The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


CA 2010 Archives


California Governor’s Race Headlines:
Schwarzenegger appoints 2 top lieutenants to health exchange board (SacBee, 12/31/10)
Editorial: Lots of unfinished business (LA Times, 12/31/10)
Californians’ tax relief could be short-lived (LA Times, 12/30/10)
Brown wants to extend tax hikes – measure to go to voters in June (SacBee, 12/30/10)
CA Chamber of Commerce trying to mend fences with Jerry Brown (SacBee, 12/30/10)
High expectations for Brown to lift CA from its gloom (Contra Costa Times, 12/29/10)
CA Supreme Court balks at helping Schwarzenegger’s building sale bid (SacBee, 12/29/10)
Teachers Association has high hopes for Brown (SacBee, 12/29/10)
Jerry Brown plays hardball on state budget (LA Times, 12/29/10)
Foes of govt buildings’ sale win court victory (LA Times, 12/29/10)
Audio: Exit the Governator, looking smaller than life (KQED, 12/28/10)
Brown dismisses California Lottery director (SacBee, 12/28/10)
Low-key event planned for Brown inauguration (SacBee, 12/28/10)
Audio: California’s recall – did it result in reform or regret? (KUOR, 12/28/10)
Schwarzenegger departs without major budget reform (Bloomberg, 12/27/10)
Brown to shake up environmental posts (LA Times, 12/27/10)
Opinion: Brown needs to be a better salesman than Schwarzenegger (Contra Costa Times, 12/27/10)
Editorial: Schwarzenegger leaves office with state in desperate fiscal shape (LA Times, 12/27/10)
Environmentalists deplore Schwarzenegger’s corporate turn (LA Times, 12/25/10)
State poised to sell trophy buildings to unidentified investors (New York Times, 12/26/10)
What budget cuts, taxes and gimmicks might Jerry Brown propose? (SacBee, 12/25/10)
2011 may be the year California gets smart about economic policies (LA Times, 12/24/10)
Brown to cut CA’s DC office (SacBee, 12/24/10)
CA says census missed 1.5 million residents (LA Times, 12/24/10)
Census crimping CA’s political clout shocks state used to success (Bloomberg, 12/23/10)
Newsom delays Lite-Guv swearing in (SF Chronicle, 12/23/10)
A salve for California’s financial woes — if voters will buy it (LA Times, 12/23/10)
Audit: State agencies over-reported stimulus jobs (California Watch, 12/22/10)
Brown plans low-key, low-budget inaugural (LA Times, 12/22/10)
Editorial: Rail funding a gift from OH & WI (Fresno Bee, 12/22/10)
Jerry Brown chooses a trendy loft near the Capitol (LA Times, 12/22/10)
Undocumented CA youths vow renewed activism (LA Times, 12/22/10)
Brown has kept a low profile in transition (San Jose Mercury News, 12/21/10)
Schwarzenegger leaves Brown burdened with bonds (SF Chronicle, 12/21/10)
Opinion: Does Arnold want to move to DC? (LA Times, 12/21/10)
CA’s congressional delegation won’t grow (SacBee, 12/21/10)
Brown to eliminate state Office of Inspector General (LA Times, 12/21/10)
California’s pending building sale sparks judicial conflicts (SacBee, 12/21/10)
Schwarzenegger begs high court to intervene in building sales or they’ll be ‘lost forever’ (LA Times, 12/20/10)
Opinion: Schwarzenegger’s reforms will help CA (SacBee, 12/20/10)
Legislators push to alter Capitol’s business-as-usual (SacBee, 12/20/10)
Opinion: We are asking too much of our schools as we cut budgets (LA Times, 12/20/10)
Opinion: California isn’t broken (LA Times, 12/20/10)
Brown, prison union walking hand-in-hand (SacBee, 12/19/10)
Jerry Brown buttons up to focus on budget (SacBee, 12/19/10)
New redistricting panel takes aim at bizarre political boundaries (LA Times, 12/19/10)
Opinion: Redistricting California (LA Times, 12/19/10)
The time may be right for Kamala Harris (LA Times, 12/19/10)
Jerry Brown’s most important adviser: his wife (San Jose Mercury News, 12/17/10)
Editorial: Leg should keep hands of UC and Cal State (LA Times, 12/17/10)
CA legislature wants a say in public university budgets (LA Times, 12/16/10)
CalPERS seeks better deal from Lehman liquidation (SacBee, 12/16/10)
CA regulators OK major greenhouse gas rules (SacBee, 12/16/10)
Furloughs about to become Brown’s headache (SacBee, 12/16/10)
Primary election overhaul clears state high court (SF Chronicle, 12/16/10)
Final 6 members selected for redistricting commission (SacBee, 12/15/10)
CA Supreme Court won’t intervene in 2-party primary election (SacBee, 12/15/10)
Opinion: Brown’s doomsday strategy very risky (SacBee, 12/15/10)
Brown: ‘fasten your seat belt’ for school spending cuts (SacBee, 12/15/10)
Brown wants to fast-track budget agreement within 60 days (LA Times, 12/15/10)
Education fills big space on Brown’s chalkboard (LA Times, 12/14/10)
At education forum, Brown delivers more doom and gloom (SacBee, 12/14/10)
High court may decide on state’s bid for revenue (SF Chronicle, 12/14/10)
Appeals court delays sale of 24 state buildings (LA Times, 12/14/10)
Brown wants to wrap up budget in ‘about 60 days’ (SacBee, 12/14/10)
Opinion: Widespread disappointment in LA Mayor (LA Times, 12/14/10)
Opinion: Redistricting panel may have erred in picking finalists (SacBee, 12/14/10)
Education fills big space on Brown’s chalkboard (LA Times, 12/14/10)
2010 midterms produced high voter turnout (SacBee, 12/13/10)
Give Brown credit for a good week (LA Times, 12/13/10)
Brown rode a wave of young idealism to his first stint as gov (Los Angeles Daily News, 12/12/10)
Whitman campaign blamed for lower voter turnout in GOP-friendly counties (Redlands Daily Facts, 12/12/10)
CA budget fix would take three steps (SacBee, 12/12/10)
Villaraigosa positioning for a statewide run? (LA Times, 12/12/10)
Business lobby braces for new world under Jerry Brown (SacBee, 12/12/10)
Gains were made, but can Democrats fix California? (Washington Post, 12/12/10)
Power shift has already begun (San Jose Mercury News, 12/11/10)
Opinion: A high-speed rail windfall for CA (LA Times, 12/11/10)
Judge refuses to halt sale of state govt buildings (LA Times, 12/11/10)
Whitman’s maid to benefit from sale of  ’Queen Meg’ props (SacBee, 12/10/10)
Six-person slate nominated to complete redistricting panel (SacBee, 12/10/10)
Five strategies to success in Sacramento (City Watch, 12/10/10)
Poizner: ‘I would’ve been a stronger candidate than Whitman’ (SF Gate, 12/10/10)
Brown-Whitman contest drew highest voter turnout in 5 guber elections (LA Times, 12/10/10)
Schwarzenegger’s proposal for plugging budget shortfall stalls (LA Times, 12/10/10)
Brown may ask voters to rip off budget ‘band-aid’ (LA Times, 12/9/10)
Union says contract deal reached then pulled at last minute (SacBee, 12/9/10)
Schwarzenegger’s budget plan appears shelved after hearings (SacBee, 12/9/10)
CA to receive high-speed rail funds rejected by two states (SacBee, 12/9/10)
A Supreme Court ruling could be best-case scenario for gay marriage issue (SacBee, 12/8/10)
California politicians lay out grim realities (San Jose Mercury News, 12/8/10)
Brown to retain Schwarzenegger’s budget director (LA Times, 12/8/10)
Jerry Brown gives CA lawmakers budget warning: brace yourself (Christian Science Monitor, 12/8/10)
Brown opens budget forum, calling problem ‘much worse’ than before (SacBee, 12/8/10)
Legislature called into special budget session (LA Times, 12/7/10)
Opinion: Schwarzenegger misses last chance for unvarnished budget message (SacBee, 12/7/10)
Schwarzenegger’s last-gasp budget revives previous ideas (SacBee, 12/7/10)
CA GOP: Shutout in 2010, apocalypse in 2012? (Daily Caller, 12/6/10)
Brown to address correctional officers’ convention (SacBee, 12/6/10)
Legislative Democrats don’t want another fight with Schwarzenegger (LA Times, 12/6/10)
Freshman GOP assemblyman proposes immigration crackdown (SacBee, 12/6/10)
Gay couples feeling optimistic as Prop 8 hearings start (SacBee, 12/6/10)
Budget proposal includes shifting fees around citizen directives (SacBee, 12/6/10)
Brown addresses GOP lawmakers, urges cooperation (Fresno Bee, 12/6/10)
Brown heads to Vegas to address prison-guards union (LA Times, 12/6/10)
Schwarzenegger’s budget plan relies on savings down the road (SacBee, 12/6/10)
Budget deficit could balloon even more in coming weeks (SacBee, 12/6/10)
CA GOP split over possible anti-immigration measure (LA Times, 12/6/10)
Are CA Republicans a vanishing breed? (Vacaville Reporter, 12/5/10)
State capitol tilts north and further to the left (SF Gate, 12/5/10)
That was then…this is now – Brown’s encore (SacBee, 12/5/10)
New legislative session means a new crack at state’s financial mess (LA Times, 12/5/10)
Schwarzenegger to propose ‘ugly cuts’ in his last attempt to balance budget (San Jose Mercury News, 12/5/10)
Democrats looking past Schwarzenegger in special budget session (San Jose Mercury News, 12/5/10)
Schwarzenegger’s wild ride ends quietly (LA Times, 12/5/10)
Democrats revisit bills Schwarzenegger vetoed (LA Times, 12/4/10)
New study sharply criticizes high-speed rail project (SacBee, 12/3/10)
Brown to go public with CA’s dire budget news (SacBee, 12/3/10)
Brown calls budgeting meeting in Sacramento (LA Times, 12/3/10)
Brown may find it’s not easy being green (LA Times, 12/2/10)
Poll finds CA voters trust themselves more than legislators (LA Times, 12/2/10)
Brown calls unprecedented gathering (San Jose Mercury News, 12/3/10)
Dueling reports on school finance as budget battle heats up (SacBee, 12/3/10)
State budget reality check (LA Times, 12/2/10)
California’s economy still 8th largest in the world (SacBee, 12/2/10)
Opinion: Can liberal Jerry Brown save California from itself? (San Jose Mercury News, 12/2/10)
Repairing California – the tide begins to turn (The Economist, 12/2/10)
Lame duck budget session has failed before (SacBee, 12/2/10)
Poll: Brown rode wave of support from women, Latinos (The Bay Citizen, 12/1/10)
Whitman advisers unlikely to take part in traditional campaign rehash (LA Times, 12/1/10)
Californians agree on their disapproval of Schwarzenegger (SacBee, 12/1/10)
Closing credits: What is Schwarzenegger’s legacy? (SacBee, 12/1/10)
Remapping process important (SacBee, 12/1/10)
US Supreme Court weighs into CA prison overcrowding issue (SacBee, 12/1/10)
Opinion: Schwarzenegger trying hard for legacy (SacBee, 11/30/10)
Audio: Who will lead the GOP in California? (KPBS, 11/30/10)
Analysis: GOP states eye California businesses (Reuters, 11/30/10)
Californians ‘living in a certain unreality’ (Ventura County Star, 11/30/10)
Redistricting commission begins its work (SacBee, 11/30/10)
Prop 14 foes as CA Supreme Court to block top-two primary rules (SacBee, 11/30/10)
Brown’s job gets tougher before he even takes office (LA Times, 11/29/10)
Could Meg Whitman have won as an independent? (Orange Juice, 11/29/10)
Union advisor loses election gamble against Jerry Brown (SacBee, 11/29/10)
Capitol Journal: Brown has opportunity to revisit Prop 13 (LA Times, 11/29/10)
Brown busy on budget; will skip WH meeting (SacBee, 11/29/10)
California may build train to nowhere (SacBee, 11/29/10)
Opinion: New report reinforces need for pension reform (LA Times, 11/27/10)
Have state’s ‘conservative’ Republicans gone extinct? (Daily Democrat, 11/26/10)
California awaits its ‘frugal’ governor (Financial Times, 11/26/10)
CA Latinos await financial aid action from Brown (SacBee, 11/26/10)
Opinion: CA GOP’s recovery program needs to be centrist (LA Times, 11/26/10)
CA group pushes initiative modeled on AZ’s immigration-status law (LA Times, 11/24/10)
Nurses union becomes potent political force (SF Chronicle, 11/24/10)
CA GOP grumbles over campaign mailer that never was (SacBee, 11/23/10)
Nurses union backed Whitman’s former housekeeper (LA Times, 11/23/10)
Jerry Brown will need a chief, if not a chief of staff (SacBee, 11/22/10)
Editorial: Calling all billionaires – you can help California (San Jose Mercury News, 11/22/10)
Task force wants Brown to create climate change panel (LA Times, 11/22/10)
The party that wins Asian voters may benefit for decades (LA Times, 11/21/10)
Bay Area races increase scrutiny of ranked-choice voting (LA Times, 11/20/10)
Opinion: Like father, like son? (LA Times, 11/20/10)
Remapping panel must avoid traps (SacBee, 11/19/10)  +++
For the GOP, California is a deep blue hole (LA Times, 11/19/10)
Opinion: One expensive housekeeper (LA Times, 11/19/10)
Schwarzenegger: CA shows the green revolution is alive and well (Christian Science Monitor, 11/18/10)
Opinion: With GOP in control of House, they should call Cuomo in to answer for state’s financial plight (New York Daily News, 11/18/10) +++
Opinion: The CA budget deficit – we can’t have our cake and eat it, too (LA Times, 11/18/10)
Meg Whitman has company among rich losers (Orange County Register, 11/18/10)
Poll: Californians want it both ways on budget (LA Times, 11/18/10)
Eight members of new redistricting panel chosen (SacBee, 11/18/10)
WaPo’s The Fix selects Brown ad as best negative campaign ad of 2010 election (SacBee, 11/18/10)
California faces new deficit (New York Times, 11/17/10)
3.2 million combinations in redistricting panel drawing (SacBee, 11/17/10)
Brown plunges into meetings on budget gap (SacBee, 11/17/10)
Whitman reaches settlement with former housekeeper (SacBee, 11/17/10)
In it until the end – Whitman spent $2.6M on campaign’s final day (SacBee, 11/17/10)
Brown likely to retain most of Schwarzenegger’s administration (LA Times, 11/17/10)
Opinion: Will abortion be an issue again? (LA Times, 11/17/10)
Clean-tech advocates hail Schwarzenegger legacy (SacBee, 11/17/10)
Former housekeeper to make case against Whitman for unpaid wages (SacBee, 11/17/10)
Schwarzenegger launches new climate-change group (LA Times, 11/17/10)
State regulators weigh crackdown on campaign ‘robocalls’ (LA Times, 11/17/10)
Are Democrats becoming a two-party state? (Smart Politics, 11/16/10)
Opinion: Romney the biggest lose in CA midterms? (FoxNews, 11/16/10)
Brown meets with finance officials, vows to tackle budget gap (SacBee, 11/16/10)
Schwarzenegger tries to stay relevant as Brown moves in (LA Times, 11/16/10)
Schwarzenegger: We’ll take other states’ high-speed rail funds (SacBee, 11/16/10)
Former appointees seek halt of Schwarzenegger building sale (SacBee, 11/16/10)
Billionaire vows he’s in govt reform group for long haul (SacBee, 11/16/10)
Brown spokesman: 2014 campaign committee a formality (SacBee, 11/15/10)
Editorial: ‘Direct democracy’ in need of reform (San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/15/10)
CA Supreme Court upholds in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (SacBee, 11/15/10)
Number crunching the Whitman and Fiorina ego trips (SFist, 11/15/10)
Editorial: GOP’s ‘anchor baby’ rhetoric further alienates Latinos (LA Times, 11/15/10)
State budget deficit could balloon to over $28 billion (SacBee, 11/15/10)
Lawyers, lobbyists, politicians scramble to determine impact of ‘sleeper’ Prop 26 (LA Times, 11/14/10)
A pent-up agenda awaits Jerry Brown (SacBee, 11/14/10)
Whitman loss sends message (Appeal-Democrat, 11/13/10)
Opinion: Jerry Brown’s new worst nightmare (Statesman Journal, 11/12/10)
Schwarzenegger: Brown agrees with new pursuit of budget cuts (SacBee, 11/12/10)
Schwarzenegger hands off huge budget deficit to Jerry Brown (SacBee, 11/12/10)
Citizens Redistricting Commission pared to 36 finalists (SacBee, 11/12/10)
CA Legislature called into special session on budget deficit (LA Times, 11/12/10)

Editorial: Fixes are clear for US and state budget messes (LA Times, 11/12/10)
A modest proposal to balance California’s budget (Christian Science Monitor, 11/12/10)
Citing clout, Latino labor leaders pushing immigration reform (SacBee, 11/11/10)
Schwarzenegger to call budget special session (SacBee, 11/11/10)
Opinion: Welcome to the new Sacramento, Gov. Brown (San Jose Mercury News, 11/11/10)
Editorial: Time to let the majority rule (LA Times, 11/11/10)
Estimated state budget deficit reaches $25.4 billion (LA Times, 11/11/10)
Nurses’ Union flexes political muscle (Wall Street Journal, 11/11/10)
CA vs. TX – the Jekyll and Hyde of health-care reform (Washington Post, 11/11/10)
California election changes the game (Sacramento News Review, 11/11/10)
Opinion: Did the tea party lose California, too? (LA Times, 11/10/10)
Jerry Brown’s wife has key role – providing focus (Washington Post, 11/10/10)
A second chance of Gov. Brown and California (Fox&Hounds Daily, 11/10/10)
Opinion: Jerry Brown’s frugal instincts will come in handy (San Jose Mercury News, 11/10/10)
Opinion: Sacramento, why bother with a budget? (LA Times, 11/9/10)
Opinion: Why Whitman lost (San Jose Mercury News, 11/9/10)
Whitman, Fiorina losses raise questions about their political futures (LA Times, 11/8/10) +++
Election analysis: The good, the bad and the price tag on Whitman’s campaign (San Diego News Room, 11/8/10)
Now that he’s won, Jerry Brown’s biggest challenges lie ahead (LA Times, 11/7/10)
Experience counts, big money doesn’t (LA Times, 11/7/10)
Non–aligned voters key to election outcome (SacBee, 11/2/10)
Field Poll predicts 55% turnout; 55% will vote by mail (SacBee, 11/2/10)
Prop 19 supporters say win or lose they’ve sparked a conversation (LA Times, 11/2/10)
Brown gets loose; Whitman predicts victory (SacBee, 11/2/10)
Candidates and their supporters pull out all the stops for GOTV efforts (LA Times, 11/1/10)
Parties pour last minute cash into state legislative races (SacBee, 10/31/10)
Whitman kicks off field office tour (SacBee, 10/31/10)
Ballot questions pose interesting choices for the left (LA Times, 10/31/10)
Whitman holds boisterous last rally in Burbank (SacBee, 10/31/10)
A conservative’s guide to the propositions (LA Times, 10/31/10)
Two days out, Brown softens up (SacBee, 10/31/10)
On the road and over the airwaves, campaigns hit fever pitch (LA Times, 10/31/10)
Hopscotching the state, candidates make their pitches (LA Times, 10/30/10)
Brown late, happily unscripted (SacBee, 10/30/10)
Brown, Whitman out to get pivotal Latino votes (SacBee, 10/30/10)
Wilson breaks silence; tweaks Brown on term limits (SacBee, 10/30/10)
538 Forecast: Favorites emerge in three-way governor’s contests (New York Times, 10/29/10)
As young governor, Brown went his own way (LA Times, 10/29/10)
Two Propositions take aim at CA redistricting process (LA Times, 10/29/10)
Allred: ‘Pete Wilson and Meg Whitman deserve each other’ (SacBee, 10/29/10)
Pete Wilson: Brown is breaking spirit of term-limits law (SacBee, 10/29/10)
Record number of Californians register decline-to-state (SacBee, 10/29/10)
Whitman: Deport my former maid (Washington Post, 10/29/10)
California Chamber’s reefer madness (LA Times, 10/29/10)
Whitman ends campaign by lashing out at media, Brown (LA Times, 10/28/10)
Whitman defends response to negative ad challenge (SacBee, 10/27/10)
Grass-roots immigration reform (LA Times, 10/27/10)
Brown’s lead doubles in a month (LA Times, 10/24/10)
Schwarzenegger to share stage with both Whitman, Brown (LA Times, 10/24/10)
Californians hold positive views of immigrants, most oppose deportation (LA Times, 10/24/10)
Is eBay a proper primer for a governor? (LA Times, 10/23/10)
In USC speech, Obama urges 37,500 Democratic voters to ‘fight on’ (LA Times, 10/23/10)
Survey shows legal pot measure failing (LA Times, 10/23/10)
Voters won’t see tax returns for Whitman and Brown (SacBee, 10/23/10)
Fixing the state budget – anything beyond the campaign rhetoric? (SacBee, 10/23/10)
Old-timer Brown introduces himself to young voters (LA Times, 10/22/10)
Whitman accuses Brown of lying to Latinos about her (LA Times, 10/22/10)
Bloomberg touts Whitman’s private-sector experience on campaign trail (LA Times, 10/22/10)
Schwarzenegger has been the most veto-prone governor (SacBee, 10/22/10)
CA jobless rate still 12.4%, third highest in nation (SacBee, 10/22/10)
Bloomberg joins Whitman on stump in San Jose (SacBee, 10/22/10)
Insiders: Anne Gust plays a critical role in Jerry Brown’s campaign (LA Times, 10/22/10)
Looking at the guber prospects beyond 2010 (SacBee, 10/22/10)
Whitman’s spending hits $163 million (SacBee, 10/22/10)
Final Brown finance report – $11.6 M in bank (SacBee, 10/21/10)
Nurses union to follow Meg Whitman for remainder of campaign (SacBee, 10/21/10)
Prop 23 battle pits Big Oil against environmentalists (Washington Post, 10/21/10)
PPIC: Brown leads Whitman by 8; Prop 19 support drops (SacBee, 10/20/10)
Whitman, Brown try to link each other to Schwarzenegger (SacBee, 10/20/10)
Labor-backed group says Whitman stands to gain millions from her tax cut plans (SacBee, 10/20/10)
Schwarzenegger weighs in on redistricting initiatives (SacBee, 10/20/10)
Brown campaign lays out final-stretch game plan (SacBee, 10/20/10)
Candidates strategize in final weeks of long campaign (LA Times, 10/20/10)
Whitman’s misleading campaign to pigeonhole Brown (LA Times, 10/19/10)
Wage claim hearing date set for Whitman’s former maid (SacBee, 10/19/10)
Ad Watch: Whitman attack on Brown twists facts on pensions (SacBee, 10/19/10)
Home stretch: Meg and Jerry on air and ground (CalBuzz, 10/19/10)
A Brown win could open path for liberal laws in CA (SacBee, 10/18/10)
Brown touts Asian-Pacific Islander support (SacBee, 10/18/10)
The power of Whitman’s $139 million in governor’s campaign (Washington Post, 10/18/10)
Schwarzenegger rips four GOP lawmakers on budget (SacBee, 10/17/10)
A hot, tight race is a lesson in image-making (LA Times, 10/17/10)
Whitman has reason to want police, firefighters as allies (LA Times, 10/17/10)
Whitman touring CA eateries seeking votes (San Jose Mercury News, 10/16/10)
Whitman targets Brown’s support for undocumented students (LA Times, 10/16/10)
Clinton stumps for former rival Jerry Brown (Politico, 10/16/10)
Until slur, gender was a low-key issue (SacBee, 10/15/10)
Whitman accepts Brown’s apology (Politico, 10/15/10)
Time to put public pensions back into genie bottle (San Jose Mercury News, 10/15/10)
Whitman mum on personal effect of capital gains tax (SacBee, 10/15/10)
Whitman has kind words for Clinton, evasive on Palin (LA Times, 10/15/10)
Whitman, Brown exaggerate foes’ stances on school funding and crime (LA Times, 10/15/10)
Brown, Bill Clinton rally thousands at UCLA (LA Times, 10/15/10)
Palin comes to campaign, Meg and Carly avoid public appearances (NPR, 10/15/10)
Brown attacks Whitman over tax cut plan (San Jose Mercury News, 10/14/10)
Schwarzenegger hits both Brown, Whitman (Politico, 10/14/10)
Brown debate comment could help Prop 8 sponsors (SF Chronicle, 10/14/10)
Schwarzenegger tweets about the gov contest (San Jose Mercury News, 10/14/10)
Whitman’s $140M investment is far larger than her $50M original estimate (SF Chronicle, 10/14/10)
Debates have brought Whitman and Brown into sharp contrast (LA Times, 10/14/10)
The stump’s getting crowded as big names flock to Golden State to campaign (LA Times, 10/14/10)
NOW calls for firing of Brown staffer who used Whitman slur (LA Times, 10/13/10)
Steinberg to seek reversal of Schwarzenegger line-item budget vetoes (SacBee, 10/13/10)
Much heat, little light in final debate between Whitman and Brown (Washington Post, 10/13/10)
Debate rhetoric gets personal (SacBee, 10/13/10)
Whitman and Brown’s final debate a contentious one (LA Times, 10/13/10)
Whitman may have won last debate, but will it affect outcome? (SacBee, 10/13/10)
Whitman’s star Latino endorser could pose problems (SF Chronicle, 10/12/10)
Ad blitzes target women, independents and Asian voters (SacBee, 10/12/10)
Independent spending in governor’s race sets record (SacBee, 10/12/10)
Meg Whitman faces Meg Whitman tonight, as well as Jerry Brown (LA Times, 10/12/10)
Women’s rights advocates rally behind Jerry Brown (SacBee, 10/12/10)
Whitman pumps another $20 M more of own wealth into gov run (California Beat, 10/12/10)
Opinion: Undocumented workers – essential but unwanted (LA Times, 10/11/10)
Is Brown for or against regulatory review? (SacBee, 10/11/10)
Opinion: Ballot initiatives touted as cure could make state’s problems worse (LA Times, 10/10/10)
Nine statewide propositions on ballot (LA Times, 10/10/10)
In addition to governor, 7 statewide offices in play this year (LA Times, 10/10/10)
Not your typical California election (LA Times, 10/10/10)
Brown on defensive over Whitman remark (Washington Post, 10/9/10)
Jerry Brown, learn to hang up the phone (LA Times, 10/8/10)
Brown announces NOW endorsement one day after Whitman slur (LA Times, 10/8/10)
Governor signs budget but vetoes nearly $1 billion (LA Times, 10/8/10)
SEIU, Schwarzenegger agree to labor pact with pension concessions (SacBee, 10/7/10)
Budget deal would close CA’s deficit but relies on rosy projections (LA Times, 10/7/10)
Is the Whitman campaign machine built to handle October surprises? (LA Times, 10/6/10)
Democrats hold financial advantage in most CA statewide contests (SacBee, 10/6/10)
Openness on budget decisions remains elusive (LA Times, 10/6/10)
Ex-housekeeper says she wasn’t paid to blow whistle on Whitman (SacBee, 10/6/10)
Donations to Whitman undercut her no-special-interests claim (LA Times, 10/6/10)
Jerry Brown has $22.5 million in bank for homestretch (SacBee, 10/5/10)
Former housekeeper denies she was manipulated in claim against Whitman (SacBee, 10/5/10)
Whitman poll: likely voters don’t like Gloria Allred (SacBee, 10/5/10)
SEIU says it didn’t know of Whitman housekeeper (SacBee, 10/5/10)
Whitman spending total: $140 million (SacBee, 10/5/10)
Opinion: Whitman, illogical on immigration (LA Times, 10/5/10)
Both campaigns bail on KGO radio debate (SF Chronicle, 10/4/10)
Should Meg Whitman have turned in her maid? (LA Times, 10/4/10)
Housekeeper issue casts Whitman as hypocrite (LA Times, 10/4/10)
Brown, Whitman heatedly debate illegal immigration (LA Times, 10/3/10)
Analysis: Debate #2 becomes a slugfest (SacBee, 10/3/10)
Sparks fly over illegal Whitman employee (SacBee, 10/3/10)
Election could complicate passage of budget deal (LA Times, 10/3/10)
Opinion: Missing the Whitman story (LA Times, 10/2/10)
A jumbled view of illegal immigrants (LA Times, 10/2/10)
Whitman courts Latinos in bid to defuse controversy over maid (LA Times, 10/2/10)
Whitman discloses she employed illegal immigrant nine years (SacBee, 10/1/10)
Whitman campaign surprised by federal letter about housekeeper (SacBee, 10/1/10)
Whitman’s husband says it’s ‘possible’ he saw Social Security letter (CNN, 10/1/10)
Whitman’s campaign on the edge (SacBee, 10/1/10)
Court rules Schwarzenegger illegally took holidays from state workers (SacBee, 10/1/10)
Allred is a master of media events (SacBee, 10/1/10)
Whitman’s husband says he doesn’t recall getting letter (SacBee, 9/30/10)
Brown campaign aware of housekeeper rumors two weeks ago (SacBee, 9/30/10)
Maldonado: housekeeper incident shows need for immigration reform (SacBee, 9/30/10)
Allred: Whitman’s husband saw, wrote note to housekeeper on ‘no-match’ letter (SacBee, 9/30/10)
Whitman admits using undocumented immigrant as housekeeper (LA Times, 9/30/10)
Meg Whitman’s immigration imbroglio (LA Times, 9/29/10)
Whitman’s former housekeeper files lawsuit claiming suffering (SacBee, 9/29/10)
Housekeeper says Whitman laughed at her, ignored warnings about her status (SacBee, 9/29/10)
Whitman releases ex-housekeeper’s employment docs (SacBee, 9/29/10)
Whitman admits using undocumented immigrant as housekeeper (SacBee, 9/29/10)
Dem: Whitman should have admitted hiring undocumented worker (SacBee, 9/29/10)
Brown and Whitman go head to head (LA Times, 9/29/10)
No knockout punches in Whitman-Brown debate (SacBee, 9/29/10)
Meg’s “Superman” gambit (NBC San Diego, 9/28/10)
Brown, Whitman attack each other’s backgrounds (SacBee, 9/28/10)
Brown, Whitman prepare for first debate tonight (KCRA, 9/28/10)
With race dead-even, stakes high for Brown, Whitman in first debate (SacBee, 9/28/10)
Opinion: Is Brown playing politics with capital punishment? (LA Times, 9/28/10)
Comedian Paul Rodriguez endorses Meg Whitman (SacBee, 9/27/10)
Schwarzenegger says budget vote near; campaigns against Prop 23 (SacBee, 9/27/10)
Poll shows Latino voters still reluctant to embrace GOP candidates (LA Times, 9/27/10)
Bell crackdowns hand Brown a chance to shine (LA Times, 9/27/10)
Brown leads Whitman, 49-44 in latest poll (LA Times, 9/25/10)
Brown: Schwarzenegger’s inexperience hurt; Whitman’s would, too (SacBee, 9/24/10)
Schwarzenegger: SEIU is way off base on legalizing pot (LA Times, 9/24/10)
Brown presses Whitman on Prop 23 (LA Times, 9/24/10)
Whitman will vote against Prop 23 (SacBee, 9/23/10)
Brown: Whitman spending paying off among women voters (SacBee, 9/23/10)
Gov, lawmakers reach “agreement” on budget framework (SacBee, 9/23/10)
Whitman’s Detroit-Fresno comparison draws heat (Fresno Bee, 9/23/10)
Brown to continue pressing Whitman on climate change (San Jose Mercury News, 9/22/10)
Whitman backpedals on Fresno-Detroit comparison (Fresno Bee, 9/22/10)
eBay founder praises Whitman but refuses to endorse her (LA Times, 9/22/10)
538 Forecast: Brown gains ground (New York Times, 9/21/10)
Whitman willing to take pension cutbacks to the ballot box (SacBee, 9/21/10)
Veterans criticize Whitman for poor voting record (SacBee, 9/21/10)
eBay founder ‘can’t quite’ support Whitman for gov (SacBee, 9/21/10)
PayPal founder not sure about Meg (Forbes, 9/20/10)
Whitman has no time for the SF Chronicle (SF Chronicle, 9/20/10)
Brown calls on Whitman to state view on Prop 23 – global warming initiative (SacBee, 9/20/10)
Prison guards’ union endorses Jerry Brown (SacBee, 9/20/10)
CA awaits budget while its legislators rake in millions (LA Times, 9/20/10)
Experts wonder whether Jerry Brown is a straight shooter or loose cannon (LA Times, 9/20/10)
Can Whitman transition to a fish bowl? (SacBee, 9/19/10)
Run a company, govern a state? (SacBee, 9/19/10)
Experts: Whitman’s economic plan will do little to bring jobs (LA Times, 9/19/10)
Reality is a tough sell – Brown, Whitman offer few specifics in ads (LA Times, 9/19/10)
Will Whitman’s millions free her from special interests? (LA Times, 9/18/10)
Clinton to campaign for Brown in Oct (SacBee, 9/17/10)
Whitman won’t talk to SF Chron ed board (SF Chron, 9/17/10)
Both guber hopefuls say they could break CA’s budget gridlock (LA Times, 9/17/10)
Brown: Clinton and I share similar ideas on the CA economy (SacBee, 9/16/10)
Jerry Brown unveils plan to start budget process from scratch (SacBee, 9/16/10)
Independent groups keep spending for Jerry Brown (LA Times, 9/16/10)
Brown: The only way Whitman can win is ‘to tear me down’ (LA Times, 9/16/10)
Whitman smashes record for campaign self-funding (San Jose Mercury News, 9/16/10)
Whitman sets US record for candidate’s donation to campaign (LA Times, 9/16/10)
Brown: Bill Clinton and I share similar ides on the CA economy (SacBee, 9/16/10)
After the lawyers’ tweaks, Comcast will run teachers’ union’s anti-Whitman ad (SF Gate, 9/15/10)
Whitman puts in another $15 million, sets new spending record (SacBee, 9/15/10)
Feistier Brown’s new ads feature Whitman as Pinocchio (LA Times, 9/14/10)
Bill Clinton’s not-so-surprising Brown endorsement (LA Times, 9/14/10)
Bill Clinton endorses Jerry Brown (New York Times, 9/14/10)
Comcast pulls CTA anti-Whitman ad (SacBee, 9/14/10)
Whitman lawyer tells TV stations to pull anti-Whitman CTA ad (SacBee, 9/14/10)
Brown apologizes for jab at Bill Clinton’s character (LA Times, 9/14/10)
Jerry Brown begs your forgiveness for being funny (LA Times, 9/13/10)
Judge’s tentative ruling rejects blocking ‘top two’ primary (SacBee, 9/13/10)
Brown takes shot at Clinton in refuting Whitman ad (SacBee, 9/13/10)
Whitman exaggerating Brown spending during guber tenure (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/13/10)
Wall Street sees a reliable partner in Whitman (SacBee, 9/7/10)
Labor Day kicks off final dash (SacBee, 9/6/10)
Unions step up job-site politicking for Jerry Brown (SacBee, 9/6/10)
4 campaigns, each with its own distinct style (LA Times, 9/5/10)
Editorial: A legislature of far too little impact (LA Times, 9/5/10)
Resignations follow CA Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement of Whitman (LA Times, 9/5/10)
Because of the economy, a more conservative electorate emerges in CA (LA Times, 9/5/10)
Whitman demonstrates the power of her money (LA Times, 9/4/10)
Koch brothers put $1 million into global warming initiative battle (LA Times, 9/4/10)
Brown says he can bring Californians together (LA Times, 9/3/10)
Whitman called back to court for jury duty (SacBee, 9/2/10)
Day 64: Schwarzenegger meets with leaders, but still no budget (SacBee, 9/2/10)
Whitman primary spending #2 in dollar-per-vote breakdown (SacBee, 9/2/10)
Jerry Brown touts Latino support in Oakland (SacBee, 9/2/10)
Bid denied to force Brown, Schwarzenegger to appeal Prop 8 (SacBee, 9/2/10)
Union-backed campaign group to take less visible role in guber race (SacBee, 9/1/10)
Whitman targets Bay Area voters with ad attacking Brown (LA Times, 9/1/10)
Whitman to find out today if she spends month on jury (San Jose Mercury, 9/1/10)
Both Dem and GOP budget plans fail in legislature (SacBee, 8/31/10)
Labor flexes its muscle in California (LA Times, 8/31/10)
Pete Wilson now behind the scenes in Whitman campaign (SacBee, 8/30/10)
Opinion: To fix California, empower elected officials (LA Times, 8/30/10)
Editorial: For the next governor, a budget balanced or continued bickering (LA Times, 8/29/10)
Whitman, Brown spar in sync (LA Times, 8/27/10)
Brown campaign releases detailed pension information (SacBee, 8/27/10)
Legislature to vote on dueling budget plans – no pact in sight (SacBee, 8/27/10)
The Golden State’s gay-friendly Governator (LA Times, 8/26/10)
Obama jumps into guber race to help Brown against Whitman (LA Times, 8/24/10)
California Democrats’ tax foolishness hurts middle class and helps wealthy (LA Times, 8/24/10)
Chamber of Commerce launches effort to help CA GOP candidates (SacBee, 8/23/10)
Is it too late to get Schwarzenegger’s ballot demand on Nov. ballot? (SacBee, 8/23/10)
GOP activists believe Whitman, unlike Scwarzenegger, can lead party (SacBee, 8/23/10)
Can either guber hopeful bring reform? (LA Times, 8/23/10)
Floor fight breaks out at GOP state convo (SacBee, 8/22/10)
Holding budget hostage may be Schwarzenegger’s last best hope (LA Times, 8/22/10)
Fiorina, Whitman strategies diverge at GOP convo (LA Times, 8/21/10)
Whitman launches searing attack in GOP convention speech (LA Times, 8/21/10)
GOP avoids debate over immigration at state convention (SacBee, 8/21/10)
In guber race, who’s the most cynical? (NBC San Diego, 8/21/10)
Concerns over Whitman rein in GOP fervor (LA Times, 8/20/10)
If elected, Whitman promises to appeal Prop 8 decision (SacBee, 8/20/10)
Can Whitman’s spending move the tied polls? (SacBee, 8/20/10)
Brown: furloughs not the best way to balance budget (SacBee, 8/19/10)
Whitman says she’ll focus on Brown in convention speech (LA Times, 8/19/10)
Opinion: Reviving CA’s economy – neither Brown nor Whitman’s plan goes far enough (LA Times, 8/17/10)
Brown, campaigning on frugality, used state plane (LA Times, 8/17/10)

Jerry Brown reveals pension details (SacBee, 8/16/10)

Business group attacking Brown got $10K from Whitman (SF Chronicle, 8/16/10)

Whitman writes another big check to her campaign (LA Times, 8/15/10)

Ad analysis: Whitman tries to tie Brown to Bell (SacBee, 8/14/10)

The mystery of Jerry Brown’s pension (Orange County Register, 8/13/10)

Labor group has new anti-Whitman ad over legal settlements (SacBee, 8/13/10)

Fiorina, Whitman court Central Valley voters (LA Times, 8/13/10)

Candidates jump on Bell outrage bandwagon (SF Chronicle, 8/13/10)

Whitman donates another $13 million to her campaign (San Jose Mercury News, 8/13/10)

Fiorina, Whitman court GOP base in Central Valley (LA Times, 8/13/10)

AFL-CIO chief to assail Whitman and Fiorina as ‘clueless CEOs’ (The Hill, 8/13/10)

Labor coalition launches new attack on Whitman (LA Times, 8/13/10)

Whitman ads invoke Bell scandal to attack Brown (LA Times, 8/13/10)

Judge removes stay on Prop 8 ruling, gay marriages to resume Aug 18 (SacBee, 8/12/10)

Legislative Analyst Office: Democratic plan would raise middle-class taxes (SacBee, 8/11/10)

Whitman blasts lawmakers for budget delay (LA Times, 8/12/10)

GOP stalwart puts money on Brown (SacBee, 8/12/10)

Conservative radio talkers fight over Whitman (SacBee, 8/11/10)

Jobs data shows growth during Jerry Brown years (LA Times, 8/11/10)

Whitman, Brown continue to spar over money (LA Times, 8/11/10)

Economists tell Whitman her economic plan will hurt job growth (Center for American Progress, 8/10/10)

Can Californians trust what Whitman is selling? (Center for American Progress, 8/10/10)

Whitman claims Brown managed Oakland like Bell (SacBee, 8/10/10)

Economists see flaws in Whitman’s policy proposals (LA Times, 8/10/10)

Schwarzenegger: Fixing CA’s budget for good (LA Times, 8/10/10)

CA’s revenues down, state spending up in July (SacBee, 8/10/10)

Judge says Schwarzenegger can’t impose new furloughs (SacBee, 8/9/10)

Who’s to blame for Arnold’s mess? Not Arnold (LA Times, 8/9/10)

Prop 8 ruling to fire up partisans in campaigns (SF Chronicel, 8/8/10)

Schwarzenegger, Brown call for resumption of gay marriages (LA Times, 8/7/10)

Battle over Brown’s frugality heats up (San Jose Mercury News, 8/6/10)

Judge could rule on stay of Prop 8 decision tomorrow – or later (SacBee, 8/5/10)

2 Propositions could blow $1 billion hole in CA budget (LA Times, 8/4/10)

Dems propose tax swap in latest budget proposal (SacBee, 8/4/10)

Whitman spending more than $500K a day (LA Times, 8/3/10)

Whitman promises to ‘veto very aggressively’ (SacBee, 8/3/10)

Loretta Sanchez files paperwork for 2014 bid (SacBee, 8/2/10)

Union-backed groups spent $5.9 million against Whitman (SacBee, 8/2/10)

Whitman’s campaign spending nears $100 million mark (SacBee, 8/2/10)

Brown claims $23.2 million in bank (SacBee, 8/2/10)

Brown at Faith Forum: The key is ‘looking forward’ (LA Times, 8/1/10)

JULY 2010

Union-backed group airs anti-Whitman ads in Spanish (SacBee, 7/30/10)

Whitman models campaign, vision on NYC Mayor Bloomberg (San Jose Mercury News, 7/30/10)

CA Republicans shun one path to victory: the environment (LA Times, 7/29/10)

Feeling little heat, lawmakers drag their feet on budget (SacBee, 7/28/10)

Whitman agrees to three debates (SacBee, 7/28/10)

Facing fiscal crisis, Schwarzenegger brings back furloughs (SacBee, 7/28/10)

Schwarzenegger opposes changing budget vote requirement (SacBee, 7/26/10)

Could CA not have a budget until next Governor? (SacBee, 7/26/10)

Whitman, Brown take a policy furlough (SF Chronicle, 7/25/10)

Radio hosts pounce on Whitman’s softening her tone on immigration (LA Times, 7/25/10)

Opinion: Pension envy in California (LA Times, 7/25/10)

Probe may open books at CalPERS (LA Times, 7/24/10)

Can Jerry Brown make one more comeback? (Time, 7/24/10)

For GOP women, 2010 may not be their year (LA Times, 7/24/10)

Pensions vs. 401(k) plans for state workers (LA Times, 7/23/10)

Nurses union attacks Whitman, courts women voters (LA Times, 7/23/10)

Brown details pension reform plan (LA Times, 7/23/10)

Can Brown convince voters experience is necessary? (Huffington Post, 7/22/10)

Is Whitman softening her primary position on greenhouse gas law? (SF Chronicle, 7/22/10)

Whitman launches new TV attack (SacBee, 7/22/10)

The death of truth: eMeg and the politics of lying (CalBuzz, 7/19/10)

Brown balances AG job with campaign duties (LA Times, 7/18/10)

Brown touts experience, not policy statements (SF Chronicle, 7/17/10)

Brown campaign to go after Whitman over character issues (Oakland Tribune, 7/17/10)

Wealth defines CA senate, gubernatorial campaigns (LA Times, 7/17/10)

Arizona immigration law motivates CA’s Latino voters (LA Times, 7/16/10)

Whitman’s tax plan: she stops paying hers (Huffington Post, 7/16/10)

Whitman attacks Brown on job creation issue (LA Times, 7/16/10)

Nurses protest in front of Meg Whitman’s house (San Jose Mercury News, 7/15/10)

Whitman’s push for Latinoa puts Brown on his heels (Reuters, 7/16/10)

Whitman flip-flops on furloughs (SF Chronicle, 7/16/10)

Whitman opposes minimum wage, furloughs orders (San Jose Mercury News, 7/16/10)

Whitman attacks Brown on job creation issue (LA Times, 7/16/10)

Brown: Whitman more anti-immigrant than Poizner (SacBee, 7/15/10)

Video: Whitman’s past stance on immigration – ‘prosecute them all’ (SF Gate, 7/15/10)

Whitman invites nurses to join her campaign (SacBee, 7/13/10)

Poll shows Whitman opening lead over Brown (CBS5, 7/12/10)

Whitman expands Spanish-language outreach (SacBee, 7/12/10)

New Whitman ad hits Brown as a captive of ‘special interests’ (SacBee, 7/12/10)

Did Whitman buy off Mike Murphy? (New York Times, 7/11/10)

Insiders detail friction between Fiorina and Whitman (LA Times, 7/11/10)

Brown steps up Latino outreach as poll shows Whitman competitive (LA Times, 7/9/10)

Spin wars begin over early poll numbers (LA Times, 7/9/10)

In newest ad, pro-Brown group calls Whitman a liar (SacBee, 7/9/10)

Brown blasts Whitman’s Spanish-language ads as ‘cynical’ (McClatchy, 7/9/10)

Whitman, Brown at opposite ends of high-speed rail tracks (San Jose Mercury News, 7/9/10)

Brown rips Whitman’s Spanish-language ad blitz (Sac Bee, 7/8/10)

Whitman using Spanish-language billboards to woo Latinos (SF Gate, 7/7/10)

Chiang sues to block Schwarzenegger’s minimum wage order (SacBee, 7/7/10)

Whitman’s rocky tenure at eBay (Huffington Post, 7/6/10)

Whitman campaign brings spying into real time (McClatchy, 7/5/10)

Some strategists fear Brown’s frugal campaign may be too little, too late (LA Times, 7/5/10)

Combative nurses union takes on Meg Whitman (SacBee, 7/4/10)

Appeals court affirms Schwarzenegger’s bid to cut state workers’ pay (LA Times, 7/3/10)

Top Dems take aim at governor’s pay cut order (LA Times, 7/2/10)

Don’t expect budget resolution any time soon (SacBee, 7/2/10)

Brown says state govt has been ‘constipated’ (LA Times, 7/1/10)

Brown: Whitman campaign “in deep, deep trouble” (SacBee, 7/1/10)

Schwarzenegger orders minimum wage for state workers (SacBee, 7/1/10)

New fiscal year begins with no budget agreement in sight (LA Times, 7/1/10)

JUNE 2010

Whitman hedges on her pledge to not raise taxes (LA Times, 6/30/10)

Boxer, Brown hold edge in CA (Politico, 6/30/10)

Brown to Whitman: respect your elders (Politico, 6/30/10)

Dem leaders say they have a unified budget proposal (SacBee, 6/30/10)

Aiming for labor’s vote, Whitman tries to divide and conquer (LA Times, 6/30/10)

Brown pledges to “rock the boat” only enough to get CA on “even keel” (San Jose Mercury News, 6/29/10)

Hollywood shocker: Whitman gets a helping hand from movie execs (LA Times, 6/29/10)

Dems continue class attack on Whitman (LA Times, 6/28/10)

Commentary: GOP primary voters had right to know about Whitman settlement (Rasmussen, 6/27/10)

From weed to water, CA’s fall ballot loaded with measures (SacBee, 6/25/10)

Nurses union invites Whitman to July 15 forum (Sac Bee, 6/25/10)

Nurses’ union kicks back at Whitman (San Jose Mercury News, 6/25/10)

Whitman and Brown allies release new attack ads (LA Times, 6/24/10)

Lawyers dissect story of Whitman spat (SF Chronicle, 6/24/10)

Whitman dismisses uproar about alleged shoving incident (LA Times, 6/23/10)

Democrats feeling queasy over Brown (Politico, 6/23/10)

Whitman launches TV ad hitting Brown (SacBee, 6/23/10)

Opinion: The debate Brown and Whitman should have – pension costs (LA Times, 6/23/10)

Whitman, Brown responses to controversies reflect their distinct styles (LA Times, 6/21/10)

Whitman asks CNA for their mailing list (SacBee, 6/18/10)

Whitman wants nurses’ union mailing list; nurses want candidate forums (LA Times, 6/18/10)

Will Maldonado help Whitman? (LA Times, 6/17/10)

Brown points to school, theater as mayoral successes (San Jose Mercury News, 6/17/10)

Whitman’s Spanish-language ads mark general election pivot (LA Times, 6/17/10)

Brown allies learn lesson from Poizner – respond quickly to Meg’s ads (SF Gate, 6/16/10)

Brown “regrets” propaganda remark (CBS13, 6/15/10)

Brown hopeful Prop 14 might break partisan gridlock (SacBee, 6/15/10)

Whitman reportedly shoved eBay employee in 2007 (LA Times, 6/15/10)

Whitman shoving incident cost eBay $200K (New York Times, 6/14/10)

Editorial: We need straight talk from the candidates (LA Times, 6/13/10)

Whitman may not getting Arnold’s backing (Washington Post, 6/10/10)

Brown: start budget process earlier (SacBee, 6/10/10)

Brown compares Whitman to Goebbels propaganda machine (KCBS, 6/10/10)

Plans for two guber debates underway (SacBee, 6/10/10)

Pro-Brown group airs first attack ad on Whitman (SacBee, 6/10/10)

Whitman launches first ad of general election (SacBee, 6/10/10)

Whitman wants more debates from Brown before agreeing to debates (SacBee, 6/9/10)

Brown challenges Whitman to series of ten town halls (SacBee, 6/9/10)

Hours after victory, Whitman & Fiorina thrust into national spotlight (San Jose Mercury News, 6/9/10)

California to have two barnburner campaigns at top of ticket (SacBee, 6/9/10)

Whitman, Fiorina cruise to victories (LA Times, 6/9/10)

Schwarzenegger vows to ‘hold up’ budget until November over pension overhaul (SacBee, 6/7/10)

Whitman, Poizner race to the finish line (SacBee, 6/7/10)

On eve of election, Whitman switches gears (Washington Post, 6/7/10)

Wilson warms up party faithful at Whitman rally (San Diego Union Tribune, 6/5/10)

California has high hopes for reinstating death penalty (SacBee, 6/5/10)

Poizner goes door-to-door to set record straight (LA Times, 6/5/10)

New Field Poll shows Whitman with 26-point lead (SacBee, 6/4/10)

Pro-Brown groups join forces (SacBee, 6/3/10)

Raising cash for campaigns no match for CA’s mega-rich (San Jose Mercury News, 6/3/10)

Whitman talks Wilson, Latinos, ducks questions (SF Gate, 6/3/10)

With polls showing her leading, Whitman pivots to Brown, unions (SF Gate, 6/3/10)

Whitman pulling away in tracking poll (Capitol Weekly, 6/3/10)

Brown tries to knock Whitman off her stride (LA Times, 6/2/10)

Brown launches first ad (SacBee, 6/1/10)

Meg meets “Queen Meg” (SacBee, 6/1/10)

MAY 2010

Sharp swings mark GOP guber primary (Washington Post, 5/31/10)

Poizner slams Whitman’s “obscene spending” (LA Times, 5/31/10)

Guber candidates blanket airwaves as primary winds down (LA Times, 5/31/10)

Whitman’s name arose during federal probe of Credit Suisse (LA Times, 5/30/10)

Whitman, Poizner change positions on offshore drilling (SF Chronicle, 5/29/10)

Despite denials, Whitman and Poizner sound like Arnold (LA Times, 5/28/10)

Poizner, Whitman campaign in Silicon Valley (LA Times, 5/27/10)

Brown has $20 million in bank (SF Gate, 5/27/10)

Brown allies to launch TV ads right after primary (LA Times, 5/27/10)

Editorial: Prop 14 wouldn’t destroy minor parties (LA Times, 5/26/10)

Dem: should dare GOP to shut down state govt (SacBee, 5/25/10)

Gingrich: Whitman is best choice for California (San Jose Mercury News, 5/25/10)

Whitman makes the “insider” case for her election (Washington Post, 5/24/10)

Editorial: California’s quagmire (LA Times, 5/24/10)

Dems chip $2.25M into Brown’s campaign coffers (SacBee, 5/24/10)

Whitman & Fiorina candidacies may help GOP’s image among women (LA Times, 5/22/10)

Brown promises “no mudslinging” (SacBee, 5/20/10)

Democrats want to end the death penalty (SF Chronicle, 5/20/10)

Analysts: Poizner needs to focus less on attack ads (Contra Costa Times, 5/20/10)

Poizner closing on on Whitman, within 10 (San Diego Union-Tribune, 5/20/10)

Poizner flip-flops on global warming (LA Times, 5/19/10)

Budget analyst urges lawmakers to reject Gov’s welfare proposal (LA Times, 5/19/10)

Brown: Whitman’s proposals are “just another level of bureaucracy” (SF Chronicle, 5/18/10)

GOP Primary a tale of Sex, Steve and Money (NBC Bay Area, 5/18/10)

Schwarzenegger blames legislature for gridlock, dysfunction (SacBee, 5/18/10)

Nonpartisan legislative analyst rejects Schwarzenegger’s drastic cuts (SacBee, 5/18/10)

Whitman opposes eliminating CalWorks (SacBee, 5/17/10)

Whitman proposes efficiency “grand jury” (SacBee, 5/17/10)

Small Biz group poll shows Whitman with 17 point lead (Fox and Hounds Daily, 5/17/10)

Poizner maintains discipline as his campaign surges (SF Chronicle, 5/16/10)

Schwarzenegger’s legacy of squandered promises (LA Times, 5/16/10)

Whitman’s wild week that was (Huffington Post, 5/15/10)

Cheney endorses Whitman (Orange County Register, 5/14/10)

Guber hopefuls duck specifics on budget revisions (SacBee, 5/14/10)

Lawmakers respond to the Terminator’s budget (SacBee, 5/14/10)

Schwarzenegger proposes austere budget – would eliminate welfare (SacBee, 5/14/10)

Meg Whitman and the ghost of Pete Wilson (Washington Post, 5/14/10)

Poizner finally goes on TV in Bay Area (SF Chronicle, 5/14/10)

Poizner uses Wilson in Spanish-language radio ad against Whitman (LA Times, 5/13/10)

Change is a recurring theme in Brown’s career (LA Times, 5/13/10)

Whitman puts another $5 million into campaign (LA Times, 5/12/10)

How Dems saved Poizner and (might have) destroyed Whitman (Talking Points Memo, 5/12/10)

Whitman’s words put spotlight on deeds (LA Times, 5/12/10)

Poizner serves red meat at a Tea Party (SacBee, 5/12/10)

Poizner wants to put pension deals before voters (SacBee, 5/12/10)

Poizner deposits $2.5M more into his own campaign (SacBee, 5/12/10)

Whitman calls in Wilson to shore up her anti-Latino position (SacBee, 5/11/10)

Poizner takes hard-line stance at the border (San Diego Union-Tribune, 5/10/10)

April tax revenue falls $3.6 Billion short (SacBee, 5/7/10)

Mail-in ballots changing the way CA elections are run (San Jose Mercury News, 5/8/10)

Dems attack Whitman over Goldman tax havens (SacBee, 5/7/10)

Whitman’s Titanic campaign for governor (Huffington Post, 5/7/10)

Whitman camp puts Prop 13 center stage (SacBee, 5/7/10)

Poizner’s surge a gift for Democrats? (San Jose Mercury News, 5/7/10)

Poizner internal poll shows him surging (Christian Science Monitor, 5/5/10)

Silicon Valley’s giant leap into politics isn’t just about Meg Whitman (San Jose Mercury News, 5/5/10)

Opinion: Poizner has governing experience – he’s not running for CEO (SF Chronicle, 5/5/10)

MoveOn founder explains why he’d be better than Brown (Huffington Post, 5/4/10)

Poizner, Whitman surrogates may debate on Spanish-language television (SacBee, 5/4/10)

Schwarzenegger halts offshore drilling effort (SF Chronicle, 5/4/10)

Does Whitman actually “regret” anything she did while at Goldman (CalBuzz, 5/4/10)

Plunge in state revenue dashes hope of easy budget fix (LA Times, 5/4/10)

Immigration a hot topic in last GOP primary debate (LA Times, 5/3/10)

Today’s debate could be Poizner’s last chance (San Jose Mercury News, 5/2/10)

Brown’s “investigations” are campaign stops (Huffington Post, 5/1/10)

APRIL 2010

Guber debate preview – Whitman to attack Poizner as moderate (SF Gate, 4/30/10)

Brown defends CA’s climate law, but is open to adjustments (New York Times, 4/30/10)

An old hand returns to run Jerry’s campaign (New York Times, 4/30/10)

Editorial: Whitman thinks she can rewrite the terms of political engagement (SF Gate, 4/30/10)

Whitman camp’s plan: Link Brown to Goldman (San Jose Mercury News, 4/30/10)

Poizner trying to make his move in GOP primary (San Jose Mercury News, 4/30/10)

Schwarzenegger embraces federal healthcare law (LA Times, 4/30/10)

In newest ad, Poizner calls Whitman, Goldman vultures (Politico, 4/30/10)

Two long-time GOP strategists advise Brown camp (California’s Capital, 4/29/10)

CA Farm Bureau endorses Whitman (SacBee, 4/29/10)

Poizner’s tilt to the right is inline with record (SF Gate, 4/29/10)

Whitman says she’ll post tax returns online (San Jose Mercury News, 4/28/10)

Unions fine-tuning attacks on Whitman (SacBee, 4/28/10)

Whitman on hot seat over Goldman past (New York Times, 4/28/10)

Will Brown’s patient strategy against Whitman pay off? (San Jose Mercury News, 4/27/10)

Labor opens new offensive against Whitman (SF Chronicle, 4/27/10)

Whitman says she regrets now-banned stock deals through Goldman Sachs (San Jose Mercury News, 4/27/10)

Poizner doesn’t support the Arizona approach (SacBee, 4/27/10)

Endorsement contest moves to the Central Valley (SacBee, 4/27/10)

Poizner’s Mount Pleasant another urban legend? (SacBee, 4/26/10)

Goldman Sachs fraud allegations jolt California races (LA Times, 4/25/10)

Brown shows he can make an impact without spending a dime (San Jose Mercury News, 4/25/10)

Whitman, Brown both have ties to Goldman Sachs (LA Times, 4/24/10)

Whitman has her own definition of “the right thing” (LA Times, 4/24/10)

Time running out for Poizner to capture GOP confidence (Fresno Bee, 4/24/10)

Nurses union protest “Queen Meg” (SacBee, 4/23/10)

Whitman campaign’s TV effort about to reach new levels (SF Gate, 4/23/10)

Dems continue growing in voter registration, GOP declining (SacBee, 4/23/10)

Whitman holds wide primary lead (Capitol Weekly, 4/22/10)

McClintock: Gubernatorial primary fight is for the “soul of the Republican Party” (SacBee, 4/22/10)

Whitman’s lead slips; Poizner continues optimism (SF Gate, 4/21/10)

Brown agrees to post ten years of tax returns; Poizner, Whitman balk (San Jose Mercury News, 4/21/10)

Polls show Whitman’s huge lead over Poizner may be shrinking (SacBee, 4/21/10)

Brown seeks to force Moody’s to release records of their role in housing meltdown (LA Times, 4/20/10)

Whitman calls in GOP heavyweights (LA Times, 4/20/10)

Could voters be on verge of radically changing CA’s primary system? (, 4/20/10)

VIDEO: A recap of Dem state convo (SacBee, 4/20/10)

Goldman Sachs case could roil CA guber race (Christian Science Monitor, 4/19/10)

Whitman says Brown’s debate proposal was a stunt (San Jose Mercury News, 4/19/10)

RGA attacks Brown as a “tax-and-spender” (LA Times, 4/19/10)

Brown calls for campaign debate with GOP rivals (LA Times, 4/18/10)

Brown’s call for debates creates fresh buzz in campaign (San Jose Mercury News, 4/18/10)

Spinning campaign blunders in the age of You Tube (LA Times, 4/17/10)

Whitman balks at idea of debate with both Poizner and Brown (SF Chronicle, 4/17/10)

Brown hits the Democratic Convention (LA Times, 4/16/10)

Whitman campaign takes aim at Poizner (LA Times, 4/16/10)

Meg, the Magazine, coming to a mailbox near you (San Jose Mercury News, 4/15/10)

Jerry Brown’s long and winding road (Huffington Post, 4/15/10)

Whitman may find it difficult to fulfill her job-cutting pledge (San Jose Mercury News, 4/15/10)

Where are Brown’s specifics for fixing CA? (LA Times, 4/15/10)

Meg backs loser in GOP primary special (SacBee, 4/14/10)

Editorial: Guber candidates need to be transparent on their tax returns (San Jose Mercury News, 4/14/10)

Whitman accused of manipulating media (San Jose Mercury News, 4/14/10)

Whitman yet to make pilgrimage to Googleplex (SF Gate, 4/14/10)

Top GOP stars campaigning for Whitman (SacBee, 4/14/10)

Is Whitman moving to control TV news? (SacBee, 4/14/10)

Whitman: jobs creation will come from tax cuts (Press-Enterprise, 4/13/10)

Schwarzenegger aide lashes out at Poizner ad (SacBee, 4/13/10)

Opinion: Chamber’s anti-Brown ad is only a warm-up for the main event (San Jose Mercury News, 4/13/10)

Brown is a lot of things, but he’s not a tax-and-spender (LA Times, 4/12/10)

Whitman camp studying successful runs of 2 CEOs (SF Chronicle, 4/12/10)

What their books reveal about Whitman & Poizner (San Jose Mercury News, 4/11/10)

Poizner’s illegal immigration agenda faces limits (SF Chronicle, 4/10/10)

Brown campaign “looking into” CalChamber ad (SacBee, 4/9/10)

CA Chamber of Commerce pulls anti-Brown ads after complaints (SacBee, 4/8/10)

Whitman’s proposal to eliminate capital gains taxes would put CA at risk (LA Times, 4/8/10)

Two groups file protests against Chamber political ad (SacBee, 4/7/10)

Dem consultant – Brown may be in trouble due to lack of funds (SacBee, 4/7/10)

Poizner proposes reviving Prop 187 (KCRA, 4/7/10)

MoveOn founder planning to challenge Brown for Dem nod (Politico, 4/6/10)

Business group attacks Brown, with a wink and a nod (LA Times, 4/6/10)

CA Chamber of Commerce airs TV ad attacking Brown (SacBee, 4/6/10)

Whitman makes another $20M “incremental investment” in her campaign (SacBee, 4/5/10)

Whitman’s deep pockets push her ahead of Brown (LA Times, 4/5/10)

Whitman’s ads keep her ahead in guber race (Politics Daily, 4/5/10)

Students & faculty at Mount Pleasant High offended by Poizner’s book (LA Times, 4/3/10)

Poizner’s book launch focuses on his year teaching (SacBee, 4/1/10)

MARCH 2010

The latest return of Jerry Brown: “I’ve seen a lot” (Politics Daily, 3/31/10)

How much green will Whitman spend? (LA Times, 3/31/10)

Whitman is doing her homework (LA Times, 3/30/10)

Defining the effects of Whitman’s, Poizner’s job proposals (San Diego News Network, 3/30/10)

Whitman running out of campaign cash (San Jose Mercury News, 3/29/10)

Whitman distances herself from Schwarzenegger (SF Chronicle, 3/29/10)

Brown mum on marijuana initiative (The Atlantic, 3/29/10)

Poizner zeros in on an untimely issue (LA Times, 3/28/10)

Is Whitman’s big money making a difference among the GOP faithful? (LA Times, 3/28/10)

Whitman’s campaign shakes the world of political advertising (San Jose Mercury News, 3/28/10)

Statewide candidates avoiding question of pot legalization (San Jose Mercury News, 3/27/10)

Whitman: we must debate immigration reform with respect (LA Times, 3/27/10)

Poizner aims TV ad at GOP right (FoxandHoundsDaily, 3/26/10)

Whitman’s shady Goldman Sachs past – a sign of things to come? (Huffington Post, 3/26/10)

Meg’s saturating the airwaves (SF Gate, 3/26/10)

SEIU endorses Brown for gov (SacBee, 3/26/10)

Whitman answers questions on Delta, local tax dollars (Lodi News-Sentinel, 3/26/10)

High school teachers object to Poizner’s claims (San Jose Mercury News, 3/26/10)

Obama & immigration in the CA guber race (The Atlantic, 3/25/10)

Three major guber candidates united in opposition to legalizing pot (SacBee, 3/25/10)

Brown calls Whitman’s proposals “snake oil” (SF Chronicle, 3/25/10)

Brown says GOP candidates can’t afford promises (Business Week, 3/25/10)

Has Poizner flipped his position on prisons? (SF Gate, 3/25/10)

Voters’ disdain for political leaders creates volatile election year (PPIC, 3/24/10)

Whitman’s attack ads could backfire (SF Chronicle, 3/24/10)

GOP hopefuls urge Brown to challenge health care overhaul (SacBee, 3/23/10)

Whitman backtracks on releasing tax returns (San Jose Mercury News, 3/23/10)

Field Poll: Jobs top concern as voters make guber choice (SacBee, 3/23/10)

Whitman has spent $22.7 million in two months (SacBee, 3/22/10)

Whitman sets record spending pace (LA Times, 3/22/10)

Poizner targets illegal immigrants in new ad (SacBee, 3/22/10)

Brown’s tough new tactic: Meg = Wall Street (SF Gate, 3/22/10)

Level the Playing Field failing to close the gap with Whitman (SacBee, 3/22/10)

Behind in poll, Brown turns heat up on Whitman (SF Chronicle, 3/21/10)

Editorial: GOP’s Poizner bashing “them” again (LA Times, 3/21/10)

GOP candidates grab illegal immigration as election issue (SF Chronicle, 3/20/10)

Poizner warns Meg: “I’ve got plenty of time and money” (SF Chronicle, 3/19/10)

Watchdog requests Anthem Blue Cross insurance inquiry docs from Poizner (3/19/10)

Whitman impresses Latino crowd in San Jose (San Jose Mercury News, 3/18/10)

Surging in polls, Whitman turns attack to Brown (San Jose Mercury News, 3/18/10)

In tax release tug-of-war, Whitman changes her conditions (SF Chronicle, 3/18/10)

Poizner’s ballot label (SacBee, 3/18/10)

Whitman declines April debate (SacBee, 3/18/10)

Brown urges unions to go on the offensive (LA Times, 3/18/10)

Whitman’s game of hide-and-seek with media over, she shows she’s got game (LA Times, 3/18/10)
OPINION:  Deficit still looms over governor’s race (San Jose Mercury News, 3/17/10)
VIDEO: Whitman explains spending cap proposal (SacBee, 3/17/10)

Whitman shifts her focus to Brown (LA Times, 3/17/10)

Whitman & Brown in close contest (Politics Daily, 3/16/10)

Poizner, Whitman meet in first debate (SF Chronicle, 3/16/10)

Field Poll sets stage for guber slugfest (SacBee, 3/17/10)

Velvet gloves in GOP’s first debate (LA Times, 3/16/10)

Whitman releases more detailed policy book (SacBee, 3/16/10)

GOP candidates debate tonight (New Majority Debate, 3/15/10)

Long-awaited 1st debate mostly echoes stump speeches (San Jose Mercury News, 3/15/10)

The Madonna of California Politics (The Daily Beast, 3/15/10)

Can GOP enthusiasm translate into voter registrations? (San Jose Mercury News, 3/14/10)

Poizner tells base he will stop illegal immigration (SF Chronicle, 3/13/10)

Poizner strategist lays out gameplan (SacBee, 3/13/10)

Whitman promises new media strategy (SacBee, 3/12/10)

Whitman proposes big pension reforms (SacBee, 3/12/10)

Brown throws early jab at Whitman (LA Times, 3/12/10)

Half-hour ads coming from Meg (SacBee, 3/11/10)

What really happens inside Whitman’s town hall infomercials (SF Gate, 3/11/10)

Simple majority budget at center of Dems’ reform proposals (SacBee, 3/11/10)

No Whitman press conference at GOP convention (SacBee, 3/11/10)

Whitman ad ignores her Boxer endorsement (SacBee, 3/11/10)

Poizner targets Whitman’s media dodging (LA Times, 3/10/10)

Whitman’s strange press strategy (Washington Post, 3/10/10)

Poizner’s new book touts his teaching, White House experience (SacBee, 3/10/10)

Poizner takes calculated risk by delaying fight with Whitman (LA Times, 3/10/10)

Whitman can manage, but can she govern? (SF Chronicle, 3/10/10)

Brown may have field day with GOP challengers in November (San Jose Mercury News, 3/10/10)

Poizner opens with illegal immigration card (Ventura County Star, 3/9/10)

Fiorina & Whitman – running on empty (Huffington Post, 3/9/10)

Whitman’s ads create crisis of confidence (Paradise Post, 3/9/10)

Poizner steers hard to the right (San Jose Mercury News, 3/9/10)

Poizner gets more conservative support despite Whitman’s “aggressive” courtship of the right (SF Gate, 3/8/10)

Older, wiser, ready to run (LA Times, 3/8/10)

Site asks public for dirt on Whitman (SF Chronicle, 3/8/10)

Whitman now selling new product: herself (SacBee, 3/7/10)

Brown, Whitman aim for the middle ground (LA Times, 3/7/10)

Jerry Brown’s inside-out run for governor (National Public Radio, 3/6/10)

Candidates woo conservative activists (Orange County Register, 3/6/10)

Poizner’s shifts on abortion issue scrutinized in GOP primary (LA Times, 3/6/10)

Jerry Brown’s long political past cuts both ways (LA Times, 3/5/10)

Brown stresses experience, bipartisanship (SF Chronicle, 3/4/10)

Guber hopefuls exchange barbs over state’s ills (San Jose Mercury News, 3/4/10)

Brown: I have empathy for the “underdog” (SacBee, 3/4/10)

Jerry Brown says he offers “insider’s knowledge” and “outsider’s mind” (LA Times, 3/3/10)

Brown set to announce candidacy today (LA Times, 3/2/10)

Brown would welcome Obama or Arnold, but plans an “independent” campaign (SF Chronicle, 3/2/10)

Brown: California needs a governor with knowledge (SacBee, 3/2/10)

Whitman has extensive opp research going against Brown (Politico, 3/2/10)

Poizner  launches ads – aimed at “liberal” Whitman (SF Gate, 3/1/10)

Latest dustup shows Dems planning on making Meg’s taxes and issue (SF Gate, 3/1/10)

Poizner makes campaign official (KTVU, 3/1/10)

Both sides race to define Whitman “brand” (SF Chronicle, 3/1/10)


Brown, Assembly turn up heat on health insurers (SacBee, 2/26/10)

Whitman no rookie at playing hardball (LA Times, 2/26/10)

Whitman launches ad campaign against Poizner (San Jose Mercury News, 2/26/10)

Brown planning “eloquent” roll-out if he get in (SF Chronicle, 2/26/10)

Checchi calls for an independent gubernatorial candidacy (SacBee, 2/25/10)

Whitman discusses gays, guns & government (San Jose Mercury News, 2/25/10)

California Gubernatorial 2009 Headlines Archive