The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up



california-stampIncumbent: Jerry Brown (D)

Primary election: June 8, 2010
General election: November 2, 2010

RATING: Lean Democratic Pickup

2003 Result: Schwarzenegger wins with 49%. (Open Recall Primary)
2006 Result:
Schwarzenegger wins 56%-39%.

California Gubernatorial Race Headlines

Jerry Brown Web Site Twitter YouTube

Steve Poizner Web Site Twitter YouTube
Meg Whitman Web Site Twitter YouTube

Local Blogs/Media:
Beyond Chron (SF alternative news )
California Progress Report
Calitics (progressive)
Courage Campaign (progressive advocacy)
The Policy Report (conservative)
Repair California (advocacy group calling for a constitutional convention)

Local Resources:
The Field Poll (California polling)

Field Poll: Brown’s job approval rating soars, with 58-33% approving (12/5/13)
Field Poll: Brown approval rating at 51%, plurality (43%) support a re-election run (7/24/13)
Field Poll: Voters have mixed views on spending cuts if Brown tax initiative fails (7/4/12)
Field Poll: Brown’s job rating remains favorable. Very poor appraisal of the Legislature (2/25/12)
Field Poll: Both millionaire’s and governor’s tax initiatives favored by majorities. Less support for Munger tax plan (2/24/12)
PPIC: Californians and their government – Strong majority favor Jerry Brown’s proposed tax initiative (January 2012)
Survey USA: Following illegitimate child revelations, majority of CA voters say they would never vote for Schwarzenegger again (5/17/11)
Field Poll: A complete look at the public’s view on Brown’s budget plans (3/16/11)
PPIC: Slim majority of Californians support Brown’s call for special election, raising taxes to save education funding (January 2011)
Field Poll: Brown opens 10-point lead, 49-39% (10/28/10)
Rasmussen – Brown maintains narrow lead over Whitman, 49-45% (10/27/10)
McLoughlin (Whitman internal): Brown holds slight lead, 46-43% (10/22/10)
Survey USA: Brown leads Whitman 47-40% (10/18/10)
Tarrance /RGA (internal): Brown, Whitman deadlocked at 46% (10/19/10)
Wilson Research (R): Virtual dead heat, Whitman 45%, Brown 44% (10/19/10)
Fox News: Brown opens lead over Whitman, 48-43% (10/16/10)
Reuters/IPSOS: Brown holds narrow lead, 48-44% (10/14/10)
Rasmussen: Brown’s lead holds steady, 50-44% (10/13/10)
Reuters/IPSOS: Brown lead grows, 50-43% (10/5/10)
Survey USA: Brown holds narrow lead, 47-43% (10/4/10)
Rasmussen:: Brown inching toward 50% threshold, Brown leads 49-44% (10/3/10)
Field Poll: Brown and Whitman in dead heat, tied at 41% (9/23/10)
LA Times/USC: Brown opens slight lead, 49-44% (9/22/10)
Survey USA: Brown opens slim lead, 46-43% (9/21/10)
Public Policy Polling: Brown holds small lead over Whitman, 47-42% (9/21/10)
Rasmussen: Brown, Whitman in dead heat; Brown 47%, Whitman 46% (9/20/10)
Fox News: Brown, Whitman tied at 45% (9/18/10)
CNN/Time/Opinion Research: Whitman holds slight lead, 48-46% (9/7/10)
Rasmussen: Whitman opens a narrow lead, 48-40% (8/24/10)
Public Policy Polling: Brown’s lead shrinks to 46-40 (7/28/10)
Rasmussen: Governor’s race tight, Whitman 47%, Brown 46% (7/12/10)
Survey USA: Whitman opens lead over Brown 46-39 (7/11/10)
Field Poll: Governor’s race a virtual tie, Brown 44%, Whitman 43% (7/7/10)
Reuters/IPSOS: Brown holds narrow edge over Whitman, 45-39 (6/29/10)
Cross Target/Pajamas Media (R): Brown leads Whitman, 46-43 (6/13/10)
Rasmussen: General election begins even – Brown, 45, Whitman 44 (6/9/10)
Survey USA: Whitman leads Poizner 59-30 (6/7/10)
Magellan Strategies: Whitman support hits 64%, Poizner falls to 22% (6/7/10)
Field Poll: Whitman leads Poizner more than 2-to-1, 51-26 (6/4/10)
Probolsky Research: Whitman up by thirty, 54-24 (6/2/10)
LA Times/USC: Whitman back up by 24 (5/29/10)
PPP: Brown holds double-digit leads over both Whitman & Poizner (5/27/10)
Magellan Strategies: Whitman way up on primary, 54-19 (5/25/10)
Rasmussen: Poizner now stronger than Whitman against Brown (5/24/10)
PPP: Whitman’s lead remains impressive, 51-26 (5/25/10)
Survey USA: Whitman leading Poizner, 54-27 (5/23/10)
Research 2000/DKos: Poizner within ten, 46-36 (5/21/10)
PPIC: Whitman’s lead over Poizner evaporates (May 2010)
Survey USA: Poizner has erased gap; trails Whitman by two, 39-37 (5/10/10)
Public Opinion (R) [Poizner internal]: Poizner claims to be within 20 of Whitman, 38-28 (5/5/10)
Survey USA: Whitman leads Poizner by 21 (4/21/10)
Probolsky Research: Whitman holds big primary lead, Brown holds narrow Nov lead (4/16/10)
Rasmussen: Brown gets convention bounce, leads Whitman 44-38 (4/19/10)
LA Times/USC: Whitman trouncing Poizner by 40, edging Brown 43-41 (4/3/10)
PPIC: Whitman’s lead over Poizner hits 50 points, also edges ahead of Brown (3/24/10)
Field Poll: Jobs & economy top concerns as Golden State picks new governor (3/22/10)
Field Poll: Whitman primary lead widens, beats Brown in general matchup (3/17/10)
Research 2000/DKos: Whitman with huge primary lead; Brown up in November (3/10/10)
Rasmussen: Brown leading all GOP hopefuls, Newsom in tighter races (9/24/09)
Moore Research: Brown increases lead over Newsom, Whitman, Poizner (LCV Polls, 8/25/09)
Daily Kos/Research 2000: Whitman, Brown lead, GOPers better liked than Dems (8/13/09)
PPIC: Schwarzenegger approval plummets to 28 (pdf) (July 2009)
Brown leads Newsom, 46-26 in two-way Dem contest (CalBuzz, 6/26/09)

Gavin Newsom (D) Web Site Twitter YouTube

Tom Campbell (R) Web Site Twitter