The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


AL 2010 Archives


Alabama Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives

Bentley signals bingo closure (Southern Political Report, 12/30/10)
Bentley: AG to control illegal gambling task force (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/30/10)
State, county swing Republican in historic shift (Florence Times Daily, 12/30/10)
Editorial: Haley’s history lesson – Perspective for Gov. Barbour (Anniston Star, 12/30/10)
Editorial: When earmarks may matter (Anniston Star, 12/29/10)
Editorial: Riley should’ve rejected tickets (Decatur Daily, 12/29/10)
Editorial: Another lifeline for Alabama’s Medicaid Agency (Huntsville Times, 12/29/10)
Editorial: Boundary shift for the 5th District (Huntsville Times, 12/28/10)
Artur Davis: Southern Dems should consider running as independents (Talking Points Memo, 12/27/10)
Alabama executes 24 inmates during Riley’s 2 terms (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/27/10)
Editorial: When earmarks aren’t pork (Huntsville Times, 12/27/10)
Alabama jobless fund $283M in the hole, but state expects to pay it off next year (Mobile Press-Register, 12/26/10)
Alabama’s two-year college probe follows the money (Birmingham News, 12/26/10)
Morgan County seeks to rejoin the 5th Congressional District (Huntsville Times, 12/26/10)
Alabama lost valuable earmarks in battle over national budget (Birmingham News, 12/23/10)
Lobbyist pleads guilty in bingo investigation (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/21/10)
Riley: Ethics law could be tougher, moment still historic (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/21/10)
Editorial: Ethics reform upsets the powers that be (Birmingham News, 12/20/10)
Editorial: Coastal recovery report offers roadmap (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/20/10)
Lobbyist pleads guilty bribery over bingo vote (Mobile Press-Register, 12/20/10)
GOP leaders to target budget process in 2011 (Tuscaloosa News, 12/20/10)
Bentley considering plan to change development agency (Birmingham News, 12/19/10)
Ethics reform in AL may bring change (Birmingham News, 12/19/10)
Legislators: Ethics laws will change political landscape (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/19/10)
Opinion: Unbelievable new day in state politics (Mobile Press-Register, 12/19/10)
Editorial: Ethics bills big improvement (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/19/10)
Raising taxes not answer to revenue problem (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/19/10)
In AL ethics sweep, details remain (Birmingham News, 12/17/10)
AGs urge caution before signing final oil spill claims (Mobile Press-Register, 12/17/10)
Obama signs GO Zone extension for Gulf States (Mobile Press-Register, 12/17/10)
Editorial: Historic message from South Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 12/16/10)
Riley praises legislators for passing ethics bills (Opelika Auburn News, 12/16/10)
Sweeping ethics bill goes to the governor (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/16/10)
Roadmap to Resilience’ urges changes for coastal Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 12/15/10)
Editorial: Bentley needs to make water a top priority (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/15/10)
AL Senate approves payroll deduction bill opposed by AEA (Birmingham News, 12/15/10)
Opinion: Is there much of a difference between GOP and Democrats? (The St. Clair Times, 12/15/10)
AL GOP shifting power from teachers (Bloomberg, 12/15/10)
Riley’s office rebukes Hubbert’s claim (Opelika Auburn News, 12/15/10)
Filibuster stalls ethics bills (Times Daily, 12/15/10)
AL Legislature nears historic shift in ethics (Bloomberg, 12/14/10)
AL House committee close ‘huge loophole’ in ethics bill (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/14/10)
Bentley promises decisive leadership on issues important to Birmingham (Birmingham News, 12/14/10)
Editorial: A changed tune? Bentley and the health-care bill (Anniston Star, 12/14/10)
Riley, Bentley to receive report on coastal recovery (, 12/14/10)
Oil Spill: Bentley shares some of Riley’s recovery money concerns (Mobile Press-Register, 12/13/10)
Union dues bill: Payback? (Times Record, 12/12/10)
Higher ed leaders want more funds from Alabama (Birmingham News, 12/11/10)
Democrats’ ethics plan: More options to consider (Anniston Star, 12/11/10)
AL lawmakers move quickly on ethics laws (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/10/10)
AL ethics bills head for House, senate debate today (Birmingham News, 12/10/10)
Editorial: Don’t squander ethics reform opportunity (Huntsville Times, 12/9/10)
Democrats question timing of Riley’s ethics reform session (Tuskegee News, 12/9/10)
Bentley tells lawmakers to do it right or be prepared to do it again (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/9/10)
Bentley to lawmakers: Let’s work together (Gadsden Times, 12/8/10)
Bentley says he’ll keep his hands off bills in special session (Birmingham News, 12/8/10)
AL Democrats unveil separate proposals for ethics reform (Birmingham News, 12/8/10)
Riley urges ethics, campaign finance reform during special session (Gadsden Times, 12/8/10)
Alabama to tackle ethics reform (Wall Street Journal, 12/6/10)
Bentley stresses job creation during Farmers Federation address (Mobile Press-Register, 12/6/10)
AL Dems close to picking Wallace son-in-law to lead them (Gadsden Times, 12/5/10)
Opinion: GOP now needs to live up to its pledge (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/3/10)
Bentley says state will run health insurance exchange (Birmingham News, 12/3/10)
Editorial: Will GOP walk the ethics reform walk following Riley’s plan? (Birmingham News, 12/2/10)
Riley calls special session on ethics (Montgomery Advertiser, 12/2/10)
Political analyst says Riley’s special session is about weakening AEA (WHNT, 12/1/10)
Inside the Statehouse: What the GOP takeover means for Alabama (Capital City Free Press, 12/1/10)
Riley offers ethics reform proposal (New York Times, 12/1/10)
Editorial: Education and the election – don’t count out Hubbard (Anniston Star, 12/1/10)

As Dems switch to GOP, which party is more conservative? (Times Daily, 11/29/10)
Sparks looks back at loss, toward the future (Tuscaloosa News, 11/26/10)
Four House Dems switch to GOP, giving Republicans supermajorities (Montgomery Advertiser, 11/23/10)
Editorial: Common Core vote good for state (Anniston Star, 11/23/10)
Former Democrats bolster GOP power (Montgomery Advertiser, 11/23/10)
Sparks says voter anger, indictments hurt chances to be governor (Birmingham News, 11/23/10)
Opinion: Common Core standards and the black helicopters (Birmingham News, 11/23/10)
Survey shows AL, FL economies hardest hit by oil spill (Mobile Press-Register, 11/21/10)
Opinion: Bentley’s first defeat comes over core curriculum vote (Anniston Star, 11/21/10)
Outgoing governor pushes oil spill agenda (Decatur Times Daily, 11/21/10)
Hubbert, AEA face new challenges lobbying legislature controlled by GOP (Huntsville Times, 11/21/10)
Editorial: Curbing benefits a critical necessary step (Montgomery Advertiser, 11/18/10)
Bentley asks Board of Education to delay vote on core standards (Birmingham News, 11/18/10)
Editorial: Session on ethics reform overdue (Montgomery Advertiser, 11/17/10)
Riley, Bentley to attend RGA meeting (Gadsden Times, 11/15/10)
Bentley to end gambling task force (North Jefferson News, 11/12/10)
Who is to blame for Democratic bloodbath? (Left in Alabama, 11/11/10)  ++++
Editorial: Bentley, Riley and the voters stand together on ethics (Mobile Press-Register, 11/11/10)
Riley: voters want special session to tackle ethics soon (Montgomery Advertiser, 11/11/10)
Riley backs early legislative session for ethics reform (Birmingham News, 11/11/10)
Ethics special session might start Dec. 13 (Gadsden Times, 11/10/10)
AL coastal officials hopeful Bentley can build convention center (Mobile Press-Register, 11/8/10)
Now Alabama’s GOP draws line in the sand (Birmingham News, 11/7/10)
The doctor’s oaths:  Can Bentley live up to these campaign promises? (Dothan Eagle, 11/6/10)
Forecast: gambling a dead issue in Alabama in 2011 (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/3/10)
Bentley names transition team (Birmingham News, 11/3/10)
Bentley denounces lobbyist influence in legislature (WKRG, 11/3/10)
Bentley: anti-gambling task force will be abolished (Birmingham News, 11/3/10)
Bentley first Ala. lawmaker elected gov. since 1886 (WTVM, 11/3/10)
Bentley: ethics reform will pass, no anti-gambling task force (WBRC, 11/3/10)
Opinion: New governor, giant opportunity (Mobile Press-Register, 11/2/10)
Experts say governor’s race may not bring out voters (Montgomery Advertiser, 11/2/10)
Governor’s seat, control of AL legislature up for grabs in election (Birmingham News, 11/2/10)
Sparks: Most important election of our lifetime (WKRG, 11/1/10)
Sparks, Bentley make final pleas in AL gov race (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/1/10)
Poll shows race tightening between Bentley, Sparks (Mobile Press-Register, 10/24/10)
Riley opposes ballot proposal for road projects (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/22/10)
Riley seeks bingo crackdown at AL’s Indian casinos (Birmingham News, 10/22/10)
Bentley would push for special session on ethics law (Birmingham News, 10/22/10)
Sparks says racism still exists; questions Bentley’s opposition to health care overhaul (Birmingham News, 10/22/10)
State Sen says not electing Sparks could send blacks back to days of Jim Crow (Birmingham News, 10/21/10)
Opinion: Bentley’s responses to AEA story raise more questions than answers (Mobile Press-Register, 10/20/10)
Bentley, Sparks on the attack in guber debate (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/20/10)
Perfection in politics – the luster’s wearing off candidates (The Anniston Star, 10/20/10)
Bentley denies taking$150K from AEA (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/20/10)
Both Bentley, Sparks took donations from AEA (Anniston Star, 10/19/10)
Editorial: Lay everything on the table, Doc (Mobile Press-Register, 10/19/10)
Sparks and Bentley on education (Doc’s Political Parlor, 10/19/10)
Bentley campaign did receive help from AEA (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/19/10)
Bentley acknowledges seeking, receiving AEA support (Mobile Press-Register, 10/19/10)
Sparks: Working class to win back Alabama (Florence Times Daily, 10/19/10)
AEA gave $150K to Bentley (Tuscaloosa News, 10/19/10)
‘Tort Reform’ not an issue for Bentley, Sparks (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/18/10)
Sparks: Bentley involved in AEA attack campaign against Byrne (Gadsden Times, 10/18/10)
Bentley campaign leaned on AEA to defeat Bradley Byrne (Mobile Press-Register, 10/17/10)
Video: Sparks, Bentley hold similar views on environment (Birmingham News, 10/17/10)
Liability lawsuits relatively absent from campaign topics in gov race (Opelika-Auburn News, 10/17/10)
Bingo corruption probe – 11 indicted to enter pleas (Birmingham News, 10/15/10)
Ethics reform is the new Alabama fad (Anniston Star, 10/15/10)
Guber candidates spar over gambling (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/14/10)
Sparks accuses Bentley of taking gambling money in gov race (Birmingham News, 10/13/10)
On the issues: Sparks and Bentley place different priority on illegal immigration (Huntsville Times, 10/12/10)
Sparks says federal corruption investigation shouldn’t slow state from taxing electronic bingo (Huntsville Times, 10/12/10)
Siegelman: Vote for Sparks; Bentley ‘weakest GOP candidate ever’ (Mobile Press-Register, 10/12/10)
Editorial: Both candidates agree on need for ethics reform; vote buying arrests should push legislature to act (Birmingham News,10/10/10)
Bingo indictments playing part in AL campaign ads (Birmingham News, 10/9/10)
Sparks steps up attacks on Bentley in gov race (Birmingham News, 10/8/10)
Sparks ad needles Bentley name change (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/8/10)
Sparks says corruption scandal highlights need for gambling regulation (Mobile Press-Register, 10/6/10)
AL GOP seeks to capitalize on bingo charges (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/6/10)
Bingo’s future hangs in political balance (Gadsden Times, 10/5/10)
Davis rips Democrats’ response to bingo arrests (Opelika-Auburn News, 10/5/10)
Feds indict 11 in bingo investigation (Tuscaloosa News, 10/5/10)
This is AL politics: slew of gambling arrests month before election (Progressive Electorate, 10/4/10)
Sparks questions timing of AL bingo charges (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/4/10)
Alabama party leaders react to arrests on corruption charges (WSFA, 10/4/10)
Governor’s race leader is Bentley, polls show (Tuscaloosa News, 10/3/10)
Bentley calls Sparks’ tax increase claims a ‘distortion of the truth’ (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/3/10)
Guber candidates agree on ethics reform (Birmingham News, 10/3/10)
Bentley turns down Mitt Romney’s endorsement (Boston Herald, 10/1/10)
Sheriffs back Sparks in guber bid (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/30/10)
Bentley wants fresh ideas for education (Birmingham News, 9/30/10)
Majority in state favor lottery (Wetumpka Herald, 9/21/10)
Bentley outraised Sparks by 4-1 in guber race (Birmingham News, 9/20/10)
Bentley, Sparks spar at Birmingham debate (Birmingham Business Journal, 9/20/10)
RE: Gulf Oil Spill – Bentley wary of Ken Feinberg, Sparks of BP (Mobile Press-Register, 9/19/10)
Editorial: Governor’s race could actually be decided on the issues (Mobile Press-Register, 9/19/10)
Hubbert, AEA refocus political efforts (Gadsden Times, 9/15/10)
Byrne employed by the law firm he once hired (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/12/10)
Editorial: State may see more big-name Dems campaigning for Sparks (Decatur Daily, 9/12/10)
Bingo business splits AL governor candidates (Birmingham News, 9/12/10)
Hubbert and AEA to be neutral in governor’s race (Tuscaloosa News, 9/12/10)
Guber hopefuls release service records (Anniston Star, 9/12/10)
Opinion: Bentley has valid point over education and govt (Gadsden Times, 9/12/10)
Can Sparks get elected touting a statewide lottery? (Wetumpka Herald, 9/10/10)
AL gov rivals trade remarks over business plans (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/9/10)
Sparks trying to walk back endorsement of Shelby (Left in Alabama, 9/6/10)
Sparks endorses Shelby for Senate?? (Left in Alabama, 9/4/10)
Sparks touts gambling as a revenue source (Tuscaloosa News, 9/3/10)
Editorial: Davis and his party (Anniston Star, 8/20/10)
Artur Davis comes out swinging against his own party’s candidate (Washington Post, 8/20/10)
Davis: I won’t campaign for Sparks (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/15/10)
Editorial: Alabama’s taxes don’t feel like the country’s 2nd lowest, because they’re so unfair (Birmingham News, 8/12/10)
Sparks picks up AFL-CIO endorsement (WSFA, 8/11/10)
Pate allegations about Riley offer put Bentley at a crossroads (Mobile Press-Register, 8/11/10)
Bentley, Sparks would end anti-bingo task force (Gadsden Times, 8/9/10)
Editorial: Public vote on gambling less likely (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/8/10)
Bentley pledges to unite Republicans (Tuscaloosa News, 8/8/10)
Editorial: It looks like a GOP year in Alabama (Tuscaloosa News, 8/8/10)
‘Outsider’ Bentley, GOP heal primary runoff wounds (Gadsden Times, 8/7/10)
Byrne puts defeat in past, urges voters to support Bentley (Birmingham News, 8/7/10)
Sparks seeks congressional hearing on home prices dropping due to BP spill (WHNT, 8/6/10)
Editorial: Why would someone want to be governor? (Huntsville Times, 8/6/10)
Editorial: It’s refreshing to see clean campaigning (Tuscaloosa News, 8/5/10)
Editorial: State’s ‘bingo wars’ must end (Huntsville Times, 8/4/10)
AL GOP’s healing process delayed by continued infighting (Mobile Press-Register, 8/4/10)
Guber wannabes woo union voters (Tuscaloosa News, 8/4/10)
Sparks blasts BP over claims process (Mobile Press-Register, 8/3/10)
Governor candidates want to get rid of bingo task force (WSFA, 8/2/10)
GOP hopes to gain legislative control in coming elections (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/1/10)
JULY 2010
AL Supreme Court sides with Riley on bingo (Birmingham News, 7/31/10)
AL Gov sued over gambling in Macon, Greene (Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/30/10)
Bentley has 20-pt lead over Sparks (WBRC, 7/29/10)
Bentley says he will deny illegal immigrants public benefits (Anniston Star, 7/29/10)
Sparks, Bentley favor casino disclosure (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/27/10)
Opinion: Gambling takes up way too much of our public lives (Opelika-Auburn News, 7/26/10)
Editorial: Teacher organization has political muscle (Huntsville Times, 7/26/10)
Editorial: Powerful AEA chose to fight deceptively (Tuscaloosa News, 7/25/10)
Guber hopefuls come together as state prepares lawsuit against BP (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/23/10)
Byrne’s post-election comments raise questions (Mobile Press-Register, 7/21/10)
Bentley speaks out on oil crisis (WKRG, 7/20/10)
Bentley: tort reform will create health care savings (Anniston Star, 7/20/10)
Byrne backs Bentley, but questions his relationship with AEA (Mobile Press-Register, 7/20/10)
Bentley, Sparks agree: Jobs #1 issue (Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/19/10)
Sparks proposes ethics measures aimed at lobbyists (Birmingham News, 7/19/10)
AEA officials believe they turned out 50,000 votes for Bentley (Mobile Press-Register, 7/19/10)
Byrne’s tepid showing at home did him in (Mobile Press-Register, 7/18/10)
Bentley: recount ‘was a blessing’ (Tuscaloosa News, 7/18/10)
Editorial: Immigration & state’s rights; Alabama weighs in (Huntsville Times, 7/16/10)
Davis praises Bentley, says GOP will be tough to beat (Mobile Press-Register, 7/16/10)
Bingo backers seek economic justice, support Sparks for governor (Tuscaloosa News, 7/16/10)
Editorial: A call for cleaner campaigns (Huntsville Times, 7/15/10)
Nice guys finish first in guber race (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/15/10)
Unknown is a nominee for AL gov (New York Times, 7/14/10)
A positive guber campaign – is it possible? (Huntsville Times, 7/14/10)
GOP runoff turnout nearly equals primary (Tuscaloosa News, 7/14/10)
AEA leader: Byrne ‘threatened to burn our house down’ (Huntsville Times, 7/14/10)
Bentley defeats Byrne to grab GOP guber nod (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/14/10)
GOP Guber runoff keeps getting more interesting (Doc’s Political Parlor, 7/12/10)
Turnout key in GOP guber runoff (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/12/10)
Riley: fight over gambling not yet over (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/11/10)
Sparks confident facing either candidate (Florence Times Daily, 7/11/10)
Republicans denounce anti-Byrne ad campaign (Tuscaloosa News, 7/11/10)
Endorsement: Byrne best GOP candidate for governor (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/11/10)
Bentley says he’s fighting his own party as well as Byrne in GOP runoff (Birmingham News, 7/10/10)
Campaign 2010: gambling money flows in Alabama races (Birmingham News, 7/10/10)
Editorial: AEA should stay out of GOP runoff (Talladega Daily Home, 7/10/10)
Byrne draws backing; Bentley cast as outsider (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/10/10)
Editorial: Taking on the AEA (Anniston Star, 7/10/10)
Byrne: Crises require proven leadership (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/9/10)
Riley backing Byrne in GOP runoff (Birmingham News, 7/9/10)
Endorsement: Byrne over Bentley (Anniston Star, 7/9/10)
Byrne claims poll bump (Politico, 7/9/10)
Byrne gets support of 2 GOP Congressmen (Huntsville times, 7/9/10)
Editorial: Gambling in an election year (Huntsville Times, 7/8/10)
GOP activist wants to put squeeze on AEA (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/6/10)
Truths line Byrne, Bentley attack ads (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/4/10)
AL GOP: Almost 50,000 days of Dems in charge (Doc’s Political Parlor, 7/2/10)
Bentley denies distorting his military record (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/1/10)
Editorial: Gambling on getting elected (Anniston Star, 7/1/10)
AEA charges Byrne’s Fdtn of diverting $200K to political operative (Alabama School Journal, 7/1/10)
JUNE 2010
Bentley poll claims runoff lead (Politico, 6/29/10)
Sparks says Alabamians should vote on gambling (NBC13, 6/29/10)
Byrne: AEA telling Dems to vote in GOP runoff (Gadsden Times, 6/29/10)
Bentley picks up support of former Huntsville boosters for James, Moore (Huntsville Times, 6/29/10)
Gambling divides GOP candidates for governor (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/28/10)
Bentley, Byrne seek support of recent rivals (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/27/10)
Runoff a surrogate contest between Riley and teachers union (Florence Times Daily, 6/27/10)
Byrne clashes with the AEA (Tuscaloosa News, 6/27/10)
Byrne says experience makes him the right candidate (Gadsden Times, 6/26/10)
Editorial: Byrne following in James’ failed footsteps (Anniston Star, 6/25/10)
Bentley pledges no negative ads (Politico, 6/25/10)
Byrne ad criticizes Bentley’s teacher tenure vote (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/24/10)
State’s GOP gubernatorial hopefuls prepare for debates (Tuscaloosa News, 6/24/10)
Vietnam veterans group president asks Bentley to clarify his military service (Gadsden Times, 6/24/10)
Bentley says ad about Vietnam not misleading (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/24/10)
GOP runoff candidates prepare for debates (Tuscaloosa News, 6/24/10)
Opinion: Byrne’s negative approach is a bad sign (Tuscaloosa News, 6/24/10)
James endorses Bentley for governor (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/23/10)
Editorial: Addressing candidates’ records is not ‘negative’ campaigning (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/23/10)
To go negative…or stay positive in runoff campaign (Alabama Politics, 6/21/10)
James drops out of race (WSFA, 6/21/10)
Recount complete; James still in third (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/19/10)
Bentley plans to keep campaign positive (Gadsden Times, 6/19/10)
Who is this Dr. Bentley? (Birmingham News, 6/18/10)
With only 4 counties left, James running out of votes in recount (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/18/10)
Bentley won’t accept pay until AL is at “full employment” (Birmingham News, 6/17/10)
Dr. Bentley campaigns as the count goes on (Huntsville Times, 6/17/10)
James still trailing Bentley in run-off (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/17/10)
Former Bentley staffers upset over how departures were handled (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/16/10)
Recount Day 1 – no significant changes (Birmingham News, 6/15/10)
AG King calls James recount request a “temper tantrum” (Birmingham News, 6/15/10)
GOP finds some Jefferson County ballot boxes unsealed as recount begins (Birmingham News, 6/15/10)
Bentley campaign chief criticizes recount (Birmingham News, 6/14/10)
James recount of entire state gets support from AL Sec of State (Anniston Star, 6/14/10)
Bentley campaign hires new campaign manager (Doc’s Political Parlor, 6/12/10)
Davis: Sparks needs more than bingo (Politico, 6/10/10)
Opinion: Davis tries post-racial politics, loses AL gov primary (Washington Informer, 6/9/10)
James requests recounts in 40 counties (Doc’s Political Parlor, 6/9/10)
Final GOP tally shows Byrne-Bentley run-off (Doc’s Political Parlor, 6/8/10)
AL Democrats look for new star after Davis’ defeat (Washington Post, 6/6/10)
Davis says he won’t run for office again after primary loss (Birmingham News, 6/3/10)
Opinion: Lots of lessons in election results (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/3/10)
Bentley focuses attention on run-off despite razor-thin margin (WHNT, 6/3/10)
GOP guber recount not automatic, camps have to wait a week (Mobile Press-Register, 6/2/10)
Some primary day surprises (Birmingham News, 6/2/10)
Byrne makes GOP runoff – too close to tell who opponent will be (Montgomery Advertiser, 6/2/10)
Sparks gears up for general election (WAAY, 6/2/10)
Sparks resoundingly beats Davis in Dem primary (Birmingham News, 6/1/10)
Davis asks for “color blind” votes (WBRC, 6/1/10)
Sparks cruises, GOP margin razor-thin (National Journal, 6/1/10)
MAY 2010
Run-offs likely in GOP guber race (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/31/10)
Davis tries building coalition Obama style (New York Times, 5/31/10)
AEA, gambling money give Sparks a boost (Birmingham News, 5/30/10)
Alabama goes viral (New York Times, 5/28/10)
Racial discrimination becomes issue in Dem campaign (Mobile Press-Register, 5/28/10)
In closing stretch, Sparks out-raises Davis (Birmingham News, 5/28/10)
Davis accuses Sparks of being sued for racial discrimination (Progressive Electorate, 5/27/10)
James, Byrne trade fire over English-only ad (Mobile Press-Register, 5/26/10)
E-Bingo investigation prompts sharp barbs between Democrats (Huntsville Times, 5/26/10)
Davis challenges Sparks loan in TV ad (Birmingham News, 5/26/10)
Editorial: AEA/James attack Byrne (Mobile Press-Register, 5/25/10)
Internal Sparks polling shows a dead heat (Progressive Electorate, 5/24/10)
Byrne: time to solve the crises facing Alabama (Gadsden Times, 5/24/10)
AEA becomes issue in GOP primary contest (Mobile Press-Register, 5/23/10)
Commentary: Christians, hating their neighbors (Decatur Daily, 5/23/10)
Guber hopefuls criss-crossing the state looking for support (Birmingham News, 5/23/10)
Polls show a tight governor’s race (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/23/10)
State lawmakers face anti-incumbent rage at the polls (Tuscaloosa News, 5/22/10)
Dem candidates divided over gambling, taxes (WVMT, 5/22/10)
James denies rumors he’d fire Nick Saban (Birmingham News, 5/21/10)
Sparks pledges to spend gas taxes on roads locally (Huntsville Times, 5/21/10)
James: Byrne owed my father an apology (WSFA, 5/21/10)
Davis, Sparks spar over timber taxes during debate (WHNT, 5/20/10)
New political group cancels $1M ad buy (WSFA, 5/20/10)
Controversy surrounds new, mysterious campaign ad (WSFA, 5/20/10)
Conservative Christians favoring James, Bentley (Birmingham News, 5/19/10)
Long-time Davis staffer joins Sparks campaign (Doc’s Political Parlor, 5/19/10)
Byrne camp calls “Big Oil” charge a blatant lie (Mobile Press-Register, 5/19/10)
GOP candidates talk their stuff (Decatur Daily, 5/19/10)
Davis touts internal poll showing 50% support from African Americans (Birmingham News, 5/18/10)
James promises to veto any budget that grows by more than 4% (Gadsden Times, 5/18/10)
GOP candidates take controversial positions at debate (WAFF, 5/18/10)
Dems point fingers and say the other doesn’t deserve to get paid (WSFA, 5/17/10)
James is topic at debate he skips (Huntsville Times, 5/17/10)
Moore: govt is not God, gambling is against AL Constitution (Opelika Auburn News, 5/17/10)
Bentley criss-crosses state, meeting voters in guber quest (Birmingham News, 5/17/10)
Dem candidates to debate tonight (Huntsville Times, 5/17/10)
Editorial: Byrne best-suited to take on state’s problems (Mobile Press-Register, 5/16/10)
Byrne, James trade barbs over bridge (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/15/10)
Black groups endorse Sparks (Mobile Press-Register, 5/15/10)
Editorial: stuck in the racial politics of the past (Mobile Press-Register, 5/14/10)
Moore builds campaign based on years of defending faith (Birmingham News, 5/14/10)
Byrne attacks James’ claim that business experience qualifies him for gov (Birmingham News, 5/14/10)
Editorial: Moore ducks forum, fearful of scrutiny (Decatur Daily, 5/13/10)
Sparks gets endorsements from two historically black Birmingham groups (Birmingham News, 5/13/10)

GOP poll shows Byrne and James in dead heat for primary (Birmingham News, 5/13/10)
Mystery group buys $1 million of ad time (Mobile Register-Press, 5/12/10)
Favorable #s for James in GOP guber scramble (Doc’s Political Parlor, 5/11/10)
Republicans finally take off the gloves (Opelika Auburn News, 5/11/10)

James’ English-only ad, focus-grouped (Washington Post, 5/11/10)
Editorial: James ad sets Alabama back (Mobile Press-Register, 5/6/10)
James’ internal poll shows him leading GOP primary pack (Mobile Press-Register, 5/6/10)
Editorial: James’ ad gets attention; it’s best to ignore him (Tuscaloosa News, 5/6/10)
Pollster says Dem race tightening (Doc’s Political Parlor, 5/6/10)
Davis explains how he will help Alabama’s working families (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/5/10)
Is Davis losing steam in governor’s race? (Progressive Electorate, 5/5/10)
Bentley first candidate to release tax returns, credit score (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/5/10)
Davis introduces bill to up BP’s liability in Gulf oil spill (Mobile Press-Register, 5/5/10)
Oil disaster gives Byrne pause (Decatur Daily, 5/5/10)
Will oil spill encourage Alabama to pursue alternative energy? (Birmingham News, 5/4/10)
Mineworkers change mind, unendorse Davis (WSFA, 5/4/10)
Editorial: A grand jury looking into bingo could destroy powerful politicians (Birmingham News, 5/4/10)
Activist Lily Ledbetter endorses Davis (Birmingham News, 5/4/10)
Byrne: It’s serious vs. silly in GOP primary (Huntsville Times, 5/4/10)
Bentley walks the walk on transparency; releases tax returns (Huntsville Times, 5/4/10)
AEA is hedging it’s bets in governor’s race (Birmingham News, 5/2/10)
Economic woes will drive 2010 election (Gadsden Times, 5/1/10)
APRIL 2010
James defends “English Only” ad (FOX News, 4/30/10)
Opinion: “This is Alabama” – James’ masterful ad has shaken up GOP primary (The Chattanoogan, 4/29/10)
Editorial: The candidate from xenophobia (New York Times, 4/29/10)
James’ ad’s national exposure a big win for him (Washington Post, 4/28/10)
Davis: Most of state’s problems stem from 1901 constitution (Birmingham News, 4/28/10)
Sparks, Davis support votes, differ on issues (Montgomery Advertiser, 4/28/10)

Constitution reform advocates endorse Davis (Left in Alabama, 4/27/10)

Opinion: Drivin’  Tim James (Mobile Press-Register, 4/27/10)

Sparks wants to put gambling initiative before voters (Birmingham News, 4/27/10)

Gambling, constitutional reform split Davis & Sparks (Mobile Press-Register, 4/27/10)

Dems clash at candidate forum (WSFA, 4/27/10)

AL professor says James’ English only exams could cost state money (LA Times, 4/27/10)

POLITIFACT: James’ claim non-English speaking drivers a safety hazard FALSE (Politifact, 4/26/10)

James responds to ad controversy (WSFA, 4/26/10)

Good session? bad session? depends on who you ask (Montgomery Advertiser, 4/25/10)

Byrne: state needs ethics reform (Tuscaloosa News, 4/24/10)

Sparks vs. Davis turning into a slugfest (Andalusia Star-News, 4/21/10)

Teachers union PAC targeting Byrne (Montgomery Advertiser, 4/20/10)

Davis would eliminate grocery tax and impose timber taxes (WAFF, 4/20/10)

Byrne, Davis lead fundraising race (Montgomery Advertiser, 4/20/10)

Sparks, Davis have food fight over grocery tax (Huntsville Times, 4/20/10)

Davis gambles by abandoning his base (Gadsden Times, 4/19/10)

Alabama Bingo investigation intensifies (, 4/19/10)

Sparks picks up endorsement of New South Coalition (WSFA, 4/17/10)

Graft probe heats up gaming issue (New York Times, 4/17/10)

Byrne speaks about illegal immigration (Sand Mountain Reporter, 4/15/10)

Lawmakers meet to find PACT solution (WBRC, 4/14/10)

In crowded GOP field, Moore & James battle for second (Andalusia Star-News, 4/14/10)

Sparks: Loan repaid to campaign (Montgomery Advertiser, 4/14/10)

Davis won’t seek endorsements of African American groups (Birmingham News, 4/14/10)

Lawmakers wore wires in bingo investigation (Birmingham News, 4/12/10)

Culver campaign loses another campaign manager (Des Moines Register, 4/12/10)

Bentley well positioned in GOP race (Tuscaloosa News, 4/11/10)

VIDEO: Byrne’s new ad – I WILL NOT RAISE TAXES (Doc’s Political Parlor, 4/9/10)

At forum, candidates talk budget and economy (WAFF, 4/8/10)

Internet campaigning in the guber contest (WAFF, 4/7/10)

Byrne, Davis leading primary fields, Byrne favored in November (Mobile Press-Register, 4/7/10)

Sparks clean-shaven look makes him more like other candidates (Montgomery Advertiser, 4/7/10)

Moore blasts feds, state legislators (Dothan Eagle, 4/5/10)

Bentley campaign touts internal poll numbers showing surge (Doc’s Political Parlor, 4/5/10)

Bentley talks PACT, jobs bills (Times Herald, 4/3/10)

Baldwin County School Board leader leaves Byrne campaign over sales tax issue (Mobile Press-Register, 4/1/10)

Dems Sparks and Davis trade racially-charged barbs (Birmingham News, 4/1/10)

Byrne picks up Jeb Bush endorsement; unveils education plan (Birmingham News, 4/1/10)

MARCH 2010

GOPers hold strong edge in guber race (Politics Daily, 3/31/10)

Ivey stepping down a level – will run for Lt. Gov (Politico, 3/31/10)

Tenure reform, “real-world” curricula key to Byrne’s guber bid (Huntsville Times, 3/31/10)

Davis’ health care vote isn’t helping him in gov contest (Public Policy Polling, 3/31/10)

Why did Davis vote no on healthcare? (Tuscaloosa News, 3/30/10)

Byrne releases another ad, “Proven” (Alabama Politics, 3/30/10)

Doctor in guber race opposes health care reform (Alabama Politics, 3/30/10)

Bentley’s jobs bill nears passage, could help guber bid (WHNT, 3/29/10)

GOP hopefuls favor shutting down non-Indian casinos (Mobile Press-Register, 3/28/10)

Davis aims for job creation in economic plan (Opelika Auburn News, 3/25/10)

Sparks loan – bank president ties to gaming & agriculture dept (Mobile Press-Register, 3/25/10)

Davis seeks to become AL’s first African American governor (Washington Post, 3/24/10)

Davis defends vote against health care bill (Tuscaloosa News, 3/23/10)

Sales tax supporters disappointed by Byrnes’ comments (Fox10TV, 3/21/10)

James’ supporters spring into high gear (, 3/20/10)

Davis splits with rest of CBC on health care (Birmingham News, 3/19/10)

Byrne opposes local sales tax increase to fund public schools (Mobile Press-Register, 3/20/10)

Sparks comments on constitutional reforms (Left in Alabama, 3/19/10)

Bentley: Economy, jobs top priority (Clanton Advertiser, 3/19/10)

Intra-party fight means Johnson can’t campaign in his home county (Huffington Post, 3/19/10)

Ivey touts jobs plan (Huntsville Times, 3/18/10)

James: govt must “live within it’s means” (Cullman Times, 3/18/10)

Sparks, Davis trade jabs over gambling (Mobile Press-Register, 3/17/10)

Ivey talks nuclear power, jobs on campaign trail (WAFF-TV, 3/17/10)

James angry with feds over fishing limits (Mobile Press-Register, 3/16/10)

Ivey asks candidates to oppose federal health care reform (Alabama Politics, 3/15/10)

James, Davis leading money race (Mobile Press-Register, 3/15/10)

Bingo hall raids divide GOP guber candidates (Mobile Press-Register, 3/15/10)

Gubernatorial outcome could affect gambling issue in Alabama (, 3/15/10)

Media focuses on bingo issue because it’s important (Montgomery Advertiser, 3/14/10)

Byrne pushes coastal insurance proposal (Mobile Press-Register, 3/13/10)

Sparks’ tactics troubling (Left in Alabama, 3/12/10)

Davis offers economic plan for Alabama (Mobile Press-Register, 3/11/10)

Ivey: “living high on the hog” hurts state (Huntsville Times, 3/11/10)

Economy is dark cloud that hovers over state politics (Atmore Advance, 3/10/10)

Davis to vote “no” on health care reform (Birmingham News, 3/10/10)

Jeb Bush endorses Byrne guber bid (Birmingham News, 3/9/10)

James: limit Medicaid drugs (Huntsville Times, 3/9/10)

Moore: opposed to gambling in Alabama (WSFA 12 News, 3/9/10)

Byrne’s new ad claims he would stand up to Washington (Doc’s Political Parlor, 3/9/10)

EDITORIAL: bingo should take backseat to education (Opelika Auburn News, 3/9/10)

Davis calls for statewide vote on bingo (Gadsden Times, 3/9/10)

Jeb Bush backs Byrne’s guber bid (Politico, 3/9/10)

James proposes “Get Healthy Alabama” plan (Huntsville Times, 3/9/10)

Bentley working to increase name recognition across state (Tuscaloosa News, 3/7/10)

GOP candidates discuss bingo, gambling (Fox10News, 3/6/10)

Candidate profile: Artur Davis (Opelika Auburn News, 3/6/10)

Expert: Sparks’ campaign loan almost “unheard of” (Mobile Press-Register, 3/5/10)

Bentley ad: It’s faith, family and job (Doc’s Political Parlor, 3/5/10)

GOP candidates gather at forum; Byrne, Bentley trade shots (Huntsville Times, 3/3/10)

Editorial: Sparks still hasn’t adequately answered questions on loan (Birmingham News, 3/3/10)

Davis is first CBC member to demand Rangel resign chairman’s gavel (Left in Alabama, 3/2/10)


Gambling hot topic at gubernatorial forum (Opelika Auburn News, 2/27/10)

Moore attends 10th Amendment summit in Atlanta (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 2/27/10)

Candidate profile: Roy Moore (Opelika Auburn News, 2/27/10)

Ivey: Let private sector lead economic recovery (Birmingham Business Journal, 2/26/10)

Sparks answers questions on loan (Birmingham News, 2/26/10)

Davis outlines economic plan (Montgomery Advertiser, 2/23/10)

Sparks’ statement on campaign loan (Montgomery Advertiser, 2/22/10)

Moore’s organization to celebrate Secession Day (Birmingham News, 2/19/10)

Alabama Gubernatorial Headlines 2009 Archives