The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


GA 2011 Archives


Georgia Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives

Budget, jobs on tap for Legislature (Albany Herald, 12/31/11)
State’s immigration crackdown is about to expand (AJC, 12/31/11)
State rep says lawmakers look to improve existing water sources (Newnan Times-Herald, 12/31/11)
Gov. Deal’s first year noted for bipartisanship (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 12/30/11)
Obama administration scrutinizes Georgia’s early Race to the Top work (AJC, 12/29/11)
Tax proposal could affect incumbents (AJC, 12/29/11)
Counties enforce immigration law (GPB, 12/28/11)
Deal approves water task force’s reservoir plan (Gainesville Times, 12/28/11)
Gov. Deal OKs water supply funding program (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 12/28/11)
Justice Dept approves new Georgia maps on first try (Newnan Times-Herald, 12/28/11)
Transportation referendum doubts linger in a growing Southside (AJC, 12/28/11)
On state DNR board, no future for a ‘green conservative’ (AJC, 12/28/11)
Redistricting may face challenge from GA Dems (Albany Herald, 12/27/11)
Keep an eye on Georgia Legislature (Savannah Morning News, 12/27/11)
Audio: GA Dems fight redistricting maps (WABE, 12/26/11)
Opinion: Savannah’s port – a plus for SC (Savannah Morning News, 12/26/11)
Lawsuit challenges Savannah port project (Newnan Times-Herald, 12/26/11)
AG Olens vows to defend redistricting (GPB, 12/26/11)
Deal’s first year as Georgia governor spent facing problems (Augusta Chronicle, 12/25/11)
Governor considering Bibb-Monroe border dispute (Macon Telegraph, 12/24/11)
Audio: Health insurance panel rejects federal law, recommends limited exchange (WABE, 12/23/11)
Feds OK Georgia voting lines, GOP advantage (AJC, 12/23/11)
Feds approve new Georgia political districts (Athens Banner-Herald, 12/23/11)
Court rejects Georgia’s request to delay immigration law case (AJC, 12/22/11)
US House OKs Savannah Harbor construction funds (AJC, 12/22/11)
Latest charter-school fight shows Legislature must act in 2012 (AJC, 12/22/11)
Georgia expects decision on new maps today (Gainesville Times, 12/22/11)
Editorial: Proposed SPLOST change misguided (Athens Banner-Herald, 12/21/11)
Editorial: The big flush – God help Jasper Co. (Savannah Morning News, 12/21/11)
South Carolina pulls out of Jasper Port (GPB, 12/21/11)
POLITIFACT: Norquist warns Nathan Deal on taxes (AJC, 12/21/11)
Jasper port fight reignites (Savannah Morning News, 12/21/11)
Investigators find cheating in second Georgia system (AJC, 12/20/11)
Georgia takes wait-and-see position on immigration (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 12/19/11)
No vision, focus or direction in state transportation plans (AJC, 12/19/11)
Analysis: GA GOP will try to overhaul state tax code (Augusta Chronicle, 12/19/11)
Savannah port to compete for funds (GPB, 12/19/11)
Georgia Tea Party targets some Republicans (GPB, 12/19/11)
Deal reveals toll lane concerns (Marietta Daily Journal, 12/18/11)
Round Two of state tax reform coming soon (Savannah Morning News, 12/18/11)
Lawmakers expenses top $1.3 million (AJC, 12/18/11)
Legislature’s dash for cash begins (AJC,12/18/11)
Energy tax repeal on Georgia wish list (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 12/17/11)
Audio: State leaders prepare legislative effort to reduce prison population (WABE, 12/16/11)
HOT lanes reversal reflects lack of vision, leadership for transportation in Georgia (AJC, 12/16/11)
Local lawmakers hold off on backing Gingrich (Carroll County Times-Georgian, 12/16/11)
Georgia, Alabama ask appeals court to stay proceeding on immigration law (AJC, 12/15/11)
Immigration panel approves rules, solicits public comment (AJC, 12/15/11)
Amendment would let students carry guns on college campuses (Marietta Daily Journal, 12/15/11)
Audio: Savannah Harbor deepening project complicated by SC politics (WABE, 12/15/11)
Immigration panel meets again (GPB, 12/15/11)
Editorial: Port deepening: Partners, not foes (Savannah Morning News, 12/14/11)
Survey: 55% back transportation tax (GPB, 12/14/11)
Water supply plan goes to governor (GPB, 12/14/11)
Officials: Abolish state school consolidation statute (Valdosta Daily Times, 12/14/11)
GDOT cancels public-private I-75/I-575 toll project (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 12/14/11)
Commentary: Tough choices about Georgia’s jobless (Savannah Morning News, 12/14/11)
In embracing Newt, conservatives take walk on the wild side (AJC, 12/14/11)
Lawmakers line up for Gingrich, as GOP hopeful launches Georgia robocall (AJC, 12/14/11)
Editorial: General Assembly addicted to scapegoats (Rome News-Tribune, 12/13/11)
New poll shows support for proposed transportation sales tax (AJC, 12/13/11)
Gov. Deal to unveil need-based aid plan, but it won’t help current students in college (AJC, 12/13/11)
Editorial: Credit Deal for scholarship planning (Athens Banner-Herald, 12/13/11)
Audio: T-SPLOST Campaign off to quiet start; pollster says that’s a smart move (WABE, 12/13/11)
Gov. Deal working on needs-based college scholarship (AJC, 12/13/11)
Deeper Charleston Harbor cheaper than dredged Savannah River, SC officials say (AJC, 12/13/11)
Nathan Deal cheerleads for Gingrich (AJC, 12/13/11)
Water plan draws comments about conservation (Gainesville Times, 12/13/11)
Georgia to require students to pick career path (AJC, 12/12/11)
Georgia legislators likely to focus less on immigration (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 12/12/11)
Not a lobbyist, Newt Gingrich says, but it looks like he was in Georgia (Savannah Morning News, 12/11/11)
Editorial: Lawmakers’ No. 1 priority is jobs (Gainesville Times, 12/11/11)
Editorial: Port-deepening lawsuit – case dismissed (Savannah Morning News, 12/11/11)
Commentary: Newt Gingrich is GOP’s Frankenstein monster come to life (AJC, 12/10/11)
Editorial: Just roll the dice on gambling (Rome News-Tribune, 12/10/11)
Analysis: Judiciary committees will be busy in Georgia (Florida Times-Union, 12/10/11)
South Carolina agency advances port challenge (Savannah Morning News, 12/10/11)
State tax collections grow 7% in November (AJC, 12/9/11)
Savannah River panel to appeal South Carolina water permit (AJC, 12/9/11)
Prospect of regional transit plan raises ire (AJC, 12/9/11)
Report: No evidence Deal worked to fire ethics officials (AJC, 12/9/11)
Forcing jobless to work for non-profits adds insult to injury (AJC, 12/9/11)
Environmental groups suit to block river deepening (Savannah Morning News, 12/9/11)
Editorial: EPD a familiar governmental contradiction (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 12/9/11)
Room for growth: Lawmakers support cutting tax on manufacturers’ energy needs (Marietta Daily Journal,12/9/11)
All Georgia counties now part of immigration fingerprint program (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 12/9/11)
Georgia November tax revenue swells to $1.36B (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 12/9/11)
Speaker: Georgia immigration law is fine as is (AJC, 12/8/11)
Groups join to end death penalty (GPB, 12/8/11)
New challenge for election maps (GPB, 12/8/11)
Audio: Anti-death penalty advocates vow to abolish death penalty in Georgia (WABE, 12/8/11)
Fingerprint program targeting illegal immigrants now running across Georgia (AJC, 12/8/11)
Tea party turns up the heat on GOP (AJC, 12/8/11)
Lobbyist to lead top environmental agency (AJC, 12/7/11)
Bill would end need for a permit to carry a concealed weapon (Athens Banner-Herald, 12/7/11)
In Georgia, leaders plot class warfare on the middle class (AJC, 12/7/11)
Tax reform debate will return when legislature convenes (Athens Banner Herald, 12/6/11)
Editorial: Higher legislative pay might mean worse government (Athens Banner Herald, 12/6/11)
Legislators consider transportation, education (AJC, 12/6/11)
GA GOP leaders offer up tax tradeoffs (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 12/5/11)
Grocery tax idea revived (GPB, 12/5/11)
Tax tribunal idea returns (GPB, 12/5/11)
Analysis: Work behind the scenes readies Legislature (Augusta Chronicle, 12/4/11)
Editorial: To decide on gambling, put all cards on the table (AJC, 12/4/11)
Audio: With Cain’s withdrawal, GA GOP tries to maintain appeal to African-American conservatives (WABE, 12/4/11)
Washington at work on ports (AJC, 12/4/11)
Editorial: A roll of the dice (Gainesville Times, 12/4/11)
Editorial: What’s working and what isn’t in public schools (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 12/4/11)
CAPCO investment law gets another shot (AJC, 12/4/11)
Proposal: State lawmakers should be drug-tested (AJC, 12/2/11)
No ‘plan B’ for metro Atlanta T-SPLOST? Not so fast (AJC, 12/2/11)
At-large voting districts challenged (GPB, 12/2/11)
UGA Council opposes regent’s illegal immigrant policy (AJC, 12/1/11)
Lobbyist to lead state’s top environmental agency (AJC, 12/1/11)
Georgia’s first lady back in her element with visits to Southeast Georgia schools (Florida Times-Union, 12/1/11)
Campaign energizes Latino voters (GPB, 12/1/11)
Editorial: Legislative ’silly season’ in full swing (Athens Banner-Herald, 12/1/11)
Unemployment bill may violate law (GPB, 12/1/11)
Lawmakers want drug tests for jobless benefit recipients, elected officials (Savannah Morning News, 12/1/11)
Lt. Gov talks education (Brunswick News, 12/1/11)
Savannah lawmakers back drug testing (GPB, 11/30/11)
Gambling supporters see hope in Sunday alcohol approval (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11/30/11)
Editorial: Justice system reform could be year’s highlight (Columbia Ledger-Enquirer, 11/30/11)
Opinion: Gambling – still a bust (Savannah Morning News, 11/30/11)
Commentary: GA leaders wise to rethink corrections policy (AJC, 11/30/11)
Pentagon cuts likely to cost Georgia jobs (AJC, 11/30/11)
Bill would require state’s unemployed to volunteer or lose benefits (AJC, 11/30/11)
Gingrich: Use revenue from expanded gas drilling to fund harbor deepening (Savannah Morning News,11/30/11)
Opinion: Gambling leads to dire results (AJC, 11/29/11)
Haley speaks on Savannah port (GPB, 11/29/11)
Editorial: SC governor on Savannah port: Hang tough (Savannah Morning News, 11/29/11)
SC’s Haley takes on harbor criticism (Savannah Morning News, 11/29/11)
Opinion: On teacher evaluation system, grin and bear it (AJC, 11/29/11)
Legislators to meet on regional transit (AJC, 11/29/11)
Editorial: State missing mark on teacher evaluation (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/29/11)
Deal inaugurates Georgia’s child hunger initiative (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 11/29/11)
Big judges quake in face of little agency (AJC, 11/29/11)
Commentary: Wow. Newt Gingrich condemns political opportunism? (AJC, 11/28/11)
Opinion: Repealing energy tax would be good news (Dalton Daily Citizen, 11/28/11)
Editorial: Georgia, SC must think regionally (Newnan Times-Herald, 11/28/11)
How a good job-creation idea can go bad for Georgians (AJC, 11/28/11)
Local lawmakers look to cut energy tax (Dalton Daily Citizen, 11/28/11)
Editorial: Why not Newt? (Augusta Chronicle, 11/27/11)
Panel seeks change to GA justice system (Gainesville Times, 11/26/11)
Ethics commission deals with challenges of change (AJC, 11/25/11)
Editorial: Frivolous bills are waste of time (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/25/11)
Federal civil rights commission to review GA immigration law (AJC, 11/25/11)
Tennessee and Georgia lawmakers eye pill mill crackdown (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 11/24/11)
Transportation tax vote may face challenge (Gainesville Times, 11/24/11)
Redistricting map review underway (GPB, 11/23/11)
South Carolina fights over Savannah Harbor (GPB, 11/23/11)
Haley rebuffs SC Senate probe into harbor permit (Savannah Morning News, 11/22/11)
Governor talks of state’s progress (Gainesville Times, 11/22/11)
Georgians urged to weigh in on redistricting plans (AJC, 11/22/11)
Editorial: Lawmakers need not re-impose state tax on food (Newnan Times-Herald, 11/21/11)
Opinion: Expanding transit a necessity (AJC, 11/21/11)
Business wanes as Lanier continues to drop (Gainesville Times, 11/21/11)
Politics underlies colleges, counties, cops (Savannah Morning News, 11/21/11)
Georgia lawmaker uncovers personnel problems at state’s newest department (Savannah Morning News,11/21/11)
Georgia panel looks into health insurance exchange (Washington Post, 11/20/11)
Editorial: Petition forgeries – protections needed (Savannah Morning News, 11/20/11)
Tri-state fight over water on hold while court deliberates (Gainesville Times, 11/20/11)
Overwhelming vote for education sales tax bodes well for transportation proposal (Savannah Morning News,11/20/11)
Opinion: High-speed rail in GA deserves careful consideration (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 11/20/11)
Editorial: Port of Savannah project: GA, SC must float this boat together (AJC, 11/19/11)
Four years after last drought, Lanier dangerously low (Gainesville Times, 11/19/11)
In Democratic dreams, Snellville is the toehold of a comeback (AJC, 11/19/11)
Georgia has ‘personhood’ bills (GPB, 11/18/11)
Panel recommends reforms to stem prison spending (AJC, 11/18/11)
Georgia presidential debate could sway votes (GPB, 11/18/11)
Nathan Deal: End child hunger in Georgia (AJC, 11/18/11)
Georgia ranked among highest in consumer distress (AJC, 11/17/11)
Georgia governor rebuffs horse industry officials (AJC, 11/17/11)
Audio: Georgia water taskforce releases draft report (WABE, 11/17/11)
SC & GA governors and senators try to shift ports debate (Savannah Morning News, 11/17/11)
State officials to skip forum on I-85 toll project (AJC, 11/17/11)
State panel approves water supply plan (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11/16/11)
GA Speaker’s focus is on tax reform, job creation (Gwinnett Daily Post, 11/16/11)
Lobbyists pay more than $5,000 for Cagle golf outing (AJC, 11/16/11)
Editorial: Some SC politicians still don’t get it on harbor deepening (Savannah Morning News, 11/16/11)
SC animosity over Savannah Harbor advances (Savannah Morning News, 11/16/11)
Toll roads a sign of political failure, cowardice (AJC, 11/16/11)
LaHood: ‘Deepening has to happen’ (Savannah Morning News, 11/15/11)
LaHood pushes Savannah port project (GPB, 11/15/11)
State senator sparred with student at immigration hearing (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/15/11)
Georgia license plates could sport “In God We Trust” (AJC, 11/15/11)
Opinion: Repeal Georgia’s energy tax (Savannah Morning News, 11/15/11)
Sweeping tax reform legislation promised by Georgia leaders (Newnan Times-Herald, 11/15/11)
GA asks feds to OK major changes in how students evaluated (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11/15/11)
SC River Commission votes to challenge harbor deepening decision (Savannah Morning News, 11/15/11)
Sporadic start dates muddle transition of Sunday alcohol sales (AJC, 11/14/11)
Commentary: School-voucher proponents ought to try the front door (AJC, 11/14/11)
Prefiling of bills begins for 2012 Legislature (AJC, 11/14/11)
Cobb delegation continues transportation tax challenge (AJC, 11/14/11)
Georgia to host GOP debate before March primary (AJC, 11/14/11)
Rep. Kingston: Port OK may not come until October 2012 (Savannah Morning News, 11/14/11)
Parks system becoming less reliant on state (AJC, 11/13/11)
Tax credit scholarship fund hits $50M cap (AJC, 11/13/11)
Atlanta scaled back debt risks — unlike Birmingham (AJC, 11/13/11)
Two Washingtons: Bitterly divided Georgia town reflects discord in nation’s capital (Washington Post,11/12/11)
On alcohol sales, religion gives way to economics (AJC, 11/12/11)
Georgia state workers told: Get healthy of pay more in premiums (Florida Times-Union, 11/12/11)
The lessons of Arizona, Mississippi for Georgia Republicans (AJC, 11/12/11)
Deal reached with SC on Savannah harbor deepening (Savannah Morning News, 11/11/11)
Editorial: Harbor deepening: Kudos to Carolina (Savannah Morning News, 11/11/11)
Reed, Deal to tour Port of Savannah (AJC, 11/11/11)
Savannah harbor deepening settlement reached (Augusta Chronicle, 11/10/11)
SC to hear Corps’ case for deepening (Savannah Morning News, 11/10/11)
South Carolina steps aside for port project (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11/10/11)
Some metro area voters confused about where to vote (AJC, 11/8/11)
Democrats criticize Deal administration’s lack of job creation (Augusta Chronicle, 11/3/11)

Can public officials be sued? SCOTUS to hear Georgia case (AJC, 10/31/11)
Deal not keen on casino gambling for Georgia (WXIA, 10/28/11)
Casino gambling a bad bet for Georgia (AJC, 10/28/11)
Trade agreements should boost exports here (Savannah Morning News, 10/28/11)
Study: Casino gambling could net $1B annually for Georgia (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/28/11)
Deal, others reject gambling (GPB, 10/27/11)
Gov. Deal: No expansion of gambling (AJC, 10/27/11)
Atlanta had greatest income inequality in US (AJC, 10/27/11)
Forum: Deepening vital to ports’ success (Savannah Morning News, 10/27/11)
Editorial: Georgians’ worries are well-funded (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/27/11)
Editorial: Port deepening: Keep Savannah’s edge (Savannah Morning News, 10/27/11)
Opinion: Georgia again needs progressive leaders to keep us king of South (Times-Herald, 10/27/11)
Survey: Some Georgians feel inferior (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/26/11)
Poll finds about 50% approve of Gov. Deal (Augusta Chronicle, 10/26/11)
GA transportation sales tax vote vital for ports, Gov. Nathan Deal says (Florida Times Union, 10/26/11)
State lottery board study: Three casinos could bring nearly $1 billion by 2014 (AJC, 10/26/11)
South Carolina to hear appeal for deeper Savannah harbor, Deal says (AJC, 10/26/11)
Deal, Reed boost Savannah port expansion (AJC, 10/25/11)
Deal hopeful of resolving dispute over port project (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/25/11)
Gov. Deal touts transportation tax to benefit GA port logistics (Savannah Morning News, 10/25/11)
Georgia seeks to strike down Voting Rights Act (AJC, 10/25/11)
State probes port permit denial (GPB, 10/25/11)
Georgia ports credited for 1500 new jobs, $295M in investments in Atlanta region (Savannah Morning News,10/25/11)
Twenty-five vying for 4 legislative seats (AJC, 10/25/11)
Georgia legislators succumbing to rainmakers’ spiel (AJC, 10/24/11)
Georgia jobs plan slammed as a waste (AJC, 10/23/11)
Nathan Deal again raids the Legislature for an appointment (AJC, 10/20/11)
Georgia to open second trade office in China (AJC, 10/20/11)
Deal picks lawmaker for public safety job (AJC, 10/20/11)
Georgia pursuing $70M, second Race to Top grant (AJC, 10/19/11)
Opinion: Lanes need time to show value (AJC, 10/17/11)
Commentary: Better solution – eliminate HOV lanes (AJC, 10/17/11)
Deal on mission to China, S. Korea (AJC, 10/15/11)
Editorial: Port deepening – the govs get it (Savannah Morning News, 10/15/11)
A taboo topic: Picking up the tab for Port of Savannah deepening (AJC, 10/15/11)
Civil rights panel chair to call for study of state immigration laws (AJC, 10/14/11)
Opinion: Deal acted wisely; just wish he could do more (AJC, 10/14/11)
Gov. Deal: Tweaked toll lanes can help unclog roads (AJC, 10/14/11)
Opinion: A HOT flash in the pan? (AJC, 10/14/11)
SC Gov. Haley softens stance on port deepening (Savannah Morning News, 10/14/11)
Deal names new director of Gov’s Office of Student Achievement (AJC, 10/13/11)
Deal launches college financing study (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/13/11)
Editorial: Governor, chancellor doing tough work (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/13/11)
Group to review changes to college funding formula (AJC, 10/13/11)
Deal to lead economic development mission to Asia (WLTZ, 10/12/11)
Gov. Deal to visit China and South Korea on economic mission (WMAZ, 10/12/11)
Video: Georgia Lottery sales falling short (WXIA-TV, 10/12/11)
Permit denial could lead harbor deepening project to court (Savannah Morning News, 10/11/11)
Funding GA public colleges not only on how many students start, but how many finish (AJC, 10/10/11)
Graduation rates to play bigger role in college funding (AJC, 10/10/11)
Deal relies on who he knows (Savannah Morning News, 10/10/11)
Georgia explores mergers of university campuses (AJC, 10/9/11)
Grilling with the Governor draws a big crowd (AccessNorthGA, 10/8/11)
Georgia redistricting map: DOA at the DOJ? (Mother Jones, 10/7/11)
State revenues continue upward climb, rise 5.6% in Sept (AJC, 10/7/11)
Georgia seeks approval of maps in federal court (Patch, 10/7/11)
Deal: Much is riding on success of I-85 HOT lanes (AJC, 10/7/11)
Did Deal cave too quickly on HOT lane pricing? (AJC, 10/7/11)
Deal says express lanes are ‘learning experience’ (WXIA-TV, 10/7/11)
Redistricting maps go to court (GPB, 10/6/11)
Gov. Deal to the rescue of I-85 drivers (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/6/11)
Georgia sends redistricting maps to federal court (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/6/11)
State sues for approval of new legislative maps (AJC, 10/6/11)
Sales taxes: Is Georgia next in line for (AJC,10/6/11)
Deal lowers tolls on I-85 HOT lanes (AJC, 10/6/11)
Georgia’s three horsemen of the Apocalypse Caucus (AJC, 10/5/11)
Gary Black and the shifting debate over illegal immigration (AJC, 10/5/11)
Timing of Justice Carley’s retirement will let Deal pick successor (AJC, 10/4/11)
SC denies Georgia permit to deepen Savannah harbor (AJC, 10/3/11)
$30 million reservoir may be solution to Savannah water problem from deepening harbor (Savannah Morning News, 10/2/11)
Immigration panel begins work (GPB, 9/29/11)
GA immigration panel meets, elects chairman (AJC, 9/29/11)
Quiet first meeting for Immigration Enforcement Board (WXIA-TV, 9/29/11)
Two APS teachers named in cheating report cleared and back to work (AJC, 9/28/11)
Georgia capitalizes on wind power (GPB, 9/27/11)
Governor urged to remove member of immigration enforcement team (CBS Atlanta, 9/27/11)
Immigration law may burden local governments (GPB, 9/27/11)
Immigration enforcement panel to meet this week amid calls for member’s ouster (AJC, 9/26/11)
Gov. Nathan Deal and the legislative Black Caucus – whatever works (Savannah Morning News, 9/25/11)
Troy Davis lost his life, will he win the PR battle (AJC, 9/23/11)
Video: Gov. Deal talks gas tax freeze (WJBF, 9/23/11)
Video: Gov. Deal’s take on the Troy Davis case (WJBF, 9/23/11)
GA’s Deal signs bill freezing gas tax (CBS Money Watch, 9/23/11)
A Democratic power couple calls it quits (AJC, 9/23/11)
Deal appoints GOP lawmaker to pardons board (AJC, 9/22/11)
Savannah ports chief sees funds delay in river deepening project (AJC, 9/22/11)
A Nathan Deal promise to defend Paul Broun (AJC, 9/22/11)
In Georgia, new geography won’t hurt GOP (Roll Call, 9/22/11)
Deal tackles the tough issues at GA Legislative Black Caucus (Savannah Tribune, 9/21/11)
The two faces of metro Atlanta’s transportation sales tax (AJC, 9/21/11)
Davis appeals fail; executed for ‘89 murder (AJC, 9/21/11)
Video: Immigration board member Phil Kent on ‘whiteness’, ethnic conflict (11 Alive, 9/20/11)
Deal says Kent is ‘qualified’ for immigration board (11Alive, 9/19/11)

Deal predicts Obama will seek federal money to deepen harbor (Savannah Morning News,9/15/11)
English-only group comes to Phil Kent’s defense (AJC, 9/13/11)
Climatologist removed by Deal (Athens Banner-Herald, 9/10/11)
Deal upbeat about rising tax revenue (Athens Banner-Herald, 9/10/11)
Gov. Deal restarts partnership with Georgia Research Alliance (Atlanta Business Chronicle,9/9/11)
State revenue up in August (AJC, 9/9/11)
More pressure on Gov. Deal to oust immigration board member (AJC, 9/8/11)
Immigration enforcement panel attracts controversy (AJC, 9/8/11)
New task force for transit bill (AJC, 9/8/11)
Carley to be state’s next chief justice (AJC, 9/8/11)
Deal dumps state climatologist (AJC, 9/8/11)
GA DOT Commissioner resigns (GPB, 9/8/11)
Who was the real victor during special session? (Bryan County News, 9/7/11)
Did Gov. Deal complicate HOPE in a way that penalizes UGA, Tech and Georgia College? (AJC,9/7/11)
Shadow joblessness plagues Georgia (GPB, 9/7/11)
Deal signs congressional maps (GPB, 9/7/11)
ADL asks governor to back off immigration panel appointment (AJC, 9/7/11)
Anti-immigrant extremist appointed to powerful state board (AJC, 9/6/11)
Republican supermajority on the horizon (GPB, 9/6/11)
Reading climbs priority ladder (AJC, 9/4/11)
Deal exploring paying extra for reading teachers (WSBTV, 9/4/11)
Georgia borrowing dips under Gov. Deal’s tenure (CBS Atlanta, 9/4/11)
Appointees to new GA Review Board include anti-illegal immigration lobbyist (Fox News, 9/3/11)
Georgia’s new immigration law requirements confuse businesses (AJC, 9/3/11)
Remap battle now heading to the courts (Marietta Daily Journal, 9/2/11)
Deal seeks drought disaster aid for 157 of 159 counties (AJC, 9/2/11)
GA immigration law enforced with help of new panel (AJC, 9/2/11)
Georgia’s Democratic future? (GPB, 9/1/11)
Audio: Congressional redistricting map goes to Deal (GPB, 9/1/11)
John Barrow is a political condor of interest (AJC, 9/1/11)
Barrow says he’ll run in new district next year — and win (Savannah Morning News, 9/1/11)
Dems weigh next steps on maps (GPB, 9/1/11)
Redistricting maps bound for DC (GPB, 8/31/11)
Drought conditions worsen across state (AJC, 8/31/11)
General Assembly heads home; court date could be next (AJC, 8/31/11)
John Barrow is the last Deep South white Dem standing (Politico, 8/31/11)
Georgia OKs redistricting, but parties split (Augusta Chronicle, 8/31/11)
GA redistricting session ends with passage of Congress map (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8/31/11)
Audio: Experts talk Georgia redistricting (WABE, 8/30/11)
Deal announces environmental infrastructure projects (The Weekly, 8/30/11)
Senate panel OKs congressional map for Georgia (AJC, 8/30/11)
The dueling legal arguments behind redistricting (AJC, 8/30/11)
New districts promise more polarized politics (Augusta Chronicle, 8/29/11)
Video: Digging deeper: Redistricting (WALB, 8/29/11)
Tea party builds steam at Georgia Capitol (Macon Telegraph, 8/29/11)
Probe sought Gov. Deal data; ethics official’s pay cut, job eliminated (AJC, 8/28/11)
Karl Rove’s strategy comes to Georgia (AJC, 8/26/11)
House Speaker eyes tax reform to boost GA jobs — just not yet (AJC, 8/25/11)
Nathan Deal pushes a Saturday adjournment of Legislature (AJC, 8/24/11)
New GA congressional maps look more cohesive (AJC, 8/23/11)
GOP redistricting plan would tighten grip on congressional delegation (AJC, 8/22/11)
State GOP forces Barrow into fight for political life (Augusta Chronicle, 8/22/11)

Redistricting would divide many House districts (GPB, 8/17/11)
A GOP packing of the Fulton County delegation (AJC, 8/15/11)
On redistricting, GOP is going out of its way to prove it’s not the other guys (Savannah Morning News, 8/15/11)
Maps would curb Democratic influenc in Fulton and Bibb counties (AJC, 8/15/11)
Audio: Special session to include more than redistricting (WABE, 8/10/11)
Opinion: A teachable moment in Atlanta schools cheating scandal (Washington Post, 8/7/11)
Georgia Democrats launch day of action (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 8/6/11)
Maybe they’ll call it ‘Discounted Dreams’ (AJC, 8/5/11)
Governor sells property to owner of adult video stores (AJC, 8/5/11)
Pawn shop planned for former Deal property (Augusta Chronicle, 8/5/11)
Editorial: Adjusting HOPE might boost graduation rate (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/5/11)
Ethics panel’s chairman stays put, for now (AJC, 8/5/11)
Ethics Commission unveils overhaul (GPB, 8/5/11)
State Ethics Commission tries to get past budget, personnel upheaval (11Alive, 8/5/11)
GA ethics chairman: I won’t resign (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 8/5/11)
Governor orders schools to draft graduation plans (Augusta Chronicle, 8/4/11)
Governor sells property that held failed sporting goods store (AJC, 8/4/11)
Deal wants more college graduates, but are we pricing kids out of school? (AJC, 8/4/11)
Deal announces plan to attack low college graduation rates (AJC, 8/4/11)
Head of state ethics commission to step aside (11Alive, 8/4/11)
Watchdog claims ethics chairman serving illegally (AJC, 8/4/11)
Gov Deal releases college completion plan (GPB, 8/4/11)
New congressional districts — and why Buckhead will remain Democratic territory (AJC,8/3/11)
Nathan Deal, KasimReed to reunite for Port of Savannah pitch (AJC, 8/1/11)
GOP in charge of GA redistricting for first time (Macon Telegraph, 8/1/11)
Audio: Nathan Deal on debt ceiling agreement: ‘Sometimes you take what you can get at the time’ (PBA, 8/1/11)
JULY 2011
Deal spends day in Middle Georgia (Macon Telegraph, 7/29/11)
White Oak fourth-grader becomes governor for the day (Florida Times-Union, 7/28/11)
Federal funding at stake in fight over debt limit (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/28/11)
Gov. Deal watching Washington (GPB, 7/28/11)
Deal asks state agencies to weigh impact of federal default (AJC, 7/28/11)
Editorial: APS scandal offers cautionary tale (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 7/27/11)
Gov. Deal: Confident that APS will get it together and keep accreditation (AJC, 7/26/11)
Lessons for Atlanta in Denver’s transportation tax (AJC, 7/25/11)
Opinion: APS still has reasons to be proud (AJC, 7/25/11)
An opportunity not to take power from Atlanta’s voters (AJC, 7/25/11)
APS board sanctioned by attorney general (AJC, 7/25/11)

If Georgia drives away immigrant workers, will its economy suffer? (Mother Jones, 7/24/11)
School board’s jobs on the line (AJC, 7/24/11)
Gov. Deal spends busy day in Columbus (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 7/21/11)
As crunch time starts for cutting transportation project list, battle lines emerge (AJC, 7/21/11)
Georgia to impanel immigration investigators (UPI, 7/21/11)
New panel to punish officials who violate illegal immigration laws (AJC, 7/21/11)
Gov. Nathan Deal calls Columbus a ‘bright spot’ in a stagnant economy (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 7/20/11)
Georgia approved for toll project federal loan (Forbes, 7/20/11)
Competitive collaboration: Business leaders say education, transportation tax imperative to growth (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/20/11)
Reed builds hefty war chest for 2013 (AJC, 7/20/11)
Deal wants accuser to pay legal fees in ethics panel case (Savannah Morning News, 7/20/11)
Georgia restaurants report labor shortages after passage of anti-illegal immigration law (AJC, 7/20/11)
Toll project to go to bidding, not sure when (AJC, 7/19/11)
Commentary: Should we trust in God of the state government? (Macon Telegraph, 7/19/11)
Long road ahead in firing Atlanta teachers targeted in cheating report (Huffington Post, 7/19/11)
Georgia may avoid federal budget cut impact (Augusta Chronicle, 7/18/11)
Gov. Deal asks metro leaders for jobs and economic growth input (WABE, 7/18/11)
Metro execs weigh in on competitiveness (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/18/11)
License plate re-vote underway (AJC, 7/18/11)
Teachers implicated in Atlanta cheating scandal told to resign or get fired (Huffington Post, 7/17/11)
State to reopen license plate vote after sticker brouhaha (AJC, 7/15/11)
Gov. Deal unveils Georgia’s new license plate design today (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 7/15/11)
Atlanta voters call for prosecutions in school cheating scandal (Southern political Report, 7/15/11)
New Georgia license plate: A kerfuffle over a particular phrase (AJC, 7/14/11)
Gov. Deal will fund charters with new revenue or cuts to spending (AJC, 7/14/11)
Eight charter schools get money from governor (AJC, 7/14/11)
State will kick in extra bucks to support charter schools stranded by Supreme Court ruling (AJC, 7/14/11)
Gov. Deal: Combine Head Start, pre-K (Augusta Chronicle, 7/13/11)
Deal suggests merging early-learning programs (AJC, 7/13/11)
Deal opposes home health copays in debt ceiling talks (AJC, 7/13/11)
Governor, tech companies push Georgia jobs (Patch, 7/12/11)
Gov. Deal knows “Where Georgia Leads” is technology (Atlanta Examiner, 7/11/11)
Talk of a Macon-for-Thomasville swap in redistricting (AJC, 7/11/11)
After six months, Deal gives himself  ’a B+;’ wants ‘an A or A+’ (Savannah Morning News, 7/10/11)
Deal pulls in more than $550K for re-election bid (Macon Telegraph, 7/10/11)
APS Timeline: The story so far (AJC, 7/9/11)
Report: Beltline streetcars, dozens of projects meet referendum deadline (AJC, 7/9/11)
Deal raises $559,425 in first half of 2011 for re-election drive (Savannah Morning News, 7/9/11)
Sharpton headlines rally against new illegal immigration law (AJC, 7/9/11)
Analysis: Time to let Voting Rights Act die? (Augusta Chronicle, 7/9/11)
Military agency privatized (Augusta Chronicle, 7/9/11)
Roadblock for light rail proposals in referendum? (AJC, 7/8/11)
Former APS Superintendent says she’s accountable for failing to prevent cheating (AJC, 7/8/11)
Gov. Deal raises more than half-million dollars in re-election funds (Savannah Morning News, 7/8/11)
Dougherty County cheating probe restarted (AJC, 7/8/11)
Big win said to be coming for I-75/I-575 project (AJC, 7/8/11)
State educator ethics officials await APS cheating cases (AJC, 7/8/11)
The implication of a routine appointment by Nathan Deal (AJC, 7/8/11)
The collapse of integrity at Atlanta Public Schools (AJC, 7/7/11)
Hall’s studied ignorance doesn’t mitigate guilt (AJC, 7/7/11)
APS braces for fallout from investigation (AJC, 7/7/11)
Investigation into APS cheating scandal finds unethical behavior across every level (AJC, 7/6/11)
Editorial: Regional answer to regional issue (Anniston Star, 7/6/11)
Opinion: The real winners in state’s legal battles — attorneys (Gainesville Times, 7/6/11)
Governor’s report details widespread, organized cheating in Atlanta schools (NPR, 7/6/11)
Experts say water ruling murkier downstream; Columbus officials worried about river levels (Ledger-Enquirer,7/5/11)
Gov. Deal: Water ruling bodes well for Georgia (Gainesville Times, 7/5/11)
Systematic cheating is found in Atlanta’s school system (New York Times, 7/5/11)
Gov. Deal working to bring new business to Georgia (MyFoxAtlanta, 7/5/11)
JUNE 2011
Judge blocks parts of GA immigration law (AJC, 6/27/11)
Who gains after a judge blocks Georgia’s immigration law? (AJC, 6/27/11)
Gov. Deal lops looming 1.6 cent-per-gallon state gasoline tax hike (Savannah Morning News, 6/25/11)
A bruising fight brews over charter schools (AJC, 6/25/11)
Estimate: Immigration law could cost GA $1B in crop losses (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 6/24/11)
Governor freezes gas tax (AJC, 6/24/11)
Deal: Jobs top priority of competitiveness initiative (Albany Herald, 6/24/11)
Ethics fight shows poor governance of those who govern Georgia (AJC, 6/23/11)
Race to the Top money not for GA’s charters (GPB, 6/22/11)
Gov. Deal and Education Secretary Duncan discuss charter school ruling (PBA, 6/22/11)
Atlanta-area police haven’t trained to enforce new anti-illegal immigration law (AJC, 6/22/11)
After GA Supreme Court charter school ruling: ”How we answer will define us for generations’ (, 6/22/11)
GA immigration law could impact transportation (11Alive, 6/21/11)
Nathan Deal: Immigration law isn’t about ‘color of one’s skin’ (AJC, 6/21/11)
Audio: Federal judge zeroes in on intent of GA’s illegal immigration law (PBA, 6/21/11)
2,000 cab drivers fight GA immigration law (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 6/21/11)
Clinton, Duncan to address Atlanta charter school conference (AJC, 6/21/11)
Federal judge to decide fate of Georgia’ anti-illegal immigration law (AJC, 6/20/11)
Wanna fly first class? Get elected governor (Creative Loafing Atlanta, 6/20/11)
Immigration law: Will teachers lose their jobs if students don’t return? (AJC, 6/20/11)
Judge to rule later whether immigration law should go into effect July 1 (AJC, 6/20/11)
Judge hears case against Georgia’s immigration law (CNN, 6/20/11)
Delta gives GA gov perks after getting tax break (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/19/11)
Deal gets perk; Delta does, too (AJC, 6/19/11)
Georgia immigration law could affect school enrollment (AJC, 6/18/11)
Tax overhaul pushed to ‘12 as distrust lingers (AJC, 6/11/11)
Deal asks for federal relief for GA farmers hurt by drought (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 6/10/11)
Farm labor survey results sent to Gov. Deal (AJC, 6/10/11)
Deal sticks with Gingrich, while Perdue said campaign ‘vibrancy’ was gone (AJC, 6/10/11)
Gov. Deal’s local fundraisers say they’ve already lined up $156,600 (Savannah Morning News, 6/10/11)
Tussle between Fox 5 and Nathan Deal continues (AJC, 6/10/11)
Judge sets hearing on request to halt GA’s new anti-illegal immigration law (AJC, 6/10/11)
GA school board officials: Locals should approve charter schools, not state (AJC, 6/10/11)
Independent monitor questions Georgia Power nuclear plans (AJC, 6/10/11)
I-Team: Deal campaign funds, Part II (Fox 5 Atlanta, 6/9/11)
Commentary: Deal’s port project is sinking (Gainesville Times, 6/8/11)
Peach State demographic shifts give Obama a chance in 2012? (Roll Call, 6/8/11)
Nathan Deal says no to Texas prayer event with Rick Perry (AJC, 6/7/11)
Survey: Nearly half of GA farmers report labor shortages (AJC, 6/7/11)
Gov. Deal: GA has added 22K jobs since January (Forbes, 6/6/11)
Deal urges support for transportation referendum (AJC, 6/6/11)
Gov. Deal: Guest worker program needs overhaul (CBS Atlanta, 6/6/11)
John Barrow’s redistricted woes may be overrated (Savannah Morning News, 6/4/11)
Georgia panel to study health care exchange (Forbes, 6/3/11)
Governor proposes farm work for unemployed Georgians (Creative Loafing Atlanta, 6/3/11)
Georgia’s big secret: State needs illegal workers (AJC, 6/3/11)
Georgia looks at forming health care exchange (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 6/3/11)
Water wars threaten credit of metro governments (AJC, 6/3/11)
Farm owners, workers worry about immigration law’s impact on crops (AJC, 6/3/11)
Opinion: Some social conservatives already talking about bid to stop Deal’s re-election (Newnan Times-Herald, 6/3/11)
Civil rights groups file lawsuit, challenging GA’s new illegal immigration law (AJC, 6/2/11)
Excerpts of the legal challenge to Georgia’s immigration law (AJC, 6/2/11)
Civil rights groups challenge Georgia’s immigration law (Reuters, 6/2/11)
ACLU sues Georgia over immigration law (GPB, 6/2/11)
Gov. lobbies for $70M for Savannah port dredging (Forbes, 6/2/11)
Deal appoints group to study insurance exchange (AJC, 6/2/11)
Gov. Deal hopes to raise $100K in Savannah for re-election bid (Savannah Morning News, 6/2/11)
To address unemployment, Gov. Deal proposes farm work (CNN, 6/2/11)
Commentary: Harvest is plenty, Georgia workers are few (Savannah Morning News, 6/2/11)
Georgia immigration law taken to court (LA Times, 6/2/11)
In DC, Deal and Reed work to build confidence in Georgia (AJC, 6/1/11)
Deal joins ATL Mayor to lobby for ports cash (GPB, 6/1/11)

DOT official holds power in transit referendum (AJC, 6/1/11)
MAY 2011
Whirlwind tour of DC for dynamic duo of Deal and Reed (AJC, 5/31/11)
Nathan Deal and Kasim Reed’s wonderful Washington adventure (AJC, 5/28/11)
Gov. Deal asks state to probe farm labor shortages (AJC, 5/27/11)
Delta gave GA GOP lawmakers platinum upgrades, then received $30M tax break (Think Progress, 5/20/11)
Immigration bill does less than backers, foes claim (AJC, 5/20/11)
Opponents of immigration law clash over GA boycotts (AJC, 5/20/11)
Group that fought immigration bill won’t support boycotts in Georgia (AJC, 5/20/11)
Medicaid proposal could cost GA billions of federal dollars (AJC, 5/19/11)
Deal cuts funds to plan UGA research facility (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/19/11)
Did Gov. Nathan Deal damage GOP presidential chances? (Below the Gnat Line, 5/18/11)
Deal signs budget, vetoes 9 bills (GPB, 5/17/11)
Criminal justice reform panel named (AJC, 5/17/11)
Nathan Deal vetoes effort to revive ban on anonymous campaign speech (AJC, 5/17/11)
Deal panel will look at school funding in GA (AJC, 5/17/11)
Deal signs $18.3B budget, vetoes college construction projects (AJC, 5/17/11)
A Friday night radio confrontation between a Deal spokesman and Dale Russell (AJC, 5/16/11)
Opinion: Gov. Deal needs educating on freedom of the press (Marietta Daily Journal, 5/16/11)
Cobb County Dems speak out against new immigration law (South Cobb Patch, 5/15/11)
‘Human Rights Summer’ announced in reponse to signing of anti-immigrant law in GA (, 5/14/11)
Everhart to lead GA GOP (Augusta Chronicle, 5/14/11)
New GA immigration law may face legal fight (Gainesville Times, 5/14/11)
After shower of boos, Nathan Deal loses fight to pick GOP chairman (AJC, 5/14/11)
Opinion: Echoes of history in immigration bill (AJC, 5/13/11)
Cobb reacts to signing of immigration bill (Mariette Daily Journal, 5/13/11)
Gov. Deal to visit Europe on first foreign trip (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/13/11)
Gov. Deal bars critical local TV state from event (CNN, 5/13/11)
State immigration laws may never be constitutional (AJC, 5/13/11)
Deal accused of sending mixed message (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 5/13/11)
Governor signs Arizona-style immigration bill into law (AJC, 5/13/11)
GA Governor signs controversial anti-illegal immigration law (CNN, 5/13/11)
Deal signs illegal immigration bill (AJC, 5/13/11)
Fox 5 banned from Deal immigration bill signing (AJC, 5/13/11)
Sports, tourism concerns raised over Georgia immigration bill (USA Today, 5/13/11)
Deal headed for England, Germany, Austria for trade mission (AJC, 5/12/11)
Lobbyist alert: Nathan Deal signs 116 bills – including billboard measure (AJC, 5/12/11)
Lawyers prepare to block immigration bill (GPB, 5/12/11)
Gov. Deal signs bill for tourism tax dollars (Savannah Morning News, 5/12/11)
Study: Deal appointed many campaign donors (Cherokee Tribune, 5/12/11)
Editorial: Illegal immigration: Crackdown mustn’t cost us our visitors (AJC, 5/6/11)
Opinion: In the big picture, boycotts do little damage (AJC, 5/6/11)
Tax reform effort not dead, Deal says (Augusta Chronicle, 5/5/11)
GA Dems: GOP says it’s against tax hikes but looked the other way when gas levies go up (Savannah Morning News, 5/5/11)
Deal signs bill to fund burn centers (GPB, 5/5/11)
Governor signs bill creating mental health courts (AJC, 5/4/11)
Activists urge Deal not to sign immigration bill (Marietta Daily Journal, 5/4/11)
Human rights group boycotts Georgia over immigration issue (AJC, 5/3/11)
Hundreds enjoy ‘festive night’ at Celebrate Georgia Gala (Gainesville Times, 5/3/11)
Video: Evaluating Deal – praise, even from the opposition (WXIA-TV, 5/2/11)
Take two for Nathan Deal gala (WMGT, 5/2/11)
APRIL 2011
Gov. Deal knows feds aren’t coming to the rescue on harbor deepening (Savannah Morning News, 4/30/11)
Deal to finally have an inaugural ball (AJC, 4/29/11)
Opinion: Deal’s first consumer test far from the Gold Dome (Macon Telegraph, 4/29/11)
Deal signs bill clearing path for Sunday sales of alcohol (AJC, 4/28/11)
Opinion: Gov. Deal should follow Perdue’s lead and suspend gas tax hike (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/28/11)
Deal building war chest for 2014 re-election bid (AJC, 4/27/11)
GA’s Deal to hold first re-election fundraiser (Macon Telegraph, 4/27/11)
Opinion: Governor shouldn’t sign immigration bill (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/27/11)
Two senators want AG to investigate Deal session with APS for open meetings violation (AJC, 4/27/11)
Obama blasts GA bill targeting illegal immigrants (AJC, 4/27/11)
Georgia gov signs tax break for Delta Air Lines (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/27/11)
Nathan Deal and the permanent campaign (Savannah Morning News, 4/27/11)
Obama criticizes new Georgia immigration law (Reuters, 4/26/11)
Deal says APS board willing to work together (AJC, 4/26/11)
Deal to meet privately with Atlanta school board (AJC, 4/25/11)
The archbishop and Georgia’s illegal immigration debate (AJC, 4/23/11)
Deal signals interest in tax reform bill (AJC, 4/22/11)
Video: Deal – Tax reform ‘probably’ back on the table in August (AJC, 4/22/11)
Atlanta school board gets the message…right? (AJC, 4/22/11)
Deal enacts criminal justice reform council (Duluth Weekly, 4/22/11)
Obamacare: Not peachy (FITSNews, 4/22/11)
Deal, Reed to meet with APS school board, superintendent (Buckhead Patch, 4/21/11)
GA governor signs health care compact bill into law (Forbes, 4/21/11)
New bill puts Sunday alcohol sales to local votes (SCAD District, 4/21/11)
GA lawmaker reviews 2011 legislative session (Dalton Daily Citizen, 4/21/11)
Deal signs health compact bill into law (AJC, 4/20/11)
Deal signs bill giving him power to remove APS board (AJC, 4/20/11)
Nathan Deal signs bill that allows replacement of Atlanta school board (AJC, 4/20/11)

Gov. Deal says state’s ready to back harbor deepening (Savannah Morning News, 4/20/11)
Deal OKs state role in Atlanta schools (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 4/20/11)
Lawmaker questions state’s new power over APS (WXIA-TV, 4/20/11)
Georgia may forfeit health-insurance authority (AJC, 4/19/11)
Deal reviewing new legislative bills (GPB, 4/19/11)
Atlanta asks for reconsideration of immigration bill (AJC, 4/19/11)
Georgia stands apart for not passing any anti-abortion bills (Florida Independent, 4/19/11)
Cobb Republicans helped pass illegal immigration bill (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/19/11)
Welcome to the wild, wild South; Georgia passes copycat bill of AZ’s SB1070 (The Indypendent, 4/18/11)
Immigration bill watered down (WTHI, 4/18/11)
Editorial: A bill that could backfire (Macon Telegraph, 4/17/11)
Georgia lawmakers get mixed reviews (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 4/17/11)
Deal against casinos for Indian tribes in Georgia (Florida Times-Union, 4/16/11)
Deal tells AJC he intends to sign immigration bill (AJC, 4/15/11)
Deal gets mostly good marks in first session as governor (AJC, 4/15/11)

Feds disagree over Savannah River deepening (Savannah Morning News, 4/9/11)
The fiscal insanity of a $220 million tax cut (AJC, 4/7/11)
Georgia’s farmers raise concerns about immigration legislation (AJC, 4/5/11)
Video: Reed wants governor to oust school board members (WXIA-TV, 4/2/11)
Deal announces $19.4M Race to the Top funds for charter school (AJC, 4/1/11)
Reservoir bill heads to GA Gov. Deal (Florida Times Union, 4/1/11)
Census could cost Fulton, DeKalb and even Cobb state legislative seats (AJC, 4/1/11)
Bill could mean major changes for DeKalb, Atlanta school boards (AJC, 4/1/11)
MARCH 2011
Georgia reservoirs bill headed to governor’s desk (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/31/11)
Bill on Atlanta, DeKalb schools sent to House floor (AJC, 3/31/11)
Move afoot to let Nathan Deal replace Atlanta school board (AJC, 3/30/11)
Nathan Deal: One year of Obamacare (Savannah Morning News, 3/29/11)
Lawmakers grapple with second budget hole (GPB, 3/28/11)
House minority leader Abrams ensures Dems get heard (AJC, 3/27/11)
Thousands rally for immigration rights at Georgia Capitol (WXIA-Atlanta, 3/24/11)
Deal: New health care law costing state, employees millions (AJC, 3/23/11)
Census speeds Atlanta toward racially neutral ground (AJC, 3/23/11)
Nathan Deal: Nothing short of health care repeal will save the states (The Daily Caller, 3/21/11)
Opinion: The politics of HOPE (AJC, 3/21/11)
Deal urges progress on water projects (AJC, 3/21/11)
Task Force tackles state’s water supply (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 3/21/11)
Deal encouraged by early talks in water dispute (AJC, 3/21/11)
POLITIFACT: Deal says HOPE helped universities become some of the ‘best in the SE’ MOSTLY TRUE (AJC,3/21/11)
Deal: My choice – reform or bankruptcy (AJC, 3/21/11)
Private school funding draws ire (AJC, 3/20/11)
Candidates for state GOP chair endorse secret ballot (AJC, 3/20/11)
Power, money, survival at stake over Georgia census (AJC, 3/15/11)
GOP torn between anti-immigrant fervor, business (AJC, 2/11/11)
Audio: Farmers, Deal and illegal immigration (Atlanta Public Broadcasting, 2/11/11)
Editorial: Georgia finally ends its action dry spell on water problem (AJC, 2/11/11)
Opinion: Deal’s reservoir plan is only one part of the water solution (AJC, 2/11/11)
Deal names campaign donors, relatives to state jobs (Savannah Morning News, 2/11/11)
Some employers worry about new immigration bill (WALB, 2/9/11)
The immigration game is getting much more difficult (Macon Telegraph, 2/9/11)
State revenue continues to rebound as collections rise in January (AJC, 2/9/11)
Opinion: Nathan Deal seems like a trade-up from Perdue (Creative Loafing Atlanta, 2/9/11)
Governor, Georgia Farm Bureau weigh in on immigration legislation (AJC, 2/8/11)
Two bills to ban Sharia law in Georgia courts (AJC, 2/8/11)
Audio: Deal defends reservoirs (Public Broadcasting Atlanta, 2/8/11)
Gov. Deal on illegal immigration: Questions raised about use of E-Verify (AJC, 2/8/11)
Deal, Ralston relatives get jobs with nursing home lobby (AJC, 2/7/11)
Deal winning style points early in his administration (Savannah Morning News, 2/6/11)
Georgia Dems raise ’serious questions’ about GOP redistricting plans (The Hill, 2/4/11)
With money short, time to honor HOPE’s original intent (AJC, 2/4/11)
Georgia’s pre-K program facing budget problems (WJBF, 2/4/11)
Alabama governor ready to negotiate water issues (AJC, 2/4/11)
Georgia voters hate grocery tax, want HOPE changed before eliminating pre-K (AJC, 2/4/11)
Redistricting duties removed from nonpartisan UGA institute (AJC, 2/3/11)
Opinion: GA prison reforms clearly needed (AJC, 2/3/11)
Neighbors cautiously eye Deal’s reservoir push (AJC, 2/3/11)
GA legislators considering AZ-style immigration bill (AJC, 2/3/11)
Office payroll under Deal up 30% (AJC, 2/2/11)
Gov. Deal pushing economic development (WALB, 2/2/11)
Gov. Deal plans to rebuild reserve fund (Bloomberg, 2/1/11)
State will continue fight against health care reform (AccessNorthGeorgia, 1/31/11)
GA officials praise judge’s ruling on health care law, say fight isn’t over (AJC, 1/31/11)
Commentary: Nathan Deal needs a Plan B on tax policy (Savannah Morning News, 1/30/11)
Deal, Chambliss in Savannah to push port agenda (Savannah Morning News, 1/29/11)
Deal says no to tax hikes (Savannah Morning News, 1/28/11)
Deal’s approval rating at 39% (Georgia Politico, 1/28/11)
Nathan Deal: Climate isn’t right for tax rewrite (AJC, 1/28/11)
Last call for dry Sundays (Wall Street Journal, 1/27/11)
GA adopts rules meant to restrict water transfers (Bloomberg, 1/27/11)
Lt Gov Cagle maintains power in redistricting (AJC, 1/25/11)
Deal says he’d support Gingrich (AJC, 1/25/11)
Sunday alcohol sales legislation given good odds (AJC, 1/25/11)
Deal announces 2011 legislative agenda (CBS Atlanta, 1/25/11)
Critics slam GA paper for doctored photo of governor as a Nazi (CNN, 1/25/11)
GA Governor depicted in Nazi uniform by Spanish-language newspaper (Politics Daily, 1/25/11)
GA lawmakers not pushing AZ-style immigration law (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 1/25/11)
Audio: Gov. Deal speaks on tri-state water dispute (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 1/25/11)
Audio: Deal announces water and education plans (Public Broadcasting Atlanta, 1/25/11)
Deal to create task forces for jobs, water and school funding (Augusta Chronicle, 1/25/11)
Deal casting wide net for advice on issues (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/25/11)
Deal supports sales tax as revenue source (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/25/11)
Analysis: Deal takes the reins with a firm grasp (Augusta Chronicle, 1/22/11)
Governor receives land from bankrupt daughter (AJC, 1/20/11)
Georgia governor warns of fed health law’s costs (Bloomberg, 1/19/11)
Deal: Hands off Atlanta schools, for now (AJC, 1/19/11)
Does SACS have enough cause to put APS on probation? (AJC, 1/19/11)
Opinion: Nathan Deal’s false beliefs about taxes (AJC, 1/19/11)
Deal, lawmakers meet on Atlanta schools’ probation (Macon Telegraph, 1/19/11)
Opinion: Budget, tax reform will top legislative session (Savannah Morning News, 1/19/11)
Business leader ‘outraged’ over city’s dysfunctional school board (11 Alive Atlanta, 1/19/11)
Legislative session gets off to unusual start (Fayette County News, 1/18/11)
Atlanta Public Schools put on probation (AJC, 1/18/11)
GA state budget called ‘difficult challenge’ (Augusta Chronicle, 1/18/11)
About that photo of Nathan Deal in Hitler garb (AJC, 1/18/11)
Gov. Deal warns of budget challenges (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/18/11)
Hispanic newspaper depicts Deal as Hitler (CBS Atlanta, 1/18/11)
Lawmakers to dig into Deal’s proposed cuts (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/17/11)
Atlanta school system to learn SACS fate Tuesday (AJC, 1/17/11)
Gov. Deal’s budget leans on job cuts (AJC, 1/17/11)
GA educators wary of Deal promises as Legislature readies for session (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 1/17/11)
Opinion: Will Deal lead us to real ethics and accountability reform? (Times-Herald, 1/17/11)
Analysis: Perdue leaves his mark, writ in ink, not in stone (Florida Times-Union, 1/10/11)
Snow cancels most of Deal’s inaugural activities (WXIA-TV, 1/9/11)
Deal inauguration moving indoors (AJC, 1/9/11)
Deal brings in campaign cash since winning gubernatorial election (AJC, 1/8/11)
Sandra Deal remains true to her core values (AJC, 1/7/11)
Perdue’s tenure is ending, but his legacy’s on hold (AJC, 1/7/11)
Deal sets up blind trust to oversee his assets (Macon Telegraph, 1/7/11)
Another lesson in ‘a phone call on behalf of the constituency of one’ is not like any other (Peach Pundit, 1/6/11)
Issues to watch as lawmakers return to Atlanta (AJC, 1/6/11)
Deal restructures debt as Feb 1 deadline loomed (AJC, 1/6/11)
Gov-elect Deal answers tough questions before inauguration (CBS Atlanta, 1/4/11)
GOP congressman wants to put Atlanta-Chattanooga high-speed rail on hold (Chattanooga Times Free Press,1/4/11)
Gainesville a fresh wellspring of political influence (AJC, 1/1/11)

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