The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


CO 2010 Archives


Colorado Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives

GOP backs off on energy rules (Daily Camera, 12/31/10)
Incoming SoS had no role in cutting client’s campaign-finance fine, official says (Denver Post, 12/31/10)
Redistricting panelists named (Denver Post, 12/31/10)
Colorado lawmakers hope to avoid redistricting fiasco with bipartisan hearings (KDVR, 12/30/10)
The year that was 2010 in Colorado politics (Denver Daily News, 12/30/10)
5 Dems, 5 Republicans to look at congressional boundaries (Denver Post, 12/30/10)
Ritter’s most lasting legacy could be expanding health care coverage (Denver Post, 12/27/10)
Hickenlooper’s main course: adaptability (Pueblo Chieftain, 12/27/10)
Ritter looks back at tenure’s highs and lows (Denver Post, 12/26/10)
Hickenlooper’s picks leave fewer moderates in Legislature (Denver Business Journal, 12/22/10)
Back to the partisan drawing board? (Denver Post, 12/22/10)
Hick taps GOP senator to lead CO Tourism Office (Denver Post, 12/22/10)
Incoming governor downplays concerns about military flights (Trinidad Times, 12/21/10)
Opinion: Hick can help fix ag-tax law (Denver Post, 12/20/10)
Pro-business in a dismal economy helps, but Hick faces budget-slashing nightmare (Colorado Independent, 12/20/10)
Measured approach to redistricting tried (Denver Post, 12/17/10)
Redistricting process goes bipartisan (Colorado Statesman, 12/17/10)
Ag label lands Hick a lower tax (Denver Post, 12/17/10)
Ritter says he’s changed the state after only one term (Bloomberg, 12/14/10)
Challenges, opportunities outlined by gov-elect committees (The Denver Channel, 12/13/10)
Hick thumbs nose at ethics law (Denver Daily News, 12/10/10)
Hickenlooper supports Obama-GOP tax deal (Colorado Independent, 12/10/10)
Somos Republicans seeks to shape CO immigration debate (Colorado Independent, 12/10/10)
CO GOP loses Hasan (Colorado Independent, 12/9/10)
Water tops priorities of newly electd state, federal officials (Greeley Tribune, 12/9/10)
Nearly one-third of donations to Maes’ campaign went to reimbursing his family (Denver Post, 12/8/10)
Hickenlooper ponders state’s finances (Pueblo Chieftain, 12/7/10)
Opinion: Election openness overdue (Denver Post, 12/5/10)
Hickenlooper transition takes unconventional approach (Pueblo Chieftain, 12/3/10)
Hickenlooper seeks ideas, suggests cuts (Colorado Springs Gazette, 12/1/10)
Tancredo doesn’t hate the player, just the game (Denver Post, 12/1/10)

GOP immigration meeting featured radical right groups with supremacist ties (Colorado Independent, 11/30/10)
GOP lawmakers want  AZ-style immigration law (Pueblo Chieftain, 11/30/10)
CO immigration issues take center stage this week (Huffington Post, 11/29/10)
Tancredo would be ‘happy to register as a Republican’ (Colorado Independent, 11/29/10)
CO Dem files bill requiring disclosure of donations to 527s (Colorado Independent, 11/29/10)
Both sides of oil- and gas-drilling debate hope Hick listens to them (Denver Post, 11/28/10)
After losing third party run Tancredo calls for GOP unity (The Hill, 11/26/10)
Hick vows to be a better neighbor (Denver Post, 11/26/10)
Legislator to serve as Hickenlooper’s Capitol lobbyist (Denver Post, 11/24/10)
Lambert to introduce AZ-style immigration bill in Colorado (Colorado Independent, 11/24/10)
How to vet a candidate, by Dan Maes (Denver Post, 11/24/10)
GOP Chair Wadhams fends off critics, weighs future (Colorado Independent, 11/24/10)
Liberal groups worried about incoming SOS’s history of voter suppression efforts (Colorado Independent, 11/23/10)
Hick in CO Springs – troops key to success (Colorado Springs Gazette, 11/22/10)
Editorial: The power of the Hispanic voter in the West (New York Times, 11/22/10)
Tancredo and Curry: forever linked in destruction of two-party system? (Colorado Independent, 11/22/10)
Hick’s brain trust gets earful in CO Springs (Colorado Springs Gazette, 11/20/10)
GOP wins CO House majority by 197 votes (ColoradoPols, 11/18/10)
Coloradans offer suggestions for gov-elect (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/18/10)
Opinion: With Major-party power comes great responsibility (Denver Post, 11/18/10)
Election stings major parties (Durango Herald, 11/18/10)
Colorado: A model for 2012 (SkyHiDailyNews, 11/17/10)
Tancredo asks a Mexican (Denver Daily News, 11/17/10)
Ritter defends federal health care law to business leaders (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/17/10)
Tancredo goes after Owens for joining Hick’s transition team (Denver Daily News, 11/16/10)
Editorial: Promising signs for 2011 Legislature (Longmont Daily Times Call, 11/15/10)
Tancredo calls out Republicans, urges no compromises (Colorado Independent, 11/15/10)
Hickenlooper transition teams holding statewide meeting Saturday (State Bill Colorado, 11/12/10)
Maes blames GOP bosses for loss (Colorado Springs Gazette, 11/12/10)
Maes fires back, blames GOP machine, Tancredo for loss (Denver Daily News, 11/12/10)
American Constitution Party becomes CO’s third major party thanks to Tancredo (KDVR, 11/12/10)
Owens: It’s my ‘civic duty’ to help Hick (Denver Post, 11/9/10)
Defeated Tancredo not sure he’ll return to GOP fold (Talking Points Memo, 11/8/10)
Republicans’ midterm wave didn’t drown Colorado Dems (Politics Daily, 11/8/10)
Hickenlooper taps Owens to co-chair transition team (Huffington Post, 11/8/10)
Latino vote may have been under-counted in polling (Colorado Independent, 11/8/10)
Hickenlooper is on the Capitol learning curve (Denver Post, 11/7/10)
Public polls dead wrong on dead heat for governor (Pueblo Chieftain, 11/7/10)
Contented Tancredo weighs his political future (Denver Post, 11/6/10)
Will Hickenlooper really be pro-business, or Ritter Redux? (Huffington Post, 11/5/10)
Anti-tax activist says Coloradans ‘bamboozled’ on Props 60, 61 and 101 (Colorado Springs Gazette, 11/5/10)
Palin and Tancredo mocked by former Bush speechwriter (Colorado Independent, 11/5/10)
Last-minute Rocky Mountain “Hi” as Sarah Palin backs Tancredo (LA Times, 11/1/10)
Delusion and disillusion – Maes has already become a politician (Colorado Independent, 10/29/10)
Upbeat Hickenlooper rallies Western Slope voters on bus tour (Denver Post, 10/29/10)
AZ immigrants rights supporters hold forums on CU campuses (Colorado Independent, 10/29/10)
Denver Post slams Tancredo to the mat (Colorado Independent, 10/28/10)
A worn Maes makes last pitches as clock winds down (Denver Post, 10/28/10)
Editorial: Colorado can’t afford to elect Tancredo (Denver Post, 10/28/10)
Hick’s vow against attack ads resonates in guber race (New York Times, 10/28/10)
Tancredo adds racial reference to controversial 2008 Obama quote (Denver Post, 10/28/10)
Tancredo’s quiet rise in Colorado (Politico, 10/27/10)
Is Tom Tancredo Colorado’s next governor? (Christian Science Monitor, 10/27/10)
538 Forecast – Live, automated polls split on Tancredo’s chances (New York Times, 10/27/10)
Can Tancredo pull off the upset of an upset-filled season? (Daily Caller, 10/27/10)
Conservative group calls out Hickenlooper on public safety (Denver Post, 10/26/10)
Tancredo within three points in latest Public Policy Polling (Huffington Post, 10/25/10)
Editorial: No excuse for Denver police slowdown (Denver Post, 10/24/10)
Gubernatorial debate is most combative yet (Denver Post, 10/23/10)
Maes declines alleged payment to end race, calls Tancredo a ‘thug’ (Denver Post, 10/19/10)
GOP fears losing major party status in Colorado (Washington Post, 10/19/10)
Tancredo celebrates rising poll numbers, mocks GOP (Colorado Independent, 10/18/10)
Phone survey results on gas drilling fly in face of Maes, Tancredo (Colorado Independent, 10/18/10)
In CO Senate race, big coffers mean slew of negative ads (Washington Post, 10/18/10)
Maes’ tallying of campaign finances chaotic, former advisers say (Denver Post, 10/15/10)
Immigration, budget dominate CO guber debate (Denver Post, 10/14/10)
Maes: I stand behind my resume, which is still wrong (Colorado Independent, 10/14/10)
Tancredo reckons with Tea Party phenomenon (Colorado Independent, 10/14/10)
Hickenlooper blasted for not being hip on hemp (Colorado Springs Gazette, 10/13/10)
Tom Tancredo, reading the political moment (Denver Post, 10/13/10)
GOP a minor party? If it happens in CO, petition process could be a major headache (Westword, 10/12/10)
Maes blames his supporters for believing in him (Denver Post, 10/12/10)
Maes runs on sales savvy (Denver Post, 10/12/10)
Hick’s business sense helps form shrewd style (Denver Post, 10/11/10)
Can either Tancredo or Maes win? (Denver Daily News, 10/11/10)
Maes always prepared with a backup plan (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 10/9/10)
Tancredo declares he can win gov race (Fort Morgan Times, 10/8/10)
RNC Chief Steele warns Republicans about complacency (Colorado Statesman, 10/8/10)
Maes: “Not going anywhere!” (Denver Post, 10/8/10)
Hickenlooper up 14, Tancredo consolidating GOP support in latest poll (Huffington Post, 10/7/10)
Maes talks to Tancredo about campaign (Colorado Springs Gazette, 10/7/10)
Editorial: Create level playing field for all political parties (Denver Post, 10/6/10)
Failed in other states, Personhood USA makes CO a national battleground (Colorado Independent, 10/6/10)
Gubernatorial candidates address conservation issues (Colorado Independent, 10/6/10)
Tancredo turns on Hickenlooper in latest CO guber debate (Denver Post, 10/6/10)
Campaign finance reports have Hickenlooper far ahead (Denver Post, 10/6/10)
Big showing by Tancredo could hurt GOP and adopted third party (Denver Post, 10/5/10)
Can Tom Tancredo make it a race? (RealClearPolitics, 10/5/10)
Hickenlooper increases fundraising lead (Colorado Independent, 10/5/10)
Tancredo seeks to drive wedge between Maes and the Tea Party (Colorado Independent, 10/4/10)
Transportation a backburner issue, but state roads, bridges keep crumbling (Colorado Independent, 10/4/10)
Hickenlooper leads in poll but lacks clear majority (Denver Post, 10/3/10)
Maes, Tancredo fallout could handcuff future GOP fundraising (ColoradoPols, com, 10/1/10)
Maes: ‘Big Three’ passage would mean ‘cutting to the bone’ (Colorado Independent, 9/30/10)
Tancredo unleashes hounds of hell (Colorado Independent, 9/30/10)
In the West, it’s always about the water (Colorado Independent, 9/28/10)
In governor’s race, GOP becoming a third party (Politico, 9/28/10)
Maes’ KS police personnel file details investigation, missteps (Denver Post, 9/28/10)
Tancredo uses footage from RGA ad in latest attack on Hickenlooper (Huffington Post, 9/28/10)
Hickenlooper promises to bolster business climate in Colorado (Colorado Independent, 9/27/10)
Water use in the Southwest heads for a day of reckoning (New York Times, 9/27/10)
Tancredo offers ‘third gyration’ on ‘Bad Three’ anti-tax measures (Colorado Independent, 9/27/10)
Gubernatorial candidates keep budget ideas at arm’s length (Denver Post, 9/26/10)
Maes calls Tancredo a fraud, Hickenlooper a liberal (Colorado Statesman, 9/26/10)
Next governor will grapple with budget shortfalls, more (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 9/26/10)
Maes, Tancredo trade barbs at debate (Denver Post, 9/26/10)
Candidates alter their stances on hot topics (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 9/25/10)
Commentary: All Republicans need to get on board (Denver Post, 9/25/10)
Tancredo calls for legalizing marijuana (Colorado Independent, 9/25/10)
Hickenlooper’s bipartisan supporters convene under one big tent (Colorado Statesman, 9/24/10)
Poundstone says she still hasn’t been paid back by Maes (Colorado Independent, 9/23/10)
Opinion: Tancredo’s unlikely path to victory (Denver Post, 9/23/10)
Tancredo’s support for three anti-tax ballot measures fades (Denver Post, 9/23/10)
Dan Maes lashes out at Tancredo (Huffington Post, 9/23/10)
Poll: Maes fading fast; Hickenlooper maintains strong lead (Colorado Independent, 9/23/10)
September donations plunge for Maes (Denver Post, 9/22/10)
Editorial: A lack of vision on state budget (Denver Post, 9/22/10)
Tancredo hauling in the bucks – but still trails Hickenlooper badly (Colorado Independent, 9/22/10)
CO Dems’ ad strategy worked – weak Tea Party candidate won primary (Politics Daily, 9/22/10)
Tancredo calls for special session on budget; Ritter says no (Colorado Independent, 9/21/10)
Larger shortfall looms in CO budget, and schools are likely to feel the pain (Denver Post, 9/21/10)
“Bad Three” tax cutting ballot proposals grabbing national attention (Colorado Independent, 9/21/10)
Maes backers question Tancredo’s conservative principles (Colorado Independent, 9/21/10)
Tax cuts on Colorado ballot stir alarm (New York Times, 9/20/10)
Hickenlooper meets with vets, hears concerns, pledges help (Colorado Independent, 9/20/10)
Opinion: Hickenlooper acts like a rich guy on his taxes (Denver Post, 9/19/10)
Gubernatorial candidates outline fix for economy (Pueblo Chieftain, 9/18/10)
Tancredo faults Hickenlooper for loss of Frontier Airlines facility (Denver Post, 9/18/10)
Maes encounters stony silence at Club 20 debate (Colorado Statesman, 9/17/10)
Maes, Hickenlooper: New governor faces hard times (Pueblo Chieftain, 9/17/10)
In guv debate, Tancredo reverses support for anti-tax initiatives (Colorado Independent, 9/17/10)
Editorial: Coloradans deserve robust debates with top candidates (Denver Post, 9/17/10)

Gubernatorial forum covers many issues (Denver Daily News, 9/17/10)

Editorial: Voters better served if Tancredo on ballot (Denver Post, 9/16/10)

Maes repayment of Poundstone draws more campaign finance scrutiny (Colorado Independent, 9/16/10)

Maes fined another $3K for campaign violations (Colorado Independent, 9/16/10)

CO’s GOP leadership rallies around Maes, Wadhams, with a few exceptions (Colorado Independent, 9/15/10)

GOP establishment walks away from Maes (LA Times, 9/15/10)

Tancredo ruled a legal candidate (Colorado Independent, 9/14/10)

GOP split on whether to punish members who support Tancredo (Denver Post, 9/14/10)

Tancredo’s first TV ad bashes Maes (Denver Post, 9/14/10)

Tancredo pulls ahead of Maes in race for ‘first loser’ (Denver Post, 9/14/10)

Hick still leads big as Tancredo surpasses Maes (Colorado Independent, 9/14/10)

GOP desire for an uncontested primary leads to trainwreck (Colorado Independent, 9/14/10)

CO Republicans oppose tax-cutting initiatives (, 9/13/10)

Hick’s wife talks immigration, coffee with Tancredo (Colorado Independent, 9/12/10)

Tancredo, barred from debate, plans to protest outside (Denver Post, 9/11/10)

Western Slope group blocks Tancredo from Sat. debate (Denver Post, 9/10/10)

Maes shoots back at his critics (Durango Herald, 9/10/10)

In CO governor race, business favoring Hickenlooper (Denver Business Journal, 9/10/10)

Hickenlooper out of line on illegal immigration, foes say (Denver Post, 9/10/10)

Study: Tancredo-backed bill would increase illegal population (Colorado Independent, 9/9/10)

For Maes, red bikes still a green menace (Huffington Post, 9/8/10)

Tancredo picks up endorsement of 20 GOP leaders (Huffington Post, 9/8/10)

Reminder: Hickenlooper owns gubernatorial race (, 9/8/10)

Hickenlooper’s ties to left-wing Chinook Fund (Denver Post, 9/8/10)

Poll: Hickenlooper leading in conservative Colorado Springs (Colorado Independent, 9/8/10)

Tancredo outraises Maes 4-1; RGA done giving Maes money (Colorado Independent, 9/8/10)

Ritter appoints gay Latina to Supreme Court (Colorado Independent, 9/8/10)

Hickenlooper defends role in Chinook Fund, says social justice not controversial (Denver Westword, 9/7/10)

Hickenlooper, Maes slate 9 debates (Politico, 9/7/10)

GOP lawsuit aims to remove Tancredo from ballot (Denver Post, 9/7/10)

The GOP’s great governor giveaway (Denver Post, 9/5/10)

Opinion: Hickenlooper ought to reveal donations (Denver Post, 9/5/10)

Ken Buck withdraws support for Maes (Huffington Post, 9/3/10)

Gov candidates vary widely on tax slashing amendments (Colorado Independent, 9/3/10)

With Dan Maes in CO governor race, can GOP just get along? Nope (Christian Science Monitor, 9/3/10)

Sept 3, 2010: The day the Colorado GOP changed forever (, 9/3/10)

Maes defies state GOP by staying in guber race (Colorado Independent, 9/3/10)

Defiant Maes stays in race as state GOP, top business leaders pull support (Colorado Statesman, 9/3/10)

Maes, Tancredo both staying in governor’s race (Denver Post, 9/3/10)

GOP heat is on to get Maes out of race by Friday (Colorado Independent, 9/2/10)

Tancredo says he’s pulled in $200K since July (Colorado Independent, 9/2/10)

Maes’ claims of undercover police work disputed by KS authorities (Wichita Eagle, 9/2/10)

Tancredo, Maes oppose bilingual ballots despite federal law (Colorado Independent, 9/2/10)

Maes, RGA meet in DC (Huffington Post, 9/1/10)

Water analysts refute Maes’ claim about who owns the water rights (Colorado Independent, 9/1/10)


Just how deep are the Tea Party’s grassroots? (Colorado Independent, 8/31/10)

Maes on Steele: Many in CO do support AZ-style law (Colorado Independent, 8/24/10)

Tancredo spokesman says he can win even with Maes in race (Colorado Independent, 8/23/10)

Maes called a liar by woman who says she lent him mortgage money (Colorado Independent, 8/23/10)

Freda Poundstone gave Maes money – now it’s payback time (Denver Westword, 8/20/10)

Worker, pro-choice groups sound warning on Maes-Williams ticket (Colorado Independent, 8/20/10)

Statesman draws curtain on GOP effort to oust Maes (Colorado Independent, 8/20/10)

Editorial: Behind the scenes of the GOP/Tancredo/Maes mess (Colorado Statesman, 8/20/10)

Maes points to conservative poll for evidence he can win (Colorado Independent, 8/19/10)

Maes refuses to leave guber race (Denver Post, 8/19/10)

Tancredo to Maes: I’ll stop out if you drop out (Huffington Post, 8/18/10)

Hickenlooper hits the showers for first ad (Huffington Post, 8/18/10)

Maes picks former lawmaker Tambor Williams as Lt Gov running mate (Denver Post, 8/18/10)

Former GOP senators rally to Maes (Denver Westword, 8/17/10)

Bay Buchanan attacks Hickenlooper over immigration (Denver Daily News, 8/17/10)

Tea Party leader’s Lt. Gov wish list (Denver Westword, 8/17/10)

Tancredo still won’t leave race, calls out Maes on immigration (Colorado Independent, 8/17/10)

Coalition plots campaign to defeat CO tax cuts (Denver Post, 8/16/10)

Big business leaders throw support to Hickenlooper (Denver Post, 8/16/10)

Tancredo faces tough questions from conservative base (Vail Daily, 8/14/10)

Should Tancredo be left out of the debates? (Denver Post, 8/13/10)

So much for Landslide McInnis’ (Huffington Post, 8/13/10)

Maes pays fine for campaign finance violations (CBS4Denver, 8/13/10)

Republicans meeting with Maes about pulling out (ColoradoPols, 8/13/10)

Hick’s UN forces quietly ride bikes through unity event (Colorado Independent, 8/13/10)

Former Maes backer says she gave him cash for mortgage help (Denver Post, 8/13/10)

Maes gets the silent treatment from GOP establishment (Denver Post, 8/12/10)

Democrats hail election results as a breakthrough (LA Times, 8/12/10)

Despite win, Maes not a worthy pick (Denver Post, 8/12/10)

Maes seeks Republican solidarity (Pueblo Chieftain, 8/12/10)

A hollow victory for Colorado’s GOP nominee (Stateline, 8/12/10)

GOP’s Rocky Mountain Low (Wall Street Journal, 8/12/10)

McInnis concedes to Maes (Politico, 8/11/10)

GOP Chair: we support Maes (ABC7News, 8/11/10)

Hickenlooper may be the luckiest man in politics (Firedoglake, 8/11/10)

Opinion: Media needs to revoke Hick’s ‘free pass’ (Denver Post, 8/11/10)

Grassroots leader wants Maes, Tancredo to strategize about beating Hickenlooper (Denver Westword, 8/11/10)

GOP primary turnout excites Tancredo (Denver Post, 8/11/10)

Primary results: Dems go establishment, GOP goes Tea Party (Christian Science Monitor, 8/11/10)

Tancredo comes out against repealing the 14th Amendment (Talking Points Memo, 8/11/10)

Primary winners Bennet, Maes highlight political inexperience (LA Times, 8/11/10)

Tancredo: Maes should drop out of guv race (Colorado Independent, 8/11/10)

How Hickenlooper could lose. (seriously) (Denver Post, 8/10/10)

Tancredo: deny public school funding for children of illegal immigrants (CNN, 8/10/10)

GOP courting ReMax founder to replace McInnis (Denver Post, 8/10/10)

After criticism, radio hosts address McInnis lapses (Huffington Post, 8/9/10)

McInnis requests extension in ethics probe (Colorado Independent, 8/9/10)

McInnis sought work from Hasan Family Foundation (Huffington Post, 8/9/10)

Tilt to right roils GOP in Colorado contests (LA Times, 8/9/10)

McInnis to repay $300K to foundation (Denver Post, 8/7/10)

Garcia felt he could help students, Latinos more in higher office (Colorado Independent, 8/7/10)

McInnis still not talking about Hasan payment to Invest 2 corporation (Colorado Independent, 8/6/10)

Maes’ plan to lay off CO employees may go against state law (Denver Post, 8/6/10)

Hickenlooper makes his Light Guv pick (ColoradoPols, 8/5/10)

Editorial: GOP’s big tent is a real circus (Denver Post, 8/5/10)

Maes being asked to explain delinquent filings in politics, life (Denver Post, 8/5/10)

Tancredo gets a welcome to guber race from libertarians (Denver Westword, 8/4/10)

Panel asks for probe of McInnis – could be disbarred? (Grand Junction Sentinel, 8/4/10)

Maes warns bike agenda spins cities toward UN control (Denver Post, 8/4/10)

Tancredo makes good on threat – he’s running (Colorado Statesman, 8/3/10)

Rasmussen: Tancredo entry ends GOP chances of guber win (Talking Points Memo, 8/3/10)

McInnis unveils economic plan (Pueblo Chieftain, 8/3/10)

Cash is CO GOP’s latest hurdle (Politico, 8/3/10)

Maes holds slight edge over McInnis, poll finds (Denver Post, 8/1/10)

JULY 2010

With GOP governor’s race in doubt, candidate stay on trail (Denver Post, 7/31/10)

Colorado primaries are where the action is (Washington Post, 7/30/10)

Tancredo says he wants AZ immigration law in CO (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/30/10)

McInnis still owes foundation $300,000 (Grand Junction Sentinel, 7/30/10)

Tancredo mocks GOP candidates, calls McInnis ‘poor Scott’ (Colorado Independent, 7/30/10)

The Fix Friday Line: Colorado’s where the fireworks are (Washington Post, 7/30/10)

McInnis still hasn’t repaid; Hasan Fdtn. considering legal action (, 7/30/10)

Tancredo kicks off campaign with ‘Let’s Roll’ tweet (Huffington Post, 7/30/10)

Hasans: McInnis trying to ‘wiggle out’ of repaying (Colorado Independent, 7/30/10)

Hickenlooper campaigners trying not to gloat (Denver Westword, 7/29/10)

Tancredo on his departure from GOP: ‘Something changed’ (Denver Westword, 7/28/10)

Tancredo bid may shift CO-4 congressional contest (Politico, 7/28/10)

Tancredo plays party-crasher in Colorado (Time Magazine, 7/28/10)

Maes denies robocalls saying he’s dropping out of race (Denver Post, 7/28/10)

Yet another plagiarism case for McInnis? (Denver Post, 7/28/10)

Another plagiarism case? McInnis camp says no (KDVR, 7/27/10)

Tancredo’s new party way out in right field (Denver Post, 7/27/10)

How much will Tancredo hurt CO GOP? (Wall Street Journal, 7/26/10)

Tancredo WILL run as third party candidate (Huffington Post, 7/25/10)

Governor’s race has changed in ways that fit Tancredo to a T (Denver Post, 7/25/10)

McInnis story was reported fairly (Denver Post, 7/25/10)

McInnis’ voting record reflects, corporate, individual donors (Denver Post, 7/25/10)

Dan Maes campaign fueled by optimism (Denver Post, 7/25/10)

Tancredo reiterates threat to run for gov (Colorado Independent, 7/26/10)

GOP won’t let Tancredo force its hand in CO guber race (Denver Post, 7/24/10)

Opinion: The audacity of Tom Tancredo (Denver Post, 7/24/10)

Regents doubt CU President Benson will run for gov (Denver Post, 7/23/10)

Opinion: GOP needs new faces (Denver Post, 7/23/10)

GOP’s gubernatorial fix is in (, 7/23/10)

GOP plans to force McInnis out after primary (KMGH, 7/23/10)

GOP county chairs to Tancredo: ‘Don’t run’ (Denver Post, 7/23/10)

Republicans furiously reversing themselves in wake of Tancredo attacks (Colorado Independent, 7/23/10)

Maes dismisses Tancredo’s threat to run as just ‘Tom being Tom’ (Colorado Independent, 7/23/10)

Opinion: Politics as entertainment (Grand Junction Free Press, 7/23/10)

Tancredo issues ultimatum in GOP guber contest (Denver Post, 7/22/10)

Video: McInnnis muses on his ‘intense background on business and water’ (Colorado Independent, 7/22/10)

Tancredo threatens third party run (Politico, 7/22/10)

Opinion: If not McInnis, then who? (Denver Post, 7/21/10

Editorial: Governor? Maes has no business (Denver Post, 7/21/10)

Hickenlooper touts business savvy (Pueblo Chieftain, 7/21/10)

GOP strategists concerned about Colorado gov race (Washington Post, 7/21/10)

Maes responses only sort of clear up resume questions (Colorado Independent, 7/21/10)

McInnis escapes the media heat in Aspen at RGA gathering (Colorado Independent, 7/21/10)

McInnis closely guarding Hasan Foundation payback arrangements (Colorado Independent, 7/21/10)

Maes, the middle-management candidate (Colorado Independent, 7/21/10)

McInnis back on campaign trail, and ‘ready to fight’ (Denver Post, 7/20/10)

Commerce Sec Locke: US should follow CO on new energy (Denver Post, 7/20/10)

Hickenlooper changes his attitude, not his position on oil and gas rules (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 7/20/10)

Maes tax records document struggling family business (Colorado Independent, 7/20/10)

McInnis tries to re-start campaign (KWGN, 7/19/10)

Commentary: Trio of ballot measures a threat to CO’s future (Denver Post, 7/19/10)

McInnis poll numbers plunge in wake of scandal (Colorado Independent, 7/19/10)

McInnis promises to repay $300K, but polls show damage done (9News, 7/17/10)

Plagiarism rift burdens longtime family ties between engineer and McInnis (Denver Post, 7/17/10)

McInnis: ‘No way he is going to quit’ (Grand Junction Journal Sentinel, 7/17/10)

Hasan Family Foundation demands money back, but questions remain (Colorado Independent, 7/17/10)

Penry is waiting ‘for dust to settle’ (Grand Junction Journal Sentinel, 7/16/10)

McInnis staffers head for the lifeboats (ColoradoPols, 7/16/10)

McInnis vows to stay in race, GOP searches for a replacement (Denver Post, 7/16/10)

Maes has 3-point plan to shrink state govt (Journal Advocate, 7/15/10)

Bipartisan groans at prospect of Benson candidacy (ColoradoPols, 7/16/10)

McInnis’ troubles upset CO GOP (Wall Street Journal, 7/15/10)

McInnis: ‘I’m not getting out. They are bullying the wrong guy.’ (Denver Post, 7/15/10)

RGA pulling support for McInnis (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 7/15/10)

GOP chair: voters will ‘determine our nominees’ (Colorado Independent, 7/15/10)

Dem Party chair: don’t manipulate primary (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 7/15/10)

Opinion: The CO GOP establishment fumbles again (Denver Post, 7/15/10)

Dems watching GOP elite to make sure Maes is the man (Colorado Independent, 7/15/10)

Could ‘Personhood’ Amendment outlaw abortion? (Colorado Independent, 7/15/10)

Researcher tells Denver TV station McInnis is lying (Colorado Independent, 7/15/10)

Hickenlooper touts Denver’s fiscal success (Colorado Independent, 7/14/10)

McInnis says he never signed anything saying articles were original (Colorado Independent, 7/14/10)

Storm over McInnis plagiarism escalates (Denver Post, 7/14/10)

Hasan Foundation wants $300K it paid McInnis back (Denver Post, 7/14/10)

Researcher blamed for plagiarism says McInnis is responsible (Denver Post, 7/13/10)

CO House Speaker calls on McInnis to withdraw over plagiarism charges (, 7/13/10)

Ritter’s office rejects McInnis call to ‘de-unionize’ state workers (Colorado Independent, 7/13/10)

Ritter questions timing of lawsuit challenging AZ immigration law (Colorado Independent, 7/12/10)

State, county on track for historic drilling year (The Coloradan, 7/11/10)

A Conversation With: Dan Maes (Denver Post, 7/11/10)

A Conversation With: Scott McInnis (Denver Post, 7/11/10)

Primary preview: Maes, McInnis fight for GOP faithful (Colorado Springs Gazette, 7/10/10)

CO GOPers steer clear of Steele during visit (Politico, 7/8/10)

Hickenlooper toughens rhetoric in favor of oil, gas regulations (Huffington Post, 7/8/10)

Hickenlooper against rewrite of gas rules (Durango Herald, 7/8/10)

Editorial: Trio of ballot questions could cripple Colorado (Denver Post, 7/7/10)

Maes won’t contest claims he violated state campaign finance laws (Denver Post, 7/7/10)

Maes’ mistakes are not ‘parking tickets’ (Grand Junction Sentinel, 7/7/10)

Hickenlooper doubled up McInnis in June fundraising (Huffington Post, 7/7/10)

Maes: Rollin’ down that lost highway (Denver Westword, 7/7/10)

Hickenlooper tells city staffers to brace for more cuts (Huffington Post, 7/6/10)

Hickenlooper reports $1.2 M in future TV time reserved (Colorado Independent, 7/6/10)

Opinion: Day of reckoning ahead if CO continues to underfund education (Denver Post, 7/4/10)

McInnis vows to roll back Ritter’s programs (CBS4Denver, 7/4/10)

Hickenloooper would defy state Dems and reinstate tax-free ‘enterprise zones’ (Colorado Independent, 7/2/10)

JUNE 2010

What about the substance of the McInnis water articles? (Huffington Post, 6/30/10)

McInnis, Hickenlooper differ on oil, gas regs (Colorado Statesman, 6/29/10)

Colorado leads nation in Tea Party activity (KDVR, 6/28/10)

Frequent pit liner leaks argue against Hick call for less regs (Colorado Independent, 6/28/10)

Hickenlooper defends Denver against ‘sanctuary city’ charges (Colorado Independent, 6/28/10)

Tea Party rally denounces govt bailouts (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 6/27/10)

Hickenlooper job plan focuses on building local businesses (Denver Post, 6/24/10)

Scott McInnis: The waterlogged years (Pt 3) (Denver Westword, 6/23/10)

Tea party candidates could lead Republicans to defeat (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 6/22/10)

Scott McInnis: The waterlogged years (Pt 2) (Denver Westword, 6/22/10)

Guber hopefuls offer thoughts on gov’s role in balancing budget (Denver Post, 6/22/10)

Maes targets big govt in CO Springs’ one-man debate (Colorado Springs Gazette, 6/22/10)

Scott McInnis: The waterlogged years (Pt 1) (Denver Westword, 6/21/10)

Poll: Hick has fight ahead with either Maes or McInnis in guber contest (Denver Post, 6/20/10)

Tea Party activism hasn’t boosted GOP voter rolls (Denver Post, 6/20/10)

Rasmussen ranks Colorado top tea party state (Colorado Independent, 6/18/10)

McInnis wants to put brakes on medical marijuana (Colorado Springs Gazette, 6/17/10)

McInnis mum on the Hasan deal he once called “sweet” (Colorado Independent, 6/16/10)

Hickenlooper opposes Army expansion at Pinon Canyon (KDVR, 6/14/10)

Hickenlooper: look at homelessness from business perspective (Northern Colorado Business Report, 6/10/10)

Denver council questions mayor’s request to cut their expenses (Denver Post, 6/9/10)

McInnis doesn’t remember serving on Republicans for Choice board, despite decade there (Colorado Independent, 6/9/10)

Hickenlooper: collaboration key to Colorado success (Sterling Journal-Advocate, 6/8/10)

Opinion: The rush to sell Cableland (Denver Post, 6/6/10)

McInnis touts agriculture agenda (Sterling Journal-Advocate, 6/6/10)

McInnis would hunt immigrants, support TABOR (Fort Morgan Times, 6/6/10)

Hickenlooper raises, spends most money in May; McInnis sitting on biggest pile of cash (Denver Post, 6/4/10)

Guber hopefuls make their case (Colorado Statesman, 6/3/10)

Maes would suspend education funding provided by Amendment 23 (Colorado Independent, 6/2/10)

Hickenlooper buys $850K in ad time for the fall campaign (Colorado Independent, 6/2/10)

Maes touts qualifications at forum (Denver Post, 6/2/10)

Tea Party rages against the machine (Colorado Springs Gazette, 6/2/10)

Guber hopefuls agree on jobs, differ on energy regulation (Colorado Independent, 6/2/10)

Maes treads lightly at first appearance with Hick and Mac (KWGN, 6/1/10)

McInnis says he’s not out of the race (KCCO, 6/1/10)

MAY 2010

In oil spill aftermath, Ritter looks prescient (KDVR, 5/30/10)

Opinion: candidates need to move beyond the cult of personality (Denver Post, 5/30/10)

McInnis claims he’s got 9.12 Project endorsement, but doesn’t (Westword, 5/28/10)

As Governor, Maes would refuse all federal cash (Colorado Independent, 5/28/10)

Maes tries to have it both ways on abortion (Colorado Independent, 5/27/10)

McInnis draws heat in CO Springs for dodging water issues (Colorado Independent, 5/26/10)

With Maes at his heels, McInnis aims at Hick (KDVR, 5/25/10)

Hick says he’d remove tax hikes as soon as “feasible” (Denver Daily News, 5/24/10)

Dark horses put in a good showing at CO party gatherings (Wall Street Journal, 5/24/10)

Hickenlooper accepts Dem nomination (Denver Post, 5/23/10)

Tea Party surges at assembly (The Coloradan, 5/23/10)

Maes tops McInnis at GOP convention (Colorado Independent, 5/22/10)

Maes and Buck win big at GOP assembly (Colorado Independent, 5/22/10)

Maes stuns McInnis at GOP assembly (Denver Post, 5/22/10)

Maes predicts “big surprise” at GOP gathering (KWGN, 5/21/10)

Joe G goes after Maes again (Denver Post, 5/21/10)

McInnis campaigns Western style (Colorado Statesman, 5/21/10)

A behind the scenes look: Maes’ campaign staff (Colorado Statesman, 5/21/10)

Ritter signs teacher assessment law, hails education reform (Colorado Independent, 5/21/10)

Politics remain charged around year-old state drilling regulations (Colorado Independent, 5/20/10)

Hickenlooper, McInnis tied in new PPP poll (Politics Daily, 5/20/10)

Guber hopefuls talk budget, but offer few specifics (Denver Post, 5/19/10)

Denver Post fact-checks McInnis radio interview on abortion (Colorado Independent, 5/19/10)

Hickenlooper, McInnis offer budget ideas at biz forum (Denver Post, 5/18/10)

Hick: RGA ad hurts Colorado economy (Denver Business Journal, 5/18/10)

Opinion: Memory lapses plague McInnis (Denver Post, 5/17/10)

Frontier airlines refute claims made in RGA ad against Hickenlooper (Colorado Independent, 5/14/10)

Maes campaign draws finance complaint (Colorado Independent, 5/14/10)

CO legislature passes “positive model” for teacher reforms (Denver Post, 5/13/10)

Where are McInnis’ writings on CO water issues? (ColoradoPols, 5/12/10)

McInnis articles for Hasan Foundation difficult to track down (Colorado Independent, 5/12/10)

McInnis, once clearly pro-choice, now supports anti-abortion “personhood” initiative (Colorado Independent, 5/11/10)

Donations to guber candidates differ in geography (Denver Post, 5/9/10)

GOP activist files complaint against Maes (Denver Post, 5/8/10)

Immigration rally targets AZ law, McInnis (Pueblo Chieftain, 5/8/10)

GOP candidates square off – aim at CO Dems (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 5/7/10)

Latecomer challenges McInnis in GOP primary (Denver Post, 5/7/10)

Gschwendtner announces GOP candidacy (Colorado Independent, 5/6/10)

Beware the “Hickenritter” RGA ad warns (, 5/5/10)

Opinion: Teacher tenure bill cannot be left behind (Denver Post, 5/5/10)

RGA targets Hickenlooper with attack ad (Westword, 5/5/10)

McInnis spends as much as he raises in Q1 (Huffington Post, 5/4/10)

CO’s new informed consent bill celebrated as tool to fight racial profiling (Colorado Independent, 5/4/10)

GOP planning on attack ads on Hick’s charitable giving? (Westword, 5/3/10)

McInnis: 99% of focus on Hickenlooper, but not overlooking Maes (Colorado Springs Gazette, 5/1/10)

McInnis reacts to AZ immigration law (Colorado Connection, 5/1/10)

APRIL 2010

Hickenlooper raises $1.1M, double McInnis, in first quarter (Denver Post, 4/30/10)

Opinion: McInnis steps over the borderline (Denver Post, 4/30/10)

Contentious teacher tenure bill passes Senate (Colorado Independent, 4/30/10)

AZ immigration law is a dangerous sideshow (Denver Post, 4/29/10)

GOP guber candidates love the AZ immigration law (Denver Daily News, 4/29/10)

McInnis criticized from both left & right over tax returns (Huffington Post, 4/29/10)

Ritter signs $20B 2011 budget (Denver Business Journal, 4/29/10)

No record of McInnis donating to RNC (Colorado Independent, 4/28/10)

McInnis on AZ immigration law: “I would do something very similar” (Huffington Post, 4/28/10)

Opinion: Do guber hopefuls charitable donations merit scrutiny? (Denver Post, 4/28/10)

McInnis secretive over tax returns to protect law firm’s profits (Colorado Independent, 4/28/10)

McInnis returns fuel demand for greater transparency (Colorado Independent, 4/27/10)

Hick’s returns show rags-to-riches tale – and his charitable side (Grand Junction Free Press, 4/27/10)

Hickenlooper’s humorous fundraising pitches (Denver Westword, 4/26/10)

McInnis’ public disclosures show broad income, investments (Denver Post, 4/25/10)

Hickenlooper releases 23 years of tax returns (Colorado Independent, 4/25/10)

Rove predicts Colorado will be “ground zero” in 2010 midterms (Ft. Collins Coloradan, 4/19/10)

Opinion: Hicklenlooper revising his environmental views (Denver Post, 4/17/10)

McInnis says guber race is all about jobs (Pueblo Chieftain, 4/16/10)

Tea Party hears from GOP contenders (Pueblo Chieftain, 4/16/10)

Hickenlooper, brimming with optimism, promises positive campaign (Colorado Springs Independent, 4/15/10)

Editorial: Candidates should release tax returns (Denver Post, 4/15/10)

Maes, McInnis won’t release tax returns (State Bill Colorado, 4/14/10)

On campaign trail, Hickenlooper touts practical economic solutions (Colorado Independent, 4/13/10)

Tea Party enthusiasts stirred up as express rolls through (Colorado Statesman, 4/9/10)

Former governors share memories and insight (Colorado Statesman, 4/9/10)

Hickenlooper talks good game, dodging important questions (Grand Junction Free Press, 4/9/10)

Maes’ immigration position “evolving” – becoming more restrictive (Denver Post, 4/8/10)

Hickenlooper charms supporters with folksy plea for cooperation (Colorado Independent, 4/8/10)

McInnis courts chamber crowd, but missteps (Colorado Springs Gazette, 4/7/10)

McInnis spending a lot of time in Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs Gazette, 4/6/10)

Will Hickenlooper represent entire state or be a big energy shill? (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 4/6/10)

With Ritter out, gas and oil regs no longer hot button guber campaign issue (Denver Post, 4/4/10)

How news orgs portrayed Hickenlooper’s West Slope campaign swing (State Bill Colorado, 4/4/10)

Hickenlooper talks business, jobs on swing across Western Slope (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, 4/4/10)

Opinion: Dems make a smart move on natural gas (Denver Post, 4/4/10)

MARCH 2010

Hickenlooper says he’s getting a feel for the campaign (State Bill Colorado, 3/29/10)

Tea Party flexes muscle at local level (Pueblo Chieftain, 3/28/10)

New conservatives target this week’s Tea Party events (Colorado Springs Gazette, 3/28/10)

Taking sides on health care (Grand Junction Free Press, 3/26/10)

Dem leader: 2010 too important for political games (Denver Daily News, 3/24/10)

Analysis: The caucus’ aftermath (Summit Daily News, 3/23/10)

McInnis applauds CO AG’s lawsuit over healthcare (Greeley Gazette, 3/22/10)

Hickenlooper displays a pro-business bent (Denver Post, 3/19/10)

Political file: all about the caucus (Grand Junction Free Press, 3/19/10)

Ritter fires back at fellow Dem Hickenlooper (KDVR, 3/19/10)

Editorial: Despite low turnouts, CO caucus system works, empowering underdogs (Denver Post, 3/18/10)

Caucus results show a rough election year ahead (Pueblo Chieftain, 3/18/10)

Colorado’s political parties see caucus rebellions (Columbia (MO) News Tribune, 3/17/10)

Watchdog groups still sniffing at McInnis and Western Skies political group (Colorado Independent, 3/17/10)

Editorial: Tea party should make tonight’s caucuses a potent brew (Denver Post, 3/16/10)

Tonight’s caucus start election year political calendar (Denver Daily News, 3/16/10)

McInnis cruises in GOP caucus (Denver Post, 3/16/10)

Maes’  Tea Party support is helping him gain attention going into caucuses (Denver Westward, 3/16/10)

Hickenlooper opposes further Pinyon Canyon expansion (Pueblo Chieftain, 3/14/10)

Tea Party groups ready to storm caucuses, shake up system (Denver Post, 3/13/10)

Editorial: Jobless numbers a clear warning (Denver Post, 3/13/10)

GOP candidate search draws large crowd (Colorado Statesman, 3/12/10)

Polls show conflicting tales about gov race (KDVR Denver, 3/10/10)

Tea Party forums stoke GOP anti-government rhetoric (Colorado Independent, 3/10/10)

Different poll, different result in guber race (Politics Daily, 3/10/10)

Hickenlooper starts out ahead (Public Policy Polling, 3/10/10)

Anti-Tax ballot initiatives could make Colorado ungovernable (Denver Post, 3/7/10)

Guber candidates sh0rt on answers to budget problems (Denver Post, 3/7/10)

Hickenlooper still has no online presence (Denver Westword, 3/4/10)

Hickenlooper claims to be an energy policy “uniter” (Colorado Independent, 3/4/10)

Guber candidates spar at CO Springs business gathering (Colorado Springs Gazette, 3/3/10)

McInnis, Hickenloooper trade jabs over taxes, energy (Durango Herald, 3/2/10)

Both parties face tough fights on caucus night (Pueblo Chieftain, 3/1/10)


EDITORIAL: Guber candidates take similar positions on ballot questions (Denver Post, 2/28/10)

Class-action lawsuit filed over public pension reform law (Denver Post, 2/27/10)

McInnis wins informal guber survey (Denver Business Journal, 2/26/10)

Ritter signs new budget bills, everyone shares recession’s pain (Colorado Independent, 2/25/10)

VIDEO: Guber candidates talk education policy (, 2/25/10)

Ritter signs bill taxing candy, soda (Business Week, 2/25/10)

A Comic Look at the Guber race (Denver Westword, 2/24/10)

Maes opens campaign HQ in Denver (Denver Post, 2/23/10)

McInnis doesn’t support anti-tax initiatives (Colorado Independent, 2/22/10)

Can Tea Party lift unknown to nominee? (Denver Post, 2/21/10)

CO gov race falling off national watch lists (Colorado Pols, 2/19/10)

Ritter proposes new cuts in 2010-2011 budget (Colorado Statesman, 2/19/10)

Obama heads West to campaign for Senators (New York Times, 2/18/10)

Can GOP insiders win Tea Party support? (Colorado Independent, 2/17/10)

House sends bill with candy, soda and online taxes to Ritter (Denver Post, 2/17/10)

Dem’s Blue States trending back to red (Politico, 2/17/10)

McInnis: tax hikes not answer for budget woes (, 2/16/10)

GOP may have to carry Tea Party baggage in 2010 (SkyHiDailyNews, 2/14/10)

Tea Party group endorses Maes over McInnis (NBC11, 2/12/10)


McInnis still trying to quell Tea Party tempest (KDVR, 1/29/10)

Hickenlooper enters governor’s race (Denver Post, 1/12/10)

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