia ethics front (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 6/20/12)
High-speed rail from Atlanta to Jacksonville feasible, study says (Florida Times-Union, 6/20/12)
Audio: Changes ahead for Georgia food stamp recipients (WABE, 6/19/12)
Protest questions latest transportation tax move (Valdosta daily Times, 6/19/12)
Georgia education groups seek to teach politicians (Florida Times-Union, 6/19/12)
Poll shows majority of likely Georgia voters favor charter school amendment (Florida Times-Union,6/18/12)
Commentary: What other say: ‘Good start’ on lobbying pledge (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/18/12)
Local projects could be in for a bonanza (AJC, 6/18/12)
Pew Center says GA needs to save more for pensions (GPB, 6/18/12)
The road ahead: Diverse region has many needs, but will voters back the tax? (Gainesville Times,6/17/12)
More push for check on lobbyists’ tabs (AJC, 6/17/12)
Poor schools still get the short end (AJC, 6/17/12)
Public ‘in the dark’ on T-SPLOST $1 billion (AJC, 6/17/12)
Hispanics voters are untapped force in GA (Gainesville Times, 6/16/12)
Ethics commission delays ruling on complaints against Deal (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/15/12)
Ethics panel clears Barnes of lobbyist complaint (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/15/12)
Your morning jolt: A fierce abortion debate in north Georgia (AJC, 6/15/12)
New immigration policy stirs strong reactions (AJC, 6/15/12)
Audio: Georgia activists weigh in on immigration policy change announcement (WABE, 6/15/12)
Ethics panel to hold key hearings on high-profile cases Friday (AJC, 6/15/12)
Speaker Ralston’s ethics case settled (GPB, 6/15/12)
State facing more than $300M Medicaid shortfall (AJC, 6/14/12)
Deal complaints, lawsuit loom over ethics agency (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/14/12)
Some lawmakers took strong stand for charter school (AJC, 6/14/12)
Healthcare exchange issue for Georgia (GPB, 6/13/12)
Former director, assistant file lawsuits against ethics commission (AJC, 6/13/12)
Georgia tries to save its military bases (Florida Times-Union, 6/13/12)
Nathan Deal: ‘I never pledged away my First Amendment rights’ (AJC, 6/13/12)
Opinion: Is there a ‘war on women’? (AJC, 6/13/12)
Gift caps and a Republican fear of promises in writing (AJC, 6/13/12)
GA legislators face starvation on a $100-a-meal limit (AJC, 6/13/12)
Judicial appointment may signal probe involving Deal is over (AJC, 6/12/12)
Commentary: Georgia needs real ethics reform (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 6/12/12)
Opinion: Legislative leader’s past should haunt him (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/11/12)
Opinion: What others say: State lawmakers should limit lobbyist spending (Athens Banner-Herald,6/11/12)
State’s zero-based budgeting program to focus on education (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/11/12)
Georgia escalates fight against tax fraud (AJC, 6/11/12)
Audio: Health insurers not interested in Georgia’s new law (WABE, 6/10/12)
The T-SPLOST debate: Statewide, grassroots group opposes funding proposal (Newnan Times-Herald,6/10/12)
Opponents outline issues with T-SPLOST (Newnan Times-Herald, 6/10/12)
New momentum behind lobbyist gift limit proposal (Savannah Morning News, 6/10/12)
Deal: Model for major construction projects (Marietta Daily Journal, 6/10/12)
A ‘jungle primary’ could change Georgia politics (Florida Times-Union, 6/9/12)
July 31 transportation tax votes: What’s in store outside metro Atlanta (AJC, 6/9/12)
Commentary: Calling lobbying limits ‘a gimmick’ misreads public’s anger (Marietta Daily Journal,6/9/12)
Lawmakers taking serious look at limiting lobbyists’ largesse (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/9/12)
Nathan Deal declines invitation to join ethics stampede (Political Insider, 6/8/12)
Deal halts planned increase in state gas tax (AJC, 6/8/12)
Commentary: No excuses for legislators not agreeing to limit lobbyist gifts (Marietta Daily Journal,6/8/12)
State will release potential changes to Medicaid and PeachCare this summer (Athens Banner-Herald,6/7/12)
Deal: State revenues show 2.1% increase (Statesboro 365, 6/7/12)
Opinion: Georgia needs to clear away some job hurdles (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 6/7/12)
Loss of government jobs could be drag on growth (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/7/12)
State revenue grows in May, but pace slows (AJC, 6/7/12)
Audio: A conversation with Gov. Nathan Deal: Trade, ethics, and paying for college (WABE, 6/7/12)
Lawmakers back lobbying cap but ignored bill (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/6/12)
Commentary: Georgia crisis of confidence (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 6/6/12)
Commentary: South Georgia’s waning political clout (Savannah Morning News, 6/6/12)
Most candidates favor lobby gift limit (Marietta Daily Journal, 6/6/12)
SC Supreme Court: DHEC’s approval of Savannah River dredging broke the law (The State, 6/6/12)
State commission recommends easing school laws (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/5/12)
T-SPLOST’s undecided voters and public distrust (AJC, 6/5/12)
Are Georgia’s leaders committed to public schools? Legislature’s Education Chairmen say ‘yes.’(WABE, 6/5/12)
Editorial: Seeking ‘first-rate’ jurists (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 6/5/12)
Audio: State moves decision timeline on Medicaid redesign (WABE, 6/4/12)
Republican courts Democrats in heated rematch (GPB, 6/4/12)
Gov. Deal shuffles auditors (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 6/4/12)
Ethics snowball gathering size and power (AJC, 6/4/12)
Williams giving up GA Senate leadership post (AJC, 6/4/12)
Commentary: Democrats will be back … someday (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/3/12)
Amendment would resurrect state charter school authority (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/3/12)
Transparency-law-slow-be-implemented (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/3/12)
Reshaping Medicaid  care to affect many (AJC, 6/3/12)
Opinion: Read my lips – No more SPLOSTs (Macon Telegraph, 6/3/12)
Leaders backing limits on lobbyists (Gainesville Times, 6/2/12)
Commentary: Georgia GOP calls truce (Savannah Morning News, 6/2/12)
Report: GA top court balanced between pro-consumer and pro-biz (Savannah Morning News, 6/2/12)
Few lawmakers step up to take lobbyist limiting pledge (Douglas County Sentinel, 6/2/12)
One job that very few people seem to want — state legislator (AJC, 6/1/12)
Deal gets short list for next state Supreme Court justice (AJC, 6/1/12)
Ethics Committee: ‘Substantial cause’ to believe Balfour violated rules (AJC, 6/1/12)
Demonstrators protest ruling on unemployment benefits (Florida Times-Union, 6/1/12)
Opinion: Lobbyist spending limits reform catching on (AJC, 6/1/12)
MAY 2012
Transportation tax campaign makes 300K calls (AJC, 5/31/12)
GOP aims for supermajorities in GA House and Senate (WABE, 5/31/12)
Lt. Gov Cagle offers campaign tip for Romney (Gainesville Times, 5/31/12)
New Georgia scholarship hinges on local fundraising (AJC, 5/31/12)
Candidates support Savannah port, spar over earmarks (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/30/12)
Christian group: State senator should resign GOP leadership post over gambling ties (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/30/12)
Commentary: Federal judge doing job for legislators in redrawing districts (Marietta Daily Journal,5/9/12)
Voters grill McKillip on abortion, redistricting (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/8/12)
Deal signs budget but vetoes some lawmaker add-ons (AJC, 5/7/12)
Deal signs 2013 budget (GPB, 5/7/12)
Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law (GPB, 5/7/12)
Gov. Deal signs Georgia budget, issues vetoes (Columbia Count News-Times, 5/7/12)
Deal to sign last bills of the year (GPB, 5/7/12)
States compete to ‘buy’ jobs with taxpayer money (AJC, 5/7/12)
Deportation cases halted, but illegal immigrants lives remain on hold (AJC, 5/7/12)
Commentary: Georgia taking new approach on educational accountability (Athens Banner-Herald,5/6/12)
Despite gift ban, state leaders taking them (AJC, 5/6/12)
Governor to review lobbyists’ gift ban (AJC, 5/6/12)
Deal disappoints lawmakers with veto of two bills (Cherokee Tribune, 5/6/12)
Georgia to keep ‘Stand Your Ground’ law? (Dalton Daily Citizen, 5/6/12)
Transit advocates urge ‘no’ vote on tax (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/5/12)
On bloggers and whether every political life is an open book (Political Insider, 5/4/12)
Opinion: Facts on illegal immigration for Georgia’s political campaign season (Macon Telegraph,5/4/12)
Commentary: TIA mainly about economic development, not congestion (Marietta Daily Journal,5/4/12)
Opinion: State lawmakers blind to abuse (Savannah Morning News, 5/4/12)
Zero-base budgeting comes to Georgia (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 5/4/12)
Gov inks a deal: Nathan Deal signs HB797 at Cherokee Charter Academy (Cherokee Tribune,5/4/12)
Governor vetoes ’sunset’ bill, angering tea party activists (AJC, 5/4/12)
Deal vetoes 6 bills by state lawmakers (AP, 5/4/12)
Blogs target of slander lawsuit (GPB, 5/4/12)
House speaker eyes ‘job friendly’ Georgia (Thomasville Times-Enterprise, 5/4/12)
Deal signs bill reducing unemployment benefits (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 5/3/12)
Judge: State discriminating against deaf people with disabilities (AJC, 5/3/12)
GA lawmakers approve charter school funding bill (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/3/12)
The voters who just might decide the T-SPLOST’s fate (AJC, 5/3/12)
With all its flaws, regional T-SPLOST still needed (AJC, 5/2/12)
Cuts in state unemployment benefits signed into law (AJC, 5/2/12)
Opinion: Tax reform aids GA families, businesses (AJC, 5/2/12)
Group doesn’t plan to show TIA much TLC (Marietta Daily Journal, 5/2/12)
MAVEN spokesman: Transit referendum as big as airport (Marietta Daily Journal, 5/2/12)
Opinion: Need for revenue was mostly ignored (AJC, 5/2/12)
Deal signs bill revamping many criminal justice sentences (AJC, 5/2/12)
Gov. Deal signs criminal justice system overhaul (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/2/12)
Deal signs McKillip’s abortion bill (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/1/12)
Deal signs ‘fetal pain’ abortion bill into law (AJC, 5/1/12)
Audio: Tax reform targets online retailers (GPB, 5/1/12)
Abortion bill to become law (GPB, 5/1/12)
May Day marchers say Georgia immigration laws unfair (Florida Times-Union, 5/1/12)
APRIL 2012
Sierra Club opposes transportation referendum (AJC, 4/30/12)
Eyes on the road: Sales tax vote discussed at GMRC meeting (Gainesville Times, 4/30/12)
No out-of-state insurers offer plans in Georgia (AJC, 4/30/12)
Opinion: State drug-testing law raises constitutional question (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/30/12)
Governor creates digital education task force (GPB, 4/30/12)
Fact or fiction: Chamber of Commerce distributes TSPLOST information (Newnan Times-Herald,4/29/12)
Opinion: Lobbying shows best, worst of representative government (Athens Banner-Herald,4/28/12)
ARC officials meet with skeptics at TSPLOST info session (Cherokee Tribune, 4/28/12)
Audio: Fast track forward on T-SPLOST (WABE, 4/27/12)
Politics, not policy, will drive transportation money (AJC, 4/27/12)
If Carroll County wants to promote TSPLOST, Georgia Chamber will help (Carroll County Times-Georgian, 4/27/12)
Total incentives for Baxter plant top $200 million (AJC, 4/27/12)
Republicans defend their ties to ALEC (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/27/12)
Sierra Club to oppose transportation sales tax (AJC, 4/27/12)
Commentary: Grassroots movement being launched to oppose TSPLOST plan (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/27/12)
ACLU, others file FOIA request with Immigration Agency (WABE, 4/27/12)
Gov. Deal visits Valdosta State (AP, 4/26/12)
TSPLOST foes say Gwinnett key in transportation tax debate (Gwinnett Daily Post, 4/26/12)
Mixed views among officials on TSPLOST (Times-Georgian, 4/26/12)
Gov. Deal signs bills to help soldiers during visit to Fort Benning (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer,4/25/12)
Deal pledges to ‘do whatever necessary’ to deepen harbor (Savannah Morning News, 4/25/12)
Opinion: Casinos aren’t solution for HOPE problems (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/25/12)
Deal talks jobs, tax reform (Albany Herald, 4/25/12)
Progress being made in closing funding gap in state benefits program (AJC, 4/25/12)
Audio: SCOTUS ruling on AZ immigration law could impact Georgia’s law (WABE, 4/24/12)
Audio: Activist wants Stand Your Ground ruled unconstitutional (WABE, 4/24/12)
Chambliss: Earmark end complicates port funding (Savannah Morning News, 4/24/12)
Opinion: Unanswered questions – Does media not see the ripe environment for voter fraud?(Augusta Chronicle, 4/24/12)
Deal signs local bills, pushes port (GPB, 4/24/12)
Deal appoints aide to DOT post (AJC, 4/24/12)
Money flowed before tax vote in Georgia (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 4/23/12)
Transportation referendum a major concern as regional leaders visit DC (AJC, 4/23/12)
Commentary: A thank-you note to the governor (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/23/12)
Law prods public officials toward transparency (AJC, 4/22/12)
Legislators defend association with ALEC (Cherokee Tribune, 4/22/12)
Commentary: If legislators can’t change lobbying laws… voters will (Marietta Daily Journal,4/21/12)
Analysis: Legislative issues don’t necessarily reflect campaign donations (Florida Times-Union,4/21/12)
The changing fortunes of the transportation sales tax (Political Insider, 4/20/12)
Opinion: Lack of venture capital hurting Georgia in economic development (Athens Banner-Herald,4/20/12)
Georgia gun rights group wants suit over stand-your-ground law dismissed (AJC, 4/20/12)
New drug testing law puts Georgia on a slippery slope (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/20/12)
Deal signs education bills tweaking state funding (AP, 4/19/12)
Opinion: Women’s rights imperiled by abortion bill (AJC, 4/19/12)
Opinion: Abortion bill fosters safety (AJC, 4/19/12)
Lottery board: Support from Gov. needed for proposed gambling site (Gwinnett Daily Post, 4/19/12)
Deal signs tax bill into law; changes come in stages (AJC, 4/19/12)
Governor signs Open Records rewrite into law (AJC, 4/18/12)
Commentary: Poor people not excluded from Constitution (AJC, 4/18/12)
Deal hails legislative session (GPB, 4/17/12)
Deal: Georgia making progress on investment capital front (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 4/17/12)
Audio: Deal signs new pension fund bill (WABE, 4/17/12)
Never mind those DC Republicans — Nathan Deal says he’ll stick with Newt Gingrich (Political Insider, 4/17/12)
Audio: Gov. Deal discusses legislative achievements, promotes T-SPLOST (WABE, 4/17/12)
Deal signs pension fund investments bill (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 4/16/12)
Deal OKs welfare drug tests; lawsuit likely (AJC, 4/16/12)
Audio: Report: Georgia levies some of highest income taxes on the working poor (WABE, 4/16/12)
Gov. Deal to sign welfare drug test bill (GPB, 4/16/12)
Redrawn congressional districts change GA political dynamics (AJC, 4/16/12)
Commentary: Georgia’s cynical season has begun (Savannah Morning News, 4/16/12)
Conservative group under attack is idea source for GA lawmakers (Savannah Morning News,4/16/12)
Opinion: Ethics, power and responsibility (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 4/15/12)
Editorial: Legislature 2012 – We’re left feeling empty (AJC, 4/13/12)
Opinion: Coordinated action on tax system vital (AJC, 4/13/12)
Opinion: Shot at real reforms fumbled yet again (AJC, 4/13/12)
Pointing to ‘polarized’ Legislature, Kathy Ashe announces retirement (AJC, 4/13/12)
Deal hints at more job creation at district GOP convention (Gainesville Times, 4/13/12)
Isakson confident about funding for harbor deepening (Savannah Morning News, 4/13/12)
Conservative group ranks GA 10th, SC 27th in taxes (Newnan Times-Herald, 4/13/12)
Ethics complaints at GA governor: 1 down, but 3 still pending (Florida Times-Union, 4/12/12)
State money key to starting Savannah harbor deepening project (Savannah Morning News,4/12/12)
Importing illegal immigrants – into private Georgia prisons (AJC, 4/11/12)
Port of Savannah dredging gets green light from feds (AJC, 4/11/12)
Audio: T-SPLOST opponents say ad campaign a misuse of taxpayer money (WABE, 4/11/12)
Commentary: CID controversy could have been avoided with private funding (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/11/12)
Audio: Health care advocacy organization says Ryan budget plan would cost Georgia billions(WABE, 4/10/12)
Ethics complaint against governor tossed (AJC, 4/10/12)
Editorial: Looking under the hood of sentencing reform (Romes News-Tribune, 4/10/12)
Analysis: GA State Rep. Jason Spencer pays the price for voting his conscience (Florida Times-Union,4/10/12)
Analysis: Georgia would suffer under House budget cuts (Augusta Chronicle, 4/10/12)
Legislators: Georgia employees may see pay raises next year (Macon Telegraph, 4/10/12)
Georgia law change reduces sentences, but doesn’t affect current inmates (Florida Times-Union,4/10/12)
State reports reveal lobby relationships (Rome News-Tribune, 4/9/12)
Gifts continue to rain on lawmakers (AJC, 4/9/12)
Drug-test bill draws legal heat (AJC, 4/9/12)
Foes, backers prep for charter school vote (GPB, 4/9/12)
Lawsuit challenges Georgia’s stand your ground law (AJC, 4/9/12)
Georgia highly active in deportations (AJC, 4/8/12)
Editorial: A bold step in sentencing reform (Augusta Chronicle, 4/8/12)
Charters vs. public schools: No closure (Florida Times-Union, 4/7/12)
Commentary: State senators carry ethics baggage (Savannah Morning News, 4/7/12)
Cobb GOP chair says TIA ads are ‘pure advocacy’ (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/7/12)
GOP lawmaker: Jobs, taxes main focus in GA House (Newnan Times-Herald, 4/7/12)
Dems: New Savannah HQ key to statewide come-back bid (Savannah Morning News, 4/7/12)
Rehab option could reduce recidivism (GPB, 4/6/12)
Editorial: Legislative session good for open-government law (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/5/12)
Commentary: Legislators can’t be trusted on schools (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/5/12)
Opinion: Abortion law’s unjust consequences (AJC, 4/5/12)
Georgians torn over tax on Internet sales (AJC, 4/4/12)
AG, Legislature right to strengthen Georgia’s Sunshine Laws (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/4/12)
Editorial: Deal’s leadership gets things done (Newnan Times-Herald, 4/4/12)
Commentary: What the GA Legislature got right in 2012 (AJC, 4/4/12)
Commentary: No one trusts the GA Legislature .. not even God (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/4/12)
How the new tax bill will work (GPB, 4/4/12)
Transportation referendum campaign starts (AJC, 4/3/12)
Opinion: Modest proposal for HOPE (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/3/12)
Georgia Senate: Like high school (Savannah Morning News, 4/3/12)
Audio: Lawsuit already being prepared to challenge GA’s welfare drug testing bill (WABE, 4/3/12)
Opinion: Legislature doesn’t always do what it says it will do (Macon Telegraph, 4/3/12)
Commentary: Why Georgia earned that ‘F’ (Savannah Morning News, 4/3/12)
Lawmakers pass 500 bills in session (GPB, 4/2/12)
Gov. Deal quietly achieves much of legislative agenda (Macon Telegraph, 4/2/12)
Georgia lawmakers look back on session ruled by extremes (Florida Times-Union, 4/2/12)
A tea-party group targets GA Republicans (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/2/12)
Commentary: GA legislators have lost their fear of voters (AJC, 4/2/12)
Commentary: Spare us tax-funded ‘education’ on tax transportation plan (Marietta Daily Journal,4/2/12)
Tea Party attack: Unnecessary roughness (Savannah Morning News, 4/2/12)
Audio: Though popular with voters, tax holidays anathema to policy analysts (WABE, 4/2/12)
What survived, what sank in legislative session (AJC, 4/1/12)
GOP lawmakers: We put jobs first (Gainesville Times, 4/1/12)
Commentary: Assessing wins and losses in legislative session (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/1/12)
Sentencing reform awaits Deal’s signature (Douglas County Sentinel, 4/1/12)
Lawmakers ready to race (AJC, 4/1/12)
Georgia’s transportation system ‘running out of gas’ (Savannah Morning News, 4/1/12)

MARCH 2012

Commentary: The money changers in the gold-domed temple (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 3/31/12)
Tax reform bill draws praise from business (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/31/12)
The busy attorney general across the street (AJC, 3/31/12)
Commentary: Georgia didn’t deserve “F” grade (Savannah Morning News, 3/31/12)
Justice reform bill awaits Deal’s OK (Carroll County Times-Georgian, 3/31/12)
Editorial: Voters will have the last word on the charter constitutional amendment (Macon Telegraph, 3/31/12)
GA Democrats try to keep eyes on the prize (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/31/12)
Commentary: Ethics should be focus of election season (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/31/12)
Commentary: An appalling lesson in ethics and the GA Legislature (AJC, 3/31/12)
Abortion bill caps off busy session for Georgia legislature (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/31/12)
From Sine Die, a look at how ethics gets squeezed out of the sausage (AJC, 3/30/12)
Legislators pass flurry of bills to end session (Gainesville Times, 3/30/12)
Legislative leftovers: On elimination of a state income tax, and union dues (AJC, 3/30/12)
Activists rally to amend ‘Stand Your Ground’ law (GPB, 3/30/12)
Editorial: GA Legislature – More sunshine (Savannah Morning News, 3/30/12)
Lawmakers turn focus to campaign trail (GPB, 3/30/12)
GA Senate passes new school grading system (Albany Herald, 3/30/12)
GA House blocks ethics switch (AJC, 3/30/12)
Gov. Nathan Deal talks with WABE about legislative session (Part 2) (WABE, 3/30/12)
GA House working on last day of session (AJC, 3/29/12)
Big issues still unresolved as General Assembly heads into last day (AJC, 3/29/12)
Georgia lawmakers pass abortion bill on last, emotional day (AJC, 3/29/12)
Lawmakers cut unemployment benefits to repay feds (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/29/12)
Sunshine law overhaul clears Legislature (AJC, 3/29/12)
Winners, losers from new tax reform bill still unclear (Dalton Daily Citizen, 3/29/12)
Sentencing reform bill passes, awaits governor’s signature (AJC, 3/29/12)
Audio: Gov. Nathan Deal talks with WABE about legislative session (WABE, 3/29/12)
GA lawmakers pass controversial abortion bill, wrap up session (Macon Telegraph, 3/29/12)
Shaky legal ground for drug testing welfare applicants (WABE, 3/28/12)
Public records changes headed to governor’s desk (Savannah Morning News, 3/28/12)
Audio: Changes to fetal pain bill could complicate passage (WABE, 3/28/12)
Rep. Collins not giving up on abortion bill (Gainesville Times, 3/28/12)
GA House, Senate have till Thursday to agree on abortion legislation (Newnan Times-Herald, 3/28/12)
College ban struck from immigration bill in House (AJC, 3/28/12)
Audio: Deal defends tax reform bill (WABE, 3/28/12)
Editorial: State trying new ways to weasel out of its responsibility (Macon Telegraph, 3/28/12)
GA Senate passes unemployment bill again (AJC, 3/28/12)
Senate unanimously passes overhaul of sunshine laws (AJC, 3/27/12)
Welfare drug testing bill moves forward (GPB, 3/27/12)
Ethics advocates blast proposed study committee (AJC, 3/27/12)
Property taxpayers’ rights bill approved in the House (AJC, 3/27/12)
Abortion bill skids to stop (AJC, 3/27/12)
Lawmakers back budget with a little extra to spare (AJC, 3/27/12)
Georgians petition Deal on health reform (Newnan Times-Herald, 3/27/12)
Commentary: The case for arming students (Savannah Morning News, 3/27/12)
The Hunger Games for GA schools: Less money, more mandates and micromanagement from Legislature (AJC, 3/27/12)
Opinion: Rushed tax legislation in Georgia (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 3/27/12)
Audio: Coalition of health care organizations demonstrate in support of Affordable Care Act (GPB, 3/26/12)
Senate passes state charter schools bill (AJC, 3/26/12)
Senate Republicans balk, complicate passage for anti-abortion bill (AJC, 3/26/12)
Opinion: Bills signals state’s open for business (Albany Herald, 3/26/12)
Editorial: Tax reform – Hits and misses (Savannah Morning News, 3/26/12)
An honest look at the value of ethics laws (AJC, 3/26/12)
Abortion bill passes state Senate (GPB, 3/26/12)
Tax reform impact hard to predict (GPB, 3/26/12)
Georgia hoping to convert settlement funds into jobs (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/26/12)
Lawmakers approve $19.3B spending plan for upcoming year (AJC, 3/26/12)
Lobbyists’ efforts pay off in tax reform (AJC, 3/25/12)
State, ARC awash in legal fees over water fight (AJC, 3/25/12)
Tag tax on its way out; to be replaced with one-time fee (Newnan Times-Herald, 3/25/12)
Why Democrats need a Barack Obama campaign in Georgia (AJC, 3/24/12)
Audio: Georgia’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law facing scrutiny in wake of Florida shooting (WABE, 3/23/12)
Tax plan passes General Assembly (AJC, 3/22/12)
Dems: Drug testing for welfare unconstitutional (GPB, 3/22/12)
House overwhelmingly approves justice reform initiative (AJC, 3/22/12)
Tax reform heads to governor (GPB, 3/22/12)
Major tax shift scheduled with state Senate vote (Macon Telegraph, 3/22/12)
Sweeping tax bill hurtles toward law (AJC, 3/22/12)
Commentary: The tax reform Georgia won’t get if this tax bill passes (AJC, 3/22/12)
Video lottery idea tweaked again in hopes of mollifying Deal (Savannah Morning News, 3/22/12)
Drug tests and classes for public benefits (AJC, 3/21/12)
Video: tax overhaul draws mixed reaction (AJC, 3/21/12)
State Senate adopts $19.2B state budget plan (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/21/12)
Opinion: State’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund in peril (Macon Telegraph, 3/21/12)
Senate passes budget, tinkers with HOPE (AJC, 3/21/12)
Commentary: Charter school legislation passes — and now the battle is joined (Marietta Daily Journal, 3/21/12)
Deal buoyed by legislative successes (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/21/12)
Editorial: On charter schools, Senate Dems prove they can be bought, too (Macon Telegraph, 3/21/12)
Editorial: “F” for ethics – Rotten Peach State (Savannah Morning News, 3/21/12)
Editorial: Now fix it (Augusta Chronicle, 3/21/12)
Editorial: GA tax plan – The good, the bad and the unknown (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 3/21/12)
House blesses tax bill, but critics slam process, consequences (AJC, 3/20/12)
Editorial: Ethics report should bring legislative action (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/20/12)
Commentary: No good reason to rush a vote on mediocre tax package (AJC, 3/20/12)
House defeats – again – ‘transparency’ bill (Newnan Times-Herald, 3/20/12)
Editorial: Ethics report should bring legislative action (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/20/12)
Charter school bill passes GA Senate (Newnan Times-Herald, 3/20/12)
Sweeping changes to state sentencing laws passes committee (AJC, 3/20/12)
Senate panel approves $19.3B 2013 budget (GPB, 3/20/12)
Commentary: Will Deal uphold promise to ban illegal students? (Marietta Daily Journal, 3/20/12)
Unsure of the new tax reform package? Join the club (AJC, 3/20/12)
Report: Georgia among riskiest for govt corruption (Macon Telegraph, 3/20/12)
First year of zero-based budgeting impressed some, not others (Savannah Morning News, 3/19/12)
Senate panel votes in favor of ‘fetal pain’ abortion bill (AJC, 3/19/12)
National study says Georgia is most corruption-prone state (Savannah Morning News, 3/19/12)
Opinion: Vote is a local solution to transportation crisis (AJC, 3/19/12)
Group wants ethics on table for Georgia voters (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 3/19/12)
Major tax, criminal-justice reform bills face votes (Savannah Morning News, 3/19/12)
Bill banning illegal immigrants from GA colleges clears House panel (AJC, 3/19/12)
GA lawmakers propose tax overhaul plan (Gwinnett Daily Post, 3/19/12)
Tax reform deadline approaches (GPB, 3/19/12)
Deal, GOP lawmakers quietly craft tax plan (AJC, 3/18/12)
State takes close look at video gambling (AJC, 3/18/12)
Commentary: Revolving door powers politics (AJC, 3/18/12)
GA drug testing likely to face legal challenges (AJC, 3/17/12)
Editorial: ‘Sucker index’ shows underside of state-run gambling (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 3/17/12)
Hundreds gather for Capitol rally against bill on unions (AJC, 3/17/12)
Governor’s transportation aide moves to DOT (AJC, 3/17/12)
Obama rallies faithful at series of Atlanta fundraisers (AJC, 3/16/12)
Obama arrives in Atlanta for campaign swing (AJC, 3/16/12)
Audio: T-SPLOST ads hit airwaves (WABE, 3/16/12)
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Lawmakers poised to break out tax reform (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/16/12)
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House pushes for truth in spending (AJC, 3/14/12)
Legislature passes supplemental $18B budget for fiscal year 2012 (Newnan Times-Herald, 3/14/12)
Commentary: Ethics reform still hitting brick wall in Republican-run state Legislature (Marietta Daily Journal, 3/14/12)
GA House pushes for truth in spending (AJC, 3/14/12)
Opponents of loosening gun laws rally at Capitol (AJC, 3/14/12)
State Chamber leader touts transportation tax (Gainesville Times, 3/14/12)
Savannah’s mayor takes port appeal to White House (Florida Times-Union, 3/13/12)
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Charter school bill in limbo (GPB, 3/13/12)
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10 days left in 2012 legislative session (GPB, 3/12/12)
Week ahead in GA legislature: Now every bill gets new scrutiny (Florida Times-Union, 3/12/12)
Georgia lawmakers send midyear budget to Gov. Deal (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/12/12)
10 days left: GA’s lawmakers in home stretch of 2012 session (Newnan Times-Herald, 3/11/12)
Legislative houses mulling over bills (Newnan Times-Herald, 3/11/12)
Minority of lawmakers in a standoff (AJC, 3/11/12)
Funds for defrauded homeowners diverted by state (AJC, 3/11/12)
GOP super-majority in Atlanta tough but possible (Macon Telegraph, 3/11/12)
Reform bill for criminal justice system awaiting committee action (Florida Times-Union, 3/11/12)
Social issues dominate this General Assembly (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/11/12)
Audio: Bill lays out new ethics guidelines for upcoming legislative session (WABE, 3/10/12)
Governor cheers state successes to Cobb GOP (Marietta Daily Journal, 3/10/12)
Education leaders say bill barring illegal immigrants from college is unnecessary (Gainesville Times, 3/10/12)
Panel looks into first immigration-related complaint (AJC, 3/9/12)
Alabama immigration ruling could affect Georgia (GPB, 3/9/12)
Poll position: What do other tax approvals tell us about T-SPLOST? (AJC, 3/9/12)
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Political pulse: Immigration bill doesn’t go down easily (Gainesville Times, 3/8/12)
State revenues grow 7% in February (AJC, 3/8/12)
Audio: Lawmakers consider stricter rules for welfare and food stamps (WABE, 3/8/12)
Video: Conservative social issues rule Crossover Day (AJC, 3/8/12)
Tuesday’s votes bode well for T-SPLOST? (AJC, 3/7/12)
Charter school bill passes House (GPB, 3/7/12)
Editorial: House proves again its disdain for public education (Macon Telegraph, 3/7/12)
‘All about jobs’: State econ dev director says TIA would create jobs (Marietta Daily Journal, 3/7/12)
Audio: Online charter school supporters lobby for charter school amendment, more funding (WABE, 3/7/12)
General Assembly debates education bills (AJC, 3/7/12)
Voters want legislators tested for drug use (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/7/12)
GA House and Senate pass bills requiring drug testing for welfare recipients (Florida Times-Union, 3/7/12)
Company helps GA counties get funding tied to illegal immigrants (AJC, 3/7/12)
Scaled back tax credit passes GA House (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/7/12)
Senate bill would forbid state insurance plan from paying for abortions (Florida Times-Union, 3/7/12)
Georgia could bear more of the costs of jailing illegal immigrants (AJC, 3/7/12)
‘Crosssover Day’ pushes Georgia lawmakers’ limits (Augusta Chronicle, 3/7/12)
Elections bill passes House, heads to Senate (Albany Herald, 3/7/12)
SC Supreme Court asked to declare port permits illegal (Savannah Morning News, 3/6/12)
Georgia House approves $19.2 billion budget (Florida Times-Union, 3/6/12)
Senate OKs bill to bar illegal immigrants from colleges (Gainesville Times, 3/5/12)
Senate votes to ban illegal immigrants from GA’s public colleges (AJC, 3/5/12)
Tax exemptions would be extended (AJC, 3/5/12)
Georgians to vote on penny sales tax (GPB, 3/5/12)
Georgia bill banning illegal immigrants from public colleges advances (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 3/5/12)
Diverted special fees under fire (AJC, 3/4/12)
Primary voters will face other key issues (AJC, 3/4/12)
Super Tuesday has potential for subtle impacts on Georgia (Florida Times-Union, 3/4/12)
Georgia partisan elections bill picks up steam (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 3/4/12)
Time is running short on charter school legislation decision (Newnan Times-Herald, 3/4/12)
Georgia AG works to boost Sunshine Laws (Valdosta Daily Times, 3/4/12)
Tax vs. transportation: Voters must decide if traffic fix worth penny tax (Douglas County Sentinel, 3/4/12)
GA lawmakers race to beat crossover day deadline (Augusta Chronicle, 3/4/12)
Gov Deal: Gingrich turns smart vision into action (Augusta Chronicle, 3/3/12)
Newt Gingrich and the power of nostalgia (AJC, 3/3/12)
Gingrich helped build conservative base in GA (Marietta Daily Journal, 3/3/12)
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Criminal justice reform bill revised (GPB, 3/1/12)
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Bipartisan group of lawmakers pushing video lottery to bail out HOPE (Savannah Morning News, 3/1/12)
Editorial: Death threats – find the vermin (Savannah Morning News, 3/1/12)
Court to rule later on Georgia, Alabama anti-illegal immigration laws (AJC, 3/1/12)
Georgia set to keep harsh ballot access law (Macon Telegraph, 3/1/12)
UGA historian: Bill seeks to take ideological ax to US history (AJC, 3/1/12)
Sunshine law update passes Judiciary Committee muster (Macon Telegraph, 3/1/12)
Federal appeals judges grill GA attorneys on immigration law (Florida Times-Union, 3/1/12)
GA, AL illegal immigration laws headed to appeals court Thursday (AJC, 2/29/12)
Judge who brandished gun in court to leave bench (AJC, 2/29/12)
Gingrich would expand Savannah harbor if elected (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/29/12)
Commentary: Georgia abortion bill ill-advised, medically (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/29/12)
A raw debate over abortion at the state Capitol (AJC, 2/29/12)
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Gingrich comeback hinges on Georgia (AJC, 2/29/12)
Charter schools bill tabled in the Senate (AJC, 2/29/12)
Video: GA House passes ‘fetal pain’ abortion bill (AJC, 2/29/12)
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Overhaul of GA sunshine law clears committee (AJC, 2/28/12)
Gov. Deal: Get more Georgians into college. And get them to graduate. (AJC, 2/28/12)
Bill OKs Ten Commandments in GA government buildings (Augusta Chronicle, 2/28/12)
Bill to tax some online sales headed for a vote (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/28/12)
Charter school amendment battle shifts to Senate (AJC, 2/28/12)
Tennessee River water bill clears GA Senate panel (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/27/12)
Commentary: Teachers get no respect from lawmakers (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/27/12)
Charter school bill crosses party lines (GPB, 2/27/12)
Atlanta caucus finds its purpose (AJC, 2/27/12)
House subcommittee advances Sunshine Law revision (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/27/12)
Before passing sunshine overhaul, panel bars photos, video of hearing (AJC, 2/27/12)
Sweeping criminal justice changes proposed (AJC, 2/27/12)
Opinion: Raising Zell – Keep up HOPE (Savannah Morning News, 2/27/12)
Bills on abortion, open meetings, solar panels up for vote in GA Legislature this week (Florida Times-Union, 2/27/12)
Drug test bill passes committee (AJC, 2/27/12)
Commentary: How hard will Deal try to stop video lotteries? (Savannah Morning News, 2/26/12)
Editorial: Smaller government? Careful what you wish for (Valdosta Daily Times, 2/26/12)
Commentary: State legislature is no place for moderates (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/26/12)
Editorial: Legislators, give up the goodies (Gainesville Times, 2/26/12)
Voters could decide on charter school law (Newton Citizen, 2/25/12)
Editorial: Open records laws are important to all (Brunswick News, 2/25/12)
Commentary: Poor, rural Georgians losing HOPE (Savannah Morning News, 2/25/12)
Early voting window smaller (AJC, 2/25/12)
Bill would require Georgia students take at least 1 online class to graduate (Gainesville Times, 2/25/12)
Opinion: Call bribery by its right name (AJC, 2/24/12)
Regional transit bill debuts, might die (AJC, 2/24/12)
Senate hearing held on charter school resolution (Newnan Times-Herald, 2/24/12)
Georgia bill blocking insurance for abortions gains steam (Florida Times-Union, 2/24/12)
GA Senate votes to reduce unemployment benefits (AJC, 2/24/12)
Abortion hearing met with support and opposition (GPB, 2/24/12)
Commentary: If social issues favor the left, why the deceit about the right’s stances? (AJC, 2/24/12)
Casino concern drives land bill (GPB, 2/24/12)
Georgia Senate passes midyear budget (AJC, 2/23/12)
Georgia House passes charter school measure (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 2/23/12)
GA Senate leaders back nullification (AJC, 2/23/12)
Water wars, voting rights top Georgia legal concerns list (Carroll County Times-Georgian, 2/23/12)
Editorial: Abortion too serious for legislative tomfoolery (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/23/12)
Anti-Sharia law bill advances in Georgia Legislature (Augusta Chronicle, 2/23/12)
Mid-year budget clears Senate (GPB, 2/23/12)
Claims of a painless HOPE fix with income caps don’t hold up (AJC, 2/23/12)
GA House votes to strip local control from school boards (Macon Telegraph, 2/23/12)
Georgia Senate panel rejects latest photo ID rule (Florida Times-Union, 2/23/12)
Georgia House passes charter school constitutional amendment (Augusta Chronicle, 2/22/12)
Abortion debate flares in Georgia Legislature (Augusta Chronicle, 2/22/12)
Committee passes bill banning illegal immigrants from GA public colleges (AJC, 2/22/12)
Two ‘green bills’ advance in Georgia legislature (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/22/12)
Winners, losers in new state school funding scheme (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/22/12)
Senator proposes new water bill (GPB, 2/22/12)
No surprise: House passes charter school amendment (AJC, 2/22/12)
Dems, rural Republicans may flip on charter school debate (Macon Telegraph, 2/22/12)
Video: Tea party groups unite at state capitol (GPB, 2/22/12)
Lawmakers keep on defensive over redistricting bills (Cherokee Tribune, 2/22/12)
Opinion: More views on ethics legislation (AJC, 2/22/12)
Opinion: Ethics bills have too many loopholes (AJC, 2/22/12)
Second charter school vote Wednesday (GPB, 2/21/12)
Generous tax break due for tightening (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/21/12)
Committee endorses bill to reduce Georgia’s unemployment benefits (AJC, 2/21/12)
Opinion: Ethics reform will restore trust (AJC, 2/22/12)
Commentary: Georgia’s lobbying laws should make you very mad (Marietta Daily Journal, 2/22/12)
Super majority in General Assembly needed to approve Georgia land grant to tribes for gaming sites (Florida Times-Union, 2/22/12)
GA lawmakers want to outlaw assisted suicide (AJC, 2/21/12)
Should Georgia exempt itself from federal law? (AJC, 2/21/12)
Deal mulls gas tax freeze (WABE, 2/21/12)
GA Senate Appropriations Committee adopts $18.5 billion ‘make do’ budget (Florida Times-Union, 2/21/12)
Slightly larger midyear budget clears Georgia Senate committee (AJC, 2/21/12)
Editorial: Term limits for judiciary intriguing idea (Albany Herald, 2/21/12)
Abortion bill gaining momentum, has support of Georgia speaker (AJC, 2/21/12)
Audio: Bill to ban illegal immigrants in state colleges gets new life in senate (WABE, 2/21/12)
GA House set to vote again on charter constitutional amendment (AJC, 2/21/12)
Editorial: Georgia in state of denial on welfare drug testing (Rome News-Tribune, 2/21/12)
Commentary: Tell lawmakers you’re serious about gift limits for lobbyists (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/20/12)
Gas prices add to case for delaying T-SPLOST vote (AJC, 2/20/12)
MARTA officials push back on proposals (AJC, 2/20/12)
Deal administration looking for ways to slow cost of treating poor (Florida Times-Union, 2/20/12)
Opinion: Georgia and water, again (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 2/20/12)
MARTA bill promises power shifts, more controls (AJC, 2/20/12)
Longer days mark legislative session (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/19/12)
Editorial: Effort to wrest local school control should be defeated (Macon Telegraph, 2/19/12)
Opinion: Expanding gun-carry laws senseless (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/19/12)
Politics is the link between roads and jobs (Savannah Morning News, 2/19/12)
Editorial: Georgia’s rural health care crisis just gets worse (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 2/19/12)
Georgia to play ‘big part’ in GOP primary (Gainesville Times, 2/19/12)
Editorial: Losing the public’s trust (Valdosta Daily Times, 2/19/12)
Gov Deal: HOPE income cap hurts middle class (AJC, 2/18/12)
Opinion: HOPE scholarships a question of coverage (AJC, 2/18/12)
Editorial: Gun proposals – unhappy hour (Savannah Morning News, 2/18/12)
Tea party to unveil ‘Marietta Declaration’ (Marietta Daily Journal, 2/17/12)
Let’s get serious about ‘equality of opportunity’ (AJC, 2/17/12)
Senators: Ban illegal immigrants from state colleges, universities (AJC, 2/17/12)
State sales tax pitch not bought wholesale (Macon Telegraph, 2/17/12)
Georgia House passes big cut to education equalization grant program (AJC, 2/17/12)
Senate rules: The road to kill the ethics bill? (GPB, 2/16/12)
Bill proposes massive overhaul to Georgia gun laws (AJC, 2/16/12)
Legislators seek action on Georgia insurance exchange (AJC, 2/16/12)
Governor offers compromise on disability services (Gainesville Times, 2/16/12)
Georgia Republicans fight back on HOPE scholarship changes (AJC, 2/16/12)
Legislators level mismanagement claims at ethics commission (AJC, 2/16/12)
Early voting totals ‘slow’ in region (Albany Herald, 2/16/12)
Lawmaker pushes Tennessee River as water supply (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/16/12)
Abortion bill attracts attention in Georgia House (AJC, 2/16/12)
McKillip grilled on his fetal-pain abortion bill (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/16/12)
Change to charter school bill could bring it more support (AJC, 2/16/12)
New review of GA charter schools finds they don’t outperform traditional public schools (AJC, 2/16/12)
Georgia tax revenue up in January (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/15/12)
Georgia Legislature considers overhaul of sunshine laws (AJC, 2/15/12)
GA Senate takes up charter school effort (AJC, 2/15/12)
Anti-abortion bills filed in Senate (AJC, 2/15/12)
Opinion: HOPE has been stabilized (Savannah Morning News, 2/15/12)
SCOTUS asked to issue ruling in water dispute (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 2/15/12)
Editorial: Come on Gov. Deal, negotiate a water war settlement (Times-Herald, 2/15/12)
Critics blast bill to require drug tests for welfare (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/15/12)
State lawmakers near halfway mark (The Daily Tribune News, 2/15/12)
Gov. Deal: No plans to change immigration law (AJC, 2/14/12)
Ethics; caps on lobbyists’ gifts needed in Georgia (Marietta Daily Journal, 2/14/12)
GA Constitutional Amendments often pass (GPB, 2/13/12)
Ala., Fla., ask US Supreme Court to hear water dispute with Georgia (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/13/12)
Editorial: Georgia won’t solve its water problems in Tennessee (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/13/12)
Georgia may take center stage in the toss-up Republican race (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 2/12/12)
Lobbyists handouts not fully disclosed (AJC, 2/12/12)
Tea party support fractured among candidates (AJC, 2/12/12)
Analysis: The politics of education is complex (Florida Times-Union, 2/11/12)
Labor Department may face makeover (AJC, 2/11/12)
Deal, Haley meet in Augusta about stalled port (Augusta Chronicle, 2/10/12)
Watchdog groups demand more money for ethics board (AJC, 2/10/12)
GA lawmakers eye Tennessee River’s water (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/10/12)
Editorial: High court rules for transparency in govt (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 2/10/12)
Commentary: Lawmakers’ plan to fix TIA makes sense, but will it go anywhere? (Marietta Daily Journal, 2/10/12)
Georgia leaders applaud nuclear plant approval (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/10/12)
Senate passes farm worker resolution (GPB, 2/9/12)
GA panel hears pros, cons of concealed weapon permit (Augusta Chronicle, 2/9/12)
Support for Georgia bill to end gun-carry permits (Times-Union, 2/9/12)
Passage of transportation referendum critical to ailing metro region, some south metro leaders say (AJC, 2/9/12)
‘Fetal pain’ abortion bill filed in Georgia House (AJC, 2/9/12)
Charter school amendment to wait for more debate (AJC, 2/9/12)
Georgia primary may not be a Gingrich slam dunk (AJC, 2/9/12)
Black Legislative Caucus wants to ration HOPE scholarships (Times-Union, 2/9/12)
Georgia receives NCLB waiver (GPB, 2/9/12)
GA Senate urges expansion of guest-worker program (AJC, 2/9/12)
Lobbyist spending jumps while lawmakers dine (AJC, 2/8/12)
GA House rejects amendment on charter schools (AJC, 2/8/12)
Rep. aims to postpone TSPLOST (Marietta Daily Journal, 2/8/12)
Cobb legislator’s bill seeks delay to regional transportation referendum (AJC, 2/8/12)
Republicans, Democrats offer charter school amendments (AJC, 2/7/12)
Business tax cut looks likely after two-year wait (Macon Telegraph, 2/7/12)
Handel resigns from Koman; cites ‘vicious attack’ from Planned Parenthood (AJC, 2/7/12)
Rural lawmakers: Charter school amendment is Atlanta battle; we don’t want to get caught in crossfire (AJC, 2/7/12)
Obama administration eyeing Georgia’s immigration law (AJC, 2/7/12)
Elections panel report urges easier ballot access (Gainesville Times, 2/7/12)
Bill aims to direct user fees to where they are intended (Macon Telegraph, 2/7/12)
Gov. Deal creates needs-based scholarships for Georgia (AJC, 2/7/12)
Budget forecast for 2014 (GPB, 2/6/12)
Sales tax referendum backers say suggested tax increase vital to future (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 2/6/12)
Cities, schools want to make up losses from proposed tax cut (AJC, 2/6/12)
Gov. Deal expected to announce needs-based scholarship plan (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/6/12)
Georgia primary shaping up to be bruising fight (Gwinnett Daily Post, 2/6/12)
Commentary: If gas taxes will pay for new lanes, why will there be tolls? (Marietta Daily Journal, 2/6/12)
Court strikes down Georgia’s assisted-suicide law (AJC, 2/6/12)
Audio: Gov. Deal announces needs-based scholarship program (AJC, 2/6/12)
Dems opposing GOP on charter schools (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/6/12)
Lawsuit by environmental groups seeks to halt Savannah Harbor expansion (Augusta Chronicle, 2/6/12)
Court ruling favors openness in government (Savannah Morning News, 2/6/12)
Rep. Jones: Proposed constitutional amendment affirms true local control — parents (AJC, 2/6/12)
Editorial: Open meetings – Win for transparency (Savannah Morning News, 2/6/12)
With House bill stalled, senator targets lobbyist gifts (AJC, 2/6/12)
Diverted funds aid Perdue projects (AJC, 2/5/12)
Opinion: Choice or cash? (AJC, 2/5/12)
GOP lawmaker: Democrats would bankrupt HOPE (AJC, 2/5/12)
Editorial: Directed money shouldn’t become state slush fund (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 2/5/12)
GA House targets charter school system funding (Rome News-Tribune, 2/5/12)
Tennessee watches as Georgia makes painful HOPE scholarship cuts (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 2/5/12)
Tenn. and Georgia resist health care reform (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 2/5/12)
Toll project spurs nagging questions (AJC, 2/5/12)
Debate brews as tax assessors plan hikes (AJC, 2/4/12)
Editorial: State fees – stop the ripoffs (Savannah Morning News, 2/4/12)
GOP lawmaker: Lobbyists not an influence (Newnan Times-Herald, 2/4/12)
Some lawmakers feel Deal’s gas tax plan could ease opposition to TSPLOST (Marietta Daily Journal, 2/4/12)
On returning to a needs-based HOPE scholarship program (AJC, 2/4/12)
House passes gas tax revenue fix (AJC, 2/3/12)
Georgia lawmakers dip into budget for toll project (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/3/12)
Activists partially satisfied with Republican ethics bill (AJC, 2/3/12)
Amended budget has immigration items (GPB, 2/3/12)
Committee seeks to cut red tape for businesses (Augusta Chronicle, 2/3/12)
Campus gun debate to heat up (Carroll County Times-Georgian, 2/3/12)
GA General Assembly calls for education changes (The Daily Tribune News, 2/3/12)
Revisiting redistricting (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/3/12)
New charges leveled over deepening Savannah River (Savannah Morning News, 2/3/12)
Map tweaks spur questions (GPB, 2/3/12)
GA House backs plan to help Georgia farmers get guest workers (AJC, 2/3/12)
GA Ports Authority director goes to Washington for funds (Savannah Morning News, 2/2/12)
Komen-Planned Parenthood rift has Karen Handel in spotlight (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/2/12)
Charter school amendment clears early hurdle (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2/2/12)
House spending plan would boost transportation, education (AJC, 2/2/12)
Georgians last in financial security (GPB, 2/2/12)
Perdue reflects on governorship, GOP takeover (Athens Banner-Herald, 2/2/12)
Bill would broaden state incentives for job creation, high-paying jobs (AJC, 2/2/12)
Vote gives OK to constitutional amendment helping charter schools (AJC, 2/2/12)
Editorial: Sleight of hand being employed to change the state constitution (Macon Telegraph, 2/2/12)
Editorial: The responsible downsizing of government (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 2/1/12)
Georgia looks to revamp Medicaid amid uncertainty (Augusta Chronicle, 2/1/12)
Lobbyists gave meals, tickets to local lawmakers (Marietta Daily Journal, 2/1/12)
Law would halt illegals’ admission to public universities (Macon Telegraph, 2/1/12)
Gov. Deal: Newt not a drag on GOP ticket (Savannah Morning News, 1/31/12)
Chancellor opposes illegal student law (GPB, 1/31/12)
Charter amendment could see first vote Thursday; lobbying intensifies (AJC, 1/31/12)
Social conservatives debut legislative scoreboard (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/31/12)
Much debate over bill to bar illegal immigrants from Georgia colleges (AJC, 1/31/12)
Deal urges caution on HOPE, TSPLOST changes (AJC, 1/31/12)
In Atlanta, housing woes reflect nation’s pain (New York Times, 1/31/12)
State agencies could ‘sunset’ unless renewed (AJC, 1/30/12)
Two education voucher bills could be headed for floor votes (AJC, 1/30/12)
Dem lawmaker: Democratic plan restores more HOPE (AJC, 1/30/12)
Democrats continue HOPE push (GPB, 1/30/12)
Growing pains, financial hurdles loom over state (Savannah Morning News, 1/30/12)
Spending, agency-sunsets to occupy legislators (Savannah Morning News, 1/30/12)
Editorial: State ethics – things just never seem to change (Newnan Times-Herald, 1/30/12)
Editorial: A more flexible guest worker program would give farmers a legal labor force (Gainesville Times, 1/29/12)
Local and state officials frustrated with redistricting referendum (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/29/12)
Common Cause director encourages support for bill to limit lobbyist gifts (Rome News-Tribune, 1/28/12)
Atlanta unveils legislative agenda (AJC, 1/28/12)
Commentary: How Georgia can improve schools (Savannah Morning News, 1/28/12)
GA liberals are gearing up to block unemployment-benefit reduction (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/28/12)
Democrats target immigration law (GPB, 1/27/12)
Editorial: ‘Birther’ nonsense makes state look idiotic — again (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 1/27/12)
Bill would end redirection of state fees (Newnan Times-Herald, 1/27/12)
Commentary: Why ethics reform makes sense in Georgia (AJC, 1/27/12)
Audio: As providers weigh in, state officials continue review of Medicaid and Peachcare (WABE, 1/27/12)
Editorial: Georgia’s voyage to brighter days (AJC, 1/27/12)
Bill would require welfare recipients to work on ‘personal growth’ (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/26/12)
Legislators facing HOPE worries (Savannah Morning News, 1/26/12)
Editorial: Political silence on ethics bill is loud and clear (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 1/26/12)
Pass charter schools amendment, get back to fixing education in GA (AJC, 1/26/12)
GA House leaders try to squash ethics reform (AJC, 1/26/12)
Regional transit proposal submitted to governor (AJC, 1/25/12)
Commentary: Watch out, the legislative shift in taxes is alive and well (Macon Telegraph, 1/25/12)
Ethics bill gets cool reception in GA House (AJC, 1/25/12)
Top judge surveys Georgia judiciary (GPB, 1/25/12)
Charter schools bill would change state constitution (GPB, 1/25/12)
Democrats to boycott effort to remove Barack Obama from GA ballot (AJC, 1/25/12)
School choice supporters converge on Capitol (AJC, 1/25/12)
Gov. Deal shakes up DNR board (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/25/12)
Georgia business task force outlines jobs strategies (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/25/12)
GA Speaker: Cobb’s wish to revisit transportation list has validity (AJC, 1/25/12)
Democrats: Repeal immigration law (GPB, 1/24/12)
Tax backers will pitch jobs (GPB, 1/24/12)
Audio: As Georgia considers Medicaid revamp, patient advocates continue push for reform (WABE, 1/24/12)
House Democrats promote agenda, including repealing immigration law (AJC, 1/24/12)
House Democrats to seek repeal of parts of immigration law (AJC, 1/23/12)
Opinion: Gov. Deal – Transportation makes sense (AJC, 1/23/12)
Legislative Dems push changes to HOPE (AJC, 1/23/12)
Spending cap likely a non-starter for lawmakers (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/22/12)
HOPE’s future may be more dire (AJC, 1/22/12)
State leaders discuss top education issues (Gainesville Times, 1/21/12)
Lawmakers hear about rising health care costs (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/21/12)
Private phones used for public business in governor’s office (Gainesville Times, 1/21/12)
Editorial: More, please (Rome News-Tribune, 1/21/12)
State budget talks to start in earnest (Rome News-Tribune, 1/21/12)
Can we continue to provide less and less yet ask schools for more and more? (AJC, 1/21/12)
Commentary: Expanding lottery is best option for HOPE (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/21/12)
Tea Party challenges GA lawmakers on tax support (Gwinnett Daily Post, 1/21/12)
$7 million to fund transportation study group (AJC, 1/20/12)
Tax overhaul to be done in bits and pieces (AJC, 1/20/12)
GA lawmakers seek federal constitutional convention (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/20/12)
Former environmental head joins firm that lobbies for reservoirs (AJC, 1/20/12)
Editorial: Government of, by and for the connected (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 1/20/12)
Commentary: Unlimited gift-giving is legalized bribery (AJC, 1/20/12)
Politifact rates Deal’s port claim ‘half true’ (GPB, 1/20/12)
Lawmaker sees little chance for state spending cap (Augusta Chronicle, 1/20/12)
Clearing the way for Georgia’s businesses to flourish (AJC, 1/20/12)
Editorial: Legislative grandstanding on federal budget is pointless (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/19/12)
Port official asks budget writers to press ‘gas pedal’ (Savannah Morning News, 1/19/12)
State agencies seek funding (Newnan Times-Herald, 1/19/12)
Lawmakers split on drug testing for aid recipients (Marietta Daily Journal, 1/19/12)
GA Supreme Court justice calls for judicial overhaul (Augusta Chronicle, 1/19/12)
Health care spikes worry GA lawmakers (Augusta Chronicle, 1/19/12)
Budget cuts will continue (GPB, 1/19/12)
State senators unveil legislative agenda (GPB, 1/18/12)
State attorney general confident water war nearing end (Gainesville Times, 1/18/12)
GA Senate Republicans outline their 2012 agenda (AJC, 1/18/12)
GA speaker ‘not inclined’ to reopen regional transportation tax project list (AJC, 1/18/12)
Tea Party demands repeal of transit-funding law (AJC, 1/18/12)
Commentary: GA House bill would halt immigrants’ admission to GA’s public universities (Marietta Daily Journal, 1/18/12)
Gov. Deal: Georgia economy stabilizing (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/17/12)
Zero-based budgeting resurfaces (GPB, 1/17/12)
Go Build Georgia launches without funding (AJC, 1/17/12)
Georgia’s Senate Democrats unveil agenda (AJC, 1/17/12)
Opinion: It’s time to reform Georgia’s sales tax (Marietta Daily Journal, 1/17/12)
Education leaders talk budget, chancellor talks tuition, fees (AJC, 1/17/12)
Lawmakers focus on budget (GPB, 1/17/12)
Gov. Deal says any spending increase should be small (Augusta Chronicle, 1/17/12)
Deal presents $19.2B budget (Gainesville Times, 1/17/12)
Savannah’s port and the regulatory problem (AJC, 1/16/12)
Tea Party: Repeal transportation law (GPB, 1/16/12)
Deal’s budget boosts funding for UGA, new doctors (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/16/12)
Legislature pauses to consider budget (Savannah Morning News, 1/16/12)
Audio: Budget analyst doubts Gov’s optimistic predictions for Lottery funding for HOPE, Pre-K (WABE, 1/16/12)
Video: Lobbyists’ largess makes large mark (AJC, 1/15/12)
Deal sees credits, tax breaks as good for jobs (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/15/12)
Cost of Georgia’s sales tax on energy used in manufacturing (Macon Telegraph, 1/15/12)
Editorial: Some glimmers in Georgia public education gloom (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 1/15/12)
Editorial: Sunshine law – Improvement needed (Savannah Morning News, 1/15/12)
Push to scrap GA energy tax gains support in 2012 (AJC, 1/15/12)
Opinion: Governor’s plan for Labor Dept is puzzling (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/15/12)
Political notes: Deal beginning to look ahead to 2014 re-election campaign (Savannah Morning News, 1/15/12)
No solution in sight for dwindling HOPE (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/15/12)
Editorial: Limit dollar distractions (AJC, 1/14/12)
Opinion: Georgia’s water situation – Our future rides water’s wave (AJC, 1/14/12)
Cobb Democrats take aim at voter identification law (Marietta Daily Journal, 1/14/12)
Gov. Deal’s plan stirs revenue questions (AJC, 1/14/12)
Governor’s GA 400 plan sparks alarm (AJC, 1/14/12)
GA Tech crime sparks NRA-backed push for campus guns (AJC, 1/14/12)
Democrats want healthcare exchange (GPB, 1/13/12)
2012 Legislature: To restore public trust, pass ethics reform (AJC, 1/13/12)
State of the State: Legislators react to proposals (Newnan Times-Herald, 1/13/12)
Commentary: State buzzwords: Jobs, competitiveness (Savannah Morning News, 1/13/12)
In Georgia, time to halt unlimited gifts from lobbyists (AJC, 1/13/12)
Two Cobb Democrats want in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (Marietta Daily Journal, 1/13/12)
Audio: Charter schools, water supply, T-SPLOST: Part 2 of a conversation with Gov. Nathan Deal (WABE, 1/13/12)
GA Democrats join defense of health reform law (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/13/12)
State tax collections take a dip in December (AJC, 1/13/12)
Deal budget seeks rural investment (Macon Telegraph, 1/12/12)
Governor suspends ‘Quitman Ten’ officials (Valdosta Daily Times, 1/12/12)
Gov. Deal considers taxing online purchases (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/12/12)
HOPE scholarships: A grim projection (Savannah Morning News, 1/12/12)
Editorial: Gov. Deal offers worthwhile tax cut, tax credit ideas (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 1/12/12)
Editorial: Gov. Deal’s ‘State of the State’ looks promising (Macon Telegraph, 1/12/12)
Dear Georgia Senate: Drop the power struggle, get to work (AJC, 1/12/12)
Gov. Nathan Deal raised $1.2M last year for re-election bid (Savannah Morning News, 1/12/12)
Savannah’s port big on governor’s wish list (Savannah Morning News, 1/12/12)
Audio: Budget, tax changes, teacher pay, video lottery games: Part 1 of a conversation w/Gov. Nathan Deal(WABE, 1/12/12)
Gov. Deal seeks more than $900M in new spending (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/11/12)
Lawmakers propose GA venture capital fund (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/11/12)
Deal wants to increase state’s spending (Gainesville Times, 1/11/12)
Commentary: TSPLOST needs to be fixed by GA Legislature (Marietta Daily Journal, 1/11/12)
Opinion: Expanding gambling talk comes up on first day of legislative session (Newnan Times-Herald,1/11/12)
Bill would give boost to business startups (AJC, 1/11/12)
Deal sets Georgia’s ‘course to prosperity’ (Gainesville Times, 1/11/12)
Governor releases 2013 budget (GPB, 1/11/12)
Welfare Reform: Drug test bill could bring interesting result (Marietta Daily Journal, 1/10/12)
Deal rallies support for referendum, business tax cut (AJC, 1/10/12)
Deal said he’s done what voters wanted him to do (Savannah Morning News, 1/10/12)
Georgia House to weigh regulatory reform (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/10/12)
Legislators talk HOPE, economic development on 1st day (Gainesville Times, 1/10/12)
Audio: Georgia governor’s 2012 priorities (WABE, 1/10/12)
Schools top State of the State speech (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/10/12)
Deal outlines plans for economy, education (AJC, 1/10/12)
Governor gives State of State (GPB, 1/10/12)
Legislative notebook: Migrant labor deal not likely (Macon Telegraph, 1/10/12)
Senate leadership feud on display again (AJC, 1/10/12)
Deal floats business tax breaks in new jobs package (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/10/12)
Editorial: Energy tax – pull the plug (Savannah Morning News, 1/10/12)
Editorial: HOPE funding problems are opportunity (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/10/12)
More bills would require drug tests for state benefits (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/10/12)
Georgia governor addresses tax exemptions, Savannah River deepening (Augusta Chronicle, 1/10/12)
Deal replaces Perdue’s ‘Go Fish’ with ‘Go build.’ But what is he building in education? (AJC, 1/10/12)
Deal to release 2013 budget (GPB, 1/10/12)
Deal has $850,000 in cash for re-election campaign (AJC, 1/10/12)
Editorial: 2012 Legislature: A mood of cautious fiscal optimism (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 1/10/12)
Gov. Deal sets two speeches to outline budget agenda (Savannah Morning News, 1/10/12)
Senate peace treaty brokered by Nathan Deal falls apart (AJC, 1/10/12)
Georgia governor adds to tax exemptions (Augusta Chronicle, 1/10/12)
Gov. Deal floats business tax breaks in new jobs package (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/10/12)
Criminal justice and tax reform on legislature’s agenda this year (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/10/12)
Senate sends education bills to Deal on Day 1 (AJC, 1/9/12)
Bill to tie teacher performance to layoffs clears Senate (AJC, 1/9/12)
Audio: GA Legislature 2012 – A conversation with House Dem leader Stacey Abrams (WABE, 1/9/12)
Legislature passes two education bills on Opening Day (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/9/12)
GA General Assembly convenes today; Deal speech Tuesday (Newnan Times-Herald, 1/9/12)
Editorial: State mandates on school funds aren’t working (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 1/9/12)
Legislature could get off to a fast start (AJC, 1/9/12)
After 1st year, Deal poised to make economy his priority (Gainesville Times, 1/9/12)
Georgia Senate passes bill on first day removing teachers’ seniority protection (Florida Times-Union, 1/9/12)
GA legislative preview: Budget, taxes and job growth are top priorities (Florida Times-Union, 1/9/12)
Projections warn of deeper HOPE cuts (AJC, 1/9/12)
General Assembly provides unexpected sparks on first day (Gwinnett Daily Post, 1/9/12)
Hot issues for this year’s legislature (AJC, 1/8/12)
Capitol Who’s Who: The most powerful players (AJC, 1/8/12)
Lawmakers: Traffic tax measure may be altered this session (Marietta Daily Journal, 1/8/12)
Georgia Legislature likely to maintain tight budget despite revenue growth (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 1/8/12)
Lawmakers to grapple with budget, taxes, sentencing and much more (Savannah Morning News, 1/8/12)
Editorial: Go easy on the tax ax (Gainesville Times, 1/8/12)
Wanted: Georgia jobs (Valdosta Daily Times, 1/8/12)
Georgia Legislature: More school choice (Savannah Morning News, 1/8/12)
Jobs, economic development should be top priorities of gov and legislature in 2012, poll shows (Augusta Chronicle, 1/8/12)
Georgians want lawmakers to focus on jobs (Gainesville Times, 1/7/12)
Voters tell state lawmakers to create new jobs (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/7/12)
Regional transit unity on agenda (AJC, 1/7/12)
Gov. Deal wants $10M to divert non-violent offenders from prison (Savannah Morning News, 1/7/12)
Commentary: Drop energy tax to make Georgia more competitive (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/7/12)
House names new committee chairs (Savannah Morning News, 1/7/12)
Education groups pushing to elect state school board members (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/7/12)
Metro Atlanta needs control of its transit future (AJC, 1/6/12)
Commentary: Tax reform-lite for Georgia (Savannah Morning News, 1/6/12)
Waiting game may cost Georgia control over health care (AJC, 1/6/12)
Audio: GA House Speaker: We’ve had water conversations with TN lawmakers; deals, lawsuits on the table(WABE, 1/6/12)
Editorial: State lawmakers scuttle very bad idea…for now (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 1/5/12)
Good intentions, bad laws: The 65% solution was 100% wrong (AJC, 1/5/12)
Commentary: Dear Gov. Deal: Go broad with plan to spur Georgia economy (AJC, 1/5/12)
Lt. Gov. Cagle carves ‘12 agenda, role in Senate (Gainesville Times, 1/5/12)
Deal proposed eliminating agencies (GPB, 1/5/12)
Gov. Deal: Restore pre-K days to stem exodus of teachers (AJC, 1/5/12)
Gov. Deal: State needs to add back 10 pre-K days (AJC, 1/5/12)
Audio: Will Georgia tax system overhaul make it this year? (WABE, 1/5/12)
Legislative preview: Rep. Horne to focus on tax reform (Newnan Times-Herald, 1/4/12)
Lawmakers put a bull’s-eye on illegal immigration, again (AJC, 1/4/12)
State considers repeal of education spending rules (GPB, 1/4/12)
Audio: State leaders propose reforms to federal guest worker program (WABE, 1/4/12)
Gov. Deal hopes tax fix can spark Georgia economy (Gainesville Times, 1/4/12)
Lawmakers prepare for big issues (Moultrie Observer, 1/4/12)
Cagle sets priority list as session nears (AJC, 1/4/12)
Ag Commissioner: Lack of labor hurt Georgia farms (AJC, 1/3/12)
Ag leaders call for changes to guest worker program (Gainesville Times, 1/3/12)
Legislative preview: Revenues up as lawmakers prepare to convene Jan. 9 (Newnan Times-Herald, 1/3/12)
New Georgia gun licenses bring added security, costs (Macon Telegraph, 1/3/12)
Georgia rethinks its prison stance (AJC, 1/3/12)
Editorial: Tax reform efforts will need careful watching (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/3/12)
A guest worker program for Georgia? (AJC, 1/2/12)
Legislators ponder Constitutional Amendment for charters (GPB, 1/2/12)
Bill to bar immigrant students (GPB, 1/2/12)
A guest worker program for Georgia? (AJC, 1/2/12)
Lawmakers to take another shot at tax reform (AJC, 1/2/12)
Editorial: Effective communication is key to influencing legislation (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/2/12)
Ports ask lawmakers for $46 million (GPB, 1/2/12)
Budget cuts threaten death row cases (AJC, 1/1/12)
Top 10 local political stories of 2011 (Savannah Morning News, 1/1/12)
Commentary: Immigration snarls (Georgia Trend, 1/1/12)
DOJ hands GA GOP a Christmas present (Macon Telegraph, 1/1/12)

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