The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


CO 2009 Archives


Colorado Gubernatorial Headlines 2009 Archives


Ritter’s rocky relationship with labor (Politico, 9/28/09)

Scott McInnis takes his ball and stays home (Westword, 9/26/09)

CO GOPers preview 2010 races (KJCT8, 9/26/09)

CO GOPers see opportunity in 2010 (Greeley Tribune, 9/26/09)

Penry, Norton win straw polls (Denver Post, 9/25/09)

GOP stoked for Keystone confab, fanning flames of “rojo” revolution (Colorado Independent, 9/25/09)

McInnis friendly pollster shows McInnis leading GOP race (Denver Post, 9/25/09)

GOPers fired up as they gather today (Denver Post, 9/24/09)

Colorado voters weigh in on state’s direction (Denver Business Journal, 9/24/09)

The 33-year old who would be governor (Christian Science Monitor, 9/23/09)

FoxNews profiles Josh Penry (VIDEO) (Fox News, 9/23/09)

Informal straw poll shows Penry may be GOPer to beat (, 9/21/09)

GOP Old Guard vs. Young Guns: Penry on the rise (FoxNews, 9/19/09)

GOP slams Ritter’s prison plan (Colorado Springs Gazette, 9/19/09)

As feds seek to regulate energy industry, job rhetoric on rise in CO (Colorado Independent, 9/18/09)

Prison cutbacks face local opposition (Pueblo Chieftain, 9/17/09)

Ritter defends cuts to disabled, ill (Aurora Sentinel, 9/15/09)

Ritter hopes Senate primary won’t split Dems (Denver Post, 9/15/09)

With budgets tights, states looking to release prisoners (Boston Globe, 9/13/09)

Ritter gets mixed reaction at gathering of W. Slope politicos (Denver Post, 9/13/09)

Penry happy to be a Ritter critic (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 9/12/09)

Ritter, Bennet face tough re-election contests (CQ Politics, 9/11/09)

Romanoff’s campaign sends cracks through Democrats (Pueblo Chieftain, 9/11/09)

Momentum keeps growing for Penry candidacy (Westword, 9/10/09)

State faces future with more people, less water (Telluride Watch, 9/10/09)

Campaigning sinks to new lows (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 9/9/09)

Dueling Posts Denver v. DC re: Penry (Colorado Independent, 9/9/09)

Penry rips plan to close Grand Junction nursing unit (Denver Post, 9/9/09)

WaPo’s The Fix: Penry Rising (Washington Post, 9/9/09)

Feeling the power of ColoradoPols (Westword, 9/9/09)

Liberal group calls out Penry for sexist remarks (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 9/4/09)

McInnis campaign, state GOP at odds (Colorado Statesman, 9/4/09)

Soured deal with Ritter forces Romanoff’s hand (Denver Post, 9/4/09)

Editorial: Ritter is right that natural gas is valuable venture (Denver Post, 9/3/09)

“Innerview” with Josh Penry (Colorado Statesman, 9/3/09)

McInnis defends Pinon Canyon vote (Colorado Springs Gazette, 9/3/09)


McInnis protests GOP straw poll (Denver Post, 8/31/09)

McInnis will be MIA at GOP candidate forum (Rocky Mountain Right, 8/29/09)

Penry politicizes oil & gas lease regs (Colorado Independent, 8/28/09)

Ritter unveils job creation recommendations (Colorado Statesman, 8/28/09)

Colorado’s growing water wars (Durango Herald, 8/25/09)

An Innerview with Scott McInnis (The Colorado Statesman, 8/21/09)

McInnis has early lead in GOP primary (PPP, 8/21/09)

Ominous signs for Colorado Dems (Politico, 8/20/09)

Ritter cuts another $320M from budget (Durango Herald, 8/19/09)

Penry on GOP: “We blew it. We stunk” (Colorado Independent, 8/19/09)

Penry hoping Colorado ready for “generational” change (Christian Science Monitor, 8/18/09)

Interview with Josh Penry – video (Rocky Mountain Independent, 8/17/09)

Former protege Penry now McInnis’ foe (Rocky Mountain Independent, 8/17/09)

McInnis’ reaction to unfair attack is immature (Denver Post, 8/14/09)

McInnis feuds with radio hosts over campaign funds (Denver Post, 8/14/09)

Penry: Don’t confuse Grand Junction healthcare with reform debate (Grand Junction Journal-Sentinel, 8/13/09)

Democrats look West to grow their ranks (Wall Street Journal, 8/13/09)

McInnis’ PAC disbursed money to potential supporters (Denver Post, 8/9/09)

Penry: GOP needs to rebuild credibility (Longmont Times-Call, 8/6/09)

McInnis targets Ritter over unemployment (Denver Post, 8/5/09)

Another conservative thinktank forming in CO (Face the State, 8/5/09)

Forecasters place odds on next CO governor (Grand Juncion Free Press, 8/5/09)

Penry wants advance peak at Ritter’s budget plans (Colorado Independent, 8/4/09)

JULY 2009

CO Politicos unite to oppose Grand Junction as mercury dump site (Grand Junction Sentinel, 7/30/09)

Penry’s 2006 pledge causes flap (Denver Post, 7/30/09)

McInnis says internal poll shows him far ahead of Penry (Grand Junction Sentinel, 7/29/09)

Ritter fires back at Inhofe; partisan furor over wind energy, climate bill (Colorado Independent, 7/27/09)

Ritter turns climate flap into fundraising oportunity (Denver Post, 7/25/09)

Penry discusses GOP woes (Denver Post, 7/24/09)

Penry wanders in the Latino-GOP wilderness (Colorado Independent, 7/24/09)

Ritter taps GOP lawmaker for economic post (Denver Post, 7/23/09)

Penry talks politics with Hispanic Republicans (Denver Post, 7/23/09)

Ritter announces furloughs for state workers to cut budget gap (, 7/22/09)

Penry has no plans to resign leadership post (Denver Post, 7/19/09)

Colorado fundraising totals at a glance (Face the State, 7/17/09)

Follow the money; early numbers show shape of race (KDVR-TV, 7/16/09)

Penry: Focus on state’s bottom line needed (Durango Herald News, 7/16/09)

Is Ritter vulnerable in 2010? (Denver Daily News, 7/16/09)

Ritter plays up Obama connection (Face the State, 7/16/09)

Ritter raises $400K, GOP rivals yet to begin fundraising (Grand Junction Sentinel, 7/15/09)

Race for gov gets going early for GOP candidates (cbs4Denver, 7/13/09)

Looking to reenergize GOP, Penry takes on McInnis, Ritter (KDVR-TV, 7/12/09)

Ritter’s budget numbers rosier than legislature’s (Face the State, 7/10/09)

McInnis set to launch Gov campaign (Colorado Independent, 7/2/09)

JUNE 2009

Layoffs possible as state looks to cut 10% from budget (Denver Post, 6/25/09)

GOP promises tough campaign ahead (Durango Herald, 6/25/09)

Are labor leaders searching for candidate to primary Ritter? (Face the State, 6/10/09)