The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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CO 2013 Archives


Colorado Gubernatorial Headlines 2013 Archives

JULY 2013

Recall elections a local expense, state rules (AP, 7/31/13)
State won’t reimburse Pueblo for recall election expenses (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/31/13)
Scott Gessler on ethics, death threats, investigations and his next move (Westword,7/31/13)
Cash-strapped Pueblo County asks state to pay for Giron recall; Sec of State Gessler instead explains the law (The Spot, 7/31/13)
Former 5280 editor Max Potter joins Gov. John Hickenlooper’s team (The Spot, 7/31/13)
VIDEO: Sen. Angela Giron talks about kids but not guns in her first recall campaign ad(The Spot, 7/31/13)
VIDEO: In recall message, Sen. John Morse avoids talk of gun-control votes (Denver Post,7/31/13)
Top Colorado GOP donors urge congressmen to support immigration reform (Denver Post,7/30/13)
Morse looks to survive recall, change view of Colo. Springs (Denver iJournal, 7/30/13)
Rivera petitions OK’d by state (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/30/13)
Colorado liberal group ProgressNow calls out Pueblo newspaper after leaders sign Giron recall petitions (The Spot, 7/30/13)
Republican vying to unseat Sen. Morse moves to get name on ballot (Denver Post, 7/29/13)
VIDEO: In first TV ad, Sen. John Morse hits on safety, though no mention of guns (The Spot, 7/29/13)
Colorado concealed-carry permits see dramatic increase in 2013 (Denver Post, 7/29/13)
Tancredo: ‘Steve King is right’ about drug-smuggling Dreamers (Huff Post Politics, 7/29/13)
Tom Tancredo to Gov. Hickenlooper: ‘I’m challenging you to a debate’ on education tax initiative (The Spot, 7/29/13)
Tom Tancredo offers fake math to defend Steve King (Huff Post, 7/29/13)
Gessler’s ethics battle rages on (Law Week Colorado, 7/29/13)
Colorado concealed-carry permits see dramatic increase in 2013 (Denver Post, 7/29/13)
Bloomberg considers taking on the NRA in Colorado recall votes (Capital New York, 7/29/13)
Sen. Angela Giron will be the only Democrat on the Sept. 10 recall ballot (The Spot, 7/29/13)
VIDEO: Outside groups rev up involvement in recall campaigns (KDVR, 7/29/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP leader: Coloradans are ready for a change in political direction(Denver Post, 7/29/13)
Colorado online voter system could play role in future recall elections (Denver Post,7/28/13)
OPINION: 100 years of recall elections in Colorado (Denver Post, 7/28/13)
Is it a recall or is it Giron vs. Rivera? (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/28/13)
COMMENTARY: 100 years of recall elections in Colorado (Denver Post, 7/28/13)
Pueblo Sen. Angela Giron proud of her record, predicts recall victory (Denver Post,7/28/13)
Pueblo politics: The recall election against Sen. Angela Giron over gun control (The Spot, 7/28/13)
State Sen. Greg Brophy, Tom Tancredo give gubernatorial pitch at Western Conservative Summit (The Spot, 7/27/13)
Gessler’s defense in ethics case has cost $122K (AP, 7/26/13)
Former Sen. Mike Kopp considers challenging Gov. John Hickenlooper (The Spot, 7/26/13)
Pueblo Republican optimistic voters will dump Sen. Giron, vote for him (Denver Post,7/26/13)
Pueblo Democrat wants on recall ballot (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/26/13)
VIDEO: Recall backers explain their motivation (Colorado Springs Gazette, 7/26/13)
Colorado EDC hears arguments, takes no action on Gaylord incentive (Denver Post,7/25/13)
Colorado Ethics Watch posts Sec of State Scott Gessler’s legal bills: $122K (The Spot, 7/25/13)
Colorado GOP to Libertarians on Sen John Morse’s recall: Please don’t run (The Spot, 7/25/13)
Hickenlooper a moderate no more? Critics say governor has crossed over (Denver Post,7/24/13)
Pueblo Democrat takes out petitions in Sen. Angela Giron recall election (The Spot, 7/24/13)
Colorado’s rural health services bleeding money in new, old ways (Denver Post, 7/24/13)
Senate President John Morse: I’m talking to my constituents and will work for their votes(The Spot, 7/24/13)
Letters demonstrate ’stonewall’ between Democrats and GOP over state workers’ pay (The Spot, 7/24/13)
VIDEO: Meet Sen. Greg  Brophy, the farmer who wants to be your next governor (The Spot, 7/22/13)
Immigration reform advocates target Colorado Republican districts (Denver Post,7/22/13)
Dick Wadhams’ history lesson on Colorado politics, from red to blue (The Spot, 7/21/13)
Recall fight over guns moves to Colorado ballot (LA Times, 7/19/13)
Hickenlooper ramps up public support of school tax hike (ColoradoPols, 7/19/13)
Tina Brown: John Hickenlooper would be a smart, centrist running mate for Hillary in 2016 (The Denver Channel, 7/19/13)
Colorado cities banning retail pot sales (Denver Post, 7/19/13)
Sens. John Morse, Angela Giron recall elections set for Sept. 10 (Denver Post, 7/18/13)
Colorado gun-rights rally called ’slap in the face’ (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/18/13)
Tina Brown: I know who Hillary’s running mate should be – John Hickenlooper (The Daily Beast, 7/18/13)
Recalls will proceed; Special Election Day Sept. 10th (ColoradoPols, 7/18/13)
Tina Brown: If Hillary Clinton runs in 2016, she should pick John Hickenlooper for VP(The Spot, 7/18/13)
Hickenlooper commits to campaign for $950M school tax hike (Denver Post, 7/18/13)
Denver reels from ‘devastating’ audit of medical marijuana oversight (Denver Post,7/18/13)
Judge to issue ruling on efforts to recall Angela Giron, John Morse (Denver Post, 7/17/13)
Hickenlooper responds to Gessler’s demand that recall election be set (KDVR, 7/16/13)
Republican Greg Brophy enters Colorado governor’s race as Dems slip (The Daily Caller,7/16/13)
How crowded will the GOP gubernatorial primary get? (CBS Denver, 7/15/13)
Greg Brophy’s gubernatorial kickoff features Colorado roots (Journal-Advocate, 7/15/13)
Gessler demands Hickenlooper set recall dates — Denver judge to hear issue Wed. (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/15/13)
State audit faults Colorado health dept handling of medical pot (Denver Post, 7/15/13)
Fracking protesters follow Hickenlooper to Aspen at DGA meeting (Huff Post Denver, 7/15/13)
Fracking protesters picket DGA meeting (UPI, 7/15/13)
AUDIO: Fractivists push for statewide moratorium (KUNC, 7/15/13)
Meet Greg Brophy, a Coloradan who isn’t Tom Tancredo (National Review, 7/15/13)
Scott Gessler hires private-sector attorney to force Hickenlooper to set date for recall elections (The Spot, 7/15/13)
Scott Gessler files suit against Hickenlooper to set recall election date (Huff Post Denver, 7/15/13)
Colorado politics than and now (The Spot, 7/14/13)
Democratic governors convene in Aspen (Aspen Times, 7/14/13)
Flush with cash, Colorado officials back tax hike (Colorado Springs Gazette, 7/14/13)
Hickenlooper: Natural gas development is key part of Colorado’s future (Greeley Tribune,7/14/13)
State Sen. Greg Brophy officially running for governor (CBS Denver, 7/14/13)
DC blog moves Hickenlooper race from ‘Safe’ to ‘Democrat favored’ (The Spot, 7/12/13)
Colorado gun lawsuit: Both sides claim first-round victory (Denver Post, 7/11/13)
Colorado joins in suit to knock down Longmont fracking ban (Denver Post, 7/11/13)
DA George Brauchler’s ‘wimpy ale’ tweet at Gov. Hickenlooper causes spat (The Spot, 7/11/13)
Sen. John Morse recall: El Paso County clerk to file motion asking for Hickenlooper to set election date immediately (The  Spot, 7/11/13)
Colorado gun laws: Two compromises on ammo magazines reached (Denver Post, 7/10/13)
“Pizza guy” to lead Colorado House Republicans (Denver Post, 7/10/13)
Recall elections put heat on Sec of State Scott Gessler to run system he fought (The Spot, 7/10/13)
Hickenlooper tells Colorado Forum that he supports school tax hike (Denver Post, 7/10/13)
RATINGS CHANGE: Colorado Governor moves from ‘Safe’ to ‘Democrat Favored’(Rothenblog, 7/9/13)
Sen. John Morse recall: GOP selects Bernie Herpin as nominee (Denver Post, 7/9/13)
Historic recall effort reflects Colorado’s passions about guns (LA Times, 7/8/13)
Suspect voters sent to Colorado DAs mostly Democrats (AP, 7/5/13)
Western Governor’s Association elects Hickenlooper as chairman (Denver Business Journal,7/3/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper working to bring permanent aerial firefighting fleet to West (CBS Denver, 7/3/13)
As Democrat’s recall moves ahead, challenges continue (AP, 7/3/13)
Insurance executives on Colorado’s health-exchange board are replaced (Denver Post,7/3/13)
Sen. John Morse recall: Petitions found valid, opponents head to court (Denver Post,7/3/13)
Sec of State Scott Gessler’s office rejects request to recuse itself from recall (The Spot, 7/3/13)
VIDEO: GOP candidate in Sen. John Morse recall also writes ‘erotic romance’ (Denver Post,7/2/13)
Recall signatories claim intimidation by Sen. John Morse supporters (Denver Post, 7/2/13)
Hickenlooper adviser leaves post to direct school ballot issue (Denver iJournal, 7/2/13)
Hickenlooper: Governors talk regional fire fleet (AP, 7/2/13)
Gessler asks Colorado DAs to investigate suspected non-citizen voters (Denver Post, 7/2/13)
John Morse recall: Accusation of intimidation by his backers swirl (The Spot, 7/1/13)
Colorado announces rules for recreational pot sales (AP, 7/1/13)
Shouldn’t GOP Scott Gessler’s ‘honey do’ list be called his ‘honey badger’ list? (The Spot, 7/1/13)
Run on gun sales as new laws take hold in Colorado (US News, 7/1/13)
Gun control opponents display blatant defiance of new law (CBS Dener, 7/1/13)
Colorado gun laws to into effect facing immediate backlash (CBS News, 7/1/13)
Ballot questions: Vote on tax hike taking shape (Our Colorado News, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

LGBT’s next Colorado battles: health care, youth (Denver Post, 6/30/13)
Gun enthusiasts push against Colorado’s new restrictions (The Coloradoan, 6/30/13)
Colorado’s new gun laws become a mobilizing issue for Republicans (Denver Post, 6/29/13)
Hickenlooper leans away from 2016, while Rove leans in (Aspen Daily News, 6/28/13)
Morse: Some recall signatures were forged (KDVR, 6/28/13)
Small breweries ask Hickenlooper for stronger oil, gas standards (The Coloradoan,6/28/13)
Group backing Sen. John Morse in recall alleges forgery of signatures (Denver Post,6/28/13)
Colorado gun-control laws go in effect Monday; critics fume (Denver Post, 6/28/13)
Attorneys in John Morse recall effort argue language in petition (Denver Post, 6/27/13)
Hickenlooper pooh-poohs suggestion of 2015 national bid (Aspen Times, 6/27/13)
Colorado reacts to Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage (Denver Post, 6/26/13)
DA George Brauchler ’seriously considering’ run for Colorado governor (Denver Post,6/26/13)
Lobbyist Christine Scanlan says good-bye to Hickenlooper team, brutal I-70 commute(The Spot, 6/26/13)
Ballot would have two-tiered tax increase to fund Colorado schools (Denver Post, 6/25/13)
Colorado GOP to Libertarians on Sen. John Morse’s recall: Please don’t run (The Spot, 6/25/13)
Hickenlooper to propose regional firefighting system at WGA meeting (CBS Denver, 6/25/13)
Sen. Angela Giron supporter files contest in recall, cites constitutional language (The Spot, 6/25/13)
Former Congresswoman Betsy Markey running for Colorado treasurer (Denver Post,6/24/13)
Colorado’s governor has Republicans sensing an opportunity (LA Times, 6/24/13)
Angela Giron recall effort moves forward with signatures certified (Denver Post, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP lawmaker: Hickenlooper continues to show his disdain for rural Coloradans (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 6/23/13)
COMMENTARY: In defense of Nathan Dunlap’s reprieve (Denver Post, 6/23/13)
VIDEO: Democrat Betsy Markey to challenge so-called ‘Real Man of Financial Genius’ (The Spot, 6/23/13)
In Colorado, wildfires may drive up costs of living in paradise (LA Times, 6/22/13)
GOP candidates in Sen. John Morse recall file paper work (Denver Post, 6/22/13)
GOP candidates in Sen. John Morse recall file paperwork, begin gathering signatures (The Spot, 6/21/13)
Colo. Sec of State Scott Gessler adopts policy after discretionary fund flap (The Spot, 6/20/13)
Officials representing organizers say Sen. John Morse trying to ‘log jam’ recall effort (The Spot, 6/20/13)
Colorado marijuana dispensary owner, 11 other indicted on 71 charges (Denver Post,6/19/13)
Secretary of State Scott Gessler won’t face criminal charges, Denver grand jury says(Denver Post, 6/19/13)
Hickenlooper still unsure on school finance, says he expected hit in polls on Dunlap decision (Denver Post, 6/19/13)
Gov. John Hickenlooper opens office in Washington (Denver Post, 6/19/13)
Colorado voter citizenship checks yield few responses (AP, 6/19/13)
Colorado Senate President John Morse recall petitions certified (Denver Post, 6/18/13)
VIDEO: Colorado wildfire task force tackles building in burn zones (Denver Post, 6/17/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper appoints Wisconsin prison official to top DOC post (Denver Post,6/14/13)
EDITORIAL: What poll means for the death penalty in Colorado (Denver Post, 6/14/13)
Poll: 40% of Coloradans say Udall deserves re-election (Denver Post, 6/14/13)
Poll: More than 70% of Coloradans support immigration reform (The Spot, 6/13/13)
Hickenlooper legal adviser James Eklund named director of Colorado Water Conservation Board (Daily Camera, 6/13/13)
Poll: Coloradans support death penalty, disapprove of legislature (Denver Post, 6/13/13)
Colorado Sec of State Scott Gessler wrong to use state funds for trip, ethics commission rules (Denver Post, 6/13/13)
Poll: Colorado voters like the death penalty, Hick, Tancredo run neck and neck (The Spot, 6/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Politics uncalled for as wildfires burn in Colorado (Denver Post, 6/12/13)
Colorado parole board chairman replaced (Denver Post, 6/12/13)
Wildfire fuel debate over Colorado air tanker fleet (AP, 6/12/13)
Gov. John Hickenlooper defends ammunition limit (AP, 6/11/13)
Colorado asks judge to strike down marijuana magazine restrictions (Denver Post,6/10/13)
‘North Colorado’ statehood movement could grow (Denver Post, 6/10/13)
In Sen. John Morse recall, questions swirl with signature verification (Denver Post,6/10/13)
Colo. Sec. of State Scott Gessler awaits politically important ethics ruling (The Spot, 6/10/13)
About $124,000 in public funds supporting Asian trade mission (Denver Post, 6/10/13)
Sen. Angela Giron certain Pueblo constituents will back her in recall (Denver Post,6/10/13)
In Sen. Angela Giron recall, organizers say they’ll submit more than 13,500 signatures(The Spot, 6/10/13)
Colorado marijuana mogul Tripp Keber arrested for pot possession in Alabama (Denver Post, 6/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Hickenlooper plays it safe on rural energy bill (Denver Post, 6/9/13)
Colo. Gov. Hickenlooper participates in Mitt Romney’s Utah forum (Denver Post, 6/8/13)
Ethics commission postpones ruling on Scott Gessler’s spending (Denver Post, 6/7/13)
Effort to recall Colorado Senate President John Morse redefines grassroots (The Spot, 6/6/13)
New state? Weld County floats secession plan for northeastern Colorado (Denver Post,6/6/13)
Hickenlooper wraps up session without a veto (Denver Post, 6/6/13)
Weld County commissioners want to put new state on ballot (Denver Post, 6/6/13)
Labor measure gets governor’s signature in Colorado (AP, 6/5/13)
Hickenlooper signs bill to double rural renewable-energy requirement (Denver Post,6/5/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper signs immigrant driver’s licenses into law, joining handful of states(AP, 6/5/13)
Groups in Sen. John Morse recall effort see gains in finance reports (Denver Post, 6/4/13)
Colorado Springs firm bankrolls effort to oust Sen. John Morse with more than $55K (The Spot, 6/4/13)
Audit: Colorado’s state employees aren’t as underpaid as budget report indicated (The Spot, 6/4/13)
Colorado: John Morse recall effort turns in 16,000 signatures (The Recall Elections Blog, 6/3/13)
Recall looms for gun control backer in Colorado (Denver Post, 6/3/13)
Fibs instead of facts in recall effort against Colorado Senate President John Morse, some supporters say (The Spot, 6/2/13)

MAY 2013

Colorado’s 2014 race for attorney general could be crowded (Denver Post, 5/31/13)
Senate President John Morse on Dunlap: “I might have made a different decision.” (The Spot, 5/30/13)
Scott Gessler moves close to entering Colorado governor’s race (Denver Post, 5/30/13)
Former NM Gov. Gary Johnson joins effort to repeal Colo. gun law (The Spot, 5/30/13)
Colorado recreational pot collectives face murky future (Denver Post, 5/30/13)
Oil, gas influence on Colorado politics questioned (AP, 5/30/13)
Court reverses Lobato, finds state school funding constitutional (Denver Post, 5/28/13)
Colorado marijuana regulations signed into law (AP, 5/28/13)
Gun control supporters facing recall bids in Colorado (AP, 5/27/13)
Gov Hickenlooper researched, soul-searched before delaying execution (Denver Post, 5/26/13)
Tancredo’s in, Gessler’s deciding on run against Hickenlooper (Denver Post, 5/24/13)
Steve Laffey withdraws his name from GOP gubernatorial primary (Denver Post, 5/24/13)
Gessler repays state for trips, mulls governor’s run (Denver Post, 5/23/13)
Rhonda Fields “saddened” by Hickenlooper’ Dunlap decision (Denver Post, 5/23/13)
VIDEO: Supporters of John Morse unveil video they claim illustrates deception be petitioners (The Spot, 5/23/13)
Gessler files papers for possible run against Hickenlooper, reimburses state for RNC trip(KDVR, 5/2313)
VIDEO: Colorado GOP ad goes after Hick on death penalty decision (The Spot, 5/23/13)
Tom Tancredo formally announces run for governor Thursday on conservative radio (The Spot, 5/22/13)
Colorado AG criticizes Gov. Hickenlooper over death penalty decision (The Spot, 5/22/13)
Mike McLachlan recall effort fails to unseat Colorado representative (The Spot, 5/21/13)
Tom Tancredo considering a run for Colorado governor in 2014 (Denver Post, 5/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Hickenlooper boxed on on Nathan Dunlap (Denver Post, 5/15/13)
Tri-State CEO urges governor to veto rural co-op renewable-energy bill (Denver Post,5/14/13)
Colorado Tea Party groups believed to be targeted by IRS (Denver Post, 5/14/13)
VIDEO: Republicans react after 2013 Colorado legislature session (Denver Post, 5/14/13)
Colorado child welfare bills signed by Gov. Hickenlooper (Denver Post, 5/14/13)
Colorado Medicaid expansion signed into law (Denver Post, 5/13/13)
Sen. John Morse recall effort attracts money on both sides (Denver Post, 5/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Colorado lawmakers vs. the people (Denver Post, 5/12/13)
Intense battle among groups in Senate President John Morse’s recall effort (The Spot, 5/12/13)
Winners and losers of the 2013 Colorado General Assembly (Denver Post, 5/9/13)
COMMENTARY: A setback for election integrity (Denver Post, 5/8/13)
Colorado legislature gives final approval to historic marijuana bills (Denver Post, 5/8/13)
Colorado legislature gives final OK to marijuana driving limit (Denver Post, 5/7/13)
In session filled with weighty issues, Colorado legislature ends Wednesday (Denver Post,5/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Hickenlooper vs. the hicks? Hardly (Denver Post, 5/7/13)
Hick in New Yorker profile: ‘I’m not gonna run for president’ (The Spot, 5/6/13)
Colorado ethics panel: Scott Gessler can have criminal defense fund (Denver Post, 5/6/13)
Colorado measure to halt marijuana sales dies (Denver Post, 5/6/13)
Colo. House gives first OK to give licenses to those in country illegally (Denver Post,5/6/13)
Hickenlooper’s Fort Lyon homeless plan successfully amended to corrections officer bill, critics say it lacks ‘legislative integrity’ (The Spot, 5/6/13)
COMMENTARY: You can’t mandate conservative profs (Denver Post, 5/5/13)
Aurora to consider running the show for recreational marijuana (Denver Post, 5/4/13)
Hickenlooper’s Fort Lyon plan for homeless dies in committee, lives as amendment (Denver Post, 5/3/13)
Colorado marijuana store regulations move closer to becoming law (Denver Post, 5/3/13)
Colorado Senate OKs mail-ballot voting, as GOP maintains fraud concern (Denver Post,5/2/13)
Colorado Legislature passes major voting rights expansion bill (Think Progress, 5/2/13)
Colorado lawmakers finish work on Medicaid expansion (AP, 5/1/13)
Bill to create Colorado driver’s licenses for noncitizens moves on (Denver Post, 5/1/13)
Colorado education overhaul clears Legislature (AP, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

Law enforcement groups decry Colorado marijuana bills (Denver Post, 4/30/13)
GOP fights elections bill past midnight (AP, 4/30/13)
Colorado election bill receives initial approval (Denver Post, 4/30/13)
Hickenlooper signs $20.5B state budget into law at Colorado Capitol (Denver Post,4/29/13)
Speaker Ferrandino, former Speaker McNulty, rehash civil unions brouhaha during floor fight Friday (The Spot, 4/29/13)
Judge tosses Denver clerk’s inactive voter suit against Scott Gensler (Denver Post,4/29/13)
Pro-gun Native American billboard draws criticism (AP, 4/29/13)
Colorado governor signs bill for illegal immigrants’ in-state tuition (Denver Post, 4/29/13)
Colorado House passes school finance bill (Denver Post, 4/29/13)
Lower tuition for immigrants becomes law in Colo. (AP, 4/29/13)
Colorado House gives initial approval to marijuana tax measure (Denver Post, 4/29/13)
Marathon Colorado legislative session heats up after introduction of gun-control bills(Denver Post, 4/28/13)
Frustrated Republicans walk out of Colorado House after late-night floor fight (The Spot, 4/27/13)
Colorado lawmakers discussing marijuana-legalization repeal effort (Denver Post,4/26/13)
Controversial anti-discrimination measure heads to Gov. Hickenlooper (The Spot, 4/26/13)
Colorado immigrant reporting requirement repealed (AP, 4/26/13)
‘Crimes against pregnant women’ bill turns into abortion debate in Senate (The Spot, 4/26/13)
Colorado lawmakers mix up guns and pot to lighten long night in the House (The Spot, 4/26/13)
Colorado Democrats closer to labor showdown (AP, 4/26/13)
Colorado court upholds firing for off-the-job medical marijuana use (Denver Post, 4/25/13)
Colorado mail-ballot bill passes Senate committee as it moves closer to law (The Spot, 4/24/13)
Denver’s 4/20 permit questioned after organizers were given free use of Civic Center Park(Denver Post, 4/24/13)
Limit on stoned driving makes a comeback in Colorado legislature (Denver Post, 4/24/13)
OPINION: Improving Colorado’s elections (Denver Post, 4/24/13)
Colorado Senate advances bill allowing driver’s licenses for immigrants (Denver Post,4/24/13)
Marijuana legalization in Colorado may not pay for itself, study finds (Denver Post,4/24/13)
Colorado school finance bill heads for home stretch in House (Denver Post, 4/24/13)
Colorado House passes final two gun bills, sends one to Hickenlooper (Denver Post, 4/22/13)
Some Colorado lawmakers skeptical about homeless bill backed by Hickenlooper (Denver Post, 4/21/13)
Colorado elections bill gets personal as fliers link Republican clerks to Obama (The Spot, 4/21/13)
Flier assails Mesa County clerk (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 4/20/13)
Sheriff Jim Beicker: Firearms legislation ‘impractical’ (Denver Post, 4/20/13)
Democrats’ election bill clears House on party-line vote, heads to the Senate (The Spot, 4/19/13)
Colorado GOP’s ‘Jessica’s Law’ still looms; threatens justice bill (Denver Post, 4/19/13)
Somewhat mysterious player shakes up marijuana influence game in Colorado (Denver Post, 4/19/13)
Colorado legislature unveils long-awaited marijuana regulation bills (Denver Post,4/19/13)
Democratic-leaning poll gives Hickenlooper, Udall rosy re-election outlooks for 2014 (The Spot, 4/18/13)
Saturday session: House says it’s likely, Senate says not this week (The Spot, 4/18/13)
Panel ends review of ethics complaint against gun lobbyist, report due (Denver Post,4/18/13)
Bill to allow Election Day registration in Colorado gets initial OK (Denver Post, 4/18/13)
Business groups decry bill to broaden Colorado unemployment benefits (Denver Post,4/17/13)
Colorado lawmakers likely to have to work this weekend (Denver Post, 4/17/13)
House to debate on all-mail elections, as bipartisanship appears to have a no vote (The Spot, 4/17/13)
Sweeping Colorado elections bill clears first hurdle before House committee (The Spot, 4/16/13)
Colorado House committee passes measure on school finance reform (Denver Post, 4/15/13)
Denver’s 4/20 pot parties a ‘coming out for cannabis’ (Denver Post, 4/15/13)
Marijuana bills on legislative agenda (Denver Post, 4/15/13)
Senate debate on renewable energy goes into the night (The Spot, 4/12/13)
Last-minute fighting on Colorado budget (Denver Post, 4/12/13)
Colorado lawmaker spikes universal health care bill for lack of votes (Denver Post,4/12/13)
Two more Colorado lawmakers face recalls over gun-control votes (The Spot, 4/11/13)
Hickenlooper travels to Israel (and the could be catnip for pundits) (Denver Business Journal,4/10/13)
Hickenlooper embarks on week-long trip to Israel (KWGN, 4/10/13)
Hickenlooper in Israel with Larry Mizel, close friends (KDVR, 4/10/13)
Colorado’s ‘noncitizen’ driver’s license bill to receive testimony Wednesday (Denver Post,4/10/13)
Ethics committee discusses possible subpoena of Colorado gun lobbyist (Denver Post,4/10/13)
Colorado bill offers more mail ballots, Election-Day registration (Denver Post, 4/9/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper headed to Israel (The Spot, 4/9/13)
Colorado’s drama-filled legislative session begins fourth quarter (Denver Post, 4/9/13)
Bill calls for Colorado governor to appoint climate-change staffer (Denver Post,4/9/13)
Colorado sheriffs planning lawsuit to block new gun laws (Denver Post, 4/9/13)
Scott Gessler’s discretionary spending not unique, investigator says (Denver Post, 4/8/13)
Immigrant reporting repeal bill clears Senate, heads to Hickenlooper (KDVR, 4/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Two protests, no new light on Colorado gun laws (Longmont Times-Call,4/7/13)
Oil and gas bills have Colorado legislature pitted against Hickenlooper (Denver Post,4/7/13)
Colorado House passes budget after talk about partisan politics (Denver Post, 4/7/13)
Hickenlooper comments promote urban-rural divide (, 4/6/13)
Colorado House passes budget after complaints of ‘cheap parlor tricks’ (Denver Post,4/6/13)
Panel labors over marijuana rules (Colorado Springs Gazette, 4/6/13)
DougCo sheriff anticipates ‘conflict’ between Colo. gun laws, 2nd Amendment (KDVR, 4/5/13)
Congress urged to follow Colorado (Colorado Statesman, 4/5/13)
Spokesman for Colorado gun recall group calls legislators the “C” word and other labels on web page(The Spot, 4/5/13)
Colorado budget debate blows up late Thursday after Democratic amendment (The Spot, 4/5/13)
Colorado marijuana regulation needs more money, state official says (Denver Post,4/4/13)
Recall effort targeting Senate President Morse clears hurdle (Colorado Springs Gazette,4/4/13)
Gun-related recall efforts in Colorado carry risks (Denver Post, 4/5/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper orders audit of sentencing records (Denver Post, 4/4/13)
Hickenlooper’s growing fracking problem (CBS Denver, 4/3/13)
VIDEO: In Colorado, John Hickenlooper cool to NRA schools plan (Politico, 4/3/13)
In Colorado, Obama presses for gun measures (AP, 4/3/13)
EDITORIAL: Governor stands up to environmental bullies (Colorado Springs Gazette,4/3/13)
Colorado sheriffs protest President Obama’s Denver visit (Denver Post, 4/3/13)
Some Colorado sheriffs oppose more gun control (AP, 4/3/13)
Colorado gun lobbyist upset over ethics charge, walks out of hearing (Denver Post, 4/3/13)
Stoned driving bill gets initial OK in Colorado House (Denver Post, 4/2/13)
Governor dubs rebranding initiative ‘Making Colorado’ (Denver Post, 4/2/13)
President Obama in Colorado on Wednesday to push national gun-control (Denver Post,4/2/13)
Colorado Senate debates Mike Johnston’s bill to overhaul school finance (The Spot, 4/1/13)
Gun debate continues despite Hickenlooper signature (The Scribe, 4/1/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper heckled at DU fracking debate (KDVR, 4/1/13)
VIDEO: Hickenlooper defends Colorado drilling regulations during debate (Denver Post,4/1/13)
VIDEO: Boulder commissioner debates governor on fracking (AP, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Death penalty also on trial in Colorado theater shooting (LA Times, 3/31/13)
Colorado Democrats drive ahead on license bill (Denver Post, 3/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Return to your local roots, Gov. Hickenlooper (Denver Post, 3/30/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper tours, reportedly praises Canadian oil sands (KDVR, 3/29/13)
Colo. senator set to introduce bill that allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses(The Spot, 3/29/13)
Scathing audit throws Colorado recreational marijuana rules into chaos (Denver Post,3/28/13)
Pot regulation faces more delays in Colorado (AP, 3/28/13)
Colo. Senate passes $20.5B budget, sends to House (AP, 3/28/13)
Legislators criticizes spending at agency overseeing medical marijuana (Denver Post,3/28/13)
VIDEO: Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman rips Democrats on guns, budget and socialism(The Spot, 3/28/13)
Colo. gun lobbyist says he did nothing to warrant an ethics charge (Denver Post, 3/27/13)
Second Colorado death penalty bill dies, this one at sponsor’s request (Denver Post,3/27/13)
Colo. Senate begins budget debate (AP, 3/27/13)
Colorado committee rejects death penalty repeal; sponsor blames Gov. Hickenlooper(Denver Post,3/26/13)
Colorado recreational marijuana regulations need money, officials say (Denver Post,3/26/13)
Colorado pot growers gear up for ‘green rush’ (Washington Post, 3/25/13)
Hickenlooper: Suspect in Clements killing had ‘bad streak’ (Reuters, 3/24/13)
Hickenlooper calls Colorado assault weapons ban a ‘hard sell’ (Denver Post, 3/24/13)
Gun protesters to greet Gov. Hickenlooper (The Spot, 3/22/13)
Pot tourism up for discussion in Colo. Legislature (AP, 3/22/13)
Uproar delays school funding measure (Durango Herald, 3/22/13)
Same-sex civil unions legal in Colorado (Grand Junction Sentinel, 3/22/13)
Crowd celebrates as Colorado civil unions law signed after three tries (The Spot, 3/22/13)
Two Coloradans file tax proposals for November ballot, more expected Friday (Denver Post,3/22/13)
Civil unions signed into law in Colorado (Colorado Springs Gazette, 3/21/13)
Next on Dems’ agenda: Gas, oil industry (Cortez Journal, 3/21/13)
Civil unions signed into law (Durango Herald, 3/21/13)
More Colorado sheriffs balk at gun-control measures (Denver Post, 3/21/13)
Hickenlooper veto comment on death penalty scrambles repeal effort (Denver Post,3/21/13)
Hike in fines for Colorado oil and gas violations passes committees (Denver Post, 3/21/13)
New Colorado gun control laws create dealer questions, store lines (Denver Post, 3/21/13)
Colorado school-funding bill stalls in rewrite (AP, 3/21/13)
Debate over Colorado drilling regulations begins (AP, 3/21/13)
Colorado civil unions bill signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper at History Colorado Center(Denver Post,3/21/13)
Colorado lawmakers question proposed marijuana business rules (Denver Post, 3/21/13)
Pat Steadman’s gay-rights journey now includes civil unions (Denver Post, 3/21/13)
Colorado reels after killing of top prison official (New York Times, 3/20/13)
Colo. Senate President John Morse: Issue of guns was ‘forced upon us’ (The Spot, 3/20/13)
COMMENTARY: How to turn a state liberal (Salon, 3/20/13)
Colorado governor signs gun control bill (Washington Post, 3/20/13)
VIDEO: Tom Clements, executive director of Colorado prisons, killed in his home in Monument(Denver Post, 3/20/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper expresses doubts about death-penalty repeal (Denver Post, 3/20/13)
VIDEO: 3 new gun bills on the books in Colorado despite its Wild West image (Denver Post,3/20/13)
Bill to have voters weigh-in on death penalty laid over by House committee (Denver Post,3/20/13)
Colorado lawmakers take up testimony on measure to repeal death penalty (Denver Post,3/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Colorado clearly in the blue (Denver Post, 3/19/13)
School funding overhaul gets first review in Colo. (AP, 3/19/13)
Stock sales fill Colorado tax coffers (Denver Post, 3/19/13)
‘Gov. John Hickenloper, please hold’ (The Spot, 3/19/13)
Colorado’s congressional GOP fractured on immigration (Denver Post, 3/19/13)
Senate Republicans to Gov. Hickenlooper: Thanks for turning us into New York (The Spot, 3/19/13)
Testimony on death penalty repeal in Colorado House panel (Denver Post, 3/19/13)
For Colorado Governor, a long path to gun limits (New York Times, 3/18/13)
Hickenlooper: Large mags can turn killers into killing machines (Denver Post, 3/18/13)
Colorado House Committee votes to repeal immigration reporting law (Denver Post,3/18/13)
Colorado one of few victories for gun control (AP, 3/18/13)
Oil and gas battles move to Colorado statehouse (Denver Post, 3/18/13)
Background checks for gun purchases in Colorado moves to Hickenlooper’s desk (Denver Post,3/15/13)
Bill to hike pay for Colorado governor, others could face gun fallout (Denver Post, 3/15/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper: Grass — not new gun laws — worries business leaders (The Spot, 3/15/13)
Group forms to oppose Colorado marijuana stores (Denver Post, 3/15/13)
Repeal of death penalty introduced in Colorado (AP, 3/15/13)
No public opposition to Medicaid expansion bill despite years of wrangling over Obamacare(Daily Dose, 3/15/13)
Death penalty in Colorado to be debated by legislators (Denver Post, 3/14/13)
Colorado House, Senate to case final votes on gun-check law Friday (Denver Post, 3/14/13)
Dem lawmaker to unveil bill that addresses mental health and guns (The Spot, 3/14/13)
Medicaid expansion passes Colo. Senate committee (AP, 3/14/13)
Dems push assault weapons ban through Senate panel (AP, 3/14/13)
15-round magazine ammo limit gets final OK in Colorado House (Denver Post, 3/13/13)
Colorado lawmakers approve bill for same-sex civil unions (Reuters, 3/13/13)
VIDEO: Ammo magazine-limit bill passes Colorado House, heads to Gov. Hickenlooper(KUSA-TV, 3/13/13)
Hickenlooper lawyer: Effective regulations key for pot legalization (Denver Post, 3/13/13)
Colo. gun bills: House gives final OK to limit on ammunition magazines (Denver Post,3/13/13)
Colorado hunters overlooked in gun control debate (Denver Post, 3/13/13)
Colo. legalizes civil unions for same-sex couples (New York Times, 3/12/13)
Colorado civil unions for gay couples clear legislature, head to governor (Politico, 3/12/13)
Colorado House passes civil unions, but fans not marriage is equality (Denver Post,3/12/13)
Colorado ballot proposal aimed at undoing ammunition magazine limits (Denver Post,3/12/13)
7 rules for Colorado’s new marijuana industry (Governing, 3/11/13)
Colorado Senate passes raft of gun bills; House Democrat now wavers (Denver Post,3/11/13)
Colorado Democrats vying to advance five gun bills (Denver Post, 3/11/13)
Colorado House to take formal vote on civil unions bill Tuesday (Denver Post, 3/11/13)
Colorado gun bills: Universal background checks passed in Senate, heads to House (Denver Post,3/11/13)
After rancorous debate Colorado Senate advances strict new measures on gun control(New York Times, 3/9/13)
Colorado immigrant tuition rate passes through House, headed to Gov. (AP, 3/8/13)
Colo. gun bills: Lawmakers advance four bills (Denver Post, 3/8/13)
Colo. gun bills: Scorecard of bills debated in Senate (Denver Post, 3/8/13)
VIDEO: Colo. gun control measures advancing over GOP foes (AP, 3/8/13)
Colo. gun bills: Senate leader kills his gun liability bill (Denver Post, 3/8/13)
Colo. gun bills: Senate gives nod to magazine ammo limit after six hour debate (Denver Post,3/8/13)
Colo. gun bills: Conceal carry ban on campus killed by sponsor (Denver Post, 3/8/13)
VIDEO: Colorado’s high court hears school funding lawsuit arguments (Denver Post,3/7/13)
Colorado gun debate has national roots, but does it matter? (Denver Post, 3/7/13)
Colo. gun bills: Dems need 18 votes or measures are doomed (Denver Post, 3/7/13)
Colorado politicians caught in crossfire over gun control (LA Times, 3/6/13)
Four months after marijuana legalization vote, feds remain mum (Denver Post, 3/6/13)
UN: Pot legalization in Colorado, Washington violates drug treaties (AP, 3/5/13)
Colorado House gives initial approval to in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (Denver Post, 3/5/13)
Colo. gun bills: Lawmakers spar for seven rounds of bills (Denver Post, 3/4/13)
Colo. gun bills: Senate committee votes 3-2 for universal gun checks (Denver Post, 3/4/13)
Colo. gun bills: Senate committee passes liability-for-guns bill (Denver Post, 3/4/13)
Erie-bases Magpul launches ‘Boulder Airlift’ to sell gun magazines to Colo. customers(Denver Post,3/1/13)
Colorado gun lobbyist faces ethics probe by lawmakers (Denver Post, 3/1/13)


Colorado pot task force recommends special sales and excise taxes (Denver Post, 2/28/13)
Civil unions bill to pass House committee without drama (Denver Post, 2/28/13)
Douglas County Republican supports civil unions in emotional speech (Denver Post,2/28/13)
Shortage of hard data on firearms rooted in gun-control debate (Denver Post, 2/26/13)
Colorado braces for impact of $85 million in sequestration cuts (Denver Post, 2/25/13)
Police: Man arrested for sending harassing e-mails to state Rep. Rhonda Fields over gun bills (Denver Post, 2/25/13)
Colorado Senate passes bill allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (Denver Post,2/25/13)
Federal prosecutor says state law a factor in Colorado marijuana case (Denver Post,2/22/13)
Magpul standing firm on threat to leave Colorado if gun bill passes (Denver Post, 2/22/13)
Another gun-products maker promises to follow Magpul out of Colorado (Denver Post,2/22/13)
Colorado Senate gives first OK to in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (Denver Post,2/22/13)
OPINION: “Rebranding?” There are bigger issues in Colorado, governor (Denver Post,2/22/13)
Colorado Senate gives first OK to in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (Denver Post,2/22/13)
Democratic gun bills move to Senate where testimony will be heard first week of March(The Spot, 2/21/13)
Rep. Cory Gardner invites Gov. Hickenlooper to tour Colorado ammo company (The Spot, 2/20/13)
From guns to sex ed: Colorado House offers another lively debate (The Spot, 2/20/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper threatens veto of firefighter unions bill in present form (Denver Post,2/19/13)
Panel of Coloradans digs deep into the great divide over guns (Denver Post, 2/19/13)
Colorado marijuana task force recommends allowing pot tourism (Denver Post, 2/19/13)
Colorado House approves all four gun-control measures (Denver Post, 2/18/13)
Colorado gun-control bills draw no big lobbying money — yet. (Denver Post, 2/18/13)
Dem lawmaker unveils bill to revamp school finance in Colorado (Denver Post, 2/18/13)
Marijuana-for-donation swaps test limits of Colorado law (Denver Post,2/17/13)
Democratic gun-control bills up for vote in CO House Monday: How many Democratic lawmakers will defect? (The Spot, 2/17/13)
Colorado lawmakers move forward on new gun-control measures (Reuters, 2/16/13)
Gun restrictions pass first test in Colorado House (Denver Post, 2/15/13)
VIDEO: Gun bill debates rage on in Colorado legislature (Denver Post, 2/15/13)
Colorado gun debate under way, leaders urge ‘respectful’ debate (Denver Post, 2/15/13)
Colorado House clears requiring gun buyers to pay for background checks (Denver Post,2/15/13)
High-capacity ammo bill, passes voice vote in Colorado House (Denver Post, 2/15/13)
Gov Hickenlooper supports universal background checks, high-capacity magazine ban bills debated in CO House (Huffington Post, 2/15/13)
Hickenlooper weighs in on Colorado gun control issues (Denver Post, 2/14/13)
Governor defends gulp of frack fluid (Durango Herald, 2/14/13)
Hickenlooper explains why he drank Halliburton’s frack fluid (Denver Business Journal,2/14/13)
Colorado mental health experts propose changes to Hickenlooper’s plan (Denver Post,2/14/13)
More Colorado gun bills move forward; House floor battle set for Friday (Denver Post,2/14/13)
Hickenlooper says he is OK with gun magazine limits, background fees (Denver Post,2/14/13)
Colorado ammo magazine maker threatens to leave state over gun bill (Denver Post,2/14/13)
Bill banning concealed guns on campus advances; GOP bill delayed (Denver Post, 2/13/13)
Colorado House expects to debate gun bills Friday, could be a long day (Denver Post,2/13/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper tells Senate committee he drank fracking fluid (Huffington Post, 2/13/13)
Blistering Colorado Energy Office report inspires disagreement among lawmakers (Denver Post,2/13/13)
Fight over gun control lures hundreds to Colorado Capitol (Denver Post, 2/12/13)
Colorado House committee passes amended gun magazine limit (Denver Post, 2/12/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper must strike balance between energy development and conservation(The Hill,2/12/13)
What Hickenlooper told Senate panel about energy issues (Denver Business Journal,2/12/13)
They drink weird stuff in Colorado. Just ask Gov. Hickenlooper. Or Tom Norton (The Spot, 2/12/13)
Hickenlooper argues in DC for state regulation of fracking (Denver Post, 2/12/13)
Bills on abortion, ‘religious freedom’ shot down by Democrats (Denver Post,2/11/13)
Colorado Democrats draw fire on guns (Denver Post, 2/11/13)
Civil-unions bill passes Colorado Senate 21-14 (Denver Post, 2/11/13)
Colorado legislature considers first Democratic gun bills this week (The Spot, 2/10/13)
Colorado Senate gives initial approval to civil unions bill (Denver Post, 2/8/13)
CU faculty members’ petition seeks reinstatement of campus gun ban (Denver Post,2/8/13)
Colorado’s 2012 election: Registration rose by more than 440,000 (Denver Post, 2/8/13)
Judge denies halting ethics probe of Gessler; appeal coming (Denver Post, 2/7/13)
Republican Party purge underway — but not in Colorado, folks (ColoradoPols, 2/7/13)
VIDEO: David Keene, NRA president, blasts Colorado gun checks system (Denver Post,2/7/13)
Gun ownership among Colorado’s delegation splits mostly down party lines (The Spot, 2/6/13)
Colorado announces sweeping reforms to child welfare system (Denver Post, 2/6/13)
Colorado marijuana task force says employers can fire for pot use (Denver Post, 2/5/13)
Dems hope gun liability bill prompts repeal of federal protections (Denver Post, 2/5/13)
Some Colorado Democrats are gun-shy about party’s firearms bills (Denver Post, 2/5/13)
Colorado Democrats call for liability for makers of assault-style guns (Denver Post, 2/5/13)
Colorado gun debate to rise with package of bills from Democrats (Denver Post, 2/4/13)
CO Senate smacks energy office (Durango Herald, 2/4/13)
Colorado lawmakers debate hot-button topics on busy, busy Monday (The Spot, 2/4/13)
Colorado Democrats to unveil tougher gun legislation Tuesday at state Capitol (The Spot, 2/4/13)
Firefighters unions bill gets preliminary OK in Senate (Colorado Springs Gazette, 2/4/13)
‘Academic freedom’ bill dies amid talk of evolution and ‘myth’ of global warming (The Spot, 2/4/13)
CO county clerks say changing primary elections would save money (Denver Post, 2/4/13)
Colorado governors race: GOP still searching for 2014 hopeful (Denver Post, 2/3/13)
Oh, Hickenlooper has a challenger after all (The Spot, 2/3/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper raises Colorado’s presence at World Economic Forum (Denver Post,2/3/13)
EDITORIAL: Colorado sheriffs wrong to say now isn’t the time to talk guns (Denver Post,2/3/13)
Colorado’s state workers may be getting bigger pay raise than expected (Denver Post,2/1/13)
Colorado GOP announces field committee, hopes to improve voter outreach (The Spot, 2/1/13)
Ethics commission postpones release of Gessler report in face of suit (Denver Post, 2/1/13)
Colorado abortion-ban vote delayed to Tuesday (Denver Post, 2/1/13)
Party-line vote blocks audit of Gessler (Cortez Journal, 2/1/13)
CO House gives first OK to sales tax on cigarettes over GOP objections (Denver Post, 2/1/13)
Hickenlooper could be picking a new #2 from Colorado’s deep bench (Denver Post, 2/1/13)


Colorado Legislature kills one gun bill; two more introduced (Denver Post, 1/31/13)
Colorado lawmakers consider health care change (AP, 1/31/13)
Bill to ban abortion in Colorado gets first hearing (AP, 1/31/13)
17-year-old Coloradan behind gay marriage ballot proposal (Denver Post, 1/30/13)
In-state tuition for immigrants bill has some Republican supporters (Denver Post, 1/30/13)
Gessler sues ethics commission to stop investigation of his spending (Denver Post, 1/30/13)
Bill requiring purge of noncitizen voters in Colorado defeated (Denver Post, 1/30/13)
Colorado GOP bill would nullify possible federal gun limits (Denver Post, 1/30/13)
NRA president to meet with Gov. Hickenlooper (Denver Post, 1/29/13)
Effort to rebrand Colorado unveiled by Gov. John Hickenlooper (Denver Post, 1/29/13)
Health reform will leave out nearly 400,000 Coloradans (Denver Post, 1/29/13)
Effort to audit Gessler discretionary fund rejected on party-line vote (Denver Post,1/29/13)
Colorado medical-marijuana rules rewrite seeks efficiency, simplicity (Denver Post,1/28/13)
Colorado lawmakers begin gun violence debates (AP, 1/28/13)
CO state senate president says Democrats still mulling gun bills (Denver Post, 1/28/13)
Colorado Democrats reject bill to allow teachers to carry concealed weapons (Denver Post,1/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Colorado GOP shooting itself in the foot on guns (Denver Post, 1/27/13)
Business groups hope Democratic legislature takes moderate approach (Denver Post,1/27/13)
Colorado’s new growth industry: Pot (LA Times, 1/26/13)
Gun groups’ records sought as part of gay couple’s Colorado lawsuit (Denver Post, 1/25/13)
Coloradans rally against civil unions, for traditional marriage (Denver Post, 1/25/13)
Hickenlooper winning bipartisan praise (National Journal, 1/24/13)
Lawmakers: Expanded Colorado gun checks will require more money (Denver Post,1/24/13)
I told you so, says gay Colorado Republican on civil unions (The Spot, 1/24/13)
As expected, Senate committee passes Colorado civil unions bill (Denver Post, 1/23/13)
Sen. Lucia Guzman: Passage of civil unions will make Colorado strong (The Spot, 1/23/13)
Civil unions measure gets committee approval (Colorado Springs Gazette, 1/23/13)
VIDEO: Civil unions proposal clears first legislative hurdle (KDVR, 1/23/13)
Civil union bill takes 1st step to law (Durango Herald, 1/23/13)
Bill declaring firearms ‘deadly weapons’ raises ire of gun rights supporters (The Spot, 1/23/13)
Colorado bill would allow some felons the right to possess guns (Denver Post, 1/22/13)
Arapahoe sheriff takes issue with lawmen who won’t enforce gun laws (Denver Post,1/22/13)
Firefighter labor bill challenges Colorado Democrats (AP, 1/22/13)
Gov. Hickenlooper backs cap on zone tax breaks for firms (Denver Post, 1/22/13)
Gun usage big part of new session (Cortez Journal, 1/21/13)
Fewer  GOP lawmakers support Colorado civil unions bill (Denver Post, 1/21/13)
Colorado judge denies Scott Gensler on ‘inactive voters’ lawsuit (Denver Post, 1/21/13)
EDITORIAL: Sheriffs going rogue on guns (Denver Post, 1/21/13)
On gun legislation, Coloradans’ views change sine September (Denver Post, 1/20/13)
Colorado Democrats split over tax credits versus education spending (Denver Post,1/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Love, marriage and voters (New York Times, 1/19/13)
Denver Post poll: Most Coloradans support NRA, but also new gun laws (Denver Post,1/18/13)
Judiciary issues take center stage (Colorado Statesman, 1/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Comprehensive and modernized regulatory frameworks counter concerns about fracking (Colorado Statesman, 1/18/13)
Gessler grilled on secretary of state’s practices (Colorado Statesman, 1/18/13)
‘Fiscal cliff’ deal means $145 million hit on Colorado tax revenues (Denver Post, 1/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Drilling and fracking have destroyed value of our most significant investment — our homes (Colorado Statesman, 1/18/13)
EDITORIAL: Statesman cover: Foul play or a good call? (Colorado Statesman, 1/18/13)
Dem legislators set on ASSET bill this year (Colorado Statesman, 1/18/13)
Colorful Colorado Republican Brophy’s bills attracts national attention (Denver Post,1/17/13)
Sheriffs, state lawmakers push back on gun control (AP, 1/17/13)
Colorado speaker points to abortion bills, says GOP hasn’t learned (Denver Post, 1/17/13)
Colorado law agency denied additional funds as gun background checks mount (The Spot, 1/17/13)
Helmet-to-helmet collision: Colorado Statesman’s cover talk of the Capitol (The Spot, 1/16/13)
Ken Salazar’s return to Colorado likely includes politics, friends say (Denver Post, 1/16/13)
Colorado Democrats poised for change after Obama offers gun proposals (Denver Post,1/16/13)
Colorado Republicans give ‘Make My Day Better’ bill another shot (The Spot, 1/15/13)
Gun battle in Colorado legislature bringing new clients for lobbyists (Denver Post,1/15/13)
Colorado GOP gun bill puts onus on businesses that restrict carry (Denver Post, 1/15/13)
Supporters of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants hope 7th time is the charm (The Spot, 1/15/13)
Governor acknowledges estranged wife in third State of the State speech (The Spot, 1/14/13)
Controversial Pinnacol CEO Ross resigns in ‘mutual decision’ (Denver Post, 1/14/13)
Hemp industry poised to grow in Colorado with new legal status (Denver Post, 1/14/13)
US debate on gun laws is put to a test in Colorado (New York Times, 1/13/13)
Incumbent GOP chair Call announces for re-election (Colorado Statesman, 1/12/13)
Senate President Morse’s meandering opening day speech creates a stir (Colorado Statesman,1/11/13)
Governor delivers third State of the State address (Colorado Statesman, 1/11/13)
Governor, legislators key into business issues at Capitol (Colorado Statesman, 1/11/13)
Environmentalist, oil & gas officials continue to clash (Colorado Statesman, 1/11/13)
Diversity reigns at legislature (Colorado Statesman, 1/11/13)
Investigation into Gessler’s use of public funds continues (Colorado Statesman, 1/11/13)
CO House opens with historic new leadership as Ferrandino takes over as Speaker(Colorado Statesman, 1/11/13)
AG Suthers backs Gessler effort to set up personal criminal defense fund (Colorado Independent,1/11/13)
Dick Wadhams bristles at GOP chairman’s re-election announcement (The Spot, 1/11/13)
Governor of Colorado calls for stricter controls on gun sales (New York Times, 1/10/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Hickenlooper addresses Colorado’s 69th General Assembly (The Spot, 1/10/13)
Hickenlooper’s speech touches on issues from guns to civil unions (Denver Post, 1/10/13)
‘Oh, Jesus.’ Hickenlooper flubs speech, lawmakers erupt in laughter (The Spot, 1/10/13)
Colorado House opens under first gay speaker, Democratic control (Denver Post, 1/9/13)
Colorado legislature’s major issues for 2013 (Denver Post, 1/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Abolish death penalty in Colorado (Denver Post, 1/9/13)
New faces ready for their debut as Colorado legislature begins session (Denver Post, 1/9/13)
Pro-gun rally near Colorado Capitol low-key, as legislative session convenes (Denver Post,1/9/13)
VIDEO: The 69th Colorado General Assembly convenes — what to look out for in 2013(The Spot, 1/9/13)
Pro-gun rally at start of Colorado legislature could draw firearms (Denver Post, 1/8/13)
Ethics Commission moves forward with Gessler investigation (Colorado Independent,1/8/13)
State tax-cut plans tempered by caution in 2013 (Denver Post, 1/8/13)
Ethics panel OKs continuing Gessler probe, mulls legal defense fund (Denver Post, 1/8/13)
Denver Chamber seeks legislative funding for schools, infrastructure (Denver Post, 1/8/13)
Lawmakers raise money — while they can (The Spot, 1/8/13)
Colorado Democrats plan tax breaks despite shaky state budget (Denver Post, 1/7/13)
Bill targets Colorado startups for state grants (Denver Post, 1/7/13)
Colorado committee likely to shoot down extra money for gun checks (Denver Post, 1/7/13)
Two Colorado lawmakers propose gun ban for college buildings (Denver Post, 1/6/13)
Legislators set for health(y) exchange of ideas (Colorado Statesman, 1/4/13)
Pot in Colorado could be confined to state residents (AP, 1/3/13)
Colorado marijuana regulators have much to mull, little time to do it (Denver Post,1/3/13)
Colorado plans Medicaid expansion, claims cost savings in process (Denver Post, 1/3/13)
Do alcohol and marijuana mix? Colorado is about to find out (Denver Post, 1/3/13)
Colorado governor proposes Medicaid expansion (AP, 1/3/13)
Wait time for Colorado gun purchasers continues to grow (Denver Post, 1/2/13)
Gov. signs proclamation allowing state to reform personnel system (Denver Post, 1/1/13)

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