The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


California Guv News


California Gubernatorial Headlines:


Special interest groups to look to shape 2014 California ballot (LA Times, 12/7/13)
Jerry Brown signs casino deal with Karuk tribe (LA Times, 12/6/13)
Healthcare union abusing initiative process, critics say (LA Times, 12/6/13)
AM Alert: High-speed rail authority grapples with legal setback (Capitol Alert, 12/5/13)
Realtors give $500K to California Dems as short-sale dispute ends (Capitol Alert, 12/5/13)
State health exchange swamped with enrollees (LA Times, 12/5/13)
Jerry Brown holds huge lead in re-election poll (SacBee, 12/5/13)
California economy continues uneven recovery, UCLA says (LA Times, 12/5/13)
California bullet train project handed another setback (LA Times, 12/4/13)
California exports surge too $15.35B in October (SacBee, 12/4/13)
Feds deny early approval of Fresno-Bakersfield high-speed rail segment (Fresno Bee, 12/4/13)
Poll: What does Detroit decision mean for California pension-change crusaders? (The State Worker, 12/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Detroit bankruptcy ruling puts public employee pensions on the table in California (SacBee, 12/4/13)
Californians divided on health care reform (Capitol Alert, 12/4/13)
California Democrats are facing risk of voter turnoff (LA Times, 12/4/13)
Ridley-Thomas win adds to California Assembly Democratic edge (Capitol Alert, 12/4/13)
California Democrats up pressure on Republican health care site (SacBee, 12/4/13)
Rep. Janice Hahn calls on state GOP to take down ‘fake’ Obamacare site (PolitiCal, 12/4/13)
AM Alert: Chris Christie emerges as (very) early favorite in California (Capitol Alert, 12/4/13)
Neel Kashkari puts personal wealth at less than $5 million (Capitol Alert, 12/4/13)
California lawmaker seeks investigation of Republican health care website (Capitol Alert, 12/4/13)
Brown appeals feds’ rejection of California’s request for Rim Fire aid (Capitol Alert, 12/3/13)
Republican requests recount in close California Assembly race (Capitol Alert, 12/3/13)
Sacramento preps for next year’s battles (PolitiCal, 12/3/13)
Howard Dean endorses Silicon Valley congressman in intraparty fight (PolitiCal, 12/3/13)
Field Poll: Disapproval of Obama rises among California voters (SacBee, 12/3/13)
The Buzz: Political ethics watchdog announces his departure at end of year (SacBee, 12/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats have legislative super-majorities, but will they use them or lose them? (SacBee, 12/3/13)
VIDEO: Newsom’s higher ed report lacks solutions (Capitol Alert, 12/3/13)
California billionaire on crusade against Keystone pipeline (LA Times, 12/2/13)
Jerry Brown followed to events, heckled by California environmentalists over fracking (SacBee, 12/2/13)
COMMENTARY: FBI’s Calderon investigation threatens a political dynasty (SacBee, 12/2/13)
California opens online enrollment for small business health care (Capitol Alert, 12/2/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown attends LA-area casino event for major donor (LA Now, 12/2/13)
Tony Strickland preparing another congressional run – in new district (Capitol Alert, 12/2/13)
Republican Susan Shelley seeks recount in Assembly race (PolitiCal, 12/2/13)
VIDEO: Democrats push back on education funding plan (Capitol Alert, 12/1/13)
Donors began distancing themselves from Calderon before probe (LA Times, 12/1/13)
Proposed state ballot measure would boost car tax to improve roads (LA Times, 12/1/13)
Democrat asks state party to probe Inland Empire campaign (LA Times, 12/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Brown’s vision of California lacks reality and detail (SacBee, 12/1/13)


California Republicans in Congress show stark divisions (LA Times, 11/30/13)
Special election to decide LA-area Assembly seat (LA Times, 11/30/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown election watch continues (Capitol Alert, 11/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Hollywood’s state tax credit tarnished by scandal, facts (SacBee, 11/29/13)
Battle over pensions goes local (The State Worker, 11/28/13)
California lawmakers set for 5.3% pay hike (LA Times, 11/28/13)
Labor laws dominate Legislature’s 2013 output (LA Times, 11/28/13)
Near-wins for Assembly Republicans prompt talk of missed chances (Capitol Alert, 11/27/13)
COMMENTARY: There’s a better way to fill vacancies than special elections (LA Times, 11/27/13)
With public approval at an all-time low, Barack Obama looks to rally support in California (SacBee, 11/26/13)
COMMENTARY: California bullet train takes big hit from judge (SacBee, 11/26/13)
California legislative leaders raise school-funding concerns (Capitol Alert, 11/26/13)
COMMENTARY: California health insurance decision has political fallout (SacBee, 11/26/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown keeps collecting campaign donations (PolitiCal, 11/26/13)
Magic Johnson, Larry Flynt among latest donors to Jerry Brown (Capitol Alert, 11/26/13)
Sacramento judge delivers setback to high-speed rail project (SacBee, 11/25/13)
AM Alert: Progressive California budget priorities on display (Capitol Alert, 11/25/13)
VIDEO: Health law fractures California Democrats (Capitol Alert, 11/25/13)
Rulings on jail terms inconsistent after changes to three-strikes law (LA Times, 111/24/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s not saying whether he’ll seek fourth term (LA Times, 11/23/13)
California a bright spot in Obamacare sign-ups (LA Times, 11/22/13)
Referendums a big part of California ballot history (Capitol Alert, 11/22/13)
Democrat Dababneh wins AD 45 special election, restoring super-majority (Capitol Alert, 11/22/13)
California won’t extend health plans (LA Times, 11/21/13)
Jerry Brown urges caution on California budget outlook (Capitol Alert, 11/21/13)
COMMENTARY: State senator burned out by polarization (LA Times, 11/21/13)
AM Alert: California’s government overhaul examined (Capitol Alert, 11/21/13)
VIDEO: California Dems face ballot backlash (Capitol Alert, 11/21/13)
COMMENTARY: No matter the reforms, human nature won’t change (SacBee, 11/20/13)
California’s finances improving faster than expected (LA Times, 11/20/13)
California’s budget outlook is the best in a decade, analyst says (PolitiCal, 11/20/13)
California special election in 45th Assembly District remains close (Capitol Alert, 11/20/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s judicial war still raging (SacBee, 11/20/13)
Democrat has narrow lead in 45th Assembly District (PolitiCal, 11/20/13)
San Diego mayoral runoff to pit Kevin Faulconer against David Alvarez (LA Times, 11/20/13)
State analyst projects years of budget surpluses (SacBee, 11/20/13)
California fiscal analyst projects large surpluses (Capitol Alert, 11/20/13)
California voters to decide fate of North Fork casino (Capitol Alert, 11/20/13)
Outcome of key Assembly seat in Los Angeles too close to call (Capitol Alert, 11/20/13)
California has nation’s second-highest job distress rate (Capitol Alert, 11/19/13)
Jerry Brown meets with wardens amid prison negotiations (Capitol Alert, 11/19/13)
Talking eyeglasses, Jerry Brown reflects on classroom moments (Capitol Alert, 11/19/13)
California transportation leaders seek car tax hike for road repairs (Capitol Alert, 11/19/13)
Faulconer appears headed for runoff in San Diego mayoral race (LA Times, 11/19/13)
Jerry Brown says prison deal may be within reach (PolitiCal, 11/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Two issues put California House seats in crosshairs (SacBee, 11/19/13)
Proposed ballot measure would more than double ‘car tax’ (SacBee, 11/19/13)
Ex-Treasury official considers challenging Jerry Brown in 2014 (LA Times, 11/18/13)
California health exchange is hesitant to extend canceled policies (LA Times, 11/18/13)
Lawmakers’ higher office fundraising, spending draws scrutiny (SacBee, 11/18/13)
Lack of drama in San Diego mayor’s race is welcome (LA Times, 11/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Activist government spawns corruption opportunities (SacBee, 11/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown improves with age, experience (PolitiCal, 11/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Yes, California cities do have a serious pension problem (SacBee, 11/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Calderon seems determined to drag Steinberg and others down with him (SacBee, 11/17/13)
Nonprofits tied to legislators collect cash out of public view (LA Times, 11/16/13)
Neel Kashkari explores GOP bid for governor (, 11/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats’ big split could cost them San Diego mayoralty (SacBee, 11/15/13)
Steinberg denies Calderon claim he was targeted by FBI (SacBee, 11/15/13)
Brown releases proposed rules for fracking (LA Times, 11/15/13)
Seven California Democrats vote for GOP healthcare bill (LA Times, 11/15/13)
California’s unemployment benefits fund is mired in debt (LA Times, 11/15/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown gets real with UC regents (Capitol Alert, 11/15/13)
California releases proposed fracking regulations (Capitol Alert, 11/15/13)
Steinberg quits law firm tied to son of figure in probe (PolitiCal, 11/15/13)
Steinberg had ties to law firm that represented younger Drobot (Capitol Alert, 11/15/13)
UC regents approve budget after warning from Brown (LA Times, 11/14/13)
AM alert: FPPC votes on lawmaker fines; Tom Berryhill fights (Capitol Alert, 11/14/13)
OPINION: A flaw in California’s cap-and-trade plan (LA Times, 11/14/13)
Jerry Brown offers ‘Jesuitical harshness’ to Univ. of California (Capitol Alert, 11/14/13)
Ron Calderon says FBI asked him to secretly record conversations with Steinberg, de Leon (SacBee, 11/14/13)
VIDEO: Steinberg denies ties to hospital linked to FBI investigation (Capitol Alert, 11/14/13)
Campaign posts video of Tim Donnelly performing Heimlich on choking woman (Capitol Alert, 11/14/13)
VIDEO: Playing with California’s poverty numbers (Capitol Alert, 11/14/13)
Judge orders US to answer Calderon complaint (LA Times, 11/14/13)
Calls mount for Ron Calderon’s resignation (PolitiCal, 11/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Malpractice measure given a misleading title (SacBee, 11/13/13)
COMMENTARY: The investigation into Ron Calderon isn’t happening in a vacuum (SacBee, 11/13/13)
Napolitano seeks to freeze UC undergraduate tuition (LA Times, 11/13/13)
Pressure rising against Ron Calderon (SacBee, 11/13/13)
California sentencing commission could be coming, Ammiano says (Capitol Alert, 11/13/13)
Taxpayers pay high cost for low-fast-food wages, lawmakers are told (LA Times, 11/13/13)
Calderon says investigation is payback (LA Times, 11/13/13)
State is on track with its health sign-ups (LA Times, 11/13/13)
San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed tweaks public pension ballot proposal (The State Worker, 11/13/13)
University of California president proposes tuition freeze (Capitol Alert, 11/13/13)
Calderon lashes out at Garcia; says ‘all politicians live in glass houses’ (Capitol Alert, 11/13/13)
Ron Calderon says FBI asked him to secretly record conversations with Steinberg, de Leon (Capitol Alert, 11/13/13)
COMMENTARY: California once again in vortex of culture war (SacBee, 11/12/13)
Sen. Ron Calderon removed from Latino Caucus executive board (PolitiCal, 11/12/13)
Sen. Ronald Calderon stripped of committee assignments amid inquiry (LA Times, 11/12/13)
Hearing begins on campaign violation case against Sen. Berryhill (PolitiCal, 11/12/13)
Sen. Ron Calderon stripped of committee assignments (PolitiCal, 11/12/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s tax system is out of whack (SacBee, 11/11/13)
Brown’s solid approval rating may not translate into votes (LA Times, 11/11/13)
Poll shows support for Jerry Brown’s re-election below one-third (Capitol Alert, 11/11/13)
Governor, Californians split on gun legislation (LA Times, 11/10/13)
Clinton lays campaign groundwork in California (LA Times, 11/9/13)
USC/LAT Poll: Californians have their doubts about healthcare law (LA Times, 11/9/13)
Judge looks for a remedy to California’s defective high-speed rail funding plan (SacBee, 11/9/13)
California defends spending strategy for bullet train in court (LA Times, 11/8/13)
California lawmakers head to Maui for annual retreats (PolitiCal, 11/8/13)
Latinos, whites split on immigrant laws OK’s by Brown (LA Times, 11/8/13)
Tim Donnelly’s RV rolling in the Republican Party’s race for second place (SacBee, 11/8/13)
State Sen. Emmerson abruptly resigns (LA Times, 11/8/13)
COMMENTARY: New crimes could undermine California’s ‘realignment’ (SacBee, 11/8/13)
Sen. Calderon criticizes foe for calling for his resignation (PolitiCal, 11/8/13)
Calderon scandal puts film credit in the spotlight (SacBee, 11/8/13)
Ron Calderon calls request that he resign ‘outrageous’ (Capitol Alert, 11/8/13)
Sen. Bill Emmerson says he’s calling it quits come Dec. 1 (Capitol Alert, 11/8/13)
Effort to overturn transgender bathroom law down to the wire (Capitol Alert, 11/8/13)
Health care union takes aim at hospital CEO pay, overbilling (Capitol Alert, 11/8/13)
Hillary Rodham Clinton, with eye on 2016, keeps California close (LA Times, 11/7/13)

California loses another round in lawsuit over ammunition rules (LA Times, 11/7/13)
Jerry Brown says poverty, joblessness due to California being ‘a magnet’ (Capitol Alert, 11/7/13)
School survey examines California’s Common Core readiness (Capitol Alert, 11/7/13)
VIDEO: Rep. Gary Miller targeted in TV ad pushing for immigration vote (LA Times, 11/7/13)
California unions to San Jose mayor: Drop your pension initiative (The State Worker, 11/7/13)
Assembly preparing ‘cease and desist’ letter for Tim Donnelly campaign video (Capitol Alert, 11/7/13)
California’s new school finance plan sparks big debate (Capitol Alert, 11/7/13)

Senate leader wants Ron Calderon suspended from committee posts (PolitiCal, 11/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Political money needs a tighter rein (LA Times, 11/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Conflict hits California’s new school finance plan (SacBee, 11/6/13)
Jerry Brownn names David Lanier new state Labor secretary (PolitiCal, 11/6/13)
San Bernadino voters oust city attorney, councilwoman in recall (LA Times, 11/6/13)
Tim Donnelly campaign video shows apocalyptic view of state (PolitiCal, 11/5/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s San Gabriel Valley polluted with sleaze (SacBee, 11/5/13)
Two California politicians reach settlements with FPPC over campaign funding (SacBee, 11/5/13)
California donor disclosure case exposes how nonprofits play in politics (Washington Post, 11/4/13)
California probe of campaign donations sheds light on ‘dark money’ (LA Times, 11/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Echoes of a long-ago sting operation (LA Times, 11/3/13)
David Alvarez a surprise contender to replace San Diego ex-mayor Filner (LA Times, 11/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Liberals want it both ways in oil tax debate (SacBee, 11/2/13)
COMMENTARY: How to kill the ‘Dark Money’ bogeyman (SacBee, 11/2/13)
Who is Michael Drobot? Leaked affidavit touches on embattled donor (SacBee, 11/2/13)
Case of campaign mystery money sheds light on high-profile donors, limits of disclosure (SacBee, 11/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Two cases represent different faces of the dark sides of political money (SacBee, 11/2/13)
California Republican on immigration: ‘We’ve got to do something’ (LA Times, 11/1/13)
Calls begin for Sen. Ron Calderon to resign his seat (Capitol Alert, 11/1/13)
Jerry Brown keeps mostly mum on Calderon investigation (Capitol Alert, 11/1/13)
Gov. Brown, Mayor Johnson named to president’s climate task force (SacBee, 11/1/13)
Chuck Reed asks California lawmakers, ‘Call me’ (The State Worker, 11/1/13)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sen. Barbara Boxer are rivals no more (SacBee, 11/1/13)
Labor groups protest at county building over Prop 13 tax loophole (LA Times, 11/1/13)
Assemblywoman Garcia calls for Sen. Calderon to resign (PolitiCal, 11/1/13)
Federal prosecutor probing Calderon is used to high-profile cases (PolitiCal, 11/1/13)
EDITORIAL: Ron Calderon should be stripped of his committee assignments (SacBee, 11/1/13)


Calderons are longtime targets of federal agents, affidavit says (PolitiCal, 10/31/13)
New Cal State trustee may be a good fit for Gov. Brown’s online push (LA Times, 10/31/13)
Decades after last big case, feds are back in the Capitol (PolitiCal, 10/31/13)
State Sen. Lieu said he’s cooperating with federal probe as witness (PolitiCal, 10/31/13)
UC’s $5 million plan to aid ‘Dreamer’ students gets mixed reception (LA Times, 10/31/13)
Senate leader disputes Calderon claims about hired staffer (PolitiCal, 10/31/13)
Calderon partied in Las Vegas on undercover agent’s dime, affidavit says (PolitiCal, 10/31/13)
In California and Washington, scandal spreads, government stumbles on (LA Times, 10/31/13)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sen. Barbara Boxer are rival no more (LA Times, 10/31/13)
Lawmakers distance themselves from Calderon (LA Times, 10/31/13)
FBI seeks investigation of source of leaded affidavit (Capitol Alert, 10/31/13)
Pension crusader Chuck Reed reaches out to unions (The State Worker, 10/31/13)
How did the media get the FBI’s court-sealed Calderon papers? (Capitol Alert, 10/31/13)
More tidbits from the FBI’s Calderon transcripts (Capitol Alert, 10/31/13)
State Sen. Calderon was target of FBI sting, TV report says (LA Times, 10/30/13)
Calderon allegedly took bribes for pushing film bills, Al Jazeera reports (PolitiCal, 10/30/13)
2nd California Republican joins House Democrats on immigration bill (LA Times, 10/30/13)
Napolitano commits funds to aid UC students who entered US illegally (LA Times, 10/30/13)
San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed extends hand to state unions (The State Worker, 10/30/13)
Hannah-Beth Jackson, advocates tout car sale ballot push (Capitol Alert, 10/30/13)
Nonprofit run by Tom Calderon got $25,000 from a Latino Caucus PAC (Capitol Alert, 10/30/13)
COMMENTARY: What Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger did right (LA Times, 10/30/13)
State senator to lead probe of Bay Bridge construction problems (LA Times, 10/30/13)
Ron Calderon FBI sting detailed in affidavit (Capitol Alert, 10/30/13)
Audit slams California for not identifying mentally ill with guns (Capitol Alert, 10/29/13)
Don’t’ confuse California Obamacare exchange with US one, exec says (LA Times, 10/29/13)
Embrace of immigration reform eases path for California Republicans (LA Times, 10/28/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs clean energy pact with two states, Canadian province (LA Times, 10/28/13)
AM ALert: Jerry Brown, other governors to sign climate accord (Capitol Alert, 10/28/13)
California state engineers ratify contract (The State Worker, 10/28/13)
Steinberg: Making high school relevant is ‘top focus’ (Capitol Alert, 10/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Gavin Newsom believes California should legalize marijuana; details to come (SacBee, 10/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Initiative reform needed in California (LA Times, 10/27/13)
EDITORIAL: FPPC opens a window into how dark campaign money travels (SacBee, 10/27/13)
Gov. Brown lays his cards on the table at event for Bicycle Club hotel (LA Times, 10/27/13)
State watchdog who probed secret political money takes US post (LA Times, 10/26/13)
Jerry Brown OKs freedom for woman imprisoned at 16 for killing pimp (LA Times, 10/26/13)
California, Jerry Brown enjoying rave reviews, but comparisons are tricky (SacBee, 10/25/13)
AM Alert: How would rising seas affect California infrastructure? (Capitol Alert, 10/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Prop 32 money trail leads to Koch brothers (SacBee, 10/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Two bills bring reality to California colleges (SacBee, 10/25/13)
California Republicans in trouble, former California Republican says (LA Times, 10/25/13)
Brown, governors of seven other states join to spur growth of zero-emission vehicles (SacBee, 10/24/13)
Will pension reformers succeed? (The State Worker, 10/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Are Republicans dealing with a ‘Gotham Theory’ in California? (SacBee, 10/24/13)
California FPPC issues record fine for failure to disclose source of mystery money (SacBee, 10/24/13)
FPPC seeks repayment of $15M in mystery money (Capitol Alert, 10/24/13)
Jerry Brown: Cutting inmates nothing to ‘beat your chest about’ (Capitol Alert, 10/24/13)
California to levy massive fine against Koch brothers groups (Washington Post, 10/24/13)
Latino Caucus head denounces recall threats over gun bills (PolitiCal, 10/24/13)
Gov. Brown wants Supreme Court to allow private-prisons deals (PolitiCal, 10/24/13)
VIDEO: Tim Donnelly, gun control advocates announce recall push (Capitol Alert, 10/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Diversion of California felons still a work in progress (SacBee, 10/23/13)
COMMENTARY: California courts muscle up for money (SacBee, 10/22/13)
California universities pitch health care reform with deejays, pizza and peace of mind (SacBee, 10/19/13)
EDITORIAL: California cannot allow BART strike to drag on and on (SacBee, 10/19/13)
Shutdown vote may take political toll in California (SacBee, 10/18/13)
California sees gridlock ease in governing (New York Times, 10/18/13)
Proposition 187 still hurts GOP among Latinos (SacBee, 10/18/13)
For post-shutdown reform ideas, many look to California (LA Times, 10/18/13)
Nancy Pelosi, Doris Matsui talk up Dems’ agenda in Sacramento (Capitol Alert, 10/18/13)
Brown emerges from bill signings with a strong political hand (LA Times, 10/18/13)
California’s second-highest state executive says it’s time to legalize pot (Washington Post, 10/18/13)
COMMENTARY: California bullet train a big test of integrity (SacBee, 10/17/13)
Audit blasts adventure park, tavern contracts at veterans home (Capitol Alert, 10/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown should have signed more gun bills (PolitiCal, 10/17/13)
Jerry Brown taps pension-reform proponent for high-level post (SacBee, 10/17/13)
Republicans still recovering from anti-immigrant measures in California (Capitol Alert, 10/17/13)
COMMENTARY: San Diego’s weird politics on display again (SacBee, 10/16/13)
COMMENTARY: In vetoing gun bill, Brown misses the mark (LA Times, 10/16/13)
Prisoners’ lawyers challenge care for California’s condemned (PolitiCal, 10/16/13)
CalPERS weighs in on new public pension ballot proposal (The State Worker, 10/16/13)
California poised to adopt first-in-nation energy storage mandate (San Jose Mercury-News, 10/16/13)
Statewide pension ballot issue pushed by San Jose mayor, others (San Jose Mercury-News, 10/16/13)
Supreme Court refused to hear Brown’s appeal on prison crowding (LA Times, 10/15/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown moves ahead with second private-prison deal (PolitiCal, 10/15/13)
California prisons: Supreme Court action a setback for Brown (PolitiCal, 10/15/13)
COMMENTARY: California construction unions get two big wins (SacBee, 10/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown improves with age, experience (PolitiCal, 10/14/13)
Analysis: Bills signed by Brown indicate California may not be as liberal as it seemed in 2013 (San Jose Mercury News, 10/14/13)
Jerry Brown finishes bills for the year, signing nearly 9 in 10 (Capitol Alert, 10/13/13)
COMMENTARY: For Brown, third term seems the charm (LA Times, 10/13/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown wraps up action on bills for the year (PolitiCal, 10/13/13)
Jerry Brown signs prevailing wage bill for charter cities (Capitol Alert, 10/13/13)
Immigration bills benefited from a more engaged Gov. Brown (LA Times, 10/13/13)
Brown signs bill on youth defendants, vetoes probe of gas prices (LA Times, 10/13/13)
California’s alternative-energy program under scrutiny (LA Times, 10/13/13)
Shutdown a big factor in fates of Denham, Bera (SacBee, 10/13/13)
Affirmative action in CA: US Supreme Court likely to decide fate of Proposition 209 (San Jose Mercury-News, 10/13/13)
Gov. Brown sharpens veto pen for final round of bills (San Jose Mercury-News, 10/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown wants to spend some time learning about California (SacBee, 10/13/13)
Brown vetoes bill giving sex abuse victims more time to file lawsuits (LA Times, 10/12/13)
Measure to distribute condoms in prisons gets Gov. Brown’s veto (PolitiCal, 10/12/13)
Gov. Brown’s verdict on guns: Vetoes, below-the-radar new laws (PolitiCal, 10/12/13)
Gov Brown vetoes bill allowing misdemeanors for cocaine, heroin (PolitiCal, 10/12/13)
Jerry Brown vetoes restriction on paid signature gatherers (Capitol Alert, 10/12/13)
State says federal funds can be used to start bullet train work (LA Times, 10/12/13)
Jerry Brown invokes Roman law, vetoes statute of limitations bill for sex abuse victims (Capitol Alert, 10/13/13)
Jerry Brown signs lead ammo ban, vetoes bill to ban semi-automatic rifles (Capitol Alert, 10/11/13)
Jerry Brown vetoes bill on firing teachers (SacBee, 10/11/13)
Democrat Freddie Rodriguez sworn into California Assembly (Capitol Alert, 10/11/13)
COMMENTARY: California governor’s aide picks fight with unions (SacBee, 10/11/13)
Jerry Brown signs Richard Pan bill to limit state outsourcing (The State Worker, 10/11/13)
Brown vetoes gun-control bills (LA Times, 10/11/13)
Opportunity lost: How Schwarzenegger failed to rescue California GOP (LA Times, 10/11/13)
The State Worker: California prison officials lose fight with union over outsourcing (SacBee, 10/10/13)
Jerry Brown vetoes teacher firing bill (Capitol Alert, 10/10/13)
Republicans announce $10-million initiative to lure Latino voters (LA Times, 10/10/13)
Brown signs bill to aid veterans, boost community college costs (LA Times, 10/10/13)
Health Act embraced in California (New York Times, 10/10/13)
California lawmakers examine solitary confinement (SacBee, 10/10/13)
Jerry Brown expands type of providers that can perform abortions in California (SacBee, 10/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Has labor leader overreached? (SacBee, 10/9/13)
AM Alert: California lawmakers getting schooled in Europe (Capitol Alert, 10/8/13)
COMMENTARY: California labor union feud lands on Brown’s desk (SacBee, 10/8/13)
Gov. Brown OKs overhaul of California residential electricity rates (LA Times, 10/8/13)
Brown signs three FPPC bills, vetoes campaign finance bill (SacBee, 10/8/13)
VIDEO: Recruit Billy Beane to run for political office? (Capitol Alert, 10/8/13)
Jerry Brown vetoes bill on jury duty for legal immigrants (Capitol Alert, 10/7/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes measure allowing noncitizen on juries (LA Times, 10/7/13)
Lawmakers schedule one-day hearing on solitary confinement (PolitiCal, 10/7/13)
Steve Peace drops California privacy-inspired ballot initiative (Capitol Alert, 10/7/13)
AM Alert: Last week for Gov. Jerry Brown to sign or veto bills (Capitol Alert, 10/7/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s cities face pension woes (SacBee, 10/7/13)
Ten years after recall, California still feels effects (LA Times, 10/7/13)
California Republican Party faces potential fallout from government shutdown (SacBee, 10/7/13)
California Strategies walks line between lobbying and public affairs (SacBee, 10/6/13)
Study finds downsides for off-year local elections (LA Times, 10/6/13)
Gray Davis strikes philosophical tone 10 years after recall (LA Times, 10/6/13)
California tea party supporters revel in role in government shutdown (LA Times, 10/6/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s own GOP suicide caucus (SacBee, 10/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Money could spell doom for two big California projects (SacBee, 10/6/13)
New state law limits immigration holds to serious crimes (SacBee, 10/6/13)
Abel Maldonado touts ‘retail, hardcore’ gubernatorial campaign (Capitol Alert, 10/5/13)
Gov. Brown approves limit on police holds of immigrants (PolitiCal, 10/5/13)
Analysis: Republicans in California greet government shutdown with worry (LA Times, 10/5/13)
Brown signs law amending state’s anti-toxins law, Proposition 65 (PolitiCal, 10/5/13)
Maldonado introduces new team, and views, at state GOP convention (PolitiCal, 10/5/13)
Signing Trust Act is another illegal-immigration milestone for Brown (LA Times, 10/5/13)
State GOP convention exposes intraparty rifts (LA Times, 10/5/13)
GOP tensions on display at California convention (AP, 10/5/13)
Jerry Brown signs bill to prohibit detention of some undocumented arrestees (Capitol Alert, 10/5/13)
Bullhorn in hand, Tim Donnelly warns Jerry Brown to ‘keep his hands off our guns’ (Capitol Alert, 10/5/13)
Rep. Kevin McCarthy is a leader for the new GOP, for better or worse (LA Times, 10/4/13)
Lawmakers to offer new plan for TV and film production tax breaks (PolitiCal, 10/4/13)
LA as death penalty capital belies California’s political image (LA Times, 10/4/13)
Undocumented immigrants win access to driver’s licenses in California (SacBee, 10/4/13)
Sacramento sheriff, game wardens, come out against lead ban (Capitol Alert, 10/4/13)
Gov. Brown signs package of 18 business-friendly bills (LA Times, 10/4/13)
Rick Perry blames Barack Obama for shutdown, says his ‘job is to negotiate’ (Capitol Alert, 10/4/13)
California sues Labor Dept over pension changes (PolitiCal, 10/4/13)
Jerry Brown sues US Labor Dept over pension law (The State Worker, 10/4/13)
AM Alert: Rick Perry to address California Republican (Capitol Alert, 10/4/13)
Gov. Brown, ACLU and tea party conservative agree on a bill (PolitiCal, 10/3/13)
New multi-state group pushes campaign disclosure (PolitiCal, 10/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Two California school bills show teacher union power (SacBee, 10/3/13)
California Republicans to celebrate small wins, face large realities (LA Times, 10/3/13)
Abel Maldonado names new team in campaign for governor (Capitol Alert, 10/3/13)
Advocates urge Gov. Jerry Brown to veto gun bills (Capitol Alert, 10/3/13)
Boxer slams House Republicans, says shutdown hurts California (Capitol Alert, 10/3/13)
COMMENTARY: California pension-change effort and its Texas tie (The State Worker, 10/3/13)
Jerry Brown signs bill giving driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants (Capitol Alert, 10/3/13)
Jerry Brown OKs change to drug-law definition of ‘transporting’ (Capitol Alert, 10/3/13)
Never mind: California health exchange didn’t overstate first-day activity (Capitol Alert, 10/2/13)
Jerry Brown seeking ‘real world feel’ of government (Capitol Alert, 10/2/13)
Gov. Brown signs 10 bills to help homeless and foster youths (PolitiCal, 10/2/13)
Jerry Brown poised to become state’s longest-serving governor (PolitiCal, 10/2/13)
Borrowing eats up smaller share of California budget (PolitiCal, 10/2/13)
Jerry Brown calls Washington gridlock dangerous, ‘really sick’ (Capitol Alert, 10/2/13)
Jerry Brown signs school testing reprieve (Capitol Alert, 10/2/13)
Gov. Brown OKs bills to tighten rules on schools’ use of bond type (LA Times, 10/2/13)
Jerry Brown seeking ‘real world feel’ of government (Capitol Alert, 10/2/13)
Brown to approve driver’s permits for immigrants in US illegally (PolitiCal, 10/2/13)
Demand is strong as Obamacare enrollment starts in California (LA Times, 10/1/13)
On launch day, Covered California website stalls (Capitol Alert, 10/1/13)


California relying on ‘guerrilla tactics’ to sell Obamacare (SacBee, 9/29/13)
COMMENTARY: When Big Pharma comes to town, drug costs tend to rise (SacBee, 9/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Big California water conflict coming in 2014 (SacBee, 9/29/13)
California insurance exchange chief has health reform ‘in his bones’ (LA Times, 9/28/13)
Gov. Brown extends use of carpool lanes for electric cars, others (LA Times, 9/28/13)
Jerry Brown signs bills extending fees to reduce emissions (Capitol Alert, 9/28/13)
Poll: 52% want bullet train stopped (LA Times, 9/28/13)
AM Alert: Elected officials flock to Sacramento voter event (Capitol Alert, 9/27/13)
Gov. Brown signs measure smoothing way for Sacramento arena (PolitiCal, 9/27/13)
Gov. Brown signs 2 of 3 bills fighting prescription drug abuse (LA Times, 9/27/13)
Jerry Brown signs state employee pay raise, contract bills (The State Worker, 9/27/13)
Jerry Brown calls looming fight over Madera casino ‘unfortunate’ (Capitol Alert, 9/27/13)
Brown signs Internet security bills (LA Times, 9/27/13)
USC/Times Poll: Voters back Gov. Brown’s plan for prisons (LA Times, 9/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Have Californians prospered since Brown took office? (SacBee, 9/27/13)
Tea party to push voter ID law at California GOP convention (Capitol Alert, 9/27/13)
Teachers union, SEIU open wallets to California Republican Party (Capitol Alert, 9/26/13)
Californians wary of fracking, poll says (PolitiCal, 9/26/13)
Ballot proposal to decriminalize pot cleared to collect signatures (Capitol Alert, 9/26/13)
California state auditor sounds warning on prison realignment (The State Worker, 9/26/13)
Republican George Radanovich weighs California run for governor (Capitol Alert, 9/26/13)
Jerry Brown signs domestic workers bill (Capitol Alert, 9/26/13)
Gov. Brown OKs bill on overtime pay for nannies, private health aides (LA Times, 9/26/13)
AM Alert: Sacramento event takes stock of health care overhaul (Capitol Alert, 9/26/13)
LA Mayor Garcetti’s goal: Modernize city government (LA Times, 9/25/13)
California agency ordered to issue delayed unemployment checks (LA Times, 9/25/13)
Democrat Freddie Rodriguez wins vacant Inland Empire Assembly seat (LA Times, 9/25/13)
Petition drive for oil tax falls short; organizers will try again (PolitiCal, 9/25/13)
State officials say courts want to release prisoners (PolitiCal, 9/25/13)
Democrat Freddie Rodriguez bests independent in tight Assembly race (Capitol Alert, 9/25/13)
Jerry Brown signs bill to raise California minimum wage (Capitol Alert, 9/25/13)
Analysts see hope for California prison overcrowding solution (LA Times, 9/25/13)
Business lobby suffers rare loss as Jerry Brown signs legislation raising California’s minimum wage (SacBee, 9/25/13)
Californians back prison plan but are ware of overcrowding fixes (Capitol Alert, 9/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Odd alliances oppose efforts to restrict gun ownership from the mentally ill (SacBee, 9/25/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown, labor secretary address jobless backlog (Capitol Alert, 9/25/13)
Jerry Brown signs paparazzi, earthquake-warning bills (SacBee, 9/25/13)
AM Alert: Jerry Brown to sign California’s minimum wage bill (Capitol Alert, 9/25/13)
Brown official orders EDD to pay jobless claims first, check eligibility later (Capitol Alert, 9/25/13)
Gov. Brown signs bills aimed at paparazzi, family leave and quakes (LA Times, 9/24/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown mum as court rejects prison plan (PolitiCal, 9/24/13)
Gov. Brown wins 30-day extension to cut prison crowding (PolitiCal, 9/24/13)
California lawmakers fly to Scandinavia to learn about energy (PolitiCal, 9/24/13)
Federal judges prod state to consider other prison options (PolitiCal, 9/24/13)
California immigrant driver’s licenses bring many questions (SacBee, 9/24/13)
EDITORIAL: California’s water house of cards (LA Times, 9/23/13)
San Diego GOP power brokers map out comeback after Filner debacle (LA Times, 9/23/13)
Chamber of Commerce successful against most ‘job killer’ bills (LA Times, 9/22/13)
Jerry Brown puts another voluntary check-off on state tax form (Capitol Alert, 9/21/13)
Gov. Brown signs law that adds convenience to coastal protection giving (PolitiCal, 9/21/13)
Brown signs bill on fracking, upsetting both sides of oil issue (LA Times, 9/20/13)
California fracking bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown (Capitol Alert, 9/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Would new bills help or hurt California economy? (SacBee, 9/19/13)
State watchdog cracks down on stealth lobbying in Capitol (PolitiCal, 9/19/13)
State’s new rule: Campaigns must say when they pay for Web posts (PolitiCal, 9/19/13)
Some union leaders urge Gov. Brown to veto lead bullet ban (PolitiCal, 9/19/13)
FFPC approves new rules for political bloggers (Capitol Alert, 9/19/13)
New California rules aim for transparency in online campaign material (LA Times, 9/19/13)
AM Alert: FPPC votes on high-profile cases (Capitol Alert, 9/19/13)
VIDEO: Gauging Gov. Jerry Brown’s bill decisions (Capitol Alert, 9/19/13)
In special elections, Holly Mitchell slides to Senate, 45th Assembly district moves to runoff (Capitol Alert, 9/18/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s immigrant license bill sets up big conflict (SacBee, 9/18/13)
VIDEO: In California, campaigns never cease (Capitol Alert, 9/18/13)
AM Alert: California’s cities come to Sacramento (Capitol Alert, 9/18/13)
Tobacco giant, drug companies give money to Jerry Brown (Capitol Alert, 9/18/13)
California school aid change already enmeshed in controversy (Capitol Alert, 9/18/13)
Jerry Brown promises brown-bag lunch in UC fundraising effort (Capitol Alert, 9/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Brown should give gun legislation the go-ahead (LA Times, 9/18/13)
Panel examining troubled state parks dept holds first hearing (PolitiCal, 9/18/13)
Four arrested in protest of sheriffs group’s stand on Trust Act (PolitiCal, 9/18/13)
Activists protest sheriffs group in push for anti-deportation bill (PolitiCal, 9/18/13)
California prison riddle far from solved (PolitiCal, 9/17/13)
COMMENTARY: California politicians play hide-the-pea on ballot measures (SacBee, 9/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Odd events punctuate California Legislature’s last night (SacBee, 9/17/13)
Facing US court order, California asks for three-year prison extension (SacBee, 9/17/13)
Parcel tax vote change may not change much, PPIC concludes (Capitol Alert, 9/17/13)
Campaign finance bills fare poorly in California Legislature (LA Times, 9/17/13)
AM Alert: Special elections reshuffle California Legislature (Capitol Alert, 9/17/13)
Democrats target Denham, Valadao in robocalls (Capitol Alert, 9/17/13)
Linda Ronstadt recalls Jerry Brown who lived with discipline, re-purposed flowers (Capitol Alert, 9/17/13)
Brown seeks 3-year delay on easing prison crowding (LA Times, 9/16/13)
Overreach? Colorado suggests California Democrats wise to show restraint (LA Times, 9/16/13)
Jerry Brown OKs early parole hearings for juvenile offenders (PolitiCal, 9/16/13)
Trust Act could be another win for immigrants and their advocates (LA Times, 9/16/13)
Jerry Brown signs bill giving prisoners convicted as juveniles shot at parole (SacBee, 9/16/13)

Labor and business each a winner in 2013 legislative year (LA Times, 9/15/13)
COMMENTARY: California lawmakers got a lot done in the last session (LA Times, 9/15/13)
California Legislature curbs spending impulse (LA Times, 9/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Car insurance magnate pushes measures to make pot more available (SacBee, 9/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Siskiyou’s bid to secede is hardly a silly stunt (SacBee, 9/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Siskiyou’s rebellion tells a tale (SacBee, 9/15/13)
Voting Rights Act leading California cities to dump at-large elections (LA Times, 9/14/13)
Gun bills on Brown’s desk have uncertain fate (SacBee, 9/14/13)
Hallway chat led to rescue of drivers license bill (LA Times, 9/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Unions held whip in California Capitol (SacBee, 9/13/13)
Bucking Congress, California Legislature fortifies immigrant rights (SacBee, 9/13/13)
Brown says Congress’ ‘foot dragging’ led to shift on licenses (PolitiCal, 9/13/13)
Three top staffers quit Abel Maldonado’s campaign for governor (SacBee, 9/13/13)
Legislature adjourns after midnight following last-minute glitch (PolitiCal, 9/13/13)
Chris Christie, Jerry Brown: Clashing, successful styles (LA Times, 9/13/13)
After lawmakers’ legislative flurry, Brown to appear in San Francisco (PolitiCal, 9/13/13)
A late night on Legislature’s last day (PolitiCal, 9/13/13)
Gov. Brown wields strong hand in legislative session; Using clout and large Democratic legislative majorities to score victories (SacBee, 9/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Raise the minimum wage (LA Times, 9/13/13)
Jerry Brown says federal inaction changed his mind on license bill (Capitol Alert, 9/13/13)
California Chamber kills all but one bill on it’s ‘job-killer’ list (Capitol Alert, 9/13/13)
Perez says California’s water issues on next year’s agenda (Capitol Alert, 9/13/13)
California Legislature closes; three unions still without contracts (Capitol Alert, 9/13/13)
AM Alert: Legislators pack it in; Gov. Brown signs climate bill (Capitol Alert, 9/13/13)
VIDEO: State passes bill to license more drivers who are here illegally (LA Times, 9/13/13)
Oakland, reeling from gun violence, seeks unprecedented solution (LA Times, 9/13/13)
Abel Maldonado advisers leave troubled campaign (Capitol Alert, 9/12/13)
Minimum-wage hike heading to Brown (Capitol Alert, 9/12/13)
Jerry Brown signs prison housing bill (Capitol Alert, 9/12/13)
Narrowed domestic workers bill heads to Jerry Brown (Capitol Alert, 9/12/13)
California minimum-wage hike would boost pay for more than one million full-time workers (Capitol Alert, 9/12/13)
Steinberg arena bill goes to Brown (SacBee, 9/12/13)
Lawmakers send tough gun control bills to Gov. Brown (PolitiCal, 9/12/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs legislation to reduce prison overcrowding (PolitiCal, 9/12/13)
Jerry Brown, lawmakers poised to hike California minimum wage to $10 (SacBee, 9/12/13)
Maldonado’s top advisers off campaign as he mulls governor bid (LA Times, 9/12/13)
CA state GOP lawmakers urge action on immigration reform (Capitol Alert, 9/12/13)
California Legislature sends undocumented immigrant driver’s license bill to Gov. Jerry Brown (Capitol Alert, 9/12/13)
Lawmakers OK bill banning felony question on public job apps (The State Worker, 9/12/13)
California Legislature approves raising minimum wage to $10 (LA Times, 9/12/13)
California lawmakers approve naming Bay Bridge for Willie Brown (Capitol Alert, 9/12/13)
Jerry Brown urges OK of amended bill to raise minimum wage (Capitol Alert, 9/11/13)
Jerry Brown, lawmakers reach accord in California prison crowding case (SacBee, 9/10/13)
Jerry Brown opposes naming bridge for Willie Brown (Capitol Alert, 9/10/13)
COMMENTARY: California school test conflict heating up (SacBee, 9/10/13)
Brown gets bills on immigration, guns, and drugs (LA Times, 9/10/13)
California parks department still needs fixing, new audit finds (LA Times, 9/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Jerry Brown scores big win in prison crowding deal (LA Times, 9/9/13)
FPPC fines Finney, Arieas and Hickox for covert lobbying (Capitol Alert, 9/9/13)
Legislature expected to vote on new gun-control measures this week (LA Now, 9/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Once gain, cronyism rears its head in California (SacBee, 9/9/13)
State ethics watchdog fines lobbyists who failed to register (PolitiCal, 9/9/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill to close loophole in rape law (PolitiCal, 9/9/13)
Deal to cut inmate population faces skepticism from inmates’ lawyers (PolitiCal, 9/9/13)
California state worker-AWOL bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk (The State Worker, 9/9/13)
Deal brokered on plan to ease California prison crowding (LA Times, 9/9/13)
Kathleen Brown returning to California; says no plans to seek public office (Capitol Alert, 9/9/13)
Agreement reached on California prison housing plan (Capitol Alert, 9/9/13)
Gut-and-amend: A guide to last-minute bill changes (SacBee, 9/9/13)
Lawmakers to weigh about 400 bills in session’s final week (LA Times, 9/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Old school battles flaring up (SacBee, 9/8/13)
Long-term inmates — and prison culture — move into county jails (LA Times, 9/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature stepping away from drug war (LA Times, 9/8/13)
California prison debate centers on about 7,700 inmates (SacBee, 9/7/13)
Legislature passes sex abuse bill (LA Times, 9/6/13)
Teacher misconduct bill signed by Jerry Brown (LA Times, 9/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Poison pill amendments would kill to real estate bills (SacBee, 9/6/13)
Inmate lawyers ask US Supreme Court to deny Gov. Jerry Brown’s appeal (PolitiCal, 9/6/13)
Problems with both plans to reduce prison overcrowding, analyst says (SacBee, 9/5/13)
Inmates end California hunger strike (LA Times, 9/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Time is running out for sensible action on fracking limits (LA Times, 9/4/13)
Gov. Brown plans exempts transportation workers from pension limits (LA Times, 9/4/13)
Legislative analyst says Jerry Brown’s prison plan just short-term (Capitol Alert, 9/4/13)
California bill increasing Internet protections sent to governor (LA Times, 9/4/13)
Democrats see Rep. Gary Miller as vulnerable in 2014 (LA Times, 9/3/13)
California Republicans thrive at the local level (LA Times, 9/3/13)
5 vacancies on UC Board of Regents go unfilled under Gov. Jerry Brown (LA Times, 9/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Gun bills a blind spot in California Legislature’s crusade for rights (SacBee, 9/1/13)
COMMENTARY: An intraparty squabble on prisons (LA Times, 9/1/13)


Dozens of bills die in California Legislature committees (SacBee, 8/31/13)
State audit hits Cal Fire hidden funds (SacBee, 8/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Is Jerry Brown’s obstinacy a big hurdle in prison battle (SacBee, 8/30/13)
Bob Filner’s chaotic tenure as mayor domes to quiet end in San Diego (LA Times, 8/30/13)
State lawmakers shelve several bills for cost, including welfare boost (PolitiCal, 8/30/13)
California GOP violated campaign finance rules, watchdog says (PolitiCal, 8/30/13)
Abortion foes blast California bill that would make access easier (PolitiCal, 8/30/13)
Lawmakers call for hearings on prison conditions (PolitiCal, 8/30/13)
Bill to allow abortion by non-physicians goes to Jerry Brown (LA Times, 8/30/13)
Prisons’ solidarity confinement policies to be subject of hearings (LA Times, 8/30/13)
Assembly panel halts nurse practitioner expansion (Capitol Alert, 8/30/13)
AM Alert: Appropriations apocalypse hits California Legislature (Capitol Alert, 8/30/13)
California has nation’s 10th highest medically uninsured rate (Capitol Alert, 8/30/13)
Jerry Brown outlines prison plan for federal judges (Capitol Alert, 8/29/13)
VIDEO: California previews ad campaign to promote health insurance (Capitol Alert, 8/29/13)
VIDEO: California budget reserve dwindling fast (Capitol Alert, 8/29/13)
Jerry Brown enjoying flattery from afar (Capitol Alert, 8/29/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown’s prison plan clears Assembly committee (LA Times, 8/29/13)
California Assembly committee OKs prison expansion bill (Capitol Alert, 8/29/13)
State Assembly panel approves $315M to reduce prison crowding (PolitiCal, 8/29/13)
Whites a minority in California, but still a majority of voters (Capitol Alert, 8/29/13)
VIDEO: Prisons fight caps California legislative session (Capitol Alert, 8/28/13)
State Senate Democrats propose alternative to Brown’s prison plan (LA Times, 8/28/13)
Jerry Brown, John Perez reject Darrell Steinberg’s prison plan (Capitol Alert, 8/28/13)
COMMENTARY: New moves in California’s old penal game (SacBee, 8/28/13)
Steinberg’s prison plan asks for 3 more years to reduce population (Capitol Alert, 8/28/13)
Judge tentatively sides with California in carbon auction challenge (Capitol Alert, 8/28/13)
Gov. Brown signs bills to increase state accountability, transparency (LA Times, 8/28/13)
AM Alert: California cities, counties fight ballot bill (Capitol Alert, 8/28/13)
Jerry Brown has plan to ease prison crowding without early releases (LA Times, 8/27/13)
AM Alert: Tech industry talks with California lawmakers (Capitol Alert, 8/27/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs nearly 30 bills into law (LA Times, 8/27/13)
VIDEO: Peace activist Cindy Sheehan announces for California governor (Capitol Alert, 8/27/13)
VIDEO: Lawmakers keeping bills, constituents in suspense (Capitol Alert, 8/27/13)
Jerry Brown seeks $315M to avoid mass release of prisoners (Capitol Alert, 8/27/13)
Brown signs bill allowing noncitizens to serve as poll workers (Capitol Alert, 8/27/13)
Activists urge Gov. Jerry Brown to release prisoners (Capitol Alert, 8/27/13)
California, federal methods to push renewable-fuel use stir conflict (LA Times, 8/27/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs dozens of new laws (LA Times, 8/26/13)
California Senate approves bill to expand abortion access (Capitol Alert, 8/26/13)
AM Alert: Biosimilars, abortion bills ready for votes (Capitol Alert, 8/26/13)
California Senate approves change to drug law (Capitol Alert, 8/26/13)
Law enforcement officers’ union agrees to new contract (The State Worker, 8/26/13)
California’s firefighting costs hit $44 million (Capitol Alert, 8/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Reform of CEQA requires compromise (LA Times, 8/25/13)
Political planning is underway for a post-Filner San Diego (LA Times, 8/25/13)
State, prison guards reach deal on new contract (SacBee, 8/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown’s agenda has a tough slog (SacBee, 8/25/13)
COMMENTARY: It’s blue vs. blue for the future of California (SacBee, 8/24/13)
VIDEO: San Diego Mayor Bob Filner resigns, faces criminal charges (LA Times, 8/23/13)
Covered California enrollment website may not be ready by Oct. 1 (LA Times, 8/23/13)
VIDEO: What’s wrong with San Diego’s mayors? (Capitol Alert, 8/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Big reform of CEQA bogs down (SacBee, 8/23/13)
Bill cracking down on ’swatting’ sent to Gov. Jerry Brown (PolitiCal, 8/23/13)
AM Alert: Capitol types get legacy treatment, but all eyes on San Diego (Capitol Alert, 8/23/13)
VIDEO: At session’s end, ‘mushroom bill’s proliferate (Capitol Alert, 8/22/13)
Jerry Brown eyes putting state guards in private prison (PolitiCal, 8/22/13)
With new money, California schools report less stress (Capitol Alert, 8/22/13)
Bob Filner to resign as part of a sexual harassment lawsuit deal (LA Times, 8/22/13)
Legislature OKs bill to let noncitizens serve on California juries (LA Times, 8/22/13)
With new money, California schools report less stress (Capitol Alert, 8/22/13)
California’s public workers among nation’s best paid (Capitol Alert, 8/22/13)
EDITORIAL: State should adopt drug sentences that make sense (SacBee, 8/22/13)
Few California voters know much about healthcare overhaul, poll shows (LA Times, 8/21/13)
COMMENTARY: It should be easier to get rid of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (LA Times, 8/21/13)
San Diego officials say proposal to resolve Filner scandal is ready (LA Times, 8/21/13)
Jerry Brown will skip Bay Bridge opening (Capitol Alert, 8/21/13)
Sheryl Sandberg bring ‘Lean In’ message to California’s women lawmakers (PolitiCal, 8/21/13)
Just five ‘job killer’ bills alive as legislative session nears end (Capitol Alert, 8/21/13)
Facebook revs up political giving in California Capitol (Capitol Alert, 8/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Big school money row surfaces again in California (SacBee, 8/21/13)
Jerry Brown to skip Bay Bridge opening (PolitiCal, 8/21/13)
Brown blasts environmentalist challenge of Tahoe pact (SacBee, 8/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Court case could derail California’s bullet train (SacBee, 8/20/13)
Prisoner rights lawyer says force-feeding breaks international law (PolitiCal, 8/19/13)
White House warns of Head Start cuts in California (LA Times, 8/19/13)
Environmentalists object to bill that would change Tahoe rules (LA Times, 8/19/13)
California gains jobs, but sees jobless rate inches up (Stateline, 8/19/13)
Jerry Brown, lawmakers mull more prison spending to avoid inmate releases (Capitol Alert, 8/19/13)
Assembly narrowly passes Steinberg’s farm worker contract bill (Capitol Alert, 8/19/13)
Prisoner rights lawyer says force-feeding breaks international law (PolitiCal, 8/19/13)
Jerry Brown: New inmate housing to cost state hundreds of millions (PolitiCal, 8/19/13)
Activists fight environmental-law changes proposed by Brown’s staff (PolitiCal, 8/19/13)
Judge issues order allowing force-feeding of inmates on hunger strike (PolitiCal, 8/19/13)
VIDEO: Blame all around for shoddy state spending (Capitol Alert, 8/19/13)
California wins federal court approval to feed hunger-strike inmates (Sact0-9-1-1. 8/19/13)
Transgender rights bill draws referendum challenge (Capitol Alert, 8/19/13)
Jerry Brown says high-speed rail ruling won’t stop project (Capitol Alert, 8/19/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown, Harry Reid criticize environmentalists’ challenge to Tahoe plan (Capitol Alert, 8/19/13)
Legislature may decide soon if Coastal Commission can levy fines (LA Times, 8/18/13)
San Diego mayor’s saga shows no signs of going away (LA Times, 8/18/13)
California transit projects at stake in Washington budget battles (LA Times, 8/17/13)
High-speed rail funding plan violates Prop 1A, judge rules (SacBee, 8/22/13)
California discourages needy from signing up for food stamps (LA Times, 8/17/13)
Conservatives target law on transgender students (PolitiCal, 8/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Time to improve California’s spotty record of overseeing big projects (SacBee,8/16/13)
VIDEO: California bucks big projects (Capitol Alert, 8/16/13)
Jerry Brown fills cabinet secretary post, after all (Capitol Alert, 8/15/13)
House Democrats press Jerry Brown to sign immigrant bill (Capitol Alert, 8/14/13)
Jerry Brown signs bill empowering transgender students (SacBee, 8/13/13)
COMMENTARY: It’s ‘let’s make a deal’ time for Darrell Steinberg in CA Senate (SacBee, 8/12/13)
AM Alert: California Senate returns to appropriations mountain (Capitol Alert, 8/12/13)
VIDEO: Jerry Brown faces transgender decision (Capitol Alert, 8/12/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s accounting is boring, but important (SacBee, 8/11/13)
California Legislature faces raft of bills on volatile issues (LA Times, 8/11/13)
COMMENTARY: The real story behind hunger strike (SacBee, 8/11/13)
Effects of climate change in California are ’significant and growing’ (LA Times, 8/10/13)
California cites ‘massive prisoner release’ in Supreme Court appeal (PolitiCal, 8/10/13)
EDITORIAL: California’s prison mess (LA Times, 8/9/13)
Brown seeking judge’s help to prevent Bay Area transit strike (LA Times, 8/9/13)
COMMENTARY: California schools’ test scores may drop again (SacBee, 8/9/13)
Judges tell Brown he needs non ‘clarification’ on prison crowding (PolitiCal, 8/9/13)
Jerry Brown says he’ll seek cooling-off period in BART dispute (Capitol Alert, 8/9/13)
AM Alert: Covered California backers gather in San Francisco (Capitol Alert, 8/9/13)
California state health professionals union reaches labor deal (SacBee, 8/9/13)
Governor changes tactics to avoid freeing inmates (AP, 8/8/13)
State worker: Corrections officials again appeal for private lawyers to handle litigation (SacBee,8/8/13)
Bill to let non-citizens work at California polls heads to governor (Capitol Alert, 8/8/13)
California seeks private prison deals (PolitiCal, 8/8/13)
Private prisons won’t solve California’s problems, advocates say (PolitiCal, 8/8/13)
Auditor: California mismanaging federal voting funds (Capitol Alert, 8/8/13)
Ex-lawmaker aims at altering California’s presidential primaries (Capitol Alert, 8/7/13)
California reveals insurance firms to participate in exchange (Capitol Alert, 8/7/13)
California environmental advocate invests in Virginia governor’s race (LA Times, 8/7/13)
California prisons could free 1,000 to ease crowding (LA Times, 8/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown reaping what he sowed on prisons (SacBee, 8/7/13)
Activist Cindy Sheehan plans run for California governor in 2014 (Capitol Alert, 8/6/13)
OPINION: Hunger strike in California prisons is a gang power play (LA Times, 8/6/13)
Assembly Republicans to vote on leader after session ends (Capitol Alert, 8/6/13)
Study touting economic boon to Delta water tunnels draws criticism (SacBee, 8/6/13)
Eminent domain proposal for mortgages gains traction in California (LA Times, 8/6/13)
Gov. Brown struggles to shore up support for water plan (LA Times, 8/6/13)
Stockton’s woes came from mistakes, not corruption, state says (LA Times, 8/5/13)
Business uses digital media, but not in its California campaigns (Capitol Alert, 8/5/13)
Ratings agency cites California’s spending restraint, upgrades (Capitol Alert, 8/5/13)
Prisons chief outlines response to court-ordered reductions (Capitol Alert, 8/5/13)
Jerry Brown’s intervention to avert BART strike has decades-old precedent (Capitol Alert, 8/5/13)
EDITORIAL: Reworking California’s jobless fund (LA Times, 8/5/13)
Assembly has ambitious goals for its last six weeks (LA Times, 8/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Medical malpractice issue again hits California Capitol (SacBee, 8/4/13)
BART shutdown averted as Gov. Jerry Brown calls for inquiry (LA Times, 8/4/13)
The Buzz: Firms lobbying California Capitol bring in $86.3M so far this year (SacBee, 8/3/13)
San Diego County clerk withdraws Proposition 8 bid (LA Times, 8/3/13)
Ruling puts release of inmates in California a step closer (LA Times, 8/2/13)
Supreme Court rejects California request to halt prisoner release (Capitol Alert, 8/2/13)
Justice Scalia voices uncommon dissent in California prison ruling (LA Times, 8/2/13)
High court won’t delay release of Calif. inmates (SacBee, 8/2/13)
COMMENTARY: California property values soar (SacBee, 8/2/13)
California prison chief meets with inmate advocates (SacBee, 8/2/13)
Senator asks Jerry Brown to slow down new casino deals (PolitiCal, 8/2/13)
Timeline: Key events in California’s prison overcrowding saga (PolitiCal, 8/2/13)
Jerry Brown loses bid to delay prison inmate releases (PolitiCal, 8/2/13)
LA County officials fear crime, costs because of jail decision (PolitiCal, 8/2/13)
California has already started process for prison releases (PolitiCal, 8/2/13)
LA Sheriff Lee Baca says ‘enough is enough’ to prison releases (PolitiCal, 8/2/13)
Abel Maldonado slams Jerry Brown’s handling of prison overcrowding (PolitiCal, 8/2/13)
Abel Maldonado in debt while Jerry Brown tops $10M in gov’s race (Capitol Alert, 8/1/13)
Prisons chief to meet with advocates for hunger strikers (KPCC, 8/1/13)
AM Alert: Geography is destiny? Sacramento doesn’t think so (Capitol Alert, 8/1/13)
California candidates file campaign disclosures for first half of 2013 (Capitol Alert, 8/1/13)
Health insurance rates for California’s small businesses unveiled (LA Times, 8/1/13)
California’s prisons chief to meet with hunger strike advocates (LA Times, 8/1/13)
California officials reviewing rehab centers in wake of fraud reports (LA Times, 8/1/13)
California lobbyists make more this year; oil group tops in spending (Capitol Alert, 8/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature needs to put people under oath (Capitol Alert, 8/1/13)
GOP rival lags far behind Gov. Jerry Brown in campaign fundraising (PolitiCal, 8/1/13)
California pension funds took in $33.8B, paid out $28.2B last year (Capitol Alert, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

Jerry Brown has $10M banked for re-election campaign (PolitiCal, 7/31/13)
COMMENTARY: A cost of dismantling mental health care (SacBee, 7/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Stockton has difficult road ahead (SacBee, 7/31/13)
VIDEO: Transgender teen delivers signatures to Brown’s office (Capitol Alert, 7/31/13)
Brown reports $10M in campaign fundraising in latest filing (LA Times, 7/31/13)
Poll finds Californians back climate change fight, skeptical on fracking (Capitol Alert, 7/31/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Jerry Brown faces a no-win situation over prison reform (Capitol Alert, 7/31/13)
California will spend $232.9B in new state budget (Capitol Alert, 7/30/13)
Top California GOP donors press their party for immigration changes (PolitiCal, 7/30/13)
VIDEO: Protesters deliver petitions to end solitary confinement in California (Capitol Alert, 7/30/13)
Celebrities join prison hunger strikers in protesting isolation (LA Times, 7/29/13)
Gov. Brown seeks overhaul of unemployment insurance program (LA Times, 7/28/13)
Businesses enlist Congress in fight against California laws (LA Times, 7/28/13)
Prison hunger strike leaders are in solitary but not alone (LA Times, 7/28/13)
Landmark California regulations under federal fire (LA Times, 7/28/13)
Independent monitors to keep watch on hunger strike at 9 prisons (LA Times, 7/27/13)
Moody’s gives blessing to California’s additional school aid (Capitol Alert, 7/26/13)
AM Alert: A survey of California ballot initiatives so far (Capitol Alert, 7/26/13)
Republican capture of state Senate seat gets national attention (PolitiCal, 7/26/13)
COMMENTARY: California Democrats’ dominance threatened (SacBee, 7/26/13)
Marin County GOP backs gay marriage (PolitiCal, 7/26/13)
Democratic Party officials ask San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to quit (LA Times, 7/25/13)
VIDEO: Democratic supermajority in jeopardy (Capitol Alert, 7/25/13)
RNC hires California state director (Capitol Alert, 7/24/13)
California health advocates renewing tobacco tax push (Capitol Alert, 7/24/13)
Poll: More than half of state voters give Jerry Brown high marks (PolitiCal, 7/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Big-bucks battle shaping up over bid to raise malpractice award limit (LA Times,7/24/13)
VIDEO: ‘New grist for the political mill’ on prison realignment (Capitol Alert, 7/24/13)
California, other states prepare to promote health insurance (SacBee, 7/24/13)
California officials, inmate advocates discuss hunger strike (PolitiCal, 7/24/13)
Jerry Brown’s approval ratings take a dip but remain high (SacBee, 7/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown on a big roll (SacBee, 7/24/13)
AM Alert: Will rising waters engulf California economy? (Capitol Alert, 7/24/13)
Republican Vidak leads key California state Senate race (Capitol Alert, 7/24/13)
California high court again refuses to stop gay marriages (LA Times, 7/23/13)
Lawsuit over sale of CA state office buildings moves forward (Capitol Alert, 7/23/13)
Field Poll: Californians’ assessment of Obama plunges (SacBee, 7/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Why have lieutenant governors? (LA Times, 7/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Big money in California influences huge money (SacBee, 7/21/13)
California prisoners retain ex-Bush appointee in court case (Capitol Alert, 7/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Government ‘moneyball’ could work (SacBee, 7/19/13)
California develops framework for releasing more prison inmates (PolitiCal, 7/19/13)
Gang members say hunger strike aim is to ’sell drugs, make money’ (PolitiCal, 7/19/13)
San Diego County clerk files petition to halt same-sex marriages (LA Times, 7/19/13)
Report: Online ed project backed by Jerry Brown on pause (Capitol Alert, 7/18/13)
California redistributes $4B in redevelopment funds (Capitol Alert, 7/18/13)
VIDEO: Was extra $2B a one-time windfall? (Capitol Alert, 7/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Jerry Brown channels George Wallace (SacBee, 7/17/13)
Opposition rises to Janet Napolitano as next UC president (SacBee, 7/17/13)
Prison hunger strike leaders moved to separate quarters (LA Times, 7/17/13)
Republican plans secretary of state run on Jerry Brown platform (Capitol Alert , 7/17/13)
Four ex-governors seek delay in inmate releases (SacBee, 7/15/13)
CA governors question realignment, support stay on prisoner release (Capitol Alert, 7/15/13)
California Supreme Court rejects bid to halt same-sex marriages (LA Times, 7/15/13)
Gavin Newsom was a rising star — now he’s lieutenant governor (LA Times, 7/15/13)
California holds out against Obama’s education vision (LA Times, 7/15/13)
Stakes are high in state, federal water contract negotiations (SacBee, 7/15/13)
Bill would let Californians vote on Saturday (SacBee, 7/14/13)
Why California won’t build prisons to ease inmate overcrowding (SacBee, 7/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Which voting system is fairest? (SacBee, 7/14/13)
Hunger strikers, slightly fewer, continue prison protests (PolitiCal, 7/13/13)
OPINION: Solitary — and anger — in California prisons (LA Times, 7/13/13)
California prisons sterilized 148 women without approval, report says (LA Times, 7/13/13)
Petition filed to block California county clerks from performing same-sex marriages (SacBee,7/12/13)
California says 7,600 inmates remain on hunger strike in 5th day (PolitiCal, 7/12/13)
Jerry Brown leaving California on Sunday for Ireland, Germany (Capitol Alert, 7/12/13)
CalChamber pushes House members to lead immigration debate (Capitol Alert, 7/12/13)
VIDEO: War over open government never ends (Capitol Alert, 7/11/13)
Gov. Jerry Brown signs state worker contract with raises (PolitiCal, 7/11/13)
Jerry Brown signs California enterprise zone overhaul (Capitol Alert, 7/11/13)
More than 12,400 California inmates on hunger strike, officials say (LA Times, 7/11/13)
OPINION: The California exception on immigration (LA Times, 7/10/13)
Jerry Brown extends private prisons deal — without funds budgeted (PolitiCal, 7/10/13)
State senate leader says Democrats’ super-majority made difference (PolitiCal, 7/10/13)
California prison protests enter third day (PolitiCal, 7/10/13)
Brown asks US Supreme Court justice for stay on prisoner releases (PolitiCal, 7/10/13)
Prisoners say jailers threaten retaliation over refusal to eat (LA Times, 7/10/13)
California tax revenue beats projections, Chiang says (Capitol Alert, 7/10/13)
Prison protests center on isolation, food, family visits (PolitiCal, 7/9/13)
29,000 California prison inmates refuse meals in 2nd day of protest (LA Times, 7/9/13)
AM Alert: Jerry Brown talks up solar energy in San Francisco (Capitol Alert, 7/8/13)
COMMENTARY: California oil could boom again (SacBee, 7/8/13)
Jerry Brown stands atop California’s collapsing house of cards (Forbes, 7/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislative edge hinges on special election (SacBee, 7/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Water bond, tunnels provide new test for Jerry Brown (SacBee, 7/7/13)
Former Jerry Brown aide among consultants blacklisted by labor (Capitol Alert, 7/6/13)
California state worker unions bargain for pay hikes (SacBee, 7/6/13)
Proposition 8’s long and winding road to legal defeat (LA Times, 7/6/13)
Brown’s ethics aide Erin Peth to become executive director of FPPC (PolitiCal, 7/5/13)
Bill Lockyer opens 2018 campaign account to ‘mete out justice’ (Capitol Alert, 7/5/13)
Fair Political Practices Commission names executive director (Capitol Alert, 7/5/13)
Gov. Brown agrees to hike water agency pay by up to 37% (SacBee, 7/4/13)
Judges reject state’s request for more time on prisoner release (SacBee, 7/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Hypocrisy prevails on big California debt (SacBee, 7/4/13)
Federal judges reject California request to delay inmate releases (SacBee, 7/3/13)
COMMENTARY: A small minority shouldn’t block public works projects (LA Times, 7/3/13)
Jerry Brown grants raises for some water department workers (SacBee, 7/3/13)
Judges refuse to delay order to release 9600 California inmates (LA Times, 7/3/13)
Federal judges refuse to delay prison release order (PolitiCal, 7/3/13)
CA legislators consider Saturday voting in elections (PolitiCal, 7/3/13)
Jerry Brown clears way for controversial new tribal casino (PolitiCal, 7/3/13)
California Legislature stalemates over teacher discipline bill (SacBee, 7/3/13)
Protesting at Jerry Brown’s office not always productive (Capitol Alert, 7/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Big changes buffeting California (SacBee, 7/2/13)
2014 water bond talks begin with ‘proposed principles’ (Capitol Alert, 7/2/13)
UnitedHealth to exit individual insurance market in CA (LA Times, 7/2/13)
Immigration activists stage sit-in in Jerry Brown’s office (Capitol Alert, 7/2/13)
Brown schedules special elections to replace Blumenfield, Price (Capitol Alert, 7/2/13)
COMMENTARY: California’s hefty fuel taxes buy poor roads (SacBee, 7/2/13)
Latinos poised to catch up with whites in state’s population (SacBee, 7/1/13)
Ratings agency: California finances better, but debt issues linger (Capitol Alert, 7/1/13)
AUDIO: How to turn a red state blue: California edition (NPR, 7/1/13)

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