The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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Jan Brewer, whose poll numbers have soared since she signed Arizona’s controversial anti-immigration bill in April, is beating the nativist drums again.

Gov. Jan Brewer said Friday that most illegal immigrants entering Arizona are being used to transport drugs across the border, an assertion that critics slammed as exaggerated and racist.

Brewer said the motivation of “a lot” of the illegal immigrants is to enter the United States to look for work, but that drug rings press them into duty as drug “mules.”

“I believe today, under the circumstances that we’re facing, that the majority of the illegal trespassers that are coming into the state of Arizona are under the direction and control of organized drug cartels and they are bringing drugs in,” Brewer said.

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Guber Quick Hits, TGIF, 6/25/10

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Idaho: The idea of an independent state militia didn’t go over all that well when Oklahoma legislators contemplate it recently. But that’s not stopping delegates to the Idaho GOP state convo from possibly including a state militia plank in their party platform.

Illinois: Pat Quinn is losing his chief spokesman, who is taking a leave of absence to pursue political office in his own right.

Maine: State ethics officials are launching an investigation into who was behind a mysterious automated call the eve of the GOP guber primary that criticized Waterville Mayor Paul LePage on his stance regarding civil unions.

Massachusetts: Citing a scheduling conflict, Republican Charlie Baker won’t appear at a candidates’ forum focused on environmental issues. When offered a chance to name a new date, the campaign declined. Sounds more like ducking a potentially hostile crowd more than a scheduling problem.

New Hampshire: Republican John Stephen reported raising an impressive $664,795 between March and June. While that may seem like chump change to someone running in California or Florida, it’s serious money in the Granite State.

Oklahoma: Mary Fallin was recently named one of Palin’s “mama grizzlies.” Now she’s got another 2012 presidential contender, Tim Pawlenty, on the campaign trail with her.

Texas: Bill White got the backing  of Bill Clinton yesterday. Will the former president make a difference? Only if he gets out and stumps for White.

The Green Party won’t be on the Texas ballot this November following a judge’s ruling that the petition drive getting them ballot access was funded by out-of-state corporations, a violation of election laws.

When the petitions surfaced Democrats cried foul suspecting Gov. Rick Perry’s political organization was behind the effort which would siphon votes from the Democratic column this November. It appears their suspicions were well-placed.

While there is no direct evidence (yet) that the Perry campaign itself was the instigator of the plot, a close Perry associate has been linked to the effort.

During the hearing, a 22-year-old University of Texas student, Garret Mize, testified that he was paid by Mike Toomey, a former chief of staff and close ally of Gov. Rick Perry’s, to approach the Green Party with a proposal for a petition drive funded by outside sources. While that plan wasn’t implemented, a similar one was, successfully.

Democrats say this indicates a coordinated effort with the Perry campaign. Perry’s campaign staff has said repeatedly that it had nothing to do with the Green Party’s efforts, and spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said this evening that if Toomey was involved, he was acting on his own. Toomey could not immediately be reached for comment.

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CT: Foley’s Road Rage Past

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Who would’ve predicted Tom Foley, Connecticut’s GOP endorsed gubernatorial candidate and a former US Ambassador to Ireland, would be fielding more questions about arrests and violence in his past than pro wrestling matriarch and senatorial candidate Linda McMahon?

Foley, 58, of Greenwich, acknowledged Thursday night that there had been two incidents resulting in arrests: one on a charge of attempted assault, the other on what he recalled as a misdemeanor breach of peace count in a domestic incident involving his former wife when they were involved in bitter divorce proceedings. He said both charges were dropped.

Foley called the incidents “unfortunate.”

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Democratic challenger Keith Allred may be a more serious challenger to incumbent Idaho Gov. Bruce Otter than would be expected in a Red State in a Red Year.

Allred out-raised Otter in the three week period following the May 10 primary and now has more cash in the bank.

Allred said in a news release that the recent fundraising report could carry over to his governing style, if he is elected.  “Not only are we raising more, but we’re spending less than Butch Otter’s campaign,” Allred said in a news release.  “I hope Idahoans are taking note: I’ll be running Idaho’s government in much the same way.”

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Guber Quick Hits, Thurs 6/24/10

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Alabama: Third-place finisher Tim James endorsed second-place finisher Robert Bentley in the GOP guber run-off against Bradley Byrne.

Connecticut: The Nutmeg State’s largest teachers’ union, the 40,000-member Connecticut Education Association endorsed Democrat Ned Lamont in the guber primary.

Michigan: Moderate Rep. Vern Ehlers has endorsed his more conservative colleague Pete Hoekstra’s guber campaign, as polls show Hoekstra losing ground to a surging Mike Cox.

Minnesota: Former DFL guber wannabe Susan Gaertner is backing former House minority leader Matt Entenza over DFL-endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

Nevada: Political journalist Jon Ralston asks whether Nevadans will see any substance during this campaign when so much is at stake?

Nevada II: Silver State lawmakers have approved funding for the official portrait of Gov. Jim Gibbons despite being totally broke.

New Jersey: Gov. Chris Christie says he’s happy in Trenton and isn’t planning on pursuing national ambitions in 2012.

New York: Long-shot GOP guber wannabe Carl Paladino certainly likes controversy. He’s now calling Gov. David Paterson a life-long drug addict.

Ohio: Republican John Kasich may have made a huge strategic blunder by attacking Ted Strickland’s humble beginnings in rural Appalachian Ohio.

The GOP gubernatorial nominee Terry Branstad selected Sen. Kim Reynolds as his Lt. Governor running mate. It’s an interesting choice – she’s got a couple of DWIs in her distant past and has only been a state senator for two years.

Despite pressure from elements within the party to pick one of the two candidates he vanquished in the GOP primary, Rod Roberts and Bob Vander Plaats, Branstad bypassed both.

Vander Plaats has threatened to launch an independent candidacy if he wasn’t on the GOP ticket. Will he follow through on his threat?

During his announcement, Branstad tried to diffuse the internal tension and explain his choice.

“You’ll be happy to know there is no shortage of qualified candidates in Iowa Republicans who we can be very proud of who were considered for this position,” Branstad said.

Branstad noted Reynolds’ background as a veteran elected official in Clarke County, where she served four terms as treasurer. But he also mentioned the personal chemistry she and he have developed.

“I just thought the chemistry was really good, and I just think it’s really important to have a good personal relationship there too” Branstad said.

Video of Branstad’s announcement:

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The California gubernatorial ad contest isn’t going to be a one candidate show, as much of the GOP primary was when Meg Whitman carpeted the state with gauzy campaign ads while Steve Poizner remained dark until it was too late.

Sensing she has to do more than promise a “New California,” MegaBucks has gone on the offensive early with  a 60-second ad decrying Jerry Brown’s career as “A lifetime in politics, a legacy of failure.”

But Jerry’s friends aren’t going to take any of Meg’s attacks without a fight. A union-backed coalition California Working Families hits back, saying “California can’t afford a governor who puts herself before us, no matter how she spins it.”

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The Florida Independent reports Republican guber hopeful Rick Scott has an audio clip defending his pro-life credentials as a response to Bill McCollum’s attack that as CEO of the HCA hospital chain he profited from abortions. In a GOP primary this charge may be more dangerous than the fact his hospitals perpetrated the largest Medicare fraud in American history. Those attacks might have more weight in the general election.

In the clip Scott says he would’ve signed the abortion bill Gov. Charlie Crist recently vetoed.

The bill would’ve required pregnant women seeking abortions to have pay for and view an ultrasound.

Well, of course he would’ve. And while the position may show he’s pro-Life, signing the law would also help hospitals’ bottom line. Those ultrasounds would generate profit, too.

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Reid (the younger) has his first television ad of the general election campaign out.Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the spot is the absence of two things – the candidate’s last name and his party affiliation.

Rory wants to be like Cher, known by a single moniker.

Just Rory.

Not some Senator’s son.

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