The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


AL 2012 Archives




Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples will request marriage licenses in Mobile on Friday(Mobile Press-Register, 12/31/12)
Ala. video shows what to do if shooting occurs (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/29/12)
Proposed constitutional amendment would strengthen gun-ownership protections (, 12/28/12)
GOP lawmaker: ‘I’m doubtful we should arm teachers in Alabama’ (, 12/28/12)
Gov. Bentley to delay early retirement measure (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/27/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley asking Alabama lawmakers to delay voluntary retirement incentives program(AP, 12/27/12)
Proposed bill would allow school administrators, teachers to carry guns (, 12/27/12)
Watchdog groups urge probe of $12M mystery political donation (AP, 12/20/12)
COMMENTARY: Armed and crazy in Alabama (, 12/20/12)
Roy Moore backs Bill Armistead for re-election as chairman of Alabama GOP (, 12/20/12)
Alabama lawmakers to hold hearing on school safety in wake of Sandy Hook shooting (, 12/20/12)
Ala. state Sen. Gerald Dial proposes ‘right-to-work’ constitutional amendment (, 12/18/12)
VictoryLand opens for bingo again (, 12/18/12)
Gov. Bentley: Alabama will lose thousands of jobs with no ‘fiscal cliff’ deal (AP, 12/16/12)
AG Luther Strange urges ABC Board to reject liquor license for VictoryLand casino (, 12/14/12)
Alabama GOP finances under investigation, chairman tells party leaders (, 12/14/12)
COMMENTARY: Who needs ObamaCare? We got BentleyCare (, 12/12/12)
COMMENTARY: Current crop of Alabama leaders makes terrible business decisions for the state(, 12/11/12)
Few corporations (at least so far) taking tax incentive Bentley predicted would create 5,000 jobs(, 12/10/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley endorse Matt Fridy for GOP chairmanship (, 12/7/12)
Restoration Council begins oil spill recovery effort with meeting in Mobile (The Press-Register,12/7/12)
COMMENTARY: Republican tussle over who will be chairman is a hoot to watch, write (, 12/7/12)
Alabama’s Mike Hubbard and New Jersey’s Chris Christie form a budding GOP alliance (, 12/6/12)
Constitutional Revision Commission narrowly rejects idea of term limits for lawmakers (, 12/3/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley and Karl Rove both addressing Alabama Farmers Federation (AP, 12/2/12)
Alabama politicians eyeing statewide offices for 2014 (AP, 12/1/12)


Prepaid tuition program will run out of money in 2015 without lawsuit settlement, report estimates(, 11/28/12)
COMMENTARY: On Alabama’s lousy anti-immigrant law, the state still isn’t ready to yell uncle(, 11/28/12)
11th Circuit rejects Alabama’s request for immigration law hearing (, 11/28/12)
Alabama Medicaid faces $30M shortfall, says Public Health director (AP, 11/26/12)
State’s Medicaid faces new $30 million shortfall (Anniston Star, 11/25/12)
Bentley says Medicaid is broken, wants savings, flexibility before expanding Medicaid (, 11/23/12)
COMMENTARY: The first rule of Alabama GOP fight club is … (, 11/23/12)
Bentley defends exchange decision, Democrats accuse him of flip-flopping (, 11/21/12)
Alabama’s Republican Party not one big happy family these days (, 11/21/12)
COMMENTARY: Alabama Populists, er, Republicans are having growing pains that could wreck the party (, 11/21/12)
Shelby County GOP applauds Bentley’s decision on health insurance exchange (, 11/18/12)
Sen. Vivan Figures to make history in Ala. Legislature (AP, 11/17/12)
Alabama to get $335M from BP criminal settlement (, 11/17/12)
Ala. cities relying on volatile sales taxes, some hit hard by recession, study shows (, 11/16/12)
Debate continues on Shelby County voting case appeal (, 11/16/12)
Lawmaker says Hubbard broke ban on travel (AP, 11/15/12)
EDITORIAL: Use federal Medicaid collars to help fix Alabama’s broken healthcare system (The Press-Register, 11/15/12)
COMMENTARY: Birmingham Republican group sanctions racist speech, and that says plenty about the party (, 11/15/12)
Medical marijuana to be discussed in legislative committee this afternoon (, 11/14/12)
Alabama secession petition qualifies for White House response (, 11/14/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley: No secession for Alabama (, 11/13/12)
Democrats still hold most Alabama courthouse offices, but GOP makes gains (AP, 11/12/12)
Lucy Baxley, Alabama’s last Democrat, reviews career (AP, 11/10/12)
VIDEO: Bentley to announce  new focus on education and workforce development (, 11/10/12)
US Supreme Court to review key section of Voting Rights Act challenged by Shelby County (, 11/9/12)
Bentley, other governors discuss looming healthcare exchange deadline (, 11/8/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley defends Amendment 2 (, 11/8/12)
COMMENTARY: If the Republican Party doesn’t dramatically change, it’ll be gone soon (, 11/8/12)
Democrats’ national momentum leads to local upsets for Montgomery area Republicans (, 11/7/12)
COMMENTARY: Alabama Democrats — A future? (, 11/7/12)
COMMENTARY: President Obama’s big win means better days ahead for, yes, even Alabama(, 11/7/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley determined to remove racist language from Alabama’s constitution (AP, 11/7/12)
Early reports: Alabamians are turning out in brisk numbers to vote (, 11/6/12)
Lucy Baxley vs. Twinkle Cavanaugh: A last hurrah for Alabama Democrats? (, 11/4/12)
Commentary: State Republicans will celebrate their victories with gunfire (, 11/3/12)
Alabama GOP dispatches volunteers to swing states (AP, 11/3/12)
Gov.Robert Bentley urges passage of Amendment 2 (, 11/2/12)
Forever Wild, industrial incentives and more: A guide to the 11 amendments on the Nov. 6 ballot(, 11/2/12)
State GOP says Bob Vance failed to report 2008 donation to Obama (, 11/1/12)

Chuck  Norris salutes Roy Moore in Alabama radio ad (, 11/1/12)


Roy Moore stresses experience, Constitution in bid to regain old job (, 10/30/12)
Former justices endorse Bob Vance for chief justice (, 10/30/12)
A score of 61 gets a ‘B’? Yes, and Gov. Robert Bentley gets both from DC think tank (, 10/29/12)
Alabama Supreme Court pares down prison officials lawsuit (AP, 10/26/12)
Bob Vance ahead of Roy Moore in money race (, 10/26/12)
Roy Moore: ‘It’s time we wake up in this country’ (, 10/25/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley creates commission on Medicaid costs (, 10/25/12)
Politics in the pulpit? Alabama pastors take a defiant stand (, 10/25/12)
Madison County GOP ‘Victory Patriots’ heading to swing state Ohio (Huntsville Times, 10/24/12)
Opinion: Roy Moore – ‘Why I want to be your chief justice, again’ (Press-Register, 10/24/12)
Business group backing Gov. Bentley airs ads for job money (AP, 10/22/12)
Tea Party offshoot working to clear names from Alabama voter rolls (, 10/20/12)
Roy Moore ad touts his record of standing up to the ACLU (Birmingham News, 10/19/12)
Number 2 Alabama Democrat settles misdemeanor case for soliciting staff when she was Sec of State (AP, 10/19/12)
Alabama voters to decide union organizing issue (AP, 10/18/12)
Gulf Coast issue ends up on state-wide ballots thanks to politics, quirk in legislative rules (Press-Register, 10/18/12)
Deadline for Alabama’s absentee ballots for military and overseas voters extended (AP, 10/18/12)
Commentary: Lashunda Scales and Roy Moore decide who is worthy of equal rights (, 10/18/12)
Editorial: Passage of Amendment 2 critical to attracting industry to Alabama (The Press-Register, 10/17/12)
Employees once paid to stay could now be paid to go under Bentley retirement incentive plan (Birmingham News, 10/16/12)
Political Geography: Solid South reversed, but Alabama, Mississippi still divided by race (FiveThirtyEight, 10/11/12)
Senators to Obama: Don’t shortchange the Gulf Coast (Press-Register, 10/8/12)
Video: Roy Moore says gay marriage will be ‘ultimate destruction of our country’ (Birmingham News, 10/6/12)
State GOP failed to report car donation for several months (Birmingham News, 10/5/12)
Commentary: In Alabama, ‘progress’ is a very scary word. Doesn’t have to be (, 10/5/12)
Commentary: In Jefferson County, the doctor is out of his head (, 10/4/12)
Former GOP Rep. Jack Edwards endorses Dem Robert Vance in Alabama Supreme Court race (, 10/2/12)
Before Carville-Rove debate, the question of the hour is Alabama’s economy (Birmingham News, 10/2/12)
Commentary: Bentley doesn’t want feds to tell us what to do, until he wants the feds to tell us what to do (, 10/2/12)
Bentley refuses to comply with health care exchange deadline (Birmingham News, 10/1/12)
Roy Moore behind Robert Vance in money race (Birmingham News, 10/1/12)
Justice Inc.: Should private companies help Alabama cities enforce the law? (Birmingham News, 10/1/12)
Justice Inc.: Governments must ensure rights are protected, experts say (Birmingham News, 10/1/12)
Justice Inc.: Private probation company says it’s just the court’s ‘hired help’ (Birmingham News, 10/1/12)
BP oil spill settlement could shortchange Gulf Coast states (Mobile Press-Register, 10/1/12)


Alabama children’s health insurance program, once national leader, pinching pennies (Sweet Home Potomac, 9/30/12)
Editorial: Alabama voters must not let lawmakers ignore constitution reform (Huntsville Times, 9/30/12)
Artur Davis backs Mitt Romney in new campaign ad (Press-Register, 9/28/12)
Restore Act can shape future, Bonner says (Press-Register, 9/27/12)
State schools head wants pay increase for Alabama teachers (Tuscaloosa News, 9/27/12)
Gov. Bentley touts economic windfall for state ‘more significant than Airbus’ (Huntsville Times, 9/26/12)
Commentary: The $437 million hustle (Press-Register, 9/26/12)
Justice Dept asks Supreme Court to reject Shelby County voting rights case (Sweet Home Potomac, 9/25/12)
Commentary: Hey Governor! Early retirement for state workers, teachers then what? (Poe in the Gump, 9/25/12)
Editorial: Enforcing out insurance law (Huntsville Times, 9/24/12)
Commentary: Looking for a spare $1 billion (Huntsville Times, 9/24/12)
Commentary: OK, we’ve bailed out Alabama’s General Fund. Now, what’s next? (Birmingham News, 9/24/12)
Alabama Public Service Commission president race is for last seat held by a Democrat (Birmingham News, 9/23/12)
Third party presidential candidates on Alabama ballot (Sweet Home Potomac, 9/22/12)
Sen. Sanford of Huntsville offers plan to pay back $437M in referendum money (Huntsville Times, 9/21/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley says Nov. 6 amendment ‘vital to our state’ (Press-Register, 9/21/12)
Mexican government reviewing complaint that Alabama’s immigration law violates NAFTA labor rules (Sweet Home Potomac, 9/20/12)
Alabama GOP chairman recommends anti-Obama movie ‘Dreams From My Real Father’ (Press-Register, 9/20/12)
Editorial: Tuesday’s constitutional amendment approval puts a Band-Aid on state’s General Fund, but it’s no substitute for serious tax reform effort (Birmingham News, 9/20/12)
Mobile County probate judge continues legal fight over voter registration, faces ethics complaint (Press-Register, 9/19/12)
Governor says he likely will propose retirement incentives plan for state workers (Birmingham News, 9/19/12)
Commentary: It it’s all about not raising taxes, we’re in trouble (Birmingham News, 9/19/12)
Governor praises passage of amendment to transfer money to the General Fund (Birmingham News, 9/18/12)
Madison County bucks state trend, votes ‘no’ on Alabama Trust Fund referendum (Huntsville Times, 9/18/12)
Opinion: Hold your nose and vote yes in today’s referendum (Birmingham News, 9/18/12)
AEA executive says yes vote Tuesday could help protect the Education Trust Fund (Birmingham News, 9/17/12)
Bradley Byrne leads push against constitutional amendment (Press-Register, 9/17/12)
Editorial: State needs frank discussion (Huntsville Times, 9/17/12)
Transfers from Alabama Trust Fund to support Medicaid, prisons on ballot (Press-Register, 9/17/12)
Alabama’s show-me-your-papers law: A cautionary tale for Georgia (AJC, 9/16/12)
Alabama voters could pave way for trust fund transfers (Birmingham News, 9/16/12)
Alabama lawmakers find other ways to travel after ban (AP, 9/16/12)
Editorial: “Yes’ vote best of bad options for state budget fix (Huntsville Times, 9/16/12)
Commentary: Vote on Alabama Constitutional Amendment Tuesday, and wait for the sky to fall (Birmingham News, 9/16/12)
Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council meets in Mobile (Press-Register, 9/15/12)
Alab. Rep. Paul Demarco talks economic development, Jefferson County hears ‘blah, blah, blah’ (Birmingham News, 9/14/12)
Gov. Bentley to allow media coverage of RESTORE meeting in Mobile (Press-Register, 9/13/12)
Jefferson County could default again on general obligation debt to pay bankruptcy lawyers (Birmingham News, 9/13/12)
RESTORE committee to meet Friday behind closed doors in Mobile (Press-Register, 9/13/12)
Alabama sells voter information, for one penny (Press-Register, 9/13/12)
Commentary: State spending more of our money defending the indefensible (Birmingham News, 9/12/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley and top Alabama legislative leaders in Washington (Sweet Home Potomac, 9/12/12)
Video: Don Siegelman’s daughter, Dana, recounts encounter with Karl Rove at DNC (Press-Register, 9/11/12)
Jefferson County struggles with deficit as budget deadline approaches (Birmingham News, 9/10/12)
Rove and Siegelman: A chance encounter (Press-Register, 9/10/12)
Don Siegelman returns to prison Tuesday (Birmingham News, 9/10/12)
US Rep. Robert Alderholt says bookkeeper’s errors snowballed; led to $13,000 fine from FEC (Sweet Home Potomac, 9/7/12)
Alabama delegates far from stage at Democratic National Convention (Huntsville Times, 9/6/12)
Editorial: The one benefit of this year’s otherwise regrettable chief justice race is that the usual suspects aren’t lavishing money on any candidate, at least so far (Birmingham News, 9/6/12)
Jefferson County could dip into reserves to balance 2013 budget (Birmingham News, 9/5/12)
Artur Davis named to Mitt Romney’s Black Leadership Council (Sweet Home Potomac, 9/5/12)
Commentary: Constitutional amendment a tough call for voters (Press-Register, 9/5/12)
Editorial: Alabama fails in school funding, ranking 49th in recent study (Huntsville Times, 9/5/12)
Editorial: More good jobs for Alabama (Huntsville Times, 9/4/12)
Inside Isaac: As the big storm loomed, confusion reigned on the Gulf Coast (Press-Register, 9/2/12)
Inside Issac: Governors face tough call on evacuations (Press-Register, 9/2/12)


Editorial: Alabama’s highest in nation rate of prescription painkiller abuse another indication state needs to invest more in drug treatment services (Birmingham News, 8/31/12)
Gov. Bentley tours Alabama beaches, says Isaac a ‘learning experience’ (Press-Register, 8/30/12)
President Obama briefs Gulf Coast governors on Isaac (Press-Register, 8/29/12)
Will Artur Davis impact presidential election? Mo Brooks, Charlie Holley disagree (Huntsville Times, 8/29/12)
Artur Davis: No ‘deal’ in exchange for GOP convention speech (Press-Register, 8/29/12)
Commentary: Let former Democrat Artur Davis be who his is, whatever that is (Birmingham News, 8/28/12)
Editorial: Looking for Alabama leaders (Huntsville Times, 8/28/12)
Artur Davis to GOP: “America is a land of second chances” (Sweet Home Potomac, 8/28/12)
Alabama Democrats feel betrayed by Artur Davis’ switch to GOP (Sweet Home Potomac, 8/28/12)
Editorial: A school tax that needs to continue (Huntsville Times, 8/27/12)
Editorial: Budget fix left to the voters (Huntsville Times, 8/26/12)
Editorial: The state is fortunate to have Jefferson County Judge Vance in the race for Alabama’s Chief Justice (Birmingham News, 8/25/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley cancels plans for GOP convention to prepare for storm (Press-Register, 8/25/12)
Video: Democrats blast Artur Davis in new ad (Press-Register, 8/24/12)
Editorial: Alabama PACT program still faces major challenges (Press-Register, 8/24/12)
Editorial: Judge’s immigration ruling a ‘victory for reason’ (Press-Register, 8/23/12)
Alabama Trust Fund board members take no position on plan to transfer $437M over three years to General Fund (Birmingham News, 8/23/12)
Political insiders say Roy Moore unbeatable in Supreme Court race (Press-Register, 8/22/12)
Mobile lawyers drop write-in bids for Alabama Supreme Court chief justice (Press-Register, 8/21/12)
Editorial: The Democratic Party was right to remove Harry Lyon as its nominee for chief justice of Ala. Supreme Court (Birmingham News, 8/21/12)
Judge Robert Vance says he wants to offer ‘choice’ in chief justice race (Birmingham News, 8/20/12)
Commentary: Alabama still ranks #4 in adult obesity, and is paying a hefty price (Birmingham News, 8/20/12)
As school starts today, debate over school calendar to begin anew (Huntsville Times, 8/20/12)
Alabama trust fund repayment plan may aid approval of $437M transfer to General Fund (Birmingham News, 8/19/12)
Commentary: Alabama is stuck on the George Jetson treadmill (Birmingham News, 8/19/12)
Editorial: Why Alabama’s charter schools proposal deserved to fail (Press-Register, 8/19/12)
Alabama’s rising gray tide challenges health, financial infrastructure for baby boomers (Birmingham News, 8/19/12)
Alabama GOP hopes for large volunteer effort in Southern swing states (Huntsville Times, 8/18/12)
Alabama Dem chair: Davis a ‘sore loser’ (Politico, 8/18/12)
Commission concludes testy briefing on immigration laws (Birmingham News, 8/17/12)
Alabama Democratic Party panel votes to disqualify Harry Lyon as its chief justice candidate (Birmingham News, 8/17/12)
Republican House speaker creates commission to focus on ‘states rights’ (Tuscaloosa News, 8/17/12)
Video: Protests interrupts federal hearing in Birmingham on state immigration laws (Birmingham News, 8/17/12)
Alabama Republicans embrace Davis as speaker at GOP convention (Sweet Home Potomac, 8/16/12)
Still no early voting provisions in Alabama (Sweet Home Potomac, 8/16/12)
Former Birmingham Democrat Artur Davis to speak at Republican National Convention (Sweet Home Potomac, 8/16/12)
Editorial: Alabama’s obesity rate widespread (Huntsville Times, 8/15/12)
Candidate Mitt Romney blasts Obama, raises $2 million at Birmingham fundraiser (Birmingham News, 8/15/12)
AL congressional delegation applauds Paul Ryan pick for VP (Press-Register, 8/13/12)
Paul Ryan ignites buzz at Business Council of Alabama conference (Press-Register, 8/13/12)
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley aims to cut $1 billion (Press-Register, 8/12/12)
Alabama Republicans praise Mitt Romney for selecting Paul Ryan as running mate (Birmingham News, 8/11/12)
Editorial: Alabama’s future slipping away (Huntsville Times, 8/10/12)
Cooper Shattuck, key adviser to Gov. Robert Bentley, leaving for UA system (Press-Register, 8/10/12)
Commentary: Winning the future in Mobile (Press-Register, 8/8/12)
Editorial: Sentencing marks end of the line for Don Siegelman (Huntsville Times, 8/8/12)
Editorial: Gov. Bentley, legislative leaders need to get to root cause of continuing upheaval at Ala. Public TV (Birmingham News, 8/6/12)
Former Gov. Don Siegelman sentenced to 78 months in prison (Birmingham News, 8/3/12)
Commentary: Alabama should put all the politicians under oath (Birmingham News, 8/3/12)
Former Gov. Bob Riley goes back to his salesman roots, this time selling tax consulting services (Birmingham News, 8/2/12)
Ken Feinberg: ‘I overpromised’ to victims of Gulf oil spill (Press-Register, 8/1/12)
Lawyer: Don’t send Don Siegelman back to prison (Birmingham News, 8/1/12)
Ex-governor Riley returns to Rocket City and talks taxes, jobs and motorcycles (Huntsville Times, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

Editorial: Budget pinches Alabama courts (Huntsville Times, 7/30/12)
Editorial: AG Luther Strange’s raid of Dothan casino a reminder of bingo questions we left simmering on the backburner (Birmingham News, 7/30/12)
Editorial: Alabama fares better on one scorecard for child well-being, but threats chase us like linebackers (Birmingham News, 7/28/12)
Former Gov. Don Siegelman, in Fox interview, apologizes to state (Sweet Home Potomac, 7/27/12)
Editorial: Better ranking still paints sad picture (Press-Register, 7/27/12)
Former House Rules chairman named legislative director for Gov. Robert Bentley (Birmingham News, 7/26/12)
Alabama chief justice says ‘battle is not over’ in state financial crisis (Press-Register, 7/25/12)
Editorial: Federal money Alabama’s big prop (Huntsville Times, 7/25/12)
Alabama Medicaid facing ‘train wreck’ if Sept 18 vote fails (Birmingham News, 7/24/12)
Alabama scientists, agencies seek role in spending of BP fines (Press-Register, 7/24/12)
Advocacy group says Alabama voter ID laws too restrictive (Press-Register, 7/23/12)
Alabama police start slowly in enforcing immigration law (Stateline, 7/23/12)
US Supreme Court may get Shelby voting rights law challenge (Sweet Home Potomac, 7/21/12)
November election a choice between ‘independence and dependence,’ Alabama AG Luther Strange tells Huntsville crowd (Huntsville Times, 7/21/12)
Editorial: Court revenue extorted from the poor is nothing but dirty money (Birmingham News, 7/21/12)
Democratic legislators say Alabama can’t afford special session (AP, 7/20/12)
Editorial: Serious prison sentences are appropriate for a businessman, a lobbyist and a former legislator who committed serious crimes (Birmingham News, 7/20/12)
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, GOP leaders tout savings (Birmingham News, 7/19/12)
Bentley says health care exchange decision will wait until after election (Birmingham News, 7/19/12)
Commentary: You think Ronnie Gilley and pals aren’t kicking themselves right about now? (Birmingham News, 7/17/12)
Bingo defendants pled for leniency, but will serve several years in prison (Birmingham News, 7/16/12)
Commentary: Under ACA, Alabama must make a choice about creating a health insurance exchange (Birmingham News, 7/16/12)
Campaign 2012: Alabama voters back Mitt Romney for president (Birmingham News, 7/15/12)
Alabama slips to 11th in getting federal dollars (Sweet Home Potomac, 7/15/12)
Editorial: PACT solution seems to be the best one available (Press-Register, 7/14/12)
Bentley: My comments about Romney taken out of context (, 7/14/12)
Roy Moore: Chief justice election to determine ‘course of our future’ (Press-Register, 7/14/12)
Judge in Alabama halts private probation (New York Times, 7/13/12)
“Justice” has been sold in Harpersville, Alabama (Birmingham News, 7/13/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley rides Airbus momentum in Europe (Press-Register, 7/11/12)
Former Democrat Artur Davis rallies with Virginia tea party (Sweet Home Potomac, 7/10/12)
EADS boss Tom Enders delivers on a promise to Mobile (Press-Register, 7/10/12)
Alabama officials arrive at London International Air Show (Press-Register, 7/7/12)
Former AL Gov. Don Siegelman to be resentenced Aug. 3 (Birmingham News, 7/7/12)
Gov. Bentley visits Europe to attempt to lure new foreign business to Alabama (Press-Register, 7/6/12)
Judge rejects new trial for former Gov. Don Siegelman (Sweet Home Potomac, 7/6/12)
US Supreme Court expected to hear Shelby County’s challenge to the Voting Rights Act (Sweet Home Potomac, 7/6/12)
Gov. Bentley visits Europe in attempt to lure new foreign business to Alabama (Press-Register, 7/6/12)
Plaintiffs argue Supreme Court’s Arizona decision blunts Alabama immigration law (Huntsville Times, 7/6/12)
Editorial: No proration for education, but some serious sleight of hand (Press-Register, 7/5/12)
Commentary: Republicans want to shut off Alabama’s ballot even more. Let’s hope saner, and fairer, heads prevail (Birmingham News, 7/5/12)
Editorial: Beware the constitutional amendment on legislative pay (Press-Register, 7/4/12)
Trial lawyers putting their campaign cash behind Roy Moore for Alabama chief justice (Birmingham News, 7/3/12)
Artur Davis on ‘This Week’: People in Alabama, Mississippi won’t be insured (Press-Register, 7/2/12)
Poor land in jail as companies add huge fees for probation (New York Times, 7/2/12)
Editorial: Alabama Supreme Court badly damages Open Meetings Act (Press-Register, 7/2/12)

JUNE 2012

Insurance Commission nears final recommendations (Press-Register, 6/30/12)
GOP leaders push end to Alabama’s open primary (AP, 6/30/12)
COMMENTARY: Alabama governor’s hyperbole on health care ruling is worst in the whole wide world (Birmingham News, 6/29/12)
RESTORE Act headed to Obama’s desk for signature (Sweet Home Potomac, 6/29/12)
Alabama Republicans in Congress renew vow to repeal Affordable Care Act (Sweet Home Potomac, 6/28/12)
House Speaker Hubbard cool to closed party primary and expanded health care (Huntsville Times, 6/28/12)
Alabama is test lab for Arizona-style immigration police provision upheld by court (AP, 6/27/12)
Commentary: Supreme Court’s immigration law ruling practically a slam dunk for opponents of HB56 (Birmingham News, 6/26/12)
Alabama immigration law faces new tests after Arizona ruling (, 6/26/12)
Politicians, others react to Supreme Court ruling on AZ immigration law (Press-Register, 6/25/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley rides high in Alabama poll (Press-Register, 6/25/12)
Editorial: Superintendent Craig Witherspoon’s job selling property tax increase to voters could hardly be more difficult (Birmingham News, 6/25/12)
Alabama officials studying US Supreme Court ruling on immigration law, opponents say state law won’t stand (Huntsville Times, 6/25/12)
SCOTUS declines to hear Alabama’s appeals in water wars case (Sweet Home Potomac, 6/25/12)
Commentary: Alabama Public Television should be neutral turf (Birmingham News, 6/24/12)
Alabama Republican Executive Committee endorses party registration (Birmingham News, 6/23/12)
Birmingham Board of Education gets Alabama plan to cut $12.3M and 200 jobs (Birmingham News, 6/23/12)
Editorial: Gov. Bentley’s surprising ‘Plan B’ (Huntsville Times, 6/22/12)
Yellowhammer Exclusive: A morning with the Governor (Yellow Hammer Politics, 6/22/12)
Commentary: Maybe we like the way things are because we don’t know any better (Birmingham News, 6/21/12)
Former Gov. Don Siegelman sentencing set for Aug. 3 (Birmingham News, 6/21/12)
Poll: Most Alabama voters satisfied with direction of state, its economy (Birmingham News, 6/20/12)
Commentary: So now Gov. Bentley would support higher taxes? Maybe? Huh? (Birmingham News, 6/20/12)
Commentary: Four revelations from ‘Storming the State House’ (The Press-Register, 6/20/12)
Gov. Bentley: ‘Everything’ could be on table if referendum fails (Birmingham News, 6/19/12)
Alabama Democrats cry foul over party switcher Daniel Boman’s redrawn state House district (Birmingham News, 6/19/12)
Siegelman backers seek pardon for ex-Alabama governor (AP, 6/18/12)
Bentley stumbles in handling Alabama’s Legislature (Birmingham News, 6/18/12)
Reddest county in Alabama? It’s Baldwin (The Press-Register, 6/18/12)
Editorial: State voters on Sept 18 can prevent of AL’s Medicaid Agency, but this is no way to run crucial govt programs (Birmingham News, 6/18/12)
Editorial: Passing the buck with tuition (Huntsville Times, 6/17/12)
Alabama law drives out illegal immigrants but also has unexpected consequences (Washington Post, 6/17/12)
Opinion: The strange career of Juan Crow (New York Times, 6/16/12)
Conflict increases between Alabama immigration law, Obama policy (Huntsville Times, 6/15/12)
Gov. Bentley, Sen Sessions criticize new Obama immigration plan (Huntsville Times, 6/15/12)
Mortgage settlement money mostly going to help Alabama General Fund (The Press-Register, 6/14/12)
Mike Hubbard not running for Alabama governor … in 2014 (Birmingham News, 6/13/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley says more insurance reforms are needed in Alabama (The Press-Register, 6/13/12)
Voting rights groups say Alabama agencies not obeying federal voter registration laws (Huntsville Times, 6/13/12)
State senator looks like a winner again on Fairhope contract despite investigation (Mobile Press-Register, 6/12/12)
Is political corruption rampant here (The Comeback Town, 6/12/12)
Commentary: Gov. Robert Bentley vows to keep no-tax pledge no matter what (Birmingham News, 6/11/12)
Alabama’s illegal immigrants: Separate myths from truth (Sweet Home Potomac, 6/10/12)
Commentary: GOP Alabama lawmakers put political insurance in budgets (Huntsville Times, 6/10/12)
Editorial: Supreme Court saw right through Siegelman case (Mobile Press-Register, 6/9/12)
Editorial: Gov. Robert Bentley would be wise to stop drawing lines in the sand about finding money to pay for state services (Birmingham News, 6/8/12)
Alabama Indian casinos are on federal land, Interior Dept says (Mobile Press-Register, 6/7/12)
Is racism the problem with Birmingham? (The Comeback Town, 6/7/12)
Interior Dept brushes aside questions about Poarch Creek tribal land (Mobile Press-Register, 6/6/12)
As Democrats decline, fight shifts to Alabama GOP (Mobile Press-Register, 6/6/12)
Editorial: When pension returns lag (Huntsville Times, 6/6/12)
Commentary: Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman’s past is fuzzy, if his future is not (Birmingham News, 6/6/12)
US Supreme Court declines to hear appeals of Siegelman and Scrushy (Sweet Home Potomac, 6/4/12)
Cheers, jeers for Artur Davis’ party switch (Mobile Press-Register, 6/4/12)
Alabama’s Robert Bentley looks to 2014 governor race (Birmingham News, 6/3/12)
US Supreme Court might accept or reject ex-Gov Don Siegelman’s appeal as early as Monday (Sweet Home Potomac, 6/3/12)
Robert Bentley looks to 2014 governor race (Birmingham News, 6/3/12)
When is a campaign donation a bribe? Supreme Court may decide in Siegelman appeal (LA Times, 6/2/12)
Robert Bentley: Tornadoes helped prepare Alabama for hurricane season (Mobile Press-Register, 6/2/12)
Former VP Al Gore helps Don Siegelman raise money for SCOTUS appeal, which could come Monday (Sweet Home Potomac, 6/1/12)
Commentary: Obama doppelganger is …not Artur Davis (Birmingham News, 6/1/12)
Alab. House Speaker Mike Hubbard promotes his book in DC (Sweet Home Potomac, 6/1/12)
Editorial: The Legislature took the easy — and right — way out in fixing a problem in ethics law (Birmingham News, 6/1/12)
Education Trust Fund’s tax collections up 5.4% so far this year (Birmingham News, 6/1/12)
Commentary: Defection of Democrat Artur Davis raises questions about Obama (Marietta Daily Journal, 6/1/12)
Video: Alabama immigration law casts pall over community’s schools (Education Week, 6/1/12)

MAY 2012

Roy Moore: Secular government will lead to Sharia law in the US (Mobile Press-Register, 5/31/12)
Alabama could save millions on future prisoners by investing more in pre-K, report says (Birmingham News, 5/31/12)
Mike Hubbard book offers inside account of historic 2010 election (Mobile Press-Register, 5/30/12)
Opinion: Alabama’s new school calendar law is anything but flexible for districts that know what works best for them (Birmingham News, 5/29/12)
Return of ‘The Governator’ (Mobile Press-Register, 5/28/12)
Voters get to decide if Alabama can borrow more for economic incentives (AP, 5/27/12)
Editorial: Legislature blows it on statewide smoke-free law (Birmingham News, 5/26/12)
Democrats predict fallout from Senate redistricting vote (Mobile Press-Register, 5/25/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley signs next year’s state budgets into law (Birmingham News, 5/24/12)
Alabama House passes Senate redistricting plans in early morning vote (Birmingham News, 5/24/12)
Alabama Legislature approves redistricting plans amid cries of racist maneuvering (Mobile Press-Register, 5/24/12)
Lawmakers approve plan to shift some Alabama education taxes to state General Fund (Birmingham News, 5/24/12)
Redistricting bill being delayed in Senate (Mobile Press-Register, 5/24/12)
South Alabama Democrats unhappy with redistricting proposal (Mobile Press-Register, 5/23/12)
Artur Davis eyes a return to politics (Mobile Press-Register, 5/23/12)
Report: Unnamed sources say former Rep. Artur Davis pondering run for office in Virginia (Sweet Home Potomac, 5/22/12)
Latino immigrant leaders disappointed with Gov. Robert Bentley signing immigration revision bill (Birmingham News, 5/20/12)
Young illegals coming out of the shadows (AP, 5/19/12)
Insurance fraud bill passes committee (Mobile Press-Register, 5/8/12)
Alabama state senators could vote today on immigration law revisions (Birmingham News, 5/8/12)
US DOJ defends Don Siegelman verdict (Sweet Home Potomac, 5/8/12)
Editorial: Shorter school calendar means students learn less (Mobile Press-Register, 5/8/12)
Clarity Act, three other insurance bills, on verge of passing Legislature (Mobile Press-Register, 5/8/12)
Commentary: Gun problem is a First Amendment issue (Birmingham News, 5/6/12)
Editorial: Senate supports loosening Alabama’s ballot access rules, and the bill has strong champion in the House (Birmingham News, 5/5/12)
Feds to Alabama: Immigration law has possible legal consequences over Hispanic students (Mobile Press-Register, 5/4/12)
Filibuster blocks vote on abortion bill in Alabama House (Birmingham News, 5/4/12)
AL Senate passes watered-down charter proposal (Mobile Press-Register, 5/3/12)
Mass. governor calls Alabama immigration policy ‘hysterical and poisonous;’ compares it to Jim Crow (Mobile Press-Register, 5/2/12)
Editorial: Shorter school year bad for students (Mobile Press-Register, 5/1/12)
Editorial: AG is right – Hold off on changing immigration bill (Mobile Press-Register, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

Group hopes to ring the Statehouse during anti-immigration law demonstration Tuesday (, 4/30/12)
Enrollment surges in Alabama health plan for pre-existing illnesses (, 4/30/12)
Rep. Spencer Bachus cleared in ethics investigation (, 4/30/12)
Alabama attorney general targeting Indian gambling (Birmingham News, 4/29/12)
Editorial: Same-sex marriage is inevitable, even in Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 4/29/12)
Opinion: Blame the voters for the Capitol show that will not end (Huntsville Times, 4/29/12)
Ban on texting while driving wins final approval in AL Legislature (Birmingham News, 4/26/12)
Alabama Senate approves homeowners insurance bills (Mobile Press-Register, 4/26/12)
Editorial: Lawmakers need to excise at least one lump of fat from the education budget (Birmingham News, 4/26/12)
Montgomery fearful over impact to city if state layoffs occur (, 4/26/12)
Commentary: How can one document create so much havoc? (The Comeback Town, 4/26/12)
Editorial: Charter schools bill not a hijacking (Mobile Press-Register, 4/25/12)
Ala. Senate committee approves immigration bill after testy meeting (Birmingham News, 4/25/12)
Editorial: What we didn’t learn from the tornadoes (Mobile Press-Register, 4/24/12)
Alabama watches as high court debates Arizona immigration law (Sweet Home Potomac, 4/23/12)
Editorial: AL Senate transformed a sensible House-backed bill to set lawmaker pay into a monstrosity (Birmingham News, 4/20/12)
Editorial: New campaign finance law falls far short (Huntsville Times, 4/20/12)
Alabama House approves revisions to immigration law (Birmingham News, 4/19/12)
Senate committee narrowly passes charter proposal (Mobile Press-Register, 4/18/12)
Disagreement on one bill derails full slate of insurance bills (Mobile Press-Register, 4/18/12)
US Senate panel on racial profiling discusses Alabama immigration law (Birmingham News, 4/18/12)
Alabama Senate approves ‘monstrosity’ that would tie legislators’ pay to median income (Birmingham News, 4/17/12)
Commentary: It’s baack! Alabama’s terrible reputation takes another beating in the national media (Birmingham News, 4/17/12)
Editorial: Governor, please reconsider (Huntsville Times, 4/17/12)
Commentary: In Alabama, with one of the nation’s highest average sales tax rates, every day is sales tax day (Birmingham News, 4/17/12)
Editorial: Alabama Board of Education moves quickly to intervene in Birmingham city schools, and that’s good (Birmingham News, 4/17/12)
Editorial: Alabama digs a deeper hole (New York Times, 4/16/12)
Montgomery grand jury finds fault with Alabama’s campaign finance law (Birmingham News, 4/16/12)
Alabama House to debate bill that would add requirement for parents seeking divorce (Birmingham News, 4/16/12)
Supporters anticipate close vote on charter school proposal in Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 4/16/12)
Filibuster derails bill for drug testing some welfare recipients (Mobile Press-Register, 4/13/12)
Commentary: Unfortunately, a destructive, irresponsible General Fund budget is moving through the Legislature (Birmingham News, 4/13/12)
Insurance proposals stall in Montgomery (Mobile Press-Register, 4/12/12)
‘Homeowners Bill of Rights’ splits insurance industry (Mobile Press-Register, 4/11/12)
Ala. Senate committee approves covenant marriage bill (Birmingham News, 4/11/12)
US Senate panel to explore racial profiling in Alabama, Arizona (Birmingham News, 4/10/12)
Alabama House passes budget that would chop General Fund by about $345 million (Birmingham News, 4/10/12)
Bill could pave the way for virtual charter schools in Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 4/8/12)
Commentary: AG urges stiffer penalties for illegal gambling (Birmingham News, 4/8/12)
Commentary: Just like last year, Bama’s No. 1 — in taxing the poor (Birmingham News, 4/8/12)
Editorial: Get the charter school law right (Mobile Press-Register, 4/8/12)
Bill could pave the way for virtual charter schools in Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 4/8/12)
Editorial: Rewritten immigration bill better than current law, but not enough to overcome problems caused first time around (Birmingham News, 4/8/12)
Editorial: An option for failed schools (Huntsville Times, 4/8/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley: 2003 tax plan ‘worst thing we ever tried to do’ (AP, 4/7/12)
Immigration law supporters, critics differ over revisions (Birmingham News, 4/7/12)
Editorial: Mississippi refuses to pass and HB 56-type immigration law, dodging destructive, expensive consequences (Birmingham News, 4/7/12)
Bentley announces new plans for state mental health system (Tuscaloosa News, 4/6/12)
Congressional committee targets AEA donation rule (Birmingham News, 4/6/12)
Alabama may revise new policies on migrants (New York Times, 4/6/12)
AL Senate passes plan to change to unemployment-benefit payments (Birmingham News, 4/5/12)
Congress investigating political donations at Alabama Education Association (Birmingham News, 4/5/12)
Ala. AG Luther Strange skips endorsement of Violence Against Women Act (Birmingham News, 4/5/12)
Editorial: The charter school bill being debated in Legislature really is new and improved (Birmingham News, 4/5/12)
Ala. House committee passes charter school proposal (Mobile Press-Register, 4/5/12)
Bentley to announce new mental health plans Friday (Tuscaloosa News, 4/5/12)
Most Alabama businesses miss immigration E-Verify goal (AP, 4/4/12)
Sponsor eyes less ambitious charter school proposal for Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 4/4/12)
Gov. Bentley: Charter schools can help save failing school systems in Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 4/3/12)
Commentary: Free press, free speech are too scary for some people (Birmingham News, 4/3/12)
AL House panel planning vote on charter schools (Montgomery Advertiser, 4/3/12)
Legislature to begin General Fund budget work (Montgomery Advertiser, 4/3/12)
Video: Pastors sponsor TV ad saying Alabama immigration law hurts children and families (Birmingham News, 4/3/12)
More candidates emerge for Alabama chief justice (Mobile Press-Register, 4/2/12)
Rep. Jack Williams proposes a new occupational tax bill for Jefferson County (Birmingham News, 4/2/12)
Alabama’s immigration law target of complaint filed with United Nations (Birmingham News, 4/2/12)
Alabama government: Massive cuts coming to state agencies (Birmingham News, 4/1/12)
Commentary: What will it take to get Alabama lawmakers to help Jefferson County? (Birmingham News, 4/1/12)
Cruel and unusual?: Death row inmate challenges state execution procedure (Montgomery Advertiser, 4/1/12)

MARCH 2012

Editorial: The struggling AL Medicaid Agency loses a commissioner, but at least is in good hands moving forward (Birmingham News, 3/31/12)
Commentary: Where we dare defend our right to bully (Birmingham News, 3/30/12)
Editorial: Legislature to try again to salvage Alabama’s PACT (Mobile Press-Register, 3/30/12)
Alabama Finance Director wants fee ideas (Montgomery Advertiser, 3/29/12)
Alabama opposes Medicaid expansion (Birmingham News, 3/28/12)
Editorial: Budget blow to mental health (Huntsville Times, 3/27/12)
Insurance commission votes for proposals (Mobile Press-Register, 3/27/12)
At UA event, Bentley says God put him in position to lead Alabama (, 3/27/12)
Mobile lawyer launches write-in bid for Alabama chief justice (Mobile Press-Register, 3/26/12)
Republicans say Alabama immigration law rewrite will make it more ‘workable’ (Birmingham News, 3/26/12)
AL Legislature: Big-ticket items await lawmakers after break (Birmingham News, 3/25/12)
Bentley has yet to deliver on promise to address homeowners’ insurance rates (AP, 3/25/12)
Heckle or cheer, the Alabama Legislature’s halftime is here (Birmingham News, 3/25/12)
Editorial: With more than half of session gone, Jefferson County’s delegation nowhere near agreement on must-do financial rescue (Birmingham News, 3/25/12)
Editorial: Plans Alabama can’t afford (Huntsville Times, 3/25/12)
Commentary: What’s next for the new chief justice? (Mobile Press-Register, 3/25/12)
Commentary: HB 56 leaves fear, sadness, pain in its wake (Birmingham News, 3/25/12)
Years after Ten Commandments fight, ex-Justice plans return (New York Times, 3/24/12)
Roy Moore, GOP chief justice nominee, talks God, government in Birmingham speech (Birmingham News, 3/22/12)
Editorial: State budget cuts are bitter pill (Mobile Press-Register, 3/22/12)
Editorial: Forced cuts of 10.6% in this year’s General Fund budget are just the warm-up for a disastrous 2013 fiscal year (Birmingham News, 3/22/12)
Alabama House votes to raise income threshold for ethics forms (Mobile Press-Register, 3/22/12)
Commentary: Done right, charter schools could open the door to a new world of learning (Birmingham News, 3/21/12)
House committee hosts public debate on charter schools bill (Mobile Press-Register, 3/21/12)
Roy Moore not concerned about independent candidate in Alabama chief justice race (Birmingham News, 3/21/12)
Alabama Senate committee approves bill that would allow recall of public officials (Birmingham News, 3/21/12)
Majority support immigration law but also want changes (Birmingham News, 3/21/12)
Commentary: This story is sure to freak out the xenophobes (Birmingham News, 3/20/12)
Editorial: Sympathy for PACT participants (Huntsville Times, 3/19/12)
Commentary: Anti-Mormonism bit Romney in the South (Mobile Press-Register, 3/19/12)
Divorce option may be harder to reach under covenant bill in Alabama Legislature (Birmingham News, 3/19/12)
Big names support term limits bill (Huntsville Times, 3/18/12)
Alabama political insiders consider an ‘anybody but Roy Moore or Harry Lyon’ candidate (Birmingham News, 3/18/12)
‘Stop the War on Women’s Rights’ rally draws passionate crowd to Big Spring Park (Huntsville Times, 3/18/12)
Convergence of factors could produce cheapest Alabama Supreme Court race in generation (Mobile Press-Register, 3/18/12)
Bill would give insurers millions to cover coastal properties (Mobile Press-Register, 3/18/12)
Bentley cuts General Fund budget 10.6% (Montgomery Advertiser, 3/17/12)
Rally to ‘Stop War on Women’s Rights’ (Huntsville Times, 3/17/12)
Alabama prison officials raise awareness of crowding problem; sentence reforms proposed (Birmingham News, 3/16/12)
Most controversial candidate in Alabama chief justice race? It may not be Roy Moore (Mobile Press-Register, 3/16/12)
Editorial: Better state retirement plan (Huntsville Times, 3/16/12)
Bentley declares proration in Alabama General Fund (Birmingham News, 3/16/12)
The Democrats’ last hope in Alabama is… Harry Lyon (Birmingham News, 3/16/12)
City of Pinson is first in Alabama to win exemption from Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act (Birmingham News, 3/16/12)
Alabama Arise renews call for end to state sales tax on groceries (Birmingham News, 3/15/12)
Bentley, legislative leaders back charter schools (Montgomery Advertiser, 3/15/12)
Democrats seek candidate for state Board of Education vacancy (Mobile Press-Register, 3/15/12)
Editorial: Alabama’s beer and cigarette taxes are out of sync (Mobile Press-Register, 3/15/12)
Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore pulls off political resurrection (Birmingham News, 3/15/12)
Alabama voters keep congressional veterans Spencer Bachus and Jo Bonner (Birmingham News, 3/15/12)
Spencer Bachus, a Republican against the tide (Slate, 3/14/12)
Little neutral ground in reactions to Alabama chief justice victory by Roy Moore (Birmingham News, 3/14/12)
Alabama Dept of Education opposes plan to give expanding businesses income tax breaks (Birmingham News, 3/14/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley, GOP lawmakers tout charter school proposal (Mobile Press-Register, 3/14/12)
Alabama elections a lesson in extremes (Birmingham News, 3/14/12)
Editorial: Changes to state pension plans should be approved (Mobile Press-Register, 3/14/12)
GOP chief Armistead’s primary bet pays off (Mobile Press-Register, 3/14/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley votes for Rick Santorum (Washington Post, 3/13/12)
Roy Moore rides horse, voter wave to cusp of victory in chief justice race (Mobile Press-Register, 3/13/12)
Loyalty to GOP gives Alabama, Mississippi more clout in presidential primary (Mobile Press-Register, 3/11/12)
Newt Gingrich woos local voters, bets big on Alabama primary (Mobile Press-Register, 3/11/12)
Despite rhetoric from challengers, court system payroll and staffing down (Mobile Press-Register, 3/11/12)
Potential cuts for state forensics: ‘It’s going to impact everybody’s lives’ (Huntsville Times, 3/10/12)
Video: Selma-to-Montgomery march speakers attack ‘vile’ immigration law (Birmingham News, 3/10/12)
Mitt Romney makes appeal in Alabama to conservatives, evangelicals (Birmingham News, 3/10/12)
Editorial: Another step to RESTORE the Gulf (Mobile Press-Register, 3/10/12)
Commentary: How Bingo-gate changed Alabama (Birmingham News, 3/10/12)
Commentary: In Sweet Home Alabama, GOP candidates get a new battle plan: Beat Obama (Mobile Press-Register, 3/9/12)
11th Circuit Court stays contract, government transaction sections of Alabama immigration law (Huntsville Times, 3/9/12)
Alabama is latest GOP battleground (Birmingham News, 3/9/12)
Mitt Romney wins support of former AL Gov. Bob Riley (Washington Post, 3/9/12)
Bentley, Bronner plan changes for new hires (Alabama School Journal, 3/9/12)
Editorial: Budget cuts a threat to mentally ill (Huntsville Times, 3/8/12)
Bentley wants state pension changes (Montgomery Advertiser, 3/8/12)
Governor visits storm-ravaged Madison, Limestone Counties (Huntsville Times, 3/8/12)
Editorial: Bingo case resolved, but not the larger issue of gambling (Mobile Press-Register, 3/8/12)
Milton McGregor vows to reopen casino, but AG says slot-like machines still illegal (Mobile Press-Register, 3/8/12)
Commentary: More Roy Moore? (Mobile Press-Register, 3/7/12)
Committee proposal could return Ten Commandments to Alabama state property (Birmingham News, 3/7/12)
Alabama Senate committee OKs smoking ban (Birmingham News, 3/7/12)
Jury acquits McGregor, others in bingo trial (Birmingham News, 3/7/12)
Gov. Bentley says he’s open to changing plan on taxes (Birmingham News, 3/6/12)
Supporters say proposal could allow Ten Commandments to be displayed on state property (Birmingham News, 3/6/12)
Editorial: Costs mounting in state’s immigration debacle (Mobile Press-Register, 3/6/12)
Medical group moves Alabama convention because of harsh immigration law (Birmingham News, 3/6/12)
Group canceling Mobile meeting: Immigration law affected sense of safety, comfort (Mobile Press-Register, 3/5/12)
Crowd of about 3-4,000 start Selma march (Birmingham News, 3/4/12)
Jefferson County’s Chapter 9 bankruptcy petition can proceed, judge rules (Birmingham News, 3/4/12)
Opinion: Religion always wheeled out for Alabama elections (Huntsville Times, 3/4/12)
Immigrants could take up slack for aging Alabama (Anniston Star, 3/4/12)
Editorial: Contrasts in our capital city (Huntsville Times, 3/4/12)
Candidate says Alabama Supreme Court rulings favor corporate interests (Mobile Press-Register, 3/4/12)
National medical group cancels Mobile convention, cites immigration law (Mobile Press-Register, 3/2/12)
First look at fundraising of Scott Beason and David Standridge (Birmingham News, 3/1/12)
Alabama immigration law arguments to be heard today by federal appeals court panel (Huntsville Times, 3/1/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley says Alabama in constant contact with Airbus (Mobile Press-Register, 3/1/12)


Alabama House could debate religious instruction bill as soon as next week (Birmingham News, 2/29/12)
Editorial: Bills that would grant tax breaks for new and existing businesses are needed, but the Legislature must strengthen them (Birmingham News, 2/29/12)
Immigration law: Few changes expected, Baldwin County officials tell farmers (Mobile Press-Register, 2/29/12)
Editorial: Gov. Bentley has requested the federal government allow the state to kick thousands of children out of the kids’ health insurance program (Birmingham News, 2/28/12)
Commentary: Alabama’s immigration law — Cruel hearts spawn cruel laws, which lead to cruel treatment (Birmingham News, 2/28/12)
Alabama not the only state weighing mandate for additional info for women seeking abortions (, 2/28/12)
Religious leaders rally in call for repeal of Alabama’s immigration law (Birmingham News, 2/28/12)
Alabama Legislature 2012: Abortion bill to allow some choice in ultrasound method (Birmingham News, 2/28/12)
Dale Strong considered an ‘up and comer’ as state power-broker, political blog says (Huntsville Times, 2/28/12)
Editorial: For a sleeker bureaucracy (Huntsville Times, 2/27/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley seeks to trim child health insurance (Birmingham News, 2/27/12)
Roy Moore’s ouster from Supreme Court largely absent in chief justice race (Mobile Press-Register, 2/27/12)
Huntsville area lacking in power, influence in state politics, according to political blog (Huntsville Times, 2/27/12)
Senator plans to rewrite bill in AL Legislature that would require ultrasounds before abortions (Birmingham News, 2/27/12)
Supreme Court chief justice race focuses on court system finances (Mobile Press-Register, 2/26/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley says lengthy GOP presidential primary helps nominee in the fall (Birmingham News, 2/26/12)
Alabama Supreme Court candidates find campaign contributions harder to come by (Mobile Press-Register, 2/26/12)
Opinion: A plan for Alabama: State historian says politicians and public need to embrace delayed gratification for the sake of the future (Huntsville Times, 2/26/12)
Alabama Legislature 2012: Bill could require inserted ultrasound to get abortion (Birmingham News, 2/24/12)
Jefferson County won’t exit bankruptcy with expiration date on job tax, Alabama legislators told (Birmingham News, 2/23/12)
Editorial: State online sales tax losses grow (Huntsville Times, 2/23/12)
Racially-charged call played in bingo trial (Birmingham News, 2/22/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley delivers a grim diagnosis for Alabama budget (Mobile Press-Register, 2/22/12)

Mental health advocates rally against funding cuts (Tuscaloosa News, 2/22/12)
Alabama DHR commissioner says funding cuts could stop welfare payments (Birmingham News, 2/22/12)
Most at Birmingham debate oppose charter schools (Birmingham News, 2/21/12)
A 2nd group critical of 3 black Alabama lawmakers for defending state Sen. Scott Beason (Birmingham News, 2/20/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley ‘not excited’ by GOP presidential choices (Mobile Press-Register, 2/20/12)
Opinion: Food for thought on boosting Alabama’s economy (Huntsville Times, 2/20/12)
Editorial: A sensible legislative pay plan (Huntsville Times, 2/19/12)
Commentary: Face to face with a crisis we ignored (Mobile Press-Register, 2/19/12)
Opinion: Democrats, Republicans in Alab. Legislature have followed flawed economic models, and the state is poorer for it (Huntsville Times, 2/19/12)
In Alabama, a county that fell off the financial cliff (New York Times, 2/18/12)
Alabama plans to close most hospitals for mentally ill (New York Times, 2/17/12)
Rep. Spencer Bachus starts legal defense fund (Birmingham News, 2/17/12)
Oil spill fine amendment through US House but much work remains (Mobile Press-Register, 2/17/12)
Alabama legislation proposes off-campus religion classes for public school students (Birmingham News, 2/17/12)
Alabama Supreme Court justice blasts US abortion law (Huntsville Times, 2/17/12)
Jefferson County prepares to lay off 180 workers (Birmingham News, 2/16/12)
Editorial: Jobs bill needs study (Huntsville Times, 2/16/12)
Bingo trial prosecutors, in turnaround, play racial remarks by GOP senators (Mobile Press-Register, 2/16/12)
Legislators attacked for defending senator who called blacks in Greene County ‘aborigines’ (Birmingham News, 2/16/12)
Video: Debate over Alabama’s immigration law gets a taste of Hollywood politics (Birmingham News, 2/16/12)
Casino developer Ronnie Gilley testifies he offered country music stars as bribe of state senator (Mobile Press-Register, 2/16/12)
Hollywood director takes aim at Alabama immigration law with documentary series (, 2/15/12)
Texas-based super PAC Campaign for Primary Accountability targets Spencer Bachus, backs Scott Beason (Birmingham News, 2/15/12)
Editorial: State needs to address prison issue now (Mobile Press-Register, 2/14/12)
Rally at State House protests Alabama’s immigration law (Birmingham News, 2/14/12)
Bingo trial: Casino lobbyist says she knew it was illegal (Birmingham News, 2/13/12)
More cuts likely in alternative Alabama budget (Birmingham News, 2/13/12)
Lobbyist: Senator wanted $100,000 contribution for gambling vote (Birmingham News, 2/13/12)
Defense tries to discredit Jennifer Pouncy in Alabama bingo trial (Birmingham News, 2/13/12)
Alabama Sentencing Commission weighs prison overcrowding, rigorous standards (Mobile Press-Register, 2/12/12)
Commentary: Segregated now, segregated tomorrow, segregated forever? (Birmingham News, 2/12/12)
Editorial: The governor’s odd decision (Huntsville Times, 2/12/12)
Opinion: GOP party bosses controlling ballot could backfire (Huntsville Times, 2/12/12)
Opinion: Why charter schools? AEA chief says Alabama can’t afford them, and they often fall short (Huntsville Times, 2/12/12)
Former casino lobbyist testifies in bingo trial that she offered bribes to legislators (Birmingham News, 2/10/12)
Alabama immigration law has hurt children and teaching, educators tell conference (Birmingham News, 2/10/12)
Jefferson County considers hiring someone to manage its debt (Birmingham News, 2/10/12)
New Alabama poll shows close three-way race for GOP presidential primary (Birmingham News, 2/9/12)
Two-day forum at UAB and Samford University looks at Alabama immigration law (Birmingham News, 2/9/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley’s plan for school funds ‘not going to fly,’ say lawmakers (Birmingham News, 2/9/12)
420 bills submitted as Alabama Legislature opens 2012 session (Birmingham News, 2/8/12)
Commentary: Gov. Robert Bentley was short on specifics when it came to a prescription for ailing state budgets (Birmingham News, 2/8/12)
Alabama’s immigration law: Denying children food stamps (LA Times, 2/8/12)
Commentary: Immigration the ‘must see’ political fight of 2012 session (Mobile Press-Register, 2/8/12)
Editorial: State legal help on legislation too close for comfort (Huntsville Times, 2/8/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley vows that Alabama will live within its means (Birmingham News, 2/7/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley’s State of the State address (Birmingham News, 2/7/12)
Alabama Legislature 2012: ‘Tremendous challenge this year’ as legislative session starts today (Birmingham News, 2/7/12)
Alabama General Fund spending on pace to exceed income by $171 million, lawmakers warned (Birmingham News, 2/7/12)
State Sen. Scott Beason urges crowd to stand up for state’s immigration law (Birmingham News, 2/7/12)
AEA leader calls for postponement of law expected to cut Alabama Education Trust Fund spending (Birmingham News, 2/6/12)
‘Draconian’ cuts could be coming for Alabama budget (Birmingham News, 2/5/12)
Editorial: Old, new issues face Alabama’s Legislature (Huntsville Times, 2/5/12)
Chances for coastal insurance overhauls uncertain on eve of legislative session (Mobile Press-Register, 2/5/12)
Justice Dept move might propel Shelby County voting case to US Supreme Court (Birmingham News, 2/3/12)
Alabama’s newly-elected officials can raise money after taking office (Birmingham News, 2/3/12)
Opinion: Alabama need to take advantage of its advantage in being far behind on charter schools (Birmingham News, 2/3/12)
AL GOP chairman says party ‘did the right thing’ by keeping Marshall County judge off ballot (Huntsville Times, 2/2/12)
Growth in Alabama’s Education Trust Fund slows (Birmingham News, 2/1/12)
Former AL Gov. Don Siegelman asks Supreme Court to review conviction (Birmingham News, 2/1/12)


AL lawmaker warns of consequences to raising teacher pay (Times-Journal, 1/31/12)
Mobile County GOP outs candidates; new poll shows support for immigration checks (Mobile Press-Register, 1/30/12)
Bingo trial defendant Ray Crosby found dead (Birmingham News, 1/29/12)
Video: Alabama considers adding charter schools to its education mix (Birmingham News, 1/29/12)
One-man Washington nonprofit helps steer Shelby County voting case (Birmingham News, 1/29/12)
Alabama survey: Jobs are top worry (Birmingham News, 1/28/12)
Editorial: Latest signs of improving economy are worth noting (Mobile Press-Register, 1/27/12)
Editorial: Bentley needs to reconsider (Huntsville Times, 1/27/12)
Commentary: Scott Beason’s strange world is, sadly, from around here (Birmingham News, 1/27/12)
Gov. Robert Bentley warns of ‘tough’ state budget (Birmingham News, 1/26/12)
GOP lawmaker files bill to make medical marijuana legal in Alabama (Birmingham News, 1/25/12)
Editorial: Oil money no fix for state budgets (Huntsville Times, 1/23/12)
Prosecutors dispute claim that they withheld information in Alabama vote-buying case (Birmingham News, 1/20/12)
Federal judges considering whether part of the Civil Rights Act is outdated (Birmingham News, 1/20/12)
Editorial: Separate the RESTORE Act from partisan politics (Mobile Press-Register, 1/20/12)
Bentley speaks about jobs, health, other topics to Gardendale chamber (Birmingham News, 1/19/12)
New problems for Madison County GOP, screening for Democrats in their ranks (Huntsville Times, 1/19/12)
Alabama AG readies for BP trial of the century (Mobile Press-Register, 1/18/12)
Where are the liberal Democrats in Alabama? (Birmingham News, 1/18/12)
Alabama voting rights case in DC courtroom on Thursday (Birmingham News, 1/17/12)
Editorial: Dr. Martin Luther King and Alabama’s paradox of change (Huntsville Times, 1/16/12)
Gov. Bentley wants to borrow for roads and bridges, but is it a good idea? (Birmingham News, 1/16/12)
Tornadoes define Gov. Robert Bentley’s first year (AP, 1/16/12)
Editorial: Alabama’s broken budgets (Huntsville Times, 1/15/12)
Alabama lawmakers cool to Gov. Robert Bentley’s unified budget proposal (Birmingham News, 1/14/12)
Editorial: Bankrolling the court (Huntsville Times, 1/13/12)
AL House Speaker says changes needed in Alabama retirement system (Huntsville Times, 1/13/12)
Commentary: Why Scott Beason can win (Birmingham News, 1/13/12)
Alabama’s first-time, nonviolent criminals may face softer sentencing rules with bill (Birmingham News, 1/13/12)
Editorial: Go slowly on $2 billion road, bridge plan (Huntsville Times, 1/12/12)
Editorial: Governor must sell his budget changes (Mobile Press-Register, 1/12/12)
Editorial: Alabama’s prison problem won’t go away (Huntsville Times, 1/9/12)
Commentary: Alabama must demand leadership at all levels (Birmingham News, 1/8/12)
Packing minority residents could make seats safer for both parties (Mobile Press-Register, 1/8/12)
Editorial: The new year ushered in new AEA leadership. What changes lie ahead? (Huntsville Times, 1/8/12)
Lawyers for Alabama Democrats fight hearing delay in President Obama ballot suit (Birmingham News, 1/6/12)
Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice keeps pressure on for change in law (Birmingham News, 1/6/12)
Editorial: Will AEA leadership change usher in a new direction? (Mobile Press-Register, 1/5/12)
Jefferson County officials and Alab. lawmakers meet to find fix to financial woes (Birmingham News, 1/5/12)
Lawmakers fire up plans to raise state cigarette tax (Birmingham News, 1/3/12)
Teacher numbers drop, but does that affect learning? (Birmingham News, 1/2/12)
Alabama lawmakers keep Jefferson County hopes alive (Birmingham News, 1/1/12)
Low-key Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley faced high profile tests in first year (Birmingham News, 1/1/12)

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