The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


CT 2009 News Archives

MAY 2010
Malloy set to get $1.25M in CT gov race (Hartford Courant, 5/30/10)
Poll no balm for Malloy (Hartford Courant, 5/28/10)
Lamont, Foley lead guber races (Politics Daily, 5/27/10)
Malloy challenges Lamont to 17 debates (Hartford Courant, 5/27/10)
Editorial: The Color or Money (Hartford Courant, 5/24/10)
Foley stresses jobs as top priority (Greenwich Time, 5/23/10)
Strong interest expected in state races (Stamford Advocate, 5/23/10)
Fedele chooses Boughton as running mate (Middletown Press, 5/19/10)
Boughton to drop bid, team with Fedele (Hartford Courant, 5/17/10)
Shays backs Fedele for gov (CT Post, 5/14/10)
Lamont picks up UAW endorsement (Hartford Courant, 5/14/10)
Boughton prepares for GOP convention (Danbury News Times, 5/14/10)
Key GOP lawmakers endorse Greibel (Hartford Courant, 5/8/10)
Figueroa drops out of race (CT Mirror, 5/7/10)
Editorial: No leadership on the budget (Hartford Courant, 5/6/10)
Dem hopefuls make a PILOT pledge (New Haven Independent, 5/5/10)
APRIL 2010
Lamont looks past convention (New Haven Independent, 4/29/10)
Last minute deal averts judicial crisis (Hartford Courant, 4/23/10)
Glassman says education is key issue (Bristol Press, 4/23/10)
Gubernatorial debate introduces candidates (The Daily Campus, 4/22/10)
GOP candidates make appeals at Tea Party (New Haven Independent, 4/15/10)
Glassman raises $131K for guber bid (Hartford Courant, 4/12/10)
Marconi decides he’s a guber contender (Ridgefield Press, 4/12/10)
Figueroa will run for gov (CT Mirror, 4/11/10)
Foley leads in latest poll (Hartford Courant, 4/7/10)
Guber hopefuls gather at Stamford forum (Stamford Advocate, 4/7/10)
Malloy, Lamont woo Latino voters (New Haven Independent, 4/5/10)MARCH 2010
Lamont releases jobs plan (Hartford Courant, 3/31/10)
Romney backs Fedele (Politico, 3/30/10)
Lamont sits down with local bloggers (Connecticut Bob, 3/29/10)
Malloy ups the intensity of campaign (The Ct Mirror, 3/23/10)
Dems debate deficit, sick leave (Hartford Courant, 3/20/10)
Most voters haven’t yet chosen a candidate (Danbury News Times, 3/18/10)
Lamont, Foley ahead in new Q-Poll (Politics Daily, 3/18/10)
Can Griebel sell Oz to GOP voters? (Hartford Business, 3/15/10)
DiNardis announces GOP bid (Hartford Courant, 3/11/10)
Malloy formally announces candidacy (Stamford Courant, 3/10/10)
Senate president endorses Lamont (Norwich Bulletin, 3/4/10)
Foley calls for reduced state spending (Hartford Courant, 3/4/10)
An interview with Fedele (, 3/4/10)
Foley distances himself from Rell (Hartford Courant, 3/3/10)
Campaign financing laws broken, need fixing (Danbury News Times, 2/28/10)
Politics blurs with business (, 2/28/10)
Is Foley Conn’s Scott Brown? (, 2/27/10)
Gov candidates debate tolls as budget fix (New Haven Register, 2/27/10)
Glassman stands out in crowded field (Hartford Courant, 2/26/10)
Gov candidates to debate economy (Hartford Courant, 2/26/10)
Audio: Analysis of governor race (CT Public Broadcasting, 2/24/10)
Shays decides against gov run (Stamford Advocate, 2/23/10)
Can Greenwich GOPers succeed as populists in 2010? (Connecticut News Junkie, 2/21/10)
Lamont announces bid for gov (Politico, 2/16/10)


Budget finally finished, but battle far from over (Hartford Courant, 10/4/09)

Opponents, voters may overlook Malloy’s son’s legal problems (Stamford Advocate, 10/3/09)


Legislators hope to finish work on budget (Hartford Courant, 9/30/09)

Malloy upset over estate tax changes in Rell’s budget (New Haven Independent, 9/24/09)

Democrats debate jobs, budget (Norwich Bulletin, 9/24/09)

Rell doesn’t want to identify lawyers she consulted on budget veto (Hartford Courant, 9/23/09)

Rell economist: “We are a state living beyond our means” (Hartford Courant, 9/17/09)

Dems take credit for saving programs from Rell’s budget cleaver (Meriden Record Journal, 9/17/09)

Will Rell hit pothole in 2010 road? (Politics Daily, 9/16/09)

CT Gov unveils job-creating growth plan (Reuters, 9/16/09)

Budget Armageddon inching closer (Darien Times, 9/16/09)

Q-Poll trifecta: bad news for Rell, Dems and the wealthy (Hartford Courant, 9/16/09)

Rell and legislators poll numbers plummet as result of budget standoff (Waterbury Republican American, 9/16/09)

Snow White, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow take on Rell over budget (Hartford Courant, 9/11/09)

Dems take pot shots at Rell’s leadership on budget (Hartford Courant, 9/11/09)

Malloy attacks Rell as ineffective (Hartford Courant, 9/9/09)

Rell retreats on use of line-item veto on budget (Hartford Courant, 9/8/09)

Suburbs, rural towns relieved Dems budget finally passed (Hartford Courant, 9/2/09)

CT gets budget as Rell withholds her signature (Bloomberg, 9/1/09)

Rell line item vetoes target Dem priorities (Hartford Courant, 9/1/09)


Federal judge throws out landmark CT campaign finance law (Hartford Courant, 8/29/09)

Dem gov candidates appear at Working Families Party gathering (New Britain Herald, 8/29/09)

GOP files complaint against Malloy, demanding he declare candidacy (, 8/28/09)

Ruling decimates public financing in CT elections (My Left Nutmeg, 8/28/09)

Rell’s compromise may end budget stalemate (Connecticut Post, 8/29/09)

Rell’s budget proposal savvy political move (Connecticut Post, 8/26/09)

Malloy criticizes Rell on non-profit funding (Connecticut Post, 8/25/09)

Malloy offers plan to assist non-profits (Stamford Times, 8/24/09)

Malloy avoids answering questions about millionaire’s tax (Connecticut Post, 8/24/09)

Rell: no budget accord in sight (Hartford Courant, 8/22/09)

Democrats condemn Rell’s budget & her lack of support for vocational education (Stamford Advocate, 8/20/09)

Budget talks turn sour, no deal between Rell and Democrats (Hartford Courant, 8/19/09)

Dems: state budget deal closer (Hartford Courant, 8/19/09)

Dem Leg leaders planning special session for 8/27-8/28 (Political Capitol, 8/12/09)

GOP legislators get an earful from business roundtable (Connecticut Post, 8/12/09)

GOP leaders upset Rell cutting them out of budget negotiations (Hartford Courant, 8/11/09)

Fedele will run for gov if Rell doesn’t (WWLP TV, 8/6/09)

Malloy flaunts his party hat (New Haven Independent, 8/5/09)

Eyes on the Gov’s Chair (Hartford Courant, 8/1/09)

JULY 2009

Rell concedes tax hikes will be necessary (TheDay, 7/29/09)

LeBeau joins race (Hartford Courant, 7/29/09)

Democrats propose eliminating DMV (Harford Courant, 7/29/09)

CT sees record business closures (Norwich Bulletin, 7/24/09)

Bysiewicz talks with Dems about her goals (Redding Pilot, 7/24/09)

Rell’s approval ratings slip (Danbury News Times, 7/22/09)

Veto session’s successes, failures (Hartford Courant, 7/22/09)

Without budget, CT draws up list of assets to sell (Reuters, 7/15/09)

Rell prepares second emergency spending order (Hartford Courant, 7/15/09)

Rell raised only $2oK in 2nd quarter (CQ Politics, 7/13/09)

Does Amman’s paltry total mean he’s done? (Connecticut Local Politics, 7/13/09)

Dem frontrunners neck-and-neck in funding race (Hartford Courant, 7/11/09)

GOPer Cafero “exploring” in case Rell doesn’t run again (Connecticut Post, 7/10/09)

Rell vetoes health care bills (, 7/8/09)

Budget deal eludes CT lawmakers (Conde Naste Portfolio, 7/8/09)

No budget deal as fiscal year begins (Hartford Courant, 7/1/09)

Local officials await solution to budget impasse (Meridan Record-Journal, 7/1/09)