The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up



connecticut-stamp1Incumbent: Dannel Malloy (D)

Primary Election: August 10, 2010
General Election: November 2, 2010

RATING: Likely Republican Retention

Most Recent Election Results:
2002 Result: Rowland wins 56%-44%.
2006 Result:
Rell wins 63%-35%.

Connecticut Gubernatorial Race: Headlines

Juan Figueroa           Web Site facebook YouTube twitter flickr
Mary Glassman         Web Site

Mike Jarjura
Ned Lamont               Web Site facebook YouTube twitter flickr
Dannel Malloy           Web Site facebook YouTube twitter flickr
Rudy Marconi           Web Site

Mark Boughton        Web Site facebook twitter

Larry DeNardis
Michael Fedele       Web Site facebook twitter
Tom Foley                 Web Site facebook twitter

Mark Lauretti
Tom Marsh               Web Site
Jeff Wright                Web Site

Local Media/Blogs:
Connecticut Local Politics
My Left Nutmeg (progressive)
Political Capitol

State Resources:
Connecticut SOS Elections and Voting

Quinnipiac: Malloy-Foley horse race in ’14 gov race – Foley leads Malloy 43-40% (6/19/13)
Quinnipiac: Voters split on Malloy job approval (3/6/13)
Rasmussen: Malloy job approval numbers remain low, 33-51% (10/23/12)
Rasmussen: Malloy job approval numbers stagnant, 43-53% (10/9/12)
Rasmussen: Malloy job approval ratings still ‘underwater’ 45-52% (8/22/12)
Public Policy Polling: Dan Malloy one of most unpopular govs in country, job approval 33-51% (8/2/12)
Quinnipiac: Malloy job approval rating declines into negative territory, 37-44% (4/25/12)
Quinnipiac: Malloy receives 44-45% job approval rating after first year (3/21/12)
Quinnipiac: Budget takes toll on Malloy, job approval falls to 38-44% (6/15/11)
Quinnipiac: Malloy struggles with only 40%-35% job approval rating (3/9/11)
Quinnipiac: Foley now has slight edge over Malloy, 48-45% (11/1/10)
Rasmussen: Foley inches ahead of Malloy, 48-46% (10/31/10)
Public Policy Polling: Foley has surged ahead of Malloy, leads 49-47% (10/30/10)
Quinnipiac: Malloy edges further ahead of Foley, 49-42% (10/15/10)
Public Policy Polling: Malloy leads Foley by ten, 50-40% (10/6/10)
CT Capitol Report/Merriman River Group: Malloy holds narrow lead over Foley, 48-45% (10/5/10)
Quinnipiac: Foley closes gap against Malloy – Malloy 45%, Foley 42% (9/29/10)
Rasmussen: Malloy opens ten point lead over Foley, 50-40% (9/26/10)
Quinnipiac: Malloy leads Foley, 50-41% (9/15/10)
Rasmussen: Malloy holds shrinking lead over Foley, 46-39% (9/9/10)
Rasmussen: Malloy opens up double-digit lead over Foley, 48-33 (8/11/10)
Quinnipiac: Malloy narrows Lamont’s lead, now trails 45-40 (8/5/10)
Qunnipiac: Democrats favored over GOP in November matchups (7/15/10)
Rasmussen: Malloy leads Foley, but Foley leads Lamont (6/3/10)
Quinnipiac: Foley, Lamont lead their primary contests (5/27/10)
Rasmussen: Dems inch ahead of potential GOP nominees (5/4/10)
Rasmussen: Foley favored, but all matchups would be close (4/1/10)
Quinnipiac: Foley, Lamont leading crowded fields, many still undecided (3/18/10)
Quinnipiac: Rell gets blamed for budget impasse, rating slips (9/16/09)
Quinnipiac: Rell approval drops, but still high (July 22, 2009)