The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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California Gubernatorial Headlines 2012


VIDEO: What will the new year bring to California politics? (SacBee, 12/31/12)
COMMENTARY: Big changes brewing in California Capitol (SacBee, 12/31/12)
New Year’s resolutions for Sacramento politicos (LA Times, 12/31/12)
Jerry Brown readjusts his stand on the environment vs. business (LA Times, 12/31/12)
Lawmakers try to curb anonymous political donations in California (LA Times, 12/29/12)
Union pickets gain special protections from state justices (LA Times, 12/27/12)
LA gun buyback program breaks a record (LA Times, 12/27/12)
Jerry Brown pushes new funding system for California schools (SacBee, 12/26/12)
Californians to watch in 2013: John A. Perez faces pivotal year in Legislature, political career(SacBee, 12/26/12)
Affordable Care Act presents many unknowns for California officials (LA Times, 12/25/12)
Jerry Brown grants clemency to 79 criminals (PolitiCal, 12/24/12)
Jerry Brown said… (SacBee, 12/22/12)
Jerry Brown adviser dismissive of California’s poor showing in Forbes list (SacBee, 12/22/12)
COMMENTARY: California’s uneven recovery (SacBee, 12/21/12)
California Senate leader reshuffles committee chairmanships (PolitiCal, 12/21/12)
Gavin Newsom comes ‘out of the closet’ for pot legalization (PolitiCal, 12/21/12)
California Democrats reject NRA proposal for armed guards in schools (PolitiCal, 12/21/12)
Prosecutors may limit number of California inmates released under ‘three-strikes’ change (SacBee,12/21/12)
Jobless rate falls below 10% in California (LA Times, 12/21/12)
VIDEO: Demography is destiny in California (SacBee, 12/21/12)
California parks agency’s accounting problems began sooner than thought (LA Times, 12/21/12)
Darrell Steinberg names new CA Senate committee chairs (SacBee, 12/21/12)
Jerry Brown wants assurances from Washington on healthcare law (PolitiCal, 12/21/12)
California Democrats propose stricter campaign disclosure laws (SacBee, 12/20/12)
State Senate leader backs Medi-Cal expansion (PolitiCal, 12/20/12)
State fails to coordinate energy programs, audit says (PolitiCal, 12/20/12)
CA Senate leader asks feds for more mental health funding (PolitiCal, 12/20/12)
Democrats target secret political money with new legislation (PolitiCal, 12/20/12)
CA Legislature is biggest generator of major new laws (SacBee, 12/20/12)
California lawmakers move to make state’s tough gun laws even tougher (SacBee, 12/19/12)
Brown’s choice for prisons chief is sentencing reform advocate (PolitiCal, 12/19/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown gets high marks for effectiveness in report card (LA Times, 12/19/12)
COMMENTARY: California tries a new way to reform education (SacBee, 12/19/12)
Brown administration proposes rules for hydraulic fracturing (SacBee, 12/18/12)
Schoolhouse massacre sparks spate of California gun bills (SacBee, 12/18/12)
California lawmaker proposes permit for ammunition purchases (PolitiCal, 12/18/12)
California oil regulators release draft of fracking rules (PolitiCal, 12/18/12)
California treasurer joins calls to pressure gun makers (PolitiCal, 12/18/12)
California senators propose tighter gun laws after Newtown deaths (LA Times, 12/18/12)
California firefighters’ political spending reflects grudge (SacBee, 12/18/12)
California teachers pension fund tied to gun maker by investment (PolitiCal, 12/17/12)
COMMENTARY: Old California budget issues remain despite new taxes (SacBee, 12/17/12)
California a leading state for research into cancer afflicting Gov. Brown (PolitiCal, 12/17/12)
New battle coming over California’s minimum wage (SacBee, 12/17/12)
Advocacy groups coming hat in hand to a less-strapped Sacramento (LA Times, 12/17/12)
COMMENTARY: Will California’s wealthy residents vote with their feet to avoid new income tax?(SacBee, 12/16/12)
Targets of California govt audits remain anonymous (SacBee, 12/15/12)
More than half the state’s voters chose mail-in ballots (SacBee, 12/15/12)
Political ethics panel accuses brothers of money laundering (LA Times, 12/14/12)
More valuable gifts, contributions allowed to politicians in 2013 (PolitiCal, 12/14/12)
Court decision a boost for California’s budget (PolitiCal, 12/14/12)
Bowen: Mail ballots hit an all-time high in CA general election (SacBee, 12/14/12)
COMMENTARY: Workers’ comp overhaul a recurring drill (SacBee, 12/14/12)
VIDEO: Can California handle large public works projects? (SacBee, 12/14/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown undergoes treatment for prostate cancer (SacBee, 12/13/12)
VIDEO: Villaraigosa tiff sign of Democrats’ infighting (SacBee, 12/13/12)
The Buzz: Democratic infighting breaks out (SacBee, 12/13/12)
Federal appeals court OKs lower payments to Medi-Cal providers (SacBee, 12/13/12)
Court ruling could cut California spending on Medi-Cal (LA Times, 12/13/12)
COMMENTARY: Now is the time to adjust Prop 13 (LA Times, 12/12/12)
VIDEO: Will the face of the California electorate change in 2014? (SacBee, 12/11/12)
Bill pushes to expand rights of some undocumented immigrants (SacBee, 12/11/12)
COMMENTARY: California water bond needs to be boiled down (LA Times, 12/10/12)
VIDEO: California’s debate over taxes just beginning (SacBee, 12/10/12)
COMMENTARY: California oil companies may be warming up to a carbon tax (SacBee, 12/9/12)
California Democrats weigh in on Prop. 8 decision (PolitiCal, 12/7/12)
Supreme Court to rule on Prop 8 ban on gay marriage (LA Times, 12/7/12)
Online voter registration boosted turnout, data suggest (PolitiCal, 12/7/12)
Gay couples in California excited, but worried, by court’s action (LA Times, 12/7/12)
California revenue lags due to Facebook, corporate refunds (SacBee, 12/7/12)
Supreme Court to hear DOMA and Prop 8 gay marriage cases (SacBee, 12/7/12)
VIDEO: GOP no longer ignoring Jim Brulte’s advice (SacBee, 12/7/12)
AM Alert: Assembly Republicans form diversity outreach team (SacBee, 12/7/12)
Head to head: Is Norquist’s pledge good or bad for California? (SacBee, 12/6/12)
GOP leader suggests pulling the plug on California’s high-speed rail (PolitiCal, 12/6/12)
Rural counties seek bigger share of prison money (PolitiCal, 12/6/12)
Lawmakers wants to change Proposition 13 (PolitiCal, 12/6/12)
Two Assembly members, just reelected, announce runs for Senate (PolitiCal, 12/6/12)
Expect Democrats to be robust, not reticent, in wielding power (LA Times, 12/6/12)
California budget spends less than US average on education (SacBee, 12/6/12)
EDITORIAL: Rethinking Prop. 13 (LA Times, 12/6/12)
Assemblyman wants Prop 13 change for commercial property (SacBee, 12/6/12)
VIDEO: Californians more optimistic (SacBee, 12/6/12)
California’s gay-conversion ban up in air after 2 judges disagree (LA Times, 12/5/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown, state budget get higher marks in new poll (PolitiCal, 12/5/12)
High-income Californians may pay nation’s highest tax rate (SacBee, 12/5/12)
Perez, Steinberg set sights on lieutenant governor bid in 2018 (SacBee, 12/5/12)
Optimism up about Jerry Brown, Legislature, California’s future (SacBee, 12/5/12)
EDITORIAL: New lawmakers have chance to break the mold (SacBee, 12/4/12)
San Diego mayor leaves office with his legacy intact (LA Times, 12/3/12)
COMMENTARY: An overhaul of CEQA looms large (SacBee, 12/3/12)
California Legislature welcomes largest freshman class since 1966 (SacBee, 12/3/12)
VIDEO: Is Prop. 13 on the table? (SacBee, 12/3/12)
COMMENTARY: Keys to a California GOP comeback: Camaraderie and good ideas (LA Times,12/2/12)
Healthcare law will have new California Legislature scrambling (LA Times, 12/2/12)
COMMENTARY: Should property taxes be raised? (SacBee, 12/2/12)
GOP group rejects Minuteman candidate (Politico, 12/1/12)


Steinberg asks Brown officials to delay Healthy Families move (SacBee, 11/30/12)
Jerry Brown to host Democratic governors in Los Angeles (PolitiCal, 11/30/12)
GOP gubernatorial hopeful finds party resistance (Orange County Register, 11/30/12)
Lottery buying new cars despite governor’s effort to pare state fleet (PolitiCal, 11/30/12)
Senate leader questions plan for children’s healthcare (PolitiCal, 11/30/12)
California faces fewer cash problems this year, officials say (PolitiCal, 11/30/12)
Jerry Brown to host Democratic governors in Los Angeles (LA Times, 11/30/12)
COMMENTARY: California’s 70-plus Democrats hang on to power (SacBee, 11/30/12)
CCPOA’s spending focus: Beat Prop. 32, support Prop. 30 (SacBee, 11/29/12)
One California Senate race not to be decided until January (PolitiCal, 11/29/12)
State lawmaker to propose changes to Proposition 13 (PolitiCal, 11/29/12)
Prop. 8 supporters, opponents await Supreme Court decision (LA Times, 11/29/12)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Jerry Brown could learn a lesson from ‘Lincoln’ (LA Times, 11/29/12)
Campaign treasurer gets 8 years for fraud (LA Times, 11/28/12)
Minuteman Tim Donnelly testing waters for a 2014 governor bid (SacBee, 11/28/12)
California school districts face huge debt on risky bonds (LA Times, 11/28/12)
Regents OK raise for new UC Berkeley chief (LA Times, 11/28/12)
OPINION: Crime and punishment in California (LA Times, 11/28/12)
Federal budget standoff is nerve-racking for state’s long-term jobless (LA Times, 11/28/12)
California finds economic gloom starting to lift (New York Times, 11/27/12)
Jerry Brown criticizes UC for raising new chancellor’s pay (SacBee, 11/27/12)
State auditor rips public health contracts, oversight (SacBee, 11/27/12)
California doesn’t do well in state-to-state well-being match-ups (SacBee, 11/27/12)
VIDEO: Let the 2014 race begin (SacBee, 11/27/12)
COMMENTARY: California canards rise again in media (SacBee,11/27/12)
Democrats face pressure from left to use new powers (PolitiCal, 11/26/12)
Jerry Brown preparing for life without top aide (PolitiCal, 11/26/12)
COMMENTARY: Democratic power in California’s Capitol has limits (SacBee, 11/26/12)
COMMENTARY: California’s education straitjacket bites back (SacBee,11/25/12)
Reforming California: Easier said than done (LA Times, 11/25/12)
Democrats’s new power in Legislature could bring peril, too (LA Times, 11/24/12)
EDITORIAL: Voting, California-style (LA Times, 11/23/12)
Federal budget standoff could hurt California economy (LA Times, 11/23/12)
Election loss has CA Republicans seeking common ground with Democrats (LA Times, 11/23/12)
The State Worker: Will Jerry Brown give state workers a raise? (SacBee, 11/22/12)
Jerry Brown appoints aide to appellate justice job (SacBee, 11/21/12)
First cap-and-trade auction a bust for California budget (SacBee, 11/21/12)
For OC Republicans, party’s immigration stance is a millstone (LA Times, 11/20/12)
Californians feel a bit more upbeat about the state’s direction (LA Times, 11/18/12)
California issues proposed rules for ‘fracking’ (LA Times, 11/18/12)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown hurdles over sophomore traps (LA Times, 11/18/12)
Online voter registration clearly a hit with young Californians (SacBee, 11/16/12)
Bullet train segment’s completion date pushed back (LA Times, 11/16/12)
State voters support cap and trade (LA Times, 11/16/12)
California backs a ‘fiscal cliff’ compromise — sort of, poll says (LA Times, 11/15/12)
Analyst sees potential for budget surpluses in California’s future (SacBee, 11/15/12)
Retiree health care still a long-term problem for California (SacBee, 11/15/12)
Pollster: Younger voters didn’t decide outcome of Prop 30 (SacBee, 11/15/12)
After election, state lawmakers and interest groups travel in tandem (SacBee, 11/15/12)
COMMENTARY: It’s time to reform our initiative system (LA Times, 11/15/12)
California backs a ‘fiscal cliff’ compromise – sort of, poll says (LA Times, 11/15/12)
Tax hikes, improving economy bode well for state budget (LA Times, 11/14/12)
California faces $1.9 billion deficit (SacBee, 11/14/12)
Jerry Brown tells University of California to ‘get more grounded’ (SacBee, 11/14/12)
California legislators attend policy conference at Hawaii resort (SacBee, 11/14/12)
Cal State and UC back off tuition hikes after Prop. 30 win (LA Times, 11/14/12)
Assembly Democrats capture tight race needed for supermajority (SacBee, 11/13/12)
Secret donation hindered campaigns, GOP advisers say (LA Times, 11/13/12)
California Chamber of Commerce sues to ‘invalidate’ state’s auction of carbon credits (SacBee,11/13/12)
COMMENTARY: GOP might never again hold power in California (LA Times, 11/12/12)
Bullet-train planners face huge engineering challenge (LA Times, 11/12/12)
Questions and answers about the new California budget landscape (SacBee, 11/12/12)
Moderates could enhance image of state Legislature (LA Times, 11/12/12)
VIDEO: Democratic ‘reform’ will be in eye of beholder (SacBee, 11/12/12)
AM Alert: Vote counts continue in close California races (SacBee, 11/12/12)
Jerry Brown: California tax vote start of national tax hike sweep (SacBee, 11/11/12)
COMMENTARY: Dems’ supermajority power isn’t absolute (SacBee, 11/11/12)
Brown was masterful: Governor’s political savvy steered Prop 30 (SacBee, 11/11/12)
Proposition 30 win no guarantee of fiscal safety for California (LA Times, 11/11/12)
Republican losses show Inland Empire’s political shift (LA Times, 11/10/12)
California GOP showing worries party strategists (AP, 11/10/12)
COMMENTARY: Advice to California’s GOP: Leave — or better yet, change (LA Times, 11/10/12)
For Prop 39, a quiet but decisive victory (LA Times, 11/10/12)
AM Alert: More than 3 million votes left to count in California (SacBee, 11/9/12)
Jerry Brown plans to restrain Democratic desires at the Capitol (SacBee, 11/9/12)
EDITORIAL: Three strikes made fairer (New York Times, 11/9/12)
California Democrats likely to win supermajority (New York Times, 11/9/12)
VIDEO: Is Kamala Harris headed east? (SacBee, 11/9/12)
Moody’s says Proposition 30 passage a boost to school credit (SacBee, 11/9/12)
Gap shrinks in close LA-area Assembly race (PolitiCal, 11/9/12)
Rep. Bono Mack concedes defeat in Coachella Valley race (PolitiCal, 11/9/12)
Jon Stewart impressed by approval of tax hikes in California (PolitiCal, 11/9/12)
More than 3 million ballots still to be counted in California (PolitiCal, 11/9/12)
Assembly Speaker John Perez gets overwhelming support to keep post (PolitiCal, 11/8/12)
Democrats’ hard feelings over Arizona donor persist (SacBee, 11/8/12)
California ‘moved further to the left,’ state GOP chairman says (PolitiCal, 11/8/12)
Secret Arizona donation failed to dent Democrats and unions (PolitiCal, 11/8/12)
Skelton: Emboldened Democrats face more risks in Sacramento (PolitiCal, 11/8/12)
Softer 3-strikes law has defense lawyers preparing case reviews (LA Times, 11/8/12)
Connie Conway re-elected as Assembly GOP leader (SacBee, 11/8/12)
Prop 30 win gives Jerry Brown major boost (LA Times, 11/8/12)
EDITORIAL: Californians say yes to taxes (New York Times, 11/8/12)
The State Worker: Did move to rein in California unions backfire? (SacBee, 11/8/12)
AM Alert: How did top-two primary affect election? What’s next? (SacBee, 11/8/12)
Brown found path to Prop 30 victory in a divided California (LA Times, 11/7/12)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown gets big win but also big responsibility (LA Times, 11/7/12)
Brown’s closing blitz for Prop. 30 helped turn tide (SacBee, 11/7/12)
California Democrats on brink of historic control of both houses (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Opponents of Jerry Brown’s California tax measure concede (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Californians back taxes to avoid education cuts (New York Times, 11/7/12)
Election dominoes could impact timing for supermajority in CA (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Californians back taxes to avoid education cuts (New York Times, 11/7/12)
Blue reign in Sacramento: Democrats dominate California voting (LA Times, 11/7/12)
Proposition 32 opponents declare victory (SacBee, 11/7/12)
California speeds revamp of health insurance market (LA Times, 11/7/12)
Food activists look to other states after failed California measure (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Passage of Prop 30 hailed by educators (LA Times, 11/7/12)
VIDEO: Latinos, youth change face of California electorate (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Jerry Brown urges ‘prudence of Joseph’ on future spending (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Jerry Brown: ‘Big issues’ remain after California tax vote (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Dems appear to have captured a supermajority, GOP leader says (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Death penalty supporters claim victory (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Assembly speaker says he has supermajority in lower house (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Democrats gain big in Legislature (LA Times, 11/7/12)
VIDEO: California reformers missed their chance (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Voters’ reactions mixed to raft of ballot measures (LA Times, 11/7/12)
Proposition 32 opponents declare victory (SacBee, 11/7/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative leads in early exit polling (SacBee, 11/6/12)
Jerry Brown declares victory for his tax initiative (SacBee, 11/6/12)
Munger spends $600,000 urging yes on Prop. 40 (SacBee, 11/5/12)
FPPC says Arizona nonprofit laundered money to CA campaign (SacBee, 11/5/12)
FFPC expects to reveal Arizona nonprofit donors today (SacBee, 11/5/12)
Senate GOP leader ‘cautiously optimistic’ about blocking two-thirds (SacBee, 11/5/12)
California officials consider civil, criminal action in mystery donation case (SacBee, 11/5/12)
State Supreme Court wants Arizona donors audited (LA Times, 11/5/12)
Arizona group plans appeal to US Supreme Court in funding case (PolitiCal, 11/4/12)
Last-minuted advice on state ballot measures (LA Times, 11/4/12)
California no longer on sidelines in congressional races (LA Times, 11/4/12)
Video: Tax measure draws financial support from unions, corporations (SacBee, 11/3/12)
California’s governor is in high gear over a tax initiative (New York Times, 11/3/12)
Is there a Plan B for the state budget if California’s Proposition 30 fails? (SacBee, 11/3/12)
Gov. Brown calls on Prop 30 forces to redouble efforts, counter (SacBee, 11/3/12)
Commentary: Prop 30 and Jerry Brown’s future (SacBee, 11/3/12)
Political cash floods California races (LA Times, 11/3/12)
Video: Jerry Brown says ‘I feel the power’ in South Central LA (SacBee, 11/3/12)
Court decision shields identity of donor to Arizona nonprofit (LA Times, 11/3/12)
The Buzz: Yes on Proposition 37 campaign trumpets an investigation that isn’t (SacBee, 11/3/12)
Poll shows Obama, Feinstein holding wide leads in California (SacBee, 11/3/12)
Court asked to force group to reveal political donors (SacBee, 11/3/12)
Arizona nonprofit won’t be audited for now, appeals court rules (PolitiCal, 11/2/12)
Editorial: The compelling case for Prop 30 (LA Times, 11/2/12)
Arizona nonprofit appeals judge’s order to surrender records (LA Times, 11/2/12)
Protesters visit Charles Munger Jr. at home (PolitiCal, 11/2/12)
Labor mounts massive effort to get out vote and defeat Prop 32 (LA Times, 11/2/12)
Many death row inmates oppose bid to halt executions (LA Times, 11/2/12)
2 lawmakers call for probe of Cal State’s legislative report card (PolitiCal, 11/2/12)
Video: Jerry Brown touts study on millionaire migration, divorce (SacBee, 11/2/12)
Record 18.2 million Californians registered to vote (PolitiCal, 11/2/12)
AM Alert: Poll trends up on Prop 34, down on Prop 32 (SacBee, 11/2/12)
Appeals court denies California’s attempt at Arizona donor audit (SacBee, 11/2/12)
Video: Why unions, business battle over Proposition 32 (SacBee, 11/2/12)
Opinion: How Gov. Brown can save Prop 30 (LA Times, 11/2/12)
Brown debates economy long distance with manufacturers (SacBee, 11/1/12)
Jerry Brown not ‘that stupid’ to defend politicians, but does so (SacBee, 11/1/12)
California GOP chairman opts not to run for another term (SacBee, 11/1/12)
Californians give $1 million to gay marriage initiatives in four states (SacBee, 11/1/12)
Arizona donor appeals, forestalling FFPC audit (SacBee, 11/1/12)
Commentary: Gov. Jerry Brown’s muddled message hasn’t helped Prop 30’s chances (LA Times,11/1/12)


Judge confirms ruling against mystery donor to ballot campaigns (SacBee, 10/31/12)
Arizona nonprofit must turn over records, judge orders (PolitiCal, 10/31/12)
Number of California voters reaches record levels (LA Times, 10/31/12)
Video: Why is Jerry Brown campaigning at colleges? (SacBee, 10/31/12)
Groups spend more than $20 million on CA legislative races (SacBee, 10/31/12)
Gavin Newsom criticizes Jerry Brown in KGO Radio interview (SacBee, 10/31/12)
Anti-tax group’s support can come with a price (LA Times, 10/30/12)
Citizens United at heart of mystery donor dispute, lawyers say (SacBee, 10/30/12)
Court says Arizona group must provide donor information in CA election (SacBee, 10/30/12)
In Hahn-Richardson race, a black congressional seat is at stake (LA Times, 10/30/12)
Commentary: Few good options among California ballot measures (PolitiCal, 10/29/12)
Campaign money in Prop 32 fight reaches $124 million (SacBee, 10/29/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown has yet to pick a central Prop. 30 sales pitch (LA Times, 10/29/12)
Think tank report slams Jerry Brown’s school finance plan (SacBee, 10/29/12)
California teacher unions rated as nation’s 6th most powerful (SacBee, 10/29/12)
Commentary: Some thoughts on four ballot measures (LA Times, 10/28/12)
California voters more tolerant of illegal immigrants, poll finds (LA Times, 10/28/12)
Brown brings Prop. 30 campaign to LA’s Grand Central Market (LA Times, 10/27/12)
California poll shows Obama with smaller lead (LA Times, 10/27/12)
Jerry Brown downplays TV report over Caltrans vehicle use (SacBee, 10/27/12)
Superintendents paint dire picture if California’s Prop 30 fails (LA Times, 10/27/12)
Former executioners share their misgivings about death penalty (LA Times, 10/27/12)
Independent spending pours into California congressional races (LA Times, 10/26/12)
California PUC launches probe of San Onofre outage (LA Times, 10/26/12)
California watchdog sues Arizona group over secret donors (LA Times, 10/26/12)
Jerry Brown: ‘Only God’ can watch over every state employee (SacBee, 10/26/12)
Support for end to California death penalty surges (LA Times, 10/26/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown denies making racially charged remark in speech (PolitiCal, 10/26/12)
Poll shows Molly Munger chipping away at Jerry Brown’s support (PolitiCal, 10/26/12)
Contributions top $100 million in ballot measure fights (PolitiCal, 10/26/12)
California tax revenue doesn’t catch up with projections (PolitiCal, 10/26/12)
Hearing set on $11-million election donation from Arizona nonprofit (PolitiCal, 10/25/12)
Video: Jerry Brown accuses foes of ‘Orwellian’ tactics (SacBee, 10/25/12)
Commentary: Keep secret Arizona money out of California politics (LA Times, 10/25/12)
California to start regaining control of prison healthcare (LA Times, 10/25/12)
Video: Jerry Brown says slipping tax measure still has ‘very good chance’ (SacBee, 10/25/12)
Charles Munger drops another $13 million into ballot measure fights (SacBee, 10/25/12)
California voters say they don’t ignore anything on the ballot (PolitiCal, 10/25/12)
CA group pushing online poker falls apart (SacBee, 10/25/12)
California redistricting may have blocked Dem hopes for majority (SacBee, 10/25/12)
Support plunges for Prop 30, Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative (LA Times, 10/25/12)
PPIC poll isn’t good news for Propositions 30 and 38 (SacBee, 10/25/12)
Decision on Arizona group postponed until Thursday (PolitiCal, 10/24/12)
Prop 39 would recoup $1 billion California lost in tax breaks (LA Times, 10/24/12)

See the big money behind every California ballot proposition (SacBee, 10/24/12)
Armies of election monitors to be deployed in California (PolitiCal, 10/24/12)
Stealth group of corporations funds pro-GOP campaign in Senate races (SacBee, 10/24/12)
Taxes aren’t going to make the rich leave California, report says (PolitiCal, 10/24/12)
Jerry Brown pivots to link Proposition 30 to voters’ top issue — jobs (SacBee, 10/24/12)
Commentary: Can California unmask mystery donors? (SacBee, 10/24/12)
Campaign finance watchdog may sue Arizona group (PolitiCal, 10/24/12)
Food labeling initiative draws most mentions on Twitter (PolitiCal, 10/24/12)
Poll: Jerry Brown’s tax measure slips below 50 percent (SacBee, 10/24/12)
California nearing record high voter registration (PolitiCal, 10/23/12)
Jerry Brown pitches to the Fresno cameras (PolitiCal, 10/23/12)
Californians had fourth highest state-local tax burden in 2010 (SacBee, 10/23/12)
Sen. Feinstein, set to win new term, aims to be a bridge builder (LA Times, 10/22/12)
Cities, low on cash, hope ballot measures change their fortunes (LA Times, 10/22/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown stumps for taxes at churches (PolitiCal, 10/21/12)
Video: Broadening appeal, Jerry Brown says tax initiative about jobs (SacBee, 10/21/12)
Raising taxes for schools, budget (SacBee, 10/21/12)
Laws similar to Prop 32 have had mixed results in other states (LA Times, 10/20/12)
Jerry Brown accuses anti-tax group of illegal money laundering (SacBee, 10/20/12)
Brown calls for help in final push for tax hike (AP, 10/20/12)
Video: Cash flows in California, on Sacramento airwaves (SacBee, 10/19/12)
Tax group says Cal State Monterey Bay over Prop. 30 advocacy (LA Times, 10/19/12)
Anonymous political donation sets up legal battle (PolitiCal, 10/19/12)
Identity of donors to conservative group sought (LA Times, 10/19/12)
Jerry Brown to secret donors: ‘Take your mask off’ (PolitiCal, 10/19/12)
Voters to decide on controversial state budget changes (PolitiCal, 10/19/12)
CA Common Cause calls for FPPC investigation of mystery Arizona money (SacBee, 10/19/12)
FPPC focusing on getting violations fixed before Election Day (SacBee, 10/19/12)
Former Univision chief contributes another $500,000 for Prop 32 (SacBee, 10/19/12)
Cal State report card on higher-ed votes angers many lawmakers (PolitiCal, 10/19/12)
Democrats have a shot at key House seats in Inland Empire region (LA Times, 10/19/12)
Video: Cyclists complain of getting ‘Jerry Browned’ (PolitiCal, 10/18/12)
California campaigns swamped with independent spending (PolitiCal, 10/18/12)
Mystery Arizona group sends $11 million to fight unions, Gov. Jerry Brown (SacBee, 10/16/12)
California ballot initiatives, born in populism, now come from billionaires (New York Times,10/16/12)
Commentary: The reality of what’s happening with California gas prices (SacBee, 10/16/12)
Video: ‘Don’t be complacent,’ Jerry Brown urges students at Prop. 30 rally (SacBee, 10/16/12)
Prop 38 proponent to stop airing TV ad critical of Prop 30 (LA Times, 10/16/12)
Video: Session over but fights continue (SacBee, 10/16/12)
Group for ‘courageous’ candidates sits out November campaign (SacBee, 10/16/12)
Video: Campaigns’ audience shrinks as voting starts (SacBee, 10/15/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s tax hike in jeopardy (SacBee, 10/14/12)
Education cuts at stake in tax battle (LA Times, 10/14/12)
Ballot Watch: Limiting paycheck deductions (SacBee, 10/14/12)
Doing business in California may be a challenge, but some choose to stay (SacBee, 10/14/12)
Prop 30 inspires voter registration drives aimed at students (LA Times, 10/13/12)
Mayor Villaraigosa wants city ID card for immigrants (LA Times, 10/13/12)
Democrat Lois Capps, Republican Abel Maldonado locked in tight race (LA Times, 10/13/12)
Molly Munger believed brother wasn’t spending against Brown (SacBee, 10/12/12)
Jerry Brown to start ‘full-on’ tax campaign Tuesday (SacBee, 10/12/12)
Top donors go all in on state ballot measures (The Bay Citizen, 10/12/12)
Commentary: State government – the more we fix it, the worse it gets (SacBee, 10/12/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget plans threatened by a determined Molly Munger (SacBee, 10/12/12)
Support for Proposition 37 is slipping, poll finds (LA Times, 10/12/12)
California legislators rarely break from party line in floor votes (SacBee, 10/11/12)
Molly Munger says Jerry Brown using ‘impostor strategy’ to win votes (SacBee, 10/11/12)
Dollars to Andy Pugno this week are bucks to fight gay marriage (SacBee, 10/11/12)
California’s renewable-energy plans may hinge on presidential race (LA Times, 10/10/12)
Molly Munger opens separate committee to attack Prop 30 (SacBee, 10/10/12)
California teachers’ union donations surpass $20 million to fight Prop 32 (SacBee, 10/10/12)
AM Alert: Voters say they know best (SacBee, 10/10/12)
Independent spending on CA legislative races nears $5 million (SacBee, 10/10/12)
Bill Clinton stumps for California Dems in tight congressional races (SacBee, 10/9/12)
Tax rival Munger unloads on Gov. Jerry Brown initiative (SacBee, 10/9/12)
Unions say Prop 32 campaign is hiding its expenses (SacBee, 10/9/12)
Siblings launch multimillion-dollar attacks on Prop 30 (LA Times, 10/9/12)
Changing California’s budget process (SacBee, 10/8/12)
California’s top-two voting system changes campaigns, but will it alter governance? (SacBee,10/8/12)
Video: California gas prices should fall soon, analysts say (LA Times, 10/8/12)
Yes on 30 asks Munger to avoid ‘destructive course of action’ (SacBee, 10/8/12)
Video: Democrat Gloria Romero and Common Cause’s Kathay Feng spar over Prop 32 (SacBee,10/8/12)
Video: Brown acts to halt surging California gasoline prices (LA Times, 10/8/12)
Jerry Brown calls for switch to winter-blend fuel to ease gas prices (SacBee, 10/7/12)
Commentary: Prop 31: Good goals, problematic means (LA Times, 10/7/12)
Endorsements: “Yes” on Jerry Brown’s Prop 30, “No” on Munger’s Prop 38 (SacBee, 10/7/12)
Molly Munger calls Jerry Brown’s ads ‘utterly deceptive,’ plans to counter (SacBee, 10/7/12)
State-run retirement plan idea for private sector draws attention (LA Times, 10/6/12)
Democrats out to defeat rival tax initiative Prop 38 (LA Times, 10/6/12)
Sponsors of California’s Prop 40 drop their campaign (LA Times, 10/6/12)
Corporate tax campaign releases new advertisement (PolitiCal, 10/5/12)
Charles Munger contributions for, against initiatives reach $23 million (SacBee, 10/5/12)
Looking at Proposition 30 like your household expenses (SacBee, 10/5/12)
Video: Misleading Prop 30 ads raise critical question (SacBee, 10/5/12)
Prop 38 camp vastly outspent Gov. Jerry Brown, still trails (SacBee, 10/5/12)
After Jerry Brown vetoes California immigration bill, LAPD goes it alone (PolitiCal, 10/5/12)
Video: Political season in full swing (SacBee, 10/4/12)
How California newspapers advise voters on ballot measures (SacBee, 10/4/12)
Chief Beck eases policy on illegal immigrant deportation (LA Times, 10/4/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s taxes are the best bad choice (PolitiCal, 10/4/12)
The Buzz: Is Jerry Brown about to get double-Mungered on tax initiative? (SacBee, 10/4/12)
Video: Proposition 30 ad makes false claims, opponents charge in new ad (PolitiCal, 10/4/12)
Online registration boosts voter rolls sharply, officials say (PolitiCal, 10/3/12)
Commentary: Prop 30 compounds state’s bad tax policy, but we need it anyway (LA Times,10/3/12)
Charles Munger doubles down to defeat Prop. 30, support Prop. 32 (SacBee, 10/3/12)
Video: Jerry Brown’s tax campaign airs first TV ad (SacBee, 10/3/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s split annoys immigrant-rights advocates (LA Times, 10/2/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes labor-backed pension bills (LA Times, 10/2/12)
Effect of California workers’ comp overhaul hinges on new rules (SacBee, 10/2/12)
Lawsuit in federal court seeks to block law banning gay ‘conversion’ therapy (PolitiCal, 10/2/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown kills some labor-backed bills (SacBee, 10/2/12)
Jerry Brown’s veto of immigration bill draws fire (SacBee, 10/2/12)
Jerry Brown veto seeks stronger ties between California health law and federal act (SacBee,10/2/12)
Endorsements: Yes on Prop 30, no on Prop 38 (LA Times, 10/2/12)
Jerry Brown surpasses Reagan, Deukmejian for most bills signed (SacBee, 10/1/12)
DreamWorks founders give $100K to Proposition 30 (SacBee, 10/1/12)
Brown uses veto to press for Prop 30 (LA Times, 10/1/12)
Brown acts on driver’s license, deportation bills (LA Times, 10/1/12)
California is latest stage for election battle over unions (New York Times, 10/1/12)
More voters oppose Prop 32 than support it, poll finds (SacBee, 10/1/12)


Commentary: Vote tests two big gut issues — crime and taxes — in California (SacBee, 9/30/12)
Ballot Watch: Labeling genetically engineered foods (SacBee, 9/30/12)
Brown vetoes bills on redevelopment funds (SacBee, 9/30/12)
Jerry Brown calls it a day, with 108 bills to go before deadline (SacBee, 9/29/12)
State officials on defensive about business climate (SacBee, 9/29/12)
State adopts wider law on guns (LA Times, 9/29/12)
Riverside County GOP registration surge raises questions of fraud (LA Times, 9/29/12)
Opinion: Replacement referees still govern California (Prop Zero, 9/29/12)
Video: California voters leaning against campaign finance initiative (LA Times, 9/29/12)
Voters pick sides on Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax plan (PolitiCal, 9/28/12)
US Chamber launches ad blitz against CA Democrats (SacBee, 9/28/12)
Video: Job losses fuel debate on business climate (SacBee, 9/28/12)
Majority of California voters say pension reform balanced or went too far (SacBee, 9/28/12)
Bloomberg: California among states with faltering economies (SacBee, 9/28/12)
Jerry Brown signs bill to advance private retirement program (SacBee, 9/28/12)
California budget stumbles as redevelopment funds prove scarce (PolitiCal, 9/28/12)
Fewer than a third of voters approve of Legislature, poll finds (PolitiCal, 9/28/12)
US Chamber of Commerce spends big on California GOP candidates (PolitiCal, 9/28/12)
Commentary: Prop 30 isn’t perfect, but if it fails, the results will be tragic (LA Times, 9/28/12)
Opinion: Cardinal Mahony: Yes to the Trust Act (LA Times, 9/28/12)
Brown signs online privacy laws (LA Times, 9/28/12)
Jerry Brown hangs onto shrinking support for tax hikes (PolitiCal, 9/28/12)
Video: Support slips for Brown’s tax hike (LA Times, 9/28/12)
Activists launch grassroots campaign for Prop 30 (PolitiCal, 9/27/12)
Jerry Brown OKs bills to expand renewable energy in California (PolitiCal, 9/27/12)
New poll finds voters split over pension changes (PolitiCal, 9/27/12)
Poll finds Prop 37 is likely to pass (LA Times, 9/27/12)
Endorsement: Yes on Proposition 39 (LA Times, 9/27/12)
Endorsement: Yes on Proposition 36 (LA Times, 9/26/12)
Jerry Brown signs bill revising California school rating system (SacBee, 9/26/12)
Video: Top-two primary could produce revolution (SacBee, 9/25/12)
From the notebook: The Field Poll numbers on Proposition 32 (SacBee, 9/25/12)
Census Bureau report charts ups and downs of California revenues (SacBee, 9/25/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs two-year reprieve for state parks (SacBee, 9/25/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill putting freeze on state park closures (LA Times, 9/25/12)
Bill allows Californians to register to vote on election day (LA Times, 9/24/12)
New rules upend House re-election race in California (New York Times, 9/24/12)
‘Petty pace’ of politics tempers Gov. Jerry Brown’s big ideas (LA Times, 9/23/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs 25 health-related bills (LA Times, 9/23/12)
Former death penalty supporters now working against it (LA Times, 9/23/12)
Editorial: California takes on the retirement crisis (New York Times, 9/22/12)
In tolerant San Francisco, Prop. 8 backer to head Catholic Church (LA Times, 9/22/12)
California’s community colleges staggering during hard times (LA Times, 9/22/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs bills giving veterans more state benefits (LA Times, 9/21/12)
California employers add 12,000 jobs; jobless rate falls to 10.6% (LA Times, 9/21/12)
Assembly speaker to perform in Prop. 8 play ‘8′ (PolitiCal, 9/21/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill to help space industry in California (PolitiCal, 9/21/12)
Political lines drawn on life sentences for teen killers (PolitiCal, 9/21/12)
Brad Sherman leading Howard Berman in race, independent poll shows (PolitiCal, 9/21/12)
Independent voters reach record in California (PolitiCal, 9/21/12)
Some juvenile killers would get parole if Jerry Brown signs bill (LA Times, 9/21/12)
Taxpayers, ratepayers will fund California solar plants (LA Times, 9/20/12)
Second survey shows more voters unsure about Prop 30 (PolitiCal, 9/20/12)
Jerry Brown vetoes financial help for four young cities (PolitiCal, 9/20/12)
Poll finds voters split on Proposition 32 (PolitiCal, 9/20/12)
California launches online voter registration (LA Times, 9/20/12)
Poll shows close call for Jerry Brown’s tax plan (PolitiCal, 9/19/12)
Financial aid at California colleges hit by scams, officials say (LA Times, 9/19/12)
CSU board OKs tuition increase — good only if Prop 30 fails (LA Times, 9/19/12)
Universities try to spread the word about Proposition 30 (PolitiCal, 9/19/12)
Barbra Streisand backs Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax measure (PolitiCal, 9/19/12)
Cal State system to hike tuition 5% if Prop 30 fails (LA Times, 9/18/12)
Editorial: California tries to make voting easier (LA Times, 9/18/12)
Jerry Brown and Molly Munger both want to raise taxes to help schools — but differ on approach(SacBee, 9/18/12)
Jerry Brown’s legacy rides on outcome of tax hike initiative (LA Times, 9/17/12)
California calls prison release plan unsafe (PolitiCal, 9/17/12)
Jerry Brown signs bills on cigarette sales and infant health (PolitiCal, 9/15/12)
Amazon, other web retailers start collecting California sales tax (LA Times, 9/15/12)
Cal State applicants to get warning letter about tax initiative (LA Times, 9/15/12)
Brown signs bailout for Inglewood schools (LA Times, 9/15/12)
California tries to guide the way on health law (New York Times, 9/14/12)
Prop 32: Group linked to Koch brothers gives $4 million (PolitiCal, 9/14/12)
Bond-rating agency sees fork in the road for California finances (PolitiCal, 9/14/12)
Analyst releases new report reviewing California budget (PolitiCal, 9/14/12)
Immigrant-rights groups divided over bills on Gov. Brown’s desk (PolitiCal, 9/13/12)
California Senate leader sets in motion reform of state environmental laws (PolitiCal, 9/13/12)
Democratic Reps. Sherman and Berman tout Republican support (LA Times, 9/13/12)
Brown again using veto pen to taunt GOP lawmakers (PolitiCal, 9/13/12)
UC regents brainstorm changes if voters reject Prop 30 (LA Times, 9/13/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill to trim public pension costs (LA Times, 9/13/12)
California consumers to fund state oversight of timber industry (LA Times, 9/12/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs pension reform bill (SacBee, 9/12/12)
Commentary: It’s time to dump California’s death penalty by passing Prop. 34 (LA Times,9/12/12)
Opinion: California needs a new Master Plan (LA Times, 9/11/12)
Howard Berman campaign to gain two GOP senators’ support (LA Times, 9/10/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown to GOP: ‘Get out of the way’ (PolitiCal, 9/9/12)
Jerry Brown signs law protecting Sikhs, Muslims, from workplace bias (PolitiCal, 9/8/12)
Gov. Brown used political muscle to revive workers’ comp bill (LA Times, 9/8/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs 59 bills (LA Times, 9/8/12)
San Diego’s largest newspaper to offer pointers to GOP candidates (PolitiCal, 9/7/12)
Brown signs bills on tenant rights, electronic records, fan safety (PolitiCal, 9/7/12)
Dispute helped sideline California sanctuary bill for illegal immigrants (PolitiCal, 9/7/12)
Judges won’t raise cap on California prison population (PolitiCal, 8/7/12)
Anti-Prop 8 groups to pay fines for campaign finance violations (LA Times, 9/7/12)
Villaraigosa criticizes Romney over stance on immigrants (LA Times, 9/7/12)
FFPC pushes to tighten disclosure for independent expenditures (SacBee, 9/7/12)
Judge: Schwarzenegger was within law in reducing Nunez sentence (LA Times, 9/7/12)
Medical pot returning to underground (LA Times, 9/6/12)
California controller urges better auditing in teacher pension system (LA Times, 9/6/12)
Democrats target two CA GOP congressmen with TV ads (PolitiCal, 9/6/12)
Teachers union gives another $6.9M to Prop 32 fight (PolitiCal, 9/6/12)
Teachers’ union gives nearly $7M to fight Proposition 32 (SacBee, 9/6/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown sees ‘fear in the eyes of Republicans’ on taxes (SacBee, 9/6/12)
A big night for Californians at the Democratic National Convention (SacBee, 9/5/12)
Video: Bill infighting far from done at the CA Capitol (SacBee, 9/5/12)
Letting illegal immigrants get driver’s licenses makes sense (LA Times, 9/5/12)
Lawmaker fulfills pledge to late wife with legislative victory (LA Times, 9/5/12)
Do Hollywood tax credits really help the economy? (LA Times, 9/5/12)
Villaraigosa, Newsom to address state delegation (SacBee, 9/5/12)
Critics say California law hurts effort to add jobs (New York Times, 9/4/12)
As Gov. Jerry Brown considers bills, campaign cash pours in (PolitiCal, 9/4/12)
Crackdown on small-business healthcare self-insurance faces delay (LA Times, 9/4/12)
How Stockton’s plan to help city pay pensions backfired (New York Times, 9/3/12)
Commentary: The legislative process does count (SacBee, 9/2/12)
Timber tax passes Legislature in last-minute scramble (LA Times, 9/2/12)
California Legislature’s new era may mean more productive Capitol (LA Times, 9/2/12)
Villaraigosa’s big moment arrives with Democratic convention (LA Times, 9/2/12)
State senator’s trial may begin just before election (LA Times, 9/2/12)
Editorial: California’s ‘Willful Disobedience’ (New York Times, 9/1/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown on middle-class scholarships: Try, try again (SacBee, 9/1/12)
Legislature approves CEQA exemptions for massive LA project (SacBee, 9/1/12)
Lumber tax approved by Assembly in early morning nail-biter (SacBee, 9/1/12)
Sign or veto? Gov. Jerry Brown faces a stack of dilemmas (LA Times, 9/1/12)


California scholarship tax deal dead for year (SacBee, 8/31/12)
CA Legislature sends governor package to cut costs of public pensions (PolitiCal, 8/31/12)
Assembly Speaker John Perez scrambling to cut a deal (PolitiCal, 8/31/12)
Assembly speaker abandons push for tax deal (PolitiCal, 8/31/12)
Video: What will end-of-session scramble bring? (SacBee, 8/31/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown approves two off-reservation casinos (SacBee, 8/31/12)
Workers’ compensation overhaul sent to Gov. Brown (SacBee, 8/31/12)
California Assembly approves state pension changes (PolitiCal, 8/31/12)
California Legislature sends public pension overhaul bill to Jerry Brown (SacBee, 8/31/12)
Jerry Brown urges action on workers’ compensation bill (SacBee, 8/31/12)
Cut out of budget talks, Republicans exercise tax leverage on final night (SacBee, 8/31/12)
Video: Jerry Brown challenges Chris Christie to a fitness test (SacBee, 8/31/12)
Bill to de-emphasize school tests heads to Jerry Brown (SacBee, 8/31/12)
Jerry Brown to miss Democratic National Convention (SacBee, 8/30/12)
More jobs created in California than Texas (Texas Monthly, 8/30/12)
Battle under way over California teacher evaluations (SacBee, 8/30/12)
California bill banning open carrying of rifles sent to governor (LA Times, 8/30/12)
Pension changes would cover less than half of liability, CalPERS estimates (SacBee, 8/30/12)
Video: Does pension plan provide real savings? (SacBee, 8/30/12)
Bill to stiffen ballot-initiative rules dies (SacBee, 8/30/12)
Will pension changes prompt pay raises? (SacBee, 8/30/12)
Lawmakers send bill to ban ‘open carry’ of rifles to Gov. Brown (SacBee, 8/30/12)
US Chamber launches ad attacking budget, economy (SacBee, 8/29/12)
2 California cities mishandled redevelopment money, audit finds (PolitiCal, 8/29/12)
Analysis: Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to stem pension costs is no panacea (LA Times, 8/29/12)
Video: New political ad takes aim at Sacramento (PolitiCal, 8/29/12)
Commentary: Gov. Brown’s tax increase? Yes, it’s about pensions, too (LA Times, 8/29/12)
California lawmakers approve ban on open carry of rifles, shotguns (LA Times, 8/29/12)
California lawmakers want better accounting for special funds (PolitiCal, 8/29/12)
State Senate backs driver’s licenses for young illegal immigrants (PolitiCal, 8/29/12)
CalPERS hails Jerry Brown’s ’sweeping changes’ to public pensions (PolitiCal, 8/29/12)
CalPERS: California public pension savings could reach $60 billion (SacBee, 8/29/12)
California workers’ compensation plan pits unions and employers against workers’ lawyers (SacBee,8/29/12)
Reaction pours in to public pension reform plan (SacBee, 8/29/12)
Late-session bill seeks to help Villaraigosa fulfill officer pledge (SacBee, 8/29/12)
Bill allowing more than two parents heads to Jerry Brown (SacBee, 8/29/12)
California lawmakers want better accounting for special funds (PolitiCal, 8/29/12)
Jerry Brown, Democrats reach deal on public pension overhaul (SacBee, 8/28/12)
Election-day voter registration passes Assembly, goes to Brown (SacBee, 8/28/12)
Video: Pete Wilson likens Mitt Romney to Ronald Reagan (SacBee, 8/28/12)
Brown takes softer line in latest plan to rein in pension costs (LA Times, 8/28/12)
Darrell Steinberg’s medical damages bill surfaces lat in session (SacBee, 8/28/12)
Doctors try to revive Healthy Families over Jerry Brown’s objection (SacBee, 8/27/12)
In Lake Tahoe a cry for regulatory relief (LA Times, 8/27/12)
California Legislature sets ambitious agenda in last week of session (LA Times, 8/27/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown lines up unusual allies on his tax hike initiative (LA Times, 8/27/12)
Video: The final legislative week beckons (SacBee, 8/27/12)
California cuts 7,100 vehicles from state fleet, Brown administration says (SacBee, 8/27/12)
Being from a blue state means bus time for California Republicans (SacBee, 8/27/12)
Steinberg: Lawmakers consider cap on pensions, not hybrid (SacBee, 8/27/12)
Most CA GOP legislators remain in Sacramento as RNC kicks off (SacBee, 8/27/12)
Cali reputation at RNC: ’scary,’ ‘hyper environmental,’ ‘great wine’ (SacBee, 8/27/12)
Chris Christie calls Jerry Brown an ‘old retread’ and ‘bad choice’ (SacBee, 8/27/12)
Assembly Democrats target four races for November election (SacBee, 8/27/12)
Video: To avoid ‘plants,’ says Meg Whitman, avoid questions in final weeks of campaign (SacBee,8/27/12)
California Republicans plan to drown out any Ron Paul uprising (SacBee, 8/26/12)
Bill would grant driver’s licenses to some illegal immigrants (LA Times, 8/25/12)
LA Sheriff may defy proposed law easing immigration enforcement (LA Times, 8/25/12)
Bill Lockyer seeks AG’s probe of bond agencies (SacBee, 8/24/12)
Opponents say CA tribal casino would hurt public worker pension funds (SacBee, 8/24/12)
California’s sales taxes didn’t fall short in July (SacBee, 8/24/12)
Video: It’s ‘transmogrify’ time at the Capitol (SacBee, 8/24/12)
Judge says Stockton bankruptcy can break retiree health guarantees (SacBee, 8/24/12)
Assembly sends Jerry Brown bill to protect illegal immigrants (SacBee, 8/24/12)
Paul Ryan coming to CA for Fresno campaign fundraiser (SacBee, 8/23/12)
Gut-and-amend bill seeks ’safe harbor’ for illegal immigrants (SacBee, 8/23/12)
Video: Why do Democrats support a film industry tax loophole? (SacBee, 8/23/12)
California Democrats push to allow Election Day postmark (SacBee, 8/23/12)
State payroll up 9.3%, costs 42.4% in last decade (SacBee, 8/23/12)
Bid to overhaul California environmental law falls short (SacBee, 8/23/12)
Health insurance regulation initiative qualifies for 2014 ballot (SacBee, 8/23/12)
California parks officials were looking to spend while shortchanging parks, documents show (SacBee,8/19/12)
Commentary: Complexity obscures California school money (SacBee, 8/19/12)
California Teachers Assn. a powerful force in Sacramento (LA Times, 8/18/12)
Brown to call special legislative session on healthcare law (LA Times, 8/18/12)
DMV ponders licenses for immigrants who get national reprieve (LA Times, 8/18/12)
Testimony: Chief told of parks surplus (SacBee, 8/18/12)
Jerry Brown to call special legislative session on health care (SacBee, 8/17/12)
Commentary: Prop 31 – a virtuous budget reform package – falls short (SacBee, 8/17/12)
California legislators shelve dozens of bills (LA Times, 8/17/12)
Video: Are promises for pension reform real? (SacBee, 8/17/12)
California PTA fires back after scolding from Feinstein, Boxer (SacBee, 8/17/12)
Commentary: Legislature hesitates on scandals (SacBee, 8/17/12)
San Francisco hedge fund manager donates $500,000 to defeat Prop 32 (SacBee, 8/17/12)
Charles Munger Jr. gives $635,035 to Proposition 32 campaign (SacBee, 8/17/12)
Video: Will projects cost more, take longer? (SacBee, 8/16/12)
US senators, legislative leaders call for tax cease-fire (SacBee, 8/16/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown formally kicks off Prop 30 tax hike campaign (LA Times, 8/16/12)
Are engineers and scientists going soft on Jerry Brown? (SacBee, 8/16/12)
Bill to restrict gift-giving to elected officials dies without a vote (SacBee, 8/16/12)
Brown moves tax campaign to the classroom, downplays parks scandal (SacBee, 8/16/12)
Assembly speaker vows action on ‘broad based’ pension reform (SacBee, 8/15/12)
Steinberg seeks audit of funds from mental health initiative (SacBee, 8/15/12)
California Republican leader gives up post after casting tax vote (SacBee, 8/15/12)
‘Realignment’ has dropped California prison population sharply (SacBee, 8/15/12)
State officials knew about parks surplus, former employee says (PolitiCal, 8/15/12)
Video: The return of workers’ compensation (SacBee, 8/15/12)
Video: Jerry Brown begins school visits in tax campaign (SacBee, 8/15/12)
Unions circulating draft of workers’ compensation overhaul (SacBee, 8/14/12)
Union chips in $2.5M to fight Proposition 32 (SacBee, 8/14/12)
Lawmakers want outside review of Bay Bridge safety testing (SacBee, 8/14/12)
Cities refuse to hand over redevelopment money (PolitiCal, 8/14/12)
Audit reveals more loose accounting, this time in oil spill fund (PolitiCal, 8/14/12)
Jerry Brown paints initiative campaign as taxes vs. schools (PolitiCal, 8/14/12)
Environmentalists, unions fear last-minute CEQA changes (LA Times, 8/14/12)
Business groups back Jerry Brown’s pension reform plan (SacBee, 8/14/12)
Brian Nestande steps down as GOP caucus chair after tax vote (SacBee, 8/14/12)
Assembly Republican, Independent, join Democrats to pass tax hike (SacBee, 8/13/12)
Steinberg apologizes for blackout of ballot measure hearing (SacBee, 8/13/12)
Court issues split decision on Proposition 32 language (SacBee, 8/13/12)
Business interests wary of tangling with labor over California’s Proposition 32 (SacBee, 8/13/12)
California legislator wants bill requiring better state accounting (SacBee, 8/13/12)
Judge orders changes to Prop. 32 language (PoltiCal, 8/13/12)
California scrambles to pay its bills with more borrowing (PolitiCal, 8/13/12)
California Republican Party approves structural changes (SacBee, 8/13/12)
Jerry Brown launches website to rebut climate change skeptics (SacBee, 8/13/12)
Video: State parks scandal is ‘issue that’s got legs’ (SacBee, 8/13/12)
California Republican Party approves structural changes (SacBee, 8/13/12)
Commentary: State GOP down, but not buried (SacBee, 8/12/12)
GOP turning 180-degrees to oppose its redistricting referendum (SacBee, 8/11/12)
Ex-Parks official had criminal past (SacBee, 8/11/12)
Unions kick in another $1.1M to defeat Prop 32 (SacBee, 8/10/12)
In November tax battle, Molly Munger phones a friend (SacBee, 8/10/12)
Judge upholds rulings in CA death penalty ballot wording (SacBee, 8/10/12)
Gas tax change may have caused part of parks surplus, analyst says (PolitiCal, 8/10/12)
Wolk criticizes Steinberg for cutting off broadcast of initiative hearing (SacBee, 8/10/12)
Jerry Brown faces major decision on tribal casino expansion (PolitiCal, 8/10/12)
New investigation into hidden California parks fund is ordered (LA Times, 8/9/12)
Nonprofit mapped political path for state Sen. Sam Blakeslee (LA Times, 8/9/12)
California lawmakers probe parks department, special funds (LA Times, 8/9/12)
Brown administration pledges to keep closer eye on special funds (PolitiCal, 8/9/12)
CA pension fund earnings outpaced other states in 2011 (SacBee, 8/9/12)
Judge declines to change wording on death penalty measure (SacBee, 8/9/12)
Video: Senate hearing on ballot measures ‘like a tree fell in the forest’ (SacBee, 8/9/12)
Would layoffs be better than furloughs for California’s employees? (SacBee, 8/9/12)
Forestry bill with lumber tax emerges in CA Legislature (SacBee, 8/8/12)
Democrats add 3 more CA congressional hopefuls to help list (PolitiCal, 8/8/12)
Opponents prime arguments for corporate tax campaign (PolitiCal, 8/8/12)
CA Senate blocks broadcast of ballot measure hearing (SacBee, 8/8/12)
Tribal casinos provide major economic boost to California, study says (PolitiCal, 8/8/12)
California lawmakers authorizing state audit of parks department (SacBee, 8/8/12)
California unions pushing end-of-session workers comp bill (SacBee, 8/8/12)
Lawmaker crafting bill to report big buyers of ammo to police (SacBee, 8/8/12)
Republicans call for former State Parks director to testify about financial problems (SacBee, 8/8/12)
Prop 30 opponents raise money, release online-only anti-tax ad (SacBee, 8/8/12)
CA Senate panel looks at November tax measures (SacBee, 8/8/12)
California Legislature now a stepping stone for LA City Council (Governing, 8/7/12)
Darrell Steinberg: Public pension legislation ‘definitely’ by session’s end (SacBee, 8/7/12)
Supervisors’ group hits Steinberg on legislative staff pay raises (SacBee, 8/7/12)
Bill to delay cities’ bankruptcies put on hold (LA Times, 8/7/12)
California municipal bankruptcy bill shelved by Senate leader (SacBee, 8/7/12)
Video: Bay Bridge story could get interesting for Jerry Brown (SacBee, 8/7/12)
Coalition of California tribes gearing up for online poker fight (SacBee, 8/7/12)
Supporters of millionaires tax backing Jerry Brown’s measure (SacBee, 8/7/12)
Top CA Democrats rally around new assault weapons bill (SacBee, 8/7/12)
Prop 8 campaign committee faces $49,000 in fines (LA Times, 8/7/12)
Lawsuit, bill aim to keep K-12 education free in California (LA Times, 8/6/12)
Real estate bubble bursts for California lawmakers, too (LA Times, 8/6/12)
Video: CA Legislature back for ‘madhouse’ month (SacBee, 8/6/12)
California lawmakers face a mountain of work (LA Times, 8/6/12)
Commentary: Hot August at the Capitol as Legislature reconvenes (SacBee, 8/5/12)
In California, county jails face bigger load (New York Times, 8/5/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown wants to use newfound CA parks money to encourage more donations (SacBee,8/4/12)
California finds $119 million more in untapped funds (LA Times, 8/4/12)
Caltrans’ records show problems with tests on Bay Bridge, other bridges (SacBee, 8/4/12)
Is more money hidden in California’s special funds? (SacBee, 8/3/12)
Audit finds no other hidden assets in California budget (SacBee, 8/3/12)
Teachers union adds $7.5M to Prop 32 fight (PolitiCal, 8/3/12)
Video: Will local tax measures hurt Jerry Brown’s? (SacBee, 8/3/12)
Libertarians move in as CA GOP scales back in Sacramento (SacBee, 8/3/12)
Proctor & Gamble stands aside as corporate tax battle heats up (PolitiCal, 8/3/12)
California Teachers Association gives $7.5M to No on 32 (SacBee, 8/3/12)
California reaches deep into special funds to pay for schools, prisons, social services (SacBee, 8/3/12)
Jerry Brown invokes New Testament in Prop 30 tax campaign (SacBee, 8/2/12)
Video: Jerry Brown says he’s ‘not an engineer,’ but defends Bay Bridge construction (SacBee,8/2/12)
State parks fund scandal leads to buyer’s remorse for donors (PolitiCal, 8/2/12)
Video: Facebook’s drop illustrates budget trouble (SacBee, 8/2/12)
Nurses union pledges $1 million to Jerry Brown’s tax initiative (PolitiCal, 8/2/12)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and USC form policy think tank (SacBee, 8/2/12)
Commentary: There’s no excuse for hoarded cash (LA Times, 8/2/12)
Molly Munger drops $5 million more into Prop 38 tax campaign (SacBee, 8/2/12)
California fiscal analyst: ‘Hundreds of millions’ at risk from Facebook slide (SacBee, 8/1/12)
Oakland, the last refuge of radical America (New York Times, 8/1/12)
CA officials: Too late to renumber ballot initiatives (SacBee, 8/1/12)
Democrats have a cash edge in three of four Senate swing seats (SacBee, 8/1/12)
Money flows to support Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative (SacBee, 8/1/12)
Discovery of California parks fund provokes backlash from donors (LA Times, 8/1/12)
Video: Brown has raised $6M this year for his tax initiative (SacBee, 8/1/12)
California watches windfall shrink as Facebook stock slides (PolitiCal, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

Is Antonio Villaraigosa poised to be America’s first Latino president? (Yahoo! News, 7/31/12)
Judge: San Diego pension overhaul can move forward (San Diego Union-Tribune, 7/31/12)
Molly Munger’s tax campaign spends $8.2M through June (SacBee, 7/31/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown may be the issue in California’s tax initiative duel (SacBee, 7/31/12)
CA Gov. Jerry Brown upsets environmentalist friends with his CEQA critique (SacBee, 7/31/12)
California ranks second highest in employment distress (SacBee, 7/31/12)
Dozens of lawmakers donate to Gov. Brown’s tax initiative (SacBee, 7/31/12)
Prop 8 petition filed with Supreme Court (SacBee, 7/31/12)
Jerry Brown raises $6.3M for November tax campaign (SacBee, 7/31/12)
California officials bracing for uproar over fire-prevention fee (LA Times, 7/31/12)
Villaraigosa says he’d like to be governor of California (PolitiCal, 7/31/12)
Unions raise nearly $10M to fight Prop 32 (PolitiCal, 7/31/12)
Millions of dollars may lie dormant in California’s special funds (LA Times, 7/31/12)
CA Democratic Party takes ‘no’ stance on union dues (SacBee, 7/30/12)
Small businesses endorse CA measure affecting union dues (SacBee, 7/30/12)
Jarvis group highlights high-speed rail in anti-tax ad (SacBee, 7/30/12)
Video: Jerry Brown’s use of the S-word ’startling’ (SacBee, 7/30/12)
Congressional Democrats target four California Republicans (PolitiCal, 7/30/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown confronts his family’s legacy (PolitiCal, 7/30/12)
Jerry Brown’s water plan is more than policy (LA Times, 7/29/12)
CA Democratic Party endorses Jerry Brown tax initiative (SacBee, 7/29/12)
California Finance Dept’s audit highlights how hard it is to reconcile budget numbers (SacBee,7/28/12)
Police shootings in Anaheim highlight deep rifts in a community (New York Times, 7/27/12)
Activists push bill to allow same-day voter registration (PolitiCal, 7/27/12)
California off-roading starring in another controversy (PolitiCal, 7/27/12)
NY Mayor Bloomberg didn’t fare well backing California campaigns (PolitiCal, 7/27/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown gives raises to some aides, pay cuts to most (PolitiCal, 7/27/12)
Commentary: California’s elected Board of Equalization should be replaced by a tax court (SacBee,7/27/12)
Much of hidden state park cash was in controversial off-road fund (LA Times, 7/27/12)
CA Finance Dept preparing to release audit data (SacBee, 7/27/12)
Video: Years later, Prop. 13 still stirs up controversy (SacBee, 7/27/12)
California Dems consider proposition endorsements (SacBee, 7/27/12)
California regulators take heat over fracking (PolitiCal, 7/26/12)
Skelton: Gun control debate should take cue from California (PolitiCal, 7/26/12)
California lawmakers may intervened for third NFL stadium (PolitiCal, 7/26/12)
California high-speed rail critics halt campaign to block funding (SacBee, 7/26/12)
Following scandal, hotline, email set up for CA state park tipsters (SacBee, 7/26/12)
Video: Water’s still for fighting in California (SacBee, 7/26/12)
Judge: Lawsuit against CalPERS over California prison receiver pension may proceed (SacBee,7/26/12)
Donors who bailed out state parks want their money back (San Jose Mercury News, 7/26/12)
Jerry Brown: ‘I want to get s— done’ at this stage of life (SacBee, 7/25/12)
Jerry Brown calls parks scandal a ‘first,’ downplays significance (SacBee, 7/25/12)
Anaheim cracks down as police shootings set off protests (New York Times, 7/25/12)
California parks face a $54-million question (PolitiCal, 7/25/12)
Death penalty repeal pits Mayor Villaraigosa vs. former Gov. Wilson (PolitiCal, 7/25/12)
Commentary: The lesson of Aurora: California is right about gun control (LA Times, 7/25/12)
California regulators to host public forum on fracking (PolitiCal, 7/25/12)
Commentary: Gov. Jerry Brown once again faces water fight (SacBee, 7/25/12)
‘Realignment’ has shifted 38,000 felons to local control (SacBee, 7/25/12)
State, federal officials reveal Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta plan (SacBee, 7/25/12)
Commentary: Prop 32 will be a test for California voters (SacBee, 7/24/12)
CalPERS cuts risk and finds reward, for now (Wall Street Journal, 7/24/12)
California Legislative Analyst releases Prop 32 explainer (SacBee, 7/24/12)
Video: Parks scandal could hurt Brown’s tax measure (SacBee, 7/24/12)
California appellate court turns back challenge to Prop 13 (SacBee, 7/24/12)
California appeals court sides with multi-state firms on taxes (SacBee, 7/24/12)
Jerry Brown gives Apple’s new ’spaceship’ campus a boost (PolitiCal, 7/23/12)
During tough economy, California’s largest cities shed 10,000 jobs (SacBee, 7/23/12)
California students assistants get the ax as part of union pay-cut deal (SacBee, 7/23/12)
Editorial: Delta water deal defers key details, at considerable risk (SacBee, 7/22/12)
Republican Party in California is caught in cycle of decline (New York Times, 7/22/12)
Parks scandal latest hurdle for Jerry Brown’s tax campaign (SacBee, 7/21/12)
California parks director resigns amid scandal (SacBee, 7/20/12)
Video: Steinberg gets no pay-freeze brownie points (SacBee, 7/20/12)
For Republicans, every day brings new reason to oppose tax hikes (PolitiCal, 7/20/12)
Top-paid California legislative employees get pay raises (SacBee, 7/20/12)
Resigning parks director ‘appalled’ to learn of hidden surplus (PolitiCal, 7/20/12)
California parks donors furious over hidden surplus (PolitiCal, 7/20/12)
SEIU Local 1000 gives $500,000 to fight Proposition 32 (SacBee, 7/20/12)
Jerry Brown appoints interim parks chief in wake of scandal (SacBee, 7/20/12)
California parks department finds $54-million surplus (LA Times, 7/20/12)
Video: Jerry Brown taking a chance with bullet train (SacBee, 7/19/12)
California legislative employees making six figures get raises (SacBee, 7/19/12)
Mega-fundraiser for California candidates aims to boost GOP in House (SacBee, 7/19/12)
A good end to a rough year for California taxes (PolitiCal, 7/19/12)
Raises for legislative staffers condemned by taxpayer activists (PolitiCal, 7/19/12)
Skelton: California’s financial problems deeper than bankruptcies (PolitiCal, 7/19/12)
Lawmakers give raises to aides before cutting other workers’ pay (LA Times, 7/19/12)
Jerry Brown signs rail bill, avoids Central Valley opponents (SacBee, 7/19/12)
Commentary: California’s funding mechanism is fundamentally cockeyed (LA Times, 7/18/12)
Video: ‘Don’t worry about the Field Poll,’ Jerry Brown says (SacBee, 7/18/12)
More about why teachers’ unions don’t like Prop 32 supporter Gloria Romero (SacBee, 7/18/12)
Video: California’s battle over taxes is heating up (SacBee, 7/18/12)
CA Senate announces plan to freeze pay — after awarding raises (SacBee, 7/18/12)
Assembly awards pay raises to more than 100 staffers (PolitiCal, 7/18/12)
UC regents freeze undergraduate tuition — for now (SacBee, 7/18/12)
Commentary: Proposition 4o on redistricting sets up tricky situation in California Senate (SacBee,7/18/12)
Sacramento House seat makes list of districts likely to change hands (SacBee, 7/18/12)
Jerry Brown signs California high-speed rail bill (SacBee, 7/18/12)
Schwarzenagger’s apt warning to state GOP (Redwood Times, 7/17/12)

CA’s health exchange seeks to make buying health insurance ‘as easy as buying a book on Amazon’(Think Progress, 7/17/12)
Video: Will CalPERS’ low earnings boost Jerry Brown? (SacBee, 7/17/12)
San Bernadino bankruptcy vote postponed (LA Now, 7/16/12)
Barack Obama, Mitt Romney back to raise money in California (SacBee, 7/16/12)
California Dems pick a side in several same-party races (SacBee, 7/16/12)
Former CA Democratic Senate leader endorses Prop 32 – measure limiting union campaign finances(SacBee, 7/16/12)
Video: California wins another national distinction (SacBee, 7/16/12)
Jerry Brown’s tax campaign releases online ad, its first (SacBee, 7/16/12)
Former Gov. Gray Davis: Centrist politicians ‘are toast today’ (SacBee, 7/16/12)
Commentary: Gov. Brown’s ballot manipulation is sleazy politics (LA Times, 7/15/12)
Commentary: Gov. Jerry Brown’s pitch on schools very risky (SacBee, 7/15/12)
The Conversation: California needs to examine Proposition 13 based on new narrative (SacBee,7/15/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs 48 new bills (LA Times, 7/14/12)
California voter turnout in June sets record low for presidential primary (SacBee, 7/14/12)
California primary was decided by less than a third of voters (LA Times, 7/14/12)
California county weighs drastic plan to aid homeowners (New York Times, 7/14/12)
Commentary: California just as insolvent as bankrupt cities (SacBee, 7/13/12)
California voter turnout hits all-time low for presidential contest (SacBee, 7/13/12)
San Francisco surgeon seeks partial recount of anti-tobacco Prop 29 (LA Times, 7/13/12)
California has nation’s worst credit rating, Pew study finds (SacBee, 7/13/12)
Video: Californians’ pessimism ‘no small stuff’ (SacBee, 7/13/12)
A look back at Jerry Brown’s furlough history (SacBee, 7/13/12)
California voters favor legalizing sports betting, poll finds (PolitiCal, 7/13/12)
Disputes over redevelopment money could entangle state budget (PolitiCal, 7/13/12)
Voters preferred mailbox to ballot box, secretary of state says (PolitiCal, 7/13/12)
How Gov. Jerry Brown would counter a furlough lawsuit (SacBee, 7/13/12)
California redistricting commissioners paid varied amounts for work (SacBee, 7/13/12)
House agriculture panel threatens California animal safety laws (LA Times, 7/13/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown orders furloughs for holdout unions (SacBee, 7/12/12)
GOP activists behind redistricting referendum drop campaign plans (PolitiCal, 7/12/12)
New group forms to oppose Molly Munger’s tax plan (PolitiCal, 7/12/12)
Bankruptcy in California isn’t seen as a trend (New York Times, 7/12/12)
Brown’s allies form committee to oppose Munger measure (SacBee, 7/12/12)
CA tobacco tax-backers seek recount after razor-thin loss (SacBee, 7/12/12)
Video: Why is city bankruptcy ‘trendy’ in California? (SacBee, 7/12/12)
Redistricting measure backers throw in the towel, won’t seek passage (SacBee, 7/12/12)
Rising costs push California cities to fiscal brink (LA Times, 7/12/12)
Inside the legal argument against California state worker furloughs (SacBee, 7/12/12)
Cal State trustees to vote on pay for new campus presidents (SacBee, 7/11/12)
Video: Community colleges’ role about to change (SacBee, 7/11/12)
Jerry Brown signs California homeowner protections into law (SacBee, 7/11/12)
Commentary: Money flows in battle against health reform (SacBee, 7/11/12)
Bullet train vote demonstrates California Legislature working well (LA Times, 7/11/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s tax plan has a downside (SacBee, 7/11/12)
Gov. Brown issues furlough order for two unions (LA Times, 7/11/12)
Court asks state official why she put Brown’s tax item atop ballot (LA Times, 7/11/12)
Jerry Brown administration issues furlough orders for holdout California state worker unions(SacBee,7/11/12)
Jerry Brown won’t push pension plan for November ballot (SacBee, 7/11/12)
Video: No vacation for politics in California (SacBee, 7/10/12)
California appeals court to review Jerry Brown ballot change (SacBee, 7/10/12)
Voters have mixed views on public pensions, Field Poll finds (SacBee, 7/10/12)
Commentary: High-speed rail lacks common sense (SacBee, 7/10/12)
Commentary: The heat is on Jerry Brown and the Democrats (SacBee, 7/10/12)
Jerry Brown says California public pension reform won’t be on November ballot (SacBee, 7/10/12)
Commentary: California’s bullet train won approval — now what? (SacBee, 7/10/12)
Brown’s tax measure can be first on ballot, judge rules (LA Times, 7/9/12)
Video: Water is California’s longest political battle (SacBee, 7/9/12)
Sec of State Debra Bowen assigns ballot measure numbers (SacBee, 7/9/12)
Judge rules against Brown tax rival on ballot numbering (SacBee, 7/9/12)
Anti-tax group challenges bill giving Gov. Jerry Brown top ballot position (SacBee, 7/9/12)
College tuition is political fodder, from California Legislature to presidential campaign trail (SacBee,7/8/12)
Commentary: Good Jerry, Bad Jerry play to win (SacBee, 7/8/12)
Feinstein holds big lead over GOP rival Emken in Field Poll (SacBee, 7/7/12)
California’s new election rules pose challenges to candidates (LA Times, 7/7/12)
High-speed rail squeaks through California Senate (SacBee, 7/7/12)
The Buzz: Big money coming in for California ballot fight aimed at restricting unions (SacBee,7/7/12)
California Senate vote keeps bullet train alive (LA Times, 7/6/12)
CA Senate OKs bill that would blunt deportation efforts (LA Times, 7/6/12)
Senate passes high-speed rail funding, which now goes to governor (PolitiCal, 7/6/12)
Senate debates future of high-speed rail (PolitiCal, 7/6/12)
Firefighters group gives $1 million to fight campaign finance measure (SacBee, 7/6/12)
Commentary: Bullet train may collide with California tax measure (SacBee, 7/6/12)
CA Legislature submits its own defense of ballot-reordering bill (SacBee, 7/6/12)
California Senate approves funding for high-speed rail (SacBee, 7/6/12)
California Legislature pulls water bond measure off fall ballot (LA Times, 7/6/12)
Mayors implore legislators not to undermine local pension cutbacks (PolitiCal, 7/5/12)
Gov. Brown vetoes bill regulating child abuse investigations (PolitiCal, 7/5/12)
Commentary: Will bullet train scuttle Jerry Brown’s tax plan? (PolitiCal, 7/5/12)
Assembly votes to approve funds for California high-speed rail (SacBee, 7/5/12)
Rail vote potential pitfall for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, Field Poll finds (SacBee, 7/5/12)
For California unions accepting cuts, what will next year bring? (SacBee, 7/5/12)
High-speed rail boss says CA project will stop if lawmakers vote ‘No’ (SacBee, 7/5/12)
Legislature votes to bump $11 billion water bond t0 2014 ballot (SacBee, 7/5/12)
Field Poll: California voters don’t like midyear cuts targeting education (SacBee, 7/4/12)
Commentary: Redevelopment abolished in California? Not really (SacBee, 7/4/12)
Commentary: Legislature — build that statue to Reagan (SacBee, 7/4/12)
Government labor unions give ground in California as budgets are squeezed (SacBee, 7/4/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown, legislative Democrats still haggling over California public pension cuts(SacBee,7/4/12)
How Senate districts would benefit from CA high-speed rail (SacBee, 7/3/12)
California controller appeals ruling on lawmakers’ pay (LA Times, 7/3/12)
Opinion: State needs to enact meaningful public pension reform now (SacBee, 7/3/12)
Steinberg: Jerry Brown has pension concept but no proposal (SacBee, 7/3/12)
Pension talks between Jerry Brown, Legislature fall apart (SacBee, 7/3/12)
Obama cabinet official criticizes Brown’s wildfire plan (PolitiCal, 7/3/12)
Senate panel supports California ‘fracking’ moratorium (PolitiCal, 7/3/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown counting on estate-tax funds that may never come (PolitiCal, 7/3/12)
High-speed rail funding poised for approval (PolitiCal, 7/3/12)
Video: It’s a short, but busy week (SacBee, 7/3/12)
SEIU Local 1000 members vote to accept furloughs (SacBee, 7/3/12)
State Senate leader predicts pension reform next month (PolitiCal, 7/3/12)
California lawmakers approve homeowners-rights mortgage legislation (SacBee, 7/3/12)
California legislators send Jerry Brown foreclosure relief bill (SacBee, 7/2/12)
Video: High-speed rail vote isn’t a slam dunk (SacBee, 7/2/12)
California’s budget plan balanced with risky assumptions (LA Times, 7/2/12)
California pay commission keeps looking for a legal opinion to support its actions (SacBee, 7/2/12)
California pension reform deal elusive as lawmakers near recess (PolitiCal, 7/2/12)
Video: Factions gear up for political war over Darrell Steinberg’s lawsuit bill (SacBee, 7/2/12)
Controller John Chiang to appeal legislative pay ruling (SacBee, 7/2/12)
Final California budget deal wasn’t all about saving money (SacBee, 7/1/12)
California panel orders 5% pay cut for lawmakers, governor, other officeholders (SacBee, 7/1/12)
Did Jerry Brown pull rank to get petition signatures processed? (LA Times, 7/1/12)

JUNE 2012

Judge halts Jerry Brown’s move to take top spot on ballot (SacBee, 6/30/12)
Molly Munger challenges ballot placement for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative (SacBee, 6/29/12)
Nearly all California state parks to avoid closure — for now (SacBee, 6/28/12)
Molly Munger, anti-tax groups considering lawsuits on ballot bill (SacBee, 6/28/12)
Video: November ballot jammed with big issues (SacBee, 6/28/12)
UC will not seek immediate tuition increase (LA Times, 6/28/12)
Jerry Brown signs budget that relies on voter-backed tax hikes (LA Times, 6/28/12)
What’s in the budget? (SacBee, 6/28/12)
Commentary: Fate of California’s bullet train iffy in state Senate (SacBee, 6/28/12)
Brown signs main California budget (SacBee, 6/28/12)
CA HHS chief: California in ‘full go mode’ on health care reform (SacBee, 6/28/12)
Bills to help homeowners facing foreclosure advance in California Legislature (SacBee, 6/28/12)
Video: November ballot jammed with big issues (SacBee, 6/28/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes $195M from final CA budget (SacBee, 6/28/12)
Initiative on health insurance rates won’t make November ballot (SacBee, 6/28/12)
Video: ‘We told you so’ on majority-vote budget (SacBee, 6/27/12)
California insurers lost billions on workers’ comp last year (SacBee, 6/27/12)
State won’t close Governor’s Mansion after all (SacBee, 6/27/12)
Five California bargaining units have yet to reach furlough deals (SacBee, 6/27/12)
Fate of health insurance regulation measure up in the air (SacBee, 6/27/12)
With little fanfare, Gov. Jerry Brown signs state budget (SacBee, 6/27/12)
Cities threaten lawsuits over potential garnish of local taxes (SacBee, 6/27/12)
Measure that includes budget changes makes California budget (SacBee, 6/26/12)
Wildfire liability proposal not in natural resources budget bill (SacBee, 6/26/12)
Video: ‘CA has a lot riding on the Supreme Court decision on health care’ (SacBee, 6/26/12)
Bill to regulate and tax marijuana dies in CA Legislature (SacBee, 6/26/12)
Commentary: New rules will reflect a more pessimistic pension risk for California (SacBee, 6/26/12)
Budget tweaks could help Gov. Jerry Brown make his case for tax hikes (SacBee, 6/26/12)
Budget deal seeks to freeze UC, CSU tuition (LA Times, 6/25/12)
Budget bill tweaked to give Jerry Brown’s tax measure leg up (SacBee, 6/25/12)
Bill would shield churches from performing same-sex marriages (SacBee, 6/25/12)
Farm workers prepare to push Jerry Brown on overtime rules (SacBee, 6/25/12)
Steinberg hoping for ‘minimal’ additional budget cuts by Brown (SacBee, 6/25/12)
CA budget includes harsher school-year trigger cut (SacBee, 6/25/12)
Video: Brown’s tax package could be in trouble (SacBee, 6/25/12)
California GOP sinking into third-party status (LA Times, 6/25/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown drops four-day workweek plan for state workers (SacBee, 6/24/12)
California state union leader Yvonne Walker has a sales job on her hands (SacBee, 6/23/12)
SEIU Local 1000 reaches tentative furlough agreement with Jerry Brown (SacBee, 6/23/12)
California bullet train faces tough vote in Senate (LA Times, 6/23/12)
Supporters admit defeat on Prop. 29 tobacco tax (LA Times, 6/23/12)
Legislative Analyst: Film tax credit a net loss in tax dollars (SacBee, 6/22/12)
Jerry Brown reaches furlough deal with CA state doctors, dentists (SacBee, 6/22/12)
Video: ‘Let’s get ready to rumble’ on tax measures (SacBee, 6/22/12)
Tobacco tax proponents officially concede Prop 29 defeat (SacBee, 6/22/12)
Jerry Brown suggests high-speed rail CEQA proposal only delayed (SacBee, 6/22/12)
Key provisions of the state budget agreement (LA Times, 6/21/12)
Jerry Brown, Democratic legislative leaders reach budget deal (LA Times, 6/21/12)
Editorial: California’s Trust Act (New York Times, 6/21/12)
State leaders to announce budget deal, vote expected Tuesday (SacBee, 6/21/12)
Video: ‘Are Republicans an endangered species in California?’ (SacBee, 6/21/12)
Supreme Court ruling might undercut California’s health care plan (SacBee, 6/21/12)
Imminent court ruling could undercut California’s health plans (SacBee, 6/21/12)
US Supreme Court rules against SEIU Local 1000 in fee case (SacBee, 6/21/12)
Census Bureau says California school spending 35th in US (SacBee, 6/21/12)
Budget deal moves 880,000 low-income children to Medi-Cal (SacBee, 6/21/12)
Vote on tobacco tax ballot measure narrows again (PolitiCal, 6/21/12)
Jerry Brown’s tax initiative officially qualifies for November (SacBee, 6/20/12)
Election-day voter registration advances in California Legislature (PolitiCal, 6/20/12)
As lawmakers pursue fracking bills, report looks at water effects (PolitiCal, 6/20/12)
Commentary: Citizens United could take us back to when  copper was king (SacBee, 6/20/12)
Where is Democrats’ urgency on pension reform? (LA Times, 6/20/12)
Jerry Brown abandons bid to protect high-speed rail from CEQA (SacBee, 6/20/12)
California’s pension gap widened in 2010, research center says (SacBee, 6/20/12)
Bruce McPherson quits GOP as he seeks seat on Santa Cruz board (SacBee, 6/20/12)
Audio: Saving California State Parks: The end of public funding? (NPR, 6/20/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown, Democrats approach deal on welfare cuts (SacBee, 6/20/12)
Video: ‘Two blows for open government’ (SacBee, 6/20/12)
Approved state budget still not a done deal (San Diego Union-Tribune, 6/19/12)
Video: ‘There’s a lot of waiting going on…’ (SacBee, 6/19/12)
California schools facing shorter year (SacBee, 6/19/12)
GOP donor Munger chips in for, unions against payroll measure (SacBee, 6/19/12)
Commentary: California now has a half-budget (SacBee, 6/19/12)
Monograph parses Tom Bates and East Bay’s complex politics (SacBee, 6/19/12)
Budget hostage strategy loses steam for CA GOP (NBC San Diego, 6/18/12)
Steinberg defends CA budget, aims for completion this week (SacBee, 6/18/12)
Campaign to defeat Jerry Brown’s tax measure gears up (SacBee, 6/18/12)
Video: Bullet train is next task for Legislature (SacBee, 6/18/12)
Anti-paycheck-donations campaign launches web video (SacBee, 6/18/12)
Commentary: Is nurses union a health hazard? (SacBee, 6/17/12)
California Legislature passes $92.1 billion budget (LA Times, 6/16/12)
Specifics of California’s budget cuts (LA Times, 6/16/12)
California lawmakers secure continued pay with unfinished budget (SacBee, 6/16/12)
Absent deal, Legislature sends main budget bill to Gov. Jerry Brown (SacBee, 6/15/12)
California lawmakers race to pass a budget bill with little time to read it (SacBee, 6/16/12)
Transitional kindergarten funding spared under Democrats’ budget (PolitiCal, 6/15/12)
Steinberg: CA ’sober’ budget will pass today despite differences (SacBee, 6/15/12)
Video: California budget is based on shaky assumptions (SacBee, 6/15/12)
Correctional officers, firefighters, psych techs, Jerry Brown tentatively agree to furloughs (SacBee,6/15/12)
CA budget bill deletes state worker furlough language — for now (SacBee, 6/14/12)
Video: Welfare cuts are last sticking point on budget (SacBee, 6/14/12)
Judges, lawyers, employees decry planned cuts to state court system (SacBee, 6/14/12)
Editorial: Can state leaders nail down a decent budget deal? (SacBee, 6/14/12)
How loyal are California lawmakers to organized labor? (SacBee, 6/14/12)
This budget bait and switch benefits California (LA Times, 6/14/12)
LA school cuts could be reversed if Jerry Brown’s tax plan passes (PolitiCal, 6/14/12)
Republicans boycott state Senate budget hearing (PolitiCal, 6/14/12)
CA state lawmaker wants fracking moratorium (PolitiCal, 6/14/12)
Redevelopment money is a sticking point in budget talks (PolitiCal, 6/14/12)
Video: Steinberg’s message to unions: ‘Work it out’ (SacBee, 6/14/12)
California lawyers fight back on ‘job killer’ label with study (SacBee, 6/14/12)
CalPERS hike sets off alarm (SacBee, 6/14/12)
California Democrats ready to send Gov. Jerry Brown a budget that rejects $1 billion in cuts (SacBee,6/14/12)
Dozens arrested in Capitol protest over proposed budget cuts (SacBee, 6/13/12)
Gov. Brown demands legislators make deeper budget cuts (LA Times, 6/13/12)
California redistricting commissioners paid varied amounts for work (SacBee, 6/13/12)
CalPERS OKs 9.5% hike in health insurance premiums (SacBee, 6/13/12)
CA Democrats say they are closer to a budget deal with Jerry Brown (SacBee, 6/13/12)
Video: Latinos could change California politics (SacBee, 6/13/12)
PPIC study says new California primary rules had mild effects (SacBee, 6/13/12)
California counties oppose Democratic plan to take $250 million (SacBee, 6/13/12)
Video: 10 arrested at California Capitol protest on budget cuts (SacBee, 6/12/12)
Jerry Brown meets with top Democrats again; still no budget deal (PolitiCal, 6/12/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown: ‘We’re not there yet’ on budget (SacBee, 6/12/12)
Video: Group launches campaign against Jerry Brown’s tax measure (SacBee, 6/12/12)
Report sees 4.4. million more potential Latino voters in California (SacBee, 6/12/12)
Video: Stockton, San Diego and San Jose pressure Legislature on pensions (SacBee, 6/12/12)
State lawmakers will start moving budget plan through legislature (LA Times, 6/11/12)
Measures on ‘three strikes,’ GMO food labels qualify for ballot (SacBee, 6/11/12)
Legislative Democrats release CA budget plan with smaller cuts (SacBee, 6/11/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown, Democratic leaders seek common ground on budget cuts (SacBee, 6/11/12)
Commentary: California budget process has reverted to secrecy (SacBee, 6/11/12)
California legislative leaders huddle before budget vote (SacBee, 6/11/12)
Unions fire Internet blast at California ballot measure (SacBee, 6/11/12)
Commentary: Will voters pass Jerry Brown’s tax proposal? (SacBee, 6/11/12)
Gavin Newsom heads to Sacramento (SacBee, 6/11/12)
The California ‘top two’ open primary format: A post-mortem (Daily Kos, 6/10/12)
15 races are still unresolved after Tuesday’s primary (LA Times, 6/9/12)
Wealthy California siblings crusade for divergent political causes (LA Times, 6/9/12)
California Highway Patrol union tentatively accepts furloughs (SacBee, 6/9/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax measure holds uneasy lead in latest polling (SacBee, 6/9/12)
About 1 million ballots remain to be counted in California (SacBee, 6/8/12)
Final taxpayer tab to redraw political districts: $10.4 million (SacBee, 6/8/12)
Video: With budget, ‘there’s no rest for the wicked’ (SacBee, 6/8/12)
State employees suggest alternatives to Jerry Brown’s four-day-workweek furlough plan (SacBee,6/8/12)
IRS: CA group training Democratic female candidates must disclose donors (SacBee, 6/8/12)
Prop 29 backers hold out hope as gap narrows (LA Times, 6/7/12)
California’s new setup a hurdle for Democrats’ bid to retake House (LA Times, 6/7/12)
California state workers ask: Will minimum wage issue return? (SacBee, 6/7/12)
California’s top-two primary backer says campaign finance next (SacBee, 6/7/12)
California tobacco tax backers hope uncounted ballots turn tide (SacBee, 6/7/12)
Votes on public pensions fuel calls for statewide change (SacBee, 6/7/12)
Commentary: Tuesday’s important votes? Pension reform (SacBee, 6/7/12)
California’s top-two system shakes up field (SacBee, 6/7/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown, legislators $2 billion apart on budget (SacBee, 6/7/12)
Few centrists advance in California’s new primary system (LA Times, 6/7/12)
California voters OK changes to term limits for state legislators (LA Times, 6/6/12)
California’s nonpartisan primary shows independents to be in short supply (New York Times, 6/6/12)
Nearly two-thirds of local tax and bond measures pass (SacBee, 6/6/12)
San Diego and San Jose lead way in pension cuts (New York Times, 6/6/12)
Incumbents not hurt by new districts and low approval ratings (SacBee, 6/6/12)
Jerry Brown’s pick for LA district attorney poised to lose (SacBee, 6/6/12)
Bleary-eyed Prop. 29 campaigns in wait-and-see mode (SacBee, 6/6/12)
Commentary: Low turnout doesn’t bode well for California (SacBee, 6/6/12)
Nearly 800K CA ballots left to count in largest counties (SacBee, 6/6/12)
Nearly two dozen races to feature same-party candidates in fall (SacBee, 6/6/12)
Democrats’ chances of big California congressional gains dim (SacBee, 6/6/12)
Final hurdle cleared for top court showdown on California’s gay marriage ban (SacBee, 6/6/12)
President Obama gets enthusiastic welcome at LA gay event (LA Times, 6/6/12)
Voters in California back pension cuts for city workers (New York Times, 6/6/12)
California Primary results: GOP catches a ‘top-two’ break (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
Obama heads to California to raise campaign cash from gay supporters (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
Early returns favor term limit change, tobacco tax hike (SacBee, 6/5/12)
Tip sheet for today’s California primary election (SacBee, 6/5/12)
Bid for part-time Legislature shuts down paid signature gathering (SacBee, 6/5/12)
California voters overwhelming approve term limits change (SacBee, 6/5/12)
Proposition 8 same-sex marriage headed to US Supreme Court (LA Times, 6/5/12)
New map, new rules shake up California primaries (Washington Post, 6/5/12)
No glitches for California’s new top-two system of voting (SacBee, 6/5/12)
Watchdog investigating anti-gay-marriage group for failing to report contributions (SacBee, 6/5/12)
Field Poll predicting low turnout — perhaps a record low — in today’s California presidential primary(SacBee, 6/5/12)
Election Day: Legislative races to watch (PolitiCal, 6/5/12)
Federal appeals court decision clears way for US Supreme Court to take up gay marriage ban (SacBee,6/5/12)
Commentary: California’s primary election stakes are minimal (SacBee, 6/5/12)
California government unions move to squeeze out private contractors (SacBee, 6/4/12)
Commentary: ‘Tuneup for the real action in November’ (SacBee, 6/5/12)
Independent spending on legislative races exceeds $12 million (SacBee, 6/4/12)
Jerry Brown administration defines ‘very top’ California state workers due for bigger pay cut (SacBee,6/4/12)
Commentary: California rebel judges catch a ‘big break’ (SacBee, 6/4/12)
Californians to test new primary system (LA Times, 6/4/12)
How California’s top-two primary election works (SacBee, 6/4/12)
Jerry Brown administration defines ‘very top’ California state workers due for bigger pay cuts (SacBee,6/4/12)
State’s ‘top-two’ primary election system to get its first big test (LA Times, 6/3/12)
A $1 cigarette tax starts a $47 million brawl in California (New York Times, 6/3/12)
Commentary: Is California high-speed rail an ego trip for Gov. Jerry Brown? (SacBee, 6/3/12)
Commentary: Never a dull moment in politics (SacBee, 6/3/12)
Attack mailers flood mailboxes as election day nears (LA Times, 6/3/12)
California a rich state for Obama and Romney (LA Times, 6/3/12)
Congress’ balance of power could hinge on California contests (LA Times, 6/2/12)
Voters have turned against California bullet train, poll shows (LA Times, 6/2/12)
California panel orders 5% pay cut for lawmakers, governor, other officeholders (SacBee, 6/1/12)
CA Assembly passes pot regulation bill (SacBee, 6/1/12)
Senate OKs restrictions on free tickets for CA lawmakers (SacBee, 6/1/12)
California lawmakers advance ban on gay ‘conversion’ therapy (LA Times, 6/1/12)
Romney: California tough for GOP, but can ‘help me’ win (LA Times, 6/1/12)
Darrell Steinberg frowns on Jerry Brown’s timber proposal (SacBee, 6/1/12)
Pay panel’s lawyer says it can’t cut lawmakers’ per diem, travel (SacBee, 6/1/12)
California cuts threaten the status of universities (New York Times, 6/1/12)
Jerry Brown to propose limiting environmental challenges to high-speed rail (SacBee, 6/1/12)

MAY 2012

Most Californians don’t support legalizing pot, poll finds (LA Times, 5/31/12)
Lawmakers decline to reduce penalties for meth, heroin possession (PolitiCal, 5/31/12)
Former Republican spends $1M on congressional race (PolitiCal, 5/31/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers to take 5% pay cut (LA Times, 5/31/12)
Commentary: Checking up on democracy in action (SacBee, 5/31/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown: ‘We’re going to get $8 billion in cuts’ (SacBee, 5/31/12)
CA Senate votes for private retiree plan (SacBee, 5/31/12)
California pay commission to vote on cutting lawmaker’s salaries (SacBee, 5/31/12)
CA Senate OKs ban on gay minors’ ‘therapy’ (SacBee, 5/31/12)
Panel cuts pay for Jerry Brown, lawmakers, other California officials (SacBee, 5/31/12)
Candidate Maldonado and family business involved in tax dispute (LA Times, 5/31/12)
Prop 8’s author challenges GOP assemblywoman in new district (LA Times, 5/31/12)
Commentary: Tobacco cash wafts widely, is hard to track (SacBee, 5/30/12)
Cal. Senate OKs bill creating retirement plan for private sector employees (SacBee, 5/30/12)
San Bernadino union gives $100,000 to fight payroll measure (SacBee, 5/30/12)
Cities lose in court battle over redevelopment funds (LA Times, 5/30/12)
Facebook stock price dives, and California could take hit (PoltiCal, 5/30/12)
‘Middle-class scholarship’ passes Assembly; funding unclear (SacBee, 5/30/12)
Commissioner set to unveil plan to cut lawmaker pay 5% (SacBee, 5/30/12)
California voters still support Jerry Brown’s call for tax hikes (LA Times, 5/30/12)
Most tobacco money California collects doesn’t go to prevent or stop smoking, study says (SacBee,5/29/12)
Assembly passes controversial ‘cap-and-trade’ auction measure (SacBee, 5/29/12)
Scathing report on judicial bureaucracy bolsters rebel judges (SacBee, 5/29/12)
CA Senate passes framework for sports betting (SacBee, 5/29/12)
Obama has big edge in California, poll shows (LA Times, 5/29/12)
California schools rev up bond drives (SacBee, 5/29/12)
California Democrats bid for two-thirds control of state Senate (SacBee, 5/28/12)
Gavin Newsom breaks boredom in Sacramento with his own TV show (SacBee, 5/28/12)
Bill deadline nears in CA Legislature (SacBee, 5/28/12)
Park closures just don’t pencil out (LA Times, 5/28/12)
Guest worker idea stuck in web of politics (LA Times, 5/27/12)
California is a Romney home state, too (LA Times, 5/27/12)
California ‘Public Employees’ Bill of Rights’ stalls (SacBee, 5/26/12)
Swing district in Ventura County may create opening for independent candidate (LA Times, 5/26/12)
US attorney lobbies against limits on wildfire liability (PolitiCal, 5/25/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown seeks to cap wildfire liabilities in California (LA Times, 5/25/12)
No party preference? California turnout effort urges you to vote (SacBee, 5/25/12)
CalPERS must offer long-term care coverage to same-sex couples, federal judge rules (SacBee, 5/25/12)
California supervisors group mobilizing to fight Jerry Brown’s 4/9.5 furlough plan (SacBee, 5/25/12)
Commentary: New California voting rules alter campaigning (SacBee, 5/25/12)
State worker union agrees to bargain on Jerry Brown’s pay cut proposal (SacBee, 5/25/12)
Twitter feud erupts between Jerry Brown press shop, columnist (PolitiCal, 5/24/12)
SEIU Local 1000 to start pay cut talks with Jerry Brown (SacBee, 5/24/12)
Commentary: Will independents thrive on June 5? (SacBee, 5/24/12)
Special interest spending floods California races in new political landscape (SacBee, 5/24/12)
Approval of Gov. Jerry Brown slips in public opinion poll (SacBee, 5/24/12)
Most heated legislative race may be in 50th Asssembly District (SacBee, 5/24/12)
‘Super PAC’ money pours into Inland Empire congressional race (LA Times, 5/24/12)
US attorney fumes at Gov. Jerry Brown’s timber deal (SacBee, 5/24/12)
13 candidates turn up the heat in inland congressional race (LA Times, 5/24/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown struggles on three fronts on state budget (SacBee, 5/23/12)
OC candidate removed from local GOP after George Wallace mailer (LA Times, 5/23/12)
Report: Ending corporate tax breaks would help trim budget deficit (PolitiCal, 5/23/12)
CA voters support reduced drug possession penalties, survey says (PolitiCal, 5/23/12)
Video: Prop 29 would raise over $700 million a year (SacBee, 5/22/12)
LAO: Using mortgage settlement for budget ‘makes sense’ (SacBee, 5/22/12)
Assembly school finance guru sides with Brown on Prop. 98 (SacBee, 5/22/12)
California fiscal analyst skeptical of Jerry Brown’s education budget (SacBee, 5/22/12)
Commentary: Incredible complexity of school finance hits home (SacBee, 5/22/12)
Jerry Brown says he’s a protagonist with one more act to come (SacBee, 5/22/12)
Immigrants rally at CA Capitol for rights of domestic workers (SacBee, 5/22/12)
Pay panel to consider salary cut for elected officials, member says (SacBee, 5/21/12)
Torkalson says 288 Calif. school districts in financial jeopardy (SacBee, 5/21/12)
What will CA’s new open primary system mean for elections? (OC Register, 5/21/12)
VIDEO: Last week was a tough one for California (SacBee, 5/21/12)
‘Mr. Ed’ the Trojan Horse kicks off effort to defeat term limits initiative (SacBee, 5/21/12)
California’s budget problems linger while many other states shape up (SacBee, 5/19/12)
New fight takes shape over term limits (LA Times, 5/18/12)
Is Gov. Jerry Brown’s 4-day workweek a furlough? (SacBee, 5/17/12)
Brown state worker pay proposal would cut $230M in wages from local economy (SacBee, 5/17/12)
California offered piece of the action on Internet gambling (LA Times, 5/16/12)
Jerry Brown defends using housing money for budget (SacBee, 5/15/12)
Jerry Browns likens Republican resistance to taxes Pavlov’s dog (SacBee, 5/15/12)
California high-speed rail gets a conditional blessing (SacBee, 5/15/12)
Oil companies to report ‘fracking’ activities on national website (SacBee, 5/15/12)
VIDEO: From ‘fairy dust’ to credibility for Jerry Brown? (SacBee, 5/15/12)
Molly Munger, ready to blaze a trail for a tax hike (LA Times, 5/15/12)
LA County Assessor probe widening, grand jury expected, DA says (LA Times, 5/15/12)
Live Chat: A closer look at Brown’s May budget revise (SacBee, 5/15/12)
Fiscal analyst agrees with Brown revenue forecast, increases Facebook estimate (SacBee, 5/15/12)
From the notebook: More reaction to California workweek plan (SacBee, 5/15/12)
S&P douses Democratic idea to forego budget reserve (SacBee, 5/15/12)
Optimistic budget projections led to massive surge in budget deficit (SacBee, 5/15/12)
Jerry Brown’s plea to voters: Please increase taxes temporarily (LA Times, 5/15/12)
Jerry Brown’s budget plan proposes 4-day weeks, longer days for state workers (SacBee, 5/14/12)
Ballot measure to abolish death penalty faces legal challenge (SacBee, 5/14/12)
Read Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget revision (SacBee, 5/14/12)
Lawmakers, others react to Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget plan (SacBee, 5/14/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown: Cut state workers health and welfare to solve budget (SacBee, 5/14/12)
Jerry Brown releases revised budget to close $16 billion gap (PolitiCal, 5/14/12)
California deficit has soared to $16 billion, Gov. Jerry Brown says (PolitiCal, 5/12/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown: State budget deficit now $16 billion (SacBee, 5/12/12)
Jerry Brown submits tax petitions, says serious budget cuts next (SacBee, 5/11/12)
Video: Tax battle looms on ’single sales factor’ (SacBee, 5/11/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown warns more budget cuts are coming (LA Times, 5/11/12)
Solar project in desert gets boost from California Legislature (LA Times, 5/11/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown bounces Prop 29 doctor from state panel (SacBee, 5/10/12)
Video: Jerry Brown’s budget revision won’t be pretty (SacBee, 5/10/12)
Human trafficking measure qualifies for California ballot (SacBee, 5/10/12)
Steinberg: Jerry Brown talks on state workers’ cuts ‘appropriate’ (SacBee, 5/10/12)
Union president says she told Jerry Brown: ‘furloughs are off the table’ (SacBee, 5/10/12)
Billionaire will give $20M for corporate tax hike initiative (SacBee, 5/10/12)
Jerry Brown mum on term-limit and tobacco-tax measures (SacBee, 5/10/12)
Video: Jerry Brown submits tax signatures (SacBee, 5/10/12)
Steinberg expects ‘news to be rough’ in Jerry Brown’s budget (SacBee, 5/10/12)
Video: Obama administration tells California it’s time to vote on high-speed rail (SacBee, 5/10/12)
Pete Wilson, Meg Whitman among Mitt Romney’s California delegates (SacBee, 5/9/12)
Jerry Brown tells unions to brace for California state worker pay cuts (SacBee, 5/9/12)
Video: California Forward has rough path ahead (SacBee, 5/9/12)
Jerry Brown appoints Caltrans chief, honors workers (SacBee, 5/9/12)
Lawmakers’ plan would save some targeted California parks (LA Times, 5/9/12)
Commentary: California government reformers face gut check on ballot proposal (SacBee, 5/9/12)
SEIU Local 1000 president supports retirement for all (SacBee, 5/8/12)
Molly Munger says she and Jerry Brown could work together on tax measures (SacBee, 5/8/12)
Commentary: California needs huge investment to create jobs (SacBee, 5/8/12)
Video: Lawmakers move to the middle (SacBee, 5/8/12)
California senators announce plan for keeping state parks open (SacBee, 5/8/12)
Video: Jerry Brown defends ‘a few moments of privacy’ (SacBee, 5/8/12)
Video: Prop 29 proponents launch ads attacking ‘Big Tobacco’ (SacBee, 5/8/12)
Mortgage legislation splits California Democrats (SacBee, 5/7/12)
Nathan Fletcher replaced today on committee deciding tax bill (SacBee, 5/7/12)
Tobacco firms chip in another $15M against Prop 29 (SacBee, 5/7/12)
Video: California’s school system is languishing (SacBee, 5/7/12)
Commentary: Upcoming tax battle could be a nasty feud (SacBee, 5/7/12)
Commentary: Population slowdown will bring big shift to California (SacBee, 5/7/12)
Schwarzenegger: ‘GOP, take down that small tent’ (LA Times, 5/6/12)
Berman and Sherman tout their focus on local issues (LA Times, 5/5/12)
Brown administration to create regulations for hydraulic fracturing (LA Times, 5/5/12)
Bill to allow some non-physician abortions is pulled (PolitiCal, 5/4/12)
California to draft regulations for oil and gas fracking (PolitiCal, 5/4/12)
Corporate tax change headed to ballot over Jerry Brown’s objections (PolitiCal, 5/4/12)
Commentary: Annual budget game beginning now in California (SacBee, 5/4/12)
Signatures submitted for billion-dollar business tax measure (SacBee, 5/4/12)
Jerry Brown orders task force on Californians’ health care (SacBee, 5/4/12)
GOP vows to fight Jerry Brown’s tax measure (SacBee, 5/4/12)
Video: Tax showdown looms (SacBee, 5/4/12)
Jerry Brown says tax signatures in hand (SacBee, 5/3/12)
Labor groups express concern about California budget initiative (PolitiCal, 5/3/12)
Bloggers paid by politicians may have to ‘fess up — but not yet (PolitiCal, 5/3/12)
California GOP launches statewide political tour (PolitiCal, 5/3/12)
California Republican Party: Call us “Party of Yes” (SacBee, 5/3/12)
Video: Budget season is here (SacBee, 5/3/12)
Report: Much talk, little progress on California schools (SacBee, 5/3/12)
Backers of budget reform measure to start turning in signatures (SacBee, 5/3/12)
UC looks beyond California to make ends meet (SacBee, 5/3/12)
Food-labeling drive closer to California ballot (SacBee, 5/3/12)
Darrell Steinberg says pension reform legislation still on track (SacBee, 5/3/12)
Moody’s applauds plan to let UC campuses set own tuition (SacBee, 5/3/12)
Prosecutors seek to resume California executions after 6-year ban (Reuters, 5/3/12)
Signatures for Molly Munger’s tax plan submitted in Los Angeles (SacBee, 5/2/12)
Mark, get set, go — bill targets time limit for marking state ballots (SacBee, 5/2/12)
CSU faculty authorizes strike for next fall (SacBee, 5/2/12)
Chat Live: Open primary — how does it work? (SacBee, 5/2/12)
Video: The Golden State’s population slows (SacBee, 5/2/12)
California K-12 districts not yet planning to spend tax hike money (SacBee, 5/2/12)
Connie Conway shakes up Assembly GOP leadership team (SacBee, 5/2/12)
Signatures in for genetically engineered food labels measure (SacBee, 5/2/12)
Democrats mail 600,000 fliers touting Perez’s scholarship plan (SacBee, 5/1/12)
LAO balks at Brown plan to erase unemployment appeals board (SacBee, 5/1/12)
Standard & Poor’s raises concerns about California budget (SacBee, 5/1/12)
California rakes in health care grants (SacBee, 5/1/12)
Video: California, the cradle of advanced technology? (SacBee, 5/1/12)

April 2012

Bill would ask state contractors: Are you gay or lesbian? (SacBee, 4/30/12)
Video: Will the real Jerry Brown please stand up? (SacBee, 4/30/12)
California public pension fund assets rebounded in 2010 (SacBee, 4/30/12)
California bullet train plan gets positive response (SacBee, 4/30/12)
CSU trustees to consider pay freeze – with a catch (SacBee, 4/30/12)
Term limits fight is David-vs-Goliath in campaign fundraising (SacBee, 4/30/12)
Video: Unions seek new rules on city bankruptcies (SacBee, 4/27/12)
California’s part-time Legislature plan off for this year (SacBee, 4/27/12)
Assembly scuttles bill to make budget disclosure permanent (SacBee, 4/27/12)
Jerry Brown preaches tax message to church leaders (SacBee, 4/27/12)
Firefighters, SEIU Local 1000 give $500K to fight ballot measure (SacBee, 4/27/12)
Wipeout of California’s redevelopment continues to reverberate (SacBee, 4/27/12)
Commentary: California’s fiscal mess put in focus by recent events (SacBee, 4/27/12)
California’s part-time Legislature plan off for this year (SacBee, 4/27/12)
Poll: Likely voters favor Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax plan (SacBee, 4/26/12)
Proposal for part-time Legislature won’t be on November ballot (SacBee, 4/26/12)
Proposition 29 and the contributions of political campaigns (LA Times, 4/26/12)
Assembly kills bill to require disclosure of member budgets (SacBee, 4/26/12)
California bill on abortion procedure stalls in Senate committee (SacBee, 4/26/12)
Video: Jerry Brown brings tax campaign to Sacramento church (SacBee, 4/26/12)
Union money, personal sorrow join to shape public policy (SacBee, 4/26/12)
Endorsement: Yes on Prop 28 to fix term limits (LA Times, 4/26/12)
Dems, unions pushing new local government bankruptcy bill (SacBee, 4/26/12)
Video: Tax measure polling problematic for Jerry Brown (SacBee, 4/26/12)
California’s ‘Three Strikes’ overhaul measure turns in signatures (SacBee, 4/26/12)
California voters narrowly support Jerry Brown’s tax measure (SacBee, 4/25/12)
Analyst predicts state budget gap ‘a few billion dollars’ worse (SacBee, 4/25/12)
Darrell Steinberg: Pay ruling a ‘victory’ for separation of powers (SacBee, 4/25/12)
California state worker pay cap proposal killed in committee (SacBee, 4/25/12)
California more Ozzie and Harriet than Kardashian (SacBee, 4/25/12)
Commentary: Nurses union puts policies ahead of health (SacBee, 4/25/12)
California’s population growth to slow in coming decades (LA Times, 4/25/12)
Commentary: Close look at California bills reveals true beneficiaries (SacBee, 4/25/12)
Judge faults California controller for docking legislators’ pay (LA Times, 4/25/12)
Lawmakers reject whistleblower protections (SacBee, 4/25/12)
Judge affirms his ruling for Legislature in budget pay dispute (SacBee, 4/25/12)
Officials announce sweeping overhaul of California prisons (LA Times, 4/25/12)
Judge says state controller has no power to block Legislature’s pay (SacBee, 4/24/12)
Abortion procedure bill scaled back in Senate (SacBee, 4/24/12)
Commentary: California finally has a plan to cut prison costs (SacBee, 4/24/12)
Is a California public pension overhaul dying this year? (SacBee, 4/24/12)
USC demographers see much slower California population growth (SacBee, 4/24/12)
Judge says state controller has no power to block Legislature’s pay (SacBee, 4/24/12)
Jerry Brown glad death penalty measure on November ballot (SacBee, 4/24/12)
Political consultant sees same-party runoffs in 34 California districts (SacBee, 4/23/12)
Prison officials offer plan for ‘massive’ change to cut costs (SacBee, 4/23/12)
Jerry Brown aide Steve Glazer confirmed to CSU Trustee post (SacBee, 4/23/12)
California judicial summit conference aims at healing political rift (SacBee, 4/23/12)
California Taxpayers Association offers $7.3 billion in savings, revenue increases (SacBee, 4/23/120
Measure to repeal death penalty in California qualifies for ballot (SacBee, 4/23/12)
Hiring report offers hope to California’s jobless (SacBee, 4/21/12)
Commentary: Hearings on California’s high-speed rail project are a study in contrasts (SacBee,4/20/12)
With an economy of words, California legislators state their ballot business (LA Times, 4/20/12)
Planned Parenthood runs ad backing abortion bill ahead of vote (SacBee, 4/20/12)
Video: Will term-limits measure benefit politicians? (SacBee, 4/20/12)
Governor joked about violating open-meeting law in talk with LA County supervisors (LA Times,4/20/12)
Steinberg wants to put initiative process changes on 2014 ballot (SacBee, 4/19/12)
Unions already battling against November political money initiative (SacBee, 4/19/12)
Senate GOP cries foul over procedural move on mortgage bills (SacBee, 4/19/12)
Current TV to hire Gavin Newsom, CA’s Lt. Governor (New York Times, 4/18/12)
Commentary: Is kicking the state’s neediest ‘manning up?’ (LA Times, 4/18/12)
Stalled mortgage bills headed for joint conference committee (SacBee, 4/18/12)
California fracking bill would protect industry ‘trade secrets’ (PolitiCal, 4/18/12)
California high-speed rail chief: Projects often lack sure funding (SacBee, 4/18/12)
Opinion: Gov. Brown vs. our ‘girly men’ lawmakers (LA Times, 4/18/12)
Commentary: California bullet train still lacks valid data (SacBee, 4/18/12)
Commentary: A lesson in banks and power in the Assembly (SacBee, 4/18/12)
Video: Employers winning Capitol battle (SacBee, 4/18/12)
Legislative Analyst: High-speed rail funding ’speculative’ (SacBee, 4/17/12)
Jerry Brown says budget gap could grow by $1B or more (SacBee, 4/17/12)
Bill to require more legislative transparency dies in Assembly (SacBee, 4/17/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s up to his old say-anything tricks (SacBee, 4/17/12)
Commentary: Stockton not only California government in financial distress (SacBee, 4/16/12)
Tax rival airs second ad distancing initiative from Sacramento (SacBee, 4/16/12)
Jerry Brown tax campaign looks to legislative staff for help (SacBee, 4/16/12)
Corporations to fight John Perez’s ‘middle-class scholarship’ bill (SacBee, 4/16/12)
Brown takes a page from the opposition playbook (LA Times, 4/16/12)
Paycheck initiative gets $250,000 donation, faculty union trumps it (SacBee, 4/16/12)
Bill proposes changes for California’s new redistricting process (SacBee, 4/16/12)
Commentary: Big Tobacco fires up anti-tax effort (SacBee, 4/15/12)
‘Man up’ on budget, Brown tells lawmakers (LA Times, 4/14/12)
In California, economic gap of east vs. west (New York Times, 4/13/12)
Jerry Brown tells Legislature to ‘man up,’ make cuts (SacBee, 4/13/12)
Poll: Nathan Fletcher jumps to second in San Diego mayor race (SacBee, 4/13/12)
Brown, GOP leader talk about CSU confirmation (SacBee, 4/12/12)
Yes, Los Angeles is going broke (City Journal, 4/12/12)
CA Supreme Court: It’s not the boss’s problem if employees work during breaks (San Jose Mercury News, 4/12/12)
California chamber targets 23 ‘job killer’ bills (SacBee, 4/12/12)
California leaders watching the tax dollars trickle in (SacBee, 4/12/12)
Molly Munger puts $2M more into California tax measure (SacBee, 4/12/12)
Online USC poll confirms support for Brown’s tax measure (SacBee, 4/12/12)
With no one willing to take the hot seat, California Roast is cancelled (SacBee, 4/12/12)
FEC delays decision in Durkee embezzle case (SacBee, 4/12/12)
Commentary: Politicians should act instead of expecting budget miracle (SacBee, 4/11/12)
CA pension crusader says accusers embezzled money (SacBee, 4/11/12)
Senate delays confirmation hearing for Brown aide Steve Glazer (SacBee, 4/11/12)
Feinstein says she’s ‘not terribly worried’ by campaign fund loss (SacBee, 4/11/12)
California controller outlines shortfall, says key months ahead (SacBee, 4/11/12)
CA senators call for a vote on Jerry Brown’s pension plan (SacBee, 4/11/12)
Video: The do-nothing Legislature (SacBee, 4/11/12)
California revenues 4.2% shy in March (SacBee, 4/10/12)
CA Senate president Steinberg says public pension reform still on track (SacBee, 4/10/12)
Dianne Feinstein praises Jerry Brown’s high-speed rail plan (SacBee, 4/10/12)
Jerry Brown, unions agree to delay contract talks until after tax vote (SacBee, 4/10/12)
California state worker unions reach tentative labor pacts with Jerry Brown (SacBee, 4/9/12)
Jarvis group launches ‘Don’t sign the Petition’ anti-tax campaign (SacBee, 4/9/12)
Commentary: Expert disagree on  future of California economy (SacBee, 4/8/12)
If California taxpayers paid up, state’s deficit would disappear (SacBee, 4/7/12)
Jerry Brown appeals in robo calls,mailer for tax initiative (SacBee, 4/6/12)
Teamsters ask ex-Los Angeles mayor to ballot measure breakfast (SacBee, 4/6/12)
Seeking an end to an execution law they once championed (New York Times, 4/6/12)
California college postpones plan to charge much more for some popular courses (New York Times,4/6/12)
California sues Orange County over $73.5 million in taxes (SacBee, 4/5/12)
Aspiring Moderate Party posts ‘Halftime in California’ ad (SacBee, 4/5/12)
California may tap cap-and-trade to fund high-speed rail (Stateline, 4/4/12)
Jerry Brown stops collecting signatures for first tax measure (SacBee, 4/4/12)
A bill of rights for state workers? (Stateline, 4/3/12)
SEIU Local 1000, business interests prep for ballot initiative battle (SacBee, 4/3/12)
Lawmakers challenge Army Corps on CA levees (SacBee, 4/3/12)
Video: What’s it like having Jerry Brown back? (SacBee, 4/3/12)
Kevin McCarthy’s finishing school for Republican politicians (Politico, 4/3/12)
Court upholds CA affirmative action ban (SacBee, 4/2/12)
State officials ask energy firms to disclose ‘fracking’ sites (LA Times, 4/2/12)

MARCH  2012

Democratic treasurer pleads guilty in record campaign theft case (SacBee, 3/31/12)
Lawmakers skeptical about Jerry Brown’s high-speed rail revisions (SacBee, 3/31/12)
Jerry Brown changes high-speed rail plan, lowers cost by $30 billion (SacBee, 3/30/12)
No decision on California lawmakers pay (SacBee, 3/30/12)
Commentary: Lawmakers yearning for disdain (SacBee, 3/30/12)
Jerry Brown starts clock on sweeping government overhaul (SacBee, 3/30/12)
Linking state pay cap to governor is tricky exercise (SacBee, 3/29/12)
California Common Sense dissects money in 2010 elections (SacBee, 3/29/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s finance office questions GOP budget plan (SacBee, 3/29/12)
State workers ‘Bill of Rights’ clears first legislative hurdle (SacBee, 3/29/12)
CA commission defers action on state officeholder pay (SacBee, 3/29/12)
Steinberg: GOP budget plan is ‘rehash’ with one-time fixes (SacBee, 3/29/12)
Republicans propose CA budget with state worker pay cut (SacBee, 3/29/12)
CA lawmakers push guest worker bill (SacBee, 3/29/12)
Video: CA lawmakers don hoodies (SacBee, 3/29/12)
State workers ‘Bill of Rights’ clears first legislative hurdle (SacBee, 3/29/12)
Video: Jerry Brown defends proposal label of ‘Millionaire’s Tax’ (SacBee, 3/29/12)
Commentary: Legislative mischief on ‘trailer bills’ becomes easier (SacBee, 3/28/12)
Jerry Brown on ‘poor Pete’ and other governors, deficits past (SacBee, 3/28/12)
San Diego Mayoral candidate bolts GOP two months before primary (SacBee, 3/28/12)
GOP sees four Democrat-held CA congressional seats as winnable (SacBee, 3/28/12)
Committee formed to back CA candidates with ‘courage’ (SacBee, 3/28/12)
Committee hears pro and con of ‘Public Employees Bill of Rights’ (SacBee, 3/28/12)
Hearing portends battle over CA workers compensation (SacBee, 3/28/12)
CA Gov. Jerry Brown calling his plan a ‘Millionaire’s Tax’ (SacBee, 3/28/12)
California Teachers Association gives $1.5M to tax effort (SacBee, 3/28/12)
Commentary: ‘Astronaut’ OK in bio, but maybe not on CA ballot (SacBee, 3/28/12)
GOP lawyers try to block former astronaut’s ballot designation (SacBee, 3/27/12)
Commentary: Tax increase plans will hinge on schools (SacBee, 3/27/12)
CA legislative Democrats balk at Jerry Brown’s budget cuts (SacBee, 3/27/12)
Judge tentatively rules for California in school funding suit (SacBee, 3/27/12)
Assembly Speaker launches fight to alter tax formula for scholarships (SacBee, 3/27/12)
Video: Dan Walter daily – Pension reform eludes Legislature (SacBee, 3/27/12)
California Judicial Council halts court case management system (SacBee, 3/27/12)
Assembly passes bill to spend redevelopment funds for housing (SacBee, 3/26/12)
Commentary: Big pension conflicts ahead in California (SacBee, 3/26/12)
Report says unions have big money advantage in politics (SacBee, 3/26/12)
Commentary: California’s volatile tax revenue still a problem (SacBee, 3/25/12)
Opinion: California must address leaks in budget before raising taxes (SacBee, 3/24/12)
Connerly argues California illegally considers race, gender for redistricting panel (SacBee, 3/24/12)
Molly Munger tax initiative drive offers workers a chance for free cars (SacBee, 3/24/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s solar power campaign (SacBee, 3/24/12)
Jerry Brown pushes zero-emission cars, defends oil policy (SacBee, 3/23/12)
State discriminates in choosing redistricting panel, suit argues (SacBee, 3/23/12)
California lags nation in green jobs (SacBee, 3/23/12)
Lawmakers ready to green-light California high-speed rail (SacBee, 3/23/12)
CA Democratic lawmakers up their fundraising price (SacBee, 3/23/12)
Commentary: Big voting change in California communities is a big risk (SacBee, 3/22/12)
Senate Democrats’ fundraiser gets pricier for top donors this year (SacBee, 3/22/12)
States saw revenue surge last year, but not California (SacBee, 3/22/12)
Opinion: Progressives are deluding themselves on taxes (SacBee, 3/22/12)
Steinberg: State worker pay cap bill ‘worth considering’ (SacBee, 3/22/12)
Commentary: California art and reality intertwine over gambling issues (SacBee, 3/21/12)
Unions write big checks for campaign to fight dues measure (SacBee, 3/21/12)
Jerry Brown: Munger sent ‘nice email,’ but no deal in works (SacBee, 3/20/12)
Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye makes case for peace (SacBee, 3/20/12)
Molly Munger hits TV airwaves with pitch for income tax hike (SacBee, 3/19/12)
Budget analyst leery about Jerry Brown’s in-home care cutbacks (SacBee, 3/19/12)
Jerry Brown tax compromise measure cleared for circulation (SacBee, 3/19/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown 2.0 finds it tough going (SacBee, 3/18/12)
The conversation: GOP inflicts its own wounds (SacBee, 3/18/12)
High-speed rail proponents make changes to win over California lawmakers (SacBee, 3/18/12)
Video: Dan Walters Daily: Internal Democratic budget fight lies ahead (SacBee, 3/16/12)
Untouchable pensions may be tested in California (New York Times, 3/16/12)
Commentary: Big hazard for Jerry Brown’s new tax plan (SacBee, 3/16/12)
In Elk Grove, and around state, students protest budget cuts (SacBee, 3/16/12)
Budget analyst: Tax revenue less than Jerry Brown projects (SacBee, 3/16/12)
California student leaders criticize Jerry Brown in open letter (SacBee, 3/16/12)
California could decide the GOP nominee (Washington Post, 3/15/12)
Jerry Brown changes his tax plan to address concerns of his liberal allies (SacBee, 3/15/12)
Molly Munger gives tax initiative campaign $1.5 million more (SacBee, 3/15/12)
Video: Dan Walters Daily- Jerry Brown paddles on the left with teachers’ union (SacBee, 3/15/12)
Senate leader Steinberg ‘happy and relieved’ over ballot deal (SacBee, 3/14/12)
CalPERS OKs reduction in investment forecast, costing state extra $167 million per year (SacBee, 3/14/12)
Jerry Brown, teachers finalizing compromise tax initiative today (SacBee, 3/14/12)
Commentary: Bigotry is a near-daily battle for Villaraigosa (SacBee, 3/14/12)
Commentary: Cloudiness over California school funding increases (SacBee, 3/14/12)
Oil extraction method widely used in CA with little oversight (LA Times, 3/14/12)
Local government impacts of proposed state spending program (PublicCEO, 3/14/12)
Commentary: Proposition’s 13′s ‘third rail of CA politics’ touched in Capitol (SacBee, 3/14/12)
Michael Reagan to chair initiative drive for part-time Legislature (SacBee, 3/13/12)
John Chiang says CA revenues fell short in February (SacBee, 3/13/12)
California Chamber mum on Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax plan (SacBee, 3/13/12)
Video: Jerry Brown ‘promising wine and roses, but not in 2012′ (SacBee, 3/12/12)
California losing $10 billion a year in tax underpayment (SacBee, 3/12/12)
Jerry Brown’s talk to police chiefs recalls earlier political dilemma (SacBee, 3/12/12)
Commentary: Two tales of pension accounting (SacBee, 3/12/12)
California revenues 3.2% shy in February (SacBee, 3/12/12)
Brown seeks tax-hike support from police chiefs (SacBee, 3/12/12)
Chamber takes no position on Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax plan; opposes rivals (SacBee, 3/12/12)
White-dominated CA boards face legal threats over racial makeup (SacBee, 3/11/12)
Commentary: Post-racial politics emerges in California (SacBee, 3/11/12)
With right or left, Jerry Brown struggles to push through taxes (SacBee, 3/11/12)
Number of CA minor party candidates slumps to lowest level since 1966 (Ballot Access News, 3/10/12)
While other states tighten abortion laws, California debates granting more access (SacBee, 3/9/12)
Editorial: Healing Medi-Cal (LA Times, 3/9/12)
Courage Campaign fires back at California Business Roundtable (SacBee, 3/9/12)
Editorial: Tax initiative pileup imperils K-12 schools (SacBee, 3/9/12)
Jerry Brown predicts ongoing budget problems, ‘finger-pointing’ if his tax measure fails (SacBee, 3/9/12)
Jerry Brown is appalled by GOP primary birth control talk (SacBee, 3/8/12)
CA Republicans see an outside chance for a competitive June primary (SacBee, 3/8/12)
CA School Superintendent calls Jerry Brown’s spending cut triggers ‘blatantly unfair’ (SacBee, 3/8/12)
Medical marijuana advocates drop initiative drive, turn to media campaign (SacBee, 3/8/12)
Jerry Brown: Millionaire’s tax will ‘pretty well’ ensure defeat of tax plan (SacBee, 3/8/12)
Business Roundtable opposes two tax plans, but not Brown’s (SacBee, 3/8/12)
PPIC Poll: Gov. Jerry Brown tax has bare majority of support (SacBee, 3/7/12)
Commentary: This year’s California state budget could be bizarre exercise (SacBee, 3/7/12)
Making California’s primary matter — it takes more than luck (LA Times, 3/7/12)
Redevelopment’s demise leaves CA housing money in limbo (SacBee, 3/7/12)
Jerry Brown: ‘It’s good that we have old politicians around’ (SacBee, 3/7/12)
Commentary: Protesting California students have a point about budget (SacBee, 3/6/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown tax hike campaign reports $631K in donations (SacBee, 3/6/12)
Editorial: Students draw the line – No more cuts to higher ed (SacBee, 3/6/12)
Arnold Schwarzenegger pays $30K in fines over 2009 budget ads (SacBee, 3/6/12)
Teachers union leads in record year of lobbying lawmakers (LA Times, 3/6/12)
Video: Protesters ‘occupy’ the California Capitol rotunda (SacBee, 3/5/12)
Democrats in the murky middle of university funding politics (SacBee, 3/5/12)
Jerry Brown calls massive protest sign of broader frustration (SacBee, 3/5/12)
Commentary: California Capitol needs to close some tax loopholes (SacBee, 3/5/12)
Thousands rally for higher education funding at Capitol (SacBee, 3/5/12)
Nonprofit paid for climate conference, lodging for Jerry Brown’s staff (SacBee, 3/2/12)
Commentary: Both left and right in California want automatons in office (SacBee, 3/2/12)
Jerry Brown seeks Chinese investments for California projects (SacBee, 3/2/12)
Group seeking to repeal California death penalty to turn in signatures (SacBee, 3/1/12)
California Republican David Dreier to retire from Congress (LA Times, 3/1/12)
Assembly committee rejects Jerry Brown’s welfare-to-work cuts (SacBee, 3/1/12)
Lawmakers hammer Corrections official for lack of accounting (SacBee, 3/1/12)


Assembly Democrats reject Gov. Jerry Brown’s welfare cuts (SacBee, 2/29/12)
Support for gay marriage takes dramatic leap in California, new poll shows (SacBee, 2/29/12)
California bill would let non-doctors do some abortions to expand access (LA Times, 2/29/12)
Jerry Brown pitches tax plan, hails charter school ‘insurgents’ (SacBee, 2/29/12)
SEIU director tells Jerry Brown’s tax-plan rivals to step aside (SacBee, 2/29/12)
California’s David Dreier to retire from the House (SacBee, 2/29/12)
New PPIC study plumbs California’s complex political matrix (SacBee, 2/29/12)
US House passes California water bill (SacBee, 2/29/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s budget plan looks like a pipe dream (SacBee, 2/28/12)
Jerry Brown’s proposed budget counts on too much revenue, analyst says (SacBee, 2/28/12)
GOP to Democrats: Gotcha (LA Times, 2/27/12)
Analyst: Jerry Brown too optimistic on revenues by $6.5 billion (SacBee, 2/27/12)
Jerry Brown’s return to Washington lacks long-ago presidential ambition (SacBee, 2/27/12)
Candidates in South Bay district court newly important centrist voters (LA Times, 2/26/12)
Republicans aim to block Cal State chairman’s second term (LA Times, 2/26/12)
Jerry Brown urges ‘reckless’ GOP hopefuls to fight on (SacBee, 2/26/12)
Jerry Brown talks gas prices, immigration on ‘Meet the Press’ (LA Times, 2/26/12)
Jerry Brown takes on Washington Times reporter (PolitiCal, 2/26/12)
Jerry Brown says he’ll lead California trade delegation to China (SacBee, 2/26/12)
Brown gets no promise of federal help for Medi-Cal (LA Times, 2/26/12)
Assemblyman tries again on licenses for illegal immigrants (LA Times, 2/25/12)
Jerry Brown says he plans to head to China later this year (PolitiCal, 2/25/12)
Poll finds California voters not ready to return lawmakers to part-time status (SacBee, 2/25/12)
Jerry Brown plans trip to China to court investors (SacBee, 2/25/12)
Q&A: California backers explain part-time Legislature initiative (SacBee, 2/25/12)
California may have a say in the Republican contest (LA Times, 2/25/12)
Gingrich hits Obama on energy policy, gas prices at CA GOP confab (SacBee, 2/25/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown takes case for Medi-Cal cuts to Washington (LA Times, 2/25/12)
Repeal of new state Senate voting districts on Nov. 6 ballot (LA Times, 2/25/12)
Senate GOP leader: Caucus unlikely to fund redistricting referendum (SacBee, 2/25/12)
Challenge to state Senate districts qualifies for California ballot (SacBee, 2/25/12)
Stockton hopes to stave off bankruptcy (SacBee, 2/25/12)
California Republicans seek roster of statewide candidates (SacBee, 2/24/12)
Poll finds majority support for two of three California tax increase measures (SacBee, 2/24/12)
California measure would allow ads on school buses (SacBee, 2/24/12)
Three-strikes law costly and ineffective, study says (PolitiCal, 2/24/12)
Feinstein asks to go back to donors to recoup allegedly stolen cash (SacBee, 2/24/12)
Herman Cain expected to appear at California GOP Party confab (SacBee, 2/24/12)
Analysis: Brown and Obama find bipartisanship a difficult goal to reach (LA Times, 2/24/12)
Ron Yank explains why he’s leaving DPA post (SacBee, 2/24/12)
John Chiang: California needs to pay down retiree health costs (SacBee, 2/24/12)
Jerry Brown calls GOP senators ‘petty’ in CSU confirmation spat (SacBee, 2/24/12)
California Senate maps will go before voters in November (SacBee, 2/24/12)
CA GOP Chair: Budget pension reform will be ‘black eye’ for Democrats (SacBee, 2/24/12)
LAO: Jerry Brown’s DMV renewal discount is a money loser (SacBee, 2/24/12)
Video: Jerry Brown lobbies Obama for Medi-Cal, schools relief (SacBee, 2/24/12)
California tax breaks cost state treasury $45 billion a year (SacBee, 2/23/12)
Sacramento Republicans back Gov. Jerry Brown’s pension proposal (LA Times, 2/23/12)
Supreme Court lets providers continue suing to stop Medi-Cal cuts (LA Times, 2/23/12)
Supreme Court ruling does little to resolve California Medi-Cal questions (SacBee, 2/23/12)
Steinberg: GOP ‘clever’ to co-opt Jerry Brown’s pension plan, but ‘cut-and-paste’ bills lack analysis (SacBee, 2/23/12)
Democrats want to extend guaranteed retirement saving to private sector (SacBee, 2/23/12)
Without GOP support, Jerry Brown’s pick for CSU chair in trouble (SacBee, 2/23/12)
Stockton may be first test of California’s new bankruptcy law (SacBee, 2/23/12)
Special interests run Capitol, says advocate for part-time Legislature initiative (SacBee, 2/22/12)
Supreme Court sends California Medicaid case back to 9th Circuit (SacBee, 2/22/12)
Republicans introduce Jerry Brown’s pension reform plan (SacBee, 2/22/12)
Jerry Brown’s tax supporters push back at Molly Munger (SacBee, 2/22/12)
California Republican Party gears up for convention (SacBee, 2/21/12)
Commentary: Democrats set to boost state Senate clout (SacBee, 2/21/12)
Jerry Brown bound for Washington, will meet with Obama (SacBee, 2/21/12)
Video: Shannon Grove talks part-time Legislature in interview (SacBee, 2/21/12)
Donations dribbling in slowly for part-time Legislature initiative (SacBee, 2/21/12)
Stanford: California’s local public pensions $135.7 billion short (SacBee, 2/21/12)
Bill puts $250,000 limit on compensation to calculate CA pensions (SacBee, 2/21/12)
Foes of part-time Legislature fire political shot at Shannon Grove (SacBee, 2/21/12)
Meg Whitman contributes $100,000 to Mitt Romney’s Super PAC (SacBee, 2/20/12)
California finance director is someone the governor can count on (LA Times, 2/19/12)
Commentary: Going green will cost California more green (SacBee, 2/19/12)
Failed legal fight over video games costs California nearly $2 million (SacBee, 2/19/12)
Budget woes prompt erosion of public jobs, with a heavy toll in Silicon Valley (New York Times, 2/18/12)
Steve Glazer advises Jerry Brown as tax measure heads for November ballot (SacBee, 2/18/12)
Opinion: Democrats need to get serious about pension reform (LA Times, 2/17/12)
Back pay for furloughs goes to workers in five state departments (SacBee, 2/17/12)
GOP lawmaker seeks online posting of CA legislators’ office budgets (SacBee, 2/17/12)
Cook says 13 California congressional seats may be competitive (SacBee, 2/17/12)
Jerry Brown continues diplomatic role with Xi Jinping (SacBee, 2/17/12)
Jerry Brown: California to reopen foreign trade offices in China (SacBee, 2/17/12)
Lawmakers to Gov. Jerry Brown: Slow down (PolitiCal, 2/17/12)
California’s Steinberg says Nevada taking Tahoe ‘political hostage’ (PolitiCal, 2/17/12)
Brown’s budget can’t count on cap-and-trade revenue, analyst says (PolitiCal, 2/16/12)
Little initiative for change (LA Times, 2/16/12)
$2 million boost for campaign to require two-year state budget (SacBee, 2/16/12)
Darrell Steinberg: Time to rally behind Jerry Brown’s tax plan (SacBee, 2/16/12)
New analysis suggests public pension changes; reform spokesman looks ahead (SacBee, 2/16/12)
New Senate GOP leader means new committee posts for some (SacBee, 2/16/12)
Lance Armstrong campaigns for California cigarette tax measure (LA Times, 2/16/12)
Shannon Grove releases video pitch for part-time CA Legislature (SacBee, 2/16/12)
Head to Head: Should California go back to having a part-time Legislature? (SacBee, 2/16/12)
Commentary: Is a part-time California Legislature the cure? (SacBee, 2/16/12)
Lance Armstrong’s foundation to give $1.5M to tobacco tax measure (SacBee, 2/15/12)
Survey: Nearly 6% of California workers employed by state (SacBee, 2/15/12)
Two more agencies say they’ll pay furlough back wages (SacBee, 2/15/12)
CalPERS: Jerry Brown’s hybrid pension plan won’t significantly cut state’s costs (SacBee, 2/15/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown changes route, restores bus money next year (SacBee, 2/15/12)
LA City Council redistricting discussions turn nasty (LA Times, 2/15/12)
Standard & Poor’s improves outlook for California bond rating (SacBee, 2/14/12)
California’s political watchdog panel eases its approach to ethics issues (LA Times, 2/14/12)
Villaraigosa will chair Democratic National Convention (LA Times, 2/14/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown has a big problem with tax measures (SacBee, 2/14/12)
California’s high-income taxpayers dropped sharply (SacBee, 2/13/12)
Special agents group loses request to stop CA Justice Dept layoffs (SacBee, 2/13/12)
California lawmaker writes ‘Public Employees Bill of Rights’ (SacBee, 2/13/12)
Opinion: Prop. 8 simply can’t justify itself (LA Times, 2/13/12)
Billionaire George Soros donates $500,000 to three-strikes drive (SacBee, 2/13/12)
California Democrats take shots at Republicans — and each  other (SacBee, 2/13/12)
Opinion: Why gay marriage is inevitable (LA Times, 2/12/12)
California Democrats debate how to raise taxes at statewide convention (SacBee, 2/12/12)
Editorial: California’s death penalty law: It simply does not work (LA Times, 2/12/12)
The Buzz: California Democratic Party’s John Burton doesn’t see ‘hit squad’ out for Molly Munger (SacBee, 2/11/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown handing out more pardons (SacBee, 2/11/12)
California’s January income lags, putting a dent in Jerry Brown’s budget plan (SacBee, 2/11/12)
Occupy protesters target CA Democrats (SacBee, 2/11/12)
Van Jones: ‘Millionaire tax’ will energize young voters (SacBee, 2/11/12)
Jerry Brown sidesteps taxes, says ‘marching orders’ coming soon (SacBee, 2/11/12)
The Buzz: CA Senate leader ‘committed’ to passing pension reform before budget (SacBee, 2/10/12)
Molly Munger’s tax proposal makes her a major player in California ballot wars (SacBee, 2/10/12)
Controller John Chiang: January revenues ‘disappointing’ (SacBee, 2/10/12)
California Supreme Court chief justice blasts budget politics (SacBee, 2/10/12)
Judge dismisses last lawsuit challenging California districts (SacBee, 2/10/12)
Judge rejects GOP suit aimed at redistricting maps (LA Times, 2/10/12)
GOP lawmaker takes aim at Democrats’ state budget power (SacBee, 2/10/12)
Pelosi: Swing seats, strong candidates make California a 2012 ‘battleground’ (SacBee, 2/10/12)
Proposal to establish rights for domestic workers splits lawmakers (LA Times, 2/10/12)
Controller John Chiang: January revenues ‘disappointing’ (SacBee, 2/10/12)
Commentary: Has California killed redevelopment … or not? (SacBee, 2/10/12)
What California got for holding out for a better foreclosure deal (LA Times, 2/9/12)
Senate leader ‘committed’ to passing pension reform before budget (SacBee, 2/9/12)
Chief justice goes after Assembly, process over funding bill (SacBee, 2/9/12)
Group suspends CA public pension reform ballot effort (SacBee, 2/9/12)
California pension reform group suspends initiative campaign (SacBee, 2/8/12)
Jerry Brown affirming more releases of killers than Schwarzenegger, Gray Davis (SacBee, 2/8/12)
Democrats gear up to fight part-time Legislature measure (SacBee, 2/8/12)
Divided court rejects Proposition 8 (LA Times, 2/8/12)
Prop 8 decision cheers gay marriage supporters as Supreme Court awaits (SacBee, 2/8/12)
High-speed rail touted in jobs coalition’s new radio campaign (SacBee, 2/8/12)
Opinion: Prop 8 ruling: The legal path ahead (LA Times, 2/8/12)
Editorial: Rethinking development in California (LA Times, 2/8/12)
LAO sees problems with Jerry Brown’s higher education plan (SacBee, 2/8/12)
Proposition 8 lawyer vows to appeal ‘one way or the other’ (SacBee, 2/7/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s tax plan takes a double hit (SacBee, 2/7/12)
Opposition forms quickly on proposed part-time CA Legislature (SacBee, 2/7/12)
Proposal to establish rights for domestic workers splits lawmakers (LA Times, 2/7/12)
Newt Gingrich to speak at California Republican Party convention (SacBee, 2/7/12)
Appeals court upholds gay marriage (SacBee, 2/7/12)
Commentary: Community colleges face change in California (SacBee, 2/6/12)
Analyst raises education concerns with Jerry Brown’s Plan B (SacBee, 2/7/12)
Molly Munger pledges to put her money into qualifying tax hike (SacBee, 2/6/12)
California’s school funding measure under siege in tough times (SacBee, 2/4/12)
Proposition 8 and the unfortunate promise (LA Times, 2/3/12)
Jerry Brown signs bill to avert cash flow crunch (SacBee, 2/3/12)
US House panel smacks California high-speed rail (SacBee, 2/3/12)
Gov. Brown names panel to dismantle LA redevelopment agency (LA Times, 2/2/12)
Brown’s ‘vision for greatness’? Newsom can’t see it (SacBee, 2/2/12)
Challengers raise more cash than incumbents in some California congressional races (SacBee, 2/2/12)
Spending on lobbying sets record (SacBee, 2/2/12)
Nearly half of California jobless workers considered ‘long-term’ (SacBee, 2/2/12)
Jerry Brown delivers pension reform language to legislators (SacBee, 2/2/12)
California lawmakers send budget-related bills to Jerry Brown (SacBee, 2/2/12)
California government payroll grew by $500M in 2011 as furloughs eased (SacBee, 2/2/12)
Money pouring into California campaign chests (SacBee, 2/1/12)
Senate leader shows no love for controversial judicial funding bill (SacBee, 2/1/12)
California to reap taxes from Facebook IPO, but unclear when (SacBee, 2/1/12)
Tobacco tax backers launch campaign with swipe at opponents (SacBee, 2/1/12)
Fundraising totals for hot California legislative contests (SacBee, 2/1/12)
Jerry Brown negotiates gambling deals as tribes fill campaign fund (SacBee, 2/1/12)
John Chiang says California’s cash will dry up if officials don’t act (SacBee, 2/1/12)
California needs to find $3 billion by March (LA Times, 2/1/12)
Report: Fewer than one in three California voters registered as Republican (SacBee, 2/1/12)
California Redevelopment funding ends today: So what happens to affordable housing? (SacBee, 2/1/12)


California Democrats post fundraising, voter registration edge (SacBee, 1/31/12)
Assembly changes mind and passes three-strikes legislation (SacBee, 1/31/12)
Californians rank low in economic security, survey finds (SacBee, 1/31/12)
Court funding bill clears Assembly (SacBee, 1/31/12)
California state, local government workers among best-paid (SacBee, 1/31/12)
Controller: State to run out of cash in March without action (SacBee, 1/31/12)
California Senate OKs bill on RDAs’ affordable housing funds (SacBee, 1/31/12)
CA campaign disclosure bill rejected by Assembly (SacBee, 1/31/12)
Teachers’ union head says no dues surcharge for ballot battles (SacBee, 1/30/12)
California Teachers Association backs Brown’s tax plan (SacBee, 1/30/12)
Brown rejects high-speed rail cost estimate of $100 billion (SacBee, 1/30/12)
Legislation to amend three-strikes law gets OKd by Assembly (SacBee, 1/30/12)
LA judge blocks state budget cut to Medi-Cal providers (SacBee, 1/30/12)
Brown ordered firing of regulator who took hard line on oil firms (LA Times, 1/29/12)
Jerry Brown says cap-and-trade fees will fund high-speed rail (SacBee, 1/29/12)
California community colleges prepare to ration their offerings (SacBee, 1/29/12)
300 arrested in daylong Occupy Oakland protests (SacBee, 1/28/12)
Clamor grows to rein in California pension benefits (LA Times, 1/28/12)
California high court backs panel’s new state Senate districts (LA Times, 1/28/12)
Supreme Court validation of maps could give Democrats two-thirds Senate majority (SacBee, 1/28/12)
Union membership dips slightly in California, still 7th highest (SacBee, 1/27/12)
Extension for California redevelopment agencies stalls (SacBee, 1/27/12)
Senate leader: Pension reform must pass ‘strength test’ (SacBee, 1/27/12)
California Supreme Court denies challenge of Senate maps (SacBee, 1/27/12)
Editorial: Big California, little fixes (LA Times, 1/27/12)
CA Chief Justice pleads her case, fights bill to limit judicial spending authority (SacBee, 1/26/12)
CA Supreme Court to rule Friday on state Senate maps (SacBee, 1/26/12)
CA GOP chief eyes statewide election strategy to boost initiatives, candidates (SacBee, 1/26/12)
Senate leader: Extending redevelopment agencies ‘not going to happen’ (SacBee, 1/26/12)
Think Long announces it will back California Forward’s measure (SacBee, 1/26/12)
California single-payer health care bill stalls in state Senate (SacBee, 1/26/12)
Jerry Brown to speak at LA Chamber of Commerce (SacBee, 1/26/12)
Commentary: California judges resume war over money and power (SacBee, 1/25/12)
Jarvis tells businesses to not let Jerry Brown ‘cajole’ them on taxes (SacBee, 1/25/12)
Californians see clouds in the forecast for Capitol (SacBee, 1/25/12)
California lawmakers to sue John Chiang over their pay (SacBee, 1/24/12)
PPIC poll delivers voters’ mixed signals on California budget (SacBee, 1/24/12)
Audit accuses high-speed rail of risky financing, contract splitting (SacBee, 1/24/12)
Unions losing influence? (SacBee, 1/24/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s budget ups the stakes over California education (SacBee, 1/24/12)
California Democrats make early picks for 2012 primary (SacBee, 1/23/12)
CA special agents seek halt to Jerry Brown’s layoffs (SacBee, 1/23/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown once again seeks to sell California on big projects (SacBee, 1/22/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown still thinks he can govern California (SacBee, 1/22/12)
California’s economic recovery gathers steam in December (SacBee, 1/21/12)
State, unions slated to release initial bargaining positions (SacBee, 1/21/12)
Brown pushes tax measures in GOP strongholds (LA Times, 1/20/12)
Brown’s veto on parks sustained (SacBee, 1/20/12)
Commentary: Unemployment tax increase looms as Capitol battle (SacBee, 1/20/12)
Gov. Brown says CA business interests support his tax plan (SacBee, 1/20/12)
Four state unions, Brown administration to start bargaining (SacBee, 1/20/12)
Federal judge continues to block California’s cuts to in-home care (LA Times, 1/20/12)
Lawmakers push bill to replace CA school bus funding cut (SacBee, 1/20/12)
What would ‘millionaire’s tax’ collect? California experts disagree (SacBee, 1/20/12)
Judge blocks Jerry Brown’s in-home care cuts (SacBee, 1/19/12)
Push to override Jerry Brown’s veto of parks bill fails in Senate (SacBee, 1/19/12)
California single-payer health care bill to get full Senate vote (SacBee, 1/19/12)
Jerry Brown predicts fight over his education proposals (SacBee, 1/19/12)
CA lawmakers take skeptical eye to Jerry Brown’s budget (SacBee, 1/19/12)
Democrats target GOP House seats held by Dan Lungren, Jeff Denham (SacBee, 1/19/12)
Editorial: Gov. Brown’s vision (LA Times, 1/19/12)
Video: Jerry Brown expects ‘widespread business support’ for tax campaign (SacBee, 1/19/12)
Jerry Brown takes tax campaign to Irvine, San Diego (SacBee, 1/19/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown puts his contradictions on display (SacBee, 1/19/12)
Jerry Brown pitches higher taxes, budget cuts and more public works spending (SacBee, 1/19/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of State speech puts focus on big projects (LA Times, 1/19/12)
Video: Rapid response roundup: State of the State (SacBee, 1/18/12)
Brown asks California to cheer rail project (New York Times, 1/18/12)
Jerry Brown repeats speech, says he’ll be in LA more (SacBee, 1/18/12)
Opinion: Gov. Brown’s school reform proposal should get a passing grade (LA Times, 1/18/12)
Brown wants less testing of California students, says aide (SacBee, 1/18/12)
What Republicans say about Jerry Brown’s public pension plan (SacBee, 1/18/12)
One public pension initiative dies; more face looming deadlines (SacBee, 1/18/12)
Video: Steinberg, Perez on future of high-speed rail (SacBee, 1/18/12)
US Justice Dept upholds Senate maps (SacBee, 1/18/12)
Jerry Brown defends California and his tax plan (SacBee, 1/18/12)
Jerry Brown says public pension ‘arithmetic doesn’t add up’ (SacBee, 1/18/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State 2012: Full text (SacBee, 1/18/12)
Analysis: Gov. Jerry Brown’s tricky balancing act (LA Times, 1/18/12)
Kamala Harris gives Jerry Brown go-ahead on California tax initiative (SacBee, 1/18/12)
Brown will deliver State of the State at Capitol and quickly hit the road (SacBee, 1/18/12)
Commentary: California redevelopment still has a faint pulse (SacBee, 1/18/12)
Prop 13: Sacrosanct because voters want it that way (LA Times, 1/17/12)
GOP responds to Jerry Brown’s address before it’s given (SacBee, 1/17/12)
Committee vote on single-payer health bill delayed until Thursday (SacBee, 1/17/12)
Federal govt approves California’s new political districts (SacBee, 1/17/12)
‘Think Long Committee for California’ backs away from tax measure (SacBee, 1/17/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown to call for less state testing in schools (SacBee, 1/17/12)
Judge to end California prison receiver (SacBee, 1/17/12)
California lawmakers take another crack at ’single-payer’ health care bill (SacBee, 1/17/12)
Gov. Brown proposes big changes in CalWORKS (SacBee, 1/16/12)
Jerry Brown commits typo, forced to re-file tax initiative (SacBee, 1/16/12)
Signature season for Californians (SacBee, 1/15/12)
Budget plan would raise the bar for Cal Grant financial aid (LA Times, 1/15/12)
Plans for high-speed rail are slowing down (Washington Post, 1/15/12)
Tech IPOs could be a boon to California finances in 2012 (LA Times, 1/15/12)
Jerry Brown’s budget plan would strip demands, payments from local governments (SacBee, 1/14/12)
Gov. Brown signs pact to streamline energy transmission projects (SacBee, 1/14/12)
California exports continue winning streak (SacBee, 1/14/12)
CA chief justice: ‘We were forced to think differently’ (LA Times, 1/13/12)
Assembly kills bill to require legislative vote on peripheral canal (SacBee, 1/13/12)
Jerry Brown vows to push forward with high-speed rail (SacBee, 1/13/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s tax increase is a big risk (SacBee, 1/13/12)
More House seats in California up for grabs (LA Times, 1/13/12)
Legislators seek to help cities losing redevelopment agencies (LA Times, 1/13/12)
Budget unknowns put school district planners in sticky spot (SacBee, 1/12/12)
Welfare cut relies on shifting money to scholarships (SacBee, 1/12/12)
Commentary: Valero’s revenge foils AB 32 implementation (SacBee, 1/12/12)
Tax hikes won’t stop school cuts, California budget adviser says (LA Times, 1/12/12)
Editorial: Getting real about redevelopment in California (LA Times, 1/12/12)
LAO: Brown’s budget restores balance, but estimates questionable (SacBee, 1/11/12)
Pension overhaul backers need campaign cash, bash Kamala Harris (SacBee, 1/11/12)
California can’t afford the bullet train (LA Times, 1/11/12)
Jerry Brown’s budget plan criticized at MLK event (SacBee, 1/11/12)
Pension reform backer explains rationale (SacBee, 1/11/12)
Editorial: A harsh but realistic state budget (LA Times, 1/11/12)
Moody’s says California no longer has worst US credit (SacBee, 1/11/12)
Number of Californians with million-dollar incomes up sharply (SacBee, 1/11/12)
Commentary: California’s redistricting battle comes to a head (SacBee, 1/11/12)
California controller says December revenues missed mark (SacBee, 1/10/12)
Sen. Feinstein urges moving high-speed rail to CalTrans (SacBee, 1/10/12)
California’s chief justice: ‘Life without means life without’ (LA Times, 1/10/12)
Gov. Brown plans announcement on clean energy jobs (SacBee, 1/10/12)
Commentary: California’s ‘wall of debt’ is really a mountain (SacBee, 1/10/12)
Legislative analyst offers lower estimate for Brown’s tax-hike initiative (SacBee, 1/10/12)
Pension measure backers say Kamala Harris wrote false statements (SacBee, 1/10/12)
CA Supreme Court explores which Senate maps to use in redistricting fight (SacBee, 1/10/12)
California Supreme Court takes up redistricting fight (SacBee, 1/10/12)
Will trip to China help solve California budget dispute? (LA Times, 1/9/12)
Commentary: ‘Tort war’ could hit the California Capitol (SacBee, 1/9/12)
Protests of Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed services cuts planned (LA Times, 1/9/12)
Brown tax hike plan may bring in less than estimated (LA Times, 1/9/12)
See Jerry Brown’s California government streamlining plans (SacBee, 1/9/12)
Tax plan would generate billions less than thought, analyst says (LA Times, 1/9/12)
Opinion: Why should Prop 13 be sacrosanct? (LA Times, 1/9/12)
Legislative Analyst: Jerry Brown tax raises only $4.8 billion (SacBee, 1/9/12)
Wealthy civil rights lawyer backs her initiative with $500,000 (SacBee, 1/9/12)
California Republicans resign themselves to irrelevancy in the GOP presidential race (SacBee, 1/9/12)
Budget winners scarce — for now (SacBee, 1/8/12)
ANALYSIS: California in retreat on social service spending (LA Times, 1/7/12)
Editorial: Keep California’s bullet train on track (LA Times, 1/7/12)
California Senate remap foes optimistic (SacBee, 1/7/12)
Economy is revving up; why is Jerry Brown seeking cuts, tax hikes? (SacBee, 1/7/12)
Jerry Brown’s budget proposes killing transitional kindergarten funds (SacBee, 1/7/12)
Backers confident redistricting referendum will qualify for ballot (SacBee, 1/6/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s new budget plan targets schools (LA Times, 1/6/12)
Referendum drive to overturn California’s Dream Act fails (SacBee, 1/6/12)
Jerry Brown budget plan cuts welfare, threatens deeper cuts if taxes fail (SacBee, 1/6/12)
Backers confident redistricting referendum will qualify for ballot (SacBee, 1/6/12)
Just how large is Jerry Brown’s new California budget? (SacBee, 1/6/12)
Measure to block California Dream Act faces deadline (SacBee, 1/6/12)
Economist says Jerry Brown’s budget underestimates revenue (SacBee, 1/6/12)
Gov. Jerry Brown proposes axing transitional kindergarten (SacBee, 1/6/12)
California lawmakers return to budget woes, personal issues (SacBee, 1/5/12)
Jerry Brown budget cuts $1 billion from California welfare (SacBee, 1/5/12)
Jerry Brown proposes folding High-Speed Rail into new agency (SacBee, 1/5/12)
Jerry Brown seeking to ‘do more realignment’ (SacBee, 1/5/12)
Counties, sheriffs to decide today on Jerry Brown initiative (SacBee, 1/5/12)
Cash crunch puts California in the 2012 primary season’s cheap seats (LA Times, 1/5/12)
Jerry Brown’s eliminates 3,000 state jobs, axes agencies (SacBee, 1/5/12)
Jerry Brown’s budget glitch…or his commitment to punctuality (SacBee, 1/5/12)
Steinberg: Senate won’t make March cuts proposed by Brown (SacBee, 1/5/12)
Jerry Brown quotes himself, 35 years later (SacBee, 1/5/12)
Assemblyman says he mistakenly brought loaded gun to flight (LA Times, 1/5/12)
Berman-Sherman slugfest set for Southern California (SacBee, 1/5/12)
Commentary: California Legislature has a new opportunity.. but only if it mends its ways (SacBee, 1/4/12)
Bob Huff named Republican leader in California Senate (SacBee, 1/4/12)
Lawmakers face budget strife, election challenges (SacBee, 1/4/12)
Review urges delay in borrowing billions for bullet train (LA Times, 1/4/12)
CA Supreme Court to meet Jan. 10 on Senate maps (SacBee, 1/3/12)
California Legislature returns to face more budget woes, new election rules (SacBee, 1/3/12)
California review group blasts high-speed rail’s funding plan (SacBee, 1/3/12)
Ballot proposal for male-female equity in CA Legislature a bit of a long shot (SacBee, 1/3/12)
Commentary: Redevelop in state, but set tight limits (SacBee, 1/3/12)
Redevelopment decree will touch off political frenzy (SacBee, 1/3/12)
Editorial: California’s death penalty: Unusual but not cruel (LA Times, 1/3/12)
Leftovers fill California lawmakers’ agenda for 2012 (LA Times, 1/2/12)
Commentary: Jerry Brown tries inside game at the Capitol to no avail (SacBee, 1/1/12)

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