The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


CT 2011 Archives


Connecticut Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


Despite challenges, state can influence 2012 economic outcome (CT Mirror, 12/31/11)
Court names Columbia professor to draw congressional districts (CT Mirror, 12/30/11)
Columbia Law School professor named ‘Special Master’ for redistricting (Hartford Courant,12/30/11)
The cost of Massachusetts casinos to Connecticut (CT Mirror, 12/30/11)
Big agenda, and a few battles, brewing for energy and environment in 2012 (CT Mirror, 12/29/11)
GOP Legislative leader tells Malloy to butt out of redistricting (CT Mirror, 12/29/11)
Editorial: State should change redistricting process (Hartford Courant, 12/29/11)
State could allow online gambling and lottery ticket sales (Hartford Courant, 12/28/11)
Some state workers face extra scrutiny in food stamp probe (Hartford Courant, 12/28/11)
Connecticut seeks political map maker (Wall Street Journal, 12/27/11)
Standard & Poor’s takes CT Housing Authority off  ’watch list’ (Hartford Courant, 12/27/11)
Gov. Malloy says the names of 10 more state employees forwarded in food stamp fraud investigation(Hartford Courant, 12/27/11)
Special master will be appointed for redistricting, but court holds out hope for legislative solution(Hartford Courant, 12/27/11)
Conn. Supreme Court to appoint special master (RealClearPolitics, 12/27/11)
Malloy refers 10 more employees to agency heads in food stamps fraud probe (CT Mirror, 12/27/11)
Court orders redistricting commission back to work (CT Mirror, 12/27/11)
Opinion: Occupiers lack support of social agencies (Hartford Courant, 12/27/11)
Editorial: Connecticut — one of the best places – and one of the worst (Hartford Courant, 12/26/11)
Editorial: Lawmakers must step up and stop pension padding (Hartford Courant, 12/22/11)
Panel rejects grievance over Malloy-union deal (CT Post, 12/22/11)
Your credit bill is high? The state owes $19.5 billion (CT Mirror, 12/22/11)
Lawmaker hopes to renew debate on smaller legislature (CT Mirror, 12/22/11)
Congressional map to be drawn by the Supreme Court (CT Mirror, 12/21/11)
Lawmakers fear state budget cuts force UConn tuition hike (CT Mirror, 12/21/11)
Redistricting Commission fails to reach agreement (Hartford Courant, 12/21/11)
Malloy outlines broad principles for education reform (CT Mirror, 12/20/11)
After controversial executive order, child care workers vote to unionize (CT Mirror, 12/20/11)
Home aides for Medicaid recipients explore forming a union (Hartford Courant, 12/20/11)
Governor calls for ‘academic excellence for all’ (Hartford Courant, 12/20/11)
Opinion: Malloy’s advocacy for more gambling alarming (Hartford Courant, 12/20/11)
Malloy urges HealthVridge, SEIU to reach agreement (Hartford Courant, 12/19/11)
Draft report renews fears about watchdogs’ autonomy (CT Mirror, 12/19/11)
No breakthroughs on congressional redistricting (CT Mirror, 12/19/11)
CT unemployment falls to 8.4% as some long-suffering job-seekers find jobs, and relief (Hartford Courant,12/19/11)
Unemployment drops to 8.4%, but that’s not the whole story (CT Mirror, 12/19/11)
Malloy urges nursing homes, union to settle contract dispute (CT Mirror, 12/19/11)
UConn trustees approve 6% tuition hike (Hartford Courant, 12/19/11)
Up next — education unions’ plans to reform schools (CT Mirror, 12/19/11)
Take-home pay is key in food stamp case (Hartford Courant, 12/19/11)
Unions battle over right to represent 6,000 state workers (Hartford Courant, 12/19/11)
Commentary: Raise my taxes, there are people who need help (Hartford Courant, 12/18/11)
A tough week for unions reflects the bad economy (Hartford Courant, 12/18/11)
No poem, no holiday wishes for this governor (CT Mirror, 12/16/11)
Editorial: Reward transit users, not drivers (Hartford Courant,12/16/11)
Malloy plays Santa — or Scrooge — at Bond Commission (CT Mirror, 12/16/11)
Judge: State employees’ class action suit against Anthem can proceed (Hartford Courant, 12/16/11)
Heat ‘affordability gap’ leaves thousands of families in the cold (CT Mirror, 12/15/11)
Editorial: Consumers voiceless on Health Insurance Exchange Board (Hartford Courant, 12/14/11)
Malloy: No evidence to blame administration in food stamp fraud (Hartford Courant, 12/14/11)
Malloy wants strong casinos, ‘aggressive lottery’ (CT Mirror, 12/14/11)
US Attorney probing allegations of food stamp fraud (Hartford Courant, 12/13/11)
Editorial: Malloy comes down hard on food aid fraud (Hartford Courant, 12/13/11)
Progressive tax advocates say Connecticut should follow New York’s example (CT Mirror, 12/13/11)
Attorney: Delay Malloy food stamp hearings (Hartford Courant, 12/12/11)
Even with power outages, Connecticut’s quality of life tops most other states’ (CT Mirror, 12/12/11)
Recession expands Connecticut’s pockets of poverty (CT Mirror, 12/12/11)
Nine more state employees suspected of fraud, governor says (Hartford Courant, 12/12/11)
Malloy profile: Cathy Malloy a powerful force in Dan’s world (CT Post, 12/9/11)
Comptroller challenges state to evaluate its tax breaks (CT Mirror, 12/9/11)
GOP Senate candidate: Republican Party rules change proposal ‘a new beginning for the CT GOP’(Hartford Courant, 12/9/11)
Editorial: Dismal voter turnout a sign of poor civic health (Hartford Courant, 12/9/11)
Lt. Gov Wyman: Allegations of bias in Exchange Board are unfounded (Hartford Courant, 12/9/11)
Economic value of state’s parks is more than$1 billion (CT Mirror, 12/9/11)
Editorial: Food stamp scandal hints at culture of cheating among state workers (Hartford Courant,12/8/11)
Malloy: Highly-paid state employees got food stamp benefits (Hartford Courant, 12/8/11)
DSS considers restricting ‘financially unsustainable’ Medicaid program, drawing rebuke from advocates (CT Mirror, 12/8/11)
Malloy may have to choose between spending cap and budget reforms (CT Mirror, 12/8/11)
Defining education – does it include early education? (CT Mirror, 12/8/11)
Initial review finds 15 employees suspected of Irene fraud (CT Mirror, 12/7/11)
School reform ideas win praise (Hartford Courant, 12/7/11)
Hartford no longer to be ‘Occupied’ (Hartford Courant, 12/7/11)
15 state employees being investigated in food stamp fraud (Hartford Courant, 12/7/11)
Malloy profile: Governor’s childhood filled with obstacles to overcome (Stamford Advocate, 12/7/11)
Connecticut NOT among ten worst states for the rich (CT Mirror, 12/6/11)
Malloy profile: The battle within (CT Post, 12/6/11)
Congressional districts: Deadline extended for new boundaries (Hartford Courant, 12/6/11)
Legislators get 15 days to finish congressional map (CT Mirror, 12/6/11)
GOP rules change aims to discourage paid delegates to the party nominating convention (Hartford Courant,12/6/11)
Editorial: Storm aid fraud is stealing from the poor (Hartford Courant, 12/6/11)
Commissioners told to cooperate on post-Irene food stamp fraud (Hartford Courant, 12/5/11)
The Malloyalists (CT Post, 12/5/11)
Malloy profile: Malloy’s first year in the eye of the storm (CT Post, 12/5/11)
Connecticut redistricting has its perils, especially for minorities, experts say (New Haven Register,12/5/11)
Malloy Administration Tropical Storm Irene fraud probe; state employees suspected (Hartford Courant,12/4/11)
Conflict and confidence: A year with Dannel Malloy (CT Mirror, 12/4/11)
Political board game: Carving up Connecticut (Hartford Courant, 12/4/11)
State pledge to meet all teacher pension costs means big budget increases (CT Mirror, 12/2/11)
Editorial: Malloy’s strategy looking better than Cuomo’s (Hartford Courant, 12/2/11)
Witt storm report faults CL&P, some towns’ response (Hartford Courant, 12/2/11)
Conn. faces deep federal cuts if Congress can’t reach deficit deal (Hartford Courant, 12/2/11)
Connecticut’s faithful take on politics (CT Mirror, 12/1/11)


State legislative districts approved; congressional map goes to court (CT Mirror, 11/30/11)
Doctors wary of looming Medicare cut, or a short-term fix (CT Mirror, 11/30/11)
Two-storm panel to meet today; will hear from business leaders (Hartford Courant, 11/30/11)
Editorial: How badly did CL&P’s unpaid bills hurt storm response? (Hartford Courant, 11/30/11)
Fiscal analysts leave large question mark over small budget surplus (CT Mirror, 11/29/11)
Editorial: Fair questions on Malloy’s judge nominee (Hartford Courant, 11/29/11)
With tax increases kicking in, state budget surplus projected at $101 million (Hartford Courant,11/29/11)
Budget chief calls for legislature to tackle cash-starved pensions system (CT Mirror, 11/29/11)
CL&P filing shows hundreds of bills from Irene were still unpaid a month after receipt (Hartford Courant,11/28/11)
Legislative leaders reach agreement on new boundaries for house districts (Hartford Courant,11/28/11)
Redistricting: House reaches deal, while Senate talks continue (CT Mirror, 11/28/11)
Double Trouble: 26 towns lost power twice in two storms (Hartford Courant, 11/27/11)
Behind the news: Why CT’s median income fell by 6% (Hartford Courant, 11/27/11)
Editorial: State agency ducking duty to vet utilities merger (Hartford Courant, 11/27/11)
Against the tide, Connecticut helps the working poor (CT Mirror, 11/22/11)
As LIHEAP shrinks, Operation Fuel director worries, seeks help (CT Mirror, 11/22/11)
Malloy turns up the heat on redistricting panel (CT Mirror, 11/22/11)
Audit revives concerns about environmental protection staffing (CT Mirror, 11/22/11)
Editorial: CL&P executives ahead of customers (Hartford Courant, 11/22/11)
With a flourish, feds sign final agreement on busway (CT Mirror, 11/21/11)
Farm bill cuts likely to bring pain to more than Connecticut’s farmers (CT Mirror, 11/21/11)
Making sense of the busway’s huge cost (Hartford Courant, 11/21/11)
Busway gains crucial federal funding (Hartford Courant, 11/21/11)
CT unemployment falls to 8.7% in  Oct. but 2012 looks worse (Hartford Courant, 11/21/11)
Opinion: Superintendents pressing for state education overhaul (Hartford Courant, 11/20/11)
Economists: Conn. outpaces nation, but big dropoff in 2012 (Hartford Courant, 11/18/11)
Butler speaks up to say he won’t discuss departure from CL&P (CT Mirror, 11/18/11)
Better coordination key to improve disaster response (CT Mirror, 11/18/11)
Bioscience, busway initiatives should boost state’s recovery in 2012, report says (CT Mirror, 11/18/11)
Butler out – CL&P chief led communications disaster (Hartford Courant, 11/18/11)
State benefit mandates could cost the state under health reform (CT Mirror, 11/18/11)
Occupiers draw the line between protesting and political activism (CT Mirror, 11/18/11)
CL&P chief resigns amid storm of criticism (CT Mirror, 11/17/11)
CL&P chief Jeffrey Butler resigns after storm of controversy (Hartford Courant, 11/17/11)
If this is Wednesday, Governor Malloy must be in Kabul (CT Mirror, 11/16/11)
Malloy visits Connecticut troops in Afghanistan (CT Mirror, 11/16/11)
Governors Malloy, Markell travel together to Kuwait, Afghanistan (Hartford Courant, 11/16/11)
Critics seek ethics inquiry into exchange board (CT Mirror, 11/16/11)
Malloy’s fiscal cushion continues to shrink (CT Mirror, 11/16/11)
DOD flies Malloy to Kuwait (CT Mirror, 11/15/11)
Irene’s Conn. insurance tally: $160M and counting (Hartford Courant, 11/15/11)
Time is running short on redistricting negotiations (CT Mirror, 11/15/11)
Opinion: State must get capital to businesses (Hartford Courant, 11/15/11)
Town leaders rip storm response, while utilities talk options to beef up electric system (CT Mirror, 11/15/11)
CT Taxman wants flexibility as staff shrinks, work grows (CT Mirror, 11/14/11)
Malloy won’t fill 2,300 vacancies (Hartford Courant, 11/14/11)
Three of state’s largest medical groups form alliance (Hartford Courant, 11/14/11)
Town leaders’ complaints at heart of storm probe (Hartford Courant, 11/13/11)
Opinion: State needs voice heard on Northeast Utilities merger (Hartford Courant, 11/13/11)
Consultants offer UConn plan to cut spending, raise revenues (CT Mirror, 11/10/11)
GOP hearing challenges Malloy order on home care attendants (CT Mirror, 11/10/11)
A little post-election spin (CT Mirror, 11/9/11)
Middletown, Waterbury upsets lead Democratic victories in state’s cities (Hartford Courant,11/9/11)
Editorial: In the dark too long: We need some answers (Hartford Courant, 11/9/11)
Red Cross strike continues despite Malloy request (Hartford Courant, 11/9/11)
A little post-election spin (CT Mirror, 11/9/11)
Malloy defends his use of National Guard during storm (CT Mirror, 11/8/11)
Fewer than 30,000 CL&P customers still await return of power (Hartford Courant, 11/8/11)
Storm means short-term economic pain but no lasting damage (CT Mirror, 11/8/11)
Malloy predicts ‘malfeasance’ behind slow response to outages (CT Mirror, 11/7/11)
Power outages force 9 towns to reassign polling places (CT Mirror, 11/7/11)
CL&P warns it could blow another power restoration deadline (CT Mirror, 11/7/11)
Opinion: Butler, Malloy create ongoing storm (Hartford Courant, 11/6/11)
Opinion: Are disaster lessons being learned? (Hartford Courant, 11/6/11)
Nor’easter caused up to $750M in insured damage in CT, according to early estimate (Hartford Courant,11/4/11)
Malloy orders independent review of utility response to storm (CT Mirror, 11/4/11)
Will storms provide impetus for rethinking the power grid? (CT Mirror, 11/4/11)
Editorial: Toughen oversight before the next storm comes (Hartford Courant, 11/4/11)
Six days after storm, CL&P’s restoration effort tops Irene (CT Mirror, 11/4/11)
Malloy: CL&P came ‘reasonably close’ on Thursday’s outage repair goal (CT Mirror, 11/3/11)
Editorial: Who’s looking out for utility customers? (Hartford Courant, 11/3/11)
No blackout of suggestions after storms (CT Mirror, 11/3/11)
As exchange board begins work, advocates still seeking change (CT Mirror, 11/3/11)
Opinion: Had enough? Bury the power lines (Hartford Courant, 11/3/11)
Malloy assigns National Guard to assist CL&P (CT Mirror, 11/3/11)
Former auditor tapped to serve as 9th member on reapportionment panel (CT Mirror, 11/3/11)
Legislators: Fine utilities for slow power restoration (CT Mirror, 11/2/11)
Malloy warns he’ll lose confidence if CL&P misses goals (CT Mirror, 11/2/11)
New ed chief seeks $25M for low-performing districts (CT Mirror, 11/2/11)
Editorial: Where are the crews? CL&P, state failing residents (Hartford Courant, 11/1/11)
Malloy, union leaders launch overdue efficiency panel (CT Mirror, 11/1/11)
Shakeup: 3 Malloy administration officials leaving by end of year (CT Mirror, 11/1/11)


Malloy leads local, state leaders in teleconference re: snowstorm response (Hartford Courant,10/31/11)
Analysts: $80M in concession savings would have come anyway (CT Mirror, 10/28/11)
Editorial: Connecticut jobs bill is only a good first step (Hartford Courant, 10/28/11)
Live, from the state Capitol, it’s bipartisanship! (CT Mirror, 10/27/11)
Malloy’s aggressive pace continues as Jackson Lab, jobs bills win approval (Hartford Courant,10/27/11)
Lawmakers applaud section of Malloy’s jobs bill that helps Oxford airport (Patch, 10/27/11)
Governor wins limited approval to expand public-private partnerships (CT Mirror, 10/27/11)
One shining moment of bipartisanship at Capitol (Hartford Courant, 10/27/11)
Bipartisan accord in Connecticut yields a $626M jobs package (New York Times, 10/27/11)
Opinion: Connecticut’s social liberal gospel (Register Citizen, 10/27/11)
Legislature approves $626M jobs bill (CT Post, 10/27/11)
State to revive incentive-based affordable housing program (CT Mirror, 10/27/11)
Jackson refused to release documents in Florida, too (Hartford Courant, 10/26/11)
Senate gives final passage to bipartisan jobs bill (CT Mirror, 10/26/11)
Lawmakers approve funding for Jackson Laboratory (CT Mirror, 10/26/11)
Legislature approves controversial Jackson Lab deal (Hartford Courant, 10/26/11)
It’s all about jobs: Legislature passes bipartisan incentives bill (Hartford Courant, 10/26/11)
Lab jobs deal draws fire in Connecticut (Wall Street Journal, 10/26/11)
Conn. lawmakers invest big in job creation (Register Citizen, 10/26/11)
A breakdown of the jobs bill (CT Mirror, 10/26/11)
CT House, Senate to take turns being partisan, bipartisan (CT Mirror, 10/26/11)
Senate OKs $291M in subsidies for lab jobs (CT Post, 10/26/11)
Urban lawmakers express concern with jobs bill (CT News Junkie, 10/26/11)
Understanding the Jackson Lab deal: Facts and distortion (Hartford Courant, 10/26/11)
Stamford lures NBC Sports and 450 jobs (Reuters, 10/25/11)
Malloy banking that business tax credits do the job (Stamford Advocate, 10/25/11)
Report: State subsidies costly, blunt, and poorly monitored (CT News Junkie, 10/25/11)
Malloy’s jobs proposal reflects understanding of business needs (Danbury News Times, 10/25/11)
Florida opposition helped send Jackson Lab to Connecticut (Hartford Courant, 10/25/11)
Business execs tell Malloy that workers lack skills (CT Post, 10/25/11)
Jackson Lab debate pits costs against jobs (CT Mirror, 10/25/11)
Florida’s loss provides chance for Connecticut (Hartford Courant, 10/25/11)
Malloy: ‘I believe we have white smoke’ on jobs bill (CT Mirror, 10/25/11)
NBC Sports to add more than 450 jobs at new studios and offices in Stamford (Hartford Courant,10/25/11)
Municipal lobby offers its own jobs stimulus plan (CT Mirror, 10/24/11)
Homelessness, income disparity and housing costs rise (CT Mirror, 10/24/11)
The Connecticut business laboratory (Reuters, 10/23/11)
Malloy focuses on maritime issues during visit to New London (The Day, 10/23/11)
Jobs bill includes education reality check (Hartford Courant, 10/23/11)
Conn. tax breaks lure NBC Sports from NYC (NY Post, 10/22/11)
State doesn’t wait for overdue union efficiency ideas (CT Mirror, 10/21/11)
Malloy administration watching danger signs in state budget (CT Mirror, 10/21/11)
New brownfield proposal called ‘window dressing’ (CT Mirror, 10/21/11)
Opinion: Support Jackson Lab deal, but vet it too (Hartford Courant, 10/20/11)
Malloy nominates 2 for judgeships (Hartford Courant, 10/20/11)
Connecticut unemployment falls to 8.9% (Hartford Courant, 10/20/11)
Jobs package to cost $516M (CT Mirror, 10/20/11)
Extra credit? Malloy’s Race to the Top bid has a surprise (CT Mirror, 10/20/11)
Unions, Malloy bump heads over public-private partnerships (CT Mirror, 10/20/11)
GOP, Malloy want no ‘Christmas tree’ at jobs session (CT Mirror, 10/20/11)
The mouse that roared: Maine-based Jackson Lab seeking to come to Farmington; Bipartisan jobs package to cost $516M in bonding (Hartford Courant, 10/20/11)
GOP wants to add new conditions to Jackson Laboratory deal (CT Mirror, 10/18/11)
Blue Sky Studios to expand, again with state aid (CT Mirror, 10/18/11)
Survey: Barely half of Fairfield County businesses profitable (CT Mirror, 10/17/11)
Projected Wall Street job losses bode ill for Connecticut (CT Mirror, 10/17/11)
Public will get to comment on Jackson Laboratory plan (CT Mirror, 10/17/11)
Malloy calls special session on jobs (Stamford Daily, 10/14/11)
Non-union workers getting $6.2 million in longevity pay next week (CT Mirror, 10/14/11)
State revenue picture remains stable though key income tax data is delayed (CT Mirror, 10/14/11)
Conn. awards $5 million for transit planning (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/13/11)
Can Malloy win bipartisan backing for bioscience lab? (CT Mirror, 10/12/11)
Malloy, networking the old-fashioned way (CT Mirror, 10/12/11)
Small businesses vent frustrations at House GOP forum (CT Mirror, 10/12/11)
GOP lawmakers press for job assurances in bioscience deal (CT Mirror, 10/12/11)
Auditors: Agencies rushed to spend rather than return funds (CT Mirror, 10/12/11)
Malloy shares economic ideas with guvs (CT Post, 10/11/11)
Two governors, Two styles: Tax increases in CT, Tax cuts in Nebraska (Hartford Courant, 10/11/11)
Navigating potential conflicts, a first lady finds a new job (CT Mirror, 10/10/11)
DEEP’s first energy efficiency program ready to roll (CT Mirror, 10/10/11)
Party lines grow clearer in New Britain busway battle (Hartford Courant, 10/10/11)


A Democratic governor gets his way (Governing, 8/30/11)

APRIL 2011

State labor negotiator says union deal may be less than a week away (The Day, 4/30/11)
Governor’s budget plan may crash over gas tax (WTNH, 4/29/11)
Sample layoff letters already planned; state ready to notify employees May 6 (Hartford Courant, 4/29/11)
Windfall gone, one way or another (CT Post, 4/29/11)
Editorial: Grabbing at state surplus shortsighted (Hartford Courant, 4/28/11)
A Connecticut tax revolt on a shoestring budget (Wall Street Journal, 4/28/11)
Redistricting may pose threat to Democratic stronghold (Greenwich Time, 4/27/11)
Malloy looking at who might get pink slips (Forbes, 4/27/11)
Malloy stays the course with controversial plan to tax hospitals (CT Post, 4/27/11)
Malloy, legislators reach compromise on higher ed reorganization (CT Mirror, 4/27/11)
Commentary: An open letter to Fairfield County’s well-heeled tax refugees (New Haven Advocate, 4/27/11)
Editorial: A giant step backward on elections watchdog (Hartford Courant, 4/27/11)
State officials agree on plan to reorganize higher education (Hartford Courant, 4/27/11)
Pew report looks at unfunded healthcare expenses for state retirees (Hartford Courant, 4/27/11)
What will happen if Malloy’s budget plan doesn’t work? (New Haven Advocate, 4/27/11)
Opinion: Malloy’s budget ‘a bold step’ (Minuteman News Center, 4/27/11)
Budget pressures divide Democrats (NBC Connecticut, 4/27/11)
GOP leader: Amazon tax is a bad idea (Hartford Courant, 4/27/11)
Audio: CT’s health reform supporters fight for SustiNet (Public News Service, 4/27/11)
Quick, turn away… you don’t want to see what they’re doing to our democracy (Hartford Advocate, 4/26/11)
Anticipating improving revenues, Malloy preaches caution (CT Mirror, 4/26/11)
Layoff notices could go out to state employees next week (Hartford Courant, 4/26/11)
Opinion: State taxes a good deal for residents (Hartford Courant, 4/26/11)
Lawmakers consider canceling new tax on electric ratepayers (Hartford Courant, 4/26/11)
Undocumented student gets a second chance (Hartford Courant, 4/26/11)
Backers of Connecticut’s health care reform tout progress, swallow their disappointments (CT Post, 4/26/11)
Malloy joins fight to keep student from being deported to Mexico (CBS New York, 4/25/11)
Connecticut higher ed consolidation in budget proposal (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/25/11)
Malloy on budget: We need a vote (CT Post, 4/25/11)
CT wading into controversial waters of Amazon tax (Hartford Courant, 4/25/11)
Supporters concede that SustiNet bill largely gutted (Hartford Courant, 4/25/11)
State seeks to enter controversial world of Internet taxation (Hartford Courant, 4/25/11)
Editorial: Lawmakers were cowards on gun bills (Hartford Courant, 4/25/11)
Hospitals say Malloy’s proposed tax would harm their financial health (Hartford Courant, 4/21/11)
Committee approves Malloy’s tax, spending packages (Hartford Courant, 4/21/11)
Editorial: Defeat tax on power plants (Hartford Courant, 4/20/11)
Malloy, Legislative leaders reach budget deal (Hartford Courant, 4/20/11)
Opinion: Democrats’ compromise on state budget better than GOP’s no-tax-increase plan (Hartford Courant, 4/20/11)
Opinion: Tax hikes less of a drain than spending cuts (Hartford Courant, 4/20/11)
Legislature may approve budget before concessions are finalized (CT Mirror, 4/20/11)
Republicans unveil no-tax-hike budget in contrast to Malloy plan (Hartford Courant, 4/19/11)
Opinion: Medical co-pay plan puts hole in safety net (Hartford Courant, 4/19/11)
Editorial: Concessions needed: Labor holds key to state budget (Hartford Courant, 4/17/11)
Opinion: Malloy’s budget tour over – now comes reckoning (Hartford Courant, 4/17/11)
Foley: Bad budget baselines get state spending off to a running start (Hartford Courant, 4/17/11)
Tea Party rally at Capitol: complaints about Malloy’s tax increases on income, sales, alcohol, cigarettes (Hartford Courant, 4/13/11)
Town and city leaders: Malloy’s budget isn’t so bad (Hartford Courant, 4/13/11)
Malloy tax adjustments to hit wealthier harder (Hartford Courant, 4/13/11)
Limits sought on private insurers’ coverage of abortion as state sets up health exchange (Hartford Courant, 4/13/11)
Editorial: Malloy is right – SustiNet is too costly (Hartford Courant, 4/7/11)
Report: 378 retirees receive state pensions over $100K (Hartford Courant, 4/7/11)
CT would lose $12.7B over a decade if GOP budget becomes law (Hartford Courant, 4/7/11)
Malloy Administration sends out layoff warnings as part of budget contingency plan (Hartford Courant, 4/6/11)
Malloy moves toward layoffs; no notices sent yet; union talks continue (Hartford Courant, 4/6/11)
Malloy retreats from SustiNet (Hartford Courant, 4/5/11)
Editorial: Gov. Malloy makes right call on busway (Hartford  Courant, 4/4/11)
Malloy to pursue Hartford-New Britain busway (Hartford Courant, 4/4/11)
GOP: State is paying state employees to do union work on state time (Hartford Courant, 4/4/11)
Malloy turning up the pressure on public unions (Hartford Advocate, 4/1/11)
Municipal aid is at stake in Malloy’s talks with labor (CT Mirror, 4/1/11)

MARCH 2011

Malloy: Legislature should take on longevity pay (CT News, 3/31/11)
GOP legislators present alternatives to tax increases (Wilton Villager, 3/31/11)
Commentary: Malloy and others coddle the rich at their own peril (New Haven Advocate, 3/30/11)
From Windham, Malloy takes on New York’s budget deal (CT Mirror, 3/30/11)
Malloy’s support for SustiNet wavers (Hartford Advocate, 3/30/11)
Editorial: Highway tolls needed to pay for infrastructure (Hartford Courant, 3/30/11)
Greenwich asks Malloy why taxes must rise to close CT’s budget gap (Bloomberg, 3/29/11)
Governor opens up about his dyslexia (NBC Connecticut, 3/29/11)
Proposed hospital tax raises hackles (, 3/29/11)
Gov. Malloy vs. Greenwich (Hartford Courant, 3/29/11)
Malloy takes ‘shared sacrifice’ message to Greenwich (Hartford Courant, 3/29/11)
Greenwich tells Malloy it already pays too much of Connecticut’s tab (CT Mirror, 3/28/11)
Malloy faces packed Greenwich auditorium (Hartford Courant, 3/28/11)
Malloy faces GOP critics  at Greenwich forum(Danbury News Times, 3/28/11)
What is Malloy learning on the road (CT Mirror, 3/28/11)
Opinion: Public seeks painless balanced budget (Hartford Courant, 3/28/11)
Lobbyists’ report: State budget cuts will mean hospital layoffs (Hartford Courant, 3/28/11)
Malloy hoping to avoid layoffs and big cuts – hoping for budget deal in early May (Hartford Courant, 3/25/11)
Malloy, legislators begin inevitable conflicts (CT Mirror, 3/24/11)
Malloy’s budget tour draws good crowds (Hartford Courant, 3/24/11)
Gov. Malloy continues outreach to businesses (Hartford Courant, 3/24/11)
With a solid 2010, Connecticut remains nation’s richest state (Hartford Courant, 3/23/11)
Friendly crowd wants Malloy to tax business and the rich (Hartford Courant, 3/21/11)
Malloy: ‘I’ve given you my best shot at a balanced budget’ (Hartford Courant, 3/15/11)
Hispanic, Asian population grows in state (Hartford Courant, 3/9/11)
Malloy, business leader agree state’s business climate needs overhaul (Hartford Courant, 3/2/11)
Hundreds speak out against proposed higher education budget cuts (Hartford Courant, 3/1/11)


Opinion: Malloy – Serious budget instills confidence (Hartford Courant, 2/27/11)
Commentary: Tough choices on taxes, spending will help business (Hartford Courant, 2/27/11)
Opinion: Nurture small businesses, not hinder them (Hartford Courant, 2/27/11)
Malloy’s proposal to end property tax credit opposed in poll, shows support for spending cuts (Hartford Courant, 2/24/11)
Malloy says he is the “anti-Christie” – battle continues between CT, NJ governors over taxes (Hartford Courant, 2/24/11)
Malloy says he’ll push to cut property tax credit despite opposition revealed in new poll (Hartford Courant, 2/24/11)
Malloy nominates Harper to state Supreme Court (Hartford Courant, 2/23/11)
Malloy, Christie spar on TV over taxes and unions (Hartford Courant, 2/23/11)
Video: Malloy expresses solidarity with state employees; rift with NJ governor widens (Hartford Courant, 2/23/11)
Editorial: Victims’ families support repeal of death penalty (Hartford Courant, 2/22/11)
GOP wins two legislative seats in special elections; both sides happy (Hartford Courant, 2/22/11)
Commentary: Governor willing to take some heat (Hartford Courant, 2/22/11)
Malloy’s gas tax proposal comes at a bad time (CT Mirror, 2/22/11)
Opinion: Malloy’s budget is a bitter pill (Hartford Courant, 2/20/11)
Malloy’s budget pitch: ‘Shared sacrifice’ (Hartford Courant, 2/17/11)
Video: Malloy talks of layoffs; is it splitsville for him and unions? (Hartford Courant, 2/16/11)
Malloy’s $1 billion demand: Impossible (Hartford Courant, 2/16/11)
Editorial: Malloy’s budget – sharing the pain (Hartford Courant, 2/15/11)
Malloy to seek $2 B over 2 years in savings from state employees; crucial to balancing budget (Hartford Courant, 2/15/11)
Editorial: Governor spares taxpayer-subsidized lobbies the state can’t afford (Hartford Courant, 2/15/11)
Malloy seeks earned income tax credit for poor (Hartford Courant, 2/13/11)
Editorial: Sweeping overhaul of higher education (Hartford Courant, 2/12/11)
Editorial: Getting high-speed rail on right track (Hartford Courant, 2/11/11)
Governor calling for major changes in providing health care (Public News Service, 2/11/11)
Malloy to cut agencies by 30% (Bloomberg, 2/11/11)
Shared sacrifice? What about the unshared sacrifice to date? (New Haven Advocate, 2/11/11)
Malloy courting GOP leaders as new governor’s honeymoon continues (McClatchy, 2/11/11)
Editorial: Finding funds for out schools in a tough year (New Britain Herald, 2/11/11)
Streamlining state government (WTNH, 2/11/11)
Malloy agency consolidation similar to Rell plan legislature rejected (Hartford Courant, 2/10/11)
Malloy proposes consolidating agencies, but none of largest ones (Hartford Courant, 2/10/11)
Malloy signals big change (The Day, 2/10/11)
Malloy is following a game plan of cuts now, taxes later (CT Mirror, 2/10/11)
Streamlining or setting priorities? (Norwich Bulletin, 2/9/11)
Malloy proposes a shakeup in higher education (CT Mirror, 2/9/11)
Governor reiterates pledge not to cut education funding (Hartford Courant, 2/9/11)
Merger of environmental, utility agencies questioned (Hartford Courant, 2/9/11)
Malloy slices New Haven’s budget gap by $11M (New Haven Independent, 2/9/11)
Malloy reaffirms pledge to spare education grants from budget axe (CT Mirror, 2/9/11)
State Board tables school funding proposal (Hartford Courant, 2/9/11)
GOP leader praises Malloy’s higher education consolidations (The Hour, 2/9/11)
Tensions rise over Conn. school funding reform (Hartford Courant, 2/9/11)
Malloy unveils first proposed agency merger (Hartford Courant, 2/8/11)
What ‘sacrifice’ could look like (CT Post, 2/8/11)
Malloy would merge environmental, utility-control agencies (Hartford Courant, 2/8/11)
Finally finding out what ‘shared sacrifice’ means? (Waterbury Republican-American, 2/8/11)
Democrats’ old priorities have new chance (The Day, 2/7/11)
Opinion: Make taxation fairer now (New Haven Advocate, 2/7/11)
See-saw estate tax debate returns for another round (CT Mirror, 2/7/11)
Opinion: Reform in the air for public pensions (Hartford Courant, 2/6/11)
Opinion: Malloy’s budget intentions (Middletown Press, 2/5/11)
Lawmaker seeks to cut Legislature in half to save money; response cool (Hartford Courant, 2/4/11)
No surprise, when jobs go packing (Hartford Courant, 2/4/11)
Foley: Discussions with unions ‘need to bear fruit soon’ (Hartford Courant, 2/3/11)
With one exception, Malloy in no rush to fill judicial vacancies (CT Mirror, 2/3/11)
Malloy: Budget plan will call for ‘universal sacrifice’ (CT Post, 2/3/11)
GOP Budget approach: common sense (Litchfield County Times, 2/3/11)
Malloy needs to reframe the budget debate (Fairfield Weekly, 2/3/11)
Malloy modifies Rell’s ban on out-of-state travel (Hartford Courant, 2/1/11)


Editorial: Waiting for Malloy is good theater (Hartford Business Journal, 1/31/11)
Opinion: We’ll find out if Malloy plans ‘real’ changes (Norwich Bulletin, 1/30/11)
Malloy unveils sensible budget framework (Hartford Courant, 1/30/11)
Opinion: Welcome signs of bipartisanship (CT Post, 1/28/11)
Connecticut to take another run at energy policy (Bloomberg, 1/27/11)
Friend or foe? Speaker’s view on budget critical to new governor (CT Post, 1/27/11)
Malloy looking to put Route 11 on road to completion (The Day, 1/27/11)
Toll talk gains in Connecticut (Wall Street Journal, 1/26/11)
Governor’s budget proposal includes cuts (Connecticut Plus, 1/26/11)
Malloy ups the ante with $2B in budget cuts (The Day, 1/26/11)
Malloy says he likes some GOP budget ideas (Danbury News Times, 1/26/11)
Malloy unveils ‘framework’ of budget (WTNH, 1/25/11)
Gov: No early retirement in new CT budget (Bloomberg, 1/25/11)
Malloy will propose $2B in spending cuts to balance the state’s budget (CT Mirror, 1/25/11)
Conn. Republicans offer their own “Common Sense” budget plan (NECN, 1/25/11)
Malloy budget will take baby steps toward campaign goals (CT Mirror, 1/25/11)
Malloy to offer no-increase budget (Hartford Courant, 1/25/11)
Malloy’s budget to approve spending freeze, no borrowing, no early retirement (Hartford Courant, 1/25/11)
Opinion: Nonprofit advocate key to efficiency, savings (Hartford Courant, 1/25/11)
Malloy calls state bankruptcy idea “crazy talk” (Bloomberg, 1/24/11)
Foley is already eying a 2014 rematch with Malloy (CT Mirror, 1/24/11)
Malloy sought ideas, now proposals abound (Hartford Business Journal, 1/24/11)
Shakeup looms in Economic Development (Hartford Business Journal, 1/24/11)
State GOP eager to gain ground in special elections (Hartford Courant, 1/24/11)
GOP plan to trim state government includes a 5% reduction in sate workforce, two-year pay freeze (Hartford Courant, 1/24/11)
Malloy rules out bankruptcy for Connecticut (Hartford Courant, 1/24/11)
Malloy: State is ‘open for business’ (Hartford Courant, 1/23/11)
Slowly, Malloy to shift state to clearer accounting rules (CT Post, 1/23/11)
Malloy says job gains outweigh deficit in calling for $444 million in projects (Stamford Advocate, 1/21/11)
Trio of Malloy appointees illustrate sticky problem (Hartford Courant, 1/21/11)
Pension increases for appointed legislators will be costly (NBC Connecticut, 1/21/11)
Video: Malloy – towns rely too much on property tax (Middletown Press, 1/20/11)
Malloy releases first bond agenda, including rail cars (CT News, 1/20/11)
Malloy’s budget pick hints at budget plans (CT Post, 1/20/11)
Malloy tells towns he’ll protect them from spending cuts (The Day, 1/20/11)
Opinion: Malloy gets no help from his big thinkers (Middletown Press, 1/20/11)
For cash-strapped towns, Malloy favors local hotel tax and revenue options beyond property taxes (Hartford Courant, 1/19/11)
Malloy favors local options on taxes (Hartford Courant, 1/19/11)
For the first time, Malloy talks of cutting rand-and-file workforce (CT Mirror, 1/19/11)
Opinion: Malloy on Connecticut’s economic doldrums (Middletown Press, 1/19/11)
Malloy tells towns they should be free to impose new taxes (CT Post, 1/19/11)
Bysiewicz  declares for US Senate (CT Mirror, 1/18/11)
Fixing Conn’s budget mess: It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it (Middletown Press, 1/16/11)
Editorial: Connecticut — all hands on deck (Boston Globe, 1/16/11)
Waiting to see whether Malloy’s GAAP push will widen the state’s budget gap (Hartford Courant, 1/14/11)
Last Rell hires among first Malloy tests (Hartford Courant, 1/9/11)
Opinion: Hartford region needs to see the big picture (Hartford Courant, 1/9/11)
Opinion: Better government, not beyond our means (Hartford Courant, 1/9/11)
Malloy offers olive branch to state’s largest business group (The Day, 1/8/11)
Editorial: Nonprofit advocate a curious cabinet position (Hartford Courant, 1/7/11)
Opinion: Specific goals remain unstated by Malloy (Waterbury Republican American, 1/7/11)
Malloy aides say transition records not public (CT Post, 1/7/11)
Malloy to business: Prepare for sacrifice, but hope for future (CT Mirror, 1/7/11)
Malloy lobbies business for sick leave mandate (Bloomberg, 1/7/11)
Malloy suggests tolls or partnership to finish Route 11 (The Day, 1/7/11)
Malloy: ‘Everything is on the table’ (The Day, 1/7/11)
School officials warn of impending crisis (Hartford Courant, 1/6/11)
Malloy hedges on school funding pledge (CT Mirror, 1/6/11)
Some members of Malloy’s team part of ‘failed’ government (CT Post, 1/6/11)
The impact of Malloy’s inaugural revelation about learning disabilities (CT Post, 1/6/11)
Opinion: The tide will turn, governor, but how? (Hartford Courant, 1/6/11)
GOP leaders plan a town meeting assessing the 2010 election results (Hartford Courant, 1/6/11)
Malloy calls for shared sacrifice; tax and budget details not expected until Feb. 16th street (Hartford Courant, 1/6/11)
Malloy says balanced budget a priority (CT Post, 1/6/11)
Sworn in, Gov. Malloy calls for 2-party effort (New York Times, 1/5/11)
Malloy tempers festive start (Wall Street Journal, 1/5/11)
Malloy takes office as CT’s 88th governor, calls for sacrifice, optimism (Hartford Courant, 1/5/11)
Revelers fete Connecticut’s 88th governor (Hartford Courant, 1/5/11)
Friends say Malloy born to battle bad times (Greenwich Citizen, 1/4/11)
Cafero, taking center stage for state GOP, looks for a message that sticks (CT Mirror, 1/3/11)
Towns wary of a budget shell game by the state (CT Mirror, 1/3/11)
After managing expectations, Malloy now turns to managing the deficit (CT Mirror, 1/2/11)
After Malloy’s inaugural, attention will turn to difficult financial situation (Hartford Courant, 1/2/11)
Editorial: Agenda for the legislature (Hartford Courant, 1/2/11)

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