The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


GA 2010 Archives


Georgia’s Governor’s Race 2010 Archives:

Latino officials say new law could hurt state (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 12/31/10)
Perdue appoints DNR replacement for Oaky Woods purchase critic (AJC, 12/30/10)
Top 5 winners in Georgia Politics in 2010 (Georgia Politico, 12/28/10)
Judicial watchdog agency’s budget almost dry (AJC, 12/28/10)
Top 5 Losers in Georgia Politics in 2010 (Georgia Politico, 12/27/10)
Gov. Perdue’s legacy is a Republican state (Albany Herald, 12/27/10)
Opinion: Deal seems to be preparing for the tough days ahead (Newnan Times-Herald, 12/27/10)
Money is the issue as GA legislators return Jan 10 (Florida Times-Union, 12/26/10)
Deal backs reservoir plans (Walton Tribune, 12/25/10)
Perdue warns GOP against having a ‘gang-type mentality’ on immigration (Huffington Post, 12/23/10)
Deal backtracks on campaign promise; removing GA 400 toll may not be possible (WXIA-TV, 12/22/10)
Country artists to perform for Deal inauguration (AJC, 12/22/10)
Another Democrat becomes a Republican in GA House (AJC, 12/21/10)
Analysis: Look for Deal to trim Georgia government (Augusta Chronicle, 12/20/10)
Deal gets rid of revenue commissioner who investigated his business dealings (AJC, 12/17/10)
Deal: State government workforce too big (AJC, 12/16/10)
A modest proposal to transform HOPE (AJC, 12/15/10)
Editorial: Legislators make token move on pay hike (Athens Banner-Herald, 12/15/10)
Deal wants new reservoirs (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 12/15/10)
Water panel passes new conservation measures (AJC, 12/15/10)
Georgia competes with Arizona for title of top anti-immigrant state (Imagine 2050, 12/14/10)
Dems lose another state lawmaker (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 12/14/10)
Deal hints at priorities (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 12/14/10)
More sales tax, less income taxes likely recommendation (AJC, 12/14/10)
Deal: Cut GA corporate income tax (Bloomberg, 12/14/10)
Senate’s budget writer says state’s hole is deeper than predicted (AJC, 12/13/10)
Deal warns of cuts to K-12, need to ‘salvage’ HOPE (AJC, 12/8/10)
Oaky Woods at double the price in a down market (AJC, 12/8/10)
GA Dems Barrow and Bishop confront an uncertain redistricting fate (Washington Post, 12/7/10)
Deal promises smaller government to GA farmers (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/6/10)
GA GOP chair contest a challenge to Deal (AJC, 12/6/10)
With Democrats in twilight, a new political game emerges (AJC, 12/4/10)
GOP lawmaker wants state to pay full cost of deepening port (Savannah Morning News, 12/3/10)
Discordant notes over Port of Savannah funding (AJC, 12/3/10)
Gov-elect Deal’s DC ties could help state (AJC, 12/2/10)
Ray McBerry accuses Henry County mom of libel (AJC, 12/1/10)
Deal to discuss key issues with Obama (Gainesville Times, 12/1/10)
New governor and bigger GOP caucus could usher in new era in gun laws (AJC, 12/1/10)

On transportation, Perdue didn’t do much, Deal likely to do even less (AJC, 11/29/10)
Deal chooses lobbyist for economic development post (AJC, 11/29/10)
Editorial: Deal transition raises questions about his focus (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/28/10)
Democrats are becoming a minority party – in more ways than one (Savannah Morning News, 11/28/10)
Deal transition quiet but methodical (AJC, 11/24/10)
After trauma network defeat, GOP leaders worried about 2012 tax referendum (AJC, 11/24/10)
The North-South divide in GA politics (Savannah Morning News, 11/23/10)
GA bankrolls half of unemployment benefits with fed loans (AJC, 11/22/10)
Deal transition team full of lobbyists, business leaders (AJC, 11/21/10)
How Democrats can avoid the next fight over the GA flag (AJC, 11/20/10)
Deal to put assets in trust (AJC, 11/19/10)
Is Georgia’s Deal ready to make water deal? (Anniston Star, 11/18/10)
The price of the earmark ban in Georgia (AJC, 11/17/10)
GOP Senators stage a backstage coup against Lt. Gov Cagle (AJC, 11/5/10)
State legislators consider AZ-style law on immigration crackdown (AJC, 11/17/10)
Editorial: Deal inaugural plans missing ‘tasteful’ mark (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/17/10)
Georgia Libertarians just dangerous enough to be interesting (Savannah Morning News, 11/14/10)
Thurmond says Dems need more whites (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/12/10)
Thurmond warns of Democrats’ ‘political crisis’ (AJC, 11/11/10)  +++
White, rural Democrats a vanishing breed in Georgia (Athens Banner-Herald, 11/9/10)
Analysis: Deal win continues GOP trend in Georgia (Macon Telegraph, 11/8/10)
Democrats lick their wounds – Brown announces support for Thurmond as party chair (AJC, 11/4/10)
Deal faces large to-do list, estimated $2 billion deficit (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11/4/10)
Democrats are toast in Georgia (AJC, 11/4/10) +++
Deal  prevails after winning key counties in North and South Georgia (AJC, 11/4/10)
Republicans surge in Georgia takeover (Macon Telegraph, 11/4/10)
GOP rides wave to control every statewide office (AJC, 11/2/10)
AJC poll shows Barnes, Deal likely heading toward runoff (AJC, 10/31/10) +++
Tea Party shirts, hats, buttons barred from GA voting sites (AJC, 10/31/10) +++
Guber candidates clash in debate double-header (AJC, 10/30/10)
Obama to Barnes: ‘I’ll come down and cuss you if you want’ (AJC, 10/28/10) +++
Some pointed questions for wannabe Gov. Deal (AJC, 10/27/10)
Dozen guber debates may be a record-breaker (AJC, 10/27/10)
Governor’s race could be headed for post-Thanksgiving finish (AJC, 10/27/10) ++++
Guber hopefuls talk taxes, Sunday alcohol sales, gay marriage (AJC, 10/26/10)
Barnes, Deal swap cries of lies over ads (AJC, 10/20/10)
Barnes adds his own soundtrack to Nathan Deal’s exit (AJC, 10/20/10)
Hispanics weigh in on GA gov race (NewsChannel9, 10/19/10)
Democrats file ethics complaint against Deal over contributions (AJC, 10/19/10)
Barnes, Deal wrangle over 1980s domestic violence legislation (Savannah Morning News, 10/19/10)
Deal interested in east-west connector south of Atlanta (Gainesville Times, 10/19/10)
Wheels are turning on the African-American GOTV machine (AJC, 10/19/10)
Deal, top staff member skirted House payment rules (Roll Call, 10/19/10)
NRA: thumbs up to both Deal and Barnes (AJC, 10/19/10)
Barnes, Deal target women voters in final two weeks of campaign (AJC, 10/18/10)
Expect nastier ads in GA election (AJC, 10/18/10)
Energized GOP turns up heat (AJC, 10/18/10)
Barnes, Deal spar in feisty debate (AJC, 10/14/10)
Barnes got tax break for property he didn’t own (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/14/10)
Nathan Deal the congressman aiding Nathan Deal the constituent (AJC, 10/14/10)
AP investigation: Deal lobbied on landfill (Washington Post, 10/13/10)
Deal lobbied for landfill (AJC, 10/13/10)
Nathan Deal business under fire again (Politico, 10/13/10)
Deal, Barnes, Monds spar over ethics, energy, flag (AJC, 10/13/10)
Barnes, Deal pitch employment plans (AJC, 10/13/10)
Deal’s plan: cut corporate income tax (AJC, 10/13/10)
Barnes plan: remove capital gains tax for 2 years (AJC, 10/13/10)
Deal, Barnes far apart on health reform (Southern Political Report, 10/13/10)
Barnes: three states won’t meet judge’s deadline to resolve water dispute (AJC, 10/13/10)
Huckabee to raise money for Deal’s guber bid (AJC, 10/13/10)
Barnes says Deal must return $136,970 in ‘illegal’ campaign contributions (Savannah Morning News, 10/12/10)
Barnes returns to campaign trail; family members doing ‘fine’ (AJC, 10/12/10)
Georgia deserves better and you do have options… (Peach Pundit, 10/10/10)
Deal’s federal taxes baffling (AJC, 10/10/10)
Analysis: Roy Barnes shares Deal problem (Augusta Chronicle, 10/10/10)
Barnes has slight lead over Deal in fundraising (Savannah Morning News, 10/8/10)
Candidate’s debt leaves GOP feeling burned (Wall Street Journal, 10/8/10)
Is Roy Barnes closing the gap with Deal? (Creative Loafing Atlanta, 10/7/10)
GOP: Barnes law firm appeared in 37 cases before judges he appointed (Savannah Morning News, 10/7/10)
Deal hits 50% in Rasmussen poll (AJC, 10/7/10)
Barnes, Deal talk taxes, tri-state water dispute (AJC, 10/7/10)
Deal’s path to victory in GA Gov (National Journal, 10/6/10)
Deal levels a first attack on Barnes (AJC, 10/5/10)
Attack ads don’t appear to be cutting into Deal’s lead (Florida Times-Union, 10/4/10)
Guber candidates appear feisty in first televised debate (AJC, 10/3/10)
Romney throws support behind Deal (AJC, 10/1/10)
Barnes unveils plan to boost state economy (AJC, 9/30/10)
RNC threatens legal action over Barnes use of “GOP” (AJC, 9/30/10)
Judge reopens bankruptcy filing by Deal’s daughter, son-in-law (AJC, 9/28/10)
Barnes maintains ties to Long (AJC, 9/28/10)
Barnes mixes Southern charm, shrewd intellect (AJC, 9/27/10)
Barnes, Deal oppose water transfer (Augusta Chronicle, 9/26/10)
Deal has lengthy political resume (Augusta Chronicle, 9/25/10)
Deal campaign paid $135K to lease aircrafts from company Deal co-owns (AJC, 9/25/10)
RGA ad brings back Dale Peterson to aim at Barnes (Wall Street Journal, 9/23/10)
Poll: Nathan Deal maintains lead despite financial revelations (AJC, 9/23/10)
New explanation given for loans Deal obtained in 2009 (AJC, 9/23/10)
Barnes announces Republican endorsements (AJC, 9/23/10)
Sabato: GA GOP ‘goofed’ in picking Deal (AJC, 9/22/10)
Deal’s youngest daughter defends the family’s honor (AJC, 9/22/10)
Barnes cancels an Eddie Long fundraiser (AJC, 9/22/10)
Deal favors regional transportation tax for projects (AJC, 9/21/10)
Daughter’s bankruptcy papers didn’t mention Deal (AJC, 9/20/10)
New Barnes ad: Deal is ‘slippery as a bag of snakes’ (AJC, 9/20/10)
As Nathan Deal stews, Libertarians dream big (AJC, 9/20/10)
GA voters express strong opinions on education, taxes (AJC, 9/20/10)
Each party has its own challenges this fall (AJC, 9/19/10)
Poll: State GOP could sweep to victory (AJC, 9/19/10)
Finances, family and Nathan Deal’s run for governor (AJC, 9/18/10)
Georgia voters touting fiscal issues in new poll (Augusta Chronicle, 9/18/10)
Deal. Real. Need to reveal (AJC, 9/18/10)
Barnes: State recovering from recession, but more work needed (AJC, 9/17/10)
New poll shows Deal, Barnes in dead heat (AJC, 9/17/10)
Deal didn’t disclose $2.85 M in loans (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/17/10)
Nathan Deal and the politics of empathy (Governing, 9/17/10)
Deal: “I understand Georgia’s pain” (AJC, 9/17/10)
Deal son-in-law had previous bankruptcy (AJC, 9/17/10)
Deal in panic mode? Calls conference call to calm supporters (AJC, 9/17/10)
Deal, Barnes debate before educators (AJC, 9/16/10)
Cobb County’s tea party at forefront as momentum builds (AJC, 9/16/10)
The political implications of Deal’s finances (AJC, 9/16/10)
Deal’s amended financial disclosure (AJC, 9/16/10)
Deal wants to as US Dept of Ed, won’t rule out more teacher furloughs (AJC, 9/16/10)
Deal: bankruptcy not an option (AJC, 9/15/10)
Deal could face financial insolvency after backing family business (AJC, 9/15/10)
DGA sends $1 million to GA for Barnes (AJC, 9/15/10)
Tea Party victories make it difficult for Deal to define himself (AJC, 9/15/10)
Survey USA poll gives Nathan Deal a double-digit lead (AJC, 9/13/10)
Deal: Policy changes don’t undercut credentials (AJC, 9/13/10)
Both Barnes, Deal campaign against DC (AJC, 9/10/10)
GOP trying to handcuff Barnes to Obama (AJC, 9/10/10)
Barnes’ ethics plan has Deal in mind (AJC, 9/9/10)
Nathan Deal quickly sheds Facebook friendship with ‘birther’ attorney (AJC, 9/9/10)
RGA launches new website targeting Barnes (CNN, 9/9/10)
Firm Barnes owned 25% of reaped $19 million in local govt contracts (Savannah Morning News, 9/9/10)
Area educators favor Deal’s plans for schools (Gainesville Times, 9/8/10)
Why it might be safe – or at least, safer – to be seen with B. Clinton (AJC, 9/8/10)
Deal tax disclosure raises more questions (Southern Political Report, 9/7/10)
During election season, everyone loves teachers (AJC, 9/7/10)
Deal: Is he ready to move on to the state’s education problems? (AJC, 9/7/10)
New Barnes ad: Deal ‘too corrupt, even for Congress’ (AJC, 9/7/10)
Labor Day a workday for GA’s guber rivals (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 9/6/10)
Deal and Barnes – a tale of two tax filings (AJC, 9/5/10)
Barnes says Deal’s release of tax returns gives incomplete picture (AJC, 9/3/10)
Link to Obama is Barnes’ liability (Augusta Chronicle, 9/1/10)
Latest RGA ad: On the ‘iron fists’ of Barnes and Obama (AJC, 8/31/10)
Old and new tax questions dog Deal (Savannah Morning News, 8/31/10)
Oxendine: ‘I’m a big boy. It’s over with.’ (AJC, 8/25/10)
Guber candidates praise Race to the Top grant, take jabs at each other (Savannah Morning News, 8/25/10)
GA Speaker wants both Deal and Barnes informed on tax deliberations (AJC, 8/24/10)
Law setting funding limits could be gutted (AJC, 8/23/10)
Editorial: Expect Barnes, Deal to hold nothing back in gov race (Newnan Times-Herald, 8/22/10)
Run-off scenario looms in gov race (Savannah Morning News, 8/21/10)
GA teachers union backs Barnes (AJC, 8/20/10)
New poll shows tighter race between Deal and Barnes (AJC, 8/19/10)
Savannah candidates’ forum seen as tourism boost (Savannah Morning News, 8/19/10)
GOP still waiting for wounds to heal from Deal-Handel runoff (Southern Political Report, 8/18/10)
Barnes, Deal differ on casinos in Georgia (Bloomberg Businessweek, 8/18/10)
At tourism forum, Deal supports casinos, Barnes reluctant (AJC, 8/18/10)
Ad war in guber race heats up (AJC, 8/18/10)
RGA hits Barnes in new ad (AJC, 8/18/10)
Barnes ad hits Deal over refusal to release tax returns (AJC, 8/18/10)
So far, Deal is keeping tax returns to himself (AJC, 8/17/10)
Democrats on defense in gubernatorial races (AJC, 8/17/10)
Opinion: Handel reaped what she sowed (Savannah Morning News, 8/15/10)
Barnes tells Democrats how important winning governorship is (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/15/10)
GOP has governor’s race case of the blues (Human Events, 8/15/10)
Deal won runoff without the cities (The Sunday Paper, 8/15/10)
Barnes targets Deal’s ethics woes (The Hill, 8/14/10)
General election gets underway (ACJ, 8/14/10)
Barnes’ first ad of general election pops Deal on ethics (AJC, 8/13/10)
Deal ‘cautiously optimistic’ that lead will hold (AJC, 8/11/10)
Liberal blogger claims that Deal dabbled in ‘birther’ conspiracy ‘mostly true’ (AJC, 8/11/10)
Ballot set as Handel concedes defeat to Deal (AJC, 8/11/10)
What next: Deal, Handel, Barnes and the murky results of the GOP runoff (AJC, 8/11/10)
Deal, Handel battle till end in GOP primary (AJC, 8/10/10)
GOP candidates lurch to right in guber runoff (Wall Street Journal, 8/9/10)
Huckabee endorses Deal in runoff (AJC, 8/5/10)
The real GOP runoff: Sarah Palin vs. the GA General Assembly (AJC, 8/4/10)
Two Sonny Perdue appointees support Barnes (AJC, 8/3/10)
Barnes: ‘I’d rather be with these folks’ (AJC, 8/2/10)
19 South GA sheriffs support Barnes (WALB, 8/2/10)
Why is Roy Barnes smiling? (Savannah Morning News, 8/1/10)
JULY 2010
Palin to swoop in for Handel (Politico, 7/30/10)
Deal blasts Palin’s planned appearance for Handel (WABE, 7/30/10)
Handel hits Deal as a ‘corrupt relic of DC’ in TV ad (AJC, 7/29/10)
Handel, Deal race for runoff cash (Politico, 7/28/10)
Federal grand jury sought documents, interviews regarding Nathan Deal (AJC, 7/27/10)
Handel hit with ethics complaint over staff pay (AJC, 7/27/10)
Does Handel have a big picture vision for education or is she pandering for votes (AJC, 7/26/10)
Handel, Deal focus on abortion’ voters want to hear on jobs (AJC, 7/26/10)
The Ox, conventional wisdom debunked (Savannah Morning News, 7/25/10)
Handel, Deal chart new territory (AJC, 7/24/10)
Barnes will be out of town when Obama visits Atlanta (AJC, 7/24/10)
Barnes bets his campaign on rural Georgia (AJC, 7/24/10)
GA Right to Life leaders step beyond bounds of decent debate (AJC, 7/23/10)
Deal gets support of NRA (AJC, 7/23/10)
Handel, Deal rush to raise cash for runoff (Ledger-Enquirer, 7/23/10)
Experts say Eric Johnson still has a future in politics, if he wants one (Savannah Morning News, 7/23/10)
Deal up with first TV ad of runoff (AJC, 7/23/10)
The ‘two Georgias’ face off again in runoff (AJC, 7/22/10)
Handel calls for resignations of Right to Life leaders (AJC, 7/22/10)
Handel, Deal both nearly broke for 3-week runoff campaign (AJC, 7/22/10)
How Nathan Deal wins the runoff (Left on Lanier, 7/22/10)
Barnes: thought avoiding runoff  was ‘impossible’ (AJC, 7/21/10)
Barnes: “I’ll debate without the journalists watching” (AJC, 7/21/10)
Palin on Deal: “career politician” (AJC, 7/21/10)
GOP runoff themes: “true conservative” vs. “next generation” (AJC, 7/21/10)
In picking Handel, Palin shows her practical side (AJC, 7/21/10)
Handel, Deal in runoff; Barnes wins easily (AJC, 7/20/10)
Anti-abortion group makes a late robo-call attack on Karen Handel (AJC, 7/20/10)
Sexism charge roils GA’s GOP guber contest (LA Times, 7/19/10)
Careers will end, careers will be made on primary day (AJC, 7/19/10)
Could popularity on social networks translate to strength at the polls? (AJC, 7/19/10)
Gubernatorial candidates make closing arguments (AJC, 7/18/10)
Handel leaps to GOP lead (AJC, 7/18/10)
Voters: show us the jobs (AJC, 7/18/10)
Immigrants, Sunday sales top debate topics (Athens Banner-Herald, 7/17/10)
In themeless electon,m let’s hear more from Handel, Johnson (AJC, 7/16/10)
Johnson: prison camps for illegal immigrants (AJC, 7/16/10)
Barnes says he supports AZ-type law (AJC, 7/16/10)
The surreal debate in GA’s race for governor (AJC, 7/16/10)
Oxendine donors deny link to favorable decision (AJC, 7/16/10)
Most GA voters want AZ-style immigration law (AJC, 7/16/10)
Johnson questions guber poll (Augusta Chronicle, 7/15/10)
Atlanta mayor endorses Barnes (AJC, 7/16/10)
Johnson: prison camps for illegal immigrants (AJC, 7/16/10)
Campaign kicks off for 2012 transportation tax referendum (AJC, 7/16/10)
Half of Georgians willing to pay higher taxes to fund schools (AJC, 7/16/10)
New poll shows Barnes cruising, Oxendine & Handel headed toward a run-off (AJC, 7/15/10)
GOP primary turns nasty in mail and on TV (AJC, 7/15/10)
Handel says gay parents not as ‘legitimate’ as straight couples (AJC, 7/15/10)
Despite polls, Porter and Poythress not giving up (Macon Telegraph, 7/15/10)
Oxendine mail piece hammers Handel on gays, abortion (AJC, 7/15/10)
Dems battle for black voters in GA primary (The Grio, 7/15/10)
Barnes juggernaut rolls on (WXIA, 7/15/10)
Why Karen Handel will not be the GOP nominee (Peach Pundit, 7/15/10)
Endorsement fever: Barnes tightens grip (AJC, 7/15/10)
Gingrich endorses Deal (WAGT, 7/13/10)
State GOP with big money lead heading into fall campaigns (AJC, 7/13/10)
Barnes lines up African-American clergy support (AJC, 7/13/10)
Arizona goes down to Georgia (, 7/13/10)
A few words with Jeff Chapman (Peach Pundit, 7/12/10)
Bill Clinton endorses Baker (Peach Pundit, 7/12/10)
Palin picks Handel (Politico, 7/12/10)
GEA endorses Poythress for governor (Peanut Politics, 7/12/10)
TV ads heat up as primaries grow closer (AJC, 7/12/10)
Make way for the new and ever-improving Roy Barnes (Savannah Morning News, 7/11/10)
Handel’s new ad puts gender in the spotlight (Washington Post, 7/9/10)
Candidates tap familiar sources for campaign cash (AJC, 7/9/10)
GA Sierra Club deadlocked over Dem guber endorsement (AJC, 7/9/10)
Federal  challenge to AZ immigration law turns up heat in GOP guber primary (AJC, 7/7/10)
Oxendine carries $1.83 million into stretch run (AJC, 7/7/10)
The politics of HOPE – can GA afford expenses of popular program? (AJC, 7/6/10)
Someone (Handel) finally catches Ox in a poll (AJC, 7/6/10)
Handel campaign mailings get aggressive (MyFoxAtlanta, 7/6/10)
Gov hopefuls sound off on how to improve education in GA (AJC, 7/6/10)
‘States’ rights’ sums up McBerry’s GOP race for gov (AJC, 7/6/10)
Former candidate Boyd endorses Chapman’s bid (, 7/6/10)
Politifact: Deal says immigration costs Georgians more than $1 billion (AJC, 7/6/10)
Handel turns attention to Barnes, links him to “Obamanomics” (Duluth Weekly, 7/6/10)
Next gov faces challenge of fixing schools (AJC, 7/5/10)
Handel says she can make the tough decisions as governor (Savannah Morning News, 7/4/10)
Three different GA groups compete over Tea Party label (AJC, 7/4/10)
Deal says he has the right stuff to be governor (Savannah Morning News, 7/4/10)
Barnes reverses on tax breaks (AJC, 7/4/10)
On taxes, GOP rivals differ (WTVM, 7/3/10)

Long-shot candidates struggle to break through (AJC, 7/3/10)

Barnes’ wish list weights in at $2B (Savannah Morning News, 7/3/10)

Poythress pitches jobs, unity on campaign trail (Albany Herald, 7/3/10)
Update on the Georgia Governor’s race (Southern Political Report, 7/2/10)
Handel levels first attacks in GOP primary race (AJC, 7/2/10)
Johnson’s third TV ad touts tax-cutting record (AJC, 7/1/10)
N. Deal sees himself in runoff (White County News, 7/1/10)
Oxendine raises $800K in 2 months (AJC, 7/1/10)

Twenty years ago, judge called Oxendine an ‘abomination’ (AJC, 7/1/10)
Dem guber candidates debate water worries (Augusta Chronicle, 7/1/10)

JUNE 2010

Barnes says Georgia needs to change its image to attract jobs (AJC, 6/29/10)

Sifting reality from illusion in the politics of GA’s water crisis (AJC, 6/29/10)

Porter: GA tired of  ’apologies, games and empty claims’ (AJC, 6/29/10)

N. Deal: GA bears cost of illegal immigration (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 6/29/10)

Fewer Georgia political ads this primary season (WXIA, 6/28/10)

AZ gov endorses Handel in GOP primary (AJC, 6/28/10)

GOP gov hopefuls talk tough on illegal immigration (Savannah Morning News, 6/28/10)

At forum, Barnes says GOP is making Georgia a ‘laughing stock’ (Savannah Morning News, 6/27/10)

Barnes running for governor as an ‘outsider with experience’ (Savannah Morning News, 6/27/10)

Porter known as a consensus builder (Savannah Morning News, 6/27/10)

Denied by GOP, Boyd abandons independent run for Gov (AJC, 6/27/10)

Poythress points to decades of leadership roles (AJC, 6/26/10)

Guber candidates say creating jobs will be top priority (AJC, 6/26/10)

Disclosures give voters peek inside GA politicians’ finances (AJC, 6/25/10)

Deal gives GA 400 tolls a place in GOP guber race (AJC, 6/22/10)

Handel’s stance on McBerry could mean skipping guber debates (AJC, 6/22/10)

AG Baker wants assurances from BP on damages (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 6/22/10)

Can Barnes win without a Democratic runoff? (AJC, 6/21/10)

GOP hopefuls fight for spotlight (Savannah Morning News, 6/20/10)

Protecting schools is Porter’s passion (AJC, 6/20/10)

Missteps provide ammo in race for GOP runoff spot (AJC, 6/20/10)

Count on Johnson’s keen wit, strategies (AJC, 6/20/10)

Deadline nears for Boyd to get on ballot (Augusta Chronicle, 6/19/10)

Poythress aims for run0ff, then Barnes (Dalton Daily Citizen, 6/19/10)

Guber hopefuls debate on Jekyll Island (AJC, 6/18/10)

Judge limits Ethics Commission hearing into Oxendine (AJC, 6/17/10)

Handicapping Georgia’s gubernatorial candidates (Southern Political Report, 6/17/10)

GOP GA senators want colleges to say no to illegal students (AJC, 6/17/10)

Wood chips fly over charges of theft in Dem contest (AJC, 6/17/10)

Guber hopefuls spar over bingo, immigration (AJC, 6/17/10)

Candidates differ on AZ immigraion law (Florida Times-Union, 6/17/10)

Baker wants Bingo for education funding (AJC, 6/16/10)

The GOP and Log Cabin Republicans – a brief history of an awkward relationship (AJC, 6/16/10)

More independents seek office (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 6/15/10)

Oxendine attacks Barnes over health care reform (AJC, 6/15/10)

Reluctantly, but clearly: Handel says No to gay issues (WXIA, 6/15/10)

Top GOP hopefuls answer Atlanta Chamber questions (AJC, 6/15/10)

Poythress takes stand against Barnes’ hypocrisy (Georgia Liberal, 6/15/10)

Georgia teacher’s group not endorsing in guber contest (AJC, 6/15/10)

Special interest types aren’t clustering behind any candidates yet (Savannah Morning News, 6/14/10)

Johnson pushes govt transparency (Newnan Times-Herald, 6/13/10)

Barnes dominates seven man Democratic field (Ledger-Enquirer, 6/13/10)

CEO decries Oxendine’s denial of bank deal as political (AJC, 6/13/10)

Dem hopefuls work to gain attention (Savannah Morning News, 6/13/10)

Baker, Barnes battle for DeKalb County (AJC, 6/12/10)

Guber hopefuls talk education at Savannah forum (Savannah Morning News, 6/12/10)

Profile: Handel a planner, implemented voter ID (Dalton Daily Citizen, 6/12/10)

Why does ethics case frighten Oxendine so much? (AJC, 6/11/10)

Handel throws down gender card in conflict with Deal (AJC, 6/11/10)

Teacher group wary over Barnes plan for bolder pension investments (Savannah Morning News, 6/11/10)

Agreement among Dems over education issues (AJC, 6/11/10)

Handel is grilled over support for gay rights (Augusta Chronicle, 6/11/10)

State GOP leaders optimistic about on Georgia’s future (Valdosta Daily Times, 6/11/10)

Guber candidates clash over education (AJC, 6/11/10)

Barnes casts himself as outsider (AJC, 6/11/10)

Barnes garners endorsements on Baker’s home turf (AJC, 6/10/10)

State investigating ethics complaint against Deal (AJC, 6/11/10)

Deal, Oxendine oppose Perdue’s veto of “zero-based budgeting” (AJC, 6/9/10)

Handel camp denies ever being supportive of domestic partnerships, despite emails (AJC, 6/8/10)

Politifact judges Johnson’s claim about offshore oil spills “FALSE” (AJC, 6/7/10)

The new, improved Oxendine campaign (AJC, 6/5/10)

Group says Handel not pro-life enough (Athens Banner-Herald, 6/5/10)

Profile: Deal not running a flashy campaign (Dalton Daily Citizen, 6/5/10)

GA Right to Life picks fight with Handel (AJC, 6/3/10)

Judge issues stay on subpoenas on Oxendine ethics complaint (AJC, 6/3/10)

Gingrich vouches for Deal’s GOP credentials (AJC, 6/2/10)

GOP activists say primary contest may be changing (WXIA, 6/1/10)

Watchdog seeks to join group suing Oxendine over contributions (AJC, 6/1/10)

Barnes gathering endorsements from black leaders, call himself “outsider” (AJC, 6/1/10)

MAY 2010

Tight cash may change GA guber contest (Augusta Chronicle, 5/31/10)

Baker talks jobs, education on campaign trail (Savannah Morning News, 5/30/10)

Porter differs from other Dems on abortion issue (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 5/28/10)

Porter takes aim at Barnes (Georgia Liberal, 5/28/10)

Barnes bashes bailed-out banks, but invests in them (Savannah Morning News, 5/28/10)

Oxendine ethics hearing set weeks before primary (Macon Telegraph, 5/28/10)

Editorial: Johnson erred on decade-old disclosure form forgivable (Savannah Morning News, 5/27/10)

Poythress supports Guardsmen to secure the border (Georgia Liberal, 5/27/10)

Chamber denies press access to guber forum (AJC, 5/27/10)

Report: Johnson failed to report $280K in public funds that went to his business (AJC, 5/25/10)

Chapman: Tea Party organizers “sold out” to GOP establishment (AJC, 5/24/10)

Georgia lawmakers break transportation funding gridlock (, 5/24/10)

Pro-gay rights charges dog Handel (Savannah Morning News, 5/23/10)

GOP candidates want AZ-type law (, 5/22/10)

GOP guber forum puts focus on immigration (AJC, 5/22/10)

Porter declares he’s pro-life (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/21/10)

Barnes hits Atlanta airwaves (AJC, 5/21/10)

Dem candidates call for better schools (Savannah Morning News, 5/21/10)

GOP Chair says Boyd won’t hurt Republicans (AJC, 5/20/10)

Ethics commission seeks info on Oxendine probe (AJC, 5/20/10)

New poll shows Oxendine still leading, many undecided (AJC, 5/20/10)

Oxendine still leads GOP primary (Southern Political Report, 5/19/10)

Get ready for run-offs this summer (Fayette Daily News, 5/18/10)

Science forums cancelled due to lack of candidate interest (, 5/18/10)

Crowded GOP field jockeys for 2nd place – Oxendine seen as easy target (Augusta Chronicle, 5/16/10)

Deal says GA should lure biotech jobs (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 5/15/10)

The unauthorized alien and the GOP meat grinder (AJC, 5/15/10)

Report shows Barnes prospered after leaving office (Florida Times-Union, 5/15/10)

Johnson demands student citizen verification (Augusta Chronicle, 5/14/10)

Other House GOPers still sticking with Deal (AJC, 5/14/10)

Deal says his experience can help attract new industries (Dalton Daily Citizen, 5/14/10)

Campaign ads slowly begin appearing on TV (Augusta Chronicle, 5/13/10)

Ballot Access Project: Help Boyd qualify (SWGA Politics, 5/12/10)

Gloves off, GA guber candidates start swinging (Augusta Chronicle, 5/12/10)

UGA’s scientific breakthrough the GOP tried to prevent (AJC, 5/12/10)

Editorial: Lawmakers troubling break with principles (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/12/10)

Education, water key issues for Porter (Newnan Times-Herald, 5/12/10)

Boyd announces indie bid in hometown (Charlton County Herald, 5/11/10)

Johnson: bar children of illegals from college (AJC, 5/11/10)

Johnson probably has more CoH than Oxendine (Savannah Morning News, 5/11/10)

GOP hopefuls square off in Statesboro (Effingham Herald, 5/10/10)

Candidates duck questions about science and jobs (AJC, 5/10/10)

Analysis: GOP effort to deny Boyd may backfire (Augusta Chronicle, 5/10/10)

Price says no to Deal, changes support to Handel (Georgia Politics Unfiltered, 5/10/10)

Deal reacts to Price defection: He ain’t one of us (AJC, 5/10/10)

Chapman: It’s time to elect “better Republicans” (Newnan Times-Herald, 5/9/10)

Baker’s venture capital jobs plan is intriguing (Athens Banner-Herald, 5/9/10)

No invite for McBerry to GOP debate (NBC Augusta, 5/8/10)

If McBerry wanted to put GA first, he’d drop out (Peach Pundit, 5/7/10)

Johnson rejects Handel’s call to ban McBerry – is she ducking debates? (Savannah Morning News, 5/7/10)

Former Gov Barnes net worth = $16.6 million (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/6/10)

Barnes releases financial records; Baker unveils economic plan (AJC, 5/5/10)

McBerry accuses Handel of barring debate organizers from including him (Augusta Chronicle, 5/5/10)

McBerry “runs” for guv – and from questions (AJC, 5/4/10)

Woman admits relationship with McBerry (Fox5 Atlanta, 5/4/10)

McBerry threatens to sue over allegations (Augusta Chronicle, 5/3/10)

McBerry’s response to controversy (Valdosta Today, 5/3/10)

Millionaire threatens to shake up guber race (Southern Political Report, 5/3/10)

Ethics questions dog Deal (Augusta Chronicle, 5/3/10)

Handel announces she will no longer share a stage with McBerry (, 5/3/10)

Barnes unveils first TV ad, promising “respect” (AJC, 5/1/10)

APRIL 2010

McBerry wins straw poll despite making Karen Handel (and many others) uncomfortable (AJC, 4/30/10)

Session ends, but lives on on the campaign trail (AJC, 4/30/10)

Five GOPers court Tea Party support in LaGrange (Ledger-Inquirer, 4/30/10)

Legislature passes $17.9B budget (AJC, 4/29/10)

Parents, church and judge told McBerry, “Stay away from the girl” (AJC, 4/29/10)

Oxendine launches guber bid (AJC, 4/29/10)

Boyd and the GOP’s loyalty oath (AJC, 4/27/10)

GOP field thins even more: Scott running for Congress (AJC, 4/29/10)

Breaking: Scott to drop guber run, run for Congress (Politico, 4/29/10)

Deal leads GOP pack to win guber nomination (Politics Daily, 4/28/10)

Deal says he’d enact Arizona-style immigration law (AJC, 4/27/10)

Boyd confident of ability to run as an outsider (News11 Atlanta, 4/27/10)

Renegade Ray refuses loyalty oath, may run as independent (Southern Political Report, 4/27/10)

GOP strategist urges Deal to run for Congress (AJC, 4/27/10)

An uprising within the GA GOP? (AJC, 4/26/10)

Boyd out of GOP guber field (AJC, 4/26/10)

Newcomer shakes up gubernatorial contest (AJC, 4/25/10)

Barnes’ shadow looms over GOP forum (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/24/10)

Six GOPers debate – Boyd denounces “professional politicians” (Augusta Chronicle, 4/23/10)

Baker again defies Perdue over suing the feds – this time over voter ID (Access North Georgia, 4/22/10)

Gubernatorial race looks to be a wild one (Southern Political Report, 4/22/10)

Boyd makes his political debut at GOP debate (AJC, 4/22/10)

Baker tells legislature – budget is illegal (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 4/21/10)

Backstage GOP pressure for Scott to drop down to Lt. Guv run (AJC, 4/21/10)

Conservative activists urging Scott to run for Lt. Guv (AJC, 4/20/10)

Boyd won’t sign pledge to not run as an indie (WTVM, 4/19/10)

Editorial: Political races for Isakson and Barnes could get tighter (Newnan Times-Herald, 4/18/10)

Budget picture clearer, but not a done deal (Macon Telegraph, 4/18/10)

With qualifying just ahead, a guber scouting report (Savannah Morning News, 4/18/10)

Parents took out restraining order on McBerry (AJC, 4/16/10)

The student’s story from the McBerry case (AJC, 4/14/10)

Opinion: Raw deal on Deal’s lack of finality on ethics investigation (Savannah Morning News, 4/14/10)

Johnson, searching for legislative endorsements, issues a deadline (AJC, 4/14/10)

Baker: educational excellence will bring jobs (Access North Georgia, 4/13/10)

With revenue down 25%, GOPer Johnson still calling for tax cuts in ad (AJC, 4/13/10)

AG’s donations during session raise questions (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 4/13/10)

GOP health insurance commissioner refuses to comply with health care law (New York Times, 4/13/10)

Oxendine refuses to create “high-risk” insurance pools for GA (AJC, 4/12/10)

Johnson, first on air, targets GOP voters and sports fans (AJC, 4/10/10)

Finances paramount in governor’s race (AJC, 4/10/10)

Handel criticizes Johnson for glossing over his large loan to campaign (Savannah Morning News, 4/9/10)

Questions arise over Deal’s legal payments (CBS Atlanta, 4/9/10)

Deal used campaign cash to fight ethics charges (AJC, 4/9/10)

Dems competitive in Guber race, not so much in Sen contest (Daily Kos, 4/9/10)

Handel: state govt should focus on core services (Dalton Daily Herald, 4/8/10)

Barnes leads the field as GOPers compete for cash (AJC, 4/8/10)

Barnes, Oxendine lead dash for cash (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 4/8/10)

Handel, Porter meet N. Georgia voters (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 4/8/10)

Oxendine plans to kick out income tax (WALB, 4/8/10)

VIDEO: Oxendine talks taxes (Fox31Online, 4/8/10)

Finances and the race for gov (AJC, 4/8/10)

Another candidate surfaces in guber race (Macon Telegraph, 4/8/10)

Wealthy executive writes himself a $2M check, shakes up guber race (The Hill, 4/7/10)

New poll shows shift from Deal to Handel in GOP contest (WSBTV, 4/7/10)

Barnes amasses large war chest for campaign (AJC, 4/7/10)

If the GOP race is for 2nd place, Handel is winning (AJC, 4/7/10)

Oxendine still leads GOP pack (Southern Political Report, 4/7/10)

Eric Johnson’s new TV ad – he may want to talk about jobs (AJC, 4/6/10)

Who is Ray Boyd and why is he running for Gov? (AJC, 4/6/10)

Georgia politics, post health care (Southern Political Report, 4/5/10)

Deal opens ATL office, announces new spokesman (AJC, 4/5/10)

Guber hopefuls report fundraising totals (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 4/5/10)

JOBS Act will probably fall short of goal (AJC, 4/4/10)

Audio: Baker talks about his health care decision (WBUR, 4/4/10)

GA Tea Party gears up for midterm elections (Savannah Morning News, 4/4/10)

Johnson first on television (AJC, 4/2/10)

Resignation ends ethics probe of Deal – or does it? (Washington Post, 4/1/10)

MARCH 2010

Deal blames ethics charges on political enemies (AJC,3/30/10)

Deal says he’s done nothing wrong as group files complaint with Justice (AJC, 3/30/10)

GA House GOP files impeachment papers against Baker (AJC, 3/30/10)

Ethics report reprimands Deal (New York Times, 3/29/10)

US House panel accuses Deal of violations (AJC, 3/29/10)

Podcast: Conversation with Karen Handel (Peach Pundit, 3/29/10)

Healthcare fallout raises Baker, Perdue profiles (AJC, 3/28/10)

At UGA gathering, candidates discuss education (Morgan County Citizen, 3/26/10)

GOP lawmakers want to “direct” Baker to sue over healthcare (AJC, 3/26/10)

The complications of impeaching Thurbert Baker (AJC, 3/25/10)

Three GOP candidates sign taxpayer protection pledge (Duluth Weekly, 3/24/10)

Governor, AG in tense showdown over health care debate (AJC, 3/24/10)

Georgia Democrats and the healthcare dilemma (AJC, 3/24/10)

Scott pushes for end of toll (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/23/10)

Deal finally leaves house now that healthcare deal is done (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 3/23/10)

Poythress: Barnes should drop out of race (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/22/10)

Opinion: What kind of Georgia do Georgians want? (AJC, 3/22/10)

GA lawmakers try to opt out of federal healthcare (, 3/22/10)

Health care overhaul spurs heavy debate in GA politics (AJC, 3/22/10)

VIDEO: Oxendine ethics – Scott takes aim (Georgia Liberal, 3/22/10)

Austin Scott making a move? (Peach Pundit, 3/21/10)

Deal promises to continue fight against health care as governor (AJC, 3/21/10)

Johnson campaign about to enter new phase (Savannah Morning News, 3/21/10)

McBerry’s response to misconduct claims (Albany Journal, 3/21/10)

Barnes running even with GOPers in guber race (Politics Daily, 3/20/10)

Frontrunners skip UGA debate (Athens Banner Herald, 3/19/10)

Johnson about to put campaign into high gear (Savannah Morning News, 3/19/10)

A little known candidate who believes he can (AJC, 3/19/10)

Governor’s race brings back old accusations (CQ Politics, 3/18/10)

Two in Gov race accused of misconduct (New York Times, 3/18/10)

McBerry & Camon respond to charges (AJC, 3/18/10)

Handel’s star rising in guber race (, 3/18/10)

Editorial: Voters need to get familiar with candidates (Fayette County News, 3/18/10)

Two guber candidates have similar skeletons in their past (AJC, 3/17/10)

GOP strategist sees a way for Barnes to lose primary (AJC, 3/17/10)

Huge education cuts could imperil GA’s GOP (Kennesaw State U Sentinel, 3/16/10)

Porter: “It’s time for Dems to take back state govt” (Newnan Times Herald, 3/15/10)

Camon’s million dollar claim doesn’t make sense (Savannah Morning News, 3/15/10)

Oxendine hires another campaign manager (AJC, 3/14/10)

McBerry campaign’s Southern soap opera (AJC, 3/14/10)

Democrats say Georgia is ready for a change (Dalton Daily Citizen, 3/14/10)

Election series: Interview with Carl Camon (, 3/12/10)

Georgia Dems push for ethics investigation into Deal to be completed before he leaves office (Roll Call, 3/10/10)

GOP candidates spar in mid-state forum (Macon Telegraph, 3/10/10)

Johnson announces budget reform proposal (Peach Pundit, 3/10/10)

AG Baker awards millions to local govts (Business Week, 3/10/10)

Guber candidates agree state must do more to combat unemployment (Dalton Daily Citizen, 3/10/10)

Bill aimed at limiting donations to Oxendine advances in GA House (AJC, 3/9/10)

Dems’ chances in southern guber races better than you think (AJC, 3/9/10)

GOP lawmakers looking to raise fees to close budget gap (AJC, 3/7/10)

Carol Porter: GA needs leadership (Savannah Morning News, 3/5/10)

Dem candidates blast GOP at Savannah fundraiser (Savannah Morning News, 3/5/10)

Deal’s decision to resign caused firestorm on the Right (AJC, 3/5/10)

Deal to delay departure from Congress for 3 weeks, citing healthcare votes (AJC, 3/4/10)

Handel ready to take axe to government (Effingham Herald, 3/4/10)

“Undecideds” leads the pack in GOP primary (Politics Daily, 3/4/10)

Perdue’s approval rating plummeting (AJC, 3/4/10)

Poll shows Barnes competitive against GOPers (Politics Daily, 3/3/10)

Handel takes on DOT (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 3/3/10)

PPP poll shows Barnes ahead of potential GOP nominees (Politico, 3/3/10)

Unusual twists and turns in governor’s race (Fayette Daily News, 3/3/10)

Colleges, lawmakers seek “balance” in dealing with cuts (AJC, 3/2/10)

GA Senate leader predicts “massive” state layoffs (Florida Times Union, 3/2/10)

Handel attacks Deal as an Obamacare enabler (Politico, 3/2/10)

Deal’s resignation upends state politics (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 3/1/10)

Barnes, Oxendine lead in new poll (WBSTV, 3/1/10)

Deal to leave Congress on March 8 (CQ Politics, 3/1/10)

Already gone: Deal has missed 50% of votes in 2010 (AJC, 3/1/10)

Editorial: Handel’s missteps with budget proposal (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/1/10)


Thurbert Baker & Why politics must be more than skin deep (True/Slant, 2/27/10)

Could more political surprises be on the horizon? (Macon Telegraph, 2/26/10)

In Georgia, candidates are a ticket, and a couple (Macon Telegraph, 2/26/10)

Oxendine wants more govt oversight of health insurers (AJC, 2/26/10)

Bleak budget choices ahead for state legislature (Access North Georgia, 2/26/10)

An image problem Oxendine can’t resolve while in office (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 2/26/10)

The dynamics of the first husband/wife ticket in GA politics (AJC, 2/25/10)

Carol Porter joins husband’s ticket as Lt Gov candidate (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 2/25/10)

Chapman talks property rights (Peach Pundit, 2/25/10)

Deal lauds local Tea Party activists (The Daily Citizen, 2/22/10)

Deal talks about his quest for Obama’s birth certificate (Washington Independent, 2/10/10)


DGA moving away from Bush-bashing strategy (National Journal, 9/16/09)

Johnson quits Senate to campaign full-time (Augusta Chronicle, 9/15/09)

Deal named as one of Congress’ most corupt (The Hill, 9/15/09)

Ex-Governors seek another shot (Politico, 9/14/09)

Georgia political landscape (Early County News, 9/9/09)

Deal denounces health-care reform (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 9/3/09)

Chapman joins GOP gov field (AJC, 9/3/09)

Deal meddles in auto inspection regs, protects his income (AJC, 9/1/09)


Oxendine, Barnes lead GA poll (CQ Politics, 8/27/09)

Nathan Deal’s poor judgment (Savannah Morning News, 8/27/09)

CREW files ethics complaint against Deal (AJC, 8/26/09)

Barnes shines at Dem gathering (Examiner, 8/24/09)

Oxendine leads a frozen GOP guv field (AJC, 8/21/09)

Perdue to brief 2010 gov candidates on water crisis negotiations (AJC, 8/14/09)

Democratic rivals attack Barnes over water fight (AJC, 8/14/09)

Barnes on water and transportation solutions (AJC, 8/13/09)

Congressman Deal steps up for Gov race (AJC, 8/1/09)

JULY 2009

Deal applauds latest effort to jumpstart water talks (AccessNorthGeorgia, 7/31/09)

Oxendine questions teacher furloughs (FoxNewsAtlanta, 7/24/09)

In “water wars” GA meets its Waterloo (Southern Political Report, 7/21/09)

Gov hopefuls find big dollar donors (AJC, 7/12/09)

Baker unveils $704K raissed (AJC, 7/8/09)

Gov candidates fundraising total barely half of haul four years ago (AJC, 7/8/09)

Initial fundraising numbers out (AJC, 7/8/09)

Can Democrats win governor race in 2010? (AJC, 7/7/09)

Deal’s stump speech needs some pop (Columbia County News-Time, 7/1/09)

Deal reintroduces immigration birthright bill in Congress (ImmigrationBuzz, 7/1/09)

JUNE 2009

Economic pinches gubernatorial campaign donors (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 6/29/09)

Georgia race upgraded to top pick up target by DGA (CQ Politics, 6/23/09)

Barnes, Oxendine leading primary fields (CQ Politics, 6/22/09)

Do Virginia returns shed light on next year’s GA Dem primary? (Newman Times-Herald, 6/14/09)

A contrarian strategy for 2010 (Athens Banner Herald, 6/13/09)

CQ Politics: Barnes Entry Boosts Democrats