The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Arkansas 2009-11 Archives


Gubernatorial Headlines 2009-2011 Archives


Beebe: Medicaid shortfall not coming as soon as projected (Arkansas News, 12/30/11)
Talk Business: 2011 top business and political stories (The City Wire, 12/29/11)
Exec Q&A: Gov. Mike Beebe (Arkansas Business, 12/26/11)
2011 was year of big decisions in Ark politics, with an eye toward 2014 (AP, 12/24/11)
Little enthusiasm seen for higher timber tax (Log Cabin Democrat, 12/24/11)
Ark. unemployment dips to 8% in November (Arkansas News, 12/24/11)
Commentary: Forest fire at the Capitol (Arkansas News, 12/23/11)
Ark. Governor backs health exchange partnership (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/23/11)
Beebe supports partnership for health insurance exchange (KUAR, 12/22/11)
Beebe’s Christmas message: Blame the Republicans (Arkansas Times, 12/22/11)
Beebe seeks partnership for health insurance exchange (Arkansas News, 12/22/11)
Beebe tackles health insurance exchanges, again (The City Wire, 12/22/11)
Beebe pitches in $40K to stave off court furloughs (Arkansas News, 12/21/11)
Ex-Forestry Commission official blames Beebe for financial woes (Times Record, 12/21/11)
Beebe releases emergency funds for courts (The City Wire, 12/21/11)
Ark. governor taps $40K to pay for trial assistants (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/21/11)
Governor knew of trouble facing forestry commission, official claims (KUAR, 12/21/11)
Coleman requested state funds be directed to his Institute (Talk Business, 12/19/11)
Curtis Coleman seeks a state handout (Arkansas Times, 12/19/11)
Curtis Coleman’s campaign-ish billboard (Talk Business, 12/16/11)
Commentary: Tort reform strike down could bring fiction to life in Arkansas (Arkansas News,12/16/11)
AG McDaniel rejects Amendment for Tax Hike language (Talk Business, 12/15/11)
Ross, Blue Dogs endorse hopeful (Record Times, 12/15/11)
Commentary: Arkansas liberals have a lobby (Arkansas Times, 12/14/11)
Beebe office points to Sept letter of support for Keystone pipeline (Talk Business, 12/14/11)
Restraining Medicaid at whose expense? (Arkansas Times, 12/11/11)
Official to take questions on proposal for developmental disability centers (Arkansas News,12/11/11)
Tort reform ruling has backers, foes (Times Record, 12/9/11)
State GOP names director for 2012 elections (Times Record, 12/6/11)
Retired businessman eyes governor’s job (Times Record, 12/6/11)
Full tax competitiveness study released by state Chamber (Talk Business, 12/6/11)
Curtis Coleman begins organizing for 2014 governor’s race (Talk Business, 12/5/11)
Gov. Beebe reacts to Twitter comments (KATV, 12/5/11)
College Republicans apologize for tweets about governor (KATV, 12/5/11)
Coleman eyeing 2014 gubernatorial bid (Arkansas News, 12/5/11)
Arkansas eligible for up to $13.1 million for business loans (Arkansas News, 12/5/11)
State gets $13 million for small business development (Arkansas Times, 12/5/11)
Executive who ran for US Senate last year mulls 2014 GOP bid for governor (Washington Post,12/5/11)
Plans for state-run health exchange in Ark. ended (CBS Money Watch, 12/2/11)
Arkansas tax collections down in November (The City Wire, 12/2/11)
State revenues slightly above forecast for November (Arkansas News, 12/2/11)
State Board: $63M in new higher education funding needed (Arkansas Business, 12/2/11)
Beebe to higher ed: Don’t expect funding boost (Arkansas News, 12/2/11)
The feds will run Arkansas insurance exchanges (Arkansas Times, 12/2/11)
November revenues flat, like Beebe said (Arkansas Times, 12/2/11)
Health commissioner: No longer preparing for state-run health exchange (Arkansas News, 12/2/11)
State Health Insurance Exchange ‘quashed’ (Talk Business, 12/2/11)
AR Dem Minority Leader points to Obama as responsible for health care exchanges (Talk Business, 12/2/11)
Audio: Arkansas abandons planning for state-run health insurance exchange (KUAR, 12/2/11)
State officials: Economy facing ‘headwinds’ (The City Wire, 12/1/11)
Forecasters see slight economic growth (Arkansas News, 12/1/11)
Beebe: Slow growth ahead (Times Record, 12/1/11)
Arkansas revenue is forecast to go up by $161M in 2012; budget talks loom (AP, 12/1/11)


Beebe, Farm Bureau president differ on sequestration (Arkansas News, 11/30/11)
Beebe supports prison director, suspension (Arkansas News, 11/30/11)
Beebe: Budget for next year to be flat (Arkansas News, 11/30/11)
Beebe: Desegregation money could fund food tax cuts (The City Wire, 11/30/11)
Arkansas Republicans to hire Victory Director this week (Talk Business, 11/29/11)
Arkansas governor worries about brick-and-mortar shops (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/28/11)
Beebe critical of possible 188th Fighter Wing cuts (Times Record, 11/24/11)
Beebe frustrated over possible impact of automatic federal cuts (Arkansas News, 11/23/11)
Group pushes for Voter Approval Amendment on tax hikes (Talk Business, 11/22/11)
Arkansas candidates stick to their guns (Arkansas News, 11/20/11)
TV drug court Judge Gunn barred from Arkansas bench (Arkansas News, 11/18/11)
Casino amendment ‘will be on the ballot,’ promoter says (Arkansas News, 11/17/11)
Casino amendment qualifies for ballot signatures (The City Wire, 11/16/11)
McDaniel OKs casino amendment title — again (Arkansas News, 11/16/11)
Arkansas voters accept $575M bond plan to fix highways (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/15/11)
Medicaid man (The City Wire, 11/15/11)
Beebe won’t commit on highway tax increase (Arkansas Times, 11/11/11)
Tax study ranks Arkansas corporate competitiveness (Talk Business, 11/11/11)
Beebe balks at second major highway program (Arkansas News, 11/9/11)
Beebe: Arkansas’ reputation greatly improved (The City Wire, 11/9/11)
Arkansas interstate bonds work to begin in 2012 or 2013 (CBS News, 11/9/11)
Arkansas voters approve of highway bond package (The City Wire, 11/8/11)
Voters show strong support for highway bond renewal (Arkansas News, 11/8/11)
Low turnout seen for highway bond election (Arkansas News, 11/7/11)
Ark. House Speaker: Redistricting maps don’t displace precincts, despite Crawford’s concerns (The Republic, 11/7/11)
Analysis: State’s road needs loom despite bond vote (Times Record, 11/6/11)
The congressional map squabble (Arkansas Times, 11/5/11)
Arkansas congressman asks for redistricting review (RealClearPolitics, 11/4/11)
Congressman seeks review of redistricting map (Arkansas News, 11/4/11)
Arkansas revenue falls below forecast (Times Record, 11/3/11)
Group wants anti-abortion issue on state ballot (Times Record, 11/3/11)
Road bond foes don’t concern governor (Times Record, 11/3/11)
National publication honors Beebe (Newport Independent, 11/2/11)
Gov Beebe announces intent to grant pardons (KATV, 11/2/11)
Editorial: For roads and jobs (Arkansas Times, 11/2/11)
Highway bond vote starts up (Times Record, 11/1/11)
Editorial: Voters can extend highway bonds at no additional cost (Baxter Bulletin, 11/1/11)
The road well-traveled…road bonds early vote starts (Hope Star, 11/1/11)
Beebe not concerned about anti-highway bond groups (Arkansas News, 11/1/11)
Commentary: Interstate plan benefits all Arkansans (Times Record, 11/1/11)
‘Steady’ numbers seen for early voting (The City Wire, 11/1/11)
Highway plan gets support (Times Record, 10/31/11)
Arkansas officials praise weatherization program (Times Record, 10/30/11)
Arkansas Higher Ed Board picks panel to seek new chief (Baxter Bulletin, 10/30/11)
Beebe named a public official of the year (Arkansas Times, 10/27/11)
Gov. Beebe talks Obama, taxes and protesters (The City Wire, 10/26/11)
Beebe: Might vote for severance tax increase (Arkansas Times, 10/26/11)
Beebe: Obama won’t win Arkansas in 2012 (4029TV, 10/26/11)
Economic worries at the top in Arkansas Poll (Arkansas Business, 10/26/11)
Poll: Economy is top issue for Arkansans (Arkansas News, 10/26/11)
Arkansas Poll: Beebe rides high, economy top concern (Arkansas Times, 10/26/11)
Video: Governor Beebe urging voters to renew highway bond program (KTHV, 10/25/11)
Arkansas lawmakers change course, OK school fund shift (WXVT, 10/21/11)
Could Democrats rise again with Bubba? (Arkansas News, 10/20/11)
Rep. Rice enters House Speaker race (City Wire, 10/20/11)
Beebe announces new appointments (Paragould Daily Press, 10/19/11)
Commentary: Maligning those Democratic accountants (Arkansas News, 10/18/11)
Arkansas Medicaid director resigns (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/18/11)
Work begins on setting details of state Medicaid overhaul (Arkansas News, 10/17/11)
Commentary: The state Senate’s clueless presiding officer (Arkansas News, 10/13/11)
Gov. Beebe, local officials meet with Whirpool execs (City Wire, 10/13/11)
Opinion: Straddling Beebe wrests wedge from GOP (Courier News, 10/13/11)
Opinion: Lt. Gov denounces ’scary’ partisanship (Paragould Daily Press, 10/13/11)
Drug courts get short-term fix, still need permanent funding (Arkansas News, 10/12/11)
Arkansas GOP: Do legislative Democrats support Obamacare? (Insurance News Net, 10/12/11)
Ark. insurance officials look at health exchange (Forbes, 10/11/11)
Anti-abortion campaign continues in Arkansas (KATV, 10/8/11)
Forum on health care exchange slated (Arkansas News, 10/7/11)
Arkansas Republicans play cynical game on health plan (Arkansas Times, 10/6/11)
Opinion: Beebe plays politics, but more responsibly (Log Cabin Democrat, 10/6/11)
Gov. Beebe: Conway a special place (Log Cabin Democrat, 10/4/11)
Beebe appoints special justice to hear death penalty case (Arkansas News, 10/4/11)
Union officials, Beebe visit about Whirlpool future (The City Wire, 10/4/11)

GOP, state chamber at odds on health insurance exchange grant (Arkansas News,10/2/11)
Health exchange grant has GOP, Chamber at odds (Times Record, 10/2/11)
Opinion: Obstructionist or pragmatist? (Log Cabin Democrat, 10/2/11)
Commentary: Beebe seeks cover from Republicans on health care (Arkansas News,10/2/11)
Arkansas judges eye rainy day fund for financial help (Houston Chronicle, 9/30/11)
Sebelius praises effort to overhaul state’s Medicaid program (Arkansas News, 9/29/11)
Political allies in state agency expansion on Capitol Avenue (Arkansas Times, 9/29/11)
Health exchange battle continues in Arkansas (The City Wire, 9/28/11)
Beebe names interim economic development director (Arkansas News, 9/27/11)
Beebe unlikely to seek health exchange grant (Houston Chronicle, 9/27/11)
GOP lawmakers say no to health insurance exchange grant (Arkansas News, 9/27/11)
Ark. insurance commissioner seeks exchange support (CBS Moneywatch, 9/26/11)
Commentary: Raise legislators’ pay, lower reimbursements (Arkansas News, 9/25/11)
Governor working to replace Haley (Log Cabin Democrat, 9/24/11)
No talk of settlement in Arkansas desegregation case (KATV, 9/23/11)
Governor ‘not in panic mode’ to replace Economic Dev director (Talk Business, 9/23/11)
Road Trip Day 11: Mike Beebe, a good politician (TIME, 9/22/11)
Republicans have generic legislative advantage; tea party an asset (Talk Business, 9/20/11)
The Arkansas/Mike Beebe success story (Blue Arkansas, 9/20/11)
The Arkansas approach: How one state has avoided fiscal disaster (Stateline, 9/20/11)
AP Analysis: Higher ed flap about Beebe, not Broadway (Times Record, 9/18/11)
Idea of revisiting law on ADHE director has some GOP support (Arkansas News, 9/18/11)
Lawmakers object to Beebe’s school funding shift (Arkansas News, 9/16/11)
Lawmakers asked to OK applying for health exchange grant (Arkansas News, 9/16/11)
Beebe says rethink law on Education boss (Times Record, 9/15/11)
Editorial: Is THIS what Gov. Mike Beebe calls transparency in government? (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9/15/11)
Beebe: State poverty too high (Times Record, 9/15/11)
Beebe: Law on ADHE director’s qualifications should be reviewed (Arkansas News,9/14/11)
Republicans just don’t know when to quit (Arkansas Times, 9/12/11)
Opinion: A million-dollar special election (Arkansas News, 9/11/11)
Gov. Beebe announces intent to grant pardons (KATV, 9/9/11)
Shane Broadway drops out of search for ADHE director (Arkansas News, 9/9/11)
GOP lawmakers want AG to give opinion on Broadway post (Times Record, 9/8/11)
Partisan bickering unacceptable, Beebe tells business crowd (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9/7/11)
AG reviewing opinion on Shane Broadway (Talk Business, 9/7/11)
Republicans push McDaniel on higher ed opinion (KAIT, 9/7/11)
Analysis: Beebe steps onto national issues (Houston Chronicle, 9/5/11)
Arkansas Democrats craft a game plan (Talk Business, 9/4/11)
The ‘Don’t-Sue-Me-State’ (Arkansas News, 9/4/11)
Arkansas lawmakers OK plan to shift $2M to training (Baxter Bulletin, 9/3/11)
State revenue dips in August (Log Cabin Democrat, 9/3/11)
State reports August revenues fall below forecast (Arkansas News, 9/2/11) named best state website (TechJournal South, 9/2/11)
Beebe researching drug court funding options (City Wire, 9/1/11)
Beebe sets special election for Interstate bonds (City Wire, 8/29/11)
Beebe sets Nov. 8 special election for highway bond vote (Arkansas News, 8/29/11)
Beebe repeats call for ‘Washington to work’ (City Wire, 8/23/11)
Battle begun for control of Arkansas Legislature (City Wire, 8/22/11)
Legislative redistricting (Log cabin Democrat, 8/20/11)
Judge: Part of Ark. execution law unconstitutional (Log Cabin Democrat, 8/15/11)
Arkansas Republicans hope to see party switches ’snowball’ (Arkansas News, 8/14/11)
Analysis: Arkansas lawmaker’s switch mixed news (RealClearPolitics, 8/14/11)
Ross’ decision creates opportunity for Arkansas Republicans (Arkansas News, 8/14/11)
Beebe: Washington stifling economic development (City Wire, 8/9/11)
Arkansas Republicans shut down a blog (Arkansas News, 8/7/11)
Ark. Sec of State forms advisory panel (Log Cabin Democrat, 8/5/11)
Job growth, alliance plan focus of Aug. 9 meetings (City Wire, 8/4/11)
Arkansas revenues lower than expected in July (Forbes, 8/2/11)
Beebe: Too soon to tell debt deal impact on Arkansas (4029TV, 8/2/11)
GOP offers no proof on partisan activity allegations (City Wire, 8/2/11)
Ark. tax revenue up 2.1% in July (City Wire, 8/2/11)
Arkansas’ budget issues less severe than most states (The City Wire, 8/1/11)
JULY 2011
Beebe’s Senate remap plan approved (Log Cabin Democrat, 7/29/11)
Governor’s redistricting maps adopted by panel (Arkansas News, 7/29/11)
Gov. Beebe’s redistricting proposals adopted (Arkansas Times, 7/29/11)
Beebe, McDaniel release House maps (Southwest Times, 7/28/11)
Beebe: Debt impasse hurts Arkansas (Southwest Times, 7/27/11)
Ross departure makes Ark. seat tough to hold (Roll Call, 7/27/11)
Beebe: Failure to compromise on federal debt ceiling threatens state (Arkansas News, 7/26/11)
Ross is running (for governor) (Log Cabin Democrat, 7/26/11)
Ross to return individual campaign contributions, keep some PAC money (Talk Business, 7/26/11)
Arkansas Democrats face extinction (Politico, 7/26/11)
Mike Ross the latest Blue Dog Dem to not seek reelection (National Journal, 7/25/11)
Can Dems hold the Ross seat? (Politico, 7/25/11)
Rep. Mike Ross latest conservative Democrat to pass on 2012 race (LA Times, 7/25/11)
Ross won’t seek re-election in 2012 (Arkansas News, 7/25/11)
Black Caucus wants legislative map changes (City Wire, 7/25/11)
US Rep. Mike Ross won’t seek 2012 re-election (Arkansas Times, 7/25/11)
Beebe appoints 38 to boards, commissions (Arkansas News, 7/25/11)
Ross won’t seek re-election GOP says it is targeting his seat (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 7/25/11)
Opinion: Payback – Beebe maps his politics (Log Cabin Democrat, 7/24/11)
State’s June jobless rate reaches highest level in 24 years (Arkansas News, 7/22/11)
GOP fundraiser violates campaign rules (Times Record, 7/22/11)
Lt. Governor files brief opposing health care law (KATV, 7/21/11)
Darr files amicus brief in challenge to health care overhaul (Arkansas News, 7/21/11)
GOP lawmaker, AG McDaniel argue over Spanish-language website (City Wire, 7/20/11)
Redistricting maps shrink minority districts, pit incumbents (The City Wire, 7/19/11)
Arkansas-China summit set for Thursday (Log Cabin Democrat, 7/19/11)
GOP lawmaker accuses Dem AG of ‘pandering to Hispanics’ (Talk Business, 7/18/11)
Legislative redistricting takes center stage (Talk Business, 7/18/11)
Plans by Beebe, McDaniel for Senate redistricting draw grumbles (Arkansas News, 7/17/11)
The silence of McDaniel (Arkansas Times, 7/16/11)
Medicaid plans scaled back (Times Record, 7/15/11)
AG McDaniel submits proposed Senate map similar to Beebe’s (Arkansas News, 7/15/11)
Officials scale back initial plans for Medicaid overhaul (Arkansas News, 7/14/11)
Governor releases map plan (Times Record, 7/14/11)
Proposed Senate districts: ‘Slammed again’ (City Wire, 7/13/11)
Beebe nixes tax breaks (Times Record, 7/13/11)
Beebe submits proposed state Senate map (Arkansas News, 7/13/11)
Beebe: US default could create financial disaster (City Wire, 7/12/11)
Beebe says ‘no’ to using surplus for tax cuts (Arkansas News, 7/12/11)
Analysis: Future cloudy for highway taxes (Beaumont Enterprise, 7/10/11)
Legislators eyeing possible uses for budget surplus (Log Cabin Democrat, 7/9/11)
Citizens worry about redistricting splits (Southwest Times, 7/8/11)
Arkansas’ Beebe presides over Dixie’s last Democratic redoubt (Southern Political Report, 7/6/11)
Finance report: Arkansas’ revenues above forecast (Forbes, 7/5/11)
Beebe says legislature weakened by term limits (Arkansas Times, 7/5/11)
Revenue report: State ended fiscal year above forecast (Arkansas News, 7/5/11)
Arkansas Ag officials helping farmers add tourist attractions to diversify business plans (Washington Post, 7/5/11)
State GOP shows renewed vigor in attacks on Beebe (Arkansas News, 7/3/11)
Gay Rights – Beebe makes his points (Log Cabin Democrat, 7/2/11)
Beebe to call for road bond renewal vote (The City Wire, 7/1/11)
Beebe to seek highway bond renewal; truckers drop bid to keep tax break (Arkansas News, 7/1/11)
JUNE 2011
Opinion: State makes a bold move taking over Pulaski district (Baxter Bulletin, 6/24/11)
Support wanes for Arkansas highway bills (The City Wire, 6/22/11)
Governor, Speaker: Trucker tax break may be repealed (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/22/11)
Arkansas trucker tax break may be repealed (Forbes, 6/22/11)
Sec of State seeks redistricting hearing (Paragould Daily Press, 6/22/11)
TEA Party not the same as GOP (The City Wire, 6/21/11)
Martin: Board should take comments directly from public (Arkansas News, 6/21/11)
Martin seeks to tweak redistricting timeline proposal (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 6/21/11)
Mark Martin: Send in the crowns (Arkansas Times, 6/21/11)
Legislative maps vote may happen July 29 (The City Wire, 6/15/11)
Beebe: Decision imminent on fate of PCSSD board (KATV, 6/15/11)
Two GOP constitutional officers avoid controversy; third a lightning rod (Arkansas News, 6/12/11)
Panel recommends removing school board (The Times Record, 6/11/11)
Lawmakers want school board dissolved (KUAR, 6/10/11)
Leg. Committee: Abolish Pulaski County School Board (Arkansas Times, 6/10/11)
Amazon cuts off Arkansas affiliates; blames tax bill (KATV, 6/10/11)
Judge denies stay of desegregation money cutoff (Arkansas Times, 6/9/11)
Judge won’t stay deseg ruling; state funding could end next month (Arkansas News, 6/9/11)
School board moves forward with appeal (North Little Rock Times, 6/9/11)
Judge dismisses federal lawsuit over Conway Human Development Center (Arkansas News, 6/8/11)
Beebe replaces TV drug court judge (Arkansas News, 6/7/11)
Opinion: What’s this — Beebe being bold? (Log Cabin Democrat, 6/5/11)
Court rejects motion for stay in desegregation case (Arkansas News, 6/3/11)
Arkansas delegation unites behind disaster assistance (Arkansas News, 6/3/11)
Analysis: Ark. GOP’s car lawsuit ran out of gas (Baxter Bulletin, 6/1/11)
MAY 2011
GOP drops lawsuit over state vehicles (Fort Smith Times Record, 5/28/11)
GOP drops lawsuit over state vehicles (Log Cabin Democrat, 5/27/11)
Beebe urged not to call vote on bond issue (Times Record, 5/26/11)
Republicans retaliate against Blue Hog bloggers (Arkansas Times, 5/26/11)
Arkansas AG: Stay not necessary in desegregation ruling (Arkansas News, 5/26/11)
McDaniel, Beebe back slashing of Little Rock school aid (Arkansas Times, 5/26/11)
Beebe urged not to call election for bond issue (Arkansas News, 5/25/11)
State Chamber recommends ‘no bonds’ on unemployment debt (Talk Business, 5/24/11)
GOP claims partisanship in legislative redistricting process (Arkansas News, 5/24/11)
Court ruling and Pulaski school zones (Arkansas News, 5/20/11)
State officials tout college savings plan (Times Record, 5/20/11)
School districts react to end of desegregation funding (KATV, 5/19/11)
Judge rules most state funding in desegregation case can end (Arkansas News, 5/19/11)
Judge orders end to state payment for Little Rock desegregation (Arkansas Times, 5/19/11)
120 pledge to attend college on Arkadelphia Promise Scholarship (Arkansas News, 5/18/11)
Analysis: Immigration bills stall in Arkansas (NECN, 5/15/11)
NLRB, Boeing controversy gaining steam (The City Wire, 5/13/11)
Video: Reflecting on legislations that affect kids (KTHV, 5/12/11)
Gov. Beebe talks about the shale (Arkansas Times, 5/11/11)
Beebe quizzed on natural gas drilling, federal spending (The City Wire, 5/11/11)
Beebe: NLRB ruling could be ‘detrimental’ (The City Wire, 5/11/11)
Arkansas AG: Common ground hard to find in legislature (Log Cabin Democrat, 5/7/11)
Beebe: Flooding will have long-term economic impact (Arkansas News, 5/6/11)
Arkansas Supreme Court reprimands judge, rejects removal from bench (Arkansas News, 5/5/11)
Ark. AG rejects marjiuana, hemp initiative (Arkansas News, 5/4/11)
State revenues above forecast for April (Arkansas News, 5/3/11)
Beebe gets federal nod to pursue Medicaid changes (The City Wire, 5/2/11)
State gets OK to move forward on Medicaid reform (Arkansas News, 5/2/11)
Beebe hopes for response this week on Medicaid reform (Arkansas News, 5/1/11)
APRIL 2011
Talk Business Poll: Views noted on Legislature, Beebe, Pryor, health care (The City Wire, 4/25/11)
Beebe sets execution dates for two (Arkansas News, 4/25/11)
Poll shows Beebe strength, Pryor shaky (Talk Business, 4/25/11)
The congressional redistricting process — warts and all (Arkansas News, 4/17/11)
Redistricting plan has critics, fans (Arkansas News, 4/17/11)
Redistricting: The cast of characters (Arkansas News, 4/16/11)
Commentary: Congressional redistricting brings state something new (Baxter Bulletin, 4/15/11)
Beebe says redistricting map isn’t partisan (KUAR, 4/14/11)
Editorial: The new map ain’t perfect, but then again, what is? (NWAOnline, 4/14/11)
Beebe signs redistricting plan into law (Arkansas News, 4/14/11)
Redistricting compromise unveiled (Arkansas Times, 4/11/11)
No progress on congressional redistricting (Arkansas Times, 4/7/11)
Governor issues first line-item veto (Times Record, 4/7/11)
Huckabee: No love for wiped-out hard drive story (Mother Jones, 4/6/11)
Panel sets late July as target to complete legislative redistricting (Arkansas News, 4/6/11)
Arkansas voters to decide on diesel, sales tax increases (Land Line Magazine, 4/4/11)
Arkansas revenues top expectations in March (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/4/11)
Huckabee and the crashed hard drives (Arkansas Times, 4/4/11)
Ark. Legislature tackled big items during session (The City Wire, 4/4/11)
GOP impact: Partisanship or healthy debate? (Log Cabin Democrat, 4/2/11)
Arkansas prepares for redistricting (Ozarks First, 4/2/11)
Video: Mike Beebe on insurance funding, partisanship (Tolbert Report, 4/2/11)
Mike Huckabee’s memory hole (Mother Jones, 4/4/11)
House ends health law deadlock (Arkansas News, 4/1/11)
Legislature’s recess delayed; lawmakers seek to resolve redistricting (Arkansas News, 4/1/11)
Arkansas Insurance Dept budget passes; exchange alive (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/1/11)
Arkansas state budget clears final hurdle (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/1/11)
Beebe finds more partisanship in Arkansas House (KUAR, 4/1/11)
MARCH 2011
No more saggy pants for Arkansas school children (Reuters, 3/31/11)
Legislators struggle with redistricting plan as session’s end looms (Arkansas News, 3/30/11)
Dem lawmaker vows to push his redistricting proposal (CT Post, 3/30/11)
Beebe: Nixing employee raises and reducing spending requests to pay for tax cuts (KSPR, 3/25/11)
Beebe calls for more wind-power growth in Arkansas (Forbes, 3/24/11)
Arkansas legislative panel delays health overhaul vote (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/24/11)
Sec of State reclassifies most of redistricting expenses (Arkansas News, 3/22/11)
Beebe signs prison, sentencing overhaul bill (Log Cabin Democrat, 3/22/11)
Arkansas, Gov. Mike Beebe to pursue tax cuts (The State Column, 3/20/11)
Tax-cut measures advance (Ft. Smith Times-Record, 3/19/11)
Arkansas House panel OKs 3 tax cuts as part of $35M deal (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/18/11)
Tax deal is done by Ark. Senate, House (Arkansas Times, 3/16/11)
Rival bill would double Beebe’s half-cent food tax cut (Arkansas News, 2/10/11)
Census shows state’s population shift (Arkansas News, 2/10/11)
Tax cut bills in the mix (The City Wire, 2/9/11)
Gun legislation goes before Arkansas lawmakers (The Advertiser, 2/6/11)
Budget ax looms for state workers’ raises (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 2/3/11)
January state revenues slightly above forecast (Arkansas News, 2/2/11)
Beebe: Will sign ethics measure if passed (WXVT, 2/2/11)
Beebe says he’s willing to look at limiting pay raises for some employees (KSPR, 2/2/11)
Arkansas legislature to consider ethics reforms (Bloomberg, 1/31/11)
Health vote offers wins to Beebe, GOP (Texarkana Gazette, 1/30/11)
After past defeats, backers of ethics reform confident of success (Log Cabin Democrat, 1/29/11)
GOP leader not on board with Beebe’s budget proposal (Arkansas News, 1/29/11)
Bill to ban in-state tuition for illegal immigrants tabled (Arkansas News, 1/27/11)
Beebe: Grocery tax cut bill coming within 10 days (Bloomberg, 1/26/11)
Beebe supports panel voting down rejection of health care law’s insurance mandate (KSPR, 1/26/11)
Gov. Beebe puts focus on progress in education (Arkansas Matters, 1/23/11)
State lawmakers eye more spending cuts (Log Cabin Democrat, 1/23/11)
Lawmakers laying groundwork for tax cuts (Log Cabin Democrat, 1/22/11)
Commentary: New GOP legislature changes the way of doing business (Arkansas News, 1/18/11)
Beebe may face bigger challenges with Legislature in second term (Arkansas News, 1/16/11)
Beebe says state fiscally sound (Arkansas News, 1/16/11)
Beebe paints goals with broad brush (Texarkana Gazette, 1/16/11)
Beebe picks former state rep Will Bond for Dem chair (Blue Arkansas, 1/14/11)
Turner retiring as Dem Party chair (Log Cabin Democrat, 1/14/11)
Beebe’s proposals from State of the State address (Paragould Daily Press, 1/13/11)
Editorial: Hard work both behind, before state (Times-Record, 1/13/11)
Beebe: doubtful tax hike for roads could pass (Bloomberg, 1/6/11)
Changes needed now to avoid future Medicaid cuts (Arkansas News, 1/6/11)
Ark House votes to seat candidates despite election disputes (Arkansas News, 1/6/11)
Gov Beebe says Medicaid changes needed (Bloomberg, 1/6/11)
Legislators, Beebe talk details on session plans (The City Wire, 1/5/11)
Grocery tax cut, prisons, Medicaid top governor’s legislative agenda (Arkansas News, 1/5/11)
Beebe pours cold water on legislative proposals (KUAR, 1/5/11)
Beebe on prison report: ‘Not the be-all an end all (The City Wire, 1/4/11)
State tax revenue up in December, still below forecasts (The City Wire, 1/4/11)
Beebe gives $881K from bid to Arkansas Democrats (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 1/3/11)
Shifts in power dominated Arkansas politics in 2010 (NECN, 12/30/10)
Beebe reflects on 2010 (Ozarks First, 12/29/10)
Top 2010 Arkansas political stories: Health care and tidal waves (The City Wire, 12/28/10)
Arkansas tax cut bills won’t require supermajorities (City Wire, 12/21/10)
Panel studying ways to address rising prison population (Arkansas News, 12/19/10)
Panel studying ways to address rising prison population (Arkansas News, 12/19/10)
Irresistible tax cuts, immovable governor (Arkansas News, 112/18/10)
Is Mike Ross trying to lose the 2014 gubernatorial primary? (Blue Arkansas, 12/15/10)
Bill to cut capital gains tax draws opposition (Arkansas News, 12/15/10)
Arkansas opponents of health care law hail judge’s ruling (Arkansas News, 12/13/10)
Eyes turn to newcomers at Capitol (Arkansas News, 12/12/10)
Lottery Commission enables smug arrogance (Arkansas News, 12/11/10)
Gov: lottery to face more scrutiny in session (Bloomberg, 12/10/10)
Beebe: Public vote on road tax OK (Times Record, 12/4/10)
Beebe resisting calls for tax hikes, cuts (Log Cabin Democrat, 12/4/10)
Beebe: No general revenue for highway funds (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/3/10)
Group knocks Beebe for lifting salary freeze (Arkansas News, 12/3/10)
Governor lifts pay raise freeze as revenues rise (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/2/10)
Beebe warns of tax-cut mania consequences (The City Wire, 12/2/10)
Governor: Lottery problems must be fixed soon, or else (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/25/10)
Beebe talks taxes, lottery and the Legislature (City Wire, 11/24/10)
Beebe hopeful for compromise on unemployment debt (ABC News, 11/16/10)
Arkansas lawmaker proposes cut in capital gains tax (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/16/10)
Beebe’s budget previews tax cut fight (Log Cabin Democrat, 11/14/10)
Beebe proposes $4.6B budget for coming year (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/10/10)
Beebe says only food tax fits $4.6B budget proposal (Arkansas News, 11/10/10)
Tax cut debates heating up in Little Rock (City Wire, 11/10/10)
Beebe proposes half-cent cut for grocery tax (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/9/10)
Coattails shorter in Arkansas politics (Arkansas News, 11/8/10)

Republicans win; now comes the hard part (Arkansas News, 11/7/10)
Dems, GOP adjust to new Arkansas politics (Log Cabin Democrat, 11/7/10)
Opinion: Ethics reform a good idea for newly muscular GOP (Times Record, 11/7/10)
Does 2010 mark a shift for Arkansas GOP? (City Wire, 11/7/10)
Beebe leads Keet by 26  points (Arkansas News, 10/21/10)
Talk Business Poll: Beebe, Boozman hold double-digit leads (City Wire, 10/19/10)
Focus on jobs, economy in Ark. governor’s race (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/18/10)
Democrats keep lead in fundraising in Arkansas (WNCT, 10/15/10)
Lincoln, Beebe see women voters as crucial (Arkansas News, 10/15/10)
Opinion: Beebe still has work to do (Baxter Bulletin, 10/15/10)
Governor hopefuls debate grocery tax (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 10/13/10)
Keet, Beebe talk taxes, government in only debate (Arkansas Business, 10/13/10)
Arkansas students lead nation in improvement on AP scores (Arkansas, 10/11/10)
Beebe and Keet at odds over education (KSFM, 10/11/10)
Tapping into Beebe’s capital can sometimes backfire (Arkansas News, 10/10/10)
Keet’s message beats his execution (Arkansas News, 10/10/10)
Beebe announces new policy on use of state cars (Arkansas Business, 10/5/10)
Keet says state cars part of larger waste in Ark government (KFSM, 10/5/10)
Keet courts conservatives in governor’s race (Arkansas News, 10/5/10)
Beebe issues executive order to curb personal use of state vehicles (Arkansas News, 10/5/10)
Two major police organizations endorse rival guber candidates (Arkansas News, 10/4/10)
GOP lawsuit over state cars is cynical, hypocritical and worthy (Arkansas News, 10/3/10)
NRA endorses Beebe in gov race (WREG, 10/1/10)
NRA, sportsmen endorse Beebe (Arkansas News, 10/1/10)
Poll says Beebe has big lead (Ft. Smith Times, 10/1/10)
Beebe lead over Keet widens (City Wire, 9/30/10)
New poll shows Beebe leading Keet by 13 points (Arkansas News, 9/30/10)
State GOP files lawsuit over use of state-owned cars (City Wire, 9/29/10)
Jim Keet’s pledge (Arkansas Times, 9/29/10)
Observers: Beebe’s candor a wakeup call for Democrats (Arkansas News, 9/26/10)
Beebe, Keet spar over state’s per capita income ranking (Arkansas News, 9/21/10)
Beebe launches first campaign TV ad (Arkansas News, 9/20/10)
On spending Beebe’s money (City Wire, 9/19/10)
Poll shows Beebe up by 21 points (Arkansas Business, 9/17/10)
Sheriffs support Beebe in election (Times Record, 9/16/10)
Candidates report cash – Beebe has $2.5 million; Keet $9K (Arkansas News, 9/15/10)
Restaurant owned by ARK GOP candidate not appraised in 2009 (KSPR, 9/15/10)
Beebe aims to lower grocery tax as state’s economy improves (Arkansas News, 9/13/10)
Clinton hits campaign trail for Arkansas Democrats (KATV, 9/8/10)
Fewer Democratic candidates seeking Obama’s help (The State, 9/8/10)
Can Bill Clinton save Arkansas for the Democrats (Politics Daily, 9/8/10)
Beebe gets athletic in his fundraising (Talk Business, 9/7/10)
Ark. gov pins re-election hopes on jobs message (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/7/10)
Beebe talks jobs, education at campaign kickoff (Fox16, 9/7/10)
GOP ‘tidal wave’ should concern Beebe, Democrats, analysts say (Arkansas News, 9/6/10)
Opinion: Jim Keet takes cake, drops ball (Arkansas News, 9/5/10)
Keet attempts to end tax questions, pushes for debates with Beebe (Talk Business, 9/1/10)
Keet – His Checkers speech? (Arkansas Times, 9/1/10)
Keet: tax questions a Beebe diversion (Arkansas Times, 9/1/10)
The implosion of the Jim Keet campaign (Blue Arkansas, 9/1/10)
Editorial: Keet blames wife, others (Arkansas Leader, 8/31/10)
Ark lawmakers back away from school funding boost (Arkansas Business, 8/30/10)
Beebe: Highway panel’s recommendations will need public support (Arkansas News, 8/30/10)
Jim Keet: Just another corrupt Republican (Blue Arkansas, 8/27/10)
The many tax questions facing Jim Keet (Arkansas Times, 8/27/10)
Opinion: Beebe needs to respond to Keet’s attacks (Arkansas News, 8/18/10)
Beebe: State better off than most (Times Record, 8/18/10)
Keet raises $33K in July (Times Record, 8/17/10)
Beebe says Keet ‘trashing’ Arkansas (City Wire, 8/14/10)
Beebe fires back at Keet (Arkansas Times, 8/14/10)
Beebe has more than $3M in the bank (Arkansas News, 8/13/10)
JULY 2010
Private use of state cars becomes guber campaign issue (Arkansas News, 7/31/10)
Beebe, Light Gov nominee differ on tax increases (Tolbert Report, 7/30/10)
Keet criticizes Beebe over AZ immigration ruling (Tolbert Report, 7/29/10)
Piling cars on Beebe’s back (Arkansas News, 7/29/10)
Keet says state should sell plane (Arkansas News, 7/26/10)
Beebe talks second term strategy (Talk Business, 7/23/10)
Tax reductions, Medicaid and prisons part of Beebe’s 2011 plans (City Wire, 7/23/10)
Keet makes big push in guber race (Fox16, 7/22/10)
Beebe wants AR to take advantage of nuclear energy resurgence (City Wire, 7/20/10)
New poll shows Beebe ahead by 9 over Keet (KFSM, 7/19/10)
Keet accuses Beebe of squandering state resources (Arkansas Now, 7/17/10)
Beebe has $2.7M on hand for re-election bid (WXVT, 7/15/10)
Keet gets some attention (Arkansas News, 7/13/10)
State GOP mulling suit over private use of public vehicles (Arkansas News, 7/13/10)
Health care law gains acceptance in Arkansas (Arkansas Times, 7/8/10)
Keet says school consolidation not a central issue for campaign (Baxter Bulletin, 7/2/10)
Analysis: Keet won’t beat Beebe with hollow campaign effort (Benton Courier, 7/2/10)
Opinion: Arkansas better off fiscally than other states thanks to Beebe budget austerity (Ft. Smith Times Record, 7/1/10)
JUNE 2010
Beebe: Education is key to economic development (DeWitt Era-Enterprise, 6/30/10)
Keet calls for tax cuts (, 6/27/10)
Keet proposes ethics reform (Arkansas Times, 6/24/10)
Keet wants 2003 school consolidation law revisited (Arkansas News, 6/22/10)
Jim Keet vs. Barack Beebe (Arkansas News, 6/19/10)
Jim Keet, pure Arkie (Arkansas Times, 6/17/10)
Beebe passes $2.8M in fundraising (Arkansas News, 6/15/10)
Keet: Beebe is Obama’s “silent partner” (, 6/14/10)
MAY 2010
Barbour to appear at Keet fundraiser (Arkansas News, 5/27/10)
Beebe raises $2.3 million (Ft. Smith Times Record, 5/18/10)
Keet’s plan to limit state spending (Arkansas Progress, 5/5/10)
Money’s short; Beebe taps reserves (Arkansas Times, 5/4/10)
APRIL 2010
Beebe has $1.5M, Keet raises $50K (KFSM, 4/15/10)
Beebe raised $450K in March (Arkansas News, 4/15/10)
Keet releases internal poll claiming Beebe’s vulnerable (Arkansas Times, 4/9/10)
VIDEO: Beebe talks about job recruitment (City Wire, 4/6/10)
Keet campaign says they have a chance to upset Beebe (Politics in Arkansas, 4/5/10)
Beebe shows not all incumbents are toxic (AP, 4/2/10)
Beebe stands up to Jim Holt and Tea Partiers (Blue Arkansas, 4/2/10)
Keet accuses Beebe of “defaming” state (Arkansas News Bureau, 4/1/10)
MARCH 2010
Protesters gather outside Beebe’s office over health care (Arkansas News Bureau, 3/31/10)
Under shadow of 1957, Arkansas stays away from health care fight (Washington Post, 3/30/10)
Keet, Beebe make pitches to Farm Bureau (Arkansas News, 3/30/10)
Pryor: Beebe’s health care criticisms don’t see the whole picture (Arkansas News, 3/24/10)
Beebe: state will abide by health care law (Arkansas News, 3/22/10)
Keet trying to nationalize his gubernatorial campaign (Arkansas Business, 3/21/10)
Beebe raises over $300K for re-election campaign (Texarkana Gazette, 3/16/10)
Keet opposes health care, urges Beebe to state his position (Arkansas News, 3/15/10)
Keet promises to fight health care reform as governor (WXVT-TV, 3/15/10)
Keet, Beebe spar over governor’s office budget (Arkansas News, 3/5/10)
Keet files to challenge Beebe (Arkansas News, 3/2/10)
Beebe vetoes funding bill (Arkansas News, 3/1/10)
Rep. Berry slams Halter as he contemplates primary against Lincoln (CQ Politics, 2/25/10)
Special fiscal session adjourns, Beebe vetoes loom (Arkansas News, 2/25/10)
Lawmakers refuse to tap into project funds (Washington Post, 2/23/10)
Politico interview: Mike Beebe (Politico, 2/22/10)
Beebe cool to Halter Senate bid (Politico, 2/22/10)

Arkansas Lottery set to roll out first games (Salem News, 9/23/09)
AR Supreme Court Chief Justice to retire year early (Arkansas Times, 9/10/09)
Beebe wants input from parties as to how to fill state senate vacancy (Arkansas News, 9/1/09)
Beebe: Arkansas will lead the way to economic recovery (City Wire, 8/12/09)
Poll shows Beebe strong, Lincoln vulnerable (Arkansas News, 8/12/09)
State ranks 47th in children’s well-being (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 7/29/09)
Some public officials abusing retirement system (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 7/28/09)
State ends FY with surplus (NWAOnline, 7/2/09)