The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


AL 2009 Archives


Alabama Gubernatorial Headlines 2009 Archives


Sparks warns of Medicare crisis (Huntsville Times, 9/30/09)

Financial disaster looming in Alabama – Sparks (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/30/09)

GOP’s Johnson promises area more gas tax money (Huntsville Times, 9/29/09)

Sparks receives endorsement of Rev. Dowdell (Progressive Electorate, 9/29/09)

A good idea, derailed by politics (Huntsville Times, 9/28/09)

James in Athens campaigning, raising money (Athens Courier News, 9/28/09)

Lottery, tutoring program at center of education debate (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/25/09)

Panel rejects Ivey’s plan for more transparency on grants (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/24/09)

Davis using end of quarter deadline for fundraising (Left in Alabama, 9/23/09)

Davis on different health care page (Lagniappe, 9/21/09)

GOPer Bentley says JeffCo should declare bankruptcy (WHNT News, 9/21/09)

Early start key to winning (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/20/09)

Ivey promises fair shake on road funding, BRAC (Huntsville Times, 9/18/09)

PACT Families: political force? (Left in Alabama, 9/17/09)

Speaking their minds; residents, politicians talk about PACT (Opelika Auburn News, 9/17/09)

Byrne announces steering committee (campaign press release, 9/15/09)

Davis targets football games, gospel stations with campaign ads (WHNT, 9/15/09)

GOP candidates gather in Dothan (Left in Alabama, 9/14/09)

Ivey: state legislative grants need more transparency (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/12/09)

Davis second to feature spouse in ads (Gadsden Times, 9/12/09)

Moore’s lead is good news  – for Democrats (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/11/09)

Ivey is “delusional” on PACT meltdown (Left in Alabama, 9/11/09)

Pollster: Davis can win but not by following Obama model (The Progressive Electorate, 9/11/09)

Davis distances himself from CBC on healthcare (, 9/10/09)

Sparks outlines transportation construction program (, 9/10/09)

Editorial: Individual rights v. Roy Moore (Decatur Daily, 9/9/09)

Bentley lays out health care reform plan (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/9/09)

PACT “going fine” according to Ivey (Shelby County Reporter, 9/8/09)

Some in education want to tackle tenure (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/6/09)

Lily Ledbetter endorses Davis (Progressive Electorate, 9/8/09)

Poll shows Davis ahead; he’s not so sure (Huntsville Times, 9/2/09)

Sparks camp: Davis not comfortable in Democratic company (Progressive Electorate, 9/2/09)

Legislators want to tap Trust Fund for transportation, rescue PACT (Birmingham News, 9/1/09)


How can Sparks compete against Davis in Dem primary? (Progressive Electorate, 8/31/09)

Are Democrats writing off Ron Sparks? (The World Around You, 8/31/09)

Gubernatorial candidates talk morals, quality of life issues (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/30/09)

How faith and politics intermingle in Alabama (Gadsden Times, 8/29/09)

Davis leads in Ala. poll (Politico, 8/28/09)

Davis puts platform on table, hope it helps in 2010 (Tuskegee News, 8/27/09)

Chuck Norris endorses Moore (WKRG-TV, 8/26/09)

Gov candidates gather at Christian Coalition forum (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/25/09)

Riley praised by gov candidates, including Dems (Mobile Press-Register, 8/24/09)

Is Sparks’ gambling proposal just a cheap political trick? (Progressive Electorate, 8/22/09)

Ivey meets with concerned PACT groups (Left in Alabama, 8/21/09)

Editorial: Repudiate Moore to make statement (Montgomery Adveriser, 8/19/09)

Analysis of 2010 legislative races (Northport Gazette, 8/19/09)

Sparks outlines casino plan as a job creator for the Black Belt (Montgomery Adveriser, 8/19/09)

Davis wants constitutional convention (Left in Alabama, 8/19/09)

Highways a big issue in gov race (Huntsville Times, 8/17/09)

Sparks, Davis trading multiple punches (Mobile Press-Register, 8/16/09)

Davis, Sparks spar over campaign contributions (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/15/09)

AL House barely passes Jefferson County tax legislation (Gadsden Times, 8/12/09)

Davis/Sparks race may not even be close (Tuscaloosa News, 8/12/09)

Johnson launches guv run (Mobile Press-Register, 8/12/09)

Water wars pit three GOP govs against one another (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/11/09)

Sparks & Davis clashing early (Tuscaloosa News, 8/10/09)

Outsiders obsessed with whether Davis can win (Mobile Press-Register, 8/9/09)

Record unemployment becomes contentious issue between Democrats (AP, 8/8/09)

James campaign unveils common sense solutions to 21 challenges (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/5/09)

GOP guv candidates (plus Davis) gather at business forum (Mobile Press Register, 8/5/09)

Davis targets high school dropout rate (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/5/09)

Gov candidates criticize health reform (Opelika Auburn News, 8/2/09)

Sparks running to the right in Dem primary (Left in Alabama, 8/1/09)

July 2009

Davis will vote against healthcare bill in current form (Progressive Electorate, 7/31/09)

PACT financial troubles could become focus of leg special session (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/30/09)

Davis: Money not only solution to education issues (Huntsville Times, 7/28/09)

Bentley has big plans for Alabama (North Jefferson News, 7/24/09)

James peppered by gambling questions (Dothan Eagle, 7/23/09)

Family ties play big role in Alabama politics (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/22/09)

Is there really a story in fundraising styles of Davis & Sparks? (, 7/21/09)

Dr. Bentley says he can fix Alabama’s health care system (Huntsville Times, 7/17/09)

Five GOP judges switch to Democrats (Birmingham News, 7/17/09)

Byrne weighs in on Sotomayor (Goat Hill News, 7/16/09)

First GOP debate will be August 11 (St. Clair News-Aegis, 7/16/09)

James announces for governor (Auburn Plainsman, 7/16/09)

All candidates planning on taking PAC money (Montgomery Advertiser, 7/16/09)

Can Artur Davis win in Alabama? (Politics Daily, 7/10/09)

Bentley talks issues, healthcare solutions (Opelika-Auburn News, 7/9/09)

Ivey good choice for governor (Brewton Standard, 7/8/09)

Gov candidates weigh in on lotto and gaming (WAAY-TV, Huntsville, 7/8/09)

Dem field down to two, GOP roster crowded (CQ Politics, 7/7/09)

Why Bradley Byrne is the man to beat (Goat Hill News, 7/7/09)

Candidates solidify platforms (Florence Times Daily, 7/5/09)

Dem Thomas may not meet residency requirement (Gadsden Times, 7/4/09)

Sparks proposes lotto to fund education (AP, 7/2/09)

Davis hiring skilled staff (Doc’s Political Parlor, 7/1/09)

Dem Chief Justice Cobb won’t run for gov (WSFA, Channel 12, 7/1/09)

June 2009

Democratic candidates speak at Dothan forum (Dothan Eagle, 6/29/09)

PACT program likely to play role in campaign (Tuscaloosa News, 6/28/09)

On campaign trail, Moore talks religion and freedom (Dothan Eagle, 6/28/09)

GOP primary a “Six-Pack” (CQ Politics, 6/28/09)

Former Birmingham councilman Johnson enters race (Birmingham News, 6/27/09)

Kay Ivey makes race official (Huntsville Times, 6/25/09)

Can a minority win the AL governor race? (Florence Times Daily, 6/21/09)

Some Democrats search for another candidate (WKRG News 5, 6/18/09)

Davis gets a double-edged endorsement? (Gadsden Times, 6/16/09)

Beasley makes governor’s race interesting (Tuscaloosa News , 6/16/09)

Gauging the 2012 Gubernatorial field (Lagniappe - Mobile’s alternative paper, 6/16/09)

James poaching Moore’s ’06 supporters (Birmingham News, 6/15/09)

Byrne lays out platform for governor’s race (Dothan Eagle, 6/14/09)

Davis kicks off national fundraising effort in DC (Birmingham News, 6/11/09)