The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Florida Governor News


Florida Gubernatorial  Headlines:


Scott administration pushes back against Times/Herald job investigation (SaintPetersBlog, 12/7/13)
Rick Scott shouldn’t choose Adam Hollingworth as Lieutenant Governor (Sunshine State News, 12/7/13)
Governor’s chief of staff lied about college degree in previous job (Tampa Bay Times, 12/6/13)
Florida Supreme Court justices question medical marijuana ballot language (Miami Herald, 12/6/13)
Quid pro quo for jobs deals? Hard to see it (Tampa Bay Times, 12/6/13)
Charlie Crist’s bad week: Bill Nelson overs, Bill Hyers leaves (Sunshine State News, 12/6/13)
Crist says second Scott term would put ‘bunch of ideologues’ on Florida Supreme Court (Post on Politics, 12/6/13)
Gov. Rick Scott makes big jobs promises, but so far gains are small (Tampa Bay Times, 12/6/13)
Rick Scott’s record: Many promises. Jobs? Meh. (Naked Politics, 12/6/13)
From Jeb to Crist to Obama, everyone thinks Craig Fugate does a heckuva job (Naked Politics, 12/6/13)
High court hears medical-marijuana case (Miami Herald, 12/4/13)
Charlie Crist’s new campaign manager departs (Tampa Bay Times, 12/3/13)
Bill Nelson refutes Bill Nelson over new run-for-governor talk: ‘disregard it.’ (Naked Politics, 12/3/13)
Bill Nelson: ‘Disregard’ my ‘flip remark’ about running for governor (The Buzz, 12/3/13)
Palm Beach County’s most competitive state House race taking shape (Post on Politics, 12/3/13)
Mark Pafford and Florida Republicans exchange fire (Sunshine State News, 12/3/13)
Websites used as weapons in governor’s race attacks (Sunshine State News, 12/3/13)
Next House Speaker wants statewide water planning (Sunshine State News, 12/3/13)
Trouble in Crist world: New campaign manager already gone (The Buzz, 12/3/13)
Deja vu: The coming attacks on Alex Sink (The Buzz, 12/3/13)
Charlie Crist’s much-heralded campaign chief leaves before he officially starts (Naked Politics, 12/3/13)
Elections chief refuses Gov. Scott’s order (Miami Herald, 12/2/13)
Governor increases heat on school districts to pay up on teacher raises (Naked Politics, 12/2/13)
No Thanksgiving break from attacks in 2014 Florida Governor’s race (Sunshine State News, 12/2/13)


Florida senators cruising to re-election in 2014 (Sunshine State News, 11/30/13)
Email insights: A month-end Nan Rich email overstuffed with turkey talk (SaintPetersBlog, 11/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Stop meddling with ballots (Pensacola News Journal, 11/30/13)
Medical pot foes look to Justices (The Ledger, 11/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Which is worse: An individual failing or limiting voters? (Tampa Bay Times, 11/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Scott’s good news is followed by controversy (Tampa Tribune, 11/30/13)
For thousands of Florida teachers, evaluations aren’t making the grade (Miami Herald, 11/29/13)
Nan Rich hasn’t been offered — and doesn’t want — a deal to quit the governor’s race (Sunshine State News, 11/29/13)
Republicans gear up to replace Trey Radel in Congress (Sunshine State News, 11/28/13)
Re-election puts focus on Rick Scott congratulatory letters (Sunshine State News, 11/28/13)
Gaming gains require tourists, expert says (Tampa Tribune, 11/28/13)
Republican Party in Florida being taken over by gay ‘thugs’: Tea Party leader (NY Daily News, 11/28/13)
Tampa Bay may hold Rick Scott’s next Lieutenant Governor (Sunshine State News, 11/28/13)
Rick Scott outraises Charlie Crist in first-month fundraising (Sunshine State News, 11/27/13)
Dems cry voter suppression, election supes unhappy, over new absentee rule (Tampa Tribune, 11/27/13)
Crist raises first million; Scott now over $25 million (Tampa Tribune, 11/27/13)
Two senators short-circuit Legislature’s plan to audit troubled Hallandale Beach CRA (Miami Herald, 11/27/13)
GOP attacks Florida Democrats on Obamacare (Sunshine State News, 11/27/13)
Democrat Nan Rich’s enduring, families-first rise in Florida politics (Sunshine State News, 11/27/13)
Elections officials worry about state’s directive impact on voters (Naked Politics, 11/27/13)
Detzner’s directive on absentees sets off spirited debate (Miami Herald, 11/26/13)
Florida governor calls for congressman to quit after arrest (New York Times, 11/26/13)
Rick Scott and Charlie Crist trade barbs as 2014 looms (Sunshine State News, 11/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Florida politicians should be thankful for  their good luck (Context Florida, 11/26/13)
Two candidates left on Gov. Scott’s ‘short list’ for Lt. Gov (Tampa Tribune,11/26/13)
Trey Radel: ‘People coming & harassing me’ (Naples News, 11/26/13)
GOP leaders to Rep. Trey Radel: Quit ‘immediately’ (Miami Herald, 11/26/13)
Push poll about Charlie Crist and restoration of civil rights (Naked Politics, 11/26/13)
Orange County GOP lawmakers skip delegation meeting on Obamacare (Naked Politics, 11/26/13)
Return of the King: Charlie Crist and ex-Governor comebacks (smart politics, 11/25/13)
Obama could kill Charlie Crist’s chances still (National Journal, 11/25/13)
Sheriff says ‘No thanks’ to Gov. Scott’s offer as possible LG (Naked Politics, 11/25/13)
State’s order on absentee ballots upsets election supervisors (Naked Politics, 11/25/13)
FL Republican chairman joins Lee and Collier GOP: ‘Resign immediately,’ Trey Radel (Naked Politics, 11/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Cocaine, the congressman and contradictions (Miami Herald, 11/24/13)
Gov. Rick Scott’s tax cut plan faces reality check (Miami Herald, 11/24/13)
Hillary Clinton-Charlie Crist ticket in 2016? (Sunshine State News, 11/23/13)
VIDEO: The double life of US Rep. Trey Radel — cocaine addict and congressman (Miami Herald, 11/23/13)
Fla. poll: President Obama hurts Democrats, seen as untrustworthy (Miami Herald, 11/22/13)
Superintendent takes name off Scott’s LG short list (Naked Politics, 11/22/13)
Rick Scott’s health care adviser predicts odds of Medicaid expansion ‘very low’ (Naked Politics, 11/22/13)
First Lady Ann Scott plans cookbook with historic Florida theme (Miami Herald, 11/21/13)
Charlie Crist’s lead over Rick Scott narrowing (Sunshine State News, 11/21/13)
Poll: 82% favor medical marijuana, plurality support pot legalization (Miami Herald, 11/21/13)
Rick Scott down to Charlie Crist by 7 in Q Poll, but gap narrowing as Crist favorables fall (Naked Politics, 11/21/13)
Rep. Trey Radel: I’m sorry for cocaine use, heading to rehab for leave of absence (Naked Politics, 11/21/13)
Amid power struggle with chief of staff, Gov. Rick Scott’s 2010 victory architect takes a stop back (Miami Herald, 11/20/13)
A closer look at who’s giving to Charlie Crist (Sunshine State News, 11/20/13)
VIDEO: Florida congressman pleads guilty on cocaine charge (Miami Herald, 11/20/13)
Gov. Rick Scott’s courtesy notes double as campaign promotion (Miami Herald, 11/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Bill Nelson for governor could endanger Charlie Crist, US Senate seat and Democrats (Miami Herald, 11/17/13)
Rubio to anti-gay group: Nation’s morality at risk (Miami Herald, 11/17/13)
Florida’s top elections official argues that a federal database is used often to check voter registration (Miami Herald, 11/16/13)
Poll: Voters in US Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart’s district want immigration reform now — not later (Miami Herald, 11/14/13)
Scott criticizes Obama’s health-care announcement (HT Politics, 11/14/13)
Lawmakers see need for speed on Fla. roadways (Miami Herald, 11/13/13)
Sen. Nelson considering bid for governor? (HT Politics, 11/13/13)
Charlie Crist campaign team looks a lot like President Obama’s campaign team (Miami Herald, 11/12/13)
Jeb Bush endorses Scott (HT Politics, 11/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Government dysfunction is the new normal (Miami Herald, 11/10/13)
Lengthy hearing to review ‘Stand Your Ground’ law set for Thursday (Miami Herald, 11/7/13)
Lawmakers defeat bill to repeal Stand Your Ground; expand immunity in warning shot cases (Miami Herald, 11/7/13)
Miami Beach backs medical marijuana; is Florida next? (Miami Herald, 11/6/13)
State lawmaker seeks changes to charter school law (Miami Herald, 11/5/13)
Detzner continues to push voter purge by a different name (Naked Politics, 11/5/13)
An early estimate on Crist’s first fundraiser: $500,000 (Naked Politics, 11/5/13)
Is CONNECT Rick Scott’s Obamacare? (Naked Politics, 11/5/13)
Tuesday’s Virginia governor’s race offers sneak peek at next year’s Florida governor’s race (Miami Herald, 11/5/13)
Taxes at center of casino debate (Miami Herald, 11/4/13)
Convicted Broward sheriff was partner with Scott (Miami Herald, 11/4/13)
GOP lawmakers falling behind on fundraising (Miami Herald, 11/4/13)
A full year of negative campaigning starts as Charlie Crist bids for governor (Miami Herald,11/4/13)
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist: ‘time to take Florida in a better direction’ (Tampa Bay Times, 11/4/13)
Crist, former Florida governor, tosses hat in ring again (New York Times, 11/4/13)
VIDEO: Nan Rich says Charlie Crist will have to run on his record of flip-flops (WTSP, 11/2/13)
Alex Sink in full-campaign mode, touts ‘results oriented values’ at Pinellas Democratic Club picnic(SaintPetersBlog, 11/2/13)
Get ‘em while they’re hot: Charlie Crist yard signs (SatinPetersBlog, 11/2/13)
GOP attacks while Crist says he hopes there is a brighter future tomorrow (Crowley Political Report, 11/2/13)
GOP ad uses Dems to knock Crist (The Hill, 11/2/13)
Political spending booms as Crist enters Florida governor race (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/2/13)
VIDEO: Rick Scott ad spot uses Dems to hit Charlie Crist (Politico, 11/2/13)
Ex-governor of Florida seeks old job in new party (New York Times, 11/1/13)
Charlie Crist is running for governor, again (The Buzz, 11/1/13)
GOP alleges Charlie Crist violated state campaign law (The Buzz, 11/1/13)
Charlie Crist makes it official, files to run for governor as a Democrat (Sunshine State News, 11/1/13)
New campaign finance laws take effect Friday (Sunshine State News, 11/1/13)
GOP files ethics complaint against Charlie Crist (Naked Politics, 11/1/13)
VIDEO: Here’s the first ad bashing Dem candidate Charlie Crist (The Buzz, 11/1/13)
For a window into Florida’s 2014 governor’s race, look to Virginia (Tampa Bay Times, 11/1/13)
Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist wants his old office back (Washington Post, 11/1/13)
Governor candidate Nan Rich supports medical marijuana question (Sun-Sentinel, 11/1/13)
Ex-GOP Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist to run for job as Democrat (Politico, 11/1/13)
All in a (Broward) night: GOP takes up a gay marriage while (mostly) Dems hold LGBT town hall. Where does an R politician in a D district go? (Naked Politics, 11/1/13)
Charlie Crist files to run for Florida governor as a Democrat (Tampa Bay Times, 11/1/13)


Gov. Scott’s executive order sets election dates for Young’s seat (The Buzz, 10/31/13)
Florida’s top job recruiter gets large raise (Miami Herald, 10/31/13)
Rick Scott showcases aeronautics jobs flying to Florida (Sunshine State News, 10/31/13)
Florida voters back expanded gaming and resort casinos (Sunshine State News, 10/31/13)
Florida gov race 2014: Rick Scott to time ads with Charlie Crist launch (Politico, 10/31/13)
Legislative leaders join AG in fight against medical marijuana (WLRN, 10/31/13)
With Alex Sink running for Young’s seat, Congressional race could get nasty (WTSP, 10/30/13)
Nelson wants feds to probe Scott’s rollout of jobless website (Post on Politics, 10/30/13)
Florida will play less of a role in 2014 congressional races than 2010 battles (Sunshine State news, 10/30/13)
As Charlie Crist readies to launch ‘14 bid, Rick Scott is in no hurry (Sunshine State News, 10/30/13)
Why the governor’s race in 2014 poses a quandary for Democratic women (LWRN, 10/30/13)
VIDEO: Nan Rich on the campaign trail (Sun Sentinel, 10/29/13)
The day in Crist-ory the Florida GOP prefer you forget (SaintPetersBlog, 10/28/13)
Charlie Crist draws fire from left and right (Sunshine State News, 10/28/13)
Florida lawmakers may have to tackle Internet cafes again (Orlando Sentinel, 10/28/13)
Gov. Rick Scott often rejects Florida Bar’s lists of lawyers to nominate judges (Tampa Bay Times,10/28/13)
Nan Rich turns her fire against Charlie Crist (Sunshine State News, 10/28/13)
Joe Garcia replaces Patrick Murphy as GOP’s top Florida target in Congress (Sunshine State News, 10/28/13)
Pragmatic Democrats back Charlie Crist (Sunshine State News, 10/28/13)
Rick Scott in St. Pete tomorrow for GOP fund-raiser (SaintPetersBlog, 10/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Nan Rich for governor campaign (Sun Sentinel, 10/28/13)
Florida braces for cuts to food stamp program (Miami Herald, 10/27/13)
Nan Rich urges Florida Dems to look beyond Charlie Crist’s ’style’ to her ’substance’ (Post on Politics, 10/27/13)
Special election to replace Young faces complicated time table (Tampa Tribune, 10/27/13)
Democrats look to 3 elections (The Ledger, 10/26/13)
To retake US House, Democrats need Florida (HT Politics, 10/26/13)
Will former Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist announce his candidacy for governor on Nov. 4th? (WTSP, 10/26/13)
Florida Democrats’ conference  becomes Charlie Crist show (Miami Herald, 10/26/13)
Florida Democrats rally at Disney while targeting Rick Scott in 2014 (Orlando Sentinel, 10/26/13)
Crist tells Democrats ‘hope is coming’ (Florida Current, 10/26/13)
Troubled past casts cloud over powerful college CEO (Miami Herald, 10/26/13)
Does Charlie Crist have a base problem? All signs point to no (The Buzz, 10/26/13)
Nelson sticking to statement, still ‘no intention of running’ for gov (Post on Politics, 10/26/13)
Charlie Crist plots his comeback as a Democrat (AP, 10/26/13)
Charlie Crist hints at governor run as Democrat (WFTV, 10/26/13)
Charlie Crist center of attention at Florida Democratic Party conference (Tampa Bay Times,10/26/13)
Charlie Crist kicks off attacks against Rick Scott (Sunshine State News, 10/26/13)
Democratic conference is last chance for Nan Rich to make a case before Crist’s entry(SaintPetersBlog, 10/26/13)
Jeb Bush looks steady in NH as 2016 looms (Sunshine State News, 10/26/13)
Gambling debate entangles Disney in Florida (New York Times, 10/26/13)
Former Gov. Charlie Crist gets big welcome at Democratic conclave (Florida Current, 10/25/13)
Gov. Rick Scott speaks to Hernando County Republicans (Tampa Bay Times, 10/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Prospects for Florida Democrats look promising (Context Florida, 10/25/13)
Florida election turnout war off to early start (Miami Herald, 10/25/13)
VIDEO: Crist’s new video, and the looming economic blame game (Orlando Sentinel, 10/25/13)
Rubio: Crist is ‘running out of parties’ (The Buzz, 10/25/13)
Charlie Crist will announce plans for governor’s race Nov. 4 in St. Petersburg (Tampa Bay Times,10/25/13)
Crist makes it official Nov. 4 in St Pete (The Buzz, 10/25/13)
Crist works crowd at Democrats’ rally (HT Politics, 10/25/13)
Democrats gear up for governor’s race (Sunshine State News, 10/25/13)
Florida Democrats await candidates, cash (Orlando Sentinel, 10/25/13)
VIDEO: Crist hints at bid for governor (Political Wire, 10/25/13)
After Bill Young’s funeral comes his coveted House seat race (Sunshine State News, 10/24/13)
Leaderless Florida Dems nevertheless giddy at prospect of facing Scott in gov race (Palm Beach Post,10/24/13)
Dems push bill to give in-state tuition break (AP, 10/22/13)
Bill Young’s widow tells Charlie Crist, and others, to not attend memorial (Naked Politics, 10/22/13)
Special election could reshape race for Bill Young’s seat (Sunshine State News, 10/22/13)
Young’s widow tells Crist to stay away from funeral (Orlando Sentinel, 10/22/13)
Democrat upset in House special election carries warning for GOP (Miami Herald, 10/20/13)
Scott’s DEO not disclosing all that has gone wrong with $63M jobless benefits site (Naked Politics, 10/18/13)
After saying ‘no’ to feds on Medicaid expansion, Florida may ask for more money (Miami Herald,10/17/13)
Crowd calms down at third Common Core hearing (Naked Politics, 10/17/13)
It’s working? Not quite yet but Rick Scott’s gaining traction (Sunshine State News, 10/17/13)
‘Special Master’ sides with consultants on redistricting documents (Sunshine State News, 10/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Charlie Crist’s big tease (Sun Sentinel, 10/17/13)
POLITIFACT: State Sen. Nan Rich on target regarding numbers on waiting lists (Tampa Bay Times,10/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Voter purge a bad idea (Miami Herald, 10/16/13)
The Hollingsworth effect, pt 2: FL Chamber poll shows Rick Scott approval slips (Naked Politics, 10/16/13)
Best Democrat to run against Rick Scott? Not Charlie Crist or Nan Rich (Sunshine State News, 10/16/13)
Governor’s fundraiser schedule includes $10K per photo op (The Buzz, 10/16/13)
Scott seeks $35M more for port projects, including Canaveral (Orlando Sentinel, 10/16/13)
Rick Scott, Charlie Crist can rely on support of their parties (Sunshine State News, 10/16/13)
State board reviews Common Core standards (Miami Herald, 10/15/13)
Rubin’s clout extends from governor’s mansion to legislative halls (Sunshine State News, 10/15/13)
Charlie Crist hears Rick Scott’s footsteps: New poll (Sunshine State News, 10/15/13)
Dems pick up seat in Florida House with Murphy upset in Pasco (Naked Politics, 10/15/13)
New rules proposed for state-authorized gambling establishments (Naples News, 10/14/13)
COMMENTARY: A federal subsidy Gov. Scott likes (Miami Herald, 10/14/13)
Gov. Scott struggles with likability (HT Politics, 10/13/13)
Sink ‘very interested’ in running for Congress (The Buzz, 10/12/13)
Charlie Crist blasts Rick Scott on education (The Buzz, 10/12/13)
Gov. Rick Scott orders agencies not to keep federal programs afloat (Miami Herald, 10/11/13)
Nan Rich raises $55,000 in 3Q but spends almost as much (Sunshine State News, 10/11/13)
Nan Rich has best fundraising quarter yet, but needs much, much more (Sun-Sentinel, 10/11/13)
Lawmakers warm to cuts on taxes and fees for cell phones, rental of commercial property (Naked Politics, 10/10/13)
League of Women Voters slams Scott’s next purge of non-citizens (Naked Politics, 10/10/13)
Charlie Crist? Not so fast (Sunshine State News, 10/10/13)
Why Rep. Bill Young’s retirement is a gift for Democrats (The Fix, 10/10/13)
Rick Scott calls on Obama to hold back flood insurance hikes (Sunshine State News, 10/10/13)
Bill Young’s retirement puts a congressional seat in play (Sunshine State News, 10/10/13)
Rick Scott’s team trumpets study giving Florida’s tax climate high marks (Sunshine State News, 10/10/13)
The race to succeed Bill Young (The Buzz, 10/9/13)
US Rep. C.W Bill Young to retire, won’t seek re-election in 2014 (Miami Herald, 10/9/13)
School districts, unions still negotiating teacher pay raises (Naked Politics, 10/9/13)
Many questions, few answers on state’s voter purge plan (Miami Herald, 10/9/13)
Bill Young will not seek re-election, ends long career in Florida politics (Sunshine State News, 10/9/13)
Southern Strategy group gets big bucks to push legislation in Tallahassee (Sunshine State News, 10/9/13)
RNC and RPOF expand team to win Hispanic voters (Sunshine State News, 10/8/13)
Stand Your Ground revisions win early approval (Miami Herald, 10/8/13)
State looking into alternatives to federal flood insurance (Miami Herald, 10/8/13)
Gov. Rick Scott’s jobs czar in line for big raise (Miami Herald, 10/8/13)
Floridian Partners helping turn legislative wheels in Tallahassee (Sunshine State News, 10/7/13)
GOP looks to get out Rick Scott’s message (Sunshine State News, 10/7/13)
Report says Florida can easily absorb more gambling (Miami Herald, 10/7/13)
Gov. Rick Scott delivers mea culpa on voter purge (Miami Herald, 10/6/13)
Fla. Republicans wary of potential Crist challenge (AP, 10/6/13)
Lawsuit aims to increase education funding (Miami Herald, 10/6/13)
GOP has a chance to expand Florida House majority in 2014 (Sunshine State News, 10/5/13)
State eyes gambling expansion gingerly, fears losing Seminole money (Tampa Tribune, 10/5/13)
Gov. Scott’s mantra: Bash and blame Obama (Miami Herald, 10/5/13)
Rick Scott’s Obama bashing serves as campaign warm-up (The Buzz, 10/5/13)
Lobbyists raking in big bucks to influence Florida politics (Sunshine State News, 10/4/13)
COMMENTARY: State’s ‘voter purge’ roadshow will be tough sell (Orlando Sentinel, 10/4/13)
Fresh start due for voter roll review, says Florida elections boss (Florida Times-Union, 10/4/13)
Gov. Scott’s campaign scores $250,000 from Jaguars owner (Naked Politics, 10/4/13)
Tropical Storm Karen. Rick Scott. And the polls, perils and pluses of disaster (Naked Politics, 10/4/13)
As Sec of State Detzner kicks-off ‘Integrity Tour,’ Dems say second voter roll review is steeped in politics (PolitiJax, 10/3/13)
Nan Rich going nowhere against Charlie Crist (Sunshine State News, 10/3/13)
Rick Scott’s game plan is simple: Attack Charlie Crist (Sunshine State News, 10/2/13)
Crist continues to lead in Florida (Public Policy Polling, 10/1/13)
Poll: Crist keeps double-digit lead over Scott; Nan Rich’s numbers getting better (PolitiJax, 10/1/13)
PPP: Rick Scott nearly ties Nan Rich (37-36%), Charlie Crist wallops him 50-38% (Naked Politics, 10/1/13)


Nan Rich supporters howl at Rendell’s ‘Charlie Scott’ slip (Post on Politics, 9/29/13)
‘Lifelong Democrat’ Rich, new Dem Crist work the crowd at Palm Beach County Democratic dinner(Post on Politics, 9/28/13)
Charlie Crist, Nan Rich compete for attention at Democratic dinner (Orlando Sentinel, 9/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Did early voting actually hurt Florida turnout? (Orlando Sentinel, 9/27/13)
Bill Nelson staying out helps Rick Scott, Charlie Crist and Nan Rich (Sunshine State News, 9/27/13)
Rick Scott not ready to push Marco Rubio to back House flood-insurance rate fix (Naked Politics, 9/27/13)
Tea party wishes clash with GOP donors’ agenda (Florida Current, 9/27/13)
After devastating loss, Alex Sink pauses her political journey (Tampa Bay Times, 9/27/13)
Weatherford blasts Obamacare tax penalties on Fox News (Naked Politics, 9/27/13)
Dream Defenders return to Florida Capitol (Miami Herald, 9/26/13)
Mark Pafford could haunt House Democrats in 2014 (Sunshine State News, 9/26/13)
Florida Democratic Party at odds with one of its own — $75,000 check involved (Florida Times-Union,9/26/13)
Justices OK land and water ballot initiative (Post on Politics, 9/26/13)
State Supreme Court clears way for land initiative (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 9/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov’s privacy concerns are a sham (Miami Herald, 9/25/13)
Few of Florida’s 150 Obamacare ‘navigators’ have been licensed (Orlando Sentinel, 9/25/13)
Dems pick Pafford to lead Florida House caucus (Naked Politics, 9/25/13)
State lawmakers weigh options as higher flood insurance premiums loom (Miami Herald, 9/25/13)
Common Core opponents: We won’t back down (Miami Herald, 9/25/13)
Scott urges Obama to visit Lake Okeechobee to ’see federal shortcomings’ (Naked Politics, 9/25/13)
Unexpected leaders Steve Crisafulli and new Democrat boss could change the House dramatically(Sunshine State News, 9/25/13)
Rep. Pafford elected incoming House Democratic leader (Florida Current, 9/25/13)
Mark Pafford beats Alan Williams to be next House Democratic leader (Sunshine State News, 9/25/13)
Mark Pafford and Alan Williams battle to be next House Democratic leader (Sunshine State News, 9/25/13)
RPOF: Next House Democratic Leader a win for liberals and Nan Rich, a loss for Charlie Crist(Sunshine State News, 9/25/13)
Sen. Marco Rubio plays tag team with Sen. Ted Cruz in slamming Obamacare on Senate floor(Miami Herald, 9/25/13)
Scott’s prion-privatization promise falls short (Orlando Sentinel, 9/24/13)
Business groups split over Common Core education changes (Orlando Sentinel, 9/24/13)
Miami-Dade weighs Gov. Rick Scott’s Obamacare ‘navigators’ ban (Miami Herald, 9/24/13)
Rick Scott’s record on education and Common Core vs. Charlie Crist’s (Sunshine State News, 9/24/13)
Florida Dems go on the attack over Rick Scott’s executive order (Sunshine State News, 9/24/13)
Scott defends decision to abandon test partnership (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 9/24/13)
State lawmakers heap praise on Rick Scott for his executive order (Sunshine State News, 9/24/13)
In Florida, navigators will undergo state scrutiny (Miami Herald, 9/23/13)
Broward looks to defy Gov. Scott on Obamacare(Miami Herald, 9/23/13)
RPOF swipes at Charlie Crist on education (Sunshine State News, 9/23/13)
Expanding gambling along the state line? Senate hearings will get an earful (Naked Politics, 9/23/13)
House Democrats say finance director fired by Tant may deserve a 2nd chance (Naked Politics, 9/23/13)
House Democrats dump Darryl Rouson as next leader (Miami Herald, 9/23/13)
Rouson voted out as House Democratic leader (Naked Politics, 9/23/13)
“Clarity?” Incoming FL House Dem leader Darryl Rouson bends truth about secret committee(Naked Politics, 9/23/13)
Legislators to consider expanded gambling along Florida line (Miami Herald, 9/23/13)
9 investigates Gov. Rick Scott and the casino gambling issue (WFTV, 9/23/13)
Gambling study will launch debate in Tallahassee (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 9/23/13)
Top GOP official won’t have to turn over ‘in-house’ documents as part of redistricting case (PolitiJax, 9/23/13)
Lawmakers meeting to prepare for challenges (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 9/23/13)
Gov. Rick Scott: Reverse course on Common Core tests (Miami Herald, 9/23/13)
Rick Scott hopes to satisfy conservative base on Common Core (Sunshine State News, 9/23/13)
Darryl Rouson ousted as next Democratic Leader of the Florida House (Sunshine State News, 9/23/13)
RPOF: Alex Sink should stand with Nan Rich (Sunshine State News, 9/23/13)
Nan Rich: ‘My phone hasn’t stopped ringing’ since Alex Sink decided not to run in 2014(SaintPetersBlog, 9/23/13)
VIDEO: The Fla GOP’s nebulous, pointless question for Charlie Crist (The Buzz, 9/23/13)
Fla. GOP launches ‘It’s working Fla’ (The Buzz, 9/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Charlie Crist, Democratic candidate (Sun Sentinel, 9/23/13)
Experts dispute Scott’s take on economy (Tampa Tribune, 9/22/13)
EDITORIAL: Florida should take the $51 billion in Medicaid money (Tampa Tribune, 9/22/13)
COMMENTARY: ‘Socialism,’ Obamacare and fickle Florida voters (Miami Herald, 9/22/13)
Big issues loom in next legislative session (Gainesville Sun, 9/22/13)
Diversity shapes Legislature’s makeup (Tampa Tribune, 9/22/13)
Gubernatorial Crist-al clearing: There will be no Sink-Scott rematch (FlaglerLive, 9/22/13)
Rick Scott claims responsibility for economic recovery; experts debunk (Huff Post Politics, 9/22/13)
VIDEO: Nan Rich seeks Dems’ support in race for Florida governor (Sun Sentinel, 9/22/13)
Fight over Obamacare is anything but over in Florida (Miami Herald, 9/21/13)
Paula Dockery says she’ll support Charlie Crist over Rick Scott (SaintPetersBlog, 9/21/13)
Nan Rich says Florida is 48th in K-12 funding and 50th in higher education rated HALF TRUE(Miami Herald, 9/21/13)
Nan Rich needs campaign cash and Broward backers step up to help (Sun-Sentinel, 9/20/13)
Forget Charlie Crist say Democratic women who like Nan Rich (Sun-Sentinel, 9/20/13)
Sink says fundraising ‘a factor’ in decision not to run (Tampa Tribune, 9/20/13)
Paula Dockery: I would support Charlie Crist over Rick Scott if that’s the matchup (Tampa Bay Times, 9/20/13)
Nan Rich attacks Rick Scott on middle-class issues (PolitiFact, 9/20/13)
Fla. insider poll: Will Common Core survive in Fla? (The Buzz, 9/20/13)
Charlie Crist reacts to news of Alex Sink announcing she won’t run in 2014 (SaintPetersBlog, 9/20/13)
No surprise – Alex Sink will NOT be running for governor in 2014 (Creative Loafing – Tampa, 9/20/13)
Alex Sink bows to reality and stays out of 2014 race (Sunshine State News, 9/20/13)
2014 should bring more of the same to the Florida Senate (Sunshine State News, 9/20/13)
State wants to crack down on after hours visitors to Capitol (The Buzz, 9/20/13)
Florida GOP: If Sink doesn’t endorse Rich, that means she’s endorsing Crist (SaintPetersBlog, 9/20/13)
Alex Sink says she will not run for Florida governor (Crowley Political Report, 9/20/13)
Alex Sink won’t run this round for Florida governor (Florida Current, 9/20/13)
Alex Sink won’t run for governor in 2014; wants to ’spend some hours’ with Dems Rich, Crist (Post on Politics, 9/20/13)
Alex Sink not running for gov (Orlando Sentinel, 9/20/13)
Rick Scott contrasts his record with Charlie Crist’s as unemployment rate drops to 7% (Sunshine State News, 9/20/13)
In a key swing district, guess who’s the most popular Fla. poll? (The Buzz, 9/20/13)
Lobbying group wants a say in auditing process (The Buzz, 9/20/13)
VIDEO: Fla GOP: Rick Scott beating the economic forecasts (The Buzz, 9/20/13)
Gov. Rick Scott seeks Supreme Court review of worker drug test (Miami Herald, 9/19/13)
Nan Rich’s claim about ed funding gets a Half True from PolitiFact (Naked Politics, 9/19/13)
COMMENTARY: There needs to be a Lieutenant Gov (Orlando Sentinel, 9/19/13)
Latvala likes Scott’s slow pace on lieutenant governor search (The Buzz, 9/19/13)
Scott wants to appeal drug testing to Sup. Ct; judge says ‘good luck with that’ (The Buzz, 9/19/13)
Undaunted by odds, Scott to appeal drug testing ruling to SCOTUS (Naked Politics, 9/19/13)
Scott announces company will add 1,000 jobs in Tampa (Miami Herald, 9/18/13)
Dissident Democrats can do better than Rouson (The Florida Squeeze, 9/18/13)
Scott pens letter to Rubio and Nelson urging delay in flood insurance hikes (Naked Politics, 9/18/13)
Sink off and running — to China (Tampa Tribune, 9/18/13)
Sen. Marco Rubio can still raise cash even as he irks some conservatives (Miami Herald, 9/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Rick Scott could have made Obamacare better for Floridians if he wanted (Tampa Bay Times, 9/18/13)
Gov. Rick Scott considering executive action to address Common Core controversy (Miami Herald,9/18/13)
Pam Stewart named state education commissioner (Miami Herald, 9/17/13)
Scott ‘deeply troubled’ by looming flood rate hikes, urges US Senate action (Florida Current, 9/17/13)
Florida among states undercutting health care enrollment (New York Times, 9/17/13)
Gambling interests gather forces ahead of next legislative cycle (Florida Current, 9/17/13)
Miami-Dade’s GOP slaps down Common Core (takes stand against past chair, Jeb Bush) (Naked Politics, 9/17/13)
EDITORIAL: The tax-cut bandwagon (Miami Herald, 9/17/13)
Florida Democrats and RPOF exchange shots over Rick Scott’s proposed tax cuts (Sunshine State News, 9/17/13)
Lawyers in voter-redistricting suit make their cases to the Florida Supreme Court (Florida Times-Union, 9/16/13)
Candidates seize on income disparity (Tampa Tribune, 9/15/13)
Crist: Ready for gubernatorial run with new party? (AP, 9/15/13)
2014 governor’s race heating up (Sunshine State News, 9/14/13)
Will she or won’t she? Alex Sink wavers on governor’s race (Tampa Bay Times, 9/14/13)
Scott’s blind trust complies with new law, Ethics Commission rules (Naked Politics, 9/13/13)
Can Alex Sink pull a Jeb Bush? (smart politics, 9/13/13)
Surplus projected, but Negron cautious (Sunshine State News, 9/13/13)
Ethics commission backs Rick Scott’s use of blind trust (PolitiJax, 9/13/13)
More Democrats decry ‘harmful, spiteful’ ban on ‘navigators,’ as Rick Scott avoids the issue (Naked Politics, 9/13/13)
Scott brings tax cut tour to Orlando (Orlando Sentinel, 9/13/13)
New rules at odds with some in gambling industry (Sunshine State News, 9/12/13)
Scott deflects on navigators, puts execution delay onus on Bondi (Tampa Tribune, 9/12/13)
Gov. Scott pitches tax cuts as state pegs surplus at $846 million (Tampa Tribune, 9/12/13)
Nan Rich says Florida has long waiting lists for child care and care for the elderly (PolitiFact, 9/12/13)
Dems put Rick Scott at center of Fla House race (The Buzz, 9/12/13)
As Scott eyes $845M surplus for tax cuts, Negron already stakes claim (The Buzz, 9/12/13)
Scott broadens his campaign theme: Blame Florida’s recession on Charlie Crist (Naked Politics, 9/12/13)
Scott says Florida’s recession was Crist’s fault (The Buzz, 9/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Scott is trying to dupe voters about his supposed accomplishments (Context Florida, 9/12/13)
Alex Sink, woman of Florida political mystery (Naked Politics, 9/12/13)
HHS criticizes Florida over latest ‘navigators’ dust-up (Naked Politics, 9/12/13)
Gov. Rick Scott brings tax cut tour to Tampa (Tampa Bay Times, 9/12/13)
As check arrives from Rouson, Democrats schedule his day of reckoning (Naked Politics, 9/11/13)
Rick Scott launches state tour to promote tax cuts (Sunshine State News, 9/11/13)
Despite surplus, agencies gear up for budget-cutting exercise (Florida Current, 9/11/13)
Nan Rich says Florida is 48th in K-12 funding and 50th in higher education (PolitiFact, 9/11/13)
Greer case spotlights Florida’s challenge in voter database purge (Tampa Bay Times, 9/11/13)
GOP may back little-known Democrat in effort to defeat Charlie Crist (Tampa Bay Times, 9/11/13)
Devious plan or bluff? Rick Scott backers may help Nan Rich vs. Charlie Crist (Miami Herald,9/11/13)
After questions, Gov. Rick Scott cancels $25,000 alligator hunt fundraiser (Miami Herald, 9/11/13)
Scott’s campaign shuts down private ‘gator hunt’ fundraiser (The Buzz, 9/11/13)
Is Allison Tant hurting Florida Democrats’ chances in 2014? (Sunshine State News, 9/10/13)
RPOF attacks Democrats for not backing Rick Scott’s tax cut plan (Sunshine State News, 9/10/13)
Crazy or loyal? Lobbyist holds fundraiser for Nan Rich (Naked Politics, 9/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Scott travels state promoting tax cut, Extreme Makeover (Orlando Sentinel,9/10/13)
VIDEO: Rick Scott is no longer a long-shot for re-election (Orlando Sentinel, 9/8/13)
Execution rescheduled to accommodated Pam Biondi political event (The Buzz, 9/7/13)
Agency says gaming laws are ‘unclear’, calls for rewrite (Miami Herald, 9/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Another loser effort in Florida (Miami Herald, 9/7/13)
Effort underway to oust Fla Dem Leader Rouson (The Buzz, 9/7/13)
Crist makes rounds of Democrats in Broward, Palm Beach (Naked Politics, 9/6/13)
Lobbying the media pivotal to legislative issues (Sunshine State News, 9/6/13)
Rouson feud with Democrats draws blood (Naked Politics, 9/6/13)
Staffers fired amid Democratic Party turmoil (Miami Herald, 9/6/13)
Florida Democrats’ infighting escalates with firing of two staffers (The Buzz, 9/6/13)
In extraordinary move, state decides to draw new rules regulating gaming (Naked Politics, 9/6/13)
COMMENTARY: RPOF vs. Nan Rich (Space Coast Daily, 9/5/13)
In a battle over jobs data, Gov. Rick Scott recruits his economist to make his pitch (Naked Politics, 9/5/13)
Florida won’t appeal ruling against law banning public hiring of firms tied to Cuba (Miami Herald,9/5/13)
Gov. Rick Scott visits Pasco nursing home to recognize veterans (The Buzz, 9/5/13)
Democrats miffed as Rouson goes it alone (Naked Politics, 9/4/13)
Scott: No specifics on how to cut $500M in taxes and fees (Naked Politics, 9/4/13)
AUDIO: Nan Rich makes her case to be governor (WUSF, 9/3/13)
Gaetz’s top aide puts new twist on the revolving door with $400K consulting job (Naked Politics, 9/2/13)
Homestead mayor’s arrest upends a bizarre political ecosystem (Miami Herald, 9/1/13)
COMMENTARY: How Marco Rubio lost his tea party credibility (Miami Herald, 9/1/13)
VIDEO: Nan Rich to Gov. Rick Scott: ‘This is not a dictatorship’ (WUSF, 9/1/13)


Top Florida Senate aide gets $400,000 as moonlighting political consultant (Tampa Bay Times,8/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Rick Scott: From political outsider to business as usual (Tampa Bay Times,8/31/13)
Tampa mayor Buckhorn backs Sink as better Democratic candidate than Crist (Tampa Bay Times,8/31/13)
What happened at the Scott/Bush education huddle? (The Buzz, 8/30/13)
COMMENTARY: No, Governor, it’s not working (Context Florida, 8/30/13)
FDLE voter fraud investigations come up empty again (Naked Politics, 8/30/13)
Conservatives heckle Sen. Marco Rubio over immigration (Tampa Bay Times, 8/30/13)
Budget chiefs Rep. McKeel, Sen. Negron talking big tax cuts for 2014 (SaintPetersBlog, 8/30/13)
Rubio, Scott to address conservative summit in Orlando today (Post on Politics, 8/30/13)
Lawmakers registered to vote in right place, but Latvala says residency issues remain (The Buzz, 8/30/13)
Alex Sink endorses Amanda Murphy in Pasco House race (The Buzz, 8/30/13)
Scott calls for $500M tax cut, bashes Crist and Obama during speech to conservatives (Tampa Bay Times, 8/30/13)
Updated: Scott, Bush had a ‘very productive’ conversation about education (Naked Politics, 8/30/13)
VIDEO: Tampa mayor Bob Buckhorn laments Crist may be Dem nominee (The Buzz, 8/30/13)
Scott tea-party speech redux: A little Crist-Obama man-hug bashing, lots of jobs, jobs, jobs (Naked Politics, 8/30/13)
Florida’s federal judicial shortage could affect immigration, voting and abortion rights(SaintPetersBlog, 8/29/13)
A Q&A with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich (StateImpact/Florida, 8/29/13)
Gov. Rick Scott’s private meeting with Jeb Bush irks parent activists, Democrats (Miami Herald,8/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Christian group’s amendment effort an empty gesture (Context Florida, 8/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Florida must have a conversation about innovative transportation (Context Florida, 8/29/13)
Gov. Scott receives narrowed list of Florida Public Service Commission candidates (SaintPetersBlog, 8/29/13)
An open memorandum to Allison Tant, chair of the Florida Democratic Party (SaintPetersBlog, 8/29/13)
Florida is No. 2 in the nation for rate of uninsured (Miami Herald, 8/29/13)
Why is Rick Scott speaking at Americans for Prosperity event? (The Buzz, 8/29/13)
Sen. Marco Rubio breaks deafening silence on Syria (Miami Herald, 8/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Why Charlie Crist needs people like me (Context Florida, 8/28/13)
Nan Rich brings campaign to Charlie Crist’s turf (The Buzz, 8/28/13)
Health care signup faces rocky road in Florida (Sun-Sentinel, 8/28/13)
Scott promises action after schools summit ends (AP, 8/28/13)
Florida media need to crank up coverage of water crises (Sunshine State News, 8/28/13)
Everything you know about Florida politics is wrong, right? (The Fine Print, 8/28/13)
Gov. Scott directs state to invest $90M to boost water flow to Everglades and protect estuaries(SaintPetersBlog, 8/28/13)
Liberals launch campaign to restock Florida’s federal bench (WGCU, 8/28/13)
FL education chair and Rick Scott pick: I didn’t call for screening books about homosexuality, socialism (Naked Politics, 8/28/13)
Florida needs to continue with Common Core, some summit participants say (Tampa Bay Times,8/27/13)
Today in Crist-ory: Charlie attacks a pol who keeps changing stripes (The Buzz, 8/26/13)
Scott touts Florida’s turnaround, but his inbox tells another tale (Post on Politics, 8/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Florida Democratic Party more joke than juggernaut (Miami Herald, 8/25/13)
EDITORIAL: State errs in obstructing Affordable Care Act (Miami Herald, 8/25/13)
Transparency lacking in Gov. Rick Scott’s ‘Sunburst’ program (Tampa Bay Times, 8/25/13)
Scott’s emails with staff still out of public eye (Miami Herald, 8/25/13)
Context Florida launches as online, statewide opinion network for Florida (SaintPetersBlog, 8/25/13)
COMMENTARY: The new face of Florida Democratic coalition (Context Florida, 8/24/13)
Crist cancels but governor’s race still hot topic at Dem fundraiser (Daytona Beach News-Journal,8/24/13)
An important question for Alex Sink (The Buzz, 8/23/13)
Florida Dems and RPOF already clashing as 2014 elections loom (Sunshine State News, 8/23/13)
As Gov. Scott direct sells CEOs on Florida economy, eight targeted states fight back (Tampa Bay Times, 8/23/13)
Florida’s 2014 gubernatorial race is starting early (Sunshine State News, 8/22/13)
Town hall meeting to defund Obamacare draws large crowd in Tampa (Miami Herald, 8/22/13)
Judge won’t again cite GOPers for contempt in redistrict case (The Buzz, 8/22/13)
Scott to Obama: Welcome to conversation on higher ed costs (Naked Politics, 8/22/13)
Dockery: Pay to play thrives under Rick Scott (The Buzz, 8/22/13)
Amid controversy, state education leaders to huddle (Miami Herald, 8/22/13)
Crist to speak at Volusia County fundraiser (Daytona Beach News Journal, 8/22/13)
Battle over release of partisan redistricting docs goes back to court today (Naked Politics, 8/22/13)
Republicans now bashing Rich (Tampa Tribune, 8/21/13)
Nan Rich enters the Tiger’s Den on Aug. 28 (SaintPetersBlog, 8/21/13)
Scott on CNN: Obamacare foes need to figure out how to replace it (The Buzz, 8/21/13)
Rick Scott, barbed wire, and talking to the customers (Crowley Political Report, 8/21/13)
State is ‘not much’ help in enrolling people in Obamacare, groups say (Orlando Sentinel, 8/21/13)
Kentucky governor slams Gov. Rick Scott for recruiting businesses (The Buzz, 8/21/13)
VIDEO: Rubio responds to Boca constituent’s ‘knock off the stupid stuff’ advice on Obamacare (Post on Politics, 8/21/13)
Security for Scott, others is costly (Miami Herald, 8/21/13)
EDITORIAL: A symbol of Florida’s environmental degradation (Miami Herald, 8/21/13)
Charges dropped in former Lt. Gov. taping case (Miami Herald, 8/21/13)
RPOF: Take Nan Rich seriously (Sunshine State News, 8/21/13)
Medical weed: The 2014 domino (SaintPetersBlog, 8/21/13)
Alex Sink undecided about another run for governor, is excited about beating Rick Scott(SaintPetersBlog, 8/21/13)
Central Florida black officials want a SYG special session (Orlando Sentinel, 8/21/13)
Andy Gardiner brings leadership experience and political skills to Senate presidency (Sunshine State News, 8/21/13)
Gov. Scott, Cabinet raise privacy concerns of healthcare reform (Miami Herald, 8/20/13)
Alex Sink: Still fired up to beat Rick Scott and unsure about running (The Buzz, 8/20/13)
Study: Republican National Convention put $214M directly into Tampa Bay economy (Tampa Bay Times, 8/20/13)
Leadership Florida, Press Association to hold governor’s debate (Tampa Tribune, 8/20/13)
RNC’s economic impact on Tampa: $404 million (Tampa Tribune, 8/20/13)
Scott wants feds to spend $1.6B on Glades projects, including Hoover dike (Orlando Sentinel,8/20/13)
Allison Tant and Florida Dems dropped the ball on Allie Braswell (Sunshine State News, 8/20/13)
Health care battle continues to shape Florida politics (Sunshine State News, 8/20/13)
Rick Scott insists Intermodal Investments will create 1200 jobs (Sunshine State News, 8/20/13)
Rick Scott could ride improving economy to re-election (Orlando Sentinel, 8/20/13)
Plans underway for statewide TV debate in 2014 governor’s race (The Buzz, 8/20/13)
One in five Dems bail on party, vote against SYG special session (The Buzz, 8/20/13)
Miami-Dade LGBT activists to pursue passage of gender identity non-discrimination law (gsfla, 8/20/13)
Scott urges feds to step up funding for damaging Lake Okeechobee release (Miami Herald, 8/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Florida higher ed losing ground (Tampa Bay Times, 8/19/13)
And like that, he was gone: Allie Braswell drops out of CFO race (SaintPetersBlog, 8/19/13)
Gov candidate Nan Rich: Scott ‘threw away’ billions (St. Augustine Record, 8/19/13)
From the CFO race to House District 36, the Florida Democratic Party remains politically pathetic(SaintPetersBlog, 8/19/13)
In speech, Nan Rich accuses Rick Scott of ‘throwing away’ billions (SaintPetersBlog, 8/19/13)
Florida spent $2.6M on security for Gov. Rick Scott, dignitaries (Tampa Bay Times, 8/19/13)
Florida Republicans defend hands-off approach on federal health care (Tampa Bay Times, 8/19/13)
Democrat drops bid to unseat CFO Atwater 4 days after announcing it (Tampa Tribune, 8/19/13)
Gov. Rick Scott in no rush to pick new Florida lieutenant governor (Miami Herald, 8/19/13)
Democrat drops CFO bid after bankruptcies revealed (Miami Herald, 8/19/13)
Push for leniency in drug sentencing has been a hard sell in Florida (Miami Herald, 8/18/13)
Scott’s jobs record key to next governor’s race (Daytona Beach News-Journal, 8/18/13)
Unvetted and unqualified: Allie Braswell’s CFO bid reeks of empty politics (Sunshine State News, 8/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Common Core curriculum standards spark political firestorm (Tampa Bay Times,8/17/13)
State higher education job requires political savvy, soft touch (Miami Herald, 8/15/13)
What changed? Gov. Rick Scott toast rowing center he once vetoed (Tampa Bay Times, 8/15/13)
Rick Scott can’t score many political points in Supreme Court case with Georgia (Sunshine State News, 8/15/13)
Pasco’s star rises in Tallahassee with Weatherford, Corcoran, maybe one more (Sunshine State News, 8/14/13)
No oysters for you! Bill Nelson left out of Rick Scott’s Apalachicola Bay tour (The Buzz, 8/14/13)
Water wars pit Florida vs. Georgia in what Rick Scott calls a ‘Bold, historic legal action’ (Sunshine State News, 8/13/13)
Rick Scott’s fire-breathing, tea-partying, anti-Obama fundraising letter (Orlando Sentinel, 8/13/13)
SYG special session DOA (The Buzz, 8/13/13)
Weatherford wants protesters out after ’stand your ground’ poll (Tampa Bay Times, 8/13/13)
VIDEO: Governor sues Georgia over water as Rubio and Nelson blame Army for lost oyster industry(Tampa Bay Times, 8/13/13)
Sen. Marco Rubio tours Florida to repair image damaged over immigration reform (Tampa Bay Times, 8/13/13)
With Fasano neutral as GOP fights over his successor, Dems may have shot (Naked Politics, 8/13/13)
Florida school districts pass on Scott’s teacher debit cards (Miami Herald, 8/13/13)
Florida will sue Georgia over water, Gov. Scott says (AP, 8/13/13)
Rick Scott has chance to nail down the base in AFP speech (Sunshine State News, 8/12/13)
In South Florida, AFT President Weingarten targets Bush, Bennett (Miami Herald, 8/12/13)
Gelber on Rick Scott’s revolving door of ‘ethically challenged’ appointees (The Buzz, 8/10/13)
Gov. Scott discloses additional details about his assets (AP, 8/10/13)
Ron Paul’s group looks to get more active in Florida (Sunshine State News, 8/10/13)
Florida sheriffs: Keep ‘Stand Your Ground’ as written (Sunshine State News, 8/10/13)
On SYG, Democrats no match for Republican unity (Naked Politics, 8/9/13)
Florida governor’s bid to lure business raises ire in Mass. (Boston Globe, 8/9/13)
Common Core and other challenges face Rick Scott in forming new education team (Sunshine State News, 8/9/13)
Former education commissioner: I never believed I would love Scott the way I loved Bush (Naked Politics, 8/9/13)
Playboy-affiliated social networking company among Scott’s investments (Naked Politics, 8/9/13)
Rob DeSantis: A conservative who can impact Florida for years to come (Sunshine State News, 8/8/13)
Democratic candidate for gov Nan Rich stumps here Aug. 14 (St. Augustine Record, 8/8/13)
Scott’s 61,550-vote victory margin now a target for Capitol protesters (Post on Politics, 8/8/13)
Dream Defenders to launch voter registration drive (Orlando Sentinel, 8/8/13)
Rick Scott raising money in Crist country (The Buzz, 8/8/13)
State boasts: Pension system grows, debt down (Sunshine State News, 8/8/13)
Scott defends his jobs czar (Sun Sentinel, 8/8/13)
Dream Defenders set goal of registering 61,550 new voters, or Rick Scott’s margin of victory(PolitiJax, 8/8/13)
Could Fasano’s exit tip balance of power for Senate presidency? (Naked Politics, 8/8/13)
State parties snipe at each other over RPOF’s request for list of Rick Scott’s minority appointments(PolitiJax, 8/8/13)
Gaetz: I’m not going anywhere (The News Herald, 8/7/13)
Gaetz, Patronis ready for Capitol sit-in to end (The News Herald, 8/7/13)
Gov Rick Scott to join Rubio, Cruz, Jindal, Perry at Orlando conservative summit (Post on Politics, 8/7/13)
Florida lawmakers join trip to Israel that raises questions of influence (Miami Herald, 8/7/13)
George Sheldon no threat to Pam Bondi despite his credentials (Sunshine State News, 8/7/13)
Ruling revives Florida review of voting rolls (New York Times, 8/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Florida’s disgraceful distinction: corruption (Miami Herald, 8/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Weatherford stands ground on leadership (Tampa Tribune, 8/7/13)
Rick Scott’s office sent list of minority gubernatorial appointees, including party affiliation, to state GOP (PolitiJax, 8/7/13)
Rick Scott will keynote Koch brothers-founded group’s Orlando summit (Orlando Sentinel, 8/7/13)
Florida Cabinet approves controversial law on Obamacare (Miami Herald, 8/7/13)
Enterprise Florida’s plan for bonuses stirs criticism (Naked Politics, 8/7/13)
Waiting it out: Who will last longer, Gov. Scott or protesters? (Miami Herald, 8/7/13)
Rubio’s ‘folly’ — the Obamacare edition (The Buzz, 8/7/13)
Security concerns jeopardize October opening of health insurance marketplaces (Miami Herald,8/7/13)
Political accusations, intrigue nag medical-marijuana group (Miami Herald, 8/6/13)
Frequent Scott critic, Fasano, appointed Pasco Tax Collector (Post on Politics, 8/6/13)
Turnover at the top presents challenge for Scott administration (The Palm Beach Post, 8/6/13)
Scott, Cabinet sign off on forms outlining cost of health care law (Tampa Bay Times, 8/6/13)
Residents back Gov. Rick Scott’s stance against Jesse Jackson (Miami Herald, 8/6/13)
The Invisible Nan (Sunshine State News, 8/6/13)
Backer says passion, not politics, motivates medical-marijuana drive (Miami Herald, 8/4/13)
Governor to launch new purge of Florida voter rolls (Miami Herald, 8/4/13)
Leader’s departure end tumultuous time for Florida’s program to protect nursing home, ALF residents (Miami Herald, 8/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Dream Defenders could enlighten truth-mangling Jesse Jackson (Miami Herald,8/4/13)
Renewed ’scrub’ of Florida voter list has elections officials on edge (Tampa Bay Times, 8/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Rick Scott has a chance to get education right (Tampa Bay Times, 8/3/13)
Gov. Rick Scott’s $25M by January campaign target might be a stretch (Tampa Bay Times, 8/3/13)
VIDEO: Florida Dems’ web video targeting ‘Rick Scott’s Summer of Scandal’ (SaintPetersBlog, 8/2/13)
Rick Scott’s fundraising committee at $9.3M for 2013 (SaintPetersBlog, 8/2/13)
Two lawmakers call for state education commissioner to be elected position (Naked Politics, 8/2/13)
Protesters have ‘rallies’ planned at the Capitol for a long, long time (Sunshine State News, 8/2/13)
Orlando business community steps up big for Scott’s ‘Let’s Get to Work’ re-election bid last month(Orlando Sentinel, 8/2/13)
Weatherford taps Gaetz to hold hearings on SYG (Naked Politics, 8/2/13)
Florida House speaker tied to Citizens contractor (Miami Herald, 8/2/13)
Obamacare battle looming once again in Florida (Sunshine State News, 8/2/13)
Stand Your Ground backed by majority of Americans (Sunshine State News, 8/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Thank you, Tallahassee, for making us pay so much for nothing (Tampa Bay Times, 8/1/13)
State health reform plans include Medicaid managed care (Miami Herald, 8/1/13)
Scott, Bush praise outgoing education chief (Naked Politics, 8/1/13)
Bennett expected to resign as Fla. education commissioner (Naked Politics, 8/1/13)
Florida could have tough time snagging a new education commissioner (Tampa Bay Times, 8/1/13)
Rick Scott picks a winning fight against Jesse Jackson (Sunshine State News, 8/1/13)
John Morgan: Republicans ’sweating all over the Internet’ about Charlie Crist (Orlando Sentinel,8/1/13)
Morgan to spend ‘a lot of money’ on medical marijuana campaign (Orlando Sentinel, 8/1/13)
State GOP paid Democratic firm to conduct ‘private polling project’ (PolitiJax, 8/1/13)
Tony Bennett resigns Florida education post amid scandal (Washington Post, 8/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Weatherford: ‘Stand Your Ground’ questions should be answered (Tampa Tribune,8/1/13)
Rick Scott deals with another embarrassing resignation (Herald-Tribune, 8/1/13)
Tony Bennett’s resignation buoys testing critics (Sunshine State News, 8/1/13)
Tony Bennett flops twice in one year (Sunshine State News, 8/1/13)
Florida says health insurance prices will spike; feds disagree (Miami Herald, 8/1/13)
It’s official: Dem leader Thurston asking for special session on SYG (Naked Politics, 8/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Jesse Jacskon’s comments more ignorant than offensive, if that’s possible(SaintPetersBlog, 8/1/13)
School grading questioned with Florida chief’s exit (Politico, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

From Tallahassee to Miami, protesters dog Rick Scott (Naked Politics, 7/31/13)
Democrats urge Scott to reconsider veto of bill that helps undocumented immigrants get driver licenses (Orlando Sentinel, 7/31/13)
Florida Democrats call for education chief Tony Bennett to resign (Orlando Sentinel, 7/31/13)
Dem Senate leader launches Stand Your Ground site (Sun-Sentinel, 7/31/13)
Tony Bennett defends grade changes in Indiana (Sunshine State News, 7/31/13)
Matt Gaetz poised to be legislative force — possibly more — for years to come (Sunshine State News, 7/31/13)
FDLE gave Dream Defenders permission to protest overnight (Sunshine State News, 7/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Education chief Tony Bennett’s excuses don’t make the grade (Miami Herald,7/31/13)
Florida lawmakers stand by Stand Your Ground law (Miami Herald, 7/31/13)
Dem lawmaker: Education commissioner should resign (Naked Politics, 7/31/13)
Dems: Education commissioner Bennett must go (The Buzz, 7/31/13)
John McCain says Charlie Crist would be ‘very competitive’ candidate for governor (The Buzz, 7/31/13)
Rick Scott: Apologize, Jesse Jackson, for calling FL ‘apartheid state, Selma of our time.’ (Naked Politics, 7/31/13)
Florida leading nation in use of cost-benefit analysis for public policy choices (SaintPetersBlog, 7/30/13)
Gov. Scott silent regarding future of his education commissioner (Miami Herald, 7/30/13)
Indiana school grades scandal casts doubt on Florida education commissioner (Tampa Bay Times,7/30/13)
Obama and Rick Scott agree: Amazon jobs good for economy (Naked Politics, 7/30/13)
Plan B: Dream Defenders work to persuade lawmakers to call special session (Miami Herald,7/30/13)
Don Gaetz suggests residency ‘litmus test’ for all lawmakers (Sunshine State News, 7/30/13)
Under Tony Bennett’s watch, GOP donor’s school grade changed (Journal Courier, 7/30/13)
Donor’s school grade raised (Miami Herald, 7/30/13)
CFO Jeff Atwater can use 2014 as a springboard for higher office (Sunshine State News, 7/30/13)
Dream Defenders: We’re dug in; ‘We have a blueprint’ (Sunshine State News, 7/30/13)
Really, $5M in state money for Dolphin Tale 2? (SaintPetersBlog, 7/29/13)
Poll, barbecue, visit to sit-in protest all part of an ‘exciting week’ for Nan Rich (Post on Politics, 7/29/13)
AP: Florida education chief helped GOP donor’s school while in Indiana (PolitiJax, 7/29/13)
Emails show Florida education chief changed Indiana grading formula to benefit donor’s school(Tampa Bay Times, 7/29/13)
Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’ political group attacks Miami lawmakers — again (Naked Politics, 7/29/13)
More pressure for special session on SYG, this time from black Hillsborough politicos (Naked Politics, 7/29/13)
Capitol preview: What to expect this week in Florida politics (SaintPetersBlog, 7/29/13)
Will Weatherford faces competition in being the ‘Next Marco Rubio’ (Sunshine State News, 7/29/13)
More Florida parents using state scholarships to send children to private schools (Miami Herald,7/29/13)
Sen. Prez Gaetz suggests stronger residency requirements for lawmakers (SaintPetersBlog, 7/29/13)
Gaetz: No need for a SYG special-session (Orlando Sentinel, 7/29/13)
Protesters organizing their own special session after governor’s rejection (Tampa Tribune, 7/29/13)
After weekend distractions, protest leader wants to ‘get the narrative back’ (Tampa Tribune,7/29/13)
Fla Ed Commish changed donor’s school grade (The Buzz, 7/29/13)
Gov. Scott, Gaetz, Weatherford get more pressure for a special session on SYG (The Buzz, 7/29/13)
Scott’s personal assets shielded from public (AP, 7/28/13)
State law hinders abortion curbs (Tampa Tribune, 7/28/13)
Grayson, feeling secure in his seat, looks to elect others (Orlando Sentinel, 7/28/13)
Gov. Scott on safe ground with Stand Your Ground, polls show (Miami Herald, 7/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Race, ‘crazyroots’ and the 2014 elections (Miami Herald, 7/28/13)
‘Stand Your Ground’ unpopular; lawmakers who supported it aren’t (Miami Herald, 7/28/13)
Florida lawmakers stand by Stand Your Ground law (Miami Herald, 7/28/13)
EDITORIAL: The politics and costs of divisiveness (Miami Herald, 7/28/13)
Few stood against ‘Stand’ (Tampa Bay Times, 7/27/13)
EDITORIAL: Florida’s Medicaid debacle requires special session of the Legislature (Miami Herald,7/27/13)
Weekly roundup: Controversies dog Rick Scott, DCF, DOE (Sunshine State News, 7/27/13)
Committed and candid: ‘Stand Your Ground’ protesters in capitol speak their minds (Sunshine State News, 7/27/13)
FDLE gets barrage of calls after protest group says food is denied (Miami Herald, 7/27/13)
Florida GOP feels conservative backlash over Common Core (Tampa Bay Times, 7/27/13)
Police won’t allow food to Capitol protesters, Dream Defenders say (Naked Politics, 7/27/13)
Capitol protesters: Police denied food, water deliveries (Tampa Bay Times, 7/27/13)
Lots of advice for Scott on vacant Pasco tax collector’s post (Naked Politics, 7/26/13)
Nan Rich: Stand Your Ground allows ‘murder’ but wasn’t ‘determinant’ in Trayvon Martin case(Post on Politics, 7/26/13)
Florida will watch same-sex marriage fight from the sidelines (Orlando Sentinel, 7/26/13)
State deregulates health insurers and requires them to price cost of reform (Miami Herald, 7/26/13)
Lavish spending, possible crimes, led to downfall of Fla GOP finance chair (The Buzz, 7/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Charlie Crist could lose be a hare (Context Florida, 7/26/13)
Rubio comes out against Common Core, putting him at odds with Jeb Bush (The Buzz, 7/26/13)
Police turn away Nan Rich during weekend Capitol visit (Tampa Tribune, 7/26/13)
Residency of all legislators under review (SaintPetersBlog, 7/25/13)
Barack Obama lauds ports, infrastructure in Jacksonville; Gives Rick Scott no credit (Sunshine State News, 7/25/13)
Sen. Bill Nelson: Change Stand Your Ground, Florida (Naked Politics, 7/25/13)
Attacks begin before gubernatorial candidates declare (Orlando Sentinel, 7/25/13)
Florida Democratic Party to announce ad campaign on Rick Scott’s ‘extreme agenda’(SaintPetersBlog, 7/25/13)
Florida GOP places full-page ad ‘welcoming’ Obama to Jacksonville (SaintPetersBlog, 7/25/13)
Rubio: It’s not too late to stop Obamacare (Naked Politics, 7/25/13)
Sen. Arthenia Joyner: Don’t resume voter purge (SaintPetersBlog, 7/25/13)
Dems launch digital ad campaign vs. Scott (Tampa Tribune, 7/25/13)
Scott heads to Aspen to meet with GOP governors (Naked Politics, 7/24/13)
Feds to Florida: Not too late for Medicaid expansion (Miami Herald, 7/24/13)
More fallout from voting rights act ruling: Court dismisses challenge to FL’s voter purge (Naked Politics, 7/24/13)
Incentive deals cut be Scott are small but numerous (Orlando Sentinel, 7/24/13)
Deal for Orlando-to-Miami train delayed but almost done (Orlando Sentinel, 7/24/13)
Here’’s how the Florida GOP is celebrating Charlie Crist’s 57th birthday (SaintPetersBlog, 7/24/13)
For Crist’s 57th, a special GOP birthday wish (Naked Politics, 7/24/13)
President’s speech in Jacksonville underscores battle over economy (Miami Herald, 7/24/13)
Protesters at Florida Capitol: ‘We stay until we win’ (Miami Herald, 7/23/13)
Capitol protesters using House Democrats’ space to get organized (Tampa Tribune, 7/23/13)
Capitol protesters plan their own legislative session (Tampa Tribune, 7/23/13)
More celebrities boycotting Florida (Sunshine State News, 7/23/13)
Nan Rich shifts her position on ‘Stand Your Ground’ (Sunshine State News, 7/23/13)
‘Stand Your Ground’ standoff continues into second week (Sunshine State News, 7/23/13)
Taxpayers’ bill $100,000 and counting for Dream Defenders’ protest (Sunshine State News, 7/23/13)
The Risen Crist (National Review, 7/23/13)
Scott high on getting Colorado companies to move here (Post on Politics, 7/23/13)
Scott floats $25M ad blitz to ‘define opponent’ (The Buzz, 7/23/13)
Media blitz coming for online health exchange (Miami Herald, 7/23/13)
Rubio meeting with tea party today (The Buzz, 7/23/13)
State GOP uses Rick Scott’s pledge, Alvin Brown’s words to hammer Obama prior to his Florida trip(PolitiJax, 7/23/13)
Gay-rights coalition: Now is not the right time to put same-sex marriage on Florida ballot (Miami Herald, 7/23/13)
School grade ’safety net’ vote opens new rifts (Miami Herald, 7/22/13)
Equality Florida urges advocates to hold off on same-sex marriage legal challenges (Orlando Sentinel,7/22/13)
Governor directs juvenile justice chief to meet with protesters (Naked Politics, 7/22/13)
Poll: Majority of Floridians accept Zimmerman trial verdict, support ‘Stand Your Ground’ law(SaintPetersBlog, 7/22/13)
Despite outcry, stand-ground law repeals unlikely (Miami Herald, 7/21/13)
Stand Your Ground for voters: Pols fired up to make it an issue in 2014 (Palm Beach Post, 7/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Even without ‘Stand Your Ground,’ George Zimmerman’s acquittal was likely(Miami Herald, 7/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Charlie Crist could lose by a hare (SaintPetersBlog, 7/21/13)
As its Capitol vigil continues, Dream Defenders gain allies (The Buzz, 7/19/13)

EDITORIAL: Gov. Scott skips out on governing (Tampa Bay Times, 7/19/13)
Rick Scott rejects call for special session in meeting with protesters (Sunshine State News, 7/19/13)
VIDEO: Stand Your Ground: Gov. Rick Scott walks out on press conference (WTSP, 7/19/13)
Not a protest, but a ‘resistance,’ Dream Defender says (Tampa Tribune, 7/19/13)
What a poll of House District 21 tells us about Crist vs. Scott (SaintPetersBlog, 7/19/13)
Megadonors keep close eye on Marco Rubio (Politico, 7/19/13)
Florida DCF head David Wilkins resigns (Miami Herald, 7/18/13)
Florida Republicans gearing up for 2014, going on the attack with new staff (Sunshine State News, 7/18/13)
RPOF’s latest Crist attack also puts Republicans Palin, Ayotte in blast area (Post on Politics, 7/18/13)
No decision in round two of ‘Docs vs. Glocks’ in Miami federal appeals court (Miami Herald, 7/18/13)
Gov. Scott meets with protesters, promises day of prayer but rejects request for special session to review Stand Your Ground law (Miami Herald, 7/18/13)
Stand Your Ground law critics push for Florida boycott (Miami Herald, 7/17/13)
Florida House, Senate leaders oppose new curriculum tests (Miami Herald, 7/17/13)
Calling for special session, students sit-in at Rick Scott’s office (Sunshine State News, 7/17/13)
Scott declines NAACP call; no plans to return quickly to protesters at Capitol (Post on Politics, 7/17/13)
Subscription poll: ‘Anybody but Scott’ feeling strongly in guv’s race (Orlando Sentinel, 7/17/13)
Stand Your Ground law and school bus fight (Miami Herald, 7/17/13)
DGA launches effort to oust Rick Scott with $250,000 (Florida Times-Union, 7/14/13)
The week that was in Florida politics: Drawing lines and writing books in Tallahassee(SaintPetersBlog, 7/14/13)
Top political donors get mixed bag of results on their campaign cash (Miami Herald, 7/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Charlie Crist isn’t the only flip-flop governor turned writer (Sunshine State News, 7/13/13)
Florida GOP doesn’t plan to slow focus on Crist, Rich, Sink (SaintPetersBlog, 7/13/13)
Florida Republican divide over Medicaid expansion creates awkward gaps (Tampa Bay Times,7/13/13)
Medical marijuana forces revamp popular plan, but face hurdles (Miami Herald, 7/12/13)
WWE and Rick Scott unveil wrestling facility in Orlando (Sunshine State News, 7/12/13)
Florida likely to resume voter purge after Supreme Court Voting Rights decision (Tampa Bay Times,7/12/13)
Gov. Scott’s top lawyer will handle issue of lawmakers’ residences (The Buzz, 7/12/13)
Florida Supreme Court won’t stop redistricting challenge (Miami Herald, 7/11/13)
Florida Supreme Court: Never mind Constitution, redistricting suit can go ahead (Sunshine State News, 7/11/13)
Another $39K! for governor candidate Nan Rich (The Buzz, 7/11/13)
Redistricting lawsuit: Supreme Court hands Legislature second loss in recent weeks (PolitiJax, 7/11/13)
Supreme Court: Legislature can’t short-circuit redistricting lawsuit (Naked Politics, 7/11/13)
Despite big legislative loss, developer still gives big to Rick Scott-aligned committee (for first time)(PolitiJax, 7/11/13)
Crist book latest chapter in clash with GOP (Sunshine State News, 7/11/13)
Adam Putnam builds for 2014 and the future (Sunshine State News, 7/11/13)
State GOP touts Pam Bondi’s ‘Fox and Friends’ interview, cuts out her criticism of Medicaid expansion (PolitiJax, 7/10/13)
Nan Rich stumbles in fundraising as she burns through cash (Sunshine State News, 7/10/13)
Group asks Rick Scott to return $500K contribution (The Buzz, 7/10/13)
Democrats ramp up profile of state House campaign operation (The Buzz, 7/10/13)
Educating Florida about healthcare reform starts with conversation (Miami Herald, 7/10/13)
Miami-Dade should take steps to thwart absentee-ballot fraudsters, advisory group says (Miami Herald, 7/10/13)
Charlie Crist has ‘no-holds-barred’ book coming out (The Buzz, 7/9/13)
Charlie Crist’s political memoir to explain why he left GOP (Tampa Bay Times, 7/9/13)
As Crist ramps up for gubernatorial run, not all Republicans are against the former governor(SaintPetersBlog, 7/9/13)
The best the Florida GOP’s ‘This Day in Crist-ory’ can do is a five year-old op-ed? (SaintPetersBlog, 7/9/13)
The latest news on 2014 candidates’ second-quarter fundraising hauls (SaintPetersBlog, 7/9/13)
Scott’s LG search a real drag for Dems (Naked Politics, 7/9/13)
Search for Gov. Rick Scott’s No. 2 will be done in-house (Tampa Bay Times, 7/9/13)
Gov. Scott to scrutinize special taxing districts (Tampa Bay Times, 7/9/13)
Florida Catholic bishops to Rick Scott: End death penalty (Sunshine State News, 7/9/13)
Rick Scott, Bobby Jindal, Phil Bryant call on Obama to end sequestration furloughs (Huff Post Politics, 7/8/13)
Rick Scott celebrates 85 new jobs, $4M capital from advanced disposal (Sunshine State News, 7/8/13)
Gov. Scott questions furloughs as Chantal grows in Atlantic (SaintPetersBlog, 7/8/13)
Governor’s race: Will focus on same-sex marriage boost Nan Rich? (Sunshine State News, 7/8/13)
Marco Rubio still popular with Florida GOP despite immigration reform (Sunshine State News, 7/8/13)
Rick Perry won’t run again, ending the Rick-Rick bromance (SaintPetersBlog, 7/8/13)
As state GOP unleashes on Charlie Crist, his former Republican donors take a more affable approach(Florida Times-Union, 7/8/13)
Gov. Scott says search for next LG will be ‘internal’ (Naked Politics, 7/8/13)
Fla. GOP beefing up staff (The Buzz, 7/8/13)
VIDEO: Rick Scott’s strategy to defeat Charlie Crist in one web video (News Service of Florida, 7/8/13)
Scott, on campaign trail, says: ‘We have to tell our story’ (Naked Politics, 7/8/13)
Ted Cruz to keynote Tea Party rally in Florida (The Hill, 7/6/13)
Rick Scott sounds alarm over Obama cuts to National Guard in hurricane season (Sunshine State News, 7/6/13)
New campaign law confuses Florida fundraisers, dismays skepticsPalm Beach Post, 7/6/13)
Florida expecting plenty of questions as health exchanges come online (Tampa Bay Times, 7/5/13)
Critics say Gov. Scott giving Great Floridian Awards to donors (WFTV, 7/5/13)
No campaign account yet, but Rick Scott’s committee has $11M in the bank (PolitiJax, 7/5/13)
Legislative leaders rewarded high-performing staff with salary hikes (Miami Herald, 7/5/13)
Rubio, in unpublished interview, compares Bush and Crist (The Buzz, 7/5/13)
After a quiet Fourth, ‘Grandpa’ Scott will embark on political trail (SaintPetersBlog, 7/4/13)
Jackson assembles political team to campaign for $830M bond initiative (Miami Herald, 7/3/13)
Mike Haridopolos is helping vet Rick Scott’s possible LG choices (SaintPetersBlog, 7/3/13)
Health care mandate shift relieves pressure but continues uncertainty (The Buzz, 7/3/13)
Teamsters file unfair labor charge against state prison system (The Buzz, 7/3/13)
Employer mandate delay propels Florida’s health care debate (Tampa Bay Times, 7/3/13)
Insurance industry takes a beating in the Florida Supreme Court (SaintPetersBlog, 7/3/13)
Lawmakers will revisit cuts in auto fees (Tampa Tribune, 7/3/13)
Mike Haridopolos finds unlikely vehicle for return to limelight (Sunshine State News, 7/3/13)
Rubio’s entrance into abortion fight provokes sharp reactions (The Buzz, 7/3/13)
Big Sugar fliers sent to South Florida voters strike sour note with environmentalists (Naked Politics, 7/3/13)
After healthcare law delay, Medicaid expansion in Florida remains in the shadows (Miami Herald,7/3/13)
Gaming report: Expanding gambling could make Florida ‘less attractive’ tourist destination (Naked Politics, 7/2/13)
Rick Scott signs bill expanding charter school options (Sunshine State News, 7/2/13)
Lawsuit challenges broad scope of Internet cafe ban (Naked Politics, 7/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Florida’s gambling genie (Miami Herald, 7/2/13)
Scott vetoes three bills, criticizes special districts’ power grab (Tampa Bay Times, 7/2/13)
Nan Rich to donors: Florida’s marriage amendment should be reversed (PolitiJax, 7/2/13)
Does legislative privilege apply to lawmakers drawing maps? Supreme Court to decide (PolitiJax, 7/2/13)
Democrat Rich pledges to repeal same-sex marriage ban (Post on Politics, 7/2/13)
Scott finishes with a flourish — vetoing final bills before him (Post on Politics, 7/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Rubio’s problems don’t end with immigration (Tampa Tribune, 7/2/13)
A quiet Fourth for ‘Grandpa’ Scott, then some politicking (Naked Politics, 7/2/13)
Gambling expansion could affect Florida’s family friendly pitch, report cautions (Tampa Bay Times,7/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Florida’s Cabinet system has gone to the dogs (Tampa Bay Times, 7/2/13)
Gambling loopholes grow as state waits to reform rules (Miami Herald, 7/1/13)
Gov. Scott is worth $83.8M, records show (Miami Herald, 7/1/13)
Moody’s proclaims ‘Florida is back on track’ (Naked Politics, 7/1/13)
Mike Haridopolos gives $25K to committee supporting Rick Scott (PolitiJax, 7/1/13)
Rick Scott blasts Congress for letting federal student-loan interest rates double (Sunshine State News, 7/1/13)
House Gaming Committee releases initial report on gaming in Florida (Sunshine State News, 7/1/13)
2014 elections shaping up as second half of 2013 begins (Sunshine State News, 7/1/13)
Is Florida Gov. Rick Scott misunderstood? (Governing, 7/1/13)
‘Hey buddy, get a damn life’: John Morgan talks abolishing the Dept of Agriculture, raising Crist coin, and Scott’s $ lead (PolitiJax, 7/1/13)
Rick Scott mailers ‘wooing’ business to Florida irks other governors (SaintPetersBlog, 7/1/13)
Charlie Crist admits being ‘much more comfortable’ as a Democrat (SaintPetersBlog, 7/1/13)

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