The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Alabama Governor News


Alabama Gubernatorial Headlines


From taxes to abortion to education, Democrat Carr offers sharp alternative in House race (, 12/8/13)
VIDEO: Progressives at Birmingham rally say Gov. Bentley’s refusal to expand Medicaid in Alabama harms poor, uninsured (, 12/7/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley said state will work on Boeing pitch through weekend (, 12/7/13)
Alabama investigates possible misuse of public funds under former Madison County Commissioner (, 12/6/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Robert Bentley: Alabama will have a ‘good proposal’ for Boeing, still loves Airbus (, 12/6/13)
Speaker of House Mike Hubbard said discussion ongoing about ‘what may be required’ to land Boeing plant (, 12/5/13)
Alabama Southern Baptists pass resolution questioning Common Core (, 12/5/13)
Five takeaways from the Alabama House Republican agenda (, 12/5/13)
Alabama House Republicans release ‘Commonsense Conservative’ agenda for 2014 session (, 12/5/13)
OPINION: Politics, not justice, in Alabama death penalty cases (LA Times 12/4/13)
States offer billions to land Boeing facility; Alabama faces Dec. 10 deadline to craft its deal (, 12/4/13)
Alabama education employees could face higher premiums, co-pays to close $220M insurance shortfall (, 12/3/13)
OPINION: Gov. Bentley is passing up Alabama’s deal of the century? (, 12/1/13)


Lawmakers face ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ General Fund next session (, 11/29/13)
Sen. Dick Brewbaker proposes removing state Dept of Education from regulation of private schools(AP, 11/29/13)
GOP lawmaker: State GOP watching employer-paid birth control cases (Times Daily, 11/27/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley says report that Medicaid expansion would create 30,000 jobs is ‘bogus’(, 11/27/13)
12 Alabama lawmakers getting early campaign cash from Poarch Creek Indians (, 11/27/13)
OPINION: STARS: An Alabama higher education success story is in peril (, 11/29/13)
COMMENTARY: BP is a bully and we don’t have to take it (, 11/29/13)
VIDEO: State superintendent proclaims poverty the biggest challenge to public education (, 11/27/13)
OPINION: A case for term limits? (, 11/27/13)
VIDEO: Common Core standards teach students how to think instead of what to think, state superintendent says (, 11/27/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley says teacher raises, pre-kindergarten funding among top priorities (AP, 11/25/13)
In race for lieutenant governor, Fields wants to break Democrats’ losing streak (, 11/25/13)
Bentley’s ‘14 priorities: More raises, pre-K funds (Times Daily, 11/24/13)
Bentley announces Year of Alabama Parks campaign during ShrimpFest at Oak Mountain (, 11/22/13)
Ala. Supreme Court modifies ruling tossing AEA suit against Alabama Accountability Act (AP, 11/22/13)
Four things the end of Jefferson County’s bankruptcy will do, and four things it won’t do (, 11/22/13)
RSA chief David Bronner says opinions on Obama irrelevant to Medicaid expansion, which he supports (, 11/21/13)
Baumhower’s ShrimpFest series kicking off Friday with Bentley at Oak Mountain (, 11/21/13)
Bentley: Common Core up to education board, not lawmakers (Times Daily, 11/21/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley won’t attend RGA conference (, 11/20/13)
Alabama officials woo Boeing aircraft plant (AP, 11/20/13)
Alabama education officials seek more money in budget (Times Daily, 11/17/13)
VIDEO: ‘Let my people go,’ candidate for Alabama State University president tells governor(, 11/9/13)
Parents of child with rare genetic disorder ask Bentley to support medicinal marijuana (, 11/8/13)
Alabama State trustee named in auditor’s report wants governor to investigate other universities(, 11/8/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley urges  Carver Memorial Gardens bankruptcy trustee to continue burials, offers to help raise money for repairs (, 11/7/13)
Forensic auditor’s report was ‘disrespectful to me and my family,’ ASU Trustee Elton Dean tells governor (, 11/6/13)
Nine precincts that could determine the outcome of today’s congressional election (, 11/5/13)
OPINION: AEA’s opposition to the Alabama Accountability Act is justified and will continue(, 11/5/13)
Rep. Terri Sowell says Obamacare is ‘not just about a website’; urges Alabama to expand Medicaid(, 11/5/13)
Bradley Byrne wins Republican House primary in Alabama over tea-party-backed Dean Young(Washington Post, 11/5/13)
Business-backed Bradley Byrne wins in Alabama (Politico, 11/5/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley releases $2M to maintain state court operations (Montgomery Advertiser,11/4/13)
Alabama State audit: Correspondence between ASU, Bentley’s office shows some ill will (Montgomery Advertiser, 11/3/13)
It’s a political cliche, but this congressional runoff really does hinge on turnout (, 11/3/13)
OPINION: Tuesday’s election isn’t a referendum on the right-wing (, 11/3/13)
HB56 two years later: Settlement takes bite out of Alabama’s immigration law (, 11/3/13)
Backers say Byrne cleaned up corrupt college system, but critics say he exaggerates (, 11/2/13)
OPINION: VOTE! A good turnout at the polls will mean victory for Bradley Byrne (, 11/1/13)
Alabama politics: Fighting is its own reward (, 11/1/13)


COMMENTARY: Why Alabama’s influence is waning in Congress (, 10/31/13)
Parker Griffith to challenge Mo Brooks as an independent candidate for Congress? (, 10/31/13)
Alabama’s pre-kindergarten program boosts academic performance, PARCA report says (, 10/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama would rather fight than… pretty much anything (, 10/31/13)
With little choice, Alabama backs down on immigration law (Stateline, 10/30/13)
Outside groups in congressional race attack Byrne’s record, but some charges mislead (, 10/30/13)
Among concerns for applicants of ASU president’s job: Lawsuits, sexual harassment claims and a safety drill that made students, faculty fear for their lives (, 10/30/13)
Alabama congressional candidates strike a civil tone as runoff election nears (, 10/29/13)
VIDEO: Face off: Board, Bentley confront each other during ASU trustees’ meeting (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/29/13)
Alabama settles lawsuit over immigration law (, 10/29/13)
Why Alabama State University sued the governor’s forensic auditor in California instead of Alabama (, 10/29/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley defends release of Alabama State University report; says not obligated to let ASU review first (, 10/21/13)
Alabama considers creating election commission (AP, 10/19/13)
Biblical battle erupts in Alabama congressional race (, 10/18/13)
ASU search committee chastises governor and forensic auditor over damaging report (, 10/18/13)
AG Luther Strange recuses himself from Alabama State University matter, citing previous work for school (, 10/17/13)
Almost 200,000 in Alabama facing health insurance ‘coverage gap’ (Montgomery Advertiser,10/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Bentley and Medicaid coverage (, 10/16/13)
Bradley Byrne lands NRA endorsement in AL-o1 runoff (, 10/16/13)
Alabama State University presidential search continues despite governor’s request (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/15/13)
After report, ASU officials say, ‘Bentley betrayed us’ (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/14/13) poll shows most would welcome a third major political party (, 10/14/13)
Forensic audit alleges financial waste, conflicts of interest and possible fraud at Alabama State University (, 10/14/13)
OPINION: Construction industry is at the heart of Alabama’s economic recovery (, 10/13/13)
Tired of Alabama’s seemingly weekly elections? Blame the Southern runoff (, 10/12/13)
Four Republicans to seek Ala. House seat vacated by resignation of Barry Mask (, 10/11/13)
Parents in favor of transfers seek to intervene in Alabama Accountability Act lawsuit (AP, 10/10/13)
New poll shows tight race in Alabama congressional runoff (, 10/10/13)
Study: Expanding Medicaid would create 30,700 jobs (, 10/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Tea Party cheers on the destruction of majority rule (, 10/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama’s Democrats need to balance interest of all citizens (, 10/8/13)
Alabama ranked 3rd in states most impacted by govt shutdown, Republican states faring worst, WalletHub finds (, 10/8/13)
OPINION: Why the Alabama PTA strongly supports Common Core (, 10/6/13)
Inside the Statehouse: State’s incumbents likely to win (Montgomery Advertiser, 10/1/13)


As congressional race heads to second round, both candidates lay out victory scenarios (, 9/28/13)
As Southern states tighten voting rules, critics see it as political attack on minorities (, 9/28/13)
Alabama will pay $260M to Rainy Day Account for schools (Montgomery Advertiser, 9/27/13)
Feds send $1.4M to hire ‘navigators’ across Alabama to explain Obamacare (, 9/27/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley, staunch Obamacare opponent, cautions against government shutdown(, 9/27/13)
Alabama residents have fewest choices on insurance exchanges (, 9/27/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Robert Bentley announces repayment to education rainy day fund (, 9/27/13)
Here’s how Alabama’s largest hospital is tackling Obamacare challenges (, 9/26/13)
Speaker Mike Hubbard kicks off 2014 campaign (, 9/26/13)
COMMENTARY: More Rhee-percussions from her recent ‘Teacher Town Hall’ in Alabama (, 9/25/13)
Obamacare gives Gov. Bentley a George Wallace ’stand in the door moment’ (, 9/25/13)
Obamacare in Alabama has a hole in it (, 9/25/13)
Obamacare exchange prices announced: Is it affordable? (, 9/25/13)
Obamacare gets real Oct. 1, and here’s a first look at what it means for all Alabamians (, 9/24/13)
Bradley Byrne vs. Dean Young: Runoff sets up a classic GOP contrast (, 9/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Bentley’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act isn’t going to stop it (, 9/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Opponents are building their case against Common Core (, 9/22/13)
Details scarce on health insurance exchange plans; three companies apply to offer plans (, 9/22/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley says Medicaid, exchange decisions part of fighting Obamacare (, 9/22/13)
Integration of UA sororities a ‘first step,’ Bentley says (AP, 9/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Bradley Byrne is ready to go to Washington (, 9/22/13)
Alabama primary puts a wide spectrum of Republican views on display (New York Times, 9/21/13)
Gov. Bentley on sorority desegregation: It’s a ‘positive first step’ (, 9/20/13)
Alabama social service providers fear cut to food benefits will spike demand (, 9/20/13)
Alabama education chief could decide dispute over Pelham school attendance (, 9/20/13)
One lawsuit blocked against Alabama Accountability Act (AP, 9/20/13)
Lawmaker: No welfare benefits until you’ve put in three job applications (, 9/19/13)
COMMENTARY: A Democrat for governor? That’s not even on Democratic Majority’s agenda(, 9/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Why Republicans must stop the revolving door in Montgomery (, 9/14/13)
Divided Madison County GOP faces tough decision: Reprimand Holtzclaw? Or forgive Hunter?(, 9/14/13)
Bradley Byrne leads fundraising in AL-01 special election (, 9/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama crashes when it lets the wingnuts drive (, 9/8/13)
Political director resigns from Alabama GOP (, 9/8/13)
Federal agency disallows $72 million in expenditures by Alabama Medicaid Agency (, 9/6/13)
Alabama lawmakers OK $96M contract for GOP consultant (, 9/6/13)
Governor’s spokeswoman: ASU audit taking longer because of difficulty in getting information(, 9/5/13)
Where does Alabama rank among most corrupt states? (, 9/4/13)
OPINION: Equal rights for LGBT gay citizens should be a core value of Alabama GOP (, 9/3/13)
OPINION: Rick Perry shifts position on Medicaid; so should Gov. Bentley (, 9/1/13)
Alabama GOP leader worries about Democratic invaders (, 9/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Easiest, most sure-fire way to make political hay? Be anti-gay (, 9/1/13)


OPINION: Alabama doesn’t need the United Auto Workers union (, 8/30/13)
Former Gov. Don Siegelman seeks new trial (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/30/13)
Bradley Byrne hits the airwaves in AL-01 congressional race (, 8/29/13)
Alabama was overpaid $88M in Medicaid funds, and the feds want it back (Montgomery Advertiser,8/29/13)
COMMENTARY: The Alabama Supreme Court’s second chance to avoid ‘tort hell’ (, 8/29/13)
State employees would pay more for some health services under new insurance proposal (, 8/29/13)
Alabama lawmakers discuss prison abuse (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/28/13)
Accountability Act draws lawsuit (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/28/13)
COMMENTARY: When education is being discussed, educators should be at the table (, 8/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Why the Alabama Accountability Act is not the answer (, 8/25/13)
Republicans to debate gay marriage comment made by young party leader (, 8/24/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley reaffirms stand against expanding Medicaid (, 8/23/13)
Gov. Scott Walker’s take on gay marriage, ahead of Alabama speech (, 8/23/13)
Wis. Gov. Scott Walker tells Ala. GOP: ‘We need to embody courage’ (, 8/23/13)
Alabama congressional candidates: No gay marriage, no pledge (, 8/23/13)
Gay marriage feud erupts in AL-o1 congressional race (, 8/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Wrong for party to try to oust steering committee member over gay marriage comments (, 8/22/13)
State GOP members submit another amendment challenging young conservative leaders (, 8/22/13)
Huntsville GOP not finished passing out reprimands, coming after Sen. Bill Holtzclaw next (, 8/22/13)
Mark Kennedy’s Alabama Democratic Majority seeking Dems, Republicans to run for Legislature(, 8/22/13)
OPINION: Ala. agriculture grows even in a tough economy, and the future looks bright (, 8/20/13)
Southern Poverty Law Center files lawsuit challenging Alabama Accountability Act (, 8/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama Republican Party’s ‘big tent’ looking more like a pup tent (, 8/19/13)
Greeting returning students, staff today: New ‘No guns’ signage at school entrances (, 8/19/13)
Superintendent Tommy Bice: Guns still prohibited at schools (, 8/12/13)
OPINION: Eight reasons why Alabama should expand Medicaid (, 8/11/13)
Paul Ryan starts a ruckus in Alabama congressional race (, 8/11/13)
Bankruptcy plan would saddle system with more risky debt, water board analysis says (, 8/11/13)
Hoover businessman at center of US Supreme Court case on contribution limits (, 8/9/13)
Alabama Democrats: We never received notice of AL-01 deadline (, 8/9/13)
COMMENTARY: An educational choice for Alabama’s taxpayers (, 8/9/13)
Sen. Gerald Dial defends legislative map in lawsuit over redistricting plans (, 8/8/13)
Alabama Policy Institute supports private school student eligibility for tuition tax credits (, 8/8/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley calls special elections to fill vacated seats in Alabama House (, 8/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Medicaid cuts and Alabama children (, 8/7/13)
State boards approve $33M bond issue for industries, refinancing of $140M (AP, 8/7/13)
OPINION: Of course we want to close all abortion clinics (, 8/7/13)
Alabama’s state liquor stores to post signs to keep out guns (, 8/7/13)
Dept of Revenue to hold hearings on Alabama Accountability Act rules (, 8/7/13)
House Speaker Mike Hubbard weighs in on court challenge to prayers at govt meetings ( 8/7/13)
AG Luther Strange files brief in support of legislative prayers in NY case (, 8/6/13)
OPINION: Drill, ‘Bama, Drill: Our state is a player in the US oil and gas boom (, 8/5/13)
With bankruptcy plan under attack, Jefferson County returns to court next week (, 8/2/13)
The politics of prayer: Invocation common at Alabama public meetings, but challenges lie ahead(, 8/2/13)
Gun bill sponsor said despite ‘hoopla’ most people will see little change as law begins today (, 8/1/13)
Alabama’s cap on corporate political donations ends today under changes to campaign finance law(, 8/1/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley goes over $1M mark in campaign account (, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

Gov. Bentley takes aim at auto unions as a threat to economic development in Alabama (, 7/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubberd quacks like a duck (, 7/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Don’t sell short the contributions, in culture and in taxes, that immigrants make in the US, Alabama (, 7/29/13)
Young GOP leaders meeting in Mobile see need for substantive changes (AP, 7/28/13)
Speaker’s company picks up economic development, consulting work for Alabama groups (, 7/28/13)
Why President Obama’s shout-out to Airbus bombed in Alabama (, 7/28/13)
Few private schools signed up to take transfers under Alabama Accountability Act (, 7/27/13)
Alabama and Mississippi governors call for oil sands assessment (AP, 7/27/13)
Southern states gird for new fight on voter laws (AP, 7/26/13)
Gov. Bentley sets qualifying date for AL-01 special election (, 7/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Democratic Party of Alabama most dysfunctional? Ouch. (, 7/25/13)
Lawmakers seek change or repeal of Alabama’s Stand Your Ground law (, 7/23/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley praises new absentee ballot law for emergency workers (, 7/22/13)
Why conservatives need a (partially) viable Democratic Party in Alabama (, 7/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Why third party candidates can’t win in Alabama (, 7/21/13)
‘Things are looking up,’ Gov Bentley says during ‘mini State of the State’ address in Huntsville(, 7/20/13)
Both sides in lawsuit ask court to extend order blocking part of new abortion clinics law (, 7/19/13)
Alabama Forestry Association endorses Gov. Robert Bentley’s re-election effort (AP, 7/18/13)
Alabama, 11 other state sue EPA over denial of FOIA request (, 7/18/13)
Sen. Figures to Alabama GOP: ‘I will apologize for nothing I said.’ (, 7/18/13)
Bentley supports more funding for Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative (, 7/17/13)
Alabama GOP to Sen. Figures: ‘We don’t vote for our elected officials based on race.’ (, 7/17/13)
Sen. Vivian Davis Figures: Racism has played role in Republican rise in Alabama (, 7/16/13)
Gov. Bentley: Sooner resignation by Rep. Jo Bonner would speed up election (, 7/16/13)
No Democrats on ballot for major offices in 2014 but break-away group says that will change(, 7/12/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley touts effort to increase efficiency of state auto fleet (, 7/10/13)
State education board curbs plan to unravel legislative earmarks (, 7/10/13)
GOP Rep. Jay Love resigning from Alabama Legislature (, 7/10/13)
Bentley chooses Bennett for secretary of state (AP, 7/9/13)
Equal Justice Initiative alleges severe beatings, sexual abuse of inmates in Alabama prisons(, 7/9/13)
Alabama officials’ trip to Paris Air Show cost the state estimated $88,000 to $97,000 (AP, 7/8/13)
Voters to get free photo ID within next year (Decatur Daily, 7/6/13)
Clock is running: Can surgeon general offer cure for candidate-less Alabama Democrats? (, 7/6/13)
Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey reports no campaign contributions in first month of fundraising period (AP, 7/5/13)
School Superintendent: Individualized goal setting a key part of Alabama’s new public education plan (, 7/5/13)
OPINION: Why Alabama’s students need Common Core state standards (, 7/5/13)
The clock is running, and Alabama Democrats still have no candidate for governor (, 7/4/13)
Who will be Alabama’s new Sec of State? Two names to watch (, 7/2/13)
New Republican PACs raking in cash for 2014 legislative election campaigns (, 7/2/13)
Gov. Bentley begins run at second term with almost $545K in contributions (, 7/2/13)
Bentley: Unions not needed at Mercedes-Benz plant (AP, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

Patricia Todd plans challenge to Alabama law banning same-sex unions (, 6/29/13)
Parker Griffith attends Rep. Patricia Todd’s Huntsville speech to plead for Don Siegelman: ‘It was revenge deal’ (, 6/29/13)
Federal judge blocks part of Alabama’s new abortion clinic law (, 6/28/13)
State announces plan for free IDs under new photo voter ID law (, 6/28/13)
Meet the conservative power broker behind Shelby County’s landmark Voting Rights Act case(, 6/28/13)
The woman trying to change Alabama’s gay marriage ban (Stateline, 6/27/13)
Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey kicks off campaign for a second term (AP, 6/27/13)
Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead blasts DOMA ruling (, 6/26/13)
Supreme Court overturns Voting Rights Act section, sides with Shelby County (, 6/25/13)
Most state agencies expected to give merit raises with freeze lifted (, 6/24/13)
Shelby County group hosts rally to support Voting Rights Act, NAACP (, 6/22/13)
Mike Hubbard readies to defend the GOP majority against faux Republicans (, 6/21/13)
ADEM wants to raise permit fees to offset deep General Fund cuts (, 6/20/13)
Republicans facing dilemma if Supreme Court strikes down Voting Rights Act (, 6/19/13)
Education officials raise concern over accountability act’s failing-schools label (, 6/19/13)
School choice for some low performing schools could end this year (, 6/19/13)
Shelby County group creating NAACP branch; voting rights rally to help (, 6/19/13)
Some private school officials expecting minimal participation in Alabama Accountability Act transfers (, 6/19/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley reinstates merit raises for state employees (, 6/18/13)
Alabama Accountability Act: 78 schools listed as failing (, 6/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama Schools Superintendent Tommy Bice’s ’stand in the schoolhouse door’(, 6/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Proposed amendment banning ‘foreign law’ is really an effort to harass Muslims(, 6/17/13)
Ala. to be split into five regions under revamped Medicaid plan (, 6/14/13)
David Bronner, Jan Brewer aside, Gov. Robert Bentley still not in favor of Medicaid expansion(, 6/14/13)
Farrakhan speaks in Birmingham to support Voting Rights Act (, 6/14/13)
While US Supreme Court considers same-sex marriage, Alabama couples wrestle with legal alternatives (, 6/13/13)
Ala. GOP chair has suggestion for new Dem Party leader: Louis Farrakhan (, 6/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Immigration reform debate starts, but, as usual, Alabama is missing in action(, 6/12/13)
State has yet to seek preclearance of photo voter ID law approved in 2011 (, 6/12/13)
COMMENTARY: The ghost of Wallace’s ‘Stand in the Schoolhouse Door’ still haunts Alabama(, 6/11/13)
Ala. Retirement Systems chief David Bronner’s advice to those who opposed Obamacare: ‘Get over it’(, 6/11/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley to attend Stand in the Schoolhouse Door anniversary (, 6/10/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley: School transfer necessary for tax credits (AP, 6/7/13)
Common Core: Roby proposal to block ‘federal intrusion’ in state schools included in new congressional bill (, 6/6/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley wants to tackle Medicaid drug costs next (, 6/6/13)
Deal puts Jefferson County on path to exit record-setting bankruptcy (, 6/5/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP state senator: Economic development, government efficiency and accountability among successes of 2013 legislative session (, 6/5/13)
OPINION: Failure to expand Medicaid under ACA costs Alabama a lot more than money (, 6/4/13)
Danny Sheridan sets odds on 2014 Alabama governor’s race (, 6/3/13)
Alabama Democratic Majority gears up; Mark Kennedy says legislative races will be key focus in 2014 (, 6/1/13)
Help wanted: Democrats continue search for new party chairperson (, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

Alabama Democrats say 1st congressional district race is ‘winnable’ (, 5/31/13)
Alabama House Republicans release video recap of 2013 session (, 5/30/13)
Alabama Tea Party group joins lawsuit against IRS (, 5/30/13)
Sandy Hook shooting changes Alabama laws, but no bond money yet for securing school buildings(, 5/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Republicans to Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley: Eat my shorts (, 5/21/13)
Manic Monday: Legislators return for busy final day of legislative session (, 5/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Accountability Act delayed is education justice denied (, 5/19/13)
Five bond issues totaling $280M could clear Legislature on Monday (, 5/18/13)
Senate Democrats urge Bentley to repeal, not delay, Alabama Accountability Act tax credits(, 5/17/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley says legislators ‘better be listening to the people’ on school tax credits (, 5/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Is Robert Bentley unbeatable in 2014? (, 5/17/13)
Sponsor: Still work to do on campaign finance bill (AP, 5/17/13)
Senator to Bentley: ‘I will not sit by and passively allow… children being subjected to a less than stellar education’ (, 5/17/13)
OPINION: After Solomonic ruling on school act, Bentley should take aim at gun bill (, 5/16/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley: Budgets look good, no plans for special session (, 5/16/13)
Alabama Accountability Act architect Sen. Del Marsh says Gov. Bentley’s changes to law DOA(, 5/16/13)
Bentley’s amendment to Alabama Accountability Act drawing opposition from some Republican lawmakers (, 5/16/13)
Rep. DeMarco on current legislative session: What law enforcement community can expect (, 5/16/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Robert Bentley wants two-year delay on school tax credits established by Alabama Accountability Act (, 5/15/13)
State could tap Alabama Trust Fund again in bond issue for National Guard armories (, 5/15/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley: ‘Best session ever’ by lawmakers in Montgomery (, 5/15/13)
Help wanted: Ala. Democratic Party looking for a chairman but does anyone want the job? (, 5/15/13)
Sen. Dick Brewbaker says Republicans likelty to disagree over Bentley amendment (, 5/15/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley signs bill creating a ‘crown jewel’ conference center in Gulf Shores (, 5/14/13)
Mark Kennedy: ‘The Alabama Democratic Majority has no intent to sabotage the state party’(, 5/14/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley considering possible executive amendments to Alabama Accountability Act(, 5/13/13)
Legislators’ to-do list for final day includes bills, guns, campaign finance, drug testing welfare applicants (, 5/12/13)
The Alabama Democratic Party: ‘We’re broke, broke, broke.’ (, 5/12/13)
Ala. GOP considers campaign changes while raising money (, 5/12/13)
Almost all over but the shouting: A look back at the 2013 legislative session so far (, 5/12/13)
Sharp disagreements surface again as lawmakers amend Alabama Accountability Act (, 5/10/13)
Lawmakers give final approval to General Fund budget, send it to governor (, 5/10/13)
Lawmakers vote to remove AEA chief from teachers’ retirement board (, 5/9/13)
Campaign finance law revisions pass House; headed back to Senate (, 5/9/13)
Bill before House today repeal state limit on corporate campaign contributions; Lawmakers says it’s a ‘pretend’ cap (, 5/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Medicaid now, Medicaid with managed care, Medicaid with the expansion(, 5/9/13)
State education budget headed to governor, would spend 3.6% more than this year (AP, 5/9/13)
Senate leader: Lawmakers won’t address whether private school students are eligible for tax credits under Alabama Accountability Act (, 5/8/13)
House committee approves school security officer bill (, 5/7/13)
Senate Judiciary Committee approves ’strict scrutiny’ bill on gun rights (, 5/7/13)
Legislature gives final approval to Medicaid overhaul (, 5/7/13)
Committee approves Alabama Accountability Act change, says schools won’t be required to take transfers (, 5/7/13)
Private schools don’t want state involvement (AP, 5/6/13)
Nine questions with State Health Officer Don Williamson about the Medicaid overhaul (, 5/5/13)
Madison School Board calls for repeal of Alabama Accountability Act (, 5/3/13)
State Finance Director Marquita Davis resigning to take job in Jefferson County (, 5/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Improving the Accountability Act (, 5/3/13)
House of Representatives approves gun bill (, 5/2/13)
Senate expected to consider education budget on Tuesday (, 5/2/13)
Democrats complain about getting steamrolled again on Alabama Accountability Act (, 5/1/13)
Activists urge Supreme Court to reject Shelby challenge to Voting Rights Act (AP, 5/1/13)
Hundreds march in downtown Birmingham to support federal immigration reform (, 5/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama’s push for nullification only hurts the gun-control debate (, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

Five days and counting: Budgets, guns, bond issues among key bills left for Alabama Legislature(, 4/30/13)
Alabama Senate votes to ignore federal gun laws that are in ‘violation’ of Second Amendment(, 4/30/13)
House cuts debate short, passes bill to revise Alabama Accountability Act (, 4/30/13)
NY Times on HB56: ” …like some reincarnation of the Fugitive Slave Act.’ (, 4/30/13)
OPINION: Alabama’s loss, Alabama’s gain (New York Times, 4/29/13)
Immigration law sponsors say issue isn’t going away; Opponents say it’s time for Alabama to ‘move on’ (, 4/29/13)
Education department should decide what constitutes a ‘failing school,’ reader poll says (, 4/26/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley signs bill intended to reduce time in foster care (, 4/26/13)
Lunchtime panel discussion in Madison tackles Alabama Accountability Act (, 4/26/13)
Senate waits on changes to the Alabama Accountability Act (, 4/25/13)
Senate approves overhaul of Alabama’s Medicaid program (, 4/25/13)
NRA, sheriffs announce support for compromise on gun legislation; BCA does not support (, 4/25/13)
Should private school families get the Alabama Accountability Act tax credit? (poll) (, 4/24/13)
House Speaker Mike Hubbard still expects ‘We Dare Defend Our Rights’ agenda to pass (, 4/24/13)
The Alabama Democratic Majority being born in Birmingham today (, 4/22/13)
Budgets, guns, Medicaid reform, homebrew on tap for Alabama lawmakers during final eight days(, 4/22/13)
A party revolt? Democratic Party Chair Mark Kennedy is resigning to form new organization to rebuild party (, 4/20/13)
Gov. Bentley not surprised by DOJ’s Tutwiler probe, says state will treat prisoners humanely(, 4/20/13)
State school board member speaks out on common core repeal vote (, 4/19/13)
Joe Reed on Mark Kennedy resigning: ‘He want to quit that’s his decision and it’s fine by me.’(, 4/19/13)
Reader polls show significant majority supports common core, opposes legislative repeal attempts(, 4/19/13)
Mark Kennedy resigning as Ala. Democratic Party chairman after clash with Joe Reed (, 4/19/13)
Prepaid tuition plan settlement approved by Ala. Supreme Court (, 4/19/13)
Senate delays action on bill to create Fair Ballot Commission (, 4/18/13)
Bill to lower campaign reporting threshold clears Alabama Senate committee (, 4/18/13)
Common core: State education officials are letting others ‘run the show,’ senator says (, 4/17/13)
Alabama teachers ask Legislature to halt common core repeal efforts (, 4/17/13)
Senate committee approves common core repeal for Alabama public schools (, 4/17/13)
Alabama Medicaid overhaul moves forward (, 4/17/13)
Bill to phase out sales tax on food wins approval in Senate committee (, 4/17/13)
Prisons commissioner, courts director say General Fund plan leaves them short (, 4/17/13)
Committee approves bill to exempt current legislators from double-dipping ban (, 4/17/13)
State Republicans renew fight to repeal common core (, 4/16/13)
Joe Reed or Mark Kennedy: Which man will lead a divided Alabama Democratic Party? (, 4/14/13)
Lawmaker says fight over title, payday loan reform not finished (, 4/11/13)
Black lawmakers vow to fight proposed change in voter registration deadline (, 4/11/13)
Alabama’s Bentley draws 2014 opposition from man who would be ‘gun-toting governor’ (AP, 4/11/13)
Bingo battle heats up as AG Luther Strange expands complaint against Poarch Creek (, 4/11/13)
The Alabama Democratic Party: Almost bankrupt and its Executive Board still doubles its travel budget (, 4/11/13)
House of Representatives approves education budget, 2% teacher raise (, 4/10/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley announces new strategic plan for preventing, responding to shootings (, 4/10/13)
Budget committee approves 2% pay raise for teachers, teacher liability insurance program(, 4/9/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley says he is running again in 2014 (, 4/9/13)
Groups to deliver petition to Ala. State House to repeal sex education law with anti-gay language(, 4/9/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley signs bill adding new regulations for abortion clinics (, 4/9/13)
Head of sheriffs’ group calls Ala. Senate-passed gun legislation ‘the road rage bill’ (, 4/6/13)
Ala. Senate passes bill allowing free, lifetime permit to carry pistols in vehicles (, 4/5/13)
Democratic leaders in Legislature call for repeal of Alabama Accountability Act (, 4/4/13)
AL Senate gives final passage to Airbus bill; Gov. Robert Bentley signs into law (, 4/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Thanks, Governor: Medicaid overhaul will improve care and reduce costs(, 4/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama is only third in gun violence, so let’s make guns easier to get so we can be #1 (, 4/4/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley plans to sign abortion clinic bill (AP, 4/3/13)
Senate committee approves bill saying religious employers not required to offer contraception coverage (, 4/3/13)
Alabama’s gun violence 3rd highest in the country, think tank says (, 4/3/13)
Alabama joins new antiabortion drive, legal challenge may be next (Christian Science Monitor,4/3/13)
OPINION: The Southern conservative is a ‘dead man walking’ (, 4/3/13)
Budget chairman estimates the Alabama Accountability Act could cost the state $50-60 million annually (, 4/3/13)
Lawmakers give final approval to abortion clinic legislation, bill goes to Gov. Robert Bentley(, 4/2/13)
Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow renews call for volunteer school security force (, 4/2/13)
OPINION: Why Senate should kill Beason and Bedford’s gun-happy bill (, 4/2/13)
House Ways and Means holds public hearing; proposed budget includes 2% teacher pay raise(, 4/2/13)
Alabama Senate passes regulations on abortion clinics; bill returns to House (, 4/2/13)
Senate showdown looms on gun bill: Business Council of Alabama, law enforcement express opposition (, 4/1/13)
Will Alabama college students foot the bill for accountability act? (, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Survey finds Ala. teachers support armed security guards but not armed admins and teachers(, 3/31/13)
Rivals prepare for legal battle over abortion bans (AP, 3/31/13)
Abortion bill headed for Alabama Senate vote next week (, 3/30/13)
Mark Kennedy, Joe Reed clash at Ala. Democratic Party meeting (, 3/29/13)
Ala. House Speaker: No punishment for Rep. Joe Mitchell (, 3/29/13)
Joseph Mitchell’s constituents mostly critical of inflammatory email comments (, 3/29/13)
Rep. Joe Mitchell: ‘I don’t have an apology’ for offensive emails (, 3/29/13)
Advocacy groups to rally at State Capitol against triple-digit loan rates ( 3/29/13)
Alabama could be first state to use standardized tests aligned with common core (, 3/28/13)
ASU board still short a member after nine weeks, Bentley taking nominations (, 3/28/13)
Robert Bentley faces upset education retirees over Alabama Accountability Act (AP, 3/27/13)
AG Luther Strange urges broader religious exemptions for ACA’s birth control coverage mandate(, 3/26/13)
Most readers say Legislature, parents and AEA are to blame for Alabama’s ‘failing’ schools (, 3/26/13)
State school board member says Legislature partially to blame for Alabama’s ‘failing’ schools(, 3/25/13)
Ala. Legislature: Laws and frayed tempers – Republicans, Democrats reach midpoint with vastly different view of session’s progress (Montgomery Advertiser, 3/24/13)
Democrats direct much of their anger at Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey (Montgomery Advertiser, 3/24/13)
Bentley enacts government efficiency bills (Montgomery Advertiser, 3/22/13)
Alabama gun reform bill ‘dangerous to law enforcement,’ Mobile County sheriff says (, 3/22/13)
Ten Commandments: Religious document, historical document, or both? (, 3/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Why Alabama should end primary runoff elections (, 3/21/13)
Ten Commandments: Proposal legalizes displays – ACLU says Ala. lawmakers are setting themselves up for lawsuits (Montgomery Advertiser, 3/21/13)
Lawmakers claim immunity in lawsuit challenging school tax credit bill; judge says they could be served (, 3/21/13)
Common Core repeal bill appears unlikely to pass (AP, 3/20/13)
AEA backs new lawsuit challenging Alabama Accountability Act (, 3/20/13)
House committee passes amendment authorizing display of Ten Commandments (, 3/20/13)
A look at failing schools in Alabama (, 3/19/13)
Democrats, official argue Kay Ivey violated Ala. Constitution and convened Senate with too few members (, 3/19/13)
Legislators hear comments on proposed Medicaid overhaul (AP, 3/19/13)
Huntsville lawmaker: Use BP fine money to repay Alabama Trust Fund (, 3/19/13)
Poarch Band of Creek Indians: State attacks over how they make money while politicians woo them for their money (, 3/17/13)
Alabama bars tax dollars for ministry, yet new tax credits to support religious schools (, 3/15/13)
Superintendent Bice working damage control after common core and accountability bills (, 3/15/13)
OPINION: It’s only right that young undocumented immigrants be given an opportunity to obtain driver licenses (, 3/15/13)
OPINION: Alabama Arise working with groups whose agenda will hurt low-income citizens(, 3/15/13)
Tracking the 2013 session: Signing of school choice bill trumps other news (, 3/14/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley calls school choice bill historic; AEA vows legal fight not over on Alabama Accountability Act (, 3/14/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley says he will ‘most likely’ sign the Alabama Accountability Act (, 3/14/13)
House clerk delivers tuition tax credit bill to governor’s staff (, 3/14/13)
Legislators behind Alabama Accountability Act have kids in private schools but that’s also been true of some opponents (, 3/14/13)
Tracking the 2013 session: Court says bill can go to Bentley; Common Core safe for now (, 3/13/13)
Sen. Scott Beason, Rep. Jay Love subpoenaed by AEA in Alabama Accountability Act case (, 3/13/13)
Senate committee strikes bill to repeal common core standards (, 3/13/13)
Bill to consolidate Alabama law enforcement agencies headed to governor (, 3/12/13)

Gov. Robert Bentley backs changes for state’s Medicaid program (, 3/12/13)
New poll finds strong overall support for school choice, support slips when tax dollars go to private schools (, 3/12/13)
Tracking the 2013 session: Senate passes General Fund; slow going in the House (, 3/12/13)
GOP Rep. Paul DeMarco wants Gov. Bentley to send prized GOP school choice bill back for redux(, 3/11/13)
Ala. Democratic lawmakers say GOP agenda is ‘anti-female’ (AP, 3/10/13)
The doppelganger Alabama Accountability Act (Acts)? (, 3/9/13)
Will Gov. Bentley sign or seek changes in Alabama Accountability Act? He’s not saying (, 3/9/13)
Alabama school bill case has similarities to 1999 fight over Senate rules (, 3/9/13)
Private school tax credits in Georgia attract abuse, critics say, but Alabama has stronger controls in place (, 3/8/13)
Architect of school choice bill sees no need for changes to it, urges Gov. Robert Bentley to sign it(, 3/8/13)
Q&A: House Speaker Mike Hubbard defends tax credits bill, the way it was passed (, 3/7/13)
GOP lawmakers ask Supreme Court to act quickly on Alabama Accountability Act (, 3/7/13)
Political fallout continues from Alabama Accountability Act (, 3/7/13)
House Speaker Mike Hubbard says school bill needs changes, but not enough to risk killing it(, 3/7/13)
OPINION: State’s anti-immigrant policies are anti-Alabama (, 3/7/13)
Judge grants restraining order to prohibit Bentley from signing Alabama Accountability Act(, 3/6/13)
Alabama Accountability Act includes what amounts to a school voucher program, choice advocates say (, 3/6/13)
Judge delays ruling in lawsuit to stop Alabama Accountability Act (, 3/6/13)
Bill signing for tuition tax credit bill on hold — for now; GOP looks to Supreme Court (, 3/5/13)
AEA lawsuit seeks to block bill allowing tax credits for private school tuition (, 3/5/13)
OPINION: Republicans bumfuzzle everyone, including themselves (, 3/5/13)
VIDEO:Judge intervenes in heated battle over Alabama’s education bill (NPR, 3/5/13)
5 questions with Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley on the Alabama Accountability Act (, 3/5/13)
Judge blocks school choice tax credit bill from going to governor (, 3/5/13)
Ala. Accountability Act bears strong resemblance to ALEC model legislation (, 3/5/13)
School boards, superintendents ask Gov. Robert Bentley to amend Alabama Accountability Act(, 3/4/13)
Alabama Legislature scorecard: Tax credits bill could slow other legislation (, 3/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Effort to open Alabama’s ballot starting over from scratch (, 3/4/13)
Ala. Dept of Education releases concerns about Alabama Accountability Act (, 3/4/13)
Alabama Education Association: Knocked down hard by Alabama Accountability Act, but not out(, 3/3/13)
State school board members ‘disappointed’ by lack of transparency with Republican accountability bill (, 3/2/13)
Families zoned for ‘failing’ schools would get $3,500 tax credit, even if they are in private school now, says Accountability Act sponsor (, 3/2/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley says bill will help schools, political fallout will pass (, 3/1/13)
OPINION: The threat from within — the ironic challenge to the Voting Rights Act (, 3/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Your opinion on gambling doesn’t matter; AG Strange is enforcing settled law(, 3/1/13)
Huntsville, Madison legislators back off of bill to revoke common core standards (, 3/1/13)
Tax credit bill says no school would be forced to enroll a student (, 3/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama GOP: Welcome to the ‘guns ‘n buns’ show (, 3/1/13)
Ala. Accountability Act FAQ, a guide to the most radical education reform in decades (, 3/1/13)
School bill switcheroo: Read the school choice bill Republicans rammed through (, 3/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Montgomery bigwigs give Alabama the Full Monty (, 3/1/13)
Mixed reactions across Birmingham to Alabama Accountability Act (, 3/1/13)
EDITORIAL: Goat Hill switcheroo shows contempt for all Alabamians (, 3/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Inside Alabama’s problematic plan to let students flee ‘failing schools’ (, 3/1/13)


VIDEO: Republicans in bombshell move push through bill giving tax credits for kids at ‘failing’ schools to go to private schools (, 2/28/13)
From ‘historic’ to ’sleaziness’: Reaction to the school choice bill and how it was approved (, 2/28/13)
Tracking the 2013 session: Republicans pull surprise, ram through school choice bill (, 2/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Better options for Alabama Medicaid? (, 2/28/13)
Alabama Senate could give final passage to school flexibility bill today (, 2/28/13)
Superintendent Bice asks Legislature to spare Common Core, critics call it a federal intrusion(, 2/27/13)
The Alabama GOP: It’s a grouchy old party these days (, 2/27/13)
Legislature could revoke state board’s unilateral authority over curriculum standards (, 2/27/13)
Tracking the 2013 session: Committees consider bills on abortion and yanking Common Core standards from public schools (, 2/27/13)
Growing number of governors changing their minds about expanding Medicaid, but not Gov. Bentley (, 2/22/13)
Ala. Senate passes bill to clarify law on state intervention into local school systems (, 2/21/13)
Legislation would block Alabama from implementing national curriculum standards (, 2/21/13)
Ala. House approves healthcare compact bill (, 2/21/13)
Senate Democrats cry foul about resolution calling for Medicaid expansion (, 2/21/13)
Tracking the 2013 session: School flex bill moves closer to passage (, 2/20/13)
US Supreme Court will hear case from Alabama challenging campaign contribution limits (, 2/20/13)
Ala. Senate Education Committee approves bill to allow school flexibility (, 2/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Expanding Alabama’s pre-K program a good way for the state to move forward(, 2/20/13)
House committee delays vote on proposals to arm teachers (, 2/20/13)
AG Strange launches double-barrel attack against electronic bingo in Alabama as VictoryLand raided, Wind Creek owners sued (, 2/20/13)
After lengthy debate, Alabama House passes abortion-safety bill (, 2/19/13)
Some Alabama lawmakers speak out against VictoryLand raid (, 2/19/13)
Justices take Alabama case on overall limit to political spending (New York Times, 2/19/13)
AG’s lawsuit against Poarch Creek bingo is ‘frivolous,’ gambling lawyer says (, 2/19/13)
Lawsuit to shut down Indian bingo in Alabama is latest shot fired in long-running battle (, 2/19/13)
Alabama House expected to debate abortion bill on Tues. (, 2/18/13)
Christian Coalition of Alabama against proposed school flexibility law (, 2/18/13)
Shelby County challenge to 1965 Voting Rights Act seen by NY Times as a ‘marquee’ case (, 2/18/13)
Chief Justice Roy Moore: Budget plan would further endanger court system (AP, 2/17/13)
Alabama House expected to take up abortion clinic bill Tuesday (Montgomery Advertiser, 2/17/13)
Robert Bentley, the state’s unexpected governor, confident as he looks ahead (, 2/17/13)
Another four years? Gov. Robert Bentley hints at a second term (, 2/17/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley at half-way mark urges state to remember its civil rights history (, 2/17/13)
Ala. House begins debate on school flex bill (, 2/14/13)
Tracking the 2013 session: House passes school flexibility; abortion bill up next (, 2/14/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley says he will work to make oil spill fine money available to fortify coastal homes(, 2/13/13)
Ala. House delays vote on gun rights bill (, 2/12/13)
Senate Democrats call on Gov. Bentley to expand Alabama Medicaid program (, 2/12/13)
Alabama Democrats compare Medicaid expansion decision to civil rights movement (, 2/12/13)
Republican senator proposes plan for separate sessions on state budgets (, 2/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Bentley’s Mardi Gras-inspired re-election campaign (, 2/12/13)
Bentley opposes legislature restructuring bills, senators still feeling it out (Yellow Hammer Politics, 2/12/13)
102-page bill to reorganize Alabama legislative branch expected to stir much debate (, 2/11/13)
Alabama House to debate gun rights bill (, 2/11/13)
Alabama state auditors may be washed away in tide of corruption (, 2/11/13)
Bentley’s appointment of Beth Chapman to college board draws accusation of cronyism (, 2/11/13)
Alabama’s sales taxes among nation’s highest, including top 5 average local rate (, 2/11/13)
Seizing Medicaid expansion as a means to reform (Stateline, 2/11/13)
Bills on self-defense, immunity for lawmakers among 401 introduced during first week of session(, 2/10/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley concerned anti-coal groups trying to ‘infiltrate’ battle over utility rates(, 2/9/13)
Alabama Democrats rebuke party switcher for offensive email (, 2/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Business community cheers governor’s State of the State agenda (, 2/9/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley: Pro-coal, anti-Obamacare (, 2/8/13)
Tracking the 2013 session: House passes repayment bill, Senate debates efficiency (, 2/7/13)
House votes to pay back $437M to Alabama Trust Fund (, 2/7/13)
Alabama Senate postpones action on bills GOP says would streamline govt (, 2/7/13)
COMMENTARY: The real state of Alabama is… complicated (, 2/7/13)
Ala. Senate to consider bill to merge law enforcement agencies (, 2/7/13)
New lawsuit challenges ’scarlet letter’ provision of Alabama immigration law (, 2/7/13)
Study finds flaws in election systems across nation, Alabama in bottom five (, 2/6/13)
Senate Education Committee hears pros, cons of school flexibility bill (, 2/6/13)
Checking Gov. Bentley’s jobs claims: What’s the true state of the state economy? (, 2/6/13)
Bentley’s proposed budgets spend more on pre-kindergarten, prisons (AP, 2/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Lots wrong with Alabama’s election system, but the worst is ballot access(, 2/6/13)
Alabama House committee approves ’strict scrutiny’ bill for restrictions on gun rights (, 2/6/13)
AEA chief calls school flex bills a way to ‘back door’ charter schools (, 2/5/13)
Alabama’s legislative, executive branches to make presentations on state finances (, 2/5/13)
Alabama budget briefings: Fiscal cliff deal expected to cost state about $75 million (, 2/5/13)
Tracking the 2013 session: Ala. Legislature moves through busy opening day, turns to consider the GOP agenda (, 2/5/13)
Ala. Legislature 2013: Dollars for schools expected to rise; not so for General Fund (, 2/5/13)
Term limits? Do you need them in the Alabama Legislature? (, 2/5/13)
Public universities don’t expect significant financial boost from Legislature (, 2/5/13)
State of the State: Gov. Robert Bentley says economy improving, proposes pay raise for teachers(, 2/5/13)
Legislative preview: Mike Ball would eliminate runoff elections in Alabama primaries (, 2/4/13)
Guns, guns, guns. Lawmakers propose wave of bills on gun rights (, 2/3/13)
Critics say more expensive regulations are intended to drive Alabama abortion clinics out of existence (Anniston Star, 2/3/13)
Legislative preview: Paul Sanford aiming to consolidate state agencies (, 2/3/13)
Fences to mend among Republicans after vote over party chairmanship (, 2/2/13)
Democrat asks Gov. Robert Bentley to rethink Medicaid expansion (, 2/2/13)
Bill Armistead beats Matt Fridy and the biggest names in state GOP to win re-election as party leader (, 2/2/13)
Legislative preview: Clay Scofield emphasizes budget over pro-life issues this session (, 2/2/13)
Tough budgets, Medicaid to dominate Alabama legislative session (, 2/2/13)
GOP touts reforms halfway through first term as majority in Alabama State House (, 2/2/13)
Alabama Legislature 2013: 10 hot issues to watch in the upcoming session (, 2/2/13)
Legislative Preview: Shadrack McGill puts priority on protecting ‘the unborn’ (, 2/1/13)
The Alabama GOP: A house divided and a race too close to call (, 2/1/13)


Vivian Figures says she favors communication over combat as she begins term as minority leader(, 1/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama lawmakers not missing a chance to fire away on gun bills (, 1/30/13)
Sen. Sessions: ‘No admittance’ to America for immigrants who need welfare (, 1/29/13)
Commission recommends ‘fundamental change’ for Alabama Medicaid (, 1/29/13)
Lawmaker proposing bill to pay back $437M taken from Alabama Trust Fund (, 1/29/13)
Co-sponsor of Alabama immigration law cautious about Senate proposal (Montgomery Advertiser,1/29/13)
Alabama government last in proactive transparency, report finds (, 1/29/13)
Alabama Democrats hopeful for 2014 elections; Republicans see opportunities for further gains in local races (Montgomery Advertiser, 1/28/13)
David Bronner, Henry Mabry continue war of words over state pension system (, 1/28/13)
GOP now dominated politics in Alabama, and it plans to keep it that way (AP, 1/27/13)
Gov. Bentley: Raises unlikely for teachers, state employees (AP, 1/26/13)
Be very afraid of the 2013 Alabama GOP legislative priorities: God, Guns & Girls (Left in Alabama, 1/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Alabama’s harsh immigration law is going to be hard to overcome in a rebranding campaign (, 1/25/13)
Alabama Education Association, Alabama Association of School Boards differ on flexibility (, 1/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Public schools should not be run ‘like a business’ (, 1/24/13)
Bentley shuffles state’s law enforcement cards (AP, 1/23/13)
Not so civil war: Huntsville’s abortion clinic activists need to defuse powder key (, 1/23/13)
Alabama lawmaker says he might not push ‘personhood’ bill this year (, 1/22/13)
Bentley consolidates law enforcement administrative duties (AP, 1/22/13)
State considers free college classes for high school students (AP, 1/22/13)
Gun owners push back at rallies in Alabama and across nation (, 1/19/13)
Republicans push separate plans for law enforcement overhaul (, 1/18/13)
Alabama Legislature 2013: Decision on teacher pay raise expected to be key issue (,1/18/13)
Guess who’s coming to dinner? Or is it a Republican food fight? (, 1/18/13)
Alabama political leaders reject President Obama’s gun control proposals (, 1/17/13)
Medicaid Commission recommends community approach over commercial managed care (, 1/16/13)
Bill would do away with ABC stores (, 1/16/13)
Bentley backs off 1st major proposal for 2013 (AP, 1/13/13)
Schools budget takes hit (Decatur Daily, 1/13/13)
Charles Malone reflects on tenure as chief justice of Alabama (Tuscaloosa News, 1/13/13)
Alabama counties could get power to reject changes (AP, 1/12/13)
Governor offers praise as Malone leaves court (Gadsden Times, 1/12/13)
Some 200 demonstrators protest Bentley’s stance on Affordable Care Saturday at the state capitol(, 1/12/13)
White House: No secession for Alabama (, 1/11/13)
Ala. court: Endangerment law applies before birth (AP, 1/11/13)
Alabama political leaders want seat on wildlife conservation board (, 1/11/13)
Roy Moore touches on familiar themes as he returns as Alabama’s chief justice (, 1/11/13)
Ten Commandment judge returns: Roy Moore sworn in as Alabama’s chief justice (, 1/11/13)
Guns in school: Educators with law-enforcement and military experience could become ‘first defenders’ (, 1/10/13)
Alabama governor becomes chairman of oil group (AP, 1/10/13)
Local races are priority in Alabama (Atmore Advance, 1/9/13)
Health care debate: Bentley not deterred by planned NAACP rally Saturday in Montgomery(, 1/9/13)
NAACP planning Montgomery health care rally (WAAY-TV, 1/9/13)
School safety focus of hearing this morning before Alabama legislators (, 1/9/13)
Gov. Bentley paid face value for four BCS title game tickets, though he was only billed for two(, 1/8/13)
State of Alabama tops nation in municipal ‘impairment rate’ (, 1/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Paging Dr. Bentley (Shelby County Reporter, 1/8/13)
OPINION: Bentley missed an opportunity (Decatur Daily, 1/6/13)
State budget could be tight for 2014 (Anniston Star, 1/6/13)
Bill would strike anti-gay and abstinence-only lessons from Alabama sex-ed classes (, 1/4/13)
VIDEO: How to survive a mass shooting: Alabama’s video advice (Political Insider, 1/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Of course Gov. Bentley would vote against helping poor, middle class; that’s the kind of leader he is (, 1/3/13)
Gov. Robert Bentley: ‘I would have voted against’ fiscal cliff deal (, 1/2/13)
Battle to chair Alabama GOP (Atmore News, 1/2/13)
Alabama Dept of Homeland Security releases video explaining what to do in a mass shooting(Business Insider, 1/2/13)
Alabama Senators split votes on fiscal cliff deal (, 1/1/13)

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