The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


AZ 2010 Archives


Arizona Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives

GOP legislators sue panel in flap over redistricting (Arizona Republic, 12/31/10)
Adams, Pearce ask court to order panel to revamp redistricting nominees list (East Valley Tribune, 12/31/10)
Redistricting update: Cry havoc…and loose the dogs (Blog for Arizona, 12/30/10)
Governor’s efficiency panel to miss deadline (Arizona Republic, 12/29/10)
Redistricting update: No change, Pearce and Adams fended off (Blog for Arizona, 12/29/10)
Panel refuses to remove nominees from redistricting commission list (East Valley Tribune, 12/29/10)
GOP leaders ask 3 redistricting panel nominees to withdraw (Arizona Republic, 12/28/10)
Opinion: Keep politics out as Arizona draws new voting  lines (Arizona Republic, 12/28/10)
Redistricting update: Another one bites the dust (Blogging for Arizona, 12/28/10)
Is an ally of Giffords’ 2010 opponent about to get onto the redistricting panel? (Tuscon Weekly, 12/28/10)
Arizona privatization report not done yet (KVOA, 12/28/10)
State process for selecting judges under scrutiny (Yuma Sun, 12/27/10)
Opinion: Legislature can’t get distracted from budget (Arizona Republic, 12/27/10)
Did Arizona shoot itself in the foot? (Huffington Post, 12/27/10)
Arizona cities push to protect revenue (Arizona Republic, 12/26/10)
Voters should elect judges, some state lawmakers say (Sierra Vista Herald, 12/26/10)
Arizona’s unmarried partners set to lose health-care benefits (Arizona Republic, 12/24/10)
Brewer, GOP leaders discuss direct elections for judges (Arizona Business Gazette, 12/23/10)
AZ lawmakers reveal strategy to reform pension systems (Arizona Republic, 12/22/10)
Brewer wants Congress to repeal ban so AZ can cut 250,000 from Medicaid (East Valley Tribune, 12/22/10)
Arizona’s next immigration debate: Babies born in the USA (Governing, 12/21/10)
Brewer asks for Congress’ help on Medicaid (Arizona Republic, 12/21/10)
State budget trouble brewing for years (Arizona Republic, 12/19/10)
All options on the table to solve budget problems, but not all are viable (Arizona Republic, 12/19/10)
Take cues from other states to avoid budget cliff (Arizona Republic, 12/19/10)
Collections from higher sales tax behind projections (Arizona Republic, 12/19/10)
Brewer: Arizona needs flexibility (Arizona Republic, 12/19/10)
Deep budget cuts are inevitable as Brewer, legislature struggle to erase shortfall (Arizona Republic, 12/19/10)
Audio: Brewing up lies over the state budget (Blogging for Arizona, 12/19/10)
Jan Brewer’s approach to balancing the state budget: Abdicate…responsibility (Blogging for Arizona, 12/19/10)
Editorial: All Arizonans hold big stake in budget fray (Arizona Republic, 12/19/10)
How we got here: Arizona budget history (Arizona Republic, 12/18/10)
Brewer taking a look at state job protections (Arizona Daily Star, 12/18/10)
Business groups seek AX tax action (Arizona Daily Star, 12/17/10)
AZ Pensions, a Soaring Burden (Arizona Republic, 12/17/10)
Arizona’s job growth continues, outpaces US (Arizona Republic, 12/17/10)
Arizona, Nevada sue BofA for mortgage fraud (New York Times, 12/17/10)
The skinny on redistricting (Tucson Weekly, 12/16/10)
Editorial: Brewer stance on transplant funding ethically indefensible (Arizona Daily Sun, 12/16/10)
Chief Justice schedules open meeting to address redistricting ‘controversy’ (Eagle-tarian, 12/15/10)
Fifth suspect still sought in Border Patrol agent’s shooting (Arizona Daily Star, 12/15/10)
Border Patrol agent dies in shootout in AZ (New York Times, 12/15/10)
BrewerCare – death by budget cut (Forbes, 12/15/10)
Medical Marijuana Act becomes law in AZ (Arizona Republic, 12/15/10)
Redistricting panel member quits amid controversy (East Valley Tribune, 12/14/10)
Republican approach to redistricting: if the facts aren’t on your side, lie (Blog for Arizona, 12/14/10)
Brewer: No funds for transplants (Arizona Republic, 12/11/10)
Republicans looking to change the nomination process for Redistricting Commission (Blog for Arizona, 12/11/10)
Brewer seeking feds’ OK to cut AHCCCS rolls (Arizona Daily Star, 12/10/10)
Opinion: Yes, Governor, we have a death panel (Arizona Republic, 12/9/10)
The short list for AZ Independent Redistricting Commission (Blog for Arizona, 12/9/10)
Opinion: High court can affirm feds’ role in immigration (Arizona Republic, 12/8/10)
Brewer opposes federal DREAM Act (East Valley Tribune, 12/8/10)
Brewer calls out Napolitano on flip-flop over immigration law (Politico, 12/8/10)
Brewer rejects call to move on organ-transplant funds (Arizona Republic, 12/8/10)
Cutting human lives – what to make of AZ’s rationing of organ transplants (Slate, 12/6/10)
Editorial: Make tax reform part of budget-balancing plan (Arizona Daily Sun, 12/5/10)
AZ needs balanced budget with no gimmicks (Arizona Republic, 12/4/10)
Brewer joins court fight over Glendale casino plan (Arizona Republic, 12/3/10)
AZ cuts financing for transplant patients (New York Times, 12/2/10)
Brewer: cut taxes, universities (Arizona Daily Star, 12/1/10)
Decisions, decisions. Brewer chooses tax cuts over saving lives (Tucson Citizen, 12/1/10)
Opinion: Border militia proposal simply unnecessary (Arizona Daily Star, 12/1/10)
New AZ authority pushes for competitiveness (Arizona Republic, 12/1/10)
Economists: AZ on brink of bouncing back (East Valley Tribune, 12/1/10)
Brewer’s Tinkerbell tax plan: Just clap your hands and believe! (Blog for Arizona, 12/1/10)
Brewer may seek voter approval of death panels (Blog for Arizona, 12/1/10)


Brewer commission on privatization recommends privatizing parks, more prisons (East Valley Tribune, 11/30/10)

Brewer may push for special election on AZ Health Care Containment System (AZ Capitol Times, 11/30/10)

Brewer seeks business tax cuts, ‘streamlining’ of state universities (East Valley Tribune, 11/30/10)

Supreme Court to weigh AZ Clean Elections law (Washington Post, 11/30/10)

Lawmaker proposes volunteer force for border security (East Valley Tribune, 11/29/10)

AZ Dept of Revenue director resigns (Arizona Republic, 11/24/10)

AZ bucks national trend as hate crime stats climb (Phoenix New Times, 11/23/10)

AZ Dems attack Brewer for AHCCS cuts (MyFoxPhoenix, 11/23/10)

Opinion: Welcome to the Wild, Wild West (Tucson Sentinel, 11/22/10)

Opinion: Don’t fix budget at the cost of life (Arizona Republic, 11/19/10)

What’s good for Jan Brewer and Russell Pearce is bad for Arizona (Huffington Post, 11/18/10)

Study: Boycott hit AZ convention business hard (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/18/10)

AZ boycott over immigration law sees mixed results (NPR, 11/18/10)

Goddard – the man who would not be governor (Arizona Republic, 11/14/10)

Voters likely to decide on health care cuts (12 News, 11/12/10)

Lobbyist’s ties raise questions for Brewer (KPHO, 11/11/10)


Brewer leads Goddard by eight points (Phoenix Business Journal, 10/28/10)

Endorsement: On leadership, Goddard is clear choice for gov (Arizona Daily Sun, 10/28/10)

Prison economics help drive AZ immigration law (NPR, 10/28/10)

Jan Brewer’s DUI and car crash (Tucson Citizen, 10/27/10) +++

Goddard catching up to Brewer in final weeks of campaign (East Valley Tribune, 10/26/10)

Brewer suspected of DUI in 1988 crash, but case was not pursued (Arizona Republic , 10/26/10)

Donors send millions to defend immigration law (Wall Street Journal, 10/26/10)

Guber candidates share ideas for Arizona’s economic development (Arizona Republic, 10/23/10)

Health report untrue, Brewer’s doctor says (Arizona Daily Star, 10/23/10)

The latest on the Brewer health story (Blog for Arizona, 10/23/10)

Fight surrounding Brewer’s health ridiculous on all sides (Arizona Daily Wildcat, 10/22/10)

Razing Arizona (Tucson Weekly, 10/21/10)

Brewer absent from education forum (, 10/21/10)

Goddard outlines ways to help economy (Prescott Daily Courier, 10/21/10)

Goddard calls for war against cyber-bullying (KTAR, 10/21/10)

Pearce legislation takes aim at 14th amendment (Arizona Republic, 10/20/10)

Brewer declines to participate in two candidate forums (Phoenix New Times, 10/20/10)

Brewer speaks out against medical marijuana proposition (East Valley Tribune, 10/20/10)

Goddard produces video clip over Brewer no-show (Arizona Republic, 10/20/10)

Health questions still dog Brewer (Politico, 10/19/10)

Budget crisis looms over governor’s race (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/18/10)

Republicans for Goddard (Blog for Arizona, 10/16/10)

Brewer taking credit for fed stimulus projects (Arizona Daily Star, 10/16/10)

Journalist behind Brewer illness rumors stands by his story (, 10/15/10)

Goddard tells Brewer to fire campaign manager after gay remarks (Phoenix New Times, 10/15/10)

Does Jan Brewer have thyroid cancer? (Tucson Citizen, 10/15/10)

Goddard proposes a ‘borrowers’ bill of rights’ for Arizona (East Valley Tribune, 10/15/10)

Brewer: ‘absolutely’ no more debates (Politico, 10/15/10)

Liberal group’s ads target Hispanic vote (Politico, 10/14/10)

Threats, rumors roil Arizona race (Politico, 10/14/10)

Brewer: reported health problems are off base (Arizona Daily Sun, 10/13/10)

Governor’s races turns personal (Arizona Daily Star, 10/13/10)

Brewer’s campaign manager suggests Goddard is gay (Arizona Republic, 10/12/10)

Lilly Ledbetter launches “Women for Goddard” (Blogging for Arizona, 10/8/10)

Brewer: No more debates unless lead fades (Arizona Daily Star, 10/3/10)

Opinion: Arizona needs a dose of bygone bipartisan spirit (East Valley Tribune, 10/3/10)

Brewer’s debate ducking is a disservice to AZ voters (Wall Street Journal, 10/2/10)

Rebuilding state’s economy is guber candidates’ top priority (East Valley Tribune, 10/2/10)


Brewer won’t debate again unless numbers drop (East Valley Tribune, 9/30/10)

About that “balanced” budget. It’s not balanced (Blog for Arizona, 9/30/10)

State budget picture gets even bleaker (East Valley Tribune, 9/29/10)

Opinion: Will ‘Silent Jan’ stay silent? (Arizona Republic, 9/29/10)

Voight latest celebrity to back Brewer (Arizona Daily Star, 9/28/10)

Nogales mayor arrested and charged with bribery (New York Times, 9/28/10)

Promise Arizona group registers thousands of Hispanic voters (East Valley Tribune, 9/28/10)

Opinion: Brewer is dodging Goddard (Arizona Republic, 9/25/10)

AZ taxpayers to foot bill for cancelled border governors conference (East Valley Tribune, 9/24/10)

Goddard holds cash advantage in guber campaign (Arizona Republic, 9/24/10)

Goddard circulates new poll numbers, say race is closing (Arizona daily Star, 9/22/10)

It ain’t over ’til it’s over: the Goddard ‘surge’ vs the robocalls (Tucson Progressive, 9/21/10)

Brewer: ‘I Love’ Hispanics, ‘I’m hurt they would think I’m a racist (Think Progress, 9/20/10)

Tough immigration law boosts Brewer’s political fortunes (LA Times, 9/19/10)

AZ immigration law puts Sheriff Paul Babeu in spotlight (Arizona Republic, 9/19/10)

Brewer not at US, Mexico governors meeting (Arizona Republic, 9/18/10)

Opinion: Democrats need to grow some spine (Arizona Republic, 9/18/10)

Arizona is now #2 in poverty (Arizona Daily Star, 9/17/10)

Guber hopefuls diverge over furloughs (Arizona Daily Star, 9/17/10)

Goddard unveils a trio of new campaign videos (Arizona Daily Star, 9/17/10)

Arizona jobless rate highest in 27 years (Arizona Daily Star, 9/17/10)

Brewer, Goddard spar on AZ budget deficit (Arizona Republic, 9/17/10)

Brewer backs Proposition 106 to limit health care in state (Arizona Daily Star, 9/15/10)

Goddard: Small businesses main source for job growth (Mohave Daily News, 9/14/10)

Despite FBI stats showing otherwise, Brewer continues to say crime is up (Blog for Arizona, 9/14/10)

Funds roll in from across US to defend AZ immigration law (Christian Science Monitor, 9/10/10)

Federal judge allows ‘sham’ Green Party candidates to stay on ballot (AZ Capitol Times, 9/9/10)

Brewer: Govt needs to let business create jobs (East Valley Tribune, 9/9/10)

Goddard calls on Brewer to stop hiding (Blog for Arizona, 9/9/10)

Brewer gains 3 points in poll – Goddard can’t believe it (Arizona Daily Star, 9/9/10)

Anti-immigration hysteria tied to private prison industry (Arizona Daily Wildcat, 9/9/10)

Facts can’t trump politics in immigration debate (NPR, 9/8/10)

Republicans hiding in the bunker with Brewer (Blog for Arizona, 9/8/10)

Video: Brewer campaign manager reacts to horrendous debate performance (Huffington Post, 9/7/10)

Goddard gets involved in controversy over Brewer’s mentally ill son (Tucson Citizen, 9/5/10)

Jan Brewer: Embarrassment, liability or tourist attraction? (Blog for Arizona, 9/4/10)

Editorial: Brewer (sort of) owns up to claim of headless bodies (Arizona Daily Star, 9/4/10)

Jan Brewer corrects the record on headless bodies in desert (Christian Science Monitor, 9/4/10)

Jan Brewer, Lobbyist Puppet (Blog for Arizona, 9/4/10)

Editorial: Brewer (sort of) owns up to claim of headless bodies (Arizona Daily Star, 9/4/10)

Brewer refuses to debate Goddard again (East Valley Tribune, 9/3/10)

Brewer’s criminally insane son and his mysteriously sealed file (Phoenix New Times, 9/3/10)

Brewer: No more debates (Politico, 9/3/10)

Was Jan Brewer really that bad? (Christian Science Monitor, 9/3/10)

Brewer’s debate gaffe – how badly will it hurt her chances? (Christian Science Monitor, 9/3/10)

Brewer experiences brain freeze during debate (NPR, 9/3/10)

The Ungreat Debate (New York Times, 9/3/10)

Jan Brewer: ‘I’m done with debates’ (Talking Points Memo, 9/3/10)

Fact checking the governor debate (Blog for Arizona, 9/3/10)

Debate? Brewer would rather not (LA Times, 9/3/10)

Brewer: No more debates – period (Arizona Daily Star, 9/3/10)

Brewer trips in debate with Terry Goddard (Politico, 9/2/10)

Arizona pols in the hot seat – Brewer and Arpaio (Newsweek, 9/2/10)

Brewer’s terribly awkward debate performance (Washington Post, 9/2/10)

Dems go after Brewer over private prisons lobbyists (Blog for Arizona, 9/1/10)


Brewer linked to private prisons housing illegal immigrants (KPHO, 8/31/10)

Brewer takes issues with report on immigration law (Arizona Republic, 8/29/10)

Goddard spending Clean Elections funds at much slower pace than Brewer (Pueblo Politics, 8/13/10)

Opinion: Immigration law is chasing Mexican tourists, dollars away (Arizona Republic, 8/12/10)

Brewer’s coattails don’t travel (Phoenix New Times, 8/12/10)

Goddard breaks silence on private prison safety (KSAZ, 8/11/10)

Even with additional federal aid, AZ Medicaid program $160M short (Arizona Daily Star, 8/11/10)

Prison escape becomes campaign issue (CNN, 8/10/10)

In immigration debate, families face the question, ‘to hire or not?’ (NPR, 8/9/10)

Opinion split as Legislature tweaks union ballot measure (Phoenix Business Journal, 8/9/10)

Goddard: too many killers in private prisons (KPHO, 8/9/10)

Goddard issues 5 steps to increase prison security (Blog for Arizona, 8/9/10)

Editorial: ‘Clean Elections’ program must go (Arizona Republic, 8/8/10)

Brewer’s hawkish immigration stance is good politics. But is it bad for business? (Newsweek, 8/7/10)

To Goddard, budget is AZ’s biggest crisis (Sierra Vista Herald, 8/7/10)

Arizona sees drop in legal Mexican visitors (Arizona Republic, 8/6/10)

Goddard unveils K-12 education plan (Blog for Arizona, 8/6/10)

Goddard: End tax exemptions to fund schools (East Valley Tribune, 8/5/10)

Brewer reacts to Palin’s comments on SB1070 stance (East Valley Tribune, 8/4/10)

GOP scramble to fix union ballot measure tossed by judge (East Valley Tribune, 8/4/10)

Is governor partly to blame for prison escape? (KTAR, 8/3/10)

SB1070 could benefit Brewer aides with prison industry ties (Creative Loafing, 8/2/10)

In the fight over AZ’s immigration law, everybody loses (Washington Post, 8/1/10)

Arizona was once tolerant of illegal immigrants. What happened? (LA Times, 8/1/10)

JULY 2010

Goddard: It’s time to go on the offensive vs. drug cartels (Arizona Republic, 7/31/10)

Activists rally for AZ immigration law (Reuters, 7/31/10)

Immigration legal fight headed for controversial appeals court (San Jose Mercury News, 7/31/10)

Immigration law aimed at criminals or at workers? (LA Times, 7/30/10)

Goddard’s rocky relationship with S1070 (AZCapitolTimes, 7/30/10)

Judge blocks key sections of AZ SB 1070 (Washington Post, 7/29/10)

AZ politicians scaring away tourists (KPHO, 7/29/10)

AZ immigration law may be weakened, but Brewer strong as ever (New York Daily News, 7/29/10)

Brewer campaign: Goddard equals Kerry, Obama biggest threat to AZ economy (Phoenix Business Journal, 7/28/10)

State heads for SB 1070 showdown (Arizona Daily Star, 7/28/10)

Jan Brewer builds her national brand (Politico, 7/28/10)

Goddard on drug smuggling: follow the money (NPR, 7/26/10)

Brewer’s endorsements point to popularity of AZ law (Wall Street Journal, 7/26/10)

Brewer defends economic record (Arizona Republic, 7/24/10)

Two of Brewer’s advisers have ties to private prison industry (Crooks and Liars, 7/24/10)

Feds present case against SB 1070 (Tucson Sentinel, 7/24/10)

Brewer tops Goddard by 19 (Tucson Sentinel, 7/23/10)

Fleeing Phoenix out of fear of immigration law (LA Times, 7/22/10)

Goddard outlines efforts to stop human smuggling (Voice of America, 7/22/10)

Goddard: Drug cartels key to stopping illegal immigration (East Valley Tribune, 7/21/10)

Editorial: Two AG candidates stumping on the backs of babies (Arizona Republic, 7/21/10)

Endorsement: Brewer has the chops to run our state (Arizona Republic, 7/21/10)

Editorial: Fear-mongering off and running in surreal season (Arizona Republic, 7/20/10)

Brewer has big lead over Goddard (Phoenix New Times, 7/15/10)

The ‘say anything’ Accidental Governor (Blog for AZ, 7/14/10)

How Jan Brewer won (on immigration) (Washington Post, 7/14/10)

Mills withdraws from GOP guber race (East Valley Tribune, 7/13/10)

Headless bodies and other immigration tall tales in Arizona (Washington Post, 7/11/10)

Mills wants to block funding for Brewer campaign (Arizona Daily Sun, 7/10/10)

Martin “suspends” GOP guber run (East Valley Tribune, 7/9/10)

Election year politics pounding state image (East Valley Tribune, 7/9/10)

Goddard: GOP goals neglect state’s needs (Arizona Republic, 7/9/10)

Mills has spent nearly $3.2M on governor’s race (Maricopa Monitor, 7/9/10)

AZ immigration law unlikely to survive federal lawsuit (LA Times, 7/9/10)

Two govs want to move meeting Brewer canceled (Arizona Daily Star, 7/8/10)

Goddard responds to fed lawsuit saying solutions are needed (Blog for Arizona, 7/7/10)

AZ tourism damaged by SB1070 immigration fight (New York Daily News, 7/6/10)

Brewer tells feds AZ won’t back down on immigration (LA Times, 7/6/10)

Immigration protests planned against Brewer at NGA meeting in Boston (Hartford Courant, 7/6/10)

Arizona’s long reach (, 7/5/10)

Governor hopefuls call for border security (Arizona Republic, 7/4/10)

Video: Martin proposes restructuring AZ’s debt for budget (Washington Post, 7/2/10)

Goddard makes case for reason (Arizona Republic, 7/2/10)

Brewer’s immigration battle damaging AZ image, tourism (Arizona Daily Star, 7/1/10)

Mills doesn’t like Brewer’s jobs plan (Tucson Citizen, 7/1/10)

Poll: Brewer surges ahead of Goddard (Arizona Daily Star, 7/1/10)

Opinion: Governor can’t have private & public campaign funds (Yuma Sun, 7/1/10)

Goddard endorses Obama immigration reform plan (Tucson Citizen, 7/1/10)

JUNE 2010

Hyperbole deters genuine debate on border reform (Arizona Daily Star, 6/30/10)

Brewer ad slams Obama over AZ border signs amid immigration uproar (Huffington Post, 6/30/10)

Mills already breaking AZ campaign spending records (East Valley Tribune, 6/30/10)

GOP spat leaves Arizona without short-term credit options (The Bond Buyer, 6/30/10)

Law enforcement questions Brewer’s claims about beheaded bodies (Politico,6/30/10)

Brewer a sought-after commodity (Arizona Republic, 6/29/10)

Martin in line for public campaign dollars (Arizona Daily Star, 6/29/10)

Brewer wants OK to raise more campaign funds (East Valley Tribune, 6/29/10)

Editorial: Brewer needs to get her facts straight (Arizona Republic, 6/29/10)

Buz Mills: “Obama Dupes Brewer” (Tucson Weekly, 6/28/10)

AZ primary politics – a political cage fight (Tucson Citizen, 6/27/10)

Editorial: Campaign is nasty, dirty – and it’s only June (Arizona Daily Star, 6/27/10)

Goddard responds to Brewers false attacks (Tucson Citizen, 6/25/10)

Brewer outraged over new border signs (ABC15, 6/25/10)

Brewer: Most illegal immigrants are smuggling drugs (Houston Chronicle, 6/25/10)

Brewer gets NRA endorsement (Arizona Republic, 6/24/10)

Martin faces Clean Elections challenge (Arizona Daily Star, 6/23/10)

Editorial: Goddard’s border security plan addresses true problems (Arizona Daily Star, 6/23/10)

Latest poll finds brewer stronger than ever (East Valley Tribune, 6/22/10)

Opinion: What part of distortion doesn’t Brewer understand? (Arizona Republic, 6/21/10)

Editorial: Another bad idea from Arizona – denying citizenship (New York Times, 6/19/10)

Goddard withdraws as lawyer in immigration suits (Arizona Republic, 6/19/10)

Brewer takes heat from opponents on sales tax hike (Maricopa Monitor, 6/18/10)

Is Jan Brewer replacing Palin as Fox News darling? (Huffington Post, 6/18/10)

Buz Mills elected to NRA executive committee (KSWT, 6/18/10)

Goddard withdraws from defending legal challenges to SB1070 (FoxNews, 6/18/10)

Goddard shakes up campaign staff (East Valley Tribune, 6/18/10)

GOP candidates spar over economic policies (Arizona Republic, 6/16/10)

What’s the matter with Arizona? (Harper’s, 6/16/10)

Video: GOP candidates participate in Citizens Clean Elections Commission debate (6/15/10)

Mills, Martin may target Brewer in first TV debate (ABC15, 6/14/10)

GOP challengers take on Brewer in guber debate (East Valley Tribune, 6/14/10)

Brewer refuses to grant clemency to innocent man (New York Times, 6/14/10)

Editorial: Clean Elections is sorely in need of an overhaul (Arizona Daily Star, 6/13/10)

Goddard joins Brewer in seeking to toss SB1070 challenge (Arizona Daily Star, 6/12/10)

AZ seeks dismissal of SB1070 lawsuit (Arizona Republic, 6/11/10)

Immigration law breathes new life into Brewer’s election campaign (FoxNews, 6/12/10)

AZ’s budget troubles could mean state runs out of money by Sept (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/10/10)

Clean Elections Commission urges Brewer to call special session after SCOTUS decision (ABC15, 6/9/10)

Dean Martin’s border plan includes statewide tent city for migrants (Arizona Republic, 6/8/10)

SB 1070 spurs Hispanics to register as Democrats (Arizona Republic, 6/8/10)

Pro-SB1070 Phoenix rising rally – Neo-Nazis, crackpots, nativists and more (Phoenix New Times, 6/7/10)

If you look at facts, border is more secure than ever (Arizona Republic, 6/4/10)

Brewer, Obama meet to discuss immigration law (Washington Post, 6/4/10)

Mills has already spent $2.4 million, Brewer to benefit (Phoenix New Times, 6/4/10)

Govt data shows border is relatively safe (Arizona Daily Star, 6/4/10)

Brewer wants to pick who defends SB1070 – Goddard says its his job (Arizona Republic, 6/3/10)

Brewer: Obama “brushed over” DOJ challenge to immigration law (Talking Points Memo, 6/3/10)

Pearce: “Born in the USA” not enough (Arizona Republic, 6/3/10)

Opinion: court challenges to clean election laws leave candidates hanging (Arizona Republic, 6/3/10)

Brewer falsely claims father died while fighting Nazis (Huffington Post, 6/2/10)

SCOTUS won’t halt AZ Clean Elections Law (Arizona Republic, 6/2/10)

Martin calls Brewer’s false statements about her dad “appalling” (Phoenix New Times, 6/2/10)

Goddard, Brewer spar over immigration law defense (National Journal, 6/1/10)

Munger drops out of GOP race (Yuma Sun, 6/1/10)

MAY 2010

Brewer removes Goddard from SB1070 legal team (Arizona Daily Star, 5/30/10)

Foes and supporters of immigration law march in Phoenix (New York Times, 5/29/10)

Goddard vows to fight any federal effort to quash immigration law (LA Times, 5/29/10)

Goddard a politician making a difference on border security (Arizona Republic, 5/29/10)

Mills campaign: sexist or sloppy? (Eye on the 9th Floor, 5/28/10)

Goddard urges DOJ not to sue AZ over immigration law (Washington Post, 5/28/10)

Goddard not focus of Sheriff’s investigation into AG office (Arizona Republic, 5/28/10)

Obama Administration asks SCOTUS to review immigration law (Washington Post, 5/28/10)

Martin announces fund for Border Fence (KSWT, 5/28/10)

Opinion: Arizona, a rogue state at war (CNN, 5/27/10)

Goddard creates Border Crime Prosecution Team (Blog for Arizona, 5/27/10)

Mills blasts Brewer over campaign financing (Arizona Daily Star, 5/26/10)

Brewer sets up legal defense fund for immigration law (Yuma Sun, 5/26/10)

Goldwater Institute asks SCOTUS to block public matching funds (Arizona Daily Sun, 5/25/10)

Brewer enlists frog puppet to humiliate opponents (Salon, 5/24/10)

Poll now gives Brewer 13-point lead over Goddard (Arizona Daily Star, 5/23/10)

Analysis: looking at three recent polls (Sierra Vista Herald, 5/22/10)

GOP candidate struggles to get media attention (Arizona Republic, 5/22/10)

Mills says he may not have signed SB1070 (12 News, 5/21/10)

Despite personal opposition, Goddard will defend immigration law (Nogales International, 5/21/10)

Prop 100 passage a boost for Brewer (Arizona Republic, 5/21/10)

Court upholds public matching funds for candidates (Arizona Daily Star, 5/21/10)

Brewer fires back at Napolitano, Mexico’s Calderon (LA Times, 5/20/10)

Arizona vote muddies anti-tax narrative (, 5/19/10)

Even with tax hike approved, AZ faces fiscal worries (Arizona Republic, 5/19/10)

ICE chief criticizes AZ law (Arizona Republic, 5/19/10)

AZ voters approve Prop 100, choose to raise taxes (Arizona Republic, 5/19/10)

Editorial: Voters step up to rescue ailing budget (Arizona Republic, 5/19/10)

Is Prop 100 landslide Brewer’s knockout punch in 2010 campaign? (Arizona Capitol Times, 5/18/10)

Voters overwhelmingly approve Prop 100 sales tax hike (Arizona Capitol Times, 5/18/10)

Opinion: Arizona, the gift that keeps on giving (New York Times, 5/17/10)

Martin pledges money for increased border guard presence (Arizona Daily Star, 5/14/10)

Forget immigration, Brewer’s big challenge is a tax increase (LA Times, 5/14/10)

Lopsided campaigns await Prop 100 vote (Arizona Capitol Times, 5/13/10)

Martin says IOUs, loans likely again in 2011 (Arizona Capitol Times, 5/13/10)

AZ sales tax initiative is considered bailout by some politicians (, 5/12/10)

Brewer signs bill outlawing ethnic studies (LA Times, 5/12/10)

Brewer takes business tax breaks off the table (KPHO, 5/11/10)

Mills wants to cut teachers to increase border guards (Heat City, 5/10/10)

Brewer takes on Obama – tells him immigration is no laughing matter (LA Times, 5/8/10)

Editorial: State needs to find consensus, rehabilitate image (Arizona Republic, 5/7/10)

Editorial: As state consider budget cuts, realize some are death sentences (Arizona Republic, 5/7/10)

Editorial: Law creates fear; undermines public safety (Arizona Daily Star, 5/7/10)

If Feds decide to sue AZ over immigration law, it will be mark a rare occurrence (Arizona Republic, 5/7/10)

Dems don’t like immigration law, but would they run on repeal? (TalkingPointsMemo, 5/6/10)

Arpaio won’t run for guv (Arizona Republic, 5/3/10)

Rocky Mtn Poll has more good news for Brewer (Arizona Capitol Times, 5/3/10)

Racial profiling in Arizona? Critics say this is nothing new (LA Times, 5/1/10)

Editorial: It’s time for our leaders to lead, not pander on immigration (Arizona Republic, 5/1/10)

Arizona immigration dispute inflamed by cop shooting (KTSM, 5/1/10)

APRIL 2010

Brewer wins in primary, unless Arpaio runs (Tucson Sentinel, 4/30/10)

Controversial Arpaio considering a guber run (CNN, 4/30/10)

Munger calls on Mills to withdraw from race (Arizona Republic, 4/29/10)

Immigration law boosts Brewer’s political standing (Arizona Republic, 4/29/10)

Poll shows voters like immigration, concealed weapons laws (Arizona Daily Star, 4/28/10)

Arizona politicians: Don’t boycott us (Politico, 4/28/10)

Forget outside outrage, Arizonans like their new tough law (LA Times, 4/28/10)

Welcome to Arizona, outpost of contradictions (NY Times, 4/28/10)

Goddard leads all GOPers in poll (Arizona Capitol Times, 4/27/10)

Arizona’s new immigration law has tough legal road ahead (New York Times, 4/27/10)

Mills defrauded millions from business partner (East Valley Tribune, 4/26/10)

Immigration law stirs emotions around the nation (Boston Globe, 4/25/10)

Immigration law polarizes Arizonans (CNN, 4/25/10)

Unexpected governor takes unwavering course (New York Times, 4/24/10)

Brewer signs tough immigration law (Arizona Republic, 4/24/10)

Opinion: Immigration bill will have high price (Arizona Republic, 4/23/10)

Arizona law forces immigration issue to front and center (MSNBC First Read, 4/23/10)

Both sides continue applying pressure on Brewer over immigration (Arizona Republic, 4/23/10)

Poll shows large majority of Arizonans support immigration bill (Arizona Daily Star, 4/22/10)

How immigration crackdowns backfire (Chicago Tribune, 4/22/10)

New polls show GOPers slightly favored in Guber election (Arizona Daily Star, 4/21/10)

Democrat loses ground in gubernatorial race (Politics Daily, 4/21/10)

In GOP split, Brewer opposing income tax cuts for businesses (Arizona Daily Star, 4/21/10)

Arizona conservatives flex their muscles (, 4/21/10)

Angst rises as Brewer mulls immigration bill (Arizona Republic, 4/21/10)

Sales tax initiative could be a real test of Tea Party strength (, 4/21/10)

Brewer, McCain in tough spot over immigration bill (National Journal, 4/21/10)

Tough immigration law passes, protests planned (Arizona Republic, 4/20/10)

Brewer faces tough choices on two controversial issues (LA Times, 4/20/10)

Brewer inches up in polls, Martin slides with many still undecided (Arizona Capitol Times, 4/19/10)

Arpaio’s large campaign warchest leaves observers wondering which job he wants (Arizona Republic, 4/18/10)

Arizona goes over the edge (New York Times, 4/17/10)

Brewer signs concealed weapon bill allowing adults to carry without a permit (Arizona Republic, 4/16/10)

Goddard calls new AZ immigration law “troubling” (East Valley Tribune, 4/15/10)

Goddard decries “solutions” to AZ budget crisis (, 4/15/10)

Martin, Brewer clash over sales tax initiative (KTAR, 4/15/10)

Experts expect slow economic recovery for AZ (Business Week, 4/14/10)

AZ House passes tough immigration bill on party-line vote (Arizona Republic, 4/14/10)

Sales tax vote will shape Arizona’s future (Arizona Republic, 4/11/10)

Mills reports spending $1.2 M on campaign ads (Capitol Times, 4/9/10)

Editorial: Goddard’s sales tax position – is it principled or political? (Arizona Daily Sun, 4/8/10)

Brewer renews call for feds on border (Sierra Vista Herald, 4/8/10)

Brewer, state GOP go around Goddard and join health care lawsuit (Business Week, 4/7/10)

Goddard enters guber race (Arizona Daily Star, 4/6/10)

Goddard wants education prioritized (Sierra Vista Herald, 4/5/10)

Goddard makes third run at governor’s mansion (, 4/5/10)

Goddard: rancher’s murder a professional killing (12 News, 4/2/10)

Brewer signs campaign finance law (Arizona Capitol Times, 4/1/10)

Brewer signs law authorizing legal challenge to health reform (Washington Post, 4/1/10)

GOP lawmaker calls for hearing into Border Security after rancher’s death (FoxNews, 4/1/10)

MARCH 2010

Brewer’s surprising tax fight (, 3/31/10)

Martin, Mills & Munger face off in first GOP forum (Prescott News, 3/30/10)

Goddard blasts Brewer over health care (KPHO, 3/29/10)

Opinion: AZ healthcare reverting to the 1980s (Arizona Republic, 3/28/10)

Brewer campaigning for herself & tax increase (Arizona Daily Sun, 3/28/10)

Holder: investigation into Arpaio is serious (AZ, 3/25/10)

Brewer, Goddard divided on suing feds over healthcare (Arizona Republic, 3/25/10)

Poll shows Goddard beating Brewer (Yuma Sun, 3/25/10)

Goddard opts out of suing feds over health care (Arizona Daily Star, 3/24/10)

Goddard’s numbers mixed in new poll (East Valley Tribune, 3/23/10)

Goddard leads two, trails two others in early polls (Politics Daily, 3/23/10)

Tough anti-immigration bill advances in Arizona (New York Times, 3/23/10)

Poll shows GOP guber contenders evenly split (Arizona Daily Star, 3/22/10)

Arpaio raises $2M, still considering gov run (Phoenix Business Journal, 3/22/10)

Brewer to challenge health reform with or without Goddard (Phoenix Business Journal, 3/22/10)

Martin calls for sales tax reform (Casa Grande Dispatch, 3/20/10)

Arizona drops SCHIP – only state in nation (New York Times, 3/18/10)

Goddard will only support sales tax hike if tax breaks are ended (Arizona Daily Star, 3/17/10)

Goddard challenges Brewer to not use sales tax to fund corporate tax giveaways (, 3/17/10)

Budget passes, spending cuts total $1.1 Billion (Arizona Republic, 3/12/10)

A long-term budget solution exists, but the political leadership doesn’t (Arizona Republic, 3/10/10)

GOP civil war over sales tax special election (, 3/9/10)

Brewer defends sales tax hike (Phoenix Business Journal, 3/9/10)

Brewer turns out to be AZ’s bravest politician (Arizona Republic, 3/9/10)

GOP lawmakers begin budget push (Business Week, 3/9/10)

Plan for state budget counts on steep spending cuts (Arizona Republic, 3/9/10)

Both AZ Senators opposed to Brewer’s sales tax hike proposal (Phoenix New Times, 3/9/10)

Brewer’s ads tie Martin to Napolitano (Arizona Republic, 3/6/10)

Brewer uses JibJab to attack Martin (ABC15news, 3/5/10)

Deal on state budget elusive (Arizona Republic, 3/4/10)

Brewer: sales tax increase hard, but necessary (Glendale Star, 3/4/10)

Brewer calls Martin a big spender (Arizona Daily Star, 3/3/10)

GOP candidate calls for investigation into Martin (, 3/2/10)

Brewer pushes for volunteers to fill in on services cut by state (East Valley Tribune, 3/2/10)


The AZ GOP Taliban’s Winter Offensive (, 2/26/10)

Martin: consolidate state debt (Arizona Republic, 2/26/10)

Brewer draws fire from 4 GOP challengers (Sierra Vista Herald, 2/24/10)

Uncertainty of sales tax vote forces legislature to make two budgets (Verde Independent, 2/24/10)

Martin unveils website revealing state spending (Arizona Republic, 2/17/10)

Goddard to meet with Mexican AG to discuss border issues (Phoenix Business Journal, 2/12/10)

Q & A with Gov Brewer (Prescott Daily Courier, 2/12/10)

Brewer’s budget path finds favor at the legislature – a year later (My Fox News, 2/12/10)

Arizona quits climate pact (Investors Business Daily, 2/12/10)


Brewer’s budget plan seeks to ax agencies, increase sales tax (Arizona Republic, 1/16/10)

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