The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


CA 2011 Archives


California Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


State revenue rises, but not enough to offset cuts (SacBee, 12/31/11)
Editorial: State has new chance to do redevelopment the right way (SacBee, 12/31/11)
Jerry Brown builds political operation to win tax vote, re-election (SacBee, 12/31/11)
Judge blocks California budget cuts to hospitals for Medi-Cal (SacBee, 12/30/11)
California Supreme Court hands Gov. Brown a win on redevelopment (SacBee, 12/30/11)
Jerry Brown’s ‘milestones and accomplishments,’ then and now (SacBee, 12/30/11)
Gov. Brown’s political aide to advise CalChamber PAC (SacBee, 12/30/11)
California legislative races to watch: The return of Hertzberg? (SacBee, 12/30/11)
California legislative races to watch: Shootout in San Gabriel Valley (SacBee, 12/30/11)
Jerry Brown’s tax campaign raises $1.2M in two weeks (SacBee, 12/30/11)
Brown wins right to use Redevelopment funds to patch budget (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/29/11)
California high court says state can eliminate redevelopment (SacBee, 12/29/11)
California legislative races to watch: Part 3 (SacBee, 12/29/11)
Jerry Brown adviser Steve Glazer to help CalChamber PAC (SacBee, 12/29/11)
Gov. Brown weighs clemency petition for a grandmother (LA Times, 12/29/11)
Editorial: Shocker! Dirty politics played role in redistricting maps (SacBee, 12/29/11)
Californians to Watch: Jon Coupal leads Howard Jarvis group into tax war (SacBee, 12/29/11)
Nation’s largest welfare state makes deep cuts (SacBee, 12/28/11)
Redistricting report roils California politics (Politico, 12/28/11)
California legislative races to watch: Part 2 (SacBee, 12/28/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown says he will increase education funding (LA Times, 12/28/11)
Jerry Brown predicts tough budget year, says he ‘passed’ first year in office (SacBee, 12/28/11)
Jerry Brown ramps up California judicial appointments (SacBee, 12/27/11)
Legislative Analyst releases review of California pension plans (SacBee, 12/27/11)
California Legislative races to watch: Part 1 (SacBee, 12/27/11)
Jerry Brown thinks Occupy movement unlikely to help tax bid (SacBee, 12/27/11)
Californians to Watch: Campaign consultant Gale Kaufman makes labor’s case to voters (SacBee, 12/27/11)
Video: Jerry Brown foresees tough budget year for California (SacBee, 12/27/11)
Proposition 13 lawsuit: Farce or threat? (LA Times, 12/27/11)
The San Francisco solution: To improve the economy, pay workers more (LA Times, 12/27/11)
Keeping low-profile, Jerry Brown reaps few victories in 2011 (LA Times, 12/27/11)
Plans to ‘tax the rich’ hold risks and rewards for California (SacBee, 12/27/11)
New year brings new risks for California politicians (LA Times, 12/26/11)
Commentary: Could Prop 13 fall? (LA Times, 12/26/11)
Business interests were top bill-killers in California’s Capitol this year (SacBee, 12/25/11)
California could lose 1500 inmate firefighters (LA Times, 12/24/11)
Editorial: The politics of redistricting in California (LA Times, 12/24/11)
Molly Munger changes tax initiative to address budget deficit (SacBee, 12/23/11)
Catch up on the ProPublica redistricting debate (SacBee, 12/23/11)
Commentary: California Democrats didn’t cheat on redistricting, but they played politics well (SacBee,12/23/11)
Why the ProPublica remap yarn is nonsense (Calbuzz, 12/23/11)
California Senate Republican leader to step down in January (SacBee, 12/23/11)
The frenzy over ProPublica’s redistricting report (KQED, 12/22/11)
Did California Democrats rig the redistricting process? (SF Weekly, 12/22/11)
State high-speed rail vows to show real job figures (San Jose Mercury News, 12/22/11)
California’s ‘independent’ redistricting fiasco: a cautionary tale (WNYC, 12/22/11)
Democrats used underhanded tactics in redistricting California (New York, 12/22/11)
Million-plus jobless Californians are facing benefit cutoff (SacBee, 12/21/11)
ProPublica report sparks GOP outrage (Politico, 12/21/11)
Census Bureau says Texas growing much faster than California (SacBee, 12/21/11)
Engineers group says Bay Bridge concerns argue for privatizing (SacBee, 12/21/11)
Redistricting: How Democrats fooled California’s Redistricting Commission (ProPublica, 12/21/11)
California tribes give $275K to Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative (SacBee, 12/20/11)
Americans Elect wins third-party spot on California ballot (LA Times, 12/20/11)
California’s state park managers ask Jerry Brown to replace parks director (SacBee, 12/20/11)
Commentary: California bullet train feud echoes old conflict (SacBee, 12/20/11)
Americans Elect aiming for 2012 ballot in all 50 states (SacBee, 12/20/11)
Racism dries up in the desert (LA Times, 12/19/11)
The numbers behind California’s 11.3% jobless rate (SacBee, 12/19/11)
Mercury, Consumer Watchdog spar over rate hike proposal (SacBee, 12/19/11)
Americans Elect gets OK to put ticket on California ballot (SacBee, 12/19/11)
Rural school districts hard hit by transportation cuts (SacBee, 12/19/11)
AG Kamala Harris says planned layoffs reduced at California Justice Dept (SacBee, 12/17/11)
Jerry Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger urge green energy policies (SacBee, 12/16/11)
Republican leaders seek to apply brakes to bullet train project (LA Times, 12/16/11)
California finally grabs school money from Race to the Top (SacBee, 12/16/11)
California lobbyists write checks to legislators running for Congress (SacBee, 12/16/11)
California Justice Dept. budget cuts reduced (SacBee, 12/16/11)
More concealed guns for the Golden State? (LA Times, 12/16/11)
Public confidence in California falls as economy improves (SacBee, 12/15/11)
UC Berkeley to offer financial aid to more middle-income families (LA Times, 12/15/11)
Pete Wilson endorses in area congressional race (LA Times, 12/15/11)
Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘proud’ of Jerry Brown on environment (SacBee, 12/15/11)
California oil tax ballot proposal filed (LA Times, 12/15/11)
Jerry Brown: GOP in ‘denial’ on climate change (LA Times, 12/15/11)
Jerry Brown criticizes ‘political lemmings’ of climate change (SacBee, 12/15/11)
Burton proposes oil tax measure for 2012 ballot (SacBee, 12/15/11)
More student unrest likely, California college officials tell legislative panel (SacBee, 12/15/11)
Campaign database still down, prompting calls for investigation (LA Times, 12/14/11)
Census Bureau pegs California state spending at $210.4 billion (SacBee, 12/14/11)
House hearing lifts California high-speed rail to national stage (SacBee, 12/14/11)
$1 billion in California budget cuts to kick in soon (LA Times, 12/14/11)
State Treasurer Lockyer quits pension advisory panel in protest (LA Times, 12/13/11)
Lungren seeks probe of SF’s use of Hetch Hetchy water (SacBee, 12/13/11)
Details of Jerry Brown’s trigger cuts (SacBee, 12/13/11)
LA schools to sue California over bus cut (SacBee, 12/13/11)
Jerry Brown’s cuts to California schools less than feared (SacBee, 12/13/11)
Stanford study pegs California pensions’ shortfall at $500 billion (SacBee, 12/13/11)
Mitt Romney: GOP primary fight could extend to California vote (SacBee, 12/12/11)
New data provide ammunition for workers’ comp clash (SacBee, 12/12/11)
Univ. of California, clerks’ union agree to two-tier pensions (SacBee, 12/12/11)
California high-speed rail debate returns to DC (SacBee, 12/12/11)
Jerry Brown opens tax campaign committee, starts fundraising (SacBee, 12/12/11)
Majority supports Jerry Brown’s tax plan, poll finds (SacBee, 12/12/11)
Jerry Brown wants agencies to stop writing so many reports (SacBee, 12/12/11)
California’s financial forecast this week will have real-world consequences (SacBee, 12/12/11)
Editorial: California’s glut of tax-hike initiatives (LA Times, 12/12/11)
New district maps threaten CA Republicans’ seats in Congress (LA Times, 12/11/11)
Part-time status proposed for California Legislature (SacBee, 12/10/11)
Commentary: New California Senate maps still up in the air (SacBee, 12/9/11)
California doesn’t need another tax hike (LA Times, 12/9/11)
California Supreme Court to fast-track ruling on Senate maps (SacBee, 12/9/11)
Ballot proposal would make California Legislature part-time (SacBee, 12/9/11)
California ethics agency relaxes rules on gifts to politicians (LA Times, 12/8/11)
Judges hear arguments in two Prop 8 appeals (SacBee, 12/8/11)
Recession has created more economic polarization in California (SacBee, 12/8/11)
Commentary: Gov. Jerry Brown can’t flub taxes again (LA Times, 12/8/11)
California revenues, spending beat projections in November (SacBee, 12/8/11)
Assembly will not appeal court order to release member budgets (SacBee, 12/8/11)
Report says big California corporations paying little in state taxes (SacBee, 12/7/11)
Pension poll particulars; labor’s response (SacBee, 12/7/11)
California voters give edge to Jerry Brown’s public pension overhaul (SacBee, 12/7/11)
Initiative seeks new cap to cut state spending (SacBee, 12/7/11)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s tax plan tries easy political route (SacBee, 12/7/11)
‘Paycheck protection’ plan to be on November ballot (SacBee, 12/7/11)
Brown initiative seeks higher taxes to avoid deep school cuts (SacBee, 12/6/11)
Initiative to ban payroll deduction for political spending qualifies (SacBee, 12/6/11)
California’s direct democracy system spoofed by ‘The Daily Show’ (SacBee, 12/6/11)
High-speed rail blames ‘uncertain economy’ for voter opposition (SacBee, 12/6/11)
Field Poll: Majority of voters want to re-vote on bonding for high-speed rail (The Field Poll, 12/6/11)
California fiscal conservatives file spending-cap proposal (SacBee, 12/6/11)
Poll shows Brown still rates high, but unpopular cuts loom (SacBee, 12/5/11)
Jerry Brown to take tax hike plan straight to voters (LA Times, 12/5/11)
Govt: Gov. Brown pitches for more taxes (LA Times, 12/5/11)
UC names task force to investigate pepper spraying (SacBee, 12/5/11)
Jerry Brown filing initiative to hike taxes on sales, wealthy (SacBee, 12/5/11)
Commentary: Orange County revolt rekindles old Republican feud (SacBee, 12/5/11)
National congressional survey sees Dem gains in California (SacBee, 12/5/11)
Editorial: Legislators dither and pander on pensions (SacBee, 12/5/11)
California high-speed rail authority spends millions to polish image (SacBee, 12/4/11)
Racing to raise taxes in California (SacBee, 12/3/11)
Initiative would give California illegal immigrants safe harbor (SacBee, 12/3/11)
GOP-backed group files new court petition against Senate maps (SacBee, 12/2/11)
UC regents approve pay hikes for 12 staffers (LA Times, 12/2/11)
More hearings ahead for California’s public pension committee? (SacBee, 12/2/11)
Jerry Brown has plan to hike sales, income taxes (SacBee, 12/2/11)
California legislators give Jerry Brown’s pension reform plan a tepid response (SacBee, 12/2/11)
Commentary: California’s tax-hike advocates may be setting up circular firing squad (SacBee, 12/2/11)
Jerry Brown wants tax hikes to wealthy, sales to raise $7 billion (SacBee, 12/1/11)
To clear Occupy camp, LAPD uses new tactics (LA Times, 12/1/11)
Jerry Brown’s pension reform plan gets scrutinized (SacBee, 12/1/11)
California voters less inclined to re-elect Obama (SacBee, 12/1/11)
Video: Jerry Brown mum on tax plan as he leaves pension hearing (SacBee, 12/1/11)
Jerry Brown makes case for pension plan at legislative panel (SacBee, 12/1/11)
Judge orders Assembly to provide budget records (SacBee, 12/1/11)
Committee questions whether Caltrans culture led to Bay Bridge problems (SacBee, 12/1/11)
Jerry Brown to attend legislative hearing on his pension plan (SacBee, 12/1/11)


California lawmakers say goodbye to their state-purchased cars (SacBee, 11/30/11)
California Republicans still favor Romney but Gingrich now in second (SacBee, 11/30/11)
Munger to file income tax hike measure for California schools (SacBee, 11/30/11)
Campaign to repeal California death penalty nets nearly $1.2M (SacBee, 11/30/11)
Cal State University cancels trustees meeting next week (SacBee, 11/30/11)
Jerry Brown appoints two Democrats to CalSTRS board (SacBee, 11/30/11)
Rural medical providers say Medi-Cal cuts will slash skilled-nursing care (SacBee, 11/30/11)
Opinion: Public pension security for California (LA Times, 11/29/11)
California voters show little faith in Congress (SacBee, 11/29/11)
Field Poll: California voters support sentiment behind Occupy movement (SacBee, 11/29/11)
Jerry Brown’s pension plan to get California lawmaker’s scrutiny (SacBee, 11/29/11)
California’s poverty grows three times as fast as population (SacBee, 11/29/11)
UC regents OK raises for several executives (SacBee, 11/29/11)
Protesters disrupt Univ of California regents, but peaceful mood rules (SacBee, 11/29/11)
California tax board wants ideas on changing tax laws (SacBee, 11/29/11)
Judge rejects California’s attempt to take local ‘First 5′ money (SacBee, 11/29/11)
Commentary: Are high-income taxpayers the enemy? (SacBee, 11/29/11)
Dispute over Assembly budget records headed to court (SacBee, 11/29/11)
Student protests disrupt meeting of UC regents (LA Times, 11/28/11)
Fresno judge rules state cannot take $1 billion from First 5 (SacBee, 11/28/11)
Jerry Brown says he’s ’seriously concerned’ about protest response (SacBee, 11/28/11)
Californians’ economic confidence falls, survey finds (SacBee, 11/28/11)
Backers of initiatives to boost revenue see growing public support (LA Times, 11/26/11)
Villaraigosa announces impending shutdown of Occupy LA camp (LA Times, 11/26/11)
Republican interests launch latest attack on California’s congressional maps (SacBee, 11/26/11)
Mileage plan for CA lawmakers is pricier than providing cars (LA Times, 11/25/11)
Drug agents suing Brown over layoffs (SacBee, 11/25/11)
Federal suit challenges California’s new congressional districts (SacBee, 11/25/11)
Push against redistricting map moves forward (LA Times, 11/25/11)
Four more California ballot proposals cleared for circulation (SacBee, 11/25/11)
Commentary: California sales tax needs a fix (SacBee, 11/23/11)
Gavin Newsom seeks to get along while awaiting his shot at Jerry Brown’s job (SacBee, 11/23/11)
Bratton to lead investigation of UC-Davis pepper-spraying (LA Times, 11/23/11)
Two new developments in drama over political redistricting (LA Times, 11/23/11)
It’s strike three in California’s bid for “Race to the Top” funds (SacBee, 11/23/11)
Editorial: Buying off Occupy LA (LA Times, 11/23/11)
Drug agents sue California officials over impending layoffs (SacBee, 11/23/11)
Gavin Newsom condemns ’senseless violence’ at Davis (SacBee, 11/23/11)
Opinion: California’s wealth pyramid (LA Times, 11/23/11)
California Teachers Association rejects tax overhaul plan (SacBee, 11/22/11)
Hedge-fund manager proposes tax on out-of-state firms (SacBee, 11/22/11)
Legislature schedules hearing on UC’s use of police (SacBee, 11/22/11)
Lawsuit: Prop 14 violates California minor party voters’ rights (SacBee, 11/22/11)
State lawmakers could come out ahead in care expense plan (LA Times, 11/22/11)
New challenge to California’s ‘top two’ primaries (SacBee, 11/22/11)
UC-Davis police chief is placed on leave (Washington Post, 11/21/11)
Editorial: Kamala Harris, deal breaker (LA Times, 11/21/11)
Jerry Brown silent on UC Davis incident, student protests (SacBee, 11/21/11)
Well-heeled environmental group files $1B California initiative (SacBee, 11/21/11)
Commentary: New film views Pat Brown legacy through a nostalgic lens (SacBee, 11/21/11)
What will climate change mean for California? (SacBee, 11/20/11)
‘Think Long’ coalition will propose overhauling CA’s tax system (SacBee, 11/20/11)
Billionaires, insiders plan to place $10-billion tax hike on 2012 California ballot (LA Times, 11/20/11)
Jerry Brown leaves California on vacation, destination unknown (SacBee, 11/19/11)
A Blueprint to Renew California (SacBee, 11/19/11)
Survey finds ethnic divide among voters on DREAM Act (LA Times, 11/19/11)
Think Long coalition to propose California tax overhaul (SacBee, 11/19/11)
Editorial: Pay it forward, Californians (LA Times, 11/19/11)
Editorial: Guns and state rights (LA Times, 11/18/11)
Occupy Sacramento to protest outside Jerry Brown’s loft (SacBee, 11/18/11)
Anti-abortion personhood measure cleared in California (SacBee, 11/18/11)
California unemployment rate falls during October (SacBee, 11/18/11)
David Gergen sees ‘nasty’ presidential race, praises Jerry Brown (SacBee, 11/18/11)
California higher education commission shuts down (SacBee, 11/18/11)
CA Supreme Court clears way for same-sex marriage case (Washington Post, 11/17/11)
Backers of Proposition 8 can challenge court ruling (New York Times, 11/17/11)
Former Schwarzenegger adviser renews call for pension reform (SacBee, 11/17/11)
Deeper cuts to state budget expected (LA Times, 11/17/11)
Californians worry about college funding, don’t want to pay for it (SacBee, 11/17/11)
Initiatives target California law requiring gay history in schools (SacBee, 11/17/11)
Grim California budget forecast means more cuts to schools, social services (SacBee, 11/17/11)
California Supreme Court deals blow to gay-marriage advocates (SacBee, 11/17/11)
Prop 8 sponsors are legally entitled to defend measure, court rules (LA Times, 11/17/11)
Backers of California auto rate initiatives submit signatures (SacBee, 11/16/11)
Analyst puts California’s deficit at nearly $13 billion (SacBee, 11/16/11)
California finance director says mid-year budget cuts likely (SacBee, 11/16/11)
California Republicans favor Romney, poll finds (LA Times, 11/16/11)
CSU approves 9% fee hike amid raucous protests (SacBee, 11/16/11)
CA Supreme Court to make key Proposition 8 ruling Thursday (SacBee, 11/16/11)
Kings County sues to stop California high-speed rail line (SacBee, 11/15/11)
Students protest at several California universities (LA Times, 11/15/11)
Legislators face deadline in two weeks to turn in state cars (LA Times, 11/15/11)
Commentary: Peninsulans still leery about high-speed train (SacBee, 11/15/11)
Opinion: California should make that mortgage deal (LA Times, 11/15/11)
Editorial: California, toxic for business (LA Times, 11/14/11)
Legislature to examine Caltrans testing of Bay Bridge (SacBee, 11/14/11)
Jerry Brown staying on political-fundraising sidelines (SacBee, 11/14/11)
Commentary: Data differ greatly in California property tax debate (SacBee, 11/14/11)
California finance aides peg revenue gap at nearly $1.3 billion (SacBee, 11/14/11)
UC cancels regents meeting this week after threats of violence (SacBee, 11/14/11)
Cal State considers 9% tuition hike (SacBee, 11/14/11)
Caltrans fires two implicated in Bay Bridge testing problems (SacBee, 11/14/11)
Police clear out downtown Occupy Oakland camp (SacBee, 11/13/11)
Editorial: Brown must vet integrity of bridge (SacBee, 11/13/11)
Agencies’ bond blitz carries a big cost (SacBee, 11/13/11)
State drug agents push Jerry Brown to back off cuts (SacBee, 11/12/11)
Questions raised on Bay Bridge structural tests (SacBee, 11/12/11)
CA FPPC chairwoman under fire from fellow appointee (SacBee, 11/11/11)
GOP group files signatures for vote on California redistricting (LA Times, 11/11/11)
CA High-Speed Rail Authority puts Obama  re-election, heavy traffic on its wish list (SacBee, 11/11/11)
Probes zero in on Caltrans test unit (SacBee, 11/12/11)
Commentary: LAO gives clearer picture of CA’s public pensions (SacBee, 11/11/11)
Jerry Brown weighs in on latest state revenue plunge (LA Times, 11/10/11)
Democratic lawmaker to seek CA benefits for ousted gay soldiers (SacBee, 11/10/11)
California lawmakers head to Hawaii to hobnob with Capitol interests (SacBee, 11/10/11)
Controller Chiang says CA has $1.5B cash gap (SacBee, 11/10/11)
Cal. FPPC delays vote on overhaul of gift rules (SacBee, 11/10/11)
Jerry Brown appointees help approve higher rural fire fee (SacBee, 11/9/11)
GOP lawmakers demand special session on public pensions (SacBee, 11/9/11)
Local revenue proposals fare well among CA voters (SacBee, 11/9/11)
Jerry Brown raises money in Orange County (SacBee, 11/9/11)
California legislators head to Maui for retreat funded by special interests (LA Times, 11/9/11)
Issa opens probe of California Air Resources Board (SacBee, 11/9/11)
California group files health insurance regulation initiative (SacBee, 11/9/11)
New California Senate maps still not settled (SacBee, 11/9/11)
Legislative Analyst’s Office gives Jerry Brown’s public pension plan a mixed review (SacBee, 11/9/11)
On pension reform, is the LAO more interested in politics than fiscal issues? (California Majority Report, 11/8/11)
California Pension Reform hammers analysis of Brown’s plan (SacBee, 11/8/11)
Labor responds to assessment of Jerry Brown’s pension plan (SacBee, 11/8/11)
Commentary: California is ignoring its decaying roads (SacBee, 11/8/11)
UC: No tuition increase even if mid-year budget trigger pulled (SacBee, 11/8/11)
Rep. McCarthy killed plan to save six California GOP Congressmen (Human Events, 11/8/11)
Analyst: Jerry Brown pension plan a ‘bold’ start — with gaps (SacBee, 11/8/11)
Drive to kill new California Senate districts to submit signatures (SacBee, 11/8/11)
Editorial: Joblessness adds heat to Imperial Valley protests (LA Times, 11/8/11)
Congressional candidates tout backers (LA Times, 11/7/11)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s canoe lesson (Wall Street Journal, 11/7/11)
Editorial: Take this bullet train. Please (LA Times, 11/6/11)
There’s too much pork on the table (LA Times, 11/6/11)
State Senate dines at taxpayers’ expense (LA Times, 11/6/11)
Governor fires pair in conflict over oil drilling (SacBee, 11/5/11)
Long-shot initiative would double size of Legislature, require electing women (SacBee, 11/5/11)
Commentary: Profligacy persists in California (SacBee, 11/5/11)
UC, CSU campuses to be site of economic-based protests (SacBee, 11/5/11)
Commentary: New pension push could help Jerry Brown (SacBee, 11/4/11)
Proposed changes to rules on gifts to public officials draw protests (LA Times, 11/4/11)
Bullet train: Readers fire away (LA Times, 11/4/11)
Jerry Brown fires conservation chief, oil regulator (SacBee, 11/4/11)
California think tank launches ballot effort to fix state government (SacBee, 11/4/11)
Unions take tax-hike campaign to California college campuses (SacBee, 11/4/11)
Editorial: Still on board the bullet train (LA Times, 11/4/11)
Push to block California ballot law short of cash (SacBee, 11/4/11)
CA Assembly: Endorsements from civic leaders, pols and labor (LA Times, 11/4/11)
California’s bullet train: Boondoggle or boon? (LA Times, 11/3/11)
Jerry Brown names PG&E official as his senior adviser (SacBee, 11/3/11)
California’s High-Speed Rail Authority talks business (SacBee, 11/3/11)
Former GOP chair brings pension reformers together (SacBee, 11/3/11)
Assembly budget aides expecting $5B to $8B deficit (SacBee, 11/3/11)
Controller Chiang eyes treasurer’s office, triggers for budget cuts (SacBee, 11/3/11)
Cash-poor move to overturn CA initiative law sputters (SacBee, 11/3/11)
Jerry Brown closes website for some public records (SacBee, 11/3/11)
Pension overhaul (SacBee, 11/3/11)
Ballot proposals seek change in California’s pension system (SacBee, 11/3/11)
California Forward proposes new government overhaul plan (SacBee, 11/3/11)
State’s park closure criteria murky, Assembly panel told (SacBee, 11/2/11)
Romney attack ad compares Rick Perry to California, Jerry Brown (SacBee, 11/2/11)
Don’t like cuts? Controller John Chiang says offer alternatives (SacBee, 11/2/11)
Two proposed ballot measures aim to scale back public pensions (LA Times, 11/2/11)
California group moves to put pension overhaul on 2012 ballot (SacBee, 11/2/11)
Editorial: Collective bargaining like it’s 1978 (Orange County Register, 11/2/11)
Editorial: Support Brown’s pension plan (LA Times, 11/2/11)
California’s high-speed rail backers take steps to quiet critics (SacBee, 11/2/11)
Commentary: High-speed California choo-choo slows down (SacBee, 11/2/11)
Commentary: $20M gift to California courts a big mistake (SacBee, 11/1/11)
Federal lawsuit filed against California congressional maps (SacBee, 11/1/11)
Local officials file initiative to protect future funding (SacBee, 11/1/11)
GOP senator wants to put high-speed rail back on the ballot (SacBee, 11/1/11)
Ballot measure would protect local public safety money from state raids (LA Times, 11/1/11)
High-speed rail officials defend project cost, urge approval (SacBee, 11/1/11)


Brown has two reasons to push pension reform (LA Times, 10/31/11)

Commentary: California Legislature drops ball on marijuana (SacBee, 10/31/11)
California high-speed rail will try to turn corner with new business plan (SacBee, 10/31/11)
CA state and local governments spent $350B in 2009 (SacBee, 10/31/11)
High-speed rail costs expected to more than double (SacBee, 10/31/11)
State ethics agency faces limits in helping candidates in Kinde Durkee case (LA Times, 10/31/11)
Commentary: Courthouse expansion is a boondoggle (SacBee, 10/30/11)
CA corrections secretary seeks to ‘smooth the bumps’ of realignment (SacBee, 10/30/11)
At Occupy LA, no lock step or group think (LA Times, 10/29/11)
Brown’s pension plan leaves out CalSTRS (SacBee, 10/29/11)
Occupy movement is largely secular (LA Times, 10/29/11)
Labor continues to choose sides in congressional races (LA Times, 10/28/11)
GOP-backed coalition now wants feds to kill CA Senate maps (SacBee, 10/28/11)
Jerry Brown’s pension plan explained (SacBee, 10/28/11)
The retirement system overhaul at a glance (LA Times, 10/28/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown risks backlash on pension plan (LA Times, 10/28/11)
Editorial: A starting point on pensions (LA Times, 10/28/11)
CA medical marijuana advocates sue feds over pot crackdown (SacBee, 10/28/11)
CA legislators bang the business drum (SacBee, 10/28/11)
Jerry Brown’s pension package faces skeptical Legislature (SacBee, 10/28/11)
Govt: Gov. Brown shifts pension reform into gear (LA Times, 10/27/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown to unveil 12-point pension overhaul (LA Times, 10/27/11)
GOP fights Senate maps on a new front — federal government (SacBee, 10/27/11)
SEIU Local 1000: Pension proposals a ‘good starting point’ (SacBee, 10/27/11)
Labor balks at Jerry Brown’s pension plan (SacBee, 10/27/11)
California GOP disclosed donors late, Common Cause says (SacBee, 10/27/11)
Rapid response: Reactions to Jerry Brown’s pension proposal (SacBee, 10/27/11)
Map critics look to ballot after CA Supreme Court rejects lawsuits (SacBee, 10/27/11)
Obama administration approves California Medi-Cal cuts (SacBee, 10/27/11)
Jerry Brown wants voters to approve his pension overhaul plan (SacBee, 10/27/11)
California high court rejects challenges to redistricting (LA Times, 10/27/11)
Insurance exec gives state GOP $1M to repeal Senate maps (LA Times, 10/26/11)
State redistricting nears finish line (LA Times, 10/26/11)
California leads nation in escalation of college costs (LA Times, 10/26/11)
California has a high level of income inequality (SacBee, 10/26/11)
Gavin Newsom calls for ‘pattern interrupt’ on jobs, higher education (SacBee, 10/26/11)
CA Supreme Court rejects redistricting challenges (LA Times, 10/26/11)
California lawmakers discuss pensions ahead of Brown’s plan (SacBee, 10/26/11)
Senate map fight boosted by $1 million donation to state GOP (SacBee, 10/26/11)
Jerry Brown to propose less generous pensions, higher retirement age (SacBee, 10/26/11)
CA Supreme Court rejects challenges to Senate, Congress maps (SacBee, 10/26/11)
Public pension debate heads to Southern California (SacBee, 10/26/11)
Will California’s cap-and-trade experiment catch on? (Washington Post, 10/25/11)
Jerry Brown to propose public pension changes Thursday (SacBee, 10/25/11)
Medical marijuana advocates vow state ballot push, decry federal crackdown (SacBee, 10/25/11)
Commentary: Jerry Brown still hazy about upcoming tax initiative (SacBee, 10/25/11)
California’s budget battles are now playing out in court (SacBee, 10/25/11)
Editorial: Dealing with the California initiative process (LA Times, 10/24/11)
Initiative reform: Comments on your comments (LA Times, 10/24/11)
The power of one: Perez controls Assembly with money (SacBee, 10/23/11)
California leads way in putting Amazon in its place (LA Times, 10/23/11)
Assembly speakers prove masters at wielding fiscal power (SacBee, 10/25/11)
Commentary: With its high unemployment, CA can’t afford to be choosy (SacBee, 10/23/11)
California bullet train: The high price of speed (LA Times, 10/22/11)
California prison layoff notices begin downsizing process (SacBee, 10/22/11)
Editorial: Limiting California’s ‘compassionate release’ program (LA Times, 10/22/11)
Opinion: Raising taxes: Why California needs its two-thirds rule (LA Times, 10/21/11)
Commentary: The reality behind California vs. Texas (SacBee, 10/21/11)
Federal judge rejects Prop 8 backers’ bid to hide donors (SacBee, 10/21/11)
Gov. Brown rejects proclamation for freethinkers group (SacBee, 10/21/11)
California legislators’ talk literacy, health and water (SacBee, 10/21/11)
California board approves cap and trade on carbon emissions (SacBee, 10/21/11)
Effort to overturn California Dream Act hits the streets (SacBee, 10/21/11)
California prisons issuing 26,000 layoff warning notices (SacBee, 10/21/11)
CA Water Commission delays efforts to condemn Delta land (SacBee, 10/20/11)
Nearly 6 million Californians living in poverty (SacBee, 10/20/11)
Judge denies bid to make Prop 8 donor identities secret (SacBee, 10/20/11)
CA Republican Party sinks $400K into effort to nix Senate maps (SacBee, 10/20/11)
This time, California prison layoffs look real (SacBee, 10/20/11)
Editorial: End minority rule in California (LA Times, 10/19/11)
Jerry Brown: CA economy has ‘tremendous dynamism’ (SacBee, 10/19/11)
Conservative Republicans launch proposal targeting illegal immigrants (SacBee, 10/19/11)
Six-figure GOP donation pumps life into CA map fight (SacBee, 10/19/11)
Head to head: Is Brown right? Should state limit initiatives to the November ballot? (SacBee, 10/19/11)
Southern California congressional races feature familiar faces (LA Times, 10/19/11)
Candidates in heated Assembly races line up backers (LA Times, 10/19/11)
Conservative activists propose initiative on illegal immigration (SacBee, 10/18/11)
Commentary: High-speed choo-choo to nowhere (SacBee, 10/18/11)
Gavin Newsom, John Perez talk jobs, jobs, jobs (SacBee, 10/17/11)
Fundraising signals hot political races in June (LA Times, 10/17/11)
Commentary: A meeting of California minds (LA Times, 10/17/11)
Commentary: A state exodus would aid California recovery (SacBee, 10/17/11)
Last-minute ‘gut and amend’ laws bypass scrutiny in California (SacBee, 10/17/11)
Jerry Brown’s prison plan under fire from Republicans, Democrats alike (SacBee, 10/16/11)
California Assembly rejects request for more information about its spending (SacBee, 10/15/11)
CA Medical Assn. calls for legalization of marijuana (LA Times, 10/15/11)
Threat to state workers’ pension perk causes rush at CalPERS (SacBee, 10/15/11)
All-volunteer ballot efforts face long odds in California (SacBee, 10/15/11)
Jerry Brown has kind words for CA’s school testing program (SacBee, 10/14/11)
Lawmakers named to joint committee on California pension reform (SacBee, 10/14/11)
Veteran GOP strategist to run CalChamber’s campaign team (SacBee, 10/13/11)
Jerry Brown says pension changes will require public vote (SacBee, 10/13/11)
California voters more cynical about ballot measures, Field Poll finds (SacBee, 10/13/11)
Jerry Brown talks regulations, pensions, kale (LA Times, 10/13/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown charts his own path (LA Times, 10/13/11)
Gavin Newsom accuses California of growing lazy about jobs (SacBee, 10/13/11)
State panel allows campaign contributions by text message (LA Times, 10/13/11)
Bill Lockyer says pensions must be fiscally, politically sound (SacBee, 10/13/11)
California pension systems’ assets fell 27% in 2009 (SacBee, 10/13/11)
Jerry Brown defends school tests he once sought to overhaul (SacBee, 10/13/11)
Groups come up short in referendum to repeal teaching gay contributions (LA Times, 10/12/11)
Editorial: LA’s prison realignment opportunity (LA Times, 10/12/11)
California remap commission asks for lawsuits to be dismissed (SacBee, 10/12/11)
Cities warn of ‘public safety crisis’ (SacBee, 10/12/11)
SEIU president: ‘We’re going to be a watchdog’ on outsourcing (SacBee, 10/11/11)
California’s continued revenue slide could trigger cuts (SacBee, 10/11/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown is giving unions most of what they seek (LA Times, 10/11/11)
Foes of gay curriculum say they ‘need a miracle’ to qualify referendum (SacBee, 10/11/11)
UC reaches labor deal with its largest union (LA Times, 10/11/11)
Jerry Brown’s bill actions frustrate, elate, confound (SacBee, 10/11/11)
California Republicans take the long view (SacBee, 10/11/11)
Brown clearing more than 140 bills ahead of deadline (LA Times, 10/10/11)
Editorial: A California tuneup to ballot process (LA Times, 10/10/11)
Brown bans open carrying of handguns (LA Times, 10/10/11)
Cal Chamber praises Jerry Brown for vetoing ‘job killer’ bills (SacBee, 10/10/11)
2011 session a record year for California referendum drives (SacBee, 10/10/11)
Jerry Brown pushes up veto rate at bill signing deadline (SacBee, 10/10/11)
California revenues miss mark in September (SacBee, 10/10/11)
Jerry Brown signs bills restricting rifles, ‘open carry’ of guns (SacBee, 10/10/11)
Jerry Brown vetoes tax break sunset, new budgeting scheme (SacBee, 10/10/11)
California redistricting means many lawmakers might move (SacBee, 10/10/11)
Jerry Brown signs one union measure, vetoes another (SacBee, 10/10/11)
California direct democracy takes a bow (SacBee, 10/10/11)
Brown signs California Dream Act (LA Times, 10/9/11)
Brown vetoes bill to ‘consider’ race of applicants in university decisions (LA Times, 10/8/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed California Dream Act, legislator says (LA Times, 10/8/11)
County, public safety officials plan ballot measure to secure funding (SacBee, 10/8/11)
Jerry Brown suggests local observer panels to improve schools (SacBee, 10/8/11)
Jerry Brown signs California Dream Act (SacBee, 10/8/11)
Jerry Brown vetoes bill to let colleges consider race, gender (SacBee, 10/8/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill restricting ballot initiative to November elections (SacBee, 10/8/11)
California marks 100 years since political reforms (SacBee, 10/8/11)
Feds unveil charges against some medical marijuana operators in California (SacBee, 10/8/11)
Brown law signing flurry includes shark fin ban (LA Times, 10/8/11)
California groups work on tax proposals for 2012 ballot (LA Times, 10/7/11)
California ban on shark fins signed by Gov. Jerry Brown (SacBee, 10/7/11)
GOP lawyer opens referendum process on initiative bill (SacBee, 10/7/11)
Brown gets in the last word on bills (LA Times, 10/7/11)
Backers of ‘paycheck protection’ measure submit signatures (SacBee, 10/7/11)
Californians in Congress try to block high-speed rail funds (SacBee, 10/7/11)
Jerry Brown signs one CalPERS bill, vetoes another (SacBee, 10/7/11)
US Attorneys: Marijuana dispensaries in California aren’t legal (SacBee, 10/7/11)
Jerry Brown puts California initiatives on November ballot (SacBee, 10/7/11)
Jerry Brown signs pipeline bills in response to San Bruno blast (SacBee, 10/7/11)
Jerry Brown OKs online voter registration in Calif. (SacBee, 10/7/11)
State business insurer laying off up to 1800 employees (SacBee, 10/6/11)
Bill expands state auditor’s powers in wake of Bell scandal (LA Times, 10/5/11)
Ted Gaines’ ballot effort to repeal fire fee falls short (SacBee, 10/5/11)
California gay-rights group won’t seek repeal of Prop 8 in 2012 (SacBee, 10/5/11)
Democrat declares victory in budget feud with Assembly speaker (LA Times, 10/4/11)
Gov. Brown says no to labor on child care (LA Times, 10/4/11)
High-Speed Rail Authority to delay business plan release (SacBee, 10/4/11)
Editorial: Give California a No Child Left Behind waiver (LA Times, 10/3/11)
UC Berkeley report sees tough times for California retirees (SacBee, 10/3/11)
Wall Street Journal mag gets it all wrong about California finances (SacBee, 10/3/11)
Opinion: Just rewards for teachers (LA Times, 10/2/11)
Jerry Brown signs bill protecting project labor agreements (SacBee, 10/2/11)
Commentary: Power measure among casualties of CA legislative session (SacBee, 10/2/11)
Ethics agency proposes training to prevent political funds fraud (LA Times, 10/1/11)
California pulls out of talks on foreclosure abuses (SacBee, 10/1/11)


Brown weighs bill challenging ban on affirmative action (LA Times, 9/30/11)
Munger says he’s ‘proud father’ of new California political maps (SacBee, 9/30/11)
Jerry Brown seeks to calm fears on prisoner shift (SacBee, 9/30/11)
California political attorneys urge action to help Durkee victims (SacBee, 9/30/11)
Census Bureau voter numbers, official data very far apart (SacBee, 9/30/11)
CA pulls out of nationwide wrongful foreclosure settlement (SacBee, 9/30/11)
California’s debt share more than doubled since 2003 (SacBee, 9/30/11)
Tougher fraud rules proposed in response to Durkee probe (LA Times, 9/30/11)
Debt now accounts for 7.8% of state budget (LA Times, 9/30/11)
California breaks from 50-state probe into mortgage lenders (LA Times, 9/30/11)
Jerry Brown defends realignment shift to counties (SacBee, 9/29/11)
Southern California cities file redevelopment lawsuit (SacBee, 9/29/11)
California’s black population shrinking proportionately (SacBee, 9/29/11)
High-speed rail project rates low in voters’ priorities, GOP poll finds (SacBee, 9/29/11)
The Field Poll: Support for death penalty strong but declining (9/29/11)
Some Gov. Brown appointees get pension and paycheck (LA Times, 9/29/11)
Republicans join fray in Valley congressional dustup (LA Times, 9/29/11)
Suit filed against new California congressional districts (SacBee, 9/29/11)
California’s registration, voting rates among lowest in US (SacBee, 9/28/11)
Kinde Durkee’s clients include nonprofits with political ties (SacBee, 9/28/11)
Eleventh-hour lawmaking with morning-after questions (LA Times, 9/28/11)
Congressional candidates line up backers in already hot races (LA Times, 9/27/11)
California ranks low in federal spending (SacBee, 9/27/11)
California still collecting above-average state taxes (SacBee, 9/27/11)
Editorial: Drawing fair district lines in LA (LA Times, 9/27/11)
Editorial: Giving redistricting a little respect (LA Times, 9/27/11)
School officials to challenge legality of California budget (SacBee, 9/27/11)
Half of California voters report decline in personal economic situation (SacBee, 9/27/11)
Recession widens gap between California’s wealthy, poor (SacBee, 9/27/11)
Foes of new state Senate maps reach milestone in referendum drive (LA Times, 9/26/11)
Commentary: California’s new congressional maps spark big shuffle (SacBee, 9/26/11)
California group vows to back candidates with ‘courage’ (SacBee, 9/26/11)
Commentary: California budget fix lasts just six months (SacBee, 9/25/11)
Dream Act legislation could complicate student aid picture (LA Times, 9/25/11)
Democrats scramble to replace campaign cash (LA Times, 9/25/11)
California undecided on No Child Left Behind waiver (SacBee, 9/24/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown plans bill-signing ceremony with stadium developers (LA Times, 9/24/11)
Amazon truce wins Jerry Brown’s signature (SacBee, 9/24/11)
Jerry Brown finds another reason to knock politicians (SacBee, 9/24/11)
Feinstein sues ex-campaign treasurer and bank (SacBee, 9/24/11)
Bill before Jerry Brown brings HPV vaccine debate to California (SacBee, 9/24/11)
Jerry Brown calls politicians ‘eminently forgettable’ (SacBee, 9/23/11)
Jerry Brown signs renewable energy bills (SacBee, 9/22/11)
Opinion: State Republicans’ Hispanic dilemma (San Diego Union-Tribune, 9/22/11)
Jerry Brown vetoes pot shop bill (LA Times, 9/22/11)
Jerry Brown plans initiative to guarantee law enforcement funds (SacBee, 9/21/11)
CA borrowing benefits from market, improved budget stability (SacBee, 9/21/11)
Brown vetoes parks bill, signs ‘infused’ spirit, budget bills (SacBee, 9/21/11)
Jerry Brown calls prison realignment better but not perfect (SacBee, 9/21/11)
Jerry Brown takes jab at GOP senator in veto of parks bill (LA Times, 9/21/11)
Field Poll: Ballot measures and the Amazon sales tax (SacBee, 9/21/11)
Californians worried, but Jerry Brown does well in PPIC poll (SacBee, 9/21/11)
Poll finds even Republicans would switch initiatives to November election (SacBee, 9/21/11)
Drive to nix congressional districts stumbles in starting gate (SacBee, 9/20/11)
GOP to state voters: Kill Senate maps or brace for tax increases (SacBee, 9/20/11)
Amid failures, Jerry Brown’s job approval rating rises (SacBee, 9/20/11)
UCLA forecast sees slow recovery for inland California (SacBee, 9/20/11)
Lawsuits threaten to delay or derail California high-speed rail (SacBee, 9/19/11)
Federal public land policies bashed at Capitol hearing (SacBee, 9/19/11)
Push for more moderate state GOP platform is defeated (SacBee, 9/19/11)
Lobbying heats up over wage debit card bill on Jerry Brown’s desk (SacBee, 9/19/11)
Video of CA gay marriage trial to be unsealed (SacBee, 9/19/11)
Jerry Brown creates advisory post on tribal affairs (SacBee, 9/19/11)
Ron Paul wins CA GOP straw poll (SacBee, 9/18/11)
Jerry Brown grants bulk of state hiring freeze exemption requests (SacBee, 9/18/11)
GOP focuses on minority outreach (SacBee, 9/18/11)
California public lands hearing to showcase GOP concerns (SacBee, 9/18/11)
Editorial: Closing California’s achievement gap (LA Times, 9/18/11)
State Senate health chairman doing business with Kaiser (LA Times, 9/18/11)
Ron Paul wins CA Republican straw poll (LA Times, 9/17/11)
Bachmann and Ron Paul speak at state GOP convention (LA Times, 9/17/11)
Six hundred bills on Jerry Brown’s desk (SacBee, 9/17/11)
Gun control bill in Gov. Brown’s hands (LA Times, 9/17/11)
Is Dianne Feinstein vulnerable? (National Journal, 9/16/11)
Gov. Brown vetoes plan to tinker with ‘trigger’ cuts (LA Times, 9/16/11)
What? Dianne Feinstein in poll trouble, too? (LA Times, 9/16/11)
CA GOP chair hs second book in the works (SacBee, 9/16/11)
Commentary: An overhaul of California boards is long overdue (SacBee, 9/16/11)
Jerry Brown vetoes budget trigger changes, signs fees (SacBee, 9/16/11)
Former GOP Senate leader’s home and office raided by the FBI (SacBee, 9/16/11)
Charles T. Munger puts more than money into CA Republican politics (SacBee, 9/16/11)
CA Republican Party kicks off fall convention (SacBee, 9/16/11)
GOP group sues to block state Senate maps (SacBee, 9/16/11)
UC regents propose 16% annual funding hike (SacBee, 9/16/11)
Three big bills in a pile of minutaie (LA Times, 9/15/11)
FBI, IRS serve search warrants on former GOP Senate leader (The Press-Enterprise, 9/15/11)
Effort launched to raise $200M for LA public schools (LA Times, 9/15/11)
Another pension initiative qualifies for signature collection (SacBee, 9/15/11)
Howard Jarvis group calls Jerry Brown’s attack a ‘stretch’ (SacBee, 9/15/11)
Lawsuit asks court to kill new CA Senate districts (SacBee, 9/15/11)
CA Tea Party Republicans happier with presidential lineup than other GOPers (SacBee, 9/15/11)
Jerry Brown rips Republicans, says Jarvis Group is their jockey (SacBee, 9/15/11)
Field Poll: Romney leads Perry among state’s GOP (SacBee, 9/15/11)
California’s povety rate highest in more than a decade (SacBee, 9/14/11)
Brown looks to utilities panel to continue clean-energy projects (SacBee, 9/14/11)
CA Democrats trying to recover from loss of embezzled campaign money (Washington Post, 9/14/11)
Controller asks Jerry Brown to sign ‘good government’ bills (SacBee, 9/14/11)
Jerry Brown accuses GOP of unconstitutional delegation of power (SacBee, 9/14/11)
Commentary: California Legislature enshrines sneakiness (SacBee, 9/14/11)
Field Poll: Californians sour on Obama (SacBee, 9/14/11)
Jerry Brown warns of  ’veto blues’ as he mulls about 600 bills (SacBee, 9/14/11)
Feinstein says campaign may be ‘wiped out’ by Durkee (LA Times, 9/13/11)
Editorial: Brown ought to use his veto pen without mercy (SacBee, 9/13/11)
Union leaders urge SEIU council to reject executive pay raise (SacBee, 9/13/11)
More candidates choose races in post-redistricting scramble (LA Times, 9/13/11)
Editorial: California Legislature’s silly season (LA Times, 9/13/11)
Chamber of Commerce wins big on its ‘job killer’ list (SacBee, 9/13/11)
Jerry Brown calls for ‘war on unemployment’ (SacBee, 9/13/11)
Editorial: Reinventing California’s higher education system (LA Times, 9/13/11)
Raft of labor-backed bills are a challenge for Jerry Brown (SacBee, 9/12/11)
Editorial: The veto pen of Gov. Jerry Brown (LA Times, 9/12/11)
Legislature sends bankruptcy curb on local agencies to Brown’s desk (SacBee, 9/11/11)
Jerry Brown again sees Legislature block his tax plans (SacBee, 9/11/11)
Shift of future initiatives from June to November 2012 ballot is passed (SacBee, 9/11/11)
Commentary: California Legislature can’t break its junk habit (SacBee, 9/11/11)
Congressional redistricting referendum cleared for signature-gathering (LA Times, 9/11/11)
Howard Jarvis kills Brown tax plan (LA Times, 9/11/11)
Last-minute legislation delivered to Brown’s desk (LA Times, 9/10/11)
Brown concedes defeat on tax deal (LA Times, 9/10/11)
Jerry Brown’s corporate tax package falls short in Senate (SacBee, 9/10/11)
Amazon deal sent to Brown (SacBee, 9/10/11)
As they gain strength, state Democrats act a bit like Republicans (LA Times, 9/10/11)
Amazon deal with Legislature a ‘classic compromise’ (LA Times, 9/10/11)
Democrats target Dan Lungren in early campaign ads (SacBee, 9/10/11)
Senate sends Jerry Brown initiative bill, rejects energy surcharge (SacBee, 9/10/11)
Speaker John Perez is a fighter, but not always a winner (LA Times, 9/10/11)
Editorial: The compromise (LA Times, 9/10/11)
Unions seeking to delay ballot measure on ‘rainy day fund’ (SacBee, 9/9/11)
Deal to delay tax collection by clears Legislature (SacBee, 9/9/11)
Commentary: New legislative bills grow in the dark (SacBee, 9/9/11)
Bill would let governor protect large projects from lengthy challenges (LA Times, 9/9/11)
Assembly throws in towel on public pension reform — for now (SacBee, 9/9/11)
State employees union to vote on huge raises for executive team (SacBee, 9/9/11)
Assembly passes Jerry Brown’s business tax changes (SacBee, 9/9/11)
Senate GOP leader asks Brown for special session on tax plan (SacBee, 9/8/11)
‘Open carry’ ban wins approval in CA Senate (SacBee, 9/8/11)
Brown announces tax deal with CA Assembly (SacBee, 9/8/11)
Amazon and California in deal on tax (New York Times, 9/8/11)
Jerry Brown’s tax deal may go nowhere (LA Times, 9/8/11)
CA Senate report says tax breaks are ‘bleeding cash’ (SacBee, 9/8/11)
Jerry Brown to announce bipartisan tax deal (SacBee,9/8/11)
Editorial: Taxes and jobs in California (LA Times, 9/8/11)
Kamala Harris rejects GOP request to review CA budget (SacBee, 9/8/11)
Commentary:  Fun, games mark California Legislature’s final week (SacBee, 9/7/11)
Calif. local governments score win in duel over bankruptcy (SacBee, 9/7/11)
Amazon cuts a deal with legislative leaders (LA Times, 9/7/11)
Bill to spur construction of LA football stadium passes Assembly (SacBee, 9/7/11)
Amazon convinces CA lawmakers to delay tax collection (SacBee, 9/7/11)
California push to change candidate residency laws scrapped (SacBee, 9/7/11)
New rural fire fee bill stalls in CA legislature (SacBee, 9/7/11)
CA treasurer not thrilled wit last-minute budget bill (SacBee, 9/7/11)
Editorial: Initiating a fix for California (LA Times, 9/7/11)
Jerry Brown vetoes bill requiring badges for signature gatherers (SacBee, 9/7/11)
California GOP not the party it was in Ronald Reagan’s day (SacBee, 9/7/11)
Commentary: A dark side to liberal government (SacBee, 9/6/11)
Jerry Brown optimistic for tax deal with time running out (SacBee, 9/6/11)
Congressional candidates jockey in redistricting-spawned scramble (LA Times, 9/6/11)
Complaint alleges Durkee stole six figures from campaign fund (SacBee, 9/6/11)
Democratic effort to avoid California Amazon vote fizzles (SacBee, 9/6/11)
CA Democrats getting nervous about trigger cuts (SacBee, 9/6/11)
Prop 8 sponsors’ arguments go before California high court (LA Times, 9/5/11)
Hollywood lobbies to extend tax credit for California filming (LA Times, 9/4/11)
In California, Amazon pushes hard to kill a tax (New York Times, 9/4/11)
Prominent CA Dem campaign treasurer arrested — 4 years after complaints of “Californians for Obama” fraud (SF Chronicle, 9/4/11)
Notices  begin process of eliminating California government jobs (SacBee, 9/4/11)
Power flows with the money in California’s Legislature (SacBee, 9/4/11)
Commentary: Jerry Brown involved in big rail, water issues (SacBee, 9/4/11)
Deal could make it easier for farmworkers to unionize (LA Times, 9/3/11)
UFW, Jerry Brown meet in the middle — for now (SacBee, 9/3/11)
California gay history referendum faces long ballot odds (SacBee, 9/3/11)
California lawmakers send Brown bill granting college aid to illegal immigrants (SacBee, 9/3/11)
CA lawmakers unveil bill to expedite downtown football stadium plan (LA Times, 9/3/11)
California Democrats promise changes to business regulations (LA Times, 9/2/11)
Jerry Brown agrees to farmworker deal, sources say (LA Times, 9/2/11)
CA Assembly approves student aid for illegal immigrants (SacBee, 9/2/11)
No help for Kings, 49ers in LA stadium bill (SacBee, 9/2/11)
Editorial: A weaker Public School Choice initiative (LA Times, 9/2/11)
Jerry Brown not keen on proposal (SacBee, 9/2/11)
LA lawmakers try to sell NFL stadium plan to colleagues (LA Times, 9/2/11)
Democrats seek higher fire charge for state firefighting (SacBee, 9/2/11)
Online voter registration bill headed to Jerry Brown’s desk (SacBee, 9/2/11)
Amazon offers jobs to avert ballot showdown over tax (SacBee, 9/1/11)
Jerry Brown swears in Goodwin Liu to California Supreme Court (SacBee, 9/1/11)
Democrats, business groups agree on regulatory review (SacBee, 9/1/11)
Jerry Brown signals thumbs down on Amazon proposal (SacBee, 9/1/11)
State senate OKs part of California Dream Act (LA Times, 9/1/11)
Amazon offers California jobs if it drops tax (Reuters, 9/1/11)
Jerry Brown poised to take on pensions (SacBee, 9/1/11)


Amazon offers plan to avert ballot showdown over tax (SacBee, 8/31/11)
Taxes: Can Amazon hire its way out of collecting sales taxes? (LA Times, 8/31/11)
Jerry Brown proposes alternative to ‘card check’ bill for farmworkers union (SacBee, 8/31/11)
Bill to regulate California health insurance rates stalls (SacBee, 8/31/11)
Jerry Brown’s new saying: Resistance to taxes like fear of STDs (SacBee, 8/31/11)
Legislative Analysts issues summary of labor contract provisions (SacBee, 8/31/11)
John Chiang lists California’s biggest sales tax cheats (SacBee, 8/31/11)
Commentary: A big trash pile means big politics (SacBee, 8/31/11)
Opinion: Perez is bungling the power of his speakership (SacBee, 8/31/11)
Jerry Brown talks jobs now that budget is behind him (SacBee, 8/31/11)
Editorial: California’s redistricting, by 14 citizens (SacBee, 8/31/11)
Interest groups see opportunity in California Legislature’s turnover (SacBee, 8/30/11)
Push to regulate health insurance rates spurs campaign money (SacBee, 8/30/11)
Jerry Brown: Sales and income taxes could pass in 2012 (SacBee, 8/30/11)
Steinberg bill would give locals power to raise fuel surcharge (SacBee, 8/30/11)
Jerry Brown proposes alternative to farmworker union bill (SacBee, 8/30/11)
Referendum filed to overturn CA congressional maps (SacBee, 8/30/11)
Editorial: Get ready, California counties, here come the inmates (LA Times, 8/30/11)
Editorial: State should put the brakes on tax breaks (SacBee, 8/30/11)
Commentary: Democrats want to push initiatives to November (SacBee, 8/30/11)
Group announces bid to eliminate death penalty in California (SacBee, 8/30/11)
Commentary: Antonio Villaraigosa’s future (LA Times, 8/30/11)
California tax talks await decisions by Gov. Jerry Brown (SacBee, 8/29/11)
Editorial: Throw open the Prop 8 video records (LA Times, 8/29/11)
Commentary: It’s legacy time for Villaraigosa (LA Times, 8/29/11)
Newsom to play nice when Jerry Brown leaves town (SacBee, 8/29/11)
Commentary: California Legislature sprinting to the finish line (SacBee, 8/29/11)
Dem lawmaker says Assembly spending records mislead public (SacBee, 8/29/11)
Democrats weigh another change in initiative process (SacBee, 8/29/11)
California Taxpayers Association issues guide on taxes vs. fees (SacBee, 8/29/11)
Study: Telework could save California billions of dollars (SacBee, 8/29/11)
California’s corporate tax collection lags (SacBee, 8/28/11)
High-speed rail review extended (SacBee, 8/28/11)
Redistricting could cost California some clout in Washington (LA Times, 8/28/11)
Commentary: Control of health care looms large in California (SacBee, 8/28/11)
CA Legislature releases members’ spending records (LA Times, 8/27/11)
Editorial: Brown must be bold to bolster high-speed rail (SacBee, 8/27/11)
Democrats propose measures to rein in California initiative process (LA Times, 8/27/11)
Consumer group wants health insurance rates on 2012 ballot (SacBee, 8/27/11)
After fighting public disclosure, Legislature to release spending records (LA Times, 8/26/11)
Jerry Brown appoints new state prison watchdog (LA Times, 8/26/11)
Redistricting plan opponents given OK to begin referendum drive (LA Times, 8/26/11)
Jerry Brown’s corporate tax plan unlikely to win GOP support (SacBee, 8/26/11)
Rick Perry turning to California for cash (LA Times, 8/26/11)
Drive to repeal Senate maps gets boost from four GOP senators (SacBee, 8/26/11)
Senate and Assembly release spending records (SacBee, 8/26/11)
Consumer Watchdog plans initiative to regulate health insurance (SacBee, 8/26/11)
Bill to kill CA’s death penalty shelved in committee (SacBee, 8/26/11)
Commentary: Jobs plan and infrastructure needs underscore our dilemma (SacBee, 8/26/11)
Democrats craft bill to halt Amazon ballot measure (SacBee, 8/26/11)
Jerry Brown unveils jobs plan to spur hiring in California (LA Times, 8/26/11)
Ranking Republican dismisses Brown’s jobs plan (LA Times, 8/25/11)
Jerry Brown’s corporate tax shuffle (LA Times, 8/25/11)
Critics raise safety concerns about high-speed rail viaducts (SacBee, 8/25/11)
California’s Dream Act passes key test (LA Times, 8/25/11)
California asks for relief from federal No Child Left Behind law (SacBee, 8/25/11)
CA Taxpayers for Justice launch petition drive to get death penalty on ballot (California Taxpayers for Justice, 8/25/11)
Prospects already dim for Jerry Brown’s corporate tax plan (SacBee, 8/25/11)
Jerry Brown tax plan retains break for cable companies (SacBee, 8/25/11)
Attempt to keep Republicans on water panel blocked in CA Senate (SacBee, 8/25/11)
Lawmakers push new online sales tax bill to thwart Amazon (SacBee, 8/25/11)
Audit chronicles state employee abuse and bad management (SacBee, 8/25/11)
Jerry Brown suggests support for death penalty vote (SacBee, 8/25/11)
Commentary: California budget cuts to courts reignites judges’ war (SacBee, 8/24/11)
Brown to propose new corporate tax package (SacBee, 8/24/11)
Is it time for the state to strike a ‘grand bargain’ to modify Prop. 13? (SacBee, 8/24/11)
Bill Lockyer wins audit battle after a fight — and a concession (SacBee, 8/24/11)
More CA incumbents in House poised for showdown (SacBee, 8/24/11)
Lax land oversight cost California millions (LA Times, 8/24/11)
Advocates push public aid for undocumented college students (LA Times, 8/24/11)
California mental hospitals are dangerous, legislators told (LA Times, 8/24/11)
A few CA lawmakers release their budgets; others say they’ll wait (SacBee, 8/24/11)
Audit slams CA lands panel for failing to collect millions from leases (SacBee, 8/24/11)
Legislators feel the heat at South LA jobs summit (LA Times, 8/23/11)
Jerry Brown orders formation of veterans’ council (SacBee, 8/23/11)
State audit bashes oversight of leases on public land (SacBee, 8/23/11)
Farm workers try again with Jerry Brown (SacBee, 8/23/11)
Committees support Jerry Brown’s state human resources plan (SacBee, 8/23/11)
Editorial: California’s voting lines of contention (LA Times, 8/22/11)
Villaraigosa’s bold jabs at Gov. Brown and property tax (LA Times, 8/22/11)
Analyst reviews pension, collective bargaining initiatives (SacBee, 8/22/11)
CA lawmakers-turned-lobbyists cultivate relationships under the dome (SacBee, 8/22/11)
Commentary: Older Democratic politicians clogging up the waiting line (SacBee, 8/22/11)
California stem cell agency’s travel plans irk Jerry Brown (SacBee, 8/22/11)
Amazon puts $2.25M more into referendum drive (SacBee, 8/22/11)
Voters unhappy with politicians, but ambivalent about reforms (SacBee, 8/22/11)
Dem Senate leader: CA Internet gambling bills won’t move this year (SacBee, 8/22/11)
State board approves maximum $90 fire fee on rural homeowners (SacBee, 8/22/11)
Referendum of redevelopment law shelved by proponent (SacBee, 8/22/11)
CA college leaders prepare for mid-year ‘trigger’ cuts (SacBee, 8/22/11)
Jerry Brown headlining fundraiser to kick of CA Dem Party effort targeting LA County for Vote by Mail program (California Majority Report, 8/21/11)
Jerry Brown targets two GOP appointees on key water panel (SacBee, 8/21/11)
Editorial: Safeguarding California’s judicial election process (LA Times, 8/21/11)
Commentary: California politicians facing reality on economy (SacBee, 8/21/11)
Jerry Brown appoints former adviser to high-speed rail board (SacBee, 8/21/11)
Editorial: Keeping all state parks open (LA Times, 8/20/11)
Want to give surplus money to California? Proposal would make it easier (SacBee, 8/20/11)
Transfer of services to counties demands funding, report says (SacBee, 8/20/11)
Auditor calls CALSTRS a “high risk” problem for state (SacBee, 8/19/11)
At least 12 California legislators looking to run for Congress (SacBee, 8/19/11)
Opinion: Legal or not, these students deserve a chance (LA Times, 8/19/11)
Jerry Brown removing GOP appointees from key water panel (SacBee, 8/19/11)
Pension fund investment initiative author answers questions (SacBee, 8/19/11)
Stem-cell agency’s international travel plans irk Jerry Brown (SacBee, 8/19/11)
California’s prisoner shuffle (LA Times, 8/19/11)
COMMENTARY: Squabble between Perez and Portantino is about Congress (SacBee, 8/19/11)
CA loses $1.5 million in federal funding for charter schools (SacBee, 8/19/11)
Insurers win, lawyers lose in big-time CA Supreme Court ruling (SacBee, 8/18/11)
Celebrating new voting districts (LA Times, 8/18/11)
Assembly Republicans begin releasing office spending records (SacBee, 8/18/11)
Bill requiring badges for paid petition-gatherers goes to Brown (SacBee, 8/18/11)
CA AG declines to investigate ads about identity theft in signature drives (SacBee, 8/18/11)
Jerry Brown seeks tweaks to DREAM Act to make it less expensive (SacBee, 8/18/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown appoints jobs czar (LA Times, 8/18/11)
University of California announces raises for non-union workers (LA Times, 8/18/11)
Republicans take first step toward overturning new Senate districts (LA Times, 8/17/11)
Common Cause blasts referendum targeting new Senate districts (LA Times, 8/17/11)
Commentary: Villaraigosa drops hint about ambitions (SacBee, 8/17/11)
Public pension initiative can begin collecting signatures (SacBee, 8/17/11)
Commentary: Governor is quietly making an impact with his appointments (SacBee, 8/14/11)
Opinion: Will redistricting benefit GOP in North County, statewide? (North County Times, 8/14/11)
COMMENTARY: Peace pact emerges in CA’s war over charter schools (SacBee, 8/7/11)
California judges immune from even voluntary pay cuts this year (SacBee, 8/11/11)

CA Supreme Court to consider redevelopment case (SacBee, 8/11/11)
California tax revenue plummets in July, raising fear of trigger cuts (LA Times, 8/10/11)
Commentary: California budget gimmickry falls short (SacBee, 8/10/11)
California’s July revenue drop prompts fear of more school cuts (SacBee, 8/10/11)
California revenues miss mark by 10% in July (SacBee, 8/9/11)
Jerry Brown signs popular vote bill (SacBee, 8/8/11)
White voters will dominate in CA’s redrawn political districts (SacBee, 8/8/11)
Commentary: Peace pact emerges in war over California’s charter schools (SacBee, 8/7/11)
Editorial: California’s water wars (LA Times, 8/7/11)
Primary challenge to Obama? Democratic group wants to talk about it (SacBee, 8/6/11)
California needs more time to fix prison overcrowding, report says (LA Times, 8/6/11)
Fund to back candidates willing to compromise (SacBee, 8/5/11)
Newspapers sue Assembly over refusal to release records (SacBee, 8/5/11)
Prison overcrowding plan may fall short, report finds (SacBee, 8/5/11)
Feds demand return of $6 million grant because of Gov. Brown veto (SacBee, 8/4/11)
CA Dems’ Progressive Caucus floats challenge to Obama (SacBee, 8/4/11)
Budget deal could jeopardize CA high-speed rail, clean-water programs (Daily Democrat, 8/4/11)
Unusual coalition raises $600K to back California moderates (SacBee, 8/4/11)
Efforts under way to unravel California’s budget (SacBee, 8/4/11)
US budget as hangs over California (LA Times, 8/4/11)
Plan to restore Delta released to public (SacBee, 8/3/11)
Budget cuts hurt California state universities hard (CBS Evening News, 8/3/11)
Assembly Republicans question legality of California budget (SacBee, 8/3/11)
Californians Against Identity Theft files as campaign committee (SacBee, 8/3/11)
Opinion: New voting districts give the GOP that boxed-in feeling (LA Times, 8/3/11)
AG, FPPC asked to investigate group running identity-fraud ad (SacBee, 8/3/11)
Commentary: Remapping of CA districts still on a rocky road (SacBee, 8/3/11)
Proposals to overturn CA budget-related bills hit streets (SacBee, 8/2/11)
Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris rake in campaign cash (SacBee, 8/2/11)
Jerry Brown laments ‘atrophying’ political process (LA Times, 8/2/11)
AG, FPPC asked to investigate identity theft ads (SacBee, 8/2/11)
Loretta Sanchez’s seat appears safe under new map (LA Times, 8/1/11)
Howard Jarvis group not taking lead on pension reform (SacBee, 8/1/11)
LAO: Investing more pension funds in state won’t boost economy (SacBee, 8/1/11)
From KCRA, Meg Whitman gets what might have been (SacBee, 8/1/11)
Jerry Brown vetoes signature gathering bill (SacBee, 8/1/11)
Assembly refuses to release members’ budgets (SacBee, 8/1/11)
Commentary: Local mandates are lengthy, convoluted saga (SacBee, 8/1/11)
High Desert lacks a congressional rep in latest redistricting plans (Desert Dispatch, 8/1/11)
Chalk one up for Newsom (LA Times, 8/1/11)

JULY 2011

Commentary: New report disparages legislative term limits (SacBee, 7/31/11)
Commentary: Liu pick may heal Brown’s judicial legacy (SacBee, 7/31/11)
States ponder: What happens when the money stops? (SacBee, 7/31/11)
Opinion: Gov. Brown needs to show us the checkbook (SacBee, 7/31/11)
Farmers fear effects of farmworker bill (SacBee, 7/31/11)
CA labor unions fight initiative signature drives (SacBee, 7/30/11)
Newsom rolls out plan to eliminate state commissions  – including his own (SacBee, 7/30/11)
Panel OKs remap; fight likely (SacBee, 7/30/11)
Panel’s final redistricting maps drawn (LA Times, 7/30/11)
Congress takes up Amazon sales tax issue (LA Times, 7/30/11)
Opinion: Legislature’s misguided lust for revenue gave us the ‘Amazon tax’ (San Jose Mercury News, 7/29/11)
New California map leaves GOP on defense, if slightly less so (Washington Post, 7/29/11)
Lt. gov plugs creation of single CA economic development office under governor (SacBee, 7/29/11)
State congressional leaders claim turf in proposed new districts (LA Times, 7/29/11)
California budget veterans offer stalemate advice to feds (SacBee, 7/29/11)
CA set to move its presidential primary back to June (SacBee, 7/29/11)
Amazon tax dispute puts CA tax board in spotlight (SacBee, 7/29/11)
Lt. Gov Newsom proposes state jobs office, trade post in China (SacBee, 7/29/11)
Commentary: Workers’ compensation heating up in Capitol (SacBee, 7/29/11)
California legislative, congressional maps win thumbs up (SacBee, 7/29/11)
Radio ad claims signing initiatives increases risk for identity theft (SacBee, 7/29/11)
Redevelopment agencies respond to state filing (SacBee, 7/29/11)
Kamala Harris: Redevelopment lawsuit is ‘meritless’ (SacBee, 7/28/11)
Amazon debate: Is the Golden State just desperate for more gold? (LA Times, 7/28/11)
CA small businesses were hit hard by recession (SacBee, 7/28/11)
Governor blasts CA universities’ hiring of pricey presidents (LA Times, 7/28/11)
Redistricting commission prepares for lawsuits (SacBee, 7/28/11)
Commentary: It’s time to abolish the Board of Equalization (SacBee, 7/27/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown dismissed from jury duty (LA Times, 7/27/11)
Redistricting commission inches closer to forming districts (Santa Monica Daily Press, 7/27/11)
Steinberg: ‘We can’t afford to let Republicans take a hatchet to job growth’ (CA Majority Report, 7/27/11)
CA Supreme Court rules on illegal local taxes (SacBee, 7/26/11)
Brown signs California Dream Act (LA Times, 7/26/11)
Jerry Brown nominates Goodwin Liu to Supreme Court (SacBee, 7/26/11)
Editorial: California Dream Act – Opening college doors (LA Times, 7/25/11)
Immigration: Brown signs Dream Act (LA Times, 7/25/11)
Citizen Jerry Brown called for jury duty (SacBee, 7/25/11)
Commentary: Higher California fees are the epitome of fairness (SacBee, 7/25/11)
Jerry Brown pledges to ‘crush’ opposition to clean energy (SacBee, 7/25/11)
Independent commission finished drawing new districts (SacBee, 7/25/11)
Brown signs ‘Dream Act’ bill, vetoes new elderly care program (SacBee, 7/25/11)
Brown vetoes union-sponsored legislation (SacBee, 7/25/11)
Michele Bachmann to speak at CA GOP convention (SacBee, 7/25/11)
Poll: Californians want to allow local taxes on cigarettes, other products (LA Times, 7/25/11)
Minority representation a challenge for redistricting commission (LA Times, 7/25/11)
Jerry Brown cites progress in race relations at NAACP (SacBee, 7/24/11)
California lowers taxes, raises fees (SacBee, 7/24/11)
What’s next for Jerry Brown? He’s not telling (SacBee, 7/24/11)
Commentary: CA sales tax issue’s just a sideshow (SacBee, 7/24/11)
CA redistricting panel plays numbers game; some senators are on the edge (SacBee, 7/23/11)
Voters hesitant on farmworker proposal, poll finds (LA Times, 7/23/11)
Amazon and its crafty initiative (LA Times, 7/22/11)
Eight state senators affected by redistricting panel’s ‘musical chairs’ (SacBee, 7/22/11)
Editorial: Don’t buy Amazon’s argument, California (LA Times, 7/22/11)
California voters see some bright spots in grim budget (LA Times, 7/22/11)
Lockyer says state will borrow $5 Billion if debt ceiling isn’t raised (SacBee, 7/22/11)
Commentary: Why raise taxes when officials squander our money? (SacBee, 7/22/11)
Study upends term-limit theory (LA Times, 7/21/11)
Conservative groups want to repeal law on teaching contributions of gays (LA Times, 7/21/11)
Californians would rather ease penalties than pay more for prisons (LA Times, 7/21/11)
Lockyer to seek interim loan as hedge against federal default (SacBee, 7/21/11)
Six reasons pension reform might not make next year’s ballot (SacBee, 7/21/11)
Two big law firms poised to defend new district maps (SacBee, 7/21/11)
Effort launched to kill new law touting gay, lesbian contributions (SacBee, 7/21/11)
State senator wants rural fire fee on ballot (SacBee, 7/20/11)
Jerry Brown wins Gates Foundation grant for state’s colleges (SacBee, 7/20/11)
New studies find state’s illegal immigrant population shrinking (SacBee, 7/20/11)
Opinion: Amazon’s shameful California tax dodge (LA Times, 7/20/11)
Commentary: LA County to see a big congressional shuffle under redistricting (SacBee, 7/20/11)
Redistricting panel expects court fight after it delivers maps (SacBee, 7/20/11)
Study: Term limits failed to spawn ‘citizen legislators’ (SacBee, 7/20/11)
Do-or-die scenario threatens California’s Redevelopment Agencies (Governing, 7/19/11)
Commentary: Will California’s remap boost Dems? (SacBee, 7/19/11)
New campaign groups target incumbent members of Congress (SacBee, 7/19/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown, Legislature require rural homeowners to pay fire fee (LA Times, 7/18/11)
California redevelopment agencies sue to block budget plan (SacBee, 7/18/11)
CA AG: Amazon can move forward with tax referendum (SacBee, 7/18/11)
CA pension funds see investment returns soar (SacBee, 7/18/11)
State parks closure has unlikely consequences (SacBee, 7/17/11)
Commentary: High-speed rail on track for debacle (SacBee, 7/17/11)
Amazon takes on California over sales tax (SacBee, 7/17/11)
CA Congress members worried about coming district maps (SacBee, 7/16/11)
Strategists flock to looming Amazon vs.Wal-Mart ballot fight (SacBee, 7/16/11)
Lawmakers move to cap CSU executive salaries (SacBee, 7/16/11)
Regents approve UC tuition hike (LA Times, 7/15/11)
Amazon referendum creates jobs — for political strategists (SacBee, 7/15/11)
Commentary: ‘Amazon tax’ bill faces epic battle (SacBee, 7/15/11)
Democratic lawmakers say Amazon’s referendum against sales tax is unconstitutional (SacBee,7/15/11)
Students ask regents to reject proposed UC tuition hike (LA Times, 7/14/11)
Janice Hahn savors victory as she looks forward to 2012 (LA Times, 7/14/11)
Senate sends ‘Dream Act’ bill on illegal immigrants to Brown (SacBee, 7/14/11)
Bill to change how California picks a president clears Legislature (SacBee, 7/14/11)
CA GOP chair: The Redistricting Commission – worse than I could possibly imagine (Flash Report, 7/14/11)
Lawmakers seek more clout for CA in presidential contests (LA Times, 7/14/11)
UC regents vote to increase tuition (SacBee, 7/14/11)
Senate sends ‘Dream Act’ bill on illegal immigrants to Brown (SacBee, 7/14/11)
Senate OKs bill to move California’s presidential primary to June (SacBee, 7/14/11)
Union spins furlough court decision its way (SacBee, 7/14/11)
Lockyer regrets admitting he voted for Schwarzenegger in recall (SacBee, 7/14/11)
State revenues behind; Bill Lockyer skeptical about forecast (SacBee, 7/13/11)
Cal State trustees raise tuition 12% (LA Times, 7/13/11)
Amazon takes on California (New York Times, 7/13/11)
Amazon sales tax battle centers on jobs (LA Times, 7/12/11)
Surge in CA tax measures seen for 2012 (Reuters, 7/12/11)
CSU approves $400K salary for San Diego State president (SacBee, 7/12/11)
CSU trustees approve second tuition increase for the fall (SacBee, 7/12/11)
Jerry Brown asks CSU to curb president’s pay (SacBee, 7/12/11)
Two Californias — twice as much fun, half as many Democrats (and Republicans)? (LA Times,7/12/11)
Democrat Janice Hahn wins CA-36 special election (SacBee, 7/12/11)
Assemblyman Portantino accuses Democrats of reprisal for budget opposition (LA Times, 7/12/11)
Budget cuts likely to mean longer lines, slower service at county courthouses (SacBee, 7/12/11)
Redistricting panel cancels second draft of legislative maps (LA Times, 7/12/11)
Senate OKs bill to try all-mail local elections in Yolo County (SacBee, 7/11/11)
California looks to state higher ed systems for a lending hand (SacBee, 7/11/11)
Controller: CA cash receipts already $350M behind budget forecast (SacBee, 7/11/11)
Amazon wants voters to decide on tax collection (SacBee, 7/11/11)
Hahn favored to ‘win ugly’ in race for SoCal congressional seat (SacBee, 7/11/11)
Dem lawmaker says Dem leaders are punishing him for budget vote (SacBee, 7/11/11)
Release of revised legislative and congressional maps cancelled (SacBee, 7/11/11)
‘South California’ for 51st state? (LA Times, 7/11/11)
Budget Q&A: California budget process still secretive (SacBee, 7/10/11)
Commentary: Legislature has made school funding even more irrational (SacBee, 7/10/11)
Why judges overruled Schwarzenegger’s hard line on parole (SacBee, 7/10/11)
Brown signs law on cyber-bullying, in-home care providers (LA Times, 7/9/11)
Jerry Brown approves new fire protection fee for rural dwellers (SacBee, 7/9/11)
Rosy budget projections despite bad job numbers? (SacBee, 7/8/11)
Jerry Brown signs bill imposing fire fee on rural properties (SacBee, 7/8/11)
Death penalty bill advances but its fate remains murky (SacBee, 7/8/11)
Latino Caucus chair to release foundation donors Monday (SacBee, 7/8/11)
California wins appeal i n SEIU furlough case (SacBee, 7/8/11)
S&P revises California ratings outlook to ’stable’ (SacBee, 7/7/11)
Editorial: CA agency: Little cells, big salary (LA Times, 7/7/11)
Bill to let voters decide on death penalty passes first vote (SacBee, 7/7/11)
Jerry Brown cuts 3,800 vehicles from state fleet (SacBee, 7/7/11)
Speaker Perez calls for more disclosure of Latino Caucus fund donors (SacBee, 7/7/11)
Latino Caucus discloses some donors to its nonprofit fund (SacBee, 7/7/11)
CalPERS, pension reform measures face major test (SacBee, 7/7/11)
CalPERS hires another firm accused of shenanigans (SacBee, 7/7/11)
LAO offers solution for insolvent unemployment insurance fund (SacBee, 7/7/11)
Steinberg defends budget bill protecting teachers from layoffs (SacBee, 7/7/11)
Steinberg says no-pay decision needs to be challenged (SacBee, 7/6/11)
California Republicans win tax argument, little else (SacBee, 7/6/11)
Union-backed measure on local government bankruptcy stalls (SacBee, 7/6/11)
Steinberg talks about Democrats’ plans to pursue pension fixes (SacBee, 7/6/11)
Deukmejian says successors, legislators failed on budget (SacBee, 7/5/11)
Jerry Brown is working without a net (LA Times, 7/3/11)
Commentary: GOP budget ‘victory’ is hollow (SacBee, 7/3/11)
Government paychecks, pensions now a dead weight to Sacramento economy (SacBee, 7/3/11)
Commentary: California ballot war on tap for 2012 (SacBee, 7/3/11)
California dreaming: Lower taxes, but don’t try to get your kid into UC (LA Times, 7/1/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs “honest but painful” budget (LA Times, 7/1/11)
John Chiang-sponsored bill are a tough sell in CA Legislature (SacBee, 7/1/11)
California school districts push for changes to education bill (SacBee, 7/1/11)
Amazon fights California sales tax requirement (LA Times, 7/1/11)

JUNE 2011

Brown signs budget after tumultuous month (SacBee, 6/30/11)
Amazon, Overstock say they’ll fight California sales tax (SacBee, 6/30/11)
Democrats pass austerity budget for CA (LA Times, 6/29/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes farmworkers bill (LA Times, 6/28/11)
State budget deal at a glance (LA Times, 6/28/11)
Reports of California’s demise are hogwash (Crosscut, 6/28/11)
Lockyer gives thumbs up to Democrats’ budget deal (SacBee, 6/28/11)
Details on the budget ‘trigger mechanism (SacBee, 6/28/11)
University tuition likely to rise in response to CA budget (SacBee, 6/28/11)
Commentary: Will Democrats’ rosy-scenario budget work? (SacBee, 6/28/11)
Good news for David Dreier from redistricting panel? Perhaps (SacBee, 6/28/11)
Budget deal by Brown, Dems scraps tax election, may trigger cuts (SacBee, 6/28/11)
State Chief Justice blast budget deal (SacBee, 6/28/11)
CA sales tax drops by a penny Friday, thanks to budget dance (SacBee, 6/28/11)
Lawmakers ask AG whether Chiang has authority to block pay (SacBee, 6/28/11)
Brown, Democrats reach budget deal without taxes (LA Times, 6/28/11)
Nasty tone of South Bay congressional race is more typical of closer contests (LA Times, 6/27/11)
Details on the Democratic budget (SacBee, 6/27/11)
Will Senate GOP pick #1 ‘No” voter as next leader? (SacBee, 6/27/11)
New Democratic budget relies on $4 billion more (SacBee, 6/27/11)
Jerry Brown, Democratic leaders announce budget deal (SacBee, 6/27/11)
Private donors run second nonprofit for Brown (LA Times, 6/25/11)
Gavin Newsom to lead push for 2022 Winter Olympics (SacBee, 6/25/11)
CA lawmakers kick fundraising up a notch (SacBee, 6/25/11)
Jerry Brown’s inauguration surplus money goes to housing, protocol funds (SacBee, 6/25/11)
Private donors to pay rent on Gov. Brown’s Sacramento loft (LA Times, 6/24/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown sees little progress on budget, but insists, ‘I’m not giving up’ (LA Times, 6/24/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 166: Governor mends fences with fellow Democrats — again (SacBee,6/24/11)
Jockeying to succeed Senate GOP leader Bob Dutton begins (SacBee, 6/24/11)
Democrats dug their own hole with Prop. 25 (SacBee, 6/23/11)
With budget talks stuck, blame game begins (LA Times, 6/23/11)
Jerry Brown says Prop 13 could be tested if budget talks fail (LA Times, 6/23/11)
Republicans now want election, but won’t extend taxes on own (SacBee, 6/23/11)
Unbalanced? Let us count the ways (SacBee, 6/23/11)
CA Controller John Chiang’s unlikely turn in the spotlight (LA Times, 6/23/11)
CA budget talks head down twin paths — for now (SacBee, 6/23/11)
GOP leader: Why not listen to GOP budget plan? (SacBee, 6/23/11)
The controller vs. the Legislature (the conversation) (LA Times, 6/23/11)
Jerry Brown says budget talks still on (SacBee, 6/23/11)
Editorial: John Chiang – too much control for California’s controller (LA Times, 6/23/11)
Brown warns of initiative war if bipartisan talks break down (LA Times, 6/23/11)
Democrats see real fight in CA special election (Washington Post, 6/22/11)
CalPERS officials criticize decade-old pension enhancement decisions (SacBee, 6/22/11)
Budget may affect human resources merger (SacBee, 6/22/11)
Chiang: Legal action against pay block ‘would be ill advised’ (SacBee, 6/22/11)
John Chiang’s pay blockage upends budget talks (SacBee, 6/22/11)
Assembly speaker calls controller’s decision to cut off lawmakers’ pay ‘wrong’ (LA Times, 6/21/11)
Redistricting committee extends deadline for public comment (LA Times, 6/21/11)
Romney fundraiser attracts GOP state lawmakers (SacBee, 6/21/11)
Controller Chiang halts pay for lawmakers (SacBee, 6/21/11)
Senate GOP budget vice chair opposes pay blockage (SacBee, 6/21/11)
Reaction to withholding legislative pay rips through Capitol (SacBee, 6/21/11)
Voters less enthused about Feinstein’s re-election (SacBee, 6/21/11)
New redistricting map could make California less golden on the Hill (Washington Post, 6/20/11)
Ban death penalty to save money, senator says (SacBee, 6/20/11)
Change in power in Congress hasn’t diminished California’s clout (LA Times, 6/20/11)
Steinberg raises legal questions about withholding pay (SacBee, 6/20/11)
Chamber CEO says still time for ‘comprehensive’ budget deal (SacBee, 6/20/11)
Brown leaves legislators to stew over budget veto (SacBee, 6/18/11)
Editorial: No turning back in CA budget mess (LA Times, 6/18/11)
After long hiatus, Meg Whitman steps back into public view (SacBee, 6/18/11)
Brown’s budget veto won’t break political deadlock (LA Times, 6/18/11)
Jarvis group threatens suit to block legislative pay (SacBee, 6/17/11)
S&P: Veto won’t affect California’s credit rating (LA Times, 6/17/11)
Controller Chiang’s office sheds more light on pay decision (SacBee, 6/17/11)
Field Poll: Scandal sharpens negative image of Schwarzenegger (SacBee, 6/17/11)
Brown’s veto could spark ‘war’ over CA budget (SacBee, 6/17/11)
Schwarzenegger’s popularity hits all-time low (LA Times, 6/17/11)
Commentary: If CA legislators get paid, vetoed budget is giant charade (SacBee, 6/17/11)
List of CA legislators running for Congress grows longer (SacBee, 6/17/11)
Steinberg to halt confirmation of Brown’s appointees (SacBee, 6/17/11)
Brown calls Steinberg action ’small price to pay’ (SacBee, 6/17/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes ‘unbalanced’ state budget (LA Times, 6/17/11)
Systemic flaws create CA budget dysfunction (LA Times, 6/16/11)
Ten years of mostly-disliked state budgets (SacBee, 6/16/11)
Controller Chiang delays decision on legislator pay (SacBee, 6/16/11)
Editorial: Budget veto – Brown’s stark choice (LA Times, 6/16/11)
Charting the vetoed budget ’solutions’ (LA Times, 6/16/11)
Interest groups see opportunity to ’shake up’ Legislature (SacBee, 6/16/11)
Treasurer Bill Lockyer believes Dems’ budget not financeable (SacBee, 6/16/11)
Democratic leaders come out firing against Brown (SacBee, 6/16/11)
Jerry Brown says he’ll ‘move heaven and earth’ for budget deal (SacBee, 6/16/11)
Brown vetoes Democratic budget (SacBee, 6/16/11)
Opponents of Steinberg’s local tax bill vow referendum fight (SacBee, 6/15/11)
11 bills on Chamber of Commerce ‘job killer’ list bite the dust (SacBee, 6/15/11)
Legislature approves majority budget plan ahead of deadline (SacBee, 6/15/11)
University leaders assail Democratic budget (LA Times, 6/15/11)
Field Poll: Support slipping for Jerry Brown, tax extensions (SacBee, 6/15/11)
Fight breaks out in Assembly during budget debate (SacBee, 6/15/11)
Redevelopment bill protecting LA? (SacBee, 6/15/11)
Senate begins approval of majority-vote budget package (SacBee, 6/15/11)
Editorial: Either scrap or revamp Secure Communities (LA Times, 6/15/11)
State Supreme Court chief, UC respond to new budget cuts (SacBee, 6/14/11)
Faced with loss of pay, Democrats are crafting alternative state budget (LA Times, 6/14/11)
Gay judge’s same-sex marriage ruling upheld (SacBee, 6/14/11)
Prop 8 supporters lose court battle (SacBee, 6/14/11)
Unions challenge ‘pension-gutting agenda’ amid budget talks (SacBee, 6/14/11)
Democratic budget relies on smorgasbord of solutions (SacBee, 6/14/11)
Editorial: California redistricting: Don’t expect any magic (LA Times, 6/14/11)
Commentary: The big stakes? Two-thirds margin (SacBee, 6/14/11)
Jerry Brown opens door to gimmicks budget (SacBee, 6/14/11)
For some, the anti-tax pledge is important — until it’s not (SacBee, 6/13/11)
CA GOP senators go public with their budget demands (LA Times, 6/13/11)
Blowback: Don’t trust E-Verify on immigration enforcement (LA Times, 6/13/11)
PPIC: More competitive seats under draft political maps (SacBee, 6/13/11)
Four Senate Republicans detail California budget demands (SacBee, 6/13/11)
Senate Republicans release pension overhaul demands (SacBee, 6/13/11)
Jerry Brown retreats from hard line against ‘gimmicks’ budget (SacBee, 6/13/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 154: Senate passes 3 minor budget bills (SacBee, 6/12/11)
Analysis: To survive, state GOP must reinvent itself (LA Times, 6/12/11)
District maps draw a new political landscape (LA Times, 6/11/11)
Dreier’s congressional district reflects possible changes in state’s political lineup (LA Times, 6/11/11)
Draft California congressional maps promise more competition (SacBee, 6/11/11)
Senate rejects extending state taxes, votes to expand local tax power (SacBee, 6/11/11)
California Legislature may see more swing districts under draft political maps (SacBee, 6/11/11)
New California lines create upheaval (Roll Call, 6/10/11)
Editorial: Make way for redistricting in California (LA Times, 6/10/11)
Senate OKs local tax authority bill after ‘tax bridge’ falls short (SacBee, 6/10/11)

Incumbents lose, Democrats win with California redistricting proposal (Washington Post, 6/10/11)
Another, wonkier argument in favor of Gov. Brown’s ‘bridge’ tax (LA Times, 6/10/11)
Six-month tax bridge under consideration (SacBee, 6/10/11)
Redistricting commission turns to public for help (SacBee, 6/10/11)
Michelle Rhee sets up California PAC, hires Sacramento lobbyist (SacBee, 6/10/11)
CA Republicans doubt success of new labor union committee (SacBee, 6/10/11)
Editorial: ‘Non-revocable parole’ is too dangerous (LA Times, 6/10/11)
Editorial: CA Budget deal – once again, taxes are the stumbling block (LA Times, 6/10/11)
Redistricting at a glance (LA Times, 6/10/11)
Immigration: Should CA suspend participation in Secure Communities? (LA Times, 6/10/11)
Redrawing of district boundaries will shake up CA politics (LA Times, 6/10/11)
Commentary: Here comes the California budget (again) (SacBee, 6/10/11)
No deal, but CA lawmakers to begin voting on state budget (SacBee, 6/10/11)
Will new congressional districts squeeze out California Republicans? (LA Times, 6/10/11)
Redistricting commission fine-tunes its proposals (SacBee, 6/9/11)
Union chief says Jerry Brown’s tax vote is ‘fraught with peril’ (SacBee, 6/9/11)
SEIU California launches Republican PAC to back moderates (SacBee, 6/9/11)
How to ease prison crowding has state stumped (SacBee, 6/8/11)
Brown takes 29,398 cell phones (SacBee, 6/8/11)
SEIU leader wants Democratic voters to think strategically (SacBee, 6/8/11)
CA budget talks hit an impasse over three-month tax extension (LA Times, 6/8/11)
Boundary revisions have some politicians breathing easier (SacBee, 6/8/11)
Commentary: CA prison dilemma has it all: power politics, big money and the law (SacBee,6/8/11)
CA budget pact stuck over a tax extension till fall election (SacBee, 6/8/11)
Editorial: California’s colleges and illegal immigrants (LA Times, 6/8/11)
Senate plans to air warnings of all-cuts budget on floor (SacBee, 6/7/11)
Supreme Court order on CA immigrant tuition rates could affect other states’ policies (LA Times,6/7/11)
Brown urged to restore funds for education databases (LA Times, 6/7/11)
Retailers offer Jerry Brown unqualified support for tax plan (SacBee, 6/7/11)
Commentary: New CA legislative maps make good on promise of reform (SacBee, 6/7/11)
CA Democrats hope new district maps produce budget votes (SacBee, 6/7/11)
Former Schwarzenegger official: Don’t blame unions for pensions (SacBee, 6/6/11)
California Capitol astir over upcoming district maps (SacBee, 6/6/11)
Supreme Court allows CA to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants (LA Times, 6/6/11)
Opinion: Blowback  - Debunking the Prop 13 debunkers (LA Times, 6/6/11)
Audio: Redistricting could overshadow budget vote (Capital Public Radio, 6/6/11)
California Retailers Association backs Brown’s tax extensions (SacBee, 6/6/11)
Is California crime drop due to ‘three-strikes’ law? (SacBee, 6/6/11)
Opinion: Prison edict backlash reveals race bias (SacBee, 6/5/11)
Central Valley start for CA high-speed rail proves a political challenge (SacBee, 6/5/11)
Editorial: When budgets are used as political cudgels (LA Times, 6/4/11)
Steinberg’s local tax bill has become a state budget bargaining chip (SacBee, 6/4/11)
Editorial: Crime Victims United of CA – a powerful voice in state politics (LA Times, 6/3/11)
CA controller says lawmakers won’t get paid without budget deal (SacBee, 6/3/11)
Legislature votes to tighten up oversight of high-speed rail (SacBee, 6/3/11)
Make it hard to privatize libraries, CA Assembly says (SacBee, 6/3/11)
CA lawmakers will lose pay if budget isn’t passed by June 15, state controller says (LA Times,6/3/11)
Commentary: Legislature blithely interferes with local decision-making (SacBee, 6/3/11)
CA DREAM Act bill advances in state Legislature (LA Times, 6/2/11)
Opinion: Califronia’s endangered state parks (New York Times, 6/2/11)
CA lawmakers shelve bills to police their behavior (SacBee, 6/2/11)
Steinberg to keep local tax bill on the table amid budget talks (SacBee, 6/2/11)
Jerry Brown readies ‘blue pencil’ to keep spending cuts intact (SacBee, 6/2/11)
Leaders of teacher credentialing panel step down amid controversy (SacBee, 6/2/11)
Local tax increases still on the table in state budget talks (LA Times, 6/2/11)
Assembly OKs health insurance regulation as GOP walks out (SacBee, 6/2/11)
How Brown’s personnel proposal affects state hiring (SacBee, 6/2/11)
Chiang to withhold lawmaker pay if budget deadline passes (SacBee, 6/2/11)
County leaders call prison ruling ‘game changer’ in tax debate (SacBee, 6/1/11)
Bill to curb pension-spiking and double-dipping moves forward (SacBee, 6/1/11)
Senate approves bill allowing counties to raise vehicle fees (SacBee, 6/1/11)
CA high-speed rail authority overhaul remains on track (SacBee, 6/1/11)
Commentary: June is pivotal for Gov. Brown and California budget (SacBee, 6/1/11)

MAY 2011

Bill would let counties opt out of US immigration enforcement program (LA Times, 5/31/11)
Commentary: California cities are paying price for overspending (SacBee, 5/31/11)
Jerry Brown announces budget cuts at Corrections HQ (SacBee, 5/31/11)
Commentary: Schwarzenegger can’t be blames for California’s chronic mess (SacBee, 5/29/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 140: Taxes, anyone? (SacBee, 5/29/11)
Governor’s proposal to sell Malibu parkland meets tough opposition (LA Times, 5/29/11)
Editorial: Don’t fear the prison decision (LA Times, 5/29/11)
Editorial: Cutting California’s prison  rolls (LA Times, 5/27/11)
CA gift-limit bill dies quiet death in state Senate committee (SacBee, 5/27/11)
CA lawmakers kill measure banning gifts to themselves (LA Times, 5/27/11)
Commentary: Top-two strategy deployed in Hahn-Bowen special election (SacBee, 5/27/11)
Immigration reform: Secure Communities and California’s push to limit its impact (LA Times,5/26/11)
California’s Latino population booming, Census Bureau finds (SacBee, 5/26/11)
Assembly wants to cancel immigrants’ fingerprint checks (SacBee, 5/26/11)
Computer errors let violent California prisoners go free (LA Times, 5/26/11)
Jerry Brown, Grover Norquist, spar on tax plan (SacBee, 5/25/11)
Steinberg: No ’significant sticking points’ left on budget (SacBee, 5/25/11)
Union coalition tap dances on Niello pension plan’s demise (SacBee, 5/25/11)
Opinion: How lowering California’s prison population is good for the state (LA Times, 5/25/11)
State budget special election: an update (SacBee, 5/25/11)
CA Chamber of Commerce says 28 bills are ‘job killers’ (SacBee, 5/25/11)
Democrats want to use new revenue to reverse cuts (SacBee, 5/25/11)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s odd appointment switcheroo (SacBee, 5/25/11)
No easy fix for California’s prison crisis (LA Times, 5/25/11)
Jerry Brown optimistic for budget deal, fires at Grover Norquist (SacBee, 5/24/11)
Niello’s pension reform initiative enters signature-gathering phase (SacBee, 5/24/11)
Grover Norquist in town to meet with GOP (SacBee, 5/24/11)
Fewer workers generate lower unemployment rate (SacBee, 5/24/11)
US Supreme Court orders massive inmate release to relieve CA’s crowded prisons (LA Times,5/24/11)
Tax activist Grover Norquist in town to meet with GOP (SacBee, 5/24/11)
Commentary: 1970s actions on prisons come back around to bite Gov. Brown (SacBee, 5/24/11)
Blowback: Arnold failed at marriage, not governing (LA Times, 5/23/11)
California’s prisons: A disaster in the making (LA Times, 5/23/11)
Justices uphold order that may release thousands of CA inmates (Washington Post, 5/23/11)
Jerry Brown calls prison ruling a reason for taxes (SacBee, 5/23/11)
Steinberg says timing ‘very significant’ for court decision on jail crowding (SacBee, 5/23/11)
Taxpayer group airs ads against Jerry Brown’s tax plan (SacBee, 5/23/11)
Brown’s latest state budget is aggressive against debt (SacBee, 5/23/11)

Editorial: To fix California’s budget, we need taxes too (LA Times, 5/22/11)
SEIU leader wants to prod GOP to the center (SacBee, 5/22/11)
Commentary: Will California become another Michigan? (SacBee, 5/22/11)
More state boards await the budget saw (LA Times, 5/22/11)
Jerry Brown plans to sell Capitol housing he helped create (SacBee, 5/21/11)
Opinion: Golden State blues (Washington Post, 5/20/11)
Sacramento lawmakers may not be punished for late budget (LA Times, 5/20/11)
State board to tell retailers of looming sales tax cut (SacBee, 5/20/11)
Analyst urges lawmakers to look beyond Jerry Brown’s budget options (SacBee, 5/20/11)
Analyst’s office hammers Brown’s pension study proposal (SacBee, 5/20/11)
Schwarzenegger says he’s putting Hollywood comeback on hold (LA Times, 5/20/11)
Standard & Poor: ‘Important crossroad’ for California credit rating (SacBee, 5/19/11)
Legislative Analyst agrees with Brown revenue estimate (SacBee, 5/19/11)
Bowen concedes in CD 36, sending Huey to July runoff (SacBee, 5/19/11)
Schwarzenegger puts hold on return to film (SacBee, 5/19/11)
Candidates in runoff to fill Harman’s seat won’t be known before Friday (LA Times, 5/19/11)
UC tuition might jump 32% if tax proposal fails, official says (LA Times, 5/19/11)
How Republican Craig Huey did so well in CA-36 (Washington Post, 5/18/11)
Schwarzenegger’s secret child crushes his political future, say analysts (SacBee, 5/18/11)
The real numbers behind Jerry Brown’s frugality claim (SacBee, 5/18/11)
Revised CA budget softens blow for schools (SacBee, 5/18/11)
California’s revenue surge might stymie efforts to stabilize finances (LA Times, 5/18/11)
Commentary: Latest numbers reveal two-tier California (SacBee, 5/18/11)
High-speed rail draws curiousity at Fresno meeting (Fresno Bee, 5/17/11)
Opinion: Mend, don’t end, California’s bullet-train program (LA Times,5/17/11)
Hahn advances to runoff in SoCal special House primary; opponent unclear (Washington Post,5/17/11)
Commentary: Brown’s new tax pitch aims at debt (SacBee, 5/17/11)
Poll: Californians’ economic outlook sours (SacBee, 5/17/11)
California state workforce cuts would hit prisons the hardest (SacBee, 5/17/11)
Jerry Brown signs six labor deals for 60,000 state workers (SacBee, 5/17/11)
Schwarzenegger fathered a child with longtime member of household staff (LA Times, 5/17/11)
Brown releases revised budget plan with $6.6-billion windfall (LA Times, 5/17/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 127: Democrats believe 2/3rds margin in CA Legislature is within reach(SacBee, 5/16/11)
Editorial: California’s high-speed train wreck (LA Times, 5/16/11)
UFW’s ‘card check’ legislation clears Assembly (SacBee, 5/16/11)
Congress watches California’s remapping from afar (SacBee, 5/16/11)
Leaders respond to Brown’s May budget revision (SacBee, 5/16/11)
Brown, Steinberg differ on how soon election should come (SacBee, 5/16/11)
State labor contracts head to Gov. Jerry Brown (SacBee, 5/16/11)
Video: Gov. Jerry Brown warns of the ‘wall of debt’ (SacBee, 5/16/11)
The list of state boards Brown wants to eliminate (SacBee, 5/16/11)
What does parks closure mean for state employees? (SacBee, 5/16/11)
Brown’s revised budget gives more money to schools (SacBee, 5/16/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown not giving up on tax hikes to help CA budget (LA Times, 5/15/11)
Commentary: Local tax bill as American as apple pie (SacBee, 5/15/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 126: Budget forecasts based on guesstimates (SacBee, 5/15/11)
California makes huge payouts for some workers’ unused time off (LA Times, 5/15/11)
California’s social services chief wins lucrative pay deal (LA Times, 5/14/11)
Ad watch: Attack on CA local tax bill omits key point (SacBee, 5/14/11)
Opinion: High-speed rail’s allure more than just speed (Bakersfield Californian, 5/14/11)
Jerry Brown proposes elimination of appeals board (SacBee, 5/14/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 125: CA to close 70 state parks (SacBee, 5/14/11)
Opinion: CTA protest conflicts with students’ interests (SacBee, 5/14/11)
Weeklong Capitol protests mellow into CA budget pep rally (SacBee, 5/14/11)
Editorial: Schwarzenegger and the pardon power (LA Times, 5/14/11)
Gov. Brown to skip tax increase this year (LA Times, 5/14/11)
California lawmakers sit on sidelines during redistricting (SacBee, 5/13/11)
Editorial: Got Taxes? Let communities collect revenue that California won’t (LA Times, 5/13/11)
Workers flock to Capitol to climax weeklong budget protests (SacBee, 5/13/11)
CA officials announce closure of 70 state parks (SacBee, 5/13/11)
Rep. Costa slams LAO report on high-speed rail (Central Valley Business Times, 5/13/11)
Jerry Brown set stage for budget fight with campaign tax promise (SacBee, 5/13/11)
GOP lawmakers issue plan to balance California budget (LA Times, 5/13/11)
GOP state budget plan arrives — and is blasted as gimmicky (SacBee, 5/13/11)
Latinos hope Jerry Brown signs bills on illegal immigrants, farmworkers (SacBee, 5/13/11)
Opinion: Analysis of rail project is just politics (Merced Sun-Star,5/13/11)
Report railroads the valley (San Joaquin Valley Record, 5/13/11)
Assembly GOP issues budget ahead of governor’s plan (SacBee, 5/12/11)
Editorial: As it protests, teachers union burns bridges (SacBee, 5/12/11)
Performance-based teacher layoff bill dies in committee (LA Times, 5/12/11)
Education protesters arrested at Capitol, including CTA president (SacBee, 5/12/11)
SEIU to launch ad blitz on budget in GOP districts (SacBee, 5/12/11)
Lawsuit seeks to overturn reduction in Estaban Nunez sentence (LA Times, 5/12/11)
Opinion: High-speed rail: A train to somewhere (Bakersfield Californian, 5/12/11)
California Considers New (Old) Route for High-Speed rail (The Infrastructurist, 5/12/11)
Opinion: LAO’s rail report is just an ill-informed opinion (Modesto Bee, 5/12/11)
To end CA budget stalemate, businesses offer compromise solution (Christian Science Monitor,5/12/11)
California’s limits on welfare debit cards inspire US response (LA Times, 5/11/11)
All-cuts budget would bring devastation, CSU trustees say (SacBee, 5/11/11)
High-speed rail gets roughed up (KPBS, 5/11/11)
High-speed rail gets another critique (SacBee, 5/11/11)
Business groups urge Jerry Brown, lawmakers to solve budget (SacBee, 5/11/11)
Editorial: Make state government more efficient, less expensive (LA Times, 5/11/11)
Blowback: Charging varying tuition would threaten UC’s character (LA Times, 5/11/11)
The unraveling of the Schwarzenegger-Shriver marriage (LA Times, 5/11/11)
GOP’s Huey insists he can win in a Democratic district (LA Times, 5/10/11)
State worker contracts search for GOP support (SacBee, 5/10/11)
Commentary: Good news isn’t good news for Dems (SacBee, 5/10/11)
CSU trustees discuss additional tuition hikes, enrollment cuts (SacBee, 5/10/11)
Ad campaign targets Steinberg’s measure on local taxes (SacBee, 5/10/11)
Controller John Chiang defends state employee gift limits bill (SacBee, 5/10/11)
Jerry Brown proposes merging DPA, State Personnel Board (SacBee, 5/10/11)
LAO criticizes high-speed rail project’s financing, management (SacBee, 5/10/11)
More high-speed rail funds funneled to Valley project (SacBee, 5/10/11)
Brown administration backs away from plan to build giant tunnel around Delta (SacBee, 5/10/11)
California teachers’ budget protests include tax pitch, arrests (SacBee, 5/10/11)
Wife of legislator trying to save redevelopment agencies works for developer who favors program (LA Times, 5/10/11)
Schwarzenegger, Shriver announce separation (LA Times, 5/9/11)
CHP arrests protesters at state Capitol (SacBee, 5/9/11)
Commentary: Legislature attracting fewer thoughtful people (SacBee, 5/9/11)
Teachers, other groups rally for tax extensions, hikes (SacBee, 5/9/11)
What’s next for state worker labor contracts? (SacBee, 5/9/11)
California lands more high speed rail funds (SacBee, 5/9/11)
Audit finds concern about family ties in hiring for CA teacher credentialing panel (SacBee, 5/8/11)
Commentary: California still looking for respect on presidential stage (SacBee, 5/8/11)
Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris – the California Democratic Party’s future? (LA Times, 5/8/11)
Governor downplays bump in tax revenue (SacBee, 5/7/11)
Wisconsin-style occupation planned in California (The Nation, 5/6/11)
Dems have money to spend as jungle primary looms in California (The Hill, 5/6/11)
Financial director downplays CA’s tax revenue spike (SacBee, 5/6/11)
California ‘Dream Act’ clears Assembly (SacBee, 5/6/11)
Commentary: Local governments also feel budget pinch (SacBee, 5/6/11)
CA public employees get more compensation, disputed report says (SacBee, 5/6/11)
Jerry Brown to wait over weekend for stitches to come out (SacBee, 5/6/11)
TX Gov. Rick Perry makes pitch for businesses as CA legislature moves toward unincorporating Vernon (SacBee, 5/6/11)
Jerry Brown’s nose and the public’s right to know (LA Times, 5/6/11)
With pensions under attack, unions fight back (SacBee, 5/5/11)
California’s deficit should fall, but by how much? (SacBee, 5/5/11)
Study: Benefits give public employees an edge on private sector (SacBee, 5/5/11)
Bill allowing college aid for illegal immigrants passes Assembly (SacBee, 5/5/11)
California has $2 billion in unexpected tax revenue (LA Times, 5/5/11)
Committee OKs Dem bill allowing localities to increase taxes (SacBee, 5/4/11)
Jerry Brown’s last stand (New York Times, 5/4/11)
Bill to give Prop 8 supporters legal standing dies (SacBee, 5/4/11)
Editorial: California budget – sticking it to the GOP (LA Times, 5/4/11)
California weighs shorter school year as budgets wane (SacBee, 5/4/11)
Legislative counsel says Brown’s redevelopment plan illegal (SacBee, 5/4/11)
Senate OKs bill to delay DMV renewals; Brown likely to sign (SacBee, 5/3/11)
Democratic leaders say party must put pressure on GOP districts (LA Times, 5/2/11)
Commentary: A scenario for fixing California’s budget (SacBee, 5/2/11)
GOP grumbles as Senate OKs state contracts (LA Times, 5/2/11)
GOP Assemblyman says parks bill killed to ‘punish Republicans’ (SacBee, 5/2/11)
Senate approves six state worker labor contracts (SacBee, 5/2/11)
Feinstein urges staet Democrats to focus on reelecting Obama (LA Times, 5/1/11)
California Democrats rally around unions (LA Times, 5/1/11)
Commentary: Steinberg proposes sensible tax plan (SacBee, 5/1/11)
Skin cancer procedure sidelines CA Gov. Jerry Brown (SacBee, 5/1/11)

APRIL 2011

Jerry Brown names Steve Glazer to CSU board post (SacBee, 4/30/11)
Video: Gavin Newsom talks tax election, targeted cuts (SacBee, 4/30/11)
CA Democratic gathering offers chance to celebrate, and challenges too (LA Times, 4/30/11)
It’s the Democrats’ turn for party time (SacBee, 4/29/11)
State lowers population estimate due to census (SacBee, 4/29/11)
Columbia Law School draws new CA congressional maps (SacBee, 4/29/11)
Gov. Brown, Democrats want to delay DMV registration notices (Sac Bee, 4/29/11)
Jerry Brown cancels plan for $356 million death row (LA Times, 4/29/11)
Electoral surprises loom in 2012 with new districts (Capitol Weekly, 4/28/11)
Jerry Brown pulls plug on San Quentin’s new death row (SacBee, 4/28/11)
California led nation in pension fund losses (SacBee, 4/28/11)
Spate of California bills address misuse of taxpayer money (LA Times, 4/28/11)
Legislature seeking to delay DMV notices to buy time on budget (SacBee, 4/28/11)
Democrats threaten to target cuts in GOP legislators’ districts (SacBee, 4/28/11)
Editorial: Who’s fit to judge? (LA Times, 4/27/11)
Jerry Brown bans nonessential travel by state employees (LA Times, 4/27/11)
Steinberg considers cuts targeting GOP districts (SacBee, 4/27/11)
Teachers still calling for Legislature to scuttle tax election idea (SacBee, 4/27/11)
Editorial: It’s time to pass CA tax hikes legislatively (LA Times, 4/27/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 108: Governor restricts travel (SacBee, 4/27/11)
Commentary: Budget nut remains uncracked (SacBee, 4/26/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 106: School districts face $11 billion question on next year’s budget(SacBee, 4/26/11)
Prop 8 supporters say ruling should be voided (LA Times, 4/25/11)
Investing in California: A look at CalPERS’ $17B portfolio in state (SacBee, 4/25/11)
Soda tax legislation shelved by Assembly committee (SacBee, 4/25/11)
Commentary: Huge stakes in California’s school financing (SacBee, 4/25/11)
Editorial: The 36th District’s open primary ushers in a new era in CA politics (LA Times, 4/25/11)
Opinion: High-speed rail plans are off the track (LA Times, 4/25/11)
Times/ USC poll shows voters want public workers to help ease state’s financial troubles (LA Times,4/24/11)
Brown urges GOP legislators to resume budget talks (LA Times, 4/23/11)
Times/USC poll shows voters want to extend tax hikes to help balance budget (LA Times, 4/23/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 103: Governor’s road tour in Santa Clarita (SacBee, 4/22/11)
Jerry Brown personalizes tax appeal in Northern California stop (SacBee, 4/22/11)
Republican legislator joins Gov. Brown’s road trip (LA Times, 4/22/11)
Opinion: California Dreamin’ – of jobs in Texas (Wall Street Journal, 4/22/11)
Uptick in income tax receipts raises budget hopes at CA Capitol (SacBee, 4/22/11)
Meg Whitman likely out of politics for good (Politico, 4/21/11)
Gavin Newsom to pen book on social media, politics (SacBee, 4/21/11)
Jerry Brown finds frustrated crowd at budget talk (SacBee, 4/21/11)
Brown orders state to collect its debts from workers (SacBee, 4/21/11)
CA agencies lent millions to employees who never repaid (LA Times, 4/21/11)
Political infighting spices up CA GOP Assembly convention (SacBee, 4/20/11)
Brown orders crackdown on employee cash advances (SacBee, 4/20/11)
Redistricting commission to hold Southern California hearings (LA Times, 4/19/11)
Cheating charges abound at ‘conscience of the GOP’ confab (SacBee, 4/19/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 100: CA Teachers Association launches TV ad urging lawmakers to solve budget (SacBee, 4/19/11)
Editorial: The late, great California Legislature (LA Times, 4/19/11)
GOP lawmaker to join Jerry Brown at budget stop (SacBee, 4/19/11)
No good reform deed will go unpunished (LA Times, 4/18/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 99: Republicans poised to block state labor contracts (SacBee, 4/18/11)
Opinion: State legislators turning back on college system that lifted them (LA Times, 4/17/11)
Union helped write budget for in-home care (SacBee, 4/16/11)
California lawmakers stripped of state cars (LA Times, 4/15/11)
California hopes to learn from Texas on job growth (Texas Tribune, 4/15/11)
Analysis names Dreier, McNerney likely ‘victims’ of redistricting (SacBee, 4/15/11)
Lawmakers’ per diem comes under fire from pay commission (SacBee, 4/15/11)
On the road in the Lone Star State (SacBee, 4/15/11)
Commentary: Brown courts prison guard union and wins over old foe (SacBee, 4/14/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 95: Governor’s shifting budget strategy now focused on cops (SacBee,4/14/11)
Californians travel to meet TX Gov. Perry to learn how to create jobs (Houston Chronicle, 4/14/11)
Odds and ends on the budget situation (SacBee, 4/14/11)
Commissioners kill legislators’ cars (SacBee, 4/14/11)
Cuts in government aid hit hard in Tulare County (LA Times, 4/13/11)
Gov. Brown fills pay panel vacancies on eve of key vote (SacBee, 4/13/11)
Pay panel to consider killing legislator’s vehicle allowance (SacBee, 4/13/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 94: Teachers seek tax hike without an election (SacBee, 4/13/11)
Meg Whitman changes her tune on immigration once again (LA Times, 4/13/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 90: Governor travels to GOP turf to pitch tax plan (SacBee, 4/9/11)
California gets bright budget news, with revenue up in March (SacBee, 4/9/11)
State saw surprise March boost in income tax revenues (SacBee, 4/8/11)
Jerry Brown mulling tax extension before public vote (SacBee, 4/8/11)
State GOP chief vows to move party beyond its ‘comfort zone’ (LA Times, 4/8/11)
Governments continued to enhance pensions amid economic collapse (LA Times, 4/8/11)
Commentary: San Jose Democrats dress up corporate tax dodges (SacBee, 4/8/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 89: California tax debate goes on the road (SacBee, 4/8/11)
California faces stiff competition for high-speed rail funds (SacBee, 4/7/11)
Editorial: Difficult budget choices that impact children’s programs (LA Times, 4/7/11)
GOP kicks off budget roadshow of its own (SacBee, 4/7/11)
Meg Whitman to speak at Bush conference on economic growth (SacBee, 4/7/11)
State leaders taking budget message on the road (SacBee, 4/7/11)
140,00 California workers could be furloughed by feds (SacBee, 4/7/11)
Jerry Brown tells cops, ‘I’ve got 3 guns’ (LA Times, 4/7/11)
Redistricting law firm favored Democrats in campaign giving (SacBee, 4/6/11)
Child development agencies sue to halt state funding shift (LA Times, 4/6/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 87: Governor to hit the road for tax extension plan (SacBee, 4/6/11)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s pension plan is nothing but fluff (SacBee, 4/5/11)
Panel starts to plan $48.5 million in cuts to local early-childhood programs (SacBee, 4/5/11)
Brown signs bill to transfer thousands of nonviolent felons to county jails (LA Times, 4/5/11)
Democrats revive bills vetoed by Schwarzenegger (LA Times, 4/5/11)
Higher education leaders lobby against all-cuts budget (SacBee, 4/5/11)
Gov. Jerry Brown talks tax extensions with university leaders (SacBee, 4/5/11)
First 5 agencies sue to block $1 billion in Jerry Brown’s budget (SacBee, 4/5/11)
Jerry Brown urges patience on state budget (SacBee, 4/5/11)
Assembly panel kills two anti-illegal immigration bills (SacBee, 4/5/11)
Commentary: Redevelopment officials are offering pig in a poke (SacBee, 4/4/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 85: Bad news for state workers in LAO memo on contracts (SacBee,4/4/11)
New Field Poll finds Californians supportive of federal health law (LA Times, 4/4/11)
Editorial: LA labor — getting the job done (LA Times, 4/4/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 84: Governor isn’t giving up on budget (SacBee, 4/3/11)
Commentary: California’s water flow squandered (SacBee, 4/3/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 83: GOP senator comfortable with no-tax pledge (SacBee, 4/2/11)
From the notebook: Two responses to Brown’s pension plan (SacBee, 4/1/11)
Commentary: Budget blowup reveals California’s structural faults (SacBee, 4/1/11)
NYC-based research group advising Democrats on tax message (SacBee, 4/1/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 82: Governor seeks pension changes (SacBee, 4/1/11)
Jerry Brown plans to take his case for taxes to voters (LA Times, 4/1/11)
Bill would make it easier for California farmworkers to unionize (LA Times, 4/1/11)
Attorneys union members approve labor agreement (SacBee, 4/1/11)
MARCH 2011
Pension reform isn’t as dead as state budget deal (LA Times, 3/31/11)
Despite promises, partisan gridlock again blocks state budget (Orange County Register, 3/31/11)
Teachers union calling for tax hike on top 1% of earners (SacBee, 3/31/11)
LAO: Union contracts ramp up pressure for layoffs, hiring freeze (SacBee, 3/31/11)
Bob Dutton: Jerry’s wife ‘yelled’ at him (SacBee, 3/31/11)
Brown issues pension reform plan (SacBee, 3/31/11)
Editorial: California budget breakdown (LA Times, 3/31/11)
AM Alert: Blue-state special, or slash and burn? (SacBee, 3/31/11)
Budget talks fold, and California GOP’s influence fades further (LA Times, 3/31/11)
Jerry Brown faces tricky budget options (SacBee, 3/31/11)
Brown’s message: Drought’s over, but conservation still matters (SacBee, 3/31/11)
Opinion: CEQA is a job-killer (LA Times, 3/30/11)
Lawmakers want California to join National Popular Vote effort (SacBee, 3/30/11)
Gavin Newsom reportedly eyeing run for governor (SF Chronicle, 3/30/11)
Lawmakers send Brown bill on renewable energy requirements (SacBee, 3/30/11)
Jerry Brown’s state budget plan blows up (SacBee, 3/30/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 80: Governor calls off budget talks with GOP (SacBee, 3/30/11)
Jerry Brown ends talks on bipartisan budget deal (LA Times, 3/30/11)
Organized labor mulling its own ballot measure on taxes (SacBee, 3/29/11)
Unions call for protest, urge boycott of Niello car dealerships (SacBee, 3/29/11)
Did the GOP fumble its chance for long-sought reforms? (LA Times, 3/29/11)
Commentary: California GOP hits sharp skid (SacBee, 3/28/11)
State GOP tries to craft its own mail-in primary before Prop 14 takes effect (LA Times, 3/28/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 77: GOP pushes for spending cap (SacBee, 3/27/11)
Commentary: Jerry Brown getting squeezed three ways on budget (SacBee, 3/27/11)
Thousands of union members, leaders march streets of LA vowing to fight for organized labor(Washington Post, 3/27/11)
Governor balks at GOP demands as budget talks teeter (LA Times, 3/26/11)
Surge in jobs a state record (SacBee, 3/26/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 76: Budget talks deteriorate as GOP unveils big request list (SacBee,3/26/11)
In major cuts, Gov. Brown slashes services for poor, sick and elderly (SacBee, 3/25/11)
Steinberg’s ready to ‘pull the plug,’ call a vote on tax election (SacBee, 3/25/11)
Senate Republicans make list of requests public (SacBee, 3/25/11)
Brown’s office: GOP budget demands number 53 (SacBee, 3/25/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 75: Brown signs off on $11.2 B in cuts, still needs GOP help (SacBee,3/25/11)
Interactive map: Where congressional districts will change the most (SacBee, 3/25/11)
Audit: EDD has problems, but don’t blame furloughs (SacBee, 3/24/11)
Video: Steinberg still aims for 2/3 vote as budget talks continue (SacBee, 3/24/11)
Former lawmaker proposes pension rollback initiative (SacBee, 3/24/11)
Brown, on budget deal: ‘Only the good Lord knows’ (SacBee, 3/24/11)
Proposed initiatives on pensions, spending cap in the works (SacBee, 3/24/11)
Attorney’s union says furloughs still an option for lawmakers (SacBee, 3/24/11)
Poll shows public support for Brown’s budget plan is slipping (LA Times, 3/24/11)
Wanted: More budget lobbying by California business groups (LA Times, 3/24/11)
Jerry Brown hints at ‘initiatives’ if budget talks fail (SacBee, 3/24/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 74: Governor wants proposals from GOP (SacBee, 3/24/11)
Jerry Brown signs $11.2 billion in budget solutions (SacBee, 3/24/11)
CTA launches two new radio ads warning of cuts to schools (SacBee, 3/23/11)
9th Circuit denies request to lift stay on Prop. 8 ruling (SacBee, 3/23/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 73: Governor may seek November ballot initiative on tax plan (SacBee,3/23/11)
Jerry Brown has the cash to qualify initiative (SacBee, 3/23/11)
Commentary: Jerry Brown is popular, sort of, but so what? (SacBee, 3/22/11)
Budget-balancing plan may go on November ballot in California (SacBee, 3/22/11)
Gov. Brown struggles to strike a budget deal on taxes, spending cuts (Washington Post, 3/16/11)
Anti-tax leader predicts ‘fireworks’ over spending cap proposal (SacBee, 3/16/11)
GOP lawmakers threaten to withhold votes unless environmental rules are rewritten (LA Times,3/16/11)
Jerry Brown in private talks as Legislature to  vote on cuts (SacBee, 3/16/11)
No budget resolution expected, but Legislature to vote on cuts (SacBee, 3/16/11)
Commentary: Field Poll shows California’s wide divide (SacBee, 3/16/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 66: Field Poll – Jerry Brown has voter support, but opportunity may not last (SacBee, 3/16/11)
Commentary: Brown-GOP budget talks hit a wall (SacBee, 3/15/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 65: Two sides, two versions of negotiations status (SacBee, 3/15/11)
Video: Gov. Brown calls out ‘extreme’ Republicans (SacBee, 3/15/11)
Senate schedules Wednesday budget vote (SacBee, 3/15/11)
Assembly to hold budget vote Wednesday (SacBee, 3/15/11)
Jerry Brown coy on budget talks, expects vote this week (SacBee, 3/15/11)
Correctional officers’ union reaches contract agreement (SacBee, 3/15/11)
Brown: Catastrophe in Japan a lesson on regulation (SacBee, 3/15/11)
GOP 5’s Cannella says he’s ’still willing to talk’ on budget (SacBee, 3/14/11)
Some CA lawmakers want easier access to carry concealed weapons (LA Times, 3/14/11)
Editorial: California should follow Illinois and end death penalty (LA Times, 3/14/11)
Republicans say budget talks have broken down (SacBee, 3/14/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 64: Governor, GOP talk through weekend (SacBee, 3/14/11)
Census data reveal disparities in district populations (SacBee, 3/14/11)
Republican senator describes disputes in state budget blow up (SacBee, 3/14/11)
College students, teachers protest budget cuts at Capitol (SacBee, 3/14/11)
Talk radio hosts and two powerful Republicans battle Jerry Brown on spending (LA Times, 3/13/11)
Commentary: Census data mean big changes in legislative districts (SacBee, 3/13/11)
Meg Whtiman rules out 2012 Senate bid (SacBee, 3/12/11)
Californians continue to drift away from major political parties (LA Times, 3/11/11)
GOP Senator says budget talks require ‘hard decisions’ (SacBee, 3/9/11)
Environmental groups tell Democrats to hold firm (SacBee, 3/9/11)
Central Valley congressman rips high-speed rail plan (SacBee, 3/9/11)
Census shows big gains by Asian Americans, Latinos (SF Chronicle, 3/9/11)
Commentary: Census data will bring a big shift (SacBee, 3/9/11)
Brown asks Legislature to delay budget vote (SacBee, 3/9/11)
Brown: ‘Not clear’ if Dems must accept GOP demands (SacBee, 3/9/11)
Agencies send ‘Top 10′ budget-cutting lists to Jerry Brown (SacBee, 3/9/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 59: Budget talks resume amid doubts Dems and GOP can agree(SacBee,3/9/11)
Assembly special election first test of top two system (SacBee, 3/8/11)
Controller issues sharp critique of redevelopment agencies (SacBee, 3/8/11)

Census numbers show inland shift (KCRA, 3/8/11)
Commentary: Tax debate fact, fancy and fudges (SacBee, 3/8/11)
Jerry Brown touts law enforcement support (SacBee, 3/8/11)
Steinberg: Senate will pass cuts Thursday (SacBee, 3/8/11)
Analyst: Higher California income tax refunds raise concerns (SacBee, 3/8/11)
Census 2010: Sacramento region grew 20% (SacBee, 3/8/11)
Video: Bay Area business leader to Brown, GOP: ‘Make a deal’ (SacBee, 3/8/11)
Jerry Brown makes deal with lawyers’ union (SacBee, 3/8/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 58: Republicans declare impasse in budget talks with Brown(SacBee,3/8/11)
More than half of California children are Latino, census shows (Washington Post, 3/8/11)
Editorial: California’s budget – fixing a harebrained tax system (LA Times, 3/8/11)
GOP senators who met with Brown claim budget impasse (SacBee, 3/7/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 57: Attorneys ready to challenge Brown’s proposed budget cuts (SacBee,3/7/11)
Editorial: California’s budget – It’s time to make a deal (LA Times, 3/7/11)
Counties group support Brown’s realignment plan (SacBee, 3/7/11)
Brown says he might miss budget deadline (SacBee, 3/7/11)
California: The Titanic of Legislatures (LA Times, 3/7/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 56: California GOP split on putting tax plan on ballot (SacBee, 3/6/11)
Commentary: Medi-Cal a case study in wishful thinking (SacBee, 3/6/11)
The reality behind recent budget rhetoric (SacBee, 3/6/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 55: How the state budget has changed (SacBee, 3/5/11)
Five CA state worker unions sue to halt furloughs (SacBee, 3/4/11)
Commentary: Republicans have big opportunity, if they take it (SacBee, 3/4/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 54: Budget panel approves plan (SacBee, 3/4/11)
CA lawmakers dismissive of aggressive pension rollback (SacBee, 3/3/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 53: No end run on Brown’s tax plan, Perez says (SacBee, 3/3/11)
Commentary: Is pension fairness in the eye of the beholder (SacBee, 3/3/11)
Cities say Jerry Brown’s redevelopment plan is unconstitutional (SacBee, 3/3/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 52: GOP leader says Republicans are no meeting with Brown (SacBee,3/2/11)
Controller warns of potential state cash crunch (SacBee, 3/2/11)
AG Harris asks court to let gay marriages resume (SacBee, 3/2/11)
Commentary: Passing up redistricting expert was a big mistake (SacBee, 3/2/11)
Jerry Brown eases plan to shift prisoner responsibility (LA Times, 3/1/11)
GOP leader: No ’side deals’ being cut with GOP senators on budget (SacBee, 3/1/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 51: As deadline looms, hurdles remain (SacBee, 3/1/11)
Brown administration releases bill to place taxes on ballot (SacBee, 3/1/11)
California has nation’s third worst job market, Gallup says (SacBee, 3/1/11)

Brown’s Countdown, Day 50: Cheapskate governor sends a message (SacBee, 2/28/11)
Commentary: Pension fund liabilities should be disclosed (SacBee, 2/28/11)
Gov. Brown: Politics isn’t Sunday School (SacBee, 2/28/11)
Q&A: Cagey Brown lets the budget process play out (SacBee, 2/27/11)
Commentary: Should we really tear down fiscal walls? (SacBee, 2/27/11)
Brown: It’s time to take a risk (SacBee, 2/27/11)
Brown’s budget plan backed by two LA-area business groups (LA Times, 2/26/11)
Editorial: Day of reckoning on pensions (LA Times, 2/26/11)
LA Chamber of Commerce backs Brown’s budget balancing plan (SacBee, 2/26/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 47: Dems don’t need GOP for tax vote, state’s lawyers say(SacBee,2/26/11)
Debt takes a huge chunk out of California’s beleaguered budget (LA Times, 2/26/11)
Jerry Brown backed by LA chamber; no word from state group (SacBee, 2/25/11)
Californians’ tax burden declined in 2009, still sixth highest (SacBee, 2/25/11)
Imperial County clerk files motion to join Prop 8 case (SacBee, 2/25/11)
Commentary: California’s long-term finances very shaky (SacBee, 2/25/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 47: Governor faces off with lawmakers, calls for ‘tough choices’(SacBee,2/25/11)
Commission’s plan recommends rolling back pensions for current workers (SacBee, 2/24/11)
CA GOP group takes hard-line stance against tax hike (LA Times, 2/24/11)
Video: Jerry Brown heads to the belly of the budget beast (SacBee, 2/24/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 46: New ‘Taxpayers Caucus’ takes on Brown plan (SacBee, 2/24/11)
New debate looms on public pensions (SacBee, 2/24/11)
Haley Barbour to speak at CA GOP convention (SacBee, 2/24/11)
GOP lawmakers launch caucus opposing taxes on ballot (SacBee, 2/23/11)
Jerry Brown to skip meeting of governors (SacBee, 2/23/11)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s plan now faces crunch time (SacBee, 2/23/11)
CA GOP group takes hard-line stance against tax hikes (SacBee, 2/23/11)
Steinberg responds to GOP opposition to Brown’s budget plan (SacBee, 2/22/11)
Philip Morris gearing up for June fight over cigarette tax (SacBee, 2/22/11)
Conservative group distances itself from rally infiltration plan (SacBee, 2/22/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 43: State pension cuts pushed (SacBee, 2/21/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 43: state pension cuts pushed (SacBee, 2/21/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 42: Medi-Cal could require co-payment (SacBee, 2/20/11)
California’s political power shifts to the north (LA Times, 2/20/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 41: Governor tells the state to stop the freebies (SacBee, 2/19/11)
Editorial: Sensible recommendations exist for CA pension reform (Appeal-Democrat, 2/19/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 41: Democrats to pare back some of Brown’s budget cuts (SacBee, 2/19/11)
CA legislators give initial OK to Brown’s budget outline (LA Times, 2/18/11)
Brown’s  Countdown, Day 40: Democrats pare back some of Brown’s budget cuts (SacBee, 2/18/11)
Brown: budget deal target date is March 10 (SacBee, 2/18/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 39: GOP leaders says party won’t back vote to put taxes on the ballot(SacBee, 2/17/11)
Budget Committee lowers Jerry Brown’s proposed developmental cuts (SacBee, 2/17/11)
Jerry Brown raised more than $400K for inaugural (SacBee, 2/17/11)
Special elections outcomes maintain status quo in CA legislature (LA Times, 2/17/11)
CA Supreme Court reenters Prop 8 fray (LA Times, 2/17/11)
Commentary: Jerry Brown’s call for comity isn’t being heeded (SacBee, 2/17/11)
Heated rhetoric during Senate’s first budget committee vote (SacBee, 2/16/11)
Democrats introduce bill targeting unnecessary regulations (SacBee, 2/16/11)
CA state employees take advantage of pension perk (LA Times, 2/16/11)
TV spot bashes Brown’s proposed cuts to seniors’ program (SacBee, 2/16/11)
Video: Senate Dem leader talks about hiring freeze (SacBee, 2/16/11)
Gov. Brown freezes statewide hiring (LA Times, 2/16/11)
Analyst: Future revenues lower than Jerry Brown projects (SacBee, 2/16/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 36: Brown orders hiring freeze – with exceptions (SacBee, 2/16/11)
Brown drops lawsuit seeking right to impose minimum wage on state workers (SacBee, 2/16/11)
Brown asks watchdogs for ‘Top 10′ cost-cutting lists (SacBee, 2/16/11)
CA’s legislative analyst lists possible cuts without tax extension (SacBee, 2/15/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 35: State’s safety net difficult to rank (SacBee, 2/15/11)
Tug of war begins over Jerry Brown’s budget plan (SacBee, 2/15/11)
Sacramento chamber offers conditional support to Brown (SacBee, 2/15/11)
GOP party chair pushing for new nominating process (SacBee, 2/15/11)
Opinion: Gov. Brown’s democracy dodge (LA Times, 2/14/11)
Legislative analyst identifies massive cuts if taxes fail (SacBee, 2/14/11)
Brown awaits GOP budget ideas next week (SacBee, 2/12/11)
Brown expects GOP budget proposals next week (SacBee, 2/11/11)
Bill would let counties raises vehicle license fees (SacBee, 2/11/11)
Editorial: Brown’s no-nonsense budgeting (LA Times, 2/11/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 33: Brown woos business leaders on tax plan (SacBee, 2/11/11)
Brown courts business leaders to get behind his fiscal plans (LA Times, 2/11/11)
Legislative analyst urges pension reductions throughout public sector (SacBee, 2/11/11)
Commentary: What if Brown’s budget cuts get blocked in courts? (SacBee, 2/11/11)
Dem Senate leader: Senate Dems will deliver on cuts (SacBee, 2/11/11)
Meg Whitman rejoins Proctor & Gamble board (SacBee, 2/11/11)
Brown: Democratic majority ‘no there yet’ on budget (SacBee, 2/10/11)
Editorial: Rethinking enterprise zones (LA Times, 2/10/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 32: Brown kills state building sale (SacBee, 2/10/11)
Brown cancels sale of state properties (LA Times, 2/10/11)
Halting building sale results in larger deficit, internal borrowing (SacBee, 2/9/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 31: Lawmakers approve more pay for some aides (SacBee, 2/9/11)
Brown drops state building sale (SacBee, 2/9/11)
Video: Jerry Brown talks special election, commutation powers (SacBee, 2/9/11)
Whitman lost, but payday was sweet for many (California Watch, 2/8/11)
LAO ramps up redevelopment critique (SacBee, 2/8/11)
Brown pitches budget plan to Obama Administration (SacBee, 2/8/11)
CA higher education leaders warn of further tuition increases (LA Times, 2/8/11)
Questions abound on Brown budget plan (SacBee, 2/8/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 30: University leader resigned to Brown’s budget cuts (SacBee, 2/8/11)
Commentary: California’s strange view on prisons (SacBee, 2/7/11)
Landowners fear they’ll have to sell if CA axes conservation program (SacBee, 2/7/11)
Counties worried about Brown plan to offload parolees (SacBee, 2/7/11)
Higher education leaders not fighting budget cuts (SacBee, 2/7/11)
State worker retirements jumped 23% in 2010 (SacBee, 2/7/11)
GOP caucus to hold policy conference – Brown to appear (SacBee, 2/7/11)
Expect higher tax revenue as a budget solution (SacBee, 2/7/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 29: Gavin Newsom get his moment in the budget sun (SacBee, 2/7/11)
Commentary: Watch out for voodoo propaganda (SacBee, 2/6/11)
State savings for cutting illegal immigrant services exaggerated (SacBee, 2/6/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 28: GOP lawmakers have split in votes on past spending cuts(SacBee,2/6/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 27: Absentee ballots on Jerry Brown’s chopping block? (SacBee, 2/5/11)
Editorial: Republican stonewalling won’t close the state budget gap (LA Times, 2/4/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 26: Worker pay cuts called option (SacBee, 2/4/11)
The clock is ticking on six union contracts (SacBee, 2/4/11)
Advocates for the disabled  call Brown’s budget plan vague and rushed (SacBee, 2/4/11)
Can Gavin Newsom make his mark as Lt. Gov? (Capitol Weekly, 2/3/11)
Opinion: GOP lawmakers and Jerry Brown have faulty logic (LA Times, 2/3/11)
Analyst says Legislature should consider pay cuts (SacBee, 2/3/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 25: Democrats seek list of deeper cuts if taxes are not extended(SacBee,2/3/11)
Wilson: GOP won’t put Brown’s tax plan on the ballot (SacBee, 2/3/11)
Opinion: Bet on it: Gambling issue will soon confront Gov. Brown (SacBee, 2/3/11)
June special election may be vote-by-mail only (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/2/11)
Controller: At least 15 local agencies paid top execs over $300K (LA Times, 2/2/11)
Editorial: Brown’s plan to eliminate redevelopment agencies is overkill (LA Times, 2/2/11)
Commentary: Voters’ ignorance about budget a big factor (SacBee, 2/2/11)
Video: Lt. Gov. Newsom goes to bat for Jerry Brown (SacBee, 2/2/11)
GOP says budget proposal is Jerry Brown’s job (SF Chronicle, 2/2/11)
Democrats seeking softer cuts, cuts-only budget as potential strategies (SacBee, 2/2/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 24: CA pays varying rates to care for disabled (SacBee, 2/2/11)
Editorial: What Obama could learn from Jerry Brown (Washington Post, 2/2/11)
CA Democrats seek specifics on possible budget cuts (San Jose Mercury News, 2/2/11)
State interests and local priorities at odds over fate of redevelopment agencies (San Jose Mercury News, 2/2/11)
Editorial: If Republicans really trust voters, they should vote to place tax plan on ballot (San Jose Mercury News, 2/2/11)
Group aims to end collective bargaining for public employees (SacBee, 2/1/11)
Commentary: Brown’s plan still faces big hurdles (SacBee, 2/1/11)
Brown: ‘California faces a crisis that is real and unprecedented’ (LA Times, 2/1/11)
Editorial: Brown puts the call in other side’s court (SacBee, 2/1/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 23: Brown calls out GOP on tax-measure vote (SacBee, 2/1/11)
Brown argues for his budget plan in State of the State address (LA Times, 2/1/11)
Brown nearly matched Whitman’s campaign spending on TV in final weeks (LA Times, 2/1/11)
Brown’s California plan: Cuts, Taxes (Wall Street Journal, 2/1/11)
Editorial: Give it to us straight (LA Times, 2/1/11)
Brown says tax cuts proposed by GOP would just create more problems (SF Chronicle, 2/1/11)
Analysis: Pension deal could end CA budget brawl (Reuters, 2/1/11)
Republicans preparing to support Brown’s special election  – on their own terms (SF Chronicle,2/1/11)
Opinion: Businesses should back Brown’s bold move (San Jose Mercury News, 2/1/11)
State of the State – Brown twists GOP arms, with a smile (Christian Science Monitor, 2/1/11)
Jerry Brown now tries to sell voters hard choices (SF Chronicle, 2/1/11)
Brown’s labor allies may get involved in GOP primaries (San Jose Mercury News, 2/1/11)
Brown derides talk of tax cuts as ‘flim-flam’ (LA Times, 2/1/11)

Opinion: Jerry Brown – moonbeam to mainstream (Politico, 1/31/11)
Rapid Response Roundup: Jerry Brown’s State of the State (SacBee, 1/31/11)
Brown campaign spent total $36.66 million (SacBee, 1/31/11)
Video: Brown’s big challenge – will GOP say ‘to hell with the people’? (SF Chronicle, 1/31/11)
Newsom strikes more supportive tone in introducing Gov. Brown (SF Chronicle, 1/31/11)
Brown’s State of the State: Whom does he need to impress the most? (Christian Science Monitor,1/31/11)
Fiscal crisis will hang over Brown’s speech (SF Chronicle, 1/31/11)
Whitman’s record campaign spending amounts to $43.25 per vote (San Jose Mercury News,1/31/11)
Whitman’s grand total: a record of $178.5 million (SacBee, 1/31/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 22: State of the State gives governor a big audience (SacBee, 1/31/11)
State of the State speech: Brown to offer few dire details on taxes (LA Times, 1/30/11)
Brown is facing tricky environmental and energy issues in CA (LA Times, 1/30/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 21 Gov wants all juvenile offenders in county custody (SacBee, 1/30/11)
Commentary: Permanent cuts build a new California budget hurdle (SacBee, 1/30/11)
Time to shine a harsh light on CA’s redevelopment agencies (LA Times, 1/30/11)
Commentary: Brinksmanship over redevelopment (LA Times, 1/29/11)
Jerry Brown’s ploy to save $1.8B for CA schools (Christian Science Monitor, 1/29/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 20: Cut state vehicle fleet, Gov. Brown orders (SacBee, 1/29/11)
Analysis: Brown using bully pulpit to gather support (San Jose Mercury News, 1/29/11)
Brown orders CA agencies to halt new car purchases (LA Times, 1/29/11)
Replacement picked for redistricting panel (SacBee, 1/28/11)
Jerry Brown orders reduction of state vehicle fleet (SacBee, 1/28/11)
Gov. Brown moves to cut state’s car fleet in half (LA Times, 1/28/11)
Commentary: Tinkering on tax reform isn’t enough (SacBee, 1/28/11)
Court blocks CA legislators from writing ballot measure descriptions (SacBee, 1/28/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 19: Home health care cuts face legal questions (SacBee, 1/28/11)
Redevelopment debate: CA mayors duke it out with Gov. Brown (LA Times, 1/27/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 18: Budget cuts likely to shut some CA state parks (SacBee, 1/27/11)
Brown defends cutting redevelopment agencies (LA Times, 1/27/11)
Mayors push to save redevelopment funds (SacBee, 1/27/11)

Brown says bid for budget deal ‘on track’ (SacBee, 1/26/11)
Brown’s plan to ax redevelopment sets off firefight (SacBee, 1/26/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 17: Cuts and taxes in eye of beholder (SacBee, 1/26/11)
PPIC poll finds support for Brown’s plan (SacBee, 1/26/11)
Editorial: A state budget reality check (LA Times, 1/26/11)
Will Schwarzenegger’s next job be in the Obama administration? (SacBee, 1/26/11)
Editorial: A bankrupt idea (LA Times, 1/25/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 16: CA IOUs in April? Not likely (SacBee, 1/25/11)
Commentary: Bankruptcy for states a bad move (SacBee, 1/25/11)
Gavin Newsom to find lite gov role limited (SacBee, 1/25/11)
Officials not sure when IOUs would be necessary (SacBee, 1/24/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 15: Budget panel boss Leno ready to ‘walk plank’ on cuts (SacBee, 1/24/11)
Controller launches review of redevelopment agencies (SacBee, 1/24/11)
Just the Facts: Donnelly’s Web video misleads (SacBee, 1/24/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 14: Talks gave agenda a running start (SacBee, 1/23/11)
At town hall, Steinberg urges support for tax ballot measure (SacBee, 1/23/11)
Commentary: Debt puts pressure on deficit-ridden CA budget (SacBee, 1/23/11)
GOP brand pronounced dead in deep-blue California (SF Chronicle, 1/23/11)
State treasurer warns IOUs could loom in April, May (LA Times, 1/22/11)
Brown’s Countdown Day, 13: Steinberg says Dems will back governor’s budget-cutting goal(SacBee,1/22/11)
Jerry Brown advisers cite patience in campaign win (SacBee, 1/22/11)
Graffiti death threats made against Gov. Jerry Brown (LA Times, 1/22/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 12: State work force expected to shrink (SacBee, 1/21/11)
Pollsters battle in Berkeley (SacBee, 1/21/11)
Analyzing the governor’s race (SacBee, 1/21/11)
Steinberg wants big review to kill regulations (SacBee, 1/21/11)
Family sues Schwarzenegger over commutation of Nunez’s sentence (LA Times, 1/21/11)
Steinberg casts doubt on redevelopment moratorium (SacBee, 1/21/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 11: Many 1st-term lawmakers rejecting legislative car perk(SacBee,1/20/11)

Is Whitman planning a political comeback? (SF Chronicle, 1/20/11)
No time for turf wars, Gov. Brown tells city leaders (SacBee, 1/20/11)
Whitman named to HP board of directors (SacBee, 1/20/11)
Brown calls education funding ‘a civil rights issue’ (SacBee, 1/20/11)
Editorial: Facing the budget music (LA Times, 1/20/11)
Editorial: Redevelopment rush shows shy action is vital (SacBee, 1/19/11)
Commentary: The elephant in the budget room? Teachers union (SacBee, 1/19/11)
Major retailers back bid for ‘Amazon tax’ in California (SacBee, 1/19/11)
Skeptical local officials prepare for Jerry Brown (SacBee, 1/19/11)
Gavin Newsom suggests challenging Jerry Brown’s UC cuts (SacBee, 1/19/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 10: Legislature slow to react as localities OK billions in redevelopment projects (SacBee, 1/19/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 9: Special interests with hands in the budget pie (SacBee, 1/18/11)
Opinion: Pension reform or else (LA Times, 1/18/11)
Upcoming state Senate elections may not test new ‘Top Two’ primary system (LA Times, 1/17/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 8: Governor courts Big Four legislative leaders (SacBee, 1/17/11)
Schwarzenegger planning a return to the big screen (The Guardian, 1/17/11)
Editorial: Brown’s ‘parent trigger’ trap (LA Times, 1/17/11)
Opinion: Even Brown’s 5-year time frame for rebound may be too rosy (SacBee, 1/16/11)
Brown’s countdown, Day 7: California not alone in tackling huge budget gaps (SacBee, 1/16/11)
Brown’s countdown, Day 6: Brown’s budget would delay road projects (SacBee, 1/15/11)
Brown seeks to eliminate firms’ ability to choose between California tax formulas (LA Times,1/14/11)

Nunez commutation sparks bill to limit governor’s power (SacBee, 1/14/11)
Redistricting panel loses member, gains executive director (SacBee, 1/14/11)
Brown’s Countdown, Day 5: Dem lawmaker skeptical of budget fast-track plan (SacBee, 1/14/11)
Ag chairman gets the boot after remarks on Brown budget (SacBee, 1/14/11)
Opinion: Time looms as Jerry Brown’s biggest hurdle (SacBee, 1/14/11)
Brown budget plan draws flak from right, left (LA Times, 1/14/11)
Teachers, firefighters slam LA redevelopment vote (SacBee, 1/14/11)
The political perils of California’s redistricting process (Washington Post, 1/13/11)
Sacto mayor opposes Brown’s proposal to kill redevelopment agencies (SacBee, 1/13/11)
Brown’s budget time line draws skepticism (SacBee, 1/13/11)
Brown’s countdown, Day 4: Analyst says budget plan carries risks (SacBee, 1/13/11)
Jerry Brown’s budget plan a ‘good starting point,’ nonpartisan analyst says (LA Times, 1/13/11)
CA’s higher education in line for big budget hit under Brown’s proposals (SacBee, 1/12/11)
CA regions take grassroots approach to rebuilding (Crosscut, 1/12/11)
Brown’s budget plan — pain everywhere (LA Times, 1/12/11)
Parts of Jerry Brown’s budget plan need federal OK (SacBee, 1/12/11)
Brown pitches his budget plan to legislators (SacBee, 1/12/11)
Vote margin on taxes key factor (SacBee, 1/12/11)
Brown’s countdown, Day 3: Governor tells state to slash cell phones (SacBee, 1/12/11)
Higher education leaders anxious about cuts in proposed CA budget (LA Times, 1/12/11)
Brown begins wooing GOP support for tax plan (LA Times, 1/12/11)
LAO praises Brown budget plan but sees many risks (SacBee, 1/12/11)
Jockeying has begun over how to frame Brown’s cuts, taxes (SacBee, 1/11/11)
Brown’s school budget spurs questions over deferred payments (SacBee, 1/11/11)
A breakdown of Jerry Brown’s budget (LA Times, 1/11/11)
Brown orders 48,000 cell phones confiscated (SacBee, 1/11/11)
What else would be on a June statewide ballot (SacBee, 1/11/11)
Brown breaks his silence on the budget (SacBee, 1/11/11)
Opinion: Brown’s budget faces the state’s ugly facts (SacBee, 1/11/11)
Brown’s countdown, Day 2: Governor looking for 3-sided trick shot on budget (SacBee, 1/11/11)
Brown’s forecast for California: A long slog to full recovery (SacBee, 1/11/11)
Counties cautiously support Brown’s plan to realign services (SacBee, 1/11/11)
Jerry Brown rolls the dice with pain-filled budget plan for California (LA Times, 1/11/11)
Editorial: A reality-based budget (LA Times, 1/10/11)
Dem leader: ‘I hate these cuts,’ but we are ‘out of patches’ (SacBee, 1/10/11)
GOP leaders: No votes to put taxes on ballot (SacBee, 1/10/11)
Challenge to legislative pay cut is tentatively denied (SacBee, 1/10/11)
Rapid response roundup: Brown’s budget (SacBee, 1/10/11)
Maldonado opposes tax extension; Newsom cautious about cuts (SacBee, 1/10/11)
Editorial: The pitfalls of ‘realignment’ (LA Times, 1/10/11)
Brown to ask for deep cuts, five-year extension of taxes (SacBee, 1/10/11)

Editorial: You say you want a devolution (LA Times, 1/9/11)
Jerry Brown tries to sell optimism to a battered state (LA Times, 1/9/11)
Legislators, left and right, dislike Brown budget (SacBee, 1/9/11)
Brown says he’ll slash $6.4 million from own office budget (LA Times, 1/8/11)
Brown trims security detail (SacBee, 1/8/11)
Editorial: Norquist’s demands force Republicans to make a choice (SacBee, 1/8/11)
Experts say there’s little Brown can do to boost California economy (SacBee, 1/8/11)
Brown moves to redefine education bureaucracy (SacBee, 1/8/11)
CA revenue numbers deliver a mixed bag in December (SacBee, 1/7/11)
Villaraigosa offers no opinion on Nunez clemency decision (LA Times, 1/7/11)
Brown pitches plan to realign (SacBee, 1/7/11)
Bay Area politically dominant in Golden State (SacBee, 1/7/11)
Opinion: Brown seems better suited to run today’s CA than in the ’80s (SacBee, 1/7/11)
CA Supreme Court Justice to step down (SacBee, 1/6/11)
Editorial: The Terminator’s surrender (LA Times, 1/6/11)
National anti-tax group warns CA GOP to stick to pledge (SacBee, 1/6/11)
Brown appoints wife as ’special counsel,’ names two executive secretaries (SacBee, 1/6/11)
Brown’s choices for key posts reflect his long career (LA Times, 1/6/11)
Seismic change coming to California’s congressional delegation? (Politico, 1/6/11)
Brown defends education appointment (SacBee, 1/5/11)
Brown appointees shake up CA Board of Education (SacBee, 1/5/11)
Schwarzenegger heads north for speaking tour (SacBee, 1/5/11)
Norquist group: Putting taxes on the ballot violates no-tax pledge (SacBee, 1/5/11)
CA’s First Lady to be a senior unpaid ’special counsel’ (SacBee, 1/5/11)
Opinion: Californians brace for budget body blow (LA Times, 1/5/11)
Jerry Brown pitches a shift to local governments (SacBee, 1/5/11)
Opinion: Foul stench permeates Schwarzenegger’s final acts (SacBee, 1/5/11)
Jerry Brown talks Prop 13 (LA Times, 1/4/11)
Appeals court dumps Imperial County from Prop 8 case (SacBee, 1/4/11)
Brown: A ‘complex reordering’ of government (SacBee, 1/4/11)
‘Pathway to citizenship’ advisory bill proposed for 2012 ballot (SacBee, 1/4/11)
Brown takes state’s reins for 3rd time (LA Times, 1/4/11)
Gov. Brown’s progressive shock doctrine takes shape (Calitics, 1/4/11)
Brown sworn in as California’s 39th governor (LA Times, 1/4/11)
Re-reading Jerry Brown’s 2nd inaugural (NBC Los Angeles, 1/3/11)
Brown becomes governor, promises ‘a tough budget for tough times’ (SacBee, 1/3/11)
Opinion: Education key to solving CA’s job crisis (LA Times, 1/3/11)
Brown to propose broad list of budget cuts (SacBee, 1/3/11)
Governor reduces sentence of former Assembly speaker’s son (LA Times, 1/3/11)
Opinion: Will Schwarzenegger’s failures save the state? (LA Times, 1/2/11)
Opinion: Schwarzenegger wanted to govern but couldn’t (SacBee, 1/2/11)
Schwarzenegger looks back on his seven years in Sacramento (LA Times, 1/1/11)

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