The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Georgia Guv News


Georgia Gubernatorial Headlines:

Governor’s North Georgia strategy complicated by 2 GOP rivals (AJC, 12/8/13)
Lobbyists treat PSC like royalty (AJC, 12/7/13)
The Legislature and the coming Battle for Northlake Mall (Political Insider, 12/7/13)
Georgia to Boeing: We want you (AJC, 12/6/13)
Your daily jolt: 38% of state lawmakers are ALEC members (Political Insider, 12/6/13)
Poll finds support higher for state lawmakers than for Congress, Obama (AJC, 12/6/13)
Balfour’s argument: DA can’t prosecute me (AJC, 12/6/13)
AUDIO: Undocumented immigrants sue to go to college (GPB, 12/5/13)
VIDEO: Paul Broun takes a personal slap at Jack Kingston (AJC, 12/5/13)
AUDIO: Not expanding Medicaid will cost Georgia $4.9B in 2022, study finds (WABE, 12/5/13)
Obamacare critic Ralph Hudgens has pre-existing condition himself (Political Insider, 12/5/13)
Georgia evangelicals pressure congress to pass immigration bill (GPB, 12/4/13)
Michelle Nunn: Democrat, Republican or pragmatist? (GPB, 12/3/13)
Your daily jolt: A mixed Democratic message and the 2014 race for governor (Political Insider, 12/2/13)


Jimmy Carter’s legacy hovers over grandson’s run (Politico, 11/29/13)
Another tragic test for ‘stand your ground’ laws, this time in Georgia (Christian Science Monitor, 11/29/13)
Handel hopes 2010 bid leads to 2014 victory (AJC, 11/29/13)
Georgia plunges forward with water supply strategy (AJC, 11/29/13)
AUDIO: With stadium deal official, Atlanta begins planning for Braves departure (WABE, 11/27/13)
Metro small businesses leery of health insurance exchange (AJC, 11/27/13)
Behind the Braves fight: A business-tea party skirmish (Political Insider, 11/27/13)
Paul Broun turns up the Obamacare heat on Jack Kingston (Political Insider, 11/26/13)
Fulton official organizes group to fight for Braves (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11/26/13)
Your daily jolt: The Braves victory party is already scheduled (Political Insider, 11/26/13)
Watchdog: Cobb taxpayers should vote on Braves Stadium (GPB, 11/25/13)
Last-minute money throwing curves in Braves-to-Cobb debate (Political Insider, 11/25/13)
State Supreme Court: Governor had legal authority to oust six DeKalb school board members (AJC, 11/25/13)
Court upholds law used to suspend DeKalb school board members (AJC, 11/25/13)
Nunn’s Senate campaign isn’t deterring other Democratic hopefuls (AJC, 11/22/13)
A word of caution on Braves stadium deal from Jason Carter (AJC, 11/22/13)
Tuesday’s vote on Braves stadium will have limited public input (AJC, 11/21/13)
Cobb town hall meeting about Braves stadium draws hundreds (AJC, 11/21/13)
Savannah Port expansion could begin by year’s end, Reed says (AJC, 11/21/13)
An array of messages from Georgia Democrats (Political Insider, 11/20/13)
David Pennington’s blunt debut in the GOP race for governor (Political Insider, 11/20/13)
VIDEO: Pennington campaign stops in Albany (WALB, 11/20/13)
VIDEO: Gov candidate David Pennington visits Columbus (WFXG, 11/20/13)
Gubernatorial candidate David Pennington touts economic reforms (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 11/20/13)
Georgia Democrats get ready. But for what? (GPB, 11/20/13)
Your daily jolt: Bravies fight shuts down phones of Cobb County commissioners (Political Insider, 11/20/13)
Deal to move the Braves shows downside of the ‘Atlanta Way’ (AJC, 11/19/13)
Pennington kicks off campaign (Dalton Daily Citizen, 11/19/13)
Common Cause Georgia calls for referendum over Braves stadium plans (AJC,11/19/13)
Phil Gingrey’s top staffers resign campaign (Political Insider, 11/19/13)
Dalton mayor to woo conservatives in governor’s race (WMAZ, 11/18/13)
Health law emerges as biggest issue in Georgia’s GOP Senate race (AJC, 11/18/13)
Governor Nathan Deal faces new challenge from right (GPB, 11/18/13)
Pennington officially enters governor’s race (The Daily Citizen, 11/18/13)
What the Braves’ move may mean for transit in metro Atlanta (AJC, 11/18/13)
Dalton mayor officially launches gubernatorial campaign (AP, 11/18/13)
David Pennington’s bid as the ‘real conservative’ in governor’s race (Political Insider, 11/18/13)
David Pennington on ‘tearing down two perfectly useful stadiums’ (Political Insider, 11/18/13)
The wrong front man gets assigned to David Pennington (Political Insider, 11/15/13)
Pennington announces bid for governor (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11/18/13)
Analyzing the ‘But I didn’t mean to’ defense (GPB, 11/15/13)
Port race unleashes wave of lobbying for Savannah funding (AJC, 11/15/13)
VIDEO: Of army ants and the race against Gov. Nathan Deal (Political Insider, 11/14/13)
Ethics commission votes — again — for investigation (AJC, 11/13/13)
Gov. Deal meets with Atlanta mayor, Braves officials over Cobb move (AJC, 11/13/13)
State Senator suspended while facing criminal ethics charges (GPB, 11/13/13)
Balfour suspended from office (AJC, 11/13/13)
Poll helps explain why Jason Carter jumped into governor’s race (Political Insider, 11/13/13)
Real PAC flush with contractors’ cash (AJC, 11/9/13)
Carter’s bid for office tests bounds of Reed-Deal alliance (AJC, 11/9/13)
OPINION: Interesting, fascinating campaigns (AJC, 11/9/13)
Mercer Prof: Carter, Nunn a powerful combo for Ga. Dems (GPB, 11/8/13)
Nathan Deal: Jason Carter challenge requires a GOP rally around the incumbent (AJC, 11/8/13)
Your daily jolt: A Chamber-sponsored alternative to ALEC (Political Insider, 11/8/13)
VIDEO: First TV ads of Nathan Deal’s re-elect campaign hit Friday (Political Insider, 11/7/13)
Stokes exits Ga. gov’s race to run for lt. gov. (AP, 11/7/13)
Connie Stokes steps down from governor’s race (GPB, 11/7/13)
Medicaid changes to cost Georgia $101 million (GPB, 11/7/13)
AUDIO: Jason Carter challenges Nathan Deal for real (GPB, 11/7/13)
Jimmy Carter grandson running for governor (Augusta Chronicle, 11/7/13)
Another Gov. Carter? Jimmy Carter’s grandson to run for Ga. governor (GPB, 11/7/13)
AUDIO: Connie Stokes steps aside for Jason Carter; Will run for Lt. Governor instead (WABE, 11/7/13)
Democrats see Jimmy Carter’s grandson as ‘a star’ (Politico, 11/7/13)
Jason Carter, on his plans to run for governor (AJC, 11/7/13)
Carter, Nunn largely untested but give Democrats hope (AJC, 11/7/13)
Your daily jolt: The impact of Jason Carter’s run on the Nathan Deal-Kasim alliance (Political Insider, 11/7/13)
A Carter grandson seeks to lead Georgia (New York Times, 11/7/13)
Jason Carter to challenge Gov. Deal next year (AJC, 11/7/13)
State leaders continue to oppose Medicaid expansion in Georgia (WABE, 11/6/13)
Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed sails to re-election (WABE, 11/6/13)
Lawsuit calls Georgia’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law unconstitutional (Reuters, 11/5/13)
House speaker touts state’s pro-business climate at Chamber event (Augusta Chronicle, 11/5/13)
Election roundup: A quick look at contested races in Middle Georgia (Macon Telegraph, 11/5/13)
Gov. Deal three-member panel to weigh Cherokee school board member’s fate (AJC, 11/5/13)
Should state lawmakers resign to run? (GPB, 11/5/13)
Georgia ranked top for business, but critics call it ‘meaningless’ (GPB, 11/4/13)
Voting rights at risk in Georgia (Rolling Stone, 11/4/13)
GA National Guard will ignore Pentagon directive to recognize same-sex spouses (Political Insider, 11/1/13)
Rainbow Push Coalition sues Georgia over ‘Stand Your Ground’ law (WABE, 11/1/13)


Confederate Vets’ group wants Deal to bring back Watson statue (AJC, 10/31/13)
Marietta and the case for an infrastructure conservative (Political Insider, 10/30/13)
AUDIO: Georgia’s largest hospital advocacy group comes out in favor of Medicaid expansion (WABE, 10/30/13)
Democrats: Shutdown costing Georgia $324 million (GPB, 10/30/13)
Kasim Reed and the Koch brothers in common cause (Political Insider, 10/29/13)
Nathan Deal: Statewide grand jury worth a conversation (Political Insider, 10/29/13)
The new number in Georgia’s Senate race: $324 million (Political Insider, 10/29/13)
Scores of Fulton voters wrongly identified as felons (AJC, 10/29/13)
AUDIO: How does Georgia diversify our economy? (GPB, 10/28/13)
Water war: Georgia names lawyers (GPB, 10/28/13)
AUDIO: Early ads reveal Deal’s vulnerabilities (GPB, 10/28/13)
Dalton Mayor David Pennington visits Valdosta (Valdosta Today, 10/28/13)
Your daily jolt: HOPE grant change sent 6,000 tech students packing (Political Insider, 10/28/13)
A different sort of soul-searching envelops Georgia Republicans after shutdown fiasco (AJC, 10/26/13)
Not a retreat from the culture wars, but a recalibration (Political Insider, 10/26/13)
Georgia Democrats on vanguard of healthcare pushback (AJC, 10/25/13)
Ethics laws vex watchdogs, state officials alike (AJC, 10/25/13)
Democratic intraparty fight for Congress could become one of Georgia’s hottest races (AJC, 10/23/13)
State Auditor takes on ethics probe (GPB, 10/23/13)
Auditor: Probe of ethics commission will be limited to performance review (AJC, 10/23/13)
Ethics panel changes course, asks state auditor to investigate (AJC, 10/22/13)
Ethics panel changes course on probe (AJC, 10/22/13)
Three weeks later, no ethics investigation yet (AJC, 10/21/13)
Upcoming vote on port dredging could bear fruit for Deal, Reed (AJC, 10/20/13)
Indicted Sen. Don Balfour to face panel (ACJ, 10/16/13)
Georgia No. 32 for biz tax climate (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/15/13)
In terms of fundraising, 2 Senate candidates separate from GOP field (AJC, 10/15/13)
Georgia long way from top as tax-friendly state (AJC, 10/14/13)
Is Georgia the most tax-friendly state? (AJC, 10/14/13)
Pennington says campaign building momentum (Dalton Daily Citizen, 10/14/13)
State pursuing improvements in Medicaid program for disabled, elderly (Athens Banner-Herald, 10/13/13)
Johnny Isakson: Shutdown was ‘a dumb idea’ (Political Insider, 10/12/13)
AUDIO: Governor: State funds won’t be used to reopen National Parks during shutdown (WABE, 10/11/13)
Latest allegations drive new push for ethics reform in Georgia (AJC, 10/11/13)
FBI questions ethics lawyer at center of Deal complaint (WSB, 10/10/13)
PPP poll shows tight race between Nathan Deal and Jason Carter (Political Insider, 10/10/13)
Pennington brings on experienced campaign manager (Dalton Daily Citizen, 10/10/13)
Augusta among GA cities hit hardest by sequestration, according to study (Augusta Chronicle, 10/9/13)
Your daily jolt: Talk of challenge to Nathan Deal should be ‘viewed seriously,’ says Kasim Reed (Political Insider, 10/9/13)
Tea party, Ralph Reed fear being left out of a federal shutdown deal (Political Insider, 10/9/13)
Jason Carter thinks about a run for governor — and what that means (Political Insider, 10/9/13)
David Ferguson to manage Pennington campaign (Calhoun Times, 10/9/13)
Georgia Supremes’ tax ruling has cities, counties in quandary (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 10/9/13)
As ethics review sputters, Deal distances himself from commission (AJC, 10/9/13)
Nathan Deal: ‘Personal agenda’ complicate ethics agency’s turmoil (Political Insider, 10/9/13)
POLITIFACT: Deal’s rival says ‘bed tax’ renewal flawed ruled ‘Mostly Flawed’ (AJC, 10/9/13)
Ex-state IT  specialist claims he removed documents from Gov. Deal ethics file (AJC, 10/8/13)
OPINION: Ethics questions may make governor’s race interesting (AJC, 10/8/13)
Michelle Nunn raises $1.7M for US Senate campaign (Political Insider, 10/8/13)
Shutdown hits Georgia farmers (GPB, 10/7/13)
Your daily jolt: Jimmy Carter’s grandson test waters for a ’14 run for governor (Political Insider, 10/7/13)
Fla. lawsuit may restart years of water litigation (Gainesville Times, 10/7/13)
Conservative Georgia district urges GOP to keep up the fight (New York Times, 10/6/13)
Water group asks Fla. to delay suit against Ga. (Gainesville Times, 10/4/13)
Ethics lawyer says chairman pressured her to settle Deal cases (AJC, 10/4/13)
AUDIO: CDC hampered by government shutdown (WABE, 10/3/13)
State Senate committee head says fraud possible with Obamacare navigators and imitators (Florida Times-Union, 10/3/13)
Your daily jolt: Channel 2 poll says Georgia women blame GOP for federal shutdown (Political Insider, 10/3/13)
Georgia ethics commission still considering parameters of independent probe (AJC, 10/2/13)
Indicted Sen. Balfour posts bond (AJC, 10/2/13)
Obamacare may put a target on Ralph Hudgens’ back (Political Insider, 10/2/13)
Gov. Deal: GA should be OK during government shutdown (GPB, 10/2/13)
Florida files water lawsuit against Georgia in US Supreme Court (AJC, 10/1/13)
Florida sues Georgia over water (GPB, 10/1/13)


David Pennington: 3rd & long for Georgia’s unemployment rate (zpolitics, 9/30/13)
Ethics commission calls for special investigation (AJC, 9/30/13)
Balfour and ethics reform in Georgia (GPB, 9/30/13)
AUDIO: State GOP plans major voter registration drive (GPB, 9/27/13)
AUDIO: Kasim Reed’s political future (GPB, 9/25/13)
Watchdogs continue to press Deal case (AJC, 9/24/13)
Georgians dislike health law but favor key provisions (AJC, 9/23/13)
Governor-hopeful Pennington calls for tax reform (Marietta Daily Journal, 9/23/13)
AJC poll: Support for gay marriage in Georgia is growing (AJC, 9/23/13)
Ga. Supreme Court upholds charter school funding (AJC, 9/23/13)
Ethics agency often mired in politics (AJC, 9/21/13)
Ex-ethics official had concerns (AJC, 9/20/13)
AJC poll: Nathan Deal approval hovers near 50 percent (Political Insider, 9/20/13)
Nathan Deal, on what a ‘fishwrapper’ should not report (AJC, 9/20/13)
Deal: No ethics tampering (AP, 9/20/13)
Your daily jolt: Nathan Deal cashes in on bad news (Political Insider, 9/20/13)
A peek at The Daily, Governor Deal edition (Peach Pundit, 9/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Ga.’s 20th century mindset a major handicap (AJC, 9/19/13)
Ethics commission head accused of tampering with probe into Deal corruption investigation (creative loafing Atlanta, 9/19/13)
Deal recruited new ethics chief as probe of his campaign heated up (atlanta unfiltered, 9/19/13)
Georgians hazy on details of Obamacare (AJC, 9/19/13)
The GOP reaction to renewed scrutiny of ethics complaints against Nathan Deal (AJC, 9/19/13)
Ethics chief has received major raises (AJC, 9/19/13)
Ga. Democrat files paperwork for gubernatorial bid (AP, 9/19/13)
Gov. Deal calls allegations of ethics abuse ‘unsubstantiated’ (AJC, 9/19/13)
Georgia near bottom in new health ranking (GPB, 9/19/13)
Your daily jolt: Governor slams newspaper for reviving ethics case (Political Insider, 9/19/13)
Georgia’s jobless rate falls slightly to 8/7% in August (AJC, 9/19/13)
AUDIO: Democrats call for investigation into head of Ethics Commission and Governor Deal (WABE, 9/19/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Deal open but ‘skeptical’ to Medicaid expansion alternative (WABE, 9/18/13)
Did ethics head intervene in complaint against Gov. Deal? (AJC, 9/18/13)
GA, SC govs meet on water, port (AP, 9/18/13)
Ruling on Deal tainted? (AJC, 9/18/13)
Liberals, conservatives join to proposed consumer protection policies (Florida Times-Union, 9/17/13)
Georgia Democrats fight for Obamacare (Athens Banner-Herald, 9/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Deal: Support REACH to help state’s economy, students (Marietta Daily Journal, 9/17/13)
Gov. Deal: Apply an eminent scholar program to K-12 schools (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 9/17/13)
Your daily jolt: The missing face in Savannah, Gov. Nathan Deal (AJC, 9/17/13)
GA/SC water summit advances (The State, 9/17/13)
AUDIO: State Superintendent Barge still a Common Core supporter (WABE, 9/17/13)
Tax credits elude companies (GPB, 9/17/13)
AUDIO: Five years after Lehman Brothers’ collapse, where does Georgia stand? (WABE, 9/17/13)
Democrats tussle over ballots (GPB, 9/16/13)
VIDEO: Biden: ‘Come hell or high water, we’ll get this done’ (Savannah Morning News, 9/16/13)
Georgia wants permission to spend own funds on Savannah dredging (AJC, 9/15/13)
New Republican leaders in state House (AJC, 9/13/13)
Your daily jolt: John Barge wants to avoid ‘rushed, hasty and un-vetted’ decision that led to Common Core (Political Insider, 9/13/13)
Deal names new economic development leader (AJC, 9/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Hitting the re-set button for SPLOST (Savannah Morning News, 9/10/13)
Georgia governor tries to put a firmer grip on tax proposal (AJC, 9/9/13)
Georgia’s Medicaid, PeachCare ranks still on the rise (AJC, 9/7/13)
At 20, HOPE enters era of uncertainty (AJC, 9/6/13)
Now 20, what has HOPE accomplished? (AJC, 9/6/13)
Barge announces GOP run for governor (AJC, 9/3/13)
Your daily jolt: John Barge kicks off gubernatorial run today (Political Insider, 9/3/13)
Two join governor’s race (GPB, 9/2/13)
Election changes may affect Georgia fundraising ban (AJC, 9/2/13)
Gauging the mood of Georgia Democrats (Political Insider, 9/1/13)
State’s energy tax breaks popular, secret (AJC, 9/1/13)
Porter new state Democratic chair (Newnan Times-Herald, 9/1/13)


Democrats try to move forward with new chair, candidate for governor (AJC, 8/31/13)
Lawmakers pass ethics law, then hit the beach (AJC, 8/31/13)
Democrat Connie Stokes to challenge Deal for GA governor (AP, 8/31/13)
Analysis: Freshman legislator wants to bring more transparency to Capitol (Florida Times-Union, 8/31/13)
A Democrat to challenge a suddenly targeted Nathan Deal (Political Insider, 8/31/13)
Your daily jolt: Nathan Deal, David Pennington in carpet jobs spat (Political Insider, 8/30/13)
John Barge sees a path to victory over fellow Republican Nathan Deal (Political Insider, 8/30/13)
Vice President to visit Savannah’s port (Savannah Morning News, 8/29/13)
Deal wraps up trade mission to Asia (AJC, 8/29/13)
Dalton Democrats may support Pennington (Dalton Daily Citizen, 8/28/13)
Forecast says GA’s economy remains slow until 2014 (GPB, 8/28/13)
AUDIO: Perdue says he still supports Common Core education standards (WABE, 8/28/13)
Your daily jolt: Debbie Wasserman Schultz calls Georgia GOP Senate primary a ‘beauty pageant of extremism’ (AJC, 8/28/13)
Former Gov. Perdue testifies in Atlanta test cheating case (AJC, 8/26/13)
Georgia primary to be earliest in state history (AJC, 8/26/13)
Next year’s May 20 primary set by federal judge (Political Insider, 8/26/13)
A late jolt: Kasim Reed’s real re-election opponent (Political Insider, 8/26/13)
A psychiatrist elbows his way into the Democratic primary for US Senate (Political Insider, 8/24/13)
From Valdosta to Dalton; Pennington’s fundraiser for governor draws supporters (Dalton Daily Citizen, 8/23/13)
Group may face challenges fighting voter ID laws (WABE, 8/23/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Deal orders review of Common Core education standards (WABE, 8/22/13)
Legislators eyeing regional transit system for Atlanta (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8/22/13)
Conservative group targets Johnny Isakson for not endorsing shutdown (Political Insider, 8/22/13)
Deal orders review of Common Core (AJC, 8/21/13)
Looking for change at governor? (Walton Tribune, 8/18/13)
Education would be key in Barge vs. Deal race (AJC, 8/18/13)
Georgia to make big push into funding startups (AJC, 8/17/13)
Your daily jolt: Nathan Deal raises cash in David Pennington’s backyard (Political Insider, 8/16/13)
Deal invades Dalton; Pennington unconcerned (Dalton Daily Citizen, 8/16/13)
Chamber head endorses second term for Deal-Reed alliance (Political Insider, 8/15/13)
Deal to attend Dalton fundraiser tonight (Dalton Daily Citizen, 8/15/13)
Your daily jolt: ‘We won’t roll over’ on water fight, says Nathan Deal (Political Insider, 8/14/13)
Atlanta superintendent commits to Common Core (AJC, 8/13/13)
Water wars pit Florida vs. Georgia in what Rick Scott calls a ‘Bold, historic legal action’ (Sunshine State News, 8/13/13)
Nathan Deal and the ’significantly overblown’ rivalry with Superintendent John Barge (Political Insider, 8/12/13)
Common Core may create common problem for Georgia and other states: Lower test scores (AJC,8/12/13)
Some cautious support for a May 20 primary (Political Insider, 8/12/13)
Georgia Latino electorate grows (GPB, 8/12/13)
GOP anxiety grows over GA Senate race (The Hill, 8/11/13)
Lawmakers to gather in GA for NCSL conference (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/11/13)
State employee benefits head for realignment (Savannah Morning News, 8/10/13)
Georgia Republicans consider a countermeasure to Michelle Nunn (Political Insider, 8/9/13)
GA limits abortion coverage for employees (AP, 8/9/13)
Gun groups ready for 2014 (GPB, 8/9/13)
Your daily jolt: John Barge speaks ill of health plan deal for teachers, other state employees (Political Insider, 8/9/13)
AUDIO: How would minimum wage increase affect Georgia economy? (WABE, 8/8/13)
Report suggests political costs of cutting income taxes (Rome News-Tribune, 8/7/13)
Deal in a strong position for 2014 (Public Policy Polling, 8/7/13)
Deal rebounds, in solid shape for re-election (Public Policy Polling, 8/7/13)
Study: Cutting income tax would hurt Georgians (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8/7/13)
State health care shift is on: Notes from a convention of expensive people (Political Insider, 8/7/13)
School super tries to clear air; one GOPer asks, ‘What’s John Barge smoking?’ (Political Insider, 8/7/13)
Your daily jolt: New poll shows no gaps in Nathan Deal’s GOP armor (Political Insider, 8/7/13)
Pennington sees Barge as another political insider (Dalton Daily Citizen, 8/7/13)
Democrat Nunn launches 10-city tour (AP, 8/7/13)
New poll: Michelle Nunn matches GOP field in US Senate race (Political Insider, 8/6/13)
Your daily jolt: John Barge to decide by Sept on a run against Nathan Deal (Political Insider, 8/6/13)
Superintendent could shake up Georgia governor’s race (AJC, 8/6/13)
Superintendent Barge may run for governor (AP, 8/6/13)
Analysis: Georgia becomes center of Obamacare political storm (Rome News-Tribune, 8/5/13)
AUDIO: As state Dems look to future, straw poll puts Dubose Porter in lead (WABE, 8/5/13)
Gov. Deal considers new state history museum (AJC, 8/5/13)
Georgia’s core values: Is education among them? (AJC, 8/5/13)
AUDIO: State officials say Georgia Power not off the hook for Vogtle overruns (WABE, 8/5/13)
Your daily jolt: ‘It’s about raising money. It’s about raising money. It’s about raising money.’(Political Insider, 8/5/13)
Barging into another race? School superintendent hints at challenge to Nathan Deal (Political Insider, 8/5/13)
Does the GOP mean what it says? Pennington brings message of small govt to Murray County(Dalton Daily Citizen, 8/4/13)
As Obamacare comes to Georgia, keep your eye on Washington — and Atlanta (Political Insider, 8/3/13)
Capitol losing more than a century of institutional knowledge (AJC, 8/3/13)
Four Democrats campaign for party chair (GPB, 8/1/13)
Gov. Deal warns student testing costs will rise (AP, 8/1/13)
State OKs new rates for insurance exchange (AJC, 8/1/13)
Insurance commissioner OKs premiums for federally-administered insurance exchange (Florida Times-Union, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

Two companies won’t offer plans in Georgia’s Obamacare health exchange (Florida Times-Union,7/31/13)
Students protest Board of Regents’ illegal immigrant ban (AJC, 7/31/13)
Insurance commissioner warns of rate increases (AP, 7/31/13)
National Dems might make their presence known in GOP Senate primary (Political Insider, 7/31/13)
Georgia business groups join call for immigration overhaul (AJC, 7/30/13)
GOP Senate candidates position themselves in Obamacare shutdown fight (Political Insider, 7/30/13)
Michelle Nunn lays down a marker: 2,500 volunteers in two weeks (Political Insider, 7/29/13)
AT&T makes late report on $25K donation to Deal’s Real PAC (AJC, 7/29/13)
Online sales taxes would boost economies in Georgia and Florida, study says (Florida Times-Union,7/29/13)
AUDIO: Mayor Reed donates questionable campaign contributions (WABE, 7/28/13)
AUDIO: Georgia congressman says Congress needs to update part of Voting Rights Act (WABE, 7/26/13)
GA school chief explains Common Core test retreat: We couldn’t afford it. We will have similar test(AJC, 7/26/13)
Citizen Barnes (AJC, 7/27/13)
John Lewis praises DOJ voting rights action in Texas, says NC should be next (Political Insider, 7/25/13)
Real PAC stacks up $459,000 in cash (AJC, 7/25/13)
VIDEO: David Perdue pledges to be Senate race’s biggest ‘investor’ (Political Insider, 7/24/13)
VIDEO: Republican David Perdue enters Georgia Senate race (Washington Post, 7/24/13)
AUDIO: Georgia Dem leader responds to GOP ‘Welcome’ of Nunn (WABE, 7/24/13)
Democrats seek battleground with Nunn (GPB, 7/23/13)
AUDIO: State Dems excited about Nunn’s Senate run (WABE, 7/23/13)
Now that Georgia has dumped the test, should we drop the Common Core standards, too? (AJC,8/23/13)
Nunn’s Senate bid puts pressure on Georgia Republicans (Washington Post, 7/23/13)
Deal tells Georgia prosecutors more justice reform is coming (Florida Times-Union, 7/23/13)
Michelle Nunn declares herself a US Senate candidate (Political Insider, 7/22/13)
Michelle Nunn announces Georgia Senate campaign (Washington Post, 7/22/13)
Georgia sticking with nationwide Common Core curriculum but will write own exams, governor says (Florida Times-Union, 7/22/13)
GOP needs more female votes says Deal (AP, 7/21/13)
College scholarship, grant changes leave parents, students and schools confused (AJC, 7/21/13)
Governor intervenes in nursing board’s turmoil (AJC, 7/19/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Deal says no reason to change GA ‘Stan Your Ground’ law (WABE, 7/19/13)
Nathan Deal and Ted Cruz on the secrets of attracting women to the GOP cause (Political Insider, 7/19/13)
Deal: Georgia will revisit Stand Your Ground law (WSBRadio, 7/19/13)
Kingston sets Senate fundraising pace (AP, 7/18/13)
Georgia unemployment rate rises to 8/6% in June (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/18/13)
Deal suspends DeKalb CEO (AP, 7/17/13)
Your daily jolt: Korean-American to enter GOP race for US Senate (Political Insider, 7/17/13)
Nathan Deal’s salvage yard could be fueling another controversy (AJC, 7/17/13)
Is Georgia ready for ‘Fair Tax’ reforms? (AJC, 7/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Mayor Pennington makes it a race to be next GOP governor (Blackshear Times,7/17/13)
Big decisions for Deal (GPB, 7/16/13)
Deal taps Lee May as next DeKalb CEO (Political Insider, 7/16/13)
Not paying attention to the Georgia Senate race? You should. (The Fix, 7/16/13)
Governor blames nuclear opponents’ suits for $1B in delays in Plant Vogtle construction (Florida Times-Union, 7/16/13)
Your daily jolt: An outsider likely to head up DeKalb government, at least temporarily (Political Insider, 7/16/13)
Michelle Nunn on the Senate race: ‘I’ll be talking about it shortly’ (Political Insider, 7/15/13)
Tax reform push likely to resurface (AP, 7/15/13)
AUDIO: Feds plan heavy marketing of health exchange to Georgians (WABE, 7/12/13)
State Chamber leader: Don’t delay preparing for health care reform (Gainesville Times, 7/12/13)
Rising state revenues could boost Deal’s re-election campaign (AJC, 7/12/13)
Your daily jolt: By federal order, Georgia’s 2014 primary will be earliest in state history (Political Insider, 7/12/13)
State orders Georgia Power to add solar (WABE, 7/11/13)
More fights ahead for Georgia Power after loss on solar (AJC, 7/11/13)
Governor Deal responds to GOP primary challenger (WSB Radio, 7/10/13)
Gov. Deal signs inland port agreement (Savannah Morning News, 7/10/13)
AUDIO: Porter to run for Georgia Democratic Party chair (WABE, 7/10/13)
Health care choices for state employees about to shrink (Political Insider, 7/10/13)
CNBC names Georgia eighth-best state for business (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 7/10/13)
A new election calendar could wreak havoc on Georgia’s 2014 races (Political Insider, 7/10/13)
Deal cautious about solar energy (AP, 7/9/13)
Gov. Deal gets surprise challenger (GPB, 7/9/13)
AUDIO: Dalton Republican to challenge governor’s bid for reelection (WABE, 7/9/13)
Georgia Chamber chief warns of ‘jobs wars,’ urges businesses to help schools (Athens Banner-Herald,7/9/13)
Dalton mayor to oppose Gov. Deal’s bid for re-election (Florida Times-Union, 7/9/13)
Dalton’s mayor to challenge Deal in GOP primary (AJC, 7/9/13)
DuBose Porter enters contest for state Democratic chairman (Political Insider, 7/9/13)
Nathan Deal cool to talk of solar expansion for Georgia Power (Political Insider, 7/9/13)
Your daily jolt: Karen Handel’s campaign will be led by a Swiftboater and a wrasslin’ veteran(Political Insider, 7/9/13)
AUDIO: Economic forecaster says Georgia’s low per capita income ranking not the whole story(WABE, 7/9/13)
Deal reports $613,000 in campaign donations (Gainesville Times, 7/8/13)
Your daily jolt: Cherokee school board arrest could prove awkward for governor (Political Insider, 7/8/13)
Georgia’s 2014 primary season may shrink to June 3 (Political Insider, 7/8/13)
Inside the campaign fundraising totals for Nathan Deal, others (Political Insider, 7/8/13)
Deal campaign raises $600,000 in six months (AJC, 7/8/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Deal names Ellis review panel (WABE, 7/8/13)
Votes can wait as candidates focus on donations (AJC, 7/7/13)
In Georgia, solar power finds a respected place in the GOP vocabulary (Political Insider, 7/6/13)
Deal: State GOP can prove its message matters to minorities (AJC, 7/6/13)
Common Core faces tea party opposition (Gainesville Times, 7/5/13)
US Senate, House races stir Republican buzz (Marietta Daily Journal, 7/5/13)
VIDEO: Deal sells controversial salvage yard as he prepares for 2014 election (WSB Radio, 7/3/13)
Doug Stoner jumps into race for state Democratic party chair (Political Insider, 7/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Shame on us (Georgia Trend, 7/2/13)
Georgia tea party groups on opposite sides of solar power (Florida Times-Union, 7/1/13)
Your daily jolt: Race for state Democratic chairmanship now open to all (Political Insider, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

New immigration law takes effect today in Chatham County, state (Savannah Morning News,6/30/13)
New requirements in store for smaller businesses under Georgia immigration law (AJC, 6/30/13)
Nearly a year later, we are still confused about why we lost regional transportation sales tax referendum (SaportaReport, 6/30/13)
What we learned from Saturday’s GOP Senate forum (Political Insider, 6/29/13)
AUDIO: State Dems fire political director Rashad Richie (WABE, 6/28/13)
Tyrone Brooks will remain in office while facing indictment (Political Insider, 6/28/13)
Panel won’t suspend state Rep. Brooks from Gold Dome (Creative Loafing Atlanta, 6/28/13)
Commission decides Tyrone Brooks will stay in office (CBS Atlanta, 6/28/13)
AUDIO: Common Core controversy could be headache for teachers (WABE, 6/27/13)
Georgia Democratic Party only has $15,000 in the bank (Political Insider, 6/27/13)
On numbers: Gov. Deal No. 7 in nation for job creation (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 6/27/13)
With voting rights decision, clock is now ticking for GA Democrats (Political Insider, 6/26/13)
Attorney predicts gay rights groups will go slow on challenge to Georgia’s gay marriage ban (WABE, 6/26/13)
Georgia’s gay marriage ban still in effect, but legal ground grows shaky (WABE, 6/26/13)
Deal defends Common Core stance during West Cobb visit (Marietta Daily Journal, 6/26/13)
Gov. Deal, others honor Zell Miller at HOPE Scholarship anniversary celebration (Athens Banner,6/26/13)
State leaders pleased key part of Voting Rights Act invalidated (WABE, 6/25/13)
John Lewis and Nathan Deal: Bookends on voting rights decision (Political Insider, 6/25/13)
Nathan Deal addresses Common Core rift in GOP (Political Insider, 6/25/13)
GA. GOP: Stop Common Core (GPB, 6/24/13)
AUDIO: Legal scholar: Fulton County may not be able to beat HB 604 (WABE, 6/24/13)
AUDIO: Deal frustrated by another delay on 411 Connector (WABE, 6/13/13)
Isakson: ‘Perfect storm’ could flip Georgia Senate seat (Roll Call, 6/12/13)

MAY 2013

Mounting legal woes spurred Democratic leader’s resignation (AJC, 5/29/13)
Karen Handel announces for US Senate (Political Insider, 5/17/13)
Karen Handel enters Georgia Senate race (Roll Call, 5/17/13)
Handel joins crowded Senate race (AP, 5/17/13)
State GOP to elect new leader (GPB, 5/16/13)
FAA backs off closing control towers at Georgia airports (Florida Times-Union, 5/16/13)
Tourism leads Georgia job growth (GPB, 5/16/13)
Governor imposes restrictions on adoption of common core standards (Florida Times-Union, 5/15/13)
Like father, like daughter: Decoding Michelle Nunn’s Senate deliberations (Political Insider, 5/15/13)
Cousin of former governor Perdue mulling run for US Senate (Florida Times-Union, 5/14/13)
Better Georgia poll: Michelle Nunn would be ‘competitive’ (Political Insider, 5/13/13)
Karen Handel, Michelle Nunn won’t announce US Senate decisions this week (Political Insider, 5/13/13)
Isakson under pressure: GOP eyes senator on immigration vote (Marietta Daily Journal, 5/12/13)
Tri-state water feud plays out in Congress (AJC, 5/12/13)
After voting for ban, legislators take free tickets (AJC, 5/12/13)
While Fulton gets a makeover, some ask why Gwinnett gets a pass (AJC, 5/12/13)
GOP legislators use power to control local affairs (AP, 5/11/13)
GOP leaders play defense on Common Core school standards (Political Insider, 5/11/13)
Another shoe drops: Tom Price declares himself out of Senate race (Political Insider, 5/10/13)
Georgia tax collections leap in April (Florida Times-Union, 5/9/13)
Kasim Reed rules out a 2016 run for US Senate (Political Insider, 5/9/13)
Michelle Nunn outperformed John Barrow in Dem poll (Political Insider, 5/8/13)
AUDIO: Democrats eye potential candidates in US Senate race (WABE. 5/8/13)
After shunning a Senate race, John Barrow declines to look back (Political Insider, 5/8/13)
Gov. Deal signs Georgia state budget with 4.6% increase in spending (Florida Times-Union, 5/7/13)
Democrats set out to find another recruit after Barrow’s decision (AJC, 5/7/13)
Deal vetoes 2 bills after legislator’s motives questioned (AJC, 5/7/13)
Governor signs $19.9B spending plan for coming year (AJC, 5/7/13)
Ethics bill still unsigned (GPB, 5/6/13)
State VC initiative has potential, needs funding, locals say (Savannah Morning News, 5/4/13)
The impact Mark Sanford’s fate may have in Georgia (Political Insider, 5/4/13)
Governor signs bill exempting airplane parts from sales tax (Florida Times-Union, 5/3/13)
AUDIO: Juvenile justice overhaul signed into law (WABE, 5/2/13)
Thompson to be high court’s next chief justice (AJC, 5/2/13)
Kingston launches Senate campaign (GPB, 5/2/13)
Atlanta teacher bonus payments revealed (AJC, 5/1/13)
Kingston’s in the Senate race, and he won’t be outflanked (AJC, 5/1/13)
FreeEnterprise: Georgia among best for entrepreneurship and innovation (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 5/1/13)
Bill signed in Marietta will help state be smart on crime (Marietta Daily Journal, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

Kingston plans statewide events amid Senate talk (AJC, 4/30/13)
Nathan Deal on the inmates in his midst (Political Insider, 4/30/13)
Kingston, senators ask Obama for port funding (Savannah Morning News, 4/30/13)
Brunswick city commissioner suspended by governor (Florida Times-Union, 4/30/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Deal highlights ethics, juvenile justice in legislative overview (WABE, 4/30/13)
Fur begins to fly in GOP chairmanship race (Political Insider, 4/29/13)
Better Georgia makes waves (GPB, 4/29/13)
Bill to boost tourism, startups (GPB, 4/29/13)
Good news for Georgia: Obama to tap mayor of Charlotte for transportation secretary (Political Insider, 4/28/13)
Juvenile-justice reforms set to hit high gear in Georgia (Florida Times-Union, 4/27/13)
Despite long odds, Dalton mayor considers challenging Deal (AJC, 4/27/13)
Georgia tops nation in growth of women-owned businesses (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/27/13)
Ethics board keeps complaints on tea parties alive (Cherokee Tribune, 4/26/13)
Common Core no federal power grab, says Nathan Deal (Political Insider, 4/26/13)
Critics question immigration law (GPB, 4/25/13)
Deal signs 2nd part of criminal justice bill (AP, 4/25/13)
Law bars illegal immigrants from GA driver’s license (AJC, 4/25/13)
Deal signs bill  expanding immigration crackdown (AJC, 4/25/13)
Gov. Deal signs immigration law ‘fix’ (GPB, 4/25/13)
Ron Paul endorses Paul Broun (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/25/13)
Gov. Deal signs bill lowering GPA for HOPE grants (Gainesville Times, 4/25/13)
Georgia Democrats disagree on the strategy to make gains in the state (Florida Times-Union,4/24/13)
Some GA charter schools now complaining about state commission they wanted (11Alive, 4/24/13)
VIDEO: 3 ousted DeKalb school board members ask for reinstatement (11Alive, 4/24/13)
Fellow Dems condemn Mike Berlon’s primary-clearing plans (Political Insider, 4/24/13)
Deal signs HOPE bill (AJC, 4/24/13)
New ethics rules’ Jan 1 start creates uncertainty for lobbyists, lawmakers (AJC, 4/24/13)
Citing clash with Legislature, ratings agency downgrades Fulton bonds (Political Insider, 4/23/13)
Georgia adopts new concussion policies for young athletes (AJC, 4/23/13)
Fearing another bruising primary, Democrats seek to clear Senate field (AJC, 4/22/13)
Fearing another bruising primary, Democrats seek to clear field (AJC, 4/22/13)
Big scramble seen in open Senate seat in Georgia (AP, 4/21/13)
Effects of automatic federal spending cuts trickle down to Georgia (AP, 4/21/13)
Governor signs law that gives college freshman head start (AJC, 4/19/13)
Deal signs law to end equal road spending by district (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/19/13)
Emerging force in Georgia politics likes to needle ruling party (AJC, 4/19/13)
Deal signs 2 post-TSPLOST bills (AJC, 4/18/13)
Governor Deal signs transportation bills (AP, 4/18/13)
Behind the deep-sixing of a Georgia Right to Life bill (Political Insider, 4/18/13)
Deal on environmental issues boosts Savannah port project (AJC, 4/17/13)
Nathan Deal speaks — very carefully — about the Wilcox County prom (Political Insider, 4/17/13)
State campaigning to lure bioscience firms (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/17/13)
Regents again hike tuition, fees (GPB, 4/16/13)
Immigration legislation would have big impact on Georgia (AJC, 4/16/13)
Georgia industry recruiter chief looks to pursue tech companies (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/16/13)
Georgia seeks earmark exemption for Savannah harbor deepening (GPB, 4/15/13)
Lobbyist spending off 34% for session (AJC, 4/14/13)
Harbor deepening: What happens now? (Savannah Morning News, 4/13/13)
Analysis: Group says Georgia’s GOP leaders not conservative enough (Florida Times-Union, 4/13/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Deal signs video lottery bill (WABE, 4/12/13)
Nathan Deal stays out of integrated prom (Political Insider, 4/12/13)
GA majority whip to face Barr for US House seat (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/11/13)
AUDIO: Georgians and gun control: How are attitudes changing? A talk with pollster Matt Towery (WABE, 4/11/13)
Georgia prescription tracking system may shut down months after launch (AJC, 4/10/13)
Georgia revenue increases for 11th straight quarter, governor says (Florida Times-Union, 4/10/13)
President Obama’s Savannah port money disappoints (Savannah Morning News, 4/10/13)
Immigration bill redux (GPB, 4/9/13)
Broun rips GOP, Dems in Athens stump speech (Athens Banner-Herald, 4/8/13)
Local reviews mixed on state ethics reform (GPB, 4/8/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Deal signs veterans’ licensure bill (WABE, 4/8/13)
Nathan Deal’s chief of staff endorses Kasim Reed with $250 check (Political Insider, 4/8/13)
At awards ceremony, governor gives veterans a legislative gift (AJC, 4/8/13)
AG Sam Olens advocates Georgia adopting Texas-level taxes (Marietta Daily Journal, 4/8/13)
Speaker Jones on Fulton bills: ‘Everybody wins’ (AJC, 4/7/13)
Lawmakers made few major changes in education (AP, 4/7/13)
GOP ads target Barrow during Masters week (Political Insider, 4/7/13)
Why campus carry could become law in Georgia next year (Political Insider, 4/6/13)
Report: More than 880K in GA eligible for health coverage subsidies (Atlanta Business Chronicle,4/4/13)
Donors face quandary in crowded GOP Senate field (AJC, 4/4/13)
Georgia to pay millions in denied jobless benefits (AJC, 4/4/13)
Kingston right in mix for Senate seat, poll finds (Florida Times-Union, 4/3/13)
Study: Georgia ranks 10th worst in gun crime (WSB Radio, 4/3/13)
Ethics redux already planned (GPB, 4/3/13)
Your daily jolt: The mayor of Dalton considers a primary challenge to Nathan Deal (Political Insider, 4/3/13)
VIDEO: Another Georgia immigration battle: Both sides make cases to Gov.Deal on SB 160 (WABE, 4/3/13)
Sen. Isakson says feds close to funding Savannah port expansion (Savannah Morning News, 4/3/13)
A US Senate race may wake slumbering Democrats in Georgia (Political Insider, 4/3/13)
Shirley Franklin: APS indictments have generated ‘public lynch mob mentality’ (Political Insider,4/2/13)
Your daily jolt: David Perdue about to enter US Senate race? (Political Insider, 4/2/13)
Dalton mayor may run for governor (AP, 4/2/13)
T-SPLOST: Plan B? Not this year (AJC, 4/2/13)
Deal reviewing new bills (GPB, 4/2/13)
GA gun rights expansion still possible (GPB, 4/1/13)
State still smoothing out new ID requirements (AJC, 4/1/13)
GOP-heavy Fayette County comes to defense of Fulton County (Political Insider, 4/1/13)
Georgia GOP chair: Legalized gay marriage would lead to sham relationships (Political Insider, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Deal, top Republicans keep firm hand on session (AP, 3/30/13)
Smudges on the line between state and local government (Political Insider, 3/30/13)
With end of session, hard part begins for Gov. Deal (AJC, 3/30/13)
New abortion restrictions may not need legislative approval (AJC, 3/29/13)
Ex-schools chief in Atlanta is indicted in testing scandal (New York Times, 3/29/13)
What survived, what sank as legislative session ended (AJC, 3/29/13)
Dalton mayor eyes bid for governor of Georgia (Times Free Press, 3/29/13)
A union member’s assessment of the legislative session (Political Insider, 3/29/13)
Campus carry issue stymies gun measure (AJC, 3/29/13)
New lobbyist law leaves possible loopholes (AJC, 3/29/13)
Lawmakers pass on abortion, guns (GPB, 3/29/13)
Unemployment benefits ban fails (AJC, 3/28/13)
Legislature votes to expand school tax credit program (AJC, 3/28/13)
Ethics deal brokered: $75 cap on gifts (Political Insider, 3/28/13)
Legislative update: Speaker says ban on abortion coverage may not move (Political Insider, 3/28/13)
Nathan Deal offers work-around on abortion coverage ban (Political Insider, 3/28/13)
Ethics reform passes with push from Deal (AJC, 3/28/13)
More changes coming to Georgia’s HOPE program (AJC, 3/28/13)
Illegal immigration crackdown expansion OK’d (AJC, 3/28/13)
Georgia lawmakers cap lobbyist spending (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/28/13)
Legislature tries to tie up major lose ends on final day (WSB Radio, 3/28/13)
GA lawmakers adopt ‘14 budget (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/28/13)
Phil Gingrey joins 2014 contest for US Senate (Political Insider, 3/27/13)
Georgia lawmakers eyeing Tennessee River once more (, 3/27/13)
VIDEO: Marriage equality’s implications for GA (11Alive, 3/27/13)
Abortion comes to forefront in Legislature’s final days (AJC, 3/26/13)
GOP lands most of Fulton package, but big one gets away (AJC, 3/26/13)
Drama over ethics reform builds toward session’s finale (AJC, 3/26/13)
As Supreme Court weighs same-sex marriage, Georgians in 2004 battle look forward (AJC,3/26/13)
Lawmakers finalize Tennessee water resolution (AJC, 3/26/13)
Your daily jolt: Building state govt, one board at a time (Political Insider, 3/26/13)
Budget analyst: Georgia has a revenue problem (Rome News-Tribune, 3/26/13)
Georgia still struggling to add jobs (AJC, 3/26/13)
Ethics reform now includes incumbent-protection provision (Political Insider, 3/26/13)
Georgia House approves amended student scholarships bill (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/26/13)
As legislative session winds down, major bills on ethics and guns remain up in the air (WABE, 3/26/13)
AUDIO: Faith leaders speak out against gun bill (WABE, 3/25/13)
Bill scraps jobless benefits for seasonal workers (AJC, 3/25/13)
UGA making plan for state economic development (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/25/13)
GA House bill to grant solar monopoly would lower costs, create jobs, sponsor says (Florida Times-Union, 3/25/13)
Senate approves ban on abortion in state employee insurance plans (Political Insider, 3/25/13)
State senators push litigation in Tenn. border dispute (Gainesville Times, 3/25/13)
Will Georgia be affected if US Supreme Court throws out gay marriage bans? It depends. (WABE, 3/25/13)
How to bridge the gap between House, Senate on ethics bill (AJC, 3/25/13)
Ethics and gun bills still left for Legislature in final week (WSB Radio, 3/25/13)
Tight-knit Georgia Republican delegation starts to fray over Senate race (The Hill, 3/24/13)
GOP soul-searching: GA political strategist speaks on state of GOP amid infighting (Marietta Daily Journal, 3/24/13)
Legislature renews push into venture capital realm (Macon Telegraph, 3/24/13)
Lobbying reform: What’s gone down, what’s up next (AJC, 3/23/13)
Deal seek more clout over school districts (AJC, 3/23/13)
Gov. Deal horse-trades bond money to move his budget (AJC, 3/23/13)
Zeroing in on ethics reform in the Legislature (AJC, 3/23/13)
Fulton property measure could shift tax burden (AJC, 3/23/13)
Where legislative bills stand as session nears end (AJC, 3/23/13)
Senate passes bill to change HOPE grant (AJC, 3/22/13)
DeKalb school board is all business — just not business as usual (Atlanta Magazine, 3/22/13)
Gun bill continues toward final passage (AJC, 3/22/13)
Georgia House passes amended gun bill (WABE, 3/22/13)
Senate approves $19.8B spending plan for upcoming year (AJC, 3/22/13)
Georgia Senate loads venture capital into tourism bill (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/2/13)
GA Supreme Court will review governor’s suspension of school board members (Education Week,3/21/13)
AUDIO: GA lawmakers re-work gun bill, letting permit holders carry in more places (WABE, 3/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Nathan Deal, Georgia’s governor and DeKalb’s ‘emergency manager’(, 3/21/13)
In Legislature, hot words over MARTA, dentists and pharmacists (Political Insider, 3/21/13)
Gov Deal: Video game industry poised for growth (AJC, 3/21/13)
VIDEO: A GOP primary challenge to Gov. Deal in 2014 starts to take shape (11Alive, 3/21/13)
Panama Canal minister: Deepend port of Savannah (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/21/13)
Legislature deflecting Obamacare anger (Macon Telegraph, 3/21/13)
State lawmakers OK crackdown on so-called pill mills (AP, 3/21/13)
Storm of congressional change brewing in 2014 (Roll Call, 3/21/13)
Legislature focuses on mega gun bill during home stretch (WSB Radio, 3/21/13)
Federal judge blocks Georgia immigration law (AJC, 3/20/13)
The coming fireworks over trauma care funding (Political Insider, 3/20/13)
VIDEO: Rural schools still coming up short in funding (WALB, 3/20/13)
Panel approves revised private school tax credit bill (AJC, 3/20/13)
Daily Jolt: Pairing guns and six-packs on college campuses (Political Insider, 3/20/13)
Ethics reform at critical juncture (AJC, 3/19/13)

Georgia Republicans say change is needed (GPB, 3/19/13)
Ethics bill riles Georgians (GPB, 3/19/13)
GA gun bill has gotten even bigger (WSB Radio, 3/19/13)
House panel amends Georgia gun bill (AJC, 3/19/13)
Paul Broun slams House GOP budget plan as lesser imitation of White House proposal (Political Insider, 3/19/13)
Jack Kingston begins to assemble staff for US Senate run (AJC, 3/19/13)
AUDIO: Legislative session too Atlanta-focused, some say (WABE, 3/18/13)
Georgia charter-school law would be different from other states’ (AJC, 3/18/13)
Ethics public hearing Tuesday (GPB, 3/18/13)
2011 redistricting led to latest battle for Fulton County (AJC, 3/18/13)
Ethics, guns to be in the spotlight at Legislature (AJC, 3/18/13)
Reform legislation is retaliation, tax commissioner says (AJC,3/18/13)
New bills reflect Fulton’s power shift (AJC, 3/18/13)
DeKalb school board drama distilled down to two questions for state Supreme Court, which has 6 months to answer (AJC, 3/18/13)
DeKalb board members may take court off the table (WSB Radio, 3/18/13)
GA state senator proposes tax shift (GPB, 3/18/13)
Clash of forces on Georgia health-care issues (Florida Times-Union, 3/17/13)
Georgia Legislature enters its next-to-last week (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/17/13)
House lobbyist gift ‘ban’ has loopholes (AJC, 3/16/13)
Equalization fund: Some schools more equal than others (AJC, 3/16/13)
Federal judge asks Georgia high court to consider DeKalb schools case (AJC, 3/14/13)
Senate OKs video poker, HOPE measure (AJC, 3/14/13)
Deal appointees join DeKalb school board (AJC, 3/13/13)
DeKalb set for its own version of papal white smoke to rise today. Deal to announce six new school board members (AJC, 3/13/13)
VIDEO: SACS chief says governor moving too fast on DeKalb school board (Political Insider, 3/13/13)
University regents tell Georgia legislators they don’t want guns on campuses (Florida Times-Union,3/13/13)
DeKalb sheriff opposes gun bill (AJC, 3/13/13)
Guns on campus bill meets greater resistance now that it passes House and moves to Senate (AJC,3/13/13)
2014 budget clears state House (GPB, 3/12/13)
Gun carry legislation running into some resistance (AJC, 3/12/13)
Breaking news: Governor will select new DeKalb board members tomorrow (AJC, 3/12/13)
Civil rights leaders complain to governor about school board suspensions (CrossRoadsNews, 3/12/13)
Steady hiring expected in GA (GPB, 3/12/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Deal fires back at civil rights leaders over DeKalb School Board (11Alive, 3/12/13)
Majority GOP flexes muscles in House over Fulton County bill (AJC, 3/11/13)
House GOP blocks local bills in dispute over Fulton tax legislation (AJC, 3/11/13)
Raw politics on display under Gold Dome (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/11/13)
Georgia gets an A for online government transparency (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/11/13)
Republicans say they have a way to cut or eliminate Georgia state tax (Florida Times-Union,3/11/13)
NAACP, others to meet with Deal on DeKalb schools (AP, 3/10/13)
GA House moves forward with tourism tax breaks (Florida Times-Union, 3/9/13)
VIDEO: Georgia considers guns in churches and on college campuses (11Alive, 3/9/13)
How many illegal immigrants released in GA? House Republicans demand (Political Insider, 3/8/13)
AUDIO: Bills, battles, and beyond: A legislative update (WABE, 3/8/13)
Tax incentives bills show mixed results in legislature (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/8/13)
Georgia car tax fix signed into law (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 3/8/13)
AUDIO: Roundup of big crossover day bills (WABE, 3/7/13)
AUDIO: GA House approves lower eligibility requirements for HOPE grant (WABE, 3/7/13)
GA Senate wants US Constitution amended to require balanced budget (Florida Times-Union,3/7/13)
GA House votes to ease gun license restrictions in certain cases (Florida Times-Union, 3/7/13)
Poll: Most Georgians disapprove of Obama (Augusta Chronicle, 3/7/13)
House says yes to expanded gun rights (AJC, 3/7/13)
Crossover Day arrives at state Legislature (AJC, 3/7/13)
Is Gov. Deal vulnerable in 2014 election hunt? (AJC, 3/7/13)
Parent trigger law on charger schools closer to reality (Augusta Chronicle, 3/6/13)
Many bills await consideration on busy legislative day (Augusta Chronicle, 3/6/13)
Georgia lawmakers debate easing gun laws for those treated for mental illness (AP, 3/6/13)
Another long ‘Crossover Day’ ahead for General Assembly (Florida Times-Union, 3/6/13)
400 seek DeKalb school board seat; 1 gives hers up (AJC, 3/6/13)
General Assembly approves midyear budget (AJC, 3/5/13)
Bill seeking study of Medicaid costs passes Senate (AJC, 3/5/13)
AUDIO: Tort reform tabled, task force to study issue after session (WABE, 3/4/13)
AUDIO: DeKalb school board members fail in federal court (WABE, 3/4/13)
Tennessee River issue flowing in Georgia legislature (Gainesville Times, 3/4/13)
Crossover deadline makes for hectic week in Georgia Legislature (Athens Banner-Herald, 3/4/13)
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Officials propose stripping TSPLOST ‘penalty’ (Albany Herald, 1/29/13)
Bill would revoke T-SPLOST penalty (AJC, 1/29/13)
Georgia speaker unveils sweeping ethics legislation (AJC, 1/29/13)
Ralston’s ethics proposal would be a significant step forward (AJC, 1/29/13)
‘Trigger’ bill would let parents, staff petition to change schools to charters (AJC, 1/29/13)
Private school tax credit challenged (GPB, 1/28/13)
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State Democrats look for voice as minority party (Athens Banner-Herald, 1/28/13)
Georgia speaker’s ethics bill expected this week (AJC, 1/28/13)
Didn’t want to be involved in eight years of ‘ugly’ doings, says Saxby Chambliss (Political Insider, 1/28/13)
Chambliss won’t change approach in final two Senate years (Florida Times-Union, 1/28/13)
Deal agenda aims to help lawmakers avoid dicey votes (AJC, 1/27/13)
Lobbyist gifts decline amid citizen outcry (AJC, 1/27/13)
Chambliss retirement sparks scramble for US Senate seat (AJC, 1/26/13)
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Free-for-all to succeed Chambliss (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/25/13)
Another name in the mix to replace Saxby Chambliss: Sonny Perdue (AJC, 1/25/13)
Gov. Nathan Deal: Would be nice if legislature didn’t have to vote on Falcons stadium-GWCCA bonds(Saporta Report, 1/25/13)
Saxby Chambliss: Frustration with Washington drove him out (Political Insider, 1/25/13)
John Barrow pitches nonpartisan redistricting (AJC, 1/24/13)
Final fundraising data shows 10-1 advantage for charter backers (AJC, 1/24/13)
Metro Atlanta jobless rate rises, but so does optimism (AJC, 1/24/13)
122,949 white Georgia voters went missing in 2012 presidential race (AJC, 1/24/13)
New HOPE benefits come as fewer students get the award (AJC, 1/24/13)
Gun carrying on campus an issue with support of some local lawmakers, but not University System(The Times-Georgian, 1/24/13)
Georgia poised for economic growth in 2013, says UGA business dean (Athens Banner-Herald,1/23/13)
AUDIO: State education officials brace for end of federal grant (WABE, 1/23/13)
Road contractors shower governor with campaign donations (AJC, 1/23/13)
Stem cell foe named chair of state science panel (AJC, 1/23/13)
Georgia General Assembly: Ethics reform takes a front seat (AJC, 1/23/13)
Flap over Chip Rogers’ $150,000 salary at GPB (AJC, 1/23/13)
New Falcons stadium deal emerges (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/23/13)
VIDEO: GA Legislature to consider allowing guns at colleges and universities (WXIA, 1/23/13)
Amazon fails to collect new Georgia tax (AJC, 1/23/13)
Manufacturing increasing in Georgia (GPB, 1/23/13)
State officials negotiating Falcons stadium plans (AP, 1/22/13)
Deal sets aside $4.3M for Georgia Archives (AJC, 1/22/13)
Deal: Agenda trimmed back because of budget (AP, 1/22/13)
State fiscal economist predicts ’slow but steady growth’ (AJC, 1/22/13)
Report: Private Georgians, not corporations, reaping biggest tax breaks (Florida Times-Union,1/21/13)
Atlanta’s legislative wish list includes higher alcohol taxes (AJC, 1/21/13)
Analysis: Real Georgia legislative power in committees (Augusta Chronicle, 1/20/13)
Business incentive funds take a hit in budget (AJC, 1/20/13)
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Backed by state money, Georgia scholarships go to schools barring gays (New York Times, 1/20/13)
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New report focuses on key education issues facing Georgia in 2013 (Rockdale Citizen, 1/19/13)
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Georgia conservative wants state to express remorse for slavery (AJC, 1/17/13)
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State of State focuses on boating safety, budget plans (Gainesville Times, 1/17/13)
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What to expect in the ‘State of the State’ (GPB, 1/16/13)
Gov. Deal to propose HOPE changes (Macon Telegraph, 1/16/13)
Georgia’s top political leaders back ‘bed tax’ plan to fund Medicaid (AJC, 1/16/13)
Bill would require lawmakers to report gifts (AJC, 1/16/13)
Deal: GA needs to be more ‘vigilant’ on mental-health records for gun permits (AJC, 1/16/13)
Georgia Senate committee approves tax on hospitals (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/15/13)
Deal: Super Bowl wouldn’t hurt Falcons’ stadium push (AJC, 1/15/13)
Ethics, health care on Senate Democrats’ agenda (AJC, 1/15/13)
GOP lawmakers sponsor bill to allow administrators to carry guns at school (Macon Telegraph,1/15/13)
Daily Jolt: Senate Dems to push back on ethics, abortion, HOPE and foreclosures (Political Insider, 1/15/13)
State Senate approves controversial new ethics rule (Gainesville Times, 1/14/13)
Governor Deal pitches ‘bed tax’ workaround (WABE, 1/14/13)
‘Bed tax’ plan: Practical solution or cop-out? (AJC, 1/14/13)
For Gov. Deal, 2013 poses risks, rewards (AJC, 1/14/13)
Senate passes ethics rule, maintains restriction on public complaints (AJC, 1/14/13)
Georgia legislative session opens with political sparring on first day (Florida Times-Union, 1/14/13)
Lt. Gov Cagle back in good graces with Senate (Gainesville Times, 1/13/13)
Georgians to Legislature: Make job creation top priority (AJC, 1/13/13)
Big issues facing Georgia Legislature (AJC, 1/13/13)
GOP lawmaker: Ban gifts to every state official (Marietta Daily Journal, 1/13/13)
Falcons stadium will be a hard sell, legislators say (AJC, 1/12/13)
For next General Assembly, a balanced budget is merely the first challenge (Florida Times-Union,1/12/13)
‘Parent trigger’ bill touted (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/11/13)
Top 10 education issues facing Georgia (AJC, 1/11/13)
Deal wants funding increase for HOPE scholarship (Gainesville Times, 1/11/13)
Gov. Deal submits nominations for state Charter Schools Commission (WABE, 1/10/13)
Reed forecasts Democrat gains in Georgia (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 1/10/13)
School safety, funding, weapons on agenda in Legislature (AJC, 1/10/13)
Federal health mandate may prompt GA lawmakers to repeal state versions, insurance commissioner says (Times Union, 1/10/13)
Dozens of lawmakers try to beat fundraising deadline (AJC, 1/9/13)
Legislature not likely to do much for transit (AJC, 1/9/13)
Historic vote merges eight Georgia colleges into four (AJC, 1/8/13)
Georgia lawmaker calls for arming school officials (WABE, 1/8/13)
Georgia public schools could move to ’student-based funding’ (Florida Times-Union, 1/7/13)
Lawmaker wants schools to be able to arm administrators (AJC, 1/7/13)
AUDIO: Education group gives Georgia a ‘D+,’ but state still outranks many (WABE, 1/7/13)
Cobb delegation: We need to end reliance on federal dollars (Marietta Daily Journal, 1/7/13)
Lawmakers face another year of spending cuts (AJC, 1/7/13)
Georgia gets poor marks from school choice group (AJC, 1/7/13)
Lawmakers ignore their moral and constitutional duty to support public education (Get Schooled, 1/7/13)
EDITORIAL: A deficit of trust (Gainesville Times, 1/6/13)
Budget, health care will dominate Georgia session (AP, 1/6/13)
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Budget, health care will dominate Georgia legislators’ time (AP, 15/13)
Gov. Deal appoints Hooks to Board of Regents (Albany Herald, 1/4/13)
School funding in 2013: Probably no new money from GA Legislature but the possibility of flexibility (AJC, 1/4/13)
Gov. Deal appoints Hooks, others to Regents (AJC, 1/3/13)
Tea Party Express chair targets Saxby Chambliss (AJC, 1/3/13)
Governor won’t push for suspension of Clayton County sheriff (Political Insider, 1/3/13)
Republican files fix to Georgia immigration law (WABE, 1/3/13)
AUDIO: Debate over new Georgia cities returns to the Legislature (WABE, 1/3/13)
Manufacturing in Georgia still hurting (AJC, 1/2/13)
Georgian of the Year: Gov. Nathan Deal is all business (Georgia Trend, 1/1/13)