The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


CO 2012 Archives



Colorado lawmaker eye imposing fee on gun buyers (Denver Post, 12/31/12)
Hickenlooper faces hot potatoes in second half of term (Denver Post, 12/29/12)
A historic budget vote in the House — a look back at some of what happened in Colorado in 2012 (The Spot, 12/29/12)
Colorado Democrats take back House – a look at 2012 political stories (The Spot, 12/28/12)
The inside story of how marijuana became legal in Colorado (The Spot, 12/28/12)
Measures on gay rights and child safety among top state laws for 2013 (AP, 12/27/12)
Colorado lawmakers to consider electric-car friendly legislation (Denver Post, 12/27/12)
Colorado Senate takes deep strides into diversity (Denver Post, 12/25/12)
Colorado citizen panel would suggest constitutional overhaul (Denver Post, 12/24/12)
Sec of State Scott Gessler rebuts ethics complaint (Denver Post, 12/24/12)
Two decades later, TABOR praised, blamed for limiting government (Denver Post, 12/23/12)
3 Colorado lawmakers pledge ‘plan of action’ on gun regulation (Denver Post, 12/21/12)
Colorado wins $43 million Medicaid bonus for its kids programs (Denver Post, 12/19/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper pitches swift holds of gun sales to mentally ill (Denver Post, 12/18/12)
Bill Ritter said to be under consideration for Energy Secretary (Denver Post, 12/18/12)
Colorado background-check submissions for guns break all records (Denver Post, 12/17/12)
Hickenlooper to unveil mental health changes after Aurora shootings (Denver Post, 12/17/12)
Colorado marijuana task force holds first meeting (Denver Post, 12/17/12)
New Colorado Medicaid program helps, middle class with long-term issues (Denver Post, 12/16/12)
Gun law debate intensifies; shooting victims’ families unite (Denver Post, 12/15/12)
Colorado starts to plot course for legal pot (Washington Post, 12/14/12)
President’s pot comments prompt call for policy (AP, 12/14/12)
Obama won’t go after marijuana use in 2 states (AP, 12/14/12)
Hickenlooper: Time to rethink gun laws (Politico, 12/14/12)
Number or Colorado concealed-carry gun permits skyrockets (Denver Post, 12/13/12)
Colorado pot legalization: 30 questions (and answers) (Denver Post, 12/13/12)
Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper: ‘the time is right’ on gun control (MSNBC, 12/13/12)
Hickenlooper shifts position on more gun control measures (Denver Post, 12/13/12)
Hickenlooper takes a risk with position on gun control debate (Denver Post, 12/13/12)
GOP pollster: The party will keep losing Colorado unless they win over Hispanics (The Spot, 12/12/12)
Colorado heading toward a too-stoned-to-drive standard, experts say (Denver Post, 12/11/12)
Hickenlooper signs proclamation making marijuana legalization official (Denver Post, 12/10/12)
Hickenlooper: State won’t sue Longmont over fracking ban (Denver Post, 12/7/12)
Colorado pot law closer to becoming reality (Denver Post, 12/7/12)
Colorado’s initiative process once again will be reviewed by lawmakers (Denver Post, 12/7/12)
Scott Gessler given 10 more days to respond to ethics complaint (Denver Post, 12/7/12)
Sec of State Scott Gessler hires David Lane as attorney in ethics case (The Spot, 12/6/12)
Colorado wins Race to the Top money for early childhood push (Denver Post, 12/6/12)
Gessler’s attorney ask for more time to respond to ethics allegation (Denver Post, 12/6/12)
Bennet already starting his new job: Helping Udall (The Spot, 12/6/12)
VIDEO: Washington pot use starts, Colorado awaits legalization (Denver Post, 12/6/12)
Hickenlooper elected vice-chairman of DGA (The Spot, 12/4/12)
Michael Bennet to lead DSCC (Denver Post, 12/4/12)
Colorado gains power, resources to reject infuriating premium hikes (Denver Post, 12/3/12)
County clerks ready to revisit mail ballots, other previously thorny election issues (The Spot, 12/3/12)


Report: Colorado’s public worker pension fund not ‘fiscally sound’ (Denver Post, 11/30/12)
Fiscal cliff: Colorado stands to lose $2.1 billion without a deal (Denver Post, 11/30/12)
Civil unions on fast track to passage in Colorado legislature (Denver Post, 11/29/12)
In Colorado, no playbook for new marijuana law (New York Times, 11/29/12)
Back in power in Colorado House, Dems rename some committees, add new one (The Spot, 11/28/12)
Palacio records big wins in first term, likely to run again for chairman of Democrats (The Spot, 11/28/12)
New Democratic majority in Colorado Senate results in staff shake-up (The Spot, 11/28/12)
Hickenlooper to create task force on Colorado marijuana legalization (Denver Post, 11/27/12)
Medicaid expansion could cost Colorado $858 million over 10 years (Denver Post, 11/26/12)
Aurora forgoes prosecuting small-scale marijuana possession (Denver Post, 11/26/12)
Following win, Colorado marijuana activists debate how hard to push (Denver Post, 11/25/12)
Petition would protect Colorado pot law (Denver Post, 11/24/12)
Esquire Mag names Hickenlooper among its “Americans of the Year” (The Spot, 11/21/12)
Hickenlooper leads packed meeting on oil and gas drilling regulations (Denver Post, 11/20/12)
Elections portend sweeping Legislative change for higher education (Denver Post, 11/19/12)
DeGette files bill to require feds to respect marijuana law (Denver Post, 11/16/12)
Colorado ranchers, sportsmen propose buy back of oil-lease land (Denver Post, 11/15/12)
Denver joins Boulder in dropping prosecution of limited pot possession (Denver Post, 11/15/12)
CO Governor asks again for federal pot response (AP, 11/14/12)
Four governors, including Hickenlooper, urge renewal of wind-power credit (Denver Post, 11/14/12)
Boulder DA dismisses small-scale marijuana possession cases in light of Amendment 64 (Denver Post, 11/14/12)
TBD Colorado: Consider tax increases, constitutional reforms (Denver Post, 11/14/12)
Colorado marijuana activists buttoned down to win legalization measure (Denver Post, 11/11/12)
New leadership roles for state legislators (The Spot, 11/9/12)
Colorado Democrats elect state’s first gay speaker (New York Times, 11/8/12)
Late-night shows, actors take pot shots at Colorado marijuana law (Denver Post, 11/8/12)
CO Democrats pick Morse to lead state Senate (Denver Post, 11/8/12)
Colorado Democrat to make history (The Spot, 11/8/12)
Was Colorado the tipping point for Obama? (The Spot, 11/8/12)
Colorado Republicans examine what went wrong, what needs to change (Denver Post, 11/8/12)
Colorado House Democrats pick Ferrandino for speaker, historic first for gays (Denver Post, 11/8/12)
CO AG Suther says he will respect marijuana measure (Denver Post, 11/7/12)
Colorado returns all incumbents to Congress (Denver Post, 11/7/12)
Voters generous about tax hikes in 11 Colorado towns, other fail (Denver Post, 11/7/12)
And now, onto 2014 and the race for Colorado AG (The Spot, 11/7/12)
Hickenlooper reaching out to feds on Colorado marijuana legalization (Denver Post, 11/7/12)
Colorado officials seek clarity after passage of marijuana measure (Denver Post, 11/7/12)
Hickenlooper on marijuana legalization: ‘Don’t break out the Cheetos or gold fish too quickly’ (Colorado Connection, 11/7/12)
Coloradans say yes to recreational use of marijuana (Denver Post, 11/6/12)
Colorado backs Obama for second term with 50% of vote (Denver Post, 11/6/12)
Colorado Election Day kicks off in Jeffco with fights, defaced signs (Denver Post, 11/6/12)
Metro voters experience long waits in Colorado (Denver Post, 11/6/12)
With 2 million votes cast, Republicans remain ahead in Colorado early voting (Denver Post, 11/6/12)
Democrats retain majority in Colorado Senate, but could lose numbers (Denver Post, 11/6/12)
Colorado Democrats regain control of the House after winning key race (Denver Post, 11/6/12)
What to watch for on Election Day in Colorado (Denver Post, 11/6/12)
Denver DA launches criminal probe of Secretary of State Scott Gessler (Denver Post, 11/5/12)
Romney asks Colorado to ‘walk with me’ at giant Comfort Dental rally (Denver Post, 11/3/12)
Colorado Republicans excited about top of ticket this year (Denver Politics, 11/3/12)
Poll: 31% approve of Gessler, 47% unsure (Denver Post, 11/3/12)
Poll: Majority of Coloradoans back legal recognition for gay couples (Denver Post, 11/3/12)
Biden swipes at Republican foes in two Colorado rallies (Denver Post, 11/3/12)
Poll: Obama, Romney still essentially tied in Colorado (Denver Post, 11/2/12)
GOP cites voting-machine errors (Denver Post, 11/2/12)
Welcome to Jefferson County — Colorado’s version of Ground Zero (The Spot, 11/2/12)
If Amendment 64 passes, how many marijuana stores would there be? (The Spot, 11/1/12)
National committees, PACs pump about $5 million into 6th Congressional District (The Spot, 11/1/12)
Hickenlooper proposes $20.3B budget for 2013-14 (Denver Post, 11/1/12)


Colorado Republicans lead Democrats in early voting with 1.1 million ballots cast (Denver Post, 10/31/12)
Colorado race turns fierce after Republican’s anti-Obama remark (New York Times, 10/29/12)
Amendment 64 could reduce Colorado marijuana arrests by thousands (The Spot, 10/29/12)
Boulder County settles election lawsuit by allowing more access to ballot observers (Denver Post, 10/29/12)
Health plan costs finally slowing in Colorado, study shows (Denver Post, 10/26/12)
Four new polls show Colorado is close… or isn’t (The Spot, 10/26/12)
Legal pot in Colorado raises jobsite enforcement questions (Denver Post, 10/26/12)
Colorado revenue boost from marijuana legalization uncertain (Denver Post, 10/26/12)
Once Obama country, Colorado now razor-close (AP, 10/24/12)
Colorado cities and towns have their own election measures in November (The Spot, 10/24/12)
Colorado remains big prize as Romney, Obama hold campaign rallies (Washington Post, 10/24/12)
8.9% of Colorado voters have cast ballots (AP, 10/24/12)
Interminable velocity: Hickenlooper, Owens take audio plunge for Amendment S (The Spot, 10/23/12)
Shrinking Colorado undecided voter panel gives Obama edge (Denver Post, 10/23/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper joins Zombie Crawl (The Spot, 10/22/12)
Early voting begins in Colorado (AP, 10/22/12)
Layoffs, failures test Colorado’s ‘new energy economy’ (Denver Post, 10/22/12)
Commentary: Colorado started as a swing state (Denver Post, 10/21/12)
Review: Gessler lone statewide official to tap fund for partisan use (Denver Post, 10/19/12)
Raising money, Honey Badger style (The Spot, 10/19/12)
And the Denver Post endorses… (AP, 10/19/12)
Gessler gave self $1400 to cover expenses without receipts (Denver Post, 10/19/12)
Vandals spray-paint swastikas on Obama campaign office in Conifer (Denver Post, 10/19/12)
More than 25K Colorado voters have cast ballots (AP, 10/19/12)
Colorado US Attorney’s office to look for vote fraud (The Spot, 10/18/12)
Regent candidates spar over guns, marijuana, immigration (Colorado Springs Gazette, 10/18/12)
Colorado PERA creates fund to invest in businesses in the state (Denver Post, 10/18/12)
CU regent candidates debate guns on campus, tuition for illegal immigrants (The Spot, 10/18/12)
Two congressional districts and one marijuana measure up for debate today (The Spot, 10/17/12)
Key CO legislative races draw in big bucks (Colorado Springs Gazette, 10/17/12)
Video: Colorado voters weigh in on Obama-Romney, Round 2 (Denver Post, 10/17/12)
Colorado Ethics Watch calls for a criminal investigation of Gessler’s travel to GOP events (Denver Post, 10/16/12)
Colorado business, labor leaders differ over marijuana legalization (Denver Post, 10/16/12)
Marijuana backers courting conservatives (Colorado Springs Gazette, 10/16/12)
Colorado schools take case to voters (Denver Post, 10/15/12)
Almost 2 million mail ballots go out in Colorado today (The Spot, 10/15/12)
The crosstabs of our latest Denver Post poll (The Spot, 10/15/12)
Colorado marijuana-legalization amendment’s lead shrinks (Denver Post, 10/15/12)
Denver says ‘de-Brucing’ taxes would add $68 million to budget (Denver Post, 10/15/12)
Electoral history: Colorado has voted mostly Republican (The Spot, 10/13/12)
Poll: Romney gains on Obama in Colorado, but race remains essentially tied (Denver Post, 10/12/12)
Commentary: Our endorsements and yours (Denver Post, 10/12/12)
Udall rallies Democrats at state House event (The Spot, 10/11/12)
Dem State Senate leader: It’s time to put education first (The Spot, 10/11/12)
Past support of controversial anti-abortion measure follows Coffman in new district (The Spot, 10/11/12)
Gessler effort adds 79,000 registered Colorado voters (Denver Post, 10/11/12)
Sec of State Gessler defends using state funds for trip (Denver Post, 10/11/12)
Colorado’s voter website plagued with delays (Denver Post, 10/10/12)
Voter registration site slammed, Sec of State’s office doubles number of servers (The Spot, 10/9/12)
New Colorado poll more evidence of Romney’s post-debate bounce (The Spot, 10/9/12)
Why is Colorado a competitive state? (The Spot, 10/9/12)
Colorado county clerks blast Gessler for ‘errors and oversights’ (Denver Post, 10/8/12)
Colorado Republicans flood victory offices after debate, volunteer to help (The Spot, 10/6/12)
Sec of State Scott Gessler: Left doesn’t care about voter fraud (Denver Post, 10/5/12)
Alleged voter-registration fraud occurred outside Castlewood Library (Denver Politics, 10/5/12)
Arrow Electronics and CO Gov. John Hickenlooper to announce new jobs (Denver Post, 10/4/12)
Political Geography: Obama leads, but a Romney comeback might start out West in Colorado (FiveThirtyEight, 10/3/12)


Commentary: How many Coloradans are too many? (Denver Post, 9/30/12)
Governors Fallin, Hickenlooper to unveil CNG bids next week (The Oklahoman, 9/29/12)
Political and class issues complicate a Colorado land dispute (New York Times, 9/29/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper says state drilling rules must stand, rejects call to withdraw lawsuit against Longmont (Summit County Citizens Voice, 9/28/12)
Colorado GOP spends more than $400K with firm they fired this week (The Spot, 9/28/12)
Firm fired by Colorado GOP under scrutiny in Florida (Denver Post, 9/28/12)
Colorado Dems, GOP trade barbs over campaign mailers (Denver Post, 9/28/12)
RNC vote fraud: Nathan Sproul strikes again? (ColoradoPols, 9/28/12)
Andrew Romanoff: Where isn’t he? (The Spot, 9/28/12)
Colorado GOP fires firm after Florida fraud allegations (The Spot, 9/27/12)
Attention 80,000 mail ballot voters: ‘Permanent isn’t permanent’ (ColoradoPols, 9/27/12)
Personhood Coalition files legal action to make this ballot — or next (Denver Post, 9/27/12)
Colorado wins $43M more for health benefits exchange under reform (Denver Post, 9/27/12)
NJ gay couple sues, condemns use of their picture in Colorado ads (Denver Post, 9/26/12)
Colorado’s 6th Congressional District first target in wave of ads (Denver Post, 9/26/12)
Software glitch nixes voter registration of nearly 800 Coloradans (Denver Post, 9/26/12)
Romney touts energy plan in Colorado, visit called the ‘height of irony’ by wind power advocates (Huffington Post, 9/25/12)
Constituents deliver ‘Declaration of Solidarity Against Fracking’ to governor’s office (Huffington Post, 9/25/12)
Poll: On immigration, rural Colorado Republicans don’t know they agree with Democrats (Colorado Independent, 9/25/12)
Deputy Interior Secretary, Gov. Hickenlooper highlight CSU Natural Gas Symposium (Northern Colorado Business Report, 9/25/12)
Lawmakers review bills to address Colorado wildfires (AP, 9/25/12)
Colorado political leaders to discuss election (AP, 9/24/12)
No love for Gessler voter fraud witch-hunt at FOX (ColoradoPols, 9/24/12)
Commentary: No need to call Hickenlooper a hypocrite on keeping pot illegal (Denver Post, 9/23/12)
Hickenlooper approves drought relief for ranchers, livestock owners (Fort Collins Coloradoan, 9/23/12)
University is uneasy as court ruling allows guns on campus (New York Times, 9/22/12)
Colorado ethics commission: OK for Hickenlooper to use free hybrid pickup (The Spot, 9/21/12)
Voters targeted by Colorado mostly Dems, unaffiliated (AP, 9/21/12)
Sidelining disaster: No idea is off state’s table to find ways to overcome drought (Fort Collins Coloradoan, 9/21/12)
Amendment 64 camp on law-enforcement support, teachers union opposition (Westword, 9/20/12)
Commentary: Alcohol industry just protecting its turf (Fort Collins Coloradoan, 9/20/12)
Colorado state budget revenues up, but backslide could come (Denver Post, 9/20/12)
Denver clerk sues Gessler over mailing ballots to inactive voters (Denver Post, 9/20/12)
Colorado trends suggest Romney plan to court only ‘thoughtful independents’ doomed (Colorado Independent, 9/20/12)
Scott Gessler, Colorado’s ‘honey badger,’ may be closest-watched election official (Washington Post, 9/20/12)
What happens if Colorado legalizes marijuana? (Huffington Post, 9/20/12)
Hickenlooper’s visit to Longmont attracts protesters (Longmont Times-Call, 9/19/12)
Colorado revenue picture continues to improve (CBS MoneyWatch, 9/20/12)
Marijuana: Colorado Education Association opposing Amendment 64 (Westword, 9/19/12)
Drought drives Hick to consider: How many people is too many? (Denver Post, 9/19/12)
Hickenlooper, drought experts paint chaotic picture of Colorado climate (The Coloradoan, 9/19/12)
Commentary: PERA seeks unearned windfall (Denver Post, 9/19/12)
Local authorities ask Hickenlooper to drop suit vs. Longmont gas regulations (Longmont Times-Call, 9/19/12)
Marijuana: John Hickenlooper compares teen pot smoking to underage drinking (Westword, 9/18/12)
Civil unions group begin mailers against Colorado GOP (AP, 9/18/12)
Marijuana legalization opponents hit back at poll (The Spot, 9/16/12)
Gov. John Hickenlooper’s approval rating at almost 60 percent, poll shows (Denver Post, 9/16/12)
Marijuana: Amendment 64′s lead in poll won’t lead to complacency, campaign says (Westword,9/15/12)
Colorado marijuana legalization initiative leads in new poll (Denver Post, 9/15/12)
Guvs from rival parties and states find common ground (Texas Tribune, 9/14/12)
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper opposes marijuana-legalization measure (Denver Post, 9/13/12)
Colorado NFIB backs one Democrat, 48 Republicans in legislative races (The Spot, 9/13/12)
Hickenlooper says he opposes pot legalization (AP, 9/13/12)
Suburbs are key to victory in Colorado (Washington Post, 9/12/12)
Road trip! House Republicans tour the state, talk to business owners (The Spot, 9/12/12)
Colorado governors, present and past, ask voters to say, ‘Yes on S’ (Denver Post, 9/12/12)
‘Personhood’ officially off 2012 Colorado ballot (ColoradoPols, 9/12/12)
Personhood amendment won’t make Colorado ballot in 2012 (Denver Post, 9/12/12)
Obama talks about economy, Libya in Golden (AP, 9/12/12)
CU regents vote to oppose marijuana legalization under Amendment 64 (Denver Post, 9/12/12)
Obama’s latest Colorado visit goes to fiery battleground (AP, 9/12/12)
CU regents revise campus gun policy to comply with Supreme Court ruling (Denver Post, 9/12/12)
Candy maker challenges incumbent in pivotal Colorado House race (Denver Post, 9/11/12)
3 Colorado governors unite to support ballot measure on personnel update (The Spot, 9/11/12)
Thou doth protest too much, Joe Coors and ‘Personhood’ edition (ColoradoPols, 9/11/12)
Colorado marijuana legalization campaign goes to court over ballot book (Denver Post, 9/10/12)
Colorado Move to Amend says ‘Yes, but…’ on Amendment 65 (ColoradoPols, 9/10/12)
Video: Tipton, Pace duke it out in odd Club 20 debate (ColoradoPols, 9/10/12)
Governor’s move to engage communities still TBD (AP, 9/10/12)
Candidates make pitch to western Colorado voters (Denver Post, 9/9/12)
Colorado politicians head to Grand Junction for debates and meetings (Denver Post, 9/7/12)
Gessler identifies 35 non-citizens who voted, but holds off on rule-making (Denver Post, 9/7/12)
Club 20: Steak tonight, debates Saturday (The Spot, 9/7/12)
Gessler’s office sends registration postcards to registered voters (Denver Post, 9/7/12)
Education reform group foregoes partisan politics in endorsements (The Spot, 9/7/12)
Video: Hickenlooper on beer, Obama, and Colorado (Colorado Watchdog, 9/6/12)
Paul Ryan speech fires up Colorado Springs crowd (Denver Post, 9/6/12)
Salazar still coy about a second term as Interior Secretary (The Spot, 9/6/12)
Video: Brewer-turned-guv gushes over White House beer (ABC News, 9/6/12)
Video: Will Hickenlooper throw down tonight? (ColoradoPols, 9/5/12)
Hickenlooper doesn’t seem to hurt his image with Obama endorsement (Denver Post, 9/5/12)
Obama takes page from surprise win in Colorado (Denver Post, 9/1/12)


Court rules against Gessler in campaign change (AP, 8/30/12)
Abortion measure won’t be on Colorado ballot (Watchdog, 8/30/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper to address DNC next week during prime time (Denver Post, 8/30/12)
Database: 88% of questioned people on voter rolls are US citizens (Denver Post, 8/30/12)
State integrity: Tiny fine for big campaign finance violators (Colorado Public Radio, 8/30/12)
Gessler waived most of activists’ campaign fines (AP, 8/30/12)
GOP rule changes angers some Colorado delegates (Denver Post, 8/29/12)
Hickenlooper heartsick at criticism by Aurora theater shooting victims (Denver Post, 8/29/12)
Colorado anti-abortion initiative misses ballot, backers hire lawyer (Denver Post, 8/29/12)
Hispanic voters projected to make up 8% of Colorado electorate (Denver Post, 8/29/12)
Editorial: Gessler needs to proceed carefully on voter rolls (Denver Post, 8/29/12)
Teachers’ union garners national praise for mobilizing Colorado vote (Watchdog, 8/28/12)
Aurora massacre victims and families want more say in victims’ fund (Denver Post, 8/28/12)
US citizens among those who got letters questioning right to vote (Denver Post, 8/28/12)
Republicans get 12.45% of Colorado letters questioning citizenship (Denver Post, 8/28/12)
New Colorado state energy regulator: Oil, gas companies ‘don’t have a conscience’ (Watchdog, 8/27/12)
Gov. John Hickenlooper, other politicos mingle at Colorado State Fair dinner (The Spot, 8/25/12)
Dem vs. GOP: See you at the State Fair (The Spot, 8/25/12)
Report: Colorado job growth outpaces nation, but private sector lags (Denver Post, 8/24/12)
Gessler, Homeland Security finalize deal to check voter citizenship (Denver Post, 8/24/12)
Colorado NO Personhood rally kicks off campaign at Capitol (Denver Post, 8/23/12)
Colorado marijuana initiative gets NAACP endorsement (Denver Post, 8/23/12)
Colo. Democrats slapping selves for not fielding candidate in HD 54 (Denver Post, 8/22/12)
Colorado election glitches raise concerns heading into November (Denver Post, 8/21/12)
Colorado on the world stage for first presidential debate (The Spot, 8/21/12)
Obama to visit fort Collins next Tuesday during Republican National Convention (The Spot, 8/21/12)
John Hickenlooper to address Democrats at convention in Charlotte (The Spot, 8/20/12)
First Colorado, now Missouri: GOP urges it own candidate to get out of the race (The Spot, 8/20/12)
Democrats highlight Coffman’s support for measure that could have redefined rape (The Spot, 8/20/12)
Colorado’s unemployment rate in July up to 8.3% (Denver Post, 8/17/12)
A college lifts a hurdle for illegal immigrants (New York Times, 8/17/12)
Colorado’s secretary of sate asks 4,000 to prove voter eligibility (Denver Post, 8/17/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper says Longmont drilling rules must be challenged (Denver Post, 8/15/12)
Ad says GOP ‘shut down’ legislature, but it doesn’t mention civil unions bill (The Spot, 8/15/12)
Hickenlooper to Obama: Colorado faces gap in water supplies (Denver Post, 8/15/12)
Colorado Republicans pony up tonight, donate $1 million to Romney-Ryan team (Denver Post, 8/15/12)
Paul Ryan visits Colorado, raises cash and Democrats’ ire (Denver Post, 8/14/12)
Personhood a sticky issue for GOP candidates in Colorado (KDVR, 8/10/12)
Election Day: Many Latinos in Colorado choose to skip voting (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/10/12)
Outdoor industry attempts to flex political clout (AP, 8/10/12)
Obama talks of rebuilding middle class at Colorado College (Denver Post, 8/9/12)
How John Hickenlooper can help President Obama (The Fix, 8/9/12)
Video: Obama stumps before thousands in Pueblo, Colorado Springs (KDVR, 8/9/12)
Springs stop by Obama makes perfect sense, says professor (Colorado Springs Gazette, 8/9/12)
FEMA denies additional aid to uninsured High Park Fire victims (KDVR, 8/8/12)
Colorado poses new challenges for Obama (Washington Post, 8/8/12)
Obama the candidate emerges on Colorado trip, with political ferocity (Washington Post, 8/8/12)
Obama fires up crowd in Pueblo (Denver Post, 8/9/12)
Obama in Denver: Romney would take women’s health coverage to 1950s (Denver Post, 8/8/12)
Obama to lay out his plan for the economy at Colorado campaign events (Denver Post, 8/8/12)
Three polls suggest Obama-Romney race remains tight in Colorado (Denver Post, 8/8/12)
Candidate Joe Coors won’t endorse Colorado abortion-ban initiative (Denver Post, 8/8/12)
Move to allow illegal immigrants to get Colorado licenses misses ballot (Denver Post, 8/7/12)
Gov. John Hickenlooper rises to test of Colorado’s painful summer (LA Times, 8/7/12)
Hickenlooper addresses shootings in New Hampshire speech (KDVR, 8/6/12)
Copying Obama’s ’08 strategy, Romney takes to the ground in Colorado (New York Times, 8/4/12)
CO Gov. Hickenlooper seeks more federal wildfire aid (Insurance Journal, 8/3/12)
Metro State moving ahead with tuition plan for illegal immigrants (Denver Post, 8/3/12)
Mitt Romney touts presidential ‘scorecard’ in Golden speech (Denver Post, 8/2/12)
Romney campaigns in Colorado with GOP’s rising stars (Colorado Springs Gazette, 8/2/12)
Survey: Colorado economy slowed in July (Denver Post, 8/1/12)
Group backing in-state tuition bill hosts reception for endorsed candidates (The Spot, 8/1/12)
Despite Romney’s position, Colorado Republicans (sort of) stand by wind energy tax credit (The Spot, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

Colorado governor and wife to separate, political future still looks bright (Denver Post, 7/31/12)
President Obama to campaign across Colorado next week (The Spot, 7/31/12)
CO. Gov John Hickenlooper, first lady Helen Thorpe to separate (The Spot, 7/31/12)
Romney to campaign in Colorado Thursday (The Spot, 7/30/12)
Federal judge allows legal challenge to Colorado’s TABOR to go forward (Denver Post, 7/30/12)
A look at $ in Colorado’s legislative races (The Spot, 7/30/12)
In the wake of Aurora’s theater shooting, 6th District candidates resume operations (The Spot, 7/30/12)
Mitt Romney would let wind energy tax credit expire, campaign says (The Spot, 7/30/12)
Populist health insurance co-op for Colorado wins $69M grant (Denver Post, 7/27/12)
Obama, Romney differ over guns after Colorado attack (Denver Post, 7/25/12)
Colorado AFL-CIO releases legislative scorecard for 2012 session (The Spot, 7/24/12)
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper draws energy from inspiration (Denver Post, 7/24/12)
Colorado Democratic Party’s windows broken; No guess on motives this time (The Spot, 7/23/12)
Video: Gov. John Hickenlooper: James Holmes would have created ‘horror’ without guns (ABC News, 7/22/12)
Aurora, CO, shooting spree: A day of tears for victims and of twists in case (Washington Post, 7/22/12)
State’s enterprise zones reward location, not job creation (Denver Post, 7/22/12)
In the wake of another mass shooting, a question: Why Colorado? (Denver Post, 7/22/12)
Colorado Republican campaigns in a new Democratic-friendly seat (Denver Post, 7/22/12)
Presidential campaigns take break in wake of Aurora shooting, pull ads (AP, 7/22/12)
Obama to comfort families of movie theater victims (AP, 7/22/12)
Colorado’s unemployment rate climbs to 8.2% (Denver Post, 7/21/12)
Will Colorado economy turn purple state red or blue? (AP, 7/21/12)
Aurora theater shooting: political reaction (Denver Post, 7/20/12)
Editorial: The shootings in Colorado (New York Times, 7/20/12)
Colorado gun laws remain lax, despite some changes (New York Times, 7/20/12)
Obama, Romney campaigns to pull ads in Colorado (The Spot, 7/20/12)
Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper faces challenges after shooting, says predecessor (The Spot, 7/20/12)
Denver business officials not happy with Mayor Hancock’s tax proposal (Denver Post, 7/19/12)
Colorado State Patrol harbors anti-gay culture, judge says (Denver Post, 7/19/12)
Liberal group keeping a magnifying glass on Sec of State Scott Gessler (The Spot, 7/19/12)
Latinos highlighted as making 6th District one of the most competitive (The Spot, 7/19/12)
Colorado lawmaker won over voters with her call-back plan (Denver Post, 7/18/12)
Governor says fracking may lead to cleaner fuel (AP, 7/18/12)
Governor touts fracking, drilling at Fortune confab (Aspen Daily News, 7/18/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper on Romney, Obamacare, Tim Tebow and other issues (The Spot, 7/17/12)

Gessler moving fast on citizenship database (AP, 7/17/12)
Colorado could lose 42,000 jobs through Budget Control Act (Denver Post, 7/17/12)
Homeland Security says Gessler may check voter citizenship (Denver Post, 7/17/12)
Three races make Colorado a congressional battleground (Denver Post, 7/17/12)
Public gets chance to comment on Front Range high-speed rail study (Denver Post, 7/17/12)
Colorado governor to meet with automakers on natural gas vehicles (Denver Post, 7/16/12)
CO Gov. Hickenlooper likely to fix broken trustee system (Denver Post, 7/13/12)
CO Sec of State Gessler has found 85 potential illegal voters (Denver Post, 7/13/12)
Colorado’s economy continues to improve but challenges lie ahead, report says (Denver Post, 7/13/12)
Colorado Conservation Voters give lawmakers mostly high marks for 2012 (The Spot, 7/12/12)
Video: Colorado leads the nation in political advertising (The Spot, 7/11/12)
Tim Gill funds group targeting Colorado lawmakers who killed civil unions (The Spot, 7/11/12)
Nine of Colorado’s appointed public trustees resign, one retires (Denver Post, 7/10/12)
AG Suthers backs Gessler, asks Homeland Security to screen voters (Denver Post, 7/10/12)
Colorado public trustee spending raises red flags (Denver Post, 7/8/12)
Census, registration paint picture of Colorado’s unaffiliated voters (Denver Post, 7/8/12)
Colorado Republicans target ‘Landslide Linda’ in state senate race (Denver Post, 7/7/12)
Economists believe Colorado’s economy one of the healthiest in the US (Denver Post, 7/6/12)
Romney, GOP launch major outreach in Colorado (Denver Post, 7/6/12)
Selection of Denver is a patently good move (Colorado Statesman, 7/6/12)
Dutch lawmaker brings his crusade against Islam to conservative confab in Denver (Colorado Statesman, 7/6/12)
Conservatives revved up at Summit (Colorado Statesman, 7/6/12)
Colorado Medicaid expansion up in air, others weigh in (The Spot, 7/6/12)
Colorado’s tab for Medicaid expansion still a troubling mystery (Denver Post, 7/5/12)
Revised economic forecast sees more jobs in Colorado in 2012 (Denver Post, 7/5/12)
New swing district up for grabs in Colorado state House race (Denver Post, 7/5/12)
High and dry: 62 of Colorado’s qualify for drought disaster relief (Westword, 7/5/12)
US Agriculture secretary issues drought disaster declaration for Colorado farms (Longmont Times-Call, 7/3/12)
All but 2 Colorado counties deemed disaster areas (KWGN, 7/3/12)
Editorial: Olympic bid for Colorado? Go for the gold (Denver Post, 7/3/12)
Hickenlooper inspires book on private-to-public sector leaders (Denver Business Journal, 7/3/12)
The Future of Colorado: Hickenlooper, cabinet meet with citizens (The Trinidad Times Independent, 7/3/12)
Sec State Gessler hit with another campaign finance lawsuit — but this one he may actually like (The Spot, 7/3/12)
Supreme Court ruling stokes Colorado pot debate (Denver Post, 7/3/12)
AG John Suthers receives national award (The Spot, 7/2/12)
Briefs: New literacy law, campaign (EdNews Colorado, 7/2/12)
Video: Hickenlooper: Reading key to achieving dreams (9 News, 7/2/12)
Commentary: Just because Dems really are out to get them, GOP-ers don’t have to be so paranoid (Colorado Statesman, 7/2/12)
Top 12 legislative races: June edition (Colorado Statesman, 7/2/12)
Hickenlooper: Winter Olympics 2022 bid could bring Colorado together (Westword, 7/2/12)
Hickenlooper: Relief request outside scope of executive authority (The Produce News, 7/2/12)

JUNE 2012

‘ObamaCare’ must be repealed, say speakers at conservative rally at Colorado Capitol in Denver (Denver Post, 6/29/12)
Denver Chamber of Commerce gives state lawmakers high marks in report (Denver Post, 6/29/12)
Full speed ahead for Colorado health insurance expansion (Denver Post, 6/29/12)
Marijuana regulation: Parents for pot group backs Amendment 64 in November (The Spot, 6/28/12)
Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper defends Obama over reduced air tanker fleet (Denver Post, 6/27/12)
New Colorado group goes after lawmakers who helped kill civil unions (Denver Post, 6/26/12)
Colorado gun group fails to file with IRS, could be hit with tax bill (Denver Post, 6/25/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper adds more money to fight of three blazes (Denver Post, 6/22/12)
Hickenlooper authorizes funds for 3 wildfires (Colorado Springs Gazette, 6/22/12)
University of Colo regents elect Democrat as board chairman (The Spot, 6/22/12)
Weld requests reconsideration AG well decision, cites double standard (Greeley Gazette, 6/22/12)
Report casts spotlight on taxes on oil and gas industry (Colorado Springs Gazette, 6/21/12)
Mitt Romney invited to CPAC Colorado, slated for day after debate (Denver Post, 6/21/12)
Colorado’s tax revenue exceeded expectations (Denver Post, 6/21/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper can’t pump aquifer water onto Weld County farmland (Denver Post, 6/21/12)
House passes sweeping energy package brought to you by Colorado Republicans (Colorado Independent, 6/21/12)
New report compares fracking water usage with household water needs (The Daily Sentinel, 6/21/12)
Governor: Loveland’s policy violates statewide fireworks ban (The Coloradoan, 6/21/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper to headline fundraiser for Miklosi as second-quarter nears its end (Denver Post, 6/21/12)
Tough questions from Colorado legislators on Metro’s new tuition rate (Denver Post, 6/20/12)
Colorado’s budget situation is improving (CBS Denver, 6/20/12)
Video: Hickenlooper – Anxiety about fracking ‘Isn’t directly connected to facts’ (Huffington Post, 6/20/12)
Hickenlooper remains one of most popular governors (Public Policy Polling, 6/20/12)
Hickenlooper says he can’t let Weld County groundwater wells pump for farmers (Denver Post, 6/20/12)
Coloradan like civil unions, legal pot, Udall (Colorado Independent, 6/20/12)
Market value of Colorado oil production overtakes natural gas (Denver Post, 6/20/12)
State finishes fiscal year with more revenue (Colorado Springs Gazette, 6/20/12)
Political battle lines drawn over fracking in Colorado (The American Independent, 6/20/12)
Commentary: John Hickenlooper’s surprising centrism (Denver Post, 6/20/12)
Romney gains in Colorado but losing big among crucial voting blocs (Colorado Independent, 6/19/12)
Hickenlooper tells Weld commissioners he can’t legally allow groundwater pumping (Longmont Times-Call, 6/19/12)
Governor says no to pumping of restricted wells (Northern Colorado Business Report, 6/19/12)
Colorado AG says no to Metro State’s tuition rate for undocumented students (Denver Post, 6/19/12)
Hick: Hydraulic fracturing has gotten a bad rap (Denver Post, 6/18/12)
Records detail secret meeting between oil executives, government officials (Colorado Independent, 6/18/12)
Colorado politicians charge Denver PrideFest with political fervor (Denver Post, 6/18/12)
Hickenlooper really making conservationists nervous (ColoradoPols, 6/15/12)
Conservation groups criticize new member of utilities commission (Denver Post, 6/15/12)
Conservationists blast Colorado governor’s new utilities commission appointee (Colorado Independent, 6/15/12)
Civil unions journey through Colorado Legislature outlined in new video (Denver Post, 6/15/12)
Gov. orders ban on fireworks, open burning statewide (CBS Denver, 6/14/12)
Colorado AG reviewing legality of tuition break for illegal immigrants (Denver Post, 6/14/12)
AG Eric Holder urged to oppose Colorado marijuana ballot issue (Denver Post, 6/13/12)
Hickenlooper authorizes $20M in disaster funds, gets call from Obama (KDVR, 6/12/12)
GOP hopefuls vie to win in onetime liberal stronghold of Boulder (Denver Post, 6/12/12)
Colorado marijuana measure’s backers, foes buoyed by out-of-state support (Denver Post, 6/11/12)
Colorado lawmaker unhappy campaign e-mail outed her gay son (Denver Post, 6/11/12)
Colorado shapes up as a key swing state in presidential election (Denver Post, 6/11/12)
State lawmaker’s gay son outed in battle over El Paso House seat (Denver Post, 6/9/12)

Democrats aim to reclaim Colorado House (Colorado Springs Gazette, 6/9/12)
Senate president Shaffer urges Hickenlooper: Let the farmers pump underground water (Longmont Times Call, 6/8/12)
Hickenlooper signs last of bills into law (The Spot, 6/8/12)
Poll: Romney gaining on Obama in Colorado (The Spot, 6/8/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper signs into law rules for public review of voted ballots (Denver Post, 6/8/12)
Metro State board approves special tuition rate for illegal immigrant students (Denver Post, 6/7/12)
Governor writes “John Hickenlooper” over and over as bill deadline approaches (The Spot, 6/7/12)
Republicans, with an eye on the majority, tout six legislative candidates (The Spot, 6/7/12)
State child services consolidated by governor (Colorado Springs Gazette, 6/7/12)
New poll shows support for gay couples (The Spot, 6/7/12)
Colorado overpays jobless benefits by $128M, pursues recipients (Denver Post, 6/6/12)
Colo. vote on pot could affect Obama-Romney race (Denver Post, 6/5/12)
Colorado neighborhood taps into nation’s voting pulse (Denver Post, 6/4/12)
Colorado business group includes 3 Democrats in legislative endorsements (The Spot, 6/1/12)

MAY 2012

For Mitt Romney, Bain Capital’s record mixed in Colorado (Denver Post, 5/29/12)
Anarchy, chaos behind civil unions bill may have long-lasting effect (Denver Post, 5/27/12)
Rep. Coffman can survive Obama ‘not an American’ remark, experts say (Denver Post, 5/25/12)
Editorial: New USOC contract helps Colorado (Colorado Springs Gazette, 5/24/12)
IOC-USOC revenue-sharing deal finalized after years of debate; US can now bid, including Denver 2022 (Colorado Springs Gazette,5/24/12)
Immigration-enforcement program goes live in Colorado (Denver Post, 5/24/12)
Commentary: Rare admission that money trumps everything (The Coloradoan, 5/24/12)
Video: US Rep. Mike Coffman: Repeat after me (The Spot, 5/23/12)
Suit claims Colorado car-fee hike for bridge repairs violates TABOR (Denver Post, 5/22/12)
Joe Coors’ wealth is hard to ignore in Colorado’s congressional race (Denver Post, 5/21/12)
Lawsuit claims a central Colorado FASTER surcharge violates TABOR (Denver Post, 5/21/12)
Rep. Mike Coffmn’s Obama quote gives fuel to challenger Joe Mikulski (Denver Post, 5/18/12)
Colorado Mining Association appeals roadless rule to Supreme Court (Denver Post, 5/18/12)
Colorado Legislature ends special session; feuds far from done (Denver Post, 5/17/12)
Mike Coffman says Obama ‘not an American’ at heart, then apologizes (Denver Post, 5/16/12)
Colorado groups urge veto of limits on voted ballot inspections (Denver Post, 5/16/12)
CO House Speaker set trend aside in opposing civil unions (Denver Post, 5/16/12)
Colorado lawmaker and his gay son split on civil unions bill (Denver Post, 5/16/12)
CO legislators reconvene today for special session, but unclear if anything will be done (Denver Post, 5/14/12)
Trial over whether ballot circulators can be paid starts today (Denver Post, 5/14/12)
‘Kill committee’ takes up Colorado civil unions bill (Denver Post, 5/14/12)
Amid CO civil unions fight, a couple fights for equality (Denver Post, 5/13/12)
Hickenlooper to legislators: Coloradans deserve better (Denver Post, 5/13/12)
Supporters of civil unions turn House Speaker McNulty into a political lightning-rod (Denver Post, 5/12/12)
Colorado politicos see few woes for Hickenlooper in special session (Denver Post, 5/11/12)
Colorado legislature returns Monday for special session and second try at civil unions (Denver Post, 5/11/12)
Hickenlooper puts up civil unions, other issues, for special session call (Denver Post, 5/10/12)
‘All of Colorado is watching,’ on civil unions bill, CO lawmaker says (Denver Post, 5/8/12)
No guarantee Colorado civil-unions bill will go to final committee (Denver Post, 5/7/12)
Rep. Cheri Gerou says fellow Jeffco Republican ‘lied’ about civil unions (The Spot, 5/7/12)
Lawmaker changes course on drilling tax proposal (Denver Post, 5/7/12)
Coloradans fund super PACs (Denver Post, 5/7/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper signs Colo. budget plan (AP, 5/7/12)
Study: Colorado grows independent voters; Democrats, GOP struggle to keep up (The Spot, 5/7/12)
Hickenlooper grudgingly allows lawmakers to seize office space across from Capitol (The Spot, 5/7/12)
Colorado facing a mass exodus of lawmakers (Denver Post, 5/6/12)
Hickenlooper vetoes Colorado Regional Tourism Act expansion (Denver Post, 5/4/12)
Focus on the Family will withdraw ballot measure on religious liberty this election (Denver Post,5/4/12)
Opinion: Stay civil, but act in timely fashion on Colorado civil unions bill (The Spot, 5/4/12)
Hickenlooper vetoes bill to expand number of state-subsidized tourism projects (The Spot, 5/4/12)
Divisive literacy bill clears CO Senate (AP, 5/4/12)
Attempt to overhaul Colorado telecom subsidy fails (Denver Post, 5/4/12)
CO civil unions bill gains more Republican support, will clear final committee (Denver Post, 5/4/12)
Colorado House panel approves civil unions bill (Denver Post, 5/4/12)
Bill governing public access to voted ballots could move forward tomorrow (The Spot, 5/3/12)
Colorado House panel approves civil unions bill (Denver Post, 5/3/12)
Sec of State Gessler’s voter registration mailing raises a few eyebrows (The Spot, 5/3/12)
Former Musgrave staffer upsets some conservatives on civil-unions vote (The Spot, 5/3/12)
Colorado bill to change constitution-amendment process dies (Denver Post, 5/3/12)
Bill to make it tougher to amend Colorado constitution killed (Denver Post, 5/2/12)
Proposed federal fracking rules draw fire at Colorado hearing (Denver Post, 5/2/12)
State personnel system reform measure clears final hurdle, now headed to voters (The Spot, 5/2/12)
Lights! Camera! Action! bill to aid film industry gets good reviews (The Spot, 5/1/12)
Colorado’s economy slowed slightly in April, but still healthy (Denver Post, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

Colorado bill asking voters to erase gay law advances (Denver Post, 4/30/12)
Colorado  legislators cheer budget, but some parts still draw critics (Denver Post, 4/29/12)
Hickenlooper among 13 governors to push for more natural-gas vehicles (Denver Post, 4/28/12)
ALEC: Conservative group in the spotlight (The Spot, 4/27/12)
The GOP disconnect on Latino voters (The Spot, 4/27/12)
Heated debate in Colo. Senate over birth control (AP, 4/27/12)
Civil-unions bill passes Colo. Senate; House fate less certain (Denver Post, 4/27/12)
Partisan debate over ‘war on women’ legislative proposal (Denver Post, 4/27/12)
Republicans seek lift from key voting bloc: Latinos (Denver Post, 4/27/12)
Anti-Obama PAC goes up with $500K in ads in Colorado (The Spot, 4/27/12)
Bill aims to end turf war between legislative, executive branches (The Spot, 4/26/12)
Contractors stew after Hickenlooper declines meet over bill he’ll probably veto (The Spot, 4/26/12)
With clock ticking, Gessler calls on Shaffer to move election-night reporting bill (Denver Post, 4/26/12)
Tuition break for illegal immigrants fails again in Colorado House (Denver Post, 4/25/12)
‘Nonpartisan watchdog’ caught on tape getting awfully partisan (ColoradoPols, 4/25/12)
Colorado Senate continues debate this afternoon on civil union bill (Denver Post, 4/25/12)
Colorado Democrats’ bid preference bill in peril (AP, 4/25/12)
Illegal immigrant tuition bill faces tough vote (Denver Post, 4/25/12)
Colorado Senate initially approves civil union bill (Denver Post, 4/25/12)
Illegal immigrant tuition bill advances (Pueblo Chieftain, 4/24/12)
Colorado tuition bill for illegal immigrants clears House committee but still faces death threat (Denver Post, 4/24/12)
Anticipation to hear Obama great, but support not as evident as in 2008 (Denver Post, 4/24/12)
Colo. House gives initial OK to school funding (Denver Post, 4/23/12)
Colorado legislature faces hot-button issues in final two weeks (Denver Post, 4/23/12)
Colorado GOP invokes Reagan and tells Hispanics they’re Republicans, whether they know it or not(ColoradoPols, 4/23/12)
Budget consensus at Colorado statehouse refreshing (Denver Post, 4/20/12)
Gimmick or godsend? CO enters tax holiday debate (AP, 4/20/12)
Bumpy road for Colorado towns using date, fed rules to control drilling (Denver Post, 4/19/12)
Drug-testing welfare recipients costs more money than it saves (Denver Post, 4/18/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper to sign space liability bill at National Space Symposium (Denver Post, 4/18/12)
Judge: Tea party held to standards of political campaigns (The Daily Sentinel, 4/18/12)
Bowling for Conservatives: Southern Colorado Tea Party in hot water (The Spot, 4/18/12)
A Tax Day rally — in support of taxes? (The Spot, 4/17/12)
Democrats critique Joe Coors for personal donation in congressional race (Denver Post, 4/17/12)
Colorado illegal immigrant tuition bill faces crucial vote (AP, 4/17/12)
Two rookie lawmakers nab top delegate spots – Dan Maes played a small role (The Spot, 4/16/12)
Colorado launches $130M broadband project (Denver Post, 4/16/12)
Divided CO Senate approves ‘Buy American’ bill (AP, 4/16/12)
Nearly two-thirds of Coloradans in poll would back civil unions, gay marriage (Denver Post, 4/14/12)
PPP Poll: Coloradans overwhelmingly support legislation to allow gay civil unions (The Spot, 4/13/12)
Rove tells Colorado GOP they are key to beating Obama (Denver Post, 4/13/12)
Governors – including Hickenlooper – forgoing living in executive mansions (Denver Post, 4/13/12)
Colorado Republicans’ delegation to national convention shrinks from previous years (Denver Post,4/12/12)
Buy American: CO debates bidding preferences (AP, 4/12/12)
Business groups, key GOP figures support bill setting tuition for illegal immigrants (The Spot, 4/12/12)
CO House okays $19B budget on rare 64-1 vote (Denver Post, 4/12/12)
CO Senate passes bidder preference bill (Denver Post, 4/11/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper targets water conservation, dams for Colorado River (Denver Post, 4/11/12)
Santorum exit ‘changes tone’ of Colorado GOP convention (Denver Post, 4/11/12)
Teachers, students, parents rally for education funding in Colorado (Denver Post, 4/11/12)
CO House debates $8B spending plan (Denver Post, 4/11/12)
GOP silent as CO Senate OKs undocumented-student tuition bill (Denver Post, 4/10/12)
Second campaign finance lawsuit filed against Gessler (The Spot, 4/10/12)
Support for Obama building in Colorado according to latest PPP poll (The Spot, 4/10/12)
Colorado Democrats resurrect bill that would allow counties to mail ballots to inactive voters (Denver Post, 4/5/12)
CO senate today likely to debate key jobs bill (The Spot, 4/5/12)
CO Senate panel rejects bill on photo IDs for voters (Denver Post, 4/5/12)
Colo. law prodding online retailers to collect sales taxes ruled unconstitutional (Denver Post, 4/4/12)
GOP registers 6,000 more voters than Dems this year (The Spot, 4/4/12)
Committee to consider photo ID voter bill (The Spot, 4/4/12)
House speaker skips session to attend out-of-state events aimed at electing GOP (The Spot, 4/3/12)
Colo. GOP sees division over picking delegates for Romney, Santorum, Paul and Gingrich (Denver Post,4/3/12)

MARCH 2012

Analysts: CO Dems’ effort to unseat Sec of State Gessler a longshot (Denver Post, 3/30/12)
Bill to drug test welfare recipients dies in CO House in second reading (Denver Post, 3/29/12)
Embattled lawmaker won’t seek re-election, cites husband’s health (The Spot, 3/29/12)
Colorado lawmakers weigh reducing drug possession penalties (Denver Post, 3/28/12)
CO Democrats call to ‘remove’ Sec of State Gessler from office (Denver Post, 3/28/12)
Cuts to Colorado agencies weighed in budget (Denver Post, 3/28/12)
Colo. revenue gains enough to afford seniors’ property tax break (Denver Post, 3/27/12)
Hispanic Chamber Day at the state Capitol (The Spot, 3/27/12)
GOP upset with Dem state Sen. Nicholson for dropping bills; she defends her record (Denver Post,3/26/12)
Welfare drug-test bill amended to include CO legislators (Denver Post, 3/24/12)
Hickenlooper, two East Coast govs share a bond: First they were mayors (The Spot, 3/24/12)
Across the state, county Republicans and Democrats gather today (The Spot, 3/24/12)
CO secretary of state says Senate Dems delaying bills he wants (Denver Post, 3/23/12)
House committee approves drug testing for statewide elected officials (The Spot, 3/23/12)
Colorado welfare recipient drug test bill advances (Denver Post, 3/23/12)
Gessler says Dems guilty of ‘undue delays’ on legislation (Denver Post, 3/22/12)
Hickenlooper taking 40 people to Mexico on eco-devo trip (KDVR, 3/22/12)
Evangelical church attacks Colorado childhood development bill (Denver Post, 3/22/12)
Hickenlooper to lead Colorado trade mission to Mexico (Denver Business Journal, 3/22/12)
Proposals for state personnel system advance in CO legislature (Denver Post, 3/21/12)
Bill to punish lying about elections faces Colorado test (Denver Post, 3/20/12)
Colorado Springs church dubs Senate bill on children ‘United Nations conspiracy’ (The Spot, 3/20/12)
House committee kills bill to make election ‘trickery’ a felony (The Spot, 3/20/12)
Extra $149 million for Colorado could mean budget battle (Denver Post, 3/20/12)
CO House passes bill shifting power to try teens as adults (Denver Post, 3/20/12)
Hickenlooper signs 14 bills (Denver Business Journal, 3/19/12)
Hickenlooper gives support to fiscal impacts bill (Denver Business Journal, 3/19/12)
Colorado House approves spaceflight liability bill (Denver Business Journal, 3/19/12)
Improving economy helps Colorado’s state budget (Denver Post, 3/19/12)
CO budget projection shows $26M increase in revenue this year (Denver Post, 3/19/12)
Fingerpointing continues over chaos at Denver Republican Assembly (Denver Post, 3/19/12)
Housing to benefit as Colorado details plans to divvy up $51M foreclosure settlement (Denver Post,3/17/12)
Editorial: Mortgage windfall is being well spent (Denver Post, 3/17/12)
Mortgage money going to CO homeowners, veterans (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/16/12)
SoS Gessler asks Homeland Security to ID noncitizens on CO voter rolls (Denver Post, 3/16/12)
Oil accidents common in N. Colorado, but few directly related to hydraulic fracturing (The Coloradoan,3/16/12)
Colorado bill with penalties for harming unborn child raises red flags over ‘personhood’ status (Denver Post, 3/16/12)
Colorado lawmakers haven’t given up on Pinnacol privatization deal (Denver Post, 3/15/12)
Budget committee staff calls for more details on fixing Colorado Benefits Management System (Denver Post, 3/15/12)
Hickenlooper won’t say no to pushing Pinnacol privatization this year (Denver Business Journal,3/15/12)
Commentary: Hickenlooper’s support of Christo project (Denver Post, 3/15/12)
Lack of enthusiasm greets Hickenlooper talks on Pinnacol (Denver Business Journal, 3/15/12)
Thought left for dead, the Pinnacol Assurance privatization deal remains in the works (Denver Post,3/14/12)
Bill to set rules for public inspection of ballots clears CO Senate committee (Denver Post, 3/14/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper’s fracking ads for CO oil and gas industry draw heat from environmentalists(Huffington Post, 3/14/12)
Photo ID for voting advances in CO (Denver Post, 3/13/12)
Frack attack on Gov. Hickenlooper continues (The Spot, 3/13/12)
Colorado may use part of mortgage deal on prison (Denver Post, 3/13/12)
Employment forecast in Denver metro area 5th best in the nation (Denver Post, 3/13/12)
Birth-control debate lands at Colorado Capitol with competing rallies (Denver Post, 3/13/12)
Hickenlooper’s literacy retention bill sparks long debate, passes easily (KDVR, 3/12/12)
Colorado budget awaits as legislators start second half (Denver Post, 3/12/12)
Hickenlooper shares tales of his dyslexic past, failing (Durango Herald, 3/12/12)
Hickenlooper: I had to repeat 7th grade (The Spot, 3/12/12)
CO literacy bill sparks debate on flunking kids (Denver Post, 3/12/12)
Key week looms for education bills (Education News Colorado, 3/11/12)
Video: Denver Republican assembly – ‘A descent into madness’ (The Spot, 3/10/12)
Colorado task force studying oil and gas rules (CBS Moneywatch, 3/9/12)
CO legislature, school districts debate effectiveness of having struggling students repeat a grade(Denver Post, 3/9/12)
Spending by super PACs in Colorado is the dominion of Democrats (Denver post, 3/9/12)
Commentary: From Hickenlooper to Frackenlooper (Grand Junction Free Press, 3/9/12)
Video: Senate Democrats employ business heavy hitters to look at session’s first half (The Spot, 3/8/12)
In defense of Gov. John Hickenlooper (The Spot, 3/8/12)
Black ministers in Denver criticize Gov. Hickenlooper’s sexually suggestive flub about mayor (Denver Post, 3/8/12)
Colorado investment bill quickly signed into law after unexplained delay (Denver Post, 3/8/12)
Senate president begins undoing logjam, says he wasn’t playing appointee games (Denver Post, 3/7/12)
Personhood clears court hurdle, measure would protect some in vitro procedures, ban abortion in cases of rape and incest (Denver Post,3/7/12)
Noncompetitive Colorado Dem caucus turnout far below 2008 level (Denver Post, 3/7/12)
Groups propose CO religious freedom amendment (Denver Post, 3/7/12)
Downgraded investments bill signed into law in CO (Denver Post, 3/7/12)
‘Hickenblooper’ at it again, as shower joke dips into racy territory (Denver Post, 3/7/12)
Hickenlooper stumbles again with X-rated joke in mayor introduction (Denver Post, 3/6/12)
CO Supreme Court affirms that CU students with permits can carry concealed guns on campus (Denver Post, 3/5/12)
Big campaign contributors land lucrative school building contracts (Denver Post, 3/2/12)
Gay activist Tim Gill picks Republican to helm Action Fund (Denver Post, 3/1/12)
CO House committee approves PERA pension change (Denver Post, 3/1/12)
Tick, tock, ka-ching: House Democrats track the running tab on unpassed bill (Denver Post, 3/1/12)
Hicken-blooper: Governor’s intro slip-up turns press conference blue, faces red (Denver Post, 3/1/12)


Popular bill that could save Colorado $60 million a year languishes (Denver Post, 2/29/12)
Testy day at Colorado Capitol as midpoint nears (Denver Post, 2/29/12)
Colorado state senators defend per diem increases (Denver Post, 2/28/12)
CO House approves ‘fiscal impact’ bill for business (Denver Post, 2/28/12)
Some Colorado lawmakers’ daily-expense increase stirs controversy (Denver Post, 2/28/12)
CO Treasurer Walker Stapleton meets, gets props from Govs. Scott Walker, Chris Christie (Denver Post,2/28/12)
Hickenlooper’s spiel in oil, gas ad irks environmentalists (Denver Post, 2/28/12)
Partisan spat rocks House Education committee (Education News Colorado, 2/27/12)
Court explains Colorado redistricting decision (Denver Post, 2/27/12)
KKK says membership on rise in Colorado (Denver Post, 2/27/12)
Senate committee OKs marijuana DUI standard (Denver Post, 2/27/12)
Beltway Blog – Hick: Being vice president doesn’t sound that fun either (Denver Post, 2/27/12)
Initiative to legalize marijuana makes ballot in Colorado (Denver Post, 2/27/12)
Analyst recommends slashing Colorado tourism funding (Denver Post, 2/27/12)
CU regent: Outcry over administrators’ raises killed 15.7% tuition hike (Daily Camera, 2/27/12)
Editorial: Immigrant tuition bill deserves support (Denver Post, 2/25/12)
Budget compromise may spell layoffs for hundreds of Colorado state workers (Denver Post, 2/24/12)
Health reform: Colorado gets another $17.9 M to start health insurance exchange (Denver Post,2/22/12)
Credit reporting bill turns into legislature’s most partisan debate so far this year (Denver Post, 2/21/12)
Colorado Supreme Court upholds ‘magic words’ test for political spending by 527s (Denver Post,2/21/12)
Colorado politics on stage as DU prepares for presidential debate (Denver Post, 2/20/12)
Hickenlooper administration tacks toward a lower-key approach to energy policy (Denver Post,2/20/12)
TABOR suit on unsettled ground (Denver Post, 2/18/12)
Dem Rep. Jones having hard time getting recognized in GOP-controlled House (Denver Post, 2/18/12)
Gov. Hickenlooper joins Gov. Mead on sage-grouse task force (AG Journal, 2/17/12)
Federal judge asks state, plaintiffs in TABOR suit to submit further arguments (Denver Post, 2/17/12)
Colorado’s swing-state status gives rise to super-PAC attack (Denver Post, 2/17/12)
Senate panel kills effort to tie Colorado communities’ hands on oil, gas regulations (Denver Post,2/17/12)
CO House Republicans pull support, kill two bills; Democrats call election-year foul (Denver Post,2/17/12)
Pot legalization campaign makes last effort for ballot (Denver Post, 2/16/12)
Attempt to topple TABOR on tap (Denver Post, 2/15/12)
CO Sec of State Gessler nixes talk of run for governor (Denver Post, 2/15/12)
Old, young, Dems and GOP hear testimony today on civil unions bill (Denver Post, 2/15/12)
State’s defense of TABOR undergoes hard-hitting scrutiny at hands of federal judge (Denver Post,2/15/12)
Guns & gays: Battle lines at the Capitol (Denver Post, 2/15/12)
Civil unions measure back today, this time with a new GOP group’s support (Denver Post, 2/15/12)
Doug Brice sentenced to 180 days in jail, six years of strict probation for tax evasion (Denver Post,2/14/12)
Voters file suit against Gessler, six clerks for ballot practices (Denver Post, 2/13/12)
Douglas Brice, anti-tax champion, to be sentenced on tax evasion (Denver Post, 2/12/12)
CO Rep. Laura Bradford says she never considered leaving GOP (Denver Post, 2/12/12)
Colorado Democrats’ annual dinner attracts party faithful and Occupy Denver (Denver Post, 2/12/12)
Senate supports new tuition rate for illegal immigrants (Denver Post, 2/11/12)
Lawmaker tells TV station she never threatened to leave GOP, taped interviews say otherwise (Denver Post, 2/11/12)
Ethics case dropped against Rep. Laura Bradford; she says she’ll stick with GOP (Denver Post, 2/10/12)
Colorado redistricting had inside help (ProPublica, 2/9/12)
Santorum’s Colorado supporters value his values (Denver Post, 2/8/12)
In Colorado, a struggle between pragmatism and passion (New York Times, 2/8/12)
Colorado crime bill stirs abortion debate (Denver Post, 2/8/12)
Rep. Laura Bradford’s attorney blasts House speaker for ethics inquiry (Denver Post, 2/8/12)
GOP candidates crisscross Colorado ahead of today’s caucuses (Denver Post, 2/7/12)
Ethics panel meets on Rep. Bradford, will seek supporting documents and police records (Denver Post,2/7/12)
5 of Colorado’s political peculiarities (Denver Post, 2/7/12)
Hickenlooper: Please send money — to my friend Andrew Romanoff (Denver Post, 2/7/12)
Colorado congressional delegation pushes for wind energy tax credit (Denver Post, 2/7/12)
Colorado GOP to make its voice heard (Durango Herald, 2/4/12)
Commentary: A second act after state caucuses? (Denver Post, 2/4/12)
Rep. Bradford ethics probe has chorus of critics (Denver Post, 2/3/12)
Pinnacol privatization shelved as officials seek time to ‘fully explore the proposal’ (Denver Post,2/3/12)
Senate committee kills GOP bill aimed at undoing Obamacare-related measure (Denver Post, 2/3/12)
West Slope mayors fighting mad at Lamborn (Denver Post, 2/3/12)
California pot-legalization initiative needs more signatures (Denver Post, 2/3/12)
Colorado Democrats want limits on enterprise zones (Denver Post, 2/2/12)
Laura Bradford’s three-day weekend from hell (ColoradoPols, 2/2/12)
Mark Hillman: Ethics committee in Bradford case sets a ‘terrible precedent’ (Denver Post, 2/2/12)
Hickenlooper, Pinnacol table privatization proposal amid unrelenting opposition (Denver Post,2/2/12)
Colorado Rep. Bradford’s rock-star welcome fizzled (Denver Post, 2/1/12)
CO GOP lawmaker Bradford says she might leave party (Denver Post, 2/1/12)


Colorado Republicans clash on guest-farmworker bill (Denver Post, 1/31/12)
CO House leaders weigh in today on DUI stop (Denver Post, 1/30/12)
New teacher tenure rules closer to approval in Colorado (Denver Post, 1/30/12)
Colorado Coll Poll: Coloradans give Hickenlooper, conservation high numbers (Denver Post, 1/30/12)
CO GOP Hispanic lawmakers rip Obama’s Aurora visit as ‘campaign’ stop (Denver Post, 1/26/12)
Hickenlooper gives blessing to Pinnacol privatization proposal, with a few tweaks (Denver Post,1/26/12)
Colorado unemployment declines to 7.9% in December (Denver Post, 1/24/12)
Lamborn to skip State of the Union (Denver Post, 1/23/12)
Gov. John Hickenlooper aims to engage public with TBD project (Denver Post, 1/23/12)
Tiff over bill sponsorship may be tip of partisan iceberg in CO legislature (Denver Post, 1/22/12)
Colorado legislature faces return of fight over tuition measure for illegal immigrants (Denver Post,1/22/12)
Multi-state personhood push kindles abortion debate (Denver Post, 1/20/12)
CO sec of state orders review of petitions for pot legalization (Denver Post, 1/20/12)
Colorado voters might see two marijuana proposals on ballot (Durango Herald, 1/20/12)
GOP resolution in CO House to repeal federal health care reforms angers Dems (Denver Post, 1/20/12)
Odd couple? CO governor, treasurer are rock-and-roll buddies (Denver Post, 1/20/12)
Republicans propose concealed weapons in schools (Durango Herald, 1/20/12)
State House approves health care repeal plan (Durango Herald, 1/19/12)
Hickenlooper’s second State of the State draws on images of the Colorado West (The Colorado Statesman, 1/16/12)
Lawmakers pledge cooperation — but hard feelings linger (The Colorado Statesman, 1/16/12)
Lobato, non-profit sue state of Colorado (DU Clarion, 1/16/12)
Governor’s plan for Colorado TBD  - literally (Durango Herald, 1/15/12)
State lawmakers prepare to debate variety of bills in 2012 session (CBS Denver, 1/13/12)
Pinnacol privatization raises doubts (Northern Colorado Business Report, 1/13/12)
Hickenlooper names three to Pinnacol board (Northern Colorado Business Report, 1/13/12)
Hickenlooper strikes the right chords (CBS Denver, 1/13/12)
GOP speaker sends Hickenlooper a reminder of what map wars did to his party (Denver Post, 1/13/12)
John Hickenlooper: Hat’s off to Colorado’s entrepreneurial spirit (Westword, 1/13/12)
Hickenlooper sets busy agenda in State of the State address (Denver Business Journal, 1/12/12)
CO. Gov John Hickenlooper’s State of the State speech cheers Tim Tebow, civil unions (Denver Post, 1/12/12)
Prepared text of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s 2012 SOS speech (Denver Post, 1/12/12)
Colorado Republicans want asset test for Medicaid (Denver Post, 1/1/12)

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