The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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AL 2011 Archives


Alabama Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


Artur Davis talks party-switching (Washington Post, 12/30/11)
Alabama voters often in the dark on judicial races (Birmingham News, 12/28/11)
Alabama public schools see loss of 3,290 teachers since 2007 (Birmingham News, 12/28/11)
Justice Dept not ready to sign off on Huntsville redistricting plan (Huntsville Times, 12/28/11)
Editorial: Alabama this year went against the national trend of fewer executions (Birmingham News, 12/27/11)
Editorial: Those immigration myths (Huntsville Times, 12/27/11)
Early Alabama primary dates mean Democrats must sign up soon for Congress races (Birmingham News, 12/26/11)
Commentary: The gift (ban) that keeps on giving (Birmingham News, 11/25/11)
Editorial: Alab. Dept of Revenue right to re-evaluate what it considers a business transaction under state’s harsh immigration law (Birmingham News, 12/24/11)
Rep. Spencer Bachus’ donations to campaigns refunded (Birmingham News, 12/23/11)
Alabama immigration law a burden for small-town Thomasville (Mobile Press-Register, 12/23/11)
Rep. Spencer Bachus may face challenge from state Sen. Scott Beason (Birmingham News, 12/22/11)
Labor Sec Solis criticizes Alabama immigration law (Birmingham News, 12/22/11)
Editorial: Alabama’s immigration battle: Let’s debate facts, not myths (Mobile Press-Register, 12/22/11)
Editorial: Primaries and ballot access (Huntsville Times, 12/21/11)
Immigration law a political quandary for AL Gov. Robert Bentley (Mobile Press-Register, 12/21/11)
Editorial: Auto industry on a roll in Alabama (Huntsville Times, 12/19/11)
Pension chief: Investing in Alabama – approach pays off in ways usually overlooked (Huntsville Times, 12/18/11)
Editorial: Looking for a better budget (Huntsville Times, 12/18/11)
Hundreds protest Alabama immigration law at Montgomery rally (Birmingham News, 12/17/11)
Alabama officials disappointed in federal judge’s overturning part of ban on PAC transfers (Birmingham News, 12/15/11)
Editorial: Teacher pension fund fails (Huntsville Times, 12/15/11)
Alabama employee retirement returns a mixed bag (Birmingham News, 12/15/11)
Georgia, Alabama ask appeals court to stay proceedings on immigration law (AJC, 12/15/11)
Editorial: Alabama benefits from diversity, though with a noxious immigration law, one wouldn’t know it (Birmingham News, 12/15/11)
Editorial: International human rights org. focuses on Alabama’s immigration law, and the results aren’t good (Birmingham News, 12/15/11)
Commentary: Pointy-heads get it right again: Alabama’s immigration law bad news (Birmingham News, 12/15/11)
Alabama immigration law has denied some their basic human rights, report says (Birmingham News, 12/13/11)
Alabama lawmakers say they remain uncertain of Jefferson County finances (Birmingham News, 12/13/11)
Alabama politician Bill Johnson caught in sperm donation scandal in New Zealand (Mobile Press-Register, 12/11/11)
Uncertainty, political peril surround looming defense cuts (Mobile Press-Register, 12/11/11)
Gov. Robert Bentley weighs tapping into education funds (Birmingham News, 12/11/11)
Commentary: Alabama punch drunk from punch lines (Birmingham News, 12/11/11)
Gov. Bentley, speaker and senate pro tem say changes coming on immigration law (Birmingham News, 12/9/11)
Baldwin County Commission sends $575M wish list to lobbyists (Mobile Press-Register, 12/9/11)
DHS chief Janet Napolitano challenged on immigrant deportation using Alabama case (Birmingham News, 12/9/11)
Editorial: A conversation overdue (Huntsville Times, 12/8/11)
Commentary: International attention turning to Alabama’s destructive immigration law (Birmingham News, 12/8/11)
Gulf Coast leaders push for passage of RESTORE Act (Mobile Press-Register, 12/7/11)
Ala. Sec of State opposes national popular vote (Birmingham News, 12/7/11)
Commentary: Officials starting to retreat on cruel immigration law (Birmingham News, 12/7/11)
Beason says at least one suggested change would weaken Alabama immigration law (Birmingham News, 12/6/11)
Alabama’s AG says immigration law needs to change (NPR, 12/6/11)
Feds to Alabama: We’re watching you (LA Times, 12/6/11)
Gov. Bentley to foreign biz: Don’t worry about immigration law (Fox News, 12/6/11)
AG Strange: Immigration law needs changes (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/6/11)
Opinion: AG Luther Strange FINALLY issues a guidance letter that tells local officials to stop checking immigration status of people during govt transactions (Birmingham News, 12/6/11)
Editorial: As deep budget cuts continue to make Jefferson County smaller, time for Legislature to act to restore lost tax dollars is now (Birmingham News, 12/6/11)
Commentary: Looks like immigration law might create jobs after all — for prison inmates! (Birmingham News, 12/6/11)
Commentary: Jefferson County urgently needs life vest from Alabama Legislature (Birmingham News, 12/4/11)
Alabama immigration law: Long waits face many who wish to immigrate (Birmingham News, 12/4/11)
Congressional Hispanic Caucus shifts gears toward restricting Alabama immigration law (Birmingham News, 12/3/11)
Editorial: Alabama’s overreaching immigration law is showing itself to be far more trouble than it could possibly be worth (Birmingham News, 12/2/11)
Commentary: Alabama’s harmful immigration law creating labor shortages (Birmingham News, 12/2/11)
Immigration law survey done by Alabama Education Association’s polling arm blasted by Republican leaders (Birmingham News, 12/2/11)
Congressional Hispanics to discuss Alabama immigration law with DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano (Birmingham News, 12/2/11)
Bentley says immigration job arrests won’t stop Alabama job recruitment (Birmingham News, 12/2/11)
Commentary: There’s no stubborn like Alabama stubborn – especially on this horrible immigration law (Birmingham News, 12/1/11)
AL House Speaker declares to press he’s ‘new sheriff in town’ (, 12/1/11)


Commentary: Expert – Immigration law bad for Alabama economic development (Mobile Press-Register, 11/30/11)
Editorial: Food for thought on lifting the state sales tax on groceries (Huntsville Times, 11/29/11)
Under health reform, Alabama govt employees can enroll kids in ALL Kids health plan (Birmingham News, 11/29/11)
Federal officials report more than 1,000 complaints about Alabama immigration law (Birmingham News, 11/28/11)
The white male Democrat is vanishing from local elected office (Huntsville Times, 11/27/11)
Editorial: End state pensions for felons (Huntsville Times, 11/27/11)
Ala. immigration law: Non-citizens make up less than 1% of state prisons (Birmingham News, 11/27/11)
Commentary: Don’t buy Sen. Dial’s Alabama grocery bill (Birmingham News, 11/27/11)
Opinion: End state pensions for felons (Huntsville Times, 11/27/11)
Alabama backs Shelby County in Voting Rights Act appeal (Birmingham News, 11/26/11)
Editorial: GOP making jobs top focus (Huntsville Times, 11/25/11)
Jefferson County could delay massive budget cuts planned for Dec. 1 (Birmingham News, 11/23/11)
Commentary: Alabama immigration law a burden for small-town Thomasville (Mobile Press-Register, 11/23/11)
Commentary: Turning the pages of Jefferson County’s Chapter 9 (Birmingham News, 11/23/11)
Top DOJ officials in Birmingham Monday to talk immigration (Birmingham News, 11/23/11)
Congress members hear impact of Alabama’s immigration law (Birmingham News, 11/22/11)
Audio: Imminent changes to Alabama immigration law? (NPR, 11/22/11)
Editorial: Conjuring up an ugly past (Huntsville Times, 11/22/11)
Commentary: Immigration law bringing Alabama all the attention it doesn’t need (Birmingham News, 11/22/11)
Alabama GOP leaders chastise president, say federal govt derelict on immigration issues (Birmingham News, 11/21/11)
Editorial: GOP’s jobs agenda should improve Alabama’s economic outlook (Mobile Press-Register, 11/21/11)
Congressional hearing on Alabama’s immigration law under way at Birmingham City Hall (Birmingham News, 11/21/11)
Justice Dept clears Alabama’s new maps for congressional and state Board of Education districts (Birmingham News, 11/21/11)
Hundreds rally against Alabama’s tough new immigration law in cradle of civil rights movement (Birmingham News, 11/21/11)
Hundreds rally at Sixteenth Street Baptist to protest Alabama’s immigration law (Birmingham News, 11/21/11)
Commentary: How much should the Lege change Alabama’s immigration law, if at all? (Birmingham News, 11/21/11)
Editorial: Low state taxes? It depends (Huntsville Times, 11/21/11)
Editorial: Bankrupt Jefferson County may be in a class all by itself (Mobile Press-Register, 11/21/11)
Commentary: Is this how we say thanks to our foreign investors? (Mobile Press-Register, 11/20/11)
Editorial: Lawmakers need to take another look at immigration (Mobile Press-Register, 11/20/11)
Commentary: Mississippi thanks God for Alabama (Birmingham News, 11/20/11)
Majority want Alabama’s new immigration law revised or repealed, survey shows (Birmingham News, 11/18/11)
Immigration law: Mercedes manager from Germany arrested in Alabama (, 11/18/11)
Senate leader Del Marsh says he’ll support changes to immigration law — if recommended by AL AG(Birmingham News, 11/18/11)
Editorial: In harm’s away – Immigration law tarnishes us worldwide (Mobile Press-Register,11/18/11)
Opinion: Some Senate Republicans starting to realize AL’s immigration law was a mistake(Birmingham News, 11/18/11)
Justice Dept. dispute with Alabama over illegal-immigration law intensifies (Washington Post,11/17/11)
Commentary: Legislative leaders need to find the courage to admit they were wrong on cruel immigration law (Birmingham News, 11/17/11)
Congressional Democrats backing US Justice Dept lawsuit against Alabama immigration law(Birmingham News, 11/17/11)
Editorial: Alabama’s gambling saga deepens (Huntsville Times, 11/17/11)
Alabama Republicans say job creation will be top priority in session (Birmingham News, 11/17/11)
Justice Dept investigating alleged civil rights violations caused by Alabama’s immigration law(Birmingham News, 11/16/11)
Commentary: Is Alabama doomed to repeat history? (Birmingham News, 11/16/11)

Tax study: Poor Alabama families pay highest state income tax (, 11/16/11)
Commentary: Immigration law may cost Alabama a key economic recruit (Mobile Press-Register,11/16/11)
Former AL Rep. Terry Spicer pleads guilty to accepting bribes (Birmingham News, 11/15/11)
Scott Beason booted as chair of Senate Rules Committee (Birmingham News, 11/15/11)
Immigration, the Justice Dept and Alabama’s schools (LA Times, 11/15/11)
AL senator who wore a wire in bingo investigation out of Senate leadership (, 11/15/11)

Bentley reflects on lessons of year since election (Montgomery Advertiser, 11/14/11)
Commentary: Who deserves the MOST blame for Jefferson County’s bankruptcy? (Birmingham News, 11/14/11)
Jefferson County Republicans, Democrats gear up for judicial elections (Birmingham News,11/14/11)
Editorial: Jefferson County’s problem (Huntsville Times, 11/13/11)
Editorial: AG explains his role in enforcing immigration law (Mobile Press-Register, 11/13/11)
Opinion: Montgomery eyes public employees (Huntsville Times, 11/13/11)
Editorial: Leadership vital as state faces prison crisis (Mobile Press-Register, 11/13/11)
Opinion: JeffCo Commission makes a case for bankruptcy, but there are huge reasons it should have avoided a filing (Birmingham News, 11/13/11)
Opinion: Dispute over Birmingham-JeffCo Transit Authority’s $6M is a result of a failure to communicate (Birmingham News, 11/12/11)
AG Luther Strange: Alabama prisons face ‘tough choices’ (Mobile Press-Register, 11/12/11)
Ten members of Congress plan immigration hearing in Birmingham Nov. 21 (Birmingham News,11/11/11)
Jeffco bankruptcy’s winners and losers (Birmingham News, 11/11/11)
Commentary: Alabama immigration law much worse than Jefferson County bankruptcy(Birmingham News, 11/10/11)
Editorial: Bankruptcy filing by Ala.’s largest county leaves a black eye for Ala. and a lot of uncertainty (Birmingham News, 11/10/11)
Editorial: AL state school board’s decision about whether to rescind Common Core state standards should not be based on fear-mongering (Birmingham News, 11/10/11)
Jefferson County Commission considers motion to file bankruptcy (Birmingham News, 11/9/11)
Video: Jefferson County bankruptcy: County commissioners explain decision (Birmingham News,11/9/11)
Gov. Robert Bentley disappointed in Jefferson County bankruptcy decision (Birmingham News,11/9/11)
Gov. Bentley says he’s ready to call special session to help Jefferson County (Birmingham News,11/9/11)
Abramoff’s book says Choctaws funded Alabama anti-gambling efforts (Birmingham News, 11/9/11)
Commentary: Politics were a part of Alabama’s anti-immigration attitude long before HB56 passed(Birmingham News, 11/8/11)
Settlement, bankruptcy on table for Jefferson County sewer debt crisis today (Birmingham News,11/8/11)
Editorial: Ala’s immigration law bringing bad publicity, which can’t be good for recruiting new business (Birmingham News, 11/8/11)
Hearing set on whether former Gov. Bob Riley can be called to testify in bingo trial (Birmingham News, 11/7/11)
AG Luther Strange objects to politicizing of the immigration issue (Birmingham News, 11/7/11)
Alabama civic groups plan summit on immigration law, unemployment, more (Birmingham News,11/7/11)
Largely single-party races may cool spending for Ala’s usually costly high court campaigns(Birmingham News, 11/7/11)
Commentary: ‘Outside aggressors’ invading Alabama again! (Birmingham News, 11/6/11)
Alabama’s new ethics law fails to stop exemption requests from lobbyists and public officials(Birmingham News, 11/6/11)
Editorial: State ethics reform already yielding good results (Mobile Press-Register, 11/6/11)
Opinion: Jefferson County residents stuck in courthouse lines should vent their ire on the do-nothing Legislature (Birmingham News, 11/6/11)
Editorial: State officials apparently want local police to figure out on their own how to enforce immigration law (Birmingham News, 11/5/11)
Alabama immigration law poses enforcement challenges for police (Mobile Press-Register, 11/5/11)
US Justice Dept reviewing school records after complaints about AL’s immigration law (Birmingham News, 11/5/11)
Editorial: Alabama’s new era of ethics affecting Montgomery-area businesses (Huntsville Times,11/4/11)
Editorial: Alabama’s big government (Huntsville Times, 11/3/11)
State-run health insurance program could cost up to $50M a year (Birmingham News, 11/3/11)
Congressional Democrats plan Alabama trip to protest immigration law (Birmingham News,11/3/11)
Immigration: Justice Dept wants Alabama’s schools to cough up data (LA Times, 11/2/11)
DOJ now monitoring school enrollment data in AL for signs of immigration-related violations(Birmingham News, 11/2/11)
Artur Davis: Alabama’s man without a party (Mobile Press-Register, 11/2/11)
Alab. AG challenges DOJ request for school data on Hispanic students (Birmingham News, 11/2/11)
Commentary: So much wrong with Alabama’s malicious immigration law to stop writing about it(Birmingham News, 11/1/11)
More than 1400 public school and college employees file papers to retire Dec 1 (Birmingham News,10/31/11)
Number of Alabama state employees drops by 4.4% (Birmingham News, 10/31/11)
New Alabama ethics law sweeps in culture shift for capital lobbyists (Birmingham News, 10/31/11)
Alabama remains a big spender in court elections (Birmingham News, 10/30/11)
Commentary: 1901 Constitution fraudulent, ‘criminal,’ and ours (Birmingham News, 10/30/11)
Jefferson County has $2B at stake with no special legislative session (Birmingham News, 10/30/11)
Guest worker plan in Alabama? State has eye on Utah program (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/30/11)
Battle over new law recalls civil rights past (Tuscaloosa News, 10/30/11)
Immigration law sparks public health worries (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/29/11)
AL’s tough immigration law awakens echoes of old civil rights battles for some observers (, 10/29/11)
1st Congressional District race: Tea party patriots or tea party crashers? (Mobile Press-Register,10/29/11)
Colbert mocks Alabama immigration law for torpedoing agricultural industry (Colorado Independent, 10/28/11)
Experts say Alabama law goes further than any other immigration legislation in the developed world (Washington Independent, 10/28/11)
Immigration: Alabama’s new state law has unintended consequences (LA Times, 10/28/11)
Editorial: The state’s operating budget is in bad shape this year, but that’s nothing compared to next (Birmingham News, 10/28/11)
Editorial: AEA should search for a new direction, too (Mobile Press-Register, 10/27/11)
Sen. Scott Beason responds to DHS Sec Napolitano on immigration policy (Birmingham News,10/27/11)
Commentary: Looks like Alabama’s ugly immigration law has run into a federal brick wall(Birmingham News, 10/27/11)
Commentary: Riding the Cain Train with Dale Peterson (Mobile Press-Register, 10/26/11)
Federal govt not helping Alabama enforce immigration law (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/26/11)
Lawsuit brought against former Ag Commissioner (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/26/11)
Ala. General Fund this year will get $58.5M less than expected from a state trust fund (Birmingham News, 10/26/11)
Editorial: Tough cuts might loom ahead for state (again) (Opelika-Auburn News. 10/26/11)
Napolitano: Homeland security not aiding Alabama with its immigration law (Birmingham News,10/26/11)
Artur Davis flips on voter ID but won’t way who he saw committing fraud (TPM, 10/25/11)
Judge: Alabama immigration law can’t nix car contract (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/25/11)
Editorial: If the immigration law is so good, shouldn’t Bentley be out front defending it?(Birmingham News, 10/25/11)
Editorial: Alabama’s ‘negative light’ on immigration (Gadsden Times, 10/25/11)
Commentary: Immigrant law ignores humanity (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/25/11)
Some conservatives hesitant to publicly praise Alabama immigration law (Washington Independent,10/25/11)
Editorial: The face of a movement: Bad press won’t stop for Bentley (Anniston Star, 10/25/11)
Editorial: Bentley’s legacy (Decatur Daily, 10/25/11)
Commentary: Alabama’s cruddy immigration law can’t catch a break, and thank goodness for that! (Birmingham News, 10/25/11)
Editorial: Every child worthy of an adequate education (Huntsville Times, 10/25/11)
Editorial: It’s been a remarkable month for jobs in Alabama (Huntsville Times, 10/24/11)
Is Alabama’s tough immigration law turning kids into bullies? (The Week, 10/24/11)
Illegal immigrants not to blame for unemployment (US News, 10/24/11)
200-plus jobless seek farm work in Alabama (Birmingham News, 10/24/11)
Jefferson County judge declares contract provision in AL immigration law unconstitutional(Birmingham News, 10/24/11)
Will Alabama’s immigration law cause short-term hiccup or long-term heartache? (PBS News Hour, 10/24/11)
Bentley quiet on immigration legislation (Tuscaloosa News, 10/24/11)
Bentley shuns invites to national spotlight over Alabama immigration law (, 10/23/11)

Commentary: Forget funding help from state of Ala. on transit; think locally (Birmingham News,10/23/11)
Commentary: Alabama corruption comes in many forms (Birmingham News, 10/23/11)
Alabama immigration law unites blacks, Latinos (BET, 10/23/11)
Hispanic Alabama schoolchildren face bullying in wake of anti-immigrant law (Think Progress, 10/23/11)
Bentley mum on immigration (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/23/11)
Retiring teacher lobbyist chief Paul Hubbert recaps life of politics, people (Birmingham News,10/23/11)
Bentley: Deeper state budget cuts ahead for 2013 (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/22/11)
Alabama’s jobless rate falls slightly (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/22/11)
Woman threatens to harm Bentley over immigration law (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/22/11)
Jasper woman charged with threatening life of Alabama governor (, 10/22/11)
Parents report Hispanic students face bullying following Alabama immigration law (, 10/22/11)
Governor Bentley won’t raise education taxes (Birmingham News, 10/22/11)
Daimler to expand Alabama production (Wall Street Journal, 10/21/11)
Daimler earmarks $350M for new model in Alabama (Reuters, 10/21/11)
Commentary: More than Birmingham schoolhouse rocked by dysfunction (Birmingham News,10/21/11)
Gov. Bentley says Education Trust Fund spending faces $108M dip in 2013 (Birmingham News,10/21/11)
Federal judge rails against Alabama education system, but leaves current law intact (Huntsville Times, 10/21/11)
Opinion: A racist heart leads to bad legislation (Birmingham News, 10/21/11)
Alabama and national civil rights advocates take their message about state’s immigration law to Capitol Hill (Birmingham News, 10/20/11)
Judge says legislators who wore wires in bingo case were motivated by politics and racism(Birmingham News, 10/20/11)
On the road, Gov. Bentley discusses economic development (Mobile Press-Register, 10/20/11)
Editorial: Alabama’s reputation takes a hit over its harsh immigration law, and that could mean trouble (Birmingham News, 10/18/11)
Editorial: Free trade deal is good news for Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 10/18/11)
Commentary: Special session or no special session — that is the question (Birmingham News,10/17/11)
Efforts to replace immigrant workers in Alabama fields coming up short (, 10/17/11)
Editorial: A small pool of applicants for superintendent may force state school board to start over(Birmingham News, 10/16/11)
Commentary: In Alabama, will history repeat itself? (Birmingham News, 10/16/11)
Editorial: A stain Alabama can’t afford (Huntsville Times, 10/16/11)
And the moral of Jefferson County’s story is… (Birmingham News, 10/16/11)
Kris Kobach, the Kansas lawyer behind Alabama’s immigration law (Mobile Press-Register,10/16/11)
Alabama immigration law reveals dirty little secret (Birmingham News, 10/14/11)
Ala. immigration law’s authors say they’re pleased with appeals court’s ruling (Birmingham News,10/14/11)
AL immigration law: Hispanic couple uncertain of American dream for their children (Birmingham News, 10/14/11)
Editorial: There is no acceptable alternative to lawmakers passing bills to rescue Jefferson County(Birmingham News, 10/14/11)
Opinion: Can’t the unemployed fill these vacant jobs? (Mobile Press-Register, 10/13/11)
Gov. Bentley announces program to place the unemployed in jobs vacated by immigrants (Birmingham News, 10/13/11)
Jefferson County commissioners, local legislators, lawyers meeting on county fiscal crisis(Birmingham News, 10/13/11)
Bentley says November session for Jefferson County unlikely (Birmingham News, 10/13/11)
Special session of AL Legislature for Jefferson County could be in peril (Birmingham News, 10/12/11)
Hispanics urged to boycott schools, work and shopping to protest Alabama’s new immigration law(Birmingham News, 10/12/11)
Historian Wayne Flint on HB56: ‘The meanest, most hateful thin I’ve ever read’ (Mobile Press-Register, 10/12/11)
After the chat — looking at the human side of Alabama’s immigration law (Birmingham News,10/12/11)
Tom Tancredo solicits support for Alabama immigration law (Colorado Independent, 10/11/11)
Editorial: Why Jefferson County matters to rest of state (Mobile Press-Register, 10/11/11)
Editorial: New study on state sales tax rankings is a reminder AL’s tax system needs a massive overhaul (Birmingham News, 10/11/11)
Southwest Alabama industries losing migrant workers because of immigration law (Mobile Press-Register, 10/11/11)
Courts: Jail not required for people who can’t prove citizenship with driver’s license (, 10/11/11)
Editorial: For the tougher new campaign-finance law to matter, it must be enforced (Birmingham News, 10/10/11)
Mobile County Commission approves $150K for immigration-law expenses (Mobile Press-Register,10/10/11)
Move under way to repeal Alabama’s mean immigration law, but will it succeed? (Birmingham News, 10/10/11)
Immigrants facing deportation make plans for kids (, 10/9/11)
Editorial: A rear-view mirror on tax revenue will help Legislature make wiser spending decisions(Birmingham News, 10/9/11)
Editorial: Redistricting plan could boost Madison County’s clout in AL Legislature (Huntsville Times,10/9/11)
Hispanics may stay away from work at poultry plants this week (Huntsville Times, 10/9/11)
Remembering Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a champion for civil rights (Huntsville Times, 10/9/11)
Commentary: Jefferson County’s shadow threatens home rule (Birmingham News, 10/9/11)
Editorial: United front is needed for spill money (Mobile Press-Register, 10/9/11)
Editorial: The politics of the Immigration Shame Game (Mobile Press-Register, 10/9/11)
Editorial: Feeling the pinch after immigration ruling (Mobile Press-Register, 10/9/11)
A tough new Alabama law targets illegal immigrants and sends families fleeing (Washington Post,10/8/11)
AL GOP legislator feels for immigrants but says new law was needed (Mobile Press-Register, 10/7/11)
Shelby County’s appeal in voting rights case gets fast track (Birmingham News, 10/7/11)
Alabama needs Shuttlesworth’s lesson now (Birmingham News, 10/7/11)
Editorial: Jefferson County Commission needs to be clear on what help (and how much $$) it needs from Legislature (Birmingham News, 10/7/11)
Opponents of Alabama’s immigration law say it has created ‘humanitarian crisis’ (Birmingham News, 10/6/11)
Commentary: Just because it’s a law doesn’t make it right (Birmingham News, 10/6/11)
Federal judge won’t delay enforcement of Alabama’s new immigration law (Birmingham News,10/6/11)
Gulf Coast House lawmakers unveil oil spill fine proposal nearly identical to Senate bill (Mobile Press-Register, 10/6/11)
AL Democrats accuse GOP of skirting campaign finance laws (Birmingham News, 10/5/11)
Commentary: The painful human side to our mean immigration law (Birmingham News, 10/5/11)
Alabama: Students don’t need birth certificates (Politico, 10/5/11)
Alabama’s ‘vanishing’ Hispanics: Proof that harsh immigration laws work? (The Week, 10/5/11)
Commentary: Malone endorsement shakes up AL Supreme Court race (Mobile Press-Register,10/5/11)
Environmental groups: Oil spill’s effects persist (Mobile Press-Register, 10/4/11)
Commentary: We can approach illegal immigration humanely — or not (Birmingham News,10/4/11)
Video: Mexican mothers afraid they’d be separated from children under new immigration law(Mobile Press-Register, 10/4/11)
Opinion: US Supreme Court shouldn’t allow AL death row inmate to be executed without federal review (Birmingham News, 10/4/11)
Editorial: Alabama’s Shame (New York Times, 10/3/11)
Farmers complain about rotting crops but Sen. Scott Beason says no to immigration law changes(, 10/3/11)
After ruling, Hispanics flee an Alabama town (New York Times, 10/3/11)
Alabama lawmakers getting pressured from business group to change immigration law(Birmingham News, 10/2/11)
Alabama GOP PAC violated new ban on transfers (Birmingham News, 10/2/11)
Public hearings on new Alabama districts start Monday (Birmingham News, 10/2/11)
Editorial: What kind of people are we? (Huntsville Times, 10/2/11)
US House remains deadlocked over distributing oil spill fines (Mobile Press-Register, 10/2/11)
Protest against immigration law, Sen. Beason ends without incident (Birmingham News, 10/2/11)
Editorial: Emulate Alabama’s emphasis on civil rights education (Mobile Press-Register, 10/1/11)
Alabama state budgets end fiscal year with no new cuts (Birmingham News, 10/1/11)
Editorial: Alabama Kids Count survey shows children are the real victims in a poor state(Birmingham News, 10/1/11)
Editorial: Alabama’s win, our loss (LA Times, 9/30/11)
Immigration law leaves Alabama all wet (Birmingham News, 9/30/11)
Hispanic students vanish from Alabama schools (The Oklahoman, 9/30/11)
Editorial: Sen. Beason’s apology is too little, too late (Mobile Press-Register, 9/30/11)
Alabama budgets will end 2011 fiscal year without more cuts, state finance director says(Birmingham News, 9/30/11)
Plaintiff tells judge injuries will occur if Alabama immigration law not blocked (Huntsville Times,9/30/11)
Obama administration challenges decision on Ala. immigration law (LA Times, 9/30/11)
Jefferson County Commission approves budget, slashes departments, dips into reserves and hopes for state help (Birmingham News, 9/29/11)
Editorial: Well-intentioned, but church as alternative sentence probably won’t fly (Mobile Press-Register, 9/29/11)
Alabama wins in ruling on its immigration law (New York Times, 9/28/11)
AL Sen. Beason apologizes for calling black people ‘aborigines’ (Birmingham News, 9/28/11)
Commentary: As Paul Hubbert departs AEA, it faces greatest challenge in its 150-year history(Mobile Press-Register, 9/28/11)
Alabama asks Justice to review new voting districts (Birmingham News, 9/28/11)
Federal judge refuses to block most of Alabama immigration law (Huntsville Times, 9/28/11)
UAB students protest Alab. immigration law as federal judge upholds most of it (Birmingham News,9/28/11)
Editorial: Time to take oil in Gulf seriously (Mobile Press-Register, 9/27/11)
Alabama lawmaker apologizes for racial ‘aborigine’ comment (LA Times, 9/27/11)
Ala. farmers losing immigrant labor, see produce rotting in the fields (Huntsville Times, 9/26/11)
Alabama Arise sets agenda toward helping poor (Birmingham News, 9/25/11)
Alabama officials undecided on seeking waiver to No Child Left Behind law (Birmingham News,9/24/11)
Shelby County appeals ruling on Voting Rights Act (Birmingham News, 9/23/11)
Alabama court’s church or jail sentencing option draws ACLU ire, national attention (Mobile Press-Register, 9/23/11)
Panelists highlight deficiencies in controversial Alabama immigration bill (Mobile Press-Register,9/22/11)
Commentary: More evidence there’s too much meanness in Alabama (Birmingham News,9/22/11)
Voting Rights Act survives legal challenge from Shelby County (Birmingham News, 9/22/11)
Stock filing warns Alabama toll road developer is undercapitalized; CEO pleaded guilty to sex crime(Mobile Press-Register, 9/22/11)
Judge upholds constitutionality of section five of Voting Rights Act (TPM, 9/21/11)
Expected increase in cost of benefits may spur mass retirement in Alabama schools (Birmingham News, 9/21/11)
Federal judge rules against Shelby County; upholds the Voting Rights Act (Birmingham News,9/21/11)
Editorial: Gov. Bentley should commute death sentence of Derrick O’Neal Mason (Birmingham News, 9/21/11)
State officials surprised as group announces plan for $7B toll road, railroad through Alabama(Mobile Press-Register, 9/20/11)
Commentary: What Hubbert will leave as his legacy (Mobile Press-Register, 9/18/11)
Commentary: Jefferson County’s fiscal problems attract global attention (Birmingham News,9/18/11)
Alabama bypasses US DOJ in bid for approval of redistricting lines (Birmingham News, 9/18/11)
Opinion: Budget cuts, crises put hurt on poor in Birmingham, Jefferson County and Alabama(Birmingham News, 9/18/11)
Acquitted AL lawmaker questions prosecution’s motivations in bingo trial (Birmingham News,9/18/11)
Jefferson County sewer debt crisis: County looks to Legislature for revenue fix (Birmingham News,9/18/11)
Alabama insurance special session possible in January (Gadsden Times, 9/17/11)
Alabama officials react to news of Paul Hubbert’s plan to retire from AEA (Birmingham News,9/17/11)
AEA begins process of replacing Paul Hubbert (, 9/16/11)
Bentley says insurance exchange should aim to make coverage affordable (Birmingham News,9/16/11)
Groups update argument against Alabama immigration law (Huntsville Times, 9/16/11)
Sewer debt crisis: Jeferson County, creditors likely to settle (Birmingham News, 9/16/11)
Gov. Robert Bentley, AG Strange commend Jefferson County Commission for debt settlement vote(Birmingham News, 9/16/11)
Alabama unemployment rate dips slightly (WSFA, 9/16/11)
Editorial: Free trade is good business for state (Mobile Press-Register, 9/15/11)
New Alabama military commission gears up for defense cuts (Birmingham News, 9/14/11)
Editorial: Avoiding the real issue – Behind all the shenanigans, state still shortchanges its schools(Anniston Star, 9/13/11)
Editorial: Tackling constitutional reform, one step at a time (Mobile Press-Register, 9/13/11)
Bentley: We need more jobs (Andalusia Star News, 9/13/11)
Tornado response gets on TRAC (Times-Journal, 9/13/11)
Opinion: A familiar battle (Gadsden Times, 9/12/11)
Bentley: When we became a nation at war (Huntsville Times, 9/11/11)
Alabama gambling task force cost put at $3.9 million (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/10/11)
AEA sues state over three Senate bills (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/9/11)
State’s top Democrat criticizes Rep. Mike Rogers for skipping Obama address (Birmingham News,9/9/11)
Video: Gov. Bentley: Obama wrong on autos (WSFA, 9/9/11)
GOP House Speaker blasts AEA-backed lawsuit (Gadsden Times, 9/9/11)
Alabama immigration law my lead to trouble for some churches, new court filing argues (Huntsville Times, 9/9/11)
Jefferson County makes plans for general fund that doesn’t include Alabama Legislature’s help(Birmingham News, 9/8/11)
Editorial: We’d love to see Bentley offer Jefferson County a little more carrot than stick(Birmingham News, 9/7/11)
Immigration law could create problems for out of state residents in Baldwin County (Mobile Press-Register, 9/7/11)
AEA files duit over trio of Senate bills (Gadsden Times, 9/7/11)
Federal judge orders plaintiffs seeking to halt immigration law to revise their lawsuit (Birmingham News, 9/6/11)
Tea Party ‘dog fight’ planned for Jo Bonner in GOP primary (Mobile Press-Register, 9/5/11)
US judge dismisses bingo race bias suit filed by Kamau Afrika (Birmingham News, 9/5/11)
Jefferson County courts may shut down if security staff cut (Birmingham News, 9/4/11)
Alabama weighs pros, cons of offering incentives (Decatur Daily, 9/4/11)
Editorial: Bentley quickly corrects silly policy that turned into PR nightmare (Birmingham News,9/3/11)
Bentley unlikely to call Legislature into special session if Jefferson County declares bankruptcy(Birmingham News, 9/3/11)
Three lawsuits against Ala. immigration law to be decided separately (Huntsville Times, 9/3/11)
Alabama revenue dips shouldn’t alter spending plans, finance director says (Birmingham News,9/2/11)
Top state Democrat spells out plan for party’s 2012 rally (Huntsville Times, 9/2/11)
Stuff you need to know to be governor — or just alive — in Alabama (Birmingham News, 9/2/11)
Editorial: State ethics law went too far and needs to be amended (Huntsville Times, 9/2/11)
PETA plans Montgomery billboard alluding to Alabama immigration law (, 9/2/11)
Bentley changes policy, sends state flag to soldier in Afghanistan (Birmingham News, 9/1/11)
Rally against Alabama immigration law evokes memory of civil rights era (Birmingham News,9/1/11)
Group plans Birmingham rally against Alabama immigration law (Birmingham News, 9/1/11)
Former AL Gov. Albert Brewer to lead constitutional revision commission (Birmingham News,9/1/11)
Opinion: Fitting end to state flag flap (Gadsden Times, 9/1/11)
Alabama governor over state flags for troops (Forbes, 9/1/11)
Alabama governor names Tornado Recovery Panel (Insurance Journal, 9/1/11)
Doubts raised about Bentley claim on flag policy (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9/1/11)
Editorial: State flag (WSFA, 9/1/11)


Bentley changes policy after soldier is refused state flag (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/31/11)
Commentary: Ala. Republicans, the ‘new sheriffs,’ ready for Round 2 (Mobile Press-Register,8/31/11)
ADO Director: Job creation a team effort (Birmingham Business Journal, 8/30/11)
New Chief Justice Malone to announce plans soon (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/30/11)
Pro-business: real or rhetoric? (North Jefferson News, 8/29/11)
Alabama’s new finance chief eyes big picture (Birmingham News, 8/29/11)
Immigration law blocked until Sept 29 while federal judge weighs case (Huntsville Times, 8/29/11)
Lawmaker tells Mobile to ‘quit whining’ about immigration law (Movile Press-Register, 8/29/11)
Bentley appoints tornado recovery commission (Birmingham News, 8/29/11)
Dem lawmaker: Executive branch must end abuse of power in Alabama (Birmingham News,8/28/11)
Editorial: The nation’s cruelest immigration law (New York Times, 8/28/11)
Group protests Alabama’s new immigration law at Lyons Park rally (Mobile Press-Register, 8/27/11)
Gov. Robert Bentley ‘not backing down’ on immigration law (Huntsville Times, 8/26/11)
AL immigration law option to sue police runs counter to national trend (Birmingham News,8/26/11)
Judge delays new bingo trials until Jan. 9 (Birmingham News, 8/25/11)
Editorial: Alabama’s illegal immigration law a lesson why rushing legislation is risky (Huntsville Times, 8/25/11)
As Phase II of Robotics Park opens, Bentley talks of funds for final phase (Huntsville Times, 8/25/11)
Gov. Robert Bentley, in search of ideas, tours a Bayou La Batre shipyard (Mobile Press-Register,8/25/11)
Hearing begins on request for injunction against AL immigration law (Birmingham News, 8/24/11)
Baldwin County probate judge asks for patience on immigration law, not cash (Mobile Press-Register,8/24/11)
AL law enforcement agencies take wait-and-see approach to immigration law; await court ruling(Birmingham News, 8/24/11)
Commentary: Alabama’s law of unintended consequences (Mobile Press-Register, 8/24/11)
Editorial: An immigration argument (Huntsville Times, 8/23/11)
Mobile license commissioner: Compliance with AL immigration law could cost $500K (Mobile Press-Register, 8/22/11)
New immigration law could mean ‘nightmare’ for motorists (Mobile Press-Register, 8/21/11)
OPINION: The state would be wrong not to try State House bingo trial over again (Birmingham News, 8/18/11)
Jefferson County Commission chairman meets with Gov. Bentley over debt settlement (Birmingham News, 8/17/11)
Immigration law causing shortage of legal workers, business owners say (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/17/11)
Election 2012: Dems, GOP weigh merits of early primary (Cullman Times, 8/16/11)
Leader: Alabama Dems to rise again (Times Daily, 8/16/11)
US defense budget cuts would slam Alabama military establishments (Birmingham News, 8/14/11)
COMMENTARY: Government gets goose eggs in bingo trial (Southern Political Report, 8/12/11)
Prosecutors bungled Alabama vote-buying trial (Birmingham News, 8/12/11)
Jury: Verdicts reached on some counts in bingo corruption trial (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/10/11)
Editorial: Whether an alleged violator of state campaign finance laws is Republican or Democrat shouldn’t matter (Birmingham News, 8/8/11)
Lawsuit argues new immigration law violates parts of Alabama Constitution (Huntsville Times,8/7/11)
Farmers told to talk to legislators about effects of new immigration law (Huntsville Times, 8/7/11)
Five GOP officials got $38K bonuses after $100K PAC donation from Cooper (Huntsville Times,8/6/11)
Editorial: The AL legislature wanted to make a statement with nation’s toughest immigration law(Birmingham News, 8/5/11)
Attorney in bingo trial says prosecution witnesses were desperate to cut a deal (Birmingham News,8/5/11)
New Alabama immigration law allows hiring ‘casual domestic labor’ without check (Birmingham News, 8/5/11)
Jury begins deliberating in Alabama bingo trial (Birmingham News, 8/5/11)
Mexico, 15 other countries ask federal court to overturn Alabama’s immigration law (Birmingham News, 8/4/11)
Editorial: The 3-day sales-tax holiday doesn’t offer nearly enough relief, especially for those who need it the most (Birmingham News, 8/4/11)
Commentary: This is what I understand about ‘illegal’ (Birmingham News, 8/3/11)
Commentary: Bentley defies expectations with Supreme Court pick (Mobile Press-Register, 8/3/11)
Closing arguments in AL State House vote-buying trial to begin (Birmingham News, 8/3/11)
Bingo trial: Judge drops several charges in vote-buying case (Birmingham News, 8/2/11)
Commentary: Gov. Bentley, lawmakers turn a deaf ear to their better angels (Birmingham News,8/2/11)
Gov. Bentley to name Chuck Malone as Supreme Court chief justice (Mobile Press-Register, 8/1/11)
Editorial: Someone needs to find out whether law banning PAC-to-PAC money transfers was violated (Birmingham News, 8/1/11)
JULY 2011
Rep. Mo Brooks gets national press challenging White House and House leaders (Huntsville Times,7/31/11)
Editorial: Ala. officials need to break the stalemate over a law that would regulate campaign contributions to state judges (Birmingham News, 7/30/11)
Moody’s puts three AL cities on watch list for possible rating downgrade (Birmingham News,7/29/11)
Editorial: Finding work for our state (Huntsville Times, 7/29/11)
Bingo trial proceeds after judge refuses to dismiss charges (Birmingham News, 7/29/11)
Editorial: A court system in peril (Huntsville Times, 7/28/11)
Editorial: The GOP state leadership PAC gave, and Riley’s AL 2014 PAC received, an illegal contribution (Birmingham News, 7/26/11)
Alabama standoff over judicial contributions draws fire (Birmingham News, 7/25/11)
Opinion: In Dixie, 2011 is the summer of hate (Huntsville Times, 7/25/11)
Commentary: Race still colors so many issues confronting Birmingham community (Birmingham News, 7/24/11)
Rep. Brooks: Empower states to deal with illegal immigration (Huntsville Times, 7/24/11)
Plan would let Ala. voters set lawmakers’ pay at household income level (Huntsville Times, 7/24/11)
Commentary: Disparity threatens Birmingham like a fault line (Birmingham News, 7/24/11)
Riley-led PAC admits to violation of new ethics law ex-gov signed in December (Huntsville Times,7/23/11)
Editorial: New immigration law is pushing people to leave state, but at what cost? (Birmingham News, 7/22/11)
Oil spill fine proposal: Most money would go for economic recovery along Gulf (Mobile Press-Register,7/22/11)
Editorial: Gov. Bentley shouldn’t forget public transit as option to alleviate traffic (Birmingham News, 7/21/11)
Editorial: Revise Alabama’s death penalty law (Huntsville Times, 7/20/11)
Bingo trial: Lobbyist describes offering Ala. senators money for votes (Birmingham News, 7/20/11)
Rep. Mo Brooks won’t back off ‘anything short of shooting them’ illegal immigrant threat (Huntsville Times, 7/19/11)
Editorial: Cleaning up Alabama’s political house (Huntsville Times, 7/18/11)
New AL immigration law has some immigrants already preparing to move (Birmingham News,7/17/11)
AL judges routinely overturn verdicts in favor of the death penalty, report shows (Mobile Press-Register, 7/17/11)
Economists say Alabama’s tough new immigration law could damage state’s economy (Huntsville Times, 7/16/11)
Bingo trial witness: Gilley has questionable reputation for honesty (Birmingham News, 7/15/11)
Alabama AG: BP oil spill accountability No. 1 priority; immigration law ‘golden opportunity’(Mobile Press-Register, 7/15/11)
FBI may be pursuing as many as 20 more people in a corruption investigation (Birmingham News,7/14/11)
Editorial: Don’t mix politics, pension funds (Mobile Press-Register, 7/14/11)
AL Democratic Party joins complaint about Mitt Romney’s state PAC fundraising (Birmingham News, 7/14/11)
Opinion: How to fix the Legislature (Montgomery Independent, 7/12/11)
Lobbyist testifies that AL state senators demanded donations (Birmingham News, 7/12/11)
Editorial: Water management plan would give Alabama leverage in tri-state water wars case(Huntsville Times, 7/11/11)
Lobbyist says he bribed legislator for his vote on bingo bill (Birmingham News, 7/11/11)
Huntsville peace rally and prayer walk calls on lawmakers to repeal immigration law (Huntsville Times, 7/11/11)
Editorial: Alabama needs comprehensive water management plan (Mobile Press-Register,7/10/11)
Alabama official optimistic about joint oil spill recovery talks (Mobile Press-Register, 7/10/11)
Huntsville residents, groups join lawsuit against Alabama’s immigration law (Huntsville Times,7/10/11)
Bentley faces tough call on Supreme Court vacancy (Mobile Press-Register, 7/10/11)
Gov. Bentley names 24 to insurance reform commission (Mobile Press-Register, 7/9/11)
SPLC, other groups file lawsuit challenging Alabama’s immigration law (Birmingham News, 7/8/11)
Alabama AG Strange voices concerns about scope of mortgage foreclosure (Birmingham News,7/8/11)
Ronnie Gilley concludes stay on witness stand in corruption trial (Birmingham News, 7/7/11)
AL officials’ plan to withdraw money from trust fund could mean it will produce less income later(Birmingham News, 7/6/11)
Bingo trial: Lawyer paints Ronnie Gilley as liar and con artist (Birmingham News, 7/6/11)
Editorial: Bingo trial exposes Legislature’s dark side (Huntsville Times, 7/6/11)
Alabama bingo trial defense questions wiretap analysis (Birmingham News, 7/6/11)
Rick Perry a big draw for AL GOP in 2012 presidential election sweepstakes (Mobile Press-Register,7/6/11)
Mobile County is less segregated, redistricting under Voting Rights Act a challenge (Mobile Press-Register, 7/5/11)
National candidates take advantage of Alabama’s lax campaign funding laws (Birmingham News, 7/4/11)
Alabama donors pitch in for GOP presidential candidates and potential candidates (Birmingham News, 7/4/11)
Alabama weighs ‘truth in sentencing’ for convicted felons (Mobile Press-Register, 7/4/11)
Editorial: Alabama immigration law a travesty (Mobile Press-Register, 7/3/11)
Defense lawyers pleased with progress in Alabama bingo trial (Birmingham News, 7/1/11)
JUNE 2011
Parts of Georgia’s immigration law blocked by judge; Alabama’s awaits similar fate (Birmingham News, 6/28/11)
Commentary: Scoring on constitutional reform after years of goose eggs (Birmingham News, 6/28/11)
Bingo trial: Gilley says he offered cash for votes (Birmingham News, 6/28/11)
Bentley’s legal adviser gives Congress upbeat assessment of oil spills Natural Resource Damage Assessment process (Birmingham News, 6/28/11)
Former Gov. Bob Riley seriously injured in Alaska motorcycle crash (, 6/27/11)
State officials: AL businesses unlikely to face a $36/8M federal unemployment tax increase(Birmingham News, 6/26/11)
Good guys? Bad guys? In Alabama politics, it’s not that simple (Birmingham News, 6/26/11)
Alab. Chief Justice, senators warn of federal takeover of overcrowded state prison system (Huntsville Times, 6/22/11)
4 rising stars in Alabama Legislature; could 1 be a future governor? (Mobile Press-Register, 6/22/11)
Alabama Republicans target Democrats in Machiavellian state legislature plot (Mobile Press-Register, 6/20/11)
Alabama legislator testifies in bingo trial that casino owner tried to buy his vote (Birmingham News,6/20/11)
Gov. Bentley leads Alabama delegation to Paris Air Show (Mobile Press-Register, 6/19/11)
Court challenges loom for new, far-reaching Alabama immigration law (Huntsville Times, 6/19/11)
Vote-buying trial, tribulations prompt real questions (Birmingham News, 6/19/11)
Alabama’s harsh immigration reform law (LA Times, 6/17/11)
It’s hard in Alabama, living in the middle (Birmingham News, 6/17/11)
AL Democratic chairman calls for Beason’s resignation (, 6/16/11)
AL Sen Beason, witness in vote-buying trial, grilled over ‘aborigines’ remark (Birmingham News,6/16/11)
Bingo trial: Beason wore a wire most days he went to Senate in 2010 (Birmingham News, 6/16/11)
Bob Riley on the road, traveling light and enjoying the ride (Mobile Press-Register, 6/15/11)
Aide: Bentley will sign 20-week abortion ban into law (, 6/14/11)
Judge: Gov. Riley can’t be subpoenaed for bingo trial (, 6/13/11)
Alabama Medicaid director way of Dem and GOP plans in Washington (Mobile Press-Register,6/13/11)
Lawmakers reach for new kinds of business tax breaks (Mobile Press-Register, 6/12/11)
Judge in vote-buying case hears arguments, but doesn’t rule on Bob Riley subpoena (, 6/11/11)
Gov. Bentley praises work of 2011 Alabama Legislature (Birmingham News, 6/11/11)
Social media sites abuzz with commentary about Alabama immigration law (, 6/10/11)
Big votes on final day of Alabama Legislature (Birmingham News, 6/9/11)
Tough illegal immigration law signed by Gov. Bentley (, 6/9/11)
AL Legislature approves education budget, operating budget for non-education agencies(Birmingham News, 6/9/11)
AL Senate completes legislative approval of voter photo ID bill (Birmingham News, 6/9/11)
Abortion bill in Ala. Legislature could have sweeping effects on laws (Birmingham News, 6/8/11)
Bentley rejects Huntsville’s alternative redistricting plan (Huntsville Times, 6/8/11)
Bentley signs Congressional redistricting bill into law (WSFA, 6/8/11)
Immigration law makes school officials uneasy (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/8/11)
GOP ends session in control of Alabama Legislature (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/8/11)
Abortion bill in Ala. Legislature could have sweeping effects on laws (Birmingham News, 6/8/11)
Ala. Legislative session winds down to cheers and jeers; what will be its legacy? (Mobile Press-Register, 6/8/11)
Alabama bingo trial needs a red carpet (Birmingham News, 6/8/11)
New Alabama congressional map friendly to incumbents (Birmingham News, 6/8/11)
Huntsville leaders push for revised redistricting plan to add 4th, 5th districts for city (Huntsville Times, 6/7/11)
Witness list in bingo trial sounds like roster of prominent State House players (Birmingham News,6/6/11)
Groups mull plans on Alabama immigration bill (UPI, 6/6/11)
Immigration proposal’s opponents may take battle to court (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/6/11)
Alabama pushes health reforms (Politico, 6/6/11)
Alabama moves to increase Medicaid funding, implement insurance exchanges (FireDogLake, 6/6/11)
Gov. Bentley weighs approval of AZ-style crackdown on illegal immigrants (Fox News, 6/5/11)
Alabama bingo trial could reveal nuggets (Birmingham News, 6/5/11)
ACLU threatens legal challenge on immigration (Gadsden Times, 6/3/11)
Alabama latest state poised to curb immigration (Reuters, 6/3/11)
Undeterred by lawsuits in other states, Alabama moves ahead with AZ-style immigration law(American Independent, 6/3/11)
In Alabama, a harsh bill for residents here illegally (New York Times, 6/3/11)
Ala. House delays vote on bill to redefine a fertilized egg as a person (Huntsville Times, 6/2/11)
House approves congressional redistricting plan (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/2/11)
AL Legislature passes AZ-style immigration bill (Birmingham News, 6/2/11)
Jefferson County may get authority to levy $50 million in taxes (Birmingham News, 6/2/11)
Alabama governor sends budgets back (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/2/11)
Alabama authorities raid Greenetrack, close bingo operation (Birmingham News, 6/2/11)
Senate passes bill to make public employees pay more for pensions (Birmingham News, 6/1/11)
Ala. Senate committee approves bill giving Jefferson County Commission taxing power (Birmingham News, 6/1/11)
One year later, catching up with the 2010 guber used-to-wannabes (Mobile Press-Register, 6/1/11)
Ala. House OKs taxing authority for Jefferson County, but major hurdle remains in Senate(Birmingham News, 6/1/11)
MAY 2011
Controversial no-bid computer contract cancelled by Bentley administration (Huntsville Times,5/29/11)
Bentley agrees to sign Students First Act (Gadsden Times, 5/29/11)
Budgets sent to governor; balancing work remains (Gadsden Times, 5/28/11)
Editorial: Budget should have never been passed (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/28/11)
Opinion: Budget balanced on backs of poor (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/28/11)
Senate Dems urge governor to fight for Ala. seniors and children (WAFF, 5/28/11)
Former Gov. Bob Riley subpoenaed to testify in bingo trial (Birmingham News, 5/27/11)
Alabama state senator switches from GOP to Democratic Party (Tuscaloosa News, 5/26/11)
AL Senate passes congressional redistricting plan that keeps 6th & 7th districts largely intact(Birmingham News, 5/26/11)
Tenure bill passes, heads to governor (Birmingham News, 5/26/11)
House Speaker Hubbard reacts to party switch (Doc’s Political Parlor, 5/26/11)
Alabama legislator leaves GOP (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/26/11)
AL House passes overhaul of teacher tenure law (Birmingham News, 5/25/11)
Alabama Supreme Court race has lawyers buzzing (Mobile Press-Register, 5/25/11)
Ala. Legislature gives final approval to state budgets (Birmingham News, 5/25/11)
State treasurer has plan to smooth out payments from Legislature to troubled PACT program(Huntsville Times, 5/25/11)
Alabama education budget passes Senate and heads for governor (Birmingham News, 5/25/11)
Compromise budget would cut 1,125 teachers’ jobs (Birmingham News, 5/25/11)
Alabama operating budget passed by Senate may cost hundreds of state workers their jobs(Birmingham News, 5/25/11)
Alabama Legislature tries to complete budgets (, 5/24/11)
Ala. lawmakers expect votes on immigration and tenure by June 9 (Birmingham News, 5/23/11)
Mobile County GOP enforces party discipline (Mobile Press-Register, 5/22/11)
Some Alabama sales taxes among nation’s highest (Birmingham News, 5/22/11)
Bentley joins Huntsville’s effort to land National Solar Observatory (Huntsville Times, 5/20/11)
Alabama panel OKs redrawn congressional districts (Birmingham News, 5/20/11)
Reapportionment committee scraps draft plan for Alabama’s congressional districts (Birmingham News, 5/19/11)
State panel adopts draft plans for congressional redistricting (Birmingham News, 5/18/11)
Huckabee’s exit puts Alabama in play for GOP presidential hopefuls (Mobile Press-Register, 5/18/11)
Alabama GOP lawmakers indicate they won’t give on tenure reform bill (Birmingham News,5/18/11)
Southern forests threatened by population, climate (Birmingham News, 5/18/11)
State paid legislative staffer $100K after gambling indictment (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/15/11)
Will rest of nation forget about storm-ravaged Alabama? (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/14/11)
Senator concerned about Montgomery County’s congressional redistricting (Montgomery Advertiser,5/13/11)
First Congressional district residents: Don’t redraw our lines (Mobile Press-Register, 5/12/11)
Commentary: Inside the Alabama Democrats’ 5-point comeback plan (Mobile Press-Register,5/11/11)
Former Gov. Siegelman may ask Supreme Court to review his case (Birmingham News, 5/10/11)
Local residents urged to speak out at redistricting meetings (Mobile Press-Register, 5/10/11)
Bending the governor’s ear (Anniston Star, 5/10/11)
Redistricting committee gets local input on drawing maps (Huntsville Times, 5/9/11)
Huntsville first stop on statewide redistricting tour (Huntsville Times, 5/9/11)
Editorial: Bentley must assemble a tornado task force (Birmingham News, 5/8/11)
Disasters challenge GOP governors in Alabama, Mississippi (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/7/11)
Bentley tours tornado damage across state (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/7/11)
Ala. Senate approves bill to change teacher tenure; proposal goes to House (Birmingham News,5/6/11)
Dueling Alabama bills target illegal immigrants (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/6/11)
Immigration bill draws controversy (Fox10TV, 5/6/11)
Alabama Senate passes revised immigration bill (Birmingham News, 5/5/11)
Federal grant to Alabama will assist in providing temporary jobs for those affected by tornadoes(Huntsville Times, 5/5/11)
Control of state troopers a touchy issue in Alabama (Southern Political Report, 5/5/11)
Alabama House OKs bills that would raise business income tax (Birmingham News, 5/5/11)
Legislature approves bill that could shorten the year for schools hit by last week’s storm(Birmingham News, 5/5/11)
GOP senator, governor clash over proposed changtes to DPS, ABI (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/5/11)
Sen. Bryan Taylor responds angrily to Gov. Bentley (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/5/11)
AL Senate passes proposed constitutional amendment to extend Forever Wild for 20 years(Birmingham News, 5/5/11)
Republicans reject Democrats’ proposal to turn redistricting over to citizens board (Huntsville Times,5/4/11)
Alabama Senate bogs down over Forever Wild renewal (Mobile Press-Register, 5/4/11)
Alabama revenue reports likely won’t change this year’s spending outlook (Birmingham News,5/3/11)
Anti-gambling issue fades in Alabama Legislature (Mobile Press-Register, 5/2/11)
APRIL 2011
Ala. Senate panel OKs immigration bill (Birmingham News, 4/28/11)
Senators continue fighting, adjourn until midnight (Montgomery Advertiser, 4/27/11)
Ala. Senate approves Gov. Bentley’s jobs bill (Birmingham News, 4/27/11)
Senate votes to remove racist language from Alabama constitution (Birmingham News, 4/27/11)
Partisan battle leads to all-night session in the Alabama Senate (Birmingham News, 4/27/11)
Ala. Senate in partisan fight over debate on bills (Birmingham News, 4/26/11)
Cigarette tax increase proposed by Ala. state Rep. Patricia Todd (Birmingham News, 4/26/11)
Poll: Large, national majority wants oil spill fine money sent to Gulf Coast (Mobile Press-Register,4/26/11)
FBI could raid Alabama’s Indian casinos, says gambling expert (Mobile Press-Register, 4/25/11)
Rep. Brooks allies with state lawmakers to push for balanced budget amendment (Huntsville Times,4/25/11)
Opinion: Arizona showing Alabama how to cut revenue (Huntsville Times, 4/24/11)
Opinion: Upcoming cuts to state’s budget may be brutal (Mobile Press-Register, 4/24/11)
Editorial: Billion-dollar chance to restore the coast (Mobile Press-Register, 4/24/11)
Budget cuts won’t just affect employees (Florence Times Daily, 4/24/11)
Oil spill by the numbers: Economic indicators show large dips after oil spill (Mobile Press-Register,4/24/11)
Coastal insurance bills pass Senate committee after unusual procedure (Mobile Press-Register,4/22/11)
Ala. Senate OKs bill to allow officers to detain suspected illegal immigrants (Birmingham News,4/21/11)
Alabama Senate panel OK’s change in tenure law (Birmingham News, 4/20/11)
Senate Committee approves bill making it easier to fire teachers (Birmingham News, 4/20/11)
Ala. chief justice says sentencing bills approved by Senate committee will reduce crime (Huntsville Times, 4/20/11)
AL Senate panel OKs bill for teachers, other public workers to pay more toward retirement(Birmingham News, 4/20/11)
Feinberg: Oil spill claims process ‘working as intended,’ if not perfectly (Mobile Press-Register,4/19/11)
Bills would change boards that control Alabama teachers’ and employees’ retirement systems(Birmingham News, 4/19/11)
Roy Moore exploring run for president (Birmingham News, 4/19/11)
Alabama lawmaker proposes a commission to rewrite state constitution (Birmingham News,4/18/11)
Editorial: GOP is ahead on legislative pay raise issue; Dems should make up ground and take lead(Birmingham News, 4/18/11)
On education reform legislation, score one for the Democrats (Florence Times Daily, 4/17/11)
Alabama House OKs 20-year extension of Forever Wild (Birmingham News, 4/15/11)
Private group gets $13 million in state education funds without school board approval (Huntsville Times, 4/14/11)
Democrats would prefer ending loopholes over teacher layoffs (Birmingham News, 4/14/11)
Proposed bill would change tenure law in Alabama (Birmingham News, 4/14/11)
State legislator wants Jefferson County residents to vote on job tax in referendum (Birmingham News, 4/14/11)
Teachers oppose overhaul of tenure law at legislative hearing (Birmingham News, 4/13/11)
Alabama senators remain divided over pay and may do nothing to cut compensation (Birmingham News, 4/10/11)
Ex-judge now represents bingo interests in Jefferson County (Birmingham News, 4/8/11)
Commentary: Alabama immigration bill is brought to you by, well, a British invasion(Birmingham News, 4/8/11)
Federal shutdown may affect thousands in state’ many could be put out of work (Birmingham News,4/8/11)
Most Alabama state senators decline pay raise (Birmingham News, 4/8/11)
Alabama House shouts ‘No!’ to temporary pay cut (Huntsville Times, 4/7/11)
Ala. House approves bill that would ban elective abortions after 20 weeks (Huntsville Times, 4/7/11)
Ala. House panel approves education budget, which goes to full House for debate next week(Birmingham News, 4/6/11)
Ala. Senate panel OKs Bentley’s first operating budget but full Senate likely to make changes(Birmingham News, 4/6/11)
Bentley forms coastal insurance commission; special session on issue planned (Mobile Press-Register,4/6/11)
Four abortion-related bills move quickly through Alabama Senate committee (Huntsville Times,4/6/11)
Alabama Democrats ready to ‘rumble’ to close corporate tax loopholes (Birmingham News, 4/6/11)
Commentary: In Alabama, the sky is falling…again (Birmingham News, 4/6/11)
More Dems switching tells the tale of two parties (Mobile Press-Register, 4/6/11)
Ala. House passes Arizona-style immigration law (Birmingham News, 4/5/11)
Alabama tax collection for education show little change from last year’s pace (Birmingham News,4/5/11)
Alabama House expected to vote today on bill targeting illegal immigrants (Birmingham News,4/5/11)
Alabama lawmakers’ pay raise to kick in this month (Birmingham News, 4/2/11)
Bentley declares General Fund proration cuts (Birmingham News, 4/1/11)
MARCH 2011
Bentley cuts funding for many state government agencies by 15 percent (Birmingham News,3/31/11)
Ala. House member proposes eliminating federal income tax deduction to raise revenue (Huntsville Times, 3/31/11)
Opposition gathers for Alabama’s proposed illegal immigration bill (Birmingham News, 3/30/11)
Alabama voters feel voiceless in Legislature, according to poll (Mobile Press-Register, 3/28/11)
Cuts in corporate tax loopholes could save Ala. tens of millions, Bentley’s office says (Birmingham News, 3/28/11)
Alabama prison bills may save state $106 million over 5 years (Birmingham News, 3/28/11)
Gov. Bentley wants to cut costs, so here’s a start (Birmingham News, 3/27/11)
Alabama won’t apply for high-speed rail money, but advocates still interested (Birmingham News,3/27/11)
Long-debated government transparency bill finally clears Alabama House (Huntsville Times,3/24/11)
Bentley predicts dire future for state’s General Fund budget over next two years (Huntsville Times,3/23/11)
Democrats appeal to Gov. Bentley to save  DROP (Birmingham News, 3/23/11)
Union members, Democratic lawmakers blast proposed eduction cuts in Legislature (Huntsville Times, 3/23/11)
Mobile County property tax renewals overwhelmingly approved by voters (Mobile Press-Register,3/23/11)
Alabama AG to appeal Bessemer bingo ruling (Birmingham News, 3/23/11)
Alabama Legislature passes bill to end deferred retirement program (Birmingham News, 3/23/11)
Jefferson County sales tax increase would make Birmingham the tax titan (Birmingham News,3/22/11)
Mobile County residents go to polls to vote on school renewal tax vote (Mobile Press-Register,3/21/11)
Raising pension contribution rates would cut Ala. teachers’ pay $2600 over next 3 years (Huntsville Times, 3/20/11)
DROP favors rich, GOP says; Dems say it helps average teachers, state employees (Birmingham News, 3/14/11)
Bentley and state schools superintendent spar over budget (Birmingham News, 3/13/11)
Alabama Legislature: GOP bills would weaken lawmakers’ power (Birmingham News, 3/13/11)
Bentley signs education-funding bill into law (Birmingham News, 3/11/11)
Black legislators fire up Statehouse rally opposed to immigration bill (Huntsville Times, 3/10/11)
Ala. House OKs killing ‘cadillac’ pension plan for state workers (Birmingham News, 3/10/11)
Commentary: Is everything in Alabama about bingo? (Birmingham News, 3/9/11)
Jefferson County expected to run out of cash by July without job tax (Birmingham News, 3/9/11)
AL House panel OKs bill to potentially charge illegal immigrants with trespassing (Birmingham News, 3/8/11)
Chief justice warns of hundreds of layoffs in court system in 2012 state budget (Huntsville Times,3/8/11)
In the Alabama Medicaid budget, there’s not much room to cut (Birmingham News, 3/6/11)
Alabama tourist attractions grappling with Bentley’s proposed budget cuts (Huntsville Times,3/6/11)
Alabama constitution rewrite up to voters if representative’s plan passes (Birmingham News,3/5/11)
Alabama bill to ban Islamic law mirrors bills in other states (Birmingham News, 3/4/11)
Bentley’s budgets would boost benefits costs for teachers, could trigger layoffs (Birmingham News,3/2/11)
Bentley: Strict rules for insurers should be ‘on the table’ (Mobile Press-Register, 3/2/11)
Alabama Legislature to focus on cuts in spending (Birmingham News, 3/1/11)
AEA sues state, argues singled out by GOP lawmakers (Huntsville Times, 3/1/11)
Bentley declares 3% education cuts – general fund next (Birmingham News, 2/28/11)
Senate GOP leader predicts a pro-business agenda for legislative session (Birmingham News,2/27/11)
GOP Speaker plans reign in AL House without apologies (Birmingham News, 2/27/11)
Ala. Legislature: Bigger class sizes, state worker layoffs possible this session (Birmingham News,2/27/11)
New census figures will shake up AL congressional boundaries (Birmingham News, 2/26/11)
Republican, Democratic senators offer different plans to alter Alabama’s 1901 constitution(Huntsville Times, 2/25/11)
Census 2010: Birmingham loses 30,000 people; Montgomery closes gap (Birmingham News,2/24/11)
Bradley Byrne’s group seeks transparency in Alabama government (Birmingham News, 2/24/11)
Despite losing GOP nomination for governor, Byrne still pressing for reforms (Huntsville Times,2/24/11)
Alabama GOP sees internal tensions building (Mobile Press-Register, 2/23/11)
Bentley tells insurance reform group he still supports change (Mobile Press-Register, 2/17/11)
Ala. prisons may be in line for big budget hit with loss of federal stimulus money (Huntsville Times,2/9/11)
Editorial: Reservations about reservoirs: Bentley should be cautious (Anniston Star, 2/9/11)
Bentley says No. 1 priority is creating jobs (Montgomery Advertiser, 2/9/11)
Alabama concerned over Georgia water decisions (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 2/9/11)
Bentley promises statewide business incubator emphasizing worker training (Birmingham News,2/8/11)
Bentley: ‘State of the State’ talk to be about jobs (Montgomery Advertiser, 2/8/11)
Bentley joins other GOP governors in calling for changes in health care law (Birmingham News,2/8/11)
Division defines Alabama A&M trustees as board meets with Bentley (Huntsville Times, 2/7/11)
GOP insiders advising Riley to run for president (Birmingham News, 2/6/11)
Bentley wants to talk water with Georgia (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 2/4/11)
Bentley ready to negotiate water issues (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 2/4/11)
Bentley: dramatic changes coming for state govt (WBRC, 2/4/11)
Alabama Gov tells Georgia: Don’t build reservoirs (Gainesville Times, 2/3/11)
‘Unclear’ new law frustrates Alabama ethics commission (Birmingham News, 2/3/11)
Editorial: Bentley’s appointment of Sparks is interesting and strangely fitting (Birmingham News,2/1/11)
Bentley calls meeting of Ala. A&M trustees to discuss accreditation issues (Huntsville Times, 1/31/11)
State house access may be limited during legislative sessions (Gadsden Times, 1/31/11)
Dems name Mark Kennedy as new state party chairman (Montgomery Advertiser, 1/30/11)
Opinion: Bentley and his Democratic friend (Anniston Star, 1/28/11)
Ala. agencies eye impact of 15% budget cuts (Bloomberg, 1/28/11)
Bentley spent $8.3 million on winning campaign (Birmingham News, 1/28/11)
Bentley paying back his $1.9 million loan to campaign (WHNT, 1/28/11)
Bentley: Alabama’s budget is in dismal shape (Birmingham News, 1/28/11)
Funding cuts threaten Alabama schools’ progress (Montgomery Advertiser, 1/28/11)
Bentley’s appointment of Sparks seen as mainly positive (Anniston Star, 1/28/11)
Bentley selects ex-rival Sparks for new office (Montgomery Advertiser, 1/27/11)
Bentley warns that no one speaks for him but himself (WHNT, 1/27/11)
Bentley unsure on education budget cuts (Gadsden Times, 1/27/11)
Video: Barkley won’t run for gov (TMZ, 1/26/11)
Glenn Beck criticizes Bentley over remarks on non-Christians (Mobile Press-Register, 1/24/11)
Despite Inauguration Day controversy, many pleased with Bentley’s first acts in office (, 1/24/11)
Bentley’s first week gets mixed reviews (Montgomery Advertiser, 1/23/11)
Bentley to get honeymoon until session starts (Gadsden Times, 1/22/11)
Editorial: We’ll give the governor a mulligan (Mobile Press-Register, 1/21/11)
Opinion: Bentley should take to hear the lesson he’s just learned (Birmingham News, 1/21/11)
Video: How will AL Democrats rise again? (Left in Alabama, 1/21/11)
Commentary: The foolish ‘no-tax’ mantra (Anniston Star, 1/21/11)
Despite Bentley’s apology, opinions remain divided (, 1/20/11)
Bentley’s short honeymoon (The Daily Home, 1/20/11)
Commentary: Bentley’s apology says good things about him (Birmingham News, 1/20/11)
Tolerance is needed in Alabama (Pensacola News Journal, 1/20/11)
Bentley disbands task force on gambling, expects budget cuts (Montgomery Advertiser, 1/19/11)
Editorial: What Bentley’s new Cabinet tells us (Mobile Press-Register, 1/19/11)
Editorial: Governor’s optimism soon will be tested (Montgomery Advertiser, 1/19/11)
Editorial: Bentley learns a hard lesson on choice of words (Huntsville Times, 1/19/11)
Editorial: Selling ourselves short: Deciphering Bentley’s speech (Anniston Star, 1/19/11)
Bentley apologizes for ‘brothers and sisters’ comment after inauguration (Birmingham News,1/19/11)
Opinion: Bentley’s states’ rights wrongs (Birmingham News, 1/19/11)
Bentley’s “brothers, sisters in Christ” speech at MLK church making waves (, 1/19/11)
Contract: BP sets Feinberg’s salary, will get oil spill claims docs (Mobile Press-Register, 1/19/11)
Study: Health care law repeal could cost 2 million Alabamians their insurance (Mobile Press-Register, 1/19/11)
Bentley takes reins at critical time for Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 1/19/11)
New governor ends gambling task force (Bloomberg, 1/18/11)
Condemnation, sorrow greet Bentley’s definition of ‘brothers and sisters’ (Huntsville Times, 1/18/11)
Bentley already on defensive about his “brothers and sisters” (Birmingham News, 1/18/11)
Faith leaders consider Gov. Bentley’s brother-sister classifications (Huntsville Times, 1/18/11)
ADL criticizes Bentley for comments on religion; calls for apology (Huntsville Times, 1/18/11)
Bentley will be governor of all, but only Christians are his ‘brothers and sisters’ (Birmingham News,1/17/11)
Bentley sworn in as Alabama’s new governor (, 1/17/11)
Video: Bentley ready to tackle Alabama economy (Birmingham News, 1/16/11)
Bentley tells AL teachers group state faces bleak budget times (Birmingham News, 1/15/11)
Republicans will face many challenges when they take charge (Selma Times-Journal, 1/12/11)
Report: BP not required to fund some economic restoration efforts after oil spill (Mobile Press-Register,1/12/11)
Legislature’s organizational session the last gasp of the old ways (Birmingham News, 1/9/11)
Some North Alabama leaders concerned over merger of state economic development groups(Huntsville Times, 1/9/11)
Riley leaves office with no regrets (Birmingham News, 1/9/11)
Dothan casino operator Ronnie Gilley accused of bribery (Birmingham News, 1/8/11)
Inauguration will include King tribute (Montgomery Advertiser, 1/6/11)
Bentley gives gambling Task Force to AG (Tuskegee News, 1/6/11)
Editorial: It’s nice for gov and AG to be on the same side on bingo (Birmingham News, 1/6/11)
New Development director will be fair to region, legislators say (Times Daily, 1/6/11)
Editorial: A new state head to police bingo (Huntsville Times, 1/5/11)
Most legislators see Hammett’s selection as positive step for state (Gadsden Times, 1/5/11)
Bentley depending on seasoned leaders for his cabinet picks (Wetumpka Herald, 1/5/11)
Bentley to release inaugural donors’ names (WRCB, 1/5/11)
They all want to know what’s next in the Life of Riley (Mobile Press-Register, 1/5/11)
Alabama Emergency Management Agency seeks docs on how BP funds were spent (Mobile Press-Register, 1/5/11)
Cost of Bentley’s inauguration tops $1 million (Gadsden Times, 1/4/11)
Riley does flurry of NY media interviews on Coastal Recovery Commission report (Mobile Press-Register, 1/4/11)
Judge: All PACT participants covered by lawsuit (Bloomberg, 1/3/11)
Editorial: Fair redistricting expected (Montgomery Advertiser, 1/3/11)

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