The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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California Gubernatorial Headlines 2013

JUNE 2013

Fracking near Shafter raises questions about drilling practices (SacBee, 6/30/13)
Poll shows split in approval for outgoing Mayor Villaraigosa (LA Times, 6/30/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown holds strong hand on prisons (LA Times, 6/30/13)
Sponsors of Prop 8 file petition to stop same-sex marriages (SacBee, 6/29/13)
Gay couples rush to marry in wake of Prop 8 ruling (LA Times, 6/28/13)
Gay marriage opponents ask court to intervene (AP, 6/28/13)
OPINION: Prop 8 deserved a defense (LA Times, 6/28/13)
Abel Maldonado does about-face, supports gay marriage (PolitiCal, 6/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Budget won’t end fiscal angst (SacBee, 6/28/13)
For California’s poor and needy, state budget is a partial victory (SacBee, 6/28/13)
Brown seeks stay of prison release order (PolitiCal, 6/28/13)
Prop 8 battle gives Jerry Brown link to his father (PolitiCal, 6/28/13)
Budget adviser Ana Matosantos to exit Gov. Brown’s administration (PolitiCal, 6/28/13)
Supreme Court gay marriage ruling raises questions for California initiative process (SacBee,6/28/13)
California’s high-speed rail traveling a difficult political track (SacBee, 6/28/13)
Governor seeks to delay freeing 10K California inmates (SacBee, 6/28/13)
Finance chief Ana Matosantos leaving Brown administration (Capitol Alert, 6/28/13)
Prop 8 backers slam ‘outrageous’ decision to lift stay (Capitol Alert, 6/28/13)
SF appeals court lifts stay on same-sex marriage (Capitol Alert, 6/28/13)
Gay weddings resume in California (LA Times, 6/28/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown leaves budget largely untouched (PolitiCal, 6/27/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs budget with few changes — or complaints (LA Times, 6/27/13)
Prop 8 ruling raises fears about effects on other initiatives (LA Times, 6/27/13)
Jerry Brown vetoes own budget proposal on online education (Capitol Alert, 6/27/13)
Assembly sends Jerry Brown enterprise zone revamp (Capitol Alert, 6/27/13)
Rep. Valadao erects another hurdle to high-speed rail (Capitol Alert, 6/27/13)
Jerry Brown signs California budget bill (Capitol Alert, 6/27/13)
VIDEO: Basis for Prop 8 ruling ’somewhat troubling’ (Capitol Alert, 6/27/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown to celebrate signing of state budget (PolitiCal, 6/26/13)
Jerry Brown: Counties must issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples (LA Times, 6/26/13)
Opponents of same-sex marriage blast court ruling on Prop 8 (PolitiCal, 6/26/13)
Marriage ruling raises ballot measure questions (AP, 6/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislators, lobbyists? This time it’s hard to tell (SacBee, 6/26/13)
Prop 8 dismissed, DOMA struck down (Capitol Alert, 6/26/13)
Rapid response: The gay marriage decisions (Capitol Alert, 6/26/13)
VIDEO: Gavin Newsom calls DOMA, Prop 8 decisions ‘historic’ (Capitol Alert, 6/26/13)
VIDEO: California’s LGBT lawmakers praise rulings (Capitol Alert, 6/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Prop 8 ruling parallels societal change (LA Times, 6/26/13)
Same-sex weddings to resume in California soon, officials say (LA Times, 6/26/13)
Jerry Brown tells California counties to issue gay marriage licenses (Capitol Alert, 6/26/13)
Taxpayer group fears impact of gay marriage ruling on unrelated ballot measures (Capitol Alert, 6/26/13)
Prop 8 ruling: What happens now? (SacBee, 6/26/13)
AM Alert: Sacramento braces for Proposition 8 ruling (Capitol Alert, 6/26/13)
California Senate passes enterprise zone overhaul (Capitol Alert, 6/25/13)
California Comeback: Jerry Brown leads a turnaround (RealClearPolitics, 6/25/13)
Abel Maldonado’s campaign logo bears down (Capitol Alert, 6/25/13)
Labor-backed bill tests super-majority control of California Legislature (SacBee, 6/25/13)
Brown, Democratic lawmakers push bill to scale back hiring credits (SacBee, 6/25/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown appoints three to his Cabinet (PolitiCal, 6/25/13)
Brown asks lawmakers to add prison beds (PolitiCal, 6/24/13)
Brown gives Legislature his prison-fix plan (PolitiCal, 6/24/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill allowing more closed-door meetings (LA Times, 6/24/13)
Assembly goes into overdrive to beat super-majority loss (Capitol Alert, 6/24/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown submits plan, unwillingly, to reduce inmates (LA Times, 6/24/13)
Jerry Brown, Senate Democrats push enterprise zone plan forward (Capitol Alert, 6/24/13)
Pressure makes Capitol backtrack on gutting public records law (LA Times, 6/23/13)
California’s job picture gets brighter (LA Times, 6/22/13)
EDITORIAL: Brown should help settle prison lawsuits (SacBee, 6/22/13)
Jobless rate plunges in Sacramento and California (SacBee, 6/22/13)
Jerry Brown’s office courtyard goes ‘from cigar tents to yoga mats’ (Capitol Alert, 6/21/13)
EDITORIAL: Public pressure wins in open records fight (SacBee, 6/21/13)
COMMENTARY: California politicians manipulate our rights (SacBee, 6/21/13)
Lawmakers, Jerry Brown flip on Public Records Act changes (SacBee, 6/21/13)
Senators introduce constitutional amendment on California records law (Capitol Alert, 6/21/13)
California cities ramp up fight against union wage bill (Capitol Alert, 6/21/13)
State voters could decide on open-records law next year (PolitiCal, 6/21/13)
Judges order California to immediately release prisoners (SacBee, 6/21/13)
Legislators, Brown backpedal on public records bill (LA Times, 6/20/13)
Legislature plots new course following Public Records Act controversy (SacBee, 6/20/13)
Jerry Brown has ‘nothing to add’ about public records flap (Capitol Alert, 6/20/13)
Assembly sends Senate a bill reversing public records changes (Capitol Alert, 6/20/13)
Federal judges order California to free 9,600 inmates (LA Times, 6/20/13)
In shift, state Senate to vote on public records bill (PolitiCal, 6/20/13)
Jerry Brown abandons plan to limit access to government records (PolitiCal, 6/20/13)
VIDEO: On prison overcrowding, judges offer Brown a shortcut past politics (PolitiCal, 6/20/13)
Chevron Crop. taking political fire from both right and left (Capitol Alert, 6/20/13)
Budget bill would make it optional for California local govts to comply with public records laws(SacBee, 6/19/13)
Jerry Brown says voters should decide open records question (Capitol Alert, 6/19/13)
VIDEO: Will Gov. Brown gut the public records act? (Capitol Alert, 6/19/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown, legislators granted 5.2% raises (LA Times, 6/19/13)
California legislative leaders clash over public records’ access (LA Times, 6/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Public needs to speak out against bills to make open records optional (SacBee,6/19/13)
District attorneys, victims’ advocates urge veto of budget trailer (Capitol Alert, 6/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Budget goodies not so good for open process (SacBee, 6/19/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s budget bill would gut sunshine law (SacBee, 6/19/13)
Assembly reverses course on open records limits (PolitiCal, 6/19/13)
5% raise approved for Gov. Jerry Brown and California lawmakers (PolitiCal, 6/19/13)
Pay commission grants five percent raise for California lawmakers, officials (Capitol Alert, 6/19/13)
Panel to consider restoring pay cuts for state’s top elected officials (SacBee, 6/19/13)
Senate plots own course in response to records act controversy (Capitol Alert, 6/19/13)
Legislature changing course on Public Records Act challenge (Capitol Alert, 6/19/13)
Common Cause leader announces run for Sec of State (PolitiCal, 6/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Many bills remaining for California Legislature (SacBee, 6/18/13)
California House members convene on Bay-Delta water plan (Capitol Alert, 6/18/13)
Jerry Brown posts banner fundraising week (PolitiCal, 6/18/13)
Data supports raising CA state officials pay, panel chairman says (Capitol Alert, 6/18/13)
Raises for state workers could affect decision on governor’s pay (PolitiCal, 6/18/13)
Budget could limit public’s access to govt documents (LA Times, 6/18/13)
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: ‘I want to run for governor’ (KPCC, 6/18/13)
What’s in the new California state budget? (SacBee, 6/17/13)
Gov. Brown targets enterprise-zone tax credits (LA Times, 6/15/13)
California Democrats wrap up budget, flex supermajority power (Capitol Alert, 6/15/13)
Lawmakers pass California budget bill; set to finish Saturday (SacBee, 6/15/13)
EDITORIAL: Presumptuous items in state budget deal (SacBee, 6/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Why GOP isn’t in the zone on enterprise zones (SacBee, 6/15/13)
California passes a budget that could be a federal template (LA Times, 6/14/13)
CA Legislature OKs state budget; next move is Brown’s (PolitiCal, 6/14/13)
California lawmakers plan more budget votes for Sat. (PolitiCal, 6/14/13)
California lawmakers pass state budget bill (Capitol Alert, 6/14/13)
Blockbuster day in Capitol for budget vote (PolitiCal, 6/14/13)
Fracking bills flop after gusher of opposition cash, report says (PolitiCal, 6/14/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s budget bill ‘trailers’ keep on rolling (SacBee, 6/14/13)
Proposed court records fees pulled from state budget (Capitol Alert, 6/14/13)
Both  houses of Legislature begin tackling 22 budget bills (Capitol Alert, 6/14/13)
California budget negotiations a breeze for Jerry Brown (SacBee, 6/14/13)
‘Less liberal’ is the new conservative in state Capitol (LA Times, 6/14/13)
Assembly to weigh constitutional amendment on local taxes, bonds (PolitiCal, 6/14/13)
California Legislature kicks off consideration of budget (PolitiCal, 6/14/13)
Assembly committee stalls high-profile farm labor bill (Capitol Alert, 6/13/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s university plan is left unfinished in budget (PolitiCal, 6/13/13)
Proposed budget would weaken California’s public records laws (PolitiCal, 6/13/13)
EDITORIAL: A restrained California state budget (LA Times, 6/13/13)
Delayed release of budget bills angers Republican senators (Capitol Alert, 6/13/13)
Brown retreats from conditions on university funding (LA Times, 6/13/13)
Single fracking bill remains before California Legislature (Capitol Alert, 6/13/13)
VIDEO: Budget deal lacks enterprise zone overhaul (Capital Alert, 6/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Give credit to California voters (LA Times, 6/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Brown leaves his mark (LA Times, 6/12/13)
California legislators question incentive payments to speed Bay Bridge opening (SacBee, 6/12/13)
Brown says he hasn’t agreed to consider future spending hikes (SacBee, 6/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Is California’s new budget balanced? Not really (SacBee, 6/12/13)
SEIU pay-raise deal could spawn hikes for other unions (SacBee, 6/11/13)
California budget accord balances restraint, social services (LA Times, 6/11/13)
VIDEO: It’s time to test the Governor’s education reform theory (Capitol Alert, 6/11/13)
State agrees to pay raises, union says (PolitiCal, 6/11/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown to discuss state budget deal (PolitiCal, 6/11/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown nips and tucks to reach California budget deal (PolitiCal, 6/11/13)
California chief justice ‘encouraged’ by partial courts restoration (PolitiCal, 6/11/13)
Cap-and-trade loan in state budget deal irks environmentalists (Capitol Alert, 6/11/13)
What triggers raises in CA state worker union contract? (SacBee, 6/11/13)
GOP assemblyman compares Jerry Brown budget to a mullet haircut (PolitiCal, 6/11/13)
Jerry Brown, California legislative leaders tout budget deal (Capitol Alert, 6/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown 2.0 gets his way on state budget (SacBee, 6/11/13)
Sen. Ron Calderon returns to Capitol following office search (SacBee, 6/11/13)
AM Alert: Ron Calderon gets back to work (Capitol Alert, 6/11/13)
Brown, Democratic leaders reach deal on budget (SacBee, 6/11/13)
SEIU Local 1000 says tentative labor agreement includes raises (SacBee, 6/11/13)
Doctors brace for pain as 10% cut to Medi-Cal rates looms (LA Times, 6/10/13)
Jerry Brown, lawmakers come to terms on key budget issues (LA Times, 6/10/13)
EDITORIAL: California’s enterprise zone credits are a farce (SacBee, 6/10/13)
Gavin Newson jokes about tech mogul wedding controversy (Capitol Alert, 6/10/13)
Democrats hope for extra tax revenue (PolitiCal, 6/10/13)
Calderon bills stay active as he has shied away from Capitol (PolitiCal, 6/10/13)
Sen. Calderon breaks silence on FBI raid (PolitiCal, 6/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Calderon case is tip of the iceberg (PolitiCal, 6/10/13)
Jerry Brown, lawmakers agree on lower revenue estimate (PolitiCal, 6/10/13)
Jerry Brown, top lawmakers reach budget deal on school spending (PolitiCal, 6/10/13)
VIDEO: Poll shows Californians favor legalizing same-sex marriage (LA Times, 6/10/13)
Jerry Brown, lawmakers reach budget deal (Capitol Alert, 6/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Tax-boost plan undermines Stockton’s bankruptcy case (SacBee, 6/10/13)
How California school districts fare in possible funding deal (Capitol Alert, 6/10/13)
Legislative leaders circulate ‘compromise’ on school funding (Capitol Alert, 6/10/13)
COMMENTARY: FBI raid highlights need for reform (LA Times, 6/9/13)
Poll: Californians would go further than Gov. Brown to cut prison spending (LA Times, 6/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown’s allegiance to ’sbusidiarity’ will be tested (SacBee, 6/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Money lures politicians, and FBI (SacBee, 6/9/13)
Jerry Brown says Chinese president adds ’sparkle’ to California (SacBee, 6/8/13)
Sen. De Leon to testify as California Capitol probe expands (SacBee, 6/8/13)
Obama pitching new healthcare law in California (SacBee, 6/7/13)
VIDEO: Education is biggest piece in budget puzzle (SacBee, 6/7/13)
Negotiations could yield healthcare deal in Capitol (PolitiCal, 6/7/13)
De Leon subpoena follows Calderon raid (LA Times, 6/7/13)
Pension costs may fall for state, schools (SacBee, 6/7/13)
VIDEO: Poll: Californians uneasy about fracking’s safety, lack of oversight (LA Times, 6/7/13)
US Attorney subpoenas Senator Kevin de Leon (Capitol Alert, 6/7/13)
FBI searched two businesses with ties to Calderons in April (SacBee, 6/7/13)
Obama lauds California’s work on health care law (SacBee, 6/7/13)
Calderon’s spending raised red flags before FBI search (PolitiCal, 6/6/13)
Advocates call for ban on gifts in wake of Calderon raid (PolitiCal, 6/6/13)
Coliseum negotiations kept confidential, stadium official says (LA Times, 6/6/13)
Latino Caucus not a raid target, officials say (SacBee, 6/6/13)
Survey shows growing support for online education in California (LA Times, 6/6/13)
State Worker: California state workers rally for pay package (SacBee, 6/6/13)
California politicians still wrangling over Proposition 39 funds (Capitol Alert, 6/6/13)
Sen. Ron Calderon no stranger to political fire (SacBee, 6/6/13)
COMMENTARY: California Senate hit by turmoil (SacBee, 6/6/13)
Steinberg calls Jerry Brown’s education plan ‘80 percent there’ (Capitol Alert, 6/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Bill Lockyer had the right stuff to be governor (LA Times, 6/5/13)
Anne Gust Brown discusses life with Jerry, role in running state (SacBee, 6/5/13)
California state senator is targeted in FBI searches (LA Times, 6/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Are California enterprise zones just for cronies? (SacBee, 6/4/13)
California lawmakers vote to exclude public from some meetings (LA Times, 6/3/13)
Governor asked to halt pending lease of Coliseum to USC (LA Times, 6/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Exiting politics, Bill Lockyer ponders what might have been (SacBee, 6/3/13)
COMMENTARY: How is this California Legislature different? Let us count the ways(SacBee,6/2/13)
Abortion battle could ripple into California (SacBee, 6/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Jerry Brown is poised for a big victory (LA Times, 6/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Brown’s tunnel tactics spur Delta rage (SacBee, 6/2/13)
A liberal mayor takes on the San Diego establishment (LA Times, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

COMMENTARY: California Democrats’ hegemony in jeopardy (SacBee, 5/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Here comes yet another school funding fix (SacBee, 5/31/13)
How liberals saved California (Salon, 5/31/13)
California Assembly OKs measure giving ethics agency more powers (PolitiCal, 5/31/13)
Jerry Brown faces new criticism on school energy plan (PolitiCal, 5/31/13)
A party, with no politics, for the departing Villaraigosa (LA Times, 5/31/13)
Appellate court upholds halt to death penalty in California (SacBee, 5/31/13)
Three-way conflict as California budget conference committee meets (SacBee, 5/31/13)
Will California state workers have new contracts soon? (SacBee, 5/31/13)
UC Davis study: California’s Latino vote increases but still lags (SacBee, 5/31/13)
Five of 37 California bills labeled ‘job killers’ survive the week (SacBee, 5/31/13)
California Assembly approves hike in state’s minimum wage (LA Times, 5/30/13)
California Senate seeks to shed more light on campaign cash (PolitiCal, 5/30/13)
Final vote tally requires runoff election in 16th Senate District (PolitiCal, 5/30/13)
Bill to increase California minimum wage clears Assembly (SacBee, 5/30/13)
California Senate approves seven measures tightening gun regulations (SacBee, 5/30/13)
California Senate passes modified state tax break for investors (SacBee, 5/30/13)
Leticia Perez, Andy Vidak to vie in 16th Senate District runoff (SacBee, 5/30/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown v. California counties (SacBee, 5/30/13)
California Senate unanimously backs changes to CEQA (SacBee, 5/29/13)
More gun regulations approved by California Senate (SacBee, 5/29/13)
California Senate wants Boy Scouts to pay taxes (SacBee, 5/29/13)
Northern California House members slam Delta plan (SacBee, 5/29/13)
California lawmakers OK a dozen gun-control measures (LA Times, 5/29/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown says budget talks in ‘quasi-collaborative mode’ (SacBee, 5/29/13)
Poll: Californians back governor’s budget, school plan (SacBee, 5/29/13)
EDITORIAL: What to do with California’s windfall (LA Times, 5/29/13)
California lawmakers support amnesty for illegal gun owners (PolitiCal,5/29/13)
California Democrats push divergent budget plans (PolitiCal, 5/29/13)
California counties make their case in Sacramento (SacBee, 5/29/13)
California Assembly, Senate outline divergent budget plans (LATimes, 5/28/13)
Builder of 1st phase of California bullet train faces scrutiny (LA Times, 5/28/13)
California’s budget conference committee to meet Friday (SacBee, 5/28/13)
Labor groups launch three-pronged fight to pass ‘Wal-Mart’ bill (SacBee, 5/28/13)
EDITORIAL: Fairly funding California’s schools (LA times, 5/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown, Democrats duel over budget (SacBee, 5/28/13)
Supreme Court may toss Prop 8 on a technicality (LA Times, 5/26/13)
Jerry Brown has opportunities, risks in massive public works agenda (SacBee, 5/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Does spending more boost education outcomes? (SacBee, 5/26/13)
California faces new quandary — too much money (New York Times, 5/25/13)
Abel Maldonado takes on Jerry Brown, prison realignment (LA Times, 5/25/13)
California lawmakers using rosy revenue estimates for budget plans (SacBee, 5/25/13)
Senators push alternate budget plans (PolitiCal, 5/24/13)
COMMENTARY: $10 billion in debt not on Jerry Brown’s wall (SacBee, 5/24/13)
Insurer limit doctors, hospitals in state-run exchange plans (LA Times, 5/24/13)
VIDEO: Lawmakers will heed budget deadline (SacBee, 5/24/13)
California lawmakers push alternative clean energy plan (LA Times, 5/24/13)
Federal appeals court upholds California’s MediCal rates cut (SacBee, 5/24/13)
Tax bills fail to advance out of CA Senate committee (SacBee, 5/24/13)
The state worker: The perils of government transparency (SacBee, 5/23/13)
New California health insurance rates unveiled (LA Times, 5/23/13)
California health exchange reveals premium costs (SacBee, 5/23/13)
California Senate panel hits the brakes on oil, soda taxes (LA Times, 5/23/13)
Brown administration says prison complaints are ‘blame shifting’ (PolitiCal, 5/23/13)
Jerry Brown: News media ignoring climate change (SacBee, 5/23/13)
VIDEO: Loss of Rubio’s seat hurts Democrats’ super-majority agenda (SacBee, 5/23/13)
Southern California weighs in on Jerry Brown’s water plan (SacBee, 5/22/13)
Jerry Brown’s political reboot (The Atlantic, 5/22/13)
Democrats win CA assembly seat as Republicans pick up in Senate (LA Times, 5/22/13)
Jerry Brown dismisses ‘kerfuffle’ over tax forecasts (PolitiCal, 5/22/13)
UnitedHealth, Aetna and Cigna opt out of California insurance exchange (LA Times, 5/22/13)
Jerry Brown talks about his past, drops hints about his future (PolitiCal, 5/22/13)
Court receiver says Brown ignores prison conditions (PolitiCal, 5/22/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s cap-and-trade plans face opposition (PolitiCal, 5/22/13)
Democrats pick up one state legislative seat, lose another (PolitiCal, 5/22/13)
California teachers union backs governor’s budget plan (SacBee, 5/22/13)
AM Alert: Jerry Brown breakfasts with CalChamber (SacBee, 5/22/13)
Jerry Brown downplays analyst’s budget forecast, pledges to ’stay the course’ (SacBee, 5/22/13)
LA elections may be decided by older, white voters, poll shows (LA Times, 5/22/13)
Republican win shaves Democratic supermajority in Senate (SacBee, 5/22/13)
Gov Jerry Brown appoints Superior Court judges (PolitiCal, 5/21/13)
Jerry Brown urges graduates to tackle climate change (SacBee, 5/20/13)
COMMENTARY: ‘Maldonado for governor’ off to bad start (LA Times, 5/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislative analyst gives Democrats more money (SacBee, 5/19/13)
Gov. Brown’s school funding plan runs into lawmakers’ concerns (SacBee, 5/19/13)
California analyst’s revenue projection higher than Jerry Brown’s (SacBee, 5/18/13)
Democrats seeking office have their eye on Sacramento (LA Times, 5/17/13)
Analyst disputes Brown’s budget outlook as too glum (LA Times, 5/17/13)
California can expect more tax revenue, analyst says (PolitiCal, 5/17/13)
California bills on firearms, violence clears hurdles (LA Times, 5/17/13)
Legislature’s analysts to weigh in on Jerry Brown’s budget (PolitiCal, 5/17/13)
California jobless rate falls to 9% (LA Times, 5/17/13)
AM alert: Analyst gives lowdown on the budget revision (SacBee, 5/17/13)
VIDEO: Prison realignment raising eyebrows (SacBee, 5/17/13)
Analyst projects $3.2B higher state revenues than Jerry Brown (SacBee, 5/17/13)
State funds could allow for pay raises for elected officials (PolitiCal, 5/16/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown promises prison legislation (PolitiCal, 5/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Upcoming audits a test for Jerry Brown (SacBee, 5/16/13)
California Senate approves measures aimed at reducing gun violence (PolitiCal, 5/16/13)
Illegal immigrants would be harder to deport under Assembly bill (PolitiCal, 5/16/13)
VIDEO: Muddled math in Gov. Brown’s budget revision (SacBee, 5/16/13)
California health exchange to serve as voter registration hub (SacBee, 5/16/13)
UC regents cool to Gov. Brown’s suggestions (SacBee, 5/16/13)
Lawmakers test Brown’s no-tax resolve with calls to hike levies (LA Times, 5/15/13)
Jerry Brown urges UC to stress graduating students in 4 years (LA Times, 5/15/13)
COMMENTARY: In new era, Brown has the clout to corral Legislature (LA Times, 5/15/13)
Brown, Legislature remain at odds on school finance overhaul (SacBee, 5/15/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown discusses his revised budget plan (SacBee, 5/14/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown unveils cautious budget for deficit-free state (LA Times, 5/14/13)
Jerry Brown pushes for ’smooth and rapid’ path to citizenship (SacBee, 5/14/13)
Jerry Brown to propose $1B for common core education standards (SacBee, 5/14/13)
Jerry Brown lowers revenue estimates in budget revision (SacBee, 5/14/13)
Rapid response roundup: Jerry Brown’s May budget proposal (SacBee, 5/14/13)
EDITORIAL: Steinberg plan for mental health has real merit (SacBee, 5/11/13)
Maldonado spars with NAACP, Democrats over photograph (SacBee, 5/11/13)
Healthcare puts Jerry Brown, capitol Democrats on different sides (LA Times, 5/10/13)
Brown, state senator at odds over clean energy money (PolitiCal, 5/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Can crime again be big issue in California? (Sac Bee, 5/10/13)
NAACP state president accuses Abel Maldonado of using ‘racial politics’ (SacBee, 5/10/13)
Univ. of California wants court to stop hospital strike (SacBee, 5/10/13)
Abel Maldonado accuses Jerry Brown and ‘buddies’ of ‘trying to make it about race’(SacBee,5/10/13)
EDITORIAL: Big issues await state in prepping for health reform (SacBee, 5/9/13)
Maldonado’s ‘early release repeal targets wrong offender (PolitiCal, 5/9/13)
NAACP demands Maldonado apologize for ‘racial politics’ (PolitiCal, 5/9/13)
California sues JPMorgan over debt collection tactics (LA Times, 5/9/13)
Abel Maldonado blasts Jerry Brown on prison realignment, touts initiative to repeal law(SacBee,5/9/13)
New measure could help California to start saving (PolitiCal, 5/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Immigration reform has big stakes in California (SacBee, 5/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Brown needs to convene prison settlement talks (SacBee, 5/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats can eat their own, too, as an aide to Brown learns (SacBee, 5/8/13)
Assembly speaker to push for new ‘rainy-day fund’ to help budget (SacBee, 5/8/13)
VIDEO: School funding woes not over yet (SacBee, 5/8/13)
VIDEO: Abel Maldonado touts initiative to repeal prison realignment (SacBee, 5/8/13)
Former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado criticizes Brown’s prison policy (LA Times, 5/8/13)
California no longer shuffling funds to pay bills, controller says (PolitiCal, 5/8/13)
Maldonado, mulling gubernatorial bid, hits Brown’s prison policy (PolitiCal, 5/8/13)
Legislative leaders, unions oppose Tribune sale to Koch brothers (LA Times, 5/8/13)
Assembly speaker outlines budget plans (LA Times, 5/8/13)
Jerry Brow on broken Bay Bridge bolts: ‘Shit happens’ (SacBee, 5/7/13)
COMMENTARY: California reverting to secrecy (SacBee, 5/7/13)
Steinberg calls for more investment in CA mental health (SacBee, 5/7/13)
New revenues ease California school district fiscal woes (SacBee, 5/7/13)
California has 2.6 million illegal immigrants, USC study finds (SacBee, 5/7/13)
Brown administration joins push to amend Prop 65 (SacBee, 5/7/13)
Two Prop 13 defenders decry abuse of loophole by corporations (LA Times, 5/7/13)
California Supreme Court upholds pot dispensary bans (LA Times, 5/7/13)
Jerry Brown says he’s ‘optimistic’ about Bay Bridge safety (PolitiCal, 5/7/13)
COMMENTARY: It’s too early to assess Jerry Brown, version 2.0 (SacBee, 5/6/13)
With revenue rising, Democrats push to restore safety net cuts (SacBee, 5/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Perez vows fiscal discipline from Democrats (LA Times, 5/6/13)
California’s Public Utilities Commission faces legislative heat (SacBee, 5/5/13)
Prisons plan likely doomed (SacBee, 5/4/13)
Brown’s prison plan faces hard questions in Legislature (PolitiCal, 5/3/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown files prison appeal (PolitiCal, 5/3/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown unveils an ‘ugly’ prison plan (LA Times, 5/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Superstore war flares in Capitol (SacBee, 5/3/13)
Steinberg doesn’t see Senate passing Brown’s CA prisons plan (SacBee, 5/3/13)
Advocates  for CA inmate rights blast Jerry Brown’s prison plan (SacBee, 5/3/13)
Jerry Brown offers early releases, private prisons to ease crowding (PolitiCal, 5/3/13)
Brown says more prison releases require Legislature to act (SacBee, 5/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature takes 1st step on CEQA overhaul (SacBee, 5/2/13)
California tax revenue yields multibillion-dollar surplus (LA Times, 5/2/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown submits court-ordered prisons plan (LA Times, 5/2/13)
Brown signs gun control bill (SacBee, 5/2/13)
Senate backs misdemeanor charges for heroin, cocaine possession (PolitiCal, 5/2/13)
CA. Senate OKs social network, drug bills (LA Times, 5/2/13)
Jerry Brown signs bill to cut California business-filing backlog (SacBee, 5/1/13)
Jerry Brown OKs funds to seize guns held illegally (LA Times, 5/1/13)
Oil and soda taxes advance in California Legislature (PolitiCal, 5/1/13)
Bill to change California’s environmental review law advances (SacBee, 5/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Savvy politicos block the shot, save Kings for Sacramento (LA Times, 5/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Maneuvers accelerate on California water plan (SacBee, 5/1/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown seeks new prison beds in California (PolitiCal, 5/1/13)
California teacher evaluation bill fails again (SacBee, 5/1/13)
Gov. Brown OKs funds to confiscate guns from criminals, mentally ill (PolitiCal, 5/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Calculating the profits, pitfalls of an oil tax (SacBee, 5/1/13)
Jerry Brown signs bill to step up California gun enforcement (SacBee, 5/1/13)
Coalition working on ballot measure to limit prescription drug abuse (LA Times, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

Trio of California fracking-ban bills advances (SacBee, 4/30/13)
Assembly panel backs halt to fracking (PolitiCal, 4/30/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s health turf war should cause fear (SacBee, 4/30/13)
California ordered to move prisoners at risk of valley fever (LA Times, 4/30/13)
Report: California governments could be $1.1 trillion in debt (SacBee, 4/30/13)
California lawmakers call for probe of Nevada patient busing (SacBee, 4/30/13)
CA bills seek to give more protections to immigrant workers (SacBee, 4/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Brown as Robin Hood (LA Times, 4/29/13)
Skelton: Brown’s plan is bad for some schools (PolitiCal, 4/29/13)
California bullet train groundbreaking faces new obstacles (LA Times, 4/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Tax break flap lands in California’s Capitol (SacBee, 4/29/13)
Bill to boost California minimum wage approved by panel (LA Times, 4/29/13)
California may go forward without a financial reserve (LA Times, 4/28/13)
Delta tunnel project to radically change Sacramento County landscape (SacBee, 4/28/13)
California legislation often ’sponsored’ — or even written — by interest groups (SacBee, 4/28/13)
COMMENTARY: California Legislature ignoring teacher pension gap (SacBee, 4/28/13)
‘Temporary’ California fees live on (SacBee, 4/26/13)
Labor groups renew push for paid sick leave (LA Times, 4/26/13)
Prisons chief says more releases could ‘unravel’ realignment (PolitiCal, 4/26/13)
Brown administration defends official amid calls for his resignation (PolitiCal, 4/26/13)
Assembly backs proposal to allow non-citizens on California juries (PolitiCal, 4/26/13)
Ex-lawmaker hired; GOP communications guru departs Senate (SacBee, 4/26/13)
Jerry Brown administration forbids dual jobs for managers (SacBee, 4/26/13)
The State Worker: Move by CalPERS gives governor leverage in union contract talks (SacBee,4/25/13)
Senate Democrats defend education plan as ‘civil rights’ issue, too (SacBee, 4/25/13)
Democrats’ education fight reveals rifts amid one-party rule (PolitiCal, 4/25/13)
Congressional Democrats demand resignation of Brown appointee (PolitiCal, 4/25/13)
Medical Board of California could lose investigative powers (LA Times, 4/25/13)
Bowen rebuffs call for direct Web access to campaign database (SacBee, 4/25/13)
Jerry Brown vows battle with Democratic critics of education plan (PolitiCal, 4/24/13)
Federal judge renews order for California prison mental health plan (PolitiCal, 4/24/13)
Tax revenue flows but Brown doesn’t celebrate yet (PolitiCal, 4/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Obamacare fuels California turf war (LA Times, 4/24/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown promises fight over education overhaul (LA Times, 4/24/13)
Unlikely coalition vows joint battle against Medi-Cal rate cuts (SacBee, 4/24/13)
Jerry Brown promises opponents ‘battle of their lives’ on education overhaul (SacBee, 4/24/13)
Senate Democrats to propose alternative education plan (SacBee, 4/23/13)
Gov. Brown donors rally against hie healthcare cuts (PolitiCal, 4/23/13)
Jerry Brown urges budget restraint despite strong revenue (SacBee, 4/23/13)
LA investigates alleged patient dumping by Nevada (LA Times, 4/23/13)
Jerry Brown detailing plans for universities (PolitiCal, 4/20/13)
California tries to regain fuller control of prisons (New York Times, 4/20/13)
Many private interests were Brown’s fellow travelers in China (LA Times, 4/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown’s big issues have stalled (SacBee, 4/19/13)
Some California leaders want low-cost health care for undocumented immigrants (SacBee, 4/19/13)
Effort to save state’s unemployment insurance program is underway (LA Times, 4/19/13)
California Assembly OKs $24M to speed seizure of guns (LA Times, 4/18/13)
Skelton: Jerry Brown has a long to-do list (PolitiCal, 4/18/13)
California high-speed rail bidding rules were changed (LA Times, 4/18/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown keeping questionable company? (SacBee, 4/18/13)
AM Alert: Lawmakers tell Gov. Brown to get back to work (SacBee, 4/18/13)
California senator proposes $2-a-pack increase in cigarette tax (SacBee, 4/17/13)
State Senate leader said revamp of environmental law is on track (PolitiCal, 4/17/13)
Assembly panel rejects arming teachers against campus intruders (PolitiCal, 4/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Welcome home, governor. Now get to work (LA Times, 4/17/13)
Jerry Brown starts push to revamp California’s environmental law (LA Times, 4/17/13)
Brown’s school funding plan gets thumbs up in statewide poll (SacBee, 4/17/13)
Jerry Brown ends China trip at ease with diplomacy, his role abroad (SacBee, 4/17/13)
Gov. Brown says changes to California’s environmental law unlikely this year (SacBee, 4/17/13)
Some California employers eagerly await immigration reform bill (LA Times, 4/17/13)
Jerry Brown caps China trip with factory deal (PolitiCal, 4/17/13)
OPINION: Soaking California taxpayers, again (LA Times, 4/17/13)
Trip with Gov. Brown lets LA executive reconnect with China (LA Times, 4/17/13)
COMMENTARY: California Senate gets dose of realism (SacBee, 4/16/13)
Villaraigosa urges state lawmakers to approve gun controls (PolitiCal, 4/16/13)
State Senate panel approves package of gun control bills (PolitiCal, 4/16/13)
Jerry Brown says environmental law overhaul unlikely for now (SacBee, 4/16/13)
Chinese markets are a work in progress for California agribusiness (SacBee, 4/16/13)
Jerry Brown to comply with prison order if appeals fail (SacBee, 4/16/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown says goodbye to China delegation (PolitiCal, 4/15/13)
California pledges environmental cooperation with China province (PolitiCal, 4/15/13)
California Senate calls on Congress to change immigration laws (PolitiCal, 4/15/13)
Proposed tax on bullets sidelined for more study (PolitiCal, 4/15/13)
Brown administration signs carbon-reduction agreement in China (SacBee, 4/15/13)
Controversial bills to repeal fire fee pass Assembly committee (SacBee, 4/15/13)
Jerry Brown toasts delegates on last night in China (SacBee, 4/15/13)
Jerry Brown vows to produce plan for reducing inmate population (PolitiCal, 4/14/13)
VIDEO: Though Brown touts progress, China’s environmental issues persist (PolitiCal, 4/14/13)
California Democrats celebrate success, new faces (SacBee, 4/14/13)
Re-elected Democratic Party leader was asked to leave ‘12 convention (PolitiCal, 4/14/13)
LA school reform effort draws diverse group of wealthy donors (LA Times, 4/14/13)
California Democrats blast efforts to overhaul schools (LA Times, 4/14/13)
California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom calls for legalizing pot (PolitiCal, 4/13/13)
Jerry Brown says lawyers reviewing prison decision ‘very carefully’ (PolitiCal, 4/13/13)
Jerry Brown gets assist from Yao Ming during Shanghai river cruise (PolitiCal, 4/13/13)
California Dems gather in Sacramento to celebrate victories (PolitiCal, 4/13/13)
Harris and Newsom highlight opposition to Prop 8 (PolitiCal, 4/13/13)
For Jerry Brown’s delegation in China, it’s about access (SacBee, 4/13/13)
Brown asks lawyers to review judges’ order on prison population (LA Times, 4/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Can California Democrats keep appetites in check? (SacBee, 4/13/13)
Jerry Brown pledges to take prison crowding case to Supreme Court (SacBee, 4/13/13)
Democratic chairman doesn’t fear Maldonado (PolitiCal, 4/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Brown is a bit too flip about California’s priorities in China (SacBee, 4/12/13)
California state revenue up $254M in March, officials say (SacBee, 4/12/13)
VIDEO: For Jerry Brown in China, tourism kickoff is a party (SacBee, 4/12/13)
Jerry Brown defiant of contempt of court threat in prison case (SacBee, 4/12/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown vows to fight with judges over prisons (LA Times, 4/12/13)
Jerry Brown goes electric to lure Chinese tourists (PolitiCal, 4/12/13)
Federal judges deny California bid to end prison oversight (SacBee, 4/12/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown’s first day in Shanghai is heavy on ceremony (PolitiCal, 4/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Does Jerry Brown truly want less red tape? (SacBee, 4/12/13)
AM Alert: California Democratic Party throws itself a party (SacBee, 4/12/13)
Jerry Brown defiant of contempt of court threat in prison case (SacBee, 4/12/13)
Judges threaten Gov. Jerry Brown with contempt of court (LA Times, 4/11/13)
Judges demand Brown comply with prison order (PolitiCal, 4/11/13)
Will California Democrats’ dominance last? (SacBee, 4/11/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Jerry Brown rides Chinese bullet train (PolitiCal, 4/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Special interests give Brown free ride to China (PolitiCal, 4/11/13)
Legislators threaten to kill state medical board (LA Times, 4/11/13)
Brown wants China aboard California’s high-speed rail project (LA Times, 4/11/13)
Brown urges China to cut air pollution (SacBee, 4/11/13)
California lawmakers threaten to strip Scouts of tax exemption (LA Times, 4/11/13)
AM Alert: Superintendent Torkalson, Molly Munger talk at education conference (SacBee, 4/11/13)
VIDEO: Legislators shredding Brown’s school plan (SacBee, 4/11/13)
Jerry Brown presses for high speed rail while riding Chinese train (SacBee, 4/11/13)
For Jerry Brown in China, it’s strictly business class (SacBee, 4/11/13)
Utah, Virginia are next up ton woo-California businesses circuit (LA Times, 4/10/13)
Brown’s China game plan steers clear of human rights issues (SacBee, 4/10/13)
China pollution may hold silver lining for California (LA Times, 4/10/13)
Steinberg doesn’t want to talk about taxes this year (PolitiCal, 4/10/13)
Campaign watchdog agency calls for more disclosure by nonprofits (PolitiCal, 4/10/13)
Republicans push overhaul of California budget process (PolitiCal, 4/10/13)
In China, Jerry Brown forced to cope with formalities (PolitiCal, 4/10/13)
Brown touts $1.5B Chinese investment in Oakland project (PolitiCal, 4/10/13)
COMMENTARY: An old saga contains new plot twist (SacBee, 4/10/13)
Brown wants California’s carbon market to link with Quebec’s (SacBee, 4/10/13)
Steinberg: 2013 isn’t the year for changing Prop 13 (SacBee, 4/10/13)
FFPC solidifies stance on campaign finance bills (SacBee, 4/10/13)
Jerry Brown tells Chinese media he works to ‘cleanse the Augean stables’ (SacBee, 4/10/13)
Jerry Brown on the clock in China, signing MOUs (SacBee, 4/10/13)
Jerry Brown touts major Chinese investment in Oakland project (SacBee, 4/10/13)
In China, Jerry Brown laments California’s red tape (SacBee, 4/10/13)
Jerry Brown: ‘Closing a $27B budget gap ain’t bupkis’ (SacBee, 4/9/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s prison program blamed in fatal stabbing (LA Times, 4/9/13)
California trade delegation arrives in China (LA Times, 4/9/13)
Jerry Brown arrives in China, looking for ‘greenbacks’ (SacBee, 4/9/13)
COMMENTARY: ‘Job killer’ list signals start of ‘big game’ in state Capitol (SacBee, 4/9/13)
Fracking bill passes CA Senate committee (SacBee, 4/9/13)
As Brown visits China, California-Quebec carbon-trade deal advances (PolitiCal, 4/9/13)
Trade, environment to dominate Jerry Brown’s first day in China (PolitiCal, 4/9/13)
Brown’s entourage in China (LA Times, 4/9/13)
Beijing’s polluted air provides Jerry Brown a political opportunity (PolitiCal, 4/9/13)
Business leaders joining Jerry Brown in China hope he can open doors (LA Times, 4/8/13)
State offers tips for doing business in China, from censors to soup (PolitiCal, 4/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Schwarzenegger: California’s silent disaster (LA Times, 4/8/13)
Charities are engaged in California political fights (SacBee, 4/8/13)
Republican lawmakers call for audit of gun registration fund (PolitiCal, 4/8/13)
CalChamber calls out 32 ‘job killer’ bills this year (SacBee, 4/8/13)
Gov. Brown will mean business on his weeklong trip to Asia (LA Times, 4/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislative money ban would fail (SacBee, 4/7/13)
Jerry Brown heads to China to get ‘billions’ in investment (SacBee, 4/7/13)
COMMENTARY: On the eve of Brown’s trip to China: Revaluing California’s export trade (SacBee,4/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Bankruptcy ruling not a clear win for Stockton, CalPERS (SacBee, 4/5/13)
California prisons haven’t improved healthcare enough, court says (LA Times, 4/5/13)
Abel Maldonado moves closer to 2014 run against Jerry Brown (SacBee, 4/5/13)
What’s next for Kamala Harris? (The Fix, 4/5/13)
GOP candidates had to campaign school for the weekend (SacBee, 4/5/13)
Judge rejects California’s bid to regain control of prisons (SacBee, 4/5/13)
AM Alert: Libertarians, Republicans meet to plot strategies (SacBee, 4/5/13)
Former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado exploring run for governor (LA Times, 4/4/13)
Maldonado positions to run against Jerry Brown (PolitiCal, 4/4/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s school energy plan gets harsh hearing (PolitiCal, 4/4/13)
Plan to install panic buttons in schools clears Assembly panel (PolitiCal, 4/4/13)
Investment, environment top Jerry Brown’s China agenda (PolitiCal, 4/4/13)
Democrats urge Brown to consider alternative to water project (PolitiCal, 4/4/13)
California Assembly panel approves teacher dismissal bill (SacBee, 4/3/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown details his upcoming China trip (PolitiCal, 4/3/13)
At odds with Brown, lawmakers back state oversight of school funds (PolitiCal, 4/3/13)
Ethics agency launches probe of environmental regulator (PolitiCal, 4/3/13)
EDITORIAL: State special elections are a waste (LA Times, 4/3/13)
Jerry Brown details China trip, predicts ‘billions’ in investment (SacBee, 4/3/13)
Assembly panel approves bill to restrict ammunition sales in California (SacBee, 4/3/13)
Assembly Democrats block prison realignment reforms (PolitiCal, 4/2/13)
Bill regulating CA ammunition clears committee (SacBee, 4/2/13)
‘Made in California’ label proposed to boost economy (PolitiCal, 4/2/13)
Bill restricting bullet sales clears first committee (PolitiCal, 4/2/13)
COMMENTARY: New biography of Jerry Brown is but a primer (SacBee, 4/1/13)
VIDEO: Judge rules Stockton can enter bankruptcy protection (LA Times, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Jerry Brown pardons 65 convicted criminals on eve of Easter (SacBee, 3/30/13)
Northern California House members slam Delta plan (SacBee, 3/29/13)
COMMENTARY: State Senate seat could be a big battle (SacBee, 3/29/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown cheers proposed federal clean-fuel rules (PolitiCal, 3/29/13)
California AG Kamala Harris reaping Prop 8 PR bonanza (SacBee, 3/28/13)
OPINION: In voting districts, should every person count? (LA Times, 3/28/13)
COMMENTARY: California beaming (New York Times, 3/28/13)
State auditor: California’s net worth at negative $127.2 billion (SacBee, 3/28/13)
Brown administration cites low snowpack to tout water plan (PolitiCal, 3/28/13)
State auditor: California’s net worth at negative $127.2 billion (SacBee, 3/28/13)
Jerry Brown convenes advisory panel on defense industry (SacBee, 3/28/13)
Top-two primary fails to unpolarize California (Keystone Politics, 3/27/13)
For Californians, Prop 8 hearing is milestone in years-long saga (LA Times, 3/27/13)
Judge weighs Brown’s bid to end court oversight of prisons (PolitiCal, 3/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Supreme Court unlikely to be bold in Prop 8 case (SacBee, 3/27/13)
Rhee’s CA strategy will be shaped by former Speaker Nunez (SacBee, 3/27/13)
Jerry Brown names Evan Westrup press secretary (SacBee, 3/27/13)
Lower-income residents took advantage of online voter registration (PolitiCal, 3/27/13)
Minimum-wage bill could harm California economy, trade group says (LA Times, 3/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Stockton bankruptcy trial has big stakes (SacBee, 3/26/13)
Taking a crack at California’s education system (LA Times, 3/26/13)
Supreme Court seems willing to restore gay marriage in California (LA Times, 3/26/13)
The highs and lows of California’s health care spending (SacBee, 3/26/13)
State urged to turn over parks to local governments, nonprofits (LA Times, 3/26/13)
Poll: Californians back gun control, immigration reform (SacBee, 3/25/13)
COMMENTARY: CA Sen. Rod Wright offers up good sense (SacBee, 3/25/13)
Former ethics chief would ban fundraising while CA lawmakers work (SacBee, 3/25/13)
California officials turn up the heat on secretive ‘dark money’ groups (Huffington Post, 3/24/13)
Most Californians favor citizenship path for illegal immigrants (LA Times, 3/24/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s economic challenge in a nutshell (SacBee, 3/24/13)
VIDEO: California voters split on Jerry Brown school plans (LA Times, 3/23/13)
Senate pares back select committees after years of criticism (PolitiCal, 3/22/13)
Lawmakers get higher marks, but support remains lax (PolitiCal, 3/22/13)
CA House races with same-party challenge also under way (SacBee, 3/22/13)
VIDEO: Little hope of pay hike for unpopular electeds (SacBee, 3/22/13)
Competition means an early start for California House campaigns (SacBee, 3/22/13)
Californians show strong support for strict gun control measures (LA Times, 3/22/13)
Lawmakers give warning over departments’ reported misuse of funds (PolitiCal, 3/22/13)
AM Alert: Committee dominoes fall in California Legislature (SacBee, 3/22/13)
Gov. Brown spending about $1 on personal staff for every $2 spent by Schwarzenegger (SacBee,3/21/13)
California pay panel says raises for officials unlikely this year (LA Times, 3/21/13)
State Assembly battles lead to split of Democratic campaign firm (PolitiCal, 3/21/13)
Californians still anxious about economy, poll shows (PolitiCal, 3/21/13)
Pay panel boss says changes to CA lawmakers’ pay unlikely (SacBee, 3/21/13)
Gov. Brown, lawmakers likely won’t get raises this year (PolitiCal, 3/21/13)
Teacher pension problems catch lawmakers’ attention (PolitiCal, 3/21/13)
VIDEO: High-speed rail’s declining popularity (SacBee, 3/21/13)
Jerry Brown staff exodus continues (PolitiCal, 3/21/13)
Jerry Brown’s communications office shrinks further (SacBee, 3/21/13)
AM Alert: What will Affordable Care Act mean for California? (SacBee, 3/21/13)
After withdrawing two appointments, Gov. Brown tries another (PolitiCal, 3/20/13)
Gov. Brown withdraws two appointments to state panel that will set his pay (PolitiCal, 3/20/13)
State voters sour on high-speed rail (PolitiCal, 3/20/13)
Appointments to California pay panel yanked before meeting (SacBee, 3/20/13)
Jerry Brown says panel shouldn’t cut elected officials’ pay (SacBee, 3/20/13)
Jerry Brown talks Warren Beatty and California’s ‘many personalities’ (SacBee, 3/20/13)
PPIC poll shows division over high-speed rail, water bond (SacBee, 3/20/13)
Report paints dire picture of teacher pension fund (PolitiCal, 3/20/13)
California lawmaker revives bill to regulate medical marijuana (PolitiCal, 3/20/13)
Assembly committee rejects adult education program shift (SacBee, 3/19/13)
Feinstein’s assault weapons ban loses this round (LA Times, 3/19/13)
California nonpartisan districting ousts life incumbents (Bloomberg, 3/19/13)
Assembly panel rejects piece of Jerry Brown’s education plan (PolitiCal, 3/19/13)
Two former CalPERS officials indicted on fraud charges (LA Times, 3/19/13)
Republican lawmakers push bills challenging prison realignment (SacBee, 3/19/13)
COMMENTARY: California Legislature ’solving’ problems it created (SacBee, 3/19/13)
COMMENTARY: High-speed project moves forward, but lawsuits loom (SacBee, 3/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Are California’s social tiers separating? (SacBee, 3/19/13)
Audit: California courts’ statewide financial report incomplete (SacBee, 3/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Capitol battle over environmental law comes down to ’standards’ (SacBee,3/18/13)
California bullet train board OKs sale of $8.6 billion in bonds (SacBee, 3/18/13)
California unemployment rate holds at 9.8%, highest in US (LA Times, 3/18/13)
AM Alert: California legislators weighing water, housing (SacBee, 3/18/13)
California’s Jerry Brown is paid less than six other governors (PolitiCal, 3/18/13)
Capitol battle over environmental law comes down to ’standards’ (SacBee, 3/18/13)
California cities, counties find funds to hire Capitol lobbyists (LA Times, 3/18/13)
Teacher layoff warnings subside as state budget improves (SacBee, 3/16/13)
‘Fracking’ could boost California economy by 14%, study says (PolitiCal, 3/15/13)
California tax revenue dips but surplus remains (PolitiCal, 3/15/13)
Obama to head to California to raise campaign cash for Democrats (LA Times, 3/15/13)
VIDEO: Battle lines being drawn over CEQA (SacBee, 3/15/13)
California officials unveil Delta water tunnel plan (SacBee, 3/15/13)
Sign of change? GOP turns to Democratic strategist (SacBee, 3/15/13)
VIDEO: Proposed legislation could worsen local debt (SacBee, 3/14/13)
California furloughs for workers will prove costly, report says (LA Times, 3/14/13)
Ravel talks about FPPC’s plans for tracking political money (SacBee, 3/14/13)
California Republicans invite Democrat to assess state of GOP (SacBee, 3/14/13)
Report: California’s furloughs driving up leave cash-out costs (SacBee, 3/14/13)
California faces higher costs because of past furloughs, report says (PolitiCal, 3/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Donnelly dabbles in faux bid for governor (SacBee, 3/14/13)
Brown administration files final furlough brief in appellate court (SacBee, 3/13/13)
Senate Democrats get back supermajority with Hueso win (SacBee, 3/13/13)
Republicans push audit on guns and mental health (PolitiCal, 3/13/13)
Lawmakers order audit of state accounts (Political, 3/13/13)
$10,000 college degree just a ’sound bite,’ says CSU chancellor (SacBee, 3/12/13)
Jerry Brown dines with Republicans, calls them ‘good friends’ (SacBee, 3/12/13)
California environmental review law backers rally at Capitol (SacBee, 3/12/13)
Labor, environmental groups protest changes to DEQA (PolitiCal, 3/12/13)
Senate GOP leader wants to reduce pink slips for teachers (PolitiCal, 3/12/13)
Abuse pollutes state environmental law (LA Times, 3/11/13)
Assembly’s Democrats could briefly lose supermajority (LA Times, 3/10/13)
Democrats, Brown at odds over healthcare act (LA Times, 3/9/13)
Public-employee unions push back with lawsuits over pension cuts (LA Times, 3/8/13)
Latino Republican group touts California election wins (SacBee, 3/8/13)
Medi-Cal expansion bills sail through California Legislature (SacBee, 3/8/13)
VIDEO: Los Angeles election doldrums (SacBee, 3/7/13)
Lawmakers scold California PUC for erroneous budget forecasts (SacBee, 3/6/13)
State, counties joust over Medi-Cal expansion in California (SacBee, 3/6/13)
COMMENTARY: California bullet train faces new challenges (SacBee, 3/6/13)
VIDEO: California’s skewed transportation priorities (SacBee, 3/6/13)
Lawmakers to probe Gov. Jerry Brown’s Medi-Cal plans (PolitiCal, 3/5/13)
California, on brink of recovery, braces for setback on federal aid (New York Times, 3/5/13)
Democrats’ congressional at-risk list includes 5 Californians (PolitiCal, 3/5/13)
Ratings agency gives thumbs up to California (PolitiCal, 3/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Two feuds give GOP and opening (SacBee, 3/5/13)
OPINION: A third possibility on Prop 8 (LA Times, 3/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Ugly numbers for state GOP (LA Times, 3/4/13)
CA Republican wants to create a ‘neighborhood legislature’ (SacBee, 3/4/13)
California GOP seeks new emphasis on Latino outreach (SacBee, 3/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown’s budget boasting should be put in context (SacBee, 3/4/13)
Key Senate panel approves Medi-Cal expansion (PolitiCal, 3/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Put Medi-Cal expansion on front burner (LA Times, 3/4/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown works to spread California’s green doctrine (LA Times, 3/3/13)
At state convention, Republicans try to chart a new way forward (LA Times, 3/3/13)
Jim Brulte CA Republican Party chair (SacBee, 3/3/13)
COMMENTARY: California Republicans seek path to revival (SacBee, 3/3/13)
Karl Rove offers advice, tough love for California Republicans (SacBee, 3/3/13)
Karl Rove tells California Republicans to step up communication (SacBee, 3/2/13)
Abel Maldonado: ‘I’m not going to give up on California’ (SacBee, 3/2/13)
Karl Rove addresses CA GOP county chairs (SacBee, 3/2/13)
Republican leaders emphasize Latino recruitment (SacBee, 3/2/13)
Outgoing CA GOP chair: Gay marriage is ‘difficult issue’ for GOP (SacBee, 3/2/13)
California first lady takes central role in administration, Jerry Brown’s life (SacBee, 3/1/13)
Rep. Kevin McCarthy says California GOP fortunes ‘can only go up’ (SacBee, 3/1/13)


New school funding plan wins cautious praise in Capitol hearing (SacBee, 2/28/13)
Women, minorities each make up a third of Jerry Brown’s judicial appointments (SacBee, 2/28/13)
California files anti-Prop 8 brief with Supreme Court (SacBee, 2/27/13)
Majority of CA voters support legalizing pot, poll finds (PolitiCal, 2/27/13)
Key Senate panel to consider Med-Cal expansion (PolitiCal, 2/27/13)
Jerry Brown’s school finance plan gets first legislative review (PolitiCal, 2/27/13)
CA appellate court dismisses school budget challenge (SacBee, 2/27/13)
COMMENTARY: After election losses, Chevron turns to Rubio (SacBee, 2/27/13)
COMMENTARY: California bullet-train financing still shaky (SacBee, 2/27/13)
Field Poll: More women than men want to crack down on guns in California (SacBee, 2/26/13)
Sen. Michael Rubio’s departure stirs California’s Capitol (SacBee, 2/25/13)
Jerry Brown fast-tracks review of Riverside County solar plant (sacBee, 2/25/13)
COMMENTARY: California GOP faces steep road back (LA Times, 2/25/13)
Jerry Brown skips White House meeting, boards train for New York (SacBee, 2/25/13)
California braces for impending cuts from federal sequestration (LA Times, 2/25/13)
COMMENTARY: School finance plan creates coalitions (SacBee, 2/25/13)
Jerry Brown keeps a low profile on trip with governors to DC (SacBee, 2/25/13)
Healthcare overhaul may threaten California’s safety net (LA Times, 2/25/13)
Brown’s school funding plan draws mixed reactions (LA Times, 2/24/13)
OPINION: California’s sad pension saga (LA Times, 2/24/13)
Jerry Brown wants wiggle room from feds on healthcare (LA Times, 2/23/13)
Jerry Brown presses Washington for ‘broad authority’ on health care (SacBee, 2/23/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s high taxes bring low results (SacBee, 2/22/13)
Democrats lose super-majority as Fresno senator resigns (News10, 2/22/13)
Federal receiver says prison crowding does matter (PolitiCal, 2/22/13)
Senate leader proposes modest changes  in state’s environmental law (PolitiCal, 2/22/13)
Federal cuts could cost California billions (PolitiCal, 2/22/13)
California faces rising bill for retiree healthcare (PolitiCal, 2/22/13)
California lawmaker Rubio leaves Legislature for Chevron job (LA Times, 2/22/13)
Jerry Brown says he was counting on Michael Rubio (SacBee, 2/22/13)
California analyst says K-12 funding overhaul has merits (SacBee, 2/22/13)
Cal Fire chief calls controversial fund ‘an invaluable tool’ (SacBee, 2/21/13)
Republican PAC hires Ruben Barrales in effort to elect Latinos (SacBee, 2/21/13)
Assembly GOP nearly unanimous in keeping Conway as leader (SacBee, 2/21/13)
California analyst rejects Gov. Jerry Brown’s clean energy plan (SacBee, 2/21/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s approval rating reaches two-year high in new poll (PolitiCal, 2/21/13)
Analyst wants competitive process for clean-energy money (LA Times, 2/21/13)
Brown may forge alliance with GOP governors on health plan (LA Times, 2/21/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown releases funding data for K-12 districts (SacBee, 2/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Lack of immigration reform threatens California farmers (LA Times, 2/20/13)
Prosecutions of California lobbyists on the rise, FPPC reports (SacBee, 2/20/13)
California state auditor offers hypothesis on hidden parks funds (SacBee, 2/20/13)
Criminal review of parks department is ongoing, officials say (PolitiCal, 2/20/13)
Legal opinion sought on pay hike for governor, lawmakers (PolitiCal, 2/20/13)
Lawmakers to consider rules for health insurance market (PolitiCal, 2/20/13)
Californians divided over state’s direction, Field Poll finds (PolitiCal, 2/20/13)
COMMENTARY: California park funds flap needs closer look (SacBee, 2/20/13)
Analyst says Jerry Brown’s budget plan vulnerable to legal attack (SacBee, 2/20/13)
Prosecutions of California lobbyists on the rise, FPPC reports (SacBee, 2/20/13)
Fiscal analyst has legal concerns with Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget (SacBee, 2/20/13)
Insurance commissioner touts new plan for CA health-care regions (SacBee, 2/19/13)
Jerry Brown asks for changes to state’s Medi-Cal expansion plan (PolitiCal, 2/19/13)
Cost to expand Medi-Cal a mystery (PolitiCal, 2/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown’s views on deficits a mixed bag (SacBee, 2/19/13)
California’s budget windfall could end soon, officials say (LA Times, 2/19/13)
California program to seize illegal guns gaining notice (LA Times, 2/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Milk price squabble hits Jerry Brown (SacBee, 2/18/13)
Brulte will try to revive a lifeless GOP (LA Times, 2/18/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown prepares to negotiate with unions that backed him (LA Times, 2/17/13)
Hollywood directs its star power toward a campaign closer to home (LA Times, 2/16/13)
VIDEO: Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom does ‘The Colbert Report’ (PolitiCal, 2/15/13)
Lawmaker seeks to block legislators from cushy board appointments (PolitiCal, 2/15/13)
Viewpoints: Brown, show some grit in dealing with Perry (SacBee, 2/15/13)
Jerry Brown upheld 80% of parole recommendations in 2012 (SacBee, 2/15/13)
Jerry Brown lets most parole releases stand (SacBee, 2/15/13)
Brown continues pattern of affirming majority of murder parole cases (PolitiCal, 2/15/13)
VIDEO: Why no strings attached on higher education money? (SacBee, 2/14/13)
Jim Brulte targets California GOP’s red ink (SacBee, 2/14/13)
VIDEO: Yee details threat, says it won’t stop gun control effort (SacBee, 2/14/13)
From the notebook: Fighting heats up over pension reform law (SacBee, 2/14/13)
Jerry Brown warns of federal budget cuts’ impact on state (PolitiCal, 2/14/13)
State senator details threat made against him (LA Times, 2/14/13)
Labor unions move to challenge California pension changes for public workers (SacBee, 2/14/13)
California preschool advocates want Obama to show them the money (SacBee, 2/14/13)
Democratic lawmakers revive oil extraction tax for California (LA Times, 2/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Fracture within GOP adds to tea party coffers (SacBee, 2/13/13)
Bay Area man accused of threatening to kill state senator (LA Times, 2/13/13)
California fiscal analyst calls for more efficiency in higher education (SacBee, 2/13/13)
Covered California unveils health insurance market’s blueprint (SacBee, 2/13/13)
California reveals details of health-law insurance plans (LA Times, 2/13/13)
Governor, BofA chief offer no easy answers for housing woes (LA Times, 2/13/13)
State to defend pension reform law from county union lawsuits (SacBee, 2/13/13)
Brulte: California GOP debt could be as high as $800, 000 (SacBee, 2/13/13)
COMMENTARY: California could see an oil boom (SacBee, 2/13/13)
Lawmakers want tougher rules for fracking (PolitiCal, 2/13/13)
Rick Perry declares victory in California trip (SacBee, 2/12/13)
Jerry Brown calls housing local issue, says he will ’stick to the core’ (SacBee, 2/12/13)
Jerry Brown veers off script at Oakland housing forum (PolitiCal, 2/12/13)
Texas Gov. Rick Perry tries to woo California businesses (LA Times, 2/12/13)
Staff changes in offing for Jerry Brown administration (PolitiCal, 2/12/13)
COMMENTARY: California vs. Texas debate rages on (SacBee, 2/12/13)
Jerry Brown’s press secretary announces his resignation (PolitiCal, 2/12/13)
California Democrats consider giving lawmakers more say over initiatives (SacBee, 2/11/13)
Job poaching rare despite states’ boasts (SF Gate, 2/10/13)
State lacks doctors to meet demand of national healthcare law (LA Times, 2/9/13)
California lawmakers will consider new rules for fracking (PolitiCal, 2/8/13)
Controller: California $4.3 billion ahead of forecast in January (SacBee, 2/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Perez job in DC would cure a headache (SacBee, 2/8/13)
Viewpoint: Why don’t we recruit businesses from Texas, governor? (SacBee, i2/8/13)
Rick Perry takes jobs fight to Jerry Brown’s home turf (SacBee, 2/8/13)
GOP lawmaker ponders radio ad for Texas (PolitiCal, 2/8/13)
Who dat at the Super Bowl? Lobbyists and California lawmaker (SacBee, 2/8/13)
California Senate majority calls for federal action on gun control (PolitiCal, 2/8/13)
Brown proposal targets flame retardants (LA Times, 2/8/13)
CA Democrats to push 10-bill package on gun control in Senate (PolitiCal, 2/7/13)
Texas Gov. Rick Perry heading to California to lure business (SacBee, 2/7/13)
VIDEO: California’s diverse Asian population expands (SacBee, 2/7/13)
AM Alert: Senate Democrats renew gun control push (SacBee, 2/7/13)
Brown enters hostile territory to push controversial water plan (SacBee, 2/7/13)
Fewer Californians leaving state for Texas (SacBee, 2/6/13)
COMMENTARY: California Legislature has oversight work to do — if it wants to (SacBee, 2/6/13)
EDITORIAL: Pity Rick Perry; his big state has big needs (SacBee, 2/6/13)
Two-tax rise tests wealthy in California (New York Times, 2/6/13)
2 lawmakers would require California gun owners to buy insurance (PolitiCal, 2/6/13)
COMMENTARY: FFPC pulls thread on laundered money (SacBee, 2/6/13)
Environmentalists and unions band together to fight CEQA changes (PolitiCal, 2/6/13)
COMMENTARY: A second act for Jerry Brown — and California (Washington Post, 2/5/13)
Gov. Brown dismisses Texas’ job-poaching efforts as ‘a big nothing’ (PolitiCal, 2/5/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown, Republicans float bills to change fire fee (SacBee, 2/5/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s tax surge could be dangerous (SacBee, 2/5/13)
State GOP may pick a dealmaker for its revival (LA Times, 2/5/13)
GOP lawmakers want probe of Cal Fire over off-budget account (LA Times, 2/5/13)
Jerry Brown downplays Cal Fire reports, dubs it ‘boring story’ (SacBee, 2/5/13)
Millions misspent? Gov. Jerry Brown finds it ‘boring’ (PolitiCal, 2/5/13)
California finances praised but not upgraded by Moody’s (PolitiCal, 2/4/13)
GOP legislators want feds to investigate fire fund (PolitiCal, 2/4/13)
Texas Gov Rick Perry rips California business climate in new ad (SacBee, 2/4/13)
Jerry Brown: ‘Texas, come on over’ (PolitiCal, 2/4/13)
CA teachers pension fund races $64 billion deficit (SacBee, 2/4/13)
GOP leader Connie Conway getting heat from caucus critics (SacBee, 2/4/13)
Ex-governors call for changes to environmental law (PolitiCal, 2/4/13)
California farmers eager for immigration reform (LA Times, 2/2/13)
Battered California Republicans find hope in a LA mayoral long shot (New York Times, 2/2/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown pardons 128 people in 2012 (LA Times, 2/2/13)
Jerry Brown targets enterprise zone program (LA Times, 2/1/13)
Jerry Brown reports more than $9.7M in two political accounts (PolitiCal, 2/1/13)
For taxes, better later than sooner, economist says (PolitiCal, 2/1/13)
Analysis: Legislature’s Democrats are not a monolith (PolitiCal, 2/1/13)
CA voters don’t want armed teaches on campus, survey says (PolitiCal, 2/1/13)
Jerry Brown reports pardoning 128 convicted criminals in 2012 (SacBee, 2/1/13)
Poll: California business leaders see state’s climate as difficult (SacBee, 2/1/13)
Former LA prosecutor among those pardoned by Jerry Brown (PolitiCal, 2/1/13)
Latinos to surpass whites for first time since California statehood (LA Times, 2/1/13)
Jerry Brown’s Prop 30 tax campaign outspent opposition 4 to 1 (SacBee, 2/1/13)
Analyst: Stem cell agency reforms fall short (SacBee, 2/1/13)


California climbs out of bond ratings basement (SacBee, 1/31/13)
Support for healthcare overhaul reaches all-time high in new CA poll (PolitiCal, 1/31/13)
California escapes the ratings cellar (PolitiCal, 1/31/13)
Californians more optimistic about state’s direction (LA Times, 1/31/13)
Jerry Brown, lawmakers get higher marks in new poll (PolitiCal, 1/31/13)
4 GOP state lawmakers endorse federal immigration overhaul (PolitiCal, 1/31/13)
Jerry Brown recruiting business delegates for China trade trip (SacBee, 1/31/13)
As California grows slowly, Latinos will be biggest bloc (SacBee, 1/31/13)
Bipartisan group of California lawmakers backs immigration overhaul (SacBee, 1/31/13)
State analyst: California now $5 billion ahead (SacBee, 1/30/13)
California taxes surge in January, report says (PolitiCal, 1/30/13)
Lawmakers to hold hearing on fracking (PolitiCal, 1/30/13)
GOP legislators propose California school districts arm teachers (LA Times, 1/30/13)
Tim Donnelly bill would arm California school employees (SacBee, 1/30/13)
Jerry Brown, lawmakers ‘breaking bread’ in series of dinners (SacBee, 1/30/13)
PPIC poll shows Jerry Brown’s public approval rating rising (SacBee, 1/30/13)
Assembly race will split key Jerry Brown allies (PolitiCal, 1/29/13)
Counties express concerns about Medi-Cal expansion (PolitiCal, 1/29/13)
Legislation proposed to help California launch healthcare overhaul (LA Times, 1/29/13)
Legislators to hold hearing on use of off-budget accounts (LA Times, 1/29/13)
VIDEO: Medi-Cal’s uncertain expansion (SacBee, 1/29/13)
Health care providers ask court to bloc Medi-Cal rate cut (SacBee, 1/28/13)
COMMENTARY: California pension funds still face huge liabilities (SacBee, 1/28/13)
John Perez proposes to expand Medi-Cal by a million people (SacBee, 1/28/13)
VIDEO: Serious budget problems still possible (SacBee, 1/28/13)
Moderate Michael Rubio takes on California’s environmental law (SacBee, 1/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Brown’s two key sentences (LA Times, 1/28/13)
Jerry Brown’s water plan faces mixed reviews (SacBee, 1/26/13)
California no longer alone in S&P fiscal ratings basement (SacBee, 1/25/13)
Gov. Brown calls for environmental law reform to ‘cut needless delays’ (PolitiCal, 1/25/13)
California lawmakers set to tackle healthcare expansion (PolitiCal, 1/25/13)
California lawmakers to hear testimony on state’s gun laws (PolitiCal, 1/25/13)
Brown’s bid to take back control of state prisons suffers setback (LA Times, 1/25/13)
Jerry Brown’s oratorical train chugs from Genesis to Yeats (SacBee, 1/25/13)
Federal receiver says California prison claim ‘distorts’ his position (PolitiCal, 1/25/13)
COMMENTARY: If Jerry Brown wants a legacy, he’ll have to work for it (SacBee, 1/25/13)
California launches state govt leadership program (SacBee, 1/25/13)
Karl Rove to headline California Republican Party convention (SacBee, 1/24/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown calls for special session of Legislature on healthcare (LA Times, 1/24/13)
Lawmakers applaud optimism of State of the State address (PolitiCal, 1/24/13)
Groups disagree if California crime rise related to prison plan (PolitiCal, 1/24/13)
VIDEO: ‘California did the impossible,’ Brown says in State of the State (LA Times, 1/24/13)
Jerry Brown says California has ‘confounded our critics’ (SacBee, 1/24/13)
EDITORIAL: Can governor broker a water peace treaty? (SacBee, 1/24/13)
Jerry Brown, at turning point, delivers State of the State address (SacBee, 1/24/13)
Rapid Response: Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State speech (SacBee, 1/24/13)
Read the text of Jerry Brown’s speech (SacBee, 1/24/13)
EDITORIAL: State of the state (LA Times, 1/24/13)
EDITORIAL: The feds’ education power grab (LA Times, 1/24/13)
California unions grow, bucking US trend (LA Times, 1/24/13)
COMMENTARY: It’s time to bring transparency to back-room legislating (LA Times, 1/23/13)
Optimistic State of the State address expected from governor (LA Times, 1/23/13)
Cal lawmakers propose 72-hour posting of bills before final votes (PolitiCal, 1/23/13)
California unions gain membership, bucking national trend (SacBee, 1/23/13)
California sees a revenue bump after tax changes (SacBee, 1/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Lawmakers ask Californians to do as they say, not do (SacBee, 1/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Will drivers pay more for California highways? (SacBee, 1/22/13)
Jerry Brown to attend Cal State trustees meeting (PolitiCal, 1/22/13)
While California considers fracking rules, legal battles flare elsewhere (PolitiCal, 1/22/13)
New bill would expand early abortion providers in California (SacBee, 1/22/13)
In quirk, some California residents have two state senators, others none (LA Times, 1/22/13)
California gun laws need federal support (PolitiCal, 1/21/13)
COMMENTARY: California is overdue for tax reform (SacBee, 1/21/13)
Brown seeks to reshape California’s community colleges (LA Times, 1/20/13)
COMMENTARY: California can’t go it alone on guns (LA Times, 1/20/13)
Gun control draws vigorous debate across California (LA Times, 1/20/13)
Judicial officials say it’s time to restore California court funding (SacBee, 1/20/13)
California retreats on class-size reduction (SacBee, 1/20/13)
Gun owners, gun control foes flex muscles in California (LA Times, 1/20/13)
Hundreds in Sacramento protest proposed gun restrictions (PolitiCal, 1/19/13)
California Legislature’s ballot maneuver was unconstitutional, court says (SacBee,1/19/13)
State prisons not ready to end court oversight, official says (LA Times, 1/19/13)
California job growth slows in December as payrolls shrink (LA Times, 1/19/13)
Court ruling in Prop 30 case limits use of ’spot bills’ in budget (SacBee, 1/18/13)
State watchdog trains eye on veterans agency (PolitiCal, 1/18/13)
Legislation aims to recruit young voters (PolitiCal, 1/18/13)
Assembly speaker warns UC officials against fee hikes (PolitiCal, 1/18/13)
California schools asked to put moratorium on controversial bonds (LA Times, 1/18/13)
Manufacturing stages US comeback, but not in California (SacBee, 1/18/13)
California high on gas tax, low on user-financed transportation (SacBee,1/17/13)
Jerry Brown plans to fight for immigrant ‘pathway to citizenship’ (SacBee, 1/17/13)
EDITORIAL: Micromanaging the UCs (LA Times, 1/17/13)
UC Regents plan to expand online education in next few years (LA Times, 1/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Help school districts by letting them raise their own tax revenue (LA Times,1/16/13)
University of California officials to push ahead with online education (SacBee, 1/16/13)
Jerry Brown says California not losing to Texas on economy (SacBee, 1/16/13)
Jerry Brown touts deal for online classes at San Jose State (SacBee, 1/16/13)
Jerry Brown takes a new tack with UC Regents (PolitiCal, 1/16/13)
Jerry Brown sidesteps national debate over gun laws (SacBee, 1/15/13)
Brown looks to fee hikes to fund courts (PolitiCal, 1/15/13)
Jerry Brown touts online education pilot at San Jose State (SacBee, 1/15/13)
Jerry Brown: ‘Oakland has to solve its own problems’ (SacBee, 1/15/13)
California sees slower population growth, Latino plurality this year (SacBee, 1/15/13)
Analyst, lawmaker fault Brown’s clean energy spending plans (PolitiCal, 1/15/13)
Jerry Brown tells PBS ‘the budget is fixed’ (PolitiCal, 1/15/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown names new education adviser (PolitiCal, 1/15/13)
Legislative analyst embraces Jerry brown’s budget plan (SacBee, 1/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown’s new big word — subsidiarity (SacBee, 1/15/13)
DMV study bolsters driver’s license push for illegal immigrants (LA Times, 1/15/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown challenges UC, Cal State to make big changes (LA Times, 1/15/13)
Analyst calls Brown’s budget ‘reasonable’ but has some concerns (LA Times, 1/15/13)
State fiscal analyst says California budget ‘roughly in balance’ (SacBee, 1/14/13)
Jim Bulte confirms bid for California Republican Party chair (SacBee, 1/14/13)
After fracking debate, state Senate confirms conservation director (PolitiCal, 1/14/13)
State lawmaker calls for 72-hour online posting of budget before vote (PolitiCal, 1/14/13)
California finances still face risk despite improvement, analyst says (PolitiCal, 1/14/13)
Skelton: Jerry Brown’s school plan bad for California’s middle class (PolitiCal, 1/14/13)
Analyst concerned about rising spending and pension costs (PolitiCal, 1/14/13)
California’s lobby laws keep many influence-peddling details secret (SacBee, 1/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Brown steering a steady course (SacBee, 1/13/13)
Jerry Brown pressing for efficiencies at California’s universities (SacBee, 1/13/13)
Brown takes a page from Aristotle (LA Times, 1/13/13)
California’s debt still a heavy cloud over state’s future (LA Times, 1/13/13)
San Diego halts all actions against marijuana dispensaries (LA Times, 1/13/13)
Brown administration shifts schedule for repaying loans (PolitiCal, 1/11/13)
UC official: Brown’s budget likely enough to avert tuition hike (SacBee, 1/11/13)
VIDEO: California’s budget larger than it appears (SacBee, 1/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Safety-net cutbacks still a California issue (SacBee, 1/11/13)
California budget has money for promised raise for state workers, but little else (SacBee, 1/11/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown seeks rollback of employer tax credit (SacBee, 1/11/13)
Senate panel votes to advance Jerry Brown appointee amid fracking concerns (SacBee, 1/10/13)
Brown’s budget proposal has good news for some (LA Times, 1/10/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown envisions budget without more steep cuts (PolitiCal, 1/10/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown commits to major Medi-Cal expansion (PolitiCal, 1/10/13)
Did ‘fiscal cliff’ fears wipe out California’s red ink? (PolitiCal, 1/10/13)
Brown fudges a bit on scope of California’s budget spending (SacBee, 1/10/13)
Jerry Brown predicts California budget surplus by end of next year (PolitiCal, 1/10/13)
Democratic legislative leaders relieved by Gov. Brown’s budget (PolitiCal, 1/10/13)
California state workforce to remain flat, cost more in fiscal 2013-14 (SacBee, 1/10/13)
Jerry Brown wants changes at state university systems (PolitiCal, 1/10/13)
Gov. Brown unveils budget, says state is in the black (LA Times, 1/10/13)
Rapid response roundup: Jerry Brown’s proposed budget (SacBee, 1/10/13)
Senate panel votes to advance Jerry Brown appointee amid fracking concerns (SacBee, 1/10/13)
Back from the fiscal abyss, California balances its budget (New York Times, 1/10/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown: California’s budget deficit is gone (SacBee, 1/10/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown to propose more money, finance overhaul for California schools (SacBee, 1/10/13)
VIDEO: Governor also shifting prison responsibility (SacBee, 1/10/13)
VIDEO: Dems getting ‘wild and crazy’ (SacBee, 1/9/13)
Legislature’s black caucus objects to parts of USC-Coliseum deal (LA Times, 1/9/13)
Jerry Brown’s budget likely will help schools and colleges, hurt courts, child care (SacBee, 1/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Brown scores by taking on feds and felons (LA Times, 1/9/13)
Through new budget, Brown maps out sweeping change in California (LA Times, 1/9/13)
COMMENTARY: With California prison overcrowding, Jerry Brown still traversing a minefield(SacBee, 1/9/13)
Legal war ahead on California bid to end federal prison controls (SacBee, 1/9/13)
Assembly speaker restricts press access to lawmakers (PolitiCal, 1/8/13)
CA Gov. Jerry Brown calls 2013 ‘Year of Fiscal Discipline’ (SacBee, 1/8/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown defiant in fight over prison inmate crowding (SacBee, 1/8/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown calls on feds to give up oversight of prisons (LA Times, 1/8/13)
Brown takes prison message on the road (PolitiCal, 1/8/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown’s cancer treatment done, says he’s ‘raring to go’ (SacBee, 1/8/13)
Brown fails to produce prison plan, seeks end of court control (PolitiCal, 1/7/13)
Brown’s budget expected to aid schools’ energy efficiency (PolitiCal, 1/7/13)
Jerry Brown’s next goals depend on new legislative bonds (SacBee, 1/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Legislature should give California’s cities and counties more leeway on taxes (SacBee,1/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Parcel tax changes could be big battle in California Legislature (SacBee, 1/7/13)
Jerry Brown’s State of the State speech set for Jan. 24 (SacBee, 1/7/13)
Time runs out for Brown’s new prison crowding plan (PolitiCal, 1/7/13)
Senate appointments set up battle over revamping environmental law (PolitiCal, 1/7/13)
7-year freeze on university fee hikes proposed by GOP lawmakers (PolitiCal, 1/7/13)
Besides budget, Steinberg has full plate for lawmakers (PolitiCal, 1/7/13)
UC study sees ‘minimal’ state costs from Medi-Cal expansion (SacBee, 1/7/13)
New Assembly rules tighten reporters’ floor access to legislators (SacBee, 1/7/13)
Darrell Steinberg announces CA Senate committee assignments (SacBee, 1/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Democratic ownership of Capitol has a price (SacBee, 1/6/13)
California parks officials knowingly kept $20M hidden, probe finds (SacBee, 1/5/13)
Can CEO Meg Whitman save Hewlett-Packard? (LA Times, 1/5/13)
Parks officials made ‘conscious, deliberate’ effort to hide money, probe finds (SacBee, 1/4/13)
State parks officials deliberately hid millions, report says (LA Times, 1/4/13)
Hidden parks money was exposed after years of silence (PolitiCal, 1/4/13)
COMMENTARY: There’s no off-season in California politics (SacBee, 1/4/13)
EDITORIAL: California did it; so can DC (LA Times, 1/3/13)
Federal budget deal could be reprieve for California finances (PolitiCal, 1/3/13)
Assembly speaker appoints ex-lawmakers to plum post (PolitiCal, 1/3/13)
‘Fiscal cliff’ deal could drain millions from California budget (LA Times, 1/3/13)
No estate tax revenue for California in fiscal cliff deal (PolitiCal, 1/3/13)
California’s freshman class in the US House is large and diverse (LA Times, 1/3/13)
California gains conditional approval of health care marketplace (SacBee, 1/3/13)
VIDEO: California facts book is required reading (SacBee, 1/3/13)
VIDEO: New CA budget battle could have familiar sound (SacBee, 1/2/13)
Two California state senators resign to join Congress (PolitiCal, 1/2/13)
Brown appeals injunction against gay-conversion law (PolitiCal, 1/2/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown wants to ‘calibrate’ environmental rules (PolitiCal, 1/2/13)
Caps on class sizes could be eliminated in Jerry Brown’s budget (PolitiCal, 1/2/13)
Brown plans extensive changes for school funding in 2013 (LA Times, 1/2/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s water wars breaking out again (SacBee, 1/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown wins point on budget deficit, but ‘wall of debt’ looms (SacBee,1/1/13)

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