The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


CA 2009 Archives


California Governor’s Race 2009 Headlines:

GOP strategist sees 2010 as bad cycle for CA Republicans (SacBee, 10/2/09)
Whitman under fire for saying family got in way of voting (Contra Costa Times, 10/2/09)
Whitman called Boxer “courageous” leader in 2004 (San Jose Mercury News, 10/2/09)
Whitman Q&Q: tax cuts and state layoffs economic plan (Orange County Register, 10/2/09)
Whitman tries to answer questions on voting record (VIDEO) (California Flash Report, 10/2/09)
Brown currently favorite to win 2010 gov race (SacBee, 10/2/09)
CA 2010: Gov Moonbeam vs. the Woman Who Wouldn’t Vote (National Post, 10/1/09)
Gavin challenges Brown to series of debates (SF Chronicle, 9/30/09)
Brown inches toward a 2010 run (CQ Politics, 9/30/09)
Dreamworks trio backs Brown in 2010 (Variety, 9/30/09)
Polanski could affect 2010 governor’s race (NBC San Diego, 9/30/09)
Whitman’s voting record no advantage (SacBee, 9/29/09)
Whitman was too busy with family to vote (SacBee, 9/28/09)
Poizner addresses GOP convention (Los Angeles Times, 9/28/09)
Down but not out, Newsom rallies the cavalry (San Francisco Examiner, 9/28/09)
The Fix’s brief history of candidates with sorry voting records (Washington Post, 9/28/09)
Brown establishes exploratory committee (SacBee, 9/28/09)
Will 2010 Census be another battle over illegal immigration? (SacBee, 9/28/09)
Schwarzenegger wants quick action on tax system overhaul (SacBee, 9/28/09)
GOP straw poll warning signs of Whitman weakness? (SacBee, 9/28/09)
Brown holds lead over all GOP hopefuls (SacBee, 9/28/09)
Campbell at GOP convo: I’m the real conservative (SF Gate, 9/26/09)
Meg’s “vision” thing (Huffington Post, 9/26/09)
A bruised CA GOP gathers for convention (Los Angeles Times, 9/26/09)
Newsom goes after Whitman (SF Gate, 9/25/09)
Poizner: Whitman’s voting record disqualifies her (SacBee, 9/24/09)
Schwarzenegger dismisses Whitman’s comments on greenhouse law as campaign rhetoric (SacBee, 9/24/09)
Newsom really, really like Twitter (Los Angeles Times, 9/23/09)
Whitman makes it official, rails against bureaucracy (SacBee, 9/23/09)
GOP gubernatorial hopefuls split on prisons changes (SacBee, 9/23/09)
Whitman airs radio ads (Los Angeles Times, 9/23/09)
Whitman formally launches gov bid (SacBee, 9/22/09)
Gubernatorial campaign teams shaping up (SacBee, 9/18/09)
Gov candidates willing to expand nuclear power in Golden State (SF Gate, 9/18/09)
“Angry initiative season” underway (SacBee, 9/17/09)
Campbell unveils unique health care proposal (SacBee, 9/17/09)
Brown “not yet convinced” on 2010 run (SacBee, 9/16/09)
Four Guber hopefuls make their pitch in Silicon Valley (San Jose Mercury News, 9/16/09)
CA GOPers support nuclear power (SF Chronicle, 9/16/09)
Poizner is crazy, stupid, and dangerous (Calitics, 9/16/09)
Clinton nod galvanizes Newsom campaign (Christian Science Monitor, 9/16/09)
Clinton, Newsom and the endorsement heirarchy (Washington Post, 9/15/09)
Clinton’s loyalty tour continues (Politico, 9/15/09)
Whitman “investing” $250K in helping state GOP increase registration (SacBee, 9/15/09)
Early money guarantees little in CA gov race (San Jose Mercury News, 9/15/09)
Bill Clinton supports Newsom in gov campaign (Los Angeles Times, 9/15/09)
Poizner: Cutting taxes will create jobs (San Jose Mercury News, 9/15/09)
Newsom to get Bill Clinton endorsement (SacBee, 9/15/09)
Silicon Valley moguls square off to run CA (Wall Street Journal, 9/12/09)
Too big too vote? (Statesman Journal, 9/11/09)
Poll finds Californians don’t trust state govt (Los Angeles Times, 9/10/09)
Poizner attacks Whitman for “ducking” another debate (San Jose Mercury News, 9/10/09)
Whitman ducks radio debate with Poizner & Campbell (SF Chronicle, 9/8/09)
How Poizner courts conservative support (CalBuzz, 9/8/09)
Whitman caught up in Van Jones controversy (Sac Bee, 9/4/09)
GOP candidates brawl over Jones (Washington Independent, 9/4/09)
Poizner’s Love Boat parody (SF Chronicle, 9/4/09)
Donors generous to Newsom’s pet projects (SF Chronicle, 9/4/09)
Whitman speaks (sort of) (CalBuzz, 9/2/09)
Westly won’t run in 2010 (Sac Bee, 9/2/09)
Money doesn’t always win in CA politics (AP, 8/31/09)
Part-time legislature idea gains momentum (Fresno Bee, 8/30/09)
Whitman, Campbell oppose effort to bar indy voters from GOP primary (SF Chronicle, 8/28/09)
Gov candidates wary of citizen power (Ocean County Register, 8/28/09)
Poizner steps up his guv campaign (Sac Bee, 8/28/09)
G. Will hearts Tom Campbell (SF Chronicle, 8/27/09)
Poll shows Brown expanding lead over Newsom in Dem Primary (CallBuzz, 8/27/09)
Poizner’s past support of tax increases could hurt him (San Jose Mercury News, 8/26/09)
Why is Newsom trailing in San Francisco? (Beyond Chron, 8/25/09)
Newsom’s guv ambitions play role in sanctuary city debate (SF Bay Guardian, 8/25/09)
Two polls show Brown leading Newsom (KTVU, 8/24/09)
Poizner calls for part-time legislature (Sacramento Bee, 8/24/09)
Whitman doesn’t bother to vote, didn’t join GOP until 2007 (SF Chronicle, 8/23/09)
Whitman’s refusal to debate raises questions (San Jose Mercury News, 8/23/09)
CA GOP turns to ex-CEOs (Wall Street Journal, 8/22/09)
Poizner: CA losing edge because of high taxes, poor public schools (Riverside Press-Enterprise, 8/20/09)
Dems press for “clean” primary fight (SF Chronicle, 8/19/09)
Can California become competitive again? (Washington Post, 8/19/09)
Whitman discusses immigration (SF Chronicle, 8/19/09)
CA ills aid Campbell’s candidacy (Wall Street Journal, 8/18/09)
State candidates raise more than $60M in first half of year (SF Chronicle, 8/17/09)
Newsom, Brown speak to gathering of union activists (SF Chronicle, 8/16/09)
Early poll shows Brown, Whitman leading primary packs (CQ Politics, 8/13/09)
Silicon Valley leaders become politicians (San Jose Mercury News, 8/13/09)
Fight for Valley’s Latino votes underway (LA Daily News, 8/12/09)
Newsom supports delaying gay marriage vote until 2012 (CBS News 5, 8/12/09)
Costs for Newsom’s SFPD security detail remain secret (NBC News, 8/12/09)
Poizner in middle of new battle over worker’s comp fund (Sacramento Bee, 8/12/09)
Could the GOP find it’s rebirth in California? (SF Chronicle, 8/10/09)
Whitman: creating jobs is top priority (San Diego Tribune-Union, 8/9/09)
Legalizing pot an issue gov candidates stay away from (SF Chronicle, 8/8/09)
Whitman is wonder woman who can rescue GOP & CA (Ventura County Star, 8/7/09)
Will Californians select charisma or dull in 2010? (San Jose Mercury News, 8/6/09)
Judge orders CA to release 43,000 inmates (Los Angeles Times, 8/5/09)
O’Connell thinks education is his opening to win Dem primary (Redwood Times, 8/5/09)
Gay rights, green policies fuel Newsom’s candidacy (San Jose Mercury News, 8/4/09)
Brown, Whitman miles ahead in fundraising race (SF Chronicle, 8/1/09)
JULY 2009
California looks to Republican women (Politico, 7/31/09)
California Dream is still alive (Forbes, 7/31/09)
SF Chron goes after Brown (Beyond Chron, 7/30/09)
Brown “cautious” about running for gov (Legal Newsline, 7/29/09)
Many staff changes in Newsom camp (SF Chronicle, 7/28/09)
Longtime Newsom advisor leaves campaign (SF Examiner, 7/28/09)
Brown’s favorite charities get millions (SF Chronicle, 7/28/09)
Budget deal contains $8 billion in accounting gimmicks, $1.9 B hole already in next year’s forecast (SF Chronicle, 7/26/09)
CA budget woes to persist (Wall Street Journal, 7/24/09)
Whitman’s big gay jolt (, 7/23/09)
Newsom visiting South LA (Los Angeles Times, 7/22/09)
Is consensus forming about need for CA Constitutional Convention? (The Provocateur, 7/22/09)
GOP Guv hopefuls weigh in on latest budget brouhaha (SF Chronicle, 7/22/09)
Fact-checking Gavin’s claims (SF Chronicle, 7/22/09)
Cities, counties ready to fight state over budget cuts (SF Chronicle, 7/22/09)
Newsom making moves for SoCal vote (SF Chronicle, 7/15/09)
Whitman writes $15 million check to her own campaign (San Jose Mercury News, 7/15/09)
How would candidates solve the budget crisis? (San Jose Mercury News, 7/11/09)
Rescue California: Poizner, Whitman should push initiative reform (San Diego Union Tribune, 7/11/09)
Life After Arnold: GOP activists want to know candidates positions on social issues (California Catholic Daily, 7/10/09)
Campbell: no easy budget solutions (Reuters, 7/9/09)
Lawmakers still analyzing impact of budget impasse (SacBee, 7/9/09)
Newsom: mandating healthier foods (SFGate, 7/9/09)
California’s Five Wannabees (California Progress Report, 7/8/09)
San Diego GOP $$$ backing Whitman (San Diego Weekly Reader, 7/8/09)
Brown returns over $50K in questionable donations (SacBee, 7/8/09)
GOP campaigns’ dueling memos (SacBee, 7/6/09)
Maybe GOPer Campbell is “it” for governor (LA Daily News, 7/4/09)
The California Money Pit (Politico, 7/2/09)
Poizner overhauls campaign to stave off Whitman’s surge (Capitol Weekly, 7/2/09)
Preliminary injunction not likely while Prop 8 challenged in court (LA Times, 7/1/09)
Whitman: 30,000 state workers need to be let go (SacBee, 7/1/09)
2010 Governors Campaign Funds: Whitman over $6.5M (SF Chronicle, 7/1/09)
Newsom: state’s budget woes won’t affect SF – yet (KCBS-TV, 7/1/09)
Gavin Newsom wants to be governor of CA. Would you hire him? (Fast Company, 7/1/09)
Who could possibly govern California? (New York Times, 7/1/09)
JUNE 2009
Whitman gains another endorser at Poizner’s expense (Appeal-Democrat [Marysville], 6/26/09)
GOPers shifting support from Poizner to Whitman (The Desert Sun, 6/25/09)
With Villaraigosa out, who will Hollywood support? (Los Angeles Times, 6/26/09)
Brown vs. Newsom; the tale of the tape (, 6/26/09)
How California became ungovernable (, 6/26/09)
Experts Wrong: Newsom real beneficiary of Villaraigosa’s decision (Beyond Chron, 6/25/09)
Will any other Dems step into void created by Villaraigosa’s absence? (Campaign Diaries, 6/25/09)
Villaraigosa decides against gubernatorial run (Sacramento Bee, 6/23/09)
Hollywood gets behind gubernatorial candidates (Variety, 6/19/09)
Can Tom Campbell upset the GOP billionaires? (6/19/09)
Newsom says San Francisco is a model for California’s future (6/17/09)
Campbell talks budget with rotarians (6/17/09)
2010 Governor hopefuls tread carefully in budget crisis (Sac Bee, 6/9/09)
Poll positioning (June 4, 2009)