The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


FL 2010 Archives

Florida Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives

Before the ball drops, a countdown of challenges for Rick Scott (Sunshine State News, 12/31/10)
McCollum’s political career appears to be ending (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 12/30/10)
Need for government hospitals to be a ‘hot topic’ for Gov.-elect Rick Scott (Miami Herald, 12/30/10)
Records in GOP fraud case reveal more of Jim Greer’s business dealings (St. Pete Times, 12/30/10)
Greta Van Susteren to kick off Scott’s inaugural celebration (Florida Capital News, 12/30/10)
Scott transition team hands out a few more pink slips (Florida Tribune, 12/30/10)
Charlie Crist’s legacy – an unfinished agenda (St. Pete Times, 12/30/10)
Crist sees spike in approval as he leaves office (The Hill, 12/29/10)
Editorial: Don’t deny Floridians benefits of health reform (St. Pete Times, 12/27/10)
Florida homeowners brace for insurance rate increases (Tampa Tribune, 12/27/10)

Sink’s parting thoughts (Miami Herald, 12/27/10)
Lavish inauguration? Says Who? (Sunshine State News, 12/27/10)
Wallets open to toast Scott (Herald-Times, 12/27/10)
Census reinforces state’s national clout (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 12/26/10)
Scott moves to cut drug office (Miami Herald, 12/22/10)
New clout means new tasks ahead (Herald-Tribune, 12/22/10)
Battle over Florida redistricting begins (Florida Capital News, 12/22/10)
Growth gives Florida more say in US House (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 12/22/10)
Scott team wants vouchers, merit pay (St. Augustine Record, 12/22/10)
Scott transition team delivers ‘big ideas’ (Sunshine State News, 12/21/10)
Editorial: Scott already stumbling (Pensacola News Journal, 12/21/10)
Scott advised to slash and merge (Miami Herald, 12/21/10)
A sobering look at Florida school reform (Washington Post, 12/21/10)
Editorial: Rick Scott vs. high-speed rail (Orlando Sentinel, 12/17/10)
Blueprint for a balanced budget (Miami Herald, 12/12/10)
Scott calls for school choice (Miami Herald, 12/9/10)
Editorial: Dredge, baby, dredge! (Miami Herald, 12/7/10)
Rick Scott, business leaders meet (Miami Herald, 12/7/10)
Scott touts jobs plan (Miami Herald, 12/6/10)
Scott begins “Let’s get to work’ tour (Florida Independent, 12/6/10)
Rick Scott faces Florida’s sea of red ink (Sunshine State News, 12/2/10)
Miami-Dade seeks dredge earmark (Miami Herald, 11/28/10)
McBride would advise Sink to run again (Tampa Tribune, 11/23/10)
Scott’s new team coming into view (Miami Herald, 11/21/10)
Survey shows AL, FL economies hardest hit by oil spill (Mobile Press-Register, 11/21/10)  +++
$25K for a seat at Rick’s dinner table (Miami Herald, 11/20/10) +++
Want to help Rick Scott? No experience preferred (Pensacola News Journal, 11/17/10)  +++
Scott names economic advisers (Sun-Sentinel, 11/16/10)
Hispanic voters really matter now (Miami Herald, 11/15/10)  +++
Tallahassee teems with new blood (Miami Herald, 11/14/10)
Budget woes will impact Scott agenda (Sun-Sentinel, 11/14/10)
Rick Scott issues ethics code (Tallahassee Democrat, 11/10/10)  +++
Scott comes to Tallahassee (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/10/10)  +++
New lineup ahead for state Cabinet (Miami Herald, 11/9/10)
New governor may face culture shock (Miami Herald, 11/8/10)
Endorsement: Put Sink to work (Florida Times-Union, 10/24/10)
Endorsement: Sink for Governor (Miami Herald, 10/24/10)
Early turnout favoring GOP (Sunshine State News, 10/22/10)
Clinton campaigns for Sink in S. Fla (Miami Herald, 10/22/10)
Endorsement: Sink for governor (Palm Beach Sun Sentinel, 10/22/10)
New poll shows Scott, Sink in a dead heat (Sunshine State News, 10/22/10)
Phyllis Schlafly backs Rick Scott (Sunshine State News, 10/22/10)
Clinton rallies the young for Sink (Florida Independent, 10/21/10)
Opinion: The risk of choosing Rick Scott (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/20/10)
Clinton campaigns with Sink in Miami (Miami Herald, 10/20/10)
Sink camp releases footage of Scott deposition (Florida Independent, 10/19/10)
Excerpts from Rick Scott under oath (St. Pete Times, 10/18/10)
Poll: Sink holds 6-point lead over Scott (Florida Times-Union, 10/14/10)
Absentee ballots front-load elections (Sunshine State News, 10/6/10)
Sykes scandal puts heat on Sink (Miami Herald, 10/3/10)
Endorsement: Sink for governor (Herald-Tribune, 10/3/10)
Q-Poll: Scott leading Sink in guber race (Tallahassee Democrat, 10/1/10)
GOP State Sen endorses Sink (Florida Independent, 9/27/10)
Early voting surges in Florida (Miami Herald, 9/26/10)
Poll: Sink leads Scott in guber race (Miami Herald, 9/24/10)
Mason Dixon: Sink has 7-point lead (Orlando Sentinel, 9/23/10)
GOP ad hammers Sink over state pension loss (Sunshine State news, 9/21/10)
Will GOP audit scandal stick to Crist? (Orlando Sentinel, 9/19/10)
Gov. Jindal campaigns for Scott (Miami Herald, 9/17/10)
Sink releases her tax returns (Miami Herald, 9/17/10)
GOP split over FL using federal stimulus funding (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 9/16/10)
DGA gives $2 million for Sink election (Palm Beach Post, 9/15/10)
McCollum unapologetic for missing GOP meeting (Fort Myers News-Press, 9/13/10)
GOP looks to link Obama to Alex Sink (Herald Tribune, 9/12/10)
Sink leaps over Scott in fundraising (Miami Herald, 9/10/10)
Sink calls for extending Bush tax cuts (Palm Beach Post, 9/7/10)
Scott tries to tie Sink to Obama (Tampa Tribune, 9/7/10)
GOP foes, lobbyists flock to Scott (St. Pete Times, 9/4/10)
GOP ads take aim at Sink (Orlando Sentinel, 9/3/10)
Scott says no tenure for new teachers (Crowley Political Report, 9/3/10)
Scott links Obama, Sink (Politico, 9/3/10)
RPOF buying Rick Scott TV time (Orlando Sentinel, 9/2/10)
McCollum right to be skeptical (Miami Herald, 9/2/10)
GOP leaders mend fences with Scott (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 9/1/10)
Republicans for Alex Sink (The Reid Report, 8/31/10)
GOP guber contest close (Public Policy Polling, 8/22/10)
Another Rick Scott deposition surfaces (Orlando Sentinel, 8/20/10)
Opinion: It’s not Arizona (Miami Herald, 8/18/10)
McCollum touts experience (Miami Herald, 8/17/10)
McCollum hitches jobs to vote pitch (Florida Today, 8/14/10)
Opinion: Hey, Alex Sink – tell us who you are (Sarasota Sun-Sentinel, 8/14/10)
Poll: McCollum overtakes Scott (Politico, 8/12/10)
Rick Scott – buyer beware (Miami Herald, 8/11/10)
Who is Rick Scott? (Miami Herald, 8/8/10)
McCollum: The consummate insider (Miami Herald, 8/7/10)
Guber candidates discuss ideas (Miami Herald, 8/7/10)
Sink watches and waits (MyFoxTampaBay, 8/5/10)
Scott breaks now-meaningless spending cap (Florida Independent, 8/4/10)
Rasmussen: Scott 35, Sink 31, Chiles 16 (Orlando Sentinel, 8/4/10)
Chiles: FL should pay energy rebates (St. Pete Times, 8/3/10)
Is Rick Scott channeling Mr. Burns? (Orlando Sentinel, 8/2/10)

JULY 2010

Chiles rips into Alex Sink’s energy plan (Sunshine State News, 7/28/10)
Sink emerges as winner of FL GOP guber primary (Talking Points Memo, 7/27/10)
Scott sidesteps oil drilling stance (Miami Herald, 7/27/10)
The taxpayer bailout of Bill McCollum (Sunshine State News, 7/23/10)
Florida’s rich man primaries (Politics Daily, 7/22/10)
Scott promises $1.4B in property tax cuts (Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/21/10)
Crist uses his old party as a new foil (Wall Street Journal, 7/20/10)
Scott attacks McCollum for use of state plane (Crowley Political Report, 7/19/10)
FL Dems hopeful for campaign season (Tallahassee Democrat, 7/18/10)
McCollum pledges no new taxes (Florida Times Union, 7/18/10)
Opinion: Find remedies to the spill (Orlando Sentinel, 7/17/10)
Is Rick Scott the best thing to happen to Alex Sink? (Crowley Political Report, 7/15/10)
Sink announces crackdown on mortgage fraud (Florida Independent, 7/15/10)
Editorial: State doesn’t need double drilling ban (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 7/13/10)
McCollum only has $800K left to spend (St. Pete Times, 7/12/10)
Rubio’s rise linked to Tea Parties (Miami Herald, 7/11/10)
Crist calls lawmakers for vote on oil drill ban (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 7/9/10)
Opinion: Don’t copycat Arizona (Orlando Sentinel, 7/9/10)
Bud Chiles finances worsen (Florida Independent, 7/6/10)

JUNE 2010
Cannon cash helps McCollum’s firepower (Jacksonville Observer, 6/29/10)
McCollum admits role in stealth ads (Orlando Sentinel, 6/28/10)
Scott makes play for Hispanic votes (Miami Herald, 6/28/10)
Rookie mistakes by McCollum? (Sarasota Herald Tribune, 6/28/10)
527 to air ads supporting Scott (Politico, 6/25/10)
GOP candidates playing debating game (Naples News, 6/23/10)
Financial disclosure reveals Scott worth $218M (Florida Independent, 6/21/10)
McCollum says he’ll debate Scott (St. Pete Times, 6/17/10)
Sink intercedes with BP for Pensacola businessman (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/16/10)
McCollum’s campaign in trouble (St. Pete Times, 6/16/10)
McCollum wants to debate; Romney endorses (Naples Daily News, 6/16/10)
McCollum’s campaign sinking (St. Pete Times, 6/15/10)
Rick Scott: (not) as seen on TV (St. Pete Times, 6/12/10)
New Q-Poll shows Scott leads Sink by 10 (Creative Loafing Tampa, 6/9/10)
Chiles run would sink Sink (Jacksonville Observer, 6/9/10)
Scott leads Sink by 5, McCollum by 2 (St. Pete Times, 6/9/10)
BP official meets with FL Cabinet (Tampa Tribune, 6/8/10)
McCollum calls Scott “ruthless” (Miami Herald, 6/7/10)
RPOF conservatives rail against Scott (Orlando Sentinel, 6/3/10)
Scott to McCollum: Come clean on donors (St. Pete Times, 6/1/10)
MAY 2010
GOP ad war now totals $13M (St. Pete Times, 5/27/10)
The stealth group attacking Rick Scott (Orlando Sentinel, 5/26/10)
How is Rick Scott paying for all those ads? (Florida Independent, 5/25/10)
Sink courts state workers while promising change (Tallahassee Democrat, 5/24/10)
Sink urges federal takeover of oil spill (Palm Beach Sun Sentinel, 5/24/10)
Jeb appears in ad for McCollum (Palm Beach Post, 5/21/10)
McCollum’s campaign manager rips Rick Scott (Sunshine State News, 5/19/10)
Sink rips McCollum over Rentboy scandal (St. Pete Times, 5/19/10)
Sink pushing accountability (Pensacola News Journal, 5/18/10)
Chiles plans to run (Miami Herald, 5/15/10)
Scott shakes up primary contest (Miami Herald, 5/8/10)
Sink not pleased after oil spill briefing (Tallahassee Democrat, 5/5/10)
APRIL 2010
Dockery votes NO on FL budget (St. Pete Times, 4/30/10)
The politics of drilling are changing (Capital News Service, 4/28/10)
RPOF pulls anti-Sink assault weapons web ad (Palm Beach Sun-Sentinel, 4/27/10)
McCollum, RPOF anger law enforcement (St. Pete Times, 4/27/10)
Dems taking political shots at Scott, too (Sunshine State News, 4/27/10)
Guber hopefuls differ on education reform (Sarasota Herald  Tribune, 4/25/10)
Crist bucks GOP, vetoes education bill (Wall Street Journal, 4/16/10)
Sink’s campaign team shuffled (Miami Herald, 4/9/10)
Sink’s lost campaign (Orlando Sentinel, 4/8/10)
Dockery shops education editorial (St. Pete Times, 4/2/10)
MARCH 2010
McCollum widens lead over Sink (Politics Daily, 3/31/10)
McCollum up 47-36 over Sink (St. Petersburg Times, 3/25/10)
McCollum’s passion (FLA, 3/24/10)
Sink’s lukewarm reception to healthcare bill (St. Petersburg Times, 3/22/10)
McCollum holds 13 point lead over Sink (Politics Daily, 3/13/10)
Sink calls for report on Florida insurers (Sarasota Herald Tribune, 3/10/10)
Paula Dockery in her own words (Broward Sun Sentinel, 3/1/01)
Dockery ensnared in Tea Party fracas (Tampa Tribune, 2/28/10)
Sink: McCollum lacks passion (St. Pete Times, 2/27/10)
McCollum keeps wide lead over Sink (, 2/24/10)
Dems hit back at McCollum (Politico, 2/23/10)
RGA tries to sink Sink (NBC, 2/23/10)
Dockery Tea Party problem brewing (Palm Beach Post, 2/23/10)
Bankers – the new trial lawyers (Florida Times-Union, 2/23/10)