The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


CO 2011 Archives

colorado-stampColorado Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives

CO Gov. Hickenlooper maintains popularity, but many say that cannot last (Denver Post, 12/31/11)
Editorial: Lawmakers should fix education funding now (Reporter Herald, 12/29/11)
Powerbrokers host fundraiser for governor (Denver Post, 12/29/11)
Predictions difficult on Lobato education-funding case in Colorado Supreme Court (Denver Post,12/29/11)
Unexpected funds to go to education, says governor (Pueblo Chieftain, 12/29/11)
Revenue forecast brings good cheer (Colorado Statesman, 12/28/11)
Colorado board of education joins school-funding appeal (Denver Post, 12/28/11)
Opinion: Why I voted no on Lobato appeal (Education News Colorado, 12/27/11)
State ed board says it will appeal Lobato decision forcing retool of school finance (Denver Post,12/27/11)
Lobato v. State of Colorado: Resolution gives little guidance for the state to remedy (Huffington Post,12/27/11)
Colo. Republicans start to warm up to new legislative boundaries (Denver Post, 12/24/11)
Dems in redrawn 6th Congressional District weigh how to proceed with primary (Denver Post,12/23/11)
New 6th District in Colorado among nation’s most competitive (Denver Post, 12/22/11)
State vows to appeal school finance ruling (Pueblo Chieftain, 12/22/11)
Governor plans to restore millions for education (KRDO, 12/21/11)
Hick appeals Lobato ruling (Education News Colorado, 12/21/11)
Colorado’s improving budget forecast spreads holiday cheer (Denver Post, 12/21/11)
Colo. lawmakers promise bipartisanship, transparency in 2012 (Summit Daily News, 12/21/11)
Possible restoration of K-12 school budget thrills local officials (Pueblo Chieftain, 12/21/11)
Hickenlooper, state appeal Lobato education-funding decision (Colorado Independent, 12/21/11)
Rosier revenue forecast to change state budget plans (Pueblo Chieftain, 12/21/11)
New district maps prompt two Colorado House members to change plans (Denver Post, 12/20/11)
Hickenlooper plans to restore cuts to education, funding for poor seniors as tax revenues rise (Denver Post, 12/20/11)
Hick makes friends in education (Colorado Springs Independent, 12/20/11)
Job creation is on Guv’s wish list (Colorado Statesman, 12/20/11)
Colorado’s revised budget draws praise, caution (Denver Business Journal, 12/20/11)
Colo. lawmakers mull unexpected revenues, debate restoring cuts to education (Denver Post,12/20/11)
Merry Christmas, CO; State cancels big cuts after rosy revenue forecast (Durango Herald, 12/20/11)
CO budget director says $231M revenue surge will restore cuts (Bloomberg, 12/20/11)
Fallout from Colorado’s new legislative boundaries claims a Democrat (Denver Post, 12/19/11)
Colo. Republicans fear loss of legislative seats held by women from redistricting (Denver Post,12/18/11)
State warms to Winter Olympics bid (Pueblo Chieftain, 12/17/11)
Governor hopes for more bipartisanship (Pueblo Chieftain, 12/17/11)
Colorado lawmakers gather for legislative forum, brace for charged session in 2012 (Denver Post,12/17/11)
Gov. Hickenlooper, lawmakers discuss ‘challenging’ upcoming General Assembly session (Greeley Tribune, 12/16/11)
Gov, state lawmakers, agree jobs and economy to be priority in January (Aurora Sentinel, 12/16/11)
Task force questions Colorado’s share in Pinnacol privatization plan (Denver Post, 12/16/11)
Colo. parties spar on meaning of new state legislative maps, brace for potentially ugly session (Denver Post, 12/13/11)
Colorado business leaders plead for Tipton to reconsider sponsorship of roadless bill (Colorado Independent, 12/13/11)
Coloradans support civil unions 76-23% (Colorado Independent, 12/12/11)
DeGette rallies state civil rights activists to spotlight, counteract new GOP voter laws (Colorado Independent, 12/12/11)
Denver judge’s ruling on school funding levels blisters state’s witnesses (Denver Post, 12/11/11)
Medicaid, seniors’ tax break loom over Colorado’s next budget (Denver Post, 12/11/11)
Douglas County parents overwhelm survey on vouchers (Denver Post, 12/11/11)
Denver judge rules low funding for Colorado schools is “unconscionable” (Denver Post, 12/10/11)
Dem reapportionment maps would open historic number of legislative seats (Colorado Independent,12/10/11)
Editorial: Ruling requires ed funding reset (Denver Post, 12/10/11)
GOP court challenge says CO panel ignored better legislative district maps (Denver Post, 12/9/11)
Colorado’s John Hickenlooper second-most-popular governor, poll says (Denver Post, 12/9/11)
High court affirms maps drawn by Dems (Colorado Statesman, 12/9/11)
Open season on open seats for 2012 legislative races (Colorado Statesman, 12/9/11)
Denver court decision in education suit says Colorado is underfunding schools by billions (Denver Post,12/9/11)
What the Post’s downsizing really means, and a ‘New York’ moment in local TV (Colorado Statesman,12/9/11)
Spaceport status could have Front Range Airport flying high (Denver Post, 12/9/11)
Groups file objections, support briefs for new, Democratic-drawn legislative maps (Denver Post,12/8/11)
Hickenlooper is the second most popular governor in country (Colorado Independent, 12/8/11)
Colorado launches bid for spaceport near Denver (Denver Post, 12/8/11)
Colorado will ask DEA to reschedule marijuana, in recognition of medical value (Colorado Independent, 12/8/11)
Lawmakers turn 2 thumbs way down on movie incentives (Denver Business Journal, 12/8/11)
Colorado will ask DEA to reschedule marijuana, in recognition of medical value (Colorado Independent, 12/8/11)
Video: Gov. John Hickenlooper on fracking (YouTube, 12/7/11)
Colorado officials eye spaceport at Front Range Airport (Denver Business Journal, 12/7/11)
Colorado pursuing spaceport designation (Denver Post, 12/7/11)
Poll: Colorado GOP move toward Gingrich a sure 2012 loser (Colorado Independent, 12/7/11)
Hickenlooper hires Colorado State’s Ajay Menon to head Colorado Innovation Network (Rocky Mountain Collegian, 12/6/11)
State Board of Ed hopeful but realistic on testing funds (Education News Colorado, 12/6/11)
State oil and gas regulators put off decision on fracking chemical disclosure rules (Colorado Independent, 12/6/11)
Colorado officials meet today on hydraulic fracturing chemical disclosure rules (Colorado Independent, 12/5/11)
Budget battle brewing in CO over taxes, Medicaid (AP, 12/5/11)
Hick joins Obama at glitzy Kennedy Center gala (Denver Post, 12/4/11)
Dems win political game of reapportionment (Colorado Statesman, 12/2/11)
Hickenlooper tosses COIN into economic development pool (Colorado Statesman, 12/2/11)
Colorado Obama team already deep into 2012 battle plan (Colorado Independent, 12/2/11)
Colorado Dems enjoyed advantage Republicans lacked in presenting maps for new legislative districts, e-mails show (Denver Post, 11/30/11)
Governor, Denver mayor head to California to drum up business investment (Denver Post, 11/30/11)
Committee OKs Democrats’ map for CO legislative districts (Denver Post, 11/30/11)
Colorado legislative districts opposed by GOP OK’d (Denver Post, 11/29/11)
Colorado unveils alliance to promote innovation (Denver Post, 11/29/11)
Gov. Hickenlooper announces innovation program (Denver Post, 11/28/11)
Colorado voter turnout shows high interest in education reform (Denver Post, 11/26/11)
Merger makes for ’seamless’ land management (Pueblo Chieftain, 11/25/11)
State parks, wildlife head: Water top issue (Pueblo Chieftain, 11/25/11)
Gov. John Hickenlooper wrongly excludes Republican applicants for university board seat (Denver Post, 11/25/11)
2012 Legislature faces Medicaid whammy (Denver Post, 11/24/11)
So what does CO Gov. Hickenlooper thinks about repealing the death penalty? (Denver Post, 11/23/11)
Former CO GOP senator tells party donors to set aside abortion fights (Colorado Statesman, 11/23/11)
Personhood measure heading back to ballot (Colorado Statesman, 11/23/11)
House Dems tap Ferrandino as Minority Leader (Colorado Statesman, 11/23/11)
No easy answer for Medicaid costs (Durango Herald, 11/23/11)
Occupy Denver: Hickenlooper, Hancock called hypocrites at benefit to feed homeless (Westword,11/23/11)
Video: Personhood, killed in Mississippi, may be headed for ballot in Colorado (Colorado Independent, 11/22/11)
Personhood USA again pushes for right-to-life amendment to Colorado Constitution (Denver Post,11/22/11)
Colorado to feel the pain of funding cut after debt panel fails (Denver Post, 11/22/11)
Hick reworks process for public benefits (Pueblo Chieftain, 11/22/11)
Backers of national roadless rule implore Obama to reject Colorado plan (Colorado Independent,11/21/11)
GOP’s Stapleton, Gessler jab Hick (The Colorado Statesman, 11/18/11)
Gessler loses round on campaign reports (Pueblo Chieftain, 11/18/11)
Out Colorado Rep. Ferandino to head House Dems (Colorado Independent, 11/18/11)
Hickenlooper rejects CO GOP call to seek Medicaid waiver (Denver Post, 11/18/11)
Colorado’s high court will hear congressional-redistricting appeal (Denver Post, 11/18/11)
Hickenlooper: Medicaid waivers not a budget option (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/18/11)
CT college students symbolically revoke Hick’s degree over Occupy Denver crackdown (Denver Post,11/17/11)
Three-way fight for state funding (Durango Herald, 11/17/11)
Gessler rule slapped down by judge in campaign finance case (Colorado Independent, 11/17/11)
Activists: EPA fracking findings in Wyoming relevant in Colorado disclosure debate (Colorado Independent, 11/17/11)
State Dept confirms Colorado not being thrown ‘under XL Pipeline bus’ (Colorado Independent,11/17/11)
Legislature’s attorneys say Sec of State Gessler exceeded authority (Denver Post, 11/17/11)
Group calls on Coloradans to occupy the infrastructure (Colorado Independent, 11/17/11)
Colorado Supreme Court rejects newly drawn state legislative districts (Denver Post, 11/16/11)
Douglas County leads GOP charge to appeal new Colorado congressional boundaries (Denver Post,11/16/11)
Defiant Coffman sure to turn to middle in new tossup 6th District (Colorado Independent, 11/15/11)
Anadarko’s billion-barrel oil boom stirs fracking fears along Colorado’s Front Range (Colorado Independent, 11/15/11)
New map may shake up Colorado congressional races (Denver Post, 11/12/11)
State’s draft fracking disclosure rule skewered for ‘trade secret loophole’ (Colorado Independent,11/10/11)
Judge rules in favor or Democratic map in Colorado redistricting (Denver Post, 11/10/11)
Judge smacks Gessler in issue committee case (Colorado Independent, 11/9/11)
Colorado taxpayers subsidize some unusual enterprise-zone donations (Denver Post, 11/8/11)
Sour voters in Denver (Crosscut, 11/7/11)
Report: 70% of residents in Colorado get priority tax status (Durango Herald, 11/6/11)
Tax hike proves to be a losing proposition (Colorado Statesman, 11/4/11)
Commentary: A weak appetite for taxes (Denver Post, 11/4/11)
Pinnacol Assurance proposes becoming private company, would give CO ownership stake (Denver Post, 11/4/11)
Citing embrace of personhood, Dems say Romney candidacy doomed in Colorado (Colorado Independent, 11/4/11)
Pinnacol again seeks to go private; Hickenlooper appoints task force (Denver Business Journal,11/3/11)
Editorial: Leading the way on Colorado budget fixes (Denver Post, 11/3/11)
Road trip: Hickenlooper, Hancock pack bags to woo business (Denver Business Journal, 11/3/11)
Schools face more hard times (Pueblo Chieftain, 11/3/11)
‘A killing field for tax measures’ (Wall Street Journal, 11/3/11)
Election results show Coloradans have a sour taste for tax fixes (Denver Post, 11/2/11)
Colorado voters reject tax hikes for education (Reuters, 11/2/11)
Ed reform and wooing business in Colorado (Denver Post, 11/2/11)
Gov. Hickenlooper wants seniors to forgo tax break again (Denver Post, 11/2/11)
Tax hikes for education in Colorado lose big (Denver Post, 11/2/11)
State’s school measure defeated (Durango Herald, 11/2/11)
More cuts in Hickenlooper budget (Pueblo Chieftain, 11/2/11)
Colorado voters reject raising taxes to support education (LA Times, 11/1/11)
Hickenlooper’s budget plan calls for more funds for eco-devo, less for education (Denver Business Journal, 11/1/11)
Proposed tax hikes headed for defeat in Colorado (Reuters, 11/1/11)
Governor unveils new budget proposal (Pueblo Chieftain, 11/1/11)
Opinion: State budget cuts don’t solve real problems (The Coloradoan, 11/1/11)
Denver sick leave measure loses big (Colorado Independent, 11/1/11)
Hickenlooper budget greeted with caution, reservations (Denver Business Journal, 11/1/11)
Key ’surprises’ in Hick budget (Education News Colorado, 11/1/11)
Hickenlooper proposes budget: Conflict likely with GOP over senior tax break (Denver Post, 11/1/11)
Inactive voters playing major role in Pueblo County election (Colorado Independent, 11/1/11)
Independent review of state fracking rules ignores setbacks, disclosure, critics say (Colorado Independent, 11/1/11)
Colorado voters reject Prop 103 school-funding initiative (Colorado Independent, 11/1/11)

Redistricting doesn’t bug Jared Polis (Denver Post, 10/31/11)
Colorado congressional redistricting suit wraps up (Denver Post, 10/31/11)
Colorado faces nation’s only statewide tax vote to raise taxes for education (Huffington Post, 10/30/11)
Video: Inside the Mile High – Sec of State Scott Gessler (Denver Post, 10/30/11)
Sen. Rollie Heath: ‘I feel good!” (Denver Post, 10/29/11)
Editorial: Will Hick’s pick sway state’s Supreme Court? (Denver Post, 10/28/11)
Colorado ballot totals headed into Election Day’s final weekend (Denver Post, 10/28/11)
EPA tentatively OKs Pinon Ridge plan to store radioactive tailings (Colorado Independent, 10/28/11)
Head of CO’s economic dev office says restructuring will help lure more jobs (Denver Post, 10/28/11)
Colorado’s Prop 103 called national barometer on taxes (Colorado Independent, 10/28/11)
Video: Colorado Supreme Court hears ‘magic words’ political-ads case (Denver Post, 10/28/11)
Backers of Colorado Roadless Rule running out of legal options, enviro attorney says (Colorado Independent, 10/27/11)
Boatright brings family law expertise, ‘intangibles’ to CO Supreme Court (Denver Post, 10/27/11)
CO Office of Economic Dev is restructuring (Denver Post, 10/27/11)
Colorado’s high-profile gays back legislator in primary against gay soldier (Denver Post, 10/26/11)
CO lawmakers prepare to address voter ballot issue raised by Gessler (Colorado Independent, 10/26/11)
Governor beefs up jobs plan (Pueblo Chieftain, 10/26/11)
Governor stays neutral on Prop 103 (Pueblo Chieftain, 10/26/11)
EPA’s Jackson touts Colorado as leader in energy and environmental politics (Colorado Independent, 10/25/11)
Colorado speeds up economic-development plan (Denver Post, 10/24/11)
Hickenlooper talks Prop 103, Obama & Denver school board (KDVR, 10/24/11)
State streamlines business registration (Boulder County Business Report, 10/24/11)
Hickenlooper to sharpen Colorado eco-devo plan (Denver Business Journal, 10/24/11)
Hickenlooper to choose new Supreme Court justice (Denver Post, 10/23/11)
In Colorado, voter anger clouds 2012 choices (Washington Post, 10/22/11)
Colorado redistricting judge unafraid to issue controversial decisions (Denver Post, 10/22/11)
Rep. Coffman testifies in trial over redrawn congressional boundaries (Denver Post, 10/22/11)
Free Speech TV explores Gessler story in light of national trend (Colorado Independent, 10/21/11)
Hickenlooper names long list of board, commission appointments (, 10/21/11)
Liberal groups split on Colorado’s Prop 103 tax-increase measure (Denver Post, 10/21/11)
Opinion: Two bad ideas on your ballot (Denver Post, 10/20/11)
Colorado restructures homeland-security operations (Denver Post, 10/20/11)
Gov. Hickenlooper disbands Homeland Security office (Durango Herald, 10/20/11)
Occupiers draw the wrath of Family Research Council (Colorado Independent, 10/20/11)
Redistricting roulette: Polis, Perlmutter, Tipton testify at ongoing district court trial (Colorado Independent, 10/20/11)
Supporters, foes make cases on Colorado education-tax ballot issue (Denver Post, 10/19/11)
On-shore oil drilling booms in US, some areas of Colorado (Colorado Independent, 10/18/11)
Commentary: Colorado is a Hick state so far (Colorado Springs Gazette, 10/18/11)
Hickenlooper: Similarities between Occupy, Tea Party (Politico, 10/17/11)
Project New West gives Colorado’s Democratic powers a Vegas respite from Occupy Denver (Westword, 10/17/11)
Editorial: Prop 103 misses its mark (Denver Post, 10/16/11)
Colorado’s longtime economic-development efforts start to pay off (Denver Post, 10/16/11)
Editorial: Bad unemployment payments a concern (Denver Post, 10/15/11)
Protest similar to Occupy Denver established case law on closing public parks (Denver Post, 10/15/11)
Gov. Hickenlooper pursued middle ground on ending Occupy Denver encampment (Denver Post, 10/15/11)
Police dismantle Occupy Denver tent city (Pueblo Chieftain, 10/15/11)
Colorado overpaid $305M in benefits (Durango Herald, 10/15/11)
Hick thanks troopers, but gets no GOP love (Denver Post, 10/14/11)
Denver police move on protesters, arrest some (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/14/11)
At least 21 arrested at Occupy Denver protest (Reuters, 10/14/11)
Police, protesters engage in tense staredown overnight near Capitol (Denver Post, 10/14/11)
Vets press Gessler to drop voter ballot case (Colorado Independent, 10/13/11)
Governor boots Occupy Denver out of park (The Denver Channel, 10/13/11)
Republican state senator calls on Hick to ‘end this circus’ and clear tent city (Denver Post, 10/13/11)
Hickenlooper, police to occupiers: It’s time to go (Durango Herald, 10/13/11)
As politicians edge away from Occupy Denver, one state rep. joins the Occupation (Colorado Independent, 10/13/11)
Hick explains camping danger near Capitol, ‘what if a fire sweeps through the tents?’ (Denver Post, 10/13/11)
Occupy Denver continues to protest (Denver Post, 10/12/11)
‘Occupy Aspen’ tries to bring populist protests to posh 1-percent playground (Colorado Independent, 10/12/11)
Occupy Denver has Gov Hick in a tent tizzy (Huffington Post, 10/11/11)
Tom Tancredo solicits support for Alabama immigration law (Colorado Independent, 10/11/11)
Court battle over Colorado congressional maps begins (The Coloradoan, 10/9/11)
Colorado’s eligibility crackdown on Old Age Pension cuts costs (Denver Post, 10/9/11)
Gessler says battle over ballots is not over (Colorado Independent, 10/8/11)
Judge denies injunction in Gessler’s ballot suit (Denver Post, 10/7/11)
Governor highlights innovation on OtterBox stop (The Coloradoan, 10/7/11)
Video: Occupy Denver enters third week with numbers growing and spirits high (Colorado Independent, 10/7/11)
Judge: Denver may send ballots to inactive voters (Denver Post, 10/7/11)

Commentary: Guessing at Gessler’s motive (Denver Post, 10/7/11)
State Sen. Shaffer’s office gets huge records request. But from whom? (Denver Post, 10/7/11)
Hick: Vail Resorts an ‘emblem’ for Colorado (Summit Daily, 10/7/11)
Paid Sick Days campaign ‘outraged’ by Gessler lawsuit against Denver (Colorado Independent, 10/7/11)
Pueblo County clerk joins lawsuit over ballots for inactive voters (Denver Post, 10/6/11)
Scott Gessler is making a name for himself (Colorado Independent, 10/6/11)
Group seeks to intervene in Gessler’s Denver suit (Denver Post, 10/5/11)
Video: Gessler skewered on Rachel Maddow (Colorado Independent, 10/5/11)
Judge asked to rule whether congressional districts must be ‘competitive’ (Denver Post, 10/4/11)
GOP urges opposition to Colorado $3B tax increase (NoCo 5, 10/4/11)
Colorado GOP pressures Hickenlooper, Dems to take position on tax hike (KWGN, 10/4/11)
Dems blast Gardner for accepting Koch cash (Colorado Independent, 10/4/11)
Video: Occupy Wall Street comes home as people Occupy Denver (Colorado Independent, 10/4/11)
Shell’s natural gas play in CO raises issues of local versus state input, control (Colorado Independent, 10/3/11)
Hydraulic fracturing will be discussed at CSU breakfast (The Coloradoan, 10/3/11)
Scientist seeking fracking answers (The Coloradoan, 10/3/11)
GOP sets sights on Colorado Latino vote (RealClearPolitics, 10/1/11)


Gessler stuns again with ‘breathtaking’ stance on issue committees (Colorado Independent, 9/30/11)
Colorado GOP stalls application for federal grant to set up health insurance exchange (Denver Post, 9/30/11)
Pained Ortiz to comply with Gessler order: No ballots for the troops (Colorado Independent, 9/30/11)
CO Rep. Summers calls newest House district map lopsided (Denver Post, 9/29/11)
New audit of online schools gains traction at Colorado Capitol (Denver Post, 9/28/11)
CO GOP leader says Obama pushing jobs plan because he’s worried about his own jobs (Denver Post, 9/28/11)
Obama returns to Colorado with new stimulus pitch (Colorado Springs Gazette, 9/27/11)
New political maps shake up Colorado ski country campaign landscape (Colorado Independent, 9/27/11)
Colorado Republicans to hold presidential caucus one day after Iowa (Colorado Independent, 9/26/11)
State GOP committee moves caucuses up to garner attention (Colorado Springs Gazette, 9/24/11)
Gov. Hickenlooper: Find new ways to market Colorado tourism (Loveland Connection, 9/23/11)
Colorado to lure tourists with adds showing people having fun (Denver Post, 9/23/11)
Gessler lawsuit launched against Denver County sounds voter-suppression alarm bells (Colorado Independent, 9/22/11)
Colorado budget projections show deficit of up to $500M next fiscal year (Denver Post, 9/21/11)
Colorado projects $110M less in revenue as spending slows (Bloomberg, 9/20/11)
Hickenlooper part of NBC education panel (Denver Business Journal, 9/20/11)
Cuts likely as Colorado faces up to $500M deficit (Colorado Springs Gazette, 9/20/11)
Hick’s education council gears up (Education News Colorado, 9/20/11)
Col. treasurer plans to sue state pension fund for access to data (Denver Post, 9/19/11)
Hick noncommittal on tax increase to aid schools (Denver Post, 9/18/11)
If Prop 103 passes… (ColoradoPols, 9/18/11)
Opinion: Hickenlooper sticks to promise (The Coloradoan, 9/17/11)
Editorial: Gessler fundraiser still a bad idea (Denver Post, 9/17/11)
ACLU endorses marijuana legalization in Colorado (Colorado Independent, 9/16/11)
Lone unaffiliated board member proposes 33 competitive districts in CO legislative map (Denver Post, 9/16/11)
Gessler: Media can pay to attend fundraiser (Denver Post, 9/15/11)
Gessler GOP fundraiser now closed to media (Colorado Independent, 9/15/11)
Panel chair: CO legislative maps more competitive (Colorado Springs Gazette, 9/15/11)
GOP says tax hike for schools is a job killer (Durango Herald, 9/15/11)
State skewered for spending taxpayer money to study pricey, private water pipeline plans (Colorado Independent, 9/14/11)
Larimer GOP moves Gessler fundraiser to private home, bars media (Coloradoan, 9/14/11)
Colorado voters may raise taxes by $3B to aid schools (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/12/11)
Hickenlooper blasts Denver’s initiative calling for paid sick leave (Colorado Statesman, 9/12/11)
The notion of Hickenlooper for president is brewing with possibilities (Colorado Statesman, 9/12/11)
Dan Maes blames Tancredo for loss of gubernatorial election (Denver Post, 9/11/11)
Health exchange committees under way (Colorado Springs Gazette, 9/11/11)
Opinion: Governor right to cut through red tape (The Coloradoan, 9/9/11)
Gessler will help raise funds to pay fine he levied against Larimer GOP (Colorado Independent, 9/9/11)
CO teen drops gay marriage initiative (Colorado Independent, 9/8/11)
Hickenlooper: Terror spending records ‘ridiculous’ (Colorado Springs Gazette, 9/6/11)
Opinion: Hickenlooper for president? (Denver Post, 9/4/11)
Newest Colorado redistricting maps might aid Latinos, divide Denver (Denver Post, 9/3/11)
Final arguments expected in CO school funding suit (The Denver Channel, 9/2/11)
Latino map puts Perlmutter and Tipton in same congressional district (Denver Post, 9/2/11)
Colorado state budget researcher: ‘We’re headed off a cliff’ (Colorado Independent, 9/1/11)
Infighting plagues Colorado marijuana legalization bid (Denver Post, 9/1/11)
CO communities, schools getting $54M from tax and mining leases (Forbes, 9/1/11)
Job-growth ideas for Colorado sent to Obama (Denver Post, 9/1/11)
Study says Colorado budget outlook worse than thought and cutting alone won’t fix it (Denver Post, 9/1/11)
Commentary: Colorado’s fresh brew (Washington Post, 8/31/11)
Hickenlooper 2016? Presidential ambitions a maybe for Colorado Gov (Huffington Post, 8/31/11)
Hickenlooper presidential buzz: Some slogans for the 2016 campaign (Westword, 8/31/11)
Failed in Colorado, anti-abortion personhood movement winning in Mississippi (Colorado Independent, 8/31/11)
CO scaling back Medicaid after drastically underestimating numbers, cost (Denver Post, 8/31/11)
2016? Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper in the mix (Politico, 8/30/11)
Push for 2022 Olympics in Denver may face uphill sledding (Denver Post, 8/30/11)
Editorial: 2022 Olympics? Get in the game (Denver Post, 8/30/11)
Republicans, Dems cast Orwellian shadows over state redistricting (Colorado Statesman, 8/29/11)
2022 Colorado Olympic bid comes with slew of environmental, economic concerns (Colorado Independent, 8/29/11)
Colorado school funding trial enters likely final week (Denver Post, 8/28/11)
Ritter’s privately funded CSU post includes PERA retirement credit (Denver Post, 8/28/11)
Denver mayor, Colorado governor ponder run at ’22 Olympics (Denver Post, 8/28/11)
Hancock, Hick taking a look at 2022 CO Winter Olympics bid (Denver Post, 8/27/11)
CO Democrats see proposed redistricting map as a possible way to unseat Coffman (Denver Post, 8/27/11)
Editorial: Not buying Gessler’s line on fines for Larimer GOP (Denver Post, 8/25/11)
With Larimer ruling, Gessler opens door to abuse (Colorado Independent, 8/25/11)
Governor’s office surveying all Colorado workers: Do you like your job? (Denver Post, 8/24/11)
Initiative to raise state taxes for education will appear on Nov. ballot (Denver Post, 8/24/11)
Survey says Coloradans are fed up with oil companies, want more renewables (Colorado Independent, 8/24/11)
Ugly independent political spending in CO tripled in the last election cycle (Colorado Independent, 8/24/11)
Measure to raise taxes for schools will be on ballot Nov. 1 (Colorado Independent, 8/24/11)
Republicans introduce new congressional map; Democrats blister proposal (Denver Post, 8/22/11)
Surprise: CO Democratic Party hates latest GOP congressional map (Colorado Independent, 8/22/11)

Commentary: Party lines, district lines (Denver Post, 8/21/11)
Editorial: Sec State’s forgiving approach to fines on campaign finance irregularities is harmful (The Coloradoan, 8/21/11)
Hickenlooper insists: Health care insurance exchange is apolitical (Colorado Statesman, 8/19/11)
Shaffer-Gardner battle will test Colorado’s transitioning 4th district (Colorado Independent, 8/19/11)
Poll: Swing-state Colorado voters hate debt deal, most blame Congress (Colorado Independent, 8/9/11)
Looming Medicare cuts jeopardize CO nursing homes’ operations, profits (Denver Post, 8/9/11)
Future uncertain if plaintiffs win education-funding Lobato case (Denver Post, 8/7/11)
Colo.-owned insurer cuts ties with state amid tiff (Forbes, 8/5/11)
Hickenlooper gives old idea a new look: privatizing Pinnacol (Denver Post, 8/5/11)
Colo.-owned workers’ comp insurer cuts ties with state after fights over golf trip, spending (Washington Post, 8/5/11)
Pinnacol cancels workers comp coverage on state (Pueblo Chieftain, 8/5/11)
Fracking contamination ‘inconceivable,’ says Hickenlooper — but EPA disagrees (Westword, 8/4/11)
Editorial: Public disclosure of fracking fluids (Denver Post, 8/4/11)
Redistricting meetings begin today (Pueblo Chieftain, 8/4/11)
Reapportionment commission begins statewide hearings today (Colorado Springs Gazette, 8/4/11)
Colorado plans disclosure rules for fracking fluids by end of year (Denver Post, 8/3/11)
Western Slope watchdog groups leery of Hickenlooper oil and gas appointments (Colorado Independent, 8/3/11)
Colorado addresses fracking ‘paranoia’ (UPI, 8/3/11)
Major education groups in CO back proposed state tax hike for K-12 (Denver Post, 8/3/11)
Opinion: Governor should rein in red tape (The Coloradoan, 8/3/11)
Colorado school-funding trial begins in lawsuit against state (Denver Post, 8/2/11)
Hickenlooper to push for fracking disclosure rule despite certainty it doesn’t taint water (Colorado Independent, 8/2/11)
Dem senator turns in petitions to put education tax on Colorado ballot (Denver Post, 8/2/11)
Hickenlooper: Expect fracking-ingredients rule (Denver Business Journal, 8/2/11)

JULY 2011

Colorado lawsuit on education funding goes to trial Monday (Denver Post, 7/31/11)
School-funding lawsuits in other states have had mixed results (Denver Post, 7/31/11)
Governor fills up oil and gas commission (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/30/11)
Gov. Hickenlooper touts economic development at Hayden appearance (Craig Daily Press, 7/30/11)
Colorado party chairmen take on stiff challenges, gear up for election (Denver Post, 7/29/11)
Gessler’s campaign finance rules challenged (Colorado Springs Gazette, 7/29/11)
Lobato v. State of Colorado lawsuit calls for more K-12 funding (Huffington Post, 7/29/11)
Governor tells locals: It’s all about you (Durango Herald, 7/29/11)
‘Pay for Play’ allegations as governor appoints COGCC (KJCT, 7/29/11)
Commentary: Colorado’s rule-making bureaucracy needs more than a timeout (Colorado Statesman, 7/29/11)
Governor announces oil, gas commissioners (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 7/29/11)
CO governor, attorney general stand against education-funding challenge (Denver Post, 7/29/11)
Lawsuit could direct every tax dollar to K-12 (The Denver Channel, 7/28/11)
Video: Hickenlooper – Lobato lawsuit could devastate Colorado (KWGN, 7/28/11)
Colorado GOP may move caucus date up a month (Denver Post, 7/27/11)
Commentary: A tipping point for Democrats on education (Denver Post, 7/25/11)
Cheyenne Frontier Days train heads from Denver to Wyoming rodeo (Denver Post, 7/23/11)
Gov. Hickenlooper’s ‘howdy pardner’ spirit evident today in Wyoming (Denver Post, 7/23/11)
No dice for casino tax cut (Wall Street Journal, 7/22/11)
CO gaming regulators to review tax loophole for casinos (Denver Post, 7/22/11)
Editorial: Open for business (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/21/11)
New CO gaming board seated; no casino-tax action yet (Denver Business Journal, 7/21/11)
Blueprint has narrow focus (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/21/11)
Colorado casino regulators to review tax loophole (Denver Post, 7/21/11)
Gov. Hickenlooper unveils economy blueprint (The Coloradan, 7/21/11)
Hickenlooper’s “Colorado Blueprint” takes shape (Denver Post, 7/21/11)
RNC giving Obama hard time over Hickenlooper’s assessment of 2012 odds (Denver Post, 7/21/11)
Hickenlooper’s economic plan promises to market ‘Colorado brand’ (Summit Daily News, 7/21/11)
Hickenlooper pushes CO plan to make capital available to businesses (Bloomberg, 7/20/11)
Hick’s ‘Colorado Blueprint’ a bottom up approach to economic recovery, more efficient government (Huffington Post, 7/20/11)
Hickenlooper touts statewide economic dev plan in Windsor (Greeley Tribune, 7/19/11)
County specifics help fine-tune Colorado’s economic-development plan (Denver Post, 7/20/11)
Economic survey: Blueprint for robust job growth and less red tape (Greeley Tribune, 7/19/11)
Hickenlooper: Colorado tough for Obama in 2012 (Politico, 7/16/11)
Citizen initiative could force gay marriage showdown in Colorado (Colorado Independent, 7/15/11)
Video: Hickenlooper says ‘No Silver Bullet’ for creating jobs (Washington Post, 7/15/11)
Gay-marriage effort planned for Colorado’s 2012 ballot (Denver Post, 7/15/11)
Job outlook dim in Colorado (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/15/11)
Round table targets red tape – Hickenlooper had requested ‘open forum’ (Longmont Times Call, 7/14/11)
Early state proposal would ramp up rules for child care centers to earn license (Denver Post, 7/12/11)
Colorado job numbers turning around at last (Colorado Independent, 7/12/11)
Business moves to center of school policy debate (Bellingham Herald, 7/12/11)
Colorado casinos clip their taxes through loophole (Denver Post, 7/11/11)
Republicans wondering about the governor (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/9/11)
Democrats launch challenges in CD races (Colorado Statesman, 7/8/11)
Hickenlooper appoints new members to Gaming Commission (Colorado Statesman, 7/8/11)
Tax measure effort for Colorado schools at halfway mark (Denver Post, 7/8/11)
Governor: Fossil finds are ‘a big deal for Colorado’ (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, 7/8/11)
Former Larimer GOP leader surrenders to face theft charge (The Coloradan, 7/8/11)
Governor recognizes 6 Northern Colorado industries for energy savings (The Coloradan, 7/8/11)
Editorial: New gaming panel a good bet (Denver Post, 7/8/11)
Parks, wildlife officials tackle merger; ask for public input (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/8/11)
Hell hath no fury like a Hickenlooper scorned (CBS Denver, 7/7/11)
Governor fires entire gaming commission (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/7/11)
Marijuana legalization effort launched in Colorado today (Colorado Independent, 7/7/11)
Tax break for Colorado casinos spurs resignations (Forbes, 7/7/11)
Marijuana legalization underway in Colorado (Denver Post, 7/7/11)
Parks, wildlife board starts merger (Durango Herald, 7/7/11)
Colorado school-voucher foes seek to block program (Durango Herald, 7/7/11)
Companies pledge less energy use (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/7/11)
Colorado pot push to start today (Durango Herald, 7/7/11)
Wham! Hickenlooper sacks Gaming Commission over casino tax cut (ColoradoPols, 7/6/11)
Hickenlooper replaces gaming commission members (Denver Business Journal, 7/6/11)
Hickenlooper blows up gaming commission (KDVR, 7/6/11)
Arrest warrant issued for embattled ex-Larimer GOP chair Carillo (Colorado Independent, 7/6/11)
Former GOP gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes back in telecommunications (Denver Post, 7/5/11)
Coloradans cast eyes on Amazon battle waging in California (Colorado Independent, 7/1/11)

JUNE 2011

Governor appoints health exchange panel (Pueblo Chieftain, 6/30/11) Q&A: Former Gov. Ritter talks about energy for his new job (Denver Post, 6/26/11) CO gaming regulators to disclose AG advice on casino tax break (Denver Post, 6/24/11) Koch-backed conservative conclave prompts liberal protest (Denver Post, 6/24/11) Colorado casinos bet on expansion (Denver Post, 6/22/11) Pinnacol’s $4.3M golden parachute could change (The Denver Channel, 6/22/11) CO to end fiscal year with $325M more than budgeted (Denver Post, 6/21/11) Denver Chamber praises 2011 legislature (Denver Post, 6/21/11) Hickenlooper seeks to overturn casino tax break (Denver Post, 6/21/11)New casinos, national brand are coming to CO gambling market (Denver Post, 6/21/11) Hickenlooper co-chairs bipartisan governor’s summit (Denver Post, 6/21/11) Casino commission defends tax break, assesses smoking ban’s impact (Denver Business Journal, 6/20/11) In DC, Hickenlooper calls for collaboration to overcome economic problems(Denver Post, 6/20/11) Power to the people, say the people (Colorado Independent, 6/20/11) State’s jobs recovery ‘solid, slow’ (Durango Herald, 6/20/11) Opinion: Tough tax choices in Colorado (Denver Post, 6/19/11) Hickenlooper asks for drought assistance (Colorado Independent, 6/16/11) Pot legalization before Colorado elections panel(Aurora Sentinel, 6/15/11) Hickenlooper is tourism’s secret weapon luring travel bloggers to conference (Westword, 6/15/11) Sec State Gessler proposes rule requiring less frequent disclosure (Colorado Independent, 6/14/11) Groundbreaking solar legislation in Colorado (SolarNovus, 6/12/11) Hickenlooper signs bill to help companies grow(Pueblo Chieftain, 6/10/11) Hickenlooper signs two education bills in Salida (The Mountain Mail, 6/10/11) Hickenlooper signs bill to speed air-quality permits for business(Denver Business Journal, 6/9/11) Hickenlooper on tour to sign bills (Pueblo Chieftain, 6/9/11) Governor signs off on school cuts (Durango Herald, 6/9/11) Hickenlooper bemoans Colorado casino-tax cut (Denver Post, 6/8/11) While Colorado’s economy has grown, jobs are still below 2008 level (Denver Post, 6/8/11) Colorado hedging on commitment to controversial Secure Communities program (Denver Post, 6/8/11) Governor signs bill to merge wildlife, parks agencies (Denver Post, 6/7/11) Colorado regulators cut taxes on casinos; recipients fear added loss of funding (Denver Post, 6/7/11) Hickenlooper on the road for a week (Pueblo Chieftain, 6/6/11) Gov. Hickenlooper keeps out of Denver mayoral race (Denver Post, 6/4/11) Tancredo solicits funds to defend Pearce in recall election (Colorado Independent, 6/3/11) Hickenlooper vetoes children’s health insurance bill (Colorado Statesman, 6/3/11) Hickenlooper approves sweeping changes to medical pot rules (Sky Hi Daily News, 6/3/11) Public testimony begins in reapportionment (Colorado Statesman, 6/3/11) Rove declares Colorado to be key to 2012 (Colorado Statesman, 6/3/11) Hard as it was to pass health exchange, what’s next could be harder (Denver Business Journal, 6/3/11) Hickenlooper signs tax amnesty bill (Denver Business Journal, 6/3/11) Colorado latest sate setting up health exchange (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/2/11) Karl Rove says Colorado crucial for a GOP victory in 2012 (Denver Post, 6/2/11) Colorado moves forward on insurance exchanges(National Journal, 6/2/11) Mired in travel-spending debacle, Pinnacol Assurance’s new board vows major policy changes (Denver Post, 6/2/11) CO Governor vetoes bill to raise child insurance premiums (National Journal, 6/2/11) Hickenlooper vetoes bill raising premiums for some in Colorado health program (Denver Post, 6/1/11) Hickenlooper signs Health Exchange bill (Colorado Independent, 6/1/11) Video: How to fix the Colorado budget? Talk about it (Colorado Independent, 6/1/11) Gov. vetoes health care premiums for poor (Pueblo Chieftain, 6/1/11) Hickenlooper: Time for a new conversation about Pinnacol (Denver Business Journal, 6/1/11) Pinnacol to revise ethics and incentive trip policies (TheDenverChannel, 6/1/11) Opinion: Veto considers harmful impact on children (The Coloradoan, 6/1/11)

MAY 2011

Gov. Hickenlooper vetoes first bill (Durango Herald, 5/31/11) Editorial: McInnis cleared (Pueblo Chieftain, 5/31/11) New Colorado rules not curbing growth of medical-marijuana industry (Denver Post, 5/31/11) Hickenlooper vetoes first bill (Denver Post, 5/31/11) McInnis exonerated? Not so fast, says media blogger (Colorado Independent,5/31/11) Campaign to raise taxes for education uses online strategy to collect signatures (Denver Post, 5/29/11) Conservative author tells CO GOP Obama is against America(Colorado Statesman, 5/27/11) McInnis won’t face discipline over plagiarism charges (Colorado Statesman, 5/27/11) Gessler rulemaking on campaign finance raising eyebrows(Colorado Statesman, 5/27/11) Lawsuit aims to toss TABOR amendment (Colorado Statesman, 5/27/11) America’s Great Outdoors funds three Colorado conservation projects(Denver Post, 5/27/11) Three Colorado conservation projects announced (Colorado Independent, 5/26/11) Report: Colorado could balance budget with a less regressive tax code (Colorado Independent, 5/26/11) Hickenlooper signs unemployment-fund reform (Denver Business Journal, 5/26/11) Hick keeps tax breaks for farmers (Denver Post,5/24/11) Colorado GOP defends Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights targeted in lawsuit (Denver Post, 5/24/11) Hickenlooper signs angel investors bill (Denver Post, 5/23/11) Attorney Regulation Counsel exonerates McInnis in plagiarism case (Colorado Independent, 5/23/11) Hickenlooper urges federal govt to ramp up investigation into murder in Mexico(Westword, 5/23/11) Opinion: Drawing up the districts (Denver Post, 5/22/11) Commentary: Raise taxes, aid education (Colorado Statesman, 5/20/11) 8 initiatives to legalize pot seek spots on 2012 Colorado ballot (Denver Post, 5/20/11) Bills fizzle amidst end of session commotion (Colorado Statesman, 5/20/11) Legislative winners and losers in biz, education, health care (Colorado Statesman, 5/20/11) America’s Tomorrow map underlines folly of Colorado’s Latino-alienating GOP (Colorado Independent,5/19/11) Did Hickenlooper tell Romer to take down ad? (Denver Post, 5/19/11) Drought raises new concerns (Pueblo Chieftain, 5/19/11) Opinion: Legislation right to take on bullying (The Coloradan, 5/18/11) Dem lawmaker launches tax initiative to fund education (Colorado Independent, 5/17/11) Editorial: Ag water forever (Pueblo Chieftain,5/17/11) Opinion: Denver teachers union blocking reform again? (Denver Post, 5/15/11) Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper reflects on first legislative session (Denver Post,5/14/11) Governor’s moderate tone soothed politicians (Pueblo Chieftain, 5/14/11) No dice for redistricting this session (Colorado Statesman, 5/13/11) Video: Hickenlooper: Negative campaign won’t help Denver’s next mayor (KWGN, 5/13/11) Governor, lawmakers laud budget (Pueblo Chieftain, 5/13/11) Anti-prostitution measure for “john schools” heads to Gov. Hickenlooper (Denver Post, 5/13/11) Dem lawmaker will propose legislation allowing commission to handle redistricting (Denver Post, 5/13/11)Hickenlooper bill-signing road trip sportlights child health coverage, auto dealers, beer (Denver Business Journal, 5/13/11) Hickenlooper stays above the fray (Durango Herald,5/13/11) Hickenlooper: Reforming college tenure and state hiring are 2012 priorities (Denver Business Journal, 5/13/11) Opinion: Accountability, transparency key to merger(The Coloradan, 5/13/11) Hickenlooper expected to sign statewide anti-bullying bill (Huffington Post, 5/13/11) Rules review bill at center of last 2011 legislative battle(Colorado Statesman, 5/13/11) Video: Capitol discord a help to Hickenlooper (Denver Post, 5/13/11) Sportsmen concerned about DOW, state parks merger (Loveland Connection, 5/12/11) Hickenlooper jumps the gun on health exchange (Denver Business Journal, 5/12/11) Lawmakers, Hickenlooper agree – session fell short on regulatory reform (Denver Business Journal, 5/12/11) CO House GOP backs down on ‘payday payback’ in tense last day of session (Colorado Independent, 5/12/11) Legislative session ends after House GOP backs down from standoff (Denver Post, 5/112/11) Editorial: Hits and misses under the dome (Denver Post, 5/12/11) Video: Hickenlooper reflects on 1st legislative session (KWGN, 5/12/11) Tough fight on last day of session (Denver Daily News, 5/12/11) GOP concession speeds rules bill to Hickenlooper (Denver Business Journal, 5/11/11) Special session averted as House GOP blinks on rule review (KDVR, 5/11/11) Lawmakers end session with contention, compromise (Colorado Springs Gazette, 5/11/11) Colorado Senate votes against House ‘payday payback’ amendment (Colorado Independent, 5/11/11) Colorado GOP payday gamesmanship stokes already hot partisan fires (Colorado Independent, 5/11/11) Under the Gold Dome: Sine Die, and see you in court (State Bill Colorado, 5/11/11) Colorado regions file economic plans with state this week (Denver Post, 5/11/11) Colorado lawmakers buck some of governor’s budget vetoes (Colorado Springs Gazette, 5/11/11) Teens answer governor’s challenge(Puebloe Chieftain, 5/11/11) Redistricting is ugly for sure, but a look back at Midnight Gerrymander reveals a real donnybrook (Colorado Independent, 5/9/11) Hickenlooper signs business bills (Denver Business Journal, 5/9/11) Opinion: Let’s break redistricting impasse tradition (The Coloradan, 5/8/11) Lawmakers race the clock (Pueblo Chieftain, 5/8/11) Hickenlooper signs 18B budget, but some pieces still in play (Denver Post, 5/7/11) Bid to repeal Colorado adultery law dies (Denver Post, 5/7/11)Commentary: Put the voters first (Denver Post, 5/7/11) Important bills remain as session nears end, lawmakers say (Colorado Springs Gazette, 5/7/11) Video:Hickenlooper planting hope, change in garden (9News, 5/6/11) Redistricting roundup: Chaos in Colorado – compromise nowhere in sight (Ballot News, 5/6/11) Redistricting bills heard while negotiations continue (Colorado Independent, 5/6/11) Colorado GOP, Democrats still far apart on redistricting map (Denver Post, 5/6/11) Legislature passes DOW-State Parks merger (The Coloradan, 5/6/11) Redistricting heads into final week of session (Colorado Statesman, 5/6/11) Dems abandon redistricting plan to split Western Slope (Durango Herald, 5/6/11) Health exchange bill heads to Hickenlooper (KWGN, 5/5/11) Video: School Cuts 101: Gov. Hickenlooper’s plan (KDVR, 5/5/11) CO redistricting bills subject of public hearings (Denver Post, 5/5/11) Aurora lawmaker hopes Hickenlooper can resolve redistricting impasse (Denver Post, 5/5/11) Hickenlooper signs emissions cubs into law (Denver Business Journal, 5/4/11) CO House gives nod to Amazon tax repeal (Durango Herald, 5/4/11) Republicans propose ‘olive branch’ on Colorado redistricting map (Denver Post, 5/4/11) Mapping the future: Colorado deadlocks on redistricting, with plenty at stake (Washington Post, 5/3/11) Governor addresses tough questions (Loveland Connection, 5/2/11) Editorial: Follow Utah’s lead on immigration (Denver Post, 5/1/11)

APRIL 2011

Map wars get ‘radical’? (Denver Daily News, 4/29/11) Colorado water officials announce proposed pact (Denver Post, 4/29/11) Democrats introduce redistricting boundaries(Pueblo Chieftain, 4/29/11) Democratic state senator says his redistricting map offers competition (American Independent, 4/29/11) Mad about Republican tweaking, Heath says Democrat map offers competition (Colorado Independent, 4/29/11) GOP calls democrats’ new Colorado redistricting bill unacceptable (Denver Post, 4/29/11) CO Dems unveil new redistricting bill (Denver Post, 4/28/11) GOP admits skewing Colorado redistricting maps (Denver Post, 4/28/11) Historic water pact counts on cooperation, conservation and reuse (Denver Post, 4/28/11) East Slope-West Slope water agreement aims for ‘peace in our time’ (Sky-Hi Daily News, 4/28/11) Colorado: Proposed water deal could end decades of fighting (Summit County Citizens Voice, 4/28/11) Republicans line up to testify in favor of doomed tax-hike moratorium (Colorado Independent,4/28/11) Editorial: Easy as pie? Bipartisan redistricting failure (Denver Post, 4/28/11) Health exchange bill passes even as debate centers on Affordable Care Act (Colorado Independent, 4/27/11) Federal pot crackdown hits Colorado – memos fly from DOJ to Suthers to Hickenlooper (Colorado Independent, 4/27/11) CO medical-marijuana bill draws US attorney’s warning (Denver Post, 4/27/11) Hickenlooper to sign bill limiting Colorado’s ag tax breaks (Denver Post, 4/27/11) Lt. Gov. Garcia confirmed as Colorado higher-ed chief (Denver Business Journal, 4/26/11) Redistricting bomb blows into partisan pieces (Colorado Independent, 4/26/11) Undocumented students lose in-state tuition vote, but new bill may rise from the ashes (Colorado Independent, 4/26/11) Governor chooses a lobbyist, a mayor, and a Salazar to redraw legislative districts (Colorado Independent, 4/26/11) Legislative deal would offset $22.5 million in K-12 cuts (Denver Post, 4/22/11) Hickenlooper supports competitive redistricting (Colorado Independent,4/21/11) Redistricting committee asks for more time to draw map (Colorado Springs Gazette, 4/21/11) Redistricting panel misses “aha moment” (Denver Post, 4/21/11)Denver, Western Slope reach sweeping water pact (Colorado Independent, 4/21/11) Dan Maes becomes factor in redistricting as talks stall (Colorado Independent, 4/21/11)Four hours of chatter and no new map (KDVR, 4/20/11) With Clear the Bench brief, Sec of State Gessler draws more ethics scrutiny (Colorado Independent, 4/20/11) Slate wiped clean on redistricting, but competitiveness remains a sticking point (Colorado Independent, 4/20/11) Former CO GOP legislator says “yes” to civil unions (Colorado Independent, 4/20/11) Redistricting panel goes back to the drawing board (Denver Post, 4/20/11) Opinion: ASSET bill should be passed in Colorado (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, 4/20/11) Redistricting committee agrees to start new, joint plan (Colorado Springs Gazette, 4/19/11) Gessler’s citizenship voter bill killed in Senate committee(Colorado Independent, 4/19/11) CO House approves business tax-break (Denver Post, 4/18/11) Senate Dems kill voter ID, immigration crackdown proposals (KDVR, 4/18/11) CO Senate President accuses Speaker of running members like they’re his personal agents (Colorado Independent, 4/18/11) Redistricting committee erupts in partisanship (Colorado Independent, 4/16/11) ASSET bill passes CO Senate; faces uncertain future in House (Colorado Independent, 4/15/11) Christian group delivered questionable polling data on civil unions to GOP lawmakers (Colorado Independent, 4/13/11) GOP Speaker names his man for redistricting panel (Colorado Independent,4/12/11) Bill to protect the civil rights of workers fails (Colorado Independent, 4/7/11) House bill could strip millions from state revenue (Colorado Independent, 4/7/11) CO legislators reach budget deal (Denver Post, 4/6/11) Budget fight becomes public (Denver Daily News, 4/6/11) CO lawmakers agree on spending cuts (Summit Daily News,4/5/11) State budget deal struck at last (Durango Herald, 4/5/11) A few business tax breaks restored in CO budget deal (Denver Business Journal, 4/5/11) CO government spending stalemate drags on (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/44/11) K-12 budget cuts may not be as drastic (TheDenverChannel, 4/5/11) Denver archbishop praises lawmakers for killing civil unions bill (Colorado Independent, 4/5/11) Stalemate on Colorado budge continues (Denver Post, 4/5/11) Budget long bill still in dispute — process shrouded in secrecy (Colorado Independent, 4/5/11) What Colorado can teach other states about college vouchers: not much (Colorado Independent, 4/5/11) Colorado water: agriculture, people and ecosystems compete for limited supply (Colorado Independent, 4/4/11) Opinion: Ritter drubbed in debate (Denver Post, 4/4/11) Business tax breaks at issue in Colorado budget debate (Denver Business Journal, 4/4/11) Hickenlooper meets with West Slope water leaders (Vail Daily, 4/3/11) Editorial: Amy Stephens vs. Amy Stephens (Denver Post, 4/2/11) Commentary: House failed Coloradans on civil unions (Denver Post, 4/1/11) Same-sex civil unions defeated in Colorado Legislature (Reuters, 4/1/11)Editorial: On the wrong side of history (Denver Post, 4/1/11) Quiet Republicans quash Colorado civil unions bill (Colorado Independent, 4/1/11) GOP shoots down civil unions(Denver Daily News, 4/1/11) House panel kills CO civil unions bill on party-line vote (Denver Post, 4/1/11) Hickenlooper: ‘Civil rights, just like civil unions, should apply to everyone equally’ (Colorado Independent, 4/1/11) Bipartisan health agreement unravels in Colorado (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/1/11) Co-sponsor’s amendment called ‘poison pill’ for state insurance exchanges (Denver Post, 4/1/11) Dem calls GOPers’ amendment ‘poison pill’ as healthcare bill passes out of committee (Colorado Independent,4/1/11) Hickenlooper backs ‘fracking,’ with caveat (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 4/1/11) Hickenlooper: State should encourage natural gas development (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, 4/1/11)

MARCH 2011

RSCC exodus continues with Conti calling it quits (Colorado Independent, 3/31/11) CO Governor hits the road with ‘bottom-up’ business plan (New West, 3/31/11) Hick’s Rx: Less regulation, more broadband (Summit Daily News, 3/31/11) Governor wants to hear your ideas to improve economy (Aspen Times, 3/31/11) Showdown on civil unions set for Thursday (KWFN, 3/30/11) Colorado abuzz over beer bill (Wall Street Journal, 3/30/11) Ten legislators abandon controversial Republican Study Committee (Colorado Independent, 3/29/11) Editorial: Top talent for state’s top jobs (Denver Post, 3/29/11) Does Colorado have to cut education? The answer is No (Huffington Post, 3/29/11)Opinion: Grocery beer sales could harm small business, craft brewers (The Coloradan, 3/29/11) About 100 senior managers in CO government must reapply for jobs (Denver Post, 3/29/11) Colorado concussions law most far-reaching in country (Forbes, 3/29/11) The Republican dilemma: CO civil unions debate spotlights conservative-politics fault line (Colorado Independent, 3/28/11) Emails show lobbying of Hick by brewers started early (Denver Post, 3/28/11) CO Senate support Lt. Gov Garcia in dual role (Pueblo Chieftain, 3/26/11) Opinion: State parks and wildlife merger is a bad idea (Denver Post, 3/25/11) State officials talk with residents about the economy (Loveland Connection,3/25/11) CO Senate gives initial OK to civil-unions bill (Denver Post, 3/24/11) Exchange healthy for state? (Denver Daily News, 3/22/11) Bipartisanship key to new Colorado health initiative (The, 3/22/11) Bill introduced to create health care exchange (Colorado Springs Gazette, 3/22/11) Hickenlooper highlights innovation, business at Boulder speech (Daily Camera, 3/21/11) Video: Q&A with Gov. Hickenlooper (Daily Camera, 3/21/11) One tax plan initiative pulled, another amended to become permanent (Denver Post, 3/21/11) Groups express concern about DOW, state parks merger (Loveland Connection, 3/21/11) Colorado economy climbing ‘sand dune’, forecasters say (Colorado Independent, 3/19/11) Video: MoveOn rally speakers challenge Hickenlooper/Republicans (Colorado Independent, 3/16/11) Tancredo to speak at John Birch Society event (Colorado Independent, 3/16/11) Push and pull over same-sex marriage in legislatures around the country (Colorado Independent, 3/14/11)Immigration measures flounder from one state to the next (Colorado Independent, 3/14/11) GOP Senator casts key vote in favor of civil unions bill (Colorado Independent,3/8/11) Video: Religious right calls for tough love in denouncing civil unions legislation (Colorado Independent, 3/8/11) GOP redistricting bill sparks protest by state House minority leader (Colorado Independent, 3/4/11) Redistricting bill infuriates Dems (Denver Post, 3/4/11) Video: Hickenlooper as the anti-Scott Walker (or anti-Nikki Haley!)(Colorado Independent, 3/1/11) Colorado minority groups look for greater representation in redistricting (Colorado Independent, 3/1/11) Hickenlooper says ‘probably not’ to Heath Initiative while signing bills (Colorado Independent, 3/1/11)


Democratic Senator calls for new tax initiative to fund education in Colorado (Colorado Independent, 2/28/11) Colorado’s business leaders offer advice to Gov. Hickenlooper(Denver Post, 2/25/11) Unions rally in Colorado, clash with tea party (The Coloradan, 2/23/11) Hickenlooper names Pinnacol critic to its board (Denver Post, 2/23/11)Commentary: Two cheers for Hickenlooper’s budget (Summit Daily, 2/22/11) Governor seeks to ‘restore credibility’ of Pinnacol board (State Bill Colorado, 2/22/11)Education cuts to hurt all, economist says (Pueblo Chieftain, 2/22/11) Colorado Democrats split over governor’s proposed education cuts (Denver Post, 2/22/11) Opinion:Governor refuses to use bully pulpit on reform (The Coloradan, 2/22/11) On school spending, CO Dems battling each other (Bloomberg, 2/22/11) Dems scrounge to avoid school cuts (Durango Herald, 2/21/11) Hickenlooper touts bottom-up economic development planning (Longmont Times-Call, 2/19/11) Could Colorado see similar unrest like Wisconsin? (9News, 2/18/11) Hickenlooper: ‘we have to deal with a $1-Billion shortfall’ (LA Times, 2/17/11) Dem senate leader says Hickenlooper budget won’t stand (Colorado Independent, 2/17/11) Hickenlooper slashes K-12; Dems say it’s time to consider tax increases (Colorado Independent, 2/16/11) Civil unions bill would generate millions for depleted Colorado coffers (Colorado Independent, 2/16/11) Hickenlooper plan to slash school funding draws fast response from education group (Colorado Independent,2/16/11) Hickenlooper proposes Colo. budget with broad, deep cuts (Denver Post, 2/15/11) House bill proposes mail-only ballots for state elections (Denver Post, 2/10/11) AZ-style immigration bill stalls; other immigration-related bills on docket (Colorado Independent, 2/10/11) As civil unions bill moves forward, polls show strong public support(Colorado Independent, 2/10/11) Several cabinet members to bunk at governor’s mansion (Denver Post, 2/10/11) The race to succeed Wadhams: A contest of God, guns and guts (Colorado Independent, 2/9/11) AZ-style immigration bill will die today (Colorado Independent, 2/9/11) ‘Tired of the nuts,’ GOP chair steps aside (Politics Daily, 2/8/11)In Colorado, concealed carry for everyone (Colorado Independent, 2/8/11) Immigration bill to get ax- has too many constitutional questions (Durango Herald, 2/8/11)Wadhams drops bid for re-election as Colorado GOP chairman (Denver Post, 2/8/11) Liberal group resubmits ballot initiative aiming to raise taxes and revenues (Denver Post,2/5/11) Governor gathers ideas on economy (Denver Post, 2/5/11) Oil-gas trade group drops suit over state drilling rules (Denver Post, 2/4/11) Governor wants ‘flatter, fairer’ business taxes (Durango Herald, 2/4/11) SOS Gessler will not moonlight (Colorado Independent, 2/2/11) New Sec of State rules out toiling at old firm too (Denver Post,2/2/11) Number of unauthorized immigrants is down sharply in CO (Colorado Independent, 2/2/11) Dem lawmakers question whether civil unions bill will get fair hearing in the House (Colorado Independent, 2/2/11) Budget battle continues between House GOP and Senate Dems (Colorado Independent, 2/1/11)


Budget bickering moves to Senate, where Dem leader restores funds cut by GOP (Colorado Independent, 1/31/11) Smart strategy will lean on broad public support to pass civil unions bill (Colorado Independent, 1/31/11) Audio: Hickenlooper prepares for State of the State (NPR, 1/30/11) Governor touts far-ranging top staff (Pueblo Chieftain,1/28/11) Hickenlooper says water is Colorado’s most important natural resource (Colorado Independent, 1/28/11) Gessler pushes for citizenship proof when voters register(Denver Post, 1/28/11) CO economic development chief to moonlight with development firm (Denver Post, 1/28/11) ‘Poor’ Scott’s moonlighting madness (Colorado Statesman,1/28/11) Government watchdog group files open records request on Gessler, Stapleton moonlighting (Colorado Independent, 1/27/11) Partisan posturing sets a combative tone in CO House (Colorado Independent, 1/27/11) Dems quash CO voter-registration bill, call it costly and unconstitutional (Colorado Independent, 1/27/11) Tourism pleads its case to avoid budget cuts (Denver Post, 1/25/11) Tancredo plays down GOP tensions, points supporters to Jihad watch screed (Colorado Independent, 1/25/11) After criticism, CO Sec of state vows to disclose clients if he moonlights (Denver Post, 1/25/11) Newly-empowered GOP House majority rules Dems out of order (Denver Post, 1/25/11)Editorial: Recovery by a thousand cuts (Denver Post, 1/23/11) New Sec of State will moonlight – salary not enough (Denver Post, 1/22/11) Can Hickenlooper break the logjam? (Denver Business Journal, 1/21/11) Opinion: Cooperative tone in Denver — for now (Grand Junction Free Press, 1/21/11) Governor’s charm woos GOP (Durango Herald, 1/21/11) Dem state Sen introduces bill to study health care cooperative (Colorado Independent, 1/20/11) Latino Republicans and immigrant rights groups react with fury to immigration bill (Colorado Independent, 1/20/11) Tom Tancredo says he’s going to be a Republican again (Colorado Independent, 1/19/11) Colorado voter registration bill is a solution in search of a problem, critics say (Colorado Independent, 1/19/11) Dick Wadhams to seek 3rd term as CO GOP chair (Denver Post, 1/18/11) Hickenlooper earns praise from business interests, environmentalists (Colorado Independent, 1/13/11) Republicans take charge of CO House and call for cuts to taxes and services (Colorado Independent, 1/13/11) Hickenlooper sworn in as 42nd governor (Colorado Independent, 1/11/11) Latino Republican anti-bigotry campaign draws anger CO GOP response(Colorado Independent, 1/11/11) GOP, state budget director talk business (Pueblo Chieftain, 1/7/11) Suit filed to overturn Colorado marijuana laws (Colorado Independent,1/6/11) Hickenlooper names ex-Rep Salazar to his Cabinet (Denver Post, 1/6/11) Audio: New budget chief pledges bipartisanship (KUNC, 1/6/11) The John Hickenlooper Exception (New York Times, 1/5/11) Hickenlooper taps labor activist to head department (Bloomberg, 1/4/11) Hickenlooper to name Bill Owens’ Budget Director to post(ColoradoPols, 1/4/11) On the way out, Ritter takes a controversial step (New York Times, 1/4/11) Latino Republicans court GOP defector Hasan (Colorado Independent,1/3/11) Democratic lawmakers eye tougher campaign finance, ethics laws this session (Colorado Independent, 1/3/11)

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