The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Will She Stay Or Will She Go?

By · Mar, 01 2010

With the Texas Showdown finally coming to a conclusion on Tuesday (or maybe six weeks from now if a run-off becomes necessary), it appears Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is having second thoughts about her long-delayed promise to leave the Senate. During an interview on Friday, she again delayed her departure date, telling  a local radio talk show host she plans to stay.

“I have said I am going to leave the Senate. It’s the best thing for Texas for me to leave the Senate, sometime this year before the November elections,” she told WBAP-AM (820) talk radio host Mark Davis. “I’m going to stay and fight health care. I promised that, so that’s my first commitment, and I will do that.”

At one point Lone Star politicos were anticipating a 2009 departure, but it appears Kay doesn’t really want to say goodbye to DC. Or perhaps it’s the looming rejection  by GOP primary voters that’s causing her to rethink her desire to return home?

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