The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


AZ 2009 Archives


Arizona Gubernatorial Headlines 2009 Archives


Fiesta Bowl employees say bowl repaid political contributions (Arizona Republic, 12/18/09)

Ex-GOP chief Munger joins gov race (Arizona Republic, 10/3/09)
Arpaio may lose some immigrant authority (Arizona Republic, 10/3/09)
Governor’s race starting early (Kingman Daily Miner, 10/1/09)
Brewer still an unkown to many Arizonans (Politics Daily, 9/30/09)
Parker exploring 2010 run (Arizona Republic, 9/26/09)
Arpaio: investigations into political figures created his enemies (Phoenix New Times, 9/25/09)
Brewer trails in primary polling (Public Policy Polling, 9/25/09)
Parker will challenge Brewer in GOP primary (CQ Politics, 9/25/09)
Brewer calls State Capitoll a “hell hole” (FoxPhoenix, 9/24/09)
In need of funding, Arizona puts offices up for sale (New York Times, 9/24/09)
AZ tests lease-back plan to settle budget deficit (Northern Arizona Times, 9/24/09)
GOP primary getting crowded (CQ Politics, 9/24/09)
Parker suing fed gov over false accusations (Arizona Republic, 9/19/09)
Brewer drops domestic partner benefits for state workers (Arizona Daily Star, 9/18/09)
Brewer has been “chosen” by a higher authority (Arizona Daily Star, 9/17/09)
Could Goddard’s office be investigating Brewer? (Phoenix New Times, 9/16/09)
Brewer urges backers to get tax hike on ballot (East Valley Tribune, 9/11/09)
Symington considering another run for gov (Arizona Republic, 9/11/09)
State land dept becomes self-funding (Arizona Business Gazette, 9/10/09)
Resign-to-law not working as intended (Arizona Daily Star, 9/10/09)
Arpaio may run as part of fued with Goddard (Phoeniz Business Journal, 9/5/09)
Brewer calls legislature “extremist” (Phoenix Business Journal, 9/4/09)
A budget deal (sorta) (Tuscon Weekly, 9/4/09)
Arpaio may consider running for gov (Phoenix Business Journal, 9/3/09)
AZ GOP wants Goddard investigated for resign-to-run law (Arizona Capital Times, 9/3/09)
Tax increases more popular than governor (Seeing Red Arizona, 9/1/09)
Property tax bills delayed due to budget impasse (Arizona Daily Star, 8/27/09)
Brewer leaning toward a 2010 run (Arizona Republic, 8/28/09)
Budget plan still lacks tax referral (Arizona Republic, 8/21/09)
AZ legislators propose selling Capitol, other state buildings (Phoenix Business Journal, 8/20/09)
State budget is a bad rerun (Arizona Daily Star, 8/14/09)
Phoenix mayor withdraws support of budget plan (Arizona Republic, 8/13/09)
AZ Supreme Court rules legislature acted unconstitutionally in budget battle with Brewer (Arizona Republic, 8/13/09)
Brewer gives GOP Senators tongue-lashing over sales tax (Phoenix News Times, 8/13/09)
Budget deal derailed; sales tax increase won’t go before voters (AzCapitolTimes, 8/12/09)
Martin considers GOP run (Arizona Republic, 8/11/09)
Brewer wants separate votes on divisive tax measures (Arizona Daily Star, 8/7/09)
Obama Cabinet takes on Kyl, pressures Brewer (The Arizona Republic, 8/7/09)
GOP Senators still opposing budget deal (Arizona Capital Times, 8/6/09)
Foreclosures surged in July (The Arizona Republic, 8/5/09)
Arizona GOP divided over budget (New York Times, 8/5/09)
JULY 2009
Overnight legislative session sputters, budget deal elusive (Forbes, 7/31/09)
AZ Dem: Arizonans get what they deserve (Arizona Republic, 7/31/09)
GOP budget plan makes Arizona’s future less secure (Random Musings, 7/30/09)
Compromise is in the air in Phoenix, at last (Arizona Daily Star, 7/23/09)
Poll shows Arizonans support sales tax hike (Yuma Sun, 7/23/09)
Dem: GOP to blame for budget delay (Arizona Daily Star, 7/17/09)
Kyl’s comments put AZ in center of stimulus debate (Politico, 7/16/09)
Brewer signs anti-abortion bills (Phoenix New Times, 7/15/09)
Republicans shape 2010 ballot (Arizona Republic, 7/10/09)
Goddard looking like a guv candidate (Arizona Daily Sun, 7/6/09)
Brewer seeks Dem support on sales tax hike (East Valley Tribune, 7/2/09)
Brewer rips budget, calls special session (Arizona Republic, 7/2/09)
JUNE 2009
Gov & Legislature inch toward budget agreement (Arizona Rebublic, 6/26/09)
Brewer’s lack of partisanship surprises AZ politicians (CQ Politics, 6/21/09)
Arizona Republicans fighting over taxes (, 6/19/09)